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  • 008 Mekrit (TBC)

    008 Mekrit (TBC)

    [Rori and Ric are in Mekrit, where they are supposed to be on their way to hunt down mercenaries for help…] -01:03 Apr 25 Rori: *Usually by now Rori was complaining at Ric for something insulting, or asking questions. Or arguing with him about how she knows about these cities just as well as he…

  • 007 Slave of Thess

    007 Slave of Thess

    [Heinrich is STILL pissed at Rori for the fairy thing, despite being in sight of the gates at Thess…] -11:52 Nov 29 [Rori and her necromancer \”friend\” were finally getting to town. This won\’t be a totally off-track disaster at ALL!] -11:52 Nov 29 Rori: *Rori was wisely being silent… for once! And not because…

  • 006 Pixie Vexed

    006 Pixie Vexed

    [Rori is still a little awkward about what happened in Hevrai! Luckily, long travel hours make a person forget real quick!] -12:47 Jan 30 Rori: *On the bright side, she was now wearing boots with good ankle support instead of sneakers. That still doesn’t stop her feet from hurting, or the desire to complain about…

  • 005 Taking an Avatar

    005 Taking an Avatar

    Heinrich: *he couldn’t resist. He spoke up as soon as Alina had cleared the doorway and was visible from his perch on the roof.* I really do hope you aren’t going to try and kill me. It would be rather difficult for me to hire you then, wouldn’t it? -03:07 May 13 Alina: :;She didn’t…

  • 004 City of Hevrai

    004 City of Hevrai

    [Rori could beat someone with a stick if she had to, she\’s pretty sure.] -07:09 Mar 30 [Heinrich is sure she could too, but wants to see to it that she can do it WELL.] -07:13 Mar 30 Well, here it is. Hevrai. Heinrich and Rori are at a road junction just outside the main…

  • 003 Who Is the Character and Who is the Writer

    003 Who Is the Character and Who is the Writer

    By sheer luck, or perhaps a good choice of Inns the night was attack-free! Unless you count biting floor beetles. The sounds of local roosters chime in the morning, followed by someone in a neighboring room screaming at the birds to shut up. -Rori Heinrich: *As soon as the rooster crowed, Heinrich was awake and…

  • 002 Trouble for Rori

    002 Trouble for Rori

    Heinrich: *When Rori wakes up in the morning, Heinrich is slumped in a chair near the bed. A dagger is stuck into the floor beneath one of his hands, a whetstone under the other. He is snoring faintly.* [m | 11:41 Nov 13] Rori: …what the shit…? *Slowly, she sat up, rubbing her head and…

  • 001 Inside the World of an Author

    001 Inside the World of an Author

    Rori has no idea what the @$#%^ is going on. She must be dreaming. [06:50 Nov 08] Heinrich: *Heinrich is searching for a secluded place to work. People tend to frown on the whole ‘Power of the Netherworld’ thing, even if he isn’t raising the dead at this particular moment….* [m | 06:51 Nov 08]…

  • Aurora “Rory” McNair

    Aurora “Rory” McNair

    Author of a popular fantasy series called MOONLIGHT SHADOW. She is writing her 7th book and gets sucked in to the world she’s written about for years. Part of the Moonlight Shadow plot.