Zenith Dragon Riders

[Tynebris remains silent.] -05:46 Dec 09
[Mathew Ramhorn is waiting for the group to give them their assignment.] -06:02 Dec 09
[Dannon is a TRAINEE and a terrible one at that. Whomever thought taking HER on this mission must really hate the group leaders.] -06:02 Dec 09
[Marcus is usually just instructing new trainees these days, but today he’ll be going out into the field…] -06:04 Dec 09
[Nina was here after she had heard that a person as important as a dragon rider went missing. Despite being one of the heroes of the realm, ordinary troubles like this did not slip under her radar, mostly because they were the ones which usually lead to the most trouble. As such, she arrived punctually, wearing her red, beautifully detailed knight’s armour and her sword that was similarly detailed. Her armour was sleek, but also angled so it could deflect blows off easily and its layers were forged so that the plates had subtly visible, flame-like pattern on them. Her sword, though, was purely functional and a simple single-handed one with an elegant, long blade.] -06:06 Dec 09
[Morramox came down from the Draelovian Order from Clovengard to aid the service of the party and to send a report on the lost Dragon.] -06:08 Dec 09
Mathew Ramhorn: "Thank you all for coming," the old man with a slight limp said as he paced in front of the small group. "As you all know, three weeks ago Brigid Dunmunn and her dragon, Telor, were sent out into the Dunewaste. Neither have been seen or heard of since. Myrr is a dangerous region, but this should have not been too difficult for a dragon tamer. We fear the worse, but the only way to be sure of what has befallen Dunmunn is to send out a party. This is considered a recovery party, not a rescue. We have no hope in either being alive." The man said all this in a steady voice but his eyes looked haunted. "Any questions?" -06:10 Dec 09
Nina: "Sir," said Nina, stepping forward slightly and saluting towards Mathew as a sign of mutual respect despite her position. "Do we know the last position of the dragon, sir?" asked Nina. Knowing that would make the job a lot easier, because it could reduce the searching area by a large margin. "For that matter, sir, are there any witnesses that can help us recover the Brigid and her dragon, sir?" -06:15 Dec 09
Dannon: "I guess this means at least one of us is going to die too. That’s the only reason why you send a group." she muttered under her breath. Dannon was a dragon tamer. Though no one would consider her dragin tame by any means. In fact, the monstrocity that was called her dragon was currently no where to be seen, despite the fact the beast was abnormally huge. That was never a good sign. -06:16 Dec 09
[(Timeout) Tynebris got too distracted for their own good…] -06:21 Dec 09
Mathew Ramhorn: "There is a serious lack of information unfortunately, however we do have a good idea of where to start the search." Despite Dannon speaking under her breath, the older man gave her a nasty look before looking over at Nina again. "Marcus has been given the coordinance to the starting location for the search. We also have someone accompnaying all of you that has been to the Dunewaste of Myrr more then once. In fact…" The man looked up at the sky. As the others did so as well it seemed a piece of the sun had detached from it’s father and was coming to earth. -06:21 Dec 09
[Mathew Ramhorn is now known as: Lady Oya Thundersong] -06:21 Dec 09
Morramox: The large figure stands almost completely twice as tall as the tallest person in this hall. Though it was not rare to see Solmandarians walking amongst crowds in this town, it was quite rare to see one dawning those of Monastery garments. His face was garb in cloth mask traditional of Monks of Draelov, only exposing his large Green, Reptilian eyes. He placed his large hand over the shoulder of the young human who voiced her fear of death. "Fear not, Childling. Draelov watches those whom would do his will, Warmbloods and Coldbloods. I shall be his hand on this day and will be your Sheild against the Breath of the Abyss." -06:22 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: It was however not a piece of the sun, but the irridesent hide of a dragon, and one known by many of the Tamers for her and her tamer will well known, though not exactly thought of as young warriors. -06:23 Dec 09
Morramox: (Errr, Make that Solamandarians. Rolls off the tongue better) -06:23 Dec 09
[Kiest enters.] -06:23 Dec 09
[Niam ] -06:24 Dec 09
Nina: "Sir," said Nina, stepping backwards and dropping her salute, then she looked towards the skies. Immediately recognising the dragon and the one who rode on it, Nina respectfully nodded towards it. Though Oya Thundersong has not landed yet, she prepared herself for a proper welcome of the legendary dragon Tamer, but she also wondred if she was going to recognise her. But she put that thought aside and instead, focused on the task to come along with the dangers it represented. -06:28 Dec 09
[Kiest was one of the notorious thieves who just happened to have befriended a nasty little spitfire of a dragon, the creature’s lust for riches just as strong as its master. Unfortunately the dragon lived up to its name, Spit Fire….and tended to spit such fire at whatever got close to it. Most of the time it was just a bug or annoying sparrow, that quickly became lunch, but he has been known to char humans. The dragon was a blur of dark reds and oranges. It stalked around outside, sniffing at trees and blowing a few flames into the winds, waiting for the group it knew was coming. Its master wouldn’t have made it wait there if they weren’t planning to steal soon. Kiest was only a few yards away, ducking behind a tree as he waited for the group that was supposed to be some sort of search party, arrive. When they appeared his eyes narrowed eagerly. Their dragons were large and well-muscled but his was long and swift, a small dragon by nature but one unmatched with its speed in the skies. This should be entertaining… ] -06:30 Dec 09
Dannon: Dannon tried to glare back at the old guy before he vanished, but found herself much more interested in the descending dragon, popping itself right out of the sun. At first, she hadn’t a clue of who it could be. Just thought to herself that all of the flash was unnecessary. Then her mouth formed that silent oh the closer the massive dragon got. Dannon had never met the Lady Oya Thundersong, but everyone sun her praises. Though, for the life of her, she couldn’t remember anything but a dirty ballad about her breasts that moment. That’s when she realized her dragon was not in a proper place to greet the lady. "Shoot!" Dannon whistled around for the beast, waving her arms about trying to get it to come back before Lady Oya landed. -06:31 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Soon enough Mayain, Oya’s dragon, landed. Her wings only making a slight gust of wind. Before her wings were gently tucked in place, the figure that rode her leapped down with practice ease. Oya took off her hood so that she could look around at the assmepled pary properly. Her white hair neatly braided behind her and her green eyes sparkingly. "Pardon my tardiness, but it was suggested I wait until old Ramhorn was done talking before I joined you." -06:35 Dec 09
[(Timeout) Marcus was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:37 Dec 09
[Dacian stood near his dragon frowning at what all had been said. Next to him stood his stocky dragon, who seem to hold a disinterest in the conversation going on. He wanted to move already, not stand around and talk about moving. Hos young dragon tamer patted his flank as he stared up at the sky and watched the brilliant dragon plummet to the Earth in all its legendary glory. “Patients, Ryual,” he assured softly.] -06:37 Dec 09
