001 Inside the World of an Author

Rori has no idea what the @$#%^ is going on. She must be dreaming. [06:50 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *Heinrich is searching for a secluded place to work. People tend to frown on the whole ‘Power of the Netherworld’ thing, even if he isn’t raising the dead at this particular moment….* [m | 06:51 Nov 08]
Rori: *Now that she is sopping wet, despite having stole some robes from those kooky old monks back at that temple… Now she’s trying to figure out what one does when you’re in a foreign town. A familiar foreign town. ..She needs a police officer and a western union!* [f | 06:54 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *He turned a corner, into an alleyway…and there was a monk at the other end….he froze.* Easy, Heinrich. Maybe she won’t see you. That is why you wear dark clothes, after all…. he thought, as he broke out into a slight sweat. [m | 06:58 Nov 08]
Rori: *She presses a hand against the wall to hold herself balanced as she pulls off one of her shoes and dumps out the excess water. That was driving her ma-… Who the hell is that and what is he wearing? She spies at the man at the corner. …She glanced at the shoe in her hand for a moment. Well, it was as good as a weapon as any.* Don’t get any ideas, buddy. I’m loaded down with weapons under these robes. [f | 07:01 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Shit, I’ve been seen…wait…she isn’t attacking me! Maybe she thought I was a thief? I’m not gonna stick around and find out! *He raised a hand, palm up, and curled his fingers apart in a motion that called a dark mist up from the ground, hiding him from view. As soon as the mist began to rise, he turned and ran down the street like a cutpurse!* [m | 07:03 Nov 08]
Rori: Well, what the shit?! *Staring she.. well what was she supposed to do, he pulled one of those ninja smoke moves and took off! First monks and now armored ninja! Rori slid her shoe back on. This is where an insane person chased the guy down and demanded answers. SHE was going to do the smart thing and look for a telephone!* Bloody Christ, what is with this place. [f | 07:06 Nov 08]
At this point in any story, is where things really get out of hand. It seems those monks back at the temple have sent out guarded and armed search party looking for “a woman in strange clothes!” and they need her back at the temple immediately! (07:09 Nov 08)
Rori: *Had almost stepped out in to the street again when she heard the discussion! That’s… not a good thing. Time to make like the stranger and book it! She moves right back in to the alley. Better to take the back way through town.* [f | 07:11 Nov 08]
Roaxil is one of the monk who get asigned to take the woman back. [07:11 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *a pair of monks appeared around a bend in the street, heading towards Heinrich!* Shit, not good! Tonight, really isn’t my night! *Heinrich spun around and began running the other way, back where he’d come, almost falling as he completely reverses his momentum. Rounding another bend, he skidded to a stop, nearly running headlong into Rori* SHIT! [m | 07:16 Nov 08]
Rori: *Rori froze! There was that smoke ninja again! Christ Damn! He seemed about as startled to see her though, she raised a finger to her mouth to shush him, and darted in to an open doorway!* [f | 07:18 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *she just..shushed him and hid in a doorway? He blinked, startled, and then followed suit.* What did you do, *he whispered,* beat up a monk and steal his robes? [m | 07:20 Nov 08]
Somebody must have heard something, there comes armored footsteps down the alley! (07:21 Nov 08)
Rori: I didn’t have to beat anybody, they were just lying there. You- *She clamped her mouth shut at the sound of footsteps. They were going to get cornered. Maybe he’d make a good shield and distraction while she ran?* [f | 07:23 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Shit. They’re coming, *he whispered.* Do you know how to get to the south gate from here? *he held his hand clenched in a fist, palm-up, and waited for her to respond* [m | 07:29 Nov 08]
Rori: I don’t even know where here is! *She hissed! He looked like he was going to do that smoke trick again, and she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity, she prepared to run!* [f | 07:30 Nov 08]
Step. Step. Step! The footsteps were right there…! (07:31 Nov 08)
Heinrich: Dammit, I’m screwed. Well, then, *he said as he opened his fist as he had before, but then jerked his fingers inward as though he were grabbing at something. The mist rose as before, but this time it grabbed at the monks outside in the street! Heinrich bolted, leaving the doorway at full tilt, headed down the street!* STAY CLOSE TO ME! [m | 07:34 Nov 08]
