Harmony 001: Sleepover

[Harmony has one of those wierf names Hippies give thier kids. She usually goes my ‘Harm’ though and so has a reputation of neing an emo but who the fuck cares.] -05:22 Dec 22
[Wilhelmina is a very quiet, very invisible girl. She’s okay with that.] -05:31 Dec 22
Harmony: "Hey dorkfish." ‘Mina’s head was swatted from behind by a history textbook just outside of class before her hands was grabbed and she was pulled along. "So we getting lunch or what?" Mina was Harm’s best friend. A shyer, poorer, nerdier version of herself in many ways. Real shy. "Don’t worry I promise not to bite this time. I’m actually not feeling great today I had the wierdest dream." -05:38 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Dorkfish was a terrible name, but Mina didn’t complain about it. It was the least offensive nickname she had heard all week. "I have learned not to wear fruity scented perfume around you, I think it will be okay." she muttered softly in all seriousness. Seeing as she couldn’t escape Harm’s grip, Mina curiously asked about the dream! "Was it the teddy bears again?" -05:42 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Pfft, no. This one wasn’t scary. But it did have thedevil in it." she said as she wounds her way through the other students. "He made a bet with me and I lost so my soul is his now. Wierd right?… And I only bit you because I looooove peaches, Mina. It was a joke." It wasn’t the first time she’s played the ‘made the unltashy nerd walk arounds chool with hickies’ joke either, but she alwasy make up for it, right? "So tomorrows Saturday. We hitting the movies? New Transformers out! I know it’s gonna be trash but it’s Transformers." -05:51 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "My mother says I am not allowed to watch it because it’s just the devil’s minions of the future. Maybe I can come stay over at your house and we can sneak out to see it?" Mina’s mother seemed to think the devil was in just about everything. It made being Harmony’s friend a little difficult sometimes, because the woman tended to think Harm was the devil too. -05:55 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "God your mother reminds of the one in Waterboy sometimes." Harm said rolling her eyes. "It’s the DEVIIIIL." Shouting ‘devil’ at the top of your lungs suddenly in a crouded coridoor was not the worst thing Harm has done for her reputation cut again she didn’t care. "But hey, at least she’s around. Right?" Harm’s own was on yet another shopping trip to NYC without her and her dad was in Rhinelang negotiating with some prince or another for an oil field. "Maybe I can find a stream and we can just watch it at my place." Her place has a better sound system than the cinema anyway. -06:01 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina completely disagreed that having the old woman around was a good thing. There were freedoms one just didn’t get when your mom thought everything was evil. Mina gave a surley bit of a scowl, being a little perturbed that now everyone was staring at them. "And we can work on our homework while we’re waiting for it to download? I have to improve my A- average, it doesn’t look good on my resume." -06:05 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "resume smesume. I’ll just hire you as my maid then we can hand forever." Harm winked. "And you in that uniform would be so cute!" She pinched the girl’s scheek having made her third subtle lesbian jab of the day. Not that Harm was Lesbian… she didn’t quite know what she was. "Best thing about this plan is it works even if this cold or whaever I have doesn’t go away." she switched back to movie plans without warning. "You eating cafateria food or stealing from what I brought? I see a free table over there." -06:10 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I have a tunafish sandwhich." Which was terrible and that meant she intended to eat some of Harmony’s food. Mina slipped in to a seat, pulling out the very sad looking sandwhich just in case Harm wanted to attack it for her. "I’m not sure if being your maid is safe." -06:14 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm grabbed half of Mina’s sandwich and then opened her bag to pull out a tupperware containing a roast beef and cheese casserol and pushed it towards Mina. "Fair trade? Want more?" there was a box of juice and a rye, salami, letus, pickle, feta sandwich that half of was also pushed towards Mina who sat there with her half rye sandwich, half a tuna sandwich and her juice. "Probbaly not. I plan to be an eccentric idle rich girl. You know like the ones you hear about who humilaite thier servants because they have no other outlet to express how soulcrushingly empty thier lives are." she winked at her favorite victim/best friend and starte unwrapping the tuna. -06:23 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina look completely igdignant about the idea, but was very happy to dig in to a NICE lunch with all the manners of a posh lady. "I won’t stand for any humiliation if I have to spend all day cleaning for you. Otherwise I could work someone else for nicer pay. Are you going to give me health benefits? Maybe you need more hobbies. Like studying fossils! That’s actually very interesting." -06:27 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: If only took her three secods to make her half of Mina’s tuna disappear before she started in her rye… savoring it. "Come on… would I really do that to you. All I want is you love…" she pouted and then stuck her tongue out. "I do have hobbies. I collect comics. I play vodeo games. I try to pull you out of your hilbilly life and get come culture in you… Okay fine I admit it… I’m only after you for the sex." Not that they had ever had sex but the look on Mina’s face was bound to be priceless. -06:31 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Now Mina was very, very, very red. But she was trying hard to play it off as if all of those sex comments didn’t bother her at all. The more it bothered her, the more Harm liked to do it, and that is how Mina ended up with hickies and in other strange situations! "You would have better luck hunting down a nice boyfriend with good manners. One that likes video games too and would be a good pool boy?" -06:33 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "That sounds like a bad 90s porno." Harm commented before takign another bite of Rye. And don’t you want to have fun with your life before you settle down? Try a few guys and maybe a girl to see if you like it? You’re not going to meet the perfect person of your first try… Look at my parents." Her parentshad been sweethearts since middle school. "We hanging after school today or no? Meet at my place so I can show what arived in the mail today? -06:37 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Boys are distractions. Girls are too!" Not that she didn’t think about it on a regular basis, but there was just no time for those sorts of things and they were never interested in her either. There was only Harmony, who was impossible to take seriously and Mina was sure was a deviant. "Of course, yes. We have to prepare the movie rituals. What did you get?" -06:40 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You’ll have to wait to see." Harm said with a wicked grin and a slow sultry wink. "Speaking of finish your caserol I’ll microwave us up some more for dinner. It’s almost time to head back to class." -06:41 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Well, that look was trouble. Mina siiiighed, and very quickly started shoveling casserole in her mouth so they wouldn’t be late to classes. "Why do you always make me wait! You know how much I hate surprises." -06:46 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm sighed and slid aorund to tit next to the girl and put her arm aorund her. "You’re my best friend, Mina and as much as I try to be kind and sweet all the time like you I just like to torture you and you desurve better, I know…" she played with ehr hair, getly. "But you’re the only one who puts up with me so I have my fun. I’m sorry?" -06:50 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: There went her face going red again. And worse, she was a total sucker when Harm started getting all sorry about things. Mina huffed and nodded her okay. "Okay. But you have to remember to appreciate me more. Maybe I won’t be here forever and you will have to get a new me!" -06:53 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "There’s no more like you." she cooed, resting her chin on Mina’s shoulder. "And I apreaciate you as the unique gem you are. I plan to never use you." She kissed her cheek quickly and stood. "My place after school right? Bring the tupperware." -06:56 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Many hours later after school, Mina had her bag and was walking up the loooooooong driveway to Harmony’s ridiculously large and intimidating house. Mina’s house was a toolshed compared to this estate and she always wondered if they ever used all those rooms. She stopped at the door and range the doorbell, shifting uncomfortably on her feet. -06:59 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: It took a few minutes for Harm to get to the door with her headphones on and phone stuch in her back pocket blasting music bat when she pulled it open her arms were immediately around Mina and she pulled the gill inside. "She give you a cross and holy water to use against me?" she asked only half jokingely and hell, she looked like someone people might cross themselves if they sat her in the street. Free of school she had changed into a low cut top with a band logo on the front and short shorts. Her earing were now skull shaped studs and she had put on lipstick for more other reason than to meave a lot of it on Mina’s neck when she greeted her. "Food now or can yu hold out until after we get ready for tomorrow? YOu only get to find out what I got after both of those." She had put on purfume too. -07:04 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I didn’t tell her I was coming here. I told her I was going to a Bible Study Slumber party. I’ll have to think of something to study for telling her about." Mina hadn’t changed her clothes at all. Wearing the same simple khaki skirt and button up blue blouse she had worn to school. Her hair was in a simple ponytail over her shoulder and compared to Harm’s outragerous clothes, she looked very plain. "Food first please, preparations are easy!" -07:08 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Food, then we’re heading upstairs and finding you something to wear for the rest of the night." Harm said turning and with her dark curls bounding behind her headed for the kitche, taking two tupperware containers exactly like the one she had brought with her to lunch and shoving them into two seperate microwaves and settign the times. "I meant what I said by the way, Mina. I don’t ever want to lose you. You’re like my only friend and for someone as rich as this that’s saying something." she opened the fridge and poared a glass for each of them, carefully spiked with alcohol and when the microwaves beeped pulled out the containers, upended them into bowls and served everything. "You get to decide desert." -07:13 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I want the German chocolate cake." Mina put up a lot of protest about Harm’s dressing her up, but she never really meant it. Maybe being in