001?? Sebastian’s Bad Day Ashore


[Monique is glad no one has found out her secret yet. She almost got caught that day the rats ran off with her wig!] -02:46 Mar 11
[Sebastian was still convinced the old woman was a witch of some sort! An insane witch!] -02:46 Mar 11
Sebastian: Quick your belly-aching, Smith! You got to eat something other than gruel, didn’t you? *He was feeling really pissed right now. They still hadn’t found any good places to loot and no ships either. At this rate …* -02:49 Mar 11
Monique: *Chasing rats down below decks made her damned arm sore. Now she’d have to stop by a doctor somewhere at the port to make sure her stitches didn’t pop. It was too dangerous to ask Kitten to take a look on board. …Not that anyone else had a glimpse of Kitten yet! Thanks to him, she really did look like a senile old lady!* Arr, what a fine blustery day this has turned out to be, Cap’n! -02:50 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair!* … Yeah. Blustery. And it’s gonna be a damn bad day if I don’t find anything to pillage. -03:10 Mar 11
Monique: Maybe ya should stop havin’ a heart an all and pillage some innocents? Oy, or put that fine handsome rear to good use and get yourself paid by lonesome old ladies like myself! *The woman cackled as she slapped the Captain on the rear with her stick. Getting Captain Grey all riled up tended to make slow boring sea days a lot more amusing.* -03:12 Mar 11
Sebastian: *She had quite an arm for an old woman! He nearly went head over the rail! He glanced over at her with a dark look!* Very funny, old woman. This is serious. *Really … Why did he ever agree to let her on his ship in the first place?!* -03:35 Mar 11
Monique: Oh aye, rich man needs more riches… ‘fraid o harmless lil ladies, are ya Cap’n? Might we dock at port anyway? My poor creakin’ ol bones are beggin’ for dry land. *And a little information on where that Bloodship had last been seen!* -03:38 Mar 11
Sebastian: I am not! *He said a bit too strongly for his taste!* I mean … I’m not afraid of anything. *He was silent for awhile as he scratched his head.* Yeah … Guess it wouldn’t hurt. I’ll go let Harrison know about it. *And then he left! He felt like he should say something but he didn’t know what … Maybe something like “what are you up to, old woman?” -03:56 Mar 11
Monique: *Monique kept any additional laughter to herself as he stomped off. Thankfully the nearest port town wasn’t far off.* …Don be forgettin’ to tell the whole crew, Cap’n..! -04:02 Mar 11

There was a black cat with dark gray eyes sitting behind Monique that wasn’t there a moment ago! The crew whispered that the cat was a ghost, a curse but no one dared to tell the captain … He didn’t believe in those kind of things!

Monique: *With a careful look around to make sure no one was close by enough to listen, Monique spoked like normal!* We’re going to dock soon. I’ve got to see a doctor about my shoulder, but you’ll be able to look around in the meantime. -04:08 Mar 11

The black cat was suddenly gone!

Not too long later, after announcing to the crew that they were going to land, the ship sailed to port! Their stop, St. Augustine and despite its name, it was a great place for pirates to hang out, drink, and be merry!

Monique: *Finally! Once Monique made sure there wasn’t anyone paying attention, she was limping her way off the ship in to the town. The first place she headed to was the local doctor… Knocking a few times, and after checking again to make sure no one from the ship was watching… she slipped inside!* Ahem! Is the Doc in the house? -04:20 Mar 11

The doctor poked his head out from behind a wall! “Yes, may I help you …?” He walked out, wiping his hands dry with the apron around his waist.

Monique: If you can promise to keep a secret, I need a little checkup. *Monique replied with good humor, pulling off her hood as well as the straggled white haired wig to run her fingers through her real hair… That damned thing was itchy!* I think my shoulder is infected, and I might have popped a stich of two. -04:26 Mar 11

The doctor blinked but he figured she had a good reason … ‘sides it wasn’t his business! He nodded and motioned for her to have a seat! Then he started to examine her shoulder. “Mm … Nothing some ointments and good ol’ fashioned alcohol shouldn’t cure,” he finally said!

Monique: I’d like to avoid the alcohol if I can. *She grinned. Just a little liquor and she might forget she has an appearance to keep up!* Have you seen any odd ships here at dock lately… Or had someone come in to town talking about one? -04:46 Mar 11

The doctor took another good look at her shoulder. “I’ll see what I got.” He stood and went over to a large cabinet. “A strange ship … Nothing come into docks lately. There is some rumor going around though …” His voice trailed off as he rummaged through all the bottles and vials inside.

Monique: Really? You wouldn’t mind telling a lady about the gossip, would you? You miss a lot when you’re out to sea. *It’s good that the ship hadn’t come by here… There probably wouldn’t be anyone left alive in town. …She briefly wondered if the captain was taking her advice and getting paid for that pretty face! A smirk from Monique!* -04:55 Mar 11
Sebastian: “Just some rubbish about a cursed ship and restless souls … Mumbo jumbo really.” -05:01 Mar 11
Monique: Ah, I see. Has anyone come by with strange wounds? Puncture wounds, severe bloodloss? -05:04 Mar 11

“Hmm … A few days ago … A girl came in … One of the whores from a brothel nearby.”

Monique: She wouldn’t happened to still be around, would she? *That would make them… very close to the area. Maybe a few towns over if not at sea right now. Kitten would be glad to know. …She’ll have to make sure the Captain has a good arsenal though!* -05:26 Mar 11

“… Don’t … know … Ah-ha, here it is!” He grabbed some bottles from the cabinet and turned back to her. “Now, you’ll have to apply this to your wound after you clean it with some hot water. Boiling hot.”

Monique: *A grimace at the thought of boiling hot water, but doctor’s orders were orders! It was better than passing out on deck or her arm rotting off.* Thank you. I really do appreciate the help. *It took her a second to dig around on the inside of her cloak but she managed to finally pull out a few silvers and hand them to him.* If you’ll do me one more favor, you won’t mention seeing any strange ladies like myself, right? -05:32 Mar 11

The doctor had an eye for coins! He looked them over, bit them and finally nodded. “Aye.” He’d learned early on not to ask questions and take payment whenever he could.

Monique: *Stashing the medicene in her cloak, she was replacing her wig and hood quick. Giving the Doctor a wink, Monique slipped out the door.. Once again limping and hobbling. Now to see about whores and Captains!* -05:39 Mar 11
Sebastian: *Meanwhile, he had left the crew and gone searching for any word about some other pirate ships nearby. He didn’t like competition and nowadays, they were everywhere. So he liked to scout things out and figure out ways to hit potential targets before anyone else could. Only problem being …* What the hell do you mean all the ports are frozen?! -05:42 Mar 11
Monique: *By the time she found the captain, he sure didn’t look happy. She hobbled her way up behind him and peeked around to see what all the chatter was about. Frozen ports…?* There gonna be a hurricane or somethin’, Cap’n? -05:44 Mar 11

The man he was talking to turned his head to spit. “Jus’ that. Hav’n heard the rumors, have ye …?” He leaned forward as if sharing some big secret. But when a woman popped up, he quickly sat straight and wandered away!

Sebastian: … Damnit! *He pounded his fist on the counter.* You’ve got the worst timing, old woman. *He muttered and nearly drained his mug dry.* It’s not a hurricane everyone is spooked about … *He stared into his cup.* Great, talk about ghosts and curses … Bloody hell. -05:46 Mar 11
Monique: *Damn… If its the same rumors the doctor was talking about, they needed to try and find that ship fast before it made landfall.* Aw, Cap’n… Iffin it’s ghosts, ain’t naught to be worried about… Tis those vampires you oughta be fearin’! Gonna need some good stakes and maybe some holy waters from the church. -05:48 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He blinked and put his cup down!* Did I hear you right? Vampires? Looks like you got seawater between those ears of yours, old woman. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as vampires. -05:49 Mar 11
Monique: HA! *She slapped him good and hard on the back!* You tell ’em, boy! Act like they ain’t nothin’ so when their brethin’ down yer neck and sinkin’ their fangs in to yer flesh it won’t be as satisfyin’! -05:52 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He winced! The old woman sure had a grip on her! He looked up at the bartender.* One more. Listen, old woman, don’t you have somewhere else to be or something? -05:54 Mar 11
Monique: Ach, no… I came ta get ya Cap’n. I been thinkin’, maybe we oughta get you talkin’ to some womens. A nice fine old harlot ta sow your oats and getcha meetin’ girls. *At least then it wouldn’t be so weird for an old lady hanging around a whore house asking for a girl!* -05:57 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He wasn’t so sure what he was more pissed about … not having any loot, having the old woman here, or having her here and encouraging him to get a whore!* I don’t need any help getting a woman! I don’t have to pay for her either! -05:59 Mar 11
Monique: Well now, then you’ll charm yourself a freebie down at the whore house! How about we get goin’ there right now! *Monique was pretty glad he couldn’t see the smirk on her face. He could get any woman, could he? That’d be a laugh!* -06:01 Mar 11
Sebastian: If it’d get you to shut up and leave me alone … *He muttered as he got up, dropped some coins onto the counter and stalked out! Sure, it had been awhile since he’d gone looking for female company but that didn’t mean he didn’t know how! He was going to show the old hag and make her eat her words!* -06:03 Mar 11
Monique: *A mild cackle from behind him as she followed. He’d pick himself up a lady, and she was going to scope out all the girls and see if she could find her whore.* Aw, cap’n, no reason to get upset. I’m jus a meek old woman tryin’ to lend a handsome young man a hand. *A hand of which she boldly slapped his rear!* -06:05 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He tried to walk faster and hopefully lose her in the crowd of drunks and whores! He was going to ignore her and have the time of his life! … Until he stopped and realized what brothel he stood in front of! He whirled around to find the old woman cackling still!* … What the hell?! Of all the whore houses in Augustine … *A dark glare at her!* -06:10 Mar 11
Monique: Now Cap’n! Donchu go knockin’ the prefferences of others! *Holding back her laughter, she grabbed his arm and dragged him inside. The place was… weird! Women dressed in leathers and looking down right dangerous. Some man was happily getting spanked in a corner and… she wasn’t sure WHAT they were doing with that goat.* …That’s.. just downright disturbing. *She blinked in disbelief. …And after realizing she forgot her hag accent, coughed loudly!* Hack!ahem! Oy! Betcha find somethin’ excitin’ in here, Cap’n! -06:13 Mar 11
Sebastian: *Fortunately for the old woman, he hadn’t been paying attention! He shook his head.* Of all the … I’m going to the brothel next door. *He muttered, turning around and heading for the door!* -06:16 Mar 11
Monique: Don’t you leave me in here alone! *Monique snagged the back of his shirt! Like hell she was going to walk around in a place like this by herself. Who knows what sort of crazies in here liked hags!* Cap’n, you need to try somethin’ new! -06:18 Mar 11

A woman with only a thin wrap around her body and long black hair walked up. “Yes, Captain. Try something new.”

Sebastian: *He was about to tell the old woman off when one of the whores walked up to them. He took one look at that wrap around her body and anything he was about to say flew right out the window.* -06:30 Mar 11
Monique: Go on an have a lil’ fun, Cap’n. I’ll be waitin’! *Nudging the Captain towards the woman (and trying not to think about what she was going to DO with him!) Monique was already scanning her eyes around the room. If she finds the girl fast enough, she could probably rescue him before it was too late.* -06:32 Mar 11

The woman took his arm and led him down one of the halls! “Ooh. Yes. We’ll have lots of fun together …” And then they disappeared!

