[Collete , a good week later after they escaped that island and managed to get their ship back to land.] -03:37 Jun 14
[Mariaa *Has been busy as ever making repairs on the ship that got nearly blown to peices in that storm; but finally she was able to get the supplies she needed to get the ship completely fixed! But she wasn\’t a happy captain at all. She was steering as far from that damned island as possible and scowling as they went to dock!* ] -03:40 Jun 14
Collete: *Collete was thinking mutiny. And that was saying a lot, considering Collete normally intended to pledge her undying loyalty to her captain. And for this, she blamed Kessing. Because if it weren’t for him, she’d have still been on HIS ship and maybe he’d not have LOST his ship along with his damned mind!* Frederick! Get that stupid look off your face and get back to work! -03:43 Jun 14
[Kessing is hard at work!] -03:43 Jun 14
Kessing: *Was wondering what was up with Collette. She seemed awfully mad about something but he couldn’t figure out what. He steered clear of her, though!* -03:44 Jun 14
Maria: *Actually, she was blaming Frederick for all her woes! Why? Just because he was there to blame! And he made such a great punching bag…* Freeeedriiiiiiiiiiiiick! I’m going to stuff you in a water barrell for a few days unless you get up here and start helpiiiing! *Scowls over the steering wheel of the ship.* -03:45 Jun 14

Frederick: Aye, Collete!!! Aye, aye, Captain, my love! *Frederick nearly tripped over the ropes he had been tying up as he scampered up to the bridge to aid the captain – unaware that Collete was staring him down with that damned death glare of hers!*

Collete: *A narrowed eyed glare. Frederick would burst in the flames if she had her way with it, and then he and his beloved Captain could have their wildfire of passion in hell! ….She was pretty pissed off after that mess back at the island. Losing an entire crew and having to rescue everyone twice, nearly getting herself killed in the process, and not a damned thing had gotten done on this ship no matter how many times people told her they were working!* -03:50 Jun 14
Maria: *Collete could be mad at her all she wanted! She was just as pissed about losing half the crew she’d grown up with so-to-speak, then suddenly lost them all in one day! Of course neither Collete nor Kessing new the entire history behind their captain; so it didn’t matter one whit if Collete was angry! She was twice as angry, and working ten times as hard as anyone, without rest or breaks to get that ship repaired! And still she also managed to do all these repairs while steering the ship, so there Collete!* -03:54 Jun 14
Kessing: *He was uh–Wait, what had he been doing before he’d gotten distracted? Oh right. Trying to repair the mast before it broke off and pounded someone into the deck.* -03:55 Jun 14

And the Deathrunner made port in the town of Habernal, the perfect place for pirates and non pirates to get supplies, fix stuff, find a hooker, and get drunk!

Collete: *Helping dock a ship was not her damned job, but she did it anyway. As soon as it was in port and tied down, Collete was off. Whether or not she was going to do something drastic, that she might regret later was undecided, as for now she needed a good cold drink! -04:02 Jun 14
Maria: *She follows Collete right into the same pub! Intending to brood in a corner, a nice dark corner. Alone. With a good mug of ale, and a bowl of soup for dinner. Then she’d be back out on her ship, repairing it for the rest of the night after getting a few more supplies.* -04:09 Jun 14

Frederick: *Frederick of course will go where ever his captain goes, unless he’s ordered otherwise, and this time she forgot to tell him to get bent and die – so there he was plopped in to a seat across from her!* Wowee, cap’n! This place is damned sweet! The refills are free if you order dinner and I ain’t never seen so many good lookin’ hookers!

Maria: *Twiiiitch! She kicks Frederick right in the shins!* If you need to go pick yourself up one Frederick. Jeez. You know you don’t have to share details. *She rolled her eyes, but hailed a passing waitress for ale and their soup of the day!* -04:13 Jun 14

Frederick: *Freddie paused looking confused!* Is than an order cap’n? Cause I’ll get me ahooker if ya like. Hell we could have one hot as hell threesome!

Maria: *Oi vey….She forgot for a moment just how dumb Freddie could be!* You really are hopeless sometimes, you know that right? *She asks him, hurrying with her meal as well as her ale. She wanted to be fixing her ship as soon as possible! And this time she’d even send Freddie away so she could work in peace for a bit!* -04:18 Jun 14
Collete: *Collete ignored the fact the Captain and Frederick had followed her in, while she sat at the bar. If it were Kessing’s ship he’d have- But it wasn’t was it. Kessing was apparently as fit to be captain as..as.. Frederick. She ordered a good strong rum! A drink or to and she’d see about hiring a new crew…* -04:21 Jun 14
Kessing: *Was outside, throwing dice with some old men. They’d invited Kessing over and he’d decided to kill time. To show for it, he now had a few coins and fortunately, the men were not sore losers. They even hooted and joked as they threw dice.* -04:27 Jun 14

“Heh heh,” cackled one of the men. “Was a time, I sailed the seas, I did. Had a grand old time. Used to serve under the most notorious captain of them all, bless his soul.”

