Waterlogged 001: Internet Dating

[Daisuke logs on to his skype after a shitty day of classes and work.] -06:03 Feb 24
[Dr0wnedG1rl53 Is the internet alias for a real life Nix, a water nymph who is lonely and can’t talk to humans.] -06:04 Feb 24
Daisuke: Daisuke was not creative. Or rather, he was SUPER creative, but could never decide on a cool and badass username. $had0wC1an? bikeWARRIOR? VAGINAMANCER69? In the end he always just logged on with his name. Because he couldn’t make up his mind. The first thing he did was start trolling his favorite girl. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. wassup gurl. He was so funny on the internet! Why couldn’t he do this in real life? -06:11 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: She was sitting alone in her apparertment. The information agehad let her get a job online, rent a single room studio, and even order food with out ever talking to anyone, not that aanyone would want to see an omen of death. Creative as always with your name. she shot back immediatly like she had been waiting for him to get online. "Just the use. Wuddup there?" -06:14 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: work, dude, work. som old geezer kept complain’ bout his coffee not being hot so i dumped it in his lap He didn’t actually do that. But it sounded cool. Shit! He should have said he splashed hot coffee in his face! That was way cooler! at least my name isn’t dumb Yeah, buuurn. -06:17 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: you’re a terrible person. can the reply. do you really think it’s funny to ruin peoples’ days? she was frowning at the screen. Daisuke was always mean. -06:20 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "Aw dammit." he exclaimed. heeeey, c’mon now, i was kidding. i didn’t do nuthin’. he WAS a pissed old coot tho, he woulda deserved it He always forgot she was one of those nice girls and didn’t understand the importance of sounding cool. check out this link, it’s fucking cute as hell That oughta do it. Nobody could be mad about puppies. Daisuke leaned back in his chair smirking to himself. -06:26 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: [i]i can -06:27 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Dr0wnedG1rl53: i can’t decide it that is a baby panda, a mishapen dog, or a slipper. she replie, aamazed how he could got from defencive to thowing out links so quickly i am starting to wonder which is the real daisuke, the mean meanie or the charminglink person -06:29 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: you’re just dumb and misundersta- he quickly backspaced and deleted that before sending. Frowning, he reconsidered his words carefully and started typing again. you’re a girl, you don’t understand guy stuff. i gotta be TOUGH. but i also like fluffy dogs, okay, they’re round and shit and have tiny faces and tongues stick out. it’s the cutest fuckin’ shit i’ve ever seen …Holy shit, did she say he was charming? -06:34 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: i don’t know why anyone has to be anything. jeez its just me here. not like i’m going to make fun of you if you’re not ‘tough’. maybe you’re right and its a guy thing but i am here to talk to you, bot some dumb tough front. maybe i’d be better of talkign to girls. she reread the message before sneding, wondering if the last snetence made it wierd. -06:38 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: what no you can talk to me he sent first. Was she hitting on him? No that was dumb, she thought he was an ass and he was okay with that. He hadn’t really cared before. Then he started typing again. i like talking to you. you’re like the only girl i TALK to. i get blocked a lot… He also gets slapped a lot, kicked in the kneecaps, and even punched once. And that was on the rare occasions he was able to speak full fledged sentences. He wasn’t going to explain that to get though, she’d think he was a loser chump. -06:43 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: that is probably because you’re not yourself adn you try to be an asshole. peopel don’t think assholes are cool they think they’re aassholes aand why would aanyone want to talk to assholes when they have an entire city of other people to talk to she typed fast, not caring to check what she was saying. but aat least you have one girl who talks to you… probably because no one talks to be either -06:45 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Man, she was lecturing him good again. She always got fiesty at him. It made him grumpy, but at the same time he liked that she actually spilled her guts about things. girls like assholes that’s why assholes always get the girl He squinted at the screen and continued. why not? you seem all smart and shit. i guess that might be it, people are intimidated b smart girls -06:50 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: [no asshole is ever getting me she shot back. so that is 100% of girls in this chat that disagree with you she rolled her eyes. because I’m wierd, duh. that doesn’t take a genius to figure out. just look at the name you’re always making fun of. -06:52 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: uh if you’re drowned how’re you talking to me huh? huuuuuuuh? She was definitely weird, but no weirder than anybody else he had ever talked to. maybe we are two separate pees that found