The Scion Diaries: Red Raven and White Sea Outline

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Bigger Picture

A dark ancient god is unleashed when they try to break the curse on Ferius. This god needs to be resealed.
— The romance of Ferius and Delilah.
— Ferius vs Cristobal.

Plot Point

Magdeline and Dudeoldpants are trying to retrieve Delilah and *SURPRISE* her son.
— Anthony betraying the crew of the Red Raven by working with them.

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A flash of Ferius and Cristobal becoming something else.


— Opening with Griff asking Captain Delilah Red if he can join the crew ashore this time because he is 13 now and he swears he won’t cause a ruckuss like the last time. Introduce the crew and their dynamics with each other as they make port in Rilinhar.


— The crew walk in to The Rusty Cock.
— Delilah has a brief conversation with Markus. He warns her that her mother has been searching for her. This is weird because her mother hasn’t given a damn about looking for her before.
— The crew chilling and swapping stories with the locals. There’s rumors about a creepyass pirate who wrecks ships and drinks the blood of the people he captures.


— Delilah fools around with one of the story tellers (Ferius), afterwards she steals his shit for funsies.


— Delilah is out with Griff in the village ordering supplies for the Red Raven. They’re talking about the rumors about a blood pirate, monsters on the seas, and what makes myth and legends. There’s some talk about Markus and why he chose to retire. Markus’ wife may be with them shopping for herself and her new baby. Griff wants something he thinks is super cool and Delilah hands him the money she stole from Ferius on the promise that Griff work for it later.

— Ferius catches them in the market place. Delilah sends Griff off with Markus’ wife. Ferius is amused that she just passed off his purse to the kid oh so blatantly and that she stole from him, but there’s something she took that he wants back. Delilah flat out refuses. She stole it fair and square. Ferius tries to explain that he’s all for playing games, but not about that box. He stresses that she doesn’t understand what she has. This patient discussion turns in to a scuffle when he tries to physically search her for it. Delilah gets away and disappears in to the crowd. The scene ends with Ferius looking furious.


— A few days or weeks later, the Red Raven is trying to raid a ship on the sea. Delilah is barking out orders on how the raid is going to go. They’ll be stealing weapons that are being shipped out to some other country for a war. Their intent is to steal them and sell them off for a profit elsewhere. Delilah stresses that she doesn’t want anyone dead unless they’re asking for it, and they’re not taking prisoners. Prisoners cost too much to feed.

— In the middle of the raid another ship appears. It’s all black, deck to sails. The flag has a strange symbol on it that no one has ever seen before. The closer it gets, everyone starts to realize that the sailors on that ship aren’t normal. They look human enough, but they’re dead. A fight breaks out now where their target ship is getting raided by these undead pirates AND the Red Raven is in danger of getting raided.

— Ferius appears on the deck of this new ship. The Moira’s Gloom is his and the crew realizes he is the Blood Pirate everyone has been talking about. The Red Raven crew has to fight their way back to their own ship and flee, leaving their target at the mercy of the Moira’s Gloom.


— Delilah and the crew are reflecting on what the fuck just happened. The rumors of the Blood Pirate are real. Delilah has to confess that she banged that guy and that she stole something from him. There is an argument on whether or not they should give it back or if they should open the box and find out what it is. Delilah states that she left the box somewhere safe. They don’t have any time to come to a conclusion because the Moira’s Gloom is on their ass again. They try to out run it, but tumultuous seas and nasty winds prevent them from getting far.

— They are invaded by the Moira’s Gloom. There’s a big badass fight but it looks like they are losing fast because the undead pirates are freaking people the hell out, and it seems impossible to stop them. Ferius manages to capture Delilah because she came to the defense of Griff. A few other members of the crew are captured in the fray. Antony makes the call to take the Red Raven and escape with the few people that’s still conscious. He abandons the captain and his crew mates.


— Ferius has Delilah in a cell and he is pissed as all fuck. He threatens to kill all of her crew that he’s captured, which makes the situation worse and Delilah much less inclined to listen. He tries to take the amulet off her but he’s shocked when he touches it. This surprises the both of them. He demands that she hands it over and tries to stress again how important this is, but she’s still refusing to listen, especially now that he’s threatened her people. She won’t take it off and give it to him, nor will she tell him where the box is. Ferius leaves in a fury.


— Ferius talks to some of Delilah’s captured crew to see if he can find away around her stubborness. He learns a little bit about each one of them and their loyalties to their captain. He slowly starts to realize that letting his anger get the best of him had been a mistake and that he needs to change his approach if he’s going to get his stuff back. He has an interesting moment with Griff.