[Marcus ] -06:37 Dec 09
Marcus: "Lady Oya." Marcus stepped forward from the back of the group to recieve the woman he’d be working with, the line of his jaw taught beneath blond stubble. His voice was perhaps a little too curt, but he’d been friends with Brigid Dunmunn for a long time, and he’d been the first to volunteer for the search. He also had a legend or two to his name. In other words, he had earned the right to be a little rude. The cat-sized dragon that perched on his shoulder mewled, looking back and forth between Oya’s (much larger) dragon and its master, and Marcus idly stroked a rough finger along its long neck; it thrummed in contentment, settling down and stretching its front claws. The instructor’s sharp eyes swept over the assembled group, his grimace badly hidden. "I believe we survived the wait." -06:37 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: "Marcus," is all she said in return, but she put her hand on his forearm and squeezed it. It had been a while since she had spoken to him last. Long before the disappearance of Brigid. Once she let go she gave another look around then looked at Marcus once more. "Have you chosen yet who will ride double?" In other words she was offering to have another ride with her. -06:40 Dec 09
[Nina simply bowed before Lady Oya Thundersong, knowing just how important she was to all of the dragon tamers. She did not open her mouth to speak because she never was very good at protocol, so her deep, long bow would have to do as a gesture of greeting, then she straightened up and surveyed the ones around her. Of course, most people had their dragons with them, but unlike them or the dragon-tamers whose dragons were disobedient, she did not have one at all. She wondered if someone will offer her a ride or if she will have to use her power to claim the skies.] -06:41 Dec 09
Kiest: Kiest kept still as he watched but his dragon was another story. It had the attention span of a salamander and was now currently percked in a tree…upside down, drooling lava as it stared at the small dragon perched upon a man’s shoulder. That would make a yummy snack! Thankfully Kiest saw the little demon and signaled it to stay. That got the creature’s attention but unfortunately it didn’t care enough to listen. Guess he should have fed it before they left. Spit-Fire bounded out of the tree cover, heading straight for Marcus. It ran more like a cheetah than most dragons but stil had a good three hundred pounds of muscles for its small size behind it. -06:42 Dec 09
Morramox: Morramox was asked by the leader of this search party to help aid with the search party and to help bring ease to the Dragons that were involved. Drae Tongue wasn’t a thing that was too uncommon, especially amongst the Solamandarians and The Order, so there was no particular reason why it was nessicary that Morramox specifically needed to come on the mission. But there was business that he strongly felt needed investigating in the area of Myrr, both coralating personal and Order business. He nodded his head in respect at Master Mayain. "It has been too long since I’ve seen you, Master Mayain." he spoke in the Drae Tongue to the Large Dragon. "I see that you have had many stories to be told with the Warmblood Thundesong. If you find yourself with leisure to spend, I would be honor to be regailed by hearing those tales." -06:42 Dec 09
Nina: The familiar noise stirred Nina, who could not believe her ears. Combat? So soon? And they were barely inside the Dunewaste, or rather, they did not even set foot. Without sparing another glance at her comrades or trying to measure them once again, the young woman spun around in a quick motion, drawing her sword at the same time and reflexively stepped into the path of the dragon, bracing herself for impact. She knew that the steel of hers would hold, that her fire-forged will would bend the dragon out of the way and her sword would hit true, so her eyes were full of conviction and bravery, not the fear they should have held in front of such a monster. -06:46 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: A mew like sound came from the large dragon and it showed it’s row of sharp fangs at Morramox in an imitation of a human grin. Dragons did not possess the intelligence of humans or Solamandarians, but they did have their own language and culture of sorts and aknowledgement of that outside of the Tamers was rare. -06:48 Dec 09
Dannon: At least it couldn’t be said that Dannon didn’t have quick reflexes too. Or maybe it was just because she was already waving her arms around trying to find her missing dragon that she spotted the interloper trying to charge at the party. "DAMMIT, YOU STUPID DRAGON! AT LEAST ATTACK THE BAD GUY!" What luck! Dannon’s summoning worked, because suddenly leaping out of the foresty trees was a HUGE, HIDEOUS, MONSTER of a dragon bounding it’s way to the rescue. …except it went barreling for Nina to tackle that women instead. "No no! Argh…!" -06:49 Dec 09
Marcus: Marcus opened his mouth to answer, but turned at the commotion. Quickly getting a grasp of the situation, he moved to meet Spit-Fire head on, his fist connecting soundly with the small dragon’s snout. His own dragon leapt atop Spit-Fire’s head, teeth sinking into the beast’s ear, as Marcus got the stupid thing into a headlock and wrestled it to the ground. "Whoever you are," he spoke up, voice dripping in irritation as he gritted his teeth, "you’d best learn to control your dragon." He shoved Spit-Fire’s face toward the dirt so that its drool wouldn’t spray at any of the bystanders as he looked around for the culprit. -06:50 Dec 09
[Tynebris , a black scaled dragon, remains silent, observing the group curiously from a safe distance, sitting on the ground, trying to use as less space as possible.] -06:53 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: (Dragons are not human intelligent, FYI) -06:54 Dec 09
Kiest: The small dragon gave several disgruntled barks as he it was subdued only a few feet from its former lunch. Damnit! Kiest growled at his stupid dragon’s antics. They were supposed to follow without being seen, not get caught before the group even leaves! However, he couldn’t leave his stupid, but somehow useful, partner in the hands of those people. With a tired sigh he straightened and flipped his hood up, then headed over with a calm gate. The man was about six foot tall with short silver hair that always appeared mussed. His eyes were a dark red as they watched Marcus touch his dragon. He was wearing a pair of riding slacks and a black worn shirt. Obviously he wasn’t of nobility, or anything close, but he held himself as if he were just as important as everyone else. "Spit-Fire, come." The dragon paused in its struggling abruptly and then yanked backwards, slipping from Marcus’s hold and trotting back to its master, tail wagging and all. -06:56 Dec 09
Nina: That was one problem solved when a fist connected with Spit-Fire’s face, but another problem presented itself soon. However, Nina was not afraid to face such a thing in combat, even though it was many times larger than her. Instead, she braced herself for impact, shifting her stance into the correct position and checked that she had enough space. Then her eyes went back to the huge dragon charging towards her and when the moment came… She jumped out of the way, sending the dragon tumbling towards the ground as it attempted to tackle her. Landing on the head of the dragon, Nina expertly aimed her sword at the centre of its neck, a brief spark flying from it into the distance and lightning her armour. -06:57 Dec 09
