Tying Down Royalty

Tying Down Royalty 003: Caught by the Guard (tbc)

[Lilei got in to a lot of trouble for her unscheduled park picnic. So naturally she was sneaking out.] -10:07 Apr 13
[Deitrick ] -10:10 Apr 13
Lilei: Lilei didn’t normally do this sort of things. She was not known for trouble or being sneaky. But things were different now. She was no longer in Russia in a finishing school and she was starting to remember her childhood a little bit less like it was unholy warfare with the Prince of Rhineland, but occasionally something she did enjoy. At the very least, she liked having a friend. That was why she spent the entire week watching American spy movies and made a PLAN! And why she was now tip toeing across the lawn of the Rhineland palace to sneak inside. Having spent enough summers there, she knew how to get in through the gates and where all the back doors were. -10:14 Apr 13 Lilei

Unfortunately she was no longer a child know bu the entire guard and begind her there ws the cold metalic click of a gun being laoded, “Hände wo ich sie sehen kann. Schweine.” came the barked command in german. -Deitrick 10:19 Apr 13

Lilei: Her german was a little rusty. "Ich bin harmlos! Princess Lilei Amalia, Armenia!" she squeaked, raising her hands up to show she didn’t have anything with her. …she really, really didn’t. Not even her purse with identification. When you were on a spy missions you weren’t supposed to bring anything but the bare necessities. In hindsight, that was a foolish move. -10:25 Apr 13 Lilei

“Holen Sie sich auf den boden!” two more guards came runnign up and grabbed her wrists and she was in a pair of disposable cuffs in a heartbeat and wrestled to the ground as patted down. “Eindringling erfasst. Ja miene herr… ja ja.” she captain thust him thumb in the direction of the giuard shack and she was licked and they starte arrying her. -Deitrick 10:37 Apr 13

Lilei: They were rough…! She hadn’t really meant to fight with them and struggle, but this was too rough and it was scary. Who she was should have been obvious, she was a frequent visitor – or at least had been – and wasn’t nice! "Das genügt! Duk’ karogh yek’ t’uyl tvek’ gnal hima!" her German switched to Armenian as she fussed. Would they put her in a dungeon to wait? There were spiders in there! -10:44 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "That’s far enough." Deitrick’s voice sounded from behind the girl. "Should have know it was you… let her go…" the cuffs were removed and she was released. "Lilie… you can use the front door you know…" -10:49 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Deitrick." She rushed to him as soon as she was loose, throwing her arms around his waist and clinging with her face buried against his chest. She could have ended up in a cell and forgotten and her only friends would have been spiders and criminals. Once she realized how silly and childish that whole train of thought was, and worse her clinging, she released him. Very primly she smoothed her dress and dusted off the bits of dirt and grass and tried to look like she hadn’t about to burst in to tears. "Your guard doesn’t know the difference between a harmless girl and a terrorist." -10:53 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "My guards are trained not to let ANYONE is, Lilie, thay’re doing thier jobs. Good thing i heard the while thing over the radio." she put an arm around ehr shoulders and started walkign towards hte palace. "Somethign hot to drink?" -10:59 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Would I have gone to prison?" How excessive and scary! She stepped closer to him casting a frownie look at the guards as they left. "Tea would be lovely. Will you have dinner with me?" In order to sneak her way out, she had to feign being too ill to show up for dinner. It also gave a perfect excuse for spending time with Deitrick without him thinking she liked him. -11:03 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "You would have been put in the guard shack until you identity could be confirmed which would imvolve a call to your parents… then they would probably come and pick you up…" he opened a side enterance for her before following her in. "And where do you want to have dinner?" -11:06 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Hmm. They left the country yesterday, they would not have been able to fetch me." It would have taken several days for them to come back and she would have to stay in a little shack waiting the entire time? "We will eat here. Here is well guarded – as I have just discovered – and I am not allowed to see you." It was nice to see his home again. A place familiar that she was fond of. Lilei stopped in the hall to glance at some paintings. "We can still sneak things from the kitchens?" -11:11 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "No… we’ve had to step up security but I’ll… tell the guard to let you in if they see you. Just have your ID on you." he sook her to the right to the kitchens they had just been talkign about and sat down at a small table set out like a cafe. "Two mugs of tea." he called out to the ever-present staff. -11:22 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei sat gracefully, although now she felt a little roughed up. She was still plucking peices of grass from her dress and she had to reach up and smooth her hair back in place. "Why must there be stricter security? Is something amiss in Rhineland?" She shifted in her seat again, plucking a twig from her rear and setting that on the table. Lilei frowned slightly. "Is it my fault? I did not think our picnic would have cause such a stir, but then my father’s vizier has said I am not to speak to you." -11:30 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "Vizier sounds so evil…" he laughed. "And no… it happened a while ago. Just have to be careful… if a couple kids can sneak in and out then there’s omething wrong that needs to be fixed. It’s just whe way things are…" it was almost like she hadn’t grown up at all. "Unlike you my parents knew I was going to the park." -11:34 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "You are allowed to come and go as you please without five men following you around every corner." she sounded exasperated about it, but he laughed and it made her smile. Lilei leaned forward, resting her arms on the table. "I wanted to see you without someone lurking and listening to everything we talk about. We still have secrets." -11:41 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "then once we have out tea I’ll give the staff an hour off and we’ll just sit here?" he asked givign her a smile. "Good to know you don’t think of me as that srinky mean bow who did.. stuff… I don’t even remember…" -11:48 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "You will hurt my feelings. How can you not remember everything? I do!" He certainly was not like the boy she remembered. At least not entirely. He was grown and experience. Where she was… very much the same. "We will not sit. We will go to my favorite room! I want to see if my treasure box is still hidden there. Then maybe you will remember a little more?" -11:51 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "And which is your favorite room?" treasure box? He wracked his memories wrying to think of what she could mean. Was there really something of hers hidden in the palace for all this time? "Okay we’ll take out tea upstairs then?" -11:57 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Yes!" Lilei hopped out of seat, showing more excitement than was appropriate for a young woman. She grabbed his hand, and if that tea was to follow she must have expected it to fly by itself or servants to magically know what they needed, because she was already tugging him up from his chair to pull him down the hallway. "My room was always the Lilac room thas has the pettiest shimmery wallpaper and the dark velvety curtains." -12:02 Apr 14 Lilei
Deitrick: "Bring the tea to the Lilac Room." he shoulder behind himself as he was pulled comedically from the room to the gilggling of the servants. He knew the wallpaper had been redone since then and hoped she wouldn’t be toooo disappointed even though it had been given the best matching wallpaper available, meaning the ariginal plant has been reopened just for a special order of identical wallpaper. -12:09 Apr 14 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei knew exactly where to go, after so many frequent summer visits. Up the stairs and down the west wing, three doors and there it was. She pushed in to the room, tugging Deitrick with her and didn’t let go until she was by the bed. Lilei dropped to the floor and crawled under it. The squeeze was a tiny bit tighter now, but she hadn’t grown by too much. All that were seen now were her feet kicking back and forth. "I knew it was still here!" came her muffled exclamation from under the bed. -12:15 Apr 14 Lilei
Deitrick: Once he was free her folded his arms and shook his head. "And what is there, exactly, that replacing the carpets didn’t turn up?" it had to be in the bed itself or somethign to be missed. The room hadn’t really ben used since she had been here. "Come out here and we’ll see." he sat on the bed and flopped down. He was curious in spite of himself and the fact that she really shouldn’t be here. -12:24 Apr 14 Deitrick
Lilei: There was a thump and an omph suggesting where he sat might have been near the location of her fumbling. But soon she was scooting back out again, little bits of dust bunnies in her hair and a small jewelry box in her hands. Lilei plopped on the bed next to him, opening up the lid to rummage inside. "Ahmm, this was yours." She plucked out a tiny little soldier figure and held it in her palm for him. "But I cannot remember if I stole it or if you gave it to me. But it went in the treasure box with all of my other treasure." -12:29 Apr 14 Lilei
Deitrick: "Hey I rememebr him… I had hundreds of those guys, the entire 2nd batallion from the war, every man, evert gun, every car, truck, tent, bed, table and chair represented… honder where the otehrs are…" -12:51 Apr 14 Deitrick
Lilei: "I do not know, but this one stayed with me and protected my bed." She shuffled things in the box around. There was some fake plastic jewelry, marbles, and a few rocks. A barrent really loved and… Lilei giggle! She plucked out a tiny Valentine card with terribly scribbled ‘To Lilie frum Deitrick’ and handed it to him. "I got mad at you for spelling my name wrong, but I saved it anyway." -12:58 Apr 14 Lilei
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[Deitrick is starign at the cieling.] -03:48 Apr 15
[Lilei is sharing her box with Deitrick!] -03:48 Apr 15
Deitrick: "You’re lucky I didn’t spell it L-I-L-L-Y." he said looking over at her haul. "Or L-I-L-L-A-Y…" he reached out to snatch the card away and the corner of his mouth turned into a frown. It was kinda emabrresing. "Wait… you never opened the sealed bit of the card?" he tapped the flap that contained the present be had picked out for ehr so long ago. "I don’t even rememebr what’s in here…" -03:52 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei shook her head. "I was livid." she mumbled a bit sheepishly. Of course it was ridiculous now to have been so mad about something so trivial, but that was the nature of little girls! "It was important, though, and went in to my treasure. I must have thought to open it later but never remembered to…" Now it really WAS a treasure box with a surprise! Lilei plucked it back out of his hands using a nail to break open the seal. Then paused. "…I am afraid to look! It wasn’t a spider was it?" -04:00 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He rolled his eyes. "No, it wasn’t a spider. I was nice sometimes you know." what it really was was a tigers eye silver necklace. "Sorry I couldn’t spell when I was eight… " -04:03 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She laughed softly. "A prince really should have spelled better." Oooh… hen she tipped the envelope over and the small chain fell in to her palm, she was surprised! So pretty and so delicate, and she couldn’t fathom how a little boy would pick such a thing out. Especially one that was so wicked most of the time. "Deitrick…" Now she was going to cry! Squealching it with a huff, she turned to lean and planted a kiss on his cheek. "I should have opened it then. -04:08 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He froze for a moment and then grinned, rubbing his cheek. "If you did then you wouldn’t now and you wouldn’t have just kissed me cheek so ar’t you happier no to have and that you got to see it for the first time right now? -04:13 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I admit it is nice to find an unexpected treasure when I had only meant to come and spend time with you." The was a small bit of fumbling with the clasp, but soon it was situated neatly around her neck. She brushed her fingers over the stone, pleased and… still surprised! She kept reliving these moments she had thought were awful, but found there was something more to it. Stolen mistletoe kisses and now a very sweet gift. "I think you are blushing Deitrick!" she chirped, trying tease him before she ended up blushing herself. -04:22 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "I never blush." he said raising his eyebrow at the ceiling as he looked away. "I’m just happy you like it. I think my mom helped me pick it out… she thought it was cute I wanted to give you something nice and you havn’t changed at all." -04:29 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "You never blush, you never drink, you never date, you never go on picnics or dance in the rain. That is a lot of nevers." Lilei set the card back in to the box, along with the toy soldier. They belonged in her treasure. Then she set the box aside and pulled her legs up on the bed and was gently poking him in the side. "Have I really not changed at all? I thought I was at least a little taller." -04:35 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Physically you’re diferent." he said rolling onto his tide and taking her hand. "But inside you’re still tha same old, quirky, sheltered, afraid of spiders, cute, cuddly little girl." -04:40 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I am not cute and cuddly." she protested with a frown. "I am an intimidating Armenian Princess. When I enter a room, all of the men quake with fear!" Lilei had no idea that was actually the fault of her very protective imposing father. She was certain it was her. The rest might have been true though. She held his hand up so she could press her palm against it and compare the size. His fingers were a great deal longer than hers. "When did you become so serious and responsible." -04:44 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He shrugged. "When I grew up I guess…" he said with a sigh. "My parents… taught me the dangers of being a figurehead for a constitutional monarchy. I went through military training… you know… life stuff. Didn’t you go through hard things in Russia?" -04:48 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She shook her head. "It was just a finishing school for girls. Extended education to finish college, followed by political protocol and etiquette. There was just endless studying." Lilei shifted so she could lay down with him. Keeping his hand so she could study his fingernails. "They felt it was better for me to be elsewhere." she mumbled, a sad sort of look falling over her features. "You are lucky your parents wanted you nearby. I liked them." -04:54 Apr 15 Lilei
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[Deitrick ] -05:29 Apr 15
Deitrick: "Lucky…?" he asked rolling his eyes. "Yeah… look what it’s done to me. You’re still the same person and I’m so different. You said so yourself. I think you’re the lucky one to still remember what actual fun is like." -05:30 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "Deitrick." she said gravely. "You need to dance." Lilei moved suddenly, climbing over him and off the bed so she could hop across the room. It was in a different place now, but there was still the old turn table tucked away there. She flipped through the tiny collection of records until she found her favorite. Something soft and pretty, An older production of music their mothers had once danced to in some ballet before they were born. "There!" She returned to the bed to grab his hands and tug at him. "Up and dance with me. You at least remember how to dance?" -05:36 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: Instead of getting up to pulled her down and then kicked off his shoes to slide up and half curl on the covers. "I don’t dance outside of fundraising, and you can’t move a pronce once he’s confortable and I’m confortable." he smiled. "You never could move me once I was a rock. I’m a rock. I am stone, you can’t move me. -05:43 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I am bigger and stronger now Deitrick, and more stubborn than you!" Lilei was up to the challenge. She look positively ferocious tugging off her shoes show she wouldn’t get dust in the covers, pouncing on him to grab his arms and puuuuuuull! When that completely failed, she took to unfair war tactics and tickled him. -05:48 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: That caught him by surprise and he shot backwards, tumbling off of the bed. The table shifted as his head cracked against it and an enty vase fell off, bouncing twice but not breaking. "Ow…" he complained foldg his arms and staying right where he was. She STILL wouldn’t move him. -05:50 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "Oh!" she winced. It wouldn’t matter how old she was, nearly breaking things – heads or vases – was always going to make her feel bad. Lilei scrambled to put the vase back on the table. And there he was sitting there on the floor with that stubborn look, being a rock. She bit her bottom lip trying not to laugh, then knelt on the floor. "Did you give yourself another scar to go with that rifle one?" she asked, running her fingers through his hair to just and be sure he wasn’t bleeding. -05:55 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Just a braise.’ he said takign her hand and holding onto it to pull her down to the floor and pin her against him. "I’m a tough boy, remember? Been through soldiering and everything." -06:21 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She giggled and swatted, squirming to grab his head just so she could make DOUBLE sure there were no injuries. "Yes but I can’t have you lose braincells and then forget my name all together?" Nothing seemed to be amiss, but his hair WAS rather soft and nice for a soldier prince. -06:26 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Thank you… whomever you are…" he mumbled putposfully letting his head roll back and blinking rapidly. "Who am I…? Helllo…? Anyone there…?" -06:41 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "Deitrick! I’m Lilei." He probably did give himself a concussion, and for a split second she was terrified! Tugging his face back to hers as she worriedly examined his eyes. "…you’re lying!" she fussed and frown deeply, giving his shoulder a swat. "That’s not funny, you could have actually hurt something!" -06:46 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Not lying, teasing, it’s meant to be fun for both of us." he said tugging on her arm. "boooooooth of us. huh guess that’s why you alwasy thought i was so mean." he sat up and lenaed against the bed, pulling his knees up to his chest. "Only thing I hurt was my pride… tickled by a Lilei… how will i live that down?" -06:49 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei huffed. Teasing her. Well… maybe she was still a bit bad at recognizing jokes and teasing when it turned on her. Lilei pounced, throwing her arms around his neck and burying her face there. Her voice came out muffled. "I’m sorry Deitrick. I really thought you were always being mean to me and you hated me." -06:53 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Liiiilei… you were my best friend… why would I hate you?" her put his arms around her and cradled her, extending his legs to let her sit in him lap. "You don’t have to apologize, it was ages ago… and maybe I should apologize for not making it clearer it was leant to be fun." -06:56 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I didn’t understand. A lot of it was fun. I wouldn’t have saved so many of your things otherwise. I have a lot of good memories." Even more than she had thought. They had just been locked away somewhere she didn’t want to look. She pulled away frowning sheepishly."I thought everyone hated me, just a little. Why else would I get sent to Russia." -07:02 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He looked her right in the eyes. "Maybe your parents just wanted the best for you." he reached out to hun a hand through her hair. "Things arn’t alwasy easy in a palace and your parents still rule and one day you might rule too, so they might be too bust to teach you proper statecraft to they sent you to where you could learn. Ever think of it that way?" -07:04 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She shook her head softly. "I hadn’t thought of it like that." Lilei still wasn’t so sure, but he was being sweet and it made her smile, just a bit. She tapped his chin with a finger. "I was your best friend, Deitrick? Even above General Croaker?" -07:12 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "You’re bringing my pet frog into this? Lilei… Of course you were a better friend than a pet frog, why would you even need to ask that. I only got mad that one time because he needed that heat lamp to survive the winter." -07:13 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "It is a legitimate question!" she fussed, curling to bury her face at his neck again. How embarassing to know she had hissy fit after hissy fit, when all the while Deitrick was her only and best friend? If he didn’t hate her, he should have! "And I never wrote to you or spoke to you for all of those years. It is no wonder you so serious and never have any fun now…" -07:17 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "So now i never have fun?" he sighed. "One: I have fun. Two: You can’t blame yourself for everything, okay? We had our different lives… just don’t do it again. -07:24 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She grinned, nuzzling against his neck. He smelled really nice and it was comfortable sitting like this, on his lap on the floor. Maybe she was a cuddly princess. "I will be sure to call you every day, no matter what timezone I am in." -07:28 Apr 15 Lilei
Princess 101

Princess 101 006: Secret’s Out

[Adrian Is enjoying a day off… for once, singing in his room.] -09:57 Apr 09
[Autumn is having ONE OF THOSE DAYS.] -09:59 Apr 09
Autumn: It all started with itchy contacts. After all, her eyes weren’t naturally brown, just like her hair wasn’t naturally black. The contacts were high quality since Ysabelle paid for them, so they were supposed to last her for the entire charade. All she had to do was drop them in a glass once a week with the solution to clean them. Except no one accounted for Autumn’s TOTAL CLUMBSINESS. So she called the local prescription place to put in a new order. But she couldn’t walk out the doors without someone noticing. That is when THE WORST IDEA EVER came in to play. -10:08 Apr 09 Autumn
Autumn: Autumn tied a couple sheets together and started her descent out the window. She had it all under control – until the got to the second sheet. The rooftop below was farther than she anticipated – and then her sheet started coming loose. A squeal and a fall later, Autumn was sitting up hiiiiissing about a bleeding elbow and feeling pretty stupid. Reluctantly she fumbled for her phone and dialed. "Aaahhhm… Theoretically, how far down is it from the second tower to the ground floor..?" -10:08 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: In the background a tennor voice sung in Itallian as Adrian answered the phone. "About a hundred feet, that’s… about thirty meters for your metric system." he answered walking to his window. "Why were you the bang I just heard above my head? For a princess you get in a lot fo trouble." -10:20 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "Why would I be on the roof, that’s ridiculous." It WOULD be her luck to land above his head. And blast it, it was cold out there! "I’m just curious. How many windows are on the floor above you?" Autumn climbed to her feet, wincing the whole way. She was going to have to inch her way across a ledge of something. -10:23 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "Just follow the voice of Luciano Pavarotti." he said before turning the volume up on his speaker system which he wasn’t meant to have but all the posh noncence in the world couldn’t stop money and the finer things in life. -10:32 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "But I’m not-" Blast it. There was no sense in denying it, especially since it was going to be an easy way back in. She didn’t want to explain what happened to someone else. Autumn huffed audibly over the phone before she hung up. She needed both her hands to help her balance as she crossed the roof precariously. Avoiding wet and icy spots or other roof hazards. It only took her a few moments to figure out which direction to follow. He was going to make so many people mad with that! Stepping off of the nice stable part of the roof and inching her way along a precarious ledge took longer though. Once she found the right window, she elbowed it gently with her NON bloody elbow. There was no way she was gonna turn around! -10:37 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: She was grabbed grom behind and deposited on her feet. "You should feel honored t have one of the nost iconic vocalists of the 20th century mask your footsteps on the roof." he said before turning the volume down with the remote and makign sure the door was locked. Maybe now he could get answers. "Tea?" -10:42 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn made sure her face was turned away and her hair hid her eyes until she was only solid ground. Then she dug around in to her purse to quickly slip on her sunglasses. "As much as I would love something hot, I don’t have time for tea. I am… uhm. In the middle of something." She probably should have planned her excuses a bit better. He locked the door and she rest her hands on her hips. "Everyone listens to Pavarotti here." -10:52 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "And you don’t. What do you want to listen to?" he asked taking a seat and ignoring her urgency. "And why are you wearing sunglasses indoors? Are your eyes hurt? Do you need me to close the curtains?" -10:58 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "You shouldn’t question a princess so much. What makes you think I won’t get offended and have you banished or something?" She really should leave, she needed those contacts… but now she just realized she was in HIS room. And even though her sunglasses were making it a bit difficult to see indoors, Autumn wanted to snoop. Starting with his collection of music. "Maybe they are. You should dim all the lights and stop staring at me." -11:02 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "You are not princess HERE, princess. And even if we were in your lands you are in my room where I rule the roost no matter who walks through the door." he stood again to draw the curtains closed before turning on her. "I really shouldn’t let you out of you’re unwell so whatever you’re going to get from town I’ll go." -11:16 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn was feeling sassy. Probably because her sunglasses were pretty cool and they hid her eyes, so it was easier to feel like she was keeping secrets and being super stealthy. "You’re so bossy. I am only allowing you the priveledge of my company because I’m curious about your CDs!" She even flipped her hair a bit with a griiiin when she spun back around to snoop through his shelf. Autumn lift her glasses up so she could read the titles. "I can go to town myself, but I could use a bandaid." She set her glasses on her head to check her elbow again. At least she didn’t break anything. -11:27 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "Who has CDs anumore, my entire library is digitally stored on the cloud and synced right to my ipod, whiiich has a password and the anti-theft stuff enabled… you’re hurt. Sit downa and I’ll get iodine." -11:28 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: She had no idea what the cloud was, but it was likely something people with a great deal of money use to store all of their supervillain music files when they ran out of space on their ipods. "Iodine buuuurns. All I need is a bandaid or two! It’s not that bad." The sunglasses went back on as she turned to frown at him. Hands on her hips again. If she were SMART she’d leave, but… it was kind of nice talking to an American whom she could actually understand. "Well, am I going to get to see this ipod?" -11:37 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: He returned from with cotton wool, a bottle of disinfectant, and various other things. "It’s on the speakers… and if you’re a princess I, a lowly American commoner have to look after you, while at the same tiem being able to ignore your commands because FREEDOM." he offered her a wry smile. "Now give me your arm." -11:41 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "No. It’s going to burn. It hurts enough by itself." As amused as she was with FREEDOM she wasn’t going to have him fussing over a few scratches with rich guy burny stuff. This is what papertowels and bandaids were for! Especially since it was kind of sweet and almost cute and he was super tall and she had FINALLY gotten to a point where she was ignoring it. Autumn retrieved the ipod and side stepped out of reach. -11:47 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: He folded his arms. "You’re putting on a very convincing act of being a spoiled little princess." he said giving her a look. "Almost enough to be convincing." he moved to try and corner her. "Fine I’ll just dress it, no disinfectent." -11:51 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: She tried side stepping again, but ended up picking the wrong direction because she could see where she was going. Autumn tumbled over the arm of a chair and plopped on the cushion. She huffed in defeat. "Okay! If you’ll stop fussing!" He was getting insistant about the ifs and almosts again, which made her nervous! If he really knew wouldn’t he have said something by now? "A princess is supposed to sound spoiled – which is not what I’m doing now, though! Taking care of myself by myself is the opposite of being spoiled." She sounded a little offended. -11:56 Apr 09 Autumn
[(Timeout) Adrian has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -12:45 Apr 10
[Adrian ] -01:17 Apr 10
Adrian: "I didn’t mean to imply anything, princess." he said with a grin taking her arm and examining the scrape. "So how did this happen and why were you on my roof?" -01:18 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn flushed just a bit, frowning and pursing her lips. Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly, not that they could be seen behind her sunglasses. She huffed, turning her face away so she could fiddle with his ipod in her other hand. She had to push her sunglasses up again so she could read the screen. "I was climbing out of the window for a secret reason and misjudged the whole thing. Next time I’ll just stick with doors." -01:23 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Probably wise…" he commented before dabbing iodine on the wounds while she was distracted and holding the arm tightly. "You don’t want to get an infection that could lead to a scar…" speaking od scars he scanned her arm for ones that could be linked to anyone as he covered the wound in gause and then wrapped it up neatly in a bandage before she could react. -01:25 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: She winced and hissed a bit at him, jerking her arm away proved to be futile so she settled for glaring. It was over quick, though, so there wasn’t much reason to make too much of a fuss about it. He was still getting glared at though, that stung! "Are you always so stubborn and bossy? You must have been a terror to your mother." -01:31 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "You can’t rule an elpire of money and business without being stubborn, bossy, and one hundred percent curtain of what you want." he said with a smile as he lift her to her perusal of his music which featured all the popular tracks as well as a get specialized colelctions. "And I was more of a terror to my father." -01:45 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn checked his handywork on her elbow once he was up. Moving was a little stiff now in more than just her arm. She was going to be hurting bad and sore like hell tomorrow. Her stiffness was the only reason she stayed in the chair and settled on flipping through his music library. Not because she liked when he smiled, and it was hard to get him to do that. And now that he wasn’t in her space, it was easy to forget she left her sunglasses on the top of her head. "Have you even listened to all this music? Oh..!!" She found her favorite Sia. "It took me three months to get this right on violin." -01:53 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Every track, the ones I don’t enjoy get deleted." he reached for a pitcher to pour her a flass of water and place it next to her before sitting and lacing his fingers together. "Soyou’ll be wanting a lift into town? Guess that means it’s time to give you my present." -02:00 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Since you’re determined to bully your way in to my escapades, you could take me to town." she said slowly, peering over his ipad to narrow her eyes at him again. Every time he laced his fingers together he looked like he was plotting something wicked. Which was probably true since she still thought his dad might be a mobster. "Why a present? What sort of present?" -02:04 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "It’s cold up here and the back of the bike is windy so I got you some biking leathers. Just a jacket but it will protect you of you come off. Proper leathers are built like armor." he stood and stepped over to his cupboard and opened it to take out a baby blue backet in her size, custom made by the looks of it and he wasn’t lyign about it being built like armor with inserts under the tough leather. -02:24 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "If you want to put someone on your bike, you shouldn’t tell them about the potentially falling off part." Her face was going red again. WHY and WHERE was he getting something so finely made, and worse, fitting so well. Did this mean he had been plotting to take her places on a regular basis? And she really liked it, so it was hard to hide that giddy bouncy expression. Especially when she was standing up to check out how it looked in the mirror. "This is pretty!!" -02:30 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "If they’re aware of the posibility they’ll be careful. Wieght distribition is important and if they’re wriggling around on the back it makes the entire bike unstable and hard to drive. I’d also feet very very very bad if you got hurt because of me." She belonged ehre even less than he did after all. -02:40 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Staaaahp." Oh gods…! She hand to clamp her hand over HIS mouth. First of all, his explination on how one ride could go horribly wrong was NOT helping. She’d over think it and they’d both go careening to their deaths somehow because she threw them off balance or something. Secondly, he said very one too many times and it was sweet and embarassing and at this rate she was going to have a crush on him and that was the wooooorst possible thing to happened next to getting her head chopped off for being a princess impersonator. "If you want me on the bike, don’t say scary things. Okay?" -02:45 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "If you hold on tight and relax then we’ll be fine. Your wieght will be next to mine and you’ll be able to follow my movements. I’ll have to wear good colongue." It was hard to tell how serious he was being as he took hold of the jacket and pulled the zipper all the way up. "Also got a spare helmet, tinted and polorized visor so you won’t need your…" he looked into her eyes and then in the low light of the room squinted, his forehead creasing. Were they… -02:55 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Hold on tight to mister super tall, enough to smell his cologne even. WHY did he have to zip up her jacket for her! That was such an intimdate chick about to get kissed moment, and she was probably already rocking on her heels and giving him the big green-eyed wistful stare of- Crap! Autumn very quickly broke away and tugged her sunglasses back on. Stupid stupid stupid!! "Uhm… we better go before everything in town is closed." -03:02 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: Also fromt he cupboard he pulled out a box, hooked it under his arm and went to unlock the door. "Then off we go, in the meantime you can tell me why no one knows you can play the violin." -03:17 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Urp. She let too much slip out again. Autumn considered cracking him over the head and running for it. He always asked too many questions and if he noticed… She shuffled on her feet, but followed. "Aaahm… People can’t know everything there is to know about someone right? I can play a lot of instruments. Can’t you do things no one else knows about? Besides being the Prince of a tiny private island?" -03:24 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: He laughed. "That is well known, one of my dad less… legal moves… cause quite a stir. I ca sing, but that isn’t a secret. I can solve a rubix cube in under two minutes… I can pilot a plane… sail a yatch… sneak just about anything in or out of the accademy…" -03:29 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "So you are a super-genius who is the son of a super-villain who is now smuggling a princess out of a castle." He laughed and it was too easy to forget she was supposed to be CAREFUL around him. This was exactly why she didn’t want to ask him for favors and tried climbing out a window earlier! Autumn very briefly debated if she should just tell him and hope for the best. -03:35 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "HA! Super genius yes, sone of a super villain… debaitable. Never did put lasers on sharks so until he does that it’s a grey area." he went through the kitchens into the grounds and made for the shed where they coulf get through the fence to where his bike was hidden. "And I only smuggle willing people, princess ot not. And I don’t do cross border runs unless you have your passport." -03:50 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Shark lasers. Now she was giggling. "I’ll keep that in mind if I have to flee the country." It was silly that they were grown adults having to sneak out just to go to town. The life of the rich and royal was weird – but fun. At least when it didn’t involved falling out a window. Squeezing through a fence was easier. "Adrian, why did you ever come to a place like this if you were going to break it’s rules all the time?" After getting an earful of Ysabelle’s reputation, the princess was the same type. Autumn was curious! -03:55 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "I’m not here to follow the rules, just learn them. I’m not really a prince but I want to know how they think. The really simple explanation is I want to make a star. Take some girl with tallent, pay for any trainign that would benefit her, record a few albums, get the hype train going and on its coat tails my dad’s company will get a foothold in the European markets, or that is my plan. But to get anywhere in europe you need to be able to deal with its royalty… so here I am." -04:00 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Well, yeah, but that only explains your intentions. Not why you’re so…" You was the only word that wanted to come to mind. Autumn ended up just laughing. "It’s ambitious, but what if that backfires? What if you end up with a girl that is a crazy diva and turns on you and your company? Or if everyone finds out your plot and bans you from their countries!" -04:09 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "One, ambition is the lifeblood of greatness, two if she turns then we’re down some money but our name will still be out there and we can always get another and three, it’s not a plot, it’s a marketing stratergy and every company in the world has those. It’s not like we’re doign anythign illegal or what anyone else would if they had my brain, and my resources. It’s sound bussiness, not evil plot." -04:25 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "You people really have no idea how these grand ideas all seem like evil plots to a normal person. There’s so much to keep track of." She found it amusing how he insistent he was on it not being a plot. She bet this was how politics worked too. -04:32 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Well what defines an evil plot? An extremely driven man doign everything in his power to get what they want. Bussiness is the same only we follow laws and no one gets hurt… most of the time but we always try to re-hire people who lose thier jobs due to buy-outs or at least give them a nice package and a healthy bonus. Hell there’s even a bar that was started with one of those bonuses and the owner gives me free drinks. If you’re ever in South Asia…" he wheeled the bike out of the shed and opened the box to hold out a brand new helmet before putting on his own and mounting. -04:41 Apr 10 Adrian
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[Autumn has a big problem now. And it’s not just getting caught and beheaded by an angry King and Queen.] -09:23 Apr 10
[Adrian has no problems, other then LIKING this obvious imposter.] -09:29 Apr 10
Autumn: Spazzing over the fact her got her a jacket and helmet just her size was enough to keep her from overthinking the ride itself. Though there was that one sharp turn that had her digging her nails in to him as she held on. She LIKED the ride. She didn’t like the cliffs. Autumn had enough of falling off stuff for one day. When they were stopped and parked in town she pulled off her helmet quick so she could shove her sunglasses back on. And leaaaaaned. Why did he have to mention his cologne. Now she couldn’t NOT smell it. -09:30 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: He dismounted and stretched before pulling off his helmet and sjakign out his hair as he hung the hempet up on the handlebars and unzipped his jacket. "So where do you need to go, your highness? And where do you want to have lunch? There’s a great cafe a couple blocks over." -09:36 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn handed her helmet over to him and at least TRIED to keep a stern face. She was not going to like him. She was Ysabelle, sassy princess, not Autumn the future Accountant. "I’M going on my SECRET trip that you are not invited to. …It will only take a few minutes though, so maaaaaybe I could have lunch." -09:40 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "State secrets? Oh my… whatever sensitice communications a princess would recieve. Unless that’s that code for lady things then I’ll be right here, leaning against my bike. THinkign about the riiich Swiss hot chocolate I’ll soon be enjoying." -09:48 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Swiss hot chocolate?" REAL Swiss hot chocolate in the Swiss Alps. That stuff was so goooood. Autumn scowled at him again, resting one hand on her hip and using the other to point a finger at him. "It better be really good chocolate. I’ll be right back, okay?" -09:51 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "I grew up a BILLIONare and it’s the best I have ever had, just to put it into perspective." he called back before waving. "Don’t be too long it’s cold out here." -10:01 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "You can’t brag to a PRINCESS, Adrian!" she shouted, walking backwards and trying not to laugh about the whole thing. Thankfully almost dripping did the trick. Autumn skittered away quickly down the street! At least now she had a good idea of the town’s layout thanks to a good study of Google maps. It only took a few minutes to find the Optometrist where her prescription was waiting. And a few minutes more to get her new contacts. She paused on the sidewalk when her phone rang. "Hiiii!" [color=roseybrown]You sound distressed.[/color] laughed the voice on the other end. Autumn started walking. "Ysa, you have NO idea." -10:09 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Who’s bragging, I’ve just had some really good chocoalte in my time…" he muttered to himself with a shrug. "Dammit.. she still has my iPod." -10:11 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: You have left me twenty seven messages in the past week. None of which make any sense. Autumn gave a heavy sigh and stopped on the sidewalk. One hand in her pocket fidgiting with it’s contents until she finally just pulled out the accidentally-stolen ipod to flip through while she tried to explain. "This is HARD. The studying is okay, but you forgot to tell me you were some kind of hell demon. Some dickweasel Lord Douchefellow tried to molest me, and Adrian Rubrum is so freaking TALL." The voice laughed. Ah, the one you like. Do not fret over him, sweet. That family is dangerous, but only to their enemy. "He bought me a jacket and it’s really, really cute. I’m starting to feel bad for lying to him. When are you coming back, Ysabelle?" I do not know. I promise you will be fine. -10:29 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: There was a throat cleared from behind Autumn as the ‘tall one’ stood waiting. "Came to make sure you weren’t lost. Had nothign better to do since you have my ipod." he held up two cups filled with not the anticipated hot chocolate but hot tea to keep them warm until they got to the cafe. -10:43 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: She stiffened. "I have to go." Autumn stiffened, hung up, and slipped the phone in to her pocket. She slooooowly turned around, dropping her sunglasses back on her head. "You don’t know how to be still somewhere do you!" She wanted to ask how much he heard. Should she dare?! -10:45 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: He sat down on a bench to sip his tea , his phone being palced down with a map with the location of his ipod visible. "I took care of lord Douchefellow, by the way. If he makes a single move his entire family will be up for treaton or more likely they’ll throw him to the wolves and he’ll be up for treaton. Not sure if they have the death penalty there or not but I hope not for his sake." there was a smile on his lips ashe held out her tea. "It’s roiboss." -10:50 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: So he heard a lot. A LOT. Like… ALL OF IT. Autumn took the tea and stood there, looking like a puppy that was most definitely in trouble! "And now what are you going to do?" she asked sloooowly. She refused to sit down just in case she had to run for it! -10:55 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Nothing." he said. "If you’re refering to you just havign been on a phone call with yourself since I already knew. I’m not here to bust you after all so why should I worry about something as silly as a princess with a stunt double?" -10:59 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Uuuuggh! I knew you already knew!" Autumn kicked his shin, though not with any real force behind it. "Why did you keep letting me fumble around like an idiot?! Do you have aaaaany idea how hard it is to be Ysabelle?!" -11:07 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Because I didn’t know how you would react if you knew I knew and if you knew I knew you might give up on trying to fool the others which would be bad. But now that you’re not a princess can I brag to you?" he shook her mug at her. "My arm is getting tired you know." -11:10 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Snatch! With the mug in her hands, she held it like a shield and sipped. At least now she could tip her sunglasses back on top of her head. Autumn glared at him properly. "I should give up. I’m obviously not fooling anyone. …and no, you CAN’T brag!" She hugged, finally moving to plop on the bench next to him. "When did you know?" -11:13 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "I wasn’t lying when I said I’d met Ysabelle before, and something seemed off… so quick google image search vevealed you have fuller cheeks and a shorter, more upswept nose than her German features. Close but no cigar." he sipped his tea, both hands around the mug. "You also have even less idea of etiquet than I do, impossible if you grew up a blue blooded european even if a rebellious one. You play the part well but to someone used to watching and studying people… Well.. I still don’t know who you are but I do know you are probably American, rural or small town upbringing and you move to perform but are too shy to do it in front of anyone. Unsupportive parents or traumatic school experience… Pity… you might be just what I need." -11:29 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Look at your with your smart man learnings." Well, at least now she didn’t have to pretend to speak fancy. Or use and accent… that… she kind of forgot to use most of the time, now that she had just spoken to Ysa and got a reminder. She huffed again. "My name is Autumn and I’m from Kansas. And I’m fine performing. It’s just singing I can’t do. I still think your star idea is silly." -11:35 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Nothing silly about makign someone’s dream come true." he said looking out over the mountian town. "Neing able to justify it to the board as part of a marketing campiegn is just a bonus… though I will be honest I did think of it as a marketing scheme." -11:40 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "See, you wanted to start it off just for your evil super villain world domination plot. You weren’t thinking about some girl who wishes she could be on stage creating amazing art. Luckily you are crazy ambitious so I am pretty sure you’re going to make work anyway." Another sip of tea and she relaxed next to him. Occasionally casting a curious side glance. It was really, really, really nice finally getting to talk to someone and not having to pretend she was someone else. -11:48 Apr 10 Autumn
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[Autumn ] -12:52 Apr 11
Adrian: "I can do anything I want, I don’t know what it’s like to not be able to follow my dreams but I know others do… I never want to know what that’s like and I want to show at least one person what being able to achieve thier dreams is like. I try not to be a spoiled rich kid all the time you know even though I was for a long time…" -12:54 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "Were you a spoiled brat?" this piqued her curiosity because she couldn’t see him being bratty. …Then again, he was stubborn, and insistant, and didn’t take no for an answer, and always got his way and… Autumn laughed! "You are a lot like Ysabelle. She talks like this too. Which is why I’m here… She gets to chase her destiny, and when she is back she’s paying for my tour of Europe." -01:02 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: He raised an eyebrow at her. "Destiny? That’s nothing like me at all. I don’t believe in destiny, just in ambition and means. I, having both, get to shape the world while you tour it." he tossed his cup into a nearby trash can. "Now why is me being tall a problem ont he same level as a sceming lordling?" -01:09 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn choked on her tea. Coughing and having to lean forward while her face turned red. She forgot about that part of the conversation. Thank goodness he didn’t hear Ysabelle’s side. "Because you ARE tall and it’s distracting because you’re waaaay up there." she excused as lightly as possible. "You’re also bossy and ask too many questions but I didn’t have a chance to complain about that because you’re a snoop too." -01:13 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "I just think you like me, people don’t coo over jackets like that inless they like the person giving it to them especially when they mention thier tallness in the same breath." he stood and rolled his shoulders. "So, lunch?" -01:16 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: She also stood, drinking the last of her tea and tossing it away. Her back was super straight and she even straightened her jacket with a sharp tug. Getting the redness in her face under control was impossible, but not that she didn’t have to pretend she was Ysabelle, at least she could say what she wanted to say! "And you bought it for me, so I think if someone is liking someone else, that someone shouldn’t be pointing fingers at the other someone." Ha! She looked pleased with herself. "I’m definitely ready for lunch. If you would have told me you knew my secret earlier I wouldn’t of had to climb out that window." -01:23 Apr 11 Autumn
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[Autumn ] -01:56 Apr 11
Adrian: "So you’re going to argue and complain instead of just admitting it. "Guess I have to see how lunch goes then before askign you out." -02:03 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: Asking her out? Well there went her sass. Now she was completely flustered and she couldn’t hide behind the guise of an uninterested spoiled princess monster. "Wel- …hmmn. You-. Ppphhh." So tall, so cruel. How could she be both smitten and mad at the same time. "I don’t know what to do with you…!" she finally squeaked out. Autumn WASN’T a princess. What was normal her supposed to say with mobster-son billionaire! -02:10 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: He walked along whisteling to himself until they got to the edge of town where the valler sctretched out before them, green and whits and shinign in the miday sun, the perfect place for a cafe. "I think seats by the window, where we can see but still be in the heated interior. What do you think, Autumn?" -02:22 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "I think it’s strange hearing my name out loud for the first time in weeks." she admitted. During the walk she was able to simmer down. At least when she wasn’t getting a whif of his cologne. THAT again. Now she was trying to think of how to behave, and also knowing she was over thinking it. "Warm is better. I think I probably shattered half my bones." -02:26 Apr 11 Autumn
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[Adrian takes a seat at an intimate two person tabel with the best view of the snowy valley] -11:06 Apr 11
[Autumn still sits down like she is a well bred little princess. Apparently that is one thing she didn’t have to fake. The views here were so pretty!] -11:08 Apr 11
Adrian: He ordered their hot drinks in Swiss, he wasn’t fluent but he had made sure to study the language before coming. "I can imagine, if you started using my surname I’d find it strange. It always makes me think of my dad instead of me." he folded his hands on the table and looked out over the mountains. Suprised you havn’t heard of him at least once being american. Don’t watch bussiness news I suppose?" -11:11 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "Us non rich people have other kind of stuff to worry about." Autumn kept her gaze mostly towards the mountains, but she couldn’t help but sneak a glance here and there. "Though I guess that is not really it, I just didn’t watch a lot of news. I bulldozed my way through school so I could be eligible for scholorships and when I wasn’t doing that, I was at band practice or events." -11:14 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "So you had a pashion, sounds nice… bussiness is what was always expected of me. Taking over after dad retires and I have the right kind of brain for it so why not? I’d certainly do a better job of it than either of the twins. My younger siblings… I wouldn’t put then in charge of a frozen banana stand. Because they’re outsource the labour and spend the day doing other things… Smart… but not focused." -11:19 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "I guess passion. I’m not exactly going to college for what I want to be doing, but I don’t have much choice in the matter." She rest her chin in her hands, all her focus now on examining him. "Touring Europe is the last me thing I get to do before college. You’re lucky." -11:27 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "And why arn’t you goign to college and spending your life doign what you want?" he asked turning to look at her and leaning forwards. "And if you could got to college for anything, what would it be? For yourself is nothign else mattered. I… would probably continue down the path Leslie put me on." -11:32 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "I’d write songs and sell them to artists so I could pay for music studies. Instruments, tools, further education, stuff like that. And then I think I would play as someone’s backup band on tours. And after that when I am too old to play, I’d be a music teacher. My mom thinks that’s all a waste of time though cause it’s risky and doesn’t pay well." Autumn griiiiiinned wide. She could finally talk about REAL things now. "Who is Leslie? Your nanny?" -11:39 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "Oh.. sorry, I tend to call my parents by thier first names." he said, blushing slightly. "Leslie is my mom." he lifted and hand from the table to wipe his lips free of the embarresment and cleared his throat. Maybe Ill show you what she inspired me to learn sometime…" -11:44 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: When he was not hunting her secrets like some sort of evil superspy he was so relaxed and cuuuuute. And now he was blushing and Autumn was smiling even wider and she forgot she was supposed to be keeping herself in check. "You haven’t told me WHAT she got you in to. Would it have anything to do with being a relentess investigator?" -11:50 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "Because it’s best domonstrated and not told… so I’ll take you somewhere after we’ve ahd much and show you. And being a relentless investigator is because if you want to get what you want you have to know everything there is to know. Not that I relentlessly stalk girls I like… never been much time for that until I got stuck up a mountain with a much of self-important foriegners." -11:54 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "That is your own fault, though. Thinking getting friendly with a bunch of royal types would be helpful." Girls he liiiiikes. There was that twinge of red to her face again, so she made a fuss of turning to look out the window again while brushing her hair down with her fingers to hide her face a bit. "It’s been frustrating being Ysabelle. I can see why she didn’t want to go. And since I’m not fooling anybody I’m not sure I should go back." -12:02 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "You should. If you leave now I’ll have to pay for your tour and that would put a serious dent in my budget for this trip." he said leaning back as their chocoalte arived. "YOu never did tell me what you thought of my taste in music…" -12:05 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn laughed! "I worked weekends and summers for four years to pay for my OWN tour. It just wouldn’t be as many places and Ysabelle promised." Her hands immediately went for the chocolate and she brought it up to her mouth for a sip. Her reward was a singed tongue and a quiet hiss. But so SO worth it. Autumn blew softly on the mugs contents. "Ignoring some of the pretentious stuff that you’re probably obligated to like, you have an ear for the good ones! Pop is my favorite and people undervalue the power of the lyrics and the sound just because some stars are insane." -12:14 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "I find most people are insane given half the chance…" he commented dryly. "Money, fame, and power, do things to people who don’t know how to handle it. Which is why I have to be extra careful about who I choose to elevate, they ahve to be charming, atractive, tallented, but also headstrong enough to not lose themselves to the stardom. That is the difficult part, especially if personal feelings start getting in the way." -12:19 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "Hmm." She gave him a quick examining look and took a safer, not-so-hot sip of her chocolate. It tasted a lot better when it wasn’t burning her tastebuds off. "I’m kinda glad to know that you’re thinking about it that much. Not just the consequences of your wicked-plot, but the person you pick and how it’s going to affect them. You’re not a careless asshole. Whiiiiiich means I’ll be happy to tell your star some songs!" she grinned cheekily. -12:24 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Oh I hope you’ll be geving them most of thier songs." he said mysteriously. "And I’ll pay you well for them, I can operate at a loss at first after all and if you get me a few examples of your work I’ll be more than happy to give you a quote." tis was starting to sound like a business meeting which made him uncomfortable. "But we can go over all this when we’re back, I want to know about the girl who has the entire European elite fooled. -12:27 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "I don’t have anyone fooled and you knoooow it." she huffed, sitting down her mug. Half of it was gone already and she wanted to make it last longer. "I feel bad about lying… I’m not really good at it? So, you can ask me anything you want and I’ll tell you! …within reason." she squinted at him. Just in case he thought to ask something really weird. -12:30 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Your full name." he said immidiately. "And where you’re from. I am Adrian Dominic Rubrum, I gres up outside New York in a small 3 bedroom place and NOT a huge mansion." -12:34 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: He knew what he was after and Autumn expected no less. She was grinning again. "A boring old normal house, huh? Whose idea was THAT?" Her fingers tapped lightly on the table, almost like she was playing chords. "Autumn Marie MacGowan. I’m from Olathe, Kansas and grew up in the same house my mom grew up in. I haven’t seen my dad since I was a kid, but I get post cards sometimes." -12:40 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Leslie’s idea, but the house Damion grew up in. She didn’t want us growing up in the city penthouse even if it was closer to schools, work, everything. Before they moved there it was just sittign vacant, Damion didn’t want to live there but didn’t want to sell it either. Memories are strange things." He made a note of her name and reached for take his first sip of chocolate, leaving a measure of brown foam on his lip. "Sorry to hear you dad left." -12:47 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "I don’t blame him, my mom’s kind of a nightmare." She bit her tongue, trying not to giggle at his new almost mustache. Autumn couldn’t resist and had to brush it off his mouth with her thumb. There was no way she could talk to him seriously like that. "Coming here was kinda like me running away, just… I guess I am too responsible to do something crazy? Er… well.. except for meeting Ysabelle and this switching thing. I’m not really sure how she managed to talk me in to it." -12:51 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: Princess are 90% charm 10% everythingn else, that is what they teach them here and at home. They can talk i into or out of anything. It’s how they’re still around when democracy is the norm. It’s also how I was taught so watch out." he wiggles his lip once the moustace was removed and gave her a look. "You going to do that every time i take a sip? -01:12 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: She cast him a toothy grin. "Only if you’re going to get it all over your face everytime? I thought fancy business men with fancy manners knew how to sip their chocolate in public." Autumn was smiling at him way too much. She tried to simmer that down, and reached from her own mug to take a sip again. -01:15 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Fancy business men carry napkins." he said sticking his tongue out at her. "And you havn;t ordered food yet, I am going to go for alplermagronen, I belive here they serve it similar to maceroni cheese only slightly different ingredients. Also do you want a refil?" -01:22 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn was trying to mouth the foreign word but there was no way she could hit it. She finally just nodded quickly. "Yes! I’d love another one, and the fancy Swiss mac and cheese." The rest of her chocolate was gone in one last big swallow so she could make room for more. Then her fingers her were tap tapping chords on the table again as she bounced gently in her seat. "So where are you taking me after lunch?" -01:34 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Somewhere special I fould during my first week here." he said. "If you know anythign about me it’s tha I don’t give anythign away until I am ready to. So we are plitting an order of maceroni and somethign else?" -01:42 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "Yeeees. You make the order and I will praise or complain after the taste test! And if it’s satisfactory I’ll let you sneak me out for dinner too." She shouldn’t have said that, but… it would be nice. Cute cafe in another country with a guy so tall and smelling really nice and- She was in so much trouble. -01:52 Apr 12 Autumn
[Autumn acquired what she needed, her secret was revealed… now she is having a lunch that almost feels like a date and she is trying really hard not to let her crushing get control of the situation!] -10:21 Apr 21
[Adrian is stiring his secong mug og hot chocolate and grinning to himself.] -10:22 Apr 21
Adrian: "Or i could get pizza delivered via drone to my window, when was the alst time you had pizza?" he gave her a questioning look. "Real itallian pizza, an inch thick, dripping with mozarella, olives, and anythign else you want piping hot and ready to eat. If you trust me enough to eat in my room. Just tell me what you want to drink in advance." -10:39 Apr 21 Adrian
Autumn: "You can get a pizza drone?" she commented with awe… and a little bit of disbelief. Crushes were even harder to contain when one was no longer pretending to be someone else. Especially when that someone knew how to manipulate her love for treats. He was definitely a mobster’s son. "I trust you and your room. I don’t know why seeing as me jumping out a window was indirectly your fault. But you DID help with that jerklord so I will forgive you." Autumn pretended like the window incident wasn’t entirely her own fault. -10:46 Apr 21 Autumn
Adrian: "Yeah, I totally pushed you out that window." he teased "Because you wouldn’t be my pop star." he raised his mug and took a sip. "Looks like our food is coming…" -11:19 Apr 21 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn was very curious to try swiss style mac and cheese. And she wasn’t disappointed when they received their plates and she took the first quick bite. AGAIN scalding her tongue but… worth it! She squirmed happily in her seat, casting Adrian a big grin. "I can help you find your pop star though! Now that we’re co-conspirators of a royal conspiracy." She took another bite, then paused giving him a sly examining look. "Your-Leslie mom got you in to music I bet. That’s why your world domination starts there." -11:25 Apr 21 Autumn
Adrian: He frowned. "World domination? Hardly… just Europe… really I could retire tomorrow and live comfortably but I have no idea what I would do with myself and… I am expected to take over the bussiness sooner rather than later. Damion isn’t getting any younger and Leslie wants him to herself…" -11:54 Apr 21 Adrian
Autumn: "Hmm. We could switch places. You can go to college for me, and I will try to take over Europe. I’m already in the place-switching business now anyway. We’d just have to get you a good wig and some eyeliner." He was cute when he frowned too, which had her grinning stupidly. Autumn hid it behind her hand and tried to focus on her plate. "I like that you’re trying to take over your way, though. The pop idea is crazy, but it’s fun." -11:58 Apr 21 Autumn
[(Timeout) Autumn was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -12:59 Apr 22
[Autumn ] -12:59 Apr 22
Adrian: "If you’re going to do somethign crazy may as well do it crazily…" he said dryly before squewering maceroni on his fork and sliding it into his mouth. What’s the point of living life by half measures or by anyone else’s rules. Not like we get another chance to make it count and really… I just want to see if it’ll work. Take someone with tallent but no opotunity and give them the opotunity they need and see if they can make the most of it and live their life free on other’s wants or needs… other than what’s in the contract of course but I’m still hammering out the details of that with my lawyers and marketing advisors, and then it will need to go through the star herself." -01:04 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "I guess when I sweet talk you in to buying my lyrics or letting me come on tour as your pianist I am going to have to talk to your mob lawyers too." Autumn held back a giggle. It was fun to daydream about, even if she knew in reality it wouldn’t be practical or likely. "I’m kinda glad you know my secret now. We can talk about music and I can drag you with me to the music room to test listen to some of my compositions." -01:11 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Everything goes through the lawyers, they tend to get upset if I bypass them since one step out of line and there are dozens of people just itchign to sue me and my healthy bank account into next week." he explained. "But I would love a free sample of your work, music room after we finish here it is since you can also see my hobby I said I’d show you there." -01:18 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "Ah HA! I knew your hobby had something to do with music." she visibly preened. Maybe she came across the info by accident, but it was still a win for her. And it was nice to share something in common with a guy who lived in a completey different sort of world. "Lemme guess, you also play piano? Classical only? Hmm… Maaaaybe violin." -01:21 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "More along the lines of a wind." he said with a smile, the hing being technically true but a red herring nonetheless. "You are on the right track with the classical part though though I have been divercifying my repertoire on my own. Desert?" -01:39 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn shook her head, grinning as she picked up her mug to drink the last of her chocolate. "No. Chocolate is enough and curiosity is impossible to fight." Her head tilted as she ran over wind instruments in her head. "You don’t seem like a sax person, or flute…" -01:43 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "oh I can be very saxy if I try." he said with an exagerated wink. "Sorry… I’ve been sitting on that one since I was around 16…" he cleared sigh throat with a cough and turned his head, slifgtly embarresed he ahd said it. "So… finish up and head off?" -01:46 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn stared at him a bit, still surprised he had even made such a terrible joke. Finally she just burst out in to hysterical laughter. It was his expression that did her in. And now that she had no walls of pretense up, she just couldn’t help herself. "Adrian… you had better material when I was a princess!" she smiiiirked, but nodded. It only took a few quick bites and a swallow, and she was ready to go. -01:49 Apr 22 Autumn
[(Timeout) Autumn has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -02:27 Apr 22
Adrian: He left behind a tip along with their bill and pocketed themints before heading for the door. -02:27 Apr 22 Adrian
[Autumn ] -02:28 Apr 22
Autumn: Autumn was getting used to his motorcycle, and probably hung on tighter than she needed to. It was his own damn fault for smelling so good. Sneaking back in was a piece of cake, and since she was more interested in finding out what HE could do than keeping her own secret, she completely forgot to drop by her room so she could put in her new color contacts.Once reaching the music room she peered in to make sure no one was already occupying it, then waltzed through the doors. Now that she wasn’t pretending, she was much more relaxed but there were still some ‘princessy’ traits that were definitely real her. The way she walked as if she owned everything in the room, and the way she moved and touched and fussed things out of her way. Fumbling seemed to be something she only did while nervous. Autumn pulled off her jacket and set her bag down on a chair, then bounced to the center of the room. "Okay, TELL ME! What is your secret instrument? Oboe? French Horn? Trumpet? Didgeridoo?" -02:36 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: She smiled mysteriously as he opened his jacket, keeping it on and climbed onto the stage, hands clasped behind his back and turning towards her. "For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies, For the love which from our birth…" he warmed up, singing a few bars in a steadily rising volume. "Hmm… little out of practice…" -03:04 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "So you sing!" she exclaimed, not knowing how to feel about this. Autumn had heard him once before when he somehow charmed HER in to doing it. But this was classy. She wanted to giggle. Not because he was terrible but because for some reason this just made him a million times cuter. "Oooohh, this is good. You need music." Autumn scooted over to the piano quickly, testing a few of the keys and flexing her fingers. -03:11 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Well then we need to agree to a song or it will be a mess and I am no good at improvising… I’m NOT the songwriter here." he cleared his throat and squared himself. "So what do you have im mind… a duet?" -03:19 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "That’s a nice try." she scolded, clucking her tongue at him. "Getting me to sing the first time was a fluke, and you snuck in on me. There’s nothing for me to hide behind here." She tilted her head, bobbing it a bit to an unhead tune. Autumn started playing the song she heard from his window before he had let her in. -03:23 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Your singing voice is captivating, you can’t blame me for wanting to hear it again." he remarked giving a dismissive gesture. "With training and practice you could be great and forge yourself a denstiny as the exact kind of person I need in the spotlight no matter what your sensibilities or parents say. Parents sually change thier tune fairely quickly in the face of success and rich corporate backers." -03:26 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: He did it again. Those slip in compliments that sent her face burning red. Her fingers fumbled on the keys but she masked it very quickly by switching to another Pavarotti song. "You exagerate. …and even if you weren’t you don’t understand how hard it is?" Autumn rolled her eyes as she took a deep breath. "It’s like… I stand there, staring blankly in to space and my empties out and I can’t BREATHE. And THEN it’s just a matter of what happens first. Throwing up or passing out. But I am GOOD at THIS. I can play a piano, and guitar, and drums and violin, and anything else you give me. As long as I don’t have to open my mouth." She was clearly frustrated by it. But determined that it was an unavoidable truth. -03:32 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "You’re also GOOD at singing, I’ve heard it. You’ve just forgotten to sing like you’re the only one in the room when you’re not. That’s what I do… and when you’re been pushed in front of your grandparents by your proud mother like a prize pig to sing you learn how. It’s like a littl moment of private perfection when there’ only your soul and your sound in the entire universe." -03:36 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "And I suppose you think you can teach someone this." she muttered with amusement. He thought he could do anything. Autumn thought that was both wonderful and ridiculous and arrogant and great. She sighed. Crushes made her want to do stupid, stupid things, like believe crazy tall boys when they said something was possible. "….well you can’t stand over there staring at me, that’s just weird. You’ll have to sit over here. AND sing too." -03:43 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "I have professional trianers whom can teach anyone anything." he said stepping off of the stage and walking voer to sit next to the piano. "Who love thier art more than most and to whom you robbing the rold of your obvious tallent would be a crime." he tilting his head and folded his arms. "As it is to me." -04:05 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: This time she managed to not slip the keys, but her face was even redder and she was biting in to her tongue to keep from shouting stop that! "I don’t want to deal with professional trainers. It’s awkward…" Why was she even considering this? It was crazy and just going to go nowhere! She stopped playing to peer at him, still dubious about the whole thing. "A duet song? What do you like?" -04:11 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "They’re just like any other teachers." he said with a shrug. "Give it a trial run, you owe yourself that much and if that doesn’t work out you still haev the writing contract to look forwards to. Nothign wrong with a private tryout after… two months training? You’ll be paid for your time of course." he was relentless, just like his father. -04:16 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "Oh it’s fine, outside of throwing up on strangers." she mused. He was stubborn and maybe she should have been annoyed by it, but it just made her laugh. "Okaaaaay. But you have to work this around my tour of Europe and it has to be done before college in the fall. Otherwise you’ll have to explain to my mother why I’m not going." -04:25 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Hello, ma’am? Yes, sorry to tell you but your daughter isn’t going to college because i’m going to make her a rich famous celebity. Awefully sorry, it won’t happen again." he even used his best puppydig face that alwasy made Leslie cave. "Simple enough…" he grinned. "One advantage of being the son of a mobster. You don’t fear strangers." -04:38 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: What a terrible, horrible pouty expression. Her immediate instinct was kiss that and that was BAD. "You haven’t met my mother yet." Because of that face she had agreed to things she shouldn’t have. What is with Europe and people talking her in to bad ideas? Now Autumn was trying NOT to think about kissing. "If you don’t pick a song I will pick the girliest one I can think of." She started playing the chorus to Like a Virgin. -04:41 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Crazy in love?" he ventured trying to think og things they’d both know. "You have me at a disadvantage, you’ve seen my music library." -04:50 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "Hmm. The slower one with the brass backup, I bet. For the saxyness." She tried a few of the notes on the piano, trying not to start giggling. Once she had the tempo down and on a key appropriate for him, she cast him a cheeky grin. Autumn really did love playing the piano. -04:59 Apr 22 Autumn
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 012: Britt’s Busy