Rori: ..!! *There would be time for questions later, but now she darted after him, not bothering to spare a look back!* [f | 07:35 Nov 08]
They’ve been attacked! Worse, by a necromancer! And it seems he has the woman they’re seeking under some sort of spell, and he’s making off with her! There’s shouts to the others as they’ve located their target, and a chase is issued! (07:36 Nov 08)
Heinrich: *He kept on running full-tilt, as it was never a good idea for a necromancer to slow down when being chased. He dodged down an alley, then into a market square, where he barreled through the square, dodging around some people, simply running over others. At the far end of the square, he paused for a half-second to raise that dark mist in the eastbound alley, then took off again down the west!* [m | 07:40 Nov 08]
Heinrich enters. [07:41 Nov 08]
Rori: *He was running way too damned fast, and she was so lcuky that she had chosen sneakers today instead of those god awful heels! It still didn’t stop her from near skidding in to walls, almost tripping over the street or having to do a very crazy looking spin to avoid an old lady with a cane! She almost wanted scream “Are we there yet!” but needed all the air she could get!* [f | 07:45 Nov 08]
Monks with armed guards, despite mostly being a bunch of old geezers, really know how to hoof it through a city! Now with the added threat of a necromancer, they are armed with weapons and are calling for the gates to be closed! Every single one of them! (07:46 Nov 08)
Heinrich: *he skidded to a stop at the end of an alley that dead-ended into the city walls, and began panting, out of breath* A’right…well…we aren’t….going….to be able to…..use the gates now. So…..we’ll have….to go over. [m | 07:48 Nov 08]
Rori: *She stopped so suddenly, she about hit the wall hard enough to knocked herself back over. She leaned her back against it, barely even able to hiss out a few words.* Are you.. kidding me?! *She glanced up t the top of the wall… There was no way anyone could climb that! Not even if they weren’t half dead out of breath!* [f | 07:51 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *he waited a moment to catch his breath before he spoke* No, I’m not. *he granned a crate from the wall of the alley and dragged it over against the wall* Would you rather try your luck at the gate? [m | 07:53 Nov 08]
Rori: *She growled something akin to smartass, as she looked up again. There was no way.* We’re going to break something. All right, but that crate is too short. [f | 07:57 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Smartass. *he grabbed a barrel and set it on top of the crate.* I know, *he said, and climbed up on to the barrel* Come on, climb up. I’ll boost you over. [m | 07:58 Nov 08]
Rori: This is not going to end well. *She grumbled, climbing on to the precariously placed crate and barrel and praying jumping off a wall is no different than leaping off a set of monkey bars!* [f | 08:01 Nov 08]
“Hey you!” It seems the armed monks finally came across the dead end alley! “Don’t you dare go over that wall! We need that woman!” (08:03 Nov 08)
Heinrich: *he crouched down and grabbed her by the calves, hoisting her up so that she could grab the top of the wall with a grunt* Once you grab hold, pull yourself up, *he said between grunts,* and when you jump off, remember to roll. [m | 08:03 Nov 08]
Rori: *Oh sure, it was easy to suggest it, but not as easy to DO it! But at those monks shouts, she didn’t linger, she dragged herelf up on top of the wall as quickly as possibly. Those days at the gym were good for something! She slung both legs over the edge of the wall… Here goes nothing! She jumps, taking the landing with more spring than she expected, but coming out in one peice!* [f | 08:06 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *as soon as his hands were free, he made a gesture, and the gap between him and the monks darkened and gave a sense that it was hungry…part Netherworldly effect, part illusion. He turned and jumped as soon as the woman was clear, grabbing the top of the wall, scrabbling over and landing awkwardly on the other side.* [m | 08:15 Nov 08]
There’s many shouts and screams on the other side of the wall! One of which is sending people to open the gates! (08:16 Nov 08)
Rori: *She’s scrambling to her feet and dusting herself off… There’s a forest out here! Like a real green pushy and ungroomed forest!* Don’t tell me we’re going through there! *She pointed an arm at the trees.* There’s not a car, or a better place to hide? [f | 08:18 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *he didn’t bother dusting himself off as he clambered to his feet* What in the Nether Worlds is a car? *he grabbed the front of her robe and plunged into the woods.* We’re going to hide out at the old tower… [m | 08:23 Nov 08]
