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My Hero 002: Strange Greetings

[Gwenyver is glad to be home! ] -12:54 Jun 13
[Captain Neptune is keeping an ear out for danger.] -12:58 Jun 13
Gwenyver: There was nothing better than getting back home after a long busy day. Gwen was already plotting out a bubble bath with a hot cup of tea. Digging around in her pockets, and then her purse, and then her pockets again. Where were they, she had them this morning. "Oh noooo. Please don’t be lost! They’re KILLING me!" By they, she meant her feet, but she was talking to her missing keys and they knew this! -01:00 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: KILLING! There was a flash and a man in a cape jogged into the room and looked around. "Hello, citizen… what is killing you?" it was a good question, she was looking surprised but as was as he could tell she was alone in the room. "Is it the spider’s nest behind the kitchen cabinet? Don’t worry I’ll get it." Lasers shot from his eyes and burned a hole thought he cabinet, and the wall between them and the kitchen. "Anythign else I can help you with?" -01:04 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "I..!" Gwen was a little confused. For starters, she’d didn’t recall screaming for help or anyone trying to kill her. "Oh. Ooooh! Oh no. I was talking about my feet killing me, I was having trouble finding my keys, but I just wound up using the spare key and-" She was blinking again, baffled! Captain Neptune was here trying to save her from killer spiders? She glanced around a little bit worried, wondering if she was missing something terrifying! -01:12 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh… well your feet look fine and firmly attatched to your legs, like normal. Not teeth or claws to kill you with. Are you sure it wasn’t just a bad dream. Also in your bad unter sock that hides the tampons. Anythign else?" She stood, expectantly, waiting. "Hold on a monute there’s something in Peru… volcano I think. I won’t be a minute." then he was gone. -01:15 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "Tampons!" Gwen was red as a beet. It was good he was gone, because she was about to give hima good hard talking to about peeping in on a girl’s personal things. She tossed her things in to a chair and stomped off to run her bubble bath. -01:19 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: Fove minutes later there was another flash at the radio talked about a volcano’s flow being diverted into the sea and he was back. "Did you find them okay?" he stood in the bathroom door. "Also hello, do you remember me? I pulled you out of a landslide." -01:22 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwenyver shrieked and nearly tumbled backwards in to a tub filling with hot water. She very nearly was about to start undressing, so Captain Neptune making a sudden reappearance was not expected. Not that his appearance in the first place had been expected! "Y-yes, I remember you very well! Not only do you miscount people, you mistake what’s in a woman’s purse too."Her face was red again, why was she even embarassed about tampons? Everyone knew what they were for! -01:27 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh… Sorry… I’ll look for them then." he turned aorund and started looking around, scanning the appartment for the keys. "I’m sorry but I’m fairly certain they’re in your bag, but I see why you didn’t king them. They’re nestled next to the makeup compact now. If you’d liek I could just get them for you?" -01:30 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Did he… come to rescue her keys? Where WAS the danger here! "No, you may not dig around in my purse, a girl’s purse is private!" Gwen scooted past him quickly, out of the bathroom and back to where she dropped her purse. Just as he said, there were her keys. She sighed with relief. After that landslide and loosing all of her things, she really didn’t want to replace her keys twice in one week. By this point her bathtub was now overflowing with jasmine scented bubble water and all over the bathroom floor. -01:35 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: He smiles when she got her keys beck. "Well anyway it was good to see you again, you look much more attractive not covered in mud. I’d stay but I really have a bust day. It sounds like a hurricane about to hit the east coast." then once again, he was gone. -01:45 Jun 13 Captain Neptune

A FEW DAYS LATER~! -Gwenyver 01:45 Jun 13

[Captain Neptune is now known as: Smith Johnson] -01:46 Jun 13
Gwenyver: Gwen was at the shopping market with a basket in her hands, thinking about what she’d need for dinner that week. Living alone, she didn’t really need to do anything fancy, but she kind of liked to anyway. Just in case a super hero made another surprise appearance. Maybe next time she wouldn’t be so confused and baffled that she neglects to ask him to stay for dinner! -01:50 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He was talkign along the isle with two baskets FULL of carrots and had more tucked under his arms, he looked like he had emptied the shop out of them completely as he headed towards the tills, almost bumping into someone. "Oh sorry… I was too busy focused on a bus outside to see you. Oh… it’s you. Hello!" -01:53 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "It’s my fault, I wasn’t looking and… Hello!" She remembered him very clearly, after all, she thought he was dead at one point. Smith Johnson was a peculiar man… and he still seemed to be. She looked inquisitively at his