001 The Raven

Alvar enters… because it’s already night here anyway. [08:50am Sep 17]
Alvar: Who dares to call it morning when the shadows have already crept into my chambers? I tried to sleep and perchance to dream… [m|08:54am Sep 17]
Alvar: but the darn raven still sits on the marble bust of a forgotten Goddess atop my chamber door… [m|08:55am Sep 17]
Raven says “Nevermore” u.u; (08:56 Sep 17)
Alvar: Yes, of course. Go away, I’ve told you! *shakes fist at the evil bird*! [m|08:56am Sep 17]
Bird preens itself pretty! (09:00 Sep 17)
Alvar: *sighs*! If you don’t go… I will lock this chamber and you will starve to death! Which is not difficult in any case. If I had a job, my beloved would be alive… [m|09:01am Sep 17]
Jeniveve is the maid and has a broom for chasing away birdies! u.u;; [09:06am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *Comes a knocking on the chamber door! u_u;* [f|09:07am Sep 17]
Alvar: I shouldn’t have opened the window when the darn thing tapped on it… but I thought maybe it was… Maybe it was my beloved *quietly, brushes hand past his forehead*… *and jumps at knocking on the chamber door*! [m|09:08am Sep 17]
Alvar: Spirits! >.>; *cautiously opens door and peers out*… >.>; [m|09:09am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *Knockkn- ..! * Good, eve sir! Cook had complained of Ravens slipping in. Have you perchance seen one? c.c; [f|09:10am Sep 17]
Alvar: c.c! *had seen no one*! *looks down and sees small maid*… e.e; [m|09:10am Sep 17]
Alvar: You shouldn’t go tapping on grieving hearts like this, woman! c.c; [m|09:11am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *waits patiently for reply, know she’s a pretty thing and doesn’t mind the staring! u.u * Sir, the cook is very supersticious and she will not have ravens in this house. I am only here to shoo the bird away. u.u [f|09:12am Sep 17]
Alvar: There’s a raven here – Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door… [m|09:12am Sep 17]
Alvar: It perched and sat, and nothing more. It’s not casted spells or anything – but it’s quite annoying c.c; *looks at broom* [m|09:13am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Well then, I will benish it away and it will bother you nevermore. u.u; *slips in to room with broomstick to shoo birdie!* [f|09:13am Sep 17]
Raven flaps wings contentedly, sitting atop the chamber door! And it says, “Nevermore” c.c; (09:14 Sep 17)
Alvar: *mutters* Damnable word! [m|09:14am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c.c; *prods at raven with her broomstick!* Shoo! Begone from this house! [f|09:15am Sep 17]
Alvar: Maybe Nevermore is its name? c.c; [m|09:16am Sep 17]
Raven caws and defends his position, snapping at broom! (09:17 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: If the cook catches it, dinner shall be it’s name! u.u; *prod! prod prod!…. hmmph! she fetches a chair so that she can prod closer!* [f|09:18am Sep 17]
Alvar: Gwah! Thing of evil! prophet still, if bird or devil – I shall not eat such a dinner! e.e; [m|09:19am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *steps precariously on the chair to prod the raven from it’s perch above the chamber door!* Come now, sir tis only a bird. u.u; It bring no ill.. [f|09:21am Sep 17]
Raven plucks a chunk of straw from the broom! u.u; (09:21 Sep 17)
Alvar: It has a strange intelligence! c.c; It tricked me into opening the window for it. Then it perched on the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door… [m|09:23am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: o.o! Terrible creature, do not defile my broomstick or you’ll live nevermore! ><! *prod!* [f|09:23am Sep 17]
Alvar: But I… I have fancied if this creature, this ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore… could bring me news from my beloved… [m|09:25am Sep 17]
Raven says Nevermore u.u; and shakes head so plucked straw rains on the two below! (09:26 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: Perchance I should fetch a treat to lure it from it’s perch from above the chamber door? c.c; [f|09:26am Sep 17]
Alvar: To try such now is better than nevermore u.u; [m|09:27am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *leaps down from the chair and hands him her broomstick* I will fetch a cake from the kitchen on the bottom floor… Leave the window open! [f|09:29am Sep 17]
Alvar: *blinks*… [m|09:30am Sep 17]
Alvar: Um. Maybe I shouldn’t have closed the window in the first place. But the wind was blowing… *goes opening the window again*… [m|09:30am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *Has battle with the cook on the kitchen floor, trying to explain how a cake will lure the raven from above the chamber door! u.u; * [f|09:32am Sep 17]
