Tag: crime

  • Hannah Lisbourne

    Hannah Lisbourne

    A teacher that has lost everything. Her marriage, her home and her job. The start of her plot is her going to a local bridge with the intend to jump off when CIRCUMSTANCES happen. Adaptable for just about any modern setting plot.

  • Valerie Sutton

    Valerie Sutton

    Mom is a mobster and is trying to stay out of it.

  • Lia London

    Lia London

    Super famous actress that is kind of a bitch has a stalker. Crime Thriller.

  • Adena Leigh Jonas

    Adena Leigh Jonas

    An ex-FBI agent that got fired for being reckless and making some bad choices. Moves in to an old house in Vermont to be a weird old man’s caretaker. Adaptable for crime drama, modern supernatural, modern noir romance.