Kessing: Don’t tell me. *He passed the dice over to the next man.* His name was Davey Jones. And the ship you served on was the Flying Dutchman. -04:30 Jun 14
Maria: *She was finished with her meal in good time, and went ahead and paid for hers, giving Freddie his allowance of a few coins for the night before telling him to be a good lad and enjoy his night. She was going to work on the ship again. So, without further ado, she went ahead and left the Pub, heading for the nearest shop where she could get supplies!* -04:39 Jun 14

“Yer a laugh, boy,” another man cried and pounded him on the back.

Just as she stepped out the door, Maria is grabbed from behind. A hand holding a thick piece of leather clamped over her mouth. Another arm went around her waist and lifted her up, pulling her into the darkness!

Maria: Craap! She hadn’t expected this! She doesn’t go down without a fight thoguh! Maria curses through the leather, and fights with all her might to inflict damage on whoever it was that was carrying her off!* -04:43 Jun 14
Collete: *So maybe it wasn’t just one glass of rum. One few too many. What did it matter anyway? It wasn’t HER ship to take care of, and frankly maybe she didn’t want to be some woman’s crew anyway! Maybe she should get her own ship and – Damnit, she knew she was drunk when she started thinking about her own ship!* -04:43 Jun 14
Collete: *Frederick had full permission from the Captain to enjoy his night! He did so by drinking lots of beer, hitting on pretty women, and once Collete punched him in the nose and called him a sonofabitch when he accidentally hit on her! What a great night!* -04:44 Jun 14

Frederick: *Frederick had full permission from the Captain to enjoy his night! He did so by drinking lots of beer, hitting on pretty women, and once Collete punched him in the nose and called him a sonofabitch when he accidentally hit on her! What a great night!*

Maria: She manages to break free from the hand holding the leather long enough to give out her familiar call that danger was a foot! Only her crew would recognize it of course– but she didn’t know if they could hear her or not!* -04:47 Jun 14

Poor Maria, because she can’t get any leverage and the leather is stuffed into her mouth and held there before she can squek! She can’t bite through the leather and for all her kicking, she’s just tiring herself out! She’s suddenly thrown to the ground, rolled over so she’s on her stomach and sat on! Her hands are bound behind her back and her legs are bound together at the ankles! “Why hello there, Maria. It’s been awhile, has it not?” That high, effeminate voice with the condescending tone and the accent!


Frederick: *Inside the pub, no one hears a thing! Frederick is busy dancing with a couple of hot babes and sloshing his beer around!*

Maria: Damnit…..She knew that voice alright. She knew him very well. That was the voice of her old captain, the one who’d tortured her so cruelly throughout her lifetime. She hopes her crew can take the ship and sail away soon, she didn’t want them to meet a character like this! She feels the pressure against her back from him sitting on her and winces. Oh this was not a good night at all….* -04:50 Jun 14
[Maria *Was just saved from drowning by Freddie! But her former captain had vanished!* ] -03:36 Jul 15
[Kessing was still throwing dice with those old guys outside! ] -03:38 Jul 15
[Collete was drunk as hell and headed to the docks to get a new crew.] -03:40 Jul 15
Maria: *Decides she’s not waiting around for anyone and cuts through the ropes around her wrists using the nearest rock.* Freddie! Go tell everyone we’re leaving…and hurry! -03:40 Jul 15


Frederick: No way, cap’n! We gotta get you checked over by a doctor or somethin’!

Maria: I’m perfectly fine, just drenched! But we’re not staying here any longer than we have to! -03:42 Jul 15
Kessing: *While he was collecting his winnings–despite groans from the old men–he happened to look up and caught what appeared to be a drunk Collete heading to the docks! Where in the world … He got to his feet and tailed her!* -03:42 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete needed a fucking cigarette. She stopped on the dock, fumbling in her pocket for one. A full fucking crew, not to mention repairs… Who is she going to have to kill to afford that?* -03:43 Jul 15

Frederick: But the ship isn’t even sailing worthy yet! What happened? How’d you end up in the ocea n like that? A bad gamble? *He was scratching his head… having to pull off a starfish and throw it in to the sea!*

Maria: No Freddy…. I was tossed in by my former captain… the one I’ve warned you about. *She said, trying to make him understand.* -03:45 Jul 15

As Collete fumbled in her pocket, someone handed her a cigarette!

