Executive Decision 001: A Contracted Marriage

[Sierra McKinney is heiress to Mars’ largest corporate enterprise. And tonight she is going to sabatage a “date” out of spite.] -06:53 Nov 23
[Gian Bentivoglio, hier to half of mars and one of the most powerful corpertions in the modern era has a bisiness meeting to discuss hos marriage with his new aranged fiance. He’s hoping to make it quick. He has lunch plans.] -06:54 Nov 23
Sierra: She was dressed to kill. Maybe even literally depending on how long it took to scare him. Sierra at least would make a good first impression, dressed in a short little black dress and long heels and her hair pulled over one shoulder. A great first look, then she’d let out the crazy. Sierra smirked as she stepped in to their designated "meeting" room. Hrrm. Not exactly "romantic" for meeting her new "fiancee". -06:58 Nov 23
[Sierra enters.] -07:03 Nov 23
Gian: He was already there, dressed well, very well, pure silf shirt woven into a pattern that was only visible when it reflected the light vrom the ceiling lights. His long hair and mediteranian features reminiscent of Roman emperors and black pants over dress shoes. He wasn’t dressed for her, he would be eating with someone else. He was dressed up for them. When she entered he let out a low whistle. "So is she coming?" he asked sarcasticly. Of course this was here, there wasn’t a person on mars, or earth for tat matter whe didn’t know her face, but she was dressed so out of place for a business meeting it was funny. Then he was opening a folder and pushing a peice of paper towards her. The contract thier parents had signed for them. "Thought you should have one of these before we begin. We have to have a child withis ten years." and if she dressed like that he wouldn’t mind making one at all. -07:06 Nov 23
[Sierra huffs.] -07:08 Nov 23
Sierra: "So this is how you ask girl’s out on dates? No wonder you’re not married yet." Contract? Seriously? Clearly the man didn’t have a romantic bone in his body. This might actually be easy. Striding across the room, she snatched up the paper and read over it quickly. Iron-clad, sneaky sons of bitches… Sierra gave him a look over between reading lines. Where to start? "None of this is acceptable. How do I know any of that-" she gestured at him with a hand, "even works? I suppose we can discuss your credentials over dinner." -07:14 Nov 23
Gian: "I’m having dinner with one of my credentials." he said. "If you want to watch what happens after dinner then you’ll learn a thing or two." he pointed to a chair. "In the meantime we have work to do. That contract in your hands is already in effect there is nothing we can do to chnace it, but if you look in clause C paragraph 2 he can make addendums so long as they don’t countermand the original contract and we agree on them." -07:18 Nov 23
Sierra: "Interesting. You can’t sit down and spend an entire evening with your fiance before you go running off with some cheap bimbo? Oh, we’re definitely going to change that." Fine. If he wanted to play contracts and hard ball instead of the dating games, Sierra could play. And Sierra would win. Stepping over to the chair, she had a seat. Back straight and a leg crossed over her knee. She pulled a silver pen out, that was hidden in the twist of hair at her shoulder. Her pen. Sierra was already making notations. "Why don’t we start with women now that the topic is on the floor, hmm? I’m not going to be made a fool of. No affairs." -07:22 Nov 23
Gian: "I was told this would be a meeting,not a vindictive bitching party." he said significantly less happily. "If you want to cancel my bombo tonight, and believe me shes not cheep, then how about you replace her?" he was eying her, dressed like that she had to be after something. I could show you exactly fow baby making works right here on this table." he watched her. "Either way I’ll have a sexy woman tonight until she screams.. I hope you like things rough." -07:29 Nov 23
[(Timeout) Sierra was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:34 Nov 23
Sierra: "Don’t count on it, dear." Sierra only breiefly looked up from the contract, gauging his body language and debating whether or not he was serious. He couldn’t be if he wanted to see this through. "And I was expecting date and a nice ridiculous show of pretending to be nice and family like. But you want to talk fast business, so we’ll talk fast business." Sierra made sure to make her notation. Monogamous partnership or contract is broken. "Why don’t we skip the talk of babies and bring up the more important things. Like who is going to head the merged company?" -07:34 Nov 23
[(Timeout) Sierra has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:36 Nov 23
