Prelude: Monique Meets a Vampire

Monique meets a strangely helpful vampire on her quest to seek and destroy the pirate vampires who are plaguing several villages. UNFINISHED!

[Monique should be dead. Either ripped to pieces by monsters or drowned with a sinking ship!] -05:24 Jul 17
[Gabriel had built a fire and placed the human woman beside it! Now he was just returning from feeding and he\’d brought some fish!] -05:29 Jul 17
Monique: *Monique felt dead enough. Weighted down by water in her system. But wiggling her limbs meant she still had them all attached, and blinking her eyes opened resulted in confusion. …she sat up quickly! Vampire! …with fish?* -05:32 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel walked into the cave next to the shore he’d found and threw some wood onto the fire! He glanced over at the human woman who was now sitting up straight and looking at him like a mouse at a snake. Then he sat down on the other side of the fire, pulled out his knife, and began to gut the fish.* -05:33 Jul 17
Monique: .. Are you going to eat me? *Vampires saved up humans like people stored groceries, it wouldn’t be a stretch. She was trying to piece together those last few moments on the boat. He wasn’t one of the crew from the Bloodship…* -05:38 Jul 17

SHLINK SHLINK! For a long while there was only the sound of the knife slicing through the fish and the sound of the fire crackling …

Monique: *How unsettling. Monique frowned at the vampire. She wasn’t the type to play cat and mouse games with people-eaters. Not that he knew that.* Eat me? Kill me? Wear my skin? Bake me a cake and have a party? *She moved slowly to check her person for weapons and looked down curious at her hand. Some kind of pendant? Key? Did she snatched this off that vampire captain before she fell overboard?* -05:50 Jul 17
Gabriel: *This human was never going to shut up, was she?* … If I had wanted you dead, you would never have awoken. -05:54 Jul 17
Monique: That you for that comforting response. *Monique turned to face the fire, crossing her legs and resting her hands on her knees. She examined him carefully. Vampire for sure, a very strong one… He didn’t come with the Bloodship, but she couldn’t recall seeing him on the other one at all. And saving a human’s life? And not going to eat her?* …Are you insane? Or do you have amnesia and not recall what you are. *Now she would test the waters and see what he wanted. If she weren’t dead, surely he wanted something. Vampires weren’t in the habit of saving humans.* -05:58 Jul 17
Monique: *thank you that -06:01 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Without lifting his gaze from the fish, he pulled back his upper lip slightly. The firelight caught the glint of fangs.* Mistake me not, human. I am well aware of what I am. -06:04 Jul 17
Monique: *Out of reflex she ran her tongue over her own teeth. Nope, can’t bite him back. Monique leaned forward.* Then we’ll cut to the chase! Unless this is your very sweet way of courting me, I can only assume you need something. Since you were kind enough to rescue me from oblivion, I feel obligated to pay you a favor. -06:09 Jul 17
Gabriel: Kindness has nothing to do with it. You seek the Bloodship, as do I. *Although only insane or stupid humans would dare to go hunting after the Bloodship in the first place.* -06:17 Jul 17
Monique: Ah, that is what it’s about then. *…yeah, that didn’t explain a thing! Monique turned her focus to fixing that chain with the key. It was going to be useful for her quest, one way or another.* That was the second time I’ve met the vampires of the Bloodship. The first time I fared a little better. *For one, she didn’t nearly die the first time. But now, she was likely the last one left of the village. Looks like she would have to go on alone.* I find it a little odd that a vampire who saves a human would be seeking the Bloodship, though. Did they steal your meal? -06:21 Jul 17
Gabriel: It is a personal matter. Do you wish to aid me or not? *He looked up from the fish then to watch Monique as she fiddled with the key and the chain. His knife never stopped gutting those fish though, deftly handled and hinting at an expertise with blades.* -06:24 Jul 17
Monique: I’m not going to say no, that is for certain. You’d be a very good aly. *And lucky for her. What better way to track and kill vampires than with a vampire? If her hunch ws correct, he was a strong one too. Not one of the usual bite-and-dash varieties that usually roamed around.* My name is Monique Loncrae. And since I’ll be your new partner, we should get to know each other better before we make a solid plan. -06:28 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel raised an eyebrow at her as he finished gutting the fish. He stood only enough to hand the human a fish impaled on a stick before sitting back down.* Such as. -06:35 Jul 17
Monique: That usually starts with you telling me your name and why you are hunting down your own kind. *And why he was making her dinner, not that she was going to complain about that. Her body ached, and she was going to need it. She finally finished fixing the chain and put it safely around her neck.* -06:39 Jul 17
[Monique doesn\’t have a good opinion about vampires. But sometimes you have to follow your gut instincts.] -03:08 Jul 17
[Gabriel debated on whether a partnership with a human would prove fruitful or more a pain in the future.] -03:08 Jul 17
Gabriel: My name is not important but I have been called many things through the years. *He finally replied.* As to why I am hunting down other vampires, needless to say it is the way of things. Vampires betray each other on a constant basis. It is an aspect of our nature. -03:10 Jul 17
Monique: Betrayal is the nature of humanity too, kitten. You learn to deal with it. *She flashed him a toothy smile. Monique imagined he was probably called all sorts of horrible things, she’d try something nicer.* You didn’t answer my question, though. Why. Everything comes with a reason. It’s a rare oddity when someone does something at random, and you don’t strike me as the sort to do something on a whim. -03:15 Jul 17
