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  • Project A.I. 002: Deal

    Project A.I. 002: Deal

    [47 79 72 69 6f 6e is running on minimal resources.] -06:24 Nov 28 [Amy is a DOCTOR dammit! ….of genetic sciences!] -06:24 Nov 28 Amy: A few days after initial contact with her strange new computer virus, Amy had zero answers and even more questions. Having copied a snippet of the source code to…

  • Project A.I. 001: Virus

    Project A.I. 001: Virus

    [Amy Sherridan is a DNA Scientist! Who is currently working late, late, late, laaaate in to the night on her computer.] -03:50 Nov 15 [47 79 72 69 6f 6e is on the far side of the worls, and in increadible pain.] -03:53 Nov 15 Amy: Everyone liked to call her a workaholic. It was…