Leslie Dane Russell

Leslie Dane Russell – Totally fine if you call him Les or Lez. Just not Lee. That’s his sister’s name.

23 years old.

5’8″ Lanky build. More arms and legs than anything. Hair is just barely long enough to pretend it fits in a pony tail. Often forgets to shave. He dresses “nice”, a lot of it is his sister’s influence the rest is that he just likes comfy nice looking clothes. Simple fitted tees, button ups, thin sweaters. Might wear a vest if he were dressing up fancy. Fitted jeans. Light jackets. Boxer briefs. Sneakers and boots. Doesn’t do accessories or watches.

Takes community college classes. Most of them are just starter classes for credits and to help find a better job.

Has a “full time” job but never gets enough hours.

Leslie has no friggin idea what to do with his life. A directionless loser by society standards – and doesn’t really care what society thinks. He’s fine coasting until he figures it out.

Drives a shit ass car and doesn’t know crap about them.

Had an old friend die recently and he inherited their guitar. He can’t play, but he’s picked up a beginners book and is trying it out, cause he figures he might as well now that he has it. So far, he’s liking it. Leslie misses his friend A LOT and their death is affecting him more than he realizes.

A pretty good relationship with his younger sister Leeloo. (why yes, she WAS named after the girl in the Fifth Element) They talk on a regular basis, usually when she wants to complain about something, or doesn’t want to go somewhere by herself. They are not heavily involved in each other’s social lives.

When he was six one of his parents murdered the other. It was a weird surreal sort of thing to happen to a little kid, and he’s unaware of just how much that’s affected his choices and behavior. His sister was too young to remember anything. They lived with an aunt and uncle afterwards. Once Leslie was old enough to move out, he was gone. He hasn’t bothered keeping in touch and they haven’t reached out to him either.

Has had a grand total of two girlfriends. One relationship was very “meh” and lasted a few months before it fizzled out. They still chat on facebook and she’s engaged now. The other girl was a short hookup by a friend, and she turned out to be crazysauce. He’s a little concerned if she ever finds out where his new place is, she’s gonna break in to his apartment and leave him girlfriend pillows filled with dead animals.

He’s never had that “Am I gay?” talk with himself, though there’s been moments of appreciating a dude’s looks or jokes with friends, and the fact that “all porn is good porn”. He’s never been attracted to or connected with ANYONE on a deeper level yet, so he’s still in that “maybe I just haven’t found the right girl” mentality.

Leslie is a subtle dude; a little self deprecating, sarcastic, quiet, and chill. He takes things in stride and is pretty adaptable – though he’s never had his comfort zone REALLY pushed. He’s not keen on fights or confrontation, but WILL throw down on behalf of his sister regardless of what terror she’s enraged. Otherwise, he’ll put up with bullshit forever because he doesn’t have the heart to tell someone to fuck off. Leans towards introvert, but is very comfortable within his social circle. Says he’s more comfortable as a second in command, but more often than not is the one slipping out suggestions or taking control of things. Doesn’t like people touching his stuff or invading his privacy.

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