Time After Time: Plotting and Notes

Koori and Toshi two perfectly normal girls living a perfectly normal life. One an Uber-Genius, the other a French Tease! But then one day Koori accidentally creates a trans dimensional portal sucking a strange boy from another world by the name of Vanella into their garage! Giving a head to toe make-over so they could stash him, Koori got to work on her machine to send him back home… But due to a fleeting wish, not only Van was sent back.. But Toshi, Koori and even her brother ____ was sent to Van’s world as well!

Now the group must seek out the Mystic of Zenith to help find away to send them back home! Unfortunately getting home isn’t their only worry… a dark overlord has been forming an army of dragons and believes the two girls will be able to help not only conquer this dimension… but many others!


Prince Vanella (time travel prince) – Nickname: Van (teasing Vanilla)
Pale Hair, Blue Eyes, Looks like a total pretty boy until he gets to Earth and the girls get their hands on him. A dutiful and responsible prince who puts the needs of his country over his own wants. (In fact, to the extreme where he has allowed it to take of more of his self than it should.) Overall nice guy. His servants like to dress him up all fancy and such, where he just wants to be dirty rumpled warrior type GUY…

The power over TIME amongst the other magical skill of the royal family may be something very special to the Ruling Line of Zenith? Something that could be taken away if they lost their rule, or if it belongs to an item?

Jake (dragon tamer) –
Tough guy! Likes money and jewels! Incredibly irritated that his Dragon keeps following Toshi.. Likes to mumble “Stupid Dragon… Stupid girl…”

Toshi (flying, dragon taming) –
Adorable and clueless! Toshi is the sweet girl that everyone adores (except maybe Jake!) She has an incredibly talent of staying out of trouble, or just being oblivious to it, and the very respected talent of speaking with dragons!

Toshi’s powers are Mental vs Koori’s powers of Elemental?

Koori (iced-fire, portal) – New name: Corin or Corinthia? to make Cori?
Super genius! Koori keeps having death accidents, as a side effect of either A) messed up dimensional travel or B) bad guy casting some sort of Hex.

Koori’s little brother –

Young Amazon?

Aradox Penigma (evil overlord) – ?

Dragon Killer


(shape shifter)


Must Have:

bloodsucking butterflies
evil unicorn


(6:51:28 PM) ochahime: There we go!
(6:51:44 PM) Diana: Yay!
(6:51:45 PM) ochahime has signed on.
(6:51:52 PM) ochahime: ^.^
(6:52:11 PM) ochahime: So hi!
(6:52:27 PM) Diana: Why hello thar
(6:52:47 PM) ochahime: How’s your day going?
(6:54:38 PM) Diana: Still trying to wake up, mostly! x__x
(6:55:31 PM) ochahime: AH! I can understand that…
(7:06:50 PM) Diana: Now what are we plotting!
(7:07:40 PM) ochahime: TAT or Destiny?
(7:08:19 PM) Diana: Let’s go with TAT just cause it’s on the brain!
(7:09:53 PM) ochahime: Sounds like a good idea… what are we doing with the little brother?
(7:11:19 PM) Diana: Not a clue! I think maybe he’s with the girls and Van when they end up on the other world, but somehow goes missing or gets lost… then we’d have the plotarc of things getting put on hold just to try and find him, and his own mini adventure that ends up related to the main story!
(7:12:21 PM) ochahime: That might be a good idea… I was toying with the idea of him staying behind, but I like your idea better maybe…
(7:15:16 PM) Diana: There’s the potential that TAT could be multiple books small books itself, if we ever figure out what the major plot arc is… Just having Van in the real world could be a full book, and then both girls would have their focus plot arcs too!
(7:18:07 PM) ochahime: Hmmm if we did that, Koori’s would have to be the last book simply because it’s her final realization of her powers that opens the portal again.
(7:20:12 PM) Diana: That’s what I was thinking too! It’d be Modern World, Toshi’s Arc, Brother Arc, and then Koori’s Arc!
(7:22:04 PM) ochahime: Toshi’s arc would concentrate on the dragon riders and the dragon race… brother’s would be the kid adventure…
(7:24:29 PM) Diana: They’d be getting to know the dragons, culture of the world, about Jake’s life and his role in the world… and probably not have a clue Van was a prince until the end of the Arc when the Brother ends up missing!
(7:26:50 PM) ochahime: Oh yes but he’d have to take them to his capital and all the fun party at his return and such…
(7:28:54 PM) Diana: Yep! they’d be stuck at the capital for some time having to deal with royal duties while the brother is off on his adventure!
(7:30:27 PM) ochahime: Yup yup
(7:34:07 PM) Diana: And at the end of THAT book when they find him, there’s the big revelation of the major plotline… Whatever it is that has caused all these issues, with the dragons, brothers adventures, politics, etc… which carries out in the last book!
(7:36:01 PM) ochahime: I like it… it needs a LOT of work, but… well… we should at least get the first Saga of Destiny out before we put out the first TAT book.
(7:37:32 PM) Diana: Yep! Especially considering we don’t even have a defining plot for TAT yet… XD
(7:39:00 PM) ochahime: Exactly! In theory we should do Chocolate first but… eh…
(7:40:59 PM) Diana: Chocolate is good for practice! If anything, just plotting for Chocolate helped us get a good routine for planning out scenes and chapters. >> Having things mapped out chapter by chapter and scene by scenes lets us right things out of order and then put them all together.. and avoid plotholes!
(7:42:11 PM) ochahime: Plotholes… ewwwww

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