those clothes made her a little uncomfortable, but it was nice getting to dress up all fancy and different. Mina took a biiiiig swallow of her drink. "You are being extra affectionate today. Did that dream make you scared for your soul? I have never heard you be scared of anything." -07:16 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I am?" she asked looking up after taking a bite of her food. "Comeon I have wierd dreams all the time. Everyone does." She took a gult and knewwwshe would be in toruble if Mina actually knew what booze tasted like. Arested trouble. And her parents would be too but she didn’t care. "And sure… how many slices do you want? We have to finish it over the weekend…" She did enjoy treating Mina almost as much as she enjoyed torturing her. Maybe this was why she stayed friends with her. -07:22 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Yes but you are being eeeeextra nice." Mina held up three fingers even though that was probably more cake than she’d be able to stuff in her face. The cake was too hard to resist. Now that she was no longer in school and surrounded by a ton of people, Mina was relaxing a little bit more. "We’ll have to gt all of the soundtracks to listen to after the movie is done tomorrow. Should we wear our fan shirts? I have mine in my bag!" -07:27 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You know we are gonna wear our shirts." Harn said with a grin. "And I’m being normal, twerp. Don’t make me dress you up in something from my second closet." She did have two too. "It sucks that your mom never left you go to cons with me, I think you’d love cosplay." Switching subject again and working Mina up to actually going with her. -07:30 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "There are too many people! But maybe just once would be really fun. It’d be hard to sneak away for that many days, though." Mina took another drink and happily polished off the rest of that casserole before making grabby hands towards the cake. "I kind of want to be Sailor Jupiter!" -07:33 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "There’s some great sailor guardian costumes you can buy online… or would you want to make your over a few weekends?" Harm reached over and lifted the glass bell covering the cake to let Mina at it. "Which one was Jupiter again?" she was trying not to get lost in the thought of Mina in a sexy sailor outfit. -07:35 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "The one with lightning powers." Mina got herself a very large piece of the cake and was then busy stuffing chocolate in her mout and bouncing happily in her seat. She neeeeeever got cake at home. "I want to make one. That way it’s completely accurate to the show down to the last details. It HAS to have all of the little details or it’s just not worth doing it." -07:37 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Great! I’ll source all the materials." The trap sprung and Mina was soooooo caught. With great smugness she lelped herself to a slice of cake and put a small spoonful in her mouth. "You just need to tell me what you need. I don’t think your mom would pay for any of it but that’s why you have me." -07:40 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Hmm? Mm!! I will have to make a list! Hmm.. I’ll have to do lots of internet research on both the manga and the anime and find lots of pictures so I can get the appropriate amounts of fabric. Oh, and they’ll have to be nice quality fabric toos. And her rose earings! Those will be especially tricky to find!" Mina was starting to really like this idea! Sure, it was going to be hard to get around her mom, but surely they could figure something out. "You’re going to cosplay too?" -07:43 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "It’s kinda like the unwritten rule of coms. If you don’t cosplay you’re a dad or you’re a dork." she said. "It just wouldn’t be my first time." she wiggled here eyebrows as ate more cake. "You were grounded though so I didn’t try to hook you. But this year, you’re miiiiine." she was grinning ear to ear. "We can starts searching online before we sleep tonight. Not like we’ll be doing anything else, right." -07:46 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Maybe some homework, but that would be it." How exciting! Mina polished off the rest of her cake as quickly as she could. She wanted to work on this project. And down went the rest of her drink as fast as she could swallow. "Ready! What is your big secret?" Off she slid from her seat ready to see what strange nonsense Harm was going to show off now. -07:50 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Nuh uh uh." she said taking Mina by the hands and leading her out. "First you nee to get changed." She led her up the richly decorated staircase and through the door into her den, with posters all over the wallls, excapt the one that was almost entorely covered in shelves of old vynl, comics, and games. "You sit right here. I’mgoing to pick out your outfit." Heading over she pulled open her closet and started difling through hangers. This was going to be good! -07:54 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "This is going to take forever!" fussed Mina, crossing her arms and fussing as she sat still. She went ahead and kicked off her shoes, since it would only be a matter of time before Harm tugged them off anyway. She leaned curiously to see what was getting pulled out of the closet. "Why do I have to change clothes anyway. Aren’t we just staying here?" -07:56 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "because I like you looking sexy when we’re together." She said immediately. "Usually you’re cute as hell but when I’m done with you you’re dangerously cute." She moved over to the bed and without asking pulled Mina’s shirt off and replaced it with one similar to the one she was wearing only less extreme in how much it showed. "You get to wear a prettier one when yuou get a sexy bra like mine." she said before shoving Mina down and ripping her skirt off and dropping a black leather mini in her lap followed by a spiked bracer. It was the only words fro it. It looked like forearm armor since it was too big to be a mere bracelet. "SHoes we can leave buuut." she loved a fast as a rabbit over to her dresser and started pulling out her makeup bag. "You’re going to loook… good enough to eat." -08:01 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am not cute at all, thank you very much!" Being manhandled and her clothes snatched had her face red again, and she really didn’t know why she wasn’t used to this sort of treatment by now. It happened all too often. Reluctantly she pulled on the black skirt. …it was a little too tight and she stood around fussing trying to dug it down some more. "This is too short. It’s going to show my butt when I bend over!" -08:05 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "That’s the point." She said with a grins as she sat Mina back down again and took out btight red lipstick and applied it in four practices troved and then added in dark mascara to complete the quick look and with a little fussing with Mina’s hair she snapped a picture with her phone, then another one with her nuzzzling into Mina’s neck fron behind, then slowly her phone slipped from her fingers and she put her arms arounf Mina, her nuzzling slowling but not stopping as she gave a long, content sigh. This had certainly never hapened before in Harm’s rapid fire style of torture. "New perfume?" she asked finally seeming t come to her senses a little, only to tighten her grip and start nuzzlling into her hair. "You’re right, you’re not cute. You’re gorgious." -08:10 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Harm was being even more touchie and snugglie than usual which was making her cheeks burn. It wasn’t BAD, it was just a little strange! "Yes, because you bite me last time. This one doesn’t smell like food." Mina didn’t agree at all about looking cute OR gorgeous, but Harm always did like strange things. She poked gently at Harm’s shoulder. "Now you’ll tell me the big surprise?" -08:13 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She was halfway through the motion of biting her ear when she was poked just in the nick of time and shook herself. "Okay… stay sitting." she moved away and rushed over to her shelves and quickly pulled something off and hid it behind her back as she approached. "Are you ready to be jealous?" she asked with the sweetest smile. "You drop dead sexy girl." -08:15 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Stop saying such silly things and just show me already!" she complained, shifting awkwardly in her seat and still trying to tug that skirt down farther so it wasn’t showing so much leg. It was really a futile endevor. -08:17 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She slowly revealed her plastic encased prize. "First print detective comic, the very first one to ever contain…." She flipped it over to reveal the cover. "Batman! This is the first time Batman was revealed to the public. And here it is… exactlu like new." She plopped down next to Mina and put it in her friend’s lap. "Taken me years to find one for sale." -08:19 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Eeeeeeeeeei!!" squealed Mina! Despite bouncing heavily, she was very careful when she picked it up. "Oh my god, oh my god! These are impossible to find in mint condition now! This had to cost more than a fortune! You have to sell your soul for these!" -08:22 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Maybe I did…" that was the strange bit. She had got it in her dream but when she had woken up there it was. "My parents are going to kill me when they see the cost but if I put it up for auction I could probably make money with the price I paid. Not that I’m giving this up." it was good to share it with someone who apreaciated it as much as she did. -08:24 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I’ll KILL MYSELF if you sell it! Don’t you dare!" Mina hugged it to her chest, coveting the precious prize. Harm could always get the most amazing things, she had no idea how lucky she was! "It needs a display case. Something really special." -08:26 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Well maybe you can help me plan that." she said the enthusiasm seeming to ebb from her as it sunk is. The comic was real, neither of her parents would have done this and no one else would just hand her something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. "Thing is… I got that in my dream. The one where I sold my soul and when I woke up it was still there…" -08:29 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Harm, come on." Mina roooolled her eyes. Even for Harm being really weird, to actually think she sold her soul for a comic in a DREAM and got it was kind of crazy. "Maybe your parents got it for you and it was just a coincidence you had a weird dream like that." -08:31 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Mom is in New York. Dad is in Germany and they would never spend hundreds of thousands on my collection that they hate… no, you must be right. I mean it’s silly to think that the devil would come after me. I’m a nobody, probably alread headed that way. He’d go after you. You’reprobably going to heaven otherwise." -08:33 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Exactly! The devil only goes after souls that are hard to get! I