Sir and Lady Wellington are hosting a grand party! It’s a masquerade and all the people are dressed in fine and glorious costumes! There is much gossip going around…! very good gossip! (10:51 Sep 05)

Marion is drinking punch, and feeling much out of place. [10:53 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood *She arrives by carriage! Drawn by four white horses, with a personal driver; she arrives at the party in style! She’s at least 5’5 average height, slim,curvy figured, and stepping through the front doors, wearing a silk-green strapless ballgown that sets off her waist-length blonde hair and violet eyes a little too perfectly !* [10:55 Sep 05]

Marion: *Dressed in a black gown, with a little sparkle and black feathers in her hair… She’s supposed to "The Raven", as she wouldn’t dare wear anything other than black. She sips her punch, tiredly watching the party… There’s so much gossip this evening, and it gets so uncomfortable when she’s part of it!* [f | 10:55 Sep 05]

Lady Wellington: Oh, Marion darling, don’t look so sad! It’s a party! Why don’t you kidnap some nice gentleman to dance? *The older woman was dressed up like the Queen of Hearts in a big frilly red dress with lace, and incredibly large guady jewelry! [f|10:57 Sep 05]
There is much whispering about the latest person to arrive to the party! Something juicy is definitely going around tonight! (10:58 Sep 05)

Marion: Forgive me, Ginger. I am just not too fond of parties. [f | 11:01 Sep 05]

Faulkner Grant is the butler currently doing … butler things. Like serving Lord Windstaff another glass of wine. [11:03 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *The gossip is mostly things she already knew! Her mother had died when she was just 15… and she’d never known her father. It seemed as if she’d never escape the title of "Orphan,". She narrows her eyes at the gossip! And gets a glass of punch. Already questioning the sanity of her attendance!* [f | 11:04 Sep 05]

Sir Wellington: Illiana, darling! I am so blessed that you could attend our gala! *Says the lord, who is dressed like the King of Hearts to match his wonderful wife! He is very old and looks like a kindly plump grandfather! He takes Illiana’s hand and kisses it!* [m|11:05 Sep 05]

Faulkner Grant: *Wonders if he should tell Windstaff that’s his third glass of wine tonight but … sees little use. He’ll let Lord Wellington know should the master inquire about it. However, Windstaff’s love of wine is well-known to all …* [m | 11:06 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *She smiles, curtsies politely to the lord Wellington of the mansion!* Thank you kindly, Lord Wellington. Its a pleasure to be here. *She keeps her face as smooth and unreadable as marble!* [f | 11:06 Sep 05]

Lady Wellington: Sweetie, really. It’s almost been a year. You really must try to move on. You are too young to squander yourself away in corners when there’s a world to live! [f|11:07 Sep 05]

Sir Wellington: Here, Gerald! *He snags a handsome young man’s shoulder as he was walking by.* Why don’t you take the lovely Lady Illiana for a dance? [m|11:09 Sep 05]
The man Gerald nodded, offering his arm to the young lady! (11:09 Sep 05)

Faulkner Grant: *While balancing the tray of empty wine glasses in one hand and straightening his coat with the other, he weaves in and out of the crowd to offer drink to the guests. The punch is nearly gone. He’ll have to take care of that in a bit.* [m | 11:10 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *Smiles politely! Er…why not! At least her mother’s years of dancing lessons wouldnt go to waste! She took the man’s arm, and decided she would be social! Its quite amazing how gracefully she moves! Her dress doesn’t even rustle across the floor!* [f | 11:10 Sep 05]

Marion: I think, I might just retire for the night. I’m really sorry, Ginger, but I’m exhausted. *She kisses the older woman’s cheek quickly.* I’m going to step outside for some air, then head for bed… [f | 11:12 Sep 05]
The man compliments Illiana on her wonderful dancing as he smiles! Did her father teach her to dance like this? (11:13 Sep 05)

Faulkner Grant: *Soon returns to the kitchens to refill on the wine and punch. The maids and the cooks are gossiping in between work. He decides to take a breather with them and has a seat at the large table in the kitchen.* [m | 11:15 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *Tries not to turn beet red at the mention of her father…! She had assumed everyone in society had known she’d never met the man! But she manages to remain polite and even a small smile while she corrects him!* No, sir Gerald. My mother did. *And leaves it at that!* [f | 11:15 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: But thank you. You dance quite well yourself [f | 11:16 Sep 05]
Oh that’s too bad, he mentions. He knew sir Bernard Adams was a wonderful dancer back in the day. Was Illiana away so often that she could never see him? (11:16 Sep 05)

Marion: *Weaves in and out of the crowd until she could step outside in to the courtyard. The sky was dark with clouds covering up the stars and moon. It looked like it was going to rain any moment.* [f | 11:17 Sep 05]

Faulkner Grant: *The cook leaves some potatoes to peel while he sits and he listens to the gossip about haunted houses, bad luck, and unfaithful spouses.* [m | 11:19 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: No…. I never met the man… I only knew his last name. *What else could she do?! Give an outright lie? But this was becoming suspicious…..Was someone possibly spreading uncalled for rumors? It was well-known she had a temper! Did someone here feel so bored, they itched for a fight?!* Please, excuse me Sir Gerald……I had a wonderful time dancing with you. [f | 11:23 Sep 05]
Elsewhere Lady Wellington was invited to a seance with a rather fun little crystal ball someone brought in to the party. Lady Wellington looooves this sorts of things so they are soon sitting around in another closed in room trying to see if they can talk to the spirit world! (11:23 Sep 05)
Oh, did he upset her? He apologises! It’s just at Gertrude Vanderholt told him that Illiana’s father was really Bearnard Adams, and everyone was talking about it. She shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for being an illegitimate child, it happens all the time! (11:25 Sep 05)

Faulkner Grant: *So Lady Wellington’s holed herself up in a room again? And this time she expected to succeed … Like no one heard that one before. He finishes peeling his seventh potato and then excuses himself to check on the guests.* [m | 11:26 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *She assures him it wasnt him he was upset with. But thank you for telling her who started up the rumor-mill! Now she was threading her way through the crowd….hunting for this Gertrude Vanderholt wretch! She did not just get back from studying in Germany….for this obnoxiousness!* [f | 11:27 Sep 05]
There is a sudden roll of thunder, so loud that it shook the glassware! The skies opened up and it started pouring rain outside! (11:27 Sep 05)

Illiana Rosewood: (She!^) [f | 11:28 Sep 05]