[Britt is at school today. Finals are coming up and there is a Parent meeting today, which is ALWAYS a nightmare.] -05:22 Mar 11
[Jane it limping into Britt’s school to surprise her!] -05:22 Mar 11
Britt: Right now, Britt was in the library surrounded by several books and trying to cram as much information in to her head as possible. She hated this class. Hated it soooo much. But this was what kept her parents happy, and if her parents weren’t happy she was made absolutely miserable. A page was turned and notes were scribbled. -05:26 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "You look like you need a hug." Jane eased herself onto the bench next to her and put her arms around Britt. "Or a hard fuck." she added in a low voice. "Surprise, I can’t do gym so they let me out early." -05:28 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Hard fucking is what got me in to this mess in the first place." she said with some exasperation, but at least cast Jane a smile. "I can’t hang out today. All my tests are coming up and I’m behind in EVERYTHING. Not to mention the Mister and Missus are coming to the school today, and THAT is just going to be a delight." -05:32 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Soooo… no sex in the janitor’s closet?" Jane pouted. "So… Britt…" she trailed off. "No it’s nothing, I get it if you’re busy" she shifted away from Britt and grunted as her rib moved. "Do I at least get food?" -05:35 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "You can if you go out and get it yourself." she replied, closing her book only to grab and drag over another one. "I HAVE to study. If I don’t pass these tests, I’m not going to graduate on time and then my parents are going to start pushing me about getting married to some rich guy again." -05:38 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "One, you’re smart." yeah, Britt was smart… she wouldn’t rush into a relationship, right? But Jane had… "You’ll pass easily and if they threaten to marry you off tell them you’re alreayy banging a hot girl and if they want to disinherit you over that then you can stay with me." she nudged Britt. "Come on, don’t stress. You’re the brains… I’m the muscle… rememebr?" they had fantasized about being outlaws they were kids. -05:42 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "They’d probably try to have you killed if I told them…" she muttered. Britt wished that was a joke. Sometimes she wasn’t entirely sure what her parents were capable of when they got something in their head. "And I guess we would live with your whacky dad? Not really ideal, I think…" -05:48 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "No they wouldn’t, besides I’m a tough guy. I can take on a couple of old people no sweat. And come on my dad isn’t that bad. I mean how many dads do you know who would let thier only son go into MMA when they tried to groom them to become and academic… and still support them after a major body changing accident." -05:54 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "You don’t know my parents at all." Britt stopped trying to read, to turn and give Jane a critical look. "Your dad is great. I mean, seriously, an awesome dad. He supports you and you get to do pretty much anything you want, even when it’s not practical or makes any sense. Mine aren’t like that. I got to go to college because they picked my courses. I got to hang out with you because they never believed I’d be interested in someone like you. Being tough doesn’t get you anywhere with them." -05:59 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Sooo… you’re never going to tell them about me?" Jane looked away. "You’ve never actually tried being firm with them, have you." it wasn’t a question. "I’m limping over to the vending machine, want anything?" -06:03 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "If I tell them, they won’t let me see you anymore. I know you don’t understand HOW they can stop me, but they will." Britt sighed, leaning back in her chair. "No, I’m okay. I really do need to focus on studying…" -06:06 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Sooo… we’re just NEVER going to tell them. Even if you’re already living in my place. I can work part time… I can win matches… I can help pay your tuition…" she latched onto this point and hung on for dear life. Without a future… she flinched as she stood "I’ll get you a chocolate bar." she stood and moved away. It was fine, Britt felt she needed to study. It wasn’t her choosing school and her parents over Jane. -06:14 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: Britt opened her mouth to say Not Never!, but Jane was already walking away. She huffed and dropped her head against her books. Britt was GOING to tell them, but she had to plan carefully first! She had to make sure both she and Jane were in a position where her parents couldn’t touch them. There had to be money and power struggles and… it was like dealing with the mob! Jane wouldn’t ever understand. -06:17 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane say down and dumped the promised bar in top of Jane’s book. "I really shouldn’t be eating this…" she said at her own. "Not being able to work out properly and eating junk… this is not good." she didn’t want to talk about Britt’s parents anymore. Britt’s mind was made up. -06:30 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: Britt took the car and opened it up to take a bite. She supposed she DID need the energy to get her through studying. "One candy bar is not going to get your ass kicked. Why not just spend some extra time doing easy exercises?" She grabbed another book to open up and started reading. -06:34 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane grabbed the bookand held it up and away from Britt. "Because I wanted to see you, because I love you and you’re my girlfriend." Jane replied. "What are you studying tha you can’t study at home anyway? Civil rites after 1950?" -06:38 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Jane!" Britt hissed, trying not to raise her voice in the library as she reached and swatted trying to get her book back. "It’s Advanced Calculus and I came here because it’s supposed to be without distractions. AND my parents are coming here today too. So you pretty much picked the worst day ever to suddenly want attention!" -06:43 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "IF you want me to go you can just say so." Jane huffedputting the book back on the table and tunring aorund to but her back to it. "Your parents are coming… good. I’ll tell them." -06:46 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Ugh..!" She was exasperated! Why did Jane always have to pick the worst times to be a pain in the ass? "If you tell them, we’re going to be over and I won’t be MY fault." -06:47 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "If you reaally wanted to be with me your parents wouldn’t be able to do shit." Jane hissed. "And really if they’re really suck horrible people you should be telling them to get fucked anyway." Jane stood and slid the book over to Britt. "Yoou never got like this when we were just friends." and Jane was off heading for the exit of the library. She was going to wait for Britt’s parents and tell them. -06:53 Mar 11 Jane
[(Timeout) Jane was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:25 Mar 11
[Jane beats up the bunnies adn becomes thier queen.] -07:26 Mar 11
Star: Before Jane got very far out the door, a tiny ebony haired, glasses wearing nerd ran right in to her. After apologizing profusely, Star finally recognized who she rammed in to. Her face lit up in that happy-hopeful way. "Jane! I thought you already transfered schools?" -07:34 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." Jane said holding her broken rib. "Star…? I did I just skipped out of gym… broken rib." She sighed.. she couldn’t limp last enough to get away but didn’t know if she wanted to talk to Star. "So… umm… how have you been?" -07:39 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Oh, did you have a rough time in practice?" she looked concerned, and really wanted to reach out and give a hug! She kept her arms to herself though by hugging her books. "I’m doing okay, I guess. I’m passing all my classes, and oh! I am now the Galactic Empress in my LARP! So that’s pretty cool. Uuhhm." she hesitated. "I missed you?" -07:46 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Still doing that nerd stuff." she teased. "Yeah… I’m starting to realize what an idiot I still am at… stuff… and… I got beat up pretty bad. I don’t have the wieght I used to have… or the shoulder strength." She shrugged. -07:49 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Oh don’t worry. Logically speaking, it was only natural for you to take a few months to get used to a new body. I mean, even with the physical transformation going tit for tat, your brain chemestry still has to link up with the rest of you. It’s not like the BRAIN changes." she laughed, understanding a joke that clearly wasn’t obvious to anyone else but herself. Star smiled and rocked on her heels. "I really did miss you. Just because we’re not dating doesn’t mean we can’t hang out sometimes, right? Oh! You wanna get some coffee with me? I’m aceing all my glasses, skipping one day of studying won’t hurt." -07:55 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "I was going to out my… girl… actually I’m free." she said. She was really going to out Britt? "I feel like my brain is changing and I am losing control of my life… I don’t know what to think or feel anymore and I don’t act… rationally." -08:00 Mar 11 Jane
Star: Her eyes went wide. "Fascinating! I bet that’s the difference of the female hormones interacting with your brain chemistry. Do you think it’s making you a different person or is it just highlighting different things in your life? Ooh, I guess that is super personal… but it’s really interesting, you know." Star turned to lead the way out. They could have coffee somewhere on campus. -08:05 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane limped after her. "Or it could just be messing with my brain until I reach a new equilibrium… I hope I’m not like this forever. Wait is all of this really interesting to you?" -08:09 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Of COURSE it is! I might be an astronomy major, but human biology is just as interesting. After all, we’re all made up of stuff that came from stars." Her nerd was showing, but she didn’t mind it one bit. The great thing about James- er, Jane, was that she listened and actually seemed interested in what she blabbered on about. "I’m sure it will even out eventually once your body chemistry tapers off in to a new normal. I mean, it’s not changing your core personality is it? You are still you?" -08:17 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Maybe you should taalk to my dad then, he’s been doing a test a week and it’s his research that… well… caused the accident…" she pointed to a free outside table and limped towards it. "i -08:19 Mar 11 Jane
Jane: "Maybe you should taalk to my dad then, he’s been doing a test a week and it’s his research that… well… caused the accident…" she pointed to a free outside table and limped towards it. "I am still me, I still love to fight… still mess up everything from romance to math. Still awkward around girls, the ones I like anyway and still way into girls." -08:20 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "See, nothing to worry about!" Star was pretty confident. She plopped in to a chair, setting her books and bag aside. Then waved at the coffee guy, holding up two fingers for her regular. Americanos with sugar and cream. "I think that’s my grandfather’s company. Even if I wanted to, he really doesn’t want me in the family business." -08:33 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "It my dad worked for your grandad I’d know about it… and besides I was an intern and I don’t work there anymore so it’s none of thier bussiness even if it was thier company. It’s my lifem not thiers." Jane ordered a regular coffee. "I am sick of people not doing what they want to because of thier families. It makkes me waant to slap their parents. -08:39 Mar 11 Jane
Star: Star giggled, covering her mouth when she did. "It’s not always that easy, especially with old money families. It’s okay though! You don’t have to worry about me! My dream is to be an astrophysisist. They don’t do a lot of that there." She grinned wide. "You’re always so passionate about stuff. I’m glad you’re still chasing your dreams too and aren’t letting anything stop you." -08:43 Mar 11 Britt

Waterlogged 001: Internet Dating

[Daisuke logs on to his skype after a shitty day of classes and work.] -06:03 Feb 24
[Dr0wnedG1rl53 Is the internet alias for a real life Nix, a water nymph who is lonely and can’t talk to humans.] -06:04 Feb 24
Daisuke: Daisuke was not creative. Or rather, he was SUPER creative, but could never decide on a cool and badass username. $had0wC1an? bikeWARRIOR? VAGINAMANCER69? In the end he always just logged on with his name. Because he couldn’t make up his mind. The first thing he did was start trolling his favorite girl. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. wassup gurl. He was so funny on the internet! Why couldn’t he do this in real life? -06:11 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: She was sitting alone in her apparertment. The information agehad let her get a job online, rent a single room studio, and even order food with out ever talking to anyone, not that aanyone would want to see an omen of death. Creative as always with your name. she shot back immediatly like she had been waiting for him to get online. "Just the use. Wuddup there?" -06:14 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: work, dude, work. som old geezer kept complain’ bout his coffee not being hot so i dumped it in his lap He didn’t actually do that. But it sounded cool. Shit! He should have said he splashed hot coffee in his face! That was way cooler! at least my name isn’t dumb Yeah, buuurn. -06:17 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: you’re a terrible person. can the reply. do you really think it’s funny to ruin peoples’ days? she was frowning at the screen. Daisuke was always mean. -06:20 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "Aw dammit." he exclaimed. heeeey, c’mon now, i was kidding. i didn’t do nuthin’. he WAS a pissed old coot tho, he woulda deserved it He always forgot she was one of those nice girls and didn’t understand the importance of sounding cool. check out this link, it’s fucking cute as hell That oughta do it. Nobody could be mad about puppies. Daisuke leaned back in his chair smirking to himself. -06:26 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: [i]i can -06:27 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Dr0wnedG1rl53: i can’t decide it that is a baby panda, a mishapen dog, or a slipper. she replie, aamazed how he could got from defencive to thowing out links so quickly i am starting to wonder which is the real daisuke, the mean meanie or the charminglink person -06:29 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: you’re just dumb and misundersta- he quickly backspaced and deleted that before sending. Frowning, he reconsidered his words carefully and started typing again. you’re a girl, you don’t understand guy stuff. i gotta be TOUGH. but i also like fluffy dogs, okay, they’re round and shit and have tiny faces and tongues stick out. it’s the cutest fuckin’ shit i’ve ever seen …Holy shit, did she say he was charming? -06:34 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: i don’t know why anyone has to be anything. jeez its just me here. not like i’m going to make fun of you if you’re not ‘tough’. maybe you’re right and its a guy thing but i am here to talk to you, bot some dumb tough front. maybe i’d be better of talkign to girls. she reread the message before sneding, wondering if the last snetence made it wierd. -06:38 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: what no you can talk to me he sent first. Was she hitting on him? No that was dumb, she thought he was an ass and he was okay with that. He hadn’t really cared before. Then he started typing again. i like talking to you. you’re like the only girl i TALK to. i get blocked a lot… He also gets slapped a lot, kicked in the kneecaps, and even punched once. And that was on the rare occasions he was able to speak full fledged sentences. He wasn’t going to explain that to get though, she’d think he was a loser chump. -06:43 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: that is probably because you’re not yourself adn you try to be an asshole. peopel don’t think assholes are cool they think they’re aassholes aand why would aanyone want to talk to assholes when they have an entire city of other people to talk to she typed fast, not caring to check what she was saying. but aat least you have one girl who talks to you… probably because no one talks to be either -06:45 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Man, she was lecturing him good again. She always got fiesty at him. It made him grumpy, but at the same time he liked that she actually spilled her guts about things. girls like assholes that’s why assholes always get the girl He squinted at the screen and continued. why not? you seem all smart and shit. i guess that might be it, people are intimidated b smart girls -06:50 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: [no asshole is ever getting me she shot back. so that is 100% of girls in this chat that disagree with you she rolled her eyes. because I’m wierd, duh. that doesn’t take a genius to figure out. just look at the name you’re always making fun of. -06:52 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: uh if you’re drowned how’re you talking to me huh? huuuuuuuh? She was definitely weird, but no weirder than anybody else he had ever talked to. maybe we are two separate pees that found each other. its like destiny and shit -06:55 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: maybe i’m the one who does the drowning to other people she pointed out. and no we are not alive, trust me. densiny is a bunch of crap unless it’s the crappy kind. i believe that we all have roles to perform here but romantic destiny is too much of a stretch for me did she just type romantic? -06:57 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: romantic huuuuuh? He was now grinning like a huge idiot and he KNEW it. He had to play this cool though… he always blew shit up and stuck his foot in his mouth. He didn’t want to do that again. maybe you should meet me first before you decide to marry me he teased. -06:59 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO! she sent it even before she concidered what it might do to his feelings. I can’t meet anyone. I just can’t if she did they could drown after all and she didn’t even look human. besides i keep what city i’m in hidden so how do you know that’s even possible? -07:02 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "Fuck." He moved too fast after all and freaked her out. She probably thought he was a sleezy creeper or something. i was kidding? tho i mean it would be nice to meet and chat in person. i’m awesome and all but it’d be nice to talk to a girl i can actually talk to -07:04 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: she sighed, as much as she wanted to meet she really couldn’t I can’t meet anyone, okay. annnnyyyooooone. friends, boys, annnnyyyyyyoooooooooooone. it’s just the wya my life works so yeah. sorry. she did feel bad about it too, really bad. if i could i would. i know you’re not actually an asshole under your stupidity -07:07 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Daisuke was pretty curious as to why not, and decided it was probably because she looked like an ogre. Girls only made a big deal about not wanting to meet when they thought they were really ugly. dude, it’s okay if you think you’re fat or something i don’t care about that stuff. i’d like you even if you have extra legs -07:12 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: she tapped her chin. i bet is i reaally did have extra legs youd run screaming. everyone would. and i’m not fat i just can’t. you have to trust me. if yoou ever saw me youd never want to talk to be again and then id be lonely again. -07:15 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: naw extra legs would be cool, cause like you could run and kick stuff at the same time He was having a hard time convincing her this was a good idea. what if we met at a mall or behind a glass window or something? then if you saw me and changed your mind you could run. or i could run. or i dunno where a neko suit? -07:18 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: fine, bayview mall. wait by bottom of the glass elevator. how will i know its you? this was a bad idea. Sure she had been there before but actually spoken to anyone? No. At least it was om the other side of the bmall as the fishpond. -07:21 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "YES! SCOOOORE! …oh shit…" She agreed! He hadn’t actually thought she would. What if he said something REALLY stupid and she never talked to him again? What if she had a boyfriend that could punch a man’s teeth in to his heart? cool. cool. i’ll be there. i’ll be wearing a black jacket with a grey hood and uh red sneakers i guess -07:23 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: at 7 then she already knew when he got off so that wasn’;t hard. if i don’t chicken out. signing off now. she set her status and immediatly got up out of the bath to palce her phone on the shelf above the sink and reach for her towel. she had an outfit to decide on. -07:26 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
[(Timeout) Daisuke has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:24 Feb 25
[(Timeout) Dr0wnedG1rl53 was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:24 Feb 25
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -07:24 Feb 25
[Daisuke is kind of really upset! Wait no, he’s totally fine. Yeah. He’s not bothered at all.] -07:27 Feb 25
[Dr0wnedG1rl53 ] -07:27 Feb 25
Daisuke: It was after midnight when he finally got back home, because like an idiot he had waited there for HOURS hoping she would show up, and being afraid if he left that would be the moment she got there and then she would think he was trying to ditch HER. Daisuke plopped in to his seat with a huff and loaded up his skype. There had to be a government conspiracy that was keeping him away from girls. He had super sperm that could impregnate a woman just by looking at her, and so none could talk to him! Yeah! …or not. He left some messages. so i guess you’re a bench and that’s your big secret. sorry if i sat on your for hours -07:32 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: She stared at his message wondering if she should reply or just run away like she always did. i told you there was a chance of me chickening out she finally replied i guess you don’t have internet on your phone of you would have seen my message. i feel really bad. what can i do tomake up for it? she sighed, knowing the smarter thing to do woulf be to block the guy rather than let her guilt get to her. -07:36 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: don’t know. these old ladies kept walking by and thinkin i was homeless tho and gave me sammiches so i’m not too mad Not mad at all, but he was hurtin’ a bit. He probably should have put on some clean clothes before he went. Daisuke sniffed himself. -07:38 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: eeewwww i’m talkign to someone who looks like a hobo :p she sent back. how about i send you a picture to make up for it? that was doable… and didn’t involve her going out into lit areas. -07:40 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: He considered this. But it just seemed like placating him so she’d have to avoid seeing him. He slumped down in his seat. i guess that’s okay, but i was looking forward to hanging out -07:46 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: she sughed. it would back been closer to ‘he, okay we’ve met, bye. i am not good with people. she out in her black and white filter before snapping a picture making sure it wasn’t toooooo obvious she was in the bath. [/i]here, so you know i at least look better than a hobo[/i] -07:49 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Holy shit she was hooooot. Daisuke got stuck staring for a few minutes, and his idiot filters were kicking in. He should say something! What to say. Can’t think, hot girl. Hot girl after a shower – wait. Bath tub? Hnnnng. you’re cute he finally managed to type after a looooooong silence. -07:58 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: if you say so she said letting out a breath, relieved he hadn’t seen anything strange. now maybe it’s your turn, hobo man? -08:02 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: sure thing Wait. Why did he agree to that? Daisuke jumped up from his seat and ran to go change his shirt. He also fussed through is hair trying tomake it do that spikey thing that girls like. AFter a few practice poses in the mirror (his favorite being the one were his arms looked ripped and his underwear showing above the waistline of his pants) he returned to his seat, snapped an AWESOME shot and sent it. Had he thought to look before sending it, he might have taken something better than a cross-eyed duckface picture. "SHIT." wait wait wait i have a better one!!!!! -08:07 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: lol, nice she realy did laugh. i can’t decide if it’s terrible or if you’re being ironic. i’m going to choose to think you’ve being ironic instead of a douche she put her phone down and got up to dry herself off before wrapping her towel around herself and treading through to the kitchen. exactly how long did it take you to get dressed before going to meet me? -08:10 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Score! She thought it was funny. He was real lucky he was a funny dude. i was already dressed he typed. did you get dressed up all fancy for me? next time i can try a little harder -08:14 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: you should get dressed for dates she sent before realizing. for meeting people, especially one’s you’ve never met before. first impressions are important. come on if you don’t knoow that then you’re never going to get anywhere.[ -08:16 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: i didn’t know it was a date Did she think it was? That would be awesome! next time i will steal a suit and wear it just for you -08:18 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: ugh. if i can’t meet anyone what do you think my chances are of dating anyone? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no. she was bright red, or black as the sace was against her green skin. and no stealing, tough guy. ugh. who wants to meet a thief? -08:21 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: if you can meet me, then you can date Yes. He was totally in this now. A hot girl might kind of like him. He already had a foot in the door, now he just had to convince her he wasn’t a murderer or something and could be good boyfriend material. okay borrow a suit. c’mon! we’ll go somewhere fancy like thw flea market -08:24 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: not if you keep being an idiot and not yourself she shot back. the moments when you’re not trying to impress me or act tough you’re actually kinda nice. which is why it’s not a good idea if you meet me. she thunked her head down. or really talk to me. people around me get hurt. -08:27 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: don’t be a dumb girl about it! meet me anyways. if i don’t like you i’m probably a big asshole. why you gotta go thinkin’ it’s your fault all the time? i don’t get girls He completely missed the compliment in his frustration. As far as he was concerned, there wasn’t anything for her to be so worked up over. She probably had a dickbag boyfriend once that never told her how pretty she was. -08:32 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: if you want to die, maybe. wait.. you like me? hse stared at the message for the longest time tryng not to make squeaky sounds. someone liked her. a normal human boy liked her. she even forgot to type anythign after that. -08:38 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: duh? why do you think i talk to you everyday. i could be out hitting on girls are parks or in a gang or something he responded. He really didn’t get girls! Wasn’t it stupidly obvious that he liked her? -08:39 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: because you can’t talk to girls she replied. and you’re not in a gang. if you were i’d stop talking to you. she was in ppanic mode. what did she do? what did she say. even if i like you too we can’t meet. i don’t want you to drown. -08:41 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: i’m pretty sure i’m bigger than you. there’s no way you’re gonna drown me Haaaa! He even laughed out loud at that. Wait, unless she was using metaphors. stop using your smart girl metaphors on me. you’re not gonna do anything to me. i want to meet and i won’t take no for an answer -08:43 Feb 25 Daisuke
Daisuke: also i don’t mean to sound like a kidnapper, i will take no, but i won’t like it -08:43 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: fine she would make him run away if that was the only way. [/i] see you in half an hour.[/i] she locked her phone and rushed itno her bedroom. this was going to break her heaart but she had to do it to protect him from her. -08:44 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "Dammit." How the fuck was he supposed to get a suit in half an hour? Daisuke pushed away from the computer and stomped off to tear in to his closet. -08:47 Feb 25 Daisuke
[Dr0wnedG1rl53 is now known as: Natako] -08:48 Feb 25
Natako: She was there first, covered head to toe. Baby blue hoodie with her hands stuffed into the pouch, dark jeans and green boots. The only part of her visible has the damp hair falling down her chest. A gloved hand drew her phone out of her pouch. i’m here. waiting -08:50 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: Daisuke was LATE. ALL because he was SERIOUS about wearing a suit. As it turns out, finding a suit in the middle of the night when everything was close, was nearly impossible. He ended up sneaking in to his grandma’s house and getting one of his grandpa’s old suit. It was painfully obviously an old man’s brown tweed suit. But there he was running up, stopping next to the hooded girl, and then doubling over trying to catch his breath. "Hh-!" The hello didn’t come out, he was still wheezing. -08:54 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She looked at him under her hood and stifled a giggle. "Wow… you really did steal a suit. retirement home?" that should be enough of aa clue that it really was her. "So where are we going… nowhere near water." -08:55 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: He finally caught his breath and rest a hand on her head as he stood up straight. She was really cute in that little hoodie, and really short. Too bad it was so dark, he couldn’t see much else. "Hey. It’s my granpa’s suit. You didn’t give me a lot of notice." He glanced around trying to come up with a good idea. Daisuke grabbed her hand and started walking. "This way!" -08:58 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: Shit shit shit shit shit. The ahnd he hadgrabbed was her ungloved one that she had planned to reveal casually, the rish green of her skin sparklin inthe light. She snatched it back and burriedd it in the pouch. "Where are we going?" the plan was going wrong. If he took her to wehre there wera a lot of people she was screwed. This was a dumb idea. Mission abort! -09:02 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "It’s a surprise." She wasn’t going to get shy on him NOW. He ducked behind her to grab her shoulders and push her forward, guiding her where he wanted her to go. "Not afraid of the dark, are you?" -09:14 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "No, I actually prefer it." that was a releaeif… maybe. It would make th eplan harder but maybe she’s get more time with him. Wait tim with him wasn’t the plan. "But I’m serious about the water thing. No water. Please." -09:18 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "You’re afraid of water. Got it!" he chimed, more and more excited by his AWESOME totally cool idea. He turned her around a corner and down an abandoned looking alley. -09:24 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She stopped… dead. "You want me to go in there?" this stunk, stunk worse than a skunk. "You’re not a pervert are you?" she was suddenly afraid but she did have a secret weapon up her sleeve, if only they were near water. -09:26 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "What? No! This is just the short cut. We’re not staying in here, it’s creepy and it smells like old cheese." Dumb girl, he kept pushing. He was a lot bigger than she was and if she didn’t move he was just going to pick her up and carry her. "You can see the other side opens up, don’t be so paranoid." -09:31 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She hugged herself and kept moving. If he tried to do annythign she was going to play the non-human hard so hard. Maybe even pretend to be a space alien here to rollect brains and make him run away… the thought made her giggle a little. "Okay I’ll trust you but if I can’t you’re in for a surprise, mister." -09:34 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "Yeah yeah, girls are strong." he teased. Down he pushed her through the alley and like he promised, it opened up on the other side to an older street and a residential neighborhood. Soon they were walking down a sidewalk and he was stopping next to a fence. He pushed aside one of the loose boards. "Okay, walk in there, but be really quiet." -09:37 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "That’s why it’s surprising." She had to take her hands out of her pocket to climb through. This was suuuch a bad idea. Suuuuuuuuuuuch such such a bad idea. With one hand on the fence and the other holding her hood inplace she looked around at the garden they had entered. -09:40 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: He was right behind her and giving a soft whistle. Soon something bustled from underneath a deck. Small white puffs with short stubby little legs came leaping and yipping at them, followed by a much larger puffy white mother who sat down at a safe, watchful distance. Daisuke picked up oned of the puffs to show off. "Chou puppies! This one got it’s head stuck in the fence and I had to shove it back in. Then the mom tried to bite my hand off. She got over it though." -09:47 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "Slippers!" she squealed raching down to scratch the heads of a couple, then she plopped on the ground to let them wash over her and… "dammit…" tey were cute and she couldn’t leave now. Now with these fuzzballs bouncing all over her. "Dammmmiiitttt." -09:50 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "Sssh! Don’t call them slippers! The mom is SMART, like I think she might be a genius or something." Puppies were bouncing everywhere and she seemed to really like it. Daisuke beamed. He did it! He impressed a girl! Why didn’t he think to use puppies sooner?! -09:54 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She scooped one up and heald it out to him, light catching the lower half of her face as she looked up as him, green skin and black lips revealed. "But look at them, they’re slippers. Or mouldy loaves of bread. Whatever they are they’re the cutest." The puppy was given a place of pride in her lap as she wentback to fussin over the others, making sure they all got thier turn. "Does mommy want some love too?" -09:57 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: Daisuke squinted, leaning forward trying to see better in the dark. She was wearing some fancy makeups. Just for him too! He crouched down next to her, trying to wiggle his fingers to get the mother to come over. The large white dog remained where she sat, but her tail thumped lightly on the ground. "She’s hella shy. Except when she thinks those babies are in trouble, then she comes at you like some kind of razor teethed psycho." -10:01 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "Sounds a lot like me… only I don’t have puppies. Maybe that’s what I need. A puppy at home." that would be nice… to not be a lone all the time. One of the puppies jumped onher and without thinking she fell back playfully, her hood opening up as she lay on her back, pure black eyes, hair that never dried and skin becoming visible… then she realized. "Shit…" she stared at him before grabbing her hood and pulling it back up and rolling into her side away from him and curling up… still covered in puppies and not wanting to risk hurting them to run away. -10:08 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: Daisuke wasn’t seeing what the problem was. Other than her hair still being wet, and that not being a great idea out in the middle of the night. He thought her makeup was pretty badass. He didn’t say a word about, instead just helped to try and pull puppies off her. Well. Tried to anyway. Once someone was lying on the ground, puppies like to swam like little licking piranhas. "I bet we could get one of these. Maybe. I guess if I came by here in the daytime instead of sneaking in and stealing one." -10:12 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She expected… somthine. A scream… a cry… annything. Instead all she got was… now she was confused and didn’t know what to think. She sat back up and and put her hands in her lap. "I’d… like that. And yes, no stealing…" seriously… nothing? "Do you still think I’m pretty?" The hood was back down and she was looking up at him. There had to be SOME reaction. -10:16 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "I don’t want to think about it. If I think about how pretty you are, I’m gonna say something stupid and then you’re going to run away." Sometimes the honest approach was the best approach. Especially since she seemed so worried about what he thought. He leaned forward and ran a finger down her cheek to test and see how thick that makeup was. Not a bit came off. That was some good stuff! Finally Daisuke flashed a big toothy grin. "Do you think I’M pretty?" -10:19 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: That was a yes, it had to be. "Best looking hobo i’ve ever seen?" she offered blushing black and clutching her hands to her chest. "You don’t think I look wierd?" she stood, worried this was too good to be true, that there was a catch and somethign HORRIBLE was going to happen. "I mean…" she raised her hand and removed the glove, showing that it too was green. -10:25 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "Green is my favorite color." Okay, her hand being green was a little weird too. Was she green all over? …that got him trying to imagine her without all her clothes off and his face started turning red. "Not weird. Pretty." So pretty. Even prettier naked. Daisuke fell forward under his head was covered in yapping puppies. He was gonna do it! He was gonna screw this up! -10:27 Feb 25 Daisuke
Destiny's Child

Destiny’s Child 001: The Crash

[Kuzan is on a mountain, looking for a broup of bandits who stole something gooood so he’s gonna steal it from them!] -03:48 Feb 22
[Claire is driving to a party!] -03:52 Feb 22
Claire: It was the first party of the summer. If she missed this party, not only would it be social suicide, but she was going to miss an opportunity to be at the mansion home of GARRET BRADLEY. The sexiest movie star on the planet. Her bestie scored her an invite thanks to a little flirting with someone in wardrobe at his latest movie set. Claire was PSYCHED! So psyched she might have been driving her mom’s black convertiable a little too fast as she speed around mountain road curves. Her cell phone rang and she fumbled to the seat beside her to reach her purse. "HEY! Oh my god, yes, I’m on like, mountain highway 65. Crap I think it’s trying to rain!" she squeaked out as heavy drops started to pour. She held the wheel with one hand and fumbled to raise the hood. Wind picking up was trying to wretch her invitation from her purse. "Oh no you don’t." Her phone slipped out of her hand and in to the floor as she grabbed her invite before it blew away. "TAM I CAN’T HEAR YOU, I DROPPED THE PHONE." Down she went to grab her phone. Her wheels turned. Then next thing Claire knew, she was screaming. Flying off the edge of a mountain upside down…! -03:56 Feb 22 Claire
Claire: Oh god, death was cold! Wait a minute… Claire sat up, finding herself sitting in two feet of snow. "Holy shit…! Where’s my phone?" She crawled and fumbled until the found the little pink brick. She also found her purse laying a few feet further. And… "YES! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU GOD!" Her invitation to Garret Bradley’s party still intact and not water damaged! Maybe if she could call a tow truck, she could still get to the party in time. Her fingers, though ice cold, were already trying to dial. -04:00 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: Not fie feet in front of her was a bush with tracks in the deep snow leading up to it but none leading away. Things were not going as planned, a peasant from the village below had tipped off the bandit and they wwere charging down the slope. Good thing the snow was deep and slowing them down. From the bosh a man rose, dressed in green armor and without a word raised his bow. He barely spared the firl a glance, obviously a spirit, before he notched an arrow and loosed, the shaft penetrating a bandit’s chest who fell on top of the spirit. "I have known several spirits in my time but none who show up DURING a fight." he said drawing another shot. "If you want to feed on the corpses you can wait until after I’ve killed them." -04:05 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: What on ear-FWOOMPH. Claire landed in the snow again, this time with a BODY on top of her. "Pervert..! aiie!" This snow was getting cold, her dress was getting wet and uugh. She swatted the guy off her and all he did was land in the snow. Bleeding. DEAD. "Holy shit…! He’s dead! You just killed this guy!" Now she had to call the police too, some crazy hunter was murdering people and- Craaaap. She wasn’t getting any bars. Claire tried to make a run for it but only got a few feet before slipping in her heels and falling in the snow again. How did it snow THAT much in the summer so fast, it was only raining a few minutes agio. -04:12 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: Five men died on the snowy slope, the last one leaping at Kuzan who dropped his bow to grab the man’s wrist before the hatched could comecrashing down. The two men wrestled before Kuzan got the upped hand and drew a knife from his belt, plunging it directly into the bandit’s heart. "WHem peopel try to kill me I tend to try ti kill them back." he said, finally free to take his eyes from his oponents. "What kind of spirit aare you?" usually people feared the spirit creatures of the land but Kuzan had met, and fucked enough of them to know so long as you treaated them with respect they wouldn’t harm you… usually. He searched the leader and found what he was after, a small black stone in a leather pouch and slipped it into his belt. "I have to say of the spirits around here you’re thebest looking." -04:18 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "Murderers don’t get to hit on me!" She fell off a mountain and had to be in the country somewhere, where al the inbred crazy murdering mountain people live. Blood made a pretty obvious mark across white snow and she was flipping out. Why, why, why wasn’t she getting a signal? "And don’t you get any ideas about making me your mountain wife, sicko!" Ahah! Claire jerked open her small purse and whipped out a small, really small knife. Well. It wasn’t actually a knife, it was just the file part of her nail clippers. But it was a weapon she was now brandishing at him! -04:23 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: Kuzan rolled his eyes and knelt in the snow, best to get this over with. The spirit was obviously crazy and the proper rituals needed to be follored. "There’s only one woman I would mary." he said as he worked a tie open and reached into his bag to pull out a cloth dundle. Opening it he counted gor many stewed rabbit dumplings he had left before taking one, putting it on another small peice of cloth an setting it down on the snow in front of her and with that done he stood up. "Now, I am heading back to town. They’re all yours." he gestured at the bodies before turning and starting down the slope. There was a blizzard comign and he did not want to be outside when it hit. -04:28 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: This guy was completely insane. Were they supposed to have some kind of picnic out here? She pointed her litte file at him until he was walking away. "Good!" she called after him. "You better be gone, before the cops get you! I already know your face!" He was actually just going to leave her there. With all of these dead people. In the snow. Claire tried using her phone again, a frustrated almost frightened squeak slipping out when it refused to work. She was freezing! -04:35 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: He half turned to look back and shake his head. An insame spirit for an insane mountain… she was shivering, spirits did not shiver… "There’s a blizzard coming." he said suddenly worried, there were legends about this mountain. People appearing, disappearing but not since the golden queen… the golden queen. He strode up to her and grabbed her shoulder and gripped ehr chin with his other hand. "By the clans…" he whispered before throwing her over his shoulder and starting to jog down the slope. "There’s a cave not far from here where I plan to take shelter. You should too." -04:39 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "Holy crap!" she exclaimed, immediately beating on his back and trying to stab him with her nail clipper file. All the damn thing did was keep folding back in! "No, no, no! You’re NOT kidnapping me! I’m not going to be your mountain wife! I have to meet Garret Bradley!" she squealed and fussed, but was quickly running out of energy and it wasn’t easy catching her breath upside down. He lived in a CAVE. A crazy murdering hillbilly living in a cave! This was so 80s horror! -04:44 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: He ignored her shoulting and her beating, his mind racing. This crazy wierdly dressed girl was a splitting image for the golder Queen. This was the find of the century… imagine how much GOLD he coould make off of this. Thousands waiteeed for her return and not this had fallen right into his lap. He was giddy with the thought. It too twnty minutes to make it to the cave, just as the sind started to howl and the snow started to come down. "I have no interest in marrying you or taking advantage on you… your highness." he said with a deliderate pause. He needed his brother’s help for this. "PLease accept my humble help as you haveclearly lost your way.: First things first he dropped his back on the ground, intied a fur cloak from the bottom and threw it at her. "So you don’t freze to death. I will get the fire going." -04:49 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: Had she not been shivvering enough to make her teeth chatter, she would have thrown the fur cloak right back at him and taken off running in to the snow. But it was really falling down now, she was wet and freezing, and she didn’t think freezing to death would up her chances of survival. She’d just have to befriend the murderer and run when there was a better chance. "…what, you highness?" Claire pulled she cloak tightly around her, lightly bouncing on her heeled feet trying to warm up. He thought he was some kind of mountain king or something, weeeeird. "Help would be nice…" she started slowly. -04:53 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "You are the golder queen, aren’t you?" he asked, reaching into his armor and taking out a bronze bedalion with her image in relief upon it. "Named because youe hair raadiates golden light and your eues are round to see heaven’s message." he tossed the medalion at her before he staarted piling kindling into a stone fireplace, apparently he had already colelcted enough firewood. A pale of water also stood nearby as lerr as a drying rack of meat. "Rightful ruler of the Empire who ascended to heaven to become a godess after defeating Fi Yu Chen, the black Tyrant?" -05:00 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: Claire barely caught the coin with her frosty hands. "Dude, I’m not the queen of anything. Unless you mean the Queen of Hollywood, in which I WILL be after I meet Garret Bradley." She squinted at the coin which totally didn’t look anything like her. Maybe like her MOM with that sharp little nose, but pff. Craaaaazy. Claire inched a little closer to the almost ready firepit. A heel could break along with her ankle and she’d probably not even feel it. "Did you like… get war trauma in Vietnam or something?" That was the last war, right? -05:13 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: He looked at her. "I have been aall over the Empire aand I have never heard of Vietnam." he said. "I have seen the foreverwar the crab wages but I did not fight in it." once the fire was lit he tended it before pulling a pot close to himself and unwrapping a bundle of vegitables and drawign the same dagged he had killed with and cleaning it in a bowl of water beforehe started to slice them up after a bag of rice was emptied into the pot and it was put over the fire. "Where are yu from and how did you end up here?" not the queen, but close enough. -05:18 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "Did you not SEE my car fly off the mountain?" Really, who could miss that? Claire wasn’t exactly sure how far she had been thrown from her car either, now that she thought about it. All she had seen was snow and the dead guys. She sank down to sit, wrapping the cloak tighter around her exposed limbs and only poked out her feet closer to the flames. She couldn’t forget she was talking to a murderer here. He could go psycho at any minute. "So… why do you kill people? Like were they stealing your stuff or something? Or are you a Satanist?" -05:23 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "I am a ronin." he said dumping vegitables into another pot and reaching for a dried peice of meat to start chopping that too. "They did steal." he said, not lying. "And kill, and the village will be happier without them." and they had a reward on their heads. He was concentrating more on his cooking than he was on the conversation. "Killing is part of life… I have no lord so I have to feed myself somehow." -05:27 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "So you’re like a vigilante Robin Hood and they were thugs?" That actually made her feel a LOT better. …if it were true. It didn’t change the whole murder thing, but it was protecting people. Maybe. "My cell phone isn’t getting any service here. How long do we have to wait out the snow before we can get to the nearest town? I’m missing a really important party." A once in a lifetime chance was slipping through her fingers..! They could die out here and he was just… making food. Claire watched curiously. "Do you just live out here in the wilderness? No power or tv or anything?" -05:35 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "What is a cell phone?" he asked, pronouncing the wword like he had never done so before. "I have the power my sword brings me but I don’t live here. I just set up camp in this cave to track down the bandits two days ago… if the blizzard has passed tomorrow morning then it will take us until nightfall tomorrow to reaach the bottom where the village is. After that I’ll be heading north." no one in thier right minds would have a party up here. She could have been lured up here by the bandits. -05:38 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: At least he didn’t live in a cave. Then again he had no idea what a cellphone was. Sadly, his answer meant there was no way she was making it to her party. Even if she DID escape being murdered by a psycho. Or group of bandit psychos. Whatever. Claire slumped. "This SUCKS. The first time I FINALLY get an invite to a hot party and I crash my mom’s car. ….Oh god. I crashed mom’s car." That little fact finally sank in. Her mom’s shiny convertable was probably smashed to pieces on the mountainside somewhere. If it was going to take until tomorrow night to get back, her mom was going to DIE. "She’s going to hate me…!" -05:44 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: So she had family… but where? "SHe will be relieved to see you again and not care about a.. car? Where DO you come from, anyway?" If it was soemwhere close he’d have to convicne her to come with him, if it was far away and she didn’t know the way then he could mislead her and tell her they were going home and play his con. -05:48 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "Outside of Toronto. I’m not sure how far from here. I guess I could figure it out when we get to town. Is there a taxi service there?" Ugh, she didn’t want to take a bus. Did she even have enough money for that? Claire flexed her fingers to get the blood flowing, then dug around in her little sequened purse. MAYBE enough money for a taxi. "That’s the thing, she’s going to freak because I’m missing, and then freak about the accident, and I don’t want her to get upset." Claire huffed and dropped her purse down next to her feet. "She’s so annoyingly over protective." -05:56 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "I could always explain things." he offered putting the pot of vegetables in the fire and striiring it before getting out another both bundle, this one filled with pouches of herbs and spices the filled the cave with thier scent. "I know the way to To-ronto, and will take you there." Perfect. -06:00 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "Really?" Oh man, she was the luckiest girl on the planet. Not only did she NOT die, but the murderer wasn’t a crazy serial killer AND he was going to help her get home. …that still didn’t quite ease the sight of DEAD PEOPLE, but getting home alive was the top priority. "I don’t have a lot of cash on me, but I’ll totally pay for the fuel and maybe a little extra. Or my mom will, she’s like, loaded anyway and will be happy I’m back in one piece." Relief kicked in. It still sucked she was missing that party, but the smell of food was getting distracted. It actually smelled really good for something getting thrown in a pot. "I guess you do a lot of camping." -06:08 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "It is better than going home where my brother squats on out inheritence and acts just the same as father did." he said carefully adding a pinch of yellow powder and letting the pot simmer. "That is why I travel, that and to see everythign I can." her mother was rich? it didn’t amtter the money he could lake off of her was worth way more than any reward… he just needed to convince her to play along. The ruce was reacy and taken off the fire to cool as the vegitables finished cooing, a few of the bumpling put in the rising steam to heat through, chopstick dancing in hsi fingers as he manipulated them before placign them on a chipped plate, filled a bowl with rice, topped it with vegitable and meat sauce and panded it to her -06:13 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: The thought of being lied too, drugged, and then being tossed in to a bag crossed it mind for a brief second. But the scent and her grumbling stomach was enough to quell those fears. She took the plate, and was quick to shove food in her face. Maybe a little too fast cause she had to cover her mouth with the back of her hand when she hiccuped. "Good!" she mumbled between bites and the occasional hiccup. "You don’t look like a rich guy. Um… Actually…" What the hell was he wearing, anyway. Cosplay? -06:20 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "My brother has the family money." he said bishing himself a portion. "That’s why I take what I can." and she was going to make him rich enough to kiss his brother goodbye and reture. Now that they were cut off from everything and everyone by the storm be set his meal aside to get comfoteable, removing headband followed by the carefully shaaped plates on his armor leaving him in nothing but and undershirt and trousers, before he moved closer to the fire, the girl having his cloak and all. He had to wonder what she meant though his armor adn especially his sword were expencive… the sword and irriplacable family hierloom. -06:24 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "What’s your name, anyway? I’m Claire." She decided she wasn’t going to ask about the clothes. He might not be a serial killer, but he was still a crazy person who went out for vigilante justice and slept in caves. Maybe he was trying to be a super hero. She resumed eating until all that was left was a few puts she pushed around, and glanced down at the floor. They were just going to sleep on the rocks and dirt? No sleeping bags or even a pillow? How was she supposed to survive the night! -06:30 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "Kuzan." he said reachign out to grab a dumpling, tear it in two and shive half into his mouth. "Ca-lair is not a name I have ever heard before…" that could be a problem. Unisual anmes would attraact even more attention and he did not want his prize stolen. "Have you truly never heard of the Golden Queen in to-ronto?" he asked suddenly, it had to be beyind the SHadowlands then, far out beyond the borders of the Empire. He would have to visit the unicorn clan and ask for stories from thier exile sometime and see if they knew it. "Are you thirsty?" he asked as well, unhooking a canteen from his bag. It wasn’t the best Sake but it warmed a body up at night. -06:36 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "Ca-lair?" she giggled. The first time she had relaxed enough to find any amusement in all of it. Maybe because the shock of the evening was finally kicking in, because she was feeling really sleepy and worn out, and tired of being tense and freaked out. Claire nodded at the drink offer. "You’re not actually from here, are you? Toronto isn’t far from here. It’s a city?" -06:46 Feb 22 Claire
Kuzan: "No I am not." he admitted. Finishign his meal and putting the rest aside for breakfast and standing, shiverign slightly as he stepped to the other side of the fire and kicked open a bed roll and then walked back around to erect a makeshift windbreak. "I only have one bedroll and one cloak to sleep under." he said sitting abck down to tend the fire. "Unless you want one of us to freeze to death we are going to have to share." that was that news broken. "If you want I have something more modest you can wear to sleep in." he actyallu had a few outfits but the one he was refering to was an acrobat’s uniform, why he had it was anyone’s guess. -06:53 Feb 22 Kuzan
Claire: "What." she said flatly. Claire was estatic to discover there WAS a sleeping bag, but the sharing business wasn’t going to fly. He KILLED people. You don’t just cuddle up to a killer, no matter how cold you were. She leaned and eyed the snow coming down from outside, frowning to herself. "You can have it and the cloak, but yes I’ll take something warmer to wear." She was a little insulted by the ‘modest’ comment. He dress wasn’t slutty! But it was way too cold to sleep without the extra cover. "I can’t believe it’s snowing this close to summer, even for Canada." she muttered to herself. -06:59 Feb 22 Claire
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 011: Kim Moving In

[Kim is wearing a loose backless shirt and a short pair of cutoff shorts. She’s carrying her school books in one hand and looks like a run way model, not like a brutal kickboxer.] -07:47 Feb 17

LATER THAT WEEK -Jane 07:48 Feb 17

Jane: Jane was limping, even now, she had had a broken rib and that meant she was carrying her bag in her hand rather than slung across her shoulder but other than that it was bussiness as usual. Jacket, work open, shirt, and skirt with stockings. Britt seemed to like that look… -07:50 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "That fight didn’t go as plan?" Kim chimed, stepping out from the threshold of a doorway and falling in step with Jane. "I probably should have stuck around to warn you, but Roy sticks in my craw." -07:53 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "He’s always been a creater." she said irritatedly without even realizing who she was speaking to. "But attaackign after a time out is called is a new low even for him." her pride wasn’t hurt from the loss but that didn’t mean she wasn’t pissed about it. I… oh, hello Kim." it took her aa second to realize who it was… -07:57 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Shits like him won’t fight fair. All he cares about is looking good." She rolled her eyes and sighed. Finally she smiled and bumped gently against Jane’s shoulder. They were both almost exactly the same height with Kim being just a bit taller. "I’m glad he didn’t mess up that pretty face, though. I hate it when people think I beat my dates." -08:01 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "My face is fine and I have a girlfriend, remember." she said with slight irritation. "Unless that’s just your way of being friendly then that’s actuaally pretty funny, but I’ve taken a lot worse beatings to the face and hey, I’d beat you back." -08:05 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Your little rich girlfriend has an obvious type." Kim commented with a shrug. "She dated that shit, right? And I herd how she was cheering during your fights. She likes em mean." She tilted her head and looked Jane up an down with a soft examining gaze. "You seem more like the romantic girly type. Does she sweep you off your feet?" -08:09 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane stopped and leaned against her car, rubbing her forehead. "Head she’s rich and likes watching fights, you go that part right but I’ve known her since I was like nine and we only started dating recently… before that I didn’t even think she liked girls since she has a history of dating idiots who I want to punch so it’s…" she lost track of where she was going with her sentence. "It’s not some fling, we know each other better than anyone." -08:14 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "See, life time friendship is even worse." she commented, also leaning on the car, but doing so inappropriately close. "You know all her past people were assholes, and now she’s dating you. Someone safe, that of course she loves. But you know… is safe. But I’m sure I’m wrong and it’s actually sudden true love." Kim shrugged her shoulder and reached out to brush some of Jane’s hair behind her ear. "Women like us, we’re strong, but people kind of take us for granted sometimes." -08:18 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane glared, fire in her eyes. Here was someone who knew nothing about Britt talkign shit about her. "All the guys she dated were assholes, not the girls, or some of them anyway… not that I knew them, obviously since she wasn’t out to me but I was a bit of a prick back then too alwasy teasing her for not dating me and calling her a…" dammit that next word wouldn’t made sense. "Cocklover…" that was worse, waaaaay worse than calling Britt a lesbian. "Look are you going to talk about my girlfriend all day or what?" -08:24 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim put on an innocent expression and laughed! "I’m sure she’s sweet and a great girl! I’m just pointing out that your relationship might not be as strong as you think it is, so I can convince you that a date or two with me isn’t such a bad idea. Once we face down in the ring, you might be too mad to go out with me." -08:26 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane expected to be more annoyed but instead she laughted. "Oh come on, you meet me once and you want to go out with me? YOU!? I mean… you could get anyone, you’re an amazon and yoou go for the new kid who already has a girlfriend and well…" she gestures at herself. "I mean if you want to look good by comparison I get it… and I broke a rib so there’s reason for you to believe you fight better than me too. I don’t see what you’re getting out of this…" -08:34 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim look surprised! Was even stunned enough to be rendered silent for a moment. "Uh, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You’re gorgeous. And what’s so wrong with me hitting on any hot girl I meet? Guys do it all the time." Kim pulled away from the car and opened up one of the notebooks she was holding. With a pen pulled out of the back pocket of her shorts, she scribbled down her phone number, ripped it out and handed it to Jane. "When you’re back to full health, we’ll try a spar again. I fight a little dirty, but not like that shit Roy. Until then… call me? No reason why we can’t hang out sometimes as friends." -08:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane stood, number in hand and stared. gorgious? Did an amazon godess of the ring just call her gorgious? Jane shook her head and stuffed the number into her pocket. "Cool, as friends… I don’t have many here yet and we obviiously have a hobby in common." her face was redder then she’s like but she hoped it wasn’t noticable. "We could meet at the gym… I still go there after school to do light excercises, the oned that I can with a broken rib." -08:44 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "How about we stop and have some dinner right now? I’m sure you’re still pretty sore and could use a sit down." Kim grinned like a chesire cat. "You’re adorable when you blush." -08:47 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane’s fade went redder but her expression changed to one of disapproval. "If you stop that. Friends, remmeber." Jane took a deep breath and hit the reset button on her emotions, rieghning them in. "I’m not interested in replacing Britt. If we broke up then maybe but I don’t see that happening soon." still… Kim brought up some good points and Jane would need to talk to Britt… instead of just having sex with her all the time. -08:55 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "A maybe already." Kim leaned closer to whisper in Jane’s ear. "I think you’re warming up to me." she giggled lightly and straightened. Back to normal and nothing flirty about it. "There’s a great place for sushi and sake down the street. The walk is short and it’ll keep those muscles loose." -08:57 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane’s fist banged against her car and she clenched her teeth, she wanted to tell Kim that that was over the line but the girl changed her tune and Jane let out a breath. Good, that was over. Part of her wanted to abck out but that would be rude and Jane really did want a friend at school. "Walking? Okay…" she opened the car door to drop her bag into the footwell where it wouldn’t be too visible before closing and locking the door. -09:11 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim wiggled a finger, beckoning Jane to follow. "This way. What are you studying at school? I’m majoring neurosciences." The question was nice and innocent. It seemed she was going to hold true to the agreement and not spend the entire time hitting on the girl. -09:17 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "Looks, athleticism and brains…" Jane muttered feeling smaller and smaller next to this girl. "I… I want to be a professional fighter." she admitted. "I’ve alrea…" no, JAMES had participated in tournaments and won awards. JANE had to start from scratch again. "So health and Fitness major. Worst case scenario I end up coaching or workign in a gym…" -09:26 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "I wouldn’t call that a worse case. My coach is who inspired me to enter tournaments and encourages me to keep up with studies too." she grinned, bumping Jane’s shoulder again in a friendly way. "Not that I think you’ll have a problem going pro. Any girl that can handle a fight from Roy is a tough broad to beat." -09:30 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "If he didn’t cheat I could beat him." she growled. "I used to be able to…" James had gotten into more than one bare knuckle fight with Roy and every time James has come out on top. "I’ll have to wait until the next tournament and there’s refarees around I guess. Start getting my name back out there…" -09:34 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Have you fought him before in another city?" Kim asked curiously. As far as she knew, she never heard of Jane in any of the circles SHE fought in. They arrived at the resteraunt though and Kim opened up the door for Jane, guiding her inside with a hand placed gently as her back. -09:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "Oh… yeah." she said stepping inside, assuming that the hand on the back was a girl thing. She smiled at the greeter and was shown to a seat where sje sat down, carefully and let out a breath. "And now I can’t train…" that DID irritate her. "I bet if he found out my rib is broken he’d be smug… sorry I should stop muttering about him I just really don’t like that guy." -09:44 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "He is the biggest douche on the planet, so I don’t blame you. I’m just wondering what kind of freak your girl is for dating him." she made an icky face, to go along with her disgust, because seriously. Kim couldn’t imagine it. She ordered water with lemon right off the bat before looking at a menu. "You’ll heal fast. I you want, I could give you a few lessons? Not that I reccomend trying to fight him again. He’s not worth the time." -09:47 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane ordered team she wanted soemthign hot for herself. "I always do heal fast." she said with a smile. "And sure… couldn’t get a read on your style from the short time we sparred but mine is based on simple kickboxing… though it’s more kick than boxing these days. I used to just be a boxed but tackling opponents above my wieght class… well… I wanted to be more versatile." this she was enthusiastic about. "It’s tricky unlearning everything and trying to change your style." -09:53 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Oh yeah, you can’t just rely on one thing. Men have it easy, they all come in the same shapes for the most part, but women are varied as hell. And you can never tell when that stocky bitch is going to be fast as hell or extra flexible, or if the scrawy one can hit harder than she looks. You have to adapt right there in the ring." Kim rest her chin in her hand and smile wide. "Your eyes light up when you talk about kickboxing. You really are passionate about it." -09:57 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane smiled wider. "Nothing beats the feeling of thinkign of a combo, executing it and having it work. Nothing. Not even sex… though sex comes pretty close…" she was red again and looking away. "You have to know that. What I do know it you watch your oponents and that you vary your style, like I do. You never know what might work. The other day I did kickboxing, ground fighting… and if we hadn’t been interupted and if you actually fought instead of… showing off…" what other way was ther to explain Kim putting her body on display like that. "We would have had… maybe the best fight ever. The fight is won in the head for me and that’s what Britt doesn’t see… she just likes to watch people punch each other and boobs bounce." she felt bad for talkign about Britt that way but it was true. -10:03 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Sounds like you need better sex in your life." she teased with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "A fight is more than just the hits for me too. I gotta be in to it. I’ve got to have some fun. A little show and dance is what makes it a real sport. Anyone can wail on each other for five minutes. But it takes talent to do what we do." She reached across the table to take Jane’s hand, her smile still innocently friendly, but the touch not feeling it. "We ARE going to have THE best fight, you better believe it!" -10:08 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane has missed this, when for secrecy’s sake she ahd tut ties with her old fight friends and old coach she had let go of the only ones she could talk to about her passion. "She looked down at Kim’s hand in hers then back up at her face. She was too caught up in the euphoria of het art to notice the nature of the touch for more than a moment. "What do you do?" she asked. "You have th emind of a boxer but what do you base you moves on. Fair is fair you know mine so I should know yours." she ignored the sex comment, fight talk was important. "Also to research if you’re going to show me a few moves." -10:14 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim grinned and shrugged a shoulder. "A little bit of it all? You’ll have to watch me and tell me. I’m always switching it up and trying new things. Of course, I save my tried and true moves for IN the ring. When we practice I can show you." She held Jane’s hand twisting it this way and that to examine the palm and fingers. "Your hands are really strong, but they have a delicate structure. Very graceful." -10:24 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: She looked down and swallowed. "Really? I hadn’t really noticed…" ho her everythign other then her previous hands seemed delicate. "I don’t use them for must that would be concidered graceful, unless that’s what you want to caall my first work but I don’t know if I would. My handwriting sure isn’t." -10:28 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "You really don’t know how pretty you are." she commented with surprise. "Doesn’t anyone ever tell you? Or your girlfriend? Or is she too busy getting all the attention to ever think about you?" -10:31 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: She pulled her hadn back and run it through her hair. "I’m not exactly the girliest girl, in case you haven’t noticed…" she said adamantly, still not sure if she should be taking being called girly things as compliments or not. "Britt knows that, and how I feel about it." -10:35 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim laughed. "You’re not? You walk like a girl, you dress like a girl, you blush like a girl when someone gives you a compliment. You don’t give yourself enough credit. If she knew that, you’d be well used to simple compliments by now." -10:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: There was no way to explaain this without it someong out wierd so Britt just looked at her. "It’s not that simple. I’ve never been fully… cofortable with being girly until very recently." as close to the truth as she could get. "I’ve been trying to be more girly lately so I guess that’s working? Just please don’t get the wrong idea about Britt." -10:47 Feb 17 Jane
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[Kim was looking unconvinced about this stuff!] -05:50 Feb 19
[Jane is startign to get a little narked.] -06:48 Feb 19
Kim: Kim shrugged a shoulder. "Do I really have the wrong idea, though? I can tell just by looking at her that’s one of those rich girls. And you said yourself she really doesn’t understand you." She paused when the waitress arrived with their drinks and to take their orders. She ordered her favorite roll of sushi and a bowl of miso. -06:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane didn’t really want to order anything so she just got salmon. "She doesn’t get one of my hobbies, big deal. I don’t get some of her stuff either. You don’t need to be into everythign the other person is to make a relationship work." she put her face in her hands. "We made being friends work for ever so…" -06:54 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: She laughed, reaching across the table to tug gently at a strand of Jane’s hair. "Don’t get mad. I’m just saying, friends-turned-lovers are kinda cursed with this thing where they can’t let go, even when it’s pretty obvious they’re just hanging on for dumb reasons." Kim leaned forward on the table to whisper. "The sex is great, right?" -06:59 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane reached up to take her hand and pushe it away from her, holding it on the table, her face going red as she looked down. "Yeah… of course it is. She…" is Jane’s first? Knows a lot more than Jane does? No those would be taken the wrong way. "Makes it fun… " -07:02 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Aaah, snatched up your virginity, huh." she responded, not looking surprise. "I can tell from your face. That’s cute, though! I’m glad you got to do it with someone special to you. My first time was total shit." she gave a wry grin, and patted Jane’s hand. "You shouldn’t be so embarassed to talk about this stuff." -07:06 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane looked away, was it really that obvious? "I just don’t get why you’re so intersted in my relationship We barely know each other but…" Jane sighed. "You make Britt sould like some sort of wutch taking advantage of me or something." Jane was lass and lass into this outing and she wanted to call Britt, talk to her… -07:14 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m sorry, I don’t mean to do that." Kim said, sounding genuinely sincere. She retracted her hand to grab her glass and take a sip of water. She gave snother shrug of her shoulders, and looked embarassed. "Sometimes I’m too aggressive. I like you and I don’t like to take no for an answer. How about we stop talking about her and you tell me about you? I’d love to know why you’ve got a sudden interest in being ‘girly’. You make it sound like you were forced in to it!" -07:18 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "No, it’s okay I know you don’t mean to." she said lookign up at Kim. she sighed trying to think of a good lie. "I… am trying to get my life together, be a better person. You alreaady guess I was a virgin not so long ago and truth is I wasn’t out until recently either and didn’t really care how I looked since I never put much effort into my relationships and acted out, I was a bit of an asshole but you know… my life changed when I… came out so if I’m going to be a girl who likes girls I should look attractive? Or take care of myself at least… it’s a lot to get used to but it’s better than throwing on whatevers on top of the clothes pile and intimidating everyone who complained… right?" -07:26 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Trying to discover who you really, are right? That I completely understand." Kim smiled, settled in her seat. She rolled her eyes and that embarassed look fell across her features again. "I was way younger, but instead of going girly I went total tomboy. Jeans and flannel and guy stuff. It’s even why I got in to kickboxing. It took awhile I figured out I don’t have to BE anything, I just have to do what I love. It kinda fell in to place after that, you know?" -07:33 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane shrugged. "It’s kinda fun, no makeup though… I never reaally thought skirts would be comfortable." she brushed her hair out of her eyes and smiled. "I’m glad you ended up liking kickboxing, would suck to do something you hate just to try and be someone you’re not. I don’t remember why I got into Boxing, maybe too many times watchign Rocky… I just remember begging my dad to take me to lessons. He wanted me to focus on learning but I begged and begged and eventually he gave… mayne he though I’d give it up after being hit in the face a few times…" -07:38 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "It’s great, right? Makes you feel powerful and in control. That’s why I like it anyway. Along with the showmanship that you seemed to be so put out by." Kim griiiiiinned and winked. "Getting in the ring with you is going to be great. I love partners with personality." -07:44 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Showing off your muscles? That’s not sport it’s modeling." Jane said and as she did she couldn’t help but stare. "I live the fight and I love to win, but not if I have to be a dick to do it. MY dad gets that from his stuff, I get it from mine." -07:46 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "You try to show me a sport that doesn’t have a little flash and I’ll rethink giving my opponants a good look at the bitch that’s about to beat them." she giggled, not taking any offense. "If doing what I have to do to win and be entertained at the same time makes me an asshole, then I’m glad to be one." she shrugged a shoulder and took another sip of water. "I won’t cheat though. Maybe I’ll get a little dirty, but I’ll never cheat a fight. When you’re good, you don’t have to." -07:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane rolled her eyes. "Yeah, fine. You have your little ego boost and I’ll stick to keeping the sport dignified." she said, teasing the other girl. "But just so you know even if I don’t have the looks I’ve got just as much meat as you do, maybe more and when you get in the ring with me flash and dazzle won’t matter." -07:54 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim laughed. "You’re so cute when you get fiesty. But I don’t think you can handle me." The phrase sounded flirted, but she wasn’t putting the moves on her this time. It was just a matter of fact statement. -07:58 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane went red, then folded her arms. "I’d take you in a fight rigth now but I have a broken rib and my doctor would probably punish me with needles if I got into another fight right now… you know how they are." -08:01 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m patient. When we fight, I want it to be good." she was smirking again. "We’ll make sure you’re healed and even have some proper training practice first. And then maaaaybe you’ll last long enough to get a few hits in." -08:09 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "You should save your big mouth for the ring, so I can punch you in it." she said, flicking warm tea at Kim with a smirk. So you might want to wear aa mouth guard." -08:11 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim flinched and laughed, making sure no tea ended up on her blouse and dabbing at one with a napkin. "Cheeky bitch! I’ll remember that later. You need a few good lessons on respecting your superiors!" -08:17 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Superiour? Prove it." she was much happier with britt not being a subject and was actually starting to relax. "Not that you can until I’m back in fighting shape…" she pouted, sighed and then thumped her head on the table. "Not being able to fight sucks." -08:22 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’d go around or two with you now, but I’d rather not make you cry." she teased, resting her elbows on the table. "A few days and you’ll be fine for practices. It won’t be too long. You and I can do some exercises in the meantime. Weight training?" -08:29 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Sounds fun." she said lifting her head. "I usually just train aline but maybe I can make an exception… it’s not often I find someone who fights the way I do." she sat up to train her mug and smiled. Maybe she had made a friend. -08:36 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "You get a lot more out of training with partners than by yourself. More of a challenge, you know? Not to mention the pleasant company." Kim smiled, especially when the food finally arrived. "We’ll probably intimidate everyone at the gym. The Champion and the Beauty. It has a nice ring to it." -08:42 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane raised an eyebrow. "So you admit that I, as champion fight better than you." she said with a self satisfied smirk. "Good to know. Gooood tooo knooow." the raw salmon was dipped and eaten, not Janes favorite but she wasn’t much of a sushi person. -08:46 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "That means you think I’m the beauty." Kim matched that smirk with a wiggle of her brows. She favored lots of wasabi, and the sharp heat didn’t seem to bother her a bit. "I love that you rise to challenges. You’re going to be so much fun to play with." -08:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "i’ve already said so more than once." Jane pointed out. "And that’s another thing that’s not really girly about me. I am a sucker for challenges… probably why I agreed to fight that asshole…" -08:55 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "That was less like a challenge and more like a royal mistake." she mused aloud. "I mean, seriously. Fighting people like that so isn’t worth the time and effort. You could have gotten yourself hurt a lot worse." -09:06 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "People like that have this supernatural ability of making me want to punch them, and have you heard the way he talks to Britt… even you went to have words with him." she looked away. "I can’t control myself sometimes… it’s a problem. I shouldn’t have fought him and… never mind." -09:09 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m not saying you shouldn’t have. Cause, hell I did it myself. Next time you should be prepared though." Kim tapped her fingernails on the table to get Jane’s attention back. "Hey, don’t feel bad about being passionate over things." -09:11 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "I’m not just passionate, I feed on the passions of others and that can get me in trouble too." she said rubbing her temple. "And I though I was prepaired… I probably could have won if I wasn’t already tired." -09:15 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I do love a girl that gets in to trouble." she laughed and shook her head. "Don’t fret over it, okay? Next time you’re going to be better prepared. You’re going to be trained by the best, you know." -09:23 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "I thought it was bad for me to train myself." she said with a smug look. "And it’s not that I’m worried about so don’t worry about it, I’m fine… or I will be after orange juice." -09:26 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim popped her last piece of sushi in her mouth, chewed and grinned. "We’ll meet up later this week for our first practice. All the bruising and soreness will be gone by then, we’ll just need to be careful of your ribs." -09:32 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "you’re acting like this is my first beating." she said before sticking out her tongue. "I’ve been hurt before. I’m just irritated by who did it so you can stop telling me I’ll be fine, I know I will me. Going to take more than a peice of trash like that to keep me down. Just because I date a princess doesn’t mean I am one." -09:37 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Oh, but I bet you’d love being treated like a princess!" she laughed again. "Hasn’t anyone swooped in and saved YOU from anything?" -09:43 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Noooope, never." she said. "Never needed it, too rough, too reaady, never being pretty enough for people to want to. Never really being interested in being rescued and punching my way out of things before anyone can try. Have you? You don’t exactly look lik you’d ever need it." -09:45 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Who me?" Kim gave a mysterious grin. "I’ve never been the princess type. I’m a Queen. If someone wants to fight for me, or try to rescue me, I allow them to do it. Allow being the key word. I’ve always been capable of handling my own business." -09:48 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "There’s where we’re different, I don’t know if I’d allow anyone to come to my rescue. I mean it would be flattering but I like taking care of my own stuff… Maybe if they were a friend and let me keep point then it would be okay, then again it’s never really ahppened so who can tell?" -09:51 Feb 19 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 010: Ass-Kicked

