Simone Ida Torhild

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Character Name: Simone Ida Torhild

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthplace: Iceland

Current Residence: England

Occupation: Coffee Barista.


General Appearance: Having a tiny frame and short height, she’s often mistaken for a younger teen. Simone has long since stopped trying to “get some sun” and has accepted that her skin will remain unnaturally pale. Her hair is ashy blond, and as of late she seems to be suffering from strong streaks of silvery grey. She has a slight natural curl to it, pulling it back while she is at work but preferring it down the rest of the day. Simone wears only light subtle makeup, due to her skin tone (she really wants to avoid looking even more like a faerie princess). Her eyes are a piercing ice blue with a tendency to change to a duller grey shade with the weather. Due to her personal goals and dreams, Simone takes great financial pains in making sure she has a stylish and elegant wardrobe. Her favorite styles lean towards the gothic or fantasy, but she has been sure to collect a wide variety of appropriate clothing from business suits to evening wear.

Strengths: Her wish to be a dancer in classical ballet has kept her toned and constantly practicing. She is agile, fit and flexible.

Weaknesses: Well, she IS very tiny. Simone also has a terrible habit of over working her body to the point of exhaustion. She also has NO tolerance for heat. If she’s too warm, she tends to feel a bit faint and weak.


Current Goal/Purpose: Simone’s dream is to be in ballet! She has loved the ballet since she was a child, and practices every chance she gets. Unfortunately, life hasn’t been cooperative and her dream always seems a distance “maybe one day” thing.

Talents: Dance, pulling ingredients for the perfect espresso, coffee, and teas off the top of her head.

Inabilities: Compromising, seeing another’s point of view, swimming.

Fears: Failure & Rejection. In fact, it seems Simone may be her own enemy in her continuous life struggles, as she fears these two things so much, that she often thinks it’s not worth trying something that could aid her towards her goals.

General Personality: Despite adversity and a difficult life, Simone is of strong mind and good nature. She is pleasant, congenial, and helpful… albeit perhaps a little bit cold and distant. She has had friends and boyfriends, but never seems to be too close to them. In the end they pass in and out of her life with little affect. Simone has faith in her own beliefs and morals, perhaps sometimes becoming a bit self righteous and preachy if she can’t seem to make others understand her point of view. For the most part she is “that nice girl” that everyone enjoys speaking to and spending time with, but never seem to see outside of work.

Inner Personality: Simone hides very little of herself to others, but maybe she still hasn’t realized exactly how much she has been holding back. She has this inner voice that often lectures her about being more assertive, more involved. Not just the advice lady behind the pot of coffee, but someone that is out there moving people and changing the world. Something about this just seems to feel weird. Simone isn’t rally sure if it’s her own inner voice trying to reassure herself, or if maybe she’s suffering from deep mental issues as a result of her unpleasant younger years. Still, she believes what she believes and continues on her life plans, with little consideration for change or new ideas.

Secret: Though she hasn’t felt so down for years, Simone has very dramatic suicidal tendencies if she’s met with any sudden or strong feelings of failure and rejection. This triggers her greater fears, and she just can’t seem to emotionally handle it. She has gone as far as to try to commit suicide, but that weird inner voice seems to pull her back from doing any serious harm to herself.


Deity Name: Skadi

Area of Origin: Skadi is a viking goddess, who is the namesake for the lands of Scandinavia. (Norway, Findland, Denmark, ect.)

Sphere of Influence: Known as the Goddess of Winter, Queen of Shades.

Relationship with Host: Skadi has not made herself known as a separate presence but seems to speak to her in a “Dear, god, I hear voices?!” sort of way.

Manifestations: Simone likes it the colder the better. She absolutely can not stand the heat. The streaks in her hair are odd, especially since she’s sure she’s way too young to be going grey. As for magical talents, she hasn’t NOTICED it as being strange, but she’s given people ice cold cups of coffee when pouring it from a hot pot, or other liquid turned cold sort of things. At full knowledge, she may be able to freeze just about anything at touch.


General History: Simone’s childhood was a strange combination of normalcy and pain. She very much loved and adored her fisherman father whom brought them from Iceland to England when she was still in diapers. He was a kind and generous man, the sort of guy everyone respected. His wife, in sharp contrast was controlling, lazy, and verbally abusive. Myrna was bitter about being taken from her homeland, and while her husband was away on long fishing trips, she took this out on her only daughter. Simone was expected to do a number of chores, but then her mother would never be satisfied and order her not to bother. Though she was never physically abused, the mental strain of being constantly insulted and put upon can wound a person deeply. Simone took things day to day as best she could, with the occasional slip in to deep depressions. Beyond mental strain, day to day life was rather normal. The were a lower class family, had a fair amount of food, clothes to wear, and had all of their basic needs.

In her early teen years, Simone’s inner conscience because a little more vocal, pushing her to become more independent and drag herself out of the sad life she seemed to be leading. Sometimes she really couldn’t seem to tell the difference on whether or not it’s her own self speaking or if she was starting to hear voices. Eventually she just accepted it as a quirky part of her personality, and did begin following the advice. It was no surprise to say that she was dreadfully unhappy; she had tried to kill herself on a few rare occasions. This is something no one has ever found out.

By her late teens, Simone had dropped out of High School and started working at random odd jobs until she could afford to move in to her own place. Since then, she has made “great baby steps” at working towards her goals. Her ultimate dream is to be a dancer in the ballet. She works her body and trains for this, has taken classes, built her wardrobe for interviews – all at the cost of her own living needs. (A single room studio apartment in a bad part of town…) The only thing left for her to do is TAKE THE CHANCE… but her inner fears and old wounds seem to hold her back. Simone’s inner voice has literally begun screaming at her to move on, but still… she can’t bring herself to try.

Present Life: It was a wild, in a lifetime chance. Simone doesn’t even remember when or if she even entered this contest to a luxurious estate to meet people that might provide her with the means to “Live your dreams!” as the brochure claimed. Somehow she won the contest and has come to Foxton to see what it is all about. At the very least it will be a fun relaxing vacation. Besides, her inner self wasn’t letting her sleep. She needed a break.

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