Kessing: *He didn’t like it when Collete was drunk. She did things she wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Or so his gut feeling said. He tried to keep the coins in his shirt silent by holding it tighter against him.* -03:46 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete snatched the ciggy, not even bothering to looksee who it was. She pulled some matches out of her shirt and lit it up!* -03:46 Jul 15

Frederick: But isn’t that guy dead? ….Oh shit! He’s a zombie coming back for revenge! We’ve got to get out of here! *Freddie grabbed her wrist and started dragging her down the street!*

“You’re looking lovely as always, Collete. It’s been so long …” said the all too familiar voice.

Maria: No Freddie! It’s not a zombie….he’s still alive! Damnit! *Winces as she’s hauled down the street!* But we need to find Collete at any rate! -03:49 Jul 15

Frederick: Aw man! We’re screwed! Shit always hits the fan when zombies get involved! *He kept on dragging!* I left Collete back at the bar, man is she smashed as hell! She’s going to be pissed!

Maria: Ow ow ow ow! Freeeddieee! Let go of my arm! *Tries tugging it free so she can run faster!* We have to get to that bar Fast! -03:51 Jul 15
Collete: If it isn’t the sonofabitch that killed Kessing and stole his ship. You’ve got some balls showing up here. *Collete, ciggy still in her mouth, pulled her gun quickly to shoot and fire!* -03:51 Jul 15

Frederick: You’re right! *Freddie suddenly stopped, picking up Maria and hauling her over his shoulder before he start running again!*

A soft chuckle as he just stood there and two of his thugs came out from behind to snatch the gun from Collete and hold her! He reached under his jacket and pulled out a piece of metal in which was embedded the bullet Collete had shot. “Oh, so predictable. But I’ve grown tired of Kessing’s ship. I’ll give it to you if you help me with something.”

Maria: Ack! *Well she couldn’t fault him for trying! She sighed in defeat as Freddie carried her all the way there! It was a good thing he ran as fast as she did!* -03:54 Jul 15
Collete: Help you to your grave? I’d be delighted! *Collete growled! Drunk or not she fought. Stomping on feet, elbowing in to noses, and pulling a knife out of her shirt!* -03:55 Jul 15

A cat streaked past Kessing, causing him to lose his balance!

There were groans and curses from the thugs. He suddenly had a gun and held it at Collete’s forehead. And he wasn’t the type to miss. “I could certainly help you to yours, if you feel that strongly, Collete, my dear.”

Frederick: *Freddie crashed right in to the bar!* COLLETE! CAP’N SAYS-.. Hey, where’s Collete?!

Maria: *Owwwwieeeeeeeee…! she was practically rammed into those bar doors thank you so much!* We’ll have to keep looking! But it would help if you put me down and we split up! -04:00 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete stopped. But only because she knew exactly how easy it was for him to kill a former crewmate.* Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot me. -04:00 Jul 15

Frederick: No way! If that zombie is out there, I don’t want him eatin’ up my captain’s brains! *Freddie ran out the door, Maria still on his shoulder… He was heading for the next bar!*

Kessing: *Closer … closer … Ack! Cat!* OOoffff! *THUD! THUD! The ground rose up to him and suddenly he was rolling … rolling! He rolled right past Collete and the man she was talking to and ended up in a pile of crates with his coins scattered everywhere.* Oohh … *He groaned!* -04:01 Jul 15
Maria: *Whacks Freddie upside the head…!* That man is no zombie! It all just means I didn’t stab him in the right place when I was younger…. oof! *She braces herself to be rammed into another set of doors!* -04:02 Jul 15

He smirked. “Because, like I said before, I need your help with something, Collete.” He didn’t even turn when someone rolled past them. “Grab him.” One thug went to retrieve Kessing. The other pulled the knife away from Collete and bound her hands behind her back.

Frederick: *Freddie was a fast runner! At least this time he kicked open the bar doors instead of ramming in to them!* COLLETE! ..Fuck, cap’n! What if the zombie already got ’em?!