Marion: *Ack…! She gets caught outside in the sudden rain! Marion picks up her skirt with one hand and runs back for the door!* [f | 11:29 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *And she misses completely…. what the man says about illigetimate child! She’d walked away just too soon to catch that last part!* [f | 11:30 Sep 05]
Gertrude was in a circle of people talking way too loudly, even mentioning Illiana’s name loud enough for her to hear! (11:31 Sep 05)

Illiana Rosewood: *Growls under her breath! There the little gossipwhore stood in all her glory! Her eyes darken from almost blue-violet; to dark lavendar suiting her mood! She practically shoves through that circle without concern; and is suddenly placing herself directly in front of Gertrude!* Excuse me. If you are really so bored as to be spreading rumors about non-entertaining little old me…… perhaps you’d find better entertainment elsewhere. [f | 11:34 Sep 05]
“Oh, Illiana? You’re here?” Gertrude said, unconcerned! “I am surprised… since the whole world just found out your mother was a whore…!” (11:35 Sep 05)

Faulkner Grant: *Spies Vanderholt and the newcomer, Rosewood, together. It’s easy to see this isn’t going to end well. Particularly not for the master. <.<* [m | 11:36 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *She hides her surprise!…. A whore?! Her mother was labeled as a whore? When she had been with no man since….her own father! And had died, guiltless!* You take that back! or We’ll take this outside… and you won’t like me much in the next 10 minutes! *Her eyes are narrowed into slits of rage! Say what they like about her father! She was defenseless without knowledge to say anything back! But not her mother! >.>* [f | 11:38 Sep 05]
“Oh please. Like I’m going to lower myself to your kind of trash. If you don’t believe me, go talk to Markus Fowler. He’s the lawyer that handle Bernard Adams’ will. And apparently he named his eldest daughter, YOU, his sole heir.” (11:40 Sep 05)

Marion: *Stumbles in to the back door, sopping wet… Drat this fabric soaking up water like a sponge! She can see a bunch of the staff gathered around the ballroom’s entrance and apparently there’s some yelling going on in there. She wouldn’t be at all surprised if that Gertrude Vanderholt just started another fight…* [f | 11:42 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *……… Speechless! But her fists are tightly clenched! If she wasn’t pulled away…or taken to this…Markus Fowler, there would be a major party-crashing disaster, which she had not intended! But she admits, she’s quite the fighter! No one ever dared crossed her path such as Gertude was pulling!* [f | 11:43 Sep 05]
BOOOOMRUMMBLERUMMBLE! A sudden crack of thunder, and there’s a scream in one of the back rooms! Suddenly, all of the lights in the entire manner go out and the whole place is cast in to darkness! There’s much murmering and confusion! (11:44 Sep 05)

Illiana Rosewood: *Damn! She swears, gives Gertude a very hard shove in the middle of the confusion so she can fall over backwards!… then she’s right on her way to see what she could do to help! Wasting no more time on Gertude’s lies! Heiress….her? her mother a whore? Total rubbish!* [f | 11:45 Sep 05]

Faulkner Grant: *Glances around and moves around the edges of the party. He has to get some candles. He manages to get to the kitchens where someone is already lighting the candles. He helps light more candles and sends a few of the maids with them into the main room. Then he takes one candle and moves to the back room where the scream came from.* [m | 11:46 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *Is also going towards that scream! She hoped no one was hurt!……well…..Gertrude she wouldn’t care so much!* [f | 11:47 Sep 05]

Marion: ..? *That sounded like Lady Wellington, she was heading towards the source of the scream as quickly as she could!* [f | 11:48 Sep 05]

Sir Wellington: I regret to say our evening must end early! If everyone would please exit calmly, we would appreciate it! *Comes his deep voice in the dark! He and a few of the staff are helping to usher people out!* [m|11:49 Sep 05]
In the Seance room, there are several disturbed looking guests! One woman even looks like she had seen a ghost! Meanwhile Lady Wellington is fanning herself, and looking to be very regretful! Nothing else seems too out of sorts! (11:50 Sep 05)

Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks! But she hears Sir Wellington calling for the party to end! She checks on the Lady Wellington first…. then asks what happened!* [f | 11:53 Sep 05]

Marion: Ginger, are you all right? *It seems she’s not the first one to arrive and ask..! Good lord, the woman looks a mess!* [f | 11:54 Sep 05]

Faulkner Grant: *Sends a couple of the staff-members hanging around to get the guests some water and something to eat to calm the nerves. Then he sends a couple of other maids to make sure there are enough candles to last the night and that they’re utilizing every lit candle they have.* [m | 11:55 Sep 05]

Lady Wellington: Oh my.. oh my..! *She was wringing her wrists!* I.. I am all right, but we really must send all the guests home! I am so sorry for the inconvenience… Marion, sweetie, please help my love send the guests off safely! [f|11:57 Sep 05]

Illiana Rosewood: *She politely leaves…but not before thanking Lady Wellington for the party, and apologizing to Sir Wellington as well as Lady Wellington for any inconviniences she may have raised! Then she is gone! Headed for her carriage and a long ride home!* [f | 11:58 Sep 05]
But it seems it might be too late, there’s sudden screaming amongst the guests! Someone is saying something about a monster! (12:00 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood: (Damned IE! *Copies and Pastes Link to her other engine! Brb!) [f | 12:02 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood has left. [[12:02 Sep 06]]

Faulkner Grant: *Leaves Lady Wellington and her guests to supervise the cleaning. He doesn’t have time for this monster business. There are dishes to be washed, food to be taken care of, guests to clean up after.* [m | 12:02 Sep 06]

Marion: *Back in the ballroom, trying to see what the entire commotion is about, and was fairly certain it was just someone mistaking another’s costume… when she sees it…!* …good god…! [f | 12:02 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood *She was on her way out….when she hears the words monster! Damnit! This sounded much too like what she dealt with on a nightly/sometimes daily basis! But a lot easier than dealing with people….that was for sure!* [12:04 Sep 06]
ROOOAAAR! It can barely be seen by the light of the few candles that were lit, but it’s towering serveral feet higher than everyone’s head! It looks like some sort of snake-wolf beast… and it’s decided Marion is it’s first meal! ..she’s freshly washed, after all! (12:04 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood: *In a split second’s hesitation, she was moving past the crowds, directly towards the direction of that roar! Now this was her kind of party! She pulls out a wicked looking dagger!* [f | 12:05 Sep 06]