Gabriel: I do not see why it would matter. I merely wish to see the captain and the crew of the Bloodship destroyed and their ash scattered on the wind. -03:18 Jul 17
Monique: There is a sentiment I whole heartedly agree with. *Monique reached out to steal that fish from the fire, when she winced and drew back. Ah, here she was hoping that she was only sore! It seemed now that she was warming up, the feeling was coming back to her body. Her had grazed over the spot and came back bloody.* Now if I could remember if this was a gunshot or stabbing. The Bloodship crew had unusual methods for a band of vampires. They aren’t normal, are they? -03:23 Jul 17
Gabriel: … No, they are not. *Hence why the Bloodship had been successful in evading him and pillaging villages and towns. They were leaving a bloody path in their wake and no one was even aware of it.* … Rest. We leave at dawn. -03:27 Jul 17
Monique: Are we now? *She replied with decent humor, despite the situation. This time it was her opposite hand stealing that fish. She was going to eat it or die trying.* It’s customary to discuss plans with your partner, kitten. I am a lot more useful than your average human. -03:30 Jul 17
Gabriel: *She thought he was insane for saying they were leaving at dawn, no doubt. He was now sharpening his knife against a small stone. She was right … They would have to discuss things or he would have to do things the easy way and drug and drag her around.* Indeed. Before you were thrown off of the Bloodship and nearly killed, did you hear or see anything of use? -03:34 Jul 17
Monique: *It was interesting to watch his expression. Almost nothing showed on his face or even in his voice. She shrugged her shoulders – argh! All right, she was going to have to watch herself for awhile!* Useful, no. They raided A’marie and just slaughtered anyone they came across. I sought out the captain directly and failed miserably. *She cast a wry grin. For someone who should have been dead, she still had humor!* I suppose Fate lent me a hand. I grabbed this and didn’t drop it. *She lifted the chain around her neck to show the pendant key!* -03:39 Jul 17
Gabriel: *This human was indeed insane. It was common knowledge that to disable a mass, whether vampires or humans, you eliminated the leader. But it was often the leader who was strongest. To go up against Rochiel on her own … pure madness. He raised an eyebrow at the key.* Interesting. *Without the key, Rochiel would be that much easier to hunt down.* -03:43 Jul 17
Monique: Interesting, he says! I will tell you a secret. What it is, is not important to me, but how I can use it is. Mind you, scrying is not an exact art and by far not my strongest talent… But I can find us directions and we can search from there. Now that Fate has brought me a Dark Savior, perhaps the third try will be a charm. -03:48 Jul 17
Gabriel: Very well then. *The knife disappeared and out came the sword for some sharpening.* -03:55 Jul 17
Monique: You don’t talk a lot do you. *It was a statement, not a question. Took good care of his weapons, didn’t care to ask HER any questions. He was a pretty interesting character. Monique remained silent for a few moments while she finished the rest of the fish.* When we go in to town I’m going to need a disguise. I suppose by now they’re away a crazy witch is hunting them down. …Though I suppose they’re probably sitting around chuckling about it rather than fearing their deaths. -04:00 Jul 17
Gabriel: You sound amused by that. *And she called him insane. Any human would common sense would fear for her life but this one was more than ready to take on the Bloodship and its crew after nearly being killed.* -04:04 Jul 17
Monique: There’s nothing to fear in death, and if I’m snuffed out by taking a hoard of evil with me, that is a life well spent. *She looked thoughtful for a minute, eying him again.* I suppose you’re not after them for the good of living beings? -04:07 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Something crossed his face, something that might have been a smirk or a trick of the firelight. But it was gone just as quickly as it appeared.* No, I am not. *He looked up and glanced outside into the darkness.* It is nearly dawn. Sleep. -04:10 Jul 17
Monique: *He thought that was funny, huh! …well, at least deep down somewhere he had a sense of humor too.* Aye, aye bossy. Just do me a favor and don’t bother waking me up if you plan on snacking on me. *With a smirk of her own, she was laying back down and throwing an arm over her eyes to block out the light of the fire.* -04:14 Jul 17
[Monique and her silent companion were making good progress, but a human witch needs a rest sometimes.] -03:20 Jul 20
[Kitten wasn\’t keen on the idea of needing to stop but the woman was human after all …] -03:22 Jul 20
Kitten: *Kitten stood next to the window and looked out. Things were too quiet for him and he had every intention of checking this little place thoroughly for any signs of vampire, Bloodship or not.* -03:24 Jul 20
Monique: *Monique had decided to just keep calling him Kitten. He never objected or gave her a better name, and she liked the sound of it. For now she was yawning and trying to eat the meager dinner she grabbed. If it makes you feel any better, this town has a mark of fate on it. I’m sure if you want some trouble, it’ll be readily available. -03:25 Jul 20
Kitten: My experiences with fate have never ended favorably for me. *He turned and walked past her, coat swirling behind him.* I will return. *And then he was gone, as usual! It was a miracle he hadn’t just disappeared into thin air like he often did!* -03:30 Jul 20
Monique: Guess I should do something about that. *She mumbled to herself after he walked out – for once! Kitten needed some luck. Stuffing a piece of cheese in her mouth, she pulled out a pouch of stones and dumped them on the table. One little spell sh- Speaking of trouble! She’d never seen the runes talk about Puppets before…* Well, there goes my nap. -03:34 Jul 20