— Ferius makes a second effort at talking to Delilah, this time as equals. He provides a meal and he tries to make her an offer that is supposed to appeal to her. She finds the entire thing insulting and still vaguely threatening. But in talking about themselves, they have a small bonding moment and things start getting a little foxy. In the end, Delilah makes a split second decision to take advantage of the moment and tries to make an escape. Ferius loses his temper and in frustration he uses a blood-bond magic on Delilah. Since she doesn’t understand the stakes involved, he’s going to force her to.


— In the dead of night the Red Raven attacks the Moira’s Gloom for a rescue, led the way by Antony and a few new people he’s added to the crew. The rescue attempt is successful and they all make it out unscathed. There is a moment of angry Ferius on the deck of Moira’s Gloom and the sky boiling with a brewing storm.

— While out at sea when Delilah tries to take her command back, Antony reveals that the Red Raven is his now, and his new crew is there to back him up. He’s got a mission to bring Delilah to her Mother and in exchange, he gets to have the Red Raven along with a very nice reward. The crew loyal to Delilah refuse to take part in the mutiny and all of them are thrown in to the hold.

— The Red Raven is caught in a nasty storm. It’s tossed and turned by the waves until it finally capsizes. You see several people in the water before everything goes grey.


— Delilah has washed up on the beach of an island that looks completely deserted. When she starts to explore, she begins to realize someone does live there and slowly discovers that it belongs to Ferius. Ferius shows up and they have a violent fight. He destroyed her ship, she believes her entire crew may be dead. He finally tells her that they’re not dead and then takes her deep in to the island to at last explain why he’s been so determined to get his stuff back. What the stakes are.

— Delilah doesn’t believe the story, because it sounds outrageous. She’s still so angry, doubts that her crew is still alive. She’s been betrayed twice before, and this is likely to be another one. But Ferius story has an alluring appeal too. The chance to become powerful, immortal, a god.

— An enemy of Ferius attacks. Cristobal has been waiting a long time for Ferius to return to the island, especially now because he knows the amulet and box has been stolen. Cristobal has his own minions– a cult of insane fanatics that are worshiping him. It’s revealed that Cristobal is the actual Blood Pirate of rumor, and they like to ritually sacrifice everyone they capture. Cristobal tries to appeal to Delilah amidst a fight, to convince her to join him because unlike Ferius, he actually has ambitions. Real live people who follow him and not soulless ghouls. Delilah has a moment where she can kill Ferius and escape or join Cristobal’s quest for power. She hesitates, and in the last moment decides not to hurt Ferius.

— Her crew suddenly appears to the rescue. In the chaos of Cristobal trying to get at Ferius, they get away. They end up stealing the small ship of Cristobal’s to get off the island.


— Back in Rilinhar, Delilah is thinking about Ferius and everything he’s told her along with the appearance of Cristobal who gave some credit to Ferius’ wild story. She’s still not sure if she believes it, but she’s understanding his motivations just a little bit more. Her crew is her family and if what he claims is truth, that would put them in danger. Ferius finds her again and they have a moment of understanding.

— Payal and Ace come to tell Delilah that Griff is missing. He’s been taken by Antony, who has left a threat. Delilah has to come for the boy to see her Mother or he’s going to kill the kid. Delilah reveals to Ferius that Griff is actually her son. When she was sixteen she got involved with an older Lord and wound up pregnant. She told the man and he revealed he didn’t have any real interest in her besides a fun lay, and that he’d rather see the baby and her dead than admit he screwed around. It’s where she got her scar. Delilah chose to run away and joined her no-good uncle on his escapades. She doesn’t know why her mother is so intent on finding her now, when she never cared to before. Ferius offers to help get the boy if she promises to give him his stuff back.


— Delilah and company follow Antony’s instructions for a meet. They end up going somewhere fancy smancy to meet Delilah’s mother, the Lady Magdeline. They are surprised to discover that the woman no longer cares about getting her daughter back, she’s already discovered what she really needed to know – the whereabouts of Delilah’s child. It turns out, the father Lord Laurentius lost his heirs and the child he sired with Delilah is the only one left.

— There is a huge fight and who the fuck knows what happens. Lord Laurentius is probably killed in the process. The end result will be Delilah getting her son back, but Magdeline making a very big deal about coming to get her grandchild in the future.


