His Own Bearer 001: I am not the One (TBC)

[Tergon Is an emidio, an Emidio with quest.] -07:10 Feb 24
[Caleigh is packing up to leave on an extented job. As far as everyone is concerned, she is a jewelry expert about to leave to hunt down rare gems!] -07:10 Feb 24
Caleigh: She already pulled on her jacket, glancing around her small, humble little home in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere, for anything she might have forgotten. Tools, paperwork… a gun and knife or two. Wait, her research. She needed that. Caleigh dug around in the scattered papers and maps all over her desk. -07:13 Feb 24
Tergon: The door opened and in walked a man, heavily armed and looking like he’d walked halfway around the world. "Jewler." he called out before there was a clatter of an anulet being dropped onto the counter. "What can you tell me about this?" It was very clearly ancient, and very important, but very few had ever seen it or even knew about it… -07:15 Feb 24
Caleigh: "This isn’t a business, what the fuck dude." Caleigh had nearly pulled a gun on him when he came stomping through the door. The only saving grace was that she tended to expect the local old hag to come barging in with leftovers. "It’s a shiny gold amulet. Older than this entire planet most likely. It and you don’t belong here." After a second glance at it, it almost looked familiar. But she was a little bit too busy to deal with ill-timed strangers. "Come back in three weeks and I could take a better look." -07:20 Feb 24
Tergon: "That isn’t an option." he said. "You know that this is and it you looked at it you’d know why it’s here… so I’ll just leave it here." he turned around and took a step towards the door. "You’ll know how to find me when the tome comes." -07:23 Feb 24
Caleigh: "Seriously, guy. I don’t have the time for all this playing it mysterious mumbo jumbo." In her frustration, she dropped her bag to move over to the counter. Dropping her hands on both sides of the amulet without touching as she leaned to take a look. "Huh… Now where did you get a little thing like this…" Her hackles were raised. It looked like an ancient god’s talisman. A vampiric sea god. And if she had her lore right, the one that spawned the hugest assholes in the entire universe. "Get this thing out of my shop, Emidio." -07:30 Feb 24
Tergon: He laughed. "No, it’s yours now. It told me so. You’re just going to have to find a bearer and deal with it." he opened the door to step out/ Good luck saving the world, you’ll know where to fing me." -07:32 Feb 24
Caleigh: "There’s no way in hell I’m touching this thing." One touch was all it took to spawn off some crazyass destiny shit! And anyone that worked in the kind of areas she did, knew that an Emidio + Amulet = trouble. "Besides, you can’t just GIVE it to a bearer. That’s not how it works." Caleigh pushed away from the counter and went pack to stuffing her things in to a small bag. "Take it with you, or it’s just going to sit there while I’m gone." -07:35 Feb 24
Tergon: "It’s already touched you." he said "So it you touch it or not it makes no difference. You should know that. If you go or if you stay it doesn’t make any difference, it will be here. So good luck, and I’ll see you soon." he stepped out and closed the door, his -07:50 Feb 24
Caleigh: For the love of fuck! Caleigh didn’t have time for all of this! Leaving her stuff aside again, she snatched up the amulet off the table and stomped right after him. Chucking it at his back before he got too far. "Don’t pull that messenger bullshit on me! I am not an Emidio, I am not a bearer, and there is no way I’m going to tolorate you sprouting little angel wings and jumping in to my business whenever you get some burr up your ass!" -07:59 Feb 24

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