Gian: "I have no time to theatrics anf pretence. That may be your life in the public eye but I am a bussiness man. If we do go one a date is will be the genuine article." he looked at her notes and then back up at her. "So if that is what you were expecting then I’m afraid you’re not up to the task. I don’t think you could date even if you tried. I don’t do pretence. That, and the fact that we hold the southern fields reserch facility, have better equipment, have been on mars longer and still own enough that you pay us rent for facilities you built and that I graduated from Mons U with a perfect score is why I will be the new CEO. -07:46 Nov 23
Sierra: "A public face is part of the business. Every choice and move made in the name of the company reflects our business. The employees, the media, the people that buy what we make. Our reputation is just as important as what we do behind doors. Which, by the way, is going to matter a lot more than how much more you previously owned than us. Your stupid slip of paper isn’t going to mean shit compared to my experience." Uppity asshole. As if degrees and scores meant anything when you had to deal with actual real people. Sierra smirked and scribbled. Reputation is paramount. Any behavior that mars the company name can be considered breech of contract. -07:53 Nov 23
[Gian enters.] -08:12 Nov 23
Gian: That’s what you’re for. The wife that goes out in public. Has fundraisers, gets friendly with the workers and the residents. Hosts parties, sings, you know, exactly what you do now." he smiled at her. "It’s where you belong, you’re a natural. The most valuable asset we’re going to be making out of this deal." -08:18 Nov 23
[(Timeout) Gian doesn’t post enough.] -08:18 Nov 23
Sierra: The sudden compliment threw her off a bit. Sierra walked in here expecting those, and when she didn’t get them she forgot to be prepared. Righting herself quickly, Sierra just gave him a wide cheeky smile. "I hope you weren’t expecting a shining gold trophy that was just going to sit out in the lobby waving to the public. I know how to run a business. I’ve been doing it in my father’s stead for three years now. And I have every intention of continuing to run the company after the merger." -08:21 Nov 23
Gian: "If you were nothing but a trophy we wouldn’t be having this meeting." he said "I’d be running both companies already after a hostile takeover." he gave her a grin. "Also you know if we don’t settle it here it’s going to go to a shareholder’s vote. I don’t think either of us want that to happen. Sure, my family owns 80% of our shares and yours is in a similar situation but post merger voting would e too close to call. Why don’t we agree that I will hold the title and we both play our part in the running, best for image, best for business." -08:27 Nov 23
Sierra: "It’s fairly obvious I have every intention of honoring this stupid contract. With adjustments." Sort of. The plan was making him break it. Sierra tapped her pen on the paper, eyeing him carefully again. "No. If it’s going to be a marriage and a merger, it’s going to be a full partnership. Joint running, then, since you are so insistant on touching things…" -08:34 Nov 23
Gian: He tilted his head then chuckled. "I do believe you are trying to play me." he laughed louder. "Acting like it’s the natural thing for you to dictate everything so any leeway I get feels like a gain so I become satistied with what turns out to he the short end of the stick. You can’t shark a shark Sierra." He looked as her a new kind of smile on his face. One resurved for equals. "And I will be touching things. Your things." -08:40 Nov 23
Sierra: "You definitely will not be touching my things." What a surprise! He was intelligent. That would make it a challenge, but it wouldn’t change the inevitable out come of her winning. Sierra leaned back in her seat and lowered the contract. Now tapping her pen on the arm of the chair. "Fine. No playing. I’ve put a lot of work in the my family’s business, I think the merger is a great idea but this marriage is bullshit. I don’t want any part of this, or any part of you. But seeing as I love the company too much to hand it over to sharks as you so wonderfully put it, this is what we get. Marriage. And if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it MY way." -08:46 Nov 23
Gian: He leaned forwars to snatch the contract back and read over her notes. "It is bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit and I would rather settle this by buying your shares out from under you but I won’t insult you by believing for a second you’d sell." he put her copy back down and looked at her. "It is also clear that until an assessment is made we don’t have much to talk about. I do however have a compete financial breakdown of our company. one of us had to be prepaired." he pushed the folder towards her and then leaned back. "You can read that in your own time. I have dinner to get." -08:56 Nov 23
