Tessa Thorn


Character Name: Tessa Thorn
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 24
Occupation/School/Grade: Band Manager


General Appearance: 5’1″, straight dark brown hair. Usually in a twist, pony tail or clipped back from her face. Favors a trendy pop rock style in her everyday clothes. Wears super professional “secretary” style suits while doing business. Over sized purses all the time. Lots of jangly charms on her cell phone.
Strengths: An impressive amount of endurance!
Weaknesses: Tessa works too hard and will often forget to eat or neglect sleep. Has zero alcohol tolerance and susceptible to cold temperatures.


Current Goal/Purpose: Having a top notch career as a band manager!
Talents: Chatting People Up, A great ear for good music.
Inabilities: Can’t cook. Can’t drive. Can’t swim. Is terrible at 101 things.
Fears: Serial Killers, Evil Bosses, Getting Fired, Rabid Fangirls, Giant Blood Thirsty Rats
General Personality: Open! Pleasant! Eager to please! Energetic! Tessa is a bright shiny ball of good vibes, and a get-to-it attitude. She is the first one to volunteer to help anyone and never has a cross word to say about anyone. Almost anyone. Of course, she also has a really hard time telling people no. And tends to want to trust people more than common sense should allow.
Inner Personality: Tessa can’t seem to do anything right or catch a break. At least, she couldn’t before being D’s manager. She has a lot of self-doubt and is so desperate for things to go right and to feel validated and needed that she can’t bring herself to kick an asshole to the curb or quit when she should quit.


General History:
– 101 Failed Jobs
– Tessa’s Evil Exes.

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

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