Marion: *Takes a step back…! It’s… it’s terrorfying! Wait, it’s staring right at her..?! She turns and runs!* [f | 12:06 Sep 06]
*And in another moment, shes right where Marion stood!* How did the woman move so fast?! Automatically, she’s slicing at the monster’s throat! Aiming to decapitate it!* (12:07 Sep 06)
ROOOAAR! The beastie slaps Illiana out of the way, the dagger barely making a scratch on it’s harden skin! It’s makes a huge leap across the ballroom, landing directly on top of Marion and pinning her to the ground with a claw right through the shoulder! (12:08 Sep 06)

Marion: *One moment she’s running, and the next she’s lying on the ground! She can’t even find the breath to scream!* [f | 12:10 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood: *Ow! That hurt! But probably not as bad as the other girl was right now…..she runs and leaps onto that beasts back!! Fine! She’ll slice the damn thing’s head off the hard way! She wraps both arms around it and immediately shes sawing at its throat….though she;s about to go for its eyes in a minute!* [f | 12:10 Sep 06]
The monster claws at his back to grab Illiana and throw her across the room again! (12:14 Sep 06)

Lady Wellington: *She’s in the room, armed with a pistol and a sword!* Faulkner, Miss Courtland! *She is carefully aiming her pistol to shoot at the beast!* [f|12:16 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood: *While its reaching for her, she plunges the dagger in each eye! One right after the other! Surely it wasn’t invincible to that! And she’s clinging for dear life!* [f | 12:17 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: *Sir Wellington is there to aid the lady… he’s got a massive spear and stabs the beast right through the heart!* [m|12:19 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood: (Brb…! In maybe 10 mins!) [f | 12:22 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood: (Back! waits on Alaricers!<3) [f | 12:37 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood  *Still stabbing at the monster! And holding onto its back!* [01:25 Sep 06]
Suddenly, there is a big WHOOOOOSSSHHH of air! All the places the beastie was punctured gush out air and monster starts shrinking! (01:27 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *Leaps off the creatures back before she falls altogether!* [f | 01:27 Sep 06]
PLOP! The monster disappears and all that is left behind is… a tooth! (01:29 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *Looks at the tooth, then carefully picks it up! She then helps Marion to her feet!* Are you badly hurt? *Taking her back to the Wellingtons, and eyeing where the monster had sliced the girl!* [f | 01:31 Sep 06]

Marion: I.. *She clearly doesn’t look like she should even be on her feet, with a gaping wound in her shoulder and her face pale from bloodloss!* [f | 01:35 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She quickly assists the girl to lie down on the nearest couch! Then tells Lord Wellington the wound is a serious one indeed and she needs a doctor right away!* [f | 01:36 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: Aye, that she does! You! *He points to one of the staff, and sends them off to fetch a doctor!* [m|01:38 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: Sir, if I may. *Bows to the master and moves to Miss Courtland’s side to bind the wound to prevent it from bleeding anymore.* [m | 01:41 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Watches the man tend to Marion! She’s not certain if she should stay or leave this family in peace! It certainly has been a terrible night for this family! But she’ll stay and help at least until the doctor arrives!* [f | 01:45 Sep 06]

Marion: *Is really sure she’s about to faint, but that’s going to be very inconveniant for them!* Tell me you weren’t fooling with those occult people again, Ginger…? *She does manage a weak smile at Faulkner!* [f | 01:46 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Sweetie, I’m sorry! I just… well, we got a little carried away trying to talk to Magdeline’s dead sister, but the strangest thing happened and the entire thing when insane! I knew something was wrong the moment I saw those eyes in the crystal ball! [f|01:47 Sep 06]
Sir Wellington: Madam Illiana… You’ve done us a great service! If there’s anything at all we can do for you, all you need do is but ask! [m|01:48 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Makes sure the bandage is nice and secure. He gives her a small smile.* Here, Miss Courtland. Put pressure on the wound until the doctor arrives. I am certain he will be here shortly. *He stands and bows to both Wellingtons.* Is there anything else I may help you with, my lord, my lady. [m | 01:50 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : Thank-you kindly Sir Wellington, but there’s no need. I only hope the girl recovers soon. For now, I must return to my manor. *Her violet eyes lower for a second, as she gives a polite curtsy, then makes her exit for her carriage!* [f | 01:51 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Oh my, oh my… I made a mess of tonight! *She gives a deep dramatic sigh!* Faulkner, darling, can you escort my sweetie up to her room? My love and I will have to clean up this mess! [f|02:00 Sep 06]
*She’s almost talked herself into just going home for the night to rest and relax! When that stupid nagging feeling creeeps up her spine; indicating she should at least pick a better weapon first; then return to investigate the whole place!* (02:00 Sep 06)

Marion: I think I’m all right, now. Really… Just a little startled. *She rose slowly to her feet, which inveditably was a bad idea. The room was spinning.* …than again, I think the help might be appreciated… [f | 02:02 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Bows.* Of course, Lady Wellington. I shall send two of the maids up to help in any way desired. *He rushes to Miss Courtland’s side but doesn’t take any liberties.* Miss Courtland? *He offers her his hand to show his respect.* [m | 02:04 Sep 06]

Marion: *She takes his hand meekly and bids goodnight to Sir and Lady Wellington… Those poor dears, it’s such a mess to deal with!* [f | 02:06 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *As soon as the long ride is over; she’s assisted out of her carriage by the driver! She nods to him,then is gratefully inside her comfortable, spacious,4 storied red-bricked cozy-looking manor. But as usual; its only for business! She takes time to change into a much more casual dress; then go into her enormous library to pull out a very unique map of England! And there….just as she unfolds the paper; she finds that the Wellington Mansion is a glowing red dot! She knew this meant it was a hot-spot for the supernatural, and certainly nothing good!* [f | 02:09 Sep 06]
The Wellingtons are busy with their staff trying to clean up the mess made by the monster and return their home to it’s normal glory! Everything SEEMS all right! (02:16 Sep 06)

Faulkner Grant: Would you like me to tell you when the doctor arrives, Miss Courtland? *The house is quiet once more. The staff will be too busy cleaning up to do anything noisy.* [m | 02:16 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *But a bad feeling in her stomach says otherwise! She goes down to her basement; retrieves a long sword, placing the now clean dagger in its proper case… then returns to the Mansion to investigate!* [f | 02:17 Sep 06]

Doctor St James runs up to the door of the Wellington place and knocks! [02:18 Sep 06]

Marion: *She brushes a hand to her forehead. ooh.. Blast and Drats! All that getting drenched and getting skewered… she feels a fever coming on. Her mind was still reeling from the sight of that beast!* I… yes, please. Thank you. [f | 02:19 Sep 06]
A maid answers the door! Doctor St James! It’s about time! Quickly, inside! (02:19 Sep 06)