Alvar: But still, Prophet or devil… sitting atop my chamber door! Will I ever meet my beloved again…? Tell the truth, I implore… *suddenly feels like an idiot for talking to the feathered thing* e.e; [m|09:34am Sep 17]
Raven heard the word ‘cake’ so sits still atop the pallid bust above the chamber door and waits u.u; (09:35 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *returns with a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of milk!* u.u;; [f|09:36am Sep 17]
Alvar: Milk…? c.c; [m|09:37am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: It is only polite to offer milk with cake, sir. c.c; [f|09:38am Sep 17]
Alvar: My beloved had lactose intolerance… Long days passed since she could drink a glass of milk c.c;. Even milk cookies she would long for, but it was impossible for me to please her wishes… [m|09:39am Sep 17]
Bird shakes head and says, Nevermore! u.u; (09:39 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: Well, she is gone forever more. u.u; *sets the plate and milk on a table!* [f|09:40am Sep 17]
Alvar: *exasperated*! Get thee back into the tempest and the Night’s Plutonian shore! Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken! Leave my loneliness unbroken! – quit the bust above my door! *trows cushion at the bird, hits Pallas in the head*! [m|09:41am Sep 17]
Raven hops out of the way c.c; and hops down to fetch the cake! u.u; (09:42 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *blinks!* Sir, I do not believe a tantruj has ever shooed a raven before! c.c; I advice a rest! u.u; [f|09:43am Sep 17]
Alvar: I shall rest nevermore u___u; [m|09:44am Sep 17]
c.c; Raven eyes them but picks at cake and uses claw to tilt glass of milk, then drinks! u.u; (09:44 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *beaming smile!* n.n Your guest seems pleased! [f|09:45am Sep 17]
Raven looses balance and pills milk on the dish and cake! c.c; but it’s easier for it to eat now! u.u; (09:46 Sep 17)
Alvar: It’s no guest of mine! >.<! [m|09:46am Sep 17]
*spills! u.u; (09:47 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: It is a mild tempered raven at the least! u.u; *uses apron to clean up spill on table!* [f|09:48am Sep 17]
Raven eats chocolate cake soaked in milk with birdie delight u.u; (09:49 Sep 17)
Alvar: *mutters* At least you’ve taken thy form from off my door…! [m|09:50am Sep 17]
Alvar: *shooes bird* Go away, back into the tempest! The rain is coming inside, wetting the floors! [m|09:52am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *busies herself with cleaning the stray broom straws from off the chamber floor!* u.u; [f|09:52am Sep 17]
Raven hops and perches atop the head of the maid! And says Nevermore u.u; (09:52 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: o.o!! Oh my, that is not the right place for a bird to perch, I do implore! c.c;; *moves towards the window!* [f|09:54am Sep 17]
Raven flaps but stays put u.u; (09:55 Sep 17)
Alvar: Prophet! Thing of evil! – prophet still, if bird or devil! Quit the maiden’s head, desert from my chambers and leave my… loneliness unbroken! [m|09:58am Sep 17]
Alvar: Just go away e.e; [m|09:58am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *tries to shoo raven off her head and out the window!* u.u;; You make my bun a mess! [f|09:58am Sep 17]
Bird shakes its body and fluffs up!!! u.u; (09:59 Sep 17)
Thanks for the cake, the Raven says. And off it goes! Back into the tempest and the Night’s Plutonian shore! (10:00 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: I don’t recall ever hearing a raven speak, before. c.c;; [f|10:01am Sep 17]
Alvar: … .___.; Evil thing! It wasn’t something out of the hand of God! [m|10:01am Sep 17]
Alvar: u.u; I hope it returns nevermore! [m|10:02am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *closes the window behind it, just in case!* u.u; [f|10:02am Sep 17]
Alvar: *picks up the book he dropped earlier when the bird first spoke*… [m|10:03am Sep 17]
Alvar: I’d like milk and cake too, please u___u; [m|10:04am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *cleans up dishes from the table and pauses at the door!* c.c! I shall return in a moment! [f|10:05am Sep 17]
Alvar: Thank you u.u; [m|10:05am Sep 17]
Alvar: I don’t understant from which deep chasms that beast got washed ashore… I opened the window, inside it came… atop the bust of Pallas, the pallid bust atop my chamber door… [m|10:14am Sep 17]
Alvar: *mutters in perplexity*… It perched and sat, and nothing more. [m|10:15am Sep 17]
