Feather Collector 001: Collector

[Paul is just an ordinary human boy, or wants to be… these wings on his back make that difficult. But there’s time to worrk about that later it’s time to go home from work.] -07:45 Nov 30
[Tarohi is a very scary guttersnipe. Or at least she believes she is.] -07:48 Nov 30
Paul: Work was over, good honesy normal work. It didn’t pay just but it was enough for a small apparment and regular meals… one of the problems with it was it finished late and he had to cut through an alley to get there before sunset. it wasn’t that bad of an alley and there was only the odd homeless person there , never any robbers. Humming to himself he clused his coat around himself a little tighter as the evening chill started to descend… it wasn’t far now! -07:53 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: New territory was the best. Even when she had to fight a knife swinging hobo with nothing but a dead rat and an empty can. This particular alley had several good dumpsters full of nice things. She was busy tossing the dead rats out of one of them when she heard footsteps. Taro ducked inside the metal can, peering just over the edge to see who was coming. It was dark and she wasn’t likely to be seen herself. But… with the dim moonlight she could see a flash of fluff. She stared haaaaaard as he walked by. -07:58 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: With his hands stuffed in his pockets he kept his head low… he didn’t like being looked at, which was she he looked the way he did… he could feel it… like pressure and a prickling… he paused in the middle of the alley and looked up at the tint point of moon peeking out from begind the building. "Sorry.. sun set early I’m going to have to… " He wings spread and shook themselves as he continued to look up, then with the loose papers flying in ght alley and even tins rolling her took off, only getting as high as a fire escape that he grabbed hold of and peered forwards from, trying to see if there was anyone around on the street beyond. -08:03 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: They were wings! Huge giant fluffy wings, all clean, pristine and beautifully soft. It wasn’t looking in her direction, so out she climbed. Slinking over the edge of the dumpster and dropping to the ground in a soft thump. Taro sliiiiiinked like a cat in the shadows, staying crouched low and preferably unseen. This needed a closer look and maybe a touch. Were they really as fluffy as they seemed from the distance? Taro dashed across the alley and hide under the fireescape. -08:09 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: Instead of continuing on like what could be expected he climbed ito the fire escape and started up towards the roofuntil he got to the top floor where he leaned down and pulled open the window. The giaard at the front of the building would have changed by now and the night shift guard was creepy… this was easier, and probably safer. That man smoked… -08:13 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Tarohi was really hoping it would come back down. She was left pounting and frowning up at the fire escape when the fluffy thing climbed higher and fussed with a window. So out of her hiding spot she came, and up and down she hopped trying to reach the ladder. Taro finally had to go grab a crate to stand on so she could reach. Uuuup she climbed the fire escape, stepping as softly as possible as she crept. Here and there she would peek in to a window out of curiosity, but her goal was the one her winged target had chosen. -08:17 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: Hist thing he did was shower, the hot water erasing the day from his body and mind. Work was okay but it left him sore and tired adn really, really needing tea… so the next step with a towel around his waste and a warl fluffy robe on was to head into the tiny kitchenette and put the water on before he sat down on one of the special chairs that accounted for his wings and rest his face in his hands… sleep would be good. -08:21 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: The window had been left open and she was peering around the corner just in time to see it walk out in a towel and have a seat. With the light of the apartment, it was even easier to see them. So big! Quiet as a mouse she stepped one foot in through the window. Paused. Stepped caaaaarefully in with the other foot. Then she dash, dash, dashed, around a corner. Peeking again around it, and now almost within the space to touch. Freshly washed feathers..! How shiiiiny! -08:25 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: The tettle clicked and he stood to get a mug and… did something smell off? He stooder to sniff under his arm and frown… somethign definately smelled like garbage… he would have to close the window… but after tea was made. Mug down with a bag in it he poared the water and then turned to lean on the counted and smell the aroma. -08:29 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: She almost got to touch! When he stood to get the kettle she reached out to grab, but just missed. Pouting again, she plotted. Ah, easy fix. Taro reached around the corner and flipped the light switch. Now in the dark, it would be forced to come closer! She squinted, fingers ready for her prey to come near. -08:33 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "Awwww…" he looked atound in the darkness.. Had the power just gone out? Setting his mug down he felt around before opening a drawer to shine a torche around the room… Kettel light was still of… a trip? Maybe the bulb blew… "This always happens." he moved towards the door his might shining through until he came to it and paused… reachign around the corner for the switch and finding something… soft… -08:37 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Whoops! She was touched before she could do the touching. Taro froze in place, debating what to do. She didn’t want to scare it, what if it molted all those beautiful feathers? Think, think. "..um… Meoooow? Puurr! Meow!" -08:40 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: He pulled his hand away. "Hello?" He backed away from the door. Someone was in his house. Burglers. "I’m armed and have already pushed the allarm button." he really wicshed he ahd an alarm button. "You should leave." -08:43 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Double whoops! Cat noises were a bad idea for feathered things, she clearly made it worse. "I mean, woof? Don’t worry. I am not going to eat you." She was sure he hadn’t pressed an alarm butter – yet. And Taro didn’t want to spend a night in jail again. What to do? "…but if you try to scream or get me in trouble I’ll attempt to eat you, so don’t run away, okay?" Now that she was outed, she stepped out from her hiding spot. But it was still dark, so she was reaching out and fumbling around trying to figure out which direction he was escaping in. -08:48 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "DEMON!" he yelled, the only things that would eat people. "I warn you…." then the front door opened and closed in rapid succession before he took off down the corridor making for the window at the end, He could fly away and if it was a demon chasing him… maybe they couldn’t fly tooo….? -08:51 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: "Demon?!" Tarohi ducked with her arms over her head. Before she knew it there were