The Angel and the Witch 001: Steal a Soul, Save a Soul

[Samuel bursts into physical form in a shower of feather and blinding light the burns all truly evil creatures it touches.] -12:08 Mar 03
[Siomha will bring terror upon this world, and will do so with the captured soul of a most powerful creature!] -12:10 Mar 03
Siomha: Once she can SEE again! Her summoning was a mighty success, but now she was cursing under her breath rubbing her eyes from the bright blinding light. Her nice cave domain was not used to such shiny things. And now all her rats have likely scattered away. -12:13 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: Light still radiated from his skin as he looked arounf at the damp, dark, smelly enviroment to which he had been called. Wings wrapped aroung himself and kneeking in the filth he saw nothing. Rising, slowly he unfurled the golden feathers and turned, sighting a woman. "Hail." he called out raising a hand. "Are you the soul in need? Your prayers have been answered, woman of faith and goodness. What troubles you?" -12:16 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: After a few moments of blinking, her eyes adjusted to the light. There was a real angel, golden wings and all it’s holy glory, right there in her summoning trap. Never had she held so much pride! Wearing her widest smirk, she rest her hands on her hips. "Nothing troubles me. I have captured you to take your soul. Choose the easy way or the hard way. The hard way involves torture!" -12:21 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: There was a melodious chuckle on his lips. "A sense of humor. If you were evil you would have been burned by my arival. I sense good in you but commend you on being mirthful despite your troubles." he stepped out of the circle as if it were nothing and aproached her. "I heard a cry for help… so I am here. You jokes are refreshign after the bowing and worship I usually expect." -12:25 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: "I have been told that angels are stupid, but I didn’t think you would be as stupid to ignore thr-!" He stepped out of her circle. He was supposed to be bound to it! That sent Siomha skittering over to a table littered with books all kinds of ill ingredients to snatch up a rune engraved blade. An angel killing weapon she enchanted herself. "The only one in need of help is you, and you’re not going to get it! I am going to carve your soul right out of you." And just to catch him by surprise, she pounced! -12:29 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: She ran into a wall of golder light and feathers and when the wing pushed her aside and withdrew the smile was gone as brilliants strands of lights danced along his arm to his hand, wearing themselves into the pomel of a sword, the the crosbar, then the blade, then a gauntles started forming around his hand. "There is good in you, child. Why do you attack me. Lay down your weapon and I will not be forced to find out where your soul finds rest." -12:34 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: There was a whole lot of swatting at fluffy golden feathers until she stepped away. And for a split second maybe she looked intimidated by the armor and flash of angelic weapons. Stupid angel was supposed to stay trapped inside the summoning circle, this was not quite how she planned it. Still Siomha held her knife good and firm and shook it at him, even if she wasn’t advancing again. "I am not GOOD, you stupid angel. Do I LOOK good? I am a villain most foul, bane of heroes, vicious sorceress. And I have -summoned- you so you -belong- to me. Be obedient." -12:39 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: He circled, sword reach and a full suit of radiant armor around him. "How many heroes have you visciously murdered?" he asked. "How many innocent lives have you extinguised? What is your foul goal? Why risk trapping me?" -12:42 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: "I have murdered hundreds of heroes. Thousands of innocent lives." she shimed with pride. Siomha didn’t bother mentioning they weren’t human, and probably weren’t even heroes or innocent. Rats were irritating that way. Death was still an evil deed. "Your soul is going to make me the most powerful sorceress of all time. Then I am going to kill my mentor, all of his minions, claim his castle and become the new evil queen where my people cower in fear at the mere sight of me." -12:46 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: "How… lonely." he said stopping and letting the sword down. This had to be why he was here. To save this unfortunate girl. "You soul is unstained by murver. Deciet on the other hand…" the armor faded and he say down, grey eyes on her. "Why do you want that life?" -12:49 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: "What?" Lonely! Siomha was very, very insulted. That was hard to hide as she dropped her knife weilding to rest her fists on her hips again, and scowl mercilessly at the angel. "I don’t have a soul, that’s what I need yours for. Who wouldn’t want to rule a country of slaves? I will make them farm fields and raise animals. Make lots and lots of money, while I sit in my castle drinking cordials and admiring the landscape." -12:54 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: "Again, why?" he asked his gaze not shifting. That would he his responce to anything she said. "You cause pain and misery and invite attack from within and without denying yourself any change of peace… for what?" -01:00 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: "Because I am evil and this is what evil people do? What sort of stupid questions are these!" Really, Siomha was not prepared for just how dumb this angel was. Growling she stepped forward to poke at him with that knife. It was time for the torture. "Be quiet and stop asking all of these questions. I am doing what I was born to do." Now where did angel souls hide? Probably in the chest reason where hearts were supposed to be. She went poking there. -01:05 Mar 03 Siomha
[(Timeout) Samuel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -01:38 Mar 03
[Samuel enters.] -01:43 Mar 03
Samuel: he grabbed her wrist and twisted it causing the knife to clatter to the floor. Then his other hand caught her throat and he stood, lifying her bodily. "Will you be happy in the prison of your own making I wonder…" he mused, tilting his head to the side, ignoring her strugles until the life was almost squeezed out of her and he let her drop to the floor. "I am not your thrawl, do not make the mistake of assuming my pacience is infinite." -01:45 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: Siomha collapsed on the floor, palms against cold stone as she sat there gasping for breath and staring wide-eyed at the stupid angel, that clearly did not understand how a summoning was supposed to work. She huffed and frowned, chewing on her tongue and debated the next best move. Kicking him sounded good, and so did throwing a fireball at him. Siomha settled for complaining. "You’ve tried MY patience! Obviously your soul is not good enough or strong enough for me to use. I’m just going to have to send you away and get a different angel." Grumbling she got back to her feet and stomped to her table to find that ritual book. -01:52 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: The melodious laughter was back and with a fluid ease he intercepted her. "Don’t you believe in fate?" he asked a hand baring her way. If I am here there is obviously a reason for em to be here." His eyes gazed at hers. "This might be your last chance to listen to your heart. Last chances usually come in unexpectd ways." -02:00 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: "Are you going to start singing too? About rainbows and happy endings and every witch can be a princess if she just tries hard enough?" Siomha swatted at his hand, then just ducked under it. "If you’re smart, you’ll be quiet before I curse you forever. I could make your wings fall off, or turn you in to a rat." Book. She grabbed it, clonked it open on the table and thumbed through the pages. How did she send an angel BACK to heaven? -02:05 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: "I’m saying everyone gets a second chance." he said placing a shimering hand on the book and looking over it at her. "Maybe I’ll just kill you ‘master’ myself and free you allowing you to find happiness your own way?" The robes we word suddenly dropped to the floor and he stretched his wings wide. "Do you really want an angel’s soul? It’s not out of your reach." -02:17 Mar 03 Samuel
Siomha: "_I_ have to kill my master, that is how back-stabbing plots of world domination work." Why was this angel dropping his robes and getting his golden shiny wings all stretchy? He was taking up all the space in her tiny cave and making her feel all small and mortal. Siomha picked up another stabbing utensil. This one was meant for demons, but it was still good for stabbing. "Yes I DO want an angel’s soul! Very much. There’s nothing more powerful. Are you going to stop putting up such a fight and surrender to me now?" -02:23 Mar 03 Siomha
Samuel: "I’m going to get to them first." he said. "You’re not a very good overlord are you." he plucked the book out of her hand and places it aside. "Too caught up in how you think things should be and not what will make you happy. If your master is dead what does it matter who killed them? But either way you won’t find peace. Mortals… I feel sorry for you." -02:27 Mar 03 Samuel

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