Alvar: My friends are not going to believe it… But what am I saying? I have no friends. [m|10:15am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *brings the master cake and milk!* u.u [f|10:16am Sep 17]
Alvar: *waits for maid to return*… *dozes a bit*…. [m|10:16am Sep 17]
Alvar: *opens his eyes startled*! Not again…! [m|10:17am Sep 17]
Alvar: Oh. It’s you… c.c; [m|10:17am Sep 17]
Alvar: *takes glass of milk and sips* u.u; [m|10:17am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c.c!! I have brought your treat as you have asked, though I do hope you will prepare for bed. u.u; It is late. [f|10:17am Sep 17]
Alvar: I thought it was the damnable thing again… [m|10:18am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: It has flown off in to the night, not to return I assure you. u.u; [f|10:18am Sep 17]
Alvar: Yes, I will go to bed… Please make sure the windows are locked. I wouldn’t like the bird to return… [m|10:19am Sep 17]
Tempest outside shakes the window panes like hundreds of tapping fingers! (10:19 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: Of course. u.u *moves to the windows to make sure all are properly latched!* [f|10:20am Sep 17]
Alvar: *thoughfully eats the cake slice and drinks milk till staring at the bottom of the glass*… .__.; [m|10:21am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *latches all the windows, and finds lots of dust! ._.; There will be much cleaning tomorrow!* [f|10:22am Sep 17]
Alvar: … *loosens his tie and neck buttons* You may leave, Jeniveve… I hope you’ve enjoyed life. [m|10:24am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *retrieves her broom* You make it seem as if it my last night alive, sir! u.u; *has her of master’s killing servants but does not suppose this one is quite that crazy!* [f|10:26am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *heard u.u; [f|10:26am Sep 17]
Alvar: What do you mean? Isn’t the world coming to an end? *waves hand towards windows and storm outside* [m|10:27am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Of course not, sir. It is only a storm. c.c We’ve had dozens before… [f|10:28am Sep 17]
Alvar: c.c; I’d believe the world is ending… *gets up and goes into closet to change clothes* u.u; [m|10:30am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *thinks he had only been startled by the raven and is supersticious like the cook! u.u; next they’ll claim one of the house is to die because of the omen!* You are only tired. u.u; *takes dishes from the table!* [f|10:31am Sep 17]
Alvar: *comes out in pajamas and goes straight to bed*…. *stares somberly at the bed canopy*…. [m|10:36am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Goodnight sir! u.u Shall I send someone to light the fire? [f|10:36am Sep 17]
Alvar: Yes, please… u.u; *turns and hugs a pillow* [m|10:37am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *exits to give dishes to those in the kitchen and fetch the master a fire!* u.u;; [f|10:38am Sep 17]
Storm outside is increasing. The wind howls through every ever-so-small opening it can find in the windows and doors, and the trees outside seem to dance a strange and ominous dance… (10:43 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *returns to the master’s room looking fuffled… the pesky household servants are all startled by the raven and the storm and won’t leave their quarters!* u.u; *sigh!* [f|10:45am Sep 17]
Alvar: Nevermore… *mutters*… [m|10:45am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c.c;; *ignores mutter of half-asleep sir and tends to making the fire herself!* u.u [f|10:46am Sep 17]
Taps on the window! (10:48 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: u.u; *ignores tapping, as there is always tapping in such storms!* *tendtend to fire!* [f|10:49am Sep 17]
Taptap on the window, still! (10:50 Sep 17)
Alvar: *stirs in his bed*…. [m|10:50am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *has a nice fire started and moves to the window to look out… but will not open!* c.C; [f|10:51am Sep 17]
Small white hand comes out of the darkness and presses against the glass before her very eyes! (10:52 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: O__O!! *frightened scream! It is the very hand of death come to take her!* @.@!!! [f|10:53am Sep 17]
Alvar: *hops out of bed, startled*! *falls on the rug* @.@;; x.x; *scrambles back onto his feet and rushes to window*! [m|10:54am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: @.@;; *points!* There was the hand of death in the window! [f|10:56am Sep 17]