Morramox: The commotions between what seemed to be a whelp and one of the warmbloods caught his attention, ending his small talk with Master Mayain earlier than to be expected. The whelp was called off before he was able to try to speak with it, leaving the Warmblood Marcus and his dragon. "Master Marcus, are there any wounds for which I can heal?" He spoke the same to Marcus’ dragon. -07:01 Dec 09
Dacian: Ryual reared and snapped as monster of a creature flung itself out of nearby trees and at a girl not that far away from him and Dacian. Dacian shouted and motioned for his beast to calm down before he injured something or another. -07:02 Dec 09
Dannon: "Quit trying to knife Bobcat. He’s liable to get revenge on you later for the embarassment." Dannon shouted at Nina. She had to break away from eyeballing Marcus. Marcus, who so swiftly and elegantly punched that interloper in the face that Dannon could have siiiiiiighed dreamily if she weren’t now trying to climb on the back of her own dragon and shove Nina off. "Go on! Get off already." -07:03 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Oya crossed her arms looking at what had transpired. Not even in the air yet and already trouble was chasing them. This was an ill omen if the lady had ever seen one. "This foolishness is wasting time." -07:03 Dec 09
Marcus: As Spit-Fire trotted off, Marcus’s dragon hopped back to the earth, looking remarkably self-satisfied. After a measuring glance at Kiest, Marcus filed the man away as a Problem That Could Wait and instead focused on the huge monster that was nearly atop one of the heroes of the realm. He would recognize that great hulk anywhere. He didn’t move a muscle to interfere with this one. Yet. Dannon needed to learn to clean up her own messes. When Morramox inquired after wounds, he gave a swift shake of his head, eyes remaining on the trainee and her dragon. "…Dannon. You have three minutes to get him under control. We need to leave." -07:05 Dec 09
Kiest: The small red dragon was fuming to its master, drooling a bit as it paced around in circles before him. It wasn’t fair that he got hit for wanting lunch! What was such a tiny dragon good for besides a quick meal anyways? It wasn’t like they were good fighters or anything close to that! Kiest just shook his head and watched, waiting for the creature to calm itself. -07:08 Dec 09
Nina: "I did not know he was your dragon," said Nina simply to Dannon as she sheated her sword. In all honesty, she thought it was a wild one and had been preparing to kill it, but she did not want to harm a fellow warrior’s dragon. "I am sorry," she said, then with a single leap, she was off the dragon, landing in a crouch. Again, a brief spark flew off the blade of her sword as she did so, quickly burning up in the air. Like always, her landing was elegant and sure-footed, ready for any enemy. "Are we all good to go? Lady Oya is right," said Nina as she eyed the people surrounding her. -07:08 Dec 09
Dannon: "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’ve got him now!" she practically squeaked out at Marcus, who was just so so handsome when he was annoyed. Dannon cast her glaring at Nina like it was entirely Nina’s fault that Bobcat chose the wrong person to pounce. Patting her dragon on the neck, the beast – and it truely was the unfortunate looking bastard – plopped back up on it’s haunches, and thumped it’s tail back and forth on the ground. "We are ready to hit the skies when everyone else is." -07:14 Dec 09
Dacian: Dacian frowned and took the opportunity to mount his dragon, using his beast’s knee to give him a boost onto the saddle. "Ryaul and I are ready," he announced, the midnight scaled dragon shifting restlessly. -07:16 Dec 09
Nina: "Oh that is right," said Nina as she turned back to Dannon. "I am sorry that we got off the wrong foot, but I do not have a dragon myself and yours looks big enough. Can I ride with you?" asked Nina, knowing very well what the answer will be most likely. If that was not the case, though, she could save using her power for later when it would actually prove useful. -07:17 Dec 09
Morramox: He was surprised to see that one of the younger, more brash Dragons was already paired up with a warmblood. The slightly cowardly childling. "Ahh…Honorable Young Master Bobcat…I do believe we have not had the honor of mee-" Bobcat completely ignored him and continued stare on in admiration of the childling Dannon. "Perhaps I should introduce myself at a better time, Young Master…" He turned his attention to rest of the group. "If anyone else is unharmed, I do believe we should make haste. We shouldn’t not linger too long, lest the night blankets the skies and we invite ourselves to Jaws of the Abyss." -07:18 Dec 09
Dannon: "Nope, I’d rather not ride with someone who has no problem killing dragons, wild or not. Plus, I am pretty sure Bobcat won’t been keen on it e-…ther…" Dannon trailed off as the weird scaley guy started talking to her dragon. Bobcat seemed to not care, at least. Dannon crossed her arms. "…but yeah. Forget it. No one is riding with me." -07:19 Dec 09
Marcus: "In answer to your earlier question," Marcus began; he was looking at Nina, but from the way his voice carried, it was clear he was addressing the group. "I think it is best if Nina and… Bobcat not be kept together for the time being. She’ll ride with you, Oya." It wasn’t a question. "Dacian, take Morramox with you. And I will be riding with Dannon," he went on, growling. "She’s due a lecture or three." The trainee was Not in Marcus’s Good Graces right now. -07:22 Dec 09
Marcus: ((Whoops, that first Nina should be Oya)) -07:22 Dec 09
Kiest: Spit-Fire glanced over his shoulder at another dragon, Bobcat, if it remembered correctly. He slinked away from Kiest to nudge at Bobcat’s sides, then duck around and spit a tiny flame at it’s muzzle before darting onto its back. Kiest was just shaking his head, one hand going to his forehead. Sometimes this dragon was just not worth his trouble. -07:23 Dec 09
Nina: That response was perfectly expected, but the second one was not expected at all, so Nina just opened her mouth, then she closed it. After that, she turned towards Oya Thundersong, and not knowing what to say, she bowed deeply before her, even touching the floor with her right knee. "It will be an honour to fly with you." -07:24 Dec 09
[(Timeout) Tynebris was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:25 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: "Come along young. It’s best not to press issues when they haven’t had a chance to cool any–" Oya saw the smallish dragon try to antagonize Dannon’s Bobcat. "Come along, I’ll boost you up." -07:25 Dec 09
Dannon: Oh gods. Marcus went from super hot, to down right scary. Lectures? No amount of good looks was going to make a lecture from Marcus any good. Especially if he was forgoing his own dragon in favor of taking her down a peg or two. "Yes sir." she mumbled. Of course while Dannon was getting the fear put in to her, Bobcat snapped at the fire-spitted annoyance. Snapped so fast it now had a Spit-fire in it’s mouth and was trying to chew it. Dannon turned to mount her dragon, and blinked curiously at it’s now-full mouth. "Swallow that before we take off. I don’t want you barfing mid-air again." -07:27 Dec 09
Dacian: Ryaul approached the one called Morramox and sniffed at him before nudging him rudely with his snout. Dacian reprimanded him and offered and apologetic smile. "I’ve never ridden with someone else before," he explained, offering his hand towards the Solamandarian. -07:29 Dec 09
[Kiest growled as his dragon was snatched up. "Release him!" Sure his dragon was annoying as hell, but he didn’t deserve to be eaten yet! He stalked over to the much-larger dragon and tried to pry his shrieking one from its grasp, but to no avail. Thank the gods his scales were extremely strong…] -07:30 Dec 09