Rori: *Rori ended up more concerned where her feet were going to complain about getting dragged, but the sound of an old tower and the lack of knowing what a car was didn’t leave much room for comfort!* I knew it. I’m in a coma. I bang my head in that fire, and now I’m near brain dead in a hospital somewhere dreaming my youth away! [f | 08:25 Nov 08]
Heinrich: What the hell are you babbling about, woman? *he stopped, looked around for a moment, then let go of her robe* Good, I think we lost them. [m | 08:29 Nov 08]
The forest is silent save for the scurrying of animals and the wind through the trees! A good sign! …for now! (08:29 Nov 08)
Rori: You and this entire place is a figment of my imagination. It’s-… oh… Ha ha! Actually it really is! I just realized what town we just barreled through! Now I know I’m in a coma! …. well, shit. *What brief moment of relief she had disappeared just as quickly. For a coma, this sure was real feeling.* I suppose a coma isn’t like a dream, it would seem more realistic. [f | 08:32 Nov 08]
Heinrich: She’s cracked. *Heinrich raised an eyebrow at the woman* Are you sure you’re all right? Because you’re babbling a lot of nonsense at me. [m | 08:35 Nov 08]
Rori: Oh, like you’re a basket of sanity yourself with your smokey mist and escaping from monks. *She accused, casting him a narrow glance.* Are you a criminal? Thief? Bandit? Serial killer? [f | 08:38 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Very funny, *he said, his tone icy.* Yes, joke all you want, it’s not like I haven’t heard them before. But let me set you straight. Just because I am a necromancer, does NOT make me a grave robber, nor does it mean I kill people just so I can raise them as some kind of undead servants. Even for a seasoned necromancer, raising fucking corpses and grabbing their decidedly unwilling souls, stuffing them into back into the body, and bending them to your will isn’t easy. And it’s not much point doing it without the soul bit, because then you might as well have a golem that falls apart at the first stiff breeze! So NO. I DON’T kill people for shits and giggles, NO, I DON’T rob graves, and NO, I DON’T GO AROUND RAISING FUCKING ZOMBIES! NO SANE NECROMANCER DOES! [m | 08:46 Nov 08]
Rori: *If Rori was startled atbeing shouted at, she didn’t show it. Instead she was staring at him with an examining gaze, trying to figure him out.* At least I know why you’re so antsy around those old kooks. You’re not one of my characters, so you must not know about the secret necromancy cult that plans to ruin the Darlandon family. Hmm. *tearing her gaze away from him she glanced arouns the forest and starting walking in a direction that she hoped made sense.* I wonder if that part of the story happened yet. Or is this supposed to be the 7th book? I didn’t plan on having a necromancer… [f | 08:51 Nov 08]
Heinrich: A….wait, what? A cult? Some bonehead started a ….gaaaah! *he grabbed his hair and started to pull* Dammit! The Darlandons never did anything to us! What would a bunch of ‘mancers be going after them for? I… *he stopped mid-rant* Wait. Characters? Book? What are you talking about, woman!? [m | 08:54 Nov 08]
Rori: *She just waved a hand as if to excuse his ranting, at least a little pleased that she had discovered a path, if not a faint one rigt there in the woods. Maybe it was to the tower he mentioned? She didn’t write anything about a tower yet either.* It has something to do with Talin’s disappearing, I had only gotton past the first few chapters before the fire. …I wonder if I have brain damage, or if my heart is being pumped by machines. hmm. [f | 08:57 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, woman. I would have heard about it if Talin Darlandon had gone missing. That’s not the kind of thing that escapes peoples’ notice! *he walked after her. Yes, she was, in fact, on the path to the Tower* What are you on about? Brain damage? Fire? Your heart being pumped by machines? [m | 09:01 Nov 08]
Rori: You aren’t a character IN the story, of course you wouldn’t know he vanished. His son Ronan has taken over the Clan now, and his other son Ryven is questing to find him. *She sighed with that annoyed air, stopping to turn and stare at him again.* I’m a writer. I write the Moonlight Shadows series.. it’s about… well.. Talin Darlandon and his family. I was working on the seventh boo, there was this fire, and I wound up in the Temple fountain. So Obviously, I am in a coma, probably dying and dreaming this whole thing up before I die. [f | 09:07 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I wouldn’t….OF COURSE I would know, he’s incredibly visible! The whole country would know, unless it just happened yesterday! *he sighed* Look, I can tell you this much. You aren’t dying. I would be able to tell. It’s one of the fringe benefits of being a necromancer. [m | 09:13 Nov 08]