It was a quiet night when Kitten stepped outside! A stray dog and a few stray cats crossed his path but for the most part, every human was inside their homes, nice and cozy. This was a small town and not much went on here which was how the townspeople preferred it!

Monique: *She swept up the runes to toss them down again. Same reply. A third time didn’t show anything different. Whatever it was, it would happen soon… and if she wanted to sleep, she’d need to get rid of it. Against her groaning body she took a large swallow of wine before stepping out in to the hall.* Here, kitty kitty…? -03:42 Jul 20
Kitten: *Kitten never was fond of silence in a place inhabited by humans. It only meant trouble. He was more restless than usual but it was difficult to tell whether it was because he, a lone vampire, was surrounded by a species he barely tolerated or because of something else entirely.* -03:45 Jul 20

The hall was quiet and all the doors closed! But as Monique wandered closer to the stairs that led down to the kitchen, and the drinking room that doubled as a sitting room, she could hear the cackling of the fire in the fireplace and … something else. At first it sounded like a cat’s soft mew but the closer she got to the stairs, the more she realized it wasn’t a cat making that sound at all! It was a girl’s whimpering!

Monique: *A wave of concern wshed over her and she paused to listen for a moment. Maybe she was meddler, but there were some things she couldn’t leave alone and crying women was one of them! Monique move silenty towards the sound, intending to intervene if necessary and step out quietly if not!* -03:53 Jul 20
Kitten: “Please, sir …” The girl’s whimpering broke off. Someone was telling her to hush now in a soft voice and although the whimpering continued, it was softer now. The sounds were coming below, close to the fireplace. -03:56 Jul 20

“Please, sir …” The girl’s whimpering broke off. Someone was telling her to hush now in a soft voice and although the whimpering continued, it was softer now. The sounds were coming below, close to the fireplace.

Monique: *Monique moved down the stairs, reaching for her wand as she moved – and it wasn’t there! Blast! It had been lost and she was going to have to make a new one or get herself a staff. In the meantime, she’d have to cast spells the old fashioned way! She finally hopped down to the bottom steps to round the corner!* AHEM. Am I interupting…? *Dark hair, this wasn’t Kitten was it?* -04:01 Jul 20

There were two of them. A man and the girl Monique recognized as the innkeeper’s only daughter, who was just in her teens. The man had his back to Monique but the clothes he wore was of finer quality than Kitten’s. There wasn’t a scratch or a bite mark on the poor girl but there were bruises on her lips and her body and her dress was barely covering her now. The man was ignoring Monique but the girl looked wide-eyed at her with a look that begged for help!