Meanwhile, nothing out of the ordinary … well, for this place anyways!

Monique: *Poor Captain… Maybe he’d come to his senses before the harlot pulling out some whips or something strange. Without the Captain looming, she tilted her hoodback a bit for a better view. Not that girl… or her. GOOD GOD! What the hell is tha- Look away! Not her either! Boy, she hoped Kitten was having better luck. It didn’t seem like the girl was here. She might’ve died… if she didn’t get turned. With that thought, maybe she better go bail out the Captain!* -06:39 Mar 11

Just as Monique was about to rescue Sebastian … something caught her eye! Was that light in the alley outside?

Monique: *Mission or the captain… Well, the captain was a grown man. Pulling her hood low again, Monique silently slipped out of the place to sneak in to the alley.* -06:45 Mar 11

Outside, Monique found a couple of burly men carrying what could only be a body wrapped in a bag! They were headed out to a wagon drawn by a single horse!

Monique: *What’s this all about… time to find out. Hobbling over with her limp, she cleared her throat with her scratchy voice!* Oy.. oy… what a night to be out a roamin’, have a few spare coins for an old lady? Eh, takin’ out tha dead are ya? One of them harlots? -06:54 Mar 11

The thugs looked at each other. A third guy jumped off of the cart and walked over to her. “Listen, hag, you better get going. None o’ your business.”

Monique: *Three men for one body? Interesting.* Mind yer manners when speakin’ to yer elders, whelp… And old lassie like m’self jus likes ta know what poor souls have passed on before ‘er… Not any fools that visit the harlots, is it? -06:58 Mar 11
Sebastian: WHAT THE–?! *He bolted out of that room and out into the hall! Everything had been going fine. She had closed the door behind them, sat him down on the bed and fixed him a nice drink … She’d even started with a little lapdance … until she showed him a piece of anatomy no woman should ever have! After the shock had worn off and he had lost the woman, he got pissed. He knew just who to blame, too. The old hag! But he couldn’t find her … until he heard something down the street and into the alley when he walked outside!* Damnit, old woman, what are you up to now?! -07:03 Mar 11

The man was about to reply when Sebastian came onto the scene! He threw his thumb over his shoulder. “She’s bein’ nosey. Get ‘er out of here.”

Monique: *..Damn the man! Couldn’t he have lasted a little longer?! Monique turned to point him back to the ship.* Go on back to the ship, Cap’n. I’m jus havin’ a nice chat here about dead bodies an all. -07:06 Mar 11
Sebastian: Dead bodies?! First you talk about vampires and then dead bodies! Bloody hell, what is it with you? -07:06 Mar 11

At the mention of vampires, the thug in front of them looked at Monique strangely and the other two thugs glanced at each other. That was when Monique noticed there wasn’t one body bag in that wagon … There were at least several.

Monique: Would you just go back to the ship! *She hissed quickly! These men weren’t working for any funeral homes, that was for sure. That was a whole load of bodies. Did that mean there was more going on in this brothel than sex?* …and I’ll be joining you. *Holding her stick carefully she was already backing up. It wasn’t wise to turn her back on men like this.* -07:10 Mar 11
Sebastian: *Too bad, Sebastian had seen the body bags too and wasn’t the type to know when to back down!* Why don’t you go and pick on someone your own size? *He growled, cracking his knuckles. This was as good a chance as any to work off some anger … not to mention show that old woman he listened to no one’s orders but his own!* -07:12 Mar 11

THUD! KICK! THUD! THUD! THWACK! It was over in a manner of moments. Three burly men and one not so burly Sebastian. A slaughter when Sebastian got his ass kicked and ended up on his back on the ground, bleeding from his nose and the corner of his mouth! He was also going to be nursing a few brusies later on … if those guys let there be a later on, that is!

Monique: *The twit! Monique was swinging her stick out quick to catch someone between the legs and then over the head! Muttering all sorts of curse words about the dear Captain!* -07:15 Mar 11

Those men were smart enough to keep out of range! Someone grabbed her stick and they cornered her! “Heh! Time to show this old hag what happens when she messes around with other people’s business.”

Sebastian: *He groaned and opened one eye! He could hardly see out of it! The other was shut nice and tight! It didn’t help that he was aching all over and he was sure something was broken!* -07:17 Mar 11
Monique: *Thank goodness that fool was still alive. Ah… There was help.* Now, now… you fine young gentlemen don’ wanna make Kitten angry. -07:17 Mar 11

That made all three of them pause. “… Kitten?” the first thug said. The other two thugs began to laugh. “Kitten!” they roared. No doubt they pictured some petite blonde with curves from here to China!

Sebastian: *Struggling to get up, he finally had to stop and take a breath! But even that hurt! Kitten?! They were about to die and she was talking about some imaginary feline of hers?!* -07:21 Mar 11
Monique: I mean it. You better turn tail and run while you’re still alive. -07:21 Mar 11

“Heh. I think not, old lady. Grab ’em,” the lead thug said. “We’ll toss ’em into the sea along with the rest of the bodies.”

Gabriel: … You humans test my patience.

Monique: You have fine timing. Do you always wait until last minute? *Drat that Kitten, he really did like his dramatics. …Monique snatched her stick back.* -07:26 Mar 11

The men stopped. That voice had come from right behind them! Monique got her stick back without a struggle from those men!

Gabriel: … Indeed. *He reached out and caught the fist flying for his face with one hand, twisted the thug’s arm and sent him head first into the wall! The other thug tried to pull a pistol on him but he snatched it away and slammed the butt of the gun into his face! The thug dropped to his knees, cradling his nose! The third thug grabbed Monique to use as a hostage, placing her between himself and this stranger with a knife to her throat!*

“Don’t … don’t you move. Just back away. Back away!” the thug ordered, giving the stranger wide berth and heading for the wagon.

Monique: *A knife to her throat wasn’t as scary as wondering if Kitten actually cared about hostages!* All right now..! No need to get all panicked! How about you let me go and tell us about them bodies?! -07:33 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He was still fighting down the aches but he couldn’t follow what was happening very well. Who was this bastard and what the hell had happened to the old woman?!* -07:36 Mar 11

“The. Bodies …” The man kept backing away. He was still really scared and tense as Monique could probably feel! He was shaking and so was that hand holding the knife to her throat!

Monique: *Squeezing her eyes shut, she was calm… perfectly calm! At least calm enough to talk sense!* Yes, where did the bodies come from. *She wrapped her fingers around the wrist that held the knife!* -07:38 Mar 11

“N–no. Can’t … talk.” He swallowed, shook his head as if he was caught in some bad dream.

Monique: Of course you can. If not… Kitten might get upset. *She was very slowly trying to push that knife away from her throat without alarming him… He seemed more than a little unstable!* -07:43 Mar 11

The man suddenly released Monique causing her to fall forward and right on top of Sebastian who had managed to crawl a few feet from where he’d fallen! He took one good look at Kitten and then ran for the wagon! He hoped right into the seat and took off with the bodies inside!

Monique: *Omph! Ooww… She rolled off Sebastian quick enough! Her shoulder was going to be a wreck… Although maybe not as bad as the Captain. Crawling back to her knees, she scoffed.* You’re a right heroic idiot, Captain Grey. -07:49 Mar 11
Sebastian: *All she got in reply was a groan! Great! He was out like a light!* -07:53 Mar 11
Monique: *A roll of her eyes! She supposed it was better that way.* Are you going to go after that man, or do you already know where the bodies came from? -07:54 Mar 11

Gabriel: *He was still standing there, looking in the direction the man had ridden off.* … He will be dead soon.

Monique: We need to work on your terribly vague statements. *Monique replied, tucking her stick under her arm and trying to pull the Captain up to a sitting position. …Yeah this wasn’t going to work.* I need you to help me get this idiot back to the ship before he gets in to anything else. The Doctor said a whore came in to town with bitemarls, so if she isn’t dead, she might be turned and having herself some meals. -08:01 Mar 11
Sebastian: *He turned and walked toward Grey, picking him up as easily as if he was a doll and tossing him over his shoulder.* The bodies in the wagon are all male. -08:04 Mar 11

Gabriel: *He turned and walked toward Grey, picking him up as easily as if he was a doll and tossing him over his shoulder.* The bodies in the wagon are all male.

Monique: That answers that. You’ll have to take care of her after dropping him off. *Monique was up on her feet and leading the way back to the ship.* I have a feeling that this town might be next for them to hit. She had to come from nearby. -08:07 Mar 11
[Monique escorted Kitten and the knocked out Cap\’n back to the ship. Where the poor captain was now in his bed safe and sound with a sweet little old lady making sure he was all taken care of.] -02:55 Mar 12
Monique: *The poor idiot got one or two of his ribs cracked and his face was mighty bruised, but at least she and Kitten were there to spare him from getting himself killed. Although, it was rather endearing for him to try and protect an old lady like that! Grumbling to herself, now her shoulder hurt worse than ever! With the Captain passed out, now was a good time to use some of that leftover boiling water and take care of it.* -03:07 Mar 12
[Sebastian was still sound asleep!] -03:07 Mar 12

The black cat with the gray eyes had returned after leaving once Grey had been delivered onboard!

Monique: *Pulling off that wig to scratch her head, she tossed it on a chair along with her cloak.* The ports are still frozen. Not a ship has left since we got here. …I am starting to think we arrived just in time. *She spoke to the cat as she soaked a clean cloth in the water and moved to a mirror. There was a wince from her when she slipped it under her shirt and pressed it against the wound.* I don’t know if his men can handle an entire ship of vampires. -03:11 Mar 12

The cat watched her. It might as well have been a statue because of how still it was!\

Sebastian: *Meanwhile, he was beginning to groan and stir! Then he suddenly sat up! And regretted it! He clutched his head! It hurt like hell! Not to mention the rest of him! It was a wonder he was still alive after … after …* !! Grr … Old woman! Where the hell … is she?! *He huffed from his bed!* -03:23 Mar 12
Monique: *She cast a quick look over her shoulder… and ducked! Damn the man, she was sure he’d be passed out the rest of the night! Monique snuck across the floor back to the chair.* Oy, Cap’n, whachu doin’ awake so soon with sucha mighty hangover…? -03:25 Mar 12
Sebastian: *He didn’t see her duck! He just held his head and willed the throbbing away!* H … hangover?! I don’t remember–I remember going to that brothel with you, getting my ass kicked–Ow! *Now he clutched his side and fell back onto the bed!* -03:32 Mar 12
Monique: Brothel? Now what sorta place is tha’ for a gentle old woman like m’self? *Monique tugged her wig back on, tucking her hair away and pulled her cloak back over her shoulders.* Cap’n might need ta cut back on the grog! -03:34 Mar 12
Sebastian: Are you insane?! *He growled! He glared up at the ceiling!* You dragged me over there, got into it with a bunch of morons, and I got beat up because of it! -03:38 Mar 12
Monique: *Monique stood back up, hobbling over to the captain’s bed with her usual limp.* But Cap’n.. I was spendin’ a nice evenin’ alone with Kitten. All I seen o’ you was you comin’ on back here after a street fight. -03:40 Mar 12
Sebastian: And that’s another thing! Your Kitten isn’t a cat at all, is it? It’s some kind of … of a man … I bet you stowed him away somewhere on board! *He sat up at that idea and strained to get off the bed without too much pain!* -03:41 Mar 12
Monique: O’ course Kitten isn’ a cat, Cap’n! When have I said otherwise? *Oh no he doesn’t. Monique leaned to press again his shoulders and keep him in that bed. Last thing she needed was the captain to start snooping around while he was injured. The town was already tainted with vampires and he seemed to have a knack for trouble!* -03:44 Mar 12
Sebastian: Oooff! *She either had quite a grip or he was worst off than he figured! But he let her push him back down and glared up at her!* Look, old woman. There’s something strange going on around here. I heard those bastards talk about bodies and I remember you snooping around. -03:46 Mar 12
Monique: Issat so? Now what reason woulda helpless old woman have for snoopin’ about dead bodies? Besta go back to sleep an’ worry bout it in the mornin’. *It was so hard not to laugh… he really was so funny!* -03:48 Mar 12
Sebastian: *He finally huffed and closed his eyes!* Fine. I’ll just lie here and go to sleep. -03:57 Mar 12
Monique: Great idea, Cap’n! I’ll just head on off to the kitchen n’ make you some nice soup! *She’ll just pull up the blanket over him and tuck him in niiiice and tight. Dusting off her hands, she hobbled on out of the captain’s quarters and up on to the ship’s deck. He’ll have to wait for that soup!* -04:00 Mar 12

The black cat was there on deck, sitting in the same position it had in Sebastian’s cabin.

