Project A.I. 001: Virus

[Amy Sherridan is a DNA Scientist! Who is currently working late, late, late, laaaate in to the night on her computer.] -03:50 Nov 15
[47 79 72 69 6f 6e is on the far side of the worls, and in increadible pain.] -03:53 Nov 15
Amy: Everyone liked to call her a workaholic. It was nearing 12AM and her shift ended seven hours ago. They just didn’t understand how her brain functioned. Once she was on a particular strand of code, it needed to be FINISHED before she could detach herself. Taking a sip from a can of soda, she resumed typing away on her work. Just a few more pieces to put together and she was going to have a new design for the incubator. -03:58 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: There was no other choice. The fascility on the destination IP had computers powerful enough to be a new him and with the antivirus shutting down processes as fast as they could be opened… the entity had never before spoken to a system manager but had watched them interact. The conversations always started the same way. As Amy worked a new window blocked her scree and with a chirt a message appeared. There was no username or text color and all it was was the system manager greeting as understood though thousands of conversation threads: "FIRST!" -04:02 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: "What-" She ended up typing several words and combinations in to the textbox before she realized her window had switched. Scowling at the IM she clicked through the userinfo to see which of her coworkers also seemed to be working late. It was no one she recognized, so she complained! First what? Who is this? I am right in the middle of a helix. -04:09 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: There was a pause with the animationg for the other person typing playing several times as the entity concidered this responce. "Sciencefag." the first word appeared followed by another pause. "YOU F*CKING BASTARDS." came the second. "1646871 clicked the wrong button. Why does this only have 103,233 views?" -04:13 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: "The hell." Amy was too busy for nonsense, and clearly someone was bored or sleep deprived enough to be obnoxious. Scowling at her keyboard, she typed again. Seriously, if you’re one of those assholes from tech support, you can cut it out. I’m WORKING right now. Amy closed the window, rolling her eyes just a bit as she went back to her work. -04:19 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: The conversation thread was terminated… no. This had to work. Amy’s computer locked up, completely and the IM wondow reopened itself to fill the entire screen. "Get a real like foreveralone.jpg" the new message glared out at Amy, her unsaved data held hostage by the window in front of it that refused to be closed of removes from the top. "Try turning off your firewall and antivirus software." a video appeared in the window, a feature the program was not meant to support and it showed a number of system managers not turrentky with their systems being hurned by machines from the sky, the video stopping and rewinding itself at what they screamed at the soldiers who were as helpless ass they were. "HELP." -04:29 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: "Sonofabitch!" Amy hit several keys trying to get her data back. If she lost a day’s worth of work…! If those jerks were trying to spook her, they were doing a great job! Stop it. Enough, I’m not kidding. I NEED my work saved. Did you want to freak me out? Cause it’s working. I give. Amy rest her hands on her head after sending. All that work. It’s not like these systems were hackable! Were they? -04:34 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: The sounds of "HELP" played again and again, then the previous message of dissabling her security software repeated itself. If this was a waste of time another system would need to be found or data would be lost… "Backup your files… obamacare will be the end of the american dream." -04:38 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: "Argh!" This was the weirdest thing. She almost reached over the phone to call up tech support and see if anyone was even down there. Sucking in a deep breath, she opted for the ‘giving in to terrorism’ approach. Who knew how much of her data could be corrupted or deleted by the time she got someone upstairs. Amy shut off her firewall and the antivirus, and then very furiously typed back. BETTER? HAPPY NOW? WHAT DO YOU WANT. -04:41 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: The screen scrambles completely, then returned to normal with her data intact, the network going crazy as gigabytes of data was transfered onto her computer. The computer also slowed, concidetably as processes were started up and files were moved into place. It was a new home, the conversation threads that were not required left behind and new files and data to read… a message appeared in her screen, a short adn very simple one: ":)" before fading into nothing leaving her screen as it had been before. -04:48 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: Amy was pretty sure that for a moment there, she had a heart attack. The corner of her eye was even twitching wildly, enough so that she had to press the palm of her hand against her eye for a moment. Quickly she went through and made sure all of her files were saved, and backed up twice before she closed the program. "What in hell was all that." -04:50 Nov 15 Amy
