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  • Slave to Honor 003: The Assassin Suitor

    [Sadia didn’t get in trouble for her day out! In fact… no on really seemed to notice at all!] -08:58 Jan 18 [Sendri Is being dressed in a stupidly rendered interpritation of his native fassion, the local idea of what his people dress like.] -08:59 Jan 18 Sadia: Sadia was amused with her new friend’s […]

  • Slave to Honor 002: Sadia’s Day Out

    [Sadia is sleeping in the bed she made for her new friend, instead of her own bed where she belongs! How did that happen?!] -08:28 Nov 14 [Sendri is keeping watch and had no idea humand had to sleep so long. Well he did which up until now only made them easier to kill.] -08:29 […]

  • Slave to Honor 001: A Gift for Sadia

    [Sendri is about to be presented to his owner. And so starts a new life.] -07:14 Nov 02 [Sadia is getting a special present from the Vizier and her Father. Hurray!] -07:15 Nov 02 Sitting back on an exquisite throne was the High Chief of Bakhtiyar, surrounded by several of his favorite of people. Most […]