Ferius and Delilah now have a thing going. Ferius helped her get her son back, and now she is willing to trust him about his big curse and god problem. They have sexy moments. But when Delilah tries to give him the amulet back, she physically can’t. Though she can take it off, he still can’t take it from her. Even when she sets it down and lets it go, he can’t take it. He doesn’t understand what this means, as it’s never happened before. His first suspicion is that it’s because of the blood bond he made with her.


— Delilah and her companions become crew on the Moira’s Gloom. They’re all grumbling about this, Delilah included, but the Red Raven is gone. No one is all that comfortable with Ferius’ undead lugat crew. He explains further about what they are, how they were created, and why they’re useful. When your whole crew is already dead, you don’t have to worry about anyone dying in a fight. He’s been at this for a long time. There’s a little bit of bonding going on for everyone. They may have a small adventure here, a calm before the storm kind of thing.


— Delilah and Ferius discuss what is needed to break the curse on him and Cristobal. He takes the entire crew back to his island to the source where the curse began. Ace has some insight in to what some of the ancient shit in the cave actually means, it tells of a dark ice sea god worshiped by one of the northern tribes. Ferius confirms that a lot of it may be true. Payal with her magic comes up with a few ideas on how to break the curse. Delilah takes the responsibility of a sacrifice to help break it – but it doesn’t work. Something goes wrong, and they all begin to realize that the curse is not just one thing, but a series of events that prophesies the awakening of this god. Cristobal began it ages ago when he took things from the throne. Ferius unwittingly started the second part when he blood bound Delilah while she wore the amulet. The rest they are trying to determine through research.


— Griff gets it in his head that he needs to make up for all those times he screwed up. He wants to protect his mom, the crew, and make everything right again. To be the big hero. He over hears the others discussing how they can prevent the rest of the prophesy from ever happening and what to do about Cristobal. He finds the box with the intend of hiding it or destroying what’s inside so it can never be used by Cristobal. Curiosity gets the best of him and he opens the box to see what’s inside and why it’s so valuable. He finds a shard of thick bone. There is a shockwave when he touches the bone.

— Monsters rise out of the sea. Draugr, they’re undead zombie like creatures that only know violence and shit. They start wrecking chaos through Rilinhar. The draugr are focused on getting at Delilah, but also at trying to claim the box and bone arrow head. Nothing anyone does seems to stop them. At least with Ferius’ lugats, they could kill them quickly, but these monsters seem unstopable. Only Ferius’ power seems to make a difference. Everyone starts to see the scope of Ferius’ powers. For a brief moment they come face to face with an apparition of the god. Thanks to Ferius, the monsters are killed, but everyone is shaken up pretty badly.


— Ferius and Delilah have to convince everyone not to bolt. Griff has activated another part of the prophecy, essentially waking up the god from it’s sleep. He feels like utter shit about it. They try to reaffirm to everyone, that as long as they have the shard and the amulet, the rest of the prophecy is not going to come to pass. The god doesn’t have physical form in the world yet. It can only do so much. But they realize that at this point, they need to get proactive to make sure it doesn’t go any further, and to keep Cristobal from making it happen. They make plans and discover what is necessary to do this. Markus and his wife join in on the planning.


— On a mission to claim things they need to prevent this god from awakening, Cristobal attacks. He gets his hands on the bone shard in the process, and finds himself now with the ability to willfully summon up the draugr himself. He fucks everyone’s shit up. Markus is killed.

— At the end, when they’re safe, Delilah realizes she’s pregnant and wrestles with it. Especially considering the death of her uncle. He doesn’t get to watch his kids grow up now. She worries about Griff, her potential baby, and what might happen if they don’t go through with all this. This raises the stakes in a way she wasn’t prepared for.


— They have to cross through the gates to get to the place where Vardrisigr is physically sealed. This takes them to earth, near Scandinavia. Ferius recognizes his birth world because of the stars in the sky. The crew has to fight through a lot of bullshit to enter this lair. Including making it past Cristobal and the cult he’s created. Ferius and Delilah are tasked with sealing the god. The fight gets rough but they succeed. The god is put back to sleep, Cristobal is dead, and most of the cultists are killed or have scattered. The bone shard is lost in the chaos.


— The god is sealed and the curse seems to be broken, but some of the effects are not gone. Ferius is mortal again, but he still has a great deal of power. With Cristobal’s death and the sealing of the god, he’s now taken the place of the dead-king from the cave. They come to realize that some of his actions in the cave passed a duty on to him to prevent that dark god from awakening. Because he blood bonded Delilah to him, he unwittingly created a new kind of legacy for the bearers of this responsibility– one they still do not know the full scope of yet.