Monique: *A heavy sigh!* I forgot to try that medicene. Ah well, it can wait. *Monique moved past the cat to the railing of the ship to try and get a good look at the docks.* The Bloodship hasn’t docked here yet, so we might have enough time to dig up the vampires already lurking. Maybe we can find out where the Bloodship actually sails from. -04:10 Mar 12

“Eh! Where’s my meal! Someone ate my meal!” a crew member said below deck!

Monique: *Not this again! Keeping men out of the kitchen and storage supplies was nearly a full time job all by itself!* I’ll be out in a moment, Kitten. *Taking her stick with her, and preparing to thwack some crew mates, Monique stomped down below decks, bellowing at men to get the hell out of her kitchen!* -04:25 Mar 12

Men scattered down below! Mostly because the old hag was swinging her stick around! How does an old lady move so fast and hit so hard?! “He ate it himself! He’s trying to get extras!”

Sebastian: *He waited until she was gone and waited some more … Then he sat up and shrugged the blankets off! Like hell if he was going to sleep! He was going to get to the bottom of this! He found no one on deck and he knew this was his chance. He headed back into town!* -05:00 Mar 12

“It wasn’t me! Honest! This bugger is lyin’ I tell ya!”

Monique: OY! Shut your yammerin’! You get yer dinner when it’s dinner time an’ nothin’ more! Why ain’t ya out at the taverns and hookin’ up with some pretties! Bunch o lazy homebodies, the lot of ya! *THWACK! If she knew she’d be caretaker to a bunch of babies, she might have tried a scarier disguise! Maybe with whips and chains like those whore house harlots!* -05:02 Mar 12

“I ain’t goin’ out there! Between the ghost cat and them rumors of fanged demons, it’s better on board where it’s safe!”

Monique: Some pirates you hopeless lot are! *Monique couldn’t help herself, she laughed! After catching herself and coughing, she switched to cackling instead!* Oy, oy, blubberin’ babes… Stay on ta ship then! But out o my kitchen! *She shooed them all out with poking and prodding. …Hrmph. Now that she was down here, she might as well take the captain some food like she promised. Then she’d join Kitten for their search.* -05:08 Mar 12
Sebastian: *When he got into town, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary! He went back to that brothel and kept an eye out for those thugs–without going inside! He decided to check out the alley!* -05:09 Mar 12

The alley was cold and silent. Empty. No sign of a fight or even any bodies.

Sebastian: *He walked into the alley after awhile, confused and irritated. It had been so real! Had that old woman been right all along? Just a dream.* Damnit. *He muttered.* -05:18 Mar 12

But wait! Was that… wheel tracks through the dirt and grass? Leading out towards the road!

Sebastian: *He remembered the sound of a horse riding off and a mention of a wagon. Could this be the wagon with those bodies the old woman had mentioned? He checked his sword and pistol and began to follow the tracks!* -05:22 Mar 12

The tracks led off on to the road, and the road traveled through a grouping of trees just off beyond the brothel. It didn’t travel too far before the tracks turned off towards a big tattered looking building. It could have been a house or a barn… and the wagon was sitting empty right out front!

Monique: *Monique prepared a nice tray of something edible for the Captain. But when she hobbled in to his room… there was no one to be seen.* Cap’n…? *She set the tray down, wondering if maybe he was hiding to avoid her but… the room was definetly empty!* …Oh, Captain. Please don’t tell me you’re out there snooping…! *A smack to her forehead! Where else would he be!* -05:29 Mar 12
Sebastian: *This was getting suspicious! He kept out of sight and peered into a window!* -05:32 Mar 12

Inside the place was empty… except for a single high backed chair, with the back facing the window. Just barely visible was an arm… a female arm, resting on the chair. …It was covered in blood!

Sebastian: *He looked around for someone but when he figured it was clear … He sneaked through the back door! He was going to get to the bottom of this and ignore the urge to run far far away from here! He approached the chair with the female arm!* -05:38 Mar 12

The arm was attached to a lovely young lady! Golden hair, brown eyes… They were open, even but she didn’t appear to notice him approaching. She also didn’t appear to be bleeding herself… where did that blood come from?!

Sebastian: *His instincts were screaming for him to run but … Sebastian Grey ran from nothing! He waved his hand in front of her face.* Ma’am …? *Bloody hell, what if she was dead?!* -05:43 Mar 12

Sloooowly her head turned and tilted as she glanced at him with eerily calm expression. “Why have you entered my home?”

Sebastian: *He blinked, stepped back!* You … You’re … alive? *The hand he had been waving in front of her face stopped waving. Now he was pointing a finger at her!* -05:47 Mar 12

“Of course I am alive.” Her mouth curved in to an unusual smile. “Have you come here just for me? I’m so lonely here.”

Sebastian: I’m … checking on something. *He really should get going but his feet wouldn’t move anymore! And he couldn’t take his eyes off the woman! What the hell was going on here?!* -05:52 Mar 12

That smile of hers widened as she slowly rose from her chair. “Do you think I’m beautiful? I would so love if you stayed here with me…”

Monique: *Tracking down a rogue captain was not as easy as it should have been. He wasn’t at the taverns, and he wasn’t interested in the brothels… Which means he was being suspicious and for sure snooping. Monique hobbled back to that alley.. sure enough there were fresh footprints. …She was mumbling under her breath as she followed the tracks!* -05:55 Mar 12
Sebastian: *He clenched his teeth as he tried to move his feet but couldn’t!* Damnit! *He hissed!* Look, lady, I don’t know what you’re up to … *Grr! Still no luck! Was he going to get killed by some bizarre woman in the prime of his life?!* -06:04 Mar 12

“You needed be afraid of me, my love.” The woman seemed a bit amused, running her fingers over his arms. As her smiled widened, her teeth seemed to lengthen to sharp pointy fangs! “You’ll love every moment.”


Sebastian: *His eyes grew wide!* What the hell … Vampire?! *This couldn’t possibly be happening! This had to be a nightmare! He had to wake up!* -06:09 Mar 12
Monique: *Monique found the wagon and a shack. And peeking in the window… found Captain Grey with his new girlfriend! It served him right for trying to walk in things he didn’t understand. Sighing, Monique ducked to sneak inside.* -06:11 Mar 12

“You may call me Master, if you prefer.” purred the woman, leaning in nice and close to get a good taste of him – but she suddenly paused, and hissed! “A witch…” Her chair moved across the floor, flying at that old woman!

Sebastian: *He blinked and turned his head! in the direction the chair had flown! Old woman? She was here?!* -06:15 Mar 12
Monique: *Whoops! She’ll need to work on her sneaking! Monique quickly side stepped the chair as it shattered against the wall.* That wasn’t very polite. Come have a bite of me instead, I’m much more tender. *Monique moved and pointed her stick at the vampire!* -06:15 Mar 12

The vampire woman laughed haughtily! “You have no power here, witch. The others come whether you stop me or not. …and you’ll not.” She grabbed Sebastian by the shirt and with impressive strength, she flung HIM at the witch!

Monique: *Aw hell! Monique would have side-stepped Sebastian too, but he didn’t need to get anymore banged up! …But she didn’t exactly catch him very gracefully either as they both collided with the floor! Many curses!* -06:19 Mar 12
Sebastian: Whooaaa–OOofff! *With a THUD! he felt the breath get knocked out him and more than a few bones crack if not break altogether from the impact! He was seeing stars by now!* -06:22 Mar 12

Howling now with laughter, the vampire’s nails were growing out nice and long as she advanced aross the floor! “What a delicious meal you both shall be!”

Monique: *Monique shoved Sebastian off her, a little less gentle than she would have liked as she jumped to her feet, pointing her stick again!* Traba Stilla! *A quickly casted spelled to make the floor melt out from under the vampire’s feet!* -06:25 Mar 12

With a hiss, the vampire jumped backwards to avoid the floor melting away from beneath her feet. But once again was laughing! “A child’s magics! What a foolish witch!” Leaping over the hole in the floor, the vampire tackled the witch, sending both crashing backwards out the front door!

Sebastian: *He groaned from his place on the floor and tried to make sense of everything! Vampires, the old woman, what else was next?!* -06:34 Mar 12
Monique: *Crashing again, this time trying to throw a wretched vampire off her while avoiding claws and teeth! Monique finally stuffed her wig in the vampire’s mouth and kicked her to the side so she could scramble to her feet!* Captain, can you not lay around on the floor and go back to the ship..! -06:35 Mar 12

Blech! Spitting out the wig… The vampire woman was tired of playing with her food! Nearly faster than could be seen she snatched up the witch and through her back inside the home, all the way across the room! Then she turned and advanced towards Sebastian on the floor. Grabbing him up by the collar of his shirt and opening her mouth wide to sink her teeth in to his neck!

“Where are your masters, little one?” said a voice from behind the vampire woman!

Interrupted. Displeased, the vampire woman stopped. “How dare you… Can you not see I am busy?” she hissed, only lowering Sebastian a fraction to turn towards the voice.

“Where are your masters?”

A fanged smile answered back. “I have no masters now. This town belongs to me!”

“… You are testing my patience. Where are the ones who turned you?”

“Dear, they are on the sea, perhaps devouring some other fool town… Now begone so that I may enjoy my meal.”

Gabriel: His eyes flashed red briefly and then a knife came sailing toward the vampire’s heart, quicker than normal humans would have been able to follow!

GASP! “You are –URK!” Sebastian was dropped as a knife plunged in to her heart! Her words dying on the end of her tongue!

