Violet Stilwell

Character Name: Violet Stilwell
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Wannabe TV Reporter – Currently Research Girl.
Age: 21

General Appearance: Ginger hair, brown eyes
Current Goal/Purpose: Become one of the big star TV reporters!
General Personality: Quirky, sunny, professional, witty! She’s a hard hitter when it comes to news, gossip, and meddling. All of her friends and family try to avoid telling her anything personal if they don’t want her to meddle. (Or use her as a weapon when they want to annoy someone else!) She’ll often come across as blunt and imcompassion to touchy situations. Violet tends to seem self-absorbed within her own little bubble of wants, with no care about other people. That’s not necessarily true, but she has yet to discover or realize there are other important things besides promoting her career.
General History:
Violet’s parents are normal everyday people. Her father in the military and her mother a nurse at the hospital. Violet managed to graduate from college early and is trying to break in to the TV news reporting business. She is currently “research girl” having to dig up and chase down stories, but she is hoping to come across something amazing that is going to bump her career in to the limelight. For this, she is willing to pry in to almost anyone’s business just for the sake of her story.

Her catch of the moment? The recent death of Jeremiah Douglas. The man knew all kinds of interesting people and his sudden death was mysterious. If she could crack the story, her career would be made for life.

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