The Doll Escapes

She tapped her head against the wall as she looked up at the ceiling. Tap. Tap. Tap. Her arms were wrapped around her knees and he folds of the white dress. She hated white… but they all had their colors or special things they had to wear. She was always in white. Maybe she was an angel. Or maybe he just liked the contrast her blood made on the fabric.

A long shrieking scream pierced the silence and she glanced at the door. Goodbye Selene.

“It should have been you.” hissed a soft voice across the room. Long blond pony tale in a red and black Gothic Lolita dress. Out of all of them here, she looked the most like a real doll. She was glaring at Lily with glittery blue eyes. “You’ve been here the longest. It should’ve been you.”

Lily turned away, unable to reply. She didn’t disagree. Selene had only been there for a couple months and he was already bored with her. Why was she still here? Was it because she didn’t die in the first few weeks like most of the girls? There was always new girls. If they didn’t die from abuse or suicide, eventually he just got bored with them. So why after all this time was she even still alive? …and why did she even bother to think about it anymore?

The door suddenly crashed in, two figures crashing to the ground in a fierce struggle! Several girls screamed as they fought on the floor. Finally a shot rang out, the vampire was hit in the chest! But at the same time his fist shot up, ramming a knife right through the underside of the other man’s chin in to his skull. Both bodies fell still.

Several moments went by before Lily was scrambling across the floor snatching up one of the guns from the fallen hunter’s belt. A hand clamped over her wrist. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare leave!” said the blond angrily.

“I’m not going to just stay here.” Lily replied, ripping her arm from her grasp.

“You’re his favorite!” she howled, jumping at Lily again to grab away the gun. “You’re never leaving! I won’t let you!” Trying desperately to ripped the gun from Lily’s hand, she was even trying to break fingers!

Lily wasn’t going to let go! She twisted and fought, shoving the girl back! The girl leaped for her again, sending both of them hurdling in to the wall. The gun went off! Both girls slid slowly to the floor. The pretty blue eyed blond fell away, a bloody hole in her chest.

The gun was shaking in her hand as she stared down at the girl, then glanced up at the others. “Don’t just stay…” Lifting herself to her feet, Lily slipped out the door and escaped in to the hall.

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