Rori: You’re a figment of my imagination, of course you would say that. *She couldn’t hide that expression that he thought he was completely daft. She started walking again.* I suppose techinically it did all happen yesterday. I don’t know why I’m dreaming the whole thing like this… Urora was supposed to be me, and she’s never an active character. [f | 09:17 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I…I AM NOT A FIGMENT OF ANYONE’S IMAGINATION! Gaaaaah. Look, the tower’s just ahead. Can you please refrain from insulting me at least until we get there? [m | 09:20 Nov 08]
Rori: Believe me, if I were insulting you, you’d know it! … What is this tower all about, anyone? I don’t have any towers in the story either. *She leans to try and get a good view of it from around all the trees. Maybe like a Rapunzel type thing? Or a mad old world scientist…* [f | 09:22 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Maybe the reason you don’t have a tower in this story of yours is because YOU. ARE. NOT. THE. CREATOR. You’re cracked. Anyways. It’s an old enchanter’s tower. He liked to be left alone when he was alive. Now he’s dead, he likes company, so he’s always pretty chatty when I come around. [m | 09:25 Nov 08]
Rori: It’s not like I have to proove myself to you, you’re not even part of the story! *The enchanter in the tower sounded interesting though. Maybe she’s dreaming ideas for the book? Maybe the original idea wasn’t the right direction..* Oooh… You know. Maybe you will be a part of the story after all. What better conflict than a necromancer that wants to clear away the prejudice? Hmm. Would make a good twist. [f | 09:29 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I…fine. Screw it, I’m not going to fight anymore. Suppose I am a character rattling around in that thick skull of yours. Well, you’re here now. Not out…wherever. So you’d best stick to what IS, and not what MAY BE. [m | 09:31 Nov 08]
Rori: *She laughs!* Are you actually offended? What if I told you I were a goddess, and I control the strings of fate? Would that be more reasonable? [f | 09:36 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I would find it marginally more believable, I suppose. If you’d said that from the beginning. [m | 09:39 Nov 08]
Rori: Then do that, it’s what those old kooks think, anyway. [f | 09:41 Nov 08]
Heinrich: If that’s what the clergy thinks, then why are they chasing you? *they’d made it to the overgrown tower, and Heinrich shoved open the door with a grunt of effort, then walked inside* [m | 09:43 Nov 08]
Rori: *Walking inside she glanced around, taking in the description of the place… It was definitely old! There were vines growing on the walls inside, and probably years worth of dust on the floor. If he hung around here, he never cleaned…* If you were a religious priest, and you met a goddess… would you let her walk about before performing some miracles? [f | 09:48 Nov 08]
Heinrich: A goddess? Like, In the flesh? Don’t care who I was, I’d be groveling. Do you think I’d honestly be stupid enough to risk pissing off a freaking deity? [m | 09:50 Nov 08]
Rori: Well they did grovel. That’s about when I decide it was a good idea to leave. *She picked up a book after brushing away a few layers of dust. The Busty Enchantress. Well, someone had naughty taste…* [f | 09:52 Nov 08]
Heinrich: ((The wife is stealing me! Shall we continue later?)) [m | 09:58 Nov 08]
Rori: (okies! XD) [f | 09:59 Nov 08]
Rori has left. [[10:05 Nov 08]]
Heinrich is retrieving the emergency supplies he’d stashed in the tower. [07:06 Nov 13]
Heinrich: ((Color check)) [m | 07:06 Nov 13]
Rori is snooping over books, because books is what she does! [07:08 Nov 13]
Rori: 101 Ways to Ignite Rocks…. how does this even make sense? *She picks out another book! There’s dozen of them here, and all of them are ridiculous!* [f | 07:11 Nov 13]
A misty, half-visible form coalesced on the spiral stairs to the next level of the tower. “Well, then, who’s this, Heinrich? It isn’t like you to bring guests.” (07:13 Nov 13)
Heinrich: Well, he was a bit….oh, hello, Vellin. She’s not a guest, er, per se….. [m | 07:14 Nov 13]
Rori: *Rori jumped, before she cursed herself for getting surprised at something in her own dreams. She cast a sidelong glance at the misty form…* I am a fugitive, really. [f | 07:16 Nov 13]
“Hardly surprising, if you’re here with Heinrich. I’m afraid Necromancers have rather become undesirables since my day. Tell me, are you yourself a practitioner of the magical arts?”
