The Trouble With Summons 001: Whoops!

The Trouble With Summons

[Cupio long before any of the events previously secreived is a teen demon! Physically, even younger by number of years lived!] -09:13 May 19
[Daphne is an angel! And this is her first mission on the human world, where she is to spread joy, and love, and glitter, and ESPECIALLY cute summoned fluffy animals!] -09:15 May 19
Daphne: "Uuuuuuuhm! Let’s see. Lavender, check. Rose oil, check. Blood of a virgin…. herm.. Soooo groooosss. But check!" With a giant book in hand, one she found at a local bookshop at a really awesome discount, Daphne was working on a super special summon. For an angel, summons were always cute little spirit animals or willow of the whisps or unicorns and things! And Daphne really, really wanted a cool unicorn. She was following the instructions to the letter! -09:18 May 19
Cupio: Nom nom nom nom slurp. The younger demons were enjoying a meal, the contints of which it was better not to ask. Thier mindless caretakers didn’t blink when meals were stolen and minor fights broke out but Cupio was sitting on to of a pile of debris with a wriggling peice of food sticking out of thier mouth when they felt a tug… a STRONG tug, but when Cupio turned, there was no one there… -09:30 May 19
Daphne: "Scales of a horned lizard. Check! Musk of the horny toad… check. So many horns!" Speaking of horns she threw some random demon horn in to the mix too. The book didn’t specify what KIND of demon horn, just that it needed to be ground up in to a fine powder. It even glittered! It was kinda cool! "Now for the words…" Aw man. These languages were haaaard! Daphne struggled her way through the dialect, going as slowly as possible so she wouldn’t fudge up the pronunciation. She hoped. -09:38 May 19
Cupio: There was the tug again, only this time it was more like a pull and the entire universe seemed to fold in on itself and then reformed, only different, this wasn’t… this didn’t look like… Cupio continued to chew, slowly as she sat looking at the creature standing there, then with a gulp Culio swallowed. -09:43 May 19
Daphne: "YAY! My braind new Uni-… oh. You’re not a unicorn." There Daphne was, wearing her white silky robes, sporting fine fluffy wings and tilting her head to the side as she stared at the… whatever it was she summoned! "…You look weird! This is not what I was summoning!" Daphne squinted at the chewing. "Did you EAT my unicorn?" -09:47 May 19
Cupio: Cupion, with little horns and wings what were defiantely not puffy looked up at the angel. "I don’t know what I’m eating. They never tell me… do you want some? And you’re right I’m not a unicorn, I’m a demon… and not a fluffy one llike you! See, horns and leather wings… what kind of demon are you?" -09:52 May 19
Daphne: Daphne frowned and looked down at her book. This book said it was a summon of endless loving, jpy, bliss, and passion! A demon didn’t give those sorts of things. They were evil! "I am an ANGEL, thankyouverymuch! And I wasn’t trying to summon a demon, I was trying to summon something to bring lots of happy things in the world." Now Daphne was pouting. A unicorn would have been sooo nice. What was she supposed to do with a demon? -09:54 May 19
Cupio: "Angels don’t exist!" Cupio laughed. "And I do bring happiness and good things… Or I will when I’m older. I will brings kissing, and hugging and… OTHEEEERRR things and be happy. You’ll see!" The demon stood and picked up another wriggling morsel and slrped it up. "You sure you don’t want some?" -10:04 May 19
Daphne: "That looks totally gross." Daphne’s face matched her tone of disgust. And she seriously doubted a demon knew anything about happy things. …the kissing and hugging stuff DID sound like nice things though. "Iiiiii’m real though. You can see me! And I guess you are my summon now. A unicorn would have been nicer, but this should be okay. Maybe if we glue some feathers to your wings." -10:07 May 19
Cupio: Cupio’s wings fluttered in disgust. "No! That would be uncomfortable and… NO!" Though the angel things had Coop circling the summoner and poking at his with as the demon’s tail swished from side to side. "I though angels were just stories, uptight idiots with big flaming swords killing demons for giggles." -10:11 May 19
Daphne: Her wings got all puffy, and she couldn’t help it. The demon was circling all creeeeepy like and being all insulting and stuff. Daphne hugged her book and stuck out her tongue at the demon, before a lofty expression came over her and she gave a nice little lecture. "No miss, I am a real angel. And demons are obviously super dumb if they don’t know angels are Real! And how are we supposed to find a kill demons all the time if we aren’t real? Not that we doooo. It’s actually SUPER DUPER boring up in heaven. Which is why I am here on the mortal plane to change the world instead! All the fun stuff happens here!" -10:16 May 19