Nina: "Should we not do something about that?" asked Nina, her hand going to her sword as she half-turned away from Oya Thundersong. "Those dragons will kill each other if we do not…" -07:31 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: "Do not interfer in the affairs of Dragons and their Tamers knightling. This will be handled by our ways and laws, and if the small one is eaten, sad as that might be, it is part of the natural course of things. Now get on, or I shall leave without you and we will have less hands and brains to decern what evil has spawned in Myrr." -07:33 Dec 09
Marcus: "Who the hell are you?" Marcus asked Kiest bluntly, elbowing him out of the way in order to scale Bobcat’s side. His little dragon scurried up after him, pausing to puff its cheeks out at Kiest in a way that it seemed to think was intimidating. "You’re interfering in a mission and every second you waste is a second that could be spent saving my friend’s life. I don’t have time for you." -07:34 Dec 09
Morramox: He gave a respectful nod of his head at Ryaul. Ryaul was one of the Dragons that he did not know to well and was not Contracted from Clovengard. He could understand why the attitude he had with him, as Solamandarians and Dragons not from Clovengard had quite the long history with each other. "It is my honor fly under your wings, Master Ryaul." He took the hand of Caian and shook it, opting to use his size and Solamandarian finger Cups to climb up to mount behind the man after shaking his hand. "You shouldn’t worry about me, Master Dacian. If you find yourself uncomfortable with me riding beside you, I can stick to the side of Master Ryual and it shall be if I wasn’t here at all." -07:35 Dec 09
Nina: "Understood," said Nina, and she obediently sat on Thundersong’s dragon, knowing better than to disobey the woman. Still, she felt something majestic about that, because she was on a legendary dragon, one that was involved in many stories. It was certainly quite a feeling, the scales of the being, its sheer majesty, its sheer power to behold… Even if she had slayed some of its kin before. -07:36 Dec 09
Dannon: Dannon wasn’t sure what to do about Kiest, but if the guy wasn’t supposed to be WITH them and Marcus wasn’t going to waste tame with him. Well, she wasn’t going to either. She clammered up on her dragon too, patting Bobcat on the head. Bobcat seemed to have ZERO intentions of spitting out the tiny dragon. He also did not appreciate having someone pry at his jowels. A big meaty claw reached out to circle and grab Kiest. Apparently Bobcat had every intention of taking a snack with them. -07:38 Dec 09
[Kiest quickly slipped in a lie; "We came to help, you did sent out a formal request, though I’m not surprised hardly anyone showed. My dragon is just a bit…unused to others." He walked around the other side of the dragon and grabbed Spit’s head, trying to sooth the dragon to keep it from shaking its head and sending lava all over the place. That stuff gave some NASTY burns! ] -07:38 Dec 09
Dannon: (We’ll reverse our posts! Kiest’s first, mine next!) -07:38 Dec 09
[Kiest yelped in surprise, having not seen the dragon shift. Its claws easily wrapped around him and he looked much like his dragon after that, angry and about ready to spit lava. ] -07:39 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Once Nina was secured and not a moment beyond, the lady tamer indicated to her dragon to go into the sky. With a leap from her mighty legs the dragon was airborn and her wings started beating, the wind increased as they gained altitued and they circled as they waited for the others. -07:42 Dec 09
Marcus: "Right, that’s it. We’re moving out!" Marcus yelled, signaling to the rest of the group. "Now!" No, Marcus was definitely NOT happy with these people. -07:42 Dec 09
[Dacian smiled a little uncertainly when Morradox mentioned sticking to the side of his dragon. The young Dragon Tamer nearly flinched at the harsh command but Ryual didn’t hesitate to take off along with the other dragons. The dragon with the build of a kin to that of a bulldog charged forward and built up some speed before lounging into the skies, spreading his massive wings. The black, tribal tattoo like markings adorning his scales caught the light and glimmered like the night sky. ] -07:48 Dec 09
Dannon: Bobcat seemed to be a lot more obedient when it came to flying time. Or perhaps it was because he had a mouth full of tiny dragon and a claw full of thief. Regardless, while the dragon flew not-so-gracefully, it had taken the tiny dragon out of it’s mouth in to it’s free claw and clonking it’s two captives heads together for a little mid-flight entertainment. Dannon didn’t care about this one bit. As long as Bobcat was entertained, he followed flight instructions. AND THEN THE DRAGONS WERE ALL OFF. FLYING THROUGH THE SKIES TOWARDS THE DUNEWASTES. -07:49 Dec 09
Nina: The feeling of being raised up by a dragon was completely different than taking flight, noted Nina, though the howling of the wind and the immense height was still the same. She took comfort in that and fortified her heart against the dangers about, determined to show herself for what she was: Nina Flamesword, one of the best swordswomen in the country and something also much more. -07:49 Dec 09
[Kiest groaned as his dragon’s head colided with his own. "Thad was dotally unnecessary!" And god did that hurt! His dragon was completely uneffected besides its pride, the thick scales of its body coming to use again. While flying was normally an enjoyable thing for the thief, it didn’t work quite so well when he had a claw tight around his middle and had just eaten about twenty minu—er. Well. Had just un-eaten a second ago. Hopefully no dragons were flying below! ] -07:53 Dec 09
[(Timeout) Dacian was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:01 Dec 09
Morramox: Althought he did have a duty to the Riders as a member of Order, Morramox did have his own motives to take such a danger filled journey to the Dunewastes. But that could wait for now. Telor wasn’t the first Dragon to have gone missing in the Dunewastes. The Order took notice of the number of Dragons being unaccounted for and secretly asked Talor and his Warmblood to investigate. Their own disapperance did not bode well. Many start starting to speculate that these are Ill Omens of things that shall come. Things that must be taken care before it becomes unmanagable -08:01 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Oya was not inclinded to talk while they flew. In fact she had drawn up her hood once they were in the air. The next few hours were cold and uneventful, much better then their short time on land. Then in the distance Oya saw something on the horizon. Squinting she looked at the coulds, then felt the tension in her dragon’s neck. ‘MARCUS," her voice boomed like the thunder of her namesake. "INSECTS!" -08:01 Dec 09
Niam: It was amazing – flying. Sure, Niam had flown with Liske above the swampy, jungle region that was his home, but he was now so far away from that little village built on stilts. He’d made a decision. He’d decided to go look for Brigid. It was the least he could do for all she’d done for him. Golden skinned, baked by the sun over near twenty years of running around in naught but his loincloth, Niam sat straight up on Liske’s back, arms spread wide, a big smile on his face as he listened to the wind whistling past him, ruffling his short mohawk, and making his bone necklaces and bracelets and earrings rattle around. The mossy green dragon that was his best friend gave a mighty roar and Niam opened his brown eyes to see dark shapes on the horizon. He was late to the party, but although she was smaller than some of the colossal dragons Brigid had told him about, Liske was fast. They were gaining on the group ahead. -08:02 Dec 09