[Britt has visited Jane’s gym to see some kickboxing action. It’s WAY hotter seeing a bunch of sweaty strong girls than boys! ] -01:33 Feb 17
[Jane is just stepping out of the changing rooms in a tant top, shorts, trainers, gloves and headband, bashing her gloves together as she steps into the ring in anticipation.] -01:35 Feb 17
Britt: "YAAAAAY! Wooo! Punch that bitch!" squeaked Britt, who was happy to show support AND be obnoxiously embarassing at the same time. And if she made any of the girls made, Britt was sure her girlfriend could handle it. -01:38 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She stood, shaking her limbs loose, running through her long hours of practice in her head. "New girlfriend…" she explained quietly, a little mebarresed before lifteing a glove to wink at Britt. "I’m a kickboxer… but I understand if you want to restrict this to punches." -01:42 Feb 17 Jane

Her first practice opponant just laughed and shrugged it off. “That’s okay hun! My little sister is like that too. Don’t hold back, let’s see what ya got?” The girl was sweet and polite. But as soon as the signal went off, she was FAST with the punches! -Britt 01:44 Feb 17

Jane: Arms together she blocked the punches and danced away… so this girl went agressive early… rookie? She could use that to ger advantage and hold back. The next punch looked weak and Jane deliberately let it connect even though she could have blocked it. Let the girl get over confident and make that one critical mistake… -01:48 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "HIT HER, HIT HER, HIT HER!" It didn’t really matter who hit who. Britt thought it was amusing either way and knew no one was going to get seriously hurt during these practices. -01:51 Feb 17 Britt

Assuming that it was Jane that was the rookie, the girl was trying to end things quick. She seemed to be trained specifically with boxing and speed. Aiming for ungaurded spots and hoping to wear Jane down. -Britt 01:53 Feb 17

Jane: Jane continnued to let herself me pushed back, carefully taking note of every shot that he recieved and how it would affect her, until her chance came… she had traned for this. Out of nowhere she deflected a punsh, exposing her side, then her knee came up in a perfectly aimed kideney shot followed up with with a kick to the side of her knee to slow her down, then she sprung buck and aimed a roundhouse kick right for the girl’s head. More legwork than she usually did but with her new body she needed to. -01:59 Feb 17 Jane

The girl went down hard and with a long groan and a little bit of rolling. She might have agreed to “anything” but she hadn’t expected it coming. At least she had a good attitude about it, because when she sat up and pulled her mouth guard out, she was laughing. “Damn, hun… I didn’t give you enough credit! Next time won’t be so easy.” -Britt 02:02 Feb 17

Britt: Her loud giggling was thankfully not that noticable with how loud it was in the gym. Britt bounced and clapped. "That’s MY girlfriend. Asskicker." -02:03 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane reached down to help the girl up. "Sorry, I havn’t been in the ring for a while nad I got excited to be back… really shouldn’t have pulled that combo during a fiendly match…" with the girl up she waled over to the ropes to grab a bottle of water from the floor at the edge of the ring and down half of it. "Good match though… you don’t believe in hoding back and assessing the other person’s style before attacking do you." she was teasing, she know it was her school of fighting that did that because it focused on counters and combos where styles like krav maga… she did NOT want to face a krav maga fighter. -02:10 Feb 17 Jane

“I’ll bring my A game next time, hun!” she winked at Britt before she hopped out of the ring and left to meet her next match partner. -Britt 02:13 Feb 17

Britt: "And you were worried that your hot girl body sucked for fighting." Britt giggled, tugging at one of Jane’s legs to pester her a bit. "How many more matches do you have?" -02:14 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She sat down with her legs under the roped and leaned against them to tug at Britt’s hair. "A few… and the only reason I beat her is because I’ve been training my ass off with this new body. With my old one I would have used my wieght to pushe her attack aside and my reach to pummel her like she was trying to pummel me… it feel good to be abck in the ring though… -02:18 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt grinned wiiiiide and leaned close to giggle. "It’s a lot more fun watching you like this. Your boobs bounce every time you make a swing." -02:20 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Her face went red and she pulled back to pull her top down. "Dammit… don’t say that. I was sexy back then too… and… shut up." he bopped Britt on the head with her glove and pouted at her. "I’m a well oiled amching of pain an deadliness… not a sex object. Though if we did go to one of those con things a tekken inspired outfit…" -02:27 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled some more. "You didn’t have boobs before." He giggling ceased though and she frowned just a bit. "You don’t go checking out the boobs around here, do you?" -02:29 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: "I try to respect my fellow fighters since they’re here for the same reasons I am, because it’s fun, it’s healthy and you get to punch people and still be friends with them. YOU may come here to oogle boobage but I come here to participate in my favorite hobby. Nothing feels better than making a plan on the fly and it ending with a win." -02:34 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Good! Because then -I- would have to punch some girls." she paused, tapping her chin a bit. "Does that mean I MAY stare at other boobs while I’m here?" she teased. -02:35 Feb 17 Britt

Jane’s second opponant was ready. This girl was considerably more muscular and serious than the first, and didn’t say a word besides casually nodding to show she was ready for her match. -Britt 02:37 Feb 17

Jane: She rolled her eyes and with a gloved hand pulled Britt’s head into her chest and holding it there for a moment. "That’s the only pair you need." she said before scooting back and standing to face her opponent and step into the center. "So… any ground rules?" -02:38 Feb 17 Jane

“No.” was the curt reply. This girl was a lot more reserved, and when the signal went off, she didn’t attack first. She kept her guard up and circled, waiting for Jane to make the first move. -Britt 02:43 Feb 17

Jane: Jane circled to, her eyes takign in everything, every twitch, every iregularity in step. Her oponent had an injured knee, peobably an old injury that woud never fully heal but she radiated danger. Jane struck, a quick jab not meant to cause damage but to probe the girl’s reactions, make make her act too. -02:45 Feb 17 Jane

The girl blocked and dodged, but didn’t swing back. Only shimmying away and continuing to watch and wait Jane to act. It was clear she was doing the same as Jane, sizing up her opponant and looking for the best way to attack. -Britt 02:49 Feb 17

Britt: Britt rest her elbows on the floor of the ring. Probably closer than she should of been, but it wasn’t like she couldn’t jump out of the way if she needed to. Both of them were all tense and stalking each other. And taking forever. "Kick her in the head! Punch her in the cooch!" -02:50 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She jabbed again, for the same reason. The third jab however was a distraction for a hook aimed at the hirl’s head. A low risk attack to knock her out of her comfort zone. -02:52 Feb 17 Jane

SPRING! Her assessment complete, the sturdy girl took the hit, but she moved in turn. When she swung a punch it was HARD and distracting enough to swing out a leg to sweep Jane’s. -Britt 02:56 Feb 17

Jane: Jane was stumbled by the sweep but she recovered quickly and charged to tackle the girl. If there were no rules she ceertainly wasn’t going to let her take advantage of gaining the initiatoge. Pulling the gitl to the ground with her she wasted no time in straddling her and sending a series of punches into her face. she was fighting dirty as hell but it should make this girl more cautious… -03:01 Feb 17 Jane

The girl guarded her face as best she could with one arm, but aimed some pretty nasty punches to Jane’s ribcage as she tried to throw her! -Britt 03:03 Feb 17

Jane: Evetually Jane was forced off but not before battering the girl up pretty good and getting a few nasty shot in return. analize that, you bitch she thought to herself knowing full well that they other girl was trying to figure her out all over again, so she started the entire thing over again with a jab. -03:07 Feb 17 Jane

This girl didn’t have the speed. So now that she knew how Jane worked, she went for brute force. She came at the girl hard with some nasty punches and kicks. Aiming for areas where it was going to hurt the most and not be as easy to guard. She had a lot of stamina and even though she wasn’t fast, she could just keep going! -Britt 03:11 Feb 17

Jane: Jane dodged away, light on her feet as ever but she couldn’t keep doing that forever… think… think Jane… she baited the girl into a hard left punch and then dodged to the leftstepping past her before she could reover her balance before she switched from punches to kicks. She had been sacing her legs to use as a surprise and it was not to be wasted. Same with the last girl she kicked the side of the knee to slow her down for the rest of the match before she struck hard into the soft part of her back before retreating and waiting to see what her tactic had done, a grin on her lips. -03:18 Feb 17 Jane

She got hit in her knee, which really WAS a weak point for her. She was on the ground, growling out a few pained curses and waving a gloved hand that she conceeded the match! -Britt 03:20 Feb 17

Britt: "Oooww. That hurts." This one made her do a long of cringing. Britt was surprised either one of them was still standing after wailing on each other so hard. -03:21 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane let out a long breath… that could have gone a lot worse and she needed a break. She signalled this by taking off her gloves before moving to help the other girl up. "You almost had me." she panted before floppign against the ropes. -03:26 Feb 17 Jane

“Yeah.” she grumped. She wasn’t very talkative. But she also just had the shit beaten out of her face and was trying to open and flex her jaw a bit to make sure a tooth wasn’t knocked loose. -Britt 03:27 Feb 17

Jane: "Owwww." Jane complained sitting back down aand lifting her top to examine her bruises. "I feel baad about that fight… I played dirty… but… Owwww." she make a pathetic face at Britt, obviously trying to get love from her before she slipped out of the ring and started towards a bench. "Five minutes… then i’ll be ready." -03:30 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "It really is way more exciting and intense than I was thinking it would be." Britt admitted. When Jane sat down, she was throwing her arms around her, neglecting the fact the girl was probably sore and bruised as hell. "When we get home, I’ll rub you all over?" -03:33 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: "When we get tome I’m having a hot bath and chocolate." she said. "Or hot chocolate in the bath… This is my last match anyway…" she stood and stretched, not allowing her muscles to get cold and tense up. Then she hopped in the spot and few times and turned. "Time to go back in…" -03:38 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt hopped too before reaching up to grab Jane’s face and tug her down for a quick kiss. "Kick that bitch’s ass!" -03:40 Feb 17 Britt

Jane’s last opponant was already in the ring and stretching. She was tall, well toned, and with a face that was WAY too pretty to be a boxer’s face. “Is that little thing your girlfriend?” she asked casually. -Britt 03:42 Feb 17

Jane: Jane slid inder the ropes and pulled on her gloves. "Yup, we grew up together." she grinend, looked like she ahd another experienced fighter on her hands and this tme she wouldn’t resort to dirty tricks. It was a friendly match after all. "But i’m new to this gym so Hi, I’m Jane." -03:50 Feb 17 Jane

“You can just call me Kim.” She appraised Jane with an appreciative air as she stretched her arms over her head. “You’re too pretty for her. Hmm, I’m betting she’s rich.” -Britt 03:53 Feb 17

Britt: "Sshhh! She’s trying to distract you with hotness! Don’t fall for it!" she squealed. This was classic tactics and even Britt knew that. This was how girls fought. -03:54 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane didn’t like the tone of her voice but that was the nice think about being in a ring, punching was almost definately goign to happen aand no one woulf get bad about it. Jane warmed up further, hopping on the spot and shaking her arms. "Ooorrr we grew up together and decided we liked seeing each other naked." she said without moving her eyes away. "Naked and sprawled out all over my bed, dripping in sweat and each other…" who cares if she was going to die from embarresment (and be killed by britt) later, two could play the distraction game. Jane’s mind was on the fight! "Now… any ground rules you want to put in place?" -03:59 Feb 17 Jane

Kim grinned real wide. “Your girlfriend thinks I’m hot. Do you?” she posed, giving a nice back view and flexing all the rights muscles. Then she was turning again to make sure he gloves were on good and tight. “No hits to the face. I wouldn’t want to ruin those pretty features of yours. As for everything else… whatever makes you comfortable.” -Britt 04:01 Feb 17

Britt: "Jaaaane." Britt hissed! She was red as hell and wishing she could reach out and swat her girlfriend silent. -04:02 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane wasn’t facing a woman, she was facing an amazon. Her muscles didn’t make her look less femining but accentuated every feature until she appeared like a goddess… Jane didn’t realize the same could be said for her and it was intimdating! "I’m here to fight, not to oogle pretty girls." she said flatly. "I didn’t reaalize we were on a catwalk instead of a ring." -04:04 Feb 17 Jane

“You DO think I’m pretty!” she exclaimed, sounding pleased about it. Kim took her position, gloves up and smile sweetly smug. “When I win and your girlfriend dumps you in shame, would you like to go out for some coffee?” -Britt 04:07 Feb 17

Jane: Jane laughed. "Sure, but that’s not going to happen. Britt wouldn’t break up wit me if I lost." this girl was seriously getting on her nerves so she moved forwards and put her guard up before jabbing, opening the match the same as the previous one. -04:11 Feb 17 Jane

Kim expected as such, blocked, and then perfectly mirrored the move. “Are you sure about that? She seems to get riled by the strong woman. And you, well, you’re more like a swimsuit model. Pretty, but not strong.” To accentuate the point, she threw some hard punches towards her ribs. And she was quick too! -Britt 04:17 Feb 17

“Aw man, so the girls aren’t done yet. I’m not surprised to find YOU here drooling over all this vag, though.” An arm wrapped itself around Britt’s shoulders and gave her a hugging squeeze. “You know, you’re a chick after my heart! What do you say we take on the champion of this match and have ourselves a threesome in my jeep?” -Britt 04:20 Feb 17

Jane: Jane sidestepped and aimed her knee at the girl’s side. "She gets riled up be me…" she threw a punch even knowing it was better to move back and wat for the next trade, right for her throat. -04:20 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Ugh, Roy, getoffame!" she swatted her ex away. Britt didn’t know this was HIS practice gym. She might have told Jane to try somewhere else! -04:21 Feb 17 Britt

She took the knee kick and it didn’t slow her down. Kim leaned out of the way of the throat punch and swung a punch right for Jane’s face. Apparently she didn’t care about following her own rules. “Looks like your girlfriend has a boyfriend. You might want to leave with me after all.” -Britt 04:23 Feb 17

“Why you gotta be so coy, Brittany? You loved this dick.” he got her by the chin just so he could squeeze her cheeks together and make her do his favorite fishy face. “Aw hell, is that lesbian cunt the one up there? Don’t tell me you’re after those butchass bitches when you can have a real dick. Jeeze!” -Britt 04:25 Feb 17

Jane: Jane took the panch in the face and staggered back, shaking her head and glancing over at Britt. "She’s already chose me over him once… Hey fuckface, I’m the one who cocksocked you." she took waved at Roy before squaring her shoulders and circling. There were too many distractions, Jane needed for focus and flay to her strengths and that meant… she stepped forwards and Aimed a kick right at the bitch’s face, it she wasn’t following the rules then neither was Jane, the kick was followed by another and another. Face, stomach, face, throat knee. Keep her guessing where they were aimed. -04:27 Feb 17 Jane

Dodge. Dodge. Dodge. Kim finally just caught Jane’s arm and flung her back bodily. But it seems she was getting irritated with this interuption too, because she was signalling to Jane that she was done and then moving over to the ropes to lean and scowl at said interuption. “Hey, you shit. Maybe you should stop picking on little girls and screwing up my fights.” -Britt 04:30 Feb 17

“Don’t be sore ’cause I rammed your twatgobbling face in the ring, Kimkong.” He was still pestering Britt, who was now trying to furiously swat at him and shove him to leave, and finding this the most hilarious thing on the planet. “You bitches done pretending you can fight, or can I get the ring now?” -Britt 04:36 Feb 17

Jane: And now the other girl was rushign to Britt’s rescue and Jane moved up to dive out of the ring and pull Britt away from both of them. "You masoginistic…" even if she waas still a guy Jane would have seen red. They trained every day probably harder than this grinning douche did. "You can wait your turn like everyone else…" Still… Jane needed to kept away from him. "Don’t worry Kim I’m sure he’s just jealous that he can’t look half as good as you do…" wait.. did she just say that? -04:40 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Why do you have to be such an asshole!" complained Britt. She put herself nice and safely behind Jane. She had already tried slapping the shit out of him before, and that entertained him way too much. -04:48 Feb 17 Britt

Kim rolled her eyes at Roy, but for Jane she smiled real wide. That compliment wasn’t missed. “You know what they say. Big mouth, little dick.” She swung herself out of the ring, taking off her gloves and snatching up her towel and bag that were waiting nearby. “I’m done for today. Give me a call, Jane. I’d love a private spar without all of the distractions.” -Britt 04:48 Feb 17

Roy made a pfffting sound and a snort. “How about I give you a turn, JANE? You’re a real bad bitch when you cheap shot a guy, but you’re not shit in the ring.” -Britt 04:48 Feb 17

Jane: Jane wasn’t about to pass up a chance to take a punch at that face. "Really? I’ve just gone three rounds, if I’m so bad and have that kind of handicap wouldn’t any fighter worth thier salt want to fight someone who’d be more fun? You know a challenge, unless you’re a coward who picks on easy targets to win." Jane was still confident she could beat him so she hopped right up into the ring and grabbed the rest of her water to pound it down. "Bring it." -04:57 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "I don’t think this is a good idea!" warned Britt. Not that she didn’t think Jane could handle herself. But she DID just have a few fights, and in the ring it was a LOT different. -05:03 Feb 17 Britt

“Don’t worry Brittany, I won’t mess up her good parts. We need ’em for later, right?” he chortled, climbing up on the ring and rolling his shoulders. “Tell you what, how about I let you go without gloves? Make shit a little more fair for the weaker sex, huh?” -Britt 05:03 Feb 17

Jane: Jane shook her head. "You either respect me as a fighter or you’re not really one yourself. No handicaps and a clean fight." she dropped the empty bottle out of the ring. She was going to use her feet anyway, and trainers were a lot less padded than gloves. -05:10 Feb 17 Jane

“Just trying to give you a chance.” he laughed and shrugged. Roy pulled on his gloves, since he didn’t want to KILL a girl. He punched them together when he was ready. “Let’s see you put that pretty mouth to the money, bitch!” -Britt 05:15 Feb 17

Jane: She got loose and stepped into the center of the ring and waited for him to get ready before circling and then jabbed. She wasn’t going to give him a chance to talk, ever time his lip so much as twitched she attacked or fiented but this was going to be tricky. He had wieght and reach on her… -05:29 Feb 17 Jane

Roy took the hit like it was nothing. And like SHE was nothing, instead of punching, he pushed forward and his elbow flung out with all his weight behind it to crack her in the face. -Britt 05:33 Feb 17

Jane: She danced out the way before sending a kick at his face on the same side that his arm was out of position on, the same comdo that had worked on the second opponent only without getting behind her first. He was heaavier adn that meant slower… usually. -05:35 Feb 17 Jane

Roy took that kick too. It even split his lip a little bit, but all he did was grin smugly. He opened up his arms, leaving his chest and stomach exposed to any hits she wanted to make. “Can’t you hit harder than that, bitch? Just like a fucking girl! All blah blah blah but still hits like a kitten!” He kept pushing and stepping forward, herding her towards a corner. -Britt 05:40 Feb 17

Britt: "Jane!" As always he was fucking around, Britt knew it cause she could recognize it. Now she was covering her eyes. No wait, she HAD to watch, Jane was a badass and would kick his ass! -05:41 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She scanned his body, he was tenced and read to absorb punishment but there were several weak points that were impossible to protect that way. Knees, genitals, and throat. Only one of those were a legal target… she moved to the side ducked under his arms and sint the ball of her foot sailing into the side of his knee before dancing away. If she could do that a few time he’d be hobbling rather than walkign and she’d be able to finish him off. -05:50 Feb 17 Jane

Roy groaned out loud through his teeth, but it didn’t wipe the smile off his face. Probably because he DIDN’T play by the legal rules, so when she tried to bounce out of the way, he blocked it. By throwing his arm out to clothesline her right across the throat and shove her back towards the ring corner. That got followed up with a nasty punch to the stomach. -Britt 06:01 Feb 17

Jane: That… hurt and was against the rules. She swallowed and glared at him. "What happened to a clean fight?" she asked through clenched teeth. She was cornered but just because he played dirty doesn’t mena she would. Her pride was on the line. Tackling him would be useless anyway he was heavier, and a ground fight could only go one way. Attacking his privates would only give him ammunition later. She lashed out, shoulder, knee, chest, face, temple, ear, neck, knee, hip… aiming to cause buising, slow down him down and make it painful for him to move, but she was tiring… -06:07 Feb 17 Jane

He probably laughed, but it was hard to tell with him taking hits and keeping his body tense. He rarely swung out to hit her, but when he did, it was a solid breath-taking punch right in the side stomach. Right in the same damn spot every time. Finally when she tried to swing another kick, he grabbed her leg and flung her behind him. Using the lack of balance to get her on the floor. He pinned her stomach-down on the floor with all his weight holding her head down and the position… a little crude! Roy socked her in the side. “Awww yeah, I think I like you like this. I bet you like a good hard THRUST-” he grunted and punched her side again. -Britt 06:15 Feb 17

Britt: "STOP IT! GET OFF HER, YOU SLIMEY SHIT!" Britt thought Jane had him, but like always he was stronger than he looked and a huge douchebag bully about it. She grabbed one of the ropes and tried to climb herself up in to the ring, and was doing to kick him right in the jewels. -06:16 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She should have seen it coming… really she shoulder have and now his pull wieght was on her and now it was a ground fight. She growled in frustration trying to thing of a way out of this… He was too far back to elbow or punch and… wait… "Time to see if this female flaxibility is worth anything." she hissed before flattneing herself agaist the ground complete and with all her strength… her legs came up behind him and both feet hooken on his throat and she have a grunt of triumph pulled with off her might to throw him backwards before pulling away and kicking him square in the side a few times before pushing hiself up and turning before… she staggered and fell against the ropes. The move that freed her also pulled a muscle and her side, the muscles were dead. She rased a hand, rolling until her back was against them and brough the other one up to form a T for time out. -06:25 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "YES! FUCK YOU ROY!" she shrieked. As far as she was concerned this fight was good and over! -06:32 Feb 17 Britt

“SonofaBITCH!” he cursed. For him it was WASN’T over and the dumb bitch wasn’t going to get to pussy out. She WANTED this fight, she was going to get the full deal. He was to his feet and on her like lighting. Relentless slamming punches with full force, to the head, to the sides, anywhere unguarded and open to assault. He was bigger and stronger, and he made sure to prove it. -Britt 06:32 Feb 17

Jane: All she had wanted was a break before continuing. She couldn’t stand, she could barely move and his attacks landed easier. "Time… ow…" she was pinned agaist the ropes and couldn’t escape and evantually her body slipped though two of them, her head cracking on the floor below while her foot remained tangled leaving her hanging upside down, limp and unmoving. -06:36 Feb 17 Jane

Roy spit to the side when he stepped back. He wiped his mouth and that smug grin returned. “Maybe you oughta come back to guys, Brittany. A pussy will always be a pussy.” He hopped out of the ring and strutted away. -Britt 06:43 Feb 17

Britt: "Nunununu, Jane." And here was EXACTLY why Britt didn’t approve of fighting EVER. No matter how hot it was to watch, when it got nasty, people got HURT! She rushed over to untangle Jane’s leg, then she was very carefully tapping at her cheek to make sure she was concious. "Baby, hey baby… please, pleeeease don’t need a hospital. Tell me you’re okay?" -06:43 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked and put a hand on Britt’s shoulder. "It’s assholes like that that give the sport a bad name." she muttered before closing her eyes. I’m fine… just… shower. That bath sounds great about now." she did not feel bad about losing, she had stuck to the rules. She re-opened her eyes and petted Britt’s cheek. "Unless I look like I have concussion… either way can you help me up?" -06:49 Feb 17 Jane

Verge 002: Our Mission

[Charlotte Kristoff looks like she didn’t get any sleep. And it’s true, because she spent the entire night studying the plans for Lightbringer and the files of her chief crew. ] -12:02 Jan 04
[Andrew Sharpe Is sitting to the captain’s rightm as always a folder of papers in front of him that he is paging through as he waits for things to kick off.] -12:04 Jan 04
Charlotte Kristoff: She made sure everyone was present and settled, before she got to it. It was important that all of the people that needed to work closely with her would hear what she had to say. Her fingers tapped lightly on the table until she was satisfied. Then Charlotte stood and cleared her throat, tugging her jacket down slightly to straighten it. "I know that calling a staff meeting immediately has delayed our launch a bit, but this was necessary. I’m aware most of you have heard the rumor. That my position as captain was bought. That I didn’t earn it, don’t have the experience for it, and don’t deserve it. Well. That is correct and completely true. However, as you get to know me, you will see none of that matters. I will do everything in my power to make Lightbringer shine, and it will only be done with your help." -12:14 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: A smug look passed over his features as he sat and watched. "You dont have to worry aabout us missing our launch window. Lt. Briggs has been left crear instructions and we’ll be ready in time." The captain hadn’t issued a single order yet relating to the launch and Sharpe would be damned if he let her showboating delay it. It was probably the last thing he’d be in charge of with the trust fund baby around and he was going to see it was done right with or without him being able to be there personally. The dark shadows under his eyes spoke volumes about the extra time he had put into it. -12:19 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You can wipe that look off your face now, Lt. Sharpe. We know who is running this ship." she quiped sharply. He had a right to feel jilted, but she wasn’t going to let him be a pain in her ass. Charlotte cleared her throat again. "After we make content with the Phoenix, we will have a mission. One given straight from Admiral Christov. I will be unable to tell you the nature of this mission until after we have left the station, however I would like to be sure we are as prepared as possible. Lt. Kyle…" she paused, leaning over the table to open up a folder where she jotted down notes in the night. "I like the way you have set your security detail, it’s savvy and thurough. I would like you to use that cleverness in cooporation with Maintenance to survey the areas I have marked here and make some more… creative security measures." she pushed the folder across the table. The areas marked were places people rarely to almost never traveled within the ship. Extra notes were written about places that looked like they could be breached from the outside. "These are not areas for typical attacks, but we will not be facing the typical." -12:30 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: she took the map and looked it over before sliding it over to another man, rugged looking with long hair and an unshaved face but his eyes were quick as he scanned the document. By creative security measures you mean traps, remotely activatable by security teams? She would have added an example but that one was on a strictly need to know basis. "You’re acting like you expect us to be boarded." she didnt like the sounds of that. -12:35 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Samuel Colt: "This is doable." the man said. "I will make a list of usefull supplies and add it to the requisition list we’ll be giving the Phoenix." despite his appearence he was a soft spoken man. "I’ll even make faisafes to prevent my teams triggering them accidentally." -12:37 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Our mission statement is to explore the verge of space and make contact with unknown alien species. Some of those species are going to be hostile. Lightbringer has already encountered problems with raiders. We want to cover the worst case scenario." Charlotte opened a second folder. "On that note, Dr. Chao, they say you have been working on a new technology for language translation. I’m eager to hear more about this." -12:50 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Jun Chao: He didn’t look willing to answer at first, but after a glance at Lt. Sharpe he slowly nodded his head. "Our current means of xenotranslations are done via sound waves, and was aided in development by Thorn Desoto and Engineer Colt. There is an adapter fitted for the ear, takes the sound waves and matches them to our language databases. Of course, it is limited to the languages we have on file. Excellent for communications with known species but useless in the face of a new race. My new technology, with aid of Dr. Steele of course, will be a mixture of nanotechnoloy and quickly adaptable microbes. We need volunteers for a human trial…" he trailed off. -12:50 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Um…!" Her voice was soft and quiet, and she sounded almost terrified to speak up. But she raised a hand just barely to try and catch attention. "I- I don’t recommend human trials just yet. There are… um. Complications." -12:54 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Jun Chao: "Minor problems that will not be an issue in human trials." he insisted, casting the woman across the table a heavy glare. -12:56 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: She shrunk in her seat. "…aside from the brain exploding when the nanites mimic the microbes and try to reproduce. But… it is a very good idea we are still developing?" -12:56 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: Andrew steepled his fingers. Captain… meet our scientists. They love their jobs but don’t let larger and better equiped laboratories on earth do the testing of their theories." -12:58 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: That’s all she needed. The crew’s brains exploding from medical testing. "Commendable, but risky. Test your new technology further before we allow human testing. Unless we take on raider prisoners, then I might be convinced to let you have one for sport." Charlote opened up one last folder. "Finally, Dr. Griffiths. I expect you will be working closely with Dr. Steele, especially in the event we take on more alien races as visiting passengers. Or in the events their medical studies go strangely arry." she added looking up with a hint of mirth. "If there is nothing else, I might allow Lt. Sharpe to take over. You’ve been waiting so patiently." -01:06 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Hanna Griffiths: she seemed to have been waiting for be spoken to because her entire face lit up. "Oh Dr. Steele has alwasy been very helpful. Whenever the cuties need help and the Dr. doesn’t qhite know what to do I’m alwasy there!" she bounced in her seat and grinned. "Last time we discovered that the main component of Selerion blood filtration of done by aa tiny sack just behind the brain. Fascinating! All the filtered toxins, bacteria and excess hormines is then used in the production of thier venom." -01:11 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Jun Chao: "If we are going to state important business and issues. The woman is an endless source of distraction and obnoxiousness. I would prefer if Dr. Griffiths kept her work out of my offices. My interest in aliens begins with linguistics only. The weeping anal passages of a lovesick marume is more than I can tolorate." -01:15 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Hanna Griffiths: "But… they communicate with pheremones as well as sound." she huffed "You would never have been able to have Colt make that slemm generator without my input." her pout was as enourmour as her usual, very very creepily thorough reports. -01:19 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: "…she really has been very useful..?" Katarin chimed in softly, pushing a set of glasses up her nose. -01:23 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Jun Chao: "Yet I would have progressed with our nanite translators for beyond just the testing stages if you hadn’t blown in to the labs screeching like a harpy. The equiptment is incredibly sensitive and you-" -01:24 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "I believe I understand the point now. Let’s make sure everyone respects the space of others, as well as their invaluable contributions." Charlotte didn’t know why it even needed to be said. Wait, of course she did. This was the very root of politicking. She would have to control this crew before she could even attempt to bridge a bond with alien species. She rubbed at her temple. "Lt. Sharpe…" -01:24 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Dr. Griffiths, we know you are enthusiastic about your work but the other scientists have work to do they care just as deeply about as you do yours, I have invited you numerous times to share your work with me in the lounge. I know Im not as highly educated as your colieges but alien biology fascinates me." he was obviously practiced and knew the people in the room well. "Yes Captain? -01:28 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: A smack to the head, that is all it would take. It would also be dreadfully inappropriate. There was an air of authority she was supposed to uphold. Charlotte took a long deep breath and smiled sweetly. "Since we seem to have a few complaints from the crew, I believe I will put you in charge of hearing them as you know them best. You can then write me a very detailed report and will make sure all of their greviences are attended to from a fresh and unbiased perspective." -01:33 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He folded his hands together and leaned back. "Of course, Captain." Maybe he should just transfer off when they got the the phoenix, there was time before they left… -01:40 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She swallowed the smugness. Charlotte was probably a terrible person for responding to him like this, but well. Maybe she was her mother’s daughter after all. She cleared her throat one last time, gathering up her folders and stacking them. "Well then. If no one else has anything of importance to add, you are all dismissed. Lets hope for a smooth launch and route to the Phoenix." -01:46 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff

SHORTLY AFTER THE MEETING! -Charlotte Kristoff 01:53 Jan 04

Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte was not up to speed with everyone else, and she knew it. Lt. Sharpe had this launch in order, but when the left the Phoenix, she was going to HAVE to step up and take over. She was marching her way towards the bridge, a churning in her stomach and a little voice in the back of her head screaming to just resign while she still had the chance. She wouldn’t be welcomed back in the militaty after shooting down this job, but maybe she could go in to shipping. Her teeth was near grinding. -01:53 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Captain… if you have a moment I need you to sign something." He was waiting for her with an expressionless face and the folder he never seemed to be without, in his other hand he was holding out a pen to her. "Just one final order of bussiness before we launch." he did not want to do this but with everythign going on he had to or he might ruin his career by doing something stupid and then where would he be? -01:56 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "We have the launch. This couldn’t wait one more hour?" Of course not. Lt Sharpe ran everything by the book. She took the pen and then the folder. It only took a quick scan over the paperwork to see what he was after. For a second her pen hovered over the signature line. Then she snapped the folder shut, and seemed to be taking a great deal of willpower to keep her expression, and then her voice under control. "You’re going to leave your ship." -02:02 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He put his hand over the folder to reopen it. "It’s not my ship." he said flatly. "It’s your ship as you have made abundantly clear. I will oversee the launch, the trials and the recibrations and then I will take a shuttle to the Phoenix, Lt. Briggs will become second in command and everyone will live happily ever after." she was a hint of sour sarcasm in his voice. "I do not feel like we can work together and it is in the best interest of everyone on board to have a smooth chain of command so I am requesting a transfer." -02:06 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "A ship that even -I- have admitted does not belong to me. So what it sounds like to me is that you’re a bitter coward, willing to throw a vessel and a crew at the mercy of a potentially inept captain, because you can’t handle watching someone else be in charge." Charlotte didn’t know what she was more pissed off about. The fact he was going to let her crash and burn, or the fact he was going to let his crew go down too. Where was the honor and glory in that..! "…Fine. Fine." She pulled away from him and angrily scribbled down her signature, snapped the folder shut and shoved it back him. "I’ll make it work without you." -02:13 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I have watched three other captains be in charge and I served them just fine." he retorted snatching the folder back. "I am not in this for glory, captain. I just want to serve humanity and I can better do that under a captain who doesn’t throw thier wieght around in a petty and unessisary manner just to needlessly prove that they are the boss and not caring about how that looks to the crew who need two things from thier captain. Trust that they will perform thier duties and to be someone they can believe in. Now I will go and oversee the final launch proceedures." -02:18 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "YOU told me the crew needed to have faith in me and trust that I can run this ship, and now you’re pissy because I am doing my best to show that I’m taking this command seriously and I’m not just here as a pompous figurehead?" She was a soldier and a pilot and her first instint was to take a swing at him and bugger all the consequences! Charlotte squeezed her hands shut and tried not to raise her voice any higher. That resulted in her talking through her teeth. "If you want to serve humanity you support the people who are honestly trying, over soothing your stupid ego." -02:24 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: She had alreaady signed the paper so he didn’t have any reason to hold back. "I tried that with the last person who bought thier way into a position. They tried to play the hero and that got themselves and a good portion of the crew killed. I am not talkign about Colt, he was a good man but I will not be put on trial for another person’s mistakes. You captain are a mistake waiting to happen and its the Sharpe that always takes the fall." Like what had happened to his father and his sister. "It’s not my ego I’m worried about, it’s my career." -02:31 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Your career is already fucked by beaurocrats and polititians. Did you think I didn’t dig deeper than the files they gave me? You are blackmarked for the rest of your life for what your granddad did. Every where you go, you are going to get the ass end of every stick. Screwing me and this ship over isn’t going save you." Somewhere during that spat she lost all the steam to be angry with him. It was sad and shitty, and the world she tried to get away from. Charlotte was in the same sort of boat, for entirely different reasons. She pinched the bridge of her nose. "You have the right idea of doing something different, but it’s not in leaving Lightbringer. You worked hard for this, don’t be a dumbass." -02:38 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "My grandfather saved the lives of his men. He had no idea reinforcement were only a week away. He fought longer than anyone else on Eden and the body count was close to 20 to one in our favor. He did not desurve to be courtmarshaled and left to rot." so it was true, his career was ruined before it even began. With a surge of adrenaline he tore the folder in half threw it to the floor. -02:44 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Relief! Not that he couldn’t still quit. She rubbed the side of her temple and took a deep breath to try and calm her frayed nerves again. This command was going to be a wild up and down ride, she just knew it. "…That’s the spirit. We don’t have to like each other, but I am not your enemy. I want this mission to work. I want the people on board to be safe. I definitely don’t want to die doing it. We have a ship to launch." she brushed passed him, but stopped before reaching the doors. "You can trust me, számú. I know who this ship rightfully belongs to." -02:50 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: Like that meant a damn thing. Wordlessly he followed her onto the bridge and stood at ease overseeing the crew gathered there. Are you going to give a speech?" he asked "Or do we simply proceed to the beacon." on Kristoff’s other side the figure of Val shimmered into existance. -03:03 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Val: "Ready for your order, captain, but I think the Leutennant forgot something. Are you distracted?" -03:05 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: "Right… the weapons trials. Before we jump there are a few old ships lined up ass target dummies. We are to destroy them to test out our new targeting and weapons systems." -03:07 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I don’t believe anyone here wants to listen to another boring speach by a new captain." she smirked. "Well then, let’s get this light show going. Weapons online, please." She might have been smirking on the outside, but she was a bucket of nerves on the inside. If she could sit in the pilot’s chair and fly the damn ship, she’d be happy. Standing stiff with her hands clasped behind her back and trying to seem like she knew what she was doing was a huge pain in the ass. "Lock targets on the closest vessels. Lt. Sharpe, if you’ll give the firing orders…" -03:13 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: She was obviously nearvous so he decided, this once to go easy on her. "We should leave the docking birth first." he said in a low voice. "Launch, then shoot?" no one else heard him except maaaybe Val. "If you give the order fast enough it will look like you were just prepairing things." -03:16 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She cleared her throat and nodded. First mistake before even leaving the dock. Charlotte was going to have to make sure Lt. Sharpe wouldn’t quit. There was no way she was going to survive this. "Yes. Launch! Commence firing the moment we’ve cleared the birth. Let them see what we an do on the move." -03:20 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: The ship roareed to life and as instructed Andrew took charge. "What kind of read do we have on targets?" "Three reading hostile. Picking them clear as daylight, sir." Gice me a long range burst on the furthest one to test how we do then turn B and C turrets to fire on the closest, record the damaage they do from a singe shot each and then tear the hulk to pieces. For the other O want you to target engines and weapons only. See how we thread the needle." The lightly constructed cruiser shook and lurched as the heavy guns fired causing him to grip the hand rail, they were a LOT bogger than the old ones. -03:27 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Just listening to him bark orders, she knew whomever agreed to put her as captain of this ship was an idiot. A huge idiot. And these were the people running Earth Nation. Charlotte had great balance and the only betrayal that she felt the ship move was the shifting of her foot as she transfered her weight. "Impressive. I haven’t seen weapons fire from a vessel this large before. Packs quite a bit more punch than a small fighter." She smirked wide. -03:31 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: His mind was elsewhere ans he opened a channel on his wrist rig. "Colt, how are we doing? everythign holding up alright?" Another salvo shook the ship and the closest target dummy slowly broke apart, the forwards section performing a ballet away from the rest of the ship. "Well enough. The extra struts we put in are doing the job and preventing her from bending too much. I have a few improvments in mind. Theyll be in my report." Andrew cut off the link and looked back out the viewport. "I’m still worried they might be too much for our structure. We’re built for speed so a lot of shortcuts were taken to save wieght. When they added the heaavy guns he partially rebuilt a lot of the main structure to deal with the extra strain… But that measn were slower than we used to be. With upgraded engines we wouldnt be… but those wern’t in the budget." -03:38 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Getting clever with these new weapons system might make up with the lack of speed." Or taking advantage of her position. Her mother wanted her to work politics for her… Charlotte could make some requests of her own. This made her smile all the wider. She may not have the experience of commanding a ship, but she knew exactly how to get what they needed when they needed it. -03:46 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Good cleaan hits… targeting system seems to be working." he opened the chennel agaain. "Ammo loaders all working correctly?" "Guns are still firing, aren’t they I have no problems reported." "Good we should be ready to head to the beacon then." -03:48 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
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[Charlotte Kristoff thinks a launch party is a little premature, especially since most of the crew seems to hate her. >:[ She didn’t approve this!] -01:12 Jan 18
[Andrew Sharpe ] -01:12 Jan 18
Charlotte Kristoff: There were quite a few things that needed to be done, and they weren’t technically on mission until after the dock and supply with the Phoenix. Throw in the huge amount of things she needed to learn… a party was not a good idea. And it wouldn’t have happened if she had KNOWN Emelia Kyle was going to slap one together quicker than Charlotte could blink. It was too late to shut it down now, though, as Charlotte needed to win over the crew. So despite her better judgement, she was heading down the hall. -01:18 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff

The officer’s lounge was packed, with more than just officers. With Val handlinng the navogation of the ship though a routine rout it seemed that bridge staff and engineers were invoted too. -Andrew Sharpe 01:22 Jan 18