think. ….Actually I have no idea! We COULD ask my mom, but that’s not a conversation I want to have at all. Don’t worry about it, okay?" Mina offered the comic back, along with a big wide smile. Something very few people ever got to see from her. "It’s totally worth a soul, though." -08:35 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She took it and walked back to stash it on her shelf. "No, telling your mom I sold my soul and she’ll never let you come here again. So… you’re working on a saulor Juliper cosplay? Time to start looking!" -08:37 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "She’s still looking for a reason to just keep me in the house forever." Mina hopped off the bed to grab Harmony’s laptop. Another thing Harm had that Mina didn’t. She didn’t even have a computer at her house. "All we need are a few good pictures and I’ll write down the list. And then we can go to bed for plenty of rest for tomorrow!" -08:40 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I’m still convinced one of thse days you’re going to find my porn folder." Harm said sitting behind Mina and putting her arms back around her, going back to gently nuzzling her shoulder. "Rest sounds good. After we wash off out makeup and set into something we can sleep in." -08:43 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am not going to go looking for your porn folder." Although knowing Harm it could be right there out in the open. She was being snugglie again and Mina was taking it like a champ. It helped that Harm was nice and warm and maybe Mina liked her a little bit when she wasn’t being evil. So she continued clicking away at the computer. "Why do you bother putting makeup on us anyway, just to take it back off again?" -08:50 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "To look sexy." She repeated, moving stopping her affection and only juuuust stoppin gherself from copping a feel when it was clear Mina was distracted enough. "Don’t you lik elooking sext? Knowing that people want you when they see you? Knowing that all kinds of things are yours if you choose to say yes to them? You’re pretty… you should feel like that too." -09:02 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "That is what Harmony land is like! In Wilhelmina land, I am not pretty or sexy or cute. I am just normal and boring and uninteresting. And that’s okay, you know, because being sex just leads to sex and sex is a sin!" Mina didn’t necessarily believe that, but it was hard to shake those kind of thoughts after being raised that way. She pointed at the laptop screen. "I want to do that style for the fuku. The skirt is a little short, but maybe I can wear some sheet tights too." -09:06 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Sex is great." Harm complained. "Mavn’t you masterbaited before?" She completely ignored the part about the top only to lean over and bookmarke it and tell Mina to keep looking for similar things. "If sexy leads to sex than I will be all the sexy I possibly can. And you should too. Harmony land could be yours too if you just wanted it. She had to stop herself from offering to show Mina how great sex was. -09:10 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "NO I don’t masturbate! Only boys do that!" Ick! How would she even do that? Her face was burning enough even her ears were red now. Mina huffed. "Have you been having sex? That’s really dangerous. You’re not supposed to be having it until you get married. Otherwise everyone is going to call you a slut and then no one will marry you because they can get it for free." -09:13 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Girls masterbait too." Harm said with her arms folded across her chest. "And how can I be having sex when I hand out with you all the time. I just guess what. Masterbait. So am I a boy?" she asked giving Mina a disbelieving look. "And that is not what happens when you don’t hold out for marriage. MArriage is about love. Sex doesn’t have to be. I was concieved before my parents were married." she had pulled away from Mina and looked hurt. -09:17 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Sex is supposed to be about love, that’s why you wait until you get married." Mina curiously watched Harmony walk away, and then she frowned. "Why are you offended? It’s not wrong to masterbate, it’s just weird!" -09:20 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm spread her arms. "Just because I’m not getting doesn’t mean I’m a virgin." she said emphatically. "Doesn’t mean I don’t feel thing that tell me sex does not have to be about love, doesn’t have to be with a boy, and should be enjoyed and the fact that you don’t masterbait is wierd. It’s like… the best stress relief after a bad day ever invented… If you wern’t my best friend who I love dearly and would probably die if I lost I’d offer to show you how."" -09:23 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Maybe I think sex is weird!" she admitted, which was promptly followed by her sinking in her chair only to peer over the back of it at Harmony. "I don’t see what is so good about it… It hurts and it’s messy and everyone always complains about it or not getting it. It all seems like way too much trouble." -09:26 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "It’s not meant to hurt." she replied immediately. "In fact it feels increadible which is sort of the the point and what’s good about it." She sighed and sat down next to Mina, putting her arm around her and pulling her close. "But I know it’s not for everyone so we can drop it. Just… Don’t write it off, but don’t have it until you’ve masterdaited and know what it’s meant to feel like… okay?" -09:30 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I’m not putting my hands there!" How embaraaasssing. Mina bet no normal people had conversations like this! She buried her face in Harmony’s neck to hide it. She was being really nice and concerned (even though this entire thing was her fault anyway) and it was just much to deal with! -09:32 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina was pulled into a full on hug and had her back rubbed. "It’s really not that bad… but I’m done talking about it. Like I said you’re my best friend and you can make your own decisions. But if you had any other mother you’d have been doing it since 12, trust me." she took a deep breath and then lightly kissed the side of Mina’s necl, nuzzling into it afterwards. "Wanna get this makeup off and onto PJs while I source us a copy of the movie?" -09:36 Dec 22 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Yes. I’m pretty tired." Dealing with Harmony could wear anybody out, and now Mina was feeling all warm and fuzzy and weird. She broke away, fussing some of her hair out of her face before hopping up and going to dig her night gown out of her bag. -09:41 Dec 22 Wilhelmina
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[Harmony is worried her best friend is going to end up marrying for sex.] -07:58 Dec 23
[Wilhelmina is a sleepy girl, and never going to get married or have sex!] -08:00 Dec 23
Harmony: The night had wound down with showering, Mia getting into her 50s pajamas and Harm getting into her sexy slip and then talkign about school until they fell asleep. Hour passed, the sun rose and found Mina firmly gripped in Harm’s arms. Harm, still fast asleep was moving her hand gently up and down Mina’s stomach whilelightly and sleepily nuddling her shoulder from behind, with the occational kiss there. -08:06 Dec 23 Harmony
Harmony: The night had wound down with showering, Mia getting into her 50s pajamas and Harm getting into her sexy slip and then talkign about school until they fell asleep. Hour passed, the sun rose and found Mina firmly gripped in Harm’s arms. Harm, still fast asleep was moving her hand gently up and down Mina’s stomach whilelightly and sleepily nuddling her shoulder from behind, with the occational kiss there. -08:07 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina loved sleeping at Harmony’s house. She had the comfiest bed on the entire planet. All soft and plush and warm. Tonight was extra comfy, but she was having a hard time rolling being caught up in all these blankets. She mrrrph and wiggled… and very sleepily realized it wasn’t blankets that had her locked in place. "Haaarrrm…" she muttered. -08:10 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Minnaaa." she was still asleep, kinda. Okay that actually woke her up. She blinked and then setteled back down with a smile on her face. "Morning." she said softly and nuzzleburried her nose into Mina’s hair. "Don’t you just want to stay here all day?" -08:18 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Almost." she admitted. It WAS warm and cozy. But all that nuzzling was making her red and feeling a little bit weird. So she squirmed to roll over and face Harm. Poking gently at her stomach. "But then we can’t eat breakfast OR watch our movie." -08:21 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Well we could…" Bad harm. "Breakfast in bed and watching on my laptop." Nice save. No eating the best friend. "But I think yoou like the ceremony of getting everything ready sooo…." she poked Mina’s nose. "Why don’t you go tart doing that while I go get breakfast?" -08:26 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Okay! Make sure to bring eeeeverything for breakfast. The works." Mina hopped out of bed quick, having to tug her nightgown down to a more appropriate length after rolling around in bed all night. -08:30 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "All I have to do is bring the cake and you’ll be blind to everythign else." she teased before slipping out of bed and stretching. Tne pulling her slip into place over her chest… did it hurt? She poked at them idly and pouted before shrugging. "I’ll see you in the living room!" She spun on her feet and marched out so glad that they were alone in the house. The entertainment room, which Harm was sure had close to a million dollars worth of toys, electronics and a door into the indoor squash court was right next to the livign room which was perfect for her to call Mina for breakfast. -08:43 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: With Harmony gone, Mina bounced around the room collecting everything they would need. Some extra pillows from the bed, blankets, the laptop, a few comics for reference, and their totally awesome tshirts from the oldschool cartoon! She balanced the giant pile in her arms precariously as she made her way throught the maize of a house to the living room. -08:51 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: In the kitchen hard was making waffles, and slicing up oranges, and getting the cider, and addding a BIG slice of cake to Mina’s plate and hetting two mugs of caramel macchiato set up before she called Mina in and say down. "If this isn’t enough then there’s cereal." -09:05 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina already pulled on her tshirt and tossed Harm’s over to her before she plopped in to a chair. Cake! That was the first thing to get shoveled in to her mouth. "Cereal is for dinner! What about bacon? That is really good with waffles." -09:09 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You have protien in the waffles." Mina pointed out. "And you’re havign cake for breakfast and you don’t want to get chubby, do you?" she shook her fork at Mina. "Besides I was already making waffles and I don’t want