Tessa Thorn

24/y 5’1″, straight dark brown hair. Usually in a twist, pony tail or clipped back from her face. Blue eyes. Favors a trendy pop rock style in her everyday clothes. Wears super professional “secretary” style suits while doing business. Over sized purses all the time. Lots of jangly charms on her cell phone.

Tessa works too hard and will often forget to eat or neglect sleep. Has zero alcohol tolerance and susceptible to cold temperatures. Otherwise she seems to have an impressive amount of endurance and will keep on going until she literally drops!

Can’t cook. Can’t drive. Can’t swim. Is terrible at 101 things.

Terrified of Serial Killers (thanks crime documentaries), Evil Bosses, Getting Fired, Rabid Fangirls, Giant Blood Thirsty Rats

Tessa is out here trying to prove to the world that she is a bonifide badass at her job. Of course, this is the 77th job she’s ever had, and she barely knows what she’s doing – yet somehow! For the first time! She is actually doing okay? Tessa has always been a bit of a hot mess when it comes to life. Call it bad luck, call it a curse… something always tends to go horrifically wrong and most of the time it’s not even her fault. She just can’t seem to ever catch a break. This new band management opportunity was too good to pass up. Tessa intends to be the best band manager anyone has ever seen.

Personality wise, Tessa is an open book. You can tell what she’s thinking by her facial expressions or her body language, and she is quite the terrible liar. She’s eager to please and so desperate for things to go right, that she often has a hard time telling people no or kicking an asshole to the curb when they deserve it. Tessa always tried to see the bright side of things, even if that means quiet cursing under her breath. She’s a bit of a feisty minx, especially in her new job trying to wrangle these bandmates. This “Company” she’s working for now keeps saying if she doesn’t make sure the band shows up, she’s dead and it’s weird how serious they sound about it!

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