Alvar: Amelia! *tries to open the window like a neurotic*!!! [m|10:57am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: O___O! Sir! *pounces to pull him away! would rather not be taken by death at such a young age! u.u;; * [f|10:58am Sep 17]
Alvar: Amelia!! *thud*! >.<! Don’t get in the way, woman! [m|11:00am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Sir, it could only be the devils work or a horrid beast to take your life! .___. [f|11:01am Sep 17]
Alvar: But I need to know! I have to see her… She has come for me! [m|11:02am Sep 17]
Taptap on the window! (11:02 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: It could be a murderer! Or a ghoul! Neither of which would have come for you in a pleasant manor the same as your past beloved would! c.c; Why on earth would she be tapping on your chamber window! @.@ [f|11:04am Sep 17]
Alvar: I don’t know… *desperate* She’s coming from the Great Beyond, she wouldn’t ring the front door now, would she? [m|11:07am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: You have gone mad! .___.; Well… *scurries to the fire place and retrieves the fire poker!* ou may open the window, and I shall protect you! c.c; [f|11:08am Sep 17]
Taptap! (11:10 Sep 17)
Alvar: Oh… *gets on his knees to open the window*… *gets on his feet and opens the lock and opens the window*! [m|11:11am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *raises iron poker to attack!* [f|11:12am Sep 17]
Rain and wind howl outside! The rain is sweeping the balcony with the long branches of the trees! But there’s a small white shadow there, too… (11:12 Sep 17)
Alvar: Amalia…? I implore, I beg you… Is this your pure and loving soul…? [m|11:13am Sep 17]
The shadow moves and peers into the room! Lightning cracks outside and the rain damps Alvar’s hair! (11:14 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: .__.!!! Stand back from the window, sir! I shall poke it until it leaves us be! [f|11:15am Sep 17]
The shadow asks if they are the nice people that give away chocolate cake and milk c.c; (11:16 Sep 17)
Alvar: … What…?! What have you just said…? [m|11:18am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Cho.. Chocolate cake! @.@;; *would faint dead away if there were not the poor master to protect!* u.u;; It is an unseemly time of night to come and seek treats! [f|11:18am Sep 17]
Little shadow says chocolate cake is always good u.u; (11:20 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: ._.!! You are but a strange creature of night and shadows, I cannot the leave master alone here while I fetch you cake! [f|11:23am Sep 17]
Alvar: *feels his hackles rise*… Who… who put that idea in your head? To come here and request such favors… *reaches out to strange little person*… [m|11:23am Sep 17]
Little hand comes into view again… Lightning cracks outside and its ephemeral light shines right through the little hand! (11:24 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: Sir!! c.c! Do not touch it, for it may be a trick to lure you! [f|11:25am Sep 17]
Alvar: *strangely fascinated*…. She… she might know about… [m|11:26am Sep 17]
Little shadow says they could help her inside cuz the window it a bit high for her u.u; (11:27 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: This is most inappropriate! ._.; *supposes there is not much to do about it now!* u.u; *hands iron poker to the Sir and helps the strange shadow inside!* [f|11:30am Sep 17]
Little shadow looks like a little girl! She looks around – is wearing what seems to be a sort of lacey shroud! (11:33 Sep 17)
Alvar: … Tell me, girl… Have you seen my beloved? A sainted maiden… whom the angels name Amelia… [m|11:37am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: ._.! *thinks the master should stop dwelling about his beloved by now, but it is not her place!* u.u;; *hesitant to leave him alone with strange otherworld beings!* [f|11:39am Sep 17]
c.c; Little girl says she wouldn’t know… It just rained lots and she didn’t like to be soaked! Then she heard about the cake and decided to come for some! u.u; (11:39 Sep 17)
Alvar: … *perplexed*! [m|11:41am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: ._.; *shuffles feet…!* I will… go and fetch the cake! [f|11:43am Sep 17]
Girl wears a tiny pendant with a family crest u.u; (11:44 Sep 17)
Alvar: c.c… I doubt she can eat it! But perchance she could… bring her some, then. [m|11:45am Sep 17]
Lightning cracks outside! (11:45 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *bows quickly and scampers to retrieve cake and milk for the master’s strange guest!* @.@; [f|11:45am Sep 17]
Alvar: … *looks at the strange girl*… [m|11:46am Sep 17]
c.c; Girl looks at the handsome guy in pajamas! c.c; She says her pants are strange u_u; (11:47 Sep 17)