to stand over a hot pan on top of that, but the kitchens right over there if you do." She was poaring maple syrip all over her waffles and cutting into them. "Miss fusstpants." -09:15 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "It’s a SPECIAL day, Harm. There should be the ultimate breakfast!" Mina shoveled more of the cake in her mouth, but at Harm’s permission, she bounced up and to the kitchen. Bacon came out of the fridge and so did some sausage and cheese and a few eggs too. "I never eat like this at home. I’m never going to get chubby." -09:18 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Don’t forget to make for me too." she said, from the doorway, her arms crossed as breakfast was put on hold for Mina to get suckerd into finishing it. "Maybe you’re one of those lucky girls who wil have it all go to your hips and boobs. Then I’d have to get you a sexy bra for Christmas and have you model it for me. You really do look pretty when you try." Harm was certainly one of those "Lucky girls" she spoke of, not that she purposfully ate a lot to take advantage of it. As much of a game as she talked with Mina she really didn’t like being noticed at school. Peonanly why she hung out with the bible school girl. -09:23 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Weight only collects in those area if you’re genetically predispositioned to it, and even then it really doesn’t go much in the boobs." Mina glanced down at her own, with a small huff. There wasn’t much there, and there never would be! One of a million reasons Mina was NOT pretty and Harmony was just giving silly useless compliments to. "I don’t think I could take home any sexy bras. My mom would have a fit." -09:31 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Then I’ll keep it here for when you come over." She said with a grin. "Keep the sexy Mina all to myself. I get to ddress you up, I get to hug you and take your picture. It’s really like having my own little pet who talks back. Oh… you’d look adorble in a collar. I should get one for you to wear during the movie!"" -09:34 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina rooooolled her eyes. A collar was silly. Of course, she always ended up wearing what Harm told her to wear, regardless of how dumb she thought it was, so it was likely her own fault. She added some extra pieces of bacon to the pan, and danced subtly on her feet because it smelled soooo sooo good. "Why do you even have collars? You don’t have any other pets!" -09:36 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Cecause I like to wear them." she said rolling her eyes. "They’re cute, they’re sexy and din some situations you wouldn’t know anything about they’re pretty useful." she sighed, almost sad she couldn’t introduce Mina to that side of life. "But you’re just going to be adorably innocent forever, aren’t you. A cute, oblivious little lap pet? Who gets cake and cuddles…?" -09:42 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I DO like free cake and I am on the fence about the snuggles." Thankfully she was busy flipping bacon and adding sausage patties to the pan, otherwise the redness in her face would have been obvious. Mina almost asked HOW they’d be useful, but she supposed it was for dragging people around when they were otherwise trying to escape. Of course Harm would like something like that! "And I’m not cute!" -09:45 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "The more you deny it the more adorable it makes you. Faace it, you’re that cute kind of herd that everyone thinks is adorable and if they didn’t think you’d run away they’d ask you out." Suuuch a pity Mina was obviously painfully strait and probably WOULD run away. "Stay right here. I think you need a practical demonstration." she turned and left and was heard heading up towards her bedroom. -09:48 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina scoffed. No one was afraid to ask ANY one out, unless they were dangerous looking or behaving. Mina was neither of those. While Harmony was away, likely creating trouble, Mina slid the bacon and sausage on a plate with paper towels to drain and then started frying up some eggs in the left over drippings. -09:50 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: It didn’t take more than five minutes and Harm was back, with a push up bra and collar added, as well as a shirt and skirt in place of her slip. Also arorning her head were black cat ears. "Meow?" she asked before entering the kitchen and stealing a peice of bacong to sit on the counter near Mina. "Cute, right?" she asked playing with the the heart-shaped lock adoring the collar. "You’d look cute enough to eat in one. I should make you wear one to school and see how many guys ask you out." -09:55 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina’s nose twisted up as she appraised the outfit. With the ears, it really did look cute. Just like the girls in her favorite mangas. "I guess it is kind of cute. But what looks okay for you, won’t look the same for me! We are very different." The eggs were almost set and Mina slid them off on to a plate too. She snatched the piece of bacon from Harm’s hand to pop in her own mouth, then took the plates off to the table to go along with the rest of breakfast. "Here! NOW it’s a complete breakfast." -09:59 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "After our movie I’m going to give you a makeover." Harm declaired. "With my eye you will liik truly drop dead sext. Truuuust me. If faact you’re going to stay here until monday morning and I’m going to dress you for school too. That is the price of getting to use my home entertainment system and eat all my cake." she grinned as she sat down again loving the idea. "And no this isn’t to torture you. I want you to apreciate what you have because it’s more than you know." -10:02 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You’re going to put me in weird things and make me look like a stripper." she complained. It was one of many humiliating possibilities. But she remained in her seat and eating despite it. "I’ll have to call my mom tonight and tell her that my bible study is running all weekend. She’ll probably be thrilled that I’m taking it so seriously." -10:05 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No darling, I’m going to make you look like a confident, sexy nerd who is happy with herself. Like me. But I’m not going to make you look like me, but like you if you believed in yourself. Confidence is more sexy than boobs, butt, makeup, and good looks combined. If you have that, or look like you do people will gravitate towards you because they want it too. That’s why you hang out with me after all. That and all my cool stuff and cake." -10:09 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina like Harmony very much, but she didn’t think it was the confidence or the cake, though both were nice to have. Maybe it was silly moments like this, where you could tell that deep down Harmony was a really nice person underneath all the scary intimidating stuff. "Why do you even like me, Harmony? I’m not any of those things even if you dress me up pretty." -10:14 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Because you’re fun to mess with, and you let me do what I want to you." she said immediately with a smile. "You have great cheek bones, a cool laugh, you like all the stuff I like except apparently sex and maybe deep down I think you could be a lot happier than you are and I want to help you get there. There’s also that cute shy nerd thing you have going on, I find it adorable and I’d totally take advantage of it if I wasn’t worried it would ruin my only real friendship…" -10:18 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: She didn’t look like she believed it but she accepted the answer anyway. "You’re not going to lose me, Harm. I’m here forever." With that concluded, she took her waffle to make a sausage, bacon, egg, waffle sammich. Completely with syrup, a huge bite, and a very big mess. She squeaked when she almost got it on her shirt. -10:20 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Don’t tempt me, Mina." she said actually using her untencils to eat unlike her friend. "You’d run away and I’d never see you again. You after all think it has to be about love. And sure I love you but I’m a girl." -10:30 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Same sex marriage is legal in several places now. Though, I don’t think my mom would like it very much. I am pretty sure she’d try to have us burned or send us to camp or something." With most of her waffle sammich gone, she finally paused for a moment to drink the machiatto. There was a pleeeeaased sigh. -10:33 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "So that’s what you’re worries about? If it’s legal or if your mther would approve? Not if you’d actually enjoy it with a girl?" Every time Mina spoke about sex Harm seemed to find something more to get outragedd over. It’s like the girl hadn’t even thought about it. It was enough to make her want to sneak porn on insteadd of thier movie and make Mina learn. "Have you even thought about it? If you’d enjoy it with a boy, or a girl, or both? Andd what you want romantically? If you don’t you’ll end up being my maid forever and having to live with a dirty old pervert." -10:43 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "There’s no reason for me to think about it! It’s not practical or realistic." she said matter-of-factly, leaning back in her chair to sip her drink. She finally just frowned. Harmony was going to make a big deal about it if she didn’t properly explain. "People are not interested in my that way. Even if they WERE they would want to have sex and I can’t do that because nothing about it sounds good at all. And if my mother doesn’t approve of them, I would never get to see them anyway. So there is no reason to make myself upset thinking about it, I would rather not think about it at all." -10:47 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Your mother doesn’t approve of me and you’re here." HArm pointeddd out. "And the only reason why you don’t see anything good about sex is that you’ve never even touched yourself. Frankly I don’t care if you have sex or not but not at least allowing yourself to even try that is… it actually concerns me. I don’t know why but it worries me that you’re cutting yourself off from something that could make you happy without giving it a chance. I could show you how." Okay she shouldn’t have saidd that. "Andd you couldd take it at your own pace and if you really didn’t like it then you’d never ever have to think about it again. It’s natural. It’s good and who cares if people want to fuck you or not you should still want to fuck you. And I’d fuck you so don’t say no one ever would." -10:54 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "It’s different sneaking here for a weekend compared to everything else. And she would know if I had sex. Even with myself. She would know and I would get in so much trouble." Her face was beet red again, but since her plate was empty that was a good excuse to get up and clean the dishes. She took her plate and escaped. "You shouldn’t go saying wild things like that all the time, Harmony, you’re going to get yourself in trouble one day too!" -10:58 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harmony clickedd her tongue. "No she wouldn’t, and even if she did everyone does it. You’re a