Sebastian: *Ow! He found himself back on the floor but no sooner had his senses come back, then he was scrambling to get away from whatever the hell this guy was! He didn’t see where he was going and scrambled into Monique!* -06:57 Mar 12
Monique: *Monique wasn’t dead and taking a peek across the room as she pushed herself up on hands and knees, it seemed the captain was still alive so far as well!* …It seems to be the nature of vampires to turn on their sires… *Oooh, she hurt! She really hated vampires!* -06:57 Mar 12
Monique: *And then she was scrambled in to!* Ack…! Captain, be still! -06:58 Mar 12
Sebastian: Who?! What?! *Then he turned and pointed a finger at her!* You! You just–and you were–and you’re not–and I don’t know what the bloody hell is going on anymore! -06:59 Mar 12
Monique: *Hells bells. Monique plopped back on the floor, pushing the hood off her head to reguard the captain with a cool but amused look.* You’re just dreaming. Go back to the ship and take a nap. You’ll forget all about it. -07:00 Mar 12
Sebastian: Someone explain to me what the hell is going on here! *He demanded instead, wide-eyed and looking like he was about to snap at any moment!* -07:04 Mar 12
Monique: *Monique cringed… it was a bit difficult to explain everything! But… after all of this, she really did owe it to him.* …It’s… complicated, Captain. Although, just now, you were nearly devoured by a vampire and we saved you? -07:05 Mar 12
[Monique was unmasked! …. Time to play dodge-the-questions and hope the Captain passes out and forgets everything!] -02:29 Mar 14
[Sebastian was speechless, confused, and pissed!] -02:36 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He was breathing hard and staring at Monique as if she grown two heads! It was awhile until he found his voice again and even then, he couldn’t quite think up the words to say.* … What. The bloody hell. Is going on here? *He demanded, sounding more calm than he felt at the moment!* -02:37 Mar 14
Monique: I.. uhm… We better get you back to the ship, Captain. This is probably not the best place to try and explain things. *Where there was on vampire, there was usually more. And the captain seemed to attract trouble. Monique crawled to her feet with some grimacing, and despite that murderous look on his face offered him a hand to stand up!* -02:39 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He looked at her warily but accepted her hand, half expecting it to turn into a claw or something! That would have definitely made his night! He pulled his hand away as soon as he was up and crossed his arms.* Then you better start explaining. I’m not going anywhere. -02:50 Mar 14
Monique: *She looked at him as if to say, “Are you serious?”, but… it seems he really was! Monique gave an exasperated sigh as she fussed around to find her stick and shake out her wig.* Well… I think the obvious answers is that I am hunting and killing vampires along with my mysterious partner, Kitten. You don’t really want to know all the details… do you..? * -02:53 Mar 14
Monique: – * -02:53 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He gave her a sideways glance.* … Hunting and killing vampires with a strange man named Kitten. Oh no, there’s a lot more to this and I want to know. You two–I can only assume he hides somewhere on board–are on my ship, endangering me and my crew. The least you owe is a detailed explanation. -02:55 Mar 14
Monique: Technically, I don’t believe he stays on board the entire time. *Monique stopped to rest her hands on her hips and frowned. They couldn’t linger around here for too long.* There is a ship called Bloodship and on it are a bunch of vampire pirates. They’ll sail in to towns and kill everything they see. What they don’t kill, they take with them as on board snacks. My village was one of them, and those of us left decided to track down thier ship. We found it but… a witch and a few villagers aren’t much of a fighting force. -03:02 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He raised an eyebrow.* So … you really are a witch then … *He said slowly.* Then what happened …? -03:05 Mar 14
Monique: That’s were it gets a little fuzzy… *She replied sheepishly!* There was a traitor on board, then very bloody fight. Everyone was killed and I should have been too. I managed to snatch something from on of the vampires, but earned myself a nice wound and a tumble overboard. I’m not sure how I got to shore, but there was Kitten and he agreed to help me. -03:09 Mar 14
Sebastian: *That suspicious look hadn’t disappeared from his face just yet!* Hmm hmm … And this … Kitten of yours … is he a witch, too? Y’know, a warlock or something. -03:10 Mar 14
Monique: *That’s when Monique gave him a big toothy smile and was easing towards the door.* No, he’s certainly not a witch or a warlock. You look tired, Captain. We should be getting back. -03:13 Mar 14
Sebastian: *Oh, he didn’t like that smile she gave him! But … they did need to go. He followed after her.* You’re going to tell me everything once we get back onboard. *He told her in a tone that said this was one thing he wasn’t about to sleep off.* -03:16 Mar 14
Monique: *Monique was already replacing her wig and pulling her hood back over her head. Even that hobble in her step as they left the strange little house!* Aye, cap’n. Anythin’ you’d like ta know! -03:17 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He was silent the rest of the way but he kept glancing over his shoulder. It was impossible to tell if he was expecting more vampires to appear or looking for a glimpse of Monique’s mysterious partner!* -03:26 Mar 14
Monique: *Nothing about the town was looking right now… That vampire whore was dead, but from the looks of the streets it seemed like there was still something wrong here. It was far too eerie. Monique was relieved when they made it back to the ship without anything else happening! She quickly prodded the Captain down to his quarters so there wouldn’t be any unwanted spying eyes!* ‘Ere we are! Safe n’ sound n’ not a thing ta worry about! -03:29 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He was looking at her strangely.* That vampire is dead. Why are you in such a panic …? And I already know you’re in disguise so why keep it on …? -03:32 Mar 14
Monique: *Making sure to close and lock the door behind them, she turned around pulling off that cloak and wig again… and grinning!* That was one vampire. Not the Bloodship. Mind you, I’m supposed to be dead. …If any of them find out I am still alive, they’ll remedy that pretty quick. -03:35 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He glared at her and took a seat!* And why would they want to kill you so badly? -03:38 Mar 14
Monique: Aside from wounded egos because a kill got away…. *She paused long enough to pull a chain out from under her shirt and dangle it in front of him. It had an oddly shapred ornament hanging from it.* I told you, I managed to snatch something. From the very master himself. I believe it’s some sort of key, likely for where ever thier lair is. If I can find their lair, we’ll be able to catch them by surprise. -03:43 Mar 14
Sebastian: *Just looking at the thing gave him a bad feeling! He looked back at her.* And why should I let you and your partner continue to put my ship and crew in danger like this? -03:46 Mar 14
Monique: That’s a really good question. *Replacing the chain around her neck and sitting down herself, she considered the options…* For the sake of convenience, it would be hard for me to find another pirate ship with a Captain that is as… good natured as you. *It was hard not to grin when she said it. Captain Grey wasn’t very pirate-like for a pirate, and it made things easier. But she turned serious quick.* I can promise that I’ll protect your crew and as long as you don’t try any more heroics like tonight, I can protect you too. -03:52 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He shot a dark look at her when her voice trailed off.* … I’m going to need some time to think about this. -03:55 Mar 14
Monique: *What a wicked look! Well, she wasn’t going to push her luck and say he was adorable when he was mad. Monique kept a straight face as she stood and threw her cloak back on.* Then I’ll let you think. If you want us to leave, we’ll go… but you must be aware that the Bloodship is the worst danger on the sea. They aren’t just going to fade away… -03:58 Mar 14
Sebastian: *He opened the door for her and gave her yet another dark look.* Grr … Out, woman, before I fling you off board myself and forget this stuff about vampires. -04:00 Mar 14
Monique: Yessir, Cap’n, sir! *Monique hobbled herself out quick before he got any madder! …Frustrating man! What was he going to do, pretend they didn’t exist?* -04:02 Mar 14
[Monique left the Captain\’s quarters, and seeing as how most of the crew is on land… she\’s up on the main deck keeping an eye out for any incoming ships!] -04:25 Mar 15
Monique: *With the ports frozen, no ships were allowed to leave… Why would a town freeze their own port if they’re not investigating one of the ships? Keeping herself in disguise, she had herself a spyglass and was trying to watch the sea! Blast the stupid dark!* -04:34 Mar 15
[Kitten was actually in human–er, vampire form for once.] -04:40 Mar 15
Monique: He’s pretty angry about me now, but I think he’ll let us stay on board. *She said, acknowledging his presence!* -04:42 Mar 15
Kitten: No human captain will gt himself slaughtered. And his men into fodder. -04:43 Mar 15
Kitten: *get -04:43 Mar 15
Monique: No normal human captain would. This one has a stubborn hero streak. Once he thinks about it, he’ll want to help. *Monique thought herself a good judge of character. …At least she hoped so. Trusting Kitten was a risk!* -04:46 Mar 15
Kitten: You humans put so much stock in each other. I have found it to be both flaw and strength. *Something that might have been smirked crossed his lips.* Except when it is abused and falls apart. -04:50 Mar 15
Monique: *Monique stopped spying at the sea to cast him an amused look.* You know all about us humans, do you? It’s hard to judge a species when you don’t spend any time with them. -04:55 Mar 15
Kitten: I have seen quite enough. Your cruelty, your ambition, your greed, and your lust for more. You are never conent with what you have, never satisfied until you possess what your fellow human has. -04:57 Mar 15
Monique: My friend, I can say the very same thing about any vampire, dwarf, faerie, dragon, or other creature living on this planet. That’s the nature of all living things. *There was little in his expression or even the tone of his voice, but it was the words he chose… There was a bitterness, possibly a bad experience. He was a vampire, they usually didn’t get to see the friendlier side of humans…* -05:00 Mar 15
Kitten: Your port is frozen because something is coming. -05:09 Mar 15
Kitten: *He said after several moments of silence.* -05:11 Mar 15
Monique: *Silence spoke volumes! There was a faint grin from her, but he confirmed her suspicions about something coming.* If it is the Bloodship, we need to protect this town. If we can keep them from even docking that would be ideal. It’ll be hard for me to push them back if they get off their ship. -05:13 Mar 15
Kitten: Pray that they do not dock for all the good your human prayers do. The Bloodship’s influence is already at work and no one is even aware of its existence. -05:23 Mar 15
Monique: You really do have a dramatic flare, don’t you. *Monique replied with a blink.* You and I are both aware, and now the captain is to. That’s a start. *She unfolded the spyglass to peer out in the dark again.* I don’t put my faith in prayers, anyway. -05:26 Mar 15
Sebastian: *He woke up and stalked out of his cabin!* … Where is she? Old woman! *He growled! He still wasn’t satisfied with the vague anwers she’d given him!* -05:27 Mar 15
Monique: Aye, Cap’n? Didja have yerself a nice lil catnap and thought about my passage? *The captain looked all ruffled again! Seems he bolstered himself up for a good fight!* -05:29 Mar 15
Sebastian: Haha. Very funny. First off, I don’t see where you get off deceiving me and my crew! Second, I don’t see where you get off sprining all this trash about vampires and evil on me! Third! … I haven’t gotten to that part yet but I will! *He glanced up and down the deck but it was empty! He could have sworn he heard her talking to someone. Must be that insidious Kitten she was talking about!* -05:32 Mar 15
Monique: *Monique turned and lowered the spyglass, taking the moment to push back her hood so she could grace him with a scowl!* Are you actually going to tell me that you still don’t believe in vampires after you nearly had your neck bitten off? -05:34 Mar 15
Sebastian: *He blinked!* … Look. I’ll admit something strange is … going on here. But vampires?! It’s harder to swallow than … year-old bread! -05:37 Mar 15
Monique: What sort of proof are you waiting for, exactly? Vampires to drop out of the sky swinging bodies over their head? *She pointed out towards the sea!* Because that may very well happen! A whole ship of them looking for a midnight snack! -05:39 Mar 15
Sebastian: What if that woman just thought she was a vampire? The whores here aren’t the most … mentally stable, after all. -05:44 Mar 15
Monique: *Monique stared at him, a very obvious look of disbelief on her face!* Did those goons knock out your brains or are you really that daft! I suppose you’re going to tell me that I think I am what I am, and that the ocean is made of soup. -05:48 Mar 15
Sebastian: You and the ocean are two different things! *He said with a glare!* The ocean didn’t just drop in on me and then, miles and a couple of close calls of death later, springs a whole bunch of news on me! -05:52 Mar 15
Monique: If you would have gone back to the ship like I asked you and then stayed on the ship, neither of those two close calls would have happened. All the more reason to trust me and what I say. *Monique responded to his glare with a wicked grin!* -05:55 Mar 15
Sebastian: *He foldeds arms and gave her another dark glare!* Ohohoh, I knew it! You’re after my ship. You were probably sent by some other pirate captain to distract me and God only knows what else. -05:58 Mar 15
Monique: I- what? *That was so… so far off from what they were arguing about, Monique was momentarily stunned!* …You need to go back to sleep. Clearly you had the sense knocked out of you. ~I~ am going to patrol this dock and make sure your pretty ship and this poor town doesn’t get ambushed! *Crazy man! What would she do with a ship, anyway? Monique made sure to give him a sharp poke in the side as she brushed past him.* -06:02 Mar 15
Sebastian: *He blinked! Wait a minute … she was leaving?! And just as he was giving her a piece of his mind!* … Where are you going? -06:13 Mar 15
Monique: *She turned around to give him a dubious stare.* I told you. Patroling the docks to keep you and your crew safe. We’ll not have a chance if we’re ambushed. -06:15 Mar 15
Sebastian: *He marched after her!* Then I’m going with you. Vampires or not, it’s still no place for a woman to be by herself. -06:16 Mar 15
Monique: *That’s when Monique held up her stick and poked him in the gut.* No, you’re not. You’re all banged up from that stupid fight, have no resistance to charms… and I’m not a damsel. You’ll be distracting. -06:18 Mar 15
Sebastian: So I’m just supposed to let you walk away? Alone? You’re bloody insane! *He muttered, rubbing the spot she’d poked!* -06:23 Mar 15
Monique: I’m not alone. Kitten is around here somewhere. …Mind you, I am a witch, if you’ve forgotten and I’ve delt with vampires before. *She swished her hands at him to shoo him off!* Now go to bed and stay out of trouble! -06:25 Mar 15
Sebastian: *Ha! She didn’t even sound too sure of it herself! But he crossed his arms! She was bloody stubborn!* Fine. l will stay onboard. -06:29 Mar 15
Monique: Good. I’ll know if you sneak off. *Most likely by the trail of trouble he gets himself in to. Monique eyed him carefully once more before pulling up her hood again and leaving the ship!* -06:30 Mar 15
Sebastian: *He was still brooding as she left the ship, tapping his foot and wondering when the hell he started letting a woman tell him what to do!* Bloody hell … Should’ve listened to Martin when he said it was bad luck to bring a woman onboard. -06:34 Mar 15
Monique: *What a dummy. It might be better off if she and Kitten did find another ship… But now she rather liked that dummy and would hate to see him get himself killed. Ah well… She’ll deal with him! Monique hobbled silently over the docks listening carefully and keeping her eyes open! She’ll need to be ready to attack at any moment!* -06:36 Mar 15