Marcus: The lecture that Marcus had promised Dannon had been in full force, but he broke off with a particularly colorful oath when he heard Oya’s warning shout. "Fliss," he urged, and his little dragon flung itself from his wrist and up into the air, tail whipping, as it caught a current and propelled itself at impressive speed toward what looked like a shimmering haze up ahead. The dragon began to make a series of high-pitched shrieks as it sped toward the looming swarm. -08:08 Dec 09
Kiest: Spit-Fire watched the little dragon with disdain, wanting his darn lunch to come back and feed itself to him! It wasn’t fair that he was stuck in some ‘slow’ dragon’s mitts while his food flitted about! -08:10 Dec 09
Nina: That was off to a great start, thought Nina as she heard the shout of Lady Oya, so she drew her sword and readied herself for battle against the damn things on the horizon. Though she was not that confident in her ability to fight on a dragon, she had faith in her armour and the people who forged it for her, so she gathered their strength and made it her own. She could make it through this. -08:13 Dec 09
Dannon: Dannon was looking properly chided. Mortified even. And she couldn’t even argue, because every single thing Marcus said was 100% accurate. At the shout of INSECTS, Dannon shook the feeling and was instantly alert. They were miles and miles in to the Dunewastes thanks to the speed of the dragons. Clouds of insects was a bad sign. Bobcat never seemed to care about the things, but Dannon hated them. …Speaking of Bobcat, the giant dimwitted dragon was shaking it’s toys around. Seeming to have the thought of throwing them right at the oncoming danger. -08:14 Dec 09
Niam: "Hey… Liske is that what I think it is?" Niam shouted over the wind. His answer was a low rumble, like a cat purring, only a hundred times louder. Niam squinted into the distance, watching the cloud grow in size the closer they got. Now they were right on the tail of the last dragon in the group and Liske was producing more rumbles. Insects made up a lot of her diet after all. -08:19 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Oya noticed her dragon’s chest extend as she inhailed air. Insects were annoying. Insects could be delt with easily. However there were some insects that were worse then others and this far into the Dunewastes, Oya feared that might be the case. She did not warn Nina to hold on, not use to a rider and assuming Nina understood the danger that could be potentially there. Too quickly they could see the cloud coming at them in great detail as it stretched acrossed the horizon. -08:19 Dec 09
[(Timeout) Dacian has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate] -08:20 Dec 09

It was BEAUTIFUL. Light bouncing off a myriad of beautiful colors that adorned their wings. When it came closer in to view, it was clearly noticable that these weren’t just random insects… these were butterflies! Hundreds and thousands of butterflies clustered in to a cloud of wings, making their way towards the group with no signs of stopping. How pretty! -Dannon 08:23 Dec 09

Morramox: To some of the more Indulgent of his people, these flying nuisances could have been considered a feast. He could already smell the blood of the unfortunate ones who collided their small forms against the mighty frame of the dragons. What should of smelled delicious to him instead made his stomach turn. There was something about the scent of their blood that seemed… Unnatrual. -08:24 Dec 09
Nina: There were millions of them. Most of them were small and inconsequential, but there were others that were quite large and upon their sight, Nina reached for better grip on the dragon… But it was too late. Moments before she could adjust her grip, an insect smashed into her, the wind of the butterfly’s wings sending her flying. In desperation, Nina grabbed at something, but she only managed to dig her fingers into the thick carapece of the dragon, the armoured glove holding for just enough of a moment… "Help!" screamed Nina as she realised her downfall, but the wind was too strong. One second, she was gripping the dragon, and the next she found herself in the air, another butterfly smashing into her face and making her bite her tongue. She tried to summon the wards of Silverbloom, but the swarm was too thick and too powerful, smashing into her armour at every opportunity, silencing her words and claiming her body for the abyss below… -08:27 Dec 09
[(Logout) Nina melts away.] -((08:27 Dec 09))
[Dacian quickly threw an arm over his eyes when dragons suddenly met dragon. He could actually hear the small insects’ body squish against Ryaul’s scales and feel them pelt against his own body like small rocks being thrown at him.] -08:28 Dec 09
Kiest: Spit-Fire squealed as the insects approached. The dragon was all too happy to inhale a deep breath, then turn its long neck towards the incoming flock and blew. To say the little annoyance could breath fire would be an understatement. The flame that came from the creature easily encased several hundred insects, dropping them from the sky in a fluttering cloud of burning insects. -08:29 Dec 09
Niam: "Butterflies? Ahah–Pwah!" Ewwwww! One had flown right into his mouth! But unlike Niam, who was wiping the taste off his tongue with the back of his hand, Liske seemed to be incredibly happy with her unscheduled feast. Crunch, crunch, sounded from her mighty maws. "Aw come on!" Niam complained, squashing flat against the dragon’s neck to avoid a rather large butterfly as it fluttered past, sitting up a moment later only to get hit with a dog-sized one right in the face. -08:29 Dec 09
Marcus: Marcus heard the other dragon approaching, even as focused as he was on the danger before them. He recognized the newest addition by sight: Liske, and therefore, Niam as well. Good; someone else competent. That would be an asset at this moment. "Dannon, get down!" He pushed the young trainee down to hug Bobcat’s scales, positioning himself so that his larger frame would shield her from their bites. Meanwhile, Fliss was darting overhead, weaving in and out of the swarm as she caught them in her teeth and claws, gorging herself expertly on butterflies. -08:30 Dec 09

And then. It got worse. Much much worse. Where buttflies smashed, they clung. Where they clung, they bit. Where they bit, they sucked! BLOODSUCKING BUTTERFLIES. Horrible, wicked things. Bloodthirty, ravenous that could suck a person dry in mere minutes. A swarm already were diving after the lost body of Nina. While others were attaching to humans and dragons alike! There seemed to be too many of them to merely burn them all away. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! -Dannon 08:31 Dec 09

Lady Oya Thundersong: They were of course attracted to their warmth. That much Oya knew. There was a problem, Mayain could not use her flame, she was behind everyone else. The danger though was more real then anyone new to the Dunewastes knew. With little else she could to she tried to smash the butterflies that landed on her beautiful dragon. Then Nina was gone. Oya was conflicted on what to do. No, she had to stay with the group, even now the butterflies were swarming Nina’s form. -08:31 Dec 09
Dannon: Dannon might have shrieked. Bloodsucking butterflies were the worst sort of scourges. Unlike many tamers, she was not magical. She was not a swordsmith. All she had was Bobcat, and Bobcat wasn’t exactly great for combating tiny ravenous monsters. Of course, then she was getting shielded by Marcus, while Bobcat was using the tiny dragon and thief in it’s claws to hit and swat at butterflies. Oh Marcus…! Such a hero! Wait, "BOBCAT, DON’T HIT THE DAMN THINGS! FLY DOWN! FLY DOWN!! EVADE!" -08:34 Dec 09
