Character Name: Vikata
Gender: Female
Job/Role: ???
Age: ???
Pet: Snarglpuff named “Mr. Kitty”. It’s some sort of big carpetbag sized giant hairball with sharp teeth.

General Appearance: Unusual pink hair and sea green eyes that look just as unnatural.
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality: Absolutely crazy. Vikata chatters and talks endlessly with no real point or direction.
General History: It’s possible that Vikata is a medical doctor or a mad scientist, as she is adept at medicine and carries quite a bit of medical supplies around in that giant carpet bag of hers. The bag can carry everything she owns, including Mr. Kitty, which seems impossible, and yet she can pull just about anything out of it.

Where Vikata comes from and how old she might be seems just as impossible to determine, as she seems to have done or been involved in everything. Whether or not everything she says is true has yet to be determined, and the scary thing is that it might very well BE true.

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