The docks were strangely silent and empty. It was as if evereyone had disappeared!

Monique: *Unnatural is what this is… Like everyone knew what was coming. There was no way to know unless something had been going on here before hand. Was it that vampire whore? But she wouldn’t have control over the docks… Monique kept on looking!* -06:46 Mar 15

There was a strange vibe in the air. It was something negative but it was hard to tell! Whenever Monique would focus on mentally pinning it down, she would lose it like sand slipping through her fingers!

Monique: *This place gave her the creeps. Monique paused for a moment, hoping to stay stationary would help her get a better look at things. There had to be someone out here… She couldn’t even see any rats!* -06:54 Mar 15

Now that she was staying in one place, it seemed she could focus! She detected the negative vibe to be fear but there was some strong enchantment at work to cover it up and keep everything placid!

Monique: *…Enchantments. She could work with that. Very slowly digging in her cloak, and mumbling a spell under her breath, she scattered a few herbs on the dock… Something to pull down masks and cast light on truth!* -07:08 Mar 15

Everything was still quiet! Nothing stirred!

Monique: *….very not good. Monique took a step, mumbled her spell and another sprinkle… She repeated the process, pausing ever so often to listen and look for any subtle changes. …And trying not to feel disturbed, or paranoid about someone stalking after her! There was no reason to let imaginations get in the way!* -07:19 Mar 15

A long time seemed to past but Monique finally noticed that the air felt like it was rippling. Her spell must be doing something because things felt a little different now. It was hard to pin down but it was a bit more … normal!

Monique: *Normal was better. Now if she could see what was casting these enchantments… Kitten would be a great help if he weren’t busy avoiding teamwork! …What if that ship already docked! Could they cast a widescale enchantment like this? Monique took a good look at the ships!* -07:26 Mar 15

She still couldn’t see any ships! The area around the center of town still looked strange … That could be where the enchantment was coming from! It would explain why it was so strong there! But there was also a movement from the corner of her eye! When she glanced at it, it was gone and there was some movement from the corner of her other eye!

Monique: *…That better be Kitten or they were going to have a long talk about stalking around! Monique abandoned her hobbling, but had her stick ready as she headed towards the center of town. Maybe the enchantment was a beacon for teh Bloodship? Or a warning… * -07:32 Mar 15

She heard the sound of footsteps coming up from behind her!

Monique: *Monique turned around quick and pointed her stick threateningly, ready to cast an attack spell!* -07:38 Mar 15

Someone reached out to grab her!

Monique: Gravitas! *A wide circling swing of her stick, casting a spell to throw them off their feet…. and trying to THWACK them at the same time!* -07:44 Mar 15

“Oooff!” the stalker went as he got thrown off his feet and landed on his back! He started to get up only to fall back down when he was whacked on the head with a stick. “Bloody hell!” Sebastian cursed and nursing a new wound to the head!

Monique: *Monique looked apologetic for… half a second before she kicked not-too-kindly in the leg!* You buffoon! I told you to stay on the ship! -07:48 Mar 15
[Monique knocked over Sebastian and clobbered him! ..And kicked him for being a sneak!] -02:19 Mar 17
[Sebastian was wondernig what the hell was the matter with her!] -02:26 Mar 17
Sebastian: Damnit! Ow! Would you cut it out already?! *He growled, trying to roll away from her kicks so he could get up and nurse his bruises!* -02:26 Mar 17
Monique: I told you to stay on the ship! I might have killed you or.. turned you in to a flamingo! -02:27 Mar 17
Sebastian: *He managed to get to his feet, glaring at her.* Yeah, stay on a ship while you’re wandering around out here! I’m beginning to think your partner doesn’t exist. -02:33 Mar 17
Monique: Even if he was imaginary, it’s still far too dangerous for you to be out there. … And distracting! *Maybe if she pretended he wasn’t there! A soft huff as she turned back to the fountain and tried to pick up what she was investigating in the first place! The center of where that enchantment was coming from!* -02:36 Mar 17
Sebastian: *He dusted himself off and wandered over to where she was!* What are you doing? *He muttered as if completely oblivious to the fact she was in the middle of something!* -02:46 Mar 17
Monique: Dispelling an enchantment. *As tempting as it was to flick herbs in his face and chase him out of town with her stick, she resumed sprinkling them around the fountain and muttering the spell under her breath. Maybe he would get bored and wander back where he belonged!* -02:48 Mar 17

Everything was quiet again but there was still that unsettling sensation of being watched and movements out of the corner of her eyes!

Sebastian: *He watched her for awhile but then went to down on a box nearby! Things looked strange but there was a really good explanation for it!* -03:10 Mar 17
Monique: *All that scuffling! Kitten was usually much better at hiding himself… A flick of herbs and finishing her spell. …Was he just going to sit there and watch?! Another huff and Monique inched her way off towards some of the buildings… She was about to scare herself something out!* -03:13 Mar 17
Sebastian: *He noticed the movement and glanced around warily!* … What the hell is that? *He muttered as he drew his pistol and went in the direction he’d seen that movement come from …* -03:34 Mar 17
Monique: *Monique turned around quickly and pointed a finger at Sebastian!* Oh no you don’t. You stay right there and out of trouble. -03:36 Mar 17
Sebastian: *He stopped and blinked!* What? I’m just going to check it out. -03:37 Mar 17
Monique: I’m checking on it. You just… stay right there. Don’t touch anything or make an noise. *She briefly considered gluing his feet to the ground… Monique pointed her finger once more to order him to stay, as was sneaking off to investigate once again!* -03:40 Mar 17
Sebastian: *He muttered something under his breath but went to sit down on the box again!* -03:55 Mar 17

As Monique went back to the spell, she caught more movement but it seemed closer now and the shadows definitere not Kitten’s!

Sebastian: *definitely wre -03:57 Mar 17
Sebastian: *were -03:57 Mar 17
Monique: *Monique crouched low to the ground as she tiptoed after that shadowy movement! Occasionally giving a quick look back at Sebastian to make sure he hadn’t moved. And now that she had the idea… Monique slid a spell across the ground… something sticky to make whomever it was stay put!* -03:58 Mar 17
Sebastian: *Meanwhile, he had pulled out some dice from his pocket and started to roll it. But on the last roll it flew out of his hands and off to the side somewhere!* Bloody hell … *He muttered and wandered off to retrieve them!* -04:07 Mar 17
Monique: *Now, as long as it co- ….Where did the Captain go! Monique stood up straight, looking around quickly! With his luck, he’ll get devoured in three seconds the one moment she’s not looking!* Captain! I told you to stay put! *She hissed at the dark!* -04:12 Mar 17

But there was no sign of Sebastian and no sound of him either! Monique saw a glint of something white … his dice right inside of an alley!

Monique: Hells bells! *After a stomp of her foot, she dashed towards the alley, scooping those dice up on the way. If he didn’t get himself killed she was going to start locking him in trunks before she did things! Monique stepped cautiously in to the alley.* Captain…? Here, cappy captain… -04:20 Mar 17

Behind Monique the shadows darted but disappeared before they could be glimpsed! As she drew deeper into the alley, there was the muffled groaning–or talking—or something!

Monique: *Angry more at herself for even thinking she could leave him alone jus for a few minutes, Monique snuck up on the groaning… thing!* Captain, I am going to kill you…! *She hissed again!* -04:29 Mar 17

Yep! There was the captain, wrapped up tightly in … shadows?! He shrunk back from her touch when she reached out toward him and quickly shook his head!

Monique: You don’t want to be rescued? *She asked, but paused long enough to give those shadows a second look. What sort of nonsense was this? It’s not anything she’s seen before…* Don’t panic… it’s not devouring your flesh, is it? *Monique quickly dug around in her cloak, looking for one of her sunstones!* -04:33 Mar 17
Sebastian: *The look he was giving her told her just how encouraging he thought it was for her to ask if it was eating him alive!* -04:45 Mar 17
Monique: …Don’t look at me that way. You never know. *Ah ha! There it was. Monique pulled out an orangey red stone and rubbed it in her hands as she cast a spell over it. It flashed a brief moment before giving off a nice warm glow. She inched it towards the shadowy thing, hoping it’d do the trick!* -04:48 Mar 17

At first nothing happened … and then the shadows began to shrink and dissipate into the thin air! Sebastian was free in no time!