Monique: *Poor little girl… She pointed an arm straight at him, and held up her other hand as if she had the wand. A few spells ran through her head, including counter spells if needed! There was nothing that pissed her off more than men picking on helpless girls! Unless Kitten was running around with a different personality, it was safe to assume it couldn’t be him!* Release her, and turn around to try a real woman. -04:15 Jul 20

The man finally paused to look over his shoulder. Dark gray eyes flashed red briefly before he turned around completely and smirked. “I see only a witch who–” The smirk turned into an even more evil grin as lips pulled back to reveal fangs! “Smells of someone most familiar. Tell me, little witch, with whom do you travel?” It was plain he knew the answer but was baiting her anyways.

Monique: *For a moment she thought she was wrong! That was Kitten’s face, but… this one was scarred, and unlike Kitten every twisted little thought was all over his expression. A strong vampire. She shouldn’t waste time.* Does it matter if you’re dead? *Even as she was responding, she was yanking up a chair that was sitting against the wall and with a muttered spell was shifting it’s shape into a large spike! One she was now trying to spear him with!* -04:24 Jul 20

This vampire moved awfully fast, as fast as Kitten Monique learned! As she ran forward with the spear, he grabbed the girl by the neck and moved her in front of him so Monique would spear the girl instead!

Monique: *Son of a-! It was a near hit! She just barely manage to shift the angle so it speared past them both and had to skid to a stop before smashing in to the girl!* Are you so weak that you need little girls for shields?! *Normally she wouldn’t dare to taunt, but she had to get him to let that girl go somehow! For some reason she couldn’t seem to get one of her spells to stick to him!* -04:45 Jul 20

The vampire smirked. “They also serve another purpose …” The girl gasped as he scratched her with a claw and a line of red appeared at the base of her neck. He murmured something and a ball of fire shot from the fireplace to Monique’s spear!

Monique: He-! *Bloody bastard! Monique was forced to drop her spear when it lit up with the fireball, but she was far from finished! If she couldn’t cast on the vampire, she could cast on the girl!* Grant transport! *She pointed two fingers at the girl and summoned the spell! Transport! Anywhere safe but here!* -04:59 Jul 20

The girl disappeared! The vampire didn’t seem worried about that at all! He merely licked the blood off of his fingertips. “You, little witch, have just offered yourself up as a replacement.” He suddenly launched himself at her, claws extended!

Monique: Naw, I’m tough and chewy! *Less talking back, and more dodging Monique! It was still surprising how fast he moved, but she dodged out of the way and moved to grab another chair for a new weapon!* -05:06 Jul 20

The vampire saw her reaching for another chair and slashed at it, then he stopped and leaped for her! “You never did answer my question, little witch. With whom do you travel.”

Monique: *The chair shattered and him leaping again, she nearly stumbled to floor trying to dodge out of the way again! This was killing her shoulder, she needed to get him out of the building so she had more room to work with! Monique dashed for the door!* What’s the matter? Decided you like boys instead!? -05:16 Jul 20

The vampire stopped and smirked as Monique retreated. “No matter. I know with whom you travel …” He cut his wrist with one long nail and chanted a spell. The shadows on the floor shifted and out of the shadows climbed creatures who resembled humans but their eyes had no souls and they moved awkwardly. “My pets, fetch me the little witch. And kill Gabriel for me.” The puppets filed out of the inn while some disappeared back into the shadows to travel through darkness. As Monique ran, she collided into someone who fell back and cursed! It was a drunken man!

Monique: *Monique also tumbled backwards, but she was just as quick to get back on her feet and haul that drunk to his.* Get inside somewhere! Stomp roaming around drunk! *A very strong spell had been cast, and she was startled to see something weird darting close by! …well, now she knew what “puppets” meant!* Kitten! I hope you’re not chasing rats! -05:27 Jul 20

The drunk man cursed and staggered away from Monique! But he wandered too close to the shadows and made a blood curdling scream as a puppet leaned out of the darkness to drag him into the shadows! More puppets appeared and formed a circle around Monique, slowly drawing in!

