Yvonne Elea Lavingne

27/y Light brown hair, amber eyes, 5’5″, pale skin, average build. Dresses conservatively professional most of the time.

Father was Elliott Lavingne, third chair violinist in the Luna Symphonic Orchestra, who fell in love with and later married the cellist, Marie Monet. Their only child, Yvonne was the absolute star and light of their life, and the trio were quite happy up until a rebel protest group staged an explosive at a Symphony event. It was meant to be a whole lot of noise and flashy lights to cause a scene, but something went haywire and it ended up killing several people, Yvonne’s parents included.

Old enough to live on her own, as well to understand the motivations and complications about the event, this motivated Yvonne to take up activism and peaceful politics. She went on to the Academy to graduate with honors, and has seen been working as an Ambassador of Peace with groups needing a mediator to help create solutions that don’t end in violence.

Yvonne is focused, driven, and perhaps a little bit too serious for her own good. She spends most of her energy working and very little of it experiencing life for all of the joys it has. She is a talented musician in her own right, not that anyone would ever have a chance to know! She has no personal social life. Her ideals are lofty, bordering on naïve, and Yvonne absolutely strongly believes there is a bright and hopeful future ahead if everyone just takes the time to breathe and talk about it. Yvonne is also a bossy little beast when she gets frustrated, and not afraid to yell when needed. But if there were to turn into a physical altercation she’d be completely horrified.

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