Alvar: … e.e; *puts on a robe*! .__.; [m|11:48am Sep 17]
*his pants, I mean u.u; (11:48 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *returns with tray of the whole cake and a pitcher of milk incase the master has more unexpected guests!* u.u;; [f|11:49am Sep 17]
Girl skips to cake! ^o^! (11:49 Sep 17)
Alvar: c.c; She’s wearing a pendant… It is unusual. [m|11:50am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: u.u; *cuts a slice for the girl and sets plate infront of an empty chair!* Is she? c.c; I would not expect a spirit to wear such things. u.u; [f|11:51am Sep 17]
Girl asks what’s a spirit c.c; (11:51 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: A spirit is a wandering soul caught between the living world and heaven! u.u Or perhaps hell as well, but ladies do not speak of such things. *pours glass of milk!* [f|11:53am Sep 17]
Alvar: o.o; Maybe she didn’t need to know that…? [m|11:53am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Well, she shall not be getting any older. c.c; *logical! u.u;* [f|11:54am Sep 17]
c.c; Girl says her mother told her she’ll wear pretty dresses when she’s older! u.u; She touches the cake and milk and both disappear! (11:55 Sep 17)
Alvar: *startled*…. *well, a little* c.c; [m|11:56am Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *blinks!* o.o! *supposes there was no other way for a spirit to eat!* Perhaps you should be with your mother now, and not in a strange man’s chambers! u.u *wise nod! it is was her own mother told her in any case!* [f|11:57am Sep 17]
Girl says she supposed she could go to her mother’s room c.c; (11:58 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: Yes, that would be best. The master needs his sleep. u.u Perhaps you could return during daylight hours for cookies and tea. [f|11:59am Sep 17]
Alvar: …. *eyes little pendant intently*… [m|12:00pm Sep 17]
u.u; Girl says the halls are dark! But she’ll go to her mother’s room! Skitters to the chamber door! (12:01 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: o.o!! *startled!* Your mother’s room is here in this house?! [f|12:01pm Sep 17]
Girl says yes c.c; Then she explains she tapped on the house door for years and no one let her in! Pesky service u.u; (12:03 Sep 17)
Alvar: *looks about to faint* x.X; [m|12:03pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Oh my! ._.; *wonders what mysterious things the storm has brought upon the house this night!* c.c; *eyes the master!* I shall take you, but it must be a short visit, it is so very late and the Sir needs his rest! ._.; [f|12:05pm Sep 17]
Girl giggles and hops right through the door! (12:06 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: x_x! *finds that somewhat disturbing, but she must do her duty as the apparent only brave on in the household! u.u;;* Sir, will you be alright alone for the moment. ._. You can weild the fire poker in case there is danger. [f|12:08pm Sep 17]
Alvar: x.X; … The bird… that thing of evil! prophet still, if bird or devil! Whether Tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore,desolate yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted… How could I ignore…? [m|12:09pm Sep 17]
Alvar: I shall go with you… *is pale, barely holds the poker*! [m|12:10pm Sep 17]
Sounds of kiddie feet skittering out in the hall! (12:10 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: ._.!! Well… Alright. *would feel better if he were closeby, in any case!* u.u; *opens the chamber door!* [f|12:10pm Sep 17]
Girl leads the way! Her silhouette is phosphorescent in the dark, like a white mist or milky-colored shadow… (12:12 Sep 17)
Alvar: Her pendant… looks familiar… *mutters, walks with Jeniveve*… [m|12:14pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *whisper!* Perhaps you should ask her… c.c; *dearly hopes none of the others are still roaming, they would claim the house haunted and never return! @.@* [f|12:15pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … look *points*! *the girl walks on the floor, but is sunken in the marble to her ankles*! [m|12:17pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Oh…. @.@;; *dearly dearly hopes her feet cannot be seen on the floor below!* [f|12:18pm Sep 17]
Alvar: Those marble floors were installed in 1885… Before that, this floor was wooden and slightly lower… [m|12:18pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: That is quite old, sir! c.c;; *wonders how long the girl has been wandering as a spirit… and why no one else has let her in the house! e.e;* [f|12:21pm Sep 17]