each other. its like destiny and shit -06:55 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: maybe i’m the one who does the drowning to other people she pointed out. and no we are not alive, trust me. densiny is a bunch of crap unless it’s the crappy kind. i believe that we all have roles to perform here but romantic destiny is too much of a stretch for me did she just type romantic? -06:57 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: romantic huuuuuh? He was now grinning like a huge idiot and he KNEW it. He had to play this cool though… he always blew shit up and stuck his foot in his mouth. He didn’t want to do that again. maybe you should meet me first before you decide to marry me he teased. -06:59 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO! she sent it even before she concidered what it might do to his feelings. I can’t meet anyone. I just can’t if she did they could drown after all and she didn’t even look human. besides i keep what city i’m in hidden so how do you know that’s even possible? -07:02 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "Fuck." He moved too fast after all and freaked her out. She probably thought he was a sleezy creeper or something. i was kidding? tho i mean it would be nice to meet and chat in person. i’m awesome and all but it’d be nice to talk to a girl i can actually talk to -07:04 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: she sighed, as much as she wanted to meet she really couldn’t I can’t meet anyone, okay. annnnyyyooooone. friends, boys, annnnyyyyyyoooooooooooone. it’s just the wya my life works so yeah. sorry. she did feel bad about it too, really bad. if i could i would. i know you’re not actually an asshole under your stupidity -07:07 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Daisuke was pretty curious as to why not, and decided it was probably because she looked like an ogre. Girls only made a big deal about not wanting to meet when they thought they were really ugly. dude, it’s okay if you think you’re fat or something i don’t care about that stuff. i’d like you even if you have extra legs -07:12 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: she tapped her chin. i bet is i reaally did have extra legs youd run screaming. everyone would. and i’m not fat i just can’t. you have to trust me. if yoou ever saw me youd never want to talk to be again and then id be lonely again. -07:15 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: naw extra legs would be cool, cause like you could run and kick stuff at the same time He was having a hard time convincing her this was a good idea. what if we met at a mall or behind a glass window or something? then if you saw me and changed your mind you could run. or i could run. or i dunno where a neko suit? -07:18 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: fine, bayview mall. wait by bottom of the glass elevator. how will i know its you? this was a bad idea. Sure she had been there before but actually spoken to anyone? No. At least it was om the other side of the bmall as the fishpond. -07:21 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "YES! SCOOOORE! …oh shit…" She agreed! He hadn’t actually thought she would. What if he said something REALLY stupid and she never talked to him again? What if she had a boyfriend that could punch a man’s teeth in to his heart? cool. cool. i’ll be there. i’ll be wearing a black jacket with a grey hood and uh red sneakers i guess -07:23 Feb 24 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: at 7 then she already knew when he got off so that wasn’;t hard. if i don’t chicken out. signing off now. she set her status and immediatly got up out of the bath to palce her phone on the shelf above the sink and reach for her towel. she had an outfit to decide on. -07:26 Feb 24 Dr0wnedG1rl53
[(Timeout) Daisuke has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:24 Feb 25
[(Timeout) Dr0wnedG1rl53 was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:24 Feb 25
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -07:24 Feb 25
[Daisuke is kind of really upset! Wait no, he’s totally fine. Yeah. He’s not bothered at all.] -07:27 Feb 25
[Dr0wnedG1rl53 ] -07:27 Feb 25
Daisuke: It was after midnight when he finally got back home, because like an idiot he had waited there for HOURS hoping she would show up, and being afraid if he left that would be the moment she got there and then she would think he was trying to ditch HER. Daisuke plopped in to his seat with a huff and loaded up his skype. There had to be a government conspiracy that was keeping him away from girls. He had super sperm that could impregnate a woman just by looking at her, and so none could talk to him! Yeah! …or not. He left some messages. so i guess you’re a bench and that’s your big secret. sorry if i sat on your for hours -07:32 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: She stared at his message wondering if she should reply or just run away like she always did. i told you there was a chance of me chickening out she finally replied i guess you don’t have internet on your phone of you would have seen my message. i feel really bad. what can i do tomake up for it? she sighed, knowing the smarter thing to do woulf be to block the guy rather than let her guilt get to her. -07:36 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: don’t know. these old ladies