Cupio: "Oooh this is the mortal plane?" That had the demon turnign and looking around the dark damp alleyway they were in. "It feels a lot more neglected than I though it would… and cold. Very cold! Do you think we’ll see a human? Where are the trees? What is a tree? OOH! I think I hear something!" then coop was loving off towards the exit to the alley before the demon stopped and turned slowly towards the angel. "Wait… why are you wearing clothes?" Cupio wasn’t. -10:20 May 19
Daphne: "Oh we’ll see and help lots of humans!" Daphne was already skipping after the demon, completely forgetting to do something about her summoning circle and all the goodies surrounding it. All she had in her hands was the book. At the demon’s question she looked down at her silken white robes. "These? Because they are light and pretty and I like them. You should try clothes too, they come in lots of colors!" -10:29 May 19
Cupio: Coop looked doubtful but colors sounded like fun. "Se should go get some then, clothes.. humans cn come later. I want to see the colors nad … we can both see what we look like in it… and I want to feel your feathers and… I’m Cupio by the way, let’s go!" and hen the demon was grabbing Daphne’s arm and heating out into the street. -10:33 May 19
[Daphne doesn’t actually know how to GET clothes for her new summoned demon, but she saw some in windows nearby!] -09:51 Feb 19
[Cupio enters.] -09:55 Feb 19
Daphne: A luck would have it, Daphne was being dragged around by the demon in the perfect direction. Sidewalk along a shopping boulevard, riddled with window displays. They were also getting a lot of startled looks from humans, of which Daphne couldn’t quite figure out. She used her logical angelic sensibilities to surmise that it must be the demon’s nakedness. No one else was naked. Clothes were a good idea. "I am Daphne. I don’t have a title yet, but I would like to be the Angel of Everything. No one is the angel of everything yet. What are you a demon of?" -10:03 Feb 19 Daphne
Cupio: Cupio had stopped outside a window and was staring at a very revealing dress that was far too big for them. "Desire!" They said immediately before moving along slwly tail flicking in delight at each one. "Angels aren’t born with thier aspects?" Coop stopped in front of more tiny dresses and began tapping on the glass. "Why do peopel wear clothes anyway? Some of what these humans are wearing isn’t even pretty." -10:08 Feb 19 Cupio
Daphne: "I have no idea why! We don’t wear clothes in heaven either." Danphe stood nearby with her hands on her hips curiously watching the humans giving them both a wide berth and skittering down the sidewalk. "Angels have to earn things. That’s all we ever do is work and work and work. We find what we do the best and then we do that forever! …What is desire? Is that an animal? I want to make animals!" Humans did not care for demons at all it seemed, so Daphne grabbed the wicked thing and pushed her in to the nearest store. "We better make these wings go away. I have been told that humans do not like things that fly." -10:13 Feb 19 Daphne
Cupio: "HEY!" being grabbed and shoved into a store caught them by surprise. "I like my wings." Fussing and untanging themself from the angel Cupio folded thier arms. "Humans sound boring. Why did you want to come here if they’re boring?" -10:16 Feb 19 Cupio
Daphne: "Becaaaaause, Heaven is waaaaay more boring. Humans are fun and different and surprising and get to do all kinds of things! Don’t you know anything about humans at all?" Granted, Daphne didn’t know much herself outside of what she had been told. But that was enough to convince her that working on the mortal plane was the best thing ever. And now Daphne had an idea. "…and since I summoned you, I am the boss of you so you have to do everything I say! And I say we can’t have wings because it scares the humans!" To make sure the demon realized she meant BOTH of them, Daphne even made her own wings disappear with a PLOOF of glittery mist. -10:21 Feb 19 Daphne
Cupio: Cupio’s wings exloded outwards to their full size. "And how are you going to make me?" Spinning the wings shrunk back and Cupio started dancing, with a bounce to the hips and a suductive undulation above. "Humans don’t have tails, are you going to try and take that tooooooo?" -10:31 Feb 19 Cupio