Emelia Kyle: "You made it!" as soon ass she entered the captain got a vodka martini with lemon pushed into her hands. "Not as your chief od security I recommend you go and tell partpooper over there to loosen up." She pointed to there the 1st leutenant was sitting at a table, fingers in his ears poaring over the latest engineering report. -01:24 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She would be doing the name as the leuitenant if she didn’t have to boost up her likability. Of course, he was probably going to be irritating about this too. Charlotte frowned and took a sip of the drink. "I’m not sure he knows how to do that. Honestly, I should be going over reports myself but you’re so charmingly hard to refuse." -01:28 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "Hey watch it with the tongue, you’ve already had me in makeup once and my heart couldn’t bear for it to happen again." Charlotte got a tight tap on the butt before being pushed towards the table my Kyle’s squat strong frame. "He wasn’t like this before the promotion situation and the only one who can fix this is you." -01:32 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Gratuitous touching was too much for Charlotte, even if she did have a silver tongue. There was a stubborn pursing of her lips and a refusal to move before she finally caved with an internal sigh. "He has no desire to be cooporative, but if it will get you to stop prodding…" She straighted, and as smoothly as she could made her way to the leiutenants table. …Trying to think of something that wasn’t sarcastic or along the lines of glad to see you haven’t quit yet was proving to be difficult. "…Your Security Chief could make a very good job for herself in politics." -01:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: Looking not too comfortable with the crowd of people, Katarin tugged gently at Lr Kyle’s sleeve. "Uhm…" -01:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Not my chief." he said without looking befiore turning a page in the report. "Ninth lateral bulkhead needs further bracing…" he wrote a note in the margins before looking up. last time the greeted an alien it was with her fist, almost broke the high chanselor’s visor… you do not want to see what oxygen does to Petch. If she was in politics what the othe races though of us would be fully justified. That we’re upstarts. Newcomers on the galaxtic scene but already want to be in charge of everything and willing to go to war to get it. That’s why they fear us, the old races don’t like change… Besides she’s happier when she gets to hold a shotgun. Here for my report? I’m afraid it isn’t finished yet."" -01:47 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: She was watchign the captain go with a small sigh and was about to reach for another drink before she was interupted. "Hmm… Kat?" She grabbed two drinks from the tray and handed one to the egghead before downing hers. "Kindof in the middle of something… preventing a civil war…" -01:51 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You don’t seem to understand the concept of an icebreaker." she muttered, biting back some harsher comments. Charlotte slipped in to a chair beside him, painting an amiable expression on her face. "Which leads me to wonder, how are your communications with foreign ambassadors? Do you know how to bend and smile at all?" -01:58 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Ah hum… well." Katarin blinked at the drink thrust in her hand and shifted uncomfortably on her feet. "It’s… um… not really important. I just. Are you friends with the new Captain…" -01:58 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "My record on inter-species diplomacy is all in my file. I greet them, I appologize in advance for any faux pas and then I speak to them keeoing in mid everything we know about thier culture. I may have trained as an engineer but I know how to talk to people… My uncle… sortof… was the captain of one of the old cartographer class ships…" he pushed a hand drawn diagram on the back of one of the pages of the report towards her. "We need to brace the hull further, any damage to our interiour structure will render us unable to fire our forwards gun for fear of the recoil breaking us in half. It should take us three days with the help of the phoenix… I of course need to run this proposal past our chief engineer." -02:04 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Friends? I guess… she seems nice enough… strait as a nail though…" -02:07 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte went ahead and swallowed that entire vodka martini. Maybe letting him quit would have been the better idea. Still, another deep breath and a patient pleasant expression. Her finger tapped on the picture. See. He was important. "Then I’ll approve this immediately once you have it worked out. Our top priority will be protecting this ship and everyone inside, especially with the nature of our first mission." She eyed him carefully, tapping her fingers on the table again. "DO you actually know how to talk to people, or do you just know the scripts you are supposed to recite?" -02:15 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: A bit of confusion crossed her features, but she shook her head and resumed tugging gently at the security chief’s sleeve. "I need more funding for new equiptment and um… Lt. Sharpe has been so cranky, I don’t want to ask him? Will you ask the Captain..?" -02:15 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He shrugged. "Is there a difference? If the scripts are written or unwritted they’re still there. What is appropriate to was in what social situation and what isn’t." he pulled the page back and slotted it into the file. "Good evenign captain, I am very happy you made it to the party. It must be exciting to launch your maiden voyage in command of a capital ship. I remember my first time on an explorer…" he smiled, his face the picture of bliss. "But please… tell me of your plans for your ship, and crew. Did you get your wrist rig I left in your quarters?" he sighed. "Scripts…" -02:22 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Bit late now… we won’t be seeing another human dock for months and I’m reaaaaally not in the research team so I have no authority to ask for you… but Ill tell you whaat. You get me a list of what you need and Ill make sure she gets it one way or the other." -02:24 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You only smile when you’re talking about a ship." she noted out loud. Her glasses got pushed aside on the table and now she was focusing her full attention on her irritating first mate. If she at least won HIM over it would be easier to control the rest of the crew. "I did, thank you. And my plans… For right now, I would just like to make sure everyone is taken care of. This wasn’t where I intended to go in my career, I didn’t have ambitions. I’ll have to figure it out as we go." she leaned a little bit closer. "I am not a fan of scripts and expectations, Leuitenant. I would prefer if you spoke what you actually think. At least to me." -02:36 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Thank you!" There was a bounce and a quick hug, which resulted in the spilling of her drink. Katarin did not seem to mind and now she was at least giving a small smile and slightly more relaxed. At least until she remembered the OTHER. "Oh, but… there was something else I was supposed to tell you." she mumbled softly. -02:36 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "You’re just like my sister." he said, flatly not explaining the comparison. "And if you’re not a fan then you’re in the frong bussiness. The first script they teach you when you sign on is "Yes sir." after all… but if you want me to put then away for the night… then get me a drink." -02:46 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Ugh…" this was one of two dresses she owned and now there was a spill on it. Good thing she never wore them. "Then say it…" this was work… it had to be work? Whhat was it, a punch up below decks? Another rat fights betting circle? -02:48 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "If things had gone my way, számú, you would be Captain of this ship, and I would be piloting a fighter ship on the verge." she rose from her seat, pausing to lean on the table a grin. "But seeing as I am here, I will be the best Captain anyone has ever seen until the day you kill and replace me. Now what would you like to drink?" -02:54 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Aaaahm, um. Weeeeeell." The glass twist in her hands as she squirmed and wrestled with the words. Her face scrunched up and finally, with a loud huff, she inched close to the chief to lean and whisper very quietly. "Mr. Desoto told me to give you a message, but it’s really really dirty…" -02:54 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He rolled his eyes. Murder of a superious officer would get me spaced. I’m not dumb enough to take on Ms. Kyle over it. And brandy." He picked up the report and slid it into a bag before sitting back and looking at the cieling. This part was a waste of time. He needed those modificatiosn designed and prepped before they arived at the edge fo human space. -02:57 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Oh… well then you can keep it to yourself." she said And Im sorry you had to hear it. She wasn’t interested in desoto’s drunken love letters, they’d most likely earn him another week in the hole. -02:58 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Brandy." she repeated. At least he had good taste in drinks, though Charlotte doubted that would pull the stick out of his a- She went ahead and stopped her own thoughts, and headed off towards the bar to order those drinks. There was no reason why couldn’t make this work! -03:05 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "B-but… he said if I don’t tell you, that I would be invited instead." And that was truly terrifying to Dr. Steele as she had a very hard time telling someone no, and Thorn Desoto was especially persistent. -03:05 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: Ignore him, Doctor. If he tried to touch you I’ll break his arms and throw him in a cell." her tone was one of irritation. "There’s nothign dirty that drunk has to say that I want to hear and if he tries anythign with you tell me and Ill make sure the only ones who touch him are two my my burliest marines." -03:21 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: She was at least soothed by that, but still shifted awkwardly. "Right, yes. Oh, but no! Mr. Desoto never touches, he is very gentlemanly to me. But! Um… well. Hesaidhewantsyoutocometohisplaceforabeastinspectionandbeastapparentlymeansvagina!" she blurted out quickly. As a Doctor she had plenty of experience with genitalia, but there were just certain kinds of imagines and phrases she could really do without. -03:26 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: From nowhere there was a knife in her hands and a wicked grin on her face. "So he wants me to give him one since there’s no way he’s inspecting mine? That I might be up for… Just as quick as it appeared the blade disappeared. "Next time you see him you can appologize from me and explain that I’m a lesbian?" -03:35 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: From nowhere there was a knife in her hands and a wicked grin on her face. "So he wants me to give him one since there’s no way he’s inspecting mine? That I might be up for… Just as quick as it appeared the blade disappeared. "Next time you see him you can appologize from me and explain that I’m a lesbian?" -03:36 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: Doctor Steele made no mention of that knife, even though she was certain it wasn’t allowed and it made her a tiny bit concerned for the security chief’s mental state. She nodded, though, finding this idea of explaining very interesting. "Oh yes, that might be good. His um, education, seems to be lacking in basic sexual attraction sciences. I fear Mr. Desoto doesn’t know lesbians exist." -03:46 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: A glass of scotch and a glass of brandy in hand, Charlotte managed to regain her practiced smile enough to return to the ever-so-surly leuitenant. Probably in the nick of time, because she spotted Mr. Desoto sneaking in, and of course his first direction was the bar. Charlotte slid back in to her seat next to Sharpe and plopped his glass in front of him. "Drink fast. I am very interested to see what you’re like when you’re not obssessing." -03:52 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He held his nose and the drink was gone in an instant and the glass was slid back at the captain. "I get the feeling that you’d rather be sifting through reports too." he remarked. "Get yours done with and I’ll get the next round." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the drink worked into his system. "Maybe we can get work out of both our minds and I can learn somethign about you." -03:58 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "He’s a drunk and drunk never listen… speak of the devil… so much fro having a night off." she had been about to ask if the xenolinguist was talkign from experience but with the arival on engineer Desoto she knew she was going to have a work night after all. "Well… no more drinks for me." -04:00 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I know how to follow orders. Giving orders is an entirely different concept. My pre-military education focused more on the arts of persuasion." She brought her glass to her lips and with a quick smirk was able to swallow it’s contents in a split second. She gingerly set it down, giving him a smug grin. "There is nothing interesting to me, Leuitenant. What you see is all there is." -04:11 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: Mister Thorn Desoto was already drunk, but generally he ALWAYS was. He just hid it better when it was important. Beer was his drink of choice today and as he leaned against the bar chugging the glass, for once he wasn’t perusing the room like some sort of predator. He was tense and very focused on his drink. Make that second drink. He was ordering another. -04:11 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "I… could give him a sedative? I think I have one on me." she padded her lab coat gently looking to see if she had any of the syringes in her pockets. They always ended up in there by accident. -04:11 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: In my expeience when people say that they never mean it… they just think they do…" he collected the glasses and stood before moving towards the bar. -04:14 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "No, he’s allowed to be here tonight, if he tries anything though I’ll take care of him…" with a sigh of a potnesially nice night ruined she slipped into a chair and rested her hand on her chin. "Should have kicked him out of the airlock just before we undocked… they hes be Ithica’s problem…" -04:16 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Mister Desoto is not too bad. Um, well, when he is himself." Finally she realized she still had a drink in her hand and took a sip. Katarin made a face and plopped down in to a seat too. Though she was not one for social interaction, it was only polite to finish her drink. "I need to crack his brain open, but I really can’t do that without new medical equiptment." she sulked. -04:26 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: Glass number two was gone. He was holding up his fingers for number three when he noticed the leuitenant stoping at the bar. "You don’t drink." he chuckled. Then the laugh got a little dark. "I didn’t drink. Buy me one too, ‘drew! Somethin’ hard." -04:26 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I do tonight." he said before motionign for the barman to get the engineer a drink. "I need it to deal with the captain." he sighed, knowing he was being too hard on her. "And Thorn… don’t cause trouble tonight. I need to keep you here and I cant do that if the captain thinks you’re a liability. Okay?" he picked up his glasses and made sure Thorn got his. Hear me??" -04:33 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "I hear th… crack open his what? I know he’s a pain but please tell me you’re not serious…" she gaave the egghead aa look. Too much time in the lab? Seeing people as specimins? -04:35 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Oh uhm! Uuuuhm." Katarin shut her mouth quickly. Or rather, occupied it by drinking her drink as quickly as possible. "uhm.. ooh, these work fast. So, silly me! Patient records are confidential of course, not that he has um, anything weird on his record or anything. I mean he drinks a lot so of course there are accidents. It’s not like I have to open up his brain for any reasons!" -04:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "Some days are harder than others." he muttered, almost soberly. He picked up the glass of hard liquor and swallowed it one go. After a brief moment his features seemed to relax. He cast the leuitenant a hopeless grin. "Oy? Don’t be so worried, eh! Not a Cap’n has fired me yet and this one’s all loose and shit…" He leeeaaaned to the side taking a good look at the two drinks Sharpe held. "Heh, yeah, I like a lady that likes her booze. Tell ‘er I’ll have a drink wit her when she gets bored of you." -04:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He ignored the engineer, the man didn’t listen… not anymore. "Mr. Desoto sends his regards." he said sliding the Captain her drink and settling into his seat. "And since you want to talk… but not about work and have nothing to share… what do you want to talk about?" he took another sip before leaning back. "Or do you want more examples of Lt. Kyle’s flavor of diplomacy?" -05:00 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Riiight." he instincs were never wrong adn were screamign at her that there was somehting else going on here as the engineer actually mentally ill.. she would have to talk with the captain about this. "Pacient records are not confidencial whrn they pose a risk to the safety of the ship. she said, as if casually pointing out a fact. Maybe there was a way to put the man on medical leave restricted to e bed somewhere! -05:03 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I’m sure he does." she commented breezily, despite the fact she was giving a good hard glance towards the man at the bar. The fact that Sharpe let the engineers behavior go on for so long spoke of other things under the surface. Eventually she would figure it out. Charlotte rest her elbows on the table, turning her gaze down at her drink. "For someone aiming to be the Captain of Lightbringer, you’re terrible at small talk. But alright, I’ll show you how they do it at the senate." she grinned, shifting in her seat and adjusted her tone. "Andrew, darling. You know I’m here to talk about you. An ambitious man like you should see an opportunity when it’s sitting right next to him." -05:12 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "As soon as he poses a threat to the ship, obviously we would have him detained in the medical lab. I mean we’d do that with anyone we think might be contagious or contamininated. But oh, he’s definitely not. He is perfectly healthy in almost every way! Well… I suppose his liver is taking some rather heavy damage now. I am incredibly surprised he hasn’t succombed to alcohol poisoning. Hmm, I should write that in my notes…" she was fumbling in her pockets again for the little black data journal she tended to carry. -05:12 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Ha! If you’re comming onto me you”ll have to work an angle other than sleeping my way to success." he said. "That is got they do ‘oppotunities’ in the senate, isn’t it?" he shook his head. "Captain, my family has been in space ever since the Mars Incident. Served in the fleet as long as it’s existed… there’s probably even less to say about me than there is about you. Despite what you say about me… I rally do hope that you can beat the curse…" -05:27 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Ugh!" the groan was louder than it needed to be, but god dammit. Charlotte leaned back in her seat, took a drink and found it very hard not to look cross. "Why do men immediately jump right to sexual favors when a woman is involved. As if it doesn’t occur to any of you that we have a lot more to offer." She might have decided their working relation was going to be beyond repair, but he mentioned that curse. Her fingers tapped on the rim of her glass. "Ignoring your family history, I find your role and relationship with the people here very interesting. I suppose I am interested in people in general. A byproduct of being raised by a Senator I suppose. Anyway, I was wondering why a full investigation hasn’t been made. Isn’t it obvious that something odd is going on here?" -05:33 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I was just makign fun of politicians. I’m a navy man." he said. But it could be your brows… you have very flirty brows." he took a gulp from his drink. "About the curse? Some ships are just like that. People die or go missing in them and every death has been investigated and explained to the satisfaction of the inquiry board. This class of ship… they’re built to be fast and eficient and not stand up to a beating… they get old… bulkheads rust… beams sag… they’re very lightly built. Most of my time before you arived was spent havign every inch of her inspected and repaired. The new guns were the perfect excuse to get the money to do that. If you’re worried about a murderer orus having picked up something in out time in the unknown then… that is possible. It’s always possible but we’re careful." -05:41 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
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[Charlotte Kristoff feels there is more to it than rusty beams, but is a little thrown off by “flirty brows” whaaat?] -02:19 Feb 16
[Andrew Sharpe ] -02:23 Feb 16
Charlotte Kristoff: She decided not to comment on the part that irked her, but instead leaned forward on the table with a slight frown. "I’m aware it’s not an actual curse. I highly doubt we have a case of ghosts or something equally is outlandish. But I’d say the captains of this vessel have had a string of something and I don’t believe in bad luck." -02:28 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "You’ve never seen out on the verge…" he observed. "Trust me Captain, ghosts are far and away one of the least strange things you find out there." He clasped hsi hands together and looked at her, knowing full well that he was about to sound crazy. "Ever here of the bubble theory, Captain?" -02:32 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She left out a soft exasperated breath and had a wry expression on her face as she swallowed the last contents in her glass. "What’s out in the verge is dangerous, but likely a lot less mysterious than we all believe." she muttered and set her glass down. Her hands clasped together. "No. I haven’t heard of the bubble theory. What would that be, számú?" -02:36 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "It’s a centuries old theory about multiverses. That they’re all in bubbles and these bubbles are touchign each other." she reached out for his drink but didn’t break the flow of his explanation to take a sip. "And if you kept flying long enough you’d end up in the bubble next door. But the interesting thing is the laws of physics works differently from univrse to universe which means the bcloser to the borders between bubbles you get the stranger matter, time and everythign else behaves. Nothign he’ve built has even made it past the verge… whose to say that there’s not a neighboring bubble there?" -02:40 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "It would be arrogant for us to believe we’ve reached the end of our universe already." The theory sparked imagination, though. Charlotte’s studies were never in science and all she knew were the known facts. They were only just now starting to meet other species from other worlds. …And he had no idea yet that the verge was exactly where they would be headed. Her fingers tapped over the top of her empty glass again. "What do you believe?" -02:48 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He lifted his glass and paored a gulp down his throat. "I’m not a scientist, I’m an explorer." was the copout answer. "But I believe that the eggheads don’t have everythign as figured out as they think they do and that’s why we need to keep flyign ships out there, to find new things and survive to tell thier story… but strange things do happen int he Verge, Commander and we havn’t even scratched the surface of that place. Maybe it’s a good thing your first flight is a simple planetary survey." -02:53 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Hmm. If you can call this situation simple." she grumbled with some humor to her tone. There was good reason she wanted to stay in the military and not have to deal with political nonsense. It was going to turn this ship upside down and the crew would blame her. "I think another drink is in order, számú. Alcohol seems to do wonders for your personality." Charlotte was already rising from her seat. -03:04 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
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[Andrew Sharpe ] -03:31 Feb 16
Andrew Sharpe: "Your turn." he said drainging his glass and pushing it towards her. "These explorer ships grow on youm soon you won’t want to leave… and maybe you’ll learn her secrets." -03:31 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Does that mean you’re starting to like the idea of me sticking around?" Charlotte smiiiirked. But she took both their glasses and headed back to the bar for refills. Yes, he was a lot more relaxed with a little booze in him. Now if she could get him that way while he was working, they might be able to work together. -03:33 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "Issa record..!" Desoto slurred when the captain hit the bar. He threw an arm around her shoulder and leaned in trying to whisper, but his ‘whisper’ was more like hissed shouting. "I KNEW- I knew you were a party guuurl." he tapped his nose and spilled a bit of his beer on himself. "Hard stuff. ‘drewsa good man. M’best friend. But he don’t have the ass…" -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Desoto was so drunk that he was hardly making sense. One the one hand, it was amusing. On the other… she was supposed to be commanding this ship, and this kind of behavior couldn’t possibly be excused. With one hand she pushed Desoto back at a reasonable distance and with the other she ordered her refills. "Desoto… I won’t ask if you’re on duty. But if you don’t turn your ass around and get to bed, I’m gonna to ask Leiutenant Kyle handle you, and I get the feeling that won’t be a pleasant experience." -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: He laughed LOUD, pointing his glass over at Kyle and Steele who were still chatting over at a table. "I LIKE it good and rough…! Let ‘er whip and chain me, Cap’n, I can go aaaaaaallll nigh." -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte squinted at the man and shook her head. If that’s what he wanted. It would be worth seeing how things were managed. "LT. KYLE." she commanded over Desoto’s laughter and the din of the lounge. "Mr. Desoto needs an escort." -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: She rolled ehr eyes ahd stook. "You’de better stay here, I’ll put Desoto in the drunk tank." she stood and walked over to the bar. "Alright engineer, I’ve been ordered to take you home." she motioned for a guard to come and help her out. "You’ve had way more than enough." -04:09 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "Aaaayyye. If you wern the hottest face I’d ever seen I’d PUNCH IT Emmie." he threatened as best he could, now aiming his pointing glass at Kyle and poking it at her chest. Or more specifically at a boob. Which he suddenly was very interested in resuming poking at. -04:17 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: The doctor didn’t listen, though. "Um…! May we escort him harmlessly. I need his brain for research…" she tried to speak up, but it came out in a quick squeaky blur. -04:17 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "Doctor Steele requires his brain. Do as you will with the rest of him." chimed Charlotte, hiding her amusement with a curt tone. She took her glasses and brushed past them, not bothered to look back. One had to trust the people she commanded. …besides, if Desoto was REAL trouble, Charlotte doubted he would still be employed. -04:17 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: she grabbed his arms and twisted it, getting him in a half nelsong before marching him out of the room, strait towards the brig, mainly because they were probably cleaner than his quarters and watchign him with a hangover later owuld be fun. "Right this way, Engineer." -04:22 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "ow. ow. ow. OW. EMMIE. ow! since when were lesbians – so strong." he growled, making zero attempts to wriggle his way out. Though that might have been influenced by their big brawnie security escort. -04:28 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "His brain needs oxygen…!" the doctored was close at Kyle’s heels. -04:28 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte slipped back in to her set, setting Sharpe’s glass down hard in front of him and watching the door warily as part of her crew made their dramatic exit. "With how quickly the command comes in and out, I assume you are the one in charge of who stays on board… You have an interesting crew, Sharpe." -04:29 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: She watched the scene nearvously and only relaxes when the captain moved away from Desoto. That was one secret he’d have to keep from little Ms. Political. When she returned he accepted his drink and leaned back. "Not so much liking the idea of you saying but now I get to wath what I’ve seen so many times before. A captain thinking the Lightbringer is like any other ship. She’s not… Even without the guns, Val, or any of the upgrades she’s one of a kind with secrets and things hidden from view. I get to watch you discover that one step at a time." -04:30 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: After that he smiled. "Yes, I am. You can overule me but for the most part I am the one who has built and kept this crew." -04:31 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte smirked and finally laughed out right. "You seem to think I’ll be the typical too. Assumptions run both ways, you know." Amusement aside, it had her thinking again. Just from instinct she knew there was more going on here than met the eye, and now he crabby first mate was hinting at it too thanks to a little alcoholic incentive. It had her wondering if he really was trying to get rid of competition so he could rise to commander. "Interesting is my new favorite word today. Because you my számú are a strange, riddlesome man. I look forward to uncovering all of your – and the Lightbringer’s – secrets." -04:38 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He waved his glas dismissivly. "There’s nothign hidden about me. I love earth, I love Lightbringer, I love my crew. I’m a stickler for regulation but I know when to brush it off for the good of the ship and I have been closer to the Verge than most living men." pride entered his voice. "You know my motives and you know that playign dirty won’t achieve them in the long run so I really don’t know what you want to discover about me." -04:43 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "That’s a lot of love you’re tossing around. That only took what, three drinks…?" she laughed again, ice jingling in her glass as she brought it to her lips. "If you haven’t figured it out, I intend to do a good job here, regardless of how I got the job. That means learning every single little detail I can about what makes this ship run. That means even the people. Besides… you said yourself I needed to earn the respect of the people on this ship, that includes earning yours." -04:51 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He gave her a look. "Fine, I’ll square with you. I’m going to be watching you, I’ll know what you read, I’ll know what you miss and I’ll make sure you fint that on your desk. I’ll be reading logs of orders you give, I’ll be tracking your social time and not just to know where i can find you, because even if thise is just a survey mission the lives of everyone on this ship depends on youa nd since your record is… lackign i need to be my own judge." -05:01 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You realize, that is exactly what I need you to do and why I didn’t want you to quit." she cast an enigmatic, almost smug smile as she rest her chin in her hand. "But don’t think for a moment that I will let you condescend to me, Andrew Sharpe. Correct me, guide me, even defy me if you feel it necessary. Just don’t ever talk down to me. I’ll have you thrown off this ship faster than I can swallow straight bourbon." -05:10 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I would shoot you if I thought it was nessisary." he said flatly. "But I would face the tribunal and probable dishonorable discharge for it even if I had very very good reasons." he finished his drink in one go and leaned back. "And you can bet I’l at least try and restrain you first. If I liked the thought if killing I’d be in a fleet ship." -05:19 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Is that so? I can tell you it wasn’t for a joy of killing that I chose to be a fighter pilot. I can’t think of any soldier that got in to it because they wanted to kill." She was aware that wasn’t what he meant, but she was losing track of the conversation’s flow. She was enough drinks in to no longer care. "I wanted a more… proactive approach to protecting Earth. Something more personal than sitting behind a desk in a giant marble building, lightyears away from where people actually needed the support. You can’t know what is needed unless you’re there, in person." -05:30 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He stared at her across the table. "And the best person for earth to command one of her starships and be her forst contact embassador is you?" he asked leaning forwards. "You may have been sent here as sure as the rest of us but I think I know why you said yes to your mother and it’s not bored of a desk job. It’s because out there… we live the stories other hear about. We make history. I was there the first time we met a Pijac. I briefed thier government on our tendancy to reach for the hands of each other when greeting them when in thier culture only assassins do that. We compile the reports because we live the life. It’s not all adventure… but it’s damnsatisfying…" -05:36 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "What makes you think I said yes? Right now I should be part of General Cates fleet and not enjoying drinks with you on an explorer class starship." Charlotte asked with some curiosity. The reality was a little more complicated than that. "Hmm, had she sent you after me with a speach like that, I might have." she grinned, finishing the last of her bourbon and shrugging it off with her shoulders. "I’m not the right person to command this ship. But my, my, you make me want to be." she smirked. -05:43 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Crazy Cates…" he said… but what he was about to say was cut off but a shrill alarm that cut through the officer’s deck right before andrew’s rig flared to life. "Biolab three…" Strangely the captain’s stayed silent, even though it was Val’s voice. -05:46 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte wasn’t going to comment about her lack of alert. Yet. She was already standing, bracing a hand on the table with a mental curse at the timing. Of COURSE something would happen once she was few drinks in. No better way to start a command than having your senses a little fuzzy. "Now is a good time to tell me if any of the crew has hidden a strange expirment on board." -05:52 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "That’s Hanna’s lab." he said getting to his feet and immediately heading for the door towards teh elevator leaving her question unanswered. Entering the box he pushed the button and waited for the doors to close. "Val… what can you tell the captain and I." that should tell ehr that he wasn’t alone. -05:54 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte made sure she was on his heels. The WAS her ship now, she would personally handle these issues. There was only a slight narrowing of her eyes at him. Booze was amplifying her more anxious suspicions about conspiracy and that needed to wrangled under control if she was going to manage the situation without looking crazy. -06:03 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Val: "Level 2 boihazard warning in Dr. Griffith’s lab. She is believed to be inside." -06:04 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: Andrew sighes and shook his head to help clear it. "Alright, we’ll find out more when we get there." -06:06 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe

Verge 001: The New Captain

[Andrew Sharpe has been passed over for a promotion promised to him yet again. Now he’s standing in the shuttle bay with a filder under his arm watching the vessel bearing the new captain land smoothly with most of the command staff behind him. ] -12:12 Dec 31
[Charlotte Kristoff is not qualified for this command, and even SHE knows it. But that’s not going to stop her from doing the job.] -12:15 Dec 31
Charlotte Kristoff: Already dressed in uniform because she wanted to make a good impression, Charlotte stepped off the shuttle and tugged her jacket down to make sure it was nice and smooth. She was young, not even thirty, which would lead most to assume she hadn’t any experience at all, let alone enough to manage a command as tricky as the Lightbringer. Once leaving the shuttle bay, she recognized the command staff when she spotted them by the curious looks and even occasional sour face. Her chin went up as she approached, defiantly refusing to show she was nervous at all. "Andrew Sharpe, I presume?" -12:20 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He saluted in a smooth practiced motion. "Yes Ma’am." he said Lt. Andrew Sharpe, you new second in command and ready to give you a tour of the ship as soon as you’re ready. You command staff are coxswain Pile’, Shief Xenobiologist Dr. Griffiths. Xenolinguistics expert Dr. Chao. Head of Security Lt. Kyle and our Chief medical Officer Dr. Steele." He was perhels a little informal with how he introdducedd everyone but this… "captain" can’t commanded so much as a rowboat in her life and now she was takign command of the Lightbringer, the poster ship of the Columbus class exploration cruiser fleet and used on recruitment posters. There had even been a movie made about the previous Captain Alex Colt, who had just been killed in a raider incident two months ago. A man well respected by the crew to whome there could be no replacement. -12:30 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte nodded, putting each face and name to memory. There were quite a few to keep track of, but that was going to be the simpliest task. Later she would try to get to know them all on a one to one basis. "I would like the complete tour. Top to bottom. Meanwhile a staff meeting should be scheduled tomorrow 0800." -12:37 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: In his head Andrew shuffled around his scedule, it would delay final preperations for departure by at least an hour unless tthe chief engineer couldd fill in for him. "Aye aye Ma’am. We’ll start with your new quarters so you can make sure all your luggage made it on board." The one perk of being second on command was ahving his quaarters on the diplomatic deck with wass designed to represent Earth and her Military as a small embasy and by far the most spacious and luxurious level. The Cpatains quarters were there too, ajouning her office and from the shuttle bay it was only a short walk and an elevator ride up to the reception hall off of which her spacious office and thier quarters branched. The cieling was vaulted and though the thick glass and retractable armor plating the stars shone brightly. "As with all Columbus class ships your office is right though that door and your quarters…" he lead the way down a short coridoor designed to provide the officers with a small ddegree of privacy that terminated with another elevator eading into the bowels of the command deck. "Is right through this door. I inspected it myself and it is stocked andd ready for you, Captain." -12:47 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Everything looked incredible! Here was a deck designed for comfort and long term living, and not just surviving, but the kind of luxury designed for politicians. Unearned extravagance. Charlotte kept a straight face as she entered her quaters and took a quick look around. Her things had arrived before her, as expected. Not a flaw to be seen. But of course this deck was going to be fine. It was the rest of the ship she needed to be concerned about. "I expect the crew’s quarters are just as polished. What about the civilian decks?" -12:58 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He was going to assume she was an idiot. He has her file under his arm after all. He knew all about her and why she got the position of captain. "The Columbus cllass is designed to operate light years from all other Earth ships for months or years at a time. Every crew member has thier own cabin and wash facilities and we’re moree relaxed about what we allow them to crong on board than other ships since keeping the crew comfortable is the most important part of making sure they can due thier duties under sucj conditions for so long." She sooner she understood that the better. "We will passs thought he hab deck after we go through the command deck where you will see the bridge, communications room, navigation, Val, and meet a few of the men and women who couldn’t make it to the shuttle bay because we’re all working double shifts to be ready to depart by tomorrow. I assume you know our orders?" That was the OTHER folder under his arm which he now offered to her. They would pass through Rechon controlled space and explore the edges of the Verge, a wild and poorly understood area of space that had been the source of more than one dosturbingly large and well equiped raiding fleet that Humanity had been asked to help deal with by her allies and had lost a lot of men, women and ships doing so. They plan was to explore it and orinise a multi-racial patrol sustem along it’s edges to pace the way for colony ships to finally stablize the region and end the threat. Thier tour would be one of the longest and potencially most dangerous to date. -01:12 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I get the feeling you don’t like me, Lieutenant." she commented while taking the folder and browsing through it’s contents. In honestly, she was grossly underprepared. Two weeks ago she thought she was going on a second tour of duty for the military. Instead she received word of a promotion and was shipped off before she could catch her breath. She followed where he led, her impassive face slowly turning to a deep frown. They were taking an explorer ship in to dangerous territory without military escort. This was supposed to be a GOOD idea? "What I don’t know I will catch up on tonight and through tomorrow’s meeting. How equipt is our security team and the weapons systems aboard this ship?" -01:21 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Our security team is composed of Marines, Captain. The best in the bussiness and trained soldiers every one and we have more than a cruiser normally has." He said. "And if I may speak frankly, Captain…" they were in a private area with no one aorund so this would not undermine her alreaady fragile position as captain. "I have read your file and you are not qualified for this position or this mission. The crew don’t know you and they won’t trust you until you prove yourself. I have kept you file and… level of experience confidential because if it got you you’d never get the respect you need to run a ship like this but… I am here to bridge that gapp for you. I have served for 10 years, five on explorers and three on the Lightbringer. The crew trust me and if you have any questions about them, or if some of them have concerns they feel they can’t bring to you directly, that’s what I’m here for Ma’am." He didn’t like her, but what was important was the ship, the crew, and the mission and his own feeling would not get in the way of his duty. His family had served for generations after all… and had a lot to make up for. "Speaking of… I have logged all of the crew’s files into your computer and I believe Lt. Kyle has your login information." -01:30 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte wanted to punch him straight in the jaw. She could get away with it too, now. She was the captain after all. It didn’t matter if it were all true, daring to say it to her face and then offer his highly esteemed and oh so experienced help was assinine at best. Charlotte gave an icy smile as she snapped the folder shut. "On paper I am underqualified and inexperience, but you will quickly find that paper doesn’t do me justice Lieutenant. …Shall we continue?" -01:40 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: The emphasis on his rank stung. He could see that they were not going to get along so he wouldn’t try. He would be her glorified secretary and request a transfer as soon as they got back. He saluted without another word and stepped past her into the elevator. She woulddd no doubt look at his file later. See the crossed out section on him being slated to command this cruise and no doubt that his Grandfather: Hte infamous Gordon Sharpe had been the same General Sharpe who had surrendered to the Islar on the Eden Colony during the last war making him the only human commander to surrender to an alien force in Earth history and the reason why thier family always got sent on the shittest and most ddangerous assignments far away from any press recognition. His chance to finally redeem his family name had been taken away by this trust fund baby with a mother in the senate. "Captain on deck." he called out as the doors slid open and everyone on the bridge froze where they were and saluted. Many of them were carrying data slates or folders when they did so. A few more had been staring at their consolels and second Lietenant Briggs had been standing on the central dias where the commanding officer was stationed. Since neither Sharpe or Kristoff were on the bridge he had had command. -01:49 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte swallowed that smug feeling of satisfaction and entered the command deck with a smidgen more bounce in her step than she had when stepping on the ship. "Carry on." she stated easily, taking a stroll around the deck. Again she was noting who sat where, what each panel did, the best places to stand, where she would sit… Later she would want to know how to work each station. If every last person in the room died leaving her alone, she’d need to know. "The bridge flows well. " -02:04 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Based on alien design, actually." Sharpe said following closely behind. "In contemporary ships the Captain sitn in the middle, surrounded by the bridge crew. In the Columbus class they sit overlooking the crew so they can keep an eye on them all at once and get a better feel for the situation. We took the idea from the Islar after the peace treaty was signed and diplomacy opened up." He knew the class and the Lighbringer herself like the back of his hand. Two stations seemed to be shinier and newer than the rest and next to these Andrew stopped. "Since we are going further from human space than any other ship has before they’ve refitted us with brand new sensors and communications equipment." There was a hint of pride in his voice. "The very latest so we can find out as much as we can and sent it all back to the Gamma relay station who will then send it directly to Earth. Gravtron 4 sensors, which came coupled with Deltoid targeting computers for our main armorment, which has also been upgraded, reducing our manueverability and fuel efficiency slightly in simulations but after out last tour… command thought is prudent concidering our mission. Final asessment will be made when we rendevous with the Phoenix on the edge of Earth space who will top off our fuel and supplies and be the last Earth ship we see until we get back." -02:16 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You know the ship very well." The bite in her tone was gone now, replaced by genuine interest. Charlotte had no training in technology outside of knowing how to fly smaller crafts and use most basic weapon systems. All of her education had been centric on social sciences, politics and language. All of which would be useful here as the commander when it came to making contact with new species and creating treaties. But it wasn’t going to get her far when it came to the technical side of things. He would be useful for that. She ought not to stomp him down immediately. After we make rendezvous, I’m sure you can educated me on what changes and alterations might be necessary." -02:23 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Colt will be monitering all systems closely during the jump and will submit his report along with the one from the Phoenix before we make final adjustments. I will look over both of them and advise you…" he moved along to another door which led directly into another room, the centor of which was a massive holographic map of the entire known galaxy. "This is the Navigation room." he said. It was kept seperate from the main bridge both for sefety if one was breached, and because jumps were generally panned ahead while there was no other action going on negating the need for them to be in the same place. "Nice we often have to jump to systems where there are no navigational beacons we have a more advanced nav computer than any other class of ship in the fleet. Capable of automatically turning out sensor data into star charts, surface maps, and calculating jumps to within 3 kilometers without the help of boeys." -02:37 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Val: "Pleased to meet you, Captain Krisoff." The map was repalced by the hologram of a woman, her smiling face directed at the Captain. "I am Val… the computer your second just oversold." -02:38 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: The computer had a face. And for the first time Charlotte looked visibly stunned and impressed. "I see. It’s a pleasure, Val." She was walking again, trying to figure out how it all worked, but it was definitely beyond her. The giant navigation system was an amazing feat just on it’s own, but with artificial inteligence built in to the system itself? That was very advanced. "When there is an emergency, how quickly would we be able to chart a location and make an immediate jump?" -02:43 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Val: "3.2 nanoseconds." Val responded without hesitation. "as long as 5 nanoseconds if we are in the gravity well of a planet. Charting a jump is not the difficult part, making it as efficient and fast as possible and waitinf for the engines to respond takes significantly longer. But efficiency becomes less important in an emergency. If the engines are charged then the fimp would take five seconds to get us moving at faster than light speed. Do not worry though. I am programmed to stop if I detect gravity wells or any other gangers that could be a danger to the ship before we run into them even at those speeds so we can usually charge the engines before moving with standdard drives to investigate whatever it is we’ve found."" -02:49 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "So, quick as long as the live people know what they’re doing." she muttered with a smirk. As long as she knew what she was doing. There was going to be a lot of late nights studying the workings of this ship. The smirk vanished when she turned back to Sharpe. "What is next on the tour?" -02:57 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Next is the officer’s lounge, and where the rest of the command crew are quartered followed by the Marines’ barracks. We’ll drop by Lt. Kyle to get your access codes." he led the way back to the elevator. "But before that we should have a look at the communication room slash conference room, where you can take confidencial messages and where meeting are held. That’s the next level down from the bridge and on the same level as she officers’ facilities." -03:00 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: In the elevator someone was already waiting, apparently more than happy to Sharpe. "drew..! Andrew. Drew. drew. Dreeeew. Buddy." They were inside and the elevator doors closed, so there was no escape for the sudden hands that came out to paw down Sharpe’s uniform looking for money. "Ran out of gems at the bar. What happened to the word o’ Desoto around here? I get paid just like err’body else." That was when he noticed the girl. Sharpe was shoved out of the way and against the wall with a hand, one that Desoto now had braced against his chest as he leaned and flashed a toothy smile. "Soooooo, helloooo there babe. How about loosenin’ that hair a bit and joining me for a drink, eh?" -03:10 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: Andrew shook his head. "Captain Kristoff, meet Engineer Desoto. Our resident gambler and barfly. Thorn, meet our new commanding officer and the person who will be signing the pay checks you convert to alcohol with suck surprising efficiency." Desoto was a source of tension on the ship but usually Andrew wasn’t this snippy with him but it had been a long day and the new Captain wasn’t working out. "I believe you were assigned to loading dock 2, making sure the storage crates were secure for the jump tomorrow?" There wasn’t a crewman Andrew didn’t know where they were meant to be at any given time. It made breathign down thier necks so much easier. -03:20 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "Right. Captain. Nice to meet you Captain." Desoto made a pretense of standing straighter and smoothing out his uniform. Then he held out his hand to shake. When it was only reciprocated with a raised eyebrow stare, he flashed an even wider white toothed grin. "Not a smiler? Don’t worry, Captain. I’ll be plenty sober by clock in in hours. Lieutenant has my ass if I don’t." He gave Andrew a good hard slap. He was aiming for the shoulder, but well… vision was a bit tricky in a moving elevator. -03:29 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte buried her amusement, and forced herself to keep a stern expression. "I thought I recognized a staff uniform." He smelled strongly of scotch. The Lieutenant knew his crew well, but perhaps a little too personally if they were this familiar and this free to walk around drunk and grabbing at their superior officers. "I expect to see a better performance tomorrow." -03:29 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Clock in was an hour ago." Andrew said, flatly. "Go to medical, get sober and sleep it off if you have to but we do need those crates secure and with staff a meeting tomorrow Colt can’t cover for you this time." the elevator doors opened to reveal a corridor and Andrew stepped past Desoto. "This is our stop, Captain. The Officers’ deck." a place Desoto wasn’t meant to wander into but did anyway. They had better drinks in the bar up here. -03:33 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "Aw shit." Her fumbled on his person looking for the time. He also followed them out, completely disregarding rule, protocol, and the situation. "How the fuck is a man supposed to know what time it is out here in space. It’s always dark!" -03:38 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "I am very curious to see the state of the rest of the crew now, Lieutenant." she couldn’t help it and her mirth was slipping through in her tone. However, she ignored Desoto’s trailing presence as she kept in step with Sharpe. -03:38 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "The bar has a clock." Andrew called back before stopping in front of a door that two marined guarded, saluting as they saw the offecers’ uniforms. "This si where the meeting tomorrow will be held, it also serves as a secure communications room for sending messages back to command. It looked a lot more likesomething belonging to a military ship than the diplomatic conference room upstairs. Simple office style chairs, a sleek black table, set of holographic projectors in the walls and table top. It was also completely empty. "Only Lt. Kyle and I have the access needed to get into this room outside of scheduled meetings, and when you get your codes from her that will make three." -03:44 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: A room like this with strict permissions was a necessity when handling alien politics was going to be involved. There was that sinking feeling again that she was in over her head. Didn’t belong here, and certainly shouldn’t be handling something as important as this. But she WAS here, and she was going to make it work. "Then I better get those codes ASAP. You said Lt. Kyle was the next stop, yes?" -03:52 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "Kyle’s got a nice ass. Not the best ass on ship, though." He was still there. When he got stared at, he just flashed the smile again. "Sorry. I gotta see Kyle too for the updated security codes in cargo. Can’t do my job without the access, yadda yadda. Didn’t think I came up here just for the gems and better booze, didja?" -03:52 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Not the only reason you came up here, anyway." Andrew said hurrying them from the room so long as an unauthorized crewman was with them. "Next is the Officer’s lounge. A place Mr. Desoto could probably give you a batter tour of than I could…" -03:55 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Desoto!" The voice came from a short, but well built woman with firey red hair, green eyes and a scar across her right cheek. "Drunk on duty again?" She glared at the man before hiving Andrew a cold stare. "You shouldn’t pamper him. If he’s drunk on duty he should go in the drunk tank until the hangover hits and then thrown into the mist miserable job available until he learns better. Ma’am…" She eyed the uniform before her eyes went wide and she saluted. "Captain. Elelia Kyle, reporting for duty." -03:58 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "Passing your job off to someone else, that ain’t the wa-" Desoto visibly cringed, rolled his eyes and turned his beaming smile at the redheaded harpy. "There’s my favorite ass on board. Where’s my codes, babes? Can’t work without my codes." -04:03 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "I don’t know. Getting Mr. Desoto as drunk as possible and then making him fill out a full detailed report on the finest ass on board Lightbringer might be a better punishment. We can see if he makes it back with his balls in tact." That wasn’t at all professional, but Charlotte was enjoying how this was making her first mate look very bad. "Tomorrow’s crew meeting should be quite colorful." -04:03 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: Even in front of the marine shook her head and held out her hand. "Card." as soon as Desoto’s card was in her hand she swiped it through her wrist mounted computer and handed it back. "That sounds like a wonderful idea, Captain. Then we’ll make him read it over the ship’s intercom system and throw him into the crew lounge with every woman under my command adnd turn off the security cameras." she couldn’t help but smile at the thought. -04:07 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: "Alright, alright, both of you have jobs to do. Lt Kyle, the Captain needs her codes and then I need to take her around the rest of the ship starting with the lounge and quarters then onto your barracks." -04:09 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "Get her a drink too, Andrew. She’s got this crazy idea I’m not charming enough to woo my way out of trouble." He smiled sweetly at Lt. Kyle when he took his card back. After a shameless perusal, he waved a hand and took his leave. "Good luck, Captain. Hope you survive longer than the last one!" -04:15 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "Hmm." She needed background on the former Captain. Charlotte hadn’t the chance to do proper research on the ship, all she DID know was that it had trouble keeping it’s commanding officers. Might have made it that much easier for the Senator to buy her position here. "We’ll have a chance to get more familiar with each other later, Lt Kyle. I do hope that’s soon." -04:15 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: Her dark glare after Desoto changedd completely as she looked at Kristoff. "I’d like that, Cpatain. A lot." she winked as she fished out Kristoff’s card and handed it over. "Built in biometricks scanned meant it only works when you’re the person holding it. Now I say this to every Captain so here goes. Do you want a sidearm My people will do everythign they can to protect you but you can get a lot further with a kind word and a Christof 9mm semi-autimatic on your hip than you can with just a kind word." -04:21 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Yes, I do." she said without hestitation or second thought. She received hand to hand combat training, but it didn’t mean she was built for it. With firearms, on the other hand, Charlotte excelled. She’d feel ten times safer with one of those than relying on someone else to protect her. Her code card disappeared in to her jacket. "As soon as possible, by this evening if you can manage. Otherwise tomorrow morning will be acceptable." -04:24 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: Kyle had another plan, with a swift motion she enhooked her own belt, holster and all and held it out. "No time like the present. I’ll do the paperwork and send it up to you later before wordy mcdiplomacy over here tries to talk you out of it." she nodded her head as Andrew. "He’s a good officer, has a boner the size of a torpeddo for the ship, cares about the crew and has been around to see the last four Captains come and go but god he’s a pussy." she looked the other offer up and down before turning on her heels. "If you’ll excuse me I have paperwork to do and then I have a few hours break that I plan on enjoying. Goodd to meet you Captain." -04:28 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: Kyle had another plan, with a swift motion she enhooked her own belt, holster and all and held it out. "No time like the present. I’ll do the paperwork and send it up to you later before wordy mcdiplomacy over here tries to talk you out of it." she nodded her head as Andrew. "He’s a good officer, has a boner the size of a torpeddo for the ship, cares about the crew and has been around to see the last four Captains come and go but god he’s a pussy." she looked the other offer up and down before turning on her heels. "If you’ll excuse me I have paperwork to do and then I have a few hours break that I plan on enjoying. Goodd to meet you Captain." -04:29 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: Andrew was left speechless and if took him a moment to pull himself together. "Well that was our head of security and leader of our marines. For a marine she’s not that big on protocal but runs a tight ship and is a good officer. Now shall we move on?" He gave the gun a look as if it had been the one calling him names. "I really hope you don’t plan on wearign that while greeting diplomats. They’ll think they’re talking to a soldier and not anyone with any actualy political power." -04:32 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte wasn’t expecting to get the gun right off the girl, but her momentary stunned expression vanished at boner for the ship. She cleared her throat, cinching the belt of leather securely around her waist and making sure the gun fell at the perfect position for quick grabbing. It wasn’t ideal, but adjustments could be made later. She glanced back up at him with a raise of her eyebrow. "Have you ever been in a room full of true politicians? I can promise they all have something hidden under their flawless robes and fancy suits." -04:35 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "And we ahve a hundred marines fully equiped and armed to the teeth and well as a few special eafures added to the lounge that no one finds out about unless they’re you, me, or Lt Kyle. And here we are." he entered a spacious and luxurious lounge with a full size bar against one wall, soft music playing and one or two people dotted around chatting idly, obviously off duty and enjoying it with all the extra work there was to do. "Food and drinks are served here, you have to pay for it unlike the mess hall but we have a couple five star chefs who make it worth it." -04:43 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "A hundred marines aren’t going to do me any good if someone decides they’d rather stab me than listen to another proposed treaty plan that’s giving them the shaft. You say the crew isn’t apt to trust me, well. I am not apt to trust them with my life yet either." The lounge was quite nice, more than she was expecting, but then that seemed to be true for the Lightbringer itself. They really did put in the extra work to making the the crew and civilians on board were going to be comfortable and entertained for the time they are in space. "Do you spend a lot of time in here yourself?" -04:50 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "After a log day it’s nice to get a drink." he admitted. "And have faith in our thraining, besides if they kill you it’s an interstallar incident and we radio back to command who send in a battlefleet. I don’t think they want that. Humanity has been getting quite a reputation since we approached the galactic council asking for membership despite being known by them for under a century… and it’s not an entirely good reputation." His wrist computer chirped and he instantly pressed a button. "Sir… the captain has a coded call from sector command. She doesn’t have a wrist rig yet but we figured she’s be with you… They’re asking she take it alone" Andrew looked puzzled befire replying. "I’ll forward the message. She’ll take it in the conference room." he closed the link and looked at her. "You should know the way and have your card… I’ll meet you back here?" -04:57 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Private messages already? My, word traveled fast. Charlotte had a twist of dread in her stomach. If that was the Senator… "Aye. I know the way." she nodded, making a quick exit. The sooner the conversation was over the better. Charlotte wasn’t lying about her memory either. She was very quick to put things to memory, so returning to the conference room went by without confusion. She was in with the doors closed behind her. "Answer. Captain Charlotte Kristoff here." She glanced up at the ceiling, praying it wasn’t her mother. -05:04 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: /char Admiral Christov:596127: the holograms came to life and standing at the end of the table was an aging man with a full beard and a lot of medals on his chest. "Captain Kristoff? Admiral Christov of the 7th fleet." he looked aorund as if he could see the room, which fiven the technology at play was probably true. "As you probably know the Lightbringer falls under my command, I might not agree with having an overpriced shout that costs the same as a capitol warship but would have a hard time fending off a frigate but as long as we have them I’m damn well going to use them." he wasn’t giving her any chance to respond. "By now I’m sure you know your mission. To explore the systems on the edge of the verge… that’s what your crew have been told but while that is your mission it’s not the full story." Images appeared. Battle records. Human ships opening for on ramshackle construcks, seemingly cobbled together out of parts of different ships but still an equal for the navy ships, as fire tore through the hulls of both sides. The burned remains of towns with bodies aranged as ephigies. Human, Alien, some still in marine body armor. Medical logs of tortured survivors, too insane to do anything but scream or cut themselves. "I don’t think I need to tell you where these are from." He said before closing them with a wave of his hand. "It’s been five years and we still have no ideaa where they came from, who they were or why they attacked. We lost a lot of good men and woman making sure they never reached out colonies and we have recieved reports from some minor alien governments that what we saw… whaat tore thrugh us laast time wasn’t even half thier number and ships similar to these have been sighted on the edges of the Verge. YOu mission is to find out where they are, how many ships they have so we know weather or not we can orginise the preemptive strike. As you know you have to pass through alien space to get there and relations with thier government have been… strained… lately that is why you need to avoid and incident before you reach the Verge… understood?" -05:19 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Admiral Christov: the holograms came to life and standing at the end of the table was an aging man with a full beard and a lot of medals on his chest. "Captain Kristoff? Admiral Christov of the 7th fleet." he looked aorund as if he could see the room, which fiven the technology at play was probably true. "As you probably know the Lightbringer falls under my command, I might not agree with having an overpriced shout that costs the same as a capitol warship but would have a hard time fending off a frigate but as long as we have them I’m damn well going to use them." he wasn’t giving her any chance to respond. "By now I’m sure you know your mission. To explore the systems on the edge of the verge… that’s what your crew have been told but while that is your mission it’s not the full story." Images appeared. Battle records. Human ships opening for on ramshackle construcks, seemingly cobbled together out of parts of different ships but still an equal for the navy ships, as fire tore through the hulls of both sides. The burned remains of towns with bodies aranged as ephigies. Human, Alien, some still in marine body armor. Medical logs of tortured survivors, too insane to do anything but scream or cut themselves. "I don’t think I need to tell you where these are from." He said before closing them with a wave of his hand. "It’s been five years and we still have no ideaa where they came from, who they were or why they attacked. We lost a lot of good men and woman making sure they never reached out colonies and we have recieved reports from some minor alien governments that what we saw… whaat tore thrugh us laast time wasn’t even half thier number and ships similar to these have been sighted on the edges of the Verge. YOu mission is to find out where they are, how many ships they have so we know weather or not we can orginise the preemptive strike. As you know you have to pass through alien space to get there and relations with thier government have been… strained… lately that is why you need to avoid and incident before you reach the Verge… understood?" -05:20 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You intend for me to spy on the alien races for you." The relief at not coming face to face with her mother was short lived. Her commander was just as imposing. "Forgive me for questioning you, sir. But why are you not already in alliance with the other races to share resources for this problem? If you’re already receiving warning and information, it seems it would be easier and less dangerous to send actual military personel out in to the verge and not an explorer vessel half filled with civilians. Besides going in undetected, what are we going to be able to do if we DO find the culprits?" -05:25 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Admiral Christov: He stared at her, long and hard. "Aliens have thier own agendas that have nothing to do with the security of Earth. I don’t need to tell you these things are evil, Captain. Whaatever they are they take joy in killing in the worst ways possible. And as I said you have to go through alien space to get there, they’re not going to let us send a war fleet through thier territory without solid proof especially when they’re accusing us of trying to turn other races against them and if you don’t find anything them we can put this to bed as a rumor since like I said no earth ship has seen them since the incursion." -05:33 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: There was an angle at work here. She had no proof and no reason to doubt his intentions. Maybe it was just that she was so used to being manipulated that suspicion was her default nature. Charlotte finally let out a breath and nodded. "So be it. I’ll gather as much information as I can, Admiral. Anything that will be of use for protecting Earth Nation." -05:36 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Admiral Christov: "Good… another thing. These aliens on out border, intelegence believed they are gathering a fleet to send against us if we send ours to the Verge. Attack us while our dreadnaughts are elsewhere." A map of the region appeared above the station. "We need you to jump in, out of thier sensor range and use those big sensors of yours to scout thier rally point. See if there’s any truth to it after you meet the Pheonix. If we can get proof that they are gathering thier forces we can put diplomatic pressure on them and force snactions until they disperse." -05:40 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She very nearly opened her mouth to ask And how am I supposed to do that SUBTLY?, but thought better of it. Without thinking it through and having a good reason, if they were caught out there it could be suicide. Lightbringer had already been attacked once by hostiles, it would happen again. She let out a slow breath. "I’ll see what I can do, Admiral. Though it might require some time." -05:45 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Admiral Christov: "Remember, your sensors are more powerful than anythign they have. You should be able to get a readong on at least thier numbers from further than they can see you. If they are in positing to attack up we can’t move out fleet to help you if you get into trouble on the verge… the entire mission depends on this. You may inform whichever crew you deem fit once you’ve left the Phoenix but not before… secrecy is important for this one. Understood?" -05:48 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I understand, sir. I will do my best." It wasn’t her place to questions the orders, even if the back of her mind was thinking it. This WAS her job now. A mishmash of agendas from the military and the political side and somehow keeping the entire crew and those on board alive in the process. She would have to figure it out and make it work. "If that is all, sir, I have tour to finish before we kick off tomorrow." -05:52 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Admiral Christov: "Thank IS all, Captain. Good luck." the projectors died and as the signal was cut off and in his office on the other side of the sector the Admiral turned and shook his head. He had to have his entire fleet ready to move in on a possible invasion of the entire quadrand and some pissy alien government was more interested in trying to start a war with humanity… if this was how the council controlled it’s lapdogs Earth was better off without them. -05:55 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte rubbed her temples. There was a million reasons why she shouldn’t be here. The lieutenant with a boner for the ship was better suited for this command. Instead SHE was here because her mother was insane. A very stiff and irritated Captain Kristoff made her way back to the lounge. She had half a mind to command the ship as drunk as Mr. Desoto. Once she had the Lieutenant in her sights, he was the poor victim of her impatience. "We will finish our tour at another time. I’d like to get a report on Lightbringer’s full weapons and power systems sent to my office, along with the schematics map of the ship." -06:03 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He had a glass of orange juice in front of him and was scrollign through a news site on his wrist rig’s hographic display when the Captain got back and almost insinctivly flid a folder towards her. "I went through the updated one last night. I hadn’t had a chance to file it yet. The schematic map I’ll get to your desk within the hour." He wondered what the call was about. Some admiral shouting her down to establish who was in charge the same way she had done to him, probably. He couldn’t help but smile. "Lt Kyle left a messag asking if you’re free for dinner tonight. Said something about wanting to get to know you better. Speaking of I’ll have a wrist rig sent to your office too." -06:09 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She was already flipping open the folder and examining it. They weren’t heavily armed, if under attack they’d have to reply on the marines and well thought out plans… She’d have to figure out where there weakest areas were from the schematics. "Hmm, dinner, yes. That would be good." Getting to know the Security Chief would definitely be an asset. She didn’t approve of how lax Sharpe was with his crew, but there was something to be said for having a more personable relationship with them. These people were now her responsibility. -06:15 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He stood. "Then you’re going back to your office?" if he was off the hook he ocould get back to overseeing final preeperaations and maybe visit the loading bay to make sure Sesoto was doing his job. He had already types out the Captain’s reply to Lt Kyle -06:22 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Yes. You’re free számú, you can resume commanding the hoard and cursing my very existance." she responded with a flippant smirk. Her ass was under fire, but at least she could take pleasure in needling the one person on board this ship who was just as vexed and frustrated with the situation as she was. She mimiced the wave Desoto had given them earlier as she walked away. "Until the morning, Lieutenant." -06:28 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff

SOME HOURS LATER! -Charlotte Kristoff 06:47 Dec 31

Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte Kristoff was not qualified for this job. But that didn’t mean she WOULDN’T be, through sheer force of will. Since the moment she settled down in her new office she was going over every detail of Lightbringer they had on paper and on digital file. She needed to know how the ship worked inside and out. That was, of course, after she went over the files of each and every member of the command staff, including her second in command. The information would be vital in controlling her crew. She very nearly forgot about dinner until her stomach protested – and in truth she HAD forgotten she made plans with Lt. Kyle. By chance she made it to the lounge early and was presently nursing a glass of scotch and memorizing more files. -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "If it isn’t my favorite new Captain." Desoto slipped in to a seat beside her and held up a finger ordering a drink. "Scotch, eh? I knew you were my kind of girl." -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "I believe you are supposed to be making sure things are secure in cargo." she muttered in reply without looking up from her files. -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "You’d be surprised what a man can get done in four hours. The rest of that time is spent dicking around. Ask anybody." He leaned closer to the captain with interest. "Studying the ship? If you wanna join me back at my quarters I could teach you a few things about Lightbringer even Lt. Sharpe doesn’t know." -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "Before or after the sex, Mr. Deseto? I have very limited time." -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "Before Obvi- …Wait, are you serious?" -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "I suggest you return to work and without that drink. Unless you’re interested in making out with my new pistol." -06:47 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: was usually a no-nonsense woman. Loose pants and t-shirts, gym clothes for every occasion. A grizzled veteran who had refused a promotion to general to be able to serve on explorer class ships she waas married to her job but sometimes… From her strapped heeled shoes to her stockings, tight black dress that shoped off her fit curves and makeup to soften her face and carefully hide her scar she entered the lounge, her freshly burned hair bouncing with every step. "Captain." she greeted the woman with a smile and then gave Desoto a look. "So glad you accepted my invitation… shall we get a table?" she was speaking in softer tones then one familair with her usual drill seargent bellow would believe possible. and even now a freshly manicured hand was curling around Charlotte’s. -06:53 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Lieutenant. You look very nice." Every women could recognize when one dressed up pretty. Charlotte just didn’t realize there was reason, and assumed this was how Lt. Kyle liked to dressed when she was off duty. The familiar touching, though, had her eyes widening a bit and a brief moment of confusion hitting her. "Yes, a table…" She scooped up her files from the bar. -06:58 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: Thorn had a great comeback for the Captain. He had no problem sassing authority, after all, the worse thing that could happen was getting fired. But there was Kyle. Prancing in looking like a REAL girl. His mouth gapped open for a second. "Emmie? Since when do you have legs?" -06:58 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "I’ve always had them, they’re just usually used to kick you in the ass." she replied without a moment’s hesitation. "And please Caaptain you can call me Emelia when we’re not on duty." the change in her voice depending on who she spoke to was like night and day and she was glad to leave Desoto behind to find a table in the corner and smile across it at the captain. "Working? I’m a little disappointed but it’s understandable for your first day. I’m just happy for the chance to get to know you a little better." -07:02 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Yes, I’m sorry. Normally I’d devote full attention to my company, but I wasn’t prepared for this command and with the launch tomorrow, there is a great deal to catch myself up on and very little time to do it." However, she closed the folders and pushed them aside for the time being, offering Emelia a smile. "Emelia Kyle, is it? You’re more than qualified to run security on this ship, some would even say you belong elsewhere commanding your own units. Why did you decided to stay here?" -07:06 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "We might have to try this again alter then." she said angling for another date, not that she was entirely sure this WAS a date but her message through Andrew had been pretty explicid. "They offered me a generalship." she admitted. "But I’ve alwasy wanted to be on an explorer ship and see things no one’s ever seen before. I never though I’d get the chance with the 3rd inner arm war breaking out almost as soon as I enlisted. There was a lot of talk about humanity closing itself off from the galactic community back then. Giving up space as a bad idea but I got my chance and I’ve never thugh about going back." He had her chin on her hand and a smile on her painted lips. "Having obviously reaad my file you have me at a disadvantage, I’m not even sure I know youe first name ad what bring you to the ragged edge if the frontier." -07:12 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Charlotte. My name is Charlotte." It seemed Lt. Kyle was ambitious and in it for the adventure, that was good to know. Charlotte kind of admired the woman’s freedom and her willingness to persue it. Not everyone had those opportunities. She grinned. "I was intending to enlist back in to the military. Be a marine and fly fighter class ships to help defend the borders. It just wasn’t what others had planned for me. Not that I don’t intend to put my all in to my command here. I’m just having to get used to the idea of flying a much larger ship than I’m used to." -07:19 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Charlotte." she repeated. "Only things we have here are shuttles I’m afraid. The last time I heft anythign with desent thrust between my left was when I was stationed on the Zeus." She didn’t bother to mask the inuendo. "I’d really love to again though. I miss it." -07:23 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Charlotte." she repeated. "Only things we have here are shuttles I’m afraid. The last time I heft anythign with desent thrust between my left was when I was stationed on the Zeus." She didn’t bother to mask the inuendo. "I’d really love to again though. I miss it." – -07:24 Dec 31 Andrew Sharpe
[Andrew Sharpe is now known as: Emelia Kyle] -07:24 Dec 31
Charlotte Kristoff: "I’m glad to hear you know your way around a fighter. It’s likely that could come in use for us later." With just the shuttles on board that wasn’t enough fire power to help protect Lightbringer if they came under attack. But if anything, Charlotte was real good at improvising. The more she learned, the better she’d be at it. "If I could ask something a bit more personal… Do you have many close relationships with the crew and civilians on board?" -07:30 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: Asking iAsking if Elelia asked many people on dates? "Not many. I like to keep things professional. I usually don’t ask people to dinenr the same day I meet them." she said her heavily lidded eyes staring at Charlotte’s. "But you did say you wanted to get to know me better… did you read my file?" she of course didn’t know the specifics of what was in there but she was sure it reflected her war record and didn’t contain any dirty laundry. Maybe even that she was the sole survivor of her unit and it was that that had changed her, made her turn down her promotion and look to get away. -07:35 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Emelia Kyle: >=( -07:35 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Emelia Kyle: Asking iAsking if Elelia asked many people on dates? "Not many. I like to keep things professional. I usually don’t ask people to dinenr the same day I meet them." she said her heavily lidded eyes staring at Charlotte’s. "But you did say you wanted to get to know me better… did you read my file?" she of course didn’t know the specifics of what was in there but she was sure it reflected her war record and didn’t contain any dirty laundry. Maybe even that she was the sole survivor of her unit and it was that that had changed her, made her turn down her promotion and look to get away. -07:36 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: She nodded. "I read everyone’s file." There was that look of confusion on her face, in response to Emelia’s expression and comment about dinner, but Charlotte had already gathered that Emelia was a sassy sort of girl. "I’d like to get to know everyone on the command crew better, and personally if that’s possible. I know that you as Security Chief know how important it is to trust the people you work with. Especially considering we’ll be traveling through unknown and potentially hostile space." -07:46 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: Slowly she folded her hands and the look on her face said it all. Either Charlotte had chickened out or this hadn’t been a date from the beginning. "Well first thing to know about me is that I never dress up." she said. "Throw me through a shower, give me a shirt and a pair of pants and I’m good. I -07:48 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Emelia Kyle: Slowly she folded her hands and the look on her face said it all. Either Charlotte had chickened out or this hadn’t been a date from the beginning. "Well first thing to know about me is that I never dress up." she said. "Throw me through a shower, give me a shirt and a pair of pants and I’m good. I’m a soldier, I don’t do things I don’t have to." that had to spell it out. "Another thing is…" she was getting into bussiness mode. "I run my marines how I see fit. I drill them my way, keep them in fighting trim my way and when it comes to security let me do my job and I’ll bend every rule in the book to get it done and done right. That is all I ask from my commanding officers. Thank and don’t get the ship blown up with me in it." -07:51 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: And that is about when Charlotte clued in. To her credit, she didn’t turn red but she did feel the burn somewhere deep under the skin. "I might have given off the wrong impression…" she started to apologize. She was a commanding officer now, and she shot down people all the time. If she didn’t care about a man’s feelings, she shouldn’t be feeling so bad about this either. "Actually, no. I’m not going to apologize. You’re a beautiful woman and took a chance. If you throw that kind of passion in to your work here, I will be blessed to have you as my Security Chief." -07:59 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "I didn’t aask you to apologize." she said trying her best not to sound acuasory or sassy or sarcastic, somethign very hard for her. "The look on Desoto’s face made it worth it and now we can finish this… interview without any nonsense. I apologize in advance for any rumors this has started." -08:04 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: "Darling, there are worse rumors than being accused of an affair with a pretty woman. And if it is any consolation, I do genuinely want to get to know you better. You seem to light up a room and I find that very refreshing compared to some of my other encounters." Case in point, Desoto must not having taken ‘return to work’ very seriously because he had only been gone long enough to be able to claim he really did leave. He was back and taking a great deal of interest in what they were doing. "Hmm. What is the story on Mr. Desoto. Lt. Sharpe doesn’t seem the kind of man to put up with useless bullshit, and Desoto seems like more trouble than he’s worth." -08:10 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "Only way I light up a room with with a MK 2568 assailt rifle." she joked. "Desoto… all I know is he’s been here longer than I have and is a disaster waiting to happen. The amount of times he’s abandoned his post or bee drunk on duty is apauling but Colt, the heaad engineer keeps covering for him so it’s never enough to get him thrown out and the previous captain was Colt’s brother. There’s also a surprisingly little amount on Desoto in the records. As for Sharpe he likes to stay on top of everything and pushes people hard, somethign we both do to those under us but I think he’s given up on Desoto. Maybe he knows something that’s not in the file… Speaking of the first Lt. He was going to get command of the Lightbringer before we heard you were coming last minute. Promotion paprs were people processed and he’d aalready been fitted for the uniform. Not the first time he’s been passsed over for command, being from the family he’s from but this time it had to sting… he won’t try anything or do anythign but his best for you but somewhere deep inside the poor boy has to be crying. Or screaming. I’m getting myself a drink, want something?" Drinks and messing with Desoto while gettign them. Sounded like just the thing to get over embarressment. -08:21 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: Ouch. He was fitted for the uniform and still got the boot. He had to really hate her. One of them was going to have to bridge that gap. Charlotte just wasn’t too keen on being the one. "A drink would be lovely, yes. Order dinner for us as well. That’s why we’re here after all." Her smile was a bit cheeky, mostly for the benefit of the rumor mill. Charlotte would take stories about her dating life over the comments about her command. -08:26 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: Honestly, there WAS probably -something- could be doing besides sneaking back to the bar for spying on the hot new captain and Emmie in her surprising hooker stockings, but who was going to resist watching hot girls and hoping that they kissed? Not him. He swallowed down his drink and asked for another. -08:32 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: She slid up to the bar and ordered two strong drinks and smiled. "Done with those crates?" she asked giving Desoto the stink eye. "You must have somethign better to do than piss away someone else’s money." Kristoff seemed like a girl with simple but rich tastes so she got roast duck shinly sliced up and draped over a bed of seasoned rice with sake to go with it after her sex on the beach while Emelia ordered a skteak that Charlotte could steal some of if the duck wasn’t to her liking. She got a side of garlic bread too. -08:40 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Thorn Desoto: "Crates are locked, cargo bay battoned down. You can tell the Captain I’m soused but efficient." He took another drink, squinting at the order. "A lot of rich food and booze for an interview. You don’t have to get ME drunk to sleep with me, babes. I’m a cheaper date." -08:45 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "Who said anything about an interview." she shot right back. "And maybe I like a challenge, I’m a marine." she collected the drinks and was walking right back to the captain and putting hers in front of her with a smile. "No, not trying to get you drunk I just think that a new command should be celebrated, no ratter what. Start the cruise on a high note and it brings good luck, is what my CO used to say. So long as you don’t have a haangover on launch day." -08:50 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: "It’ll take than a few of these to get me drunk." she winked, picking up her sake for a sip and giving a small sound of approval. "We’ll save the celebration until after we’ve launched. There’s still the possibility that I’m going to get everyone killed and Lieutenant Sharpe will get his command after all. I’ve heard about the Commander’s Curse on Lightbringer." -08:56 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "HEY KYLE. IF YOU WANT TO SEE BOOBS, I’VE GOT SOME FOR YA." He was already pulling up his shirt showing off his chest. That’s about when a couple others grabbed his arms to drag him about before he got himself fired by the new Captain. -08:56 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: She sipped her drink and rolled her eyes at the engineer. "Ma’am, I’m a soldier. All soldiers are supersticious to a greater or lesser degree but I don’t believe in the curse. I’m no expert in ships but you take a lightly armored cruiser and put her among the galaxiest biggest dangers and people are going to die." swizling her drink she settled in ehr seat no longer caring about posture. "All of us on board know the dangers and accept them as part of our job." if rumors abounded and her ‘secret’ was out it didn’t matter. She was actually enjoying the talk. "If you want a celebration after launch I’ll set up a little something. Who knows maybe we’ll get Sharpe to loosen up." she smiled. "He’s actually not that bad… he’s just been working harder than everyone else to get us ready and you know… the promotion that was meant to be." -09:04 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: "I’d give it to him if I could." she muttered, settling back in her seat. Emelia Kyle was actually quite comfortable to relax and talk to. Meeting her as one of the first was a stroke of luck. It helped that Charlotte had downed a scotch or two prior, though. "Hmm, but I can’t, it’s mine, and I’ll do the best damn job in the galaxy just out of spite if that’s what it takes." she grinned, but it didn’t quite meet her eyes. "I don’t believe commanders just up and die like that out of coincidence, though. I’ve been going over some of the records. Something about it doesn’t feel right. So unless Sharpe has been trying to kill his competition to get the command, I think there’s something else going on." -09:11 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "Stuffy? Nooo. He’s a navy man through and through. One of those few poor assholes who bring thier personal code of honor to the job. It’s my job to know everyone and figure out who can do things like what you’re suggesting and he’s not one. He carried too much on his shoulders because of his grandfather The Eden colony incident…" she spoke like she expected the captain to already know. -09:16 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle
Charlotte Kristoff: "The surrender. That was a big deal." Anyone who spent time studying political science knew about that. And depending on who did the teaching, you got quite a few different opinions on the matter. But most were almost always negative. Earth Nation was never to surrender. Ever. It was pretty much criminal. Charlotte wasn’t sure she agreed. "That’s comforting to know my number one isn’t going to try and shank me in my sleep. But that means we’ll have a lot of watching to do. I kind of don’t want to die." she smirked, raising her glass to her lips again. -09:21 Dec 31 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "Then keep your head and keep us out of combat…" a dark look crossed over her face. "I don’t want to speak ill of the deaad but that’s what got your predecessor, a dizen of my marines and a lot of other good men and women killed. We saved a bunch of people but with heavy casualties and one of our ships out of comission for months? And now those assholes are looking at our colonies. I hate polotics." She look a deep drink and set her glass down. "War is a hell of a lot simpler." -09:27 Dec 31 Emelia Kyle