kept walking by and thinkin i was homeless tho and gave me sammiches so i’m not too mad Not mad at all, but he was hurtin’ a bit. He probably should have put on some clean clothes before he went. Daisuke sniffed himself. -07:38 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: eeewwww i’m talkign to someone who looks like a hobo :p she sent back. how about i send you a picture to make up for it? that was doable… and didn’t involve her going out into lit areas. -07:40 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: He considered this. But it just seemed like placating him so she’d have to avoid seeing him. He slumped down in his seat. i guess that’s okay, but i was looking forward to hanging out -07:46 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: she sughed. it would back been closer to ‘he, okay we’ve met, bye. i am not good with people. she out in her black and white filter before snapping a picture making sure it wasn’t toooooo obvious she was in the bath. [/i]here, so you know i at least look better than a hobo[/i] -07:49 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Holy shit she was hooooot. Daisuke got stuck staring for a few minutes, and his idiot filters were kicking in. He should say something! What to say. Can’t think, hot girl. Hot girl after a shower – wait. Bath tub? Hnnnng. you’re cute he finally managed to type after a looooooong silence. -07:58 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: if you say so she said letting out a breath, relieved he hadn’t seen anything strange. now maybe it’s your turn, hobo man? -08:02 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: sure thing Wait. Why did he agree to that? Daisuke jumped up from his seat and ran to go change his shirt. He also fussed through is hair trying tomake it do that spikey thing that girls like. AFter a few practice poses in the mirror (his favorite being the one were his arms looked ripped and his underwear showing above the waistline of his pants) he returned to his seat, snapped an AWESOME shot and sent it. Had he thought to look before sending it, he might have taken something better than a cross-eyed duckface picture. "SHIT." wait wait wait i have a better one!!!!! -08:07 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: lol, nice she realy did laugh. i can’t decide if it’s terrible or if you’re being ironic. i’m going to choose to think you’ve being ironic instead of a douche she put her phone down and got up to dry herself off before wrapping her towel around herself and treading through to the kitchen. exactly how long did it take you to get dressed before going to meet me? -08:10 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: Score! She thought it was funny. He was real lucky he was a funny dude. i was already dressed he typed. did you get dressed up all fancy for me? next time i can try a little harder -08:14 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: you should get dressed for dates she sent before realizing. for meeting people, especially one’s you’ve never met before. first impressions are important. come on if you don’t knoow that then you’re never going to get anywhere.[ -08:16 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: i didn’t know it was a date Did she think it was? That would be awesome! next time i will steal a suit and wear it just for you -08:18 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: ugh. if i can’t meet anyone what do you think my chances are of dating anyone? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no. she was bright red, or black as the sace was against her green skin. and no stealing, tough guy. ugh. who wants to meet a thief? -08:21 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: if you can meet me, then you can date Yes. He was totally in this now. A hot girl might kind of like him. He already had a foot in the door, now he just had to convince her he wasn’t a murderer or something and could be good boyfriend material. okay borrow a suit. c’mon! we’ll go somewhere fancy like thw flea market -08:24 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: not if you keep being an idiot and not yourself she shot back. the moments when you’re not trying to impress me or act tough you’re actually kinda nice. which is why it’s not a good idea if you meet me. she thunked her head down. or really talk to me. people around me get hurt. -08:27 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: don’t be a dumb girl about it! meet me anyways. if i don’t like you i’m probably a big asshole. why you gotta go thinkin’ it’s your fault all the time? i don’t get girls He completely missed the compliment in his frustration. As far as he was concerned, there wasn’t anything for her to be so worked up over. She probably had a dickbag boyfriend once that never told her how pretty she was. -08:32 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: if you want to die, maybe. wait.. you like me? hse stared at the message for the longest time tryng not to make squeaky sounds. someone liked her. a normal human boy liked her. she even forgot to type anythign after that. -08:38 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: duh? why do you think i talk to you everyday. i could be out hitting on girls are parks or in a gang or something he responded. He really didn’t get girls! Wasn’t it stupidly obvious that he liked her? -08:39 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: because you can’t talk to girls she replied. and you’re not in a gang. if you were i’d stop talking to you. she was in ppanic mode. what did she do? what did she say. even if i like you too we can’t meet. i don’t want you to drown. -08:41 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: i’m pretty sure i’m bigger than you. there’s no way you’re gonna drown me Haaaa! He even laughed out loud at that. Wait, unless she was using metaphors. stop using your smart girl metaphors on me. you’re not gonna do anything to me. i want to meet and i won’t take no for an answer -08:43 Feb 25 Daisuke