Doctor St James: *Stumbles in, soaked and clutching his doctor’s bag.* For … Forgive … me. *Takes a deep breath.* I … I had an … I came right away. *He gives the maid his coat.* [m | 02:20 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Well! Was almost knocked over by the doctor! She brushes it off as he’s obviously here to tend the injured girl! She sneaks inside just as the maid is about to close the door….and instantly she’s trying to be casual….but is cautious! Doesn’t want to be caught investigating the place!* [f | 02:21 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: Of course, my lady. It is the least I can do. *He stops at her room and opens the door for her.* I will also have some warm milk and … perhaps something to settle your stomach. Some bread perhaps? [m | 02:22 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *brought to you [m | 02:23 Sep 06]

Marion: *She smiles gently.* Thank you, Faulkner. I really appreciate it… [f | 02:24 Sep 06]
The maid hangs the doctor’s coat and then asks for him to wait in the library. She must ask the Wellingtons about who the doctor was for. (02:25 Sep 06)

Doctor St James: *Nods, although his teeth are chattering. Oh dear, let’s hope he doesn’t catch a cold. That would be dreadful!* O … of course. Th … thank you. [m | 02:27 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Waits until all of them are in the library….feeling utterly foolish for having to do this! But…she plans on starting on the ground floors, then wooork her way up! And poking into every room she finds unoccupied! Not much of a plan……. * [f | 02:27 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Smiles back.* You are quite welcome, Miss Courtland. *He bows.* Should you require anything before my return, please do not hesitate to summon me. If you will excuse me. *Then he’s gone to get some warm milk and some fresh bread. On the way down, he passes by the library and spots the doctor waiting. He knows him well because Dr. St. James is the Wellington’s physician.* Good evening, Doctor St. James. [m | 02:30 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *A litany of curses is certainly stringing through her mind! But she does as much investigating as she possibly can! Knowing that while it seems safe at the moment; something else horrible could return!* [f | 02:31 Sep 06]

Marion: *She moves to get out of those wet clothes, it being slightly difficult with the pain in her shoulder. With them off she pulls on a nice warm robe, and curls up on the bed… she’s fallen asleep before she even realized!* [f | 02:31 Sep 06]
Marion’s room grows dark and unnaturally cooooold! Ice crystals even form on the window panes. But there’s not a single sound. (02:38 Sep 06)

Marion: *it’s so cold her lungs ache when she breathes! She blinks a weary eye open to find the room pitch dark, her eyes can barely adjust… she scoots quickly to the center of the bed! Something feels so weird here!* …hello…? [f | 02:42 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Stops from looking at some books and whirls around!* Oh … Faulkner! *He catches his breath.* I … I’m … so sorry … I … [m | 02:43 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Her investigations draw her closer to Marion’s room….! Though she’s not even aware of who Marion is, or who the room belongs to! She pauses right by that door …..seemingly as if,……waiting, or feeling for something!*’ [f | 02:44 Sep 06]
Something brushes against Marion’s cheek. It feels ice cold.. and sort of slimey! Still, there’s not a sound! (02:44 Sep 06)

Faulkner Grant: It is quite alright. Doctors have things to tend to. Tending to things take time. You were called here to tend to Miss Courtland. I will notify her at once that you have arrived. Would you like anything to drink or to eat? [m | 02:45 Sep 06]

Marion: *She’s frozen with fear! She can’t bring herself to move, nor scream… a strangled cry barely whispers between her lips!* [f | 02:46 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Coughs into his fist.* Uh well … perhaps some hot tea while I wait for Miss Courtland? I am … awfully cold. [m | 02:47 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Suddenly, that bad feeling just keeps getting stronger right outside this door!….. Always the impulsive one, she opens it! And notices right away that its cold! But not that anyone is in here!* [f | 02:48 Sep 06]
Illiana can only see pitch black darkness! It’s like the entire room was shrouded in some sort of impenetrable shadow! And… it’s deathly silent! Like it swallows up the sounds! (02:50 Sep 06)

Faulkner Grant: *Nods.* Most certainly. I will send one of the maids with some hot tea at once. If you will excuse me. *He bows and goes into the kitchen where he has hot tea made for the doctor and warm milk for Miss Courtland. He finds some bread still fresh from earlier.* [m | 02:51 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Seconds later, her sword flashes out! She calls out into the darkness;……hello?? Is anyone here? *Moves further inside the room!* [f | 02:51 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: Th … thank you. *He manages a sheepish grin to Faulkner before he disappears, then turns back to the books. Whenever he comes by, the Wellingtons’ collection has always fascinated him. There are just so many!* [m | 02:52 Sep 06]
Nothing! No sound penetrates! Marion can not hear Illiana, nor can Illiana hear what is in the room! There is only that eerie darkness that isn’t even pierced by the light in the hallway! Something sliiiimey wraps itself around Marion’s neck! (02:53 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *She’s moving closer to that bed! Though its’ so dark she cant even see her own hand in front of her face! She knows something’s there!* COme on beastie! Whatever trouble youre up to; drop it…..and fight like you actually have something to live for! Though I just cant imagine what…. [f | 02:55 Sep 06]
A slimey thing wraps around Illiana’s leg and jerks her up to the ceiling! (02:57 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *Gah! Smacks against that ceiling pretty damn hard! Enough to where she’ll feel that bruise in the morning! Angry now, she slices at the thing holding her!* What’s the matter? Did I insult you?? I could always insult your family while I’m here! [f | 02:59 Sep 06]
The slimey limbs wrap around both ladies tightly… and suddenly… they drop!! They find themselves downstairs in the library, the shroud of darkness is gone, revealing… a horrifying tentacle beast! (03:02 Sep 06)

Faulkner Grant: *The hot tea is soon ready! He sends Sarah with the hot tea to Dr. St. James, along with two slices of lemons. The doctor has been to the Wellington home so many times, Faulkner knows exactly how he prefers his tea. Then he takes the warm milk and the bread up to Miss Courtland’s room.* [m | 03:03 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Thaaat had to be a long drop!! But she’s already moving to stand somewhat unsteadilly to her feet! She shakes it off, and goes charging right for it! Soon she’s hacking at the tentacles! Trying to get to its head….or heart….or whatever teh hell vulnerable spot it might have!* [f | 03:04 Sep 06]
The maid takes the tea to the Library, where she promptly SCREAMS bloody murder and drops the tray!! There’s a monster in there! (03:04 Sep 06)

