Buried Alive

Mist rolled over frost covered grass, lending the quiet graveyard a picturesque and creepy atmosphere that seemed all to befitting for the work she was up to. The ground crunched under her feet as she stepped over tombstones and unmarked graves. Winter left the sky clear, with a perfect view of twinkling stars over head. But the moon was hidden behind Earth’s shadow, giving no illumination for her to see by. There was only the faint outline of trees and towering monuments to the deceased.

“Well, this was a waste of time…” Caroline muttered to herself. Her breath coming out in a visible puff with the cool air. A sudden sound of footsteps behind her had her spinning around, holding out a hand ready to cast a spell.

“I wouldn’t call it a waste of time.” Several torches lit up all at once in a wide circle from where they were standing. Before her now was a man, hardly even recognizable. Half of his body was scarred deep with old burn wounds, yet he wore a satisfied smile.

Nerenc. Had it been a hundred years since she vanquished him..? “You may be right. It seems I need to finish something.” Throwing out a hand and casting a spell, half the torches went out as a sudden gust of wind tore through the graveyard. Her coal black ribbons were in her hands, and cracking like a long whip in Nerenc’s direction. He jumped to the side, dashing behind stones and monuments for cover. Circling around her and always staying just out of reach.

Growling to herself, another crack of wind had the rest of the torches going out. The graveyard cast in darkness once again, she used this to jump up in the air, over one of the stones and land neatly in his way. Before he dodged her again, her ribbons wrapped right around his neck and jerked him back. She slung him hard, throwing him several feet away and in to the side of a mausoleum wall.

Her footsteps were soft as she crossed the grass. A curious raise of her eyebrow when Nerenc raised himself up, only casting her a wide grin. “Perfect, Caiolainn.” Before she realized what had happened something was drawn from his pocket. BANG BANG BANG. It felt like fire ripping through her skin. Paralyzing her with the unexpected pain. Hissing through her teeth she took two stumbling steps forward. By now Nerenc was back to his feet and approaching. The gun that was steaming in his hands disappeared, only to be replaced with a knife. Caroline was trying to draw up a spell, a transport spell, but nothing seemed to be coming. Her knees were giving out from under her.

Nerenc caught her around the waist, smirking wide right before the knife of black onyx was shoved roughly in to her side. Blood oozing down from the stone to cover his hand. Not letting her crumble to the ground just yet, he dragged her to the side for several paces. He leaned and whispered in her ear. “What was it that you said to me…? ‘You’ll burn before you bury me.’ I’ve burned. Now it’s your turn…” With a violent shove, Caroline fell backwards, landing a good seven feet below. A fresh grave with a coffin waiting. The lid slammed down over her, followed by the hushed sounds of dirt and rock being tossed on it.

Caroline struggled to move. Cast magic. Anything. In a short jerked motion she pulled the knife out of the side. It falling next to her with a clunk when it slipped from her hand. Blood was draining away in a pool under her. Another attempt at a transport spell failed. The bullets lodged in her had some sort of enchantment..! With a choked cry Caroline pressed her hands against the metal lid, trying to push, hit, claw. The more she fought to move it, the weaker she become. Fear started grow… real genuine fear. She was going to die like this. Never had she any value of her life and here she lay bleeding to death and all she could think of was Dark tearing up Evangeline’s castle when she didn’t come home. Ironic that she would realize she didn’t want to die when it was too late.

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