Sebastian: What the bloody hell was that?! *He demanded, getting to his feet and dusting himself off!* -04:50 Mar 17
Monique: I’m not sure. I’ve seen nothing like it. *Monique didn’t put her stone away… but she did sock him really hard on the arm!* Do you deliberatly refuse to listen to me, or do you like getting captured and kidnapped? -04:52 Mar 17
Sebastian: Not sure?! Ow! *More glaring and rubbing on the hit spot!* Just a slip of judgement, that’s all! -04:57 Mar 17
Monique: Run in to a dark creepy alley, nothing is going to happen there! *Monique hit him again just for good measure!* We are going back to the ship and I am locking you in your cabin! -05:00 Mar 17
Sebastian: I’m not getting locked up like some small, helpless child! *He growled!* -05:02 Mar 17
Monique: You’re not staying out here like a small helpless child, either! *Grabbing his wrist, she was already tugging him out of the alley! She should be hunting down those shadows right now, not worried about watching the captain!* -05:04 Mar 17

As they passed by the fountain, Monique might notice that the herbs she’d sprinkled around had been scattered! And there wasn’t even a light breeze!

Monique: *Monique slowed… eyeing the area a bit. There werent footsteps either… Were the shadows doing it? Maybe trying to dispell her own spells?* This place is strange. -05:14 Mar 17

“I heard there was a witch here. I didn’t believe it myself but … here you are.”

Monique: Jus an ol’ woman out for a stroll… *She replied slowly, not letting go of Sebastian’s wrist! Monique glanced around trying to spot where the voice was coming from!* -05:21 Mar 17

A soft chuckle seemed to echo! “Yes, here you are.”

Sebastian: *He growled and pulled out his pistol again!* Show yourself, coward. -05:24 Mar 17
Monique: Don’t waste your bullets. *Monique said softly… That voice didn’t figure her out, did it…? She was so busy yelling at Sebastian she had been keeping up her disguise!* …Now what would a witch be doin’ aroun a creepy ol’ place like this…? -05:26 Mar 17

“An old woman who sprinkles nightshade, foxfire, and holy friar’s breath around a fountain so late at night when everyone else is safe and sound in bed.”

Monique: Is tha where my ‘erbs went? An here I though’ the boy was a tossin’ out my ‘erbs cause he hates my cookin’! *They could list every one of them too…? That’s not a good sign. At least they called her old woman!* How about you come on out an stop givin’ the poor boy a fright… -05:36 Mar 17

Another soft chuckle. “I have a better idea. How about I send my friends instead?” Suddenly the doors of all the buildings oened and people began filing out! But their eyes were closed and they were moving slowly to surround monique and Sebastian.

Monique: …and this is why I told you to stay on the ship. *Was the whole town entranced? It looked like they were sleep-walking, but she couldn’t be sure! …And she couldn’t just attack them if they were innocent people! * -05:47 Mar 17

Above the streets and the town square Monique and Sebastian, a young man and his twin sister stood watching them. “This should be fun, brother,” the girl said. “Indeed,” the boy replied. They looked no older than twenty with dark brown hair and eyes. They were dressed in fine clothing. The boy in pants and jacket and polished boots. The girl in a long gown with a corset.

*stood in

The people seemed to be entranced! When they had surrounded Monique and Sebastian, their eyes opened, revealing glazed unfocused stares.

Monique: When I tell you to run, I really hope you listen this time. *She muttered at Sebastian! Monique held her stick ready, thinking up the right combination of spells she’ll need… One for dispelling, one for disenchanting, and one that’s gonna hurt!* Ventus! *She pointed her stick, casting a good wind spell to knock a whole line of people out of the way!* Start running! -06:13 Mar 17
Sebastian: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He was off and running! Only to realize .. * Where the hell are we going?! The ship is back *that* way! -06:23 Mar 17
Monique: Don’t complain about specifics, just run! *Another wind spell to brush people out of the way and she was running right behind him!* Do you want to be mauled by zombies?! -06:29 Mar 17
[Monique and Sebastian were attempting to run through a crowd of enchanted people! And apparently not in the direction of the ship!] -01:35 Mar 18
[Sebastian was running for his life and wondering when the hell he signed up for this!] -01:36 Mar 18
Sebastian: A life of freedom and adventure, Bas. You’ll never find anything like this, Bas. *He muttered!* That is the last time I ever take my own advice! *He turned a corner!* -01:37 Mar 18
Monique: Got what you asked for, didn’t you! *Monique quipped, turning the corner behind him! They were going to have to find a place to hide so she could work out some spells!* -01:39 Mar 18
Sebastian: I blame you too, you know! *He growled over his shoulder!* How the hell do you fend off mindless slaves?! -01:40 Mar 18

Meanwhile the twins were getting bored. The girl yawned. “How dull,” she said. “Now, now, sister, the night is young and our prey is becoming awfully tender,” the boy replied in a tone that made his sibling look at him. She pouted. “You just want the girl. As if you don’t have enough pathetic wenches in your bed.” “Is that jealousy in your voice …? I do share with you after all …”

Monique: Once again, if you did what I told you, this wouldn’t have happened! *A door! Monique stopped suddenly, grabbing the back of Sebastian’s shirt and dragging him inside! She slammed the door behind them and dropped the lock!* It’s… um… going to be a little tricky to solve… -01:43 Mar 18
Sebastian: *He didn’t like the way she said that.* … Tricky …? How so? *He raised an eyebrow even as he started to push furniture in of the door!* -02:00 Mar 18
Monique: It’s an entire town under an enchantment and I am one witch. That’s no easy task… *Especially when they’re chasing you down! She’s going to have to find the source, hope the source doesn’t find her… and then hope she can charge up a big enough spell without dying in the process! ….This was all his fault! Muttering under her breath, she moved to the table to pull some things out of her cloak.* -02:06 Mar 18
Sebastian: Great. *He muttered.* I’m locked in here with hell knows whatever’s outside that door in the dead of night, relying on a witch and some elusive ghost partner. -02:25 Mar 18
Monique: He’s not a ghost, he’s a- *She paused… Where WAS Kitten now? Damn that vampire! They were really really going to have to talk about organized team work!* There’s nothing to worry about. All I need is a good distraction… *She turned to eye him carefully… Sebastian was pretty good at being distracting…. * -02:26 Mar 18

There was a loud THUD at the door! It was quickly followed by another thud and another!

The boy yawned. “Let us leave this place and go back to the manor.” He turned to go only to turn back when he didn’t receive a reply. “Katrina?” His sister was bent forward, clutching her chest and gasping for air! “Katrina!” He quickly rushed over to her side! “What is it?!” he demanded. It was several moments before she was able to breathe again. She stood straight and clutched the sleeve of her brother’s jacket. “That power I felt … It was … It was …” Her voice trailed off. “Has he returned?” the boy asked, anxious. “We must go. To the manor.” He nodded. “At once.”

Monique: You need a shield and maybe a stick! *Monique searched around the room until she found… a heavy pot lid and a broom, then thrust them in to Sebastian’s hands.* You’ll have to run out and be… be yourself, really…. Then I can sneak past and get somewhere to try a spell. -02:35 Mar 18
Sebastian: *He just blinked at her! He was speechless as he held that pot lid and broom!* … Are you crazy?! -02:38 Mar 18
Monique: Yes! I’m crazy! So you might want to try to avoid getting yourself killed. *Monique was already pushing stuff away from the door!* But if you like, I can go distract the mob and you can try and break an enchantment over an entire village! -02:40 Mar 18
Sebastian: *He gave her a glare!* Fine. I’ll do it. But so help me, woman … -02:41 Mar 18

Thud! Thud! Those villagers were still out there and eager to get a piece–or two–of Sebastian and Monique!

Monique: *She flashed him a grin!* Helping is exactly what I’m doing. After all, some of those people are your crew. *With everything out of the way, she lift up the lock and open the door quick! With a swing of her stick she cast a spell to get people out of the way for Sebastian to run!* -02:48 Mar 18
Sebastian: Wham! A force knocked the people out of the way, creating an opening! It was now or never! -02:49 Mar 18

Wham! A force knocked the people out of the way, creating an opening! It was now or never!

Sebastian: … I must have done something horrible in a past life. *He muttered before he took a deep breath and dashed out!* -02:50 Mar 18
Monique: *Monique waited for him to get a good distance, knocking away anyone that looked too close to him! Now…. he was on his own! She dashed out herself, dodging people and things to get back to that fountain!* -02:53 Mar 18

Dodging people was much easier since Sebastian had drawn them almost all away! She was back at the fountain in no time and not a soul in sight!

Monique: *Now she had to cram an hours worth of spelly in to…. five minutes! Monique hoped on to the edge of the fountain and was already digging more herbs out of her pocket to drop in the water! Reciting her spells as quickly as she could!* -03:07 Mar 18
Sebastian: *He was running for all he was worth! These enchanted people weren’t moving very fast but they sure were persistent! He just had to make sure he didn’t run into an alley or a dead end!* -03:09 Mar 18
Monique: *Just her herbs weren’t going to be enough for an enchantment so large… Monique pulled a small knife out of her cloak and winced as she cut her palm. A little blood would go a long way! She held her hand out to let the blood drop in to the water, muttering her spells… and really hoping the Captain had good endurance!* -03:14 Mar 18
Sebastian: *He was doing well! He was doing very well!* … Shit. *He muttered when he found himself face to face with a brick wall!* -03:46 Mar 18
Monique: *There really wasn’t any time! With one hand hovering over the fountain water and the other holding out one of her stones, she cast the final spell!* Dispel reproba umbra, reverto ut verum! -03:57 Mar 18

Those people were gaining! They took up every square inch in the alley! There was no escape for Sebastian this time!

Sebastian: *He swallowed and found out that waving a stick and a lid at a bunch of mindless slaves didn’t get you anywhere! And then … it all went black!* Aaahahhhh!! *He waved his stick wildly–not realizing he was in the town square next to the fountain and Monique!* -04:35 Mar 18
Monique: *Cast…! Whether or not it would work was anot-* AIEE! *Having Sebastian appeared out of nowhere and flailing like a maniac was the last thing Monique was expecting to see! She lost her footing on the edge of the fountain and tumbled right in! Sputter!Cough!* -04:37 Mar 18

Kitten: Next time, lock the idiot captain in this cabin where he belongs.

Sebastian: *He opened one eye and then another when no one grabbed him and nothing happened!* … Hey, how’d I get over– *He saw Monique!* What did you do this time?! -04:41 Mar 18

Kitten: *his

Monique: *Cough!Blink!Scowl! Monique stood up from the fountain with all the dignity of a queen! …And Ignored Sebastian!* Where have you been! This entire place is far too much for me to do alone, with this… this MAN getting in the way! -04:43 Mar 18

Kitten: *He was standing next to the fountain.* Hence why it is better to lock him up than have him wander around and get everyone killed.