teenager, Mina. You’re meant to be finding out what you enjoy in life and making mistakes." She followedd her to the kitchen. "Don’t run from yourself. I’m going to set up the movie then we’ll talk. I really want you to concider me showing you though. It wouldn’t mean anything andd there’s an entire weekend for you to forget about it if you don’t liek it and we’d stop whenever you’d like." she couldn’t help herself. She reached arund and grabbed Mina’s crotch from behind. "And if you don’t then knowing what I know I’m going to have to have sex with you to show you what it’s like." -11:06 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina squeaked out loud and thought about swatting Harm’s hand away and scurrying off somewhere safe, but that would probably incite the other girl’s chase instincts and Mina had no idea what she would do it she did! Instead she huffed, trying to sound furious and ignoring how her cheeks burned. "That’s raping, Harmony, and that is even worse than sex and I didn’t bring my rape whistle!" -11:09 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No, I’d seduce you." she said with a laugh. "Because I’m calm, sexy, and confident and I know all the ways to make you red in the face, but most of all I just want you to be haappy, and if you’re happy denying yourself out of fear then I can’t change that." she sighed and shook her head, feeling bad about possibly crossing a line. "So I’ll just go put on the movie instead of making this awkward." It was with significanly less bounce in her step that she left the kitchen and heaaded for the entertainment room. -11:16 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: She let out a relieved sigh. Harmony just didn’t realize how scary and intimidating she was sometimes! Very intense, and Mina didn’t handle intense very well. She took her time washing up the last of the dishes so the red in her face would fade away and she could get her senses back. Then she wandered off to the living room back to normal. Mina always bounced back quickly. "I have all the blankets and pillows ready!" she said as she jumped on the couch. -11:20 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She had taaken off the ears and collar and stolen all the blenkets to build a fort for herself and curl up around a pillow. Typical Harm pout mode. Take off the cute things she loved and hide. In responce to being joined and spoken to she shook her head aand curled up tighter. "Nuh uh." -11:25 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Haaaaarmony." Bother, what was she pouting about now? The girl always took everything personally. Mina dug under the covers until she found her, and then she grabbed her arms and started shaking. "Enough! You can’t sulk on this, the greatest of days. I will wear your silly collar for you?" -11:28 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Her hand was slapped away andd Harmony pointed to where the collar nad ears as next to each other. Then she covered herself back up again without a word but Mina could probably guess she had to wear both to appease the ‘I can’t help my best friend see how great sex it’ sulk monster. -11:30 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Fiiine!" Mina fumbled until she got them both. Ears went on first with ease, but the collar took a little bit of work getting around her neck and on comfortably. Then she was huffily grabbing at Harmony again to shake her some more. "See? Now please stoooop." -11:34 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She sat up and movedd the blanket from her hair-covered face and then was slipping an arm aorund Mina to gently kiss her lips, lingering there for a moment before before lightly kissing a trail down her neck pausing to take the collar in her teeth and tug on it before taking the trail to her shoulder and then resting her head there and pushing play with her other hand, sttling against her froend and crossing her legs to drape one over Mina’s thigh. -11:39 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: A choked sort of sound escaped her, but it had been so soft and sweet Mina couldn’t bring herself to push Harm away. Instead she settled, huffing just a little bit to show she was perturbed and settling in to what was a strangly comfortable cuddle. "I can’t reach the remote." -11:43 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: It was tossed into Mina’s lap. She still wasn’t speaking because she ddidn’t know what to say. she felt like she was ruining everything betweeen them for what? Because she was having a horny weekend. Maaube after the movie she shouldd headd upstairs and ddo somethign abou that alone. Either way Mina desurved an apology. She couldn’t concentrate on the movie anyway so she was going to be trapped in her throughts until she could excape. This was gonna suck! -11:47 Dec 23 Harmony
Wilhelmina: With the remote, Mina took several moments trying to figure out which button did what. She finally got the movie turned on the volume set just right, then she set the remote aside. Now… Harmony wasn’t saying a word which could be really bad OR really good. Mina could never be sure. For the time being if they were going to snuggle, Mina wanted to be as comfy as possible. She curled her arms around Harm so she could half lay on her and tucked her own legs up on the couch for a better position. -11:52 Dec 23 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm had no idea how she got through the movie while feeling guilty about what she had said, bad for how she left andd like she was a huge slut when compared to her best friend but at some point the ears had been stolen back and the nuzzling had resumed and as the credits rolled She sat up and let the blankets fall from her. "I think I need to go do… something." she said reaching to unplug her laptop and pick it up. "But first…" she sa sideways on the couch facing Mina. "I’m really sorry for getting on your case about all that. I’ll never talk about it again." she stook and started walking towards the staircase without waiting for an answer. What could Mina say? -12:03 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: By that point Mina had forgotten all about the morning weirdness, so with Harm apologizing and being so serious, Mina had no idea what she was talking about! She got through folding one of the blankets before the annoyance at the secrecy got to her, and then she couldn’t help but stomp off to ask Harm. "Haaaaarmony! Why are you always so dramatic!" -12:08 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Is it bad that I feel bad for not understanding you or that I’m sorry for reacting the way I did. I’m sure a lot of girls our age don’t masterbait and… now I feel like a slut so I am going to… I don’t know. Change? Masterbait before I touch you more than I already have? I don’t know what to do right now and I just wish I hadd kept my big mouth shut." -12:12 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You are just intimidating and kind of scary sometimes. But if it was bad, I wouldn’t want to hang you at all." Other than not understanding her very well, Mina wasn’t sure where Harmony was having the dilemma. So she hopped up past the girl to beat her to her room. "You said you were going to dress me up all makeover style. Have you changed your mind?" -12:17 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Okay fine, maybe it’s because I offered to gently take your virginity so that you could make an informed decition and you unkowingly turned me down hard." She called after before stomping upstairs. "That is a huge blow to a girl’s ego you know especially when you don’t tell her if it’s because you don’t like girls or not." she enteredd her room and placed her laptop down. So no masterbation… damn. She really was wierdly horny. "Right if you’re going to get a makeover we need to decide what styles suit you. Pull your hair back and let me see your face." -12:22 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You can’t just jump right to sex, Harmony. Especially with someone that’s never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend before or even knows what they like! There are method and procedures for these kinds of things, you have to do them carefully." Was that what it was? Harmony really was bad at understanding people. Not sure what letting Harm see her face was supposed to do, she huffily plopped on the edge of the bed and brushed her hair back behind her ears. -12:27 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I know you pretty well we’ve been friends forever." Harmony shot back. "And masterbaiting together isn’t really sex and the point of this is for you to figure out what you like. But whatever. YOu obviously don’t want it so why are we even talkign about it again." She pulled Mina’s shirt off and steppedd back to get a good look, serveying her critically. "Still too small to use my bras but…" she went over to her school clothes section and opened a drawer to pull out aa brown shirt with a firefly reference on it with who silhoettes of ddonisaurs and threw it at her, then foundd her tightest pair of jeans and thew that over too followed by a form hugging denim jacket. "See not that different from what you wear, but it’s how we’re going to put them together that’s going to count." -12:40 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "If we’re both doing it at the same time, it’d be like an orgy." Clothes were now being thrown at her, which meant a cranky Harm and an exasperated Mina. She kept her huffing to a minimal as she tugged on the shirt and squeezed in to the pants. The shoes she gave a very dubious look at. "I don’t know if I can walk in these…" -12:45 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "That’s why we’re here, to practice." he stoodd, hips cocked and hands on them. "And I’d only be there to make sure you would be safe and comfortable. Sure I’d probably do it to but only to show you what I enjoy without touching you. I’d be there to be someone you can trust but like I said if you don’t want to we don’t have to talk about it. I’m not going to force you into anything." She knelt to pull one boot onto Mina’s feet and lace it up before moving onto the next. "Cute, and geeky… now for your makeup and hair. Something subtle but playful and girly." She was distracting herself. -12:50 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "She’d still know I did it." she insisted and truely believed it. Her mother knew everything. "I would look different or something." The boots were kind of cute. She shifted and held up a leg to admire them. Mina still didn’t think she could walk in them though. "The smart thing to do would be studying about it first." -12:53 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No it’s not. It’s not about technical details and books. It’s about seeign what you like and building on it." The collar stayed as Harm grabbed a brush and two headbands and had next to Mina to start dividing her hair into two pigtails. "I never studied a thing. I just kinda… started feeling my own boobs and my hands wondered downwards aand the next thing I knew I was biting the crap out of my lip and cumming my ass off. The smart thing to do is to take it slow and take your time once you start. You’ve never done anything spontanious, have you?" She was bruckign the tweeking Mina’s hair until she was satisfied with it then she stoodd to offer her hand. "Come on I’ll catch you if you fall." -12:58 