WORLD – Marsyas (mar-sai-us)
A world ranging from the most primitive of life to the most advanced of technologies. Marsyas is a large round planet covered mostly by oceans with several continents – much like earth. Two moons, Pamuya (the water moon) and Cres (the desert moon) orbit Marsyas during it’s trek around it’s sun. At the northern axis of the world, the royal family lives – or used to live, before the Sayune came to be. In the center of the royal castle, the Imperial Queen Aiyana has been encased in a towering magic crystal for centuries and is thought to be the pillar that is holding the world together against the attacks of the Sayune. Now, the rulers of the countries come together in a joint effort to take on the affairs of Marsyas. All of the true royal line is thought to be dead, but none dare to step in an try to take on position as Imperial ruler as long as the Imperial Queen remains encased in the crystal.

SAYUNE (sah-yoo-ney)
The Sayune are known to the people as the “red cloud at sunset”. All anyone has been able to see is a red cloud of dust, debris and fire when the Sayune attacks. The Sayune can be seen coming in the sky around the sunset hours. It’s rumored the Sayune came from Cres, the desert moon in a plan to take over Marsyas for it’s resources. However, this is only one of many different myths of what the Sayune is. The royal family sacrificed their blood in a magic ritual to fuel the Imperial Queen with power to fight off the Sayune. Some rumors say the Imperial Queen encased herself in crystal to be an eternal pillar against the Sayune. Others say it was the Sayune that trapped her because she could not be destroyed. All anyone is sure of is that the Sayune’s red cloud still roams Marsyas, but yet it cannot seem to make any more significant attacks.

There are three kinds of magics that exist on Marsyas. Magic overall is a rare and powerful gift, that very few are able to accomplish or do. It’s feared in just as many countries as it is revered as talent in others. One is the learned magics. Spells, rituals, ect done by Sorcerers, Wizards, Witches, etc. These magics can be learned over time in special schools, or by mentor. Not everyone can learn these magics as it takes alot of time and patience, as well as a powerful will to be able to control them. Mostly scholars, priests, or the incredibly ambitious know learned magics.

Another type of magic is the natural born magics, or the “Orenda”. The Orenda are incredibly rare and oftentimes feared. The Imperial Family were the only known Orenda in their day, and since then there have been very few over the centuries. Blood of these natural born magic users is incredibly valuable for Black Magic rituals and summonings. Orenda would not let their secret be known for fear of being slain unless they were under royal protection. Even then it would be dangerous.

Black Magics are the foulest type of magic. Dealing in necromancy and summoning of demons of the underworld, the users would truly sell their soul for the uses of these magics. Black Magics are incredibly powerful but hefty prices are paid for it’s use. Those that use the black magics often loose thier mind becoming completely insane, or become obsessed with acquiring their deepest desires.


Soyala: (so-ya-la) The winter solstice festival. Soyala is a pleasant time for the people of Marsyas, where fun festivals and events are held and the success of the past harvest is celebrated. Soyala is especially popular in the regions of Itas, Ordhagan, and Zahuria… but holds little important to the city of Tereus and it’s continent Sahogan because of cultural beliefs.

Urora: Goddess of the Moon, Sky and Night, or simply the Moonlight Goddess. The patron goddess of Ordhagan.

Sonata: Goddess of the Sun, Desert and Day, or simply the Sun Goddess. The patron goddess of Zahuria.

The Maker: Ancient legends of how Marysas came to be are written in stories about the “Maker” that created the lands and it’s moons, then gave them to his children as a gift.


Imperial Queen Aiyana – Once the Imperial Queen over all of Marsyas. The royal families of each country would answer to the Imperial Family. During the final major battle with the Sayune, the Imperial Queen was sealed in a giant impenetrable crystal. None knew whether she sealed herself to be an eternal protection against the Sayune, if the Sayune had sealed her before they could be destroyed, or if something went arry during the battle. Since her encasement, the Sayune have not made any significant attacks and the people of Marsyas believe she is the Pillar of the World. Many wish the Queen to remain sealed because they want to take the throne as the new Imperial Ruler, but none have been brave enough to try.

