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    [Marion had one of Lady Wellington\’s books and was surely not up to anything, nope.] -02:49 Jun 25 [Faulkner Grant had noticed the library door slightly ajar. ] -02:51 Jun 25 Faulkner Grant: *Unfortunately for Marion, Faulker is a naturally quiet walker. He doesn’t make a peep until he’s right behind her!* Ah, Miss Marion. […]

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    [Illiana Rosewood A week later, almost all her wounds had healed; and any discomforts were gone, thanks to the advice and the teas from Dr.St. James! She feels 99.9% better! ] -12:38 Mar 29 [Marion is having a very pleasant morning in the gardens.] -12:41 Mar 29 [Faulkner Grant seems to have recuperated quite nicely!] […]

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    Marion is sleep walking to her doom! [03:01 Sep 16] Illiana Rosewood: *Is comfortably in the kitchen, having eaten finally, and talking with Doctor St. James about something that may be truely shocking!* [f | 03:02 Sep 16] Faulkner Grant is tailing Miss Courtland armed with the crossbow loaded with a single bolt. [03:20 Sep 16] Doctor St James […]

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    Sir and Lady Wellington are hosting a grand party! It’s a masquerade and all the people are dressed in fine and glorious costumes! There is much gossip going around…! very good gossip! (10:51 Sep 05) Marion is drinking punch, and feeling much out of place. [10:53 Sep 05] Illiana Rosewood *She arrives by carriage! Drawn by […]