Doctor St James: O.O! *One moment he’s relaxing and the next … He drops, frozen against the bookshelf!* There is a logical explanation to this … This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening! *Is clutching his bag to him!* [m | 03:05 Sep 06]

Marion: *She can’t look…! She has her eyes squeezed shut and she’s aware of being on her knees with that thing wrapped around her neck, and the scream of the maid…!! She doesn’t whimper a sound!* [f | 03:06 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Grumbles under her breath! Too many possible casualties… then she sees Marion being choked, and goes right after that tentacle as a priority to hack off!* [f | 03:07 Sep 06]
The tentacle is hacked off and Marion is released… but a new set of tentacles grow and they… wrap themselves around Dr. St James! (03:08 Sep 06)

Faulkner Grant: *Has just gotten to Miss Courtland’s room! He drops the milk and the bread when he sees the giant hole in the floor, racing over to it!* Miss Courtland! Lady Rosewood! *He jumps and lands beside Marion.* Miss Courtland! *He grabs her and races out of the library!* [m | 03:09 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She sees the poor doctor getting attacked next…..and with one bold-as-you-please move….she’s raising two eyebrows, and divebombing the pile of growing tentacles, trying to hack them all away from the doctor! Her sword is faster than a blur!* [f | 03:10 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: Logical explanation. Logical explanation. Logical explanation! *He cries as if doing so will make the tentacles and the monster disappear! He’s still clutching the doctor’s bag!* [m | 03:10 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : Hahaa…. you’re kidding right? Logical explanations are like fairytales! *Still chopping the tentacles like weeds to free the man!* [f | 03:11 Sep 06]

Marion: *She doesn’t utter a peep! Her eyes are squeezed shut so tight, and she’s hoping desperatly it’s just a bad dream!* [f | 03:12 Sep 06]
Hack! Splotch! Thud! Every tentacle that gets hacked off, more grow in their place! (03:13 Sep 06)

Doctor St James: Not when you’re being attacked by a figment of your imagination! *Mutters! If it wasn’t for the fact he’s scared out of his mind, a part of him would probably have found it amusing that he had enough sanity to argue with someone!* [m | 03:13 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Doesn’t stop until he’s far away from that thing and in the hallway outside of the ballroom! [m | 03:14 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Modesty forgotten, he’s still holding Miss Courtland and keeping an eye out for that thing. Or any other thing that decides to pop up!* [m | 03:15 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *But at least now she’s able to manuver herself in front of the doctor! Now she can at least prevent him from being strangled better! Continues hacking them….searching for a weakpoint….tempted to lunge at the head!* If you’re attacked by figments of your imagination….I cant wait to go home and see scary pink bunnies all over my room… [f | 03:15 Sep 06]
Never fear! Sir and Lady Wellington appear! This time, they have an axe and a cross bow! While Illiana hacks away at the tentacles, Lady Wellington fires the crossbow. finally, Sir Wellington chops the axe in to the beast’s head! (03:18 Sep 06)

Doctor St James: Pink bunnies?! *He’s horrified of bunnies, too! They’re second only to women … and big, scary figments of his imagination!* [m | 03:19 Sep 06]
The monster gurgles as it shrinks… tiny and smaller… until finally, nothing is left but a tooth! (03:20 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *……Impeccable timing…..! Juust as she was about to tease the terrified doctor yet more! The Wellingtons manage to destroy another monster…..this time she declines to pick up the tooth!* ….. You’re both far better hunters than I am. Thank you for intervening……. and sorry for investigating without permission, [f | 03:21 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Didn’t realize his eyes were shut until now! He opens one eye … and then another. Has his imagination stopped now?* [m | 03:22 Sep 06]

Marion: *Modesty forgotten indeed, she’s only in that robe and showing a looong set of legs! But she has no thoughts of modesty, only fear! She at least tries to stillher shuddering!* is it.. is it all right now? [f | 03:23 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Oh sweetheart, you ARE good aren’t you! *She exclaims to Illiana!* I really should apologize myself, we tend to have all sorts of things happen… Thought tonight… this was just unexpected! [f|03:24 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: Here, here… We’ve never had beasts get loose on us like this. I fathom there might be a plot afoot! [m|03:24 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She blinks!* Well, not really M’lady. But its alright.. Ijust had this feeling I needed to come back… And Sir Wellington; you may very well be right about a plot…. but why would so many things be after one girl? [f | 03:25 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: I believe so, Miss Courtland. *Is far too busy making certain the coast is clear to look at Miss Courtland’s exposed … parts.* Shall I take you into the kitchen for something to drink and settle your stomach now? [m | 03:26 Sep 06]

Marion: I… don’t know.? *Her head was spinning! But… she pushed it back. She couldn’t think about those beasts! She’ll think of anything else!* Yes? [f | 03:28 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: *He looks at his wife, before looking a bit embarrassed!* Well… Though we appreciate your help, I am not sure if we can explain about Miss Courtland… [m|03:29 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Hmm. Maybe we should, love. It’s starting to get rather dangerous, and Marion might have been hurt again if Lady Illiana didn’t arrive. We hadn’t thought of a second beast… [f|03:30 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : I understand… but perhaps just any clue that could help me possibly figure out how to stop these attacks? Oh and your doctor is probably scared witless….perhaps he should be escorted home? [f | 03:31 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: Hm. The staff will understand … with the state you are in. Most of them have already retired for the night. *He takes her into the kitchens which is indeed empty. It has been a long night and with the monsters … all the more reason not to be hanging around the house. He lets her down on one of the seats and starts boiling up the water again.* Would my lady prefer something else to drink? [m | 03:32 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Deep breath.* I … I … will be … fine. *Another deep breath.* And I cannot leave in good conscience until my patient is seen to. [m | 03:33 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: Good, man, St James. Good man. My sweet… if you wish to explain about Miss Courtland, I shall take the doctor to see about her. [m|03:33 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She looks at the doctor again! Hmm…..perhaps stronger than he first seemed? She doesn’t argue; certainly this wasnt her house and she was just wanting to get to the bottom of this!* [f | 03:35 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Is standing up and dusting himself off. He seems to get himself together.* [m | 03:37 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Of course, love. *Reaches out a hand to lead Illiana to another not so destroyed room!* I am sure you have heard the gossip mill and their stories of Marion and her sweetheart Thomas… they had such a quick romance before they were married and were only wedded for a few months before he died. That was a year ago and it wasn’t quite what it seemed… [f|03:38 Sep 06]
Illiana Rosewood : *she takes the offered hand and follows lady Wellington! the doctor seemed alright!* Of course…..I’m so sorry about his death…but what really happened? [f | 03:39 Sep 06]