Queen Aliikai – The Queen of the Seas. Aliikai is a mermaid, and makes her residence in the sea capital of Moana. Her mother was great friends with the Imperial Family back in the day, and Aliikai withholds that alliance with honor.

Queen Linn – Queen of -lalaland- in Sahogan. The Queen Linn has set herself up nicely in the Imperial Palace, vying for her young orenda born daughter to marry and claim the throne as the new Imperial Family. Linn is desperate for power, and it is rumored she will murder anyone that gets in her way, including her own family members.



The great northern continent located near the northern pole of Marsyas. Itas is where the Imperial Family once lived, and used to lush green grasslands during the summer seasons with white blankets of snow during the winter. After the battle with the Sayune and the Imperial Queen being encased in crystal, arctic winds seemed to consume the continent leaving it encased in several layers of ice. Only the outer coastlines are untouched by the ice. The people of Itas have adapted to the freezing cold weather, living much like the Eskimos do in Alaska, by wearing thick furs and hunting the few animals that live in the cold conditions. The castle of the Imperial Family is located in the center of Itas, and only the most devoted to the Imperial Family have remained there as caretakers to what is left. Along the coastlines where the seasons are still fairly normal, there are villages scattered around. Here live those that are still loyal to the lines of the Imperial Family, and where the “old-folk” like to speak with foreign travelers about the legends of old. Itas is directly connected to Ordhagan to the southeast, and connected to Sahogan by The Maker’s Teeth west.

    Ambrus – The Capital city of Itas where the Imperial Royal Palace lies.

    Floarea Wood: A forest filled with massive ancient trees located in Itas, and home of the Elves. Legend tells that the Floarea trees were born at the beginning of time when the world first came in to being. The trunks can range from several feet to a mile wide, and it’s rumored that they can reach higher than the mountains. The tops of the trees can be seen from hundreds of miles away on a clear day. These trees are also considering alive, as they can seem to speak amongst themselves, or even with those that are willing to listen. The elves that make their homes in the Floarea Wood make a great show of asking the trees permission before making homes or business in the trees. The trees are very particular of the ones they choose to host and sometimes it takes several tries before an accepting tree is found.

The Maker’s Teeth – A great and dangerous mountain chain that connects the continent of Itas with the continent Sahogan by a long jagged stretch of land. Only the foolhardy try traveling trough the treacherous mountains, most deem it far safer to go by sea.


Sahogan’s pride is in it’s technologies it holds. It leads the world of Marsyas in science and advancements in most if not all of it’s cities and villages, however with the advanced technologies, traveling in Sahogan is dangerous, more so than in the less advanced continents. Sahogans trust very few, and are more wrapped up in their own concerns and welfare than any one elses. Though large in size, most of Sahogan is undeveloped as people prefer sticking together in highly urban and large cities rather than to spread out amongst small villages or farms. You could travel for weeks without contacting anyone, then come across a highly populated city in the middle of nowhere.

    Tereus – A large highly advanced city deep in the continent of Sahogan. This city contains scientific marvels of sky-scraping buildings, machinery, moving and even flying vehicles and other such advanced technologies. The city of Tereus however is very secluded and distrustful of “outsiders”. These people do not leave their own city (though there are the few brave traders that are willing to travel to and from this place) and are very much sufficient in growing or creating the resources they need. Tereus people are logical, though often conspiratorial or violent. Magics are seen as devil’s work and folklore, as their culture promotes science and explainable fact.


A large and fertile land of forests, mountains, and majestic creatures. It is surrounded by the Infiniti Seas. This continent doesn’t have kingdoms so much as viking-like clans and large families that own the lands. When a leader’s time ends, all of the families come together to vote for the next Lord. A Lord remains in power until he is either to old to lead, or meets his death. There was recently (in the past 20-50 years) a vicious battle between the Darlandon Clan and the Aerleas Clan over who would make the more appropriate Lord. Darlandon won out in the end, the leader Aonghus Aerleas killed in battle. Since then, it’s been the men of Darlandon that have been named Lord.

    Arien Forest: A vast forest of big leafy trees on the continent of Ordhagan. Most of Ordhagan is encompassed by the Arien Forest, where many mystical races live such as the Fae and the Were.