Harmony 001: Sleepover

[Harmony has one of those wierf names Hippies give thier kids. She usually goes my ‘Harm’ though and so has a reputation of neing an emo but who the fuck cares.] -05:22 Dec 22
[Wilhelmina is a very quiet, very invisible girl. She’s okay with that.] -05:31 Dec 22
Harmony: "Hey dorkfish." ‘Mina’s head was swatted from behind by a history textbook just outside of class before her hands was grabbed and she was pulled along. "So we getting lunch or what?" Mina was Harm’s best friend. A shyer, poorer, nerdier version of herself in many ways. Real shy. "Don’t worry I promise not to bite this time. I’m actually not feeling great today I had the wierdest dream." -05:38 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Dorkfish was a terrible name, but Mina didn’t complain about it. It was the least offensive nickname she had heard all week. "I have learned not to wear fruity scented perfume around you, I think it will be okay." she muttered softly in all seriousness. Seeing as she couldn’t escape Harm’s grip, Mina curiously asked about the dream! "Was it the teddy bears again?" -05:42 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Pfft, no. This one wasn’t scary. But it did have thedevil in it." she said as she wounds her way through the other students. "He made a bet with me and I lost so my soul is his now. Wierd right?… And I only bit you because I looooove peaches, Mina. It was a joke." It wasn’t the first time she’s played the ‘made the unltashy nerd walk arounds chool with hickies’ joke either, but she alwasy make up for it, right? "So tomorrows Saturday. We hitting the movies? New Transformers out! I know it’s gonna be trash but it’s Transformers." -05:51 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "My mother says I am not allowed to watch it because it’s just the devil’s minions of the future. Maybe I can come stay over at your house and we can sneak out to see it?" Mina’s mother seemed to think the devil was in just about everything. It made being Harmony’s friend a little difficult sometimes, because the woman tended to think Harm was the devil too. -05:55 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "God your mother reminds of the one in Waterboy sometimes." Harm said rolling her eyes. "It’s the DEVIIIIL." Shouting ‘devil’ at the top of your lungs suddenly in a crouded coridoor was not the worst thing Harm has done for her reputation cut again she didn’t care. "But hey, at least she’s around. Right?" Harm’s own was on yet another shopping trip to NYC without her and her dad was in Rhinelang negotiating with some prince or another for an oil field. "Maybe I can find a stream and we can just watch it at my place." Her place has a better sound system than the cinema anyway. -06:01 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina completely disagreed that having the old woman around was a good thing. There were freedoms one just didn’t get when your mom thought everything was evil. Mina gave a surley bit of a scowl, being a little perturbed that now everyone was staring at them. "And we can work on our homework while we’re waiting for it to download? I have to improve my A- average, it doesn’t look good on my resume." -06:05 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "resume smesume. I’ll just hire you as my maid then we can hand forever." Harm winked. "And you in that uniform would be so cute!" She pinched the girl’s scheek having made her third subtle lesbian jab of the day. Not that Harm was Lesbian… she didn’t quite know what she was. "Best thing about this plan is it works even if this cold or whaever I have doesn’t go away." she switched back to movie plans without warning. "You eating cafateria food or stealing from what I brought? I see a free table over there." -06:10 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I have a tunafish sandwhich." Which was terrible and that meant she intended to eat some of Harmony’s food. Mina slipped in to a seat, pulling out the very sad looking sandwhich just in case Harm wanted to attack it for her. "I’m not sure if being your maid is safe." -06:14 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm grabbed half of Mina’s sandwich and then opened her bag to pull out a tupperware containing a roast beef and cheese casserol and pushed it towards Mina. "Fair trade? Want more?" there was a box of juice and a rye, salami, letus, pickle, feta sandwich that half of was also pushed towards Mina who sat there with her half rye sandwich, half a tuna sandwich and her juice. "Probbaly not. I plan to be an eccentric idle rich girl. You know like the ones you hear about who humilaite thier servants because they have no other outlet to express how soulcrushingly empty thier lives are." she winked at her favorite victim/best friend and starte unwrapping the tuna. -06:23 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina look completely igdignant about the idea, but was very happy to dig in to a NICE lunch with all the manners of a posh lady. "I won’t stand for any humiliation if I have to spend all day cleaning for you. Otherwise I could work someone else for nicer pay. Are you going to give me health benefits? Maybe you need more hobbies. Like studying fossils! That’s actually very interesting." -06:27 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: If only took her three secods to make her half of Mina’s tuna disappear before she started in her rye… savoring it. "Come on… would I really do that to you. All I want is you love…" she pouted and then stuck her tongue out. "I do have hobbies. I collect comics. I play vodeo games. I try to pull you out of your hilbilly life and get come culture in you… Okay fine I admit it… I’m only after you for the sex." Not that they had ever had sex but the look on Mina’s face was bound to be priceless. -06:31 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Now Mina was very, very, very red. But she was trying hard to play it off as if all of those sex comments didn’t bother her at all. The more it bothered her, the more Harm liked to do it, and that is how Mina ended up with hickies and in other strange situations! "You would have better luck hunting down a nice boyfriend with good manners. One that likes video games too and would be a good pool boy?" -06:33 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "That sounds like a bad 90s porno." Harm commented before takign another bite of Rye. And don’t you want to have fun with your life before you settle down? Try a few guys and maybe a girl to see if you like it? You’re not going to meet the perfect person of your first try… Look at my parents." Her parentshad been sweethearts since middle school. "We hanging after school today or no? Meet at my place so I can show what arived in the mail today? -06:37 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Boys are distractions. Girls are too!" Not that she didn’t think about it on a regular basis, but there was just no time for those sorts of things and they were never interested in her either. There was only Harmony, who was impossible to take seriously and Mina was sure was a deviant. "Of course, yes. We have to prepare the movie rituals. What did you get?" -06:40 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You’ll have to wait to see." Harm said with a wicked grin and a slow sultry wink. "Speaking of finish your caserol I’ll microwave us up some more for dinner. It’s almost time to head back to class." -06:41 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Well, that look was trouble. Mina siiiighed, and very quickly started shoveling casserole in her mouth so they wouldn’t be late to classes. "Why do you always make me wait! You know how much I hate surprises." -06:46 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm sighed and slid aorund to tit next to the girl and put her arm aorund her. "You’re my best friend, Mina and as much as I try to be kind and sweet all the time like you I just like to torture you and you desurve better, I know…" she played with ehr hair, getly. "But you’re the only one who puts up with me so I have my fun. I’m sorry?" -06:50 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: There went her face going red again. And worse, she was a total sucker when Harm started getting all sorry about things. Mina huffed and nodded her okay. "Okay. But you have to remember to appreciate me more. Maybe I won’t be here forever and you will have to get a new me!" -06:53 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "There’s no more like you." she cooed, resting her chin on Mina’s shoulder. "And I apreaciate you as the unique gem you are. I plan to never use you." She kissed her cheek quickly and stood. "My place after school right? Bring the tupperware." -06:56 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Many hours later after school, Mina had her bag and was walking up the loooooooong driveway to Harmony’s ridiculously large and intimidating house. Mina’s house was a toolshed compared to this estate and she always wondered if they ever used all those rooms. She stopped at the door and range the doorbell, shifting uncomfortably on her feet. -06:59 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: It took a few minutes for Harm to get to the door with her headphones on and phone stuch in her back pocket blasting music bat when she pulled it open her arms were immediately around Mina and she pulled the gill inside. "She give you a cross and holy water to use against me?" she asked only half jokingely and hell, she looked like someone people might cross themselves if they sat her in the street. Free of school she had changed into a low cut top with a band logo on the front and short shorts. Her earing were now skull shaped studs and she had put on lipstick for more other reason than to meave a lot of it on Mina’s neck when she greeted her. "Food now or can yu hold out until after we get ready for tomorrow? YOu only get to find out what I got after both of those." She had put on purfume too. -07:04 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I didn’t tell her I was coming here. I told her I was going to a Bible Study Slumber party. I’ll have to think of something to study for telling her about." Mina hadn’t changed her clothes at all. Wearing the same simple khaki skirt and button up blue blouse she had worn to school. Her hair was in a simple ponytail over her shoulder and compared to Harm’s outragerous clothes, she looked very plain. "Food first please, preparations are easy!" -07:08 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Food, then we’re heading upstairs and finding you something to wear for the rest of the night." Harm said turning and with her dark curls bounding behind her headed for the kitche, taking two tupperware containers exactly like the one she had brought with her to lunch and shoving them into two seperate microwaves and settign the times. "I meant what I said by the way, Mina. I don’t ever want to lose you. You’re like my only friend and for someone as rich as this that’s saying something." she opened the fridge and poared a glass for each of them, carefully spiked with alcohol and when the microwaves beeped pulled out the containers, upended them into bowls and served everything. "You get to decide desert." -07:13 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I want the German chocolate cake." Mina put up a lot of protest about Harm’s dressing her up, but she never really meant it. Maybe being in those clothes made her a little uncomfortable, but it was nice getting to dress up all fancy and different. Mina took a biiiiig swallow of her drink. "You are being extra affectionate today. Did that dream make you scared for your soul? I have never heard you be scared of anything." -07:16 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I am?" she asked looking up after taking a bite of her food. "Comeon I have wierd dreams all the time. Everyone does." She took a gult and knewwwshe would be in toruble if Mina actually knew what booze tasted like. Arested trouble. And her parents would be too but she didn’t care. "And sure… how many slices do you want? We have to finish it over the weekend…" She did enjoy treating Mina almost as much as she enjoyed torturing her. Maybe this was why she stayed friends with her. -07:22 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Yes but you are being eeeeextra nice." Mina held up three fingers even though that was probably more cake than she’d be able to stuff in her face. The cake was too hard to resist. Now that she was no longer in school and surrounded by a ton of people, Mina was relaxing a little bit more. "We’ll have to gt all of the soundtracks to listen to after the movie is done tomorrow. Should we wear our fan shirts? I have mine in my bag!" -07:27 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You know we are gonna wear our shirts." Harn said with a grin. "And I’m being normal, twerp. Don’t make me dress you up in something from my second closet." She did have two too. "It sucks that your mom never left you go to cons with me, I think you’d love cosplay." Switching subject again and working Mina up to actually going with her. -07:30 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "There are too many people! But maybe just once would be really fun. It’d be hard to sneak away for that many days, though." Mina took another drink and happily polished off the rest of that casserole before making grabby hands towards the cake. "I kind of want to be Sailor Jupiter!" -07:33 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "There’s some great sailor guardian costumes you can buy online… or would you want to make your over a few weekends?" Harm reached over and lifted the glass bell covering the cake to let Mina at it. "Which one was Jupiter again?" she was trying not to get lost in the thought of Mina in a sexy sailor outfit. -07:35 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "The one with lightning powers." Mina got herself a very large piece of the cake and was then busy stuffing chocolate in her mout and bouncing happily in her seat. She neeeeeever got cake at home. "I want to make one. That way it’s completely accurate to the show down to the last details. It HAS to have all of the little details or it’s just not worth doing it." -07:37 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Great! I’ll source all the materials." The trap sprung and Mina was soooooo caught. With great smugness she lelped herself to a slice of cake and put a small spoonful in her mouth. "You just need to tell me what you need. I don’t think your mom would pay for any of it but that’s why you have me." -07:40 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Hmm? Mm!! I will have to make a list! Hmm.. I’ll have to do lots of internet research on both the manga and the anime and find lots of pictures so I can get the appropriate amounts of fabric. Oh, and they’ll have to be nice quality fabric toos. And her rose earings! Those will be especially tricky to find!" Mina was starting to really like this idea! Sure, it was going to be hard to get around her mom, but surely they could figure something out. "You’re going to cosplay too?" -07:43 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "It’s kinda like the unwritten rule of coms. If you don’t cosplay you’re a dad or you’re a dork." she said. "It just wouldn’t be my first time." she wiggled here eyebrows as ate more cake. "You were grounded though so I didn’t try to hook you. But this year, you’re miiiiine." she was grinning ear to ear. "We can starts searching online before we sleep tonight. Not like we’ll be doing anything else, right." -07:46 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Maybe some homework, but that would be it." How exciting! Mina polished off the rest of her cake as quickly as she could. She wanted to work on this project. And down went the rest of her drink as fast as she could swallow. "Ready! What is your big secret?" Off she slid from her seat ready to see what strange nonsense Harm was going to show off now. -07:50 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Nuh uh uh." she said taking Mina by the hands and leading her out. "First you nee to get changed." She led her up the richly decorated staircase and through the door into her den, with posters all over the wallls, excapt the one that was almost entorely covered in shelves of old vynl, comics, and games. "You sit right here. I’mgoing to pick out your outfit." Heading over she pulled open her closet and started difling through hangers. This was going to be good! -07:54 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "This is going to take forever!" fussed Mina, crossing her arms and fussing as she sat still. She went ahead and kicked off her shoes, since it would only be a matter of time before Harm tugged them off anyway. She leaned curiously to see what was getting pulled out of the closet. "Why do I have to change clothes anyway. Aren’t we just staying here?" -07:56 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "because I like you looking sexy when we’re together." She said immediately. "Usually you’re cute as hell but when I’m done with you you’re dangerously cute." She moved over to the bed and without asking pulled Mina’s shirt off and replaced it with one similar to the one she was wearing only less extreme in how much it showed. "You get to wear a prettier one when yuou get a sexy bra like mine." she said before shoving Mina down and ripping her skirt off and dropping a black leather mini in her lap followed by a spiked bracer. It was the only words fro it. It looked like forearm armor since it was too big to be a mere bracelet. "SHoes we can leave buuut." she loved a fast as a rabbit over to her dresser and started pulling out her makeup bag. "You’re going to loook… good enough to eat." -08:01 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am not cute at all, thank you very much!" Being manhandled and her clothes snatched had her face red again, and she really didn’t know why she wasn’t used to this sort of treatment by now. It happened all too often. Reluctantly she pulled on the black skirt. …it was a little too tight and she stood around fussing trying to dug it down some more. "This is too short. It’s going to show my butt when I bend over!" -08:05 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "That’s the point." She said with a grins as she sat Mina back down again and took out btight red lipstick and applied it in four practices troved and then added in dark mascara to complete the quick look and with a little fussing with Mina’s hair she snapped a picture with her phone, then another one with her nuzzzling into Mina’s neck fron behind, then slowly her phone slipped from her fingers and she put her arms arounf Mina, her nuzzling slowling but not stopping as she gave a long, content sigh. This had certainly never hapened before in Harm’s rapid fire style of torture. "New perfume?" she asked finally seeming t come to her senses a little, only to tighten her grip and start nuzzlling into her hair. "You’re right, you’re not cute. You’re gorgious." -08:10 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Harm was being even more touchie and snugglie than usual which was making her cheeks burn. It wasn’t BAD, it was just a little strange! "Yes, because you bite me last time. This one doesn’t smell like food." Mina didn’t agree at all about looking cute OR gorgeous, but Harm always did like strange things. She poked gently at Harm’s shoulder. "Now you’ll tell me the big surprise?" -08:13 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She was halfway through the motion of biting her ear when she was poked just in the nick of time and shook herself. "Okay… stay sitting." she moved away and rushed over to her shelves and quickly pulled something off and hid it behind her back as she approached. "Are you ready to be jealous?" she asked with the sweetest smile. "You drop dead sexy girl." -08:15 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Stop saying such silly things and just show me already!" she complained, shifting awkwardly in her seat and still trying to tug that skirt down farther so it wasn’t showing so much leg. It was really a futile endevor. -08:17 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She slowly revealed her plastic encased prize. "First print detective comic, the very first one to ever contain…." She flipped it over to reveal the cover. "Batman! This is the first time Batman was revealed to the public. And here it is… exactlu like new." She plopped down next to Mina and put it in her friend’s lap. "Taken me years to find one for sale." -08:19 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Eeeeeeeeeei!!" squealed Mina! Despite bouncing heavily, she was very careful when she picked it up. "Oh my god, oh my god! These are impossible to find in mint condition now! This had to cost more than a fortune! You have to sell your soul for these!" -08:22 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Maybe I did…" that was the strange bit. She had got it in her dream but when she had woken up there it was. "My parents are going to kill me when they see the cost but if I put it up for auction I could probably make money with the price I paid. Not that I’m giving this up." it was good to share it with someone who apreaciated it as much as she did. -08:24 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I’ll KILL MYSELF if you sell it! Don’t you dare!" Mina hugged it to her chest, coveting the precious prize. Harm could always get the most amazing things, she had no idea how lucky she was! "It needs a display case. Something really special." -08:26 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Well maybe you can help me plan that." she said the enthusiasm seeming to ebb from her as it sunk is. The comic was real, neither of her parents would have done this and no one else would just hand her something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. "Thing is… I got that in my dream. The one where I sold my soul and when I woke up it was still there…" -08:29 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Harm, come on." Mina roooolled her eyes. Even for Harm being really weird, to actually think she sold her soul for a comic in a DREAM and got it was kind of crazy. "Maybe your parents got it for you and it was just a coincidence you had a weird dream like that." -08:31 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Mom is in New York. Dad is in Germany and they would never spend hundreds of thousands on my collection that they hate… no, you must be right. I mean it’s silly to think that the devil would come after me. I’m a nobody, probably alread headed that way. He’d go after you. You’reprobably going to heaven otherwise." -08:33 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Exactly! The devil only goes after souls that are hard to get! I think. ….Actually I have no idea! We COULD ask my mom, but that’s not a conversation I want to have at all. Don’t worry about it, okay?" Mina offered the comic back, along with a big wide smile. Something very few people ever got to see from her. "It’s totally worth a soul, though." -08:35 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She took it and walked back to stash it on her shelf. "No, telling your mom I sold my soul and she’ll never let you come here again. So… you’re working on a saulor Juliper cosplay? Time to start looking!" -08:37 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "She’s still looking for a reason to just keep me in the house forever." Mina hopped off the bed to grab Harmony’s laptop. Another thing Harm had that Mina didn’t. She didn’t even have a computer at her house. "All we need are a few good pictures and I’ll write down the list. And then we can go to bed for plenty of rest for tomorrow!" -08:40 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I’m still convinced one of thse days you’re going to find my porn folder." Harm said sitting behind Mina and putting her arms back around her, going back to gently nuzzling her shoulder. "Rest sounds good. After we wash off out makeup and set into something we can sleep in." -08:43 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am not going to go looking for your porn folder." Although knowing Harm it could be right there out in the open. She was being snugglie again and Mina was taking it like a champ. It helped that Harm was nice and warm and maybe Mina liked her a little bit when she wasn’t being evil. So she continued clicking away at the computer. "Why do you bother putting makeup on us anyway, just to take it back off again?" -08:50 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "To look sexy." She repeated, moving stopping her affection and only juuuust stoppin gherself from copping a feel when it was clear Mina was distracted enough. "Don’t you lik elooking sext? Knowing that people want you when they see you? Knowing that all kinds of things are yours if you choose to say yes to them? You’re pretty… you should feel like that too." -09:02 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "That is what Harmony land is like! In Wilhelmina land, I am not pretty or sexy or cute. I am just normal and boring and uninteresting. And that’s okay, you know, because being sex just leads to sex and sex is a sin!" Mina didn’t necessarily believe that, but it was hard to shake those kind of thoughts after being raised that way. She pointed at the laptop screen. "I want to do that style for the fuku. The skirt is a little short, but maybe I can wear some sheet tights too." -09:06 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Sex is great." Harm complained. "Mavn’t you masterbaited before?" She completely ignored the part about the top only to lean over and bookmarke it and tell Mina to keep looking for similar things. "If sexy leads to sex than I will be all the sexy I possibly can. And you should too. Harmony land could be yours too if you just wanted it. She had to stop herself from offering to show Mina how great sex was. -09:10 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "NO I don’t masturbate! Only boys do that!" Ick! How would she even do that? Her face was burning enough even her ears were red now. Mina huffed. "Have you been having sex? That’s really dangerous. You’re not supposed to be having it until you get married. Otherwise everyone is going to call you a slut and then no one will marry you because they can get it for free." -09:13 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Girls masterbait too." Harm said with her arms folded across her chest. "And how can I be having sex when I hand out with you all the time. I just guess what. Masterbait. So am I a boy?" she asked giving Mina a disbelieving look. "And that is not what happens when you don’t hold out for marriage. MArriage is about love. Sex doesn’t have to be. I was concieved before my parents were married." she had pulled away from Mina and looked hurt. -09:17 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Sex is supposed to be about love, that’s why you wait until you get married." Mina curiously watched Harmony walk away, and then she frowned. "Why are you offended? It’s not wrong to masterbate, it’s just weird!" -09:20 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm spread her arms. "Just because I’m not getting doesn’t mean I’m a virgin." she said emphatically. "Doesn’t mean I don’t feel thing that tell me sex does not have to be about love, doesn’t have to be with a boy, and should be enjoyed and the fact that you don’t masterbait is wierd. It’s like… the best stress relief after a bad day ever invented… If you wern’t my best friend who I love dearly and would probably die if I lost I’d offer to show you how."" -09:23 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Maybe I think sex is weird!" she admitted, which was promptly followed by her sinking in her chair only to peer over the back of it at Harmony. "I don’t see what is so good about it… It hurts and it’s messy and everyone always complains about it or not getting it. It all seems like way too much trouble." -09:26 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "It’s not meant to hurt." she replied immediately. "In fact it feels increadible which is sort of the the point and what’s good about it." She sighed and sat down next to Mina, putting her arm around her and pulling her close. "But I know it’s not for everyone so we can drop it. Just… Don’t write it off, but don’t have it until you’ve masterdaited and know what it’s meant to feel like… okay?" -09:30 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I’m not putting my hands there!" How embaraaasssing. Mina bet no normal people had conversations like this! She buried her face in Harmony’s neck to hide it. She was being really nice and concerned (even though this entire thing was her fault anyway) and it was just much to deal with! -09:32 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina was pulled into a full on hug and had her back rubbed. "It’s really not that bad… but I’m done talking about it. Like I said you’re my best friend and you can make your own decisions. But if you had any other mother you’d have been doing it since 12, trust me." she took a deep breath and then lightly kissed the side of Mina’s necl, nuzzling into it afterwards. "Wanna get this makeup off and onto PJs while I source us a copy of the movie?" -09:36 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Yes. I’m pretty tired." Dealing with Harmony could wear anybody out, and now Mina was feeling all warm and fuzzy and weird. She broke away, fussing some of her hair out of her face before hopping up and going to dig her night gown out of her bag. -09:41 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
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[Harmony is worried her best friend is going to end up marrying for sex.] -07:58 Dec 23
[Wilhelmina is a sleepy girl, and never going to get married or have sex!] -08:00 Dec 23
Harmony: The night had wound down with showering, Mia getting into her 50s pajamas and Harm getting into her sexy slip and then talkign about school until they fell asleep. Hour passed, the sun rose and found Mina firmly gripped in Harm’s arms. Harm, still fast asleep was moving her hand gently up and down Mina’s stomach whilelightly and sleepily nuddling her shoulder from behind, with the occational kiss there. -08:06 Dec 23 Harmony
Harmony: The night had wound down with showering, Mia getting into her 50s pajamas and Harm getting into her sexy slip and then talkign about school until they fell asleep. Hour passed, the sun rose and found Mina firmly gripped in Harm’s arms. Harm, still fast asleep was moving her hand gently up and down Mina’s stomach whilelightly and sleepily nuddling her shoulder from behind, with the occational kiss there. -08:07 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina loved sleeping at Harmony’s house. She had the comfiest bed on the entire planet. All soft and plush and warm. Tonight was extra comfy, but she was having a hard time rolling being caught up in all these blankets. She mrrrph and wiggled… and very sleepily realized it wasn’t blankets that had her locked in place. "Haaarrrm…" she muttered. -08:10 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Minnaaa." she was still asleep, kinda. Okay that actually woke her up. She blinked and then setteled back down with a smile on her face. "Morning." she said softly and nuzzleburried her nose into Mina’s hair. "Don’t you just want to stay here all day?" -08:18 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Almost." she admitted. It WAS warm and cozy. But all that nuzzling was making her red and feeling a little bit weird. So she squirmed to roll over and face Harm. Poking gently at her stomach. "But then we can’t eat breakfast OR watch our movie." -08:21 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Well we could…" Bad harm. "Breakfast in bed and watching on my laptop." Nice save. No eating the best friend. "But I think yoou like the ceremony of getting everything ready sooo…." she poked Mina’s nose. "Why don’t you go tart doing that while I go get breakfast?" -08:26 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Okay! Make sure to bring eeeeverything for breakfast. The works." Mina hopped out of bed quick, having to tug her nightgown down to a more appropriate length after rolling around in bed all night. -08:30 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "All I have to do is bring the cake and you’ll be blind to everythign else." she teased before slipping out of bed and stretching. Tne pulling her slip into place over her chest… did it hurt? She poked at them idly and pouted before shrugging. "I’ll see you in the living room!" She spun on her feet and marched out so glad that they were alone in the house. The entertainment room, which Harm was sure had close to a million dollars worth of toys, electronics and a door into the indoor squash court was right next to the livign room which was perfect for her to call Mina for breakfast. -08:43 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: With Harmony gone, Mina bounced around the room collecting everything they would need. Some extra pillows from the bed, blankets, the laptop, a few comics for reference, and their totally awesome tshirts from the oldschool cartoon! She balanced the giant pile in her arms precariously as she made her way throught the maize of a house to the living room. -08:51 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: In the kitchen hard was making waffles, and slicing up oranges, and getting the cider, and addding a BIG slice of cake to Mina’s plate and hetting two mugs of caramel macchiato set up before she called Mina in and say down. "If this isn’t enough then there’s cereal." -09:05 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina already pulled on her tshirt and tossed Harm’s over to her before she plopped in to a chair. Cake! That was the first thing to get shoveled in to her mouth. "Cereal is for dinner! What about bacon? That is really good with waffles." -09:09 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You have protien in the waffles." Mina pointed out. "And you’re havign cake for breakfast and you don’t want to get chubby, do you?" she shook her fork at Mina. "Besides I was already making waffles and I don’t want to stand over a hot pan on top of that, but the kitchens right over there if you do." She was poaring maple syrip all over her waffles and cutting into them. "Miss fusstpants." -09:15 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "It’s a SPECIAL day, Harm. There should be the ultimate breakfast!" Mina shoveled more of the cake in her mouth, but at Harm’s permission, she bounced up and to the kitchen. Bacon came out of the fridge and so did some sausage and cheese and a few eggs too. "I never eat like this at home. I’m never going to get chubby." -09:18 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Don’t forget to make for me too." she said, from the doorway, her arms crossed as breakfast was put on hold for Mina to get suckerd into finishing it. "Maybe you’re one of those lucky girls who wil have it all go to your hips and boobs. Then I’d have to get you a sexy bra for Christmas and have you model it for me. You really do look pretty when you try." Harm was certainly one of those "Lucky girls" she spoke of, not that she purposfully ate a lot to take advantage of it. As much of a game as she talked with Mina she really didn’t like being noticed at school. Peonanly why she hung out with the bible school girl. -09:23 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Weight only collects in those area if you’re genetically predispositioned to it, and even then it really doesn’t go much in the boobs." Mina glanced down at her own, with a small huff. There wasn’t much there, and there never would be! One of a million reasons Mina was NOT pretty and Harmony was just giving silly useless compliments to. "I don’t think I could take home any sexy bras. My mom would have a fit." -09:31 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Then I’ll keep it here for when you come over." She said with a grin. "Keep the sexy Mina all to myself. I get to ddress you up, I get to hug you and take your picture. It’s really like having my own little pet who talks back. Oh… you’d look adorble in a collar. I should get one for you to wear during the movie!"" -09:34 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina rooooolled her eyes. A collar was silly. Of course, she always ended up wearing what Harm told her to wear, regardless of how dumb she thought it was, so it was likely her own fault. She added some extra pieces of bacon to the pan, and danced subtly on her feet because it smelled soooo sooo good. "Why do you even have collars? You don’t have any other pets!" -09:36 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Cecause I like to wear them." she said rolling her eyes. "They’re cute, they’re sexy and din some situations you wouldn’t know anything about they’re pretty useful." she sighed, almost sad she couldn’t introduce Mina to that side of life. "But you’re just going to be adorably innocent forever, aren’t you. A cute, oblivious little lap pet? Who gets cake and cuddles…?" -09:42 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I DO like free cake and I am on the fence about the snuggles." Thankfully she was busy flipping bacon and adding sausage patties to the pan, otherwise the redness in her face would have been obvious. Mina almost asked HOW they’d be useful, but she supposed it was for dragging people around when they were otherwise trying to escape. Of course Harm would like something like that! "And I’m not cute!" -09:45 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "The more you deny it the more adorable it makes you. Faace it, you’re that cute kind of herd that everyone thinks is adorable and if they didn’t think you’d run away they’d ask you out." Suuuch a pity Mina was obviously painfully strait and probably WOULD run away. "Stay right here. I think you need a practical demonstration." she turned and left and was heard heading up towards her bedroom. -09:48 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina scoffed. No one was afraid to ask ANY one out, unless they were dangerous looking or behaving. Mina was neither of those. While Harmony was away, likely creating trouble, Mina slid the bacon and sausage on a plate with paper towels to drain and then started frying up some eggs in the left over drippings. -09:50 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: It didn’t take more than five minutes and Harm was back, with a push up bra and collar added, as well as a shirt and skirt in place of her slip. Also arorning her head were black cat ears. "Meow?" she asked before entering the kitchen and stealing a peice of bacong to sit on the counter near Mina. "Cute, right?" she asked playing with the the heart-shaped lock adoring the collar. "You’d look cute enough to eat in one. I should make you wear one to school and see how many guys ask you out." -09:55 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina’s nose twisted up as she appraised the outfit. With the ears, it really did look cute. Just like the girls in her favorite mangas. "I guess it is kind of cute. But what looks okay for you, won’t look the same for me! We are very different." The eggs were almost set and Mina slid them off on to a plate too. She snatched the piece of bacon from Harm’s hand to pop in her own mouth, then took the plates off to the table to go along with the rest of breakfast. "Here! NOW it’s a complete breakfast." -09:59 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "After our movie I’m going to give you a makeover." Harm declaired. "With my eye you will liik truly drop dead sext. Truuuust me. If faact you’re going to stay here until monday morning and I’m going to dress you for school too. That is the price of getting to use my home entertainment system and eat all my cake." she grinned as she sat down again loving the idea. "And no this isn’t to torture you. I want you to apreciate what you have because it’s more than you know." -10:02 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You’re going to put me in weird things and make me look like a stripper." she complained. It was one of many humiliating possibilities. But she remained in her seat and eating despite it. "I’ll have to call my mom tonight and tell her that my bible study is running all weekend. She’ll probably be thrilled that I’m taking it so seriously." -10:05 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No darling, I’m going to make you look like a confident, sexy nerd who is happy with herself. Like me. But I’m not going to make you look like me, but like you if you believed in yourself. Confidence is more sexy than boobs, butt, makeup, and good looks combined. If you have that, or look like you do people will gravitate towards you because they want it too. That’s why you hang out with me after all. That and all my cool stuff and cake." -10:09 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina like Harmony very much, but she didn’t think it was the confidence or the cake, though both were nice to have. Maybe it was silly moments like this, where you could tell that deep down Harmony was a really nice person underneath all the scary intimidating stuff. "Why do you even like me, Harmony? I’m not any of those things even if you dress me up pretty." -10:14 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Because you’re fun to mess with, and you let me do what I want to you." she said immediately with a smile. "You have great cheek bones, a cool laugh, you like all the stuff I like except apparently sex and maybe deep down I think you could be a lot happier than you are and I want to help you get there. There’s also that cute shy nerd thing you have going on, I find it adorable and I’d totally take advantage of it if I wasn’t worried it would ruin my only real friendship…" -10:18 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: She didn’t look like she believed it but she accepted the answer anyway. "You’re not going to lose me, Harm. I’m here forever." With that concluded, she took her waffle to make a sausage, bacon, egg, waffle sammich. Completely with syrup, a huge bite, and a very big mess. She squeaked when she almost got it on her shirt. -10:20 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Don’t tempt me, Mina." she said actually using her untencils to eat unlike her friend. "You’d run away and I’d never see you again. You after all think it has to be about love. And sure I love you but I’m a girl." -10:30 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Same sex marriage is legal in several places now. Though, I don’t think my mom would like it very much. I am pretty sure she’d try to have us burned or send us to camp or something." With most of her waffle sammich gone, she finally paused for a moment to drink the machiatto. There was a pleeeeaased sigh. -10:33 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "So that’s what you’re worries about? If it’s legal or if your mther would approve? Not if you’d actually enjoy it with a girl?" Every time Mina spoke about sex Harm seemed to find something more to get outragedd over. It’s like the girl hadn’t even thought about it. It was enough to make her want to sneak porn on insteadd of thier movie and make Mina learn. "Have you even thought about it? If you’d enjoy it with a boy, or a girl, or both? Andd what you want romantically? If you don’t you’ll end up being my maid forever and having to live with a dirty old pervert." -10:43 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "There’s no reason for me to think about it! It’s not practical or realistic." she said matter-of-factly, leaning back in her chair to sip her drink. She finally just frowned. Harmony was going to make a big deal about it if she didn’t properly explain. "People are not interested in my that way. Even if they WERE they would want to have sex and I can’t do that because nothing about it sounds good at all. And if my mother doesn’t approve of them, I would never get to see them anyway. So there is no reason to make myself upset thinking about it, I would rather not think about it at all." -10:47 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Your mother doesn’t approve of me and you’re here." HArm pointeddd out. "And the only reason why you don’t see anything good about sex is that you’ve never even touched yourself. Frankly I don’t care if you have sex or not but not at least allowing yourself to even try that is… it actually concerns me. I don’t know why but it worries me that you’re cutting yourself off from something that could make you happy without giving it a chance. I could show you how." Okay she shouldn’t have saidd that. "Andd you couldd take it at your own pace and if you really didn’t like it then you’d never ever have to think about it again. It’s natural. It’s good and who cares if people want to fuck you or not you should still want to fuck you. And I’d fuck you so don’t say no one ever would." -10:54 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "It’s different sneaking here for a weekend compared to everything else. And she would know if I had sex. Even with myself. She would know and I would get in so much trouble." Her face was beet red again, but since her plate was empty that was a good excuse to get up and clean the dishes. She took her plate and escaped. "You shouldn’t go saying wild things like that all the time, Harmony, you’re going to get yourself in trouble one day too!" -10:58 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harmony clickedd her tongue. "No she wouldn’t, and even if she did everyone does it. You’re a teenager, Mina. You’re meant to be finding out what you enjoy in life and making mistakes." She followedd her to the kitchen. "Don’t run from yourself. I’m going to set up the movie then we’ll talk. I really want you to concider me showing you though. It wouldn’t mean anything andd there’s an entire weekend for you to forget about it if you don’t liek it and we’d stop whenever you’d like." she couldn’t help herself. She reached arund and grabbed Mina’s crotch from behind. "And if you don’t then knowing what I know I’m going to have to have sex with you to show you what it’s like." -11:06 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina squeaked out loud and thought about swatting Harm’s hand away and scurrying off somewhere safe, but that would probably incite the other girl’s chase instincts and Mina had no idea what she would do it she did! Instead she huffed, trying to sound furious and ignoring how her cheeks burned. "That’s raping, Harmony, and that is even worse than sex and I didn’t bring my rape whistle!" -11:09 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No, I’d seduce you." she said with a laugh. "Because I’m calm, sexy, and confident and I know all the ways to make you red in the face, but most of all I just want you to be haappy, and if you’re happy denying yourself out of fear then I can’t change that." she sighed and shook her head, feeling bad about possibly crossing a line. "So I’ll just go put on the movie instead of making this awkward." It was with significanly less bounce in her step that she left the kitchen and heaaded for the entertainment room. -11:16 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: She let out a relieved sigh. Harmony just didn’t realize how scary and intimidating she was sometimes! Very intense, and Mina didn’t handle intense very well. She took her time washing up the last of the dishes so the red in her face would fade away and she could get her senses back. Then she wandered off to the living room back to normal. Mina always bounced back quickly. "I have all the blankets and pillows ready!" she said as she jumped on the couch. -11:20 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She had taaken off the ears and collar and stolen all the blenkets to build a fort for herself and curl up around a pillow. Typical Harm pout mode. Take off the cute things she loved and hide. In responce to being joined and spoken to she shook her head aand curled up tighter. "Nuh uh." -11:25 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Haaaaarmony." Bother, what was she pouting about now? The girl always took everything personally. Mina dug under the covers until she found her, and then she grabbed her arms and started shaking. "Enough! You can’t sulk on this, the greatest of days. I will wear your silly collar for you?" -11:28 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Her hand was slapped away andd Harmony pointed to where the collar nad ears as next to each other. Then she covered herself back up again without a word but Mina could probably guess she had to wear both to appease the ‘I can’t help my best friend see how great sex it’ sulk monster. -11:30 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Fiiine!" Mina fumbled until she got them both. Ears went on first with ease, but the collar took a little bit of work getting around her neck and on comfortably. Then she was huffily grabbing at Harmony again to shake her some more. "See? Now please stoooop." -11:34 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She sat up and movedd the blanket from her hair-covered face and then was slipping an arm aorund Mina to gently kiss her lips, lingering there for a moment before before lightly kissing a trail down her neck pausing to take the collar in her teeth and tug on it before taking the trail to her shoulder and then resting her head there and pushing play with her other hand, sttling against her froend and crossing her legs to drape one over Mina’s thigh. -11:39 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: A choked sort of sound escaped her, but it had been so soft and sweet Mina couldn’t bring herself to push Harm away. Instead she settled, huffing just a little bit to show she was perturbed and settling in to what was a strangly comfortable cuddle. "I can’t reach the remote." -11:43 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: It was tossed into Mina’s lap. She still wasn’t speaking because she ddidn’t know what to say. she felt like she was ruining everything betweeen them for what? Because she was having a horny weekend. Maaube after the movie she shouldd headd upstairs and ddo somethign abou that alone. Either way Mina desurved an apology. She couldn’t concentrate on the movie anyway so she was going to be trapped in her throughts until she could excape. This was gonna suck! -11:47 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: With the remote, Mina took several moments trying to figure out which button did what. She finally got the movie turned on the volume set just right, then she set the remote aside. Now… Harmony wasn’t saying a word which could be really bad OR really good. Mina could never be sure. For the time being if they were going to snuggle, Mina wanted to be as comfy as possible. She curled her arms around Harm so she could half lay on her and tucked her own legs up on the couch for a better position. -11:52 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm had no idea how she got through the movie while feeling guilty about what she had said, bad for how she left andd like she was a huge slut when compared to her best friend but at some point the ears had been stolen back and the nuzzling had resumed and as the credits rolled She sat up and let the blankets fall from her. "I think I need to go do… something." she said reaching to unplug her laptop and pick it up. "But first…" she sa sideways on the couch facing Mina. "I’m really sorry for getting on your case about all that. I’ll never talk about it again." she stook and started walking towards the staircase without waiting for an answer. What could Mina say? -12:03 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: By that point Mina had forgotten all about the morning weirdness, so with Harm apologizing and being so serious, Mina had no idea what she was talking about! She got through folding one of the blankets before the annoyance at the secrecy got to her, and then she couldn’t help but stomp off to ask Harm. "Haaaaarmony! Why are you always so dramatic!" -12:08 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Is it bad that I feel bad for not understanding you or that I’m sorry for reacting the way I did. I’m sure a lot of girls our age don’t masterbait and… now I feel like a slut so I am going to… I don’t know. Change? Masterbait before I touch you more than I already have? I don’t know what to do right now and I just wish I hadd kept my big mouth shut." -12:12 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You are just intimidating and kind of scary sometimes. But if it was bad, I wouldn’t want to hang you at all." Other than not understanding her very well, Mina wasn’t sure where Harmony was having the dilemma. So she hopped up past the girl to beat her to her room. "You said you were going to dress me up all makeover style. Have you changed your mind?" -12:17 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Okay fine, maybe it’s because I offered to gently take your virginity so that you could make an informed decition and you unkowingly turned me down hard." She called after before stomping upstairs. "That is a huge blow to a girl’s ego you know especially when you don’t tell her if it’s because you don’t like girls or not." she enteredd her room and placed her laptop down. So no masterbation… damn. She really was wierdly horny. "Right if you’re going to get a makeover we need to decide what styles suit you. Pull your hair back and let me see your face." -12:22 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You can’t just jump right to sex, Harmony. Especially with someone that’s never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend before or even knows what they like! There are method and procedures for these kinds of things, you have to do them carefully." Was that what it was? Harmony really was bad at understanding people. Not sure what letting Harm see her face was supposed to do, she huffily plopped on the edge of the bed and brushed her hair back behind her ears. -12:27 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I know you pretty well we’ve been friends forever." Harmony shot back. "And masterbaiting together isn’t really sex and the point of this is for you to figure out what you like. But whatever. YOu obviously don’t want it so why are we even talkign about it again." She pulled Mina’s shirt off and steppedd back to get a good look, serveying her critically. "Still too small to use my bras but…" she went over to her school clothes section and opened a drawer to pull out aa brown shirt with a firefly reference on it with who silhoettes of ddonisaurs and threw it at her, then foundd her tightest pair of jeans and thew that over too followed by a form hugging denim jacket. "See not that different from what you wear, but it’s how we’re going to put them together that’s going to count." -12:40 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "If we’re both doing it at the same time, it’d be like an orgy." Clothes were now being thrown at her, which meant a cranky Harm and an exasperated Mina. She kept her huffing to a minimal as she tugged on the shirt and squeezed in to the pants. The shoes she gave a very dubious look at. "I don’t know if I can walk in these…" -12:45 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "That’s why we’re here, to practice." he stoodd, hips cocked and hands on them. "And I’d only be there to make sure you would be safe and comfortable. Sure I’d probably do it to but only to show you what I enjoy without touching you. I’d be there to be someone you can trust but like I said if you don’t want to we don’t have to talk about it. I’m not going to force you into anything." She knelt to pull one boot onto Mina’s feet and lace it up before moving onto the next. "Cute, and geeky… now for your makeup and hair. Something subtle but playful and girly." She was distracting herself. -12:50 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "She’d still know I did it." she insisted and truely believed it. Her mother knew everything. "I would look different or something." The boots were kind of cute. She shifted and held up a leg to admire them. Mina still didn’t think she could walk in them though. "The smart thing to do would be studying about it first." -12:53 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No it’s not. It’s not about technical details and books. It’s about seeign what you like and building on it." The collar stayed as Harm grabbed a brush and two headbands and had next to Mina to start dividing her hair into two pigtails. "I never studied a thing. I just kinda… started feeling my own boobs and my hands wondered downwards aand the next thing I knew I was biting the crap out of my lip and cumming my ass off. The smart thing to do is to take it slow and take your time once you start. You’ve never done anything spontanious, have you?" She was bruckign the tweeking Mina’s hair until she was satisfied with it then she stoodd to offer her hand. "Come on I’ll catch you if you fall." -12:58 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I don’t like surprises or not knowing what I’m doing. Spontaneous things lead to both." Mina grabbed her hand and stood, very wobbly. She was several inches higher off the ground now and it was weird! She was definitely going to fall over. "Don’t you ever think about things before you do them and plan ahead?" -01:02 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Yup. All the time." She heldd into Mina’s hand andd started walking. "I was scaredd the first time I had sex? I refused to do it until I knew nothing could go wrong and I wouldn’t end up pregnant." She sighed. "You’re making me feel like a slut again. Can we either just do it or stop talking about it because blah blahbest friend blah blah insecure blah blah I’m actuaally reaally horny right now and I don’t know why." -01:09 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I can’t learn about it and not feel embarassed if we don’t keep talking about it, and you wanted me to know everything in the first place!" Mina took veeeeery careful steps. She was still incredibly wobbly on her feet and nearly twisted an ankle the wrong way when set her foot down wrong. Now she was clinging on to Harmony’s arm. "If there is nothing wrong with sex, then you shouldn’t be feeling like a slut." -01:15 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She walked with her, litting mina set the pace. "Well I thought everyone at least masterbaited so you just kinda reminded me that there’s people my age in my town who knoe me that have never had an orgasm. WOuld it make you feel better if I let you watch me first without you maving to touch yourself? Or if I let you watch a video on your own. That would ouclt as research, right? Better than a thousand books, probably." -01:26 Dec 24 Harmony
[Harmony trying to back out of a potentially awkaward conversation.] -07:28 Dec 29
[Wilhelmina wants to learn as much as possible, even though she will probably go to hell for it.] -07:35 Dec 29
Wilhelmina: "I- I don’t think I want to watch you." That was way too much. Mina doubted she could get through that and not faint. "Books are a way better idea, safer and cleaner!" -07:40 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No, no books. You watch me or you watch a video or you get busy right now." she was alreaady on her laptop opening up a folder and scrolling throuhg a set of categories. "Female masterbation… I’d prefer to show you myself so I can explain but Linsy here can show you too," she turned the screen to face Mina and show here the porn star. "No toys, unhurried. Sensual…" -07:44 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina plopped on the bed, looking at the laptop like it was about to catch on fire. "Okay. ONE video. Is this going to be instructional, or will it just be a strange fantasy movie? Because it’s very important to get accurate information before you start doing something. Like swordplay. You wouldn’t just practice swordplay after watching Lord of the Rings." -07:47 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "There are no self fucking for dummies guides, dummy." Harm chided. "If you want the instructional course you get a live show. Linsy is just going to go at it starting with a little boob action. If you still don’t know what to ddo after that then I will show you. It’s not wierd for me to show you and it won’t be sex. You need help and I’m your friend. The faact that you’re pretty is just a bonus." -07:51 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "What is boob action supposed to be?" The video was already playing now, and Mina leaned closer to the screen to see. Her nose wrinkled up and she pointed a finger at it. "That’s it? How is grabbing and squeezing yourself even supposed to be interesting. It’s very boring…" -07:53 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harn rolled her eyes, put her hand on Mina’s chest and shoved her down to the bed, then without giving her a moment to blreathe [ushed her li;s against Mina’s and slowly slid her hands up her sides, then slowly down, and back up to finally pass over her breasts, fingers pressing in and circling her nipples. "These babies are very sensitive." she said berfore squeezing them. "You play with them and get into them and they’ll make you moan…" the reached out to take Mina’s hand and place it on her own breast before backing up, stopping the video reachedd up to squeeze her own breast. "You get the premium package. Start slow and tell me how it feels." this was it. Mina was going to learn to love herself if Harm had to force the issue! -07:58 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: When Harmony did it, it didn’t seem so dumb and boring. It also made Mina very red and very tinglie and very squeaky when she spoke. "Uhm…! It’s different with someone else than just myself! It’s still weird." She tried a squeeze or two, it definitely did not make her all flushed like Harm did. Well. Maybe staring-while-trying-not-staring was making her a little flushed. -08:02 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm squeezed and massaged herself, her head tilted and her lip out in a pout. "Then think about someone else ddoing it. Anyone. It doesn’t matter who. A celebrity… a secret crush… a friend you’re curious about." She reached out to put her hand over Mina’s and guide it. "And wierd is good. Embrace the wierd." -08:06 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I don’t… have anyone to think about?" Mina couldn’t think of anyone at the moment, anyway. She was a bit distracted with Harm half pouting and touching her again. She tried to mirror how Harmony was doing things, but it just didn’t seem as good or naturally sexy the way Harm was. Mina HUFFED. "I don’t do it good!" -08:11 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You’re not even trying." Harm complained before pushing Mina’s jacket off and making he shirt follow suit right after. Then she placed her hadns on Mina’s shoulders and looked her in the face. "Are you sure you have no one you find sexy? No on you want to touch you? If you enjoy me touching you then… think of me. Hell I might have though of you a couple times. "If that didn’t work then… this was going to be a disaster. -08:23 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Now sitting there in just her bra, it was even more weird and even more hot burny where Harm was holding her shoulder. She wondered if people that blushed did it all over or if it was just in the face. "You think about me when you’re… doing that?" Now Mina was thinking about Harmony thinking about her and touching all over. That had her shifting uncomfortbly on the bed as more of those weird twingy feelings found their way elsewhere. "You are very pretty." -08:29 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina was shoved down again and bother her hands were put in her breasts. "Show me how you want me to touch you, Mina and maybe I will later." she sat, leaning over Mina. "I want to see what you like." she was taking charge in a way that make fer feeling like the collar on Mina was very appropriate. -08:32 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: How Harmony should touch her? She bit in to her bottom lip and tried a little more seriously at massaging her own breasts. It was not as tingling as having Harmony do the touching, but the thought of Harmony doing it just like that and making her nippes all erect and hard was very pleasant and making Mina very squirmy. -08:37 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Better." Harm smiled as she watched. "Ddoes tthat feel good?" she let her eyes run down Mina’s body and then slipped a handd undder her to unddo her bra. "Take that off and keep going, and tell me when you’re ready for more." -08:40 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina hummed and nodded her hear. Talking would probably break her very serious concentration. With her bra unhooked, she squirmed some more, sure her face was probably as red as Harm’s favorite shirt. "What more is there?" -08:50 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
[Harmony has a growing crisis between her legs but this is about Mina, not her..] -12:47 Jan 01
[Wilhelmina is almost overwhelmed with all these feeeeelings of tinglyness!] -12:49 Jan 01
Harmony: "Oh sooo much more. You havn’t even staarted yet." SHe was stripping off Mina’s shoes and then popped those jeans open to pull them off of the girl. "Okay Mina… I think you’re ready.Justt sneak a hand under your panties and tell me how that feels." -12:51 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: This was going to a very bad place, Mina just knew it. All she really had to do was say no and go home, but Harmony was just so… irresistable! Mina gave a very dubious expression, but she slipped her hand in to her panties, completely unsure of what she was supposed to be doing with it. Her fingers were cool compared to the skin down there and it made her squirmy again. "This is not weird?" -12:55 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harms sat next to her, brushing her hair with her fingers. Rub yourself, honey. Your little lips down there need it. Explore around your slit and see where you like being touched. Try upat the front, under youd hood. That’s one of the best places." -12:58 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "T-this seems really silly, Harmonyyyyy." she pouted, without much force behind it. Maybe because Harmony was so perfectly confident about it. Mina squirmed again and wiggled her fingers as a test. There was a flush of heat, not quite embarassment but something else entirely. She pressed gently against the folds mrrphing out a soft, curious sound at the feeling. -01:01 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: The sounds was perfect. Her face was perfect. "That’s it… you’re starting to get it." it was very hard not to lean down and kiss her or reach down and take over. "I wonder what other sounds your;re going to make." her faughter was light as she let her hair cascade into Mina’s face, emaning down to kiss her forehead. "Don’t be afraid to get your fingers inside either." -01:04 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina siiiighed. Harm was really sweet and she smelled really nice too. One of her fancy rich perfumes, most likely. Mina was doubtful of sticking her fingers in to anything, but she did as told. Biting in to her lip to squelch the little squeak that came out when she pressed her fingers between her lips and brushed against the damp inner walls. That was like lighting a match! -01:08 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: + -01:21 Jan 01 Harmony
Harmony: She grinned, ear to ear and then pouted. Mina was going to get a boyfriend aand he was going to take her toy away… such a cute, hungry little toy. "Keep going, inand out, in and out. Don’t fight it." should she make this little toy hers? -01:23 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Oooo, this was very hard to do while staying still. Mina squirmed and squeaked, sliding her fingers up and down, along the apparently very sensitive inner folds and even dipping them in deeper where things were very well and very twingy. Her body clenched a bit, making her gasp at the sudden odd feeling. She could imagine it’d be even more on fire if Harmony was doing it, which gave her a dizzying sort of daze. -01:29 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina’s cheek was caaressed as Harm licked her lips. "You’re beatiful." she whispered, burrying her face against mina’s neck. "Keep going. I want you to cum and I want you to let me hear every sound your body wants to make." it was getting harder and harder to resist sitting on Mina’s face… but she wasn’t ready for that. -01:33 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina didn’t think she was beautiful at all, but it was soooo nice hearing Harmony say it all breathy like that. Even better having her nuzzle in to her neck, to the point that Mina tuuuurned in to her so she could nuzzle in to Harmony’s hair. Her skin and muscles down there were throbbing and her fingers found the little nub nestled there. She groaned in to Harmony’s ear in a melty purr. This was rather nice…! -01:38 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina’s head was grabbed and Harm’s lips pressed into hers, hard. There was a noice in the back of her head saying that she shouldn’t feel liek this, that she had never felt like this and she wasn’t even sure what this was. "More… I want you give yourself more. Go as fast as you can… She wanted her little toy to be happy and sexualy satisfied. "You’re doing so well." Knowing Mina had never done this before make it all the sweeter. -01:42 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina definitely liked that. The kissing. It could be that her judgement was completely clouded by being enchanted and intoxicated, but Harmony made her feel on fiiiiire. At her instruction, Mina tried thrusting her fingers quicker. The movement sending a jolt up her spine, making her whimper softly and squirm. Her other hand ended up curling in to the fabric of Harm’s shirt, tugging gently. -01:45 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: One hand gripped Mina’s hair, pulling her deeper into the kiss and the other slid down to cup and squeeze her breast, tugging on the nipple. Harn was trying her hardest to resist but she was crumbling. SHe only hopes Mina came first before she lost it completely. -01:48 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Her hair was tugged and in response she nipped Harm’s lip pretty hard. But just as quick she melted in to the touch and squeeze of her breast. Keeping the pace up with her fingers was getting hard when Harm was so distracting, but the feeling was getting intense. So much so she was squeezing her legs together over her own fingers and groooooaaaning out loud. -01:53 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Her tongue slid into Mina’s mouth, lips pressed hard together. Her hand slid up to Mina’s neck as her crotch pressed against her hip. "Please… come…" she breathed. She didn’t know what would happen if Mina didn’t… -01:57 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina groooaned in to her mouth, sliding her tongue against hers and nipping with her teeth. Harm asked so sweetly and Mina didn’t know how to give it. She figured it out quickly, though, when her body seized and all those muscles tightened and squeezed around her fingers. Mina shuddered, pulling away to let out a loud gasp as her eyes squeezed shut. It hurt, but a good kind of hurt. Like when someone rubbed your aching shoulders, only in this case it was her achy vag! -02:01 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She could sense it in the body pressed against her. She didn’t know how but it made her moan. then she slid her hand up and down Mina’s neck, smiling. "See, it’s not so bad." she was still fighting for control. "Now, my darling. You should go and have a shower." if the poor girl could move. "I… I need to do something first." Harm’s crotch was burning with need. "You did so well… and now you know how." she forced herself to pull away and sit against the wall, he skirt pulled down until Mina left… -02:05 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina was still gasping for breath and siiiighing and squirming. She had removed her hand, but now she was rolling, and kind of reveling in that warm gooey feeling that seemed to stick to her. Mina rolled and wrapped her arms around Harm’s leg and nuzzled against it. "I don’t want toooo." -02:12 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Then what do youwant to do, pet?" she asked her hand reaching out to stroke the top of Mina’s head. Maybe Harm would have to do it in the shower. What she had done was okay, right? Helping a friend masterbate… -02:15 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I want to stay here and cuddle and watch another movie." Mina thought about complaining over being called pet, but she felt too good to put up a fuss. She refused to let go of Harmony’s leg and continued to nuzzle and squeeze, while all the while almost purring to herself. -02:18 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Honey… I am extremely horny right now so I need to do what you just did." sure Harn, just come out and say it. "Once I do that I’m allll youuurs." she would do it in front of Mina too if the girl didn’t move. That ship had sailed. In fact she was already wriggling out of her panties and letting them rest at her knees before reaching over to her bedside table to open a drawer. -02:21 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina wasn’t letting go, and it took a minute to sink in that Harm meant she was going to do it. Right there. Where she would see. Her face went red again and she buried it at the side of Harm’s leg. Only slightly peeking upwards once she was brave enough to do so. "What are you getting?" -02:25 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "This." he her hands was a vibrator, barely thicker than a marker pen and pright purple. She pulled her skirt up and reached down to rub the tip against herself, slowly. Or so she planned but she was hot, wet and needy. Withut wasting time she turned the toy on and circled it arouns her clit letting out a strangled gasp before her other hand went up to be bitten. hard. -02:28 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: That didn’t look like it would be comfortable at all! Mina hide her face at Harm’s leg again. Squeezing her arms tighter around them. …but she couldn’t resist looking. Harmony was making all kinds of noises. Did she look like that too? Mina nuuuuzzle her leg, then flicked out her tongue to lick the skin. It was silly and dumb, but she just wanted to see what Harmony would do while she was so distracted. -02:37 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Oh don’t do that. I might make you fuck me." She cooed before interting the toy into herself and groaning. No.. this wouldn’t take long. She was increadibly worked up and already her hips jumped as she whilpered. She reaally shouldn’t be doing this… but she was and Mina was there. -02:40 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: This was so bad and she was so going to hell. Harm’s comment made her giggle though. Of course Harm wouldn’t do that. She didn’t even have a penis! Mina flexed her fingers until she was tickling her nails against Harmony’s inner thigh. Still giggling, a childish, nervous, but very comfortable giggle. Could she make Harmony mindlessly crazy too? -02:43 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina had been warned and now she was being eyed. "If you want to stay a virgin yu really need to stop that." Harm aahd stopped moving too, all attention focused on Mina. "I need a shower…" she kicked her leg to get free. She really shouldn’t fuck her best friend. It wouldn’t end well. -02:57 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Am I really still a virgin even after doing to it myself? I’m not sure how it works…" Mina clung tighter to Harmony’s leg, pouting just a bit with her very serious expression. "Why do you get to touch and watch and I don’t? I thought you were trying to teach me?" -03:00 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Because, Mina. I’m a horny slut who would molest you and take your virginity by force and I really don’t want to be that person. Especially since chances are you’re strait. It would ruin our friendship and I’d lose the only friend I have so I am going to have a cold shower without doing anythign and she we can watch another movie." she kicked again, rollong away to attempt to stand. -03:05 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "But I WANT to watch." Harm got away and Mina sat up on her knees. Her expression a mix between pouting and scowling. "I don’t know how I am supposed to learn if I can’t see it. And I don’t want to ask some stranger to do it for me. I liked you kissing me. You’re really unfair, Harm." -03:08 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Oh I’m unfair?" Harm shook the vibrator at Mina. "You’ve elarned all you need to. No one taught me a damn thing and yoou’ve gotten to cum and here I all worked up with nowhere to go because I know I won’t be able to control myself around you. Fine. I’m unfair." she was yelling now. "Do you know what it’s like to have someone force themselves on you, Mina? So ask them to stop over and over again but they just don’t? No, you don’t and I hope you never do." -03:16 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You think I’m trying to force you?" Which is what Mina was getting from this, which she found odd and kind of ironic seeing as Harmony was always dragging her in to thinks. Now Mina was really pouting. The sulking gone and she felt a little bad about upsetting Harmony again. "I don’t want to force you. I like you. You make things exciting even when I know I’m going to get in trouble…" -03:30 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No… I’ -03:50 Jan 01 Harmony
Harmony: "No, I’ve already been forced. I’m scaredd I’m going tof orce you." she folded her arms. "And you probabkly aren’t even into having sex with girls like 90% of girls aren’t and I really really don’t want to wreck the only friendship I have ove r being horny." -03:52 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Oh." That was rather sad. Then again. Harmony bounced back just fine and wasn’t scared of anything. Mina blinked and looked confused all over again. "But if I LIKE you and I LIKE when you kissing me, then I am not being forced, so what is the matter, then? I didn’t know if I would like caramel coffee and I tried that anyway. I can try girls too. And if I don’t like it I won’t be mad at you, because I asked you to do it. You really make things so complicated, Harm." -03:55 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
[(Timeout) Harmony has timed out.] -04:49 Jan 01
[Harmony ] -04:54 Jan 01
Harmony: Harm tossed the toy onto the bed and looked at Mina. "Okay… so… then…" she pulled off her shirt and a moment later her bra came off too and her panties dropped to the floor so that all she was wearing was her dangerously short skirt. "If you want to fuck me…" she sat on the edge of the bed and leeeaaaned back, sliding to the middle to lean against the wall and wiggle a finger towards Mina, beckoning. "Then come fuck me, just like you did yourself but only you’re touching me." -04:58 Jan 01 Harmony
Harmony: Harm tossed the toy onto the bed and looked at Mina. "Okay… so… then…" she pulled off her shirt and a moment later her bra came off too and her panties dropped to the floor so that all she was wearing was her dangerously short skirt. "If you want to fuck me…" she sat on the edge of the bed and leeeaaaned back, sliding to the middle to lean against the wall and wiggle a finger towards Mina, beckoning. "Then come fuck me, just like you did yourself but only you’re touching me." -04:58 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina might have gotten more than she bargained for, but she was so incredibly curious and Harmony was very irresistable in nothing but a little skirt. It was strange how cute that was! It was easy to forget she was in nothing but her panties herself. She iiinched towards the bed, looking slightly skittish. Climb on the mattress and gingerly pawed her way to Harm. Mina almost looked afraid to touch her now, and very carefully put a hand on her leg. "What if I don’t do it right and it hurts you?" -05:03 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Then I’ll tell you to stop." Mina said placing her hand on top of Mina’s on her leg. "Simple enough." she took Mina’s hand and placed it on her breast. "You could also start with kissing and work from there." -05:06 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You’re the first one to kiss me." Mina confessed. She gave an inquisitive squeeze at Harm’s boob. Hers were much bigger and softer. Mina inched herself even closer until her nose was nuzzling against Harmony’s cheek. She smelled good and she was soft. Mina really liked that. She tested it out by first kissing Harm’s cheek softly. -05:12 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I know." Harm said, gently stroking Mina’s cheek nefore turning to kiss her lips. "Are you going to use your fingers to fuck me or do you want to try using your tongue? There’s also.." she glanced at the vibrator on lying on the sheet. -05:15 Jan 01 Harmony
[Harmony is going to let her best friend fuck her. This is totally a good idea.] -04:08 Mar 03
[Wilhelmina will conduct this like every other experiment. By a checklist!] -04:14 Mar 03
Wilhelmina: Mina glanced over at the vibrator lying on the bed and gave it careful consideration. "One thing at a time?" She was already trying to map up the best way to effectively fuck Harm, based on her limited experience so far. Mina always wanted to do things correctly, and do them well. Right now, she was massaging one of Harm’s breasts and debating how much time she should spend there, while she nuzzled in to her cheek. -04:23 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She reached out to grab a handful of Mina’s hair. "Usually with a sweet little almost virgin like you I’k take control and tell you exactly what to do…" she kissed her hair gently. "But you’re so adorable I’m just waiting to see what you’ll do… How does touching me make you feel?" -04:30 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Do you teach a lot of virgins?" she paused, pulling back to blink at Harmony. She spent a lot of time with the girl, but there were still plenty of opportunities for Harmony to get involved with other people while Mina was busy studying. Her head tilted a bit as her thumb rolled over a nipple. Even just touching Harm made her all tingly and warm. "I think this is sexual attraction. Right?" -04:35 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Not a lot… I just know what I’d like to do and why I’m not doing it… I want to fuck you until you scream and noone else will do it for you…" Jesus Christ Harmony… There was no way she’s EVER say somethign so bold but then she was usually more like mina was now instead of the purring sex kitten she felt like now. "Se you think I’m attractive?" she opened her lets, giving Mina the full view, again surprised she could… was it because of who it was, and she could be completely at ease and unafraid? "Why don’t you show me how attractive. -04:41 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina had the strangest urge to pounce on top of Harm and roll around clinging and kissing and maybe doing some of the things Harm showed her! That strong of a surge was weird for her. And distracting when she was supposed to be taking her time and going slow so she could learn the proper way to do it. Harm wanted to be slow. She was picking up on cues quickly though, and shifted her hand from a boob, to slide down Harm’s stomach towards her crotch. "You’re the prettiest girl I know." It might have been true that Mina let Harm get away with so much for that very reason. -04:48 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Har was grinning like a cat that got the creame. "I wouldn’t belieave you it it wasn’t written all over your face." she said reaching your to squeaze and shake Mina’s cheek before running her hand down itm then down her neck, nails leading thin red trails on Mina’s skin as she did so. -04:55 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina flushed. She didn’t like the thought of her own thoughts being all over her face. Especially when she was thinking so many kind-of dirty and very confusing things. Mina buried her face in to Harmony’s neck, sucking in a breath at the feel of the other girl’s nails digging in to her skin. It kinda hurt but it was kind of exciting. Her fingers finally found their way to Harmony’s sex, almost timidly exploring the shape and dips. -05:00 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She bit her lip and hished her hips forwards, her fingers stroking Mina’s hair. "Never thought I’d feel your touch down there." the admitted through a giggle. "Little Wilhemina getting dirty with a girl…" She pulled her harder against her body, raking her nails across her shoulder. "You’re making it very hard not to just fuck you…" -05:18 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina definitely liked having Harmony wiggling and squirming, especially since Harm made her do it so often. Having Harm giggle was also nice, and Mina couldn’t help but feel pleased about the whole thing. "We’ll both have to take a bath, then?" Her voice didn’t sound normal at all. More breathy and a little squeaky. If Mina hadn’t known any better she’d have though Harm slipped her alcohol again. She giggled herself, kissing Harm’s neck softly and wiggling her fingers down below to slip between the valley. -05:23 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Mmmmmmh." she sighed, tilting her head back. Little Mina, little virgin Mina taking her first steps into another. Harm savored it, openeing her legs that little big widerher breath catching. She Leaned back fully, both hands emploring the massaging Mina’s shoulders. -05:29 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am doing it right, Harmony?" she asked, even though she was pretty sure she had to be. Harmony was purring and Mina found that very interesting! She stroked and petted, feeling that same bit of wetness from Harm that she felt in herself. Only now she was wiggling her fingers in different ways and watching Harm’s face to see how she responded. Mina pushed two fingers inside. -05:36 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Mina, if you did anythign wrong I’d tell you." her voice was laden with a deep purr as she bit her lip and stared at Mina, as if wondering how best to pounce her. "You’re not going to make me cum liek that but my toes are curling, Mina…" -05:40 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: She wouldn’t make her come like this? Mina’s brows furrowed and she took on a serious expression. She couldn’t be doing it right if she wasn’t heading towards the ultimate goal. Then what would Harmony like? Obviously a fucking and not a fiddling. Mina sat up on to her knees, and pressed her hand against Harm’s shoulder to keep her in place. She tried pulling her fingers out and then pushing back in. Soft at first until she had a fair rhythm going and her fingers were slick. Then it was firm and quick until she had Harm’s boobs gently bouncing. -05:47 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
[Vay ] -05:54 Mar 03
[(Logout) Vay fled in terror.] -((05:55 Mar 03))
[Harmony ] -05:55 Mar 03
Harmony: The move surpsied her, who knew Mina knew how to do this? She cooed and reached out to pull mina bu the hair into a needy kiss, moaning against her lips before biting them, hard. "Better…" she breathed. "My little Mina… fucking like she’s done it before…" -05:58 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Kissing threw her off her rhythm, and she very nearly collapsed on top of Harmony. Instead, she just sort of melted downwards until she was snaking her arm behind Harmony’s head and molding her body against the girl. A leg curling around one of Harmony’s while she squirmed her hips uncomfortably. She kind of ached. Mina never did get that steady movement back but now her thumb was circling Harm’s hidden nub and Mina muuurrring in to Harm’s shoulder. -06:03 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She [ulledneedily on Mina’s skin before breaking the kiss and grinning. "Now…" She moved away from Mina’s hand, taking Mina’s wrist and pulling her hand up. "What do I taste like?" she asked, taking control, her other hand reachign forward to squeeze Mina’s breast. -06:07 Mar 03 Harmony
[(Timeout) Harmony doesn’t post enough.] -06:12 Mar 03
Wilhelmina: Mina liiiiiiicked up Harmony’s neck and made a thoughtful sound, missing this cue completely. "Salty and like perfume…" she mumbled against her skin, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck against and this time nibble gently. Mina really did like that perfume. -06:12 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She grabbed Mina’s hair and pulled her head back before pushing Mina’s own wet fingers into the girl’s mouth. "No… how do I taste?" She purred into her ear. She giggles before letting go and biting Mina’s shoulder. "I want to aask you something, honey. Do You know why the boys giggle at the number sixty nine?" -06:14 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Mrrph!" she responded first. The taste was not all that different. The salty and strangely and… not really something Mina could describe! Well, not with her own fingers in her mouth anyway. Out they came and she was curling her arms around Harm, she was almost curling her whole body around her. Grinding her hips against the girl and feeling irritatingly wanting. "No, it’s not really a very interesting number. I don’t want to talk about Math right now." she complained, now pawing at every bit of naked skin she could. -06:30 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She giggles before sitting up and running her tingertips along the edge of Mina’s ear. "It’s because of this." grinning ear to ear she pulled back to lean in and kiss Mina’s stomach her hand moving to hold her hips down. "When I’m busy down here, you can be too." she eased herselt onto her side and ran her tongue across Mina’s skin before kissing a mine to her crotch and stopping just short. "Do you think yu can cum again yet?" -06:35 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am…not sure what this has to do with numbers." she admitted. But she also wasn’t thinking too hard about the puzzle because Harmony had her shivering and tinglie and she wasn’t so sure she would be able to properly do things if Harmony was making her tingle. Now she had a strange upside down view of Harmony’s crotch, of which she was already running her fingers over now that she had a good look. -06:45 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "laybe I’ll tell you later." she teased before runnign her tongue over the length og Mina’s slit and giigling again. "Want to do it this way? Or go back to you getting me off?" -06:48 Mar 03 Harmony
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>Dr. Jun Chao – Xenolinguistics
Mid 30s