Sierra: "I wasn’t kidding about my notations. If we’re going to be married, there’s not going to be any other women. That starts now. Or would you like me to make a big public show about our engagement and your infidelity? Who wants to put their trust and faith in a cheater, I wonder?" Sierra snatched up the folder. Yes, he was prepared for a business meeting. It annoyed her quite a bit both because she -wasn’t- prepared for a meeting, and the minute possibility she wasn’t even worth getting an actual date. She DID have a woman’s pride after all. -09:01 Nov 23
Gian: "I meant with you peach." he said with another chuckle. He had found a button and would press it without mercy. "It would be a shame to waste that dress." he stood and started towards the door. "Private booth at Alistar’s be a shame to waste that too." when he went on a date, he went on an expensive date. -09:06 Nov 23
Sierra: She gave him a narrow-eyed look. Unsure whether he was toying with her, or caving in. Well. There was only one way to find out. Sierra rose, tossing back on the table. Business later. Dating game first! She followed after him, that devious smile playing across her mouth again. "At least I don’t have to fix the way you dress. Though… I might have suggested a more subtle shirt…" -09:11 Nov 23
Gian: "Subtlety is for those who don’t have a private box. If you wanted to go to Deep 6 then I’d dress for public. But you don’t look like the rave type." he was already picturing how thing would play out in the box and was smiling. He was going to learn a lot about her, and she was going to learn a lot about power. -09:16 Nov 23
Sierra: "No, I don’t do raves." And she was having a hard time picturing him at one also. In fact, all she knew about Gian Bentivoglio was from rumor or the brief mumbles of her father. He wasn’t public enough. "A private box is fine. We’ll discuss our wedding." That would surely drive HER insane, it was bound to work on him too. -09:26 Nov 23
Gian: "One step at a time." he said "The wedding is going to happen and as far as I’m concerned it’s nore my father’s wedding for me than it’s my wedding so I’ll do my part, be in public, be the model groom, and as for the rest I’ll let someone trained in PR handle it." he looked back at her. "Like this." he held out his hand. "Outside that door is public, and a short walk to the most exclusive eatery on mars where I have a permanent reservation on a booth for my private use. We’d best look like a couple. Give the press a few photoes before the engagement is made public." -09:31 Nov 23
Sierra: "They have already dictated this marriage. Neither of those old men are getting their hands on our marriage. That’s mine." Sierra glanced at his hand for a moment, taking a deep breath as she slipped in to character. Public face… and this public face needed to be affectionate and in love. She took his hand and smiled… though it was a little more wicked than it was sweet. "You ~can~ make it believable, can’t you? Not being used to public showcasing?" -09:37 Nov 23
Gian: Intead of holding her hand he pulled it around his waist and put his around her shoulders before opening the door. "I don’t need to, I’m used to treating women I feel nothing for to dinner and making it as real as any other date they’ve been payed to go on, and I know you can act, so remember. He looked down at her other hand. Then we’re walking out of the booth later you’re going to have a ring on there." he started walking with a grin plastered over his face. "We may be the fakest couple on mars but by the end of the evening we’re going to know if we can live together." -09:43 Nov 23
Sierra: He was solid under that shirt. And as far as she could tell he wasn’t hiding a gun or something else. A very mysterious lit appeared in her smile, and she may as well have been an in-love and smitten girl out on a date as she walked with him. "What a shame you will be spending the rest of your days without another bimbo or floozy on your arm. Enough to drive any single man mad, hmm?" Cause she sure as hell wasn’t. When it came to having children, science would be a blessing! Didn’t mean she was going to let other women touch what was contractually hers, though. Not a chance. -09:48 Nov 23
Gian: He glanced at her. Her fce and her words were a stark contrast but the grin he gave her was all too genuine. "Technically, I’m not single." he flached his VIP pass at the bouncer and stepped though. "We were sen. That shuld keep dad happy. Now.." there was another chuckly as he signalled the owner and started heading towards the back. "To the private room where pretenses can be dropped." -09:54 Nov 23
Sierra: Sierra was more than used to high class places and special treatment. After all, she never expected anything less than the best and worked hard to get it. And she was perfectly fine with playing her roll. ….What she wasn’t fine with was the busty blonde, looking just as surprised as Sierra did when they were shown to their private booth. Mr Bentivoglio forgot to cancel his previous engagement. She let go of him, slinking forward to rest her hands on the table. Her tone was icey. "I hope you weren’t waiting here for my fiance, dear? Because the only woman he’s ever going to fuck is me. Unless you want to see how pretty you look in that dress when your skin is flayed and nailed to these walls." -10:06 Nov 23

