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  • Country of Charbriq

    Country of Charbriq

    [B]Country Name:[/B] CHARBRIQ [B]How does the average commoner/noble person dress?[/B] Citizens of Charbriq wear practical clothing for their occupations. They do not put heavy emphasis on fashions or fluff. [B]Some common occupations:[/B] Jewel Mining, Gem Crafting, Farming, Trade [B]Education system: [/B] Most denizens are educated under apprenticeships. [B]The dominant religion and a brief overview of…

  • Marsyas


    WORLD – Marsyas (mar-sai-us) A world ranging from the most primitive of life to the most advanced of technologies. Marsyas is a large round planet covered mostly by oceans with several continents – much like earth. Two moons, Pamuya (the water moon) and Cres (the desert moon) orbit Marsyas during it’s trek around it’s sun.…