Stoic, Grumpy, Aggressive, Kind of a Dick

Finds Extroverts, Bubbly people and hyper people very annoying.

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Vaydia Bunnies

Verge Castlist & notes

Lt. Andrew Sharpe – Second in Command

Dr. Griffiths – Chief Xenobiologist

Dr. Chao – Xenolinguistics expert

Lt. Emelia Kyle – Head of Security – red hair, green eyes, scar on right cheek, short, curvy

Dr. Steele – Chief medical Officer

Engineer Thorn Desoto – Maintenance Tech

Alex Colt – Previous Captain DEAD

Second Lieutenant Briggs – command deck

Chief Engineer Lt Colt – command deck, Alex Colt’s brother

Coxswain Pile – steerman

Admiral Christov – Bossman

Val – Navigations Computer

Senator Amilee Kristoff – Charlotte’s mother

General Cates – “Crazy” Cates. the fleet Charlotte would have been on

Na’ta’liki – hearn alien

Kalliope – Tortuga gutterrat

Eden Toshaio – alien on tortuga, owns sex shop

Rechon – alien race

Gordon Sharpe – General that was the first and only human to surrender to an alien race. Andrew’s grandfather. was in command of most of what was left after the initial assault. Far from earth and running out of supplies he fought a guerrilla war of hit and run attack, trap laying, and scorched earth until numbers caught up with him and his forces were lured into a trap and surrounded. Seeing that continued fighting would lead to the deaths of his men he surrendered… just a week later the earth fleet arrived and turned the tide.

Islar – alien race

Eden Colony – human colony. The founders wanted to use the advanced technology of the time to build a paradise like none ever seen before. Working in harmony with nature while still having all the creature comforts. It was also the site of the first alien invasion of earth space.

Phoenix – another bigass ship

Characters: Sci-Fi

Thorn Desoto



Character Name: Thorn Maximilian Desoto

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 32


Occupation/School/Grade: Maintenance Technician



General Appearance:





Current Goal/Purpose:




General Personality:

Inner Personality:




General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

Characters: Sci-Fi

Charlotte Kristoff



Character Name: Charlotte Ambree Kristoff

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Age: 28

Birthplace/World: Colony Ship

Occupation/School/Grade: new Commander and Captain of Lightbringer.


General Appearance:




Current Goal/Purpose:




General Personality:

Inner Personality:




General History: Mother is Amilee Kristoff, Present Day Senator of Titan as well as CEO and Face of AetaInc, a Pharmaceutical company. She decided to have a child because it would make her more sympathetic as she rose in political rank.

Charlotte went to all female private schools. Was educated in proper young girl things like ballet, violin, and pageants as a child. As a teenager she studied political sciences and languages. After high school she defied her mother and went in to the military instead of college, where she learned to fly fighter ships and long range weapons combat.

Her tour of duty is over and her mother has bought her a position as Commander. Something to keep Charlotte both out of her and the public limelight, as well as further her political agenda by making alliances with new alien races.

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes: számú – hungarian for number one

Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 009: Jane’s Birthday

[Jane is in Brit’s bed having snuck in at about 3 AM.] -01:02 Sep 09
[Britt is sleeping late, because that is what one does when staying up late studying to make up for too much time with your girlfriend!] -01:03 Sep 09
Britt: With no morning classes, she had no reason to get up. ….aside from Jane’s birthday! But she would be seeing Jane later in the afternoon, and Britt needed all the sleep she could get. She streeeeetched and rolled over on to something snugglie warm an curled up with it. -01:08 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane’s lips pressed against Brits and her hand moved down to squeeze her but as soon as she started moving. "Morning Princess." said before pulling brit’s face against her chest. "Not disturbing you, am I?" -01:30 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Hmmm, hello boobies…" she mumbled, still half asleep and nuzzling in to Jane’s chest. Wait, Jane wasn’t supposed to be here! Britt hopped up to a sitting position and swatted at the girl. "You!! You’re not supposed to be sneaking in here, do you know how much trouble you’re going to get me in to?" -01:34 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane rolled onto her back and strethced before eying her girlfriend. "I missed you, and it’s my birthday. I always use my borthday to get away with things… like that kiss. The boney I had to hide after that… well that won’t be a problem anymore." -01:43 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Now I’ll never know when you’re hot for me." she mumbled sarcastically, pursing her lips and trying her hardest to give Jane her most serious of angry glares. That wasn’t going over so well. Jane was so damned good looking and Britt’s resistance really sucked. Sitting on her knees, she leaned to pluck coyly at Jane’s hair. "We should get up and out before anyone in the house notices. I know know if my parents are still home. Whacha wanna do for your birthay?" -01:46 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane sat up and grabbed grabbed the front of Britt’s pajamas and pulled her into a long, deep kiss. "That give you a clue?" she asked before springing to her feet and looking out the window. "Seriously though…? Why don’t you to take a shower and I’m sure I’ll think of something." -01:56 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Hmmph. Okay. But we can’t do anything here!" Britt rolled out of bed, tugging her pajamas off on the way to her bathroom. The nice thing about being filthy rich was getting your own bathroom! "We can do anything else you want today, though! The Britt Birthday Promise is always fullfilled!" -02:03 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: As Britt was in the bathroom Jane was wandering around poking at things until she got to Britt’s bedside drawer and opened it. She expected rick people stuff. Jewelry… maybe an old book or somethign but instead saw rubber and plastic. Reaching in she picked it up and stared at it. It took her an embarressingly long time for her to realize what it was… -02:11 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: Britt left the bathroom door open, and got the shower running before she hopped inside. She fussed with washing her hair as quickly as she could. "Jaaa-aaaaane. You could at least be thinking out loud and telling me where you’d like to go. Maybe lunch somewhere super cute! Sushi?" -02:13 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "Well I’ve apparently just found your boyfriend." Jane called back dropping it on the bed. "Ugh I didn’t even realize you had one of those." she honestly didn’t kno what to say about it though. "Do all girls have one?" -02:16 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "My what? I don’t have b- ooooohhh shit." Oh god oh god, that snooping bitch. Stupid Jane! Britt fumbled to get herself rinsed off, flipped off the water, and stumbled out of the shower. She snatched the nearest towel to wrap herself in and while still sopping wet she dashed in to the bedroom. Her friend was snatched up off the bed and hidden behind her back, despite the fact the damage was done already. "Guys do thiiiings, and so do girls! It’s not that weird!" Didn’t stop her face from being red, though. -02:20 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane’s face was equally bright but she faced Britt with her hands on her hips. "I’ve been able to do things without one since… you know. What is that even like?" there was a passing look of curiocity before it was burried under dubiousness. "You know what? We have sex so there’s no embrresment to knowing how you masterbait." -02:27 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Yeah, but you’re not supposed to know that I… youknow. It’s not ladylike!" Britt huffed, backing up and around Jane in a circle to make it over to her dresser so she could stash the thing without Jane seeing it again. She didn’t care if it didn’t make sense. "Fingers get tired and it has settings and hum. HMPH. I will buy you one!" -02:33 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "Is it ladylike when you’re screming my name from me being wrist deep inside you?" she asked with the biggest grin on her face. "Or molesting a virgin when she’s just been dumped? Is that ladylike? That ship’s sailed, princess." she reached out to pull Britt’s towel away from her and grab her butt. "See? And you don’t have to get me one… it would feel wierd." -02:41 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Just because YOU are a wild sex goddess doesn’t mean I’M not a lady-eeep!" There went her towel, and she had to spin around to slap Jane’s hand away from her butt. Now it was a very naked Britt standing with a hand on her hip and pointing a jellydong at her girlfriend with a big scowl. "Feel weird, or feel GREAT? Boys are useless things, but their attachments are just fine. Maybe you will like it…" -02:45 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "I am not and never have been attracted to men or thier… attachments." Jane said, taking a step back raising her hands defencivly. "Fine, maybe once with you but that’s it. Only because it’s you." -03:11 Sep 09 Jane
[Jane doesn’t want a penis in her. >=(] -01:10 Dec 19
[Britt finds Jane’s penis problem very entertaining. ] -01:11 Dec 19
Britt: "You had one FOREVER! Don’t be scared of it!" Britt was trying not to laugh, but it was hard not to when Jane had that look of disgust and near-horror on her face. It was difficult for Britt to take any situation seriously while holding a jellydong. Worse, when she advanced forward, poking the thing at Jane. "How did you think lesbians get it on!" -01:15 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Exactly how we’ve been getting it on, of has that been in my imagination?" Jane retorted grabbing a pillow to parry the sex toy. "And that was different. That was part of me and not made of plastic." She threw the pollow at Britt’s face and folded her arms. "What if it hurts?" -01:18 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Hurt! Why would it? It’s not any different than shoving anything else in there!" This was adorable and ridiculous. Britt swatted the pillow away, then took the opportunity to pounce and shove Jane towards the bed. "You’re scaaaaaaaared. It’s cuuuuute. All those fights you get in to, and you think a little toy is scary. It’s name is Prissy, by the way. Say hello to Prissy." She was being terrible, wiggling the thing towards Jane’s face and barely containing her giggles. -01:22 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s wrist and ith the limited amount of Judo that she had picked up sent the girl sailing onto the bed and with her hair falling over her face she glared. "You would too if you had to step into the ring with someone. That’s how out of my depth I am here and you’re not helping." she should probably be keeping her voice down with Britt’s faamily being around but she was frustrated with the girl. "And don’t first times with somethign that size always hurt?" -01:30 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: There was a bounce and a squeak from Britt as she landed in bed, followed by even louder giggling. She was completely forgetting the need to keep quiet and all too amused with the entire thing. "You didn’t pay attention in High School Health at all, did you? It doesn’t hurt if you do it riiiight, and you’ve already had plenty of experience already. It’s just a big vibrating finger… and less messy too!" Now Britt was waving it like a tempting magic wand. "You said you’d try it once with me." -01:36 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Ugh you’re like… like you’re twelve." Jane huffed. "We’ve just had sex and you want more?" she folded her arms and smirked. "So you can’t get enough of Jame… Jane can you?" she was changing the subject om purpose, of course. "Were you this much of a slut with all your girlfriends?" -01:49 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "You’re just mad because I’m the sex goddess and you’re my innocent virginal princess." Britt stuck out her tongue. "If you don’t waaaant it, I can just get dressed and we’ll start your birthday spectacular. Breakfast and maybe I will buy you your very own Prissy if you’re especially good." -01:53 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: This had Jane rolling her eyes and clicking her tongue. "No, Britty. That’s not how it works. It’s my birthday so I get to say who is who and what is what." she said with a cicky grin. before crawling up next to her on the bet and slapping her butt. She was still looking at the thing in Britt’s hand like it was about to bite her though. "And fuck calling it prissy if you get me one. That’s a terrible name." -02:01 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt made an unpleasant face and rubbed her now stinging skin. Her friend Prissy was momentarily set aside on the mattress so Britt could use both her arms to throw around Jane’s neck. "Fine, Bossy Bitch! What DO you want me to do first for your birthday?" She nuzzled against Jane’s cheek and nipped gently at her ear. There was still plenty of time before things opened and it was Jane’s fault for waking her up early. -02:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s hair to pull her away from her ear roughly. "You are horny.. aintcha?" she said, now amused as her other hand went down to cop a feel of Britt’s folds, unashamedly not helping the situation. "Fine… I’ll give your boyfriend a try… that way you don’t have to waste your money if I don’t like it." Hand planted in the center of Britt’s chest she shoved the girl away and sat up to fold her arms and legs and stare at her. "Just make sure you do it right…" -02:11 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: If she wasn’t horny before, she sure was now. Jane had a wonderful way of being fiesty and it made it all the more fun for Britt. She was giggling again, crawling back across the bed towards her. She reached out to grab a knee to tug her legs back open again, and then her hands her sliding up her thighs and tugging at the fabric of her clothes. "It’s just like a girl to make sex sound like a chore. Don’t I always do everything right?" -02:17 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She kicked her foot at Britt with a grin, she wasn’t going to make this easy for her. "Sometimes." she said eyeing the girl and making a skeptical face. "Sex… usually…" She continued to blick Britt with her foot as she pretended to concider her words. "Am I really that much of a girl? I’m not sure I I should feel about that… concidering…" -02:22 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "If you miss being a boy, we can always get you a strap on." Britt fussed at the kicking, swatting Jane’s feet or shoving them out of the way while trying to get the girl’s clothes OFF and on the floor where they belonged. She finally gave up on that battle and opted for pounce-flopping on top of her and biting sharply in to her shoulder. "If you don’t fighting, you’re going to get it rough!" -02:28 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: Jane was a lot stronger thaan Britt and Britt should have remembered this. Lifted boodily off of Jane and held aloft above a grinning gace she was tutted at. "What was that? You want to fight me?" Britt was tossed aside again as Jane laughed and then pulled off her own shirt and then slithered out of her jeans to resule her cross legged cross armed pose. "And since you like plastic penises so much that can be if I don’t. Though I’d still have these." On the word ‘these’ she squeezed her boobs together and stuck her tngue out at Britt. "I guess that’s what would make it okay for you? Hmmm…?" -02:33 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: After an oomph and a huff, Britt was crawling back over to straddle Jane. "Tools attached to hot girls are always nice. You’ll see." Since Jane was so nice as to offer them up, with both hands Britt reached to cup her breasts… and tweak a nipple! "I want to do a little less fighting and a little more seducing. If you keep throwing me you want get nice things liiiiiike.." Britt leaned down and flicked her tongue over the tweaked nipple. -02:41 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "You’re like a cat who just won’t stay off of a lap." Jane complained but at the same time she couldn’t help but mean back and place her hands on the matress to stop herself from falling over and giving Britt all the access she could ever want to her chest as her legs straitened and opened. "I’m just trying to figure it out… if it’s not what goes inside you that’s the issue then why don’t you find guys attractive?" Jane waas showing her ignorence an she knew it. -02:48 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Hmmm. I told you already? Girls are soft and pretty and curvy. I like the way the walk and the way the move and the way they look." Like now, Jane was so incredibly pretty it was easy to forget she was trying to molest the girl. Britt trailed her fingers over Jane’s collarbone and nuzzled against one of her breasts. "Why do YOU like girls?" -02:54 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Just always have… and…" she lifted a hand to stroke the back of Britt’s neck lightly. "The way you smell, the way you smile, the way you always try to hide your burps with a tiny fake cough and think I don’t notice… that look in your eyes when you look at me like I’m the only person in the world…" she leaned forwards and whispered. "That’s how I know when you want sex, Britt." She tried to think of anyone other than Britt for more examples but it was impossible. "Speaking off… arn’t you meant to be seducing me?" -02:59 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: All of that was way too specific… and Britt was a total sucker. A hopeless, infatuated sucker that couldn’t carry out an aggressive seduction because her girlfriend was accidentally enchanting! Britt’s hands moved up Jane’s neck to cup her face and she swooped down to gently brush a kiss over her lips. She nibbled softly before deepening the kiss and letting her fingers get tangled in Jane’s hair. -03:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: The sudden change of pace had Jane’s toes curling as she kissed Britt back and ran her hand over her hip, gripping it. Her tongue flicked out and wriggles it’s way between Britt’s lips as she sighed happily and moved hand to squeeze her butt. "Not what I was expecting but… good…" he pulled back needing to breathe, hea heavy lidded eyes fixed on Britt’s. -03:14 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "You say things and I just melt…" she mumbled, petting her fingers through Jane’s hair and brushing her thumb against her chin. There might have been other words to say, but Britt was pressing in to her again. Kissing a bit harder and using her body to lean Jane back in to the pillows and mattress. -03:27 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She colapsed under Britt’s wieght, her body writhing against her as her hands found her hair and burried themselves in it. Tnen she was rolling over and pinning Britt’s arms to the matress as she left a trail of kisses across her cheek and nipped her earlobe her hands sliding up her arms to squeeze her breasts as she straddles her hips, her tongue running up behind her ear before she broke away, a leg coming up to pin her chest down as she sat up, still on Britt’s hips and looked aorund, reaching out to grab ‘prissy’ and hold it in her hands, turning it over, making sure Britt was securely pinned. "So… you’re going to use this on me? Show me how a real girl does it?" She was still unsure of the ideaa but she was turned on and committed to it, and she wasn’t so scared of it that she couldn’t torture Britt a bit. Girls with toys were hot to her after all. "I guess we should lubricate first, hmmm?" she asked leaning forwards and running her tongue up its length. No… this was not something she ever expected to ever do and it tasted wierd. "Come on, open up…" -03:37 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: It was completely unfair that Jane was still so much stronger, but any protests about that died on her lips when Jane licked prissy. Jane had to know where that thing had been. Everything seemed to clench, from toes to biting in to her lip, and Britt squirmed uncomfortably but completely transfixed. "You… um! Open up what..? she muttered, the statement probably being nonsensical. With her hands free, Britt splayed her fingers over Jane’s stomach before gripping in to her hips. -03:47 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grinned ear to ear at Britt’s reaction, wondering if she could make her do it again. "Let me demonstrate." she said parting her lips and pishing the tip of ‘Prissy’ between them, then after a deep series of breaths pushed it in further, probably putting more effort into making sure she didn’t gag or choke then she needed to. Then with an exagerated pleased moan and making sure there was slurp she pulled it out, saliva trailing down her chin as she slid her foot off of Britt’s chest and pacing a hand hand next to her head leaned forwards to put the tip of the toy against her lips. "Your turn… then you get to use it." -03:53 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt couldn’t decide if it was really gross or really, really hot. But with Jane having that look on her face, Britt was completely helpless to refuse. The girl was just crazy sexy at everything she did. Britt grabbed Jane’s wrist helping guide her hand as she pushed the toy in to her mouth. Ironically she didn’t have a probably at all with gagging, being able to take in a good length of it. Meanwhile her hand slid down Jane’s stomach and underneath her. Fingers gentle probing in to her sensitive flesh. -04:03 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: Jane giggled, probably with more gilishness than she would have liked before she lid herself further up, givng Britt better access before she pulled the toy from Britt’s mouth, took her hand and wrapped it around the base of the shaft, giving her control. Leaning in she whispered into her ear, as soft as she coould with it still being audible. "Now you got to show me what all the fuss is about." she said, releasing her hand and sliding off of her, sitting on the bed with her legs outstretched and hands on the matress. "Mostly because I have no idea how to do this…" -04:09 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "There’s no special trick to it…" So cute! From vixen to shy, Jane was always interesting. Britt shifted on the bed, sliding up between Jane’s legs and bracing a hand at Jane’s shoulder. She adjusted her grip on the toy, closer to the tip, then teased at Jane’s lips by running it up and down the length of them. Not quite pushing it in, but occasionally slipping her thumb between her lips to test for wetness. -04:17 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She hips lifted from the attention as she bit her lip and watched what britt was doing. "If I were using it on myself I’d manage but on someone else…" she WAS blushing, and flushing and a hundred other things. "Doing it right…" Britt seemed to forget that so many things were still kindaa new to Jane. Her Body… sex… letting go and trusting someone eough for them to put a vibrating plastic dick to her crotch… "Just turn it on…" did she just… beg? -04:25 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Not yet. I thought you wanted me to do this right?" she murmured softly, leaning down to nuzzle against Jane’s cheek. Britt stroked with the tip, agonizingly slow until Jane was good wet. Then she pushed in gently, dipping between her lips and pressing in to her opening, but only just barely inside. She held it there without moving, circled her thumb around her clit. -04:30 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: There was a moan before her hand dashed up to grip Britt’s hair to pull her into a deep, hungry kiss. This was insane. She had a fake penis inside her and becaise Britt was so adorably sweet she was… enjoying it though it probbaly felt deeper than it really was. "I love you." she whispered before she bit her lip and pulled back, letting her haid trail from her hair down the back of her neck. -04:41 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled, burying her face in to Jane’s neck and nibbling the soft, sensitive skin. She finally pushed it in again, then pulled back. Everytime she pushed in, she pushed a little bit deeper, and when she pulled back it was all the way to the tip. The rythm remain slow and steady, and slipped in and out with ease. And every time her thumb would slid up and against her clit with it, teasing the bud with the movements. -04:47 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: A long, low pleased groan escaped her as she relaxed into it. Concentratin gon the attention and not on what was happening. It was intoxicating, frustrating and toe curlingly sensual. She kept runnign Britt’s neck but she was getting distracted, her movements slowing as she turned her head to the side and and letting out a long shaky breath. "You reaally have to keep melting my brain with that clit action don’t you." she teased her legs straining to open further. -04:58 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Um hmmm…" Her tongue flicked out to lick against her skin. Teeth gently nibbling their way down to one of her breasts until he lips circled around a nipple in a sucking kiss. Britt increased the speed of her pushing, her grip shifting to the base of the toy shaft. It was slick and hard, pushing in and out quickly enough to have Jane slightly bouncing on the bed. …and then Britt flicked on the vibrator! -05:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Oh… fuck!" she was just getting used to it and not the game changed. It wasn’t just the stimulation of the movement anymore but everywhere ‘prissy’ touched was tingling. "She bit her lips and when that wasn’t enoug pulled Britt to her and bit her shoulder, harder than she meant to. She wasn’t lyign about her brain melting and she wanted to give something back to Britt too. -05:16 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt yelped and it was followed by a muffled laugh as she buried her face in Jane’s neck. There was no greater satisfaction than driving Jane wild. She had to shift to get her grip back, and brace her knees in to the mattress to spread Jane’s legs wider. Then she was pounding harder, making sure every time it slide out that it was grinding and vibrating against Jane’s clit. -05:20 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: There was a cry that came out as a growl against Britt’s skin and then Jane’s leg kicked out, bouncing on the matress three times before curling up and with a shake every muscle in Jane’s body shook as she clamped around the toy, her mouth breakign away from the monstrous hicky forming on Britt’s shoulder as the orgasm tore through her. "Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…" she panted sweat beading on her face and running down her cleavage. With a groan she collapsed, arms spread and chest heaving. "I know what I want for my birthday." -05:30 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Yes!" Britt chirped, way too pleased with herself. She pulled out and flipped it off, then scooted further up to rest on and elbow. With a terribly wicked grin on her face, she tapped the thing against her mouth before giving it a lick. "And you were scared of Prissy." -05:34 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Shhhhhh." Jane insisted. "Don’t ruin it." she was in an increadaable after sex buzz and all she wanted to do was pull Britt against her and put her arms around her and kiss her. So that’s what she did. "Still a dumb name… unless… it’s a girl." she smirked. "Then it works. I’ve just been fucked by your first girlfriend." it made sense, to Jane anyway. If part of Britt had always been aware of her preferences. -05:40 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Prissy isn’t my first… poor things get worn out after awhile." she muttered with amusement, curling herself around Jane and snuggling in to her. Britt yaaaaawned. "Sleep now, birthday dong later." -05:44 Dec 19 Britt
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 026: Insecurities

[D is back in the sunlight, in a car, and hates driving.] -10:00 Sep 01
[Tessa had a very bad week, and is sure her husband- er BOYFRIEND is just making nice with her so he can feed her to a panther.] -10:01 Sep 01
Tessa: She was very tired and it was all from anxiety. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she had the guts to actually ask questions and demand answers, like she noooormally would have. But she was feeling guilty and stupid. …and trying to figure out how she was going to stage the biggest concert ever at the same time! "We’re not going to the house?" she finally asked, turning in her seat to glance out the rear window. -10:06 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "We are." he said driving along a very familair road in his unassuming two decde old but perfectly maintained sedan. If there was one thing about the car that clashed violently with the rest of the assassin it’s that is was very understated. "Just not the house you expect." he stopped the car outside Tessa’s old appartment builting and got out before moving to the trunk and openign it to grab his guitar case and a suitcase. "I think you know the way." he said tossing a set of keys at the girl, not the same keys as before. D has upgraded the locks. -10:12 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "The apartment?" Tessa nearly dropped the keys as she fumbled them. This was worse than being fed to a panther. This was her getting kicked out! That was even her suitcase he was dragging out. Of course, she wasn’t thinking of why he had his guitar too, as she entered the building and wandered in to the elevator. Just that she was right back to her apartment, getting dumped by another boyfriend. And this time she really really loved him and it was hooooorrible. "D… I know you are pretty mad at me for what I did. And since there is no fixing it now, I have something to tell you…" -10:18 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I’m mad?" he asked with a shrug. "Just open the door. I had a little work done to the place. It was hard to convince the owner but I eventually persuaded me to let me remodel a bit, tear down the wall to the next appartment, put in an office and a room for Chaya. You know… things we need. And wait until you wee the breakfast nook. It has a mini bar." -10:25 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "I pissed off the Boss and then spent a week with Jayce, who wouldn’t be mad?" Now she was completely bewildered. But once they were out of the elevator, she used the keys and pushed the door open. …he hadn’t been kidding about remodeling! The place didn’t look anything like her apartment anymore. It actually looked nice. "It’s going to be me and you and Chaya?" -10:28 Sep 01 Tessa
D: He threw the suitcase onto a brand new squishy sofa and set his guitar case down gently before rubbing his hands together. "Yup! Speak any louder and she’ll wake up and pounce you. She’s missed you… tea?" he was heading for the kitchenette shrugging off his jacket as he did so. "Best palce for us with the mansion gone. Speaking of, through that door is your new office. An entire appartment converted… well most of one, I had some of it used to make this one bigger." -10:32 Sep 01 D
Tessa: She followed, like a puppy on his heels. He wasn’t angry? She wasn’t getting kicked out? He made them a new home, and her a new office. And he always did these things so casually, like it was just another day, another thing, and not a big deal at all. When she caught up with him, she grabbed on to his sleeve to tug. "D..! What if I told you I did something pretty terrible? Not on purpose! But that I have a secret and I haven’t told you because I thought you would be upset with me, but you’re not upset with me over THIS so maybe I could tell you…" -10:37 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I’d remind you I’ve been an assassin and killed people ever since we’ve met. I’m not exactly innocent enugh to be casting stones at glass houses." he crossed his arms and leaned against the counter squinting at her. "This is obviously important enough for you not to react over the manshion being gone so get it off your chest." -10:40 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "Because the house is not as important to me as you are, and I was really way more worried that you were going to leave me and just go. And maybe you might still, because this was a big deal too." She was blabbering and stalling. Tessa let out a small huff before she grabbed his arms to uncross them and held up his left hand. She tugged his ring finger. "I made a wiiiiish. And you wear too much jewelry and never notice these things!" -10:45 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I also get drunk a lot and fing things on me I don’t remember all the time." he said. "Well I did before you became a thing. Then you’ve woken up in a bra, panties, gown, and tiara then you stop questioning what you find on you after a night out. But now I’m curious… What did you wish for?" -11:08 Sep 01 D
Tessa: Another huff slipped out, followed by her shuffling on her feet. "I wished to know what you really thought about me, and then I supposed the wish went all kinds of wrong and there was the wedding dress and the rings, and then people thinking we were married, because we are married, and if you try to leave me you’re going to have to divorce me too and I am really very sorry I never told you?" -11:12 Sep 01 Tessa
D: He laughed and pulled her against him. "I’m not going to leave you." he noogied her as punishment for her silliness before letting her go. "Now seriously: Tea?" he turned to put the kettle on before opening the fridge and pulling out a large raw slab of meat. "Hey! Chaya!" He called out before dumping the panther food into Tessa’s arms. "Come and see who’s back." -11:24 Sep 01 D
Tessa: Noogies and meat! "Are you not even going to say anything about us being married!" she tried to complain, but it was followed by a sudden yelp when a big hungry, very happy to see her panther came barreling around the corner and she wound up tackled to the floor. Chaya was too busy head butting and nuzzling to take the food and Tessa flailed trying to get free. "This is FAIR! This isn’t who I want to be kissing!" -11:29 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "And that’s your punishment for not tellign me earlier." he said stepping over the pile of panther and Tessa to get an already made egg and herb mix for french toast from the fridge. "And congradulations to us both. The honeymoon was wierd but I’m sure we’ll get over it with a little counseling. Got any wishes left? They could help with the concert." -11:32 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "No, my last one was used in finding out you were an assassin." Finally she broke herself free of Chaya, luring the furry beast away with her meaty lunch. Tessa climbed up off the floor and rushed over to the sink to clean as much as the slobber off her as she could. She was still casting D suspicious and and almost pouty expressions. "That’s it, just jokes and back to business? Are you not going to want to talk about any of it?" -11:38 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "What do you want me to say, Tessa?" He asked breaking out the spiked bread and putting a pan on, letting butter melt in it. "That I’m disappointed I didn’t get to propose? Invite you on stage and pull a ring out of the crotch of my pants? Yeah, I am a little. But I’ve bealt with djins before. You can’t be blamed for what your wish turned out to be unless you’re a lawyer. Hell there’s a guy I know who makes a killing wording people’s wished for them." -12:04 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "…would you have really hidden it there?" she asked curiously. She moved to lean on the counter next to him. "But that’s not what I mean! We’re married, and I was Jayce’s stupid pretend wife for a week, and we don’t have the house, and you did all of this with the apartment. You have gone non stop without any breaks and… and you’re acting like me! Um, before-us me." -12:11 Sep 02 Tessa
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -01:21 Sep 02
[Tessa enters.] -01:22 Sep 02
D: "It would have given a nice bulge." he said slapping an egged up slide of bread in the pan and shinly slicing a strong chedar. "But hey this saves us a trip to the courthouse, right? I don’t know if you have any family and you’ve met mine so why have a huge ceremony?" -01:22 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "You don’t want to have a wedding?" there was no hiding the pout this time, and Tessa didn’t even try to. "It would have been nice. A ceremony somewhere beautiful and a silky white dress. Chaya would wear a flower collar and you’d wear a nice suit for once. Or maybe with a leather jacket instead. But I guess maybe it’s not for us." -01:30 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He slipped the toast and gave her a glance. "If you pout any louder you’re going to have a very large cat headbutting you in comfort." he warned before slicing up more cheese. "And there’s no way I’m wearing a suit. I’m not a suit person. I’m a denim and leather person. You wouldn’t put a suit person in a silk dress would you? Same thing if you think about it. If you want a wedding with people… or privately then orginize one. But no cutting into the concert budget. I sold my mantion for that. -01:50 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "I can squeeze money out of anything! You know that. I’ll pay for it all myself if I have to." She stole a piece of the cheese to pop in her mouth, but still didn’t feel satisfied. Everything still felt strange, and if it wasn’t him upset with her it was her. Her fingers tapped against the counter. Finally she caved to all of her worry, interupting his cooking to grab his head and plant a kiss on him! -01:57 Sep 02 Tessa
D: There was a clatter and a yelp as the pan spilled hot butter in D’s hand as his head was suddenly siezed and he was kissed. But her didn’t break the kiss, instead he pulled her closer with his other hand and kissed her back. "Breakfast first. I need to make sure you’ve eaten properly. Then we’ll talk bussiness or have sex. Whichever happens first." -02:02 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "I don’t want to eat and I don’t want to talk business! Or stand around pretending like I wasn’t gone and it’s all normal! I missed you. I want to kiss you and touch you and have you hold me and not leave our room for a month." She let go of him just long enough to reach over the stove and turn it off. Then it was right back to the clinging with her arms slung around his neck and nuzzling in to his cheek. -02:08 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He still used his burnt hand to get a plate, slap the peice of french toast onto it and then put the cheese on top to melt. "Well I’m starving." he said hooking his other hand under her butt and lifting her off the floor, trusting that she would old onto him before walking towards the lounge. Plate in one hand and tessa in the other. "I’ve been worried sick. I gave it a day in case you just went out for groceries or a sudden meeting or something but it soon became obvious what you had done and what happened." he sat on the sofa and balanced the plate on his knees, arm around Tessa. "Good thing I already had that tunnel from when I stole Jayce’s vintage flag jacket patch collection or it would have taken me another month just to get to you." -02:15 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "He’s the creepiest bastard on the planet and I almost wish you would have killed him." she admitted. She also refused to detach herself or be anyway helpful in allowing him to eat. She situated herself on his lap and took over keeping his mouth busy with another kiss and a nip of his lips. -02:22 Sep 02 Tessa
D: he pushed her away bodily and stauufed half of his toast on her mouth. "Tessa U have to make sure you’re alright first." he said flatly. "I’d like nothing more than to hump like rabbits but you were kidnapped and if he hurt you…" he narrowed his eyes. "He did… didn’t he." -02:37 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "Mrrph!" she huffed and got to chewing, leaning back so she could at least eat the blasted piece without getting crumbs anywhere. Suddenly she was a lot more interested in staring at toast than him. "I AM alright. Bumps and bruises, nothing all that serious. It’s not like I haven’t had to deal with Jayce before." -02:42 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He stard into her eyes and narrowed them further. "You know what I mean Tessa. I know he’s not above forcing himself on girls. Seen it often enough." he pulled away to look up at the ceiling and cursed. ‘I’m going to kill him. I’m actually going to kill him." -02:49 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "Or I will kill him. You won’t kiss me now because of him. I can’t live without snuggles and kissing and everything else! Chaya is too furry! And I actually want to be married!" Now she was going to cry, and she had been doing a really good job of not getting over emotional! She tugged at his shirt. "You’ll be cold to me." -02:58 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He raised an eyebrow at her. "If this marriage is going to work I’m going to be doing the killing. It’s what I studied for. You’re going to make a killing in the music bussiness and who says I ain’t going to kiss you when I’m done being averwhelming happy you’re alive. In case you haven’t noticed I care by looking after." -03:13 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "You always look after me." she admitted, less teary, but still feeling unbearably stupid. After a sigh she flopped forward and buried her face in to his neck. Her voice coming out muffled. "I’m sorry. I’m used to people leaving me? And used to people like Jayce. It was a really, really, really long week and I didn’t think I would see you again. I don’t want to be weird." -03:19 Sep 02 Tessa
D: "It’sbecause you’re wierd that I like you." he said giving her a look and pulling her head into his lap where he played his fingertips against her ear. "You are you, I am me. That’s what makes us work. Doesn’t hurt that I’m super sexy and you… did you wish to sleep with me?" -03:34 Sep 02 D
Tessa: He was being sweet and she was frustrated. She shifted to curl up with her head still resting on his lap, and fingers plucking at the fabric of his shirt. "If you mean sleeping as is in sex… yes? I want you to be the last one that’s touched me, and you to be the only person I ever think about." -03:41 Sep 02 Tessa
D: "With the djin." he said lookign at her, takign her hadn in his to stop it wondering. "Did you wish to have sex with me? You and me suddenly appearing in bed together… twice… Be honest." he shifted so lean down and whisper into her ear. "Then we can go and break in your new desk with more sex you don’t have to waste a wish on." -03:45 Sep 02 D
Tessa: She giggle softly. "I did the first time… Girls were throwing their things at you, I was jealous. The second time, I was thinking about us and our future and I wanted to know how you really felt about me. I think I got what I wished for both times." -03:53 Sep 02 Tessa
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 025: Bad Stand

[Tessa has arrived at the Label for this first time in a long time. …and in secret, because D would have stopped her otherwise!] -01:02 Aug 13
[D isn’t here yet.] -01:03 Aug 13
Tessa: Tessa was dressed for success. In her very best of black secretary suits and heels. Because if you’re going to march in to the office of your former boss and apparent leader of an assassin guild, you want to look like you mean serious business. One upon a time she would have been fretting and worrying about seeing the man, but today D’s future was on the line. If he wouldn’t quit, she would resolve it all for him. SO there she was slamming her hands on the secretary’s desk in the lobby of the Boss’ office. "I want to see the boss, and if you don’t let me in there, I’m going to flip over your desk and send all of your paperwork across the room. Got it?" -01:06 Aug 13 Tessa

The secretary had a problem. Mixed up paperwork was shitty, but pissing off the Boss was even worse. “I’m sorry Miss. He’s not taking any meetings today. You will have to call and make an appointment.” -Tessa 01:10 Aug 13

Tessa: "That’s not going to work." Tessa huffed. Well, if she had to make a scene… she reached over and shoved the woman’s computer right off the desk. It hit the floor with a crash. "You tell him Tessa Thorn is here! Right now!" -01:12 Aug 13 Tessa

The secretary shrieked, pressing her comlink button quickly. “Sir, there is a Tessa Thorn here damaging the office!” -Tessa 01:12 Aug 13

[D is now known as: The Big Boss] -01:33 Aug 13
Tessa: "That wasn’t so hard was it." Tessa knocked over a cup of pens before marching to the door. There was a tempation to kick them open, but she didn’t want to break one of her heels and that height was necessary for her look more intimidating. She pushed through the doors, slamming them good and loud behind her for a grand entrance. "I’d apologize for interupting, but I’m not sorry!" she shouted first. …and that was where all her bravado left her. Actually SEEING the boss again reminded her how scary he was. "Um… I want to talk about D?" -01:43 Aug 13 Tessa
The Big Boss: "So you’ve discovered his ‘other job’, the reason why I put up with his worthless tallents in the first place and you plan was too… march in here and start makign demands? Ms. Thorn, I knew I hired you for your looks but I expected you to at least have somethign resembling intelegence." He leaned forward in his chair behind his desk and pressed the buttong. "Martha, send for Jayce, I have a present for him." he said, calmly as from within the folds of his creme suit he pulled a silver, engraved, ivory handled semi automatic and checked the load. "So Ms. Thorn, what are your demands about D?" -01:48 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: A present for Jayce? That had her turning read, and slighty furious. She forget that Jayce was apparently an assassin too. It wouldn’t change the plan, though, and maybe she’d get to punch him in the face again. "You’re not going to intimidate me, I don’t work for you any more! And now, neither does D either. He’s not your band AND he’s not your assassin anymore. You’re going to quit harassing him." -01:51 Aug 13 Tessa
The Big Boss: He sighed and fliched the safety off of the pistol before standing and circling the desk to sit on it and gesture at one of the chairs. "Take a seat, we’ll talk about it over sherry." he reached over and picjed up a decanter and poared a good measure into two glasses before holding one out to her. "So you do truly know… and you plan was to come into my office and try and make demands. Into the office of a killer… and threaten him without having a backup plan." He shook his head slowly before taking a gulp from his glass. "I have one very important question for you Tessa: What’s in it for me if I don’t just shoot you?" -01:55 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: "Um." That was pretty much the jist of her plan. She hadn’t though he’d pull out a gun, though in hindsight she should have seen that coming. Tessa slooooowly moved to ease in to a chair, but there was no way in heck she was taking a drink. Didn’t that stuff usually end up poisoned? "You underestimate me! You always have. I started a label of my own and your company is suffering. I will do the same with your whole assassin business." she bluffed. It was a good one for being made up on the spot. "If you hurt me, my assassins will take you out." -02:00 Aug 13 Tessa

The office door open and Jayce slipped in silently without saying a word. He gave a nod of acknowledgement to the boss and smiiiiiiirked in the background. -Tessa 02:01 Aug 13

The Big Boss: "Not if you’re not around." He said with a smirk. "Without you your label and any plans you have to corner the market in killing is gone. I see the solution to all the trouble you’ve cause right in front of me and since you now know too much you’re more trouble than you’re worth as a tool for controling D. Jayce…she’s all yours. You don’t have to play nice anymore. I don’t care what you do so long as she never escapes. Concider this a bonus for the Toronto job." -02:06 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: Tessa glanced over her shoulder and then quickly stood up. "Don’t you ever dare try anything. I swear to all the gods, I’ll make you regret it. If you don’t let D go, I’ll ruin your entire organization." -02:14 Aug 13 Tessa

Jayce shrugged his shoulders. “This is why you were such a terrible manager, Tess. You just don’t know how to make a convincing threat.” In a split second he had out a gun and fired, hitting Tessa with a tranq dart. As she hit the floor he tucked it back away again. “It’s worth keeping her alive just to watch D suffer. That’ll be entertaining. I’ll make sure she’s tucked away where no one will ever find her, Boss.” -Tessa 02:14 Aug 13

[Tessa is being held captive at Jayce’s beach house. AKA The Palace of Porn. He’s got an irritating amount of security being a Pop Star, and house full of weapons. ] -11:36 Aug 20
[D is silent when he needs to be.] -11:37 Aug 20

The man of the house was presently sitting at the breakfast table, charmingly reading a newspaper out loud to his brand new wife. “And Star Magazine says my voice could make the angels fall and the devil sing. A little over the top, I think, but who could complain about good press? You should eat, Tessa. A few pounds lost is fine, but no one wants one of those sickly wives. It’ll look terrible in photographs.” -Tessa 11:44 Aug 20

Tessa: Tessa had her hands cuffed, which meant she couldn’t cross her arms and huff like she really wanted to. So she settled for glaring, and occasionally glancing down at her silverware and wondering how hard she would have to stab to get a spoon through his neck. "Sitting here every day isn’t going to suddenly make me believe I’m your stupid wife!" -11:44 Aug 20 Tessa
D: D appeared in the doorway behind the kidnapper and quickly raised a finger to his lips before picking up a granite pestel from the counter and edging forwards fingers till over his lips. "That’s very interesting, and I’m going to let you finish…" as soon as the singer’s head lifted D swung, with his left hand knowing full well any quick block attempts or dodging would assume he was using his right. He gave a lobsided grin as the body slumped to the floor and then plopped down into his seat and picked up a ptice of toast and bit a buttery bite of it. "G’day Tess. How’ve you been?" -11:49 Aug 20 D
Tessa: Tessa had no idea how he managed to get in there, she hadn’t been able to find a way OUT without running in to a dozen goods. But he was the best vision in the universe. Even if she was painfully aware she was in a whole lot of trouble. Tessa shook her handcuffs. "Thiiiiis! I am stupidly this! Oh, don’t sit in that chair and eat his toast, it’s probably filled with ecstacy! We should get out of here…" Except she wasn’t leaping out of her seat yet. What if he was angry enough to leave her there? -11:55 Aug 20 Tessa
D: "Tessa, if I have one rule in life it’s to never pass up free bacon." he said picking up a strip and takinga bite from it. Then from his picket he pulled a set of lickpicks to slide across to Tessa. "Have you learned your lesson?" he asked before taking another bite. "These people are dangerous and the only person more dangerous is me. If I take you back then they’ll probbaly come after us. So… you’re the plan person… do you have one?" -12:02 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Her hands fumbled on the case of lockpicks, and fumbled more with trying to pick open the cuffs. She wasn’t a skilled lock picker, but she was still a little worried he was going to let her suffer a bit longer just to prove a point. She tried to remind herself that D wasn’t like that, and had never been like that… but that was before she spent a week with an exboyfriend. "I might have maybe underestimated them just a little bit. I didn’t think they’d SHOOT me right there in the office, or that Jayce was going to be all…" she huffed. "I don’t have a plan… bribe his minions to come home with us as our army, I don’t know…" -12:08 Aug 21 Tessa
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -12:34 Aug 21
[D ] -01:02 Aug 21
D: He holded his arms and watched for three seconds more. "Middle pick, insert, iflt towards chain, and twist." he unfolded his arms and demonstrated the correct movement. "We don’t have any money." he said bluntly. "They took it all when ypu went and started making demands. Well all that they could find." he scretched his stubble and picked up another strip of bacon before meaning back in his chair and putting his feet up on the table. "Good thing I do have a plan. I was raised by the boss… well not quite but I still know him. If he’s where he wants to be we can’t hurt him, he’s to well intrenched. We’re going to make him come to us." he bit the bacon in half and chewed smugly. "Vina. We’re going to put on the biggest concert since the PUrity of Sin tour rolled through this town." -01:18 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Ah ha! She got it, pulled those blasted cuffs off and rubbed her wrists. "I am going to need a lot of money that we apparently don’t have to throw the biggest concert ever." Tessa wanted to jump on to his lap and cling. This was pretty much what she deserved, though. He wasn’t going to forgive her for this, be even more furious about her marriage wish, probably let Chaya eat her. Tessa got out of her chair, taking the cuffs along with her to cuff them on Jayce. Then she gave him a good hard kick while he was unconcious and she could get away with it. "Did I screw things up so badly that we can’t go home?" -01:24 Aug 21 Tessa
D: "Maybe." he said almost falling backwards with the chair with her sudden wieght. "Can you do it?" he asked his face suddenly serious. "Can you put on the biggest show since the World of Sin tour? I lost my virginity to that show… right thre in the staduim… but that’s besides the point, I need a yes or no." -01:37 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "Of course I can. It’ll take time, though." She tugged at his jacket, frowning just a bit both at this plan and the extra tidbit of information. "Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about it here in the middle of Jayce’s stupid house? You’re going to take me home, aren’t you?" -01:42 Aug 21 Tessa
D: D pushed Tessa to her feet and stood, taking the last peice of bacon and sticking it between his teeth’ "I wi ekplan oo the waa." he said before reaching into his jacket pocked and pulling out a perminant marker and rollign Jayce onto his back. "Buu fiirsht." he popped the lid and started drawing a moustache on Jayce’s face, followed by a monocle and a penis on his cheek, a dotted line running from it’s tip to Jayce’s eye. Then he stood and started unzipping his pants. "You know somethign, tessa? You have terrible taste in boyfriends." -01:53 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Tessa was too stunned and confused by the marker to do anything, but once he unzipped his pants she grabbed on to his arm and starting pulling. …D!! You’re one of those boyfriends, and I want you to still be alive to be one, so pleeeeease lets go!" She tugged and pulled him away from Jayce. At this point, she was totally fine with murdering the asshole, but she didn’t want to find out what D was going to do with his pants down when someone could come in and catch him any minute. -01:57 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He pulled his arm away from her. "Come on, just a little piss?" D complained before sighing and shrugging. "Fine, even though he desurved it he gets off." he pulled up his zip, then kicked the body in the kiks to a satisfying crunch. "Now we should get out of here… miiiight want to stay close." -02:09 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "How did you even sneak in?" It wasn’t what she wanted to ask him. He was behaving too nonchalant for her tastes. This was D behavior before all the kissing started. And she really really missed the kissing. Tessa latched on to the back of his coat so she could stay close. -02:19 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He shrugged and then stopped int he middle of a hallway. "Do you know where you are?" He asked. "And more importantly… do you trust me?" he turned to look at her and tilted his head. "It’s a very important question. It may save your life." -02:25 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "I don’t know where. On the beach somewhere? He has a dozen houses." She examined his face, chewing on her lip in the process. "I trust you…" she didn’t sound so sure, though. For all she knew, SHE could have eaten and ecstacy waffle and was now having weird hallucitions. "I do trust you." she muttered. -02:32 Aug 21 Tessa
D: The punched the wall and a hidden pannel popped open, then he was climbing half into a chute and pinning her feet against the far wall. "Come joine me in here, and hold onto me tightly. It’s going to get very dark and we’re going to be in freefall. And no distracting me while we are. As sexy adn making out while falling down a pitch black rubbish chute is I don’t want to miss our stop." -02:52 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "Freefall? To where?" She didn’t even know why she was asking, she trusted him, right? Tessa wasn’t keen on climbing in to strange chutes, but she also wasn’t going to stick around waiting for Jayce to wake up and seeing if he was pissed off enough to kill her. So she climbed in and she cluuuuung, probably tighter than she should have. She really, really missed him and he hadn’t even hugged her yet. -03:02 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He put his arms around her and then they were falling, the panel closing behind them. "Three, four, five." he counted the second unver his breath, then he pushed agaust the wall and her fell into a pile of sacks placed there just for this purpose. D rolled and held onto Tessa, his grip lostening. "Don’t move…" he whispered. "I want to stay with you int he dark a little longer." -03:08 Aug 21 D
Characters: Modern Fantasy



Character Name: Damar

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Djinn



Occupation: Radio Host – Midnight Time Slot



General Appearance:





Current Goal/Purpose:




General Personality:

Inner Personality:




General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

Bad Boss

Bad Boss 001: Mistaken Identity

[April is a Data Entry Operator, which is just a fancy name for the sucker that types up all your documents. And like any sucker, she is doing the Executive Assistants work for her, because she had a DATE to go to.] -10:31 Jul 11
[Matt is the big boss, on this floor anyway but he can feel that promotion coming. 20 people fired and production efficiency at an all time high. Yes… things were going well!] -10:34 Jul 11
April: Luckily April didn’t mind staying late and doing that bitch Patrice’s work. Anything that got her closer to the object of her affection was a good thing. Especially since she seemed to have the invisibility curse. Maybe it was that she didn’t look as hot in skintight business suits. Or it could be because she was stupidly shy and hid in her cubicle every time she actually saw him coming down the hall. Whatever! April resumed typing away at the computer, seated at Patrice’s desk. The offices already had the lights out and she was working just with the desk lamp. -10:37 Jul 11 April
Matt: Porn on his phone with his feet on the desk with his eyes closed as his secretary did the paperwork he asked her to stay late for. That slut was begging for it, those shirt skirts and tight pants. Low cut tops and those smokey eyes… his pants tightened just thinking about. So he had finally told her to stay late was was now going to make that slut’s year. Standing slowly he unplugged his hands free instantly pausing the video. He turned off his office light before undoing his belt and taking off his pants and kicking them away and opening the door. Target sighted. -10:44 Jul 11 Matt
April: Type, type, type. Her words per minute were pretty impressive. But that was pretty much all she did six days a week. Typing at her desk, logging in a million different things, most of which in a legalese that she didn’t even understand. She was already five hours over-due for going home. April’s fingers paused over her keyboard as she tilted her head, trying to recall if the Boss even left for home yet himself. She liked to pay attention, but there WAS that thirty minute break she took to grab some dinner. So her breath stopped when she realized his office door had opened and he was actually THERE. Sloooowly she resumed typing! Maybe he’d notice her? He probably wouldn’t. Craaaap, if she ran and hid now she’d look like a total crazy person. -10:50 Jul 11 April
Matt: "You usually turn to look at me when I come out." he said stepping up behind her and placing a hand on her shoulder, staring at the screen in front of her. His hand squeezed her shoulder before he pulled on her shirt. "You changed? Pity…" next moment he grabbed her hair and pulled her back kicking her chair our from under her and with his other hand gripping her arm he shoved her against the wall and pressed himself against her back. "I was looking forward to ripping those buttons." -11:01 Jul 11 Matt
April: April was trying to think of something clever and witty to say that didn’t make her stutter or sound stupid. But that ended up being a startled shriek of pain when her hair was pulled and she wound up against the wall. Instinctual reflex had her squirming to try and get away. To flee back to her own safe little cubicle. He thought she was Patrice! Was he banging Patrice? That lucky bitch! "I’m not…!" She couldn’t even finish that sentence. His cologne smelled soooo so good. Whyyyyy was he so sexy? -11:10 Jul 11 April
Matt: He leaned in close, her arm pinned behind her back to smell the back of your neck. "I’ve seen the way you look at me, slut." she hissed before pulling her from the wall and reaching around to grab her crotch, squeezing it. "Don’t pretend you don’t want this." pushing her beck towards the desk be squeezed her shoulder to push her forwards as he started pulling off his tie. -11:14 Jul 11 Matt
April: Wait, he did? Did he actually mean HER? Had he really noticed? April whimpered in a moment of cowardly embarrassment. If he knew the whole time, how MORTIFYING! Yet thoughts of her shame were pushed out pretty quick when her insides clenched and her groped at her. A gasp of surprise slipped out as she nearly stumbled on top of the desk. Now she was completely confused, was he trying to bang Patrice or her?! "I don’t-" know what HE wanted was what she was going to say, but it was pretty obvious by now. April struggled to turn around so she could at least see his expression, but her knees we all wobbly. This was so so hot, if she said something would he stop? -11:27 Jul 11 April
[(Timeout) Matt was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -11:54 Jul 11
[Matt ] -12:22 Jul 12
Matt: He grabbed her other twist, looking his tie around it and pulling it tight before he wound it around her other wrist, tying them together. The he dropped his underpants picking then up with his foot and then leaning down stuffed them into her mouth and with an elbow holding her down reached for Patricia’s sellotape to wind it around her head, holding the gag in place. "There, not you don’t have to know anything, whore." -12:26 Jul 12 Matt
Matt: He grabbed her other twist, looking his tie around it and pulling it tight before he wound it around her other wrist, tying them together. The ge dropped his underpants picking then up with his foot and then leaning down stuffed them into her mouth and with an elbow holding her down reached for Patricia’s sellotape to wind it around her head, holding the gag in place. "There, not you don’t have to know anything, whore." -12:27 Jul 12 Matt
April: More muffled shrieking followed. He was going to molest her! Patricia. Her! Not that it mattered, she had his underwear in her mouth and his tie wound so tightly around her wrists she could feel her fingers tingling. Really, everything was tingling. She was getting molested by her sexy boss pinning her to a desk in nothing but his shirt. April had to squeeze her legs together as she shifted and squirmed uncomfortably, probably for different reasons than he was thinking. -12:35 Jul 12 April
Matt: He grabbed her hair again, pulling it out of it’s mussed ponytail and yanking it hard. Now he had her all to himself and she wasn’t even struggling that much. He had wondered if there was going to be kicking and screaming but apparently not… Reaching down he squeezed her buttocks, pinching it before grabbing her panties under her skirt and pulled it down. "Let’s get this over with, shall we?" -12:51 Jul 12 Matt
April: Over with? They were just getting started! Gods she loved having her hair pulled – no one ever did that! April squealed out a complaint and hopped it sounded scared enough. That was so hard to do when she wanted to beg him for it. But he seemed to like this, forcing her (or Patrica, that lucky bitch) against her will. April put up a harder fight, trying to squirm her way out of his grasp and scream against her gag. Maybe he would like it rough too! So she tried stomping on his foot! -12:59 Jul 12 April
Matt: "Ahh! You bitch!" he moved his foot away and grabbed her shoulder to flip her over, knocking the desk lamp to the floor as he did so. Then there was a full open mouth slap across her face. "Take it like the whore bitch you are." he reached for the tape again grabbing one of her ankles and bending her leg to tape it to her thigh, then he started repeating the process with the other leg. "If you think I won’t fuck a corpse you have another thing coming." Legs secured he reached over to grab her shirt and pulled, buttons flying everywhere. -01:15 Jul 12 Matt
April: Holy shit! He next muffled scream wasn’t a fake one. April was a little freaked out, he was serious, rapey serious. And she was a total freak for finding it so hot. It was wrong, and bad, and so hot. The tape was surprisingly strong as she strained against it, but she wasn’t exactly putting full force of pressure on it either. Without the lamp, there was only faint light from her computer screen to see with, and it was barely casting more than shadows over his face. He wasn’t going to get all the fun, though, and she tried to squirm her way off the desk! -01:24 Jul 12 April
Your Starr

Your Starr 015: Last Night on Tour (TBC)

[Drake had just finished the last show of the tour. Always an exhilirating moment.] -09:22 Jul 02
[Madeline is at the FINALE CONCERT! The best concert of all! ….and she had to go and fall asleep backstage sometime during the break!] -09:23 Jul 02
Madeline: Maddie didn’t care what everyone said. She wasn’t too tired and the tour life wasn’t too much for her! She started the morning off with three energy drinks, squealed and bounced all through the day, and she had only meant to sit down for a few minutes on the dressing room couch to rest her feet. Before she knew what hit her, she was dozing away and curled up with one of Drake’s jackets. -09:26 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Germany had been wished farewell and fans were buying tshirts on thier way out as Drake entered the dressing roomand folded his arms, leaning against the doorframe. Maddie was fast asleep and that brought a smile to her made up lips. Making a surprisingly small amount of sound for someone with in leather boots he walked over to the bencha nd sat on the corner. A hand gently alighted on her cheek before he leaned down and kissed her lips, lingering for just a second before behind him a throat was cleared. "I knoow." he said liftigng his head to look over his shoulder. "Sorry Maddie wardrobe wants to get me out of constume so they can pack up and go get free drinks." -09:34 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: She streeeetched and hummed and the grabby hands were already tugging gently at his shirt. "Hmm, but there is still a whole half of the show..?" Maddie blinked, taking a second to recognize which costume he was wearing. Final act… "I missed it! You let me miss the finale? Someone could have woke me!" Now she was sulking. The last show of a tour was almost the best one, and always had the encore songs and she slept through it like a total idiot! -09:39 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He stood and stripped off his jacket to hand it to an intern before he flopped into a makeup chair. "If you’re rested during the morning and saved your energy drinks this wouldn’t have happened." he teased. "I kept telling you." she was talkignaorund a wet sponge taking off his stage makeup and an ifenimate man’s chest as he did his job. "Now though we have coffe on an celebrations to have!" -09:45 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie still hadn’t stopped pouting, but now she was sitting up and on the edge of the couch. End of the tour meant that they could sleep in late and that she was going to get him all to herself. Which was especially good now that she had him thuroughly seduced. She could do it all over again! She started grinning in the most ridiculous way. "You and me alone in the hotel room? I didn’t have a chance to use my feather duster…" -09:49 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake reddened slightly but saved himself. "After parties." he said giving her a look. "The crew desurve one, they put on a great show and the place has been booked for months. It’s a very important part of a tour so try not to sleep through it, okay?" he was blatantly poking fun at her now. -09:55 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie never thought in her life that she would want to complain about an after party with Preston Starr. Wait, was he blushy? She couldn’t have made him blushy… She giggled, shifting in her seat. "I’m good and rested now, I won’t miss a thing. Unless you’d like to tire me out all over again? I could borrow an apron from the makeup crew." She was being flirtyflirty with his crew lurking around, it was his own fault for blushing! -10:01 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He gave her another look before throwing a shirt from a nearby chair at her. "Behave. Last thing I need is the press getting word of my girlfriend being a costume wearing sexual deviant. You museum wouldn’t get any peace. On the plus side with that reputation you’d have no trouble getting a rich married man to have an affair with you if we ever broke up." -10:06 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Now it was her turn to flush red. Maddie huffed and hid her face with the shirt, effectively muffling her voice. "I don’t want to have an affair with some other guy!" She peeked over the shirt to glance around the room. "Press people aren’t hiding around behind furniture, are they?" -10:21 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake was finally bemadeup and free to start pullinghis shirt off. "They’re like cemera men in horror movies. Everywhere and all seeing, the real monsters but no one ever seem them swarming like rats in a basement." he pulled on a t-shirt and leached for a dark demin jacket. "Come on Maddie, I’m hungry, and Greg, see you at the party." reached out for Maddie’s hand. "I could go for a steak right now… but maybe we should try and fons something a little more Bravarian?" -10:30 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie hopped up and was at his side in an instant, taking his hand and swinging it between them. She flashed the makeup guy a brief grin, but she was really just all eyes for Drake. Lightly bouncing on her feet. "You’re going to make me all jumpy and give me nightmares. We could make a quickie appearance at the party and then run away together?" -10:34 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake sighed. "I can’t do that, I’m the star of the show and the imminent boss of the operation. If I go running off then that’s bad for people frrling like a team." he said. "Especially when I told people I’d be there. Friends. People I want you to meet." he said. "Now what do you want to eat? Singing for a week works up and apitite." -10:40 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "I knooooow." Chided again, Maddie gave in. Of course she understood it was important, but sometimes she wanted to be selfish. Stuck in another faint point, she swung his hand back and forth. "Lets eat something local? I’ll never have another chance to try real homemade German food!" -10:48 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: "Real honest to goodness bratwurst it is. I think I know of a place nearby. We’ll have to grab a taxy to take us though." he walked out with her asking to have one called to the back enterence as he did and before long they were in the beack seats and on thier way. In the cab Drake didn’t speak at first. There were things that he wanted to talke about but not in front of a txi driver. -10:53 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Normally she would be thrilled at the prospect of an after party. Those things were the coolest. But maybe she was a tiny bit tired, and just a little bit huffy she couldn’t get him alone yet. Maddie rest her head on his shoulder in the backseat and tried to remind herself not to be a pain in the ass. What she really would have loved to do was seduce him all over again, and the thought made her grin. He told her to behave, though, and behave she would. -10:59 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: As they pulled up outide an expencive looking palce proclaiming proudly to have the best traditional german quisine in germany Drake sighed. "On of these days I’m going to go to a quiet country in and see how things taste there. Maybe for my after tour vacation." he payed the driver and leaned over to kiss Maddie’s cheek. "Come on, I’m actually really hungry." He stepped out of the cab and slipped his arm aorund Maddie when she joined him. -11:03 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie bit back the dirty joke about offering herself up for his meal. She slid her arms around his waist, which made for awkward walking, but satisfied her need to hug and cling on to him. "Are we even going to be able to read the menus? Hum, I guess they probably have english translations for all the tourists anyway. Unless you can speak German!" -11:09 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake almost rolled his eyes, almost. "They’ll have english. If they didn’t the sign woulf be in German and just be about food, not GERMAN food. Ifyou’re talkign about the quiet country place though them… we’ll see. Want to go with me? We can leave yomorrow or the day after and take a couple of days." he clourly wasn’t concidering her work. -11:12 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Run away with you? I’d love to!" Oooh, what a great time it would be! Like all of her daydreams and fanfictions. Sadly, there was still reality to contend with. "…except my vacation is up soon. I used all of my vacation days for this tour. I’m already kind of on thin ice for all of the days I’ve missed…" -11:15 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake stopped, broke away from her, turned, and have her his very best magazine cover puppy dog face. "I’m already appearing at the museul for publicity and satign what a great place it is… how about I promise a donation too? 25% of my take from the tour, including tshirt sales, album sales… It’s probably not as much as it sounds but should be enough to pay for a new exhibit or fixing an old one. -11:18 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: If she were the Museum Curator, she’d have caved in a heartbeat! Maddie was already having a hard time resisting the sad Starr face, which had her pouting and tugging at his coat begging him to stop. "I’m not the boss! I don’t get to make those kind of decisions and deals! If it were up to me, I would say yes and run off with you and just make money selling my paintings…" -11:22 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He grinned. "That part is up to you." he said. "You’re in control of your own life and if you want to sell paintings for a living then what’s stopping you." he placed his hand on hers before turning and pulling her towards the resturant. He really WAS hungry. "Get you boss on the phone when it’s not godawful o clock there and I’ll talk to him." -11:27 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Well, no one is actually going to buy my paintings, so that’s kind of a stopper!" Happilly tugged along, she laughed the rest off. "You’re going to bribe my boss, then? That’s almost like paying for me, you know! You can’t buy me from the museum!" -11:31 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: This time Drake really did roll his eyes. "They [ay youand kee you around because you touch up aintings which makes them money through people paying to see them… I’m just compansating them for thier losses. Simple economics. But if you WANT to go back and force me to do this alone… and I wouldn’t even be able to pick up girls with cute accents with my sports car…" -11:33 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie swatted at him. "Don’t even think about cute girls with accents! They’re like catnip!" That had her, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and busily sent a few rushed texts to her boss about expecting phonecalls. "If I get fired, I’ll have to sell my place and move in with you. Just remember that!" -11:38 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: "I have plenty of room." he said pushing open the door and waving to a waiter. "I’m not sure if I can afford to feed you though. I’m just an honest pop star trying to get by. Would you say you cost more or less than a supercar?" -11:45 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "If by supercar, you mean that monster you just bought, I am pretty sure I’m not even in the same universe." The place was very nice. Maddie wasn’t exactly up on her German or European culture, so she couldn’t tell the difference between what was authentic and what was stereotyped. But the place DID smell really really good. When they were led to their table, she slid in to her seat. "Your Nanny McMean probably won’t be too keen on you bringing home a girl to keep, though." -11:49 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake sat down and opened a menu. "She’d probably prefer it to randome ones that never show up again. She wants me to get married and me ‘respectable’ instead of a nancy boy." he laughed. "Sometimes I can’t tell who is more disappointed in me, her or my mother." -11:56 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Your mom is a little bit scary." she admitted, turning pages of her menu and being glad she could read it. It was hard to concentrate on what to order, though, when she was thinking about how nice it would be to get back to a room and have no where to be in the morning. "I don’t think I can pronounce most of this stuff." -12:00 Jul 03 Madeline
Princess 101

Princess 101 005: Blackmail

[Autumn is starting to get the hang of ettiquete classes. It’s probably the ONLY thing she has the hang of! And now she is headed back to her suite.] -10:35 Jun 19
Autumn: Her hair was freshly dyed black again, so she was happily not wearing one of those silly hats. Every time she passed a mirror in the hall it still felt weird to see her reflection, though. Still, she was in a good mood and humming a few notes to a song she was fiddling with as she waltzed down the hall. There was a surprising amount of inspiration in the place. Along the way she waved at Prince uuhm… crap. She struggled to remember his name and almost panicked when he popped up to walk with her. -11:01 Jun 19 Autumn

“Princess Ysabelle. Lord Lionel, remember? I was wondering if you could do me a favor.” he asked in earnest, stopping her in the hall. He held up a hand before she could speak. “I need some tabloid pictures for a bit of cash and publicity. You know how it is. Something juicy to get people talking. I can share the profits if you want.” -Autumn 11:01 Jun 19

Autumn: That was a weird request to her, but she supposed she understood. Pictures were pretty harmless. "Like what sort of pictures? Of us hanging out or something like that? That wouldn’t be too bad." -11:01 Jun 19 Autumn

He smirked and laughed out loud. “You’re hilarious! No, something that’ll actually get people talking. Make out with me.” -Autumn 11:01 Jun 19

Autumn: It was Autumn’s turned to laugh! She shook her head and started walking again. It was one thing to take some innocent pictures, but there was no way she was making out with some guy in them. Not mentioned she doubted Ysabelle would appreciate THAT kind of gossip, no matter how bad her reputation seemed to be around here. "Um, no thank you! You’ll have to find somebody else for that one. But um, thanks for thinking of me, I guess?" -11:02 Jun 19 Autumn

“It can’t be anybody else, it HAS to be you.” he complained, catching her by the arm and pulling her back. He ALMOST looked kind of apologetic, but that was erased by the fact he was shuffling her over to the wall. “The camera Derrick!” -Autumn 11:02 Jun 19

Autumn: Autumn gave a squealing protest as she was picked up off the floor and pressed up against the wall, that was quickly silenced by a sudden kiss. A hand slid up her leg and under her skirt and there was the sound of a camera’s shutter. By the time she shoved him off, he managed to get her underwear and his buddy had ran off. "You asshole!" -11:02 Jun 19 Autumn

“Sorry Ysabelle. It’s business!” He gave a flourishing bow before he strode off, leaving a very red faced and angry Princess. -Autumn 11:02 Jun 19

Autumn: That was just-!! She just got molested and her panties hijacked by a lord! What planet did she live on?! And now her face was going to be plastered who knew where making out with the guy. Ysabelle was going to come home to that. Autumn didn’t know if she wanted to cry or grab the nearest fire extinguisher and go bash his brains in. With her hands shaking, she pulled out he phone. At least Adrian would know if she should get a lawyer? -11:05 Jun 19 Autumn
[Adrian was not anywhere he was meant to be, nor doing something he was mean tto be doing…] -11:36 Jun 19
Adrian: No, in fact he had his expencive sleeves rolled up to prevent oil and grease getting on them. When his phone rang he didn’t evne have to take his hands off the bike. "Answer." he said shorplywithout looking at the number, not that he could when he had his phone in his bag and was wearing a bluetooth headset. "Adrian rubrum, heloo." he said, his voice professional as if he were in the penthouse office of a high rise corporate headquarters when in actual fact he was sliding an oil pan out from under his bike and hand fightnign the blot to close the drain. -11:41 Jun 19 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn sighed out loud, tugging her skirt down as she self conciously walked down the hall. It was long enough no one was going to know, but SHE knew. "Do you know any good lawyers? Or, hmm… know how to stop someone from publishing pictures." -11:47 Jun 19 Autumn
Adrian: He saused, rotating the lid on the motor oil bottle so that it wouldn’t be audiable over the phone. "I know several ways…" he said after some thought. "Depends on who, what, and why…" he frowned, this sounded like trouble. "Exit the schoo, go the the garage and go through the side door on the right hand wall. It’s not locked. I’ll meet you there. No one will overhear us." he said before pretting the headset with his shoulder to end the call. He would need details…and fast. -11:51 Jun 19 Adrian
Autumn: "But..!" He already hung up. Not she wanted to announce that she felt uncomfortable walking around the school without her panties! A detour would take too long, and who knew how fast Lord Jerkass would get those pictures out. If he posted them on the internet, they could already be online! Awkward skittering down the hall and maybe getting lost once or twice trying to find the right door, she left the school. She was feeling even More exposed outside and now concerned about a sharp gust of wind. When she found him, she was clinging to her skirt at the sides of her legs. "…you’re all greasy." -11:57 Jun 19 Autumn
Adrian: He was wiping his hands off on a rag when she entered and leaning against his bike. "Oil change" he said, ending that discussion before beginning the next. "What happened?" he asked squeezing dishwasher into his hands to scrub them in a sink, getting the grease off with practiced ease before grabbing a towel and drying his hands off before applying lotion to them and then sitting in a surprisingly spotless chair and gesturing her towards another. He was alreayd running through plans in his head as he folded his hands in his lap and waited. -12:09 Jun 20 Adrian
Autumn: "It’s stupid and infuriating." Autumn didn’t know why she was embarrassed by the whole thing, she wasn’t the one that acted like an asshole. But her face was red anyway. She slipped in to the seat a lot more gracefully than she usually would, taking great care to make sure her skirt fell over her knees. "Lord Lionel and his friend took some pictures and I want to get them back. I just need to know how is all, before they get every where and Ys- I get in to some trouble." -12:15 Jun 20 Autumn
Adrian: He placed his elbow on his arm rest and with the other hand poared out a mut of tea from the pot on the workbench before he pushed it towards her. "Tell me, step by step what happened." he said warmly despite the fact that inside he was feeling things he would deal with later. Fear… a spot of jealousy… idiotic things. "Then I’ll see what I can do. Me with my resources have a much better chance of intercepting those pictures than you do with yours. Don’t you agree princess." He allowed himself an easy smile, sure in the back of his mind that her resources were next to nill. -12:22 Jun 20 Adrian
Autumn: "Well I’m pretty sure I know how to use a phonebook!" she was forgetting she had the resources of a princess again. Autumn huffed. It wasn’t Adrian she was mad at, anyway. She reached for the tea and her hands were still a little shakey. Which just made her more huffy. It’s not like she was -actually- molested. The whole thing was stupid. "He asked if I’d take some pictures with him for a tabloid, and I was okay with it until he said it had to be make out pictures. So I left and tried to leave, and it all kind of snowballed from there. ..! I mean, not as bad as it sounds! He just got grabby and kissed me and somehow stole my underwear and I’m not even sure how he did that, I guess maybe he had scissors just in case, I don’t know, but it’s all really stupid and I kind of want to punch him in the face, but you can’t go around punching lords and princes can you!" All of it came out in a rush. She plopped her cup back down on the table. "I SHOULD go punch him. I don’t know why I didn’t." -12:28 Jun 20 Autumn
Adrian: "Because you’re a properly mannered princess of a european dynasty." he interjected before standing. "I think I’ll go and have a talk with Mr… Lord Lionel…" he said "But first do you know which tabloid? I have a hunch but specifict would be better." Yes, he had a plan, and a good one. It would take about an hour. -12:33 Jun 20 Adrian
Autumn: She wasn’t a princess. And Autumn bet that Ysabelle would have punched the guy. Ysabelle seemed like the sort of girl that didn’t take crap from jerks. Autumn jumped up to her feet. "Wait! You don’t have to talk to him for me, I can do that. I just need to know who I should call? I actually don’t know who he wanted to sell the pictures too, but I’m sure I could bluff my way through it if you told me how." -12:41 Jun 20 Autumn
Adrian: "You call someone with a thourough knowledge of the European press enviroment, stacks of money and control of a significals portion of the largest corporate empire than has ever existed." he said as he started walking towards the door, slinging the strap of his bag over his shoulder, his hand reaching in to take out his phone before he opened the web browser. "Call Patrick Swiedrick." he said so the phone would call in the background. Three seconds later he was on the webpage he wanted to be on while the line connected. "Mr. Swiedrick… I believe you are about to recieve pictures involving Lord Lionel and Princess Ysabelle…" he waited for the reply. "Lucky guess. I am Adrian Rubrum… yes that Adrian Rubrum. I have at my fingertips controling intereset to your newspaper that you unwisely opened to the public without keeping the majority shares to yourself… a quick cash in I suppose… the important thing is I am now your boss and you will not publish those pictures. Instead you will send them to me in this number then delete all record of them… then I might be willing to sell you back soem shares." the screen on the phone slashed a message that the shares had been successfully bought, then a minute later that Abrian had new picture messages. "Very good, we’ll discuss the fate of your company later. Good day." He hung up before entering the School building and removing his headset so he wouldn’t be caught. "Seems you already did talk to someone like that.. Autumn I’ll meet you in your room when this is over." -12:53 Jun 20 Adrian
Autumn: Did he just… buy a company in under two minutes? She just knew she was standing there with her mout wide open, staring like an idiot. How did anyone have that much money and that much sway… shaking her head, she caught up to him. "When what is over? You look like you’re about to go burn someone’s company down or something!" Granted, his face was as impassive as always, maybe it was just the glint in his eye. "Should I call a lawyer too, just in case?" -01:01 Jun 20 Autumn
Adrian: "You wouldn’t be fast enough and I have the only workign phone that isn’t jammed." eh said as he forwarded the photos to another number. "Though apparently not if Lionel can send pictures… go to your room, if you need a lawyer I’ll give you to mine on my phone but right now I have to make sure your lover doesn’t send those to anyone else. This is his room…" he pulled open the door without knocking. "I’d prefer you not to see what I do in there, or I’ll need a lawyer. I’ll meet you in your room." then the door shut, with Adrian inside. -01:04 Jun 20 Adrian
Autumn: "He’s not my-" Oh no. He was in Lionel’s room? What if Lionel was in there! Her hand was on the doorknob and she almost burst in… but… Autumn turned and ran down the hall back to her room. She shut the door tightly behind her and immediately made sure to put on some panties. …and some pants! No more skirts at this school. She was imagining everything from Adrian bribing the guy not to do anything, to Lord Lionel winding up dead in the courtyard. -01:09 Jun 20 Autumn

It was almost twenty minutes later when Lord Lionel returned to his room, looking pleased with a day’s work. He had an arm full of envelopes and a stack of pictures printed out from the photgraphy studio, along with the camera he had good old Derrick using. -Autumn 01:14 Jun 20

Adrian: "Mr. Lionel. So happy you could join me." Adrian said from a chair that from it’s position was obviously the one Lionel preffered for himself. "Nice pictures, but I’m afraid I’ve seen them already." he said dryly placing his phone down with one of them open. "I sent them to David Hartfor, CEO of the Transeuropean news conglomerate and a friend of my father… he likes them too. But he won’t pubish them unless you do." he steepled his fingers and stared at the man. "For your sake I hope you don’t." -01:22 Jun 20 Adrian

Lord Lionel, to his credit, didn’t look the least bit phased. “A bit low brow sneaking in to a man’s room, Rubrum. That’s not how we do things in Europe.” He tossed his photos and envelopes on his desk. “I already have them sent out to my favorite tabloid. Not that it makes a difference to me what you think and to. I rather like the fuss it all stirs up.” -Autumn 01:25 Jun 20

Adrian: "No, it’s not, that’s why I’ll win. Also I know, I bought it." he said dryly. "Then had them delete the pictures after they sent them to me. I really don’t know what you’re trying to prove. This Ysabelle is a fake." He offered a lobsided grin. Suspecting Lionel might already suspect that too. -01:28 Jun 20 Adrian

This was apparently news to Lord Lionel, but he hid his shock. Leaning against his desk with his arms crossed. His wheels were already turning about how this could make his gossip train even MORE interesting. “A Fake? You don’t say. Does make things a lot more sensational, though, doesn’t it. Princess of Rhineland and Lord of St Albans having a torrid affair, only for the poor Lord to have been duped by a commoner whore. They’ll be talking about it for months.” -Autumn 01:31 Jun 20

Adrian: Adrian set his phone down and pushed the screen causing a hologram of a web page to form above the phone. "Hartfor just sent me this, a draft of his article…" the headline LORD LIONEL SEDICED BY SPY large at the for of what looked link a front page along with one of the juicier pictures. "Giving up state secrets… my my my, you really are in a lot of trouble." Adrian said reading the page. "Family disgraced… kicked out of the accademy… this would ruin you. Everyoen would be too embarresed by you not to go along with it. I think I’ll ask Hartfor to make her russian, everune loves to hate the russian and no one knows thier agenda… it’s perfect… don’t you agree?" -01:36 Jun 20 Adrian

The Lord was impressed! He even graced the man with a smile. “That’s good, very good. I didn’t think you could reach that far.” He learned forward, giving a smug smirk and speaking lower. “Except… I don’t give a shit. Bad press, good press, it’s all fun and fine for me. I’ll get a slap on the wrist for being a bad, bad, boy. And the world will love it.” He straighted, rubbing his chin. “I don’t understand why YOU are getting involved, but I suppose Ysabelle has had her fair share of men on the hook. She LIKES this sort of thing, you know. Fake princess or not, I’m not doing anything Ysabelle wouldn’t do herself.” -Autumn 01:43 Jun 20

Adrian: "Sure, the press with love you but your country will investigate you and they’ll uncover every little thing you or your hamily have done.Then you’ll be stripped of title and imprisoned… if you’re lucky. That’s the funny think about your little countries. While you public love scandal your monarchs hate ita dn if they had the resources of an international corperation dedicated to helping the truth come to light then… I’ll pick up all the goodwill I need to move into your markets and steamroll over europe. So really you’d be doing me a favor if you were dumb enough to publish those. I wonder if they’d let me throw away the key to your cell of if they’d want that honor for themselves. that’s what they do to embarresments you know. Hide them in boxes until they die." -01:49 Jun 20 Adrian

THAT must of hit home, because he was rubbing his neck and imagining what prison must be like. He sure as hell didn’t appreciate being pushed around by some American trying to pass himself off as upperclass. “You’re playing a dangerous game, Rubrum. You might have all the money in the world, but some things mean a lot more than money. You’re making a dangerous enemy here.” -Autumn 01:52 Jun 20

Adrian: He picked up his phone and slipped the slib device into his pocket, sensing victory. "Makes life interesting. We’ll see if you get further than the Jade Sword Triad did." he smiled before he picked the parcel of photographs up and strode to the door. "My money is that you’ll do about as well as the state-funded Moscow Mafia. Almost exclusivly ex spies… Rusty though… very rusty." -01:56 Jun 20 Adrian

He was scowling now. All of his plans were pretty screwed at this point. …except one thing. “As you wish. Tell Ysabelle I thank her for the souvenir.” There was the smug grin again. -Autumn 01:59 Jun 20

Your Starr

Your Starr 014: Going All the Way

[Drake is eading for his hotel rool after a long day, but only a couple more and he gets a holiday.] -01:41 Jun 14
[Madeline was told to leave early, because apparently everyone thinks she is worn out! But it’s okay, this is giving her a chance to surprise Drake when he gets back to the hotel room!] -01:41 Jun 14
Madeline: He thought all her cleaning and cooking was cute, and Maddie had a vague memory of him liking costumes. …Maybe! Well, she couldn’t quite remember when and how she got the idea, but she was rolling with it. Dress in the cutest sexy French Maid outfit she could find, Maddie prepared the hotel room for a romantic seduction! Staring HER as the seductress! Dinner was already brought up, the room was lit with a dozen candles. And she was posed in her most sexiest of poses on the bed, ready for when he opened the door. …somewhere between trying the best pose for showing off her legs and trying to move a pillow to the right spot, Maddie fell asleep! -01:45 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He enetered and… first thing he notices was maddie sprawled across the bed in typical sleep pose, the second was that several candles were in danger of voiding the room deposit! He dropped his bag with a thump and hurried around the room blowing them out and then stood over the bed with a smile spreading over his face before he say down onthe bed and gently put a hand on her shoulder to give her a small shake. "Maddie." he said softly before shakign again. "I’m starting to think you want to have sex with me." -02:02 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "Hmm..?" Maddie swatted at his hand, still mostly asleep, but apparently so deeply determined to enact her scene, she was still mumbling about it. "would you like me to take your clothes… hmmm, offsir?" Her nose twitched a bit when she smelled smoke, making her finally sit up and rub her eyes. "Did you blow out my candles? How am U suppose to serve you in the dark?" -02:07 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Thyey were getting low and this is an expencive hotel, deposits aren’t cheep." He reached out to turn on a bedside lamp and get a good look at her. "You’re adorable, you know that? I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl do this for me before." -02:11 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie gave him a dubious look, leaning forwards on a hand towards him. "You’ve never ever had a girl try to seduce you in your hotel room? I don’t believe it! I am pretty sure you’ve been molested a few times and had your clothes ripped right off you. …at least that is what I was intending to do!" He called her adorable though, which was making her pout and flush just a bit. She was going for sexy, not adorable! -02:14 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Not putting this much effort into it anyway." he pulled on the outfit. "Where did you even get this? And why arn’t you trying. I really want to see that." she stood and started walking towards the door. "Let’s start again, this time with you awake, hmm?" -02:17 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "I snuck it in with my luggage." He actually wanted to try again from the start. "It won’t be as good without the candles!" She was already bouncing back on the bed and getting ready to take her position. The whole point of this was to try and take him by surprise, now he was expecting a performance! Maddie swallowed her anxiousness about it, she really really wanted this! "Okay, go out and count to ten and walk back in again!" -02:22 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Sure thing Maddie." he said with a wink before he stepped out the door and it closed. "ONE!" he called out to let her know he’d started and then counted the rest of the way silentl. Two, three, four, five…. Maddie was cute and she actually cared for him , he was the one taking things slow? Why? He liked her, a lot. He was sure of that… maybe he was afraid of ruining things with her… ten… the door opened and Drake leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. -02:26 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie was sitting there on her knees in bed, cheeks a little more flush meaning she probably slapped herself a few times to wake up. Her hair fluffed up and smoothed out. In one hand she had a fancy looking feather duster ticking back and forth. "Welcome home, Mister Starr. Your bed has been turned down, would you like to be turned on?" She was struggling to keep a straight face with that line and her best suuuulty lips smile. The corner of her mouth was twitching. -02:30 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: She was obviously nearvous and he decided he wouldn’t point out that he was dead tired too nor would he make this hard for her. "Actually, Mediline." he said in his best faux english accent. "I think I would like some coffee first. You may serve it to me however you wish." there had to be coffee on the roon service cart, right?" -02:38 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: However she wished, huh? That wicked grin came out before she could hide it, but at least she managed to quell a giggle at his silly accent. Maddie slipped out of bed, as gracefully as she could. Took a wide arc, so she could pass by him and tickle under his chin with her feather duster, and then waltzed over to the service cart making sure to give that foxy french woman sway to her hips. "Coffee, tea, or a glass of champagne. Master Drake? The champagne is good with strawberries." Maddie planned well. The cart had a whole manner of things that’d keep well just in case he was late. And lent for fun playing. She held out a strawberry for him. -02:46 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: he grabbed her wrist and puled it just enough for it to twinge before biting off the strawberry leading the stalk in her hands. "Coffee, I need to staw awake." he said his eyes meeting hers as a grin spead across his lips. "Then champagne and strawberries." He drew a deep breath. "But first I want you to take my jacket, my shoulders are sore from work…" this wasn’t exactly true, he had showered before coming. -02:56 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: She was supposed to be the one doing the seducing, but dammit he was really sexy! It took some effort to stay in character. There might have even been a twitch of her nose giving away her struggle, a she turned towards the cart and tried to decide which came first; coffee or jacket. Maddie settled for pouring him a cup, just the way he liked it. Then moved back to him to push his jacket off his shoulders to take it from him. She made sure to give a great deal of gratuitous touching along the way. "Would you like me to rub your shoulders, Master Drake? Oooor anything else?" -03:02 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He eased himself into a chair and looked at her. "You’re meant to be feeding me coffee, but while it cools you are wemcome to help my shoulders. His skin was ringling where she had touched it and he was hoping she would sit in his lap. Would she? That would be bold for her… this was her show though and he was very curious to see how she would handle it. -03:06 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Feed him the coffee? Oooh, she loved that idea! She also seemed to be debating her next move. She could stand behind him and rub his shoulders properly, but then he wasn’t going to get the full effect of her very low collar line. She could sit in his lap very daintily… or go sex goddess with it. Maddie chose sex goddess. Her feather duster came with her on her way to his chair. She straddled his lap and set her duster down on the side table. Maddie looked really pleased about her choice, to the point of trying to hold her grinning back by biting her lip. SHe rest her hands on his shoulders and squeezed gently. "Better?" -03:11 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He had been expecting the dainty laidy approach and to have her in his lap with her skirt open to him and…. that neck line. "I still don’t taste coffee." he teased as he put both ahnds on her waiste and forced his eyes up to her face. "But that’s okay because you’re meant to be giving my shoulders all your attention…" would she unbutton his shirt? would she…He squeezed her sides. She was going to be a naughty maid, either way… -03:17 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "All of my attention might require more than just my hands." He was so, so sexy, and she couldn’t help but squirm on his lap when he squeezed her waist. Her head was screaming at her to just rip all his clothes, but she had a PLAN and was determined to stick with it! This was a seduction, not a molesting! Maddie rubbed his shoulders once or twice more, but then the opened the collar of his shirt wider. Unbuttoned one button so there was enough room for her to slip her hands under the fabric, and rubbed them again. And with that extra skin exposed, she leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against his neck. -03:22 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: She was squirmign and miving against his lap and he was more than aware what that was making happen downstairs. His hips twitched and he moved a hand to rub her lowr back. "What maid kisses thier master there?" he asked slipping back into his own voice in a soft tone. "I havn’t even had my coffee." -03:28 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: A giggle slipped out, but she managed to muffle it against his neck. When she sat up straight again, she had a very serious expression. "You’re right. You should have your coffee first." Maddie turned without getting off his lap, and reeeeaaaaached. It was a bit of a stretch but she managed to hook the cart with her finger and tug it closer. She picked up the coffee cup and made sure it wasn’t too hot. She was a little tempted to pour it down his shirt and pull the thing off him, but instead she held it gently to his lips. -03:32 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He drew the coffee into his mouth and smiled at her. "Thank you Madeline." he said with a smile as he moved his arms to the tam rests and kept them there. "Just the way I like it… is that french press, there’s a hint of almond too?" He eally shouldn’t be having coffee this late, he had work to do tomorrow… though this late in the tour people mostly had the routines down… -03:40 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: If he didn’t stop being so adorably casual, she was going to lose it and start giggling. She was already chewing on her lip again trying to not smirk. "I didn’t make it, Master Drake. I only serve it." she chided. And she giggled… and she spilled! Just a little bit, and maybe just a bit on purpose too. "I’m sorry! Let me get that for you." She set the cup aside and use her thumb to brush away the bit of coffee from his chin. Then she was leaning to lick the corner of his mouth. There was that wickedly pleased Maddie grin again. -03:45 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: His eyes slipped closed and he turned his head to press him lips into hers, parting them slightly to allow her tongue in… before he pulled away. "Now look what you made me do…" he said. "Such scandal…" he grinned and leaned forwards again to run his tongue across her lower lip. "How about a strawberry?" -03:50 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: A soft sound escaped her and she almost cracked. Her hands were already curled in to his shirt, tugging gently and she was all dizzy from holding her breath. Maddie pried her fingers opened, but only one hand, and reached to pluck a strawberry off the plate. She held it close to his mouth, her face still barely an inch from his. "You probably shouldn’t do that again…" At that point it wasn’t clear if she meant it in character, or because she’d molest him! -03:56 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He leaned back and tilted his head at her. She was really turned on by that and he was really tempted to do it again just to see what she would do. "Sorry, Madeline, I couldn’t help myself… we should finish that mug of coffee…" his hands were gripping the arm rests hard to keep himself fro lifting her and throwing her oneo the bed so her could see if there was underwear under the skirt or not. -04:00 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t sure she could hold that cup of coffee without her hands shaking now! And when he leaned back, she tilted forward just a bit. That strawberry went in to her mouth instead. It was the only way she was gonna keep it busy long enough so she could seduce him properly! The hand clutching his shirt accidentally unbuttoned another of his buttons. She finally had sense enough to reach for the mug again, shifting slightly on his lap when he turned. "Are you sure you want to drink this? I bet I could keep you awake!" -04:07 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Are you… hitting on me?" he said in mock surprise as he looked at her and his eyes slid lower. The way the outfit shapped her cleavage was… he he gotten a good look af that before not counting the shower incident? He wasn’t sure. "Because I’d like you to… keep me awake." His hands moved back to her sides and his eyes settled on hers. "How do you plan to?" -04:12 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: By throwing his clothes off, dragging him to the floor and screwing him in about seventy different positions. But she had to play this cool. She was cool, sexy Maddie, and he was supposed to be the one wild with carnal desire! Thinking all of this was not helping her keep on her sultry face. She set the mug back down again, and smoothed her hands over his shoulders. Straighted his collar a bit. She leaned forward, her lips a hair’s breath from his ear and whispered. "I would give you a bath. With my tongue. Until there isn’t a bit of you that hasn’t gotten my full service." -04:19 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He moved his hand to take the mug from her and place it down on the floor next to the chair before straitening back up an dlooking at her. He didn’t say anthing as his hands started at her sides and moved up to squeeze her breasts and run back down, onof then sneaking under her skirt to rub her thigh. "Really… Maddie?" he asked softly grinning as his eyes moved up to hers. Then his hands were moving again and he gripped her watste. "Hold onto me." that was all the warnign she got before her was slipping off of the chair and, holding her against him setting her own on her beck of the floor before nipping a line down the line of her jaw, the side of her neck, and to her shoulder as his hands repeated the mothough of squeezing her boobs again and sliding back down to disappear under her skirt and squeeze ehr butt… time to test for panties. -04:26 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: She was squealing in her head and it was miracle she wasn’t doing it out loud too. He had gone from Madeline to Maddie and now his hands were roaming everywhere, making her squirm and coaxing out a giggle. She definitely wasn’t wearing any panties, and seemed to be proud of the fact by the way she grinned smugly up at him. Oooh, she couldn’t help it now. That shirt of his was coming OFF and she was quickly working the buttons loose. -04:32 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He helped get dir of the shirt before he looked down at her and flipped the skirt up to lie against her stomach, then he wes running her inner thigh as he lenaed down tot take the p top of her dress in his teeth and pull it down befire he nipped along the line of newly exposed skin. Then he was troking her hood with his finger and letting out a pleased sigh before moving away and taking her hand in his and palcing it on the clasp of his belt. "If you really want to have sex maddie, then I want you in that outfit while we do it.. but firt, in character… I want to know how you’re react to what I just did…" -04:37 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: In character! Maddie was barely able to think about herself when her whole body was aching and throbbing where he touched her. And there too. Maddie tugged hard on his belt, looking a bit frustrated about it not coming off and flustered with trying to use words when she just wanted to sink her teeth in to his bare shoulders..! "hum…! I think my character would be tearing your clothes off with a steak knife, and I am so so soooo about to do that myself…" Yep, she was already undoing his belt. And if he didn’t like it, well then he could just call the police on her! -04:47 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He leaned down to nip a line doen her throat as she bussied herself with his belt and he kicked off his shoes. "Wait…" he whispered before moving away and standinf, his pants being kicked off as he moved towards the room service cart. "Did you order a condom?" she had wanted to seduce him right? She’d have one… becuase he didn’t! Dammit he really didn’t want to have to order one and then wait. -04:50 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Condoms, what? It was too late for that now! Maddie shook her head, and wasn’t apologetic about her lack of foresight either. Because she wasn’t thinking about condoms and consequences at the moment. Not when she had him undressed and had gotten this far! She snatched his arm to turn him back to her, then was grabbing his head to drag him down in a hard kiss. Her hands tangling in to his hair and her body pressing up against him. "Shut up and get in bed with me please. Or the floor, or the table, the wall, now..!" That came out in a hushed mutter before she crushed her mouth to his again. -04:58 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Mmmmmfff" that kiss… "I hope you’re on the pill…" he muttered before he pushed her down to the floor again and kissed her back, just as thouroughly, his hadn moving down and pulling his pulsing member from his boxers. Even his own hand holding it made him shiver, and he couldn’t not then move forwards and push the tip against her slit until it parted and he was in her, his hand moving to grip her thigh as his hips moved to meet hers. This was it, they were finally doing it… -05:04 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Every bit of her clenched. From her toes curling, to her hands tightening in his hair to the point of her nails digging in to his scalp. She let out a soft cooing whimper against his mouth, barely being able to take in a breath before kissing him again. Thrusting her tongue in to his mouth with all that pent up energy she had been holding back. She mooooved and purr, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. She had waited so long for this and imagined it a thousand times and it was still even better than that! -05:11 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He trust again, taking her tongue with his and letting out a keep groan. He had no idea why he had waited this long… now they were going to get to do this all the time. He thrust again, finding his gri[ and the traction he needed against the carpet to move faster and faster. He couldn’t help himself, Madeline that dress… he was desperate to feel it all with her, not havign had sex in a while factored in too and she was obviously loving it. -05:14 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: It felt so good it was almost most painful! And still she wanted more of him. Her hands stroked down the back of his neck. One down his shoulder and under his arm around wrap around him and hold him close. Maddie’s fingers would flex and grip against his shoulder blade, trying so hard not to dig her nails in to him, but doing so anyway every time she twist just the right way and groaned. Her other hand cupped his face, thumb stroking against his jaw as she kissed him feverishly. Nibbling and biting in to his bottom lip before her kiss turned softer and more tender. He had no idea how he made her feel! -05:23 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He held her lower lip between his teeth gently before he pulled on it and trust at the same moment. "Meddie." he mumbled before he pushed his lips ahrd against hers, his rythm reaching a fever pitchm his hand positinging eher so he could trust in deeper. Her small touches drew him deeper under her spell as he tried to male it last. He wasnted her to come first after all. She was just… "Wonderful…" -05:32 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Wonderful? She didn’t think he could have said anything better than that! Her whole body melted, and all of her tugging and clinging was replaced with pets and soft stroking. She captured his mouth in a long sweet kiss, nuzzling his cheek when she broke away to gasp for breath. "I love you, I love you…" Maddie couldn’t remember if she had said it before then, but sure as hell meant it now. She was hopelessly and completely in love and she wanted this forever. -05:38 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "I love you too." he whisppered ruturnign her kiss and agressivly invading her mouth with his tongue. "I love you too." he held her against him, his pounding growing more desperate. He was gone completely and he didn’t care. -05:43 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Loved her. Loved her and made her feel like she was in heaven. It couldn’t be lies because she could see it on his face as she caressed his cheek and took his mouth. She wanted to keep this all night, but her own limbs were working against her. Her hips rising to meet him and her thighs squeezing tight against his hips. "Hmm, Drake…!" She couldn’t hold on any longer! Her head fell back against the carpet as she gasped. Hands griping in to his shoulders and arms sliding around his neck to hold him to her. Maddie buried her face in to the crook of his neck as her body shook and clenched around him. -05:54 Jun 14 Madeline
[(Timeout) Madeline was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:28 Jun 14
Drake: He welf her go, like the tipping scales and for a moment that’s all he was aware of. The feeling of her around him and the looke of passionate bliss etched on her features. He didn’t even realize he had come too until he felt the post orgasm rush and he fell on top of her, his lips nuzzling against ehr cheek. "I’d say your plan worked…" he whispered before kissing the corner of her mouth. "Let’s do tht again… real soon." -06:28 Jun 14 Drake
[Madeline enters.] -06:29 Jun 14
Madeline: "All the time, forever." she murmured. Everything tingled and twinged. Her stayed around them, but it was clear they were about as useless as noodles. Maddie turned her head so she could kiss him again. Smiling ridiculously wide, and ridiculously infatuated. "I do love you." -06:34 Jun 14 Madeline
My Hero

My Hero 002: Strange Greetings

[Gwenyver is glad to be home! ] -12:54 Jun 13
[Captain Neptune is keeping an ear out for danger.] -12:58 Jun 13
Gwenyver: There was nothing better than getting back home after a long busy day. Gwen was already plotting out a bubble bath with a hot cup of tea. Digging around in her pockets, and then her purse, and then her pockets again. Where were they, she had them this morning. "Oh noooo. Please don’t be lost! They’re KILLING me!" By they, she meant her feet, but she was talking to her missing keys and they knew this! -01:00 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: KILLING! There was a flash and a man in a cape jogged into the room and looked around. "Hello, citizen… what is killing you?" it was a good question, she was looking surprised but as was as he could tell she was alone in the room. "Is it the spider’s nest behind the kitchen cabinet? Don’t worry I’ll get it." Lasers shot from his eyes and burned a hole thought he cabinet, and the wall between them and the kitchen. "Anythign else I can help you with?" -01:04 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "I..!" Gwen was a little confused. For starters, she’d didn’t recall screaming for help or anyone trying to kill her. "Oh. Ooooh! Oh no. I was talking about my feet killing me, I was having trouble finding my keys, but I just wound up using the spare key and-" She was blinking again, baffled! Captain Neptune was here trying to save her from killer spiders? She glanced around a little bit worried, wondering if she was missing something terrifying! -01:12 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh… well your feet look fine and firmly attatched to your legs, like normal. Not teeth or claws to kill you with. Are you sure it wasn’t just a bad dream. Also in your bad unter sock that hides the tampons. Anythign else?" She stood, expectantly, waiting. "Hold on a monute there’s something in Peru… volcano I think. I won’t be a minute." then he was gone. -01:15 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "Tampons!" Gwen was red as a beet. It was good he was gone, because she was about to give hima good hard talking to about peeping in on a girl’s personal things. She tossed her things in to a chair and stomped off to run her bubble bath. -01:19 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: Fove minutes later there was another flash at the radio talked about a volcano’s flow being diverted into the sea and he was back. "Did you find them okay?" he stood in the bathroom door. "Also hello, do you remember me? I pulled you out of a landslide." -01:22 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwenyver shrieked and nearly tumbled backwards in to a tub filling with hot water. She very nearly was about to start undressing, so Captain Neptune making a sudden reappearance was not expected. Not that his appearance in the first place had been expected! "Y-yes, I remember you very well! Not only do you miscount people, you mistake what’s in a woman’s purse too."Her face was red again, why was she even embarassed about tampons? Everyone knew what they were for! -01:27 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh… Sorry… I’ll look for them then." he turned aorund and started looking around, scanning the appartment for the keys. "I’m sorry but I’m fairly certain they’re in your bag, but I see why you didn’t king them. They’re nestled next to the makeup compact now. If you’d liek I could just get them for you?" -01:30 Jun 13 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Did he… come to rescue her keys? Where WAS the danger here! "No, you may not dig around in my purse, a girl’s purse is private!" Gwen scooted past him quickly, out of the bathroom and back to where she dropped her purse. Just as he said, there were her keys. She sighed with relief. After that landslide and loosing all of her things, she really didn’t want to replace her keys twice in one week. By this point her bathtub was now overflowing with jasmine scented bubble water and all over the bathroom floor. -01:35 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: He smiles when she got her keys beck. "Well anyway it was good to see you again, you look much more attractive not covered in mud. I’d stay but I really have a bust day. It sounds like a hurricane about to hit the east coast." then once again, he was gone. -01:45 Jun 13 Captain Neptune

A FEW DAYS LATER~! -Gwenyver 01:45 Jun 13

[Captain Neptune is now known as: Smith Johnson] -01:46 Jun 13
Gwenyver: Gwen was at the shopping market with a basket in her hands, thinking about what she’d need for dinner that week. Living alone, she didn’t really need to do anything fancy, but she kind of liked to anyway. Just in case a super hero made another surprise appearance. Maybe next time she wouldn’t be so confused and baffled that she neglects to ask him to stay for dinner! -01:50 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He was talkign along the isle with two baskets FULL of carrots and had more tucked under his arms, he looked like he had emptied the shop out of them completely as he headed towards the tills, almost bumping into someone. "Oh sorry… I was too busy focused on a bus outside to see you. Oh… it’s you. Hello!" -01:53 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "It’s my fault, I wasn’t looking and… Hello!" She remembered him very clearly, after all, she thought he was dead at one point. Smith Johnson was a peculiar man… and he still seemed to be. She looked inquisitively at his baskets full of carrots. "I didn’t know that you lived around here too. Are you making something special with those carrots?" -01:56 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "oh, no. I just heard they’re good for youe eyes and while I usually have excelent vision I mostook somethign fro somethgin else and might have offended soemoen so I though I’d come here and get some carrots. What are you doing here? I thought the store at Sommerset close was closer for you." -01:59 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "The fruit here is so much fesher and- How did you know Sommerset was closer?" Gwen pretty much accepted his silly explanation about the carrots, having been prexposed to his strangeness. She was eyeing him again. He didn’t seem like a stalker… Her expression grew surprised. She figured it out! "Did Captain Neptune tell you? He is your friend, isn’t he?" -02:04 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "FRIEN! YES! I asked him to check in on you a little to make sure you were okay, keep an ear out, you know. In case of killer feet or spiders." he moved towards the checkout and took a breath. "How have you been by the way?" -02:08 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: He most definitely had been speaking with Captain Neptune! Gwen contained her interest and curiosity. …just barely. After all, it was apparently Smith who asked for Captain Neptune to check in on her, and it wasn’t because the hero himself had suddenly come to her rescue. She moved along in line with him. "I’ve been all right. Um… I wondering, if you don’t mind telling me. Has… Captain Neptune talked about me very much?" -02:12 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Noooooo. He’s a gentleman." He said dumping the load of carrots on the counted to get them rung up. "I’ve never heard him talk abotu any girls really, but I remember him saying he had a feeling about you, like destiny but I told him you don’t believe in that and that you believe in… Gweneenirrre. I hope I said that right, it’s an odd word." He took out his wallet to pay which seemed to contain a LOT of money, it was in fact his entire life savings. "So you don’t have to worry about that." -02:20 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Oh but, I didn’t say I don’t believe in destiny, simply that it wasn’t my name! It was a joke?" Gwen was a little bit disappointed. Though she really had no room to be, he was a famous super hero, he likely had all kinds of girls vying for his affection. She wasn’t even sure what she was thinking! "That’s too bad. I was hoping to invite him for dinner, but I suppose he goes to a lot of those." -02:23 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Oh okay… I’ll tell him." he looked a little awkward he he recieved his change and lifted his bags of carrots. "Well I should go eat these, will you be paying too now?" -02:25 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Gwen nodded, quickly making sure all her things were on the counter as she dug in to her purse for her money. "And my name is Gwenyvere. Just Gwen is fine. I never really did get to thank him, so you can tell him thank you for saving me from the landslide. …and from the spiders too! That might have been a bad day if they got loose." -02:29 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He looked instantly happier. "It was a pleasure… is what I’m sure captain Neptune would say. I will tell him to be there at 8 so long as there are no fires or mudslides. He started walking towards a cafe and paused. "Wait. look over there." he pointed before firing more lasers at another hidden nest while she was distracted and then quietly sat down at a cable and started unpacking bundles of carrots. "I think some coffee for these would go nicely." -02:32 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Her groceries were transported in to the nice sack she was carrying and when he gestured she looked to see nothing but a nice flock of birds. When she turned back he was pulling out all those carrots. She opened her mouth to ask if he was really going to try and eat all of those but- "…Oh! Will you tell him, really? Tonight even? So soon, I think I have enough to make a really nice dinner." Gwen dug around in her sack just to make sure she didn’t have to go back and buy something more. -02:37 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: By the time she was done with her sack all the carrots were gone and all that was lft was a leaf stickign to his life, they were all gone stalks and all. "I’m sure he’ll be fine with just about anything, he’s not a fussy eater. Not that I know him that well we just talk sometimes. He does a lot of heroing you know and I… work all the time…" -02:39 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Perfect, she had plenty of- Gwen looked around. Did a pack of hungry rabbits come running through here? Wide-eyed, she leaned over his table and plucked the carrot leaf off his mouth. He -couldn’t- have. Could he? "I guess you build up and awful big appetite with all of your working. Where you do you work? Is there where you met Captain Neptune?" -02:43 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Yes. I work in a bar. My cousing works in a bar I run errands and own half of it. I run a lots of… errands. I really like runnign errands. I get to meet a lot of people and go to a lot of different places. And it feels good to… run errands. You know what I mean?" -02:46 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "I do, yes! I work in the Retirement Home down the street and I get to meet and help lots of people everyday! It’s wonderful isn’t it?" she grinned and slipped in to the seat across from him, There was some time before going to home to prepare dinner. "Of course, I am just the Activities Director so all I really do is make sure people are entertained and having fun all day. I guess it’s not really as exciting as saving lives or running a bar." -02:50 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Well I only run the bar, no saving lives for me!" He said almost defencively. "Oh hello one coffee please." he said as a waitress opproached and then turned to look back at Gwen. "I hope you don’t mind if he wear his uniform, he’s very shy about how he looks without it." -02:56 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Is he very shy? I suppose that explains a lot about him and why he zips away so quickly!" She shook her head when the waitress asked if she needed anything. Her attention was on Smith Johnson, who was now he only bridge between her and Captain Neptune. "I won’t mind, though, if he won’t mind me being a little curious. Are there things I shouldn’t ask him or talk about? I’ve never had dinner with a hero before." -02:59 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Don’t mention his third kidney, he’s cery sensitive about that, his cousin used to give him a hard time about it but other than that I can’t think of anything. But like sad I don’t know him all that well. I could be wrong. Maybe he has four eyes or an elongated toe. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Do you have anything he shouldn’t talk about?" -03:05 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: A third kidney! Were the rumors about Captain Neptune being from Neptune really true? Gwen shook her head. "Oh no.I don’t have any secrets. Well. I suppose it would be nice if he didn’t take a peep at all of my private things with xray vision, that is a little bit embarassing. But I think I would be happy to talk about anything to really get to know him! Especially if he doesn’t seem to do this often!" -03:08 Jun 13 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He paused before standing. "Sorry but I have to go, suddenly. Urger errant to run. Sorry for the incovenience. Do you know where I can find a bathroom? I need to go there before my errand." -03:16 Jun 13 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Just inside the cafe? They always have a bathroom." Gwen supposed he really needed to go! She stood and picked up her bag. "Well, I hope he CAN make it to see me tonight. I will be looking forward to it. Goodbye, Smith!" -03:18 Jun 13 Gwenyver
My Hero