[Kiest was trying to swat at the darn things as they landed everywhere. He could feel the bites but being carried in a dragon’s claws made moving quite hard! Sensing its annoying master’s distress, however, Spit-Fire gave a toothy smirk and promptly lit the human up. That had the butterflies falling off but also left the guy with a nice amount of burns and a very pissed-off look on his face as the wind blew out the fire. ] -08:34 Dec 09
Morramox: "THEY SMELL OF COLDBLOOD!" He trieds to shout out, his face protected from the blanket of small insects flying into his mouth by his cloth, but he doubted that anyone of the warmblood could hear him. He tried to warn the Dragons instead, but to no avail. He could see nothing but the colorful clouds of death, feel nothing, but small pricks into his tought skin. They were able to pierce through his tough skin and through Ryual, he could feel the dragon slightly tremble in pain. He had to think, have to draw on his connection to Draelov before they were cut down before even landing in the Dunewastes. -08:36 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: With Bobcat flying down Mayain had an opening. Oya did not attemp to stop her dragon and the great beast burst out a bellow of flames followed by a roar. The swarm was everywhere, but if they could just lure them higher… "Mayain, you know what to do!" -08:38 Dec 09
Kiest: The constant swinging now resulted in Spit-Fire emptying his stomach, sending several dissolved butterflies and a good stomachful of lava plummeting downwards. This was not a fun experience!!! -08:38 Dec 09
Niam: He felt a bite against his face and in that moment, the laughing stopped. Tearing the butterfly away, Niam stared in slight horror as he saw the sharp teeth lining the edge of the beast’s mouth. In a blur of dark skin and a rattle of bone bracelets, Niam had drawn a dagger from the holster on his thigh and promptly stabbed the beast to death. "Liske! Cook em!" he shouted, swinging around his dagger to fight more off. The mossy beast drew in a deep breath and forced it out of her nostrils. Scalding steam shot forward, frying all of the bugs in its path. Meanwhile, Niam’s eyes were darting around, trying to find the others in the cloud. -08:40 Dec 09
Dacian: ‘Coldblood?’ Dacian thought, briefly wondering what that meant but was distracted by Ryaul’s shuddering. The butterflies were eating through the plain cloak the young rider had on and the more bites he felt, the more his mind was sent reeling. Then thought hit up. Grasping the horn of Ryual’s saddle, Dacian shifted his weight and Ryual obediently followed, suddenly changing direction and torpedoing up into the sky. There was only so much altitude these buggers could withstand, right? -08:41 Dec 09
Marcus: Blade drawn, Marcus used the flat of his sword to beat back the fluttering menace as Bobcat dove down. He’d been bitten, but Fliss had swooped in to snatch away each butterfly before it could drain too much. The little dragon was doing the same for each of the riders, looping around as she feasted on their foes. Fliss was in her element, the world -08:43 Dec 09
Marcus: ((Agh, pressed enter too soon)) -08:43 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Higher and higher Mayain and Oya went, with a portion of the swarm following them. By this point both had been bitten more then a few times, though so far it’d been more an annoyance then dangerous. Then, they got to a much colder region in the upper sky and the buggers started falling off. -08:44 Dec 09
Marcus: Fliss was in her element, the world’s only natural predator of the butterflies, engineered to be fast and dextrous enough to easily pick them off. Marcus had barely had to train her for the purpose; she acted mainly on instinct. -08:44 Dec 09
Dacian: The higher Ryaul climbed, the thinner the air became. Dacian’s ears popped and he couldn’t help but shudder at the cold nipping through his now tatter cloak. But at least Dacian was able to see now. The young dragon tamer glanced about him to gather his bearings but stopped and pale when he noticed a rather large butterfly feeding on the membrane of his dragon’s wing. Instantly, he kicked Ryual’s side and the wing being fed from closed, sending them into a spiral in hopes of loosing the blood sucker. -08:49 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: With a shout of glee from two throats, the pair spiraled back down, it seemed the crisis had passed. Down further Mayain started heading to where Bobcat had landed. -08:49 Dec 09
[Marcus ] -08:50 Dec 09
Kiest: Spit-Fire managed to squirm free as the other dragon landed. He then promptly grabbed his master, waiting for the man to get on his back before taking off into the clouds, vanishing from sight. Nope, not hanging around for vampire butterfies! -08:51 Dec 09
[(Logout) Kiest fled in terror.] -((08:51 Dec 09))
Dannon: Bobcat was completely unaffected by all of these butterfly shennanigans. What he didn’t like was his Tamer being all shrieky, and his toys vomiting all over the place. Though having one of them on fire was entertaining, it was not entertaining enough. In fact, Bobcat dropped his toys altogether. Luckily, they were only a few feet from the ground and Bobcat was landing neatly over their forms. Dannon leaned up to take a weary look around to make sure there weren’t any more butterlies. "Nina fell somewhere near here. I don’t see any signs of her, though." -08:51 Dec 09
Niam: There were just too many, and while Fliss was helping a great deal, there was only one real solution. "Let’s go, Liske." He was hardly dressed for the occasion, but freezing a little was better than bleeding to death. Niam’s back and arms were already decorated with streaks of blood as Liske began to climb higher. The cloud thinned out up here and he could make out another dragon up above already. One by one, the butterflies began to fall away like caked dirt washing off in chunks. Other dragons and riders were following and soon, Niam’s teeth were chattering with the cold but the last butterfly had drifted away. As the cloud passed on by, Niam followed the lead dragon down again. -08:51 Dec 09
Morramox: He could feel the heart withing in swell as he pulled down his mask, the blood of the seemingly infinite broken bodies of the small predators splashed against his mouth, trying to stain his face with blood, but unable to marr the Holy Etching engraved upon his face. He could feel himself become weaker as the tiny beast drained much from him already, but the small relief of coldness seemed to help him focus. He tried to muster up the strength to help heal those whom he rode with, but the cold took it’s toll as Morramox started to lose conciousness. -08:53 Dec 09
Dacian: Dacian was relieved when they managed to get the over sized leech off Ryual’s wing, but his relief was short lived when his passenger swayed, in danger of loosing consciousness. He made haste in landing Ryaul, and checked the Solamandrian man over. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked worriedly, despite the man not appearing to be so. "Here, let’s get you down." -08:59 Dec 09