Girl takes a turn and hops up the stairs to a mezzanine level! (12:23 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *steps up the stairs!* c.c;; *hopes there aren’t any scary beasties up there… is not fond of bats! u.u;; * [f|12:26pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *takes hold of Jeniveve by her arm*… [m|12:28pm Sep 17]
Alvar: Wait… [m|12:28pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c.c! *stiffles a squeek of surprise!* Sir? [f|12:28pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *points ahead*… [m|12:29pm Sep 17]
Girl reached end of stair and skitters down the hall, right onto the wall and disappears through it! (12:29 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: I do suppose that makes it hard to follow… ._.! [f|12:30pm Sep 17]
Alvar: There was another wing in this house before the reconstruction in 1885. But that wing was not rebuilt… and it was over there u.u;. [m|12:30pm Sep 17]
Alvar: It was a fire, I believe… *turns to walk back*… [m|12:31pm Sep 17]
Lightning cracks outside! The wind is diminishing… (12:32 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: Should we just leave her then? c.c; What if she returns and frightens the other staff? ._.; [f|12:32pm Sep 17]
Alvar: I don’t know… Maybe we shouldn’t have let her in. Maybe she’s gone to ‘her mother’s room’ or wherever… but if she can’t find it, she could return, I suppose x.x; [m|12:33pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *deeps sighs!* u.u;; I will stand watch for more intruders. You should return to bed. [f|12:35pm Sep 17]
Alvar: But I can’t sleep… Not much anyway… *leads way back to his room, even in total darkness* [m|12:36pm Sep 17]
Lightning cracks outside, but the storm is progressively leaving… (12:37 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: I can make you a hot cup of tea with a touch of brandy. It should warm you up and help you sleep. u.u; [f|12:38pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *smiles faintly* That could help… *pushes open his chamber door*… [m|12:39pm Sep 17]
Raven is eating what was left of the cake u.u; (12:39 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: o.o!! *startled stare!.. they left the window open!* @.@!! [f|12:40pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *startled*! x.X! Not again…! [m|12:40pm Sep 17]
Raven asks where’s the little girl u.u; (12:41 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: ._. She went to visit her mothers room… *believes ravens should not talk! it isn’t right! u.u;;* [f|12:42pm Sep 17]
Raven gives a curt nod! It takes flight, passes above their heads and disappears into the darkness on the halls! (12:42 Sep 17)
Alvar: x.X!! Thing of evil… *promptly closes the window and locks it up*! [m|12:43pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *collapses onto his knees* x.x; [m|12:44pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Sir! ._. *rushes to him! c.c; darn the pesky spirits!* Please do not be upset, I am sure they do not mean to cause you so distress! [f|12:45pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … I just wanted to know… if her soul is at rest… [m|12:45pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: It must be if she is not wandering lost, sir. u.u Lets get you to bed… [f|12:46pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *holds his head*… I wish she’s not… but how could I know…? *is helped to bed* [m|12:47pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: It’s a matter of faith really, and she would not wish to see you so upset about it. c.c; *tucks him in to bed!* [f|12:49pm Sep 17]
Storm has ceased. There’s an unnatural silence – no wind, no insects – not a sound disturbs the night… (12:50 Sep 17)
Alvar: *smiles faintly* So I wish… I wish… *closes his eyes* [m|12:51pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *has sat watch outside the chamber door, and fallen asleep leaning against a hall table!* u.u; *no ravens or ghosties will have gotton past her!* [f|12:54pm Sep 17]
A few hours later, sunrise comes. The morning is diaphanous, with a clean sky free of the faintest clouds. The blue though is still grayish and the dawn has no pink or orange; only gold and grayish blue. (12:55 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *snoozing in the hall while the sounds of morning chores are muffled on the bottom floor!* u.u; [f|12:57pm Sep 17]
The house slowly comes back to life. The storm has torn down some trees and lightning has chipped the tiled rooves. The lands around the manor need some cleaning and there’s ponds still. (12:58 Sep 17)