The women looked pretty indignant up until skinning her was mentioned. Then she looked a little uncomfortable. Almost startled. Big pleading brown eyes and pouty lips were aimed at Gian. “Giiaaaan! Are you going to let her talk to me like that? You said it would just be us tonight, no threesomes!” -Sierra

Gian: He looked down at the girl. "I’m sorry Trish, my arange fiance is the posessive type and has made it very clear that she has no interest in touching me." he clamped a hend o Sierra’s shoulder to hold her back. "Apparently she just doesn’t want to be touched, she’s most likely taking her frustrations out by punishing me for no reason. Maybe you should get out of here. I think she’s serious." -10:19 Nov 23
Sierra: Sierra had been reaching for a fork left on the table, with every intention of stabbing it through the woman’s hand if she didn’t leave. Only a hand on her shoulder kept her still, and icey glare was turned on her fiance instead of the blond who was now frantically trying to scramble out of her seat like terror was on her heels. " …’punishing you’? Is that what you’re going to tell all of your broken hearted whores? Your mean and evil wife is punishing you?" -10:24 Nov 23
Gian: "Try and deny it." he said pulling her out the way and allowing Trish to escape. "You’re taking your frustrations about this wedding out on me which is not a great way to start a first meeting." he was kissing at her. A warning. "You want toseen me miserable, because that would make me easier to control. You’re a shark Sierra I know how sharks think." -10:30 Nov 23
Sierra: Sierra would have hissed at the girl as she fled, just for the amusement of seeing her jump, had her focus not been now entirely on her dear fiance. "Why deny it? You think I am going to be the only one miserable?" She shoved him back. Sierra definitely did not like the contact, He was too damned close. "I am signing my personal freedom away for this merger, like hell am I going to be the only one. Of course, if you don’t like it, you are more than welcome to turn your back to it." She smirked wide, daring him to take that option! Bloody as it would be, there was no doubt she could drag it out long enough to win it. -10:37 Nov 23
Gian: "So. That’s your game. Goading me into a breach of contract?" he tightened his grip and pushed her back against the table. "You want to make a contract I can’t possibly follow. Frankly I don’t think the monogamy clause is foing to be much of a problem." he pushed her back harder, down onto the table as his hand slipped into his pocket and pulled out a pair of sissors. "Let’s get this date started." -10:41 Nov 23
Sierra: "I am making a contract I can live with. A perfectably reasonable contract. It’s not my fault if you can’t deal with it." Sierra was doing a good job of keeping her tone even. She wasn’t someone who was easily pushed around and intimidated, not even physically… at least until she was on the table and he was pulling out scissors. She actually looked surprised! "Who the hell carries around scissors? Get the fuck off me, Bentivoglio." Bracing her hands on the table, she was pushing back. "Or I’m going to flay you with your own goddamned scissors!" -10:48 Nov 23
Gian: His hand was moved to her throat where it clamped down and held her there as he moved up against her and pulled her dress up to slip the sissors under her panties and cut them. "You’re my fiance, you took away the only other person I could do this to tonight and if you want me to only do this to you and no one else then so be it." he reached down to open his belt and pants before he placed both hand on her throat and moved closer. "So what is it going to be?" -10:54 Nov 23
Sierra: He wasn’t serious. He was serious! What the fuck was this supposed to be?! If he wanted a scene… Sierra growled and twist. One hand grabbing his to pry off her throat, and the other fumbling for that fork she spotted earlier. Looked like killing him was definitely the option tonight! -11:03 Nov 23
Gian: He pushed into her, hard putting all his weight on her throat. She wanted to make things hard for him bt setting the rules, he wouldn’t play by the rules. If she was going to be his wife she would serve him in bed if she wanted to or not. Maybe a good fuck would loosen her up so she wouldn’t be so uptight. He batted the fork off the table and pushed harder and faster not caring how rough he was being. He got what he wanted even if he had to take it. In bussiness, and at home. -11:13 Nov 23
Sierra: Sierra gasped, a very literal strangled gasp. But she didn’t scream. He wasn’t getting that satisfaction. Growling still, Sierra struggled. Twisting under his grasp, bucking up against him. Nobody had ever dared to touch her without permission, and this was just…. Spine tingling. Defiant. …This pissed her off to hell and back! Sierra took a swing at him, and pulled a knee up with every intention of kicking him back and impaling him with a heeled shoe! -11:21 Nov 23