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I don’t like surprises or not knowing what I’m doing. Spontaneous things lead to both." Mina grabbed her hand and stood, very wobbly. She was several inches higher off the ground now and it was weird! She was definitely going to fall over. "Don’t you ever think about things before you do them and plan ahead?" -01:02 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Yup. All the time." She heldd into Mina’s hand andd started walking. "I was scaredd the first time I had sex? I refused to do it until I knew nothing could go wrong and I wouldn’t end up pregnant." She sighed. "You’re making me feel like a slut again. Can we either just do it or stop talking about it because blah blahbest friend blah blah insecure blah blah I’m actuaally reaally horny right now and I don’t know why." -01:09 Dec 24 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I can’t learn about it and not feel embarassed if we don’t keep talking about it, and you wanted me to know everything in the first place!" Mina took veeeeery careful steps. She was still incredibly wobbly on her feet and nearly twisted an ankle the wrong way when set her foot down wrong. Now she was clinging on to Harmony’s arm. "If there is nothing wrong with sex, then you shouldn’t be feeling like a slut." -01:15 Dec 24 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She walked with her, litting mina set the pace. "Well I thought everyone at least masterbaited so you just kinda reminded me that there’s people my age in my town who knoe me that have never had an orgasm. WOuld it make you feel better if I let you watch me first without you maving to touch yourself? Or if I let you watch a video on your own. That would ouclt as research, right? Better than a thousand books, probably." -01:26 Dec 24 Harmony
[Harmony trying to back out of a potentially awkaward conversation.] -07:28 Dec 29
[Wilhelmina wants to learn as much as possible, even though she will probably go to hell for it.] -07:35 Dec 29
Wilhelmina: "I- I don’t think I want to watch you." That was way too much. Mina doubted she could get through that and not faint. "Books are a way better idea, safer and cleaner!" -07:40 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No, no books. You watch me or you watch a video or you get busy right now." she was alreaady on her laptop opening up a folder and scrolling throuhg a set of categories. "Female masterbation… I’d prefer to show you myself so I can explain but Linsy here can show you too," she turned the screen to face Mina and show here the porn star. "No toys, unhurried. Sensual…" -07:44 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina plopped on the bed, looking at the laptop like it was about to catch on fire. "Okay. ONE video. Is this going to be instructional, or will it just be a strange fantasy movie? Because it’s very important to get accurate information before you start doing something. Like swordplay. You wouldn’t just practice swordplay after watching Lord of the Rings." -07:47 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "There are no self fucking for dummies guides, dummy." Harm chided. "If you want the instructional course you get a live show. Linsy is just going to go at it starting with a little boob action. If you still don’t know what to ddo after that then I will show you. It’s not wierd for me to show you and it won’t be sex. You need help and I’m your friend. The faact that you’re pretty is just a bonus." -07:51 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "What is boob action supposed to be?" The video was already playing now, and Mina leaned closer to the screen to see. Her nose wrinkled up and she pointed a finger at it. "That’s it? How is grabbing and squeezing yourself even supposed to be interesting. It’s very boring…" -07:53 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harn rolled her eyes, put her hand on Mina’s chest and shoved her down to the bed, then without giving her a moment to blreathe [ushed her li;s against Mina’s and slowly slid her hands up her sides, then slowly down, and back up to finally pass over her breasts, fingers pressing in and circling her nipples. "These babies are very sensitive." she said berfore squeezing them. "You play with them and get into them and they’ll make you moan…" the reached out to take Mina’s hand and place it on her own breast before backing up, stopping the video reachedd up to squeeze her own breast. "You get the premium package. Start slow and tell me how it feels." this was it. Mina was going to learn to love herself if Harm had to force the issue! -07:58 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: When Harmony did it, it didn’t seem so dumb and boring. It also made Mina very red and very tinglie and very squeaky when she spoke. "Uhm…! It’s different with someone else than just myself! It’s still weird." She tried a squeeze or two, it definitely did not make her all flushed like Harm did. Well. Maybe staring-while-trying-not-staring was making her a little flushed. -08:02 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harm squeezed and massaged herself, her head tilted and her lip out in a pout. "Then think about someone else ddoing it. Anyone. It doesn’t matter who. A celebrity… a secret crush… a friend you’re curious about." She reached out to put her hand over Mina’s and guide it. "And wierd is good. Embrace the wierd." -08:06 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I don’t… have anyone to think about?" Mina couldn’t think of anyone at the moment, anyway. She was a bit distracted with Harm half pouting and touching her again. She tried to mirror how Harmony was doing things, but it just didn’t seem as good or naturally sexy the way Harm was. Mina HUFFED. "I don’t do it good!" -08:11 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "You’re not even trying." Harm complained before pushing Mina’s jacket off and making he shirt follow suit right after. Then she placed her hadns on Mina’s shoulders and looked her in the face. "Are you sure you have no one you find sexy? No on you want to touch you? If you enjoy me touching you then… think of me. Hell I might have though of you a couple times. "If that didn’t work then… this was going to be a disaster. -08:23 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Now sitting there in just her bra, it was even more weird and even more hot burny where Harm was holding her shoulder. She wondered if people that blushed did it all over or if it was just in the face. "You think about me when you’re… doing that?" Now Mina was thinking about Harmony thinking about her and touching all over. That had her shifting uncomfortbly on the bed as more of those weird twingy feelings found their way elsewhere. "You are very pretty." -08:29 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina was shoved down again and bother her hands were put in her breasts. "Show me how you want me to touch you, Mina and maybe I will later." she sat, leaning over Mina. "I want to see what you like." she was taking charge in a way that make fer feeling like the collar on Mina was very appropriate. -08:32 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: How Harmony should touch her? She bit in to her bottom lip and tried a little more seriously at massaging her own breasts. It was not as tingling as having Harmony do the touching, but the thought of Harmony doing it just like that and making her nippes all erect and hard was very pleasant and making Mina very squirmy. -08:37 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Better." Harm smiled as she watched. "Ddoes tthat feel good?" she let her eyes run down Mina’s body and then slipped a handd undder her to unddo her bra. "Take that off and keep going, and tell me when you’re ready for more." -08:40 Dec 29 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina hummed and nodded her hear. Talking would probably break her very serious concentration. With her bra unhooked, she squirmed some more, sure her face was probably as red as Harm’s favorite shirt. "What more is there?" -08:50 Dec 29 Wilhelmina
[Harmony has a growing crisis between her legs but this is about Mina, not her..] -12:47 Jan 01
[Wilhelmina is almost overwhelmed with all these feeeeelings of tinglyness!] -12:49 Jan 01
Harmony: "Oh sooo much more. You havn’t even staarted yet." SHe was stripping off Mina’s shoes and then popped those jeans open to pull them off of the girl. "Okay Mina… I think you’re ready.Justt sneak a hand under your panties and tell me how that feels." -12:51 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: This was going to a very bad place, Mina just knew it. All she really had to do was say no and go home, but Harmony was just so… irresistable! Mina gave a very dubious expression, but she slipped her hand in to her panties, completely unsure of what she was supposed to be doing with it. Her fingers were cool compared to the skin down there and it made her squirmy again. "This is not weird?" -12:55 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Harms sat next to her, brushing her hair with her fingers. Rub yourself, honey. Your little lips down there need it. Explore around your slit and see where you like being touched. Try upat the front, under youd hood. That’s one of the best places." -12:58 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "T-this seems really silly, Harmonyyyyy." she pouted, without much force behind it. Maybe because Harmony was so perfectly confident about it. Mina squirmed again and wiggled her fingers as a test. There was a flush of heat, not quite embarassment but something else entirely. She pressed gently against the folds mrrphing out a soft, curious sound at the feeling. -01:01 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: The sounds was perfect. Her face was perfect. "That’s it… you’re starting to get it." it was very hard not to lean down and kiss her or reach down and take over. "I wonder what other sounds your;re going to make." her faughter was light as she let her hair cascade into Mina’s face, emaning down to kiss her forehead. "Don’t be afraid to get your fingers inside either." -01:04 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina siiiighed. Harm was really sweet and she smelled really nice too. One of her fancy rich perfumes, most likely. Mina was doubtful of sticking her fingers in to anything, but she did as told. Biting in to her lip to squelch the little squeak that came out when she pressed her fingers between her lips and brushed against the damp inner walls. That was like lighting a match! -01:08 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: + -01:21 Jan 01 Harmony