Kessing: *Groaned again as someone picked him up. He was pulled to his feet and nearly dragged over to Collete and the stranger. His head was throbbing and he was sure he was going to have a collection of bruises by morning.* -04:06 Jul 15
Maria: Then we’re going to save them, of course! But if you don’t put me down…I’m going to kick you! -04:07 Jul 15
Collete: I can’t imagine what bullshit you’ll want help with, Godric. *GOD DAMNED FUCKING KESSING. Can’t he just for once stay somewhere else! Screw it! If he died for real this time, it was his own damned fault! ….Collete tried kicking the gun right out of his hands!* -04:07 Jul 15

“You’re a navigator, aren’t you? You’ll figure it out. Ah, Kessing, what an unpleasant surprise–! *He turned slightly to see his old captain as Collete kicked the gun out of his hands! The gun went flying!

Kessing: *Shook his head to clear his mind! That voice … that face … It triggered something in Kessing’s head. When that gun went flying, he took his chance and elbowed the thug in the face! Then he caught the gun and fired at Godric! -04:10 Jul 15

Godric was already retreating! And the thug that had bound Collete’s hands behind her back ended up taking the bullet meant for his boss!

Frederick: *He sure didn’t want to, but Freddie set her down.* But Cap’n, if something happens I’ll have to pick you up and run all over again!

Maria: No, you won’t Freddie.I told you and the crew ages ago: If anything happens to me, hightail it out of here and get somewhere safe. *She continues hunting for Collete and Kessing!* -04:13 Jul 15
Collete: Godric, you sonofbitch….! Get back here and fight like a man! Damnit, Kessing! Shoot him! -04:14 Jul 15
Kessing: *Was already running after Godric! He couldn’t get a clear shot yet but by hell and high water, he was going to!* -04:16 Jul 15

Unfortunately for Kessing, Godric was a fast runner and he kept turning corners and zigzagging around people and pulling things down behind him to block Kessing!

Frederick: *His Freddie senses were tingling, so there was no way he was letting the captain out of his sights! He was tagging along behind her like a lost puppy.* But there’s no crew without a cap’n, cap’n! Collete says all the time once the captain’s dead, there ain’t nothing worse staying for! But… then again I ain’t sure she was talking about us. …But it sounded good to me!

Maria: If I die, Freddie– then Collete gets to be captain. So be assured you won’t be without one… *She’s running full speed, searching everywhere for Collete without a trace or sign of her to be found! This was bad indeed!* -04:19 Jul 15
Collete: *Shit, someone could have bloody untied her first! Collete stumbled after Kessing, muttering half a dozen different cursewords under her breath!* -04:20 Jul 15

Frederick: Aw, c’mon cap’n! You won’t die! I’ll save you even if I have to fight a whole army of zombies! *Freddie gave his very best grin!*

Maria: *She can’t help but snicker at Freddie– but she doesn’t let her attention from finding Collete and Kessing waver much longer than that!* Collete!! Kessing! You two had better answer! Where are you? *She doesn’t even care about being discreet at this point!* -04:26 Jul 15
Kessing: *BANG!* Damnit! *He growled as he missed and lost Godric! After a bit more cursing, he stalked back! He had to find his ship and get this crap sorted out. He pushed the gun into his pants and walked up to Collete, struggling with bound hands. He stopped to untie her.* -04:28 Jul 15
Collete: I’m not drunk enough for this shit! *She stared at Kessing. There was something different… wait, it wasn’t so much different as it was familiar!* It’s been a long time… Kessing? -04:32 Jul 15
Kessing: *A soft chuckle followed by a wicked grin.* There was a time you weren’t sober for anything. *He finished untying her and looked in the direction Godric had disappeared.* So, it’s true. Your past does come back to bite you in the ass. -04:34 Jul 15

Frederick: *He was right behind her, ready to scream for Collete and Kessing too! When suddenly WHAM! Where the hell did this huge ditch come from?! He was spitting out mud and… coins?!* Treasure!

Maria: Oh for the love of–! She goes right to that ditch….!* Wait a minute…..? Freddie are you serious?! *She stares hard at the ground and the "Treasure" Freddie found!* -04:36 Jul 15
Collete: I remember that being mostly your fault. *Rubbing her wrists, she was very seriously considering going after the bastard.* We should make sure Maria and Frederick aren’t dead. -04:37 Jul 15

Frederick: *Freddie was already stuffing coins in to his pants!* Yeah! There’s a whole assload of them just sitting down here! Someone musta been burrying them!

