Twilight Characters

– Typical girly girl highschool teen. She’s on student council and gets top marks in school. Her popularity comes from being highly involved in school activities, socializing, and gossiping. She is fairly well liked by most people.

– She doesn’t get a lot of attention from boys and believes it’s because she’s not as pretty as her rival Lauren. Jessica gets really jealous of any girl she dubs prettier than herself or gets more attention than her, and struggles with not letting it “turn her in to a bitch”. Her biggest problem is that she tries to manufacture moments to get boys to ask her out, which makes her look a little crazy. So far she hasn’t let this affect her priorities, her schoolwork always comes first.

– On the surface she can seem daffy and shallow. Her favorite topics are usually about boys, fashion, gossip, and nothing of any real value. But Jessica is genuinely interested in the lives and well being of the people in her life. She’s just not a high maintenance friend and doesn’t need to be hanging out with you or talking to you regularly to still be a bestie. She easily can move from social group to social group, not see you for weeks, and then return to chat you up like she’d just seen you last night. Being a friend with Jessica is being a friend for life. She CAN be judgey though, especially about people that aren’t her friends (friends are allowed to be quirky individuals), as she thinks everything needs to go by the status quo.

– Married Solomon in Hawaii and never returned home. Part of it was wanting to escape the memory of their mom and not being able to handle their dad getting sick too but the majority was just hopelessly falling in love with her surfer man and wanting to be where ever he was. Despite their sudden love affair and young marriage, Rebecca and Solomon are still deeply in love and have a strong relationship. They have now returned to Forks to make it their permanent home because Rebecca is pregnant and she wanted to raise her babies with her family. Solomon, is more than happy with this. He can still travel for his competitions and know Rebecca won’t be alone.

– Rebecca is a light and airy motherly type. Most of her time is spent being a domestic care taker and painting. She is constantly painting or thinking about painting. Her head is often elsewhere. She can be forgetful, is terrible with time and dates, and always late. She moves to her own rhythm and at her own schedule. Even despite that, she likes to be the one in control and bossing everyone around. It drives the family crazy.

– She seems like a bucket of sunshine, but she’s got the temper of a hell beast. She’ll be nice about something as long as she can take it, but then shout, scream, throw things, and try to kick your ass if you’re being difficult. It’s worse now that she’s pregnant and having mood swings. Before you knew what you did wrong and that you probably deserved her ire, but now she’ll get upset about crazy things and you just don’t know if she’s going to yell at you or start crying.

– Rachel got a scholarship to college and was studying computer engineering, but something has happened and she’s flunked out of college. She’s returning home early and refuses to explain what happened. (I have no idea what happened, this is open for cool plot bunny potentials) She’ll be taking up residence in Forks and has been helping her twin sister set up a website for her artwork.

– She shares her sister’s traits of “being in her own world” but in a much less airy way. She’s quiet and seems kind of broody, especially in comparison to her sunnier siblings, but she’s really just more of a shy/observing sort of person. She’s often picked on for it. When it comes to the chaos of her family, she’s often the calm voice of reason. Rachel’s advice is always GOOD advice, carefully considered and offered with confidence that it’s the best way to go. She doesn’t like to meddle in other people’s business, but when she does she firmly believes it’s a necessity and the right thing to do. This also makes her super stubborn, because once she’s decided something, it’s hell to get her to change her mind.

– Rachel is a little mad at her sister for moving to Hawaii, but she also can’t really blame her and understands why. Her feelings about their parents are very similar, though she didn’t use college as a deliberate escape. Rachel always intended to come back home as soon as she was finished with school. Now that she and Rebecca are back, though, she’s trying very hard to convince Jacob that he needs to stay in school and go on to college.

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