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    Genre: Sci-Fi Mecha Location: Hartford International Base Timeline: 2072 [b]2052[/b]. The Invasion. Mankind’s first contact with life outside of Earth. The dawning realization that we were not alone. Their technology superior, with battle-suits, mecha machines, giant starships, laser weaponry. Coming in fast, with intent to siege Earth, Man fought back with a vengeance. With such…

  • 2013: Solarwinds

    2013: Solarwinds

    Genre: Future Sci-Fi Location: Earth Timeline: 2013 As predicted by prophets and scholars, in 2012 it was the end of the world as we knew it. An alien race made contact with Earth, coming to enslave mankind and take it’s resources. But… just as suddenly as they came, they left. Something in the minds of…