A large desert continent connected to the south end of Ordhagan by it’s swamplands. Most of Zahuria is covered by the Zahur Desert. When the swamplands of Ordhagan fade out, Zahuria becomes a cracked desolate desert of sand and plateaus.

    Savage Lands: The Savage Lands encompasses a large area of the Zahur Desert and is just as dangerous as the name suggests. Bands of thieves, assassins, and mercenaries make their homes in hidden caverns and plateaus amongst the sands. Caravans choose to go around the Savage Lands rather than risk the threat of traveling through them. It is said that an ancient race of lizard men had built a grand city, but angered the sun goddess and a strange natural disaster swept the lands with a storm and buried it in sand. Many believe that outlaws from around the world make their homes in the old ruins.

Infiniti Seas: The great oceans of Marsyas, adeptly named Infiniti as it flows over the entire planet and reaches the shores of each continent. Deep in it’s waters under the waves live several of the water races where many underwater cities can be found. Several smaller seas located near and around the continents are named and mapped for sailor’s ease.

Moana – A great underwater city deep within the Infiniti Seas. It is covered by a thick magical dome that looks like translucent glass. It protects the underwater city from ‘unwanted’ intruders as well as keeps the waters of the sea at bay. Inside the dome is perfectly breathable air, and beautiful structures made of coral, shell and other things found at the bottoms of the seas. Moana is the capital city of the oceans and where the Queen Aliikai makes her residence. Though deep within the oceans, the royal family of Moana has strong ties to the ancient Imperial Family. There has been much trade between Moana and the country of Itas, and Moanans will often aid sea travelers from Itas. Sahogan, however is not in their good graces, as often their technologies have done great damage to the seas.


Orenda – Also See “Magics”. Orenda are natural born magic users and are the most rare. The entire Imperial Family were Orenda, and they took great pains to make sure the bloodline was pure by seeking out other Orenda born people. Orenda outside the royals is incredibly rare. Because their power is natural born and given to them “by the earth itself” many fear them. The blood of Orenda is so valuable to the Black Magic users, that anyone outside of the royal family could/would be hunted for their blood. The Royal Families would often stay confined to their own castles because of the danger of assassinations for their blood.

Mahal – The Mahal are female priestess that reside deep in the Zaltana Mountains. The Mahal uphold the solitary virtues of purity and guardianship in honor of the Imperial Queen, that they believe is the pillar of Marsyas and the sole reason why the world doesn’t crumble in to dust by the Sayune. Mahal priestess choose thier way of life, most will say they were given a divine sign by the Imperial Queen to devote their lives to the cause. They do not go far from the Zaltana Mountains unless there is important business elsewhere. Some choose to travel Marsyas spreading the teachings of their virtues and seeking out other “chosen” Mahal.

Weres: Weres are animal creatures that have the ability to shape-shift to a human form at will. They live long in to their late hundreds. Depending on the age and skill of the Were, they can keep their human form for longer periods of time. A young Were could keep their human appearance for a day or so, where as a much older Were could keep it for unlimited amounts of time. Most Weres prefer their ‘natural’ form to human, though, so shapeshifting is done only under special circumstances. They can speak out loud, or by telepathy when the mood suits them, though it is rare when a Were will reveal it’s true self. Were society is much like the clans of Ordhagan, they run in small tight-nit packs with an Alpha male or female. Often as a grant of kindness to someone that has earned their respect, a Were will send one of their young as a guardian. This is a ‘coming of age’ thing that all Weres go through at least once in their life as a learning experience. When their companion dies or releases them from their bond, the Were returns to it’s pack to once again be a part of the society. Weres most often come in the form of wolves or cats, as other were-forms have long since diminished over the years.

Fae: The Fae are a majestic race of faeries, pixies, nymphs, and sprites that make their home deep in the Arien Forests. Fae are naturally mischievous creatures, so when random trouble is abound, it is very likely a Fae was behind it. The Fae are not very sociable with races outside their own, so to see a Fae outside of the Arien Forest is either great luck or great trouble depending on how you look at it. Fae are incredibly small, only being a few inches tall and have gossamer shimmering wings. They can not take a solid human size, only cast short term illusions of such. Their magic is bound strongly to nature and the elements but individually a Fae has very little in the ways of power. Only in groups could the Fae be a serious threat to anyone.

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