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  • Prophecy of the Lady Shade

    “Something wicked this way comes…” said the creaky voice from the woman on the side of the road. Old and withered, her skin was hanging off her bones as loose as the cloak she had wrapped around her. Her eyes trained on the two walking down the street. In particular the taller figure, dressed in […]

  • Buried Alive

    Mist rolled over frost covered grass, lending the quiet graveyard a picturesque and creepy atmosphere that seemed all to befitting for the work she was up to. The ground crunched under her feet as she stepped over tombstones and unmarked graves. Winter left the sky clear, with a perfect view of twinkling stars over head. […]

  • The Burning

    “And I thought you wouldn’t be coming, oh Raven Shade.” The demon chuckled as a body dropped from his hands. Blood dripped from his finger tips and from his mouth. There were three others standing in various places, each covered with the blood and gore of the man they had just slaughtered for an evening […]

  • Malsuada’s Revenge

    “Like hell I’m staying here with HIM!” Caroline was finishing up a cup a tea while Dark was trying to make it loudly clear that he didn’t intend to spend the evening with Alistair. Not that she blamed him. With Lily Grey and Conrad gone to Montana instead of being around to get him riled […]

  • Soul For a Soul

    “You tricked me!” There were very few moments that Evangeline would actually look angry. Now was one of those, but Caroline was hard pressed to take it seriously. Anger or not, Evangeline always had that gentle softness to her face despite her current attempts at swinging a cane at Caroline’s head. Caroline ducked, but didn’t […]