Harmony: She grinned, ear to ear and then pouted. Mina was going to get a boyfriend aand he was going to take her toy away… such a cute, hungry little toy. "Keep going, inand out, in and out. Don’t fight it." should she make this little toy hers? -01:23 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Oooo, this was very hard to do while staying still. Mina squirmed and squeaked, sliding her fingers up and down, along the apparently very sensitive inner folds and even dipping them in deeper where things were very well and very twingy. Her body clenched a bit, making her gasp at the sudden odd feeling. She could imagine it’d be even more on fire if Harmony was doing it, which gave her a dizzying sort of daze. -01:29 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina’s cheek was caaressed as Harm licked her lips. "You’re beatiful." she whispered, burrying her face against mina’s neck. "Keep going. I want you to cum and I want you to let me hear every sound your body wants to make." it was getting harder and harder to resist sitting on Mina’s face… but she wasn’t ready for that. -01:33 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina didn’t think she was beautiful at all, but it was soooo nice hearing Harmony say it all breathy like that. Even better having her nuzzle in to her neck, to the point that Mina tuuuurned in to her so she could nuzzle in to Harmony’s hair. Her skin and muscles down there were throbbing and her fingers found the little nub nestled there. She groaned in to Harmony’s ear in a melty purr. This was rather nice…! -01:38 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina’s head was grabbed and Harm’s lips pressed into hers, hard. There was a noice in the back of her head saying that she shouldn’t feel liek this, that she had never felt like this and she wasn’t even sure what this was. "More… I want you give yourself more. Go as fast as you can… She wanted her little toy to be happy and sexualy satisfied. "You’re doing so well." Knowing Mina had never done this before make it all the sweeter. -01:42 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina definitely liked that. The kissing. It could be that her judgement was completely clouded by being enchanted and intoxicated, but Harmony made her feel on fiiiiire. At her instruction, Mina tried thrusting her fingers quicker. The movement sending a jolt up her spine, making her whimper softly and squirm. Her other hand ended up curling in to the fabric of Harm’s shirt, tugging gently. -01:45 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: One hand gripped Mina’s hair, pulling her deeper into the kiss and the other slid down to cup and squeeze her breast, tugging on the nipple. Harn was trying her hardest to resist but she was crumbling. SHe only hopes Mina came first before she lost it completely. -01:48 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Her hair was tugged and in response she nipped Harm’s lip pretty hard. But just as quick she melted in to the touch and squeeze of her breast. Keeping the pace up with her fingers was getting hard when Harm was so distracting, but the feeling was getting intense. So much so she was squeezing her legs together over her own fingers and groooooaaaning out loud. -01:53 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Her tongue slid into Mina’s mouth, lips pressed hard together. Her hand slid up to Mina’s neck as her crotch pressed against her hip. "Please… come…" she breathed. She didn’t know what would happen if Mina didn’t… -01:57 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina groooaned in to her mouth, sliding her tongue against hers and nipping with her teeth. Harm asked so sweetly and Mina didn’t know how to give it. She figured it out quickly, though, when her body seized and all those muscles tightened and squeezed around her fingers. Mina shuddered, pulling away to let out a loud gasp as her eyes squeezed shut. It hurt, but a good kind of hurt. Like when someone rubbed your aching shoulders, only in this case it was her achy vag! -02:01 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She could sense it in the body pressed against her. She didn’t know how but it made her moan. then she slid her hand up and down Mina’s neck, smiling. "See, it’s not so bad." she was still fighting for control. "Now, my darling. You should go and have a shower." if the poor girl could move. "I… I need to do something first." Harm’s crotch was burning with need. "You did so well… and now you know how." she forced herself to pull away and sit against the wall, he skirt pulled down until Mina left… -02:05 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina was still gasping for breath and siiiighing and squirming. She had removed her hand, but now she was rolling, and kind of reveling in that warm gooey feeling that seemed to stick to her. Mina rolled and wrapped her arms around Harm’s leg and nuzzled against it. "I don’t want toooo." -02:12 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Then what do youwant to do, pet?" she asked her hand reaching out to stroke the top of Mina’s head. Maybe Harm would have to do it in the shower. What she had done was okay, right? Helping a friend masterbate… -02:15 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I want to stay here and cuddle and watch another movie." Mina thought about complaining over being called pet, but she felt too good to put up a fuss. She refused to let go of Harmony’s leg and continued to nuzzle and squeeze, while all the while almost purring to herself. -02:18 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Honey… I am extremely horny right now so I need to do what you just did." sure Harn, just come out and say it. "Once I do that I’m allll youuurs." she would do it in front of Mina too if the girl didn’t move. That ship had sailed. In fact she was already wriggling out of her panties and letting them rest at her knees before reaching over to her bedside table to open a drawer. -02:21 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina wasn’t letting go, and it took a minute to sink in that Harm meant she was going to do it. Right there. Where she would see. Her face went red again and she buried it at the side of Harm’s leg. Only slightly peeking upwards once she was brave enough to do so. "What are you getting?" -02:25 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "This." he her hands was a vibrator, barely thicker than a marker pen and pright purple. She pulled her skirt up and reached down to rub the tip against herself, slowly. Or so she planned but she was hot, wet and needy. Withut wasting time she turned the toy on and circled it arouns her clit letting out a strangled gasp before her other hand went up to be bitten. hard. -02:28 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: That didn’t look like it would be comfortable at all! Mina hide her face at Harm’s leg again. Squeezing her arms tighter around them. …but she couldn’t resist looking. Harmony was making all kinds of noises. Did she look like that too? Mina nuuuuzzle her leg, then flicked out her tongue to lick the skin. It was silly and dumb, but she just wanted to see what Harmony would do while she was so distracted. -02:37 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Oh don’t do that. I might make you fuck me." She cooed before interting the toy into herself and groaning. No.. this wouldn’t take long. She was increadibly worked up and already her hips jumped as she whilpered. She reaally shouldn’t be doing this… but she was and Mina was there. -02:40 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: This was so bad and she was so going to hell. Harm’s comment made her giggle though. Of course Harm wouldn’t do that. She didn’t even have a penis! Mina flexed her fingers until she was tickling her nails against Harmony’s inner thigh. Still giggling, a childish, nervous, but very comfortable giggle. Could she make Harmony mindlessly crazy too? -02:43 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Mina had been warned and now she was being eyed. "If you want to stay a virgin yu really need to stop that." Harm aahd stopped moving too, all attention focused on Mina. "I need a shower…" she kicked her leg to get free. She really shouldn’t fuck her best friend. It wouldn’t end well. -02:57 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Am I really still a virgin even after doing to it myself? I’m not sure how it works…" Mina clung tighter to Harmony’s leg, pouting just a bit with her very serious expression. "Why do you get to touch and watch and I don’t? I thought you were trying to teach me?" -03:00 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Because, Mina. I’m a horny slut who would molest you and take your virginity by force and I really don’t want to be that person. Especially since chances are you’re strait. It would ruin our friendship and I’d lose the only friend I have so I am going to have a cold shower without doing anythign and she we can watch another movie." she kicked again, rollong away to attempt to stand. -03:05 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "But I WANT to watch." Harm got away and Mina sat up on her knees. Her expression a mix between pouting and scowling. "I don’t know how I am supposed to learn if I can’t see it. And I don’t want to ask some stranger to do it for me. I liked you kissing me. You’re really unfair, Harm." -03:08 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Oh I’m unfair?" Harm shook the vibrator at Mina. "You’ve elarned all you need to. No one taught me a damn thing and yoou’ve gotten to cum and here I all worked up with nowhere to go because I know I won’t be able to control myself around you. Fine. I’m unfair." she was yelling now. "Do you know what it’s like to have someone force themselves on you, Mina? So ask them to stop over and over again but they just don’t? No, you don’t and I hope you never do." -03:16 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You think I’m trying to force you?" Which is what Mina was getting from this, which she found odd and kind of ironic seeing as Harmony was always dragging her in to thinks. Now Mina was really pouting. The sulking gone and she felt a little bad about upsetting Harmony again. "I don’t want to force you. I like you. You make things exciting even when I know I’m going to get in trouble…" -03:30 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "No… I’ -03:50 Jan 01 Harmony
Harmony: "No, I’ve already been forced. I’m scaredd I’m going tof orce you." she folded her arms. "And you probabkly aren’t even into having sex with girls like 90% of girls aren’t and I really really don’t want to wreck the only friendship I have ove r being horny." -03:52 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Oh." That was rather sad. Then again. Harmony bounced back just fine and wasn’t scared of anything. Mina blinked and looked confused all over again. "But if I LIKE you and I LIKE when you kissing me, then I am not being forced, so what is the matter, then? I didn’t know if I would like caramel coffee and I tried that anyway. I can try girls too. And if I don’t like it I won’t be mad at you, because I asked you to do it. You really make things so complicated, Harm." -03:55 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
[(Timeout) Harmony has timed out.] -04:49 Jan 01
[Harmony ] -04:54 Jan 01
Harmony: Harm tossed the toy onto the bed and looked at Mina. "Okay… so… then…" she pulled off her shirt and a moment later her bra came off too and her panties dropped to the floor so that all she was wearing was her dangerously short skirt. "If you want to fuck me…" she sat on the edge of the bed and leeeaaaned back, sliding to the middle to lean against the wall and wiggle a finger towards Mina, beckoning. "Then come fuck me, just like you did yourself but only you’re touching me." -04:58 Jan 01 Harmony
