Tag: college

  • Molly Kaitlyn Pierce

    18 years old. 5’6″ Studying all forms of psychology with hopes of working with people on social issues in the future. Molly is a vibrant social individual that loves people and learning. She’s got a real talent for reading the room and helping others feel comfortable. On the flipside, she finds it difficult to allow…

  • Mellony Marie Barlowe

    20 about to turn 21 – black hair and blue eyes College student studying geology?

  • Leslie Dane Russell

    Leslie Dane Russell

    Leslie Dane Russell – Totally fine if you call him Les or Lez. Just not Lee. That’s his sister’s name. 23 years old. 5’8″ Lanky build. More arms and legs than anything. Hair is just barely long enough to pretend it fits in a pony tail. Often forgets to shave. He dresses “nice”, a lot…

  • Divya Kapoor

    Divya Kapoor

    19 years old, 5’7″ Father is a Renowned Surgeon. Mother is the Hospital Director. They have high expectations for their brilliant daughter, whom they expect to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor as well. Divya is a bit of a spoiled diva. She knows she’s beautiful, intelligent, and has everything going for her.…

  • Sammy Bartholomew

    Sammy Bartholomew

    Random charrie for supernatural universe

  • Piper Natalie Olson

    Piper Natalie Olson

    Average college student that ends up hiding and assimilating two crash landed ALIENS (or angel/demon) in to college life.