Daphne: "I didn’t think about the tail…" Daphne leaned forward to take a look at the demon’s rear in, resting her hands on her knees as she frowned. "Tails are not a good idea either. We need to look like humans. At least, YOU need to look like a human. Look at this poor human over there, he is going to have a heart attack because you are terrifying and weird looking!" -10:34 Feb 19 Daphne
Cupio: "I AM NOT WIERD" Facign the anget the demon’s stomp radiated power. "Fine I’ll change." The wings and tail disappeared in a rush of flames leaving onto the horns and an angry look. "Human look dumb, why would I want to look like them not you find be a pretty dress." Coop turned and started walking away. "Not wierd looking." -10:59 Feb 19 Cupio
Daphne: "YAY!!" She would get to dress up her summon in shiny clothes? Daphne loved this idea! Immediately she was bouncing here and there through the racks. Ignoring the very put out human and snatching up everything SHE thought was lovely. Scores of fluffy ruffled pastel dresses with ribbons and lace and sparklie sequins and glitter. "You can try aaaaaall of these, I bet they will fit and you will look as pretty as me!" -11:03 Feb 19 Daphne
Cupio: Cupio had already stolen another dress, tight, black, shineywith windows in all the relevant places. "I don’t want t look like you. Demons don’t look like angels. I like this." She turned.v"I bet there’s a white one for you too!" -11:58 Feb 19 Cupio
Daphne: Daphne wrinkled up her nose with an obvious distate for that scrap of fabric the demon called a dress. "But there are so many holes in it… you’re going to get cold!" She held out one of the dresses she had picked out and shook at at the demon. "Wear this! It is much prettier!" -11:59 Feb 19 Daphne
Cupio: "Bluh… Look at that thing. It’s all ruffles and I woulfn’t be able to feel a thing." a hand reached out to take the dress and then hold it out. "It hides body shape, why would anyone want that? Daffy… are you worried you’re not pretty?" There ws a sudden sad expression before the dress was tossed asid and a demon was on top of her pinning her to the fround. "Ugh how do you get this thing off of you?" there was a glint of claws and the tearing of fabric. "Let me see you!" -12:08 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: There was a lot of flailing and a high pitched squeal! Daphne swatted and shoved and tried to roll herself away. The store keeper was now less terrified and much more interested in what was going on, even with a phone hovering near his ear. Daphne fussed. "I am a super pretty! All angels are beautiful! You’re tearing up my angelic rooooooobes!" What a wicked demon! Daphne slapped at her. -12:14 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: Slapped, Cupio blinked before finally ripping the robes open. "Yes… you are pretty…" there was a pause as the demon stared. "You should wear a dress that shows that!" -12:22 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: "Noooo, I worked so hard on making my angelic rooooobes!" Daphne sulked and shoved the demon off. Sitting up to pluck at the poor mangled bits of the pretty white fabric. "I don’t want dresses with holes in them, I want preeeeeeetty oooooones!" That’s when the sniffling started – she just couldn’t help it! Demons were mean, impolite things. -12:25 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: Suddenly on the floor Cupio crawled up next to the angel and lay down next to them. Thier sadness was leaking out into the air and striking a cord in the demon. "It’s okay…" a hand took Daffy’s "I’ll help you fix it, okay?" A face appeared above her and then the "pretty" dress was draped over Daffy like a blanket. "You can wear that until then." -12:29 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: One sniffle, two sniffles, a sob. The the angel was throwing her arms around the demon, hugging her and sniiiiffling more! "They aaaaaaalways say I’m not pretty and call me short and say my wings are too fluffy and that real angels have nicer hair and it’s not fair!" Daphne pulled away to pout, but at least she had stopped her sobbing. "The mortal world has so many pretty clothes and everyone looks different and special. Are demons different and special or are they big jerks like Heaven?" -12:35 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: Cupio sat up and looked throughful. "I don’t actually know…" finger tapping on chin the demon sucked on their lip "They ceep up young ones away from the adults… we’re prettymuch free to do whatever we