(07:17 Nov 13)

Rori: No. I write stories and create worlds… *Well, this was just too intriuging to pass up! Rori had slowly set aside the book she was snooping through to move curiously toward the misty figure… She planned on poking at it!* [f | 07:19 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *he pulled some food and a cookset out of the pack, and moved over to the (noticeably less dusty) stove and began preparing a meal, content to let Rori and Vellin bandy words on their own* [m | 07:23 Nov 13]
The Enchanter’s ghost floated down the stairs, bobbing as if he were in fact walking. “I’m quite intangible, I assure you. Hm…write stories and create worlds? That seems to reminisce of the old gods…I can’t quite remember the name….get that book for me, will you? The one labelled ‘The Busty Enchantress.’” (07:26 Nov 13)
Rori: *She didn’t resist passing a hand through one of his shoulders, before obligingly (yet not without the rolling eyes) picking up the Busty Enchantress… and wondering if intangible ghosts can actually hold physical objects. The thought was clear across her face.* You’re not going to tell me that this old book is anything more than a wizard’s smut novel, are you? Cause I’m just going to laugh. *If she tossed the book to him, would he catch it or would it fly through his head?* [f | 07:31 Nov 13]
“If I were still alive, that might offend me, you know. That book is, in fact, [i]The Compendium of the Gods[/i], quite old, and deemed heretical by the Urorian church. Hence the fact that it is mislabelled. Although I was slightly dissappointed to have to burn my copy of that particular novel. Anyways, do me a favor and turn to page four hundred and seventy-three? I believe that is where the section detailing historian gods begins.” (07:34 Nov 13)
Rori: Clever Enchanter. *She cast him an amused look, before flipping through the pages to the correct spot, with a bit of an over exagerated flourish. For a coma-dream, this was playing out much like one of her novels… But she wasn’t so sure about having herself as one of the character cast. It was a little bizarre.* I hope you’re not going to tell me, there’s been others like me before… Because I am not so sure I believe a dream-ghost. [f | 07:37 Nov 13]
“Well, historian gods have been rather a staple of the world for millenia, if that’s what you mean. And there have been tales of their avatars manifesting….Hmm, turn the page, would you?” (07:41 Nov 13)
Rori: *She turns the page as instructed, hardly taking the time to read, but rather watching the ghost.* I thought I might have been a fantasy novel genius, but now I think I must be crazy. Why on earth would I want to be a goddess in my own stories. Gods are damned and blamed for everything. And.. that’s so amatuer. Fanfic writers do that! [f | 07:43 Nov 13]
“Well, it is commonly assumed that gods do not assume their duties out of a desire to do so, but because those duties are their entire reason for being….ah, here we are. Page five hundred and ten, if you please. Buerae the Chronicler.” (07:47 Nov 13)
Rori: *That caught her attention. She created Urora, the moonlight goddess… not anyone named Buerae! She flipped quickly to the correct page and read!* What is all of this! I didn’t-… wait… Ha, don’t panic Rori, you’re in a coma-dream. You don’t control dreams, they just happen and don’t make sense! And this, doesn’t make any sense… *She skims over the pages, chewing on her bottom lip…* [f | 07:51 Nov 13]
“Buerae was the Historian to the Queen of the Gods, Rennith, approximately two thousand years ago. Near the end of the Nether Empire, around the time of the seventh Dragonsmeet, she sent an avatar down from the heavens. A mortal who was her, but was not. This mortal severely altered the flow of history, and brought about the fall of the Empire and the binding of Rennith into a mortal shell, though she perished in the binding. In the years of chaos that followed Rennith’s binding, Buenae fell silent, as did many gods, and new deities arose, foremost among them being the Moonlit Goddes, Urora, having taken up the mantle of Night, and, unbeknownst to most, the duties of the fallen Goddess of History.” (08:04 Nov 13)
Rori: What?! That’s… That doesn’t even… Wow. *The range of emotions across her face was shocked, annoyance, and then a very apparent sort of appreciative curiosity! She was now studying through the book with much more interest!* Imagine the depth to the entire series if that were to come in to the plot… The origins of the gods and how they-… Oh damn, but what about the Necromancer! He’s really out of place as it is… I wonder his connection.. *Those wheels in her head were turning… she was plotting!* [f | 08:09 Nov 13]
Heinrich: You did hear the whole “Nether Empire” bit, right? They’re the ones that gave Necromancers a bad name. Imagine if some random country started whacking people just because they were followers of Urora. That was what the Nether Empire did. They were all dedicated to Ethrin, the God of Decay. He’s one of the few that didn’t fade away during the time of chaos, but most necromancers steer clear of him because, I am given to understand, he tends to cause our sanity to decay. That’s the bargain he extracts from every follower. Great power at a great price. Anyways, I worship Mirel myself. [m | 08:16 Nov 13]