Harmony: Harm tossed the toy onto the bed and looked at Mina. "Okay… so… then…" she pulled off her shirt and a moment later her bra came off too and her panties dropped to the floor so that all she was wearing was her dangerously short skirt. "If you want to fuck me…" she sat on the edge of the bed and leeeaaaned back, sliding to the middle to lean against the wall and wiggle a finger towards Mina, beckoning. "Then come fuck me, just like you did yourself but only you’re touching me." -04:58 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina might have gotten more than she bargained for, but she was so incredibly curious and Harmony was very irresistable in nothing but a little skirt. It was strange how cute that was! It was easy to forget she was in nothing but her panties herself. She iiinched towards the bed, looking slightly skittish. Climb on the mattress and gingerly pawed her way to Harm. Mina almost looked afraid to touch her now, and very carefully put a hand on her leg. "What if I don’t do it right and it hurts you?" -05:03 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Then I’ll tell you to stop." Mina said placing her hand on top of Mina’s on her leg. "Simple enough." she took Mina’s hand and placed it on her breast. "You could also start with kissing and work from there." -05:06 Jan 01 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "You’re the first one to kiss me." Mina confessed. She gave an inquisitive squeeze at Harm’s boob. Hers were much bigger and softer. Mina inched herself even closer until her nose was nuzzling against Harmony’s cheek. She smelled good and she was soft. Mina really liked that. She tested it out by first kissing Harm’s cheek softly. -05:12 Jan 01 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "I know." Harm said, gently stroking Mina’s cheek nefore turning to kiss her lips. "Are you going to use your fingers to fuck me or do you want to try using your tongue? There’s also.." she glanced at the vibrator on lying on the sheet. -05:15 Jan 01 Harmony
[Harmony is going to let her best friend fuck her. This is totally a good idea.] -04:08 Mar 03
[Wilhelmina will conduct this like every other experiment. By a checklist!] -04:14 Mar 03
Wilhelmina: Mina glanced over at the vibrator lying on the bed and gave it careful consideration. "One thing at a time?" She was already trying to map up the best way to effectively fuck Harm, based on her limited experience so far. Mina always wanted to do things correctly, and do them well. Right now, she was massaging one of Harm’s breasts and debating how much time she should spend there, while she nuzzled in to her cheek. -04:23 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She reached out to grab a handful of Mina’s hair. "Usually with a sweet little almost virgin like you I’k take control and tell you exactly what to do…" she kissed her hair gently. "But you’re so adorable I’m just waiting to see what you’ll do… How does touching me make you feel?" -04:30 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Do you teach a lot of virgins?" she paused, pulling back to blink at Harmony. She spent a lot of time with the girl, but there were still plenty of opportunities for Harmony to get involved with other people while Mina was busy studying. Her head tilted a bit as her thumb rolled over a nipple. Even just touching Harm made her all tingly and warm. "I think this is sexual attraction. Right?" -04:35 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Not a lot… I just know what I’d like to do and why I’m not doing it… I want to fuck you until you scream and noone else will do it for you…" Jesus Christ Harmony… There was no way she’s EVER say somethign so bold but then she was usually more like mina was now instead of the purring sex kitten she felt like now. "Se you think I’m attractive?" she opened her lets, giving Mina the full view, again surprised she could… was it because of who it was, and she could be completely at ease and unafraid? "Why don’t you show me how attractive. -04:41 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina had the strangest urge to pounce on top of Harm and roll around clinging and kissing and maybe doing some of the things Harm showed her! That strong of a surge was weird for her. And distracting when she was supposed to be taking her time and going slow so she could learn the proper way to do it. Harm wanted to be slow. She was picking up on cues quickly though, and shifted her hand from a boob, to slide down Harm’s stomach towards her crotch. "You’re the prettiest girl I know." It might have been true that Mina let Harm get away with so much for that very reason. -04:48 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: Har was grinning like a cat that got the creame. "I wouldn’t belieave you it it wasn’t written all over your face." she said reaching your to squeaze and shake Mina’s cheek before running her hand down itm then down her neck, nails leading thin red trails on Mina’s skin as she did so. -04:55 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina flushed. She didn’t like the thought of her own thoughts being all over her face. Especially when she was thinking so many kind-of dirty and very confusing things. Mina buried her face in to Harmony’s neck, sucking in a breath at the feel of the other girl’s nails digging in to her skin. It kinda hurt but it was kind of exciting. Her fingers finally found their way to Harmony’s sex, almost timidly exploring the shape and dips. -05:00 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She bit her lip and hished her hips forwards, her fingers stroking Mina’s hair. "Never thought I’d feel your touch down there." the admitted through a giggle. "Little Wilhemina getting dirty with a girl…" She pulled her harder against her body, raking her nails across her shoulder. "You’re making it very hard not to just fuck you…" -05:18 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Mina definitely liked having Harmony wiggling and squirming, especially since Harm made her do it so often. Having Harm giggle was also nice, and Mina couldn’t help but feel pleased about the whole thing. "We’ll both have to take a bath, then?" Her voice didn’t sound normal at all. More breathy and a little squeaky. If Mina hadn’t known any better she’d have though Harm slipped her alcohol again. She giggled herself, kissing Harm’s neck softly and wiggling her fingers down below to slip between the valley. -05:23 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Mmmmmmh." she sighed, tilting her head back. Little Mina, little virgin Mina taking her first steps into another. Harm savored it, openeing her legs that little big widerher breath catching. She Leaned back fully, both hands emploring the massaging Mina’s shoulders. -05:29 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am doing it right, Harmony?" she asked, even though she was pretty sure she had to be. Harmony was purring and Mina found that very interesting! She stroked and petted, feeling that same bit of wetness from Harm that she felt in herself. Only now she was wiggling her fingers in different ways and watching Harm’s face to see how she responded. Mina pushed two fingers inside. -05:36 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "Mina, if you did anythign wrong I’d tell you." her voice was laden with a deep purr as she bit her lip and stared at Mina, as if wondering how best to pounce her. "You’re not going to make me cum liek that but my toes are curling, Mina…" -05:40 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: She wouldn’t make her come like this? Mina’s brows furrowed and she took on a serious expression. She couldn’t be doing it right if she wasn’t heading towards the ultimate goal. Then what would Harmony like? Obviously a fucking and not a fiddling. Mina sat up on to her knees, and pressed her hand against Harm’s shoulder to keep her in place. She tried pulling her fingers out and then pushing back in. Soft at first until she had a fair rhythm going and her fingers were slick. Then it was firm and quick until she had Harm’s boobs gently bouncing. -05:47 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
[Vay ] -05:54 Mar 03
[(Logout) Vay fled in terror.] -((05:55 Mar 03))
[Harmony ] -05:55 Mar 03
Harmony: The move surpsied her, who knew Mina knew how to do this? She cooed and reached out to pull mina bu the hair into a needy kiss, moaning against her lips before biting them, hard. "Better…" she breathed. "My little Mina… fucking like she’s done it before…" -05:58 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: Kissing threw her off her rhythm, and she very nearly collapsed on top of Harmony. Instead, she just sort of melted downwards until she was snaking her arm behind Harmony’s head and molding her body against the girl. A leg curling around one of Harmony’s while she squirmed her hips uncomfortably. She kind of ached. Mina never did get that steady movement back but now her thumb was circling Harm’s hidden nub and Mina muuurrring in to Harm’s shoulder. -06:03 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She [ulledneedily on Mina’s skin before breaking the kiss and grinning. "Now…" She moved away from Mina’s hand, taking Mina’s wrist and pulling her hand up. "What do I taste like?" she asked, taking control, her other hand reachign forward to squeeze Mina’s breast. -06:07 Mar 03 Harmony
[(Timeout) Harmony doesn’t post enough.] -06:12 Mar 03
Wilhelmina: Mina liiiiiiicked up Harmony’s neck and made a thoughtful sound, missing this cue completely. "Salty and like perfume…" she mumbled against her skin, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck against and this time nibble gently. Mina really did like that perfume. -06:12 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She grabbed Mina’s hair and pulled her head back before pushing Mina’s own wet fingers into the girl’s mouth. "No… how do I taste?" She purred into her ear. She giggles before letting go and biting Mina’s shoulder. "I want to aask you something, honey. Do You know why the boys giggle at the number sixty nine?" -06:14 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "Mrrph!" she responded first. The taste was not all that different. The salty and strangely and… not really something Mina could describe! Well, not with her own fingers in her mouth anyway. Out they came and she was curling her arms around Harm, she was almost curling her whole body around her. Grinding her hips against the girl and feeling irritatingly wanting. "No, it’s not really a very interesting number. I don’t want to talk about Math right now." she complained, now pawing at every bit of naked skin she could. -06:30 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: She giggles before sitting up and running her tingertips along the edge of Mina’s ear. "It’s because of this." grinning ear to ear she pulled back to lean in and kiss Mina’s stomach her hand moving to hold her hips down. "When I’m busy down here, you can be too." she eased herselt onto her side and ran her tongue across Mina’s skin before kissing a mine to her crotch and stopping just short. "Do you think yu can cum again yet?" -06:35 Mar 03 Harmony
Wilhelmina: "I am…not sure what this has to do with numbers." she admitted. But she also wasn’t thinking too hard about the puzzle because Harmony had her shivering and tinglie and she wasn’t so sure she would be able to properly do things if Harmony was making her tingle. Now she had a strange upside down view of Harmony’s crotch, of which she was already running her fingers over now that she had a good look. -06:45 Mar 03 Wilhelmina
Harmony: "laybe I’ll tell you later." she teased before runnign her tongue over the length og Mina’s slit and giigling again. "Want to do it this way? Or go back to you getting me off?" -06:48 Mar 03 Harmony

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