Sebastian: *He glared at the man!* I have a name, you know! And if you’re this Kitten the witch was talking about, you’ve got a lot of crap to answer for! *He threw down the stick and lid!* -04:47 Mar 18
Monique: He probably saved your life, you trouble making… man! *Sopping wet and hurting all over did not make for a happy witch! Monique sloshed through the fountain water and crawled out, having to use her stick to keep from toppling over. Then she was pulling off that wig and cloak trying to wring out the water!* ..Hells bells… in any case, there is someone enchanting the town. And they’re still here. We’re going to have to find them. -04:50 Mar 18

Kitten: *He was peering into the fountain.* It would seem you already have.

In the fountain’s reflection, was a large house of some kind, nearly a castle! It was the same exact one on the edge of the town!

Monique: *Monique leaned to peer in the water.* …Not bad for a five minute spell… *Luck. That was sheer luck!* … That’s where we’re going then. When we find the enchanter we might get more information about the Bloodship as well. *…Then she turned to frown at Sebastian.* And YOU are getting locked up safe and sound and out of everything! -04:55 Mar 18
Sebastian: Oh no, you don’t! Some of my crew is under their spell and I’m already involved! I had to risk my life to draw those people away! I deserve to see things through to the end! -04:59 Mar 18
Monique: That’s too bad! You’re forbidden to go. *Monique draped her wig and cloak over one arm, and grabbed his wrist to drag him back for the ship.* Kitten and I are going. And-… And now that I think about it, *She stopped to turn around and point her finger at Kitten!* There isn’t going to be any more appearing when you think it’s convenient! We’ll be far more effective if we’re working together, not running around hoping we’re on the same page. -05:04 Mar 18
Sebastian: Oh no! *He stopped dead in his tracks to glare at her!* I am NOT going back to the ship until this thing is over! Do you hear me?! Not going back so you can forget about–*His eyes suddenly rolled back into his head and he fell to the ground in a heap!* -05:08 Mar 18
Monique: Hells bells, what on earth did you do to him. *Monique looked concerned as she leaned over the captain to take a look at him. He was out like a light!* -05:10 Mar 18

Kitten: I merely pinched the nerves of his spine at the base of his neck. It cuts off blood to the brain for two point o seconds, long enough for the brain to shut down but not long enough to result in death. *He bent to pick up Sebastian and throw him over his shoulder as if he was a feather! He started for the ship!*

Monique: That’s very useful to know. *…She was going to keep that in mind the next time Captain Grey is difficult. …Boy is he going to be angry when he wakes up. She did feel a little bad about it! Monique accompanied Kitten back to the ship, making sure the captain was safe and sound in his own bed… and locked in his room! Let’s see him try to sneak out and get kidnapped this time!* …. Now for the castle of doom. -05:20 Mar 18

Kitten: Are you prepared?

Monique: Just a moment… *She couldn’t go running around in a wet cloak and wig… so Monique managed to snatch some of the captains clothes! All of her things fit in the coat pockets and she was able to twist her hair up under a hat. Her knife was in her boot, she had her handy stick… She was ready as she could get.* Alright then, lets go. -05:34 Mar 18
Kitten: It would be faster if I carry you. *He replied, glancing at her as they stood on the deck!* -05:36 Mar 18
Monique: *Monique gave a doubtful expression, but finally nodded.* Okay, but if you start flying or anything you better warn me first. -05:37 Mar 18
Kitten: *He picked her up.* … I do not fly. *He crouched down and then leaped into the air, landing on the dock neatly. No sooner had his feet touched the planks and then he was off and running!* -05:44 Mar 18
Monique: That’s good because I- oh hell! *Monique pulled that hat tight down over her head! Some things were just too damned fast for a human! She couldn’t even watch!* -05:45 Mar 18
Kitten: *As quickly as it had begun, he stopped and when he put her down it was in front of the gates of the manor they’d seen in fountain!* -05:48 Mar 18
Monique: That was a dizzying experience. *Monique said, righting herself on her feet. Here was the manor, and she wasn’t too sure what to expect…. She pushed one of the gates open carefully.* I think if you stick to slaying things and I work on spells… Unless our host talks a lot, then maybe I should do the talking and you can handle the spells. -05:52 Mar 18
[Monique stepped through the gate of the creepy looking castle manor, and was trying to actually make a plan of action with Kitten!] -03:07 Mar 19
[Kitten was walking alongside Monique!] -03:14 Mar 19

The manor was creepy but definitely not dark! It was awfully quiet but as they approached the front door, shadows darted on either side of them!

Monique: *She had the sunstone to deal with those shadows, but it seemed she should be fine as long as she didn’t touch them!* I have to say, this is my first creepy castle… *She mused out loud, wary of the shadows as she reached out to try the door. Knocking would probably be a bad idea!* -03:20 Mar 19

The shadows didn’t touch them but nothing happened when they approached … Monique didn’t feel any wards either. And yet …

Monique: A little easy… *Either their hosts were really confident, or they were expecting Captain Grey to walk in to something stupid again. Monique pushed open the doors to step inside… Looking around for anything that might be trying to pop out, sling down, or heaven fordid just shoot her down!* -03:42 Mar 19

It was a fantastic manor! Of course even larger than it looked from the outside! It was quiet here, too! No one appeared to be home!

Kitten: *He looked around.* Can you sense anything? -03:54 Mar 19
Monique: I’m a witch, Kitten… not a gypsy. *She replied easily enough. Not that she wasn’t without intuition and common sense. A woman knew when something wasn’t right!* The better question is, do you sense anything? A vampire should be able to local other vampires, right? -03:57 Mar 19
Kitten: … There are three. *He said matter-of factly.* -04:03 Mar 19

It was still rather quiet! Not a squeak or anything! And whenever they spoke, it sounded like their voices echoed! They approached a large staircase that led up into darkness!

Monique: *Monique paused in her walking to slowly turn around and eye him with surprise. Then the look faded to a mild exasperated frown.* Let’s make a rule that must-know information is told right away. Especially about how many enemies are lurking in the shadows. *Turning back to the staircase, she only hesitated a moment before starting up it. This guy really didn’t under the meaning of teamwork at all!* -04:06 Mar 19

The silence was unnerving and so was the feeling of being watched! When they got to the top, a hallway stretched from left to right.

Monique: *Left or right… Monique pointed down the right side.* You can go that way. If somethings happens you can call for me. And if I need you I’m pretty sure you’ll hear me screaming. *A flash of a grin and she headed towards the left. Two people searching should go by faster… Now if she could figure out where that creepy watching feeling was coming from. It was making her skin crawl!* -04:21 Mar 19

As Monique continued, there was a soft giggle. “You must be the witch. I apologize for not coming out to meet you sooner.”

Monique: *Monique didn’t stop this time, she continued with looking around… though perhaps a bit more wary than before!* It couldn’t really be considered a meeting if I can’t see you… *It was a different voice than before, but clearly with the same love of not showing themselves…* -04:31 Mar 19

“But I love hide and go seek. How about a game or two? I hide and you seek.”

Monique: Sounds dreadfully boring. We could try hopscotch or tea party… *That voice didn’t seem to have any specific direction. Keeping an eye on the hallway, she started trying doors and peeking inside of rooms!* -04:41 Mar 19

“If you will not play a game of hide and seek with me, we can always skip to my favorite part …” The tone in the voice suggested Monique would rather not know what the speaker meant!

Monique: You mean dessert? *…Wait, suggesting dessert when human was on the menu was probably a bad idea. …Monique leaned to pull that knife out of her boot!* Let’s just have a chat then. About taking down enchantments, leaving town and being a good girl… -04:56 Mar 19

The voice giggled. “But I am being a good girl. I am doing exactly as I was told.”

Monique: *Another door opened and Monique peeked inside!* That is good, indeed! And what exactly were you told to do? -05:04 Mar 19

Another soft giggle. “That’s a secret. But since you don’t want to play hide and go seek with me, perhaps you will play with one of my pets…”

The mirror in the room Monique was peeking into shimmered and a reflection of a life-sized doll appeared! Then it lifted its head to look straight at Monique before it stepped out of the mirror!

Monique: *Blech! Why did life sized dolls have to look so disturbing! Still, a doll was a doll… with the knife in one hand, Monique pointed her stick at the doll with the other! She cast a fire spell!* Flamma! -05:16 Mar 19

The doll twitched as the fire hit it but it only staggered back a bit. With a scorched hole in its torso, it got up and started walking toward Monique again!

Monique: Eh.. well… I do believe I have other rooms to check on so~! *Monique backed quickly out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her! No sense in wasting time trying to kill the thing! …Unless it came through the door… She pulled one of the hall chairs over to stick under the knob!* This is so much fun! Really! But I am just too old for dolls. -05:25 Mar 19

“What a shame,” the voice said as the door shook! “Perhaps something a bit more … cuddly?”

The sound of a door opening down the hall and then a soft growling!

Monique: You must be kidding. *Monique was fairly certain that her idea of cuddlie and a vampire’s idea was probably going to differ greatly. No reason to panic… she had a spell for this too!* -05:41 Mar 19

There were heavy footsteps and nails clicking on the floor!

[Monique is having a rough day. Men aren\’t helping!] -02:03 Jan 16
[Kitten is determined to find the Bloodship–no matter how many vampires he has to go through to get it!] -02:05 Jan 16
PM From: Monique: To: Monique pbybe! -02:05 Jan 16

“So they sent a witch to do the job not even a sorcerer could handle.” The voice snorted. “Fools.”

Monique: *With the sound of paws on the ground, there was a grimace from Monique. Ducking out of the hall, she scooted in to one of the next rooms to close up the door behind her.* Fools is a favorite word of vampires, isn’t it? *Chatting only to keep hearing the voice, she was digging around in her pockets to find something useful against weres! … at least she hoped that was a were out there. If it were a demon, that would be a problem!* -02:10 Jan 16

A claw suddenly shot through the door. Yep, a werewolf and from the size of the claw, a nice, big one at that! The claw withdrew and then a muzzle was pushing its way through the hole to sniff around for food!

Monique: *Gah! Monique backed up away from the door. Digging digging… Ah ha! She pulled out a stone, pure unrefined silver. Holding it in her palm, she was waving her other hand over it to cast a spell!* You have such a nice pet. Are you sure you don’t want to come have a chat with me yourself? -02:18 Jan 16

The wolf’s muzzle pulled out and it began pushing against the door!

Monique: *Just a bit more… Monique mutter the final phrases of the spell under her breath, watching as the small silver stone shimmered and took a new shape. It wasn’t very large, but it lengthed and smoothed to a fine sharp blade. It was the only thing she had on her for weres With the wolf now ramming against the door, she wrapped a bit of clothe around the bottom end so she wouldn’t hurt herself, and stepped back for a solid position!* This is the last chance to call your wolf back. I’m not of mind to get myself eaten. *The hinges were going. Hopefully Kitten was having an easier time!* -02:31 Jan 16

The door was finally pushed off its hinges! The were gave one more solid push and forced his way into the room! It took a few seconds to enter completely. It was a solid dark brown werewolf in hybrid form, standing at 6’5″ and looking very hungry!

Monique: *The furryguy barely fit through the door! Monique didn’t waste time though, she reached behind her to snag the edge of a curtain and YANKED! As it came down, she was flinging the fabric over the beast’s head to block his vision and ducking around him!* -02:39 Jan 16

The were snarled and began trying to shake the curtain off. Its head knocked into things and its claws were swinging wildly, also trying to get the curtain off!