baskets full of carrots. "I didn’t know that you lived around here too. Are you making something special with those carrots?" -01:56 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "oh, no. I just heard they’re good for youe eyes and while I usually have excelent vision I mostook somethign fro somethgin else and might have offended soemoen so I though I’d come here and get some carrots. What are you doing here? I thought the store at Sommerset close was closer for you." -01:59 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "The fruit here is so much fesher and- How did you know Sommerset was closer?" Gwen pretty much accepted his silly explanation about the carrots, having been prexposed to his strangeness. She was eyeing him again. He didn’t seem like a stalker… Her expression grew surprised. She figured it out! "Did Captain Neptune tell you? He is your friend, isn’t he?" -02:04 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "FRIEN! YES! I asked him to check in on you a little to make sure you were okay, keep an ear out, you know. In case of killer feet or spiders." he moved towards the checkout and took a breath. "How have you been by the way?" -02:08 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: He most definitely had been speaking with Captain Neptune! Gwen contained her interest and curiosity. …just barely. After all, it was apparently Smith who asked for Captain Neptune to check in on her, and it wasn’t because the hero himself had suddenly come to her rescue. She moved along in line with him. "I’ve been all right. Um… I wondering, if you don’t mind telling me. Has… Captain Neptune talked about me very much?" -02:12 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Noooooo. He’s a gentleman." He said dumping the load of carrots on the counted to get them rung up. "I’ve never heard him talk abotu any girls really, but I remember him saying he had a feeling about you, like destiny but I told him you don’t believe in that and that you believe in… Gweneenirrre. I hope I said that right, it’s an odd word." He took out his wallet to pay which seemed to contain a LOT of money, it was in fact his entire life savings. "So you don’t have to worry about that." -02:20 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Oh but, I didn’t say I don’t believe in destiny, simply that it wasn’t my name! It was a joke?" Gwen was a little bit disappointed. Though she really had no room to be, he was a famous super hero, he likely had all kinds of girls vying for his affection. She wasn’t even sure what she was thinking! "That’s too bad. I was hoping to invite him for dinner, but I suppose he goes to a lot of those." -02:23 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Oh okay… I’ll tell him." he looked a little awkward he he recieved his change and lifted his bags of carrots. "Well I should go eat these, will you be paying too now?" -02:25 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Gwen nodded, quickly making sure all her things were on the counter as she dug in to her purse for her money. "And my name is Gwenyvere. Just Gwen is fine. I never really did get to thank him, so you can tell him thank you for saving me from the landslide. …and from the spiders too! That might have been a bad day if they got loose." -02:29 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He looked instantly happier. "It was a pleasure… is what I’m sure captain Neptune would say. I will tell him to be there at 8 so long as there are no fires or mudslides. He started walking towards a cafe and paused. "Wait. look over there." he pointed before firing more lasers at another hidden nest while she was distracted and then quietly sat down at a cable and started unpacking bundles of carrots. "I think some coffee for these would go nicely." -02:32 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Her groceries were transported in to the nice sack she was carrying and when he gestured she looked to see nothing but a nice flock of birds. When she turned back he was pulling out all those carrots. She opened her mouth to ask if he was really going to try and eat all of those but- "…Oh! Will you tell him, really? Tonight even? So soon, I think I have enough to make a really nice dinner." Gwen dug around in her sack just to make sure she didn’t have to go back and buy something more. -02:37 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: By the time she was done with her sack all the carrots were gone and all that was lft was a leaf stickign to his life, they were all gone stalks and all. "I’m sure he’ll be fine with just about anything, he’s not a fussy eater. Not that I know him that well we just talk sometimes. He does a lot of heroing you know and I… work all the time…" -02:39 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Perfect, she had plenty of- Gwen looked around. Did a pack of hungry rabbits come running through here? Wide-eyed, she leaned over his table and plucked the carrot leaf off his mouth. He -couldn’t- have. Could he? "I guess you build up and awful big appetite with all of your working. Where you do you work? Is there where you met Captain Neptune?" -02:43 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Yes. I work in a bar. My cousing works in a bar I run errands and own half of it. I run a lots of… errands. I really like runnign errands. I get to meet a lot of people and go to a lot of different places. And it feels good to… run errands. You know what I mean?" -02:46 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "I do, yes! I work in the Retirement Home down the