want and I…" a look of intense concentration appeared on Cupio’s face before everythign about them changed and suddenly there were two Daffy’s on the floor. "Ta da!" -12:39 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: She screamed! A blood curdling, terror-filled scream. Then she realized she had not been soul-snatched, body-snatched, or otherwise. Daphne poked at the other Daphne’s face. "…This is strange. Stop being me! Do you change in to what you see or can you change in to all sorts of things?" Now she was tugging at the other her’s hair. This was what her hair looked like? Maybe she wasn’t pretty enough! -12:55 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: Another look of concentration and the hair became shimmering gold, the eyes softened and became emerald green. "Ugh this form huuuurts…" in a second Cupio was abck to normal. "Anythign I cna imagine, it really hard though and staying in the same form takes practive with it and some are uncomfortable… I like this one and use it a lot which is why I can stay like this forever." -12:59 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: "That is so neat. I want to make shapeshifting animals!" Now that the idea was in her head, Daphne was sure it was the best thing in the universe. She could be the Angel of Shapeshifters! Daphne scrambled to her feet and tugged the pretty frilly fluffy dress over her head. "Ooooh… this is so cute! I will keep this one. You will wear that broken dress? Yay! Now I can go on my mission! Um, after I find a new summon spell to get me a unicorn familiar. You are nice and fun, but you are not a unicorn." -01:03 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: "And I will keep this one and we’ll both be happy!" Cupio jumped to thier feet and bounced around the angel. "Wait… to you smell that?" Suddenly stalking off towards the door Cupio triggered the anti theft alarm and froze. "Who did that? Wait.. What is that?" -01:16 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: Daphne covered her ears, looking around with concern trying to find the source of the loud, terrible noise. The shopkeeper was now trying to contact someone on the phone, but she was having the worst time trying to hear who. It didn’t take her long to figure out what the problem was, through. "OH. YOU’RE STEALING. STEALING IS AGAINST THE RULES OF HEAVEN. WE NEED TO GIVE THIS TRADESMAN SOMETHING IN RETURN FOR THESE DRESSES OR HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FEED HIS FAMILY AND WILL DIE IN THE WINTER." -01:20 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: "WHAT IS STEALING?" Cupio couldn’t take it anymore and a fireball erupted and the noise ceased. "This place sucks and I’m going to where I can hear and where that smell is coming from." out the door and into the street the demon went, stalking towards a bagel stand. -01:31 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: "STEALING IS- Um." A big boom! Daphne frowned. Welp, there was no helping it now. Bouncing over to the counter and one very freaked out shopkeeper, Daphne reached out and poked him right between the eyes. "I bless thee with a month of success and good luck! Thank you for the dresses and I am sorry for the destruction." Payment and good deed done, Daphne skipped out of the shop to follow her summon. "You run around too fast!" -01:41 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: and and nibbling on a bagel Cupio held another one out. "Have you tried these? They’re good… not as good as… I actually don’t know what those are that they feed us but I smell them everywhere here… Did you exchange something? I don’t see why you have to." -01:57 Feb 20 Cupio
Daphne: "Because exchanging things is the right thing to do. Don’t demons exchange things? I am sure they do for all sorts of things!" Daphne took a bagel, not neglecting to notice the absence of… anyone having the things. Was there a cart or did the demon rob a store? Did the person run away in horror? Daphne bet they ran away. She could hear more alarm sirens, and she was getting the feeling those were not good things. "We should walk somewhere less noisy. What do I do with this circle?" -02:04 Feb 20 Daphne
Cupio: Were all angels this dumb? "Eat it. It’s food. Angels have food right?" Coop hopped off the perch and started walking. "This place is wierd… and no, demons take… why would we give somethign away when we don’t have to? I think Angels are afraid of each other and that’s why they’re always giving things." -02:08 Feb 20 Cupio

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