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  • Cheyanne Elaine Fowler

    Cheyanne Elaine Fowler

    Awkward nobody working a dead end job. Intended for an otherworld plot or adaptable for any modern setting.

  • Anastasia Riktophen

    Anastasia Riktophen

    NPC/Villain Character for Brooding Darkness & Shadows Beneath.

  • New Amsterdam: A New World (pt2)

    ==== Title: A New World (pt2) Number: 92 Date: Jun 25, 2008 at 11:48 PM ==== Divinatas – Jun 25, 2008 at 11:48 PM [bg=#0e1938][padding=10px][so=#67708c][bg=#202d54]NEW AMSTERDAM: A NEW WORLD[/bg][/so][/padding][/bg] [bg=#2d2623][do=#283762][imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1&pictureid=1825[/imga][b][i]Cheyanne Fowler[/i][/b] Morning came all too soon, but Cheyanne didn’t care. She was curled up warm and snuggled under a thick layer of covers, wrapped around…

  • 001 The Raven

    001 The Raven

    Alvar enters… because it’s already night here anyway. [08:50am Sep 17] Alvar: Who dares to call it morning when the shadows have already crept into my chambers? I tried to sleep and perchance to dream… [m|08:54am Sep 17] Alvar: but the darn raven still sits on the marble bust of a forgotten Goddess atop my…