Daisuke: also i don’t mean to sound like a kidnapper, i will take no, but i won’t like it -08:43 Feb 25 Daisuke
Dr0wnedG1rl53: fine she would make him run away if that was the only way. [/i] see you in half an hour.[/i] she locked her phone and rushed itno her bedroom. this was going to break her heaart but she had to do it to protect him from her. -08:44 Feb 25 Dr0wnedG1rl53
Daisuke: "Dammit." How the fuck was he supposed to get a suit in half an hour? Daisuke pushed away from the computer and stomped off to tear in to his closet. -08:47 Feb 25 Daisuke
[Dr0wnedG1rl53 is now known as: Natako] -08:48 Feb 25
Natako: She was there first, covered head to toe. Baby blue hoodie with her hands stuffed into the pouch, dark jeans and green boots. The only part of her visible has the damp hair falling down her chest. A gloved hand drew her phone out of her pouch. i’m here. waiting -08:50 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: Daisuke was LATE. ALL because he was SERIOUS about wearing a suit. As it turns out, finding a suit in the middle of the night when everything was close, was nearly impossible. He ended up sneaking in to his grandma’s house and getting one of his grandpa’s old suit. It was painfully obviously an old man’s brown tweed suit. But there he was running up, stopping next to the hooded girl, and then doubling over trying to catch his breath. "Hh-!" The hello didn’t come out, he was still wheezing. -08:54 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She looked at him under her hood and stifled a giggle. "Wow… you really did steal a suit. retirement home?" that should be enough of aa clue that it really was her. "So where are we going… nowhere near water." -08:55 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: He finally caught his breath and rest a hand on her head as he stood up straight. She was really cute in that little hoodie, and really short. Too bad it was so dark, he couldn’t see much else. "Hey. It’s my granpa’s suit. You didn’t give me a lot of notice." He glanced around trying to come up with a good idea. Daisuke grabbed her hand and started walking. "This way!" -08:58 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: Shit shit shit shit shit. The ahnd he hadgrabbed was her ungloved one that she had planned to reveal casually, the rish green of her skin sparklin inthe light. She snatched it back and burriedd it in the pouch. "Where are we going?" the plan was going wrong. If he took her to wehre there wera a lot of people she was screwed. This was a dumb idea. Mission abort! -09:02 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "It’s a surprise." She wasn’t going to get shy on him NOW. He ducked behind her to grab her shoulders and push her forward, guiding her where he wanted her to go. "Not afraid of the dark, are you?" -09:14 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "No, I actually prefer it." that was a releaeif… maybe. It would make th eplan harder but maybe she’s get more time with him. Wait tim with him wasn’t the plan. "But I’m serious about the water thing. No water. Please." -09:18 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "You’re afraid of water. Got it!" he chimed, more and more excited by his AWESOME totally cool idea. He turned her around a corner and down an abandoned looking alley. -09:24 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She stopped… dead. "You want me to go in there?" this stunk, stunk worse than a skunk. "You’re not a pervert are you?" she was suddenly afraid but she did have a secret weapon up her sleeve, if only they were near water. -09:26 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "What? No! This is just the short cut. We’re not staying in here, it’s creepy and it smells like old cheese." Dumb girl, he kept pushing. He was a lot bigger than she was and if she didn’t move he was just going to pick her up and carry her. "You can see the other side opens up, don’t be so paranoid." -09:31 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She hugged herself and kept moving. If he tried to do annythign she was going to play the non-human hard so hard. Maybe even pretend to be a space alien here to rollect brains and make him run away… the thought made her giggle a little. "Okay I’ll trust you but if I can’t you’re in for a surprise, mister." -09:34 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "Yeah yeah, girls are strong." he teased. Down he pushed her through the alley and like he promised, it opened up on the other side to an older street and a residential neighborhood. Soon they were walking down a sidewalk and he was stopping next to a fence. He pushed aside one of the loose boards. "Okay, walk in there, but be really quiet." -09:37 