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  • 001?? Sebastian’s Bad Day Ashore

    UNFINISHED! [Monique is glad no one has found out her secret yet. She almost got caught that day the rats ran off with her wig!] -02:46 Mar 11 [Sebastian was still convinced the old woman was a witch of some sort! An insane witch!] -02:46 Mar 11 Sebastian: Quick your belly-aching, Smith! You got to […]

  • Prelude: Monique Meets a Vampire

    Monique meets a strangely helpful vampire on her quest to seek and destroy the pirate vampires who are plaguing several villages. UNFINISHED! [Monique should be dead. Either ripped to pieces by monsters or drowned with a sinking ship!] -05:24 Jul 17 [Gabriel had built a fire and placed the human woman beside it! Now he […]