— Delilah tells Ferius about her pregnancy and her concerns. As a show of faith, Ferius raises the Red Raven out of the sea. She can leave if she wants, take her crew and go. Or she could stay with him. They can have a family, they can be pirates, they can take over the world. Delilah chooses Ferius AND keeping the Red Raven. Yay new pirate family.


A cultist has the bone shard. Dun duh DUN.

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Delilah “Red” Caderawyn: A smuggler and professional thief. Present Captain of the Red Raven. She’s wild, brazen, and clever. Stubborn. Rumor has it that she was a noble’s daughter that ran away to avoid an engagement and it is close to the truth. At 16 she fell for an older man– a noble lord– and they had a secret affair. When she told him she was preggo, he tried to kill her to keep that little secret from coming out. She survived and ran, going to her uncle Markus who helped cover up the secret and enlisted her on his crew. Delilah took to pirate life naturally, raised her kid in secret, and when Markus wanted to retired with his hot sorceress he passed the Red Raven to her.

Ferius Emidio: The Legendary Blood Pirate. They say he is a vampire and feeds on the prisoners he captures. Long ago he was cursed by a treasure he found and he has since been looking for the cursebreaker. Originally from earth. Was a Spanish sailor that found his way in to this world via the Gates.

Antony Grahn: Quartermaster on the Red Raven. He’s a braggart, showboater, and ambitious but with the appearance of a man with a heart of gold. He grew up with Markus and they were the best of buds. When Markus wanted nothing of the noble life and took off, Antony went with him. He thought for sure that when Markus started talking about retiring, that he’d be given the Red Raven. Antony is super salty that Delilah was named captain.

Cristobal de Barruela: Enemy of Ferius. A fellow Spanish crewman/captain that landed on the cursed island with Ferius. He has the other half of the cursed piece. He doesn’t want to break the curse, he wants to become a god. Over the years he has collected a cult of fanatic followers that will do anything he says because they already believe he is a god.

The Lady Magdeline Caderawyn: Delilah’s fearsome mother. Finds her daughter again after almost ten years and attempts to return her home. Is actually quite a vicious woman. Has never really given a shit about her daughter, until now when she can get something out of it.

Markus “Red” Magorian: Delilah’s uncle. Brother of Magdeline. Renounced his title because politics were not to his liking and let his sister have it all. Former captain of the Red Raven. Now lives out on a smuggler’s island with his sorceress wife and runs a tavern.

Payal Sadira: Gypsy/witch. Surgeon and Carpenter. Sharp witted little minx with knives. Completely in love with mermaids and sirens. Older woman in her 40s/50s. Darker skin, black hair, brown eyes. Wears reds, purples, golds. India inspired style.

Ace Triwood: Boatswain. Intimidating giant man. Dark skin, dreads, dark brown eyes. Two stumps for legs. Cracks jokes that the “Triwood” stands for his two stump legs and his dick. A northern tribesman style. Likes a good spear and pair of pistols.

Griff: Delilah’s “secret” son. Powder Monkey and Cabin Boy. 13. He calls himself a technomancer and blends science and mechanical things with magic. It is constantly causing issues. He knows Delilah is his mom but he always calls her Captain anyway.

Spotwald: A weaselly otter-like creature and pet on Moira’s Gloom.

Laurentius McOlddude: Damn dude. Working with Magdeline.

Vardrisigr: The ancient dark god. Born out of a frozen sea.

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The Red Raven: Delilah’s Ship. Previously it belonged to her uncle Markus. The wood is stained a deep red. Their flag is a red raven sitting on a piece of driftwood.

Rilinhar: Fair sized trader’s town.

The Rusty Cock: Markus’ Tavern located in Rilinhar.

—-: The Smuggler’s Isle

Isle of Ferius:

Moira’s Gloom: Ferius ship

The Ocean Gates: Mystical gateways in to other worlds. One is located in the Bermuda triangle and one in the dragon triangle on Earth.

Vardri’s Ice Mountain Cave: Up north. Is it actually on Earth?

Shalemehr’bagh: Persian inspired city on the coast. Sandstone buildings, icecream-cone roofs. Tropical flora. Bright colors.



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Draugr: Vardri’s undead monsters.

Amulet: bears a certain kind of power.

Twin Swords: For killing gods

Bone Shard: a god’s bone


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