Marion: *She nodded slowly… Focusing her attention on him and what he was doing in the kitchen.* Something warm would be lovely. [f | 03:39 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Smiles gently as he turns to her, setting up two tea cups and two smaller plates to set them on.* Pardon the inconvenience but all we have at the moment is bread and fruit. Would you like sliced apples or pears? The master also had some grapes delivered especially for the party. [m | 03:42 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Thomas was our dearest and favorite cousin, and the dear boy took after our family’s hobbies. The occult is such an interesting topic… I’m afraid that night something rather big happened, and he was killed. Marion must have seen something that someone didn’t want her to see… Only she can’t remember a bit of that evening, and we really do wish to keep it that way… This is really my fault, I should have resisted that silly seance! [f|03:43 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She nods! Listening attentively, completely nonjudgemental..showing she knew a little too well about the supernatural world herself, and just lets her continue.* [f | 03:44 Sep 06]

Marion: I do like pears… *Wraps her arms around herself, ignoring that sting in her shoulder and the swimming of her head. She couldn’t help but return his smile!* [f | 03:45 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Keeps talking because he knows Miss Courtland needs to get her mind off of things.* All through the party, the maids were sharing the latest gossip with each other. Apparently Master Covington is trying to push his youngest son into the family business of shipping. His last four sons–I believe you [m | 03:46 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: We’ve done so well in keeping her safe and there hadn’t been an incident so bad as tonight… I’m afraid I must have dragged them right to her. *She sighs heavily…* You have been a great help, however. Perhaps you would do me the greatest of favors and allowing me to hire you? [f|03:47 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Keeps talking because he knows Miss Courtland needs to get her mind off of things.* All through the party, the maids were sharing the latest gossip with each other. Apparently Master Covington is trying to push his youngest son into the family business of shipping. His last four sons–I believe you’ve met all of them–refused, opting to do other things. *He starts to slice up pears for her.* [m | 03:47 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: *He’s a clever man, and knows his staff are instructed well for…"emergencies". Considering Miss Courtland’s room now has a gaping hole, he opts for leading St. James straight to the kitchen!* [m|03:49 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She blinks!* As your daughter’s protector? Please ma’am…. I… I don’t do such things for money. They are free of charge. But thank-you for such an offer. *Her violet eyes are full of dark secrets herself! She couldn’t resist such a plea for help….not when it seemed to be her duty….* [f | 03:49 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *He places several pieces of pear onto a plate and then puts it in front of Miss Courtland. The water is boiling now so he makes hot tea for the two of them.* I believe the youngest has his sights set on travelling abroad. He often speaks of it. [m | 03:51 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: *She laughed half heartedly!* As we love her like a daughter, she is but our dear cousin by marriage… Oh, but my lady, thank you! We will have rooms prepared for you at once. Anything that you need, we will provide it! [f|03:51 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Follows. Strange things happen at the Wellington place, indeed. But there is always a logical explanation!* [m | 03:52 Sep 06]

Marion: *She plucks up a piece and nibbles slowly…* I feel for Mr. Covington… He did so well to raise his sons with their own thoughts, none of them want to follow in his footsteps… [f | 03:53 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Wow…slightly overwhelmed! This was unexpected to say the least!* I will periodically need to return to my manor; to see its still in top shape; grab my weapons, and a few other things…. but I think I’ll be alright with any spare room,really, Lady Wellington. [f | 03:53 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: That is the way of youth. Perhaps time and the opportunity to travel off the wanderlust should do some good. Would you like anything in your tea, Miss Courtland? [m | 03:55 Sep 06]

Marion: Sugar and cream, please. I do think it’s true, though… Time away for them to live life before coming home to work would be good for them… [f | 03:59 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: Ah! There you are! Marion, the doctor is here to see you. *He says as he enters the kitchen!* [m|04:00 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Is soo going to doom the doctor’s perspective of Logical explanation someday! oO* [f | 04:01 Sep 06]

Lady Wellington: Please do hurry back, and your room will be ready, my dear! [f|04:01 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Pauses in the middle of adding some cream and sugar to Miss Courtland’s tea. He finishes up, then bows to the master.* My lord. Would you or the doctor care for some tea? [m | 04:02 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She thanks the Lady Wellington once more….and is off! She’s got so much to do! this could take a while!* [f | 04:03 Sep 06]
*Ugh! This back and forth thing…! Sighs! But it would be her last one perhaps…at least for a little while! She quickly takes care of things at her manor; ensuring that the maids and servants are well paid enough to be quite helpful in her absence! Then she’s packed, including her weapons; and returning to the Wellingtons once more! Rather exauhsted to be honest!* (04:06 Sep 06)

Sir Wellington: No, no… continue what you’re doing and care for Miss Courtland, man. *He smacks the Doctor on the back!* And you, take care of my girl! [m|04:07 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Coughs politely.* At once! *He puts the bag onto the table and opens it. Then he moves to Miss Courtland’s side, having seen the bandage Faulkner had made. He slowly takes it off and is forced to cut away the part of the nightgown surrounding the wound.* [m | 04:09 Sep 06]

Marion: *Trying desperatly not to blush and to seem unconcerned. It’s really all this attention that’s overwhelming!* [f | 04:10 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: Of course. *As the doctor gets started, he pours the leftover hot water into a bowl with a clean cloth and places it beside the doctor.* Doctor. *He turns to Miss Courtland.* Now where were we … [m | 04:11 Sep 06]

Sir Wellington: She looks pale, St. James! Check her temperature. I think she has a fever… Got caught in that rain… work faster man! *He’s like an over protective papa. Had he a cane in his hand, he’d have likely been jabbing the Doctor in the side the whole time!* [m|04:12 Sep 06]