My Hero 001: Captain Neptune Meets a Girl

[Captain Neptune had just set a net full of people down after pulling them out of the way of an avalaunch with a NOT!stolen fishing net.] -11:27 Jun 10
[Gwenyver is not having the greatest of vacations! Her horoscope was right! ] -11:28 Jun 10
Captain Neptune: After setting down the holiday makers he immediatly dodged the gaggle of press by fluing into the police cordon and landing in front of the coordinator and explaingin the situation. What he did NOT mention was thta he had been in that bus too, on holidya for his borthday. -11:34 Jun 10 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwen was not apt to believe horoscopes, especially when they said something attuned to Life will flash before your eyes when tragedy strikes, but you’ll find other fish in the sea!, but when you nearly died and wind up scoops away with net full of other people, you start thinking a little harder about these things. Emergency workers were already swarming to handle the rescued tourists, and she could hear the shouts of excited news people having a fit. Everything seemed to be okay but… One, two, six… This couldn’t be everyone! "Um! Uhhhm?" She counted again, this time she took a look at faces, but she definitely knew one was missing! Gwen dodged an EMT with a shock blanket, looking for their well timed hero! "Wait! This isn’t everyone!" -11:38 Jun 10 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: It was not unusual to have peopel rushing after him, notr was it unusual for it to be people he’d just rescued, and when the breathless woman stopped in front of him as he was heading back towards the survivers he stopped for onlu a second. "Yes it is, I was ther, I counted." before he entered the tent where the survivors were beign herded for checkups and snack. Maybe he could grab a snack too. -11:44 Jun 10 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "Everyone eas in a jumbled you must have missed counted, because I know one is missing!" Bother, she chased after him, grabbing on to his arm to pull him back towards the tent entrance. "He is tallish, maybe your height or a little shorter, and wore an old coat, and was with us because he gave that old woman his seat on the tour bus!" Gwen tugged and pulled. Time was of the essense! "He could be buried alive! You have to find him!" -11:47 Jun 10 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: He paused again. "Are you sure you didn;t hit your head?" He put a hand to her head as if to feel her tempreture. "Oh you mean the dark haired man about this tall?" he held his hand out just below his hieght ith helmet nadn boots. "He was tired so I took him home. Poor fellow, I’m sure after some rest and a good breakfast he’ll be up and about in no time." he dodge past her to enter the tent. She would need a snack too. -11:58 Jun 10 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "You couldn’t have, there was no time to take him home and why one earth would you there are a dozen of us!" She was right on his heels, grabbing his arm again. Determined to make him listen. "We can’t waste any time, if he’s not crushed by rocks he’ll sufforcate within a few minutes. You’ve got to look for him." She did take a glance around just to make sure that she hadn’t overlooked him somewhere. But no, everyone else was definitely accounted for! -12:02 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "He’s uhh… friend. Hates press attention because of his… rash. But if it makes you fell better I’ll go and make sure no one else it up there. You need to relax and eat something, it will help with that rapid heartrate." then he was leaving the tent, snackless and hopefully ALONE. -12:11 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwen should have left it at that, he was a world renowned super hero after all! But she was concerned and worried, and not the sort of person that could sit still and forget what was going on. No one else seemed to even care or notice he was missing! So she was following him out of the tent, fretting and wringing her hands, and very likely about to go searching amongst the landslide debris to help him look. Only now noticing as they stepped out that she seemed to be missing her shoes! If that whole mess took her shoes, who knew where the man could be buried! -12:16 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: Not more than five minutes later a man emerged from behind a tree, clean as if he had just stepped out of the shower but wearign the same clothes. "Here I am." he called out, his shirt, messy hezel haired heas breaking out into a smile as he walked past her. "Now let’s go get snacks, I hear they help with shocj after disasters which is strange since other than lightning I dont know one that’s all that shocking." -12:46 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "You..!" She stopped frozen in place for a moment, a little baffled. There he was! Perfectly fine as if he hadn’t been on the bus at all. "Um…" A bit speechless she glanced around and then up, looking for Captain Neptune, but now he was no where to be seen. Looking for this man? She trailed after him. "I’m glad you’re all right! I was sure you were buried in the landslide, you weren’t in the net when Captain Neptune scooped us all up. You…" Something wasn’t quite right, maybe she was going in to shock? -12:51 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "I was, just like you." he said perfectly calmly. "Captain Neptune pulled me out." This was the perfect plan, he got to avoice suspition, not get asked questiosn and get snacks. "Let’s eat, what are they handing out? I hope there’s curry. I love curry though they dont have them where I’m from. Oh hello doctor, another pacient for you! Take good care of her." -01:05 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: "But you aren’t.." Double bother. The Doctor had her by the arm and was flashing her in the eyes with something. Making her blink and squint for second. "There we are now. Eyes good, any dizziness? Light headed? Cuts or scrapes?" they asked, checking her head for lumps. Someone finally got a blanket around her, depsite her protesting. "I’m just fine! Oh a little dizzy and bruised maybe I’m not really…" Where did he get off too? Every one she spotted was covered head to toe in dirt and mud. Ripped clothes or missing shoes and purses. There he was. Not a spot on him! She started to follow when the doctor detained her, giving a very long lecture about delayed shock, concussions and internal bleeding. -01:11 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: He sat down with a plastic cup of water and a wrapped sandwich and smilled at everyone as they walked by, one or twice peopel asked him which victim he was the family of and he said that he was one of the victims until finally thyey were starign to be trasported into ambulances, so one seemed to know what to do with him. -01:30 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Gwen felt a little delerious, and maybe a bit crazy. It was probably normal under the circumstances, especially with the doctor prattling on about concussions. But she wasn’t making any progress in her escape and Captain Neptune never returned, leaving her wildly pondering theories. She was being led towards the tent entrance, likely to be packed away in to an ambulance. But she needed to talk to that man…! "Wait, my husband! I can’t go without my husband, there he is!" She pointed and made a very big fuss about not getting in to an ambulance without him! -01:37 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: [coloe=yellow]:Sir, you wife is being laoded into an ambulance, it you would come with us…"[/color] He looked aorund startled. "Impossible, I’m not married, I was once but that was a long time ago. Now I’m not racist but I couldn’t get past the fact that she had two heads and the other one was dating a slug. Not that I ahve a problen with slugs but that slug was my cousin and that WAS a little weird." "Please come with us… we need to run a few tests." "Okay, but I’m telling you I’m not married!" -01:56 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: This was tiring and her feet hurt enough from walking a day and now it was just worse wandering about with no shoes. Once she was tucked in to the ambulance and her ‘husband’ bundled in with her, it was a relief to be sitting down with the vehicles air conditioning running. Even if she did realize her purse was missing now too. She eyed him, with her clothes perfectly in place and his hair not a bit mangled or messy. The EMTs were jumping up front in to their seats. "Did you manage to find him?" She asked the man, hoping she was being clever and not crazy! -02:02 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh, so you’re my wife, I’m relieved. For a minute there I though id might have been that fourty year old with the gammey liver. Whooo does she need a doctor." He looked at her. "Find who? I’m smith Johnson, on holoday for my birthday. Who am I meant to be looking for, and how are we married? I don’t remember being married." -02:04 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
Gwenyver: Oh dear. That wasn’t the sort of answer she was expecting, which left her blinking in speachless confusions. "Erm… I-" Did he actually HAVE a concussion? Her mouth twisted up as she eyed his clothing and the rest of him. There wasn’t a bruise or scratch on him, though! "Happy Birthday, …Smith Johnson?" A peculiar name! "I’m not actually you’re wife, I just wanted to talk to you, but maybe I made a mistake. I thought you may have been dead and I was worried…" -02:08 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Captain Neptune: "Oh yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking. A little thisty but that can’t really be helped. How are you?" he asked with a warm smile. "Actually you’re looking pretty good for someone who was in an overturned bus burried under mud. You’ve got a spaired ankle." He looked at the joint and his eyes sraveles slowly up her body. "A bruis forming in your thigh and some internal scaring from a childhood injury as weel as a few knocks but other than that right as rain. You must come from a healthy family." -02:28 Jun 11 Captain Neptune
[Captain Neptune is now known as: Smith Johnson] -02:32 Jun 11
Gwenyver: "You must be a doctor." How surprising that he could figure all of that out just by lo- Wait a moment, that was just impossible! Now she was even more confused. "Hmm, I’m glad you’re all right in any case. I’m sorry that Captain Neptune had to bring you back from your home just to ease my worrying. He left before I even got to thank him or give him his Hero’s kiss too." -02:33 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Well wherever he is I’m sure he know youre gratful." he said. "If a little confused as to why you said I’m your husband. Lying is bad. I’m going to ahev to tell everyone we’re not actually married. I wonder if I should tell my father too. He’s been wanting me to get married again but I just hadn’t met the right woman, or at least I havn’t told her she’s the right woman yet. I have to figure out how best to do it without startling her, she’s in no condition to run away with her ankle. You know how it is though…" -03:00 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: Gwen was completely confused by him. He was babbling a bunch of silly things, and though she wasn’t sure whether or not SHE had a concussion, she was definitely sure there had to be something wrong with HIM! He couldn’t possibly be Captain Neptune, this man wasn’t all that put together. Gwen finally sighed and grinned. Leaning to plant a kiss on his cheek. "Since you are his friend, give him that for me and tell him Thank You. I won’t call you my husband ever again!" -03:05 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "Oh… well theres a dissapointment." he said "And don’t worry I’ll tell him." So she wasn’t the one like she felt like she was. "And I apologize but you really seemed like destiny. I guess I’m just a little shaken up, this is the longest I’ve spoken to a stranger who wasn’t a reporter or worked for the govementment in a long time. But that’s what holidays are for. Do you mind if I get Captain Neptune to take me home when we get to the hospital? Once I tell them I’m not really your husband."" -03:10 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "Destiny? No, my name is Gwenyver." she looked concerned, and pressed the back of her hand against his cheek. Mostly to see if he was clammy or sweaty and about to pass out or something. He was confused! "I think maybe you should come in to the hospital with me if you are that rattled. You shouldn’t be home alone just in case there is something wrong with your head!" -03:14 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: He didn’t get to reply since they adired and he was pushed into a wheelchair to be pushed alongside her. "My head is perfectly fine." He said confidently. "Don’t worry I’mm be out of here in no time. I’ll come and say goodbye if you like. Then I’ll have to look up Gwenyver, I don’t think I’ve heard that word before. Your ideas of fate interest me a great deal. We don’t haev anythign liek that were I’m from. Everyone learns quantum mechanics by age 6 so we never have to wonder what’s behind it all." -03:19 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Gwenyver: "I meant that my-" Maybe trying to explain her name right then was not the right moment. He was incredibly interesting, though, even if she wasn’t sure if she should believe a word he said! And because he wasn’t her husband, they were going to end up separate soon. She reached out with both her hands to take his while she still had a chance to. "Do you promise to come say goodbye? I’ll probably never see you again. I’ll have to go back home after today." -03:25 Jun 11 Gwenyver
Smith Johnson: "I never break a promise." he said holding up his hand, thumb and pinky spread but the rest of his fingers together. "If I did I’d become violently ill. I might be alergic. Very messy. So I will come a visit you." -03:30 Jun 11 Smith Johnson
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 008: Families and Exes

[Jane if at the gym, in the ring with a ginger 1st hear college student who is beating the CRAP out of them.] -09:45 May 22
[Star is not dressed like normal. In fact, she looks like she got a make-over on one of those “Dress me Like a Hooker!” shows.] -09:47 May 22
Star: Wearing a tight, tube dress, six inch heels and some contact lenses, Star looked liked she walked out of a Las Vegas whore house. Her goal was simple. Be irresistable and seduce her ex back. She refused to give up on love, that’s not what a good girlfriend does! She strode in to the gym, scanning around looking for Jane. -09:51 May 22 Star
Jane: DAMN! Even with her guard up punches were still getting through. Jane stepped back and dodged to side to throw a jab only to have a kick get through the opening. She staggered back holding up a hand. "That’s enough for now…" she said as the other girl grinned her short hair bouncing as she did. "You should use your legs more." she said before retreating to her corner to grab a bottle of water. And seriously, sports bras are your friend. Much better than what you’re rearing… unless your plan is to distract me." there was a wong that earned a glare from Jane. "No, just havn’t gotten around to it yet… maybe in the shop across the street once I’m out of here…" -10:07 May 22 Jane
Star: Star flashed a nervous smile as she passed a few girls by, and got more than a few curious stares. She asked a couple girls if they had seen Jane and got pointed in the right direction. She caught a bit of the fight. Outside of appreciating awesome battle tactics she was totally going to try and use in her LARP group, she tried to appreciate Jane’s… body! Jane was a statuesque beautiful woman and anyone would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. "Ahem..!" She cleared her throat and did her best hands-on-hips-tits-out pose. "Jane…" -10:12 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane turned and blinked, taking a second to realize who had called her. Leaning against the ropes with a bottle of wating in one hand and drenched with sweat, a few peices of hair having fallen out of the crude punytail she had created to keep it out of her face. "Star…? Are you wearing contacts." she climbed out of the ring and started unstrapping her gloved with her teeth, the sound of velcro drowning all else out for a split second. "What are you doing?" she started heading for the locker room, this called for some place private… why did Star have tot ry this? -10:19 May 22 Jane
Star: Star was hoping for the jaw-dropping sort of scene, so when Jane started walking away, her confidence faltered a bit. She scurried after her, holding her hands out to help keep her balance on her heels. "Yes, they’re my new contacts. Do you like them? I actually came to see YOU, Jane. You know, we parted on, um… unfinished terms! I’ve missed you." -10:22 May 22 Star
Jane: This was almost heartbreaking and when Jane entered the locker room she grabbed her bag to stuff the gloves into them. "I know what you’re doing." she said turning to Star, then in a moment of reckless impulse she ripped off her tank top and stuffed the sweaty garment into the bag too. "You’ve always been really pretty, Star and you don’t need to dress like a slut to prove it, you look a lot cuter in your jeans with that pink bow in your hair… but that’s not the point. I’ve missed you too…" how the hell was she going to do this? -10:38 May 22 Jane
Star: "You’ve missed me and I’ve missed you and we’re in love. That’s all we need isn’t it? So many couples go through LOADS of things and work out in the end." Star made sure there was no cringing, blushing, or looking away. She chose this outfit for the confidence and the role she was trying to play. A sexy, sexy seductress that no woman would say no to! She scooted over to Jane, to slide her hands up her sides. "There more I thought about it, the more I just knew I couldn’t be without you." -10:43 May 22 Star
Jane: "yes you can, you’re only saying that because I was like your first boyfriend." she sighed. "I’m sorry I got turned into a girl, I know it’s a problemfor you even if you pretend it isn’t and I don’t need to feel like my new body is holding me back, like it’s a problem. I’ve going through enough with it as it is without seeing your eyes when you look at me. I really am going through a lot right now, redefining myself and realizing that I wasn’t as good a person as I could have been, I have a new school coming up and if anything I want to be with someon who makes me feel good about being a woman… I cant deal with it being a shadow hanging over everything we do together." -11:00 May 22 Jane
Star: "I am telling you that I am okay! It isn’t a problem!" Her voice rose a little higher, a mix of anxiety and fear. Jane didn’t believe her, and Star hadn’t expected her too. That was why she was prepared with heels high enough to reach, and going on the offensive. Without warning she grabbed Jane’s head and kissed her! Jane thought she couldn’t handle it, and Star was going to prove she could. -11:04 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane’s strong arms tore Star’s away before she pushed her back and Jane turned her head away before she closed her eyes. "It’s going to take more than a week for you to decide you like girls if you ever can, Star, and even if you did I can’t be with you." she had to do this. "You’re starn, amazing and wonderful and you’re going to make someone very happy but… I already have someone else. I didn’t plan on it but I won’t make excuses. She makes me happy and feel amazing about my change. It might not work out between us in the long run, that’s something you always have to remember in any relationship." -11:19 May 22 Jane
Jane: she took a breath "But I want it to, she knows I used to be a guy and she doesn’t care." -11:20 May 22 Jane
Star: "It’s Britt, isn’t it." Jane might as well have punched her, it hurt so much! She always knew James and Britt were super close, but she thought… "I’m smart and wonderful, but I’m not Britt! I never could have been Britt and I guess that was a pretty easy choice to make." Maybe it wasn’t fair to say so, but it all made sense. Tears were now streaming and Star struggled to wipe them away without smearing all of her makeup or knocking out one of her contacts. "How long did it take? A few days? How much did you actually love me!" -11:29 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane watched it all unfold with a look of growing horror on her face. "It’s not like that…" she said. "This isn’t easy for me either. In a perfect world I wouldn’t need to have become a girl to realize what an asshole I was and I sure as hell wasn’t looking for Brit to to have sex with me. Who knows maybe it’s just rebound from you breaking up with me. You also hurt me you know but I knew you couldn’t change who you are and I never asked you to. I loved you, I still love you and you even trying proves that you’re sweet and wonderful but I can’t trust you to be attracted to me the way I need you to be. Maybe all of this makes me an asshole, a bitch, a cow, if that’s the case you can do a hell of a lot better than me, and you could have even when I was a guy. I’m sorry… that’s all i can really say." -11:40 May 22 Jane
Star: "It’s not fair…" It’s all Star could think to say. She had a perfect boyfriend and they were in love. Everything was perfect. …but then it clearly wasn’t really perfect. "I don’t think you’re and asshole… But I just." Star huffed, all full of tears and not knowing what to do with herself. "I really am going to MISS you!" Oh, her makeup was screwed! She just started sobbing! -11:52 May 22 Star
Jane: Star was pulled into a hug and Jane sighed. "It’s not your fault, okay?" she said softly wishing she could make it all better but she really couldn’t. "Maybe when it’s not all fresh we can hang out?" she knew that wasn’t the best thing to say. "You know you’re the first girl I actually put effort into dating. You really mean a lot to me and I wish things could be different…" why was this so much more difficult that previous relationships? Maybe it was a bad idea to bate Britt until this wasn’t all so… ugh. -12:01 May 23 Jane
Star: She sniffled and sobbed until it was finally nothing more than a few sniffles and hiccupping. "I want to be friends." she mumbled, pulling back to try and wipe at her face, which just made the smearing of things even worse. "…but I need time, I think." She was having a hard time looking directly at her. This just hurt too much! Her heart was broken. -12:08 May 23 Star
Jane: "Well you can use everythign here to clena yourself up and by the time I get out of the shower you can be gone." jabe said pulling away from her. "i’ll wait for your call, however long it takes.." -12:15 May 23 Jane
[Jane is not a very happy girl.] -12:52 May 23
Britt: After a long day of extra classes to make up for the few that she missed, Britt was home tugging off some of her clothes so she could plop in to bed in her underwear and just relax. Most of the soreness in her body had long worn off, but spending the entire day studying was a mental pain, and then of course coming home to her family and the millions of questions asking where she had been. Britt NEVER told them where she’d been. They’d probably disown her forever and call her a dirty whore. She snatched a pillow and siiiiighed comfortably. -01:03 May 23 Britt
Jane: Britt’s window slid open and in contrast to how Britt entered her room Jane janded on the floor like a cat and then also like a cat barely a second later she was crawling onto Britt’s bed and falling down next to her, arms capturing her girlfriend and pulling her tightly agaist her, almost queezing the life out of her as Jane’s face burried itself against Britt’s shoulders. "I’m sleeping here tonight." -01:17 May 23 Jane
Britt: Britt almost shrieked! Who -wouldn’t- when someone snuck in your bed and grabbed you? There was a bit of flailing and huffing, but she finally shushed herself quick and clung to Jane. It didn’t erase the frown on her face, though. "You can’t just sneak in to my room! You know how my parents are! And that was when you were a dude!" -01:22 May 23 Britt
Jane: "Well if they don’t know you’re lesbian they shouldn’t mind firls in your room." her muffled voice still conveyed the huffiness she was feeling. "Star tried to seduce me in the gym today and I told her about us… I broke her heart and I wish that I didn’t have to so can you just stop complaining and hold me?" -01:31 May 23 Jane
Britt: "I guess I should feel bad for stealing someone’s girlfriend." She wasn’t complaining, she was being responsible and smart! Jane really didn’t understand what her family was like. Britt curled her arms around Jane anyway, stroking her fingers through her hair and nuzzling her cheek. This was the other thing she really loved having after class. Warm snuggles! -01:34 May 23 Britt
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[Jane isbringing to her girlfriend.] -10:55 May 24
[Britt is happy to have her girlfriend, but concerned about family!] -10:55 May 24
Jane: "I feel bad." Jane said her face remaining thouroughly hidden. "I really wanted that relatonship to work and then in no time I’m in another and so there’s so much sex and feeling and I think I might even love you, hell I’ve always liked you and it’s all overwhelming but I don’t want it to stop for the world." -11:01 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt frowned, running her fingers through Jane’s hair. She really didn’t have any good advice about the whole thing. It was crazy and weird and none of it really made sense. "It is what it is. People breakup all the time, she’ll be fine?" -11:05 May 24 Britt
Jane: It’s like Britt didn’t want to hear what Jane just said and she pulled away to stare at her, then a hand reached out to grip Britt’s shoulder firmly to shake her. "She will but I just said I love you and you just… I’ve never felt this way before so quickly." -11:09 May 24 Jane
Britt: She squeaked, blinking at Jane for a moment in surprise. Not because she admitted to loving her. That really wasn’t a surprise at all. But because she seemed to think she care or something! "Jesus, Jane. I-" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "Brittany, dinner is going to be soon. You are not going to skip it again today. Brittany? I hear voices in there!" Cursing under her breath Britt untangled herself from Jane and hopped out of bed. The she snatched up and pulled on a houserobe just in time for her bedroom door to swing open and her mother to step inside. "Oh darling, I didn’t realize you had a friend over. Pardon me. Dear, dress proper for dinner and of course your friend is invited. I am Mrs. Everett, and you are…" -11:15 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane was standing before the door opened and was about to way ‘Britt’s girlfriend’ when she remembered that Britt wasn’t out to her parents but it was tempting to say it anyway. "Ummm… Jane Beckert Mrs. Everet. I’m Britt’s g… friend. We were… My boyfriend. We just broke up and Britt was helping me." Yes boyfriend! They were all trat here, right? -11:24 May 24 Jane
Britt: She probably looked pale as death and was so worried that Jane would spill the beans. "I’m not sure if Jane is up to staying for dinner, because of the breakup, y’know." Her mom dismissed the comment with a wave of her hand. "Nonsense. A woman can handle anything. Get dressed, I expect to see you both downstairs in fifteen minutes." Mrs. Everett didn’t leave much room for argument. She was already gone and closing the door behind her. Britt was in a panic! "Oh god, I can’t do this! …we’ll jump out the window, I think there’s time!" -11:29 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane turned on Britt and eyed her. "No, not dressed like that anyway… your parents are strict, like Englich upper middle class strict but we can handle one meal with them. If you run they’ll just get suspicious but if you want me to leave I can? You can say I went to rip that cheating bastards dick off to shove up hiss butt?" maybe that would get a giggle? -11:35 May 24 Jane
Britt: "That is so gross!" She might have aaaalmost smirked. Maybe. Britt huffed again, fussing with the robe belt around her waist and debating whether or not this was a good idea. "It’s more like, think they’re the royal family strict… You know how much I hate bringing people over. And worse I’ve been out of the house for days, they’re going to start asking questions!" -11:39 May 24 Britt
Jane: "Well you wouldn’t be lying if you blamed me." Jane said before stepping over to untying Britt’s belt to slip haer arms aorund her waist underneath the robe to gently kiss the corner of her mouth. "Do I stay or do I go. I’d like to be here for you if they do decide to get awkward but if that’s just going to make thinsg worse…" -11:43 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt was now imagining a fun moment of Jane stripping her and dragging her to bed. She had to push the thought away and get serious. ..after she slid her arms around Jane’s neck and nuzzled in to her cheek. "Stay. It’ll be even worse if you left. We can’t say anything about us, though. They’re not gonna understand…" -11:46 May 24 Britt
Jane: As much as I’d love to fli[ them the bird as I pushed you down on the dinner table and gave them a demonstration of what we do to each other just so they’d get thier sticks out of thier butts I won’t. I know how you are about your parents and if the plans still of to move away from here and be "best friends" in another city after we graduate then that’s what we’ll do." Of course that plan had been made when they’d still been best friends and had never really been completely serious but now it was if Britt wanted it to be and they’d be moving in together if they did… -11:50 May 24 Jane
Britt: "Fine. Don’t embarass me either." Just because Jane was a girl now didn’t mean she trusted her not to be her usual self and push all the boundaries. You just couldn’t do that sort of thing with snobby rich people, and Britt would like to still be able to see her! She squeezed her neck and hugged her, not really wanting to let go and get her clothes on for the stupid dinner. -11:53 May 24 Britt
Jane: "since when have I ever embarressed you?" there was a cocky grin that was quickly pressed against Britt’s lips before Jane pulled away. If she stayed close… hell… All it took was on looka tbritt in an open robe and she was pressed back agaist her, her hand cupping britt’s breast as he kissed her again, just barely not haard enough to leave evidence before she pulled away for real, a subtle pull on Britt’s nipple as she did so. "You should… really get brothes on before my ladyboner tears through the front of my jeans." -11:57 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt wrinkled up her nose and took a swat at her. "See, this is why you don’t get invited to fancy dinners." She stepped away to shrug off her robe and stalked unhappily over to the large walkin closet. Compared to Jane’s place, Britt’s room was ginormous and her closet was big enough to be another bedroom. She snatched the first ‘appropriate’ dress she saw and pulled it over her head to smooth over her hips. Shoes were just a matter of slipping on a simple pair of heels. "Hmm… maybe you should borrow some of my clothes…" -12:01 May 24 Britt
Jane: "She says, stripping down anked in front of me, the delicate fabric of her robe sliding over her statuesque curves… Just… put something on before neither of up are going anywhere… besides me in fancyfancy clothes? Really? Can you imagine that in a non-i want to hit thaat so bad way?" -12:04 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt out right laughed, stopping by a mirrow to make sure her dress was tugged on properly and adjusted the skirt. "I CAN imagine you in fancy clothes. I bet I have at least one dress you can fit in to. The skirt part might be a little short, but I as long as you don’t bed over anywhere, I don’t think it will matter too much." -12:13 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane had always been amazed by just how BIG Britt’s house was, and just how shit the security was btu she had never seen any part of it other than Britt’s room. "Maybe I’ll do a little bending over when we’re back here." She stepped over to the closet and paused in the threshhold. It helf strange entiring a shrine to clothing… -12:18 May 24 Jane
Britt: She pushed Jane in to the closet, and since she was staring at all her clothes like they were going to eat her, Britt went ahead and starting shoving hangers around looking for something in a good size. "I don’t want to think about sex all through dinner! Here, try this on." She held out a nice, conservative black dress. The skirt was always long on Britt, so on Jane it would be shorter and fit about right. -12:24 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane pulled off her shirt and let it fall to the floor before wiggling her hips out of her jeans and kicking off her sneakers. "Do you always ahve to dress like this for dinner?" she asked snatching up and dress and pulling it on back to front before realizing the mistake. "I’ve eaten topless in boxers… before you know… Your family is wierd." -12:27 May 24 Jane
Britt: "It’s this whole deal about respecting your family and dinner being an important meal of the day and whole lot of other crap." Britt was now stuck imagining Jane downstairs in the dining room, topless at the table with all the fine china and crystal and her family trying not to stare and still eat dinner like nothing strange was happening. She grinned wide. "Backwards." She fussed with helping Jane get the dress off and turning it the right way. -12:30 May 24 Britt
Jane: Finally dressed properly, except her unbrushed-from-the-gym hair and her feet Jane stared at the full length mirror. "If yo had told me a month ago I’d be wearing this I wouldn’t have believed you." she sighed. "And I repeat, your family is wierd… then again dinner wasn’t that big of a deal with just me and my dad. I think he tried for a while but it reminded him of mom." -12:33 May 24 Jane
Britt: She took Jane’s hand to pull her out of the closet, and over to her vanity to push her down in to a chair. Then she was snatching up a brush to do something about Jane’s hair. "Everything around here is a big deal. I like it better over at your house, even if your Dad is a total whack." -12:35 May 24 Britt
Jane: "Hey don’t call him that." Jane said, fussing as Britt brushed. "You sound like one of those kinds in the sound of music… only instead of a singing nanny you got a lesbian lover who doesn’t sing." Jane hadn’t even triiiieeeed since the chenge and was afraid to. She knew her voice was different and it had taken getting used to and she nondered if she’d be any good. She had been okay at it a a guy, runnir up in last years karaoke tournament winning her and britt a free meal but now… total mystery. -12:39 May 24 Jane
Britt: She almost clonked Jane over the head with her brush, but instead was trying to brush and arrange her hair in to a nice, tidy bun. Not a single hair out of place. "Are you going to come in here and turn my whole world upside down, then? You’re more likely going to get thrown out or something. Have the cops called… I bet women’s prisons really suck." -12:47 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane smirked and held up a fist. "I’d survive." she said before kissing it noisily and finally settling down to let Britt do her thing, those tyrants probably didn’t like being kept waiting. -12:49 May 24 Jane
[Jane is for the first time ever going to liike like she belloned in high society.] -12:42 May 25
[Britt would like to be anywhere else at the moment!] -12:45 May 25
Britt: Once Britt felt like she had Jane presentable enough (which she knew deep down wasn’t going to be enough regardless) she was very reluctantly leading the way out of her room and down the hall. She may as well of been heading towards her own funeral. "We can stick with safe conversations, like the weather or knitting…" -12:48 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Like I’m going to start talking about all that sex we havn’t been having." Jane rolled her eyes. "I know you treat your parents like the bastard children of queen Victoria and Atilla the hun but reelaaaax, okay? We’ll be fine. I’m far to girly for you, remember?" as they got further away from the bedroom she decided it was a goof idea to shut up. "The weather in detroit is horrible. I was watching a thing on the news where a lot of the flights are grounded there…" Like hell Jane knew anythign about knitting. -12:52 May 25 Jane
Britt: "That’s not even remotely true." This was going to be a disaster, Britt clamped her mouth shut and crossed her arms. They had to go down a ridiculously huge staircase to get to the ground floor, then it was turning down another long hall to head towards the dining room. Evidence of an old money family were every where, from the furniture that looked a hundred years old, to the family potrait paintings in traditional and cliche poses. -01:01 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Just how big IS this place?" Jane asked. "Jane… I had no idea just how stinking rich you were until today… unless it’s one of those, old money all gone and in debt to afford to keep up with appearences situations…" Jane was completely distrated but the size and opulance of the place. "I could probably move in not be found out this place is so big." -01:05 May 25 Jane
Britt: "There’s enough money to bribe foreign politicians, and buy a small country. It’s not really a big deal, though." Jane would turn the whole house upside, which sounded like a whole lot of fun, but probably the worst idea in the universe. Bad behavior tended to have… consequences around here! Britt stopped at the dining room door and took in a breath. Finally she pushed her way inside where both her parents were already seated at a very long, expertly set table, and clearly waiting on them before summoning dinner. -01:13 May 25 Britt
Jane: Jane wasn’t a small or ugly girl, she probably looked like an unmakeup supermodel in all but the way she carried herself as she entered, the way she did enter was like a fighter intering a ring, tense but loose, ready for anything. "Hello Mr and Mrs Everet. Thank you very much for inviting me to your table. As I said I am Jane Beckert." her voice was on it’s best behavior and her stance softened too as she waited to follow Britt’s lead as to where to sit. Thanking and introducing was the right thing to do right? -01:18 May 25 Jane
Britt: "Shame on you both for keeping us waiting. Dearest, ring for dinner." Mr. Everett picked up a little bell and jingled it. Nothing happened immediately, but the moment Britt pointed Jane to her seat and took her own, someone bustled in to the room to pour everyone a drink. "Jane is a very classic name, and Beckert you say? Are you related to that boy James? Britany, dear, where has that boy been lurking about. You haven’t amused us with his exploits in ages." Britt very quickly took a drink of water. "James is studying out of state now. Jane is um…" -01:23 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Cousin!" Jane chimed in. "Here to help James’ father out while James is away." she offered. "Also sorry for the delay Britt insisted that I look decent." this was wierd… and Britt actually talked about James to her parents? She shot Britt a questioning look before listing her glass and taking a sip. -01:27 May 25 Jane
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[Britt is living a nightmare. The only way to make it worse is if she was naked and there was a creepy clown in the corner.] -04:44 May 27
[Jane feels like she’s havign dinner with The Penguin. Britt’s family are the intimidating kind of rich people.] -04:44 May 27
Britt: "Well. At least she tried with such short notice." the insult was super subtle, but there. Mrs. Everett immediately launched in to her usual dinner topic! "Speaking of that boy, or any boy, isn’t it about time to find a nice boyfriend, Britany? College is almost over and those eggs won’t stay fresh forever!" MR. Everett didn’t say a word on the subject of boys and eggs, he was busy filling his plate with tasty looking hors d’oeuvres. "My studies are going fine, Mother, thank you for asking." Britt just refused the acknowledge the rest. "What about you, Jane? There must be a nice man in your life!" -04:51 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane proze mid poar with the soup and looked at Britt. "Like I said I just broke up with one but there is someone I really like and they feel the same way so we’ll see what happens. Someone I’ve liked for a long time finally made their move on me… maybe they have what it takes to be the one to keep a hold of me." WOW… Jane did not mean to say all that and now regretted it, but not as much as she regretted spilling the soup. ‘And now you sound like a slut, Jane… nice…’ she mumbled… before wondering if that’s what she was with all her girlfriends. -04:57 May 27 Jane
Britt: While Britt was rolling her eyes, her mother seemed to think that was the perfect thing to say! "That’s the way to think girl! You have to make a man work for it. These day so many young ladies are behaving like filthy harlots, giving it up at the drop of the hat and not properly making sure a man is marriage material. I am so glad our little Brittany is a well behaved young woman. Of course, if she would drop her standards just a -little- bit perhaps we would have grandchildren by now…" Though her face was red now, Britt still had perfect posture and was sipping soup from a spoon like this whole dumb conversation wasn’t happening! -05:03 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane almost choked. Britt and good little schoolgirl? She had to be good if that’s what her parents thought. She sipped her soup and gave Britt a sidelong glance. She had to keep her parents in so much dark not even cats could see. "Have children while in college isn’t smart." Jane was in way too deep to stop now. "Besides I’m sure Britt will find the right person… froooom what I’ve seen of her." She took a bite of bread and was thankful makeup hadn’t been a part of the emergency dressup. Though she was beginning to understand why Britt wasn’t out… rich family wanted babies and her hand came to squeeze her thigh as a sign of confort. -05:11 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt wanted to hug her. Or better yet, grab Jane and just run out! But that would just mean a bigger mess to clean up later. "Hasn’t the weather been great lately? Nice and war-" "Oh, don’t be silly Jane-dear. She is only in College to meet good men. Once she’s married she won’t have to go anymore or bother with a job, she’ll be busy with the babies." Britt very nearly groaned out loud. Giving her father a pleading look didn’t meet with much help. He just shrugged in a sad defeat to this fate! -05:18 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane face visubly twitched. A year ago she might have laughed out loud and agreed but not now, worse is it was coming from a woman. "Or she could take after you and just have one." Britt didn’t have any siblings, right? "I suppose that’s the only lady-like thing to do isn’t it? Marry a rich man and then live the good life with an ever-growing family not worrying baut silly things like dreams or aspirations." she suunded sincere. "That’s the dream, isn’t it. A life od leasure and pleasure while the men take care of business." the hand under the table on Britt was now a fist, the only outward sign of what was really going on on her head. -05:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: The elder woman sipped her wine and didn’t miss a beat. "Of -course- a woman is to have her dreams and aspirations. But it’s needless to waste time with men’s business when a woman’s heart belongs to her family. Your family and it’s bloodline is the most important thing in the world. After all, our family goes back hundreds of years and this is all contributed to very powerful women." Britt knew where there was going, the long boring lecture about the family tree. "Oh look, the next course is coming. Dinner looks fantastic tonight, Mother." -05:28 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Oh…" Jane said. "I didn’t know you were -those- Everets." she had no idea if there was such a thing as -those- Everect but every ols money family liked to have thier name recognized. "The mother is the glue that holds the family tother. So if say… she disappeared…" Jane KNEW she was being bad and working herself up. "Not that I mean that will happen to Britt or has happened to anyone in your family I’m just curious as to what you think would happen. Sorry if it’s an imposition but I’ve never been able to talk to someone as refined as you and from sucj good… stock…" -05:32 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Jane." Britt growled her name in warning, not that it did any good. It was already too late and her mother had that glint in her eye. [color=skyblue]"My dear sweet child. As a mother, I could find my daughter anywhere and any who dared to threaten or take her would, well… as you say, disappear never to be seen or heard from again. There is not a place on this world that one could hide from me."[/color] -05:37 May 27 Britt
Britt: "Jane." Britt growled her name in warning, not that it did any good. It was already too late and her mother had that glint in her eye. "My dear -sweet- child. As a mother, I could find my daughter anywhere and any who dared to threaten or take her would, well… as you say, -disappear- never to be seen or heard from again. There is not a place on this world that one could hide from me." -05:37 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked and realized the misunderstanding. "No… Sorry… my mother was the one that disappeared." she said waving her hand disisively. That misunderstanding has unintentionally defused the situation and Jane put on her most dazling smile. "You just put such a huge emphasis on family I curious about what you thought a family would be like after that but I won’t bore you." she continued eating with a shrug. All anger edding away. She was a crazy obcessed woman who had no idea what made family important… but Britt wasn’t and that’s all that mattered and the urge to kiss Britt must have shown in her eyes as she glanced her way. -05:42 May 27 Jane
Britt: "That is a sad thing, losing your mother." Mrs. Everett seemed to be placated now, though she was eyeballing Jane a lot more critically. Britt sighed in relief, a subtle sigh as she reached under the table to squeeze Jane’s leg. Big idiot had no idea how to deal with these kind of people. "Mother, I was just speaking to Jane earlier about helping her shop for some new clothes, I bet you have the best places to recommend." That seemed to perk the woman up immediately as she launched in to a review of all her favorite local shops! -05:49 May 27 Britt
Jane: By the time they were done Jane was convinced Mrs. Everet say her as a country girl taken in by Britt as a charity teach her how to be sofisticated role but she didn’t really care what that woman thought. Thankfully after desert they were excused and as soon as they were out the door Britt was pulled into a tight hug. "Now I understand why you don’t want to tell them." she said gently kissing the side of Britt’s neck before letting go in case someone came through the door. "Kind of wanted to get nasty in front of them just to make the tension stooooop and for then to know." Her voice was hushed, also just in case. -06:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: "And then I would never get to see you again and it’d be your own fault." Britt didn’t want Jane to let go, but snuggling out in the hallway was a terrible idea. Instead she took her by the hand and was leading the way back to her room. "It’s fine, though. I’m already resigned to the fact that this is my life. I’m already studying what she wants me to study, and doing everything else. But I’m going to love who I want to love. It’s the one thing she doesn’t have her fingers in to." -06:27 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Like they’d be able to stop me." Jane’s trademark cocky grin was back. "I’m Jane Beckert. It things get in my way I punch them… last time it even got me laid." She followed Britt back to her room and then sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at the dress she was wearing. "I know I wear skirts and they’re comfortable but does this richy fancy stuff really look good on me?" She was a fighter, not a model. -06:32 May 27 Jane
Britt: "It looks better on my floor." Britt immediately giggle, shoving Jane backwards on the bed and straddling her lap. She sighed, plucking at the fabric of the dress. "You’re beautiful in everything and you wear these clothes like it was made for you. Like you were born to be in them. I dunno. I thought I would always see you as James, but this seems more like you, like it was supposed to be this way. Does that make any sense?" -06:36 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane would have been tempted to strip if Britt hadn’t gotten there first but at her words she looked away, her face screwing up in thought. "I guess… maybe you’re just saying that because you find me more attractive mike this." a light tease as she glaned back at Britt. It was impossible not to think about Britt taking full advantage of her position. "I am handling this better than I expected…" she pluched at the stomach of Britt’s dress and looked up at her. "Maybe that’s because of you… maybe I should ask you something." she took a deep breath with her eyes closed. "How long have you liked me? Just since the change or…?" -06:40 May 27 Jane
Britt: Her mouth twisted up in thought. That was a really good question. "Asking stuff like that is dangerous. Is there even going to be a good answer? I’ve cared about you and loved you for years. …I wasn’t in love with you, though. I just… couldn’t think of you like that? Not that I DIDN’T, I did sometimes, wonder what’d be like if I had said yes to all your dumb come ons. But I didn’t want to ruin us. Things never worked out with me and guys, I didn’t want that to happen with us…" -06:44 May 27 Britt
Jane: "And they do with you and girls?" she asked propping herself up on her elbow to hook a hand behind Britt’s head and pull her down into a kiss. "It’s nothing serious I’m just curious. I’ve made no secret that I think you’re pretty but…" she pulled away and lat back down, her hands befind her back. "I was an asshole back then, and a chauvinist. You were the only girl I trustedand I don’t know if that was because you turned me down or not." -06:48 May 27 Jane
Britt: "No other girls ever turned you down, huh? What an ego!" Britt leaned down to nuzzle against Jane’s cheek, and finally just settled to lay on top of her and gently play with her hair. "With girls I was happy. I actually like sex. It was fun and exciting instead of a chore just to make everything work. And with you it’s been even better." -06:52 May 27 Britt
Jane: She gently stroked the back on Britt’s nack and closed her eyes. "Sounds horrible… I guess you was a lesbian after all." not that Jane could complain right now with the ateention being lavished upon her. "I’d hate it if yu didn’t enjoy this." she said as she settled against the matress with a content sigh. "I guess it’s a good thing I can’t go back… I’d hate for this to ever stop." -06:56 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt settled until her face was buried in to Jane’s neck and her fingers were lost in her hair. This was comfortable. The one thing that was missing out of her life. It was a shame she had to keep it a secret. Britt knew it’d get snatched away from her the moment it all came out. "You don’t regret what happened then? You don’t miss being a guy and having a dick to sling around?" -07:00 May 27 Britt
Jane: "I miss being able to throw punches." Jane complained. "I just can’t hit as hard anymore and I’ve been training harder." that was honestly what she missed most. "Other than that I’ve learned a lot that I would neverhave otherwise and… did you really mean what you said when you felt like it’s meant to be this way?" -07:03 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Um… it’s stupid." she muttered, nuzzling against Jane’s neck. "Just a feeling is all. Nothing I ever would have thought of myself, but feels right now that it exists? Like balance has been restored to the universe or something sentimentally dumb like that. I’m just happy I have you." -07:09 May 27 Britt
Jane: "And maybe mom wouldn’t ahve left." Jane muttered quietly before both arms slid around Britt and pulled her against her. "I’m hapy to have you too." she said before kissing just below Britt’s ear. "I’ll just take that as an I love you, that it feels so right." -07:14 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Your mom is a total twat for leaving you and your dad. That wasn’t your fault." Jane never mentioned her mom. And now it was twice in one day? Britt tugged gently at the sleeve of Jane’s dress until it fell off the shoulder, and then she was nibbling at the exposed skin. "What happened with her..?" -07:20 May 27 Britt
Jane: That felt nice but the question didn’t. "I don’t know." Jane said in all honesty. "All I know is that she left for europe and never came back." she rubbed a hand up and down Britt’s back. "I don’t even remember what she looks like. It doesn’t matter. She’s never coming back and I’d much rather think about what you’re doing to my shoulder right now." -07:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: "You still think about it all the time, though, for something that doesn’t matter." Britt kept up with the nibbling, occasionally pausing to plant a soft kiss where her teeth nipped. She squirmed a bit, slipping her hands under Jane to try and reach for her zipper. This dress needed to come off. -07:30 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane was biting her lip again. "Just coming to terms with it, that’s all." She squirmed fr a moment against Britt before turning her head to capture her lips in a kiss, her hand running through her hair. "So we can be loud then?" she asked as Britt worked on her dress and her hooked her headagain to crush thier lips together. It wasn’t fair how quickly Brtt got her woked up. -07:35 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt kissed her and grooooaaned. Why did Jane have to be so deliciously awesome! She pulled away suddenly. "NO. No loud. No screaming, no squealing, not a peep from you!" She had to make sure that was firmly established as she tugged that zipper all the way down and was now pulling and dragging the fabric of the dress down to expose even more skin. She leaned again, nuzzling against Jane’s neck before she bit down hard. -07:40 May 27 Britt
Jane: She had to remind herseld not to make too much sounds so instead there was a sharp intake of breath and a muttered curse as the shoulder tensed. "Well that isn’t fair." she muttered though fair or not the damage was done. Jane felt it down below. -07:48 May 27 Jane
Britt: She giggled, licking the spot she bit… and then along her collar bone. "Of course it’s not fair. You’re a helpless girl." Britt wondered just how well Jane could keep quiet. To give it a test, she tok ahold of a bra strap with her teeth and puuuullled it down over a shoulder. -07:57 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Helpless?" that word got to her and she glared at Britt even though she knew who was in control this time… this time… now all sirts of wonderful images were flodding her head and she let Britt have this one with a giggle. "We’ll see." she promised mysteriously. "Hmmm I might need to do some research…" -08:08 May 27 Jane
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[Britt shouldn’t be doing this in her parent’s house.] -10:36 May 28
[Jane is getting wonderful delicious attention from her favorite person ever.] -10:36 May 28
Britt: "Heeeelpleeeess~!" she chimed. Of course it wasn’t true. Britt was the one wrapped around Jane’s finger. But that didn’t stop her from enjoying these moments of having her pinned to the mattress and making her wriggle squirm and sigh. She kissed along the bare exposed skin, nuzzling gentle against the rise of an almost uncovered breast. "You know… now that I have you here.." she let the sentence trail off. -10:40 May 28 Britt
Jane: She had to bite her lip against as her chest rose. "Dammit you make to feel good to be a woman." she cooed before pulling on the shoulder of Britt’s dress sharply. "I want this to disappear." -10:42 May 28 Jane
Britt: "I think I am going to keep it on a little longer, I’m busy right now." Busy kissing her way across Jane’s collar bone to snap her other bra strap with her teeth and tuuuug it down the other shoulder. Her hands rest at Jane’s waist, gently pushing and shimmying the fabric upwards so more and more of her legs were revealed. -10:48 May 28 Britt
Jane: She winces as the enastic snapped against her skin with a hiss. It was so tempting to grab Britt and turn this all around but Jane wasn’t confident enough with the whole sex thing to do that yet. She could feeeeeel the dress riding up and she kneeeeeeew her sex was ready. She should feel every tiny movement of her panties against it as the dress slid against them. "Busy?" she teased sureendering to the temptation of hooking her hand around and cupping the mound of Britt’s chest and kneed it. "It seems like I have your full attention. -10:53 May 28 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled and to teach Jane a lesson, she gave a sharp nip to the supple flesh above her breast. With a good hard tug she had Jane’s dress pulled down, and now she could bury her face between them, grabbing the lacy scrap of fabric there and undo the fasting with her teeth and tongue. …it was an acquired skill! "Busy with you. Do you wanna argue with me, or do you want me to screw you silly?" -11:00 May 28 Britt
Jane: There was a small yell befire Jame clapped her hand to her mouth. "You might need to gag me if we go with option two. She said in a slightly shaky voice as she slowly unclenched herself. "I really like the sounds of it though." She god did she want Britt to touch her down there so badly but she was also really enjpying everything Britt was doing and implessed with ehr tonguework… tongue… She reached down and squeezed her own breast, presingtimg the nipple to Britt. "Well done, not take them. Tonguework like that needs to be rewarded." -11:06 May 28 Jane
Britt: There was another muffled giggle as she rest her head against her chest, then finally lift it again to give the nipple just the breifest touch of her tongue. "As you wish?" She took it in to her mouth and slid her tongue around the areola, deliberately circling the nipple before capturing it with her teeth and tugging it gently. -11:12 May 28 Britt
Jane: "Careful what you say…" she said… no moaned she the hard nipple was taken. and she grinned. So many naughty ideas were flooding her head and she would have to try them out… Britt woud do everything she said. "I wasn’t joking baout gagging me if your parents are close…" she said as the thought of those two’s ownership of Britt’s life managed to crawl into her brain but who knew, they might be in florida with the size of this house! "I’d really hate to get you in trouble." -11:18 May 28 Jane
Britt: "You wouldn’t dare." Britt narrowed her eyes. Oh, she really wanted to make Jane scream and wanted to hear it more than anything. But that was definitely a bad idea in this house! It might’ve been huge, but her Mother had a way of finding out everything. She nuzzled against the second breast, nipping even harder with her teeth before she licked and sucked the pain away. "You have to be quiet." she muttered. -11:23 May 28 Britt
Jane: IT was Britt’s choice evn if some day it might not be. Alter stiflinf more sounds, her face getting a slightly desperate look to stay quiet she swallowed. "I’ll try but you Britt…" she reached out to stroke the back of her neck. "Are just so damn good at this." She eased herself back down onto her back and covered her mouth with her hand, ther other continuing to touch and fondle Brit’s neck, her breath noticably quicker and squirms every time Britt hit a nerve noticable bigger. -11:28 May 28 Jane
Britt: It was impossible not to giggle at this point. Jane was adorable and sexy and nothing was more fun that trying to make her squeal when she really shouldn’t be. Her mouth enveloped a breast again, sucking hard. A distraction for where her hand was sneaking. Down over her stomach where her dress was all bunched up around Jane’s waist, and gliding over her outer thigh. -11:33 May 28 Britt
Jane: Her back arced pushing the breast against Britt as her hand forgot to move against the back of her nack, she bit bobitth on her hand to muffle her load moan, but that was nothing compared to every nerve lighting up to Britt’stouch down below and her body twisted as for a moent she tried to see where she was beign touched. She couldn’t keep quiet during THIS. -11:38 May 28 Jane
Britt: "Sshhhh." A simple soft warning as she rubbed her hand up and down Jane’s leg. She shifted her body weight to one knee while her hand slipped between Jane’s legs, pulling teasingly at the fabric of her panties. She caressed her fingers along the lines, biting her own lip to keep from letting out even more giggles and delighting in the expressions that flittered across Jane’s face. -11:45 May 28 Britt
Jane: Jane looked around, there had to be something shecould use to keep herself quiet, the hand was woking for now as she easied down, she entire side tirching in time with Britt’s rubbing. She didn’t daaaare say anything, she just looked at Britt with a slightly desperate glint to her eyes hoping she knew what she was doing. In spite of herslef her hand left Britt’s naxk o cup and grind into her own breast. Even when she was desperate to keep quiet she wanted more when britt was like this. -11:49 May 28 Jane
Britt: Fingers stealing beneath the fabric, Britt gently stroked up and down the length of her sex. There was no doubt how much Jane liked this, she was wet and it made it easy for Britt to slide her fingers between the folds and puuuuush her way inside. She nipped again at delicate flesh, dragging her tongue along Jane’s skin. -11:55 May 28 Britt
[Britt is breaking her own house rules! Jane was asking for it.] -02:23 Jun 12
[Jane is wodering if Britt has a ] -02:24 Jun 12
[Jane death wish.] -02:24 Jun 12
Jane: ‘DEAR GOD’ Jane was shouting in her head as her entire face was screwed up with the effort it was taking her to stay quiet, why was having to be quiet so hot? Her legs whipped around, wrapping arounf Britt’s head and squeezing but at least no sound excaped. Her breathing was already ragged an heavy and her mind was racing, there was no way she was going to last long… -02:29 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt was trapped! Which had her laughing out loud and her breath falling against the sensitive exposed skin that Britt was so fondly… well. Fondling. She turned her body and head, nipping her teeth in to Jane’s thigh. Being wickedly inconsistant with the thrust of her fingers. With a hard thrust, or a gentle caress. Never with a predictable rhythem. -02:35 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: It wasn’t enough to buits her up which was frustrating but it had her twinsting and turning and moaning until the pillow was tossed aside and jane was pushingherself up to sit and look down at Britt, the hand not supporting her wieght stroking the top of Britt’s head before gripping her hair tightly. "God, I love you." she said her voice resting on a moan as it flooded out. "I never imagined… being this good. How do you get me going so easily?" -02:40 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "I think it’s because you’re a huge slut?" Jane had her by the hair and Britt nearly purred out some strange little sound. She didn’t know why she was so infatuated herself. Why everything Jane did and was could turn her on so quick that her whole body was on fire without even being touched. Her hand pulled out so she could pounce over Jane. Shoving her back down and pinning her against the mattress with the weight of her own body. She planted a hard kiss over her mouth followed by invading it with her tongue. -02:46 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: There was a small shiek that quickly melted into a pleased sigh as Jane’s tongue met Britts and she squirmed under her. The her hand whipped aorund to slap against Britt’s butt and griped it, nales digging into her skin. "I’ve only ever had sex with you and you had to just about rape me." she muttered, not that it mattered when she was sliding past to grab Britt’s earlobe between her teeth and run her tongue against the skin. -03:01 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Ooo.." she coooed. Britt had a more witty retort, but she was getting used to those dying on her lips and never being said when it came to Jane. She melted on top of her, burying her face in to Jane’s neck and nuzzling against the skin. "You act like you weren’t begging for it." she complained, biting hard in to her shoulder. "Now ssshhh!" Britt untangled herself from Jane suddenly, straddled over her just long enough to grab Jane’s arm and flip her over on to her stomach. Her hand ran up the back of Jane’s neck to entangled in to her hair and grip tight. Britt leaned down to whisper in her ear. "No screaming, or I will stop." she giggled softly, drawing her index finger slowly down Jane’s spine. -03:10 Jun 12 Britt
[(Timeout) Jane has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:33 Jun 12
[Jane ] -03:47 Jun 12
Jane: Jans suddenly found herself one her stomach and grabbing for the pillow again to bite it visciously complete with growling as Britts finger made her back arch and skin tingle. "and just how are you going to make me scream when i’m like this?" she asked, actually curious. How many lesbian pisitions did britt know? -03:57 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Lesbian positions? You are really were a virgin, weren’t you!" Britt giggled. There was a lot of fun in being the more experienced one of the relationship, and Britt had plenty of practice. Britt shifted, slipping one of her knees between Jane’s legs to spread them wide and make room. Then her other knee joined her. As she widened her kneeling stance she was pushing Jane’s wider apart too. Wickedly, she pinched one of Jane’s butt cheeks. "Remember, not a sooooouuund." she murmured with a chirp. Without warning, her hand caressed down Jane’s backside and then dipped between her legs. Fingers wiggling and gently teasing. -04:06 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: How had britt even know Jane had been thinking that? "Sooo not anymore." she whispered before burrying her face in the pillow and letting her upper body melt as her undercarriage rose sightly and she groaned. "You’re not playing fair. I’m starting to think you just like me for booty calls." -04:12 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Yooooou started this!" And Britt was happy to finish it! Or more specifically finish Jane. She stroked between Jane’s legs, sliding her fingers between wet lips. Using two fingers to suddenly thrust inside. Britt gripped her hair tighter, holding her head in place while she pushed in deeper. -04:26 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: if her head had been free she would have looked back as what Britt was doing, as it was she moaned a little too loud and had to quickly stifle it with the pillow. "I was… teasing. I didn’t think you’d… here… fuck… but don’t stop." Why did Britt get to her like this? Turning her into a moaning molted lump of woman who could only think about the building climax between her legs and how much she loved the girl. She didn’t want this to end! -04:30 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt widened her legs, which in turn opened up Jane even more. Giving Britt a wonderful angle and range of motion as she pulled out to her finger tips and then thrust hard all the way up to her knuckles. "How much do you want it, baby?" she was trying to sound sulty about it, but it was hard when she was full girlish giggling. Jane was the seducing type, Britt just loved fucking her silly. -04:35 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: That was almost too much, Jane wuld have laughted if opening her mouth wasn’t an invitation for a moud moan to escape as she tightened atound Britt’s fingers. "Bad…" she cooed. "I want to come and…" and what? She wanted to ravage Britt but she’s want to do it away from thos crazy parents… Damn parents.. she had to keep quiet…. "Keeping quiet is hard when I want to shove you down and sit on your face…" -04:44 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "You’re so crass and dirty!" Which was a funny thing for her to say when she was holding the woman down by the hair and fucking her. Biting her lip, she started pushing in faster. Squirming a bit from her kneeling position, wishing she’d have something to ease the clenching between her own legs, even if it was to squeeze her own knees together. …But keeping Jane open was far more important. Britt leaned down running her tongue on the length of Jane’s back. Way, way more important. -04:52 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: There was a small muffled sound with every breath, each one carrying a deceptive about of raw passion. There was not helpign it and no more talking with significant risk if screaming britt’s name for the entire WORLD to hear. Every thrust make her clench and half twist her hips. She could feel herself slipping and the more she tried to hold on the faster she slipped out of control. "feeeck." she couldn’t even swear properly as she shook. Not climaxing but almost, so excrusiatingly close. -05:01 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt let go of Jane’s hair so she could brace the weight of her body on her elbow. She buried her face in to the crook of Jane’s neck, nipping and nibbling at the skin until she reached her ear and licked along the lobe. She pushed and thrust, quicker and harder until even she was breathing faster from the exertion and groaning softly in Jane’s ear. "Please come for me, Jane.." she murmured soft before sinking her teeth in to her earlobe. -05:08 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: That voice did her in and there was a cry against the pillow as Jane clenched and she let go. Stars dnaced before her eyes and she lay panting as she lost awareness of everything except Britt. Her mind was gone and it felt like her climax lafter for a full five minutes before she was done, clowing full leww there was a wet spot on Britt’s bed that would smeel like sex nefore too long. "I don’t think I can move…" she complained weakly turning half on her side to look at Britt. "You’re amazing." -05:12 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt pulled out and immediately collapsed on top of Jane, curling her arms around her with a wide grin and nuzzling in to her neck. "I bet you’d think anything was amazing right about now." She was nibbling skin again, taking advantage of her clinging to get in another grope or two while Jane was too busy reveling in well fucked bliss. -05:15 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: "Shut up, you’re amazing and… mmm" Suddenly her arms were ulling Britt up agaist her and Jane’s face was burried in the crook of her shoulders. "You hair smells amazing." she commented as she curled up gainst Britt already knowing she was losing consciousness and knowing she shouldn’t. "Thank you for fucking me silly, even if I was asking for it." -05:21 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Are you going to selfishly fall asleep on me now?" she teased, running her hands down one of Jane’s sides. "If you are, we should at least get in to pajamas in case my mother comes barging in here." -05:24 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: She let go and rolled onto her back. "I can’t move…" she repeatedrolling her head to look at Britt. "It’s your fault… for being so good at sex. I have the best girlfriend ever…. when it comes to sex anyway. I think you’re makign me infatuated with you." -05:32 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Oh so I am only the best girlfriend ever for sex!" Britt chided, scooting her way over so she could curl up at Jane’s side. Not being in physical contact was torture. "Hmm, go to sleep then. I can take care of myself without you, and then I can make you feel all guilty about it tomorrow." -05:34 Jun 12 Britt
[Jane owes her girlfriend a good fuck. >=(] -04:07 Aug 13
Britt: Britt was sleeping and sleeping deep, because her girlfriend was some sort of Amazon Fuckgoddess and Britty didn’t have nearly as much stamina! And really, it was nice to be snuggled up in bed with someone for once! -04:08 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: Jane couldn’t believe they’d had sex in Britt’s room with her stuck up scary parents on the proyl and she couldn’t help but want to make it happen again. Slowly she moved her arm out, careful not to wake Britt and was soon pushing the girl’s hair away from her neck and gently kissing her on a line from her neck to her shoulder before pushing the girl onto her back and sliding down… lookign her her prize. She didn’t want her awak yet but it would be interesting to see what did wake ehr up. Licking her finder she moved it to run Britt’s nipple. No… That wouldn’t be what she used to wake her up… -04:13 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Britt grumbled and growled under her breath, as she was apt to do when someone dared to bother her while she was sleepng. Another mutter was followed by her swatting whatever was tickling her skin and she streeeetched to roll back over on her side. -04:30 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "No you don’t." Jane said with a smirk on her lips before grabbing Britt’s hips and turnign her back onto her back, sliding down to lean over her and kiss her sotomage, then colmb neatly over her to pull her legs apart and kiss just above the relevant spot, her hand rubbing Britt’s hip. "I want you to wake up with my face right here…" she said before greedily licking up the length of Britt’s slit. "I’ve been through a lot to be able to do this and you being asleep isn’t going to stop me." she kissed Britt’s hood ad slipped her tongue under it before pressign her lips against Britt’s skin and sucking. This was fun! -04:42 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: "Muuh, sleeping." she complained first at being turned and shuffled around again. Something cool and wet had her letting out a shrill yelp! "Yiiieep!!" Britt slapped her hands over her mouth. If someone heard… she squirmed and tried to scoot backwards. "Whatareyoudoingbeingdamnedsneaky…!" -04:47 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "I’m fuckign my girlfriend." Jane said with a grin before sliding two fingers up then down Britt’s slit. "Now shhhh or you’re going to get us caught." she turned her head to nip the inside of Britt’s thigh as her fingers circled the hole. "I’d like to get to taste your cum before I have to head out of here. So you’re going to put your hands on your chest and show me got you like to be touched there." -04:51 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She just woke up, she didn’t have resistance to this! Britt groaned, squirming in protest but not finding the will to move when her skin was tingling soooo nice. "We caaaaan’t." A quick glance at the clock was a confirmation that it was morning. People would be awake any minute. "If people wake up I am in soooo much trouble…" she whined. Now to move! ….in a minute! Jane had to go and look so damned sexy with that wicked grin. -04:56 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "You don’t get a way in this Britt, if you don’t want to get caight then you’d better be a good girl and do what I say. Hands on chest." She whats still toying with her fingers aorund the hole before she suddenly pushed then in with anothed wicked grin. The sooner you do the sooned I’ll make you come and she less chance you have of someone comign through that door." -05:09 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: "Mnu!" the jolt of sensation was sharp, forcing her to clamp her hands over her mouth again to surpress the yelp. She wiggled and fussed, tried not to giggle and let Jane have that satisfaction, but was so hopelessly enamored with bossy bossy Jane. Britt bit in to her lip to keep from making anymore sounds and slid her hands down from her mouth to her breasts. "Beeeetter?" -05:13 Aug 13 Britt