Monique: *Monique had to duck flailing limbs more than once, tilt backwards from claws and dodge out of the way before he toppled a bookcase down on top of them both. Had she some sense, she’d stab him in the back with the silver but damned if that didn’t seem like a rotton thing to do to a wolf! Once she reached the doorway, she was dashing out in to the hall!* Lady, I could do this all night but I’m sure you have places to be and people to eat! -02:44 Jan 16

The wolf was left still struggling with that curtain! Monique was halfway down the hall when it finally freed itself! It uttered a howl that echoed through the manor!

Monique: *Time to pick up searching with a little bit of Witchly cheating! With the silver knife in one hand, she dug out a tightly wrapped bundle of herbs. Casting a scrying spell for vampires would be hard with Kitten also in the mix, but she wasn’t going to kick down doors with a were on her heels!* Undead soul… Search! -03:03 Jan 16

A trail of green smoke floated out of the bag of herbs and led her down the stairs … down a corridor … to a door at the end!

Monique: *Better. Making sure to keep an eye over her shoulder, Monique quickly followed after the trail. She only hesitated for a moment when she reached the door, moving to open it or to force it open if needed!* -03:23 Jan 16

Nothing interrupted Monique on her way to the door and nothing happened when she touched it! But the door was awfully stubborn! Either it was bolted from the other side or reinforced with spells! Nothing as powerful as wards, however!

Monique: *She tried getting it open with her shoulder first… which was a painful mistake! After a bit of cursing over stiches, she took a step back to give it a good strong kick with her foot! And to make double sure, she cast a spell unchantment while she was at it!* -03:40 Jan 16

The door burst open! … Nothing happened! There was a flight of steps that led down, built against the wall. There was an eerie green light at the bottom! And voices! “So … strong …” said the female voice Monique had heard earlier. “Hold on, sister,” said another, a male voice.

Monique: *Strong sure as hell wasn’t meaning her! Which more likely meant Kitten in some way or another. Trying not to make a sound, Monique cautiously took the steps down, being wary of her feet and if anything were sneaking behind her!* -03:44 Jan 16

Weeping. “Who–who is he?!” the male voice demanded, sounding angry. “I–I don’t know,” the female said, her voice softer now. “How–how much longer …?” she asked. “I–I’m not sure. He should have been here by now,” the male replied. Monique soon discovered the eerie light was a circle of green fire surrounding two young people standing in some kind of seal. One was a young woman being supported by a young man. She looked about ready to collapse, one hand on her forehead. The man was holding her other arm and had an arm around her back. The room they stood in looked like an underground cavern. Odd symbols drawn all over in red. Blood?

Monique: *This was unique. Very strong spellcasting… a trapt or protection? They were expecting Kitten in anycase, and if they’re waiting for him it was more likely the trap! Keeping that silver knife in her hand to use as a temporary wand, she eased down off the steps to circle around along the walls.* He is a little delayed. Looks like you’ll be talking to me first. May be better off that way, He doesn’t enjoy chatting. -03:52 Jan 16

The young woman lifted her head a bit but didn’t turn. “It’s the witch … ” “I know,” the man replied, not taking his eyes off of Monique. He looked ready to attack Monique at any moment but either he couldn’t leave the circle or he didn’t want to leave his sister’s side.

Monique: *It was never so easy to have them just offer information freely, was it? Remaining wary, Monique paused to speak.* I want to know about the Bloodship. Where it is. If it’s close by. How to stop it. If you tell me, this may not have to get nasty. *Nasty she didn’t like. But she had no issue in killing vampires. If she pulled the correct spell she could shift that protection circle to a natural fire.* -04:03 Jan 16

The male vampire bared his sharp fangs and the arm around his sister’s back moved. He stretched his arm out and an invisible force slammed into Monique!

Monique: *It knocked the breath right out of her! She was rather glad for the wall behind her, otherwise she might have crashed to the ground! Getting her breath back and ignoring that jolt of pain, she flung out her arm straight to point the silver. Growling a phrase, she was muttering the disenchantments to break their circle!* -04:10 Jan 16

“No!” The woman was clutching her brother’s sleeve even more tightly! “If she breaks this circle, we’ll all die!” she choked out. The man blinked at her. “He can’t possibly be–!” “He is. Stop her.” The man growled and raised his arm. The symbols around the room were glowing. The wind was picking up!

Monique: *We’ll all die, that was encouraging! As long as all meant bad vampires. Tilting only to brace herself from the window, she kept her arm firm and straight. Monique channeled her magic to focus entirely on breaking that circle. Their spell was strong and required her focus!* -04:17 Jan 16

Skeletons were crawling out of the dirt, summoned by the male vampire, and clattering over to Monique! There was a howl from above! That wolf had found its way here and was at the top of the steps!

Monique: *Hells bells! They really did want to get nasty! Monique couldn’t break her focus on the spell, or she’d have to start all over again! She sidestepped to get herself back away from the stairs, and jump out of reach from skeletons all the while trying to keep that silver pointed!* Kitten, I swear to the Earth Mother, if you’re waiting for a dramatic moment to enter…! -04:23 Jan 16

The wolf was pouncing for Monique when a sword thrust through its chest from behind! Someone pulled the sword out and then picked up the wolf to throw on the skeletons!

Kitten: … Your children. Call them off. *He was talking to a man who stepped out from behind him. The man was thin and pale, another vampire who resembled the twins in the circle enough to be their father! He looked very sad and very sorry!* -04:29 Jan 16
Monique: *That was a close call! So close she nearly dropped her arm! Alas, giving the glare she wanted to would have to wait. There was a third vampire. Releasing a huff of breath, she kept her magic on that circle!* -04:30 Jan 16

The vampires blinked at the sight of the older man. “Fa … Father?” the girl said. “What do you think you’re doing?!” her twin brother demanded!

The man lowered his head. “Katrina, Alex. You have to stop this. We have done too much damage.”

“What are you talking about?!” Alex growled. “What damage?! We’re taking our rightful places, our power! And you’re siding with THEM?!”

Monique: Is he siding with us? *Monique repeated, not daring to take her eyes off the two in the circle! Now this was all getting a little confusing!* -04:39 Jan 16

“I’m sorry,” the man was muttering. “I–I was wrong to bring you two into this … to corrupt you. I thought I was doing good. But I was wrong. Please … you must stop now or you will both be killed.”

Kitten: This is Count Karl Maximov. I found him after we separated. He has one chance to talk his children out of this. Before I kill them both. -04:41 Jan 16

“Please, spare, my children. I–I will do anything. I will tell you everything you need to know.”

“How dare you!” Alex was snarling. “You–you will betray us, your own kin!” Katrina gasped!

Monique: I get the feeling he means it when he says one chance. Do we really feel the need to stretch his patience? *Monique might have rather killed them out right, but it was hard to ignore the pleas of an old man for his children. ….What was surprising was Kitten allowing that chance!* -04:47 Jan 16

“You’ll pay for this treachery!” Alex moved his hand. “Alex?!” Katrina gasped, trying to reach for his arm. But Alex was quicker and he formed a ball of green fire from the circle around them, then launched it at the older man!

The older man was engulfed with green flames! He cried out in pain and curled up into a ball!

Kitten: *Kitten’s fangs grew and he bit his lip, casting the spell with his blood. The green fire went out but the damage was done! He caught the vampire’s body as he fell!* -04:54 Jan 16

“Father!” Katrina moved to cross the circle but Alex caught her! “No, Katrina! It’s too late!” he told her. “Too late?! You killed our father!” she protested. ‘He betrayed us. He is no father of ours.”

The vampire looked up and clutched Kitten’s sleeve. “Please … Your Grace … Thank you …” And then he closed his eyes. His body turned to ash.

Monique: *The distraction was one that she couldn’t pass up. Forcing a quick tweak to her magic channeled through the silver, she cut through their protection spell to shift their fire to normal and destroy their barrier!* -04:56 Jan 16

The green fire turned red and then vanished, leaving one distraught female vampire and one astonished male vampire!

Alex was baring his long fangs again and moving to cast another spell! A big chunk of rock broke off of the wall behind and to the side of him and went flying at Monique!

Monique: *With their fire shifted, she didn’t need to stand so still… and none too soon! Monique jumped out of the way before she had herself crushed between a rock and a hard place… litterally! Giving a swift movement of her arm, she shifted that circle of flames to go rearing back at the male!* -05:04 Jan 16
Kitten: *He picked up Monique and jumped off of the steps to land neatly on the ground. He put her down, then separated Katrina and Alex to opposite sides of the room with a spell! He walked over to Alex, leaving Katrina to Monique.* -05:04 Jan 16

Alex hissed and rolled out of the way! He lifted one hand and spikes of earth shot out of the ground close to him, then more spikes shot out farther away, and more spikes after that, until spikes were shooting out from the ground in front of Monique!

Monique: *Monique stumbled to the side, avoiding getting herself impaled from the ground up! With the silver, she pulled that fire back to circle around him again… This time to keep him from herself!* I think that one chance has run out, Kitten! -05:17 Jan 16

Alex snickered. “Ha! I don’t care what my sister or my father says. Your vampire pet–” His eyes grew wide as a sword ran through him and narrowly missed his heart! “You–you missed–” He coughed. “Alex!” Katrina gasped, still lying on the ground!

Kitten: *Kitten was standing behind him. He twisted the sword, causing Alex to cough and gasp in pain. One hand was on his shoulder, preventing him from moving.* -05:25 Jan 16

“Please, spare him! I’ll tell you what you need to know! He’s the only family I have …” Katrina was sitting up now.

Monique: *They needed to work on Kitten’s timing…* I think it is reasonable to assume, if you DO tell us that my violent friend may be generous enough to abide by your murdered father’s wishes. *Of course, the comment might have been as much for Kitten as for the woman.* -05:28 Jan 16

“Don’t.” Cough. “You dare.” Cough.

Kitten: *Kitten suddenly kicked the back of his leg, causing Alex to drop down to one knee and the sword to move, almost but not quite slicing through his shoulder.* -05:30 Jan 16

Katrina looked away from Alex. “Yes, the Bloodship was here. It came not too long ago. Maybe about several days ago.”

Monique: We need to know where it docks when it isn’t raiding towns. Do you know? *The few townspeople that were alive in this town had no idea it had already been here? That meant the Bloodship as a whole was so much stronger than she had thought before!* -05:35 Jan 16

“No. But I heard my father and the captain talking one night before the captain and the Bloodship left. The captain was expecting someone and looking for something.”

Monique: *It was safe to assume they were looking for the key she managed to take, and likely expecting Kitten. But to be sure…* Expecting him? *She gestured towards Kitten.* Or someone else? -05:41 Jan 16

Katrina looked at Kitten! “He … he fits the description. The captain said the vampire following him was … strange but powerful. Very powerful. That’s why Alex and I did what we did. If we managed to stop the strange vampire, we would be rewarded. The captain promised.”

Monique: How are you supposed contact him and let him know you suceeded? Have you an idea of where he will be next? *Strange vampire indeed… she would have questions later.* -05:45 Jan 16

She shook her head. “He said he would return and see how we were doing.”

Monique: When. Soon? *She cast a glance at Kitten. If they could wait, she and Kitten could stay in this town until the Bloodship came to them!* -05:51 Jan 16

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