Genre: Sci-Fi Mecha
Location: Hartford International Base
Timeline: 2072

[b]2052[/b]. The Invasion. Mankind’s first contact with life outside of Earth. The dawning realization that we were not alone. Their technology superior, with battle-suits, mecha machines, giant starships, laser weaponry. Coming in fast, with intent to siege Earth, Man fought back with a vengeance. With such an advanced arsenal, it didn’t look good for Mankind.

But… just as suddenly as the aliens came – they left. No war was one, no armies defeated. They just left. No one could understand why.

[b]2072[/b]. Twenty years after the initial invasion, Mankind has taken what they have learned and put it to good use. An international effort has been put in to effect, creating a military faction to protect Earth from future invasions. Man has designed his own mechas. His own weapons. Space colonies in orbit around the planet. Before long, Man will have advanced technology to fly beyond the solar system.

[b]Hartford International Base. Codename: Project SAVAGE.[/b]
We begin at the Hartford Base. Military Personnel training to use the new Mecha & Aircraft technology. Civilians that work on base. People with their own stories, own lives, and own agendas. Twenty years without an invasion, some believe that Earth is safe and sound. But others, they’re sure it’s only a matter of time. The Mecha technology ranges in sizes from smaller units for ground support to huge gundams for space combat.

[b]The Aliens[/b]
There is almost nothing known about the invading Aliens. In fact, no one has ever SEEN one. This lends a lot of mystery about their agenda and even more on why they left so suddenly. No has a clue what happened, they only know that it’s important to protect Earth from future attacks.

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