street and I get to meet and help lots of people everyday! It’s wonderful isn’t it?" she grinned and slipped in to the seat across from him, There was some time before going to home to prepare dinner. "Of course, I am just the Activities Director so all I really do is make sure people are entertained and having fun all day. I guess it’s not really as exciting as saving lives or running a bar." -02:50 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Well I only run the bar, no saving lives for me!" He said almost defencively. "Oh hello one coffee please." he said as a waitress opproached and then turned to look back at Gwen. "I hope you don’t mind if he wear his uniform, he’s very shy about how he looks without it." -02:56 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Is he very shy? I suppose that explains a lot about him and why he zips away so quickly!" She shook her head when the waitress asked if she needed anything. Her attention was on Smith Johnson, who was now he only bridge between her and Captain Neptune. "I won’t mind, though, if he won’t mind me being a little curious. Are there things I shouldn’t ask him or talk about? I’ve never had dinner with a hero before." -02:59 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Don’t mention his third kidney, he’s cery sensitive about that, his cousin used to give him a hard time about it but other than that I can’t think of anything. But like sad I don’t know him all that well. I could be wrong. Maybe he has four eyes or an elongated toe. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Do you have anything he shouldn’t talk about?" -03:05 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: A third kidney! Were the rumors about Captain Neptune being from Neptune really true? Gwen shook her head. "Oh no.I don’t have any secrets. Well. I suppose it would be nice if he didn’t take a peep at all of my private things with xray vision, that is a little bit embarassing. But I think I would be happy to talk about anything to really get to know him! Especially if he doesn’t seem to do this often!" -03:08 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He paused before standing. "Sorry but I have to go, suddenly. Urger errant to run. Sorry for the incovenience. Do you know where I can find a bathroom? I need to go there before my errand." -03:16 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Just inside the cafe? They always have a bathroom." Gwen supposed he really needed to go! She stood and picked up her bag. "Well, I hope he CAN make it to see me tonight. I will be looking forward to it. Goodbye, Smith!" -03:18 Jun 13 Gwenyver
My Hero

My Hero 001: Captain Neptune Meets a Girl

[Captain Neptune had just set a net full of people down after pulling them out of the way of an avalaunch with a NOT!stolen fishing net.] -11:27 Jun 10
[Gwenyver is not having the greatest of vacations! Her horoscope was right! ] -11:28 Jun 10
Captain Neptune: After setting down the holiday makers he immediatly dodged the gaggle of press by fluing into the police cordon and landing in front of the coordinator and explaingin the situation. What he did NOT mention was thta he had been in that bus too, on holidya for his borthday. -11:34 Jun 10 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwen was not apt to believe horoscopes, especially when they said something attuned to Life will flash before your eyes when tragedy strikes, but you’ll find other fish in the sea!, but when you nearly died and wind up scoops away with net full of other people, you start thinking a little harder about these things. Emergency workers were already swarming to handle the rescued tourists, and she could hear the shouts of excited news people having a fit. Everything seemed to be okay but… One, two, six… This couldn’t be everyone! "Um! Uhhhm?" She counted again, this time she took a look at faces, but she definitely knew one was missing! Gwen dodged an EMT with a shock blanket, looking for their well timed hero! "Wait! This isn’t everyone!" -11:38 Jun 10 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: It was not unusual to have peopel rushing after him, notr was it unusual for it to be people he’d just rescued, and when the breathless woman stopped in front of him as he was heading back towards the survivers he stopped for onlu a second. "Yes it is, I was ther, I counted." before he entered the tent where the survivors were beign herded for checkups and snack. Maybe he could grab a snack too. -11:44 Jun 10 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "Everyone eas in a jumbled you must have missed counted, because I know one is missing!" Bother, she chased after him, grabbing on to his arm to pull him back towards the tent entrance. "He is tallish, maybe your height or a little shorter, and wore an old coat, and was with us because he gave that old woman his seat on the tour bus!" Gwen tugged and pulled. Time was of the essense! "He could be buried alive! You have to find him!" -11:47 Jun 10 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: He paused again. "Are you sure you didn;t hit your head?" He put a hand to her head as if to feel her tempreture. "Oh you mean the dark haired man about this tall?" he held his hand out just below his hieght ith helmet nadn boots. "He was tired so I took him home. Poor fellow, I’m sure after some rest and a good breakfast he’ll be up and about in no time." he dodge past her to enter the tent. She would need a snack too. -11:58 Jun 10 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "You couldn’t have, there was no