Gian: He was out of the reach of her arms but her leg… He took it and pinned it against his shoulder and pushed harder not giving her a break. He would cum inside her and it wouldn’t be much longer until he did. -11:25 Nov 23
Sierra: "Sonofa…. bitch…!" She couldn’t move and she couldn’t breathe. His touch was searing, good searing. Somewhere amidst her struggling her tone shifted from growling to groaning. All of her anger was wrapped in that building pressure. Sierra nearly screamed when her hands slapped against the table and gripped it’s edge. -11:31 Nov 23
Gian: He felt her change and moved faster his legs almost hitting the edge of the table as he looked down at her face and… it hit him by surprise and he whimpered he hips pressing against hers as he came and slowly started to grind against her his hands leaving her throat and moving he her shoulders to pull her up and press his lips into hers. -11:34 Nov 23
Sierra: The intensity surprised her just as much as her own temperment shift did. She was shuddering, clenching with the feeling. Suddenly there was air, and her gasp for breath was cut short. Bliss filled, mindless reflex had her returning the kiss. Hard and deep, with her hands gripping his shirt tight until the wave subsided. And that moment it was gone, her eyes fluttering open and Sierra realizing what had happened, she was violently shoving him away. "You dick…!" -11:40 Nov 23
Gian: He pulled away and doing up his pants sat down on a seat and brought up the menu. "I’m thinking pasta, maybe a little champagne to celebrate our engagement?" he said glancing at her. "And don’t look so outraged. I told you it was her or you back in the conference room. I want this relationship to work, do you?" -11:44 Nov 23
[Sierra enters.] -11:48 Nov 23
Sierra: Sierra was seething. Turning around and gripping the edge of the table, for a moment it looked like she was going to flip it on him. She was…! A few deep breaths and instead she was slipping in to a seat. She wouldn’t pretend she wasn’t pissed off, but making it work was a priority. "Perhaps I should have started with more specific rules." there was still that growl in her voice. Though, she wasn’t sure if all of that was directed at him. There was a delicious throbbing between her legs and it was irritatingly distracting. "You are not going to treat me like one of your expensive sluts. If we are going to have a relationship, you’re not going to touch me without my permission." -11:54 Nov 23
Gian: "I never kiss them." he said plessing the button to place his order and looking as her before reaching into his other pocket and placing a scarf, to hide her bruises, and an engagement ring out of it. The scarf was left on the table and the ring was help out to her. "So next time I’ll seduce you. Just like a normal couple." he was smiling and thinking about doing that again. She had enjoyed it and there was no way she could deny it. -11:58 Nov 23
Sierra: Oh, well that made everything better then. She got the kiss, where the bimbos didn’t. Sierra glared, her nails wrapping the table as she eyed the scarf and the ring. He came prepared with the ring for their ‘meeting’. Did that mean it was typical behavior for him to cut away a woman’s clothes with scissors and strangle her on tables, and hide away the evidence with scarves? That was almost scary! "Get on your knees and propose to me right. Maybe I will allow you to try." Why did she even let that promise slip out? He had her damned head in knots. -12:04 Nov 24
Gian: They were already engaged this was just a formality so, he slipped from his seat and got on one knee and liiked up at her. Her dress was still pushed up and he could see the cut middle part of her panties hanging down but he made himself look up at her face. "Seirra, I know you would never do this if it wasn’t for the contract, but I’m not lying when I say I want this to work, so, for yourself and for you future are you willing to try too, would you accept and marry me?" he would have said more but the door could open at any moment with thier waiter. "Maybe you have what it takes to actually keep me interested." -12:10 Nov 24
[(Timeout) Sierra was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -12:15 Nov 24
Sierra: Maybe he had something to keep her interested. A strange way of being such a complete dick, but turning around and saying such interesting things… Sierra wasn’t pretending to mull it over, she was seriously debating it. Yes meant yes. No take backs, she would be in it. A very literal to death do they part… Letting out a breath of resignment, Sierra finally nodded. "All right. I’ll marry you, Gian Bentivoglio. We’ll make it work…" -12:15 Nov 24

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