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  • Open Your Eyes

    This is a song “by” Lily Grey for a private Oracle plotline. It reflects the thoughts and feelings she has about her mother Ciara’s relationship with Leon. She’s going through the motions. Another witty phrase or an ice cold gaze. She says she doesn’t care, that we’re getting no where And it’s another rainy night […]

  • Something to Think About

    Early morning classes were not Lily’s favorite, but she supposed the subject of study made it difficult to get a room at better hours. Practical Alchemy wasn’t exactly a ‘normal’ class by the usual standards and it was not something she expected to sign up for… But she didn’t expect the University of Towsen to […]

  • The Doll Escapes

    She tapped her head against the wall as she looked up at the ceiling. Tap. Tap. Tap. Her arms were wrapped around her knees and he folds of the white dress. She hated white… but they all had their colors or special things they had to wear. She was always in white. Maybe she was […]