Monique: *She swished a hand to cast bu- Too late! The man was as good as dead. These things were some sort of unnatural summon! Monique fumbled in to her pocket to pull out a roll of herbs.* Flare! *The top end caught fire and she leaned to blow! Where she aimed, the fire flew towards the puppets!* -05:32 Jul 20

The fire worked! The puppets it touched ignited and forced them to retreat! Unfortunately the more that retreated, the more appeared to take their place! The vampire had a whole army of them at his disposal!

Monique: *Master vampire, he must be a master vampire. Like Kitten. Which meant a whole lot of trouble! She wasn’t exactly a master witch!* …How about we make a deal! I pretend I didn’t see anything, and you…. puppets… go back to your master! *She refused to just get cornered! Monique made a sudden dash towards one of the puppets then skid across the ground to try and slip under it!* -05:41 Jul 20

Monique slid under the puppets but they were relentless! One caught the hem of her skirt and another caught her sleeve–until something sliced their arms off and their hands dropped! Someone was suddenly between Monique and the puppets! There was no mistaking the black coat or the black hair or the sword the man carried!

Monique: Wonderful! I was just about to start screaming your name and waking the entire town! *She was out of breath, but relieved! What sense was having a vampire around if he didn’t make himself useful.* Your doppleganger is trying to kill me! -05:51 Jul 20
Kitten: … He is not my doppleganger. *Kitten turned back to the puppets and used his sword to cut his palm.* Ignis.[/i] *He summoned a ball of fire and then a red feather appeared between his pointer and middle finger.* [i]”Ortus ex cinis cineris , immortalis pluma.” *He threw the feather into the fireball which turned it from orange to white and made it grow much larger! It took down at least a dozen puppets before it sizzled itself out!* -06:07 Jul 20
Monique: Then he is your twin and I don’t like him. *Frankly, her dislike probably didn’t need to be mentioned. But she felt the need to talk while she occasionally ducked out of the way. If she couldn’t slay the damned things, she could at least bring witty conversation to the table!* What the devil are these things! -06:10 Jul 20

The puppets didn’t hesitate as they shuffled forward again! Their masters orders were absolute! As they approached Kitten, they lifted their hands which shifted into axes and blades!

Kitten: *The sword disappeared and he moved to pick up Monique.* You do not wish to know. *He glanced around but even now, he was having trouble sensing Michael. It would seem he was not the only one who could hide his presence.* Where did you meet him? *He ran forward and then used a puppet’s shoulder as a spring to shoot up and land neatly on the roof of a nearby building.* -06:16 Jul 20
Monique: Hey, I have feet! *That protest was going ignored, so she answered the question instead!* At the Inn with the Keeper’s daughter. I sent her away but he might be looking to fetch her. -06:18 Jul 20
Kitten: … And where did you send her? -06:22 Jul 20
Monique: *That was a good question. Monique had been so concerned with getting it out of the room, she hadn’t planned it out.* Ah! To my room. First safe place I could think of. -06:26 Jul 20
Kitten: *No sooner had she said her room and Kitten was off! He ran across the building roofs and jumped over the narrow alleys! When they got back to the inn, it was strangely quiet and they found Monique’s room door a little ajar …* -06:32 Jul 20
Monique: *She could have kicked herself for her lack of foresight. None of this was a good sign and she prepared herself for another spell, incase she needed to remove the girl again… this time to a better location!* -06:35 Jul 20
[Monique and Kitten were hopefully going to rescue that poor girl! ] -03:48 Jul 21
[Kitten led the way into the room!] -03:51 Jul 21

There was the girl, huddled in the corner of the room with the sheets clutched to her body! She looked horrified! She might faint at any given moment!

Kitten: *There was no sign of the mannequins or Michael but his influence was still here. It was messing with his senses and that, of course, didn’t bode well!* Tell me if you are able to sense anything. *It didn’t occur to him to put the sword away to ease the girl’s mind!* -03:58 Jul 21
Monique: That may not be of use in this case. *She was a witch not a seer, and she was finding when it came to master vampires, she was not quite as effective as she wanted to be. Monique was wary though as she moved in to the room and towards the girl!* It’s alright sweetling, we’re going to take care of you. -04:01 Jul 21
Kitten: *Just as Monique reached the girl, Kitten held up an arm to stop her.* Wait. Valravn. Reveal. -04:26 Jul 21

A sigil appeared in thin air and out flew a white raven. It hovered in the air for a minute or two before flying over the girl’s head, squawking and cawing! The girl cried out and clamped her hands over her ears at the strange bird! “Stop! Please, make it stop!” she cried!