A servant comes upstairs to wake up the master and finds Jeniveve asleep at the door, in the hall c.c; (12:59 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *snooze! u.u;; has a book she fell asleep reading!* [f|12:59pm Sep 17]
Servant touches her shoulder to wake her up and asks why is she there yet c.c; (01:01 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *yelps think she is being pounced by a ghost!* Oh! @.@; You startled me… Um… c.c; The storm was so noisy the sir stayed up quite late, so I tending to things for him… ._.; [f|01:02pm Sep 17]
Servant nods! It was a terrible night! They saw shadows skittering outside and the wind howled almost like wolves or ghouls, even x.x; (01:03 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *nodnods!* u.u; Cook was all in a huff about ravens and bad omens, as well! It was all very disturbing! [f|01:04pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *a tired master appears at the door, a bit unskillfully wrapped in his robe* u.u *blinks owlishly*… How is everyone…? *secretly hopes no one got kidnapped by strange beings* e.e; [m|01:05pm Sep 17]
Servant bows his good mornings and explains there’s some damage to take care of! Explains a bit about it… then says also a line of tombs in the back gardens got struck by lightening and one is open u.u; (01:07 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: *stands quickly!* u.u;; *is a rummpled looking maid! scandelous!* All is well, Sir! [f|01:07pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *blinks*… [m|01:07pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c___c;; *stands by the fact all is well, though the open tombs causes her to waver! @.@; * [f|01:09pm Sep 17]
Alvar: So I would wish… *mutters* I will go and see it… *goes downstairs* [m|01:09pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Sir…! c.c! Perhaps you should be dressed before you wander the gardens? *follows after him! ._.; he was a bit batty last night!* [f|01:12pm Sep 17]
Servant leads master to the back garden and the far corner where the ancient tombs are – and one small marble tomb is cracked open by lightning! (01:12 Sep 17)
Alvar: *shakes his head*… I will be fine… *looks onto the small tomb*… [m|01:13pm Sep 17]
Shattered marble slob was moved aside, and little coffin inside cracked open, too; it is way old and fragile! White bones and a lacey shroud turned into yellowish rags can be glimpsed… and something shiney! (01:15 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: c.c! *peers at tomb! and gasps!!* .___. The little girl… [f|01:16pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *thoughtfully watches the little remains*… [m|01:17pm Sep 17]
Raven hops out of nowhere and lands on top of the marble cross above the group of tombs u.u; (01:19 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: @.@;; *is glad it was a ghost that was risen and not a zombie! that would have been terrible!* [f|01:19pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *eyes the bird* c.c; [m|01:21pm Sep 17]
Raven is just sitting there, eyeing them and watching, like waiting for something u.u; (01:23 Sep 17)
Alvar: … *reaches in and takes the pendant* u.u; *hands it over to the bird*… [m|01:24pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: ._.; Sir…? [f|01:24pm Sep 17]
Raven picks up pendant u.u; (01:25 Sep 17)
Alvar: c.c; …. Um… *takes off a small pendant he wears and gives it to the bird, too* …. c.c; Please. [m|01:26pm Sep 17]
Raven blinks, then picks it up, too u.u; and takes flight! (01:27 Sep 17)
Alvar: e.e; *looks down and sighs*… [m|01:27pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c.c! *curious! but is a polite servant!* u.u;; Sir, perhaps now we can go inside and get dressed for breakfast? [f|01:28pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *nods*… *turns to the other servant that is around checking what needs repair and what doesn’t* This tomb must be repaired first… [m|01:29pm Sep 17]
Servant says as you wish u.u (01:29 Sep 17)
