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  • Blood Bond

    They stood at the front of what she assumed was his throne room in front of a table where the orb was now placed on the top of the staff and being displayed. Bianca was worn, exhausted. Her leather armor was taken and she was left with ripped bloodied clothes. There didn’t even seem to…

  • Fall of a Savior

    Bianca ran up the isle, practically on Serena’s heels. “Just grab it, quickly! They’re right behind us!” Stopping at the stairs as Serena dashed up to the alter, Bianca pulled back the string of her bow. The doors suddenly burst open, Xender shoving a man off the end of his sword as he began marching…

  • Bianca Kayle

    Bianca Kayle

    A warrior turned queen. The world believes she betrayed them. Made for the Myridian plot.