time to take him home and why one earth would you there are a dozen of us!" She was right on his heels, grabbing his arm again. Determined to make him listen. "We can’t waste any time, if he’s not crushed by rocks he’ll sufforcate within a few minutes. You’ve got to look for him." She did take a glance around just to make sure that she hadn’t overlooked him somewhere. But no, everyone else was definitely accounted for! -12:02 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "He’s uhh… friend. Hates press attention because of his… rash. But if it makes you fell better I’ll go and make sure no one else it up there. You need to relax and eat something, it will help with that rapid heartrate." then he was leaving the tent, snackless and hopefully ALONE. -12:11 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwen should have left it at that, he was a world renowned super hero after all! But she was concerned and worried, and not the sort of person that could sit still and forget what was going on. No one else seemed to even care or notice he was missing! So she was following him out of the tent, fretting and wringing her hands, and very likely about to go searching amongst the landslide debris to help him look. Only now noticing as they stepped out that she seemed to be missing her shoes! If that whole mess took her shoes, who knew where the man could be buried! -12:16 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: Not more than five minutes later a man emerged from behind a tree, clean as if he had just stepped out of the shower but wearign the same clothes. "Here I am." he called out, his shirt, messy hezel haired heas breaking out into a smile as he walked past her. "Now let’s go get snacks, I hear they help with shocj after disasters which is strange since other than lightning I dont know one that’s all that shocking." -12:46 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "You..!" She stopped frozen in place for a moment, a little baffled. There he was! Perfectly fine as if he hadn’t been on the bus at all. "Um…" A bit speechless she glanced around and then up, looking for Captain Neptune, but now he was no where to be seen. Looking for this man? She trailed after him. "I’m glad you’re all right! I was sure you were buried in the landslide, you weren’t in the net when Captain Neptune scooped us all up. You…" Something wasn’t quite right, maybe she was going in to shock? -12:51 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "I was, just like you." he said perfectly calmly. "Captain Neptune pulled me out." This was the perfect plan, he got to avoice suspition, not get asked questiosn and get snacks. "Let’s eat, what are they handing out? I hope there’s curry. I love curry though they dont have them where I’m from. Oh hello doctor, another pacient for you! Take good care of her." -01:05 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "But you aren’t.." Double bother. The Doctor had her by the arm and was flashing her in the eyes with something. Making her blink and squint for second. "There we are now. Eyes good, any dizziness? Light headed? Cuts or scrapes?" they asked, checking her head for lumps. Someone finally got a blanket around her, depsite her protesting. "I’m just fine! Oh a little dizzy and bruised maybe I’m not really…" Where did he get off too? Every one she spotted was covered head to toe in dirt and mud. Ripped clothes or missing shoes and purses. There he was. Not a spot on him! She started to follow when the doctor detained her, giving a very long lecture about delayed shock, concussions and internal bleeding. -01:11 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: He sat down with a plastic cup of water and a wrapped sandwich and smilled at everyone as they walked by, one or twice peopel asked him which victim he was the family of and he said that he was one of the victims until finally thyey were starign to be trasported into ambulances, so one seemed to know what to do with him. -01:30 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwen felt a little delerious, and maybe a bit crazy. It was probably normal under the circumstances, especially with the doctor prattling on about concussions. But she wasn’t making any progress in her escape and Captain Neptune never returned, leaving her wildly pondering theories. She was being led towards the tent entrance, likely to be packed away in to an ambulance. But she needed to talk to that man…! "Wait, my husband! I can’t go without my husband, there he is!" She pointed and made a very big fuss about not getting in to an ambulance without him! -01:37 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: [coloe=yellow]:Sir, you wife is being laoded into an ambulance, it you would come with us…"[/color] He looked aorund startled. "Impossible, I’m not married, I was once but that was a long time ago. Now I’m not racist but I couldn’t get past the fact that she had two heads and the other one was dating a slug. Not that I ahve a problen with slugs but that slug was my cousin and that WAS a little weird." "Please come with us… we need to run a few tests." "Okay, but I’m telling you I’m not married!" -01:56 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: This was tiring and her feet hurt enough from walking a day and now it was just worse wandering about with no shoes. Once she was tucked in to the ambulance and her ‘husband’ bundled in with her, it was a relief to be sitting down with the vehicles air conditioning running. Even if she did realize her purse was missing now too. She eyed him, with her clothes