Monique: *Monique had paused when instructed, but with the girl shouting Monique was moving again!* That’s enough! You’re scaring her! -04:32 Jul 21
Kitten: *He glanced over his shoulder at Monique when she moved around him and turned back.* Valravn, cease. Stay here with them. *Then he turned and was gone!* -04:34 Jul 21

The girl slowly took her hands off of her ears and was shivering even with the sheet! There were tear stains but that scratch Michael had given her had stopped bleeding.

Monique: *Monique eyed the eye white raven curiously as she grabbed a blanket from the bed. She moved to kneel next to the girl and wrap the blanket around her. Kitten had a familiar too, hmm?* It’s alright now. We’re going to make that monster go away. -04:38 Jul 21

The girl pulled that blanket closer around her and she looked like she needed a hug! “He … It was … horrible … I–I couldn’t move … And the things he said …”

Monique: Forget the things he said. You have a life to live. *Settling on the floor so she could wrap her arms around the girl’s shoulder, she tried to sound as soothing as possible. It was difficult fighting down that rage! This girl was going to fear for the rest of her life!* -04:49 Jul 21

The white raven sat on the bed post, intently watching Monique and the girl even after the girl was sound asleep and Kitten had still not returned!

Monique: *She was getting stiff having been sitting on the floor for some time. Mostly she kept a wary eye on the raven. He was not a real animal, so he might have been a spirit or a demon. For the meantime, she hoped Kitten was dealing with his non-doppleganger. …Or was he even able to? She shifted uncomfortably at the thought. * -05:01 Jul 21

The white raven suddenly took off and flew out the window, to where was anyone’s guess!

Monique: They’re so talkative. *…Not that she tried talking to the raven. Monique shifted, sliding an arm around the girl to help brace her and lift her off the ground to take to bed. Her own body was growling in protest, but this girl needed to be put somewhere comfortable and much more easily guarded. When Kitten returned there was going to be questions, and she hoped he answered the important ones.* -05:16 Jul 21
Kitten: … Her chances of survival are slim. *He said from the doorway.* -05:32 Jul 21
Monique: There’s nothing wrong with her. And if it’s a matter of slaying that man so he doesn’t come back, then that is what I intend to do. *With some difficulty, she tucked the girl in to bed. There was no reason why this girl couldn’t live. She turned to eye Kitten at the doorway.* Who is he? -05:34 Jul 21
Kitten: … His name is Michael. *Kitten said after several moments but even then, it appeared to be difficult thing for him to say to her.* -05:49 Jul 21
Monique: I don’t expect you to explain your life history to me, but… He looks like you. Are you related? *She got the feeling this was a touchy subject. But it would be neccesary in eliminating something threatening!* -05:52 Jul 21
Kitten: We are twins, created approximately at the same time. I say her chances of survival are slim for Michael has an obsession with collecting and keeping young human girls as dolls. Those he finds and intends to keep he infects with his blood. They are driven mad if deprieved of his presence, peace comes only through death. -06:01 Jul 21
Monique: All the more reason to find him and kill him. *The man was along side the same sort of threat as the Bloodship. Horrible monsters that prey on weak people for slaughter. …She blinked at Kitten curiously.* Yet, you are not like him. -06:09 Jul 21
Kitten: *Kitten tilted his head at her for a moment and then looked at the girl.* Suffice it to say, our circumstances were different. I chose a different path. *He suddenly offered her his knife.* Here. -06:20 Jul 21
Monique: I am not going to kill her. *She frowned, refusing to take the knife. He couldn’t possibly think that was the only solution.* She still has a life, and I intend to protect that. -06:22 Jul 21
Kitten: *He tilted his head and studied her face.* … I give her until the morning. *He turned and walked away.* Pray she does not follow after the others. *And then he was gone!* -06:29 Jul 21
Monique: *Monique cast a scowl. Kitten cast a black and white view on it. Fatalistic. She turned and glanced at the girl. …even if the chances weren’t good, Monique preffered to take the chance and try. So she settled in to a chair, ready to keep watch until morning!* -06:31 Jul 21

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