Marion: *She gives Sir Wellington an exasperated look! Possible the first genuine, non-frightened or weary look for hours! She switches her gaze to Faulkner, almost pleading for help!* [f | 04:14 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Looks up when the bowl and cloth is put beside him and grins sheepishly.* Thank you. *He works a bit faster now and gets Miss Courtland’s wound cleaned and dressed properly. Then he wipes his hands and checks Miss Courtland.* A fever indeed, Sir Wellington. But nothing a good rest–without interruptions–and plenty of hot drinks won’t cure. Make sure she eats plenty of fruits and gets chicken broth. And keep her dry. None of this ‘getting caught in the rain’. *He sounds quite serious now as he arches an eyebrow at the older man.* [m | 04:14 Sep 06]
Illiana is greeted by a maid, who promptly escorts her to her own special rooms! The place is lovely and huge! (04:15 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *She smiles back at the maid! And helps carry her heavy bags and awkward weapons case! She examines the place as she follows the maid to her own room….already having known it had always been so much more beautiful than her and her late-mother’s old manor!* [f | 04:16 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Clears his throat and bows.* Forgive my impudence, my lord. But I believe the doctor is doing all he can at the moment. I can only imagine what he’s been through tonight alone. And Miss Courtland is doing wonderfully … given the circumstances. [m | 04:17 Sep 06]
*Sir Wellington raises an eyebrow!* Who’s the boss around here? *He grumps, looking properly chastised!* Well, then. Keep care of her, Faulkner. …St. James, we’ll be sure Miss Rosewood is all right. Come, then! (04:19 Sep 06)

Illiana Rosewood : *She seems to be alright indeed………x_X! Just sore…..and something was stinging, but she didn’t have time to stop and look! She just had to set her stuff up in her new room…which would probably be quite nice!* [f | 04:21 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Gets his things together in record time and nods.* Yes, sir. *He quickly bows to Miss Courtland.* Have a very good evening, Miss Courtland, Faulkner. [m | 04:24 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Then he follows Sir Wellington!* [m | 04:25 Sep 06]

Marion: *She gives a relieved sigh as they leave… Not that she isn’t appreciative, but all that attention… She was just so tired!* Thank you, Faulkner… [f | 04:28 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She looks closely at her surroundings…..but her stomach is complaining because she hasn’t fed it in…..well she cant really remember how long its been since she’s had time for a nice meal! But she was just mostly tired….so incredibly tired! A Good rest…..then she’d be fine…!* [f | 04:29 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Chuckles softly and smiles.* You are quite welcome, Miss Courtland. I find myself appreciating the butler life more and more. *He notices how tired she is.* Hm. Now about your sleeping arrangements. I believe Lady Rosewood is staying here at the manor. I overheard the maids as they were getting the guest room ready. Perhaps the room next to hers would be best? [m | 04:30 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She has no clue that the doctor or Sir Wellington are on their way to check on her! Never would have even suggested she’d need it!* [f | 04:34 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Is taken to Miss Rosewood’s room. He knocks on the door.* Miss Rosewood? [m | 04:35 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Was at that half-way point between total oblivion and partial consciousness! ow…..waking up hurt! She bliiinks awake,and goes to answer the door!* Doctor? Is there something wrong with Marion? [f | 04:37 Sep 06]

Marion: I might rather run out and hide in the barn if people make too much of a fuss. *She really wasn’t serious, but the thought was there..* [f | 04:38 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: Actually Miss Courtland will be just fine. I was sent to check on you rather. Lord Wellington was … worried about you. He asked me to make sure you were alright before I left for the night. [m | 04:39 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Eek..awkward moment! Considering shes been battered around muuch worse than this before! Oh well…perhaps it was policy!* I guess mostly just bruises that’ll show up tomorrow, and a sting somwhere I didn’t have time to look at…..Its mostly numbed however; so I should be alright. [f | 04:41 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: I believe running and hiding in the barn will make it much worst. The Wellingtons would not rest until you were found and brought back within these walls. Depressing thought, perhaps. But they do love and care for you. [m | 04:43 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Studies Miss Rosewood.* My apologies, my lady, but your word will not suffice. I will not be able to rest until I know for certain all is well. [m | 04:44 Sep 06]

Marion: *She looks guilty, and tired!* I know, I know… I just don’t want to be so much of a burden. [f | 04:45 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *grumbles something about sicing her pink bunnies after him! But she steps back further inside the room to let him in!* …..Fine…. I’ll try to stay awake for this…checkup. *Raises an eyebrow!* [f | 04:46 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Smile.* Believe me, Miss Courtland. You are no burden. *He walks around the table and offers her his hand.* Now, let’s get you settled in for the night, shall we? [m | 04:47 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: I assure you, Miss Rosewood. I keep things strictly professional. *He follows her into her room.* So tell me where it hurts. [m | 04:53 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Blinks!* Mostly bruisish sore on my back, a few small ones here and there….but the stinging was on the back of my leg, and I dont remember injuring it at all. [f | 04:54 Sep 06]

Marion: *She takes his hand, and smiles..* I think you’re just flattering me to keep me distracted… [f | 05:00 Sep 06]
*To the doctor’s surprise.. there is a long scrape on the back of her leg, almost like a strip of skin torn; just below the kneecap…going straight down almost to her ankle! And it’s quite deep;already turning green even!* (05:04 Sep 06)

Doctor St James: Bruises are simple enough. If they should get worst for any reason, let Lord or Lady Wellington know and they can fetch me right away. *He checks on the scrape and raises an eyebrow.* How odd. How long have you had this? *He opens his bag.* [m | 05:04 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Shrugs!* I haven’t honestly had time to count the hours which I felt the sting. It stopped sometime ago. So I forgot about it… [f | 05:06 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: *Bows.* I would never dream of it, Miss Courtland. *He smiles back.* I prefer to use stories and gossip to distract people. *Then he escorts her out of the kitchen and to the guest room.* It hasn’t been prepared yet but I can do that in a matter of minutes. Speaking of the barn, one of the maids told me she found a mother cat and a litter of kittens there just the other day. [m | 05:09 Sep 06]

Marion: The barn is a good place for kitties. *Marion slides in to a chair, not having much energy to remain standing.. and watches him bustle around the room! * …I wonder if moving my room would even make a difference… *she frowned…* [f | 05:14 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *She looks tired enough to pass out while the doctor’s talking to her and examining! She keeps trying to not just nod off right there on her feet!* [f | 05:21 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: It is never wise to forget any pain your body feels for any unnatural reason. [m | 05:22 Sep 06]

Doctor St James: *Goes rummaging in his bag.* Let me see if I have anything in here that will help. If not, I will have to see about having some sent here. [m | 05:23 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood : *Gives him a funny look!* I usually have no choice but to just move on,doctor. But thanks… Probably good advice. [f | 05:24 Sep 06]

Faulkner Grant: We will never know until we try, my lady. *He wonders if he should talk to Lord and Lady Wellington about moving Miss Courtland out of here … but then he realizes the Wellingtons and even Lady Rosewood are better equipped to handle this than the Queen herself.* Would you like me to ask someone to sit beside your bed? [m | 05:26 Sep 06]