fleeing footsteps and a slamming door. Then silence. "…Hey. There’s no demon…" She hopped up and skittered to the door and poked her head out in to the hall. "There’s no demon in here! It is safe to come back now! Unless the demon is invisible? I am not good with invisible demons, but I have a rat in my pocket if it comes to that!" -08:55 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: He was already out of the window and swooping up onto the roop of the uilding when she spoke adn about 20 seconds later there was a crash on the fire escape outside his window as he landed and using the tonrche looked in through the window. His house was all he had… he was not going to loose it to a demon. -09:00 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Gone from the hall, but noise at the window! She closed the front door and padded over to the window. She nearly tripped over a chair in the process, but there was enough light by the window where his wings weren’t blocking it. "Hello! I am Tarohi. There does not seem to be a demon. By the way, you have lost your towel. The authorities are not fond of public nudity, as they like to tell me. And it’s cold. You should come back inside?" -09:04 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "Why are y…" Nudity…? He froze and was then pushing her aside to crash through the window and into the bedroom where he locked the door and turne don the light. "You’re in my house." he called out. "Why are you in my house?" he pulled on a pair of long pants. "And how can I trust you’re not a demon… and seriously why are you in my house?" -09:07 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Taro almost got a handfull of wings again, but he dashed away so fast! Now she was standing at his bedroom door leaning her ear against it. "I don’t THINK I am a demon. But I’m pretty sure." she knocked gently on the door. "You have pretty wings. Can I see them? I would like to have some of your feathers. I love feathers and you have the biggest and prettiest I have ever seen!" -09:12 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "Noooooo…" he said "I hate them." he laned against the wall and slumped to the floor "Are you homless… you still havn’t told be why you’re in my house… just take what you want and leave, okay? I have work in the morning." -09:16 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: "Why would you hate your wings? They are so fluffy. Unless you mean you hate demons, and in that case I can agree! They always want to eat me or trade for a soul and they would probably eat that too." Taro rattled the doorknob a bit with a frown. Then she dug around in her hair until she found a pin and worked on trying to pick the lock open. "I’m not homeless. I just won the alley for my new territory. The dumpsters are nice. And I told you that I like your feathers? I would like to touch them and maybe have one! I can trade something if you want. What would you like to have?" Click! The lock turned and she opened up the door. -09:20 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "Because they make people look at me and break into my house and foolow me around and ask questions and I just want to be left alone." he said facing the door. "I really really don’t want to hurt you but you just broke into my bedroom and… fine just take a feather. I give up." he folded his arms and turned his back on her. Why did this kind of thing always happen to him. "And you smeel like garbage,: -09:23 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Yay! She reached out and= stopped. She smelled? Taro looked at her hands. Very, very dirty. Smudged with dirt and grease and goodness knew what else. Rat, most likely. She retracted her hands without touching, pouting because she still really wanted to. "I should be clean, then. I don’t want to get your feathers all dirty. I will wash!" She didn’t seem to notice his discomfort at all, and was now bouncy down the hall looking for the bathroom. -09:26 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: She left… giving his time to get a shirt on and head for the window again… his first instinct was to run, leave and hang out somewhere. Someone had invaded his home and was refusing to leave. He woulld need to bar the window and then come in at the front every night. That was going to suck. He went to the kitchen and retrieved hsi tea before going back into the bedroom adn closing the door for all the good that would do… -09:34 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Splashysplashy washywashy! Tarohi couldn’t figure out how to work the shower, so she wound up filling the tub to near overflowing and splashing about. Apparently she was REALLY REALLY DIRTY because it took a great deal of hard scrubbing to get many splotches off her skin and now it was a bit raw. Her hair was just as bad and a tangled mess to get through. Especially when she found things she had stuck in there for safe keeping and forgot all about. When she climbed out, she left a muddy, watery mess all over the bathroom. Her dirty clothes were left sodden on the floor too. With a towel on her head as she dried her hair, she was a very naked human when she waltzed in to his bedroom unannounced. "Am I clean enough now? My clothes are dirty too and I tried to wash them in the bath, but the water was all icky. Your soap smells very nice." -09:40 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "AAH!" he shielded his eyes from the person entering his bedroom. "Put something on." he pulled a blanket from his bed and covered his face so he wouldn’t see her. "Please. You’re naked and I just can’t… Why are you naked amd why…" she had to be on drugs, -09:44 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: "I told you, my clothes are too dirty." Tarohi glanced behind her, then to the side. "I don’t have any clean ones." She resumed drying her hair to the best of her ability and just wrapped the towel around herself. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and tugged at the blanket he was hiding under. "I forget people are scared of naked thing. I can’t remember why… but I am wearing a towel now! I won’t hurt you? And I am clean! I can touch your wings?" -09:48 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "he reached out for a shirt to throw at her and faited several seconds before uncovering his face. "Fine… just… why?" He kept his eyes closed and kept sitting on the flood still half expecting her to stab him. Hobo on drugs… this was perfect. so perfect. -09:50 Nov 30 Paul
Tarohi: Taro turned the shirt this way and that until she figured out how it worked, then she pulled it over her head. Smoothing it down, she resumed her mission plan. Stepping up cloooose to the winged thing, and ever so gingerly reaching out a finger to poke a feathered wing. He was saying it was fine, but behaving differently. Tarohi did not want to get bitten. "Because I want to? I like feathers. Is that a bad thing? …Hmm. Maybe I have tresspassed again." She retracted her hand, fingers curling as she rest them against her chin in a thoughtful expression. "It was bad to come the window, wasn’t it? I am supposed to know on doors, I think." -09:55 Nov 30 Tarohi
Paul: "Yes. Coming into a person’s home without permission is bad." he said. "I should call the police." he turned his mug in his hands and looked down into it. "So why havn’t I?" -10:01 Nov 30 Paul

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