Rori: Ethrin… that is the one Demerick worships, and he is the yet to be discovered son of Aonghus Aerleas, the one Talin Darlandon killed and-… Oooh… He must be a Necromancer himself, and possibly did something to Talin… *There she was mumbling parts of the story again, trying to piece it together in her head.* He’s going to destroy the whole Darlandon clan and take over the Lordship for himself… Ha! And what better way to stop a Necromancer than with a Necromancer! [f | 08:23 Nov 13]
“I’m afraid that’s all the detail that the Compendium has on Buerae….I’d thought I had more information…Hm. You’ll have to look. At any rate, I find it likely that, unless you’re as deluded as Heinrich seems to think, you are the avatar of Urora.” (08:25 Nov 13)
Rori: *She cast an amused side glance at the ghost.* Avatar, creator, goddess, or writer.. It doesn’t really matter, it’s the story that’s important, and if I ever wake up… this will be brilliant! Ronan is busy being Lord of Ordhagen, and Ryven is looking for Talin… It’s the perfect time for someone to sneak in with something dreadfully evil, and Heinrich is the one to do something about it! *What a smile! She expects im to in on the quest without question!* [f | 08:31 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Hey, now! I’m having enough problems just keeping my hide in one piece! I don’t want to decorate some Uroran crusader’s mantle! [m | 08:32 Nov 13]
Rori: You need a partner. I would have made sure it was a man, maybe a holy priest for conflict, or a humble villager with a Hero complex.. But I am here instead. A woman, then? I hate modeling characters after myself… What do you think? Should I be a warrior amazonian from the North, or maybe some daft teenager that starts trouble for you? [f | 08:35 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Uh…I’m going to go with the old coot, no offensse, Vellin, and say that you’re the slightly barmy Avatar of the goddess Urora. [m | 08:36 Nov 13]
“No offense is taken, Heinrich. I am an old coot, or rather, I was. At any rate, why don’t you settle in for the night? There is a bedchamber on the second floor that, thanks to preservational magicks, is relatively intact. I’ll poke around in the mean time and see what I’ve forgotten about the various…things…I’ve accumulated over the years.” (08:39 Nov 13)
Rori: *Rori blinked, obviously not appreciating the statement.* I am not a part of the story, I am a filler for a real person to take my place… *She blinked at the ghost’s suggestion… She was tired. Odd that you needed sleep in a dream…* [f | 08:41 Nov 13]
Heinrich: You keep claiming that you’re the only ‘real’ person here. [m | 08:46 Nov 13]
“Well, I’ll leave you two to it.” With that, Vellin fades from view, and the sound of him muttering to himself retreats up the stairs. (08:49 Nov 13)
Rori: You are a smartass, aren’t you. Going to be a pain to work with.. *She mumbled, turning away to start up the steps and explore that upstairs chamber.* I always write characters so much more charming… [f | 08:52 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Yah, well, how charming would you be if you’d just been run out of town because of a crazy woman who first claims to be the avatar of a Goddess, then claims not to be. Hey, I just cooked dinner, you want any? [m | 08:54 Nov 13]
Rori: *Rori stopped halfway on the stairs to turn and cast him the most high and mighty look she could dig up!* I am not even from this world, and as far as I’m concerned all of this could be a figment of my imagination. I am expected to be confused. *She seemed to be considering whether or not she was actually hungry. Did you have to eat in dreams? Her stomach seemed to think so… Rori started back down the steps.* [f | 08:57 Nov 13]
Heinrich: I’ll grant you that much, but you don’t have to take it out on me, dammit! Anyways. Beans and jerked beef for dinner. It’s not great, but it’ll stick to your ribs. [m | 09:01 Nov 13]
Rori: Who am I supposed to take it out on? I could go mad with the delerium otherwise. *Rori slid in to a chair at a table, not seeming to mind a humble diner. She was a writer, after all. Not some screenplay actress or director.* ..Are you going to go on a mission to save the world, or will you be one of the difficult characters that refuses any part of it, even though it’s all happening anyway? [f | 09:08 Nov 13]
Heinrich: I’m not going on any “great quests!” Are you crazy? I’d get killed! Or banished to the Netherworld, which, despite the fact that I work with its energies, is not a pleasant place! Look, I’m a mediocre necromancer on the outs with the Uroran church. I’m not even in a position to save myself. [m | 09:11 Nov 13]
Rori: But that’s the way it should be! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! You could protect Ordhagen from an evil Necromancer cult, make a better name for Necromancers, prove your worth, and be immortilized in myth! Do you want me to protect you? I might be able to find you a body guard if I’m clever enough… [f | 09:13 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *He sighed and dug into his bowl of beans-and-meat. After a moment, he looked up again.* Look…how about we focus on not getting caught by the Urorans for now? Do a little research, see what Vellin digs up before we do anything. Just table the whole discussion until tomorrow morning. [m | 09:16 Nov 13]