Alvar: … *walks slowly back to the house with Jeniveve*… [m|01:30pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *will have to start leaving treats around the house for visiting guests so they don’t disturb the master! u_u * [f|01:31pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *goes upstairs and is terribly pale* I might need that brandied tea you mentioned last night… [m|01:33pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: In the morn… c.c; Yes sir! Please do get dressed. *skitters to get herself freshed up and fetch him tea and breakfast! u.u * [f|01:34pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *manages to get dressed yet meets the carpet a couple times, but nothing serious*…. *fixes his hair, too – at least brushes it decently enough* [m|01:36pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *returns looking perfectly respectable and carrying a tray of food and a pot of hot tea! Has informed the others that the aster is not feeling well today, and not to bother him overly much!* u.u! [f|01:38pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *is looking at the mess the raven did to the remains of the cake last night*…. It’d be impossible to consider it was a dream, wouldn’t it…? [m|01:42pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *eyes his clothes and hair, suspecting maybe it’s time to get him a valet. c.c;;* I am afraid so. We both could not have had the same dream. u.u; *and her back hurts from sleeping in that chair!* [f|01:44pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *sits and buries his face in his hands* [m|01:46pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: c.c;; *worried! clears the table of the demolished cake and pours him a cup of tea!* It is not so bad, sir. ._. Maybe a bit disturbing, but I am sure it could have been worse! [f|01:47pm Sep 17]
Alvar: The bird was there to get the pendant… [m|01:48pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: The little girls? c.c; *or perhaps his! but, why on earth would a raven want a pendant? u.u;; * [f|01:49pm Sep 17]
Alvar: If it would take the pendant to the girl’s soul… I wish… it’d take mine to my beloved, too. That way atleast she’d know I wish for her peaceful rest…. [m|01:50pm Sep 17]
Alvar: Or maybe I am just losing my marbles already… [m|01:50pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *well might agree about him being slightly batty. u.u;* I am sure she knows, sir. u.u; Please drink some tea and eat your breakfast? [f|01:52pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *sips tea*… *looks at breakfast* u.u; [m|01:55pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *eats very slowly* u.u; [m|01:56pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *would like to fix his hair so he doesn’t go running around looking like a madman, but does not want to be impolite!* u.u;; *checks on the windows and picks up leaves and things that blew in from last night!* [f|01:57pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *eating very slowly* u.u; I wonder if… [m|02:02pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: Wonder what, sir? u.u *picks up a large twig! o.o;;* [f|02:04pm Sep 17]
Alvar: I wonder… if the bird came for her necklace, maybe she’s not coming back…? [m|02:06pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: The raven or the little girl? c.c; In any case, perhaps their business is done. *tosses the things blown in, right back out the window for the gardeners to clean up!* u.u; [f|02:08pm Sep 17]
Gardener gurl shakes fist at her! (02:09 Sep 17)
Jeniveve: c.c! *closes the window quickly!* [f|02:10pm Sep 17]
Alvar: The girl… the little girl. It was strange… Perhaps she was just trying to get in for so long… Could you imagine knocking at the door and spending decades outside… and you don’t even know you are dead…? [m|02:11pm Sep 17]
Alvar: Centuries, even. In other places… *mutters* [m|02:12pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *blinks!* c.c! *deep sighs!* u.u; It is sad I suppose… she must have been unfullfilled to linger for so long. It is not for us to worry about the affairs of spirits, however. u.u [f|02:13pm Sep 17]
Alvar: But if they keep on coming…? c.c; [m|02:16pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *considers!* o.o; Perhaps if we give them cake, the raven will come for them too? c.c; [f|02:16pm Sep 17]
Alvar: *blinks*! [m|02:17pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … c.c; Well… My grandmother told me once funerals need sweets. At least cookies, chocolate and coffee. [m|02:19pm Sep 17]
Alvar: Maybe that is why… e.e; [m|02:19pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *has an idea but he might think her mad!* c.c;; Mayhaps they need help sometimes being found? u.u; And they seem taken with already… well… *pauses* [f|02:21pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: And you have been so idle as of late, maybe you can… You can look for them and help them? c.c; [f|02:23pm Sep 17]
Alvar: … *watches her over his mug*… Look for them…? [m|02:24pm Sep 17]
Jeniveve: *shuffles her feet!* u.u;; There are priests that banish evil spirits, but I have not heard of those that help the good ones… ._.; I suppose it is a crazy idea… [f|02:26pm Sep 17]

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