Marion: I really don’t want to have to bother anyone with babysitting me. *But she’s considering asking him to stay… he always tells her such nice stories…* [f | 05:33 Sep 06]

Illiana Rosewood  *Was being treated for her wounds by Dr. St James!* [06:17 Sep 13]

Marion is dreadfully tired, and seeming to be falling asleep where she sits! [06:18 Sep 13]

Doctor St James is hard at work! [06:19 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant is going to get Miss Courtland to a new room! [06:21 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Takes Miss Courtland to a room beside Miss Rosewood’s.* It’s no burden at all, Miss Courtland. Besides, there’s nothing else I would rather do than spend time with you. [m | 06:22 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : *Was very tired and worn out herself…. it had been weeks since she’d last slept decently, and days since she’d had anything much to eat.* Well I suppose this time I won’t be too terrible of a patient… [f | 06:22 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: Wise decision. You should do fine as long as you take it easy … Eat well. *He raises an eyebrow and gives her a serious look.* But I have a feeling telling you to take it easy is asking for the moon to fall. [m | 06:24 Sep 13]

Marion: You really don’t have to flatter me, I appreciate you enough as it is. *Trying so hard not to yaaaaawn.* [f | 06:25 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : *She grins sheepishly at that!* Taking it easy hasn’t been in my book in years. But since you’re a man of logic; I won’t bother to say why. And I’ll get something from the kitchen as soon as I take a nice long nap. [f | 06:26 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: *Starts putting everything back into his bag.* I can fetch something from the kitchen if you want. I’m going there myself. Perhaps a cup of tea before I head back home. [m | 06:28 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : Hm.. Actually I think I’ll join you. Stretch my legs a bit.. I don’t want to go into too heavy of a sleep… [f | 06:29 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Chuckles softly.* "Flattery can be both honest and cruel" or so my father used to say. *He opens the door to Miss Courtland’s room.* Not to worry, Miss Courtland. I will alert the Wellingtons to where your temporary room is. [m | 06:30 Sep 13]

Marion: *Examines the room without trying to look like she’s examining it… She’s much too old to be afraid of the dark or sleeping alone, but that nagging fear is still there.* Can you stay here for a little while? Just until I fall asleep? [f | 06:34 Sep 13]
Doctor St James: Good idea. I’m telling you to take it easy because when you put too much strain on your body, your body cannot perform its normal function. And everything suffers as a result. [m | 06:34 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : I found out the hardway on that note several times. Unfortunately, what I do doesn’t much allow me time to take it easy as I’ve said. *Walks with him out towards the kitchens! A sandwich with maybe a glass of milk sounded perfect.* [f | 06:36 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: Hm? Certainly, Miss Courtland. It would be a privilege. [m | 06:39 Sep 13]

Marion: *With her relief she gave a genuine smile!* Thank you… *It only took a few moments for her to crawl in to bed and make herself comfortable.* [f | 06:41 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: *Walks out to the kitchens with her.* With any luck, there’ll be enough to make some food. But we’re talking about Faulkner so … chances are we’ll find what we’re looking for. [m | 06:43 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Finds a chair and sits down beside the bed.* You are quite welcome, Miss Courtland. *He smiles.* At times, I have a tendency to forget how foreboding these rooms can be. [m | 06:45 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : *smiles a bit! She’d seen that man only on a few occasions; and each time he sure seemed efficient.* You’d probably know the kitchen area much better than I do. I’ll just have to look for everything else. *Doesn’t seem to mind much!* [f | 06:46 Sep 13]

Marion: It’s only so frightening at night… *She mumbles and yawns again… it doesn’t take longer than a few moments after her head hits the pillow for her to fall asleep!* [f | 06:46 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Watches her sleep and sighs softly.* Especially for you, Miss Courtland. *He says softly.* Especially for you. *He glances around.* [m | 06:48 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: *Escorts Miss Rosewood to the kitchens. The kitchens are large, to be sure. But he finds some bread and some slices of meat and cheese. He gets a kettle of water going.* [m | 06:50 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : Thank-you. *She makes herself a sandwich, then takes it over to a table.* [f | 06:51 Sep 13]

Marion: *Seems to sleep deeply for a good hour or so until… Marion slowly sits up in bed, lookng half awake, half asleep! Brushing the hair from her face, she moves from the edge of the bed and stands slowly without a word!* [f | 06:53 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Has started to doze of by now, his hands folded across his stomach and his chin on his chest.* [m | 06:55 Sep 13]

Marion: *Marion walks with her arms loose at her sides, but with definite purpose..! She seems to know where she’s headed!* [f | 06:59 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : *Eats her sandwich, looking around the kitchen thoughtfully. She looks like she’s making plans already…* So how long are you staying, Doctor? *Asks curiously as she finishes her sandwich.* [f | 07:01 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: Just as soon as I’m done with my tea and the rain has stopped. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to get some rest before someone calls for me. [m | 07:02 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Is snoring soundly …* [m | 07:04 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : *Smiles a bit. The man certainly understood what being "On Call" all the time was like.* I hope you have a safe trip home…. May I ask something? Where could I find Markus Fowler? [f | 07:06 Sep 13]

Marion: *She leaves the bedroom and down the stairs with a silent grace… and even out the front door, soundlessy walking out in to the rain! The wetness and cold seem to have no effect on her dreamy face!* [f | 07:06 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Starts awake!* Miss Courtland! *He sits straight up and looks around … bu the bed is empty! He jumps out of his seat and out of the room!* [m | 07:08 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: *Silent and thoughtful for a moment.* He doesn’t live too far from here. Just four homes North of the Wellingtons’ place. He’s out of town for a couple of days, though. *He makes his tea and sips some of it.* [m | 07:11 Sep 13]

Illiana Rosewood : Alright, I’ll just have to see him next week then. *Gets herself a cup of milk, then sits back down.* [f | 07:12 Sep 13]

Marion: *Walking down the sidewalk… seeming to easily step over or around obstacles, and yet being unaware of everything around her! She’s headed straight for the cemetary!* [f | 07:16 Sep 13]

Doctor St James: *Sips more tea.* So you need to see Markus Fowler. May I ask why the urgency? [m | 07:21 Sep 13]

Faulkner Grant: *Can’t seem to find Miss Courtland anywhere in the house! Where could she be?! Suddenly stops!* … She’s … not in the manor anymore. *He realizes to himself. He sees the crossbow Lady Wellington used earlier. It has one shot left. He grabs it but he can’t find the crossbow bolts to reload.* [m | 07:23 Sep 13]

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