Rori: *She didn’t seem to like the idea, but conceeded. She ate slowly, chewing more on what she thought would be more appropriate conversation than plotting their fates!* All right. Then what do we discuss, if not the world… Idle chit chat? Personal lives? [f | 09:19 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Well…why don’t we talk about you? You know about me, i think maybe it’s my turn for a bit of information. [m | 09:22 Nov 13]
Rori: *She blinked.* I write books. There’s really not much else to me. I like hot drinks while I write, and my editor likes sending me to crazy places to inspire more interesting novels. [f | 09:25 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Uh…okay. So….how’d you wind up here? If you don’t mind me asking. [m | 09:28 Nov 13]
Rori: Hmm… I was having problems recently… A lot of rotton luck. My editor thought the stress was getting to me and said I needed a vacation. So I was just at home writing out the outline for this new book and I fell asleep. Next thing I knew the whole damned house was on fire, I fell through the floor in to this huge pool of water and when I popped back up I was in the Temple with those old crazy monks staring at me like I was sent from heaven. I really think I must be in the hospital somewhere dreaming this whole thing. [f | 09:31 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Well…what if you’re not in a..um…hospital, whatever that is, somewhere? What if you actually are here? [m | 09:35 Nov 13]
Rori: That wouldn’t make sense, cause it would mean I’m either in another dimension, or inside the book itself. And considering there’s more here than what is apparent in the series, I’m not in the book… *Rori chewed on her spoon thoughtfully…* I don’t know if I want to know, it’ll shake my whole idea of the universe and I might go mad with panic… [f | 09:38 Nov 13]
Heinrich: If it were me, honestly, I’d rather believe that I were alive in some other world, than that I were dying and trapped in my mind. But, then, that’s me. [m | 09:49 Nov 13]
Rori: *Rori considering the suggestion, but the look across her face didn’t show she was convinced.* Hrm… But if I am actually, really here… Everything I thought I knew is crazy upside. And i have either created an entire universe just by writing stories… or… somehow I write stories about a real place and not realize it? It’s… It’s crazy. [f | 09:52 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Maybe it has something to do with the nature of Historian gods? I dunno. *he set his bowl down next to the stove.* Tell you what, I’ll clean up here. Why don’t you find that bedchamber Vellin was talking about? I don’t know how ready-to-use it is, or how many beds there are, or what have you. Meantime, i’ll clean up from dinner. [m | 09:58 Nov 13]
Rori: *Eyech! She’s given herself the willies just trying to think about it! She pushes her bowl away and stands slowly.* It would be the worse thing to realize that all this time I wasn’t just writing stories, but actually meddling with people’s lives. *Rori muttered… That was more than she wanted to think about. She moved across the room to start up the steps again.* It just has to be a dream. [f | 10:00 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *Heinrich didn’t reply. He just shrugged and began cleaning the detritus from their meal.* [m | 10:02 Nov 13]
Rori: *Brushing her hand against her forehead, she acsended the stairs, to find the bedchamber… And that ghost. Christ, that would make ghosts, enchanters and necromancers real too. That was a lot of unknown factors of all sorts of dangerous possibilities!* Vellin…? Helloooo… don’t pop out suddenly and scare me… [f | 10:05 Nov 13]
Vellin’s voice sounded from up the stairs, near up on the third floor of the tower. “Yes? You need me for something? Oh, I don’t believe I ever did learn your name.” (10:11 Nov 13)
Rori: I’m Rori. *She followed the voice upstairs, stopping here and there to peek inside open doors…* I am supposed to sleep until things are clear, and all I want to do is know more about this place. Maybe you can give me a ghost equivelent of a sleeping pill… [f | 10:16 Nov 13]
“Well, Rori, I’m afraid I can’t give you a ‘sleeping pill,’ by which I assume you mean a draught. I was an enchanter, not a healer, and I’m afraid that those types of effects fall under their province. That’s my laboratory you’re peeking into, by the way. I’m afraid some of my projects were half-finished when I died, and are still rather unstable, so I’d reccommend against going in there.” (10:21 Nov 13)
Rori: Why is it that when someone says “don’t go in there”, you immediately want to take a look? *She hovered at the doorway to the laboratory. If she were dreaming, it’s not like she would actualy get hurt… Maybe just.. cause a big mess. If she were the creator, she’d know what did what… right?* Hmm… It wouldn’t hurt if I took a look… [f | 10:23 Nov 13]
“Actually, it’s rather likely that it will. Unless you’ve a mage talent, unfinished enchantments can have rather nasty effects.” (10:29 Nov 13)
Rori: Well, I’m not going to touch anything. *Curiosity killed the cat, but she’s no kitty. Rori passed through the doorway in to the laboratory, mindful of her step and careful not to accidentally bump in to anything.* [f | 10:32 Nov 13]
“That’s your risk to take, then. It’s not like I can stop you.”