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "That’s why it’s surprising." She had to take her hands out of her pocket to climb through. This was suuuch a bad idea. Suuuuuuuuuuuch such such a bad idea. With one hand on the fence and the other holding her hood inplace she looked around at the garden they had entered. -09:40 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: He was right behind her and giving a soft whistle. Soon something bustled from underneath a deck. Small white puffs with short stubby little legs came leaping and yipping at them, followed by a much larger puffy white mother who sat down at a safe, watchful distance. Daisuke picked up oned of the puffs to show off. "Chou puppies! This one got it’s head stuck in the fence and I had to shove it back in. Then the mom tried to bite my hand off. She got over it though." -09:47 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "Slippers!" she squealed raching down to scratch the heads of a couple, then she plopped on the ground to let them wash over her and… "dammit…" tey were cute and she couldn’t leave now. Now with these fuzzballs bouncing all over her. "Dammmmiiitttt." -09:50 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "Sssh! Don’t call them slippers! The mom is SMART, like I think she might be a genius or something." Puppies were bouncing everywhere and she seemed to really like it. Daisuke beamed. He did it! He impressed a girl! Why didn’t he think to use puppies sooner?! -09:54 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She scooped one up and heald it out to him, light catching the lower half of her face as she looked up as him, green skin and black lips revealed. "But look at them, they’re slippers. Or mouldy loaves of bread. Whatever they are they’re the cutest." The puppy was given a place of pride in her lap as she wentback to fussin over the others, making sure they all got thier turn. "Does mommy want some love too?" -09:57 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: Daisuke squinted, leaning forward trying to see better in the dark. She was wearing some fancy makeups. Just for him too! He crouched down next to her, trying to wiggle his fingers to get the mother to come over. The large white dog remained where she sat, but her tail thumped lightly on the ground. "She’s hella shy. Except when she thinks those babies are in trouble, then she comes at you like some kind of razor teethed psycho." -10:01 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: "Sounds a lot like me… only I don’t have puppies. Maybe that’s what I need. A puppy at home." that would be nice… to not be a lone all the time. One of the puppies jumped onher and without thinking she fell back playfully, her hood opening up as she lay on her back, pure black eyes, hair that never dried and skin becoming visible… then she realized. "Shit…" she stared at him before grabbing her hood and pulling it back up and rolling into her side away from him and curling up… still covered in puppies and not wanting to risk hurting them to run away. -10:08 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: Daisuke wasn’t seeing what the problem was. Other than her hair still being wet, and that not being a great idea out in the middle of the night. He thought her makeup was pretty badass. He didn’t say a word about, instead just helped to try and pull puppies off her. Well. Tried to anyway. Once someone was lying on the ground, puppies like to swam like little licking piranhas. "I bet we could get one of these. Maybe. I guess if I came by here in the daytime instead of sneaking in and stealing one." -10:12 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: She expected… somthine. A scream… a cry… annything. Instead all she got was… now she was confused and didn’t know what to think. She sat back up and and put her hands in her lap. "I’d… like that. And yes, no stealing…" seriously… nothing? "Do you still think I’m pretty?" The hood was back down and she was looking up at him. There had to be SOME reaction. -10:16 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "I don’t want to think about it. If I think about how pretty you are, I’m gonna say something stupid and then you’re going to run away." Sometimes the honest approach was the best approach. Especially since she seemed so worried about what he thought. He leaned forward and ran a finger down her cheek to test and see how thick that makeup was. Not a bit came off. That was some good stuff! Finally Daisuke flashed a big toothy grin. "Do you think I’M pretty?" -10:19 Feb 25 Daisuke
Natako: That was a yes, it had to be. "Best looking hobo i’ve ever seen?" she offered blushing black and clutching her hands to her chest. "You don’t think I look wierd?" she stood, worried this was too good to be true, that there was a catch and somethign HORRIBLE was going to happen. "I mean…" she raised her hand and removed the glove, showing that it too was green. -10:25 Feb 25 Natako
Daisuke: "Green is my favorite color." Okay, her hand being green was a little weird too. Was she green all over? …that got him trying to imagine her without all her clothes off and his face started turning red. "Not weird. Pretty." So pretty. Even prettier naked. Daisuke fell forward under his head was covered in yapping puppies. He was gonna do it! He was gonna screw this up! -10:27 Feb 25 Daisuke

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