perfectly in place and his hair not a bit mangled or messy. The EMTs were jumping up front in to their seats. "Did you manage to find him?" She asked the man, hoping she was being clever and not crazy! -02:02 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh, so you’re my wife, I’m relieved. For a minute there I though id might have been that fourty year old with the gammey liver. Whooo does she need a doctor." He looked at her. "Find who? I’m smith Johnson, on holoday for my birthday. Who am I meant to be looking for, and how are we married? I don’t remember being married." -02:04 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Oh dear. That wasn’t the sort of answer she was expecting, which left her blinking in speachless confusions. "Erm… I-" Did he actually HAVE a concussion? Her mouth twisted up as she eyed his clothing and the rest of him. There wasn’t a bruise or scratch on him, though! "Happy Birthday, …Smith Johnson?" A peculiar name! "I’m not actually you’re wife, I just wanted to talk to you, but maybe I made a mistake. I thought you may have been dead and I was worried…" -02:08 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking. A little thisty but that can’t really be helped. How are you?" he asked with a warm smile. "Actually you’re looking pretty good for someone who was in an overturned bus burried under mud. You’ve got a spaired ankle." He looked at the joint and his eyes sraveles slowly up her body. "A bruis forming in your thigh and some internal scaring from a childhood injury as weel as a few knocks but other than that right as rain. You must come from a healthy family." -02:28 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
[Captain Neptune is now known as: Smith Johnson] -02:32 Jun 11
Gwenyver: "You must be a doctor." How surprising that he could figure all of that out just by lo- Wait a moment, that was just impossible! Now she was even more confused. "Hmm, I’m glad you’re all right in any case. I’m sorry that Captain Neptune had to bring you back from your home just to ease my worrying. He left before I even got to thank him or give him his Hero’s kiss too." -02:33 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Well wherever he is I’m sure he know youre gratful." he said. "If a little confused as to why you said I’m your husband. Lying is bad. I’m going to ahev to tell everyone we’re not actually married. I wonder if I should tell my father too. He’s been wanting me to get married again but I just hadn’t met the right woman, or at least I havn’t told her she’s the right woman yet. I have to figure out how best to do it without startling her, she’s in no condition to run away with her ankle. You know how it is though…" -03:00 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Gwen was completely confused by him. He was babbling a bunch of silly things, and though she wasn’t sure whether or not SHE had a concussion, she was definitely sure there had to be something wrong with HIM! He couldn’t possibly be Captain Neptune, this man wasn’t all that put together. Gwen finally sighed and grinned. Leaning to plant a kiss on his cheek. "Since you are his friend, give him that for me and tell him Thank You. I won’t call you my husband ever again!" -03:05 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Oh… well theres a dissapointment." he said "And don’t worry I’ll tell him." So she wasn’t the one like she felt like she was. "And I apologize but you really seemed like destiny. I guess I’m just a little shaken up, this is the longest I’ve spoken to a stranger who wasn’t a reporter or worked for the govementment in a long time. But that’s what holidays are for. Do you mind if I get Captain Neptune to take me home when we get to the hospital? Once I tell them I’m not really your husband."" -03:10 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Destiny? No, my name is Gwenyver." she looked concerned, and pressed the back of her hand against his cheek. Mostly to see if he was clammy or sweaty and about to pass out or something. He was confused! "I think maybe you should come in to the hospital with me if you are that rattled. You shouldn’t be home alone just in case there is something wrong with your head!" -03:14 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He didn’t get to reply since they adired and he was pushed into a wheelchair to be pushed alongside her. "My head is perfectly fine." He said confidently. "Don’t worry I’mm be out of here in no time. I’ll come and say goodbye if you like. Then I’ll have to look up Gwenyver, I don’t think I’ve heard that word before. Your ideas of fate interest me a great deal. We don’t haev anythign liek that were I’m from. Everyone learns quantum mechanics by age 6 so we never have to wonder what’s behind it all." -03:19 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "I meant that my-" Maybe trying to explain her name right then was not the right moment. He was incredibly interesting, though, even if she wasn’t sure if she should believe a word he said! And because he wasn’t her husband, they were going to end up separate soon. She reached out with both her hands to take his while she still had a chance to. "Do you promise to come say goodbye? I’ll probably never see you again. I’ll have to go back home after today." -03:25 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "I never break a promise." he said holding up his hand, thumb and pinky spread but the rest of his fingers together. "If I did I’d become violently ill. I might be alergic. Very messy. So I will come a visit you." -03:30 Jun 11 Smith Johnson