(10:35 Nov 13)

Rori: Consider it a test of my mortality. *She leaned new a table to get an eye level view of all the instruments. How does one tell what’s enchanted or not? A magical type could see the magic itself, or feel it… She wasn’t one of those, it all looked like a big science project to her.* [f | 10:38 Nov 13]
“I feel I should point out that an avatar is, in fact, a mortal that can be harmed by normal means. We’ll soon find out if you’ve a mage talent though.” (10:39 Nov 13)
Rori: You mean when I touch something and it doesn’t explode in my face? *Rori grinned, finding amusement in his seriousness and her own desire to see what exactly did happen when you poked an unfinished Enchanter’s project. She hovered a finger just out of touching reach of a glass container.* ..it won’t summon any hell beasts, will it? [f | 10:42 Nov 13]
“Well, it isn’t supposed to. But then, that is the definition of ‘unstable’.”
(10:46 Nov 13)

Rori: As long as it doesn’t involved hell beasts. *She touched the glass carefully, looking up and around the room in case something sudden and booming decided to rain down on her.* [f | 10:48 Nov 13]
Nothing happens. The glass container falls over. (10:51 Nov 13)
Rori: Ack..! *At least attempts to right the glass container back where it was so there’s no danger of breaking!* That was anti climatic! I half wonder if you’re just messing with me to watch me fuss at stuff like an idiot! [f | 10:53 Nov 13]
“No, actually. that particular glass was undergoing enchantment to become unbreakable, I think. It’s been a long time. At any rate, that’s what the enchantment actually did.” (10:55 Nov 13)
Rori: Very creative, Enchanter… very creative. *It’s always the books that catch her eye, and now she deems the room more likely to be safe than not. She pulls the book in to her hands and flips open the pages.* [f | 10:57 Nov 13]
“Those should be mostly project notes, if I remember correctly.” (11:03 Nov 13)
Rori: The Possibilities of Turning a Frog in to a Prince. Why Gold Plates are Mandatory at Magical Dinners… You’ve very odd project notes. *She flipped past a few more pages, then glanced around the room for something that look familiar to the sketches in the book.* Summoning stone… where is that. That one I’ll avoid. [f | 11:06 Nov 13]
“What can I say, when I was alive, I was noted for being eccentric.” (11:08 Nov 13)
Rori: *Rori placed the book back down, and rest her hands on her hips.* Okay. I think I have satiated my curiosity, and I have all of my body parts to show for it. I am indestructable and possibly even willing to go to sleep. You did have a place to sleep? [f | 11:11 Nov 13]
“I did say there was a bedchamber on the second floor, didn’t I?”
(11:13 Nov 13)

Rori: Right, right. *She moved past the tables, casting them one last glance at the doorway.* Apparently, being in a story makes a person immediately want to seek out any and all trouble. *Rori twitched her mouth as she headed down the stairs again.* [f | 11:17 Nov 13]
Vellin’s voice followed her. “Or it could be that you have an overdeveloped sense of adventure.” (11:18 Nov 13)
Rori: If I wanted adventure, I wouldn’t be a story writer… But I suppose being somewhere so different is a little infectious. *The second floor bedroom was simple to find, and didn’t look nearly as awful as she thought it might… Enchanter’s enchantments?* The Necromancer on the other hand, is an adventure waiting to happen. [f | 11:21 Nov 13]
“He is continually running from adventure, I fear, though it always seems to find him in th end. He doesn’t think he’s ready to take on the world, but if he isn’t careful, then the world will try to take on him.” (11:24 Nov 13)
Rori: *Rori hoped on to the bed, testing to see if it was even going to be sleepable. Hmm.. it would do!* Typical hero, really. Even if I weren’t here to give a push, he was going to end up at odds with something nasty in the near future… …Christ, I hope I don’t make these things happen. Do you think it’s too late to make everything Utopian? [f | 11:26 Nov 13]
“Well, if you’re bound and determined to end the world, then i suppose you could throw in your lot with the God of Decay….” (11:27 Nov 13)
Rori: What? No, I meant-.. nevermind. It was a book. I was thinking along the lines of everything happy and problem free. Then again, maybe ending a whole world is the only way to accomplish that. [f | 11:31 Nov 13]
“Everything isn’t ever going to be happy and problem free. The world simply doesn’t work that way. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go to sleep, and when you and Heinrich get up in the morning, we’ll discuss it more.” (11:36 Nov 13)
Rori: Dash a girl’s ideas, why don’t you. *There was no room to argue, the ghost was right after all! Mumbling about him, the necromancer and the entire place, she slipped herself under the covers and did well to fall asleep quickly!* [f | 11:38 Nov 13]

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