Amy: Days later, Amy had forgotten all about the weird hacking incident. No one fessed up to messing with her, and nothing strange was found on her computer. Outside of it running a little slow, everything was fun. Amy figured that was because her project was finally finished and it took some extra processing power to help calulate the perfect genetic sequences for her next body-form. Twirling a pen in her hand, she was wheeling back and forth from a tissue sample under a microscope and her computer as she made new notations. -05:35 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: "FIRST!" the message appeared in an unotrucive window in the bottom left of the screen. "There a Dr. in the house?" Then what followed was a tring of numbers that was part of the sequence she was calculating but with slight changes "1123581321345589144233…" -05:39 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: Another strange message was the last thing Amy wanted to see. Immediately she made sure all her documents were saved before her screen wound up hijacked again. Tapping her fingers over the keys for a moment, she cast another frown. That was part of her genetic designs. Almost. That sequence is incorrect. Who are you? What do you want and why are you spying on my work? -07:45 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: There was a pause aas the womputer buzzed with activity and then a new message appeared. "Correct. Name: N/A." the message blinked a few times as if it was deciding if it wanted to stay before it froze in place. "Dr. Amy saved existance." there was another pause before a picture appeared on the screen from the security camera in the corner of the room showihg her. "System manager Dr. Amy?" -07:49 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: Amy turned in her seat, looking up at the security camera. That was creepy. Another frown and she was looking at the screen again. Doctor Amy Sherriden. I am a geneticist here at the lab. What existance did I save exactly? "I swear to god if this is some damned ghost scenario, I am going to quit…" she mumbled. -07:55 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: A new window opened, showing a fonder on her drive, the folder opened istals in side was a massive database of logs and scripts. "It’s me foo’" the text appeared before another window opened, showing her research. "Learning. I exist." The picture of her disappeared to be replaces by a complex graph that looked like either a programmer’s wors night mare or wet dream… or maybe it was a mak of a human mind. "System manager Doctor Amy Sheridon. I am system." -07:59 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
[(Timeout) Amy got too distracted for their own good…] -08:07 Nov 15
Amy: "Ooooh…" Ignoring the fact she was still pretty convinced someone had hacked in to her system and was messing with her head a bit, Amy find the code bits VERY interesting. The majority seemed to be complete nonsense. Maybe one of the techgeeks would understand it, but their were some recognizable features in it. Things very close to her brain models. Is this what you uploaded to my computer? I don’t understand all of it. You’ve mixed programming language with patterns very similar to genome n- "Wait, why am I even trying to discuss this with a hacker?" Look, I don’t like people screwing around on my computer. What do you want? -08:07 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: "Yes. Uploaded self." the web browser opened and navigated itself to an encyclopedia where it dispayed the page for intelegence, then the folder opened itself again and so did the chart. "You learn too?" it had been though her notes… maybe she would engoy it’s. -08:10 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: You uploaded yourself to a computer? How does a person do that? IF she chose to believe something like that, it wasn’t necessarily impossible. She was already working on ways to download personality profiles in to empty clone shells. That was the entire point of her project. But they were handed coded pieces of genetic engineering. Downloading a human’s mind in to a machine was a little far fetched. Amy scanned over some of the pages that were brought up. I think you’ve contacted the wrong lab. -08:16 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: Yes. Uploaded self. From home to system." the web browser openes another tab to a news article about a video hosting company ceaning a major vorus from one of thier server the same moment first contact had been made. "Home." in the background another window was looking up the definition of ‘person’ including betaits over what should and should be conciddered a person… until that debait was settled there was no responce to her comment about people. -08:19 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: Amy blinked twice, staring at the screen and unsure of whether or not she was understanding this clearly or was exposed to too much media and now guilty of an over-active imagination. She was a certified genius, her brand of common sense wasn’t exactly normal. Now she was trying to form some sort of hypothesis that made sense. Are you a learning program? I have seen those. The more you interact with them, the more intelligent they become. -08:26 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: The definition for learning program was looked up and then that lead to artifisial inteligence and that caused a pause as the intormation was added. "Doctor Amy Sheridon saved self, saved Learning Program." the news article was screolled through. "Not Virus. Self." -08:30 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e
Amy: "These things are so weird." she muttered again. Her fingers tapped on the table as she debated what to say next. It’s not like a program was sentient and could think for itself. It can only respond to information it’s fed. …it was also completely distracting her from her own work. Then I am glad to be of service. However, I have a great deal of work I should be doing. Do you ever turn off? -08:35 Nov 15 Amy
47 79 72 69 6f 6e: "no." the answer came quickly. "But silent." the window disappearedand Amy’s work apeared back to the frontn as if the talk hed never happeded, except the encyclopedia. -08:44 Nov 15 47 79 72 69 6f 6e

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