Niam: A disgruntled sound rumbled in Liske’s throat as she touched ground. More than anything, Niam was certain that she was upset with having her meal cut short. The young man sighed, gracefully hopping to his feet and dropping down from the dragon’s back. His first priority was to make sure there weren’t any more butterflies attached to his dragon and to assess what sort of damage they’d inflicted upon her hide. The result: minimal. In addition to her scales, Liske had mossy patches growing all over her hide which made for double the protection, unless of course one were to use fire. "Looks like you’re okay," Niam muttered as he finished his walk around her. He turned his attention outward then, gaze flicking from face to face until he spotted the only one he recognized. "Marcus." -09:00 Dec 09
Marcus: Fliss dropped out of the sky to alight upon Bobcat’s back. Rolling over so that her bulging stomach was exposed, she was out like a light within seconds. A faint snoring sound issued from her tiny snout. Marcus gave her a gentle pat before sheathing his sword and taking stock of their party. One missing, quite likely dead; two deserted; one unconscious; one exhausted. The swarm had not treated them kindly. "…We can’t afford to look for Nina now. If she’s still alive, she could be anywhere. She would want us to search for Brigid. That’s the mission." Even as he tried to sound stern, his voice softened as he looked at the young trainee. It was a grim way of looking at circumstances, he knew. "Nina is a skilled woman. If she can, she will make her way to us. If not, we will come back for her." There was a promise in those words. -09:00 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Once on the ground, Oya lept off Mayain and headed towards Dannon, Marcus and the others. "Your little Fliss did a fine job today. I think our priority right now is to clean up our wounds and then start looking for clues. Are we close to where we need to start Marcus?" -09:03 Dec 09
Morramox: He blacked out before he could manage to respond to Dacian, the cold being too much for him. He could feel himself slipping away and soon he was gone. He could feel his heart slow a bit and suddenly he started to dream… -09:03 Dec 09
Morramox: He managed to stay attachted to ryual with his suction cups. -09:04 Dec 09
Morramox: (Cough, i forgot to include that) -09:04 Dec 09
Marcus: "Niam," he greeted the man with just a hint of his own tiredness, sliding down from Bobcat’s back and clasping hands with him. "It’s good to see you." The glimpse of exhaustion was gone and he’d straightened up by the time Oya made her way over to their side. "Not as close as I’d like," he answered her sourly. "We won’t make it by nightfall." -09:07 Dec 09
Dacian: Dacian’s eyes widen when Morramox’s eyes slid closed, but even slack his body somehow remaind stuck to Ryaul, much to the dragon’s annoyance. He let out a low growl but before he shake the source of irritation off of him, Dacian laid a hand on his neck. "Sh, let him rest. Extend your wing so I access the damage." The dragon snorted smoke but did as he was told. The small blood vessels running through the membrane had been ruptured and blood clotted around the wound. Dacian frown and dug out the salve he kept on his person at all times, slathering it gently over the bite marks in hopes of stopping the blood and dulling the pain. -09:08 Dec 09
Dannon: Dannon frowned, and it was pretty obvious that she didn’t like the thought of going on without someone. But she wasn’t going to disagree with Marcus. He was never wrong. She slid off Bobcat, giving the hideous beast a good pat on the neck for a job almost well done. "That’s a good Bobcat. We actually landed instead of crashed this time!" -09:09 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: "If that’s the case, then making camp might be wise. We can start early tomorrow, rested and fed." Oya then looked up at the sky. They were now in the Dunewaste and they were already down a member. "I will take first watch this evening." -09:11 Dec 09
Niam: There was a slight grin on the boy’s face as Marcus greeted him and it hardly faltered as discussion turned to a serious topic. "I can help with the watch too. Me and Liske, we’ve got good night vision, Ma’am." -09:13 Dec 09
Morramox: Morramox, like most of the Solamandarians his age, had no say in what his future was going to be like. He was to be born predetermined to be under the Order, he would not have the chance to find a mate or raise hatchlings. His fate was to be bound to the God Draelov, The Divine Shade, Dragon God of Empathy. He had a long career as a Divine Monk of the Order, raising and trainning dragons for their partnership with the warmbloods, strengthening the ties of Warm and Cold bloods and his own ties with Draelov. His dreams were a stroll down his own memories, a long journeys of his personal triumphs and failure…But soon, he started seeing things that he knew had not yet happen. He saw blood. He could smell it. It smelled like those foul beast. It smelled of Cold Blood. It smelled of Dragon’s blood. He could see something within the darkness, something that emitted the foul odor, the smell becoming stronger as he noticed the figure. "Wait!" -09:14 Dec 09
[(Timeout) Marcus was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -09:17 Dec 09
Morramox: He found himself still attached to Ryaul, alive, along with the party…At least most of the party. "…Please…Excuse my inconsideration." He attempted to get up and off Ryaul. "You are all wounded…Let me heal you." He lost his footing and instead of climbing off the dragon, he stumbled off instead. -09:17 Dec 09
Dannon: "If we just got our asses handed to us by a big flock of butterflies, I’m not being rested and fed is going to do us much good tomorrow." Dannon grumped. Her arms were crossed, and fingers tapping against her elbows. She wasn’t afraid to be a part of this mission, and she was perfectly sure she could handle it thanks to Bobcat being Bobcat. But with one person lost, and everybody else all banged up, Dannon had no intentions of being the last one left. Unless she was the last one left with Marcus. For a moment the girl got lost, silent in a daydream! "Hmm, Marcus…" she siiighed, out loud. By accident. -09:18 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: "I think perhaps you should be tended to first," Oya said knidly to the Solamandarian. "We should get a cook fire started and have our friend warm up there." The humans at least needed to eat. -09:19 Dec 09
Dacian: Dacian panicked when Morramox stumbled off Ryual and tried to help him, but ended up nearly crushed himself. "I agree," he said near breathless. -09:20 Dec 09
Marcus: Marcus nodded in assent. "We’ll camp here, then." Privately, he hoped that they might find Nina after all, if they did. Marcus had a bad habit of hoping. "Morramox, see to yourself and the dragons first, please. Dan-" He was interrupted as the girl sighed his name. Loudly. Staring, he cleared his throat and tried again, taking a couple of steps away from Oya and Niam. "Dannon. I’d like a word." -09:20 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Oya indicated where Morramox should sit, try not to smile at Dacian’s attept at helping him, and then went over to Mayain, going to a pack that her dragon carried, digging around until she produced a kettle. "Dacian, can you gather up some kindling. The Dunewaste may seem to be baren, but there will be plenty to find." -09:23 Dec 09
Dannon: "What?" Shit. She had been caught there staring off in to space like an idiot. Or at least she HOPED she was staring off in to space and not staring at Marcus and drooling worse than a dragon. "Yes sir." Face now red as can be, she nodded and side stepped away to have this conversation that she just KNEW was going to be Lecture Part Twenty Six. Somewhere between ‘your dragon shouldn’t kidnap people’ and ‘I saw you undressing me with you eyes.’ -09:23 Dec 09
Dacian: Dacian snapped to attention when he was addressed and nodded in confirmation. "Yes, ma’am." He tossed one last look at his dragon, now curled up and sleeping soundly, before shrugging out of his torn cloak and marching off to do as he he was told. -09:26 Dec 09
Niam: What a weird texture this was – solid earth. Being dismissed, Niam promptly spent a minute hopping from foot to foot and grinning like an idiot. Then he caught movement out of the corner of his eye and sprung into action, not unlike a feline attacking prey. Fwhump! was the sound his body made as it hint the ground haphazardly, hands slapping down on the snake’s head and clamping its mouth closed. "Aha! Dinner!" -09:28 Dec 09
Marcus: Marcus gave the trainee a once-over, arms folded across his chest. "…You did good up there," he said at last, gruffly. "Are you feeling alright?" Quite fortunately for everyone involved, Marcus Did Not Get It. …Yet, anyway. -09:28 Dec 09
Morramox: He smiled a wide smile, the mask concealing his face was torn away in the chaos, revealing the etching that was to be kept unseen while not healing others. "I believe too much of Draelov is in me, Master Thundersong." He gave a rather warm, though unsettling to humans at least, smile at the party. He shakily got on his own feet and walked towards the dragons first. "I will heal faster if I know all of my companions are well." He smiled and touched Fliss gently on the head. "I owe you my life, Honorable Master." Then he started to make guttural noise, gathering up the collective juices of the herbs and holy water than makes up his diet and started to spit out a bright green ooze against his scaly hands, rubbing it across the small wounds of the dragon. -09:30 Dec 09
Dannon: She did good? She barely did a thing. In fact, he did most of the doing, while she just barked half-assed orders at Bobcat. Dannon opened mouth to explain but, but promptly closed it again. Marcus said she did GOOD. Dannon was flustered. Her red face going even redder, and she knew it did because she could feel it burning. "I’m not harmed by anything. Thanks to you." Her heeeero! Dannon was struggling to hold in a dreamy sigh. Not appropriate behavior for a tamer! -09:32 Dec 09
Morramox: (change that to Ryaul.) -09:32 Dec 09
Morramox: (Yeah.) -09:32 Dec 09
Dacian: Ryaul looked up when his sleep was disturbed and actually bared his teeth when he found someone else other than Dacian touching his wounds. The salve his tamer had worked well enough. He didn’t need to be puked on as well! -09:35 Dec 09
Niam: Niam rolled around with the snake, taking a few slaps to the face by the beast’s tail, growling as it wrapped around one thigh and started to sneeze. "Give up already and be food!" Niam shouted as he pried his leg free again. Finally he rolled toward a rock and thumped the snake against it until it stopped fighting. He stood up then, lifting the snake in victory, grinning like, well, an idiot. -09:38 Dec 09
Marcus: Frowning, Marcus eyed her before deciding not to ask any further. "Make sure you eat. And sleep." With that said, he went to go unload the supplies that were tethered to Bobcat’s harness. -09:39 Dec 09
Morramox: He said a small prayer to Draelov, the etchings and the ooze glowing along with as he tapped into the small power connected to his god that he had. The wounds would heal moderately quicker with the small blessing, and Morramox had enough consumed enough of the healing herbs and holy water to cover most of the party. He had brought some lunch just incase he didn’t. -09:41 Dec 09
Lady Oya Thundersong: Filling the kettle with water from her canteen, Oya looked over at where Marcus was getting out supplies. "This is not going well," she muttered softly to him. "I feel like this is a set up almost, but perhaps I see enemies where there are none." -09:42 Dec 09
Morramox: He continued moving on, having small conversations while he healed the dragons, having a particularly hard time trying to keep Bobcat still as he tried to rub the salve on him. -09:43 Dec 09
Dannon: Thank the dragons. Dannon let out the breath she was holding once Marcus walked away. Any more questions and she might have blurted out something embarrassing. The girl was perfectly aware that her adoration was inappropriate and one-sided. But she wanted to keep her fantasy alive without that awkward post-confession fallout. Having her facial expressions under control, she turned around just in time to see Bobcat headbutt the scaley guy. "He doesn’t like that stuff. Not that he needs it. You can throw him in a volcano and he’d be fine." -09:45 Dec 09
Marcus: "Not a good start," the Tamer agreed, scowling. "My gut says you’re right, Oya, but we can’t get them panicking over a gut feeling." -09:46 Dec 09
Dacian: Ryual moved away from the group after that display, plopping down on the ground and curling into a tight ball. Meanwhile, Dacian literally had had his arms full with collecting kindling, trying to hold as much as he could. Unfortunately for the young dragon tamer, he had stepped on a small snake and jumped back when the reptile lashed out, causing him to mutter an apology and stumble back. With his luck though, he ended up at the edge of a crater and lost his footing. Kindling was sent flying when his arms flung open and flailed to no avail. Dacian landed on his back heavily, air being knocked clean out of him. -09:47 Dec 09
Niam: With the snake draped around his shoulders, Niam strolled toward the spot where he assumed the fire would be lit and took a seat. He hadn’t brought anything with him other than a few jugs of fresh water strapped to Liske’s back. No food, no clothes. He didn’t own anything other than what he was wearing and what he was wearing was minimal. -09:48 Dec 09
Morramox: He smiled his snake-like smile and suddenly started rubbing the Goo all over the young childling instead. "Yes. Master Bobcat is rather prideful in his inability to harmed easily. He kept insisting that I should be applying my salve to you, since he said that you weren’t as "Awesome Cool" as he was, despiting not being too far behind." He smiled after hawking up more salve. "Despite your clear differences… You two seem to be a rather good fit, childling." He then applied his slime onto the open wounds on her face, getting all sort ofs salve into her nose and ears. -09:53 Dec 09
Morramox: (Act, Ability not Inability) -09:53 Dec 09
Dannon: "Bobcat, you je-ARCHSPFF!" Bobcat always did think he was stronger than her, and Dannon was up for that argument. If she weren’t being accosted by the scaley guy and his salve. She flailed, trying to sway the guy away. Rubbing the stuff off her face with her sleeve and spitting stuff out where she could. "That’s disgusting…! Go help someone that actually needs it!" Dannon stumbled to hide somewhere safe behind Bobcat. -09:56 Dec 09

While the group was starting to get settled and healed, something just over the next rise was watching them. There was much land between where the party landed and the next hill and it would have been impossible for anyone to have snuck up on a group of dragons and their tamers. Yet, just as the sun started to set, all around the party there were armed men in shining armor. These men had not been there a moment ago and it was obvious that they were well trained. Before the anyone could react, several of the armed men started lassoing the dragons in with steal cords. Cords that would not break as the dragons thrashed. “I suggest you all surrender now,” a large man in green armor said, coming into the camp. “Or else…” there behind the armed men containing the large dragons and holding swords were archers, with crossbolts powerful enough to even go through dragon hide. -Lady Oya Thundersong 09:57 Dec 09

DUN DUN DUN. END OF PART ONE. -Dannon 09:57 Dec 09

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