Kessing: Frederick I couldn’t care less for. *He said rather bluntly.* And I’d much rather go get my ship back. *He ran his fingers through his hair and then ruffled it.* But I see your point. Godric will have to wait. -04:39 Jul 15
Maria: *She blinks a few times! With this many coins… hello to a brand new ship! She’d keep her crew of course; they’d been through too much for her to even consider once replacing any of them! But she’s quite content for the time being to stuff her own pockets with coins too!* Good find, Freddy! I say you should take half just because you tripped at the right time. -04:41 Jul 15
Collete: I’m sure you and I can take on Godrics whole crew, I don’t see us doing it without a hella lot more weapons. *Damn you, Kessing. Drag up things she wanted to forget. Collete found her gun and her knife, putting them away before leading the way down the docks.* -04:43 Jul 15

Suddenly, there were people standing around the ditch that Maria and Frederick were in! “Eh, eh?! We go for a beer and someone’s stealing our treasure!”

Kessing: *Looked off in the direction Godric had disappeared in for a few moments before turning to follow Collete. It was strange though. It felt like he was just waking up from a dream!* -04:50 Jul 15
Maria: *Whoops! These were someone elses. Damnit!* Sorry about that! Honest mistake..really…. should hide your treasure better next time though! *She’s emptying her pockets as well as Freddie’s in a hurry, before yanking on his arm to haul the two of them out of that ditch to flee!* -04:54 Jul 15

No one tries stealing their treasure and fleeing! They whipped out their guns and started shooting as they gave chase!

Collete: I missed you. *It slipped out before she knew what she was saying!* …as my captain. Maria has good intentions, but she’s no Captain Kessing. -05:00 Jul 15
Maria: *Ow! That was her ribcage! She said sorry! Jeeeez! She hauls her feet a bit faster after a few more bullets land here and there on her body. She’s shoving Freddie to his fastest run ever!* Back to the ship! I’ll bet Kessing and Collete are already there! -05:02 Jul 15
Kessing: Hm? *He blinked and turned to her when she admitted to missing him. He chuckled softly.* Things weren’t the same without you, Collete. *He looked up and pulled the gun out at the sound of gunshots!* -05:02 Jul 15

Frederick: *Dodge, stumble, run! URK! Freddie didn’t know what hit him! He didn’t even know when he hit the ground! All he knew was that there was a whole lot of pain in his head as he crashed to the ground… out cold!*

Collete: *Collete wouldn’t have been surprised if Freddie groped some poor woman and now her whole family was out to kill ’em. She pulled her gun too, and as soon as Maria and Freddie… and their persurers were in sight, she opened fire!* -05:07 Jul 15
Maria: Freddie! *Thud….! Maria ends up right next to him seconds later, not unconscious, but definitely in trouble! Stupid Freddie! If he had kept going….. they’d have made it to the ship possibly alive! This is all his fault!* -05:07 Jul 15
Kessing: *Aimed and fired! So Frederick and Maria had gotten themselves in trouble … again. He reached Maria and Frederick first and checked Frederick to see if he was still alive as he pushed the gun into his pants again. He was out cold but still alive.* Captain. -05:09 Jul 15
Collete: *BANGBANG…BANG! And ~that~ was how you shot and killed a couple of drunk morons chasing down and shooting at your crew.* I would LOVE to know what the fuck is going on, and if it was worth getting shot for. -05:11 Jul 15
Kessing: *He examined Maria and found that she’d gotten shot. In the ribs no less. He picked her up.* We need to get you to the doctor. *He glanced around and then moved back toward the town. He remembered seeing a doctor’s office not too far from here.* -05:13 Jul 15
Maria: Ugh. *She hated bullet wounds….. they were hard as hell to heal from smoothly.* You two are a sight for sore eyes. I’d say yes, gold treasure is worth getting shot at sometimes. Depending on how you find it. But for now, let’s just get out of here. *She’s already on her feet, and helping the crew get back on board the ship! They’d finish repairing it somewhere else!* -05:13 Jul 15
Kessing: (Ignore post <_<;;) -05:14 Jul 15
Maria: ((Waah that came in laaate…..e.e; is my compy lagging?)) -05:15 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete knealt by Freddie, tilting his head. Lucky bastard, it barely grazed him and he was on the ground like a baby.* How about you let Kessing take you and Frederick to the damned doctor, while I see about that treasure you’re yammering on about. If we sail out on that ship, we’re going to die in the next storm. -05:16 Jul 15
Maria: Sounds great Collete. There’s enough treasure in that ditch Freddie tripped into that’d get us a brand new ship. *She replied, hating the thought of doctors but knowing there was no way out of it.* -05:19 Jul 15
Kessing: You shouldn’t be walking, Maria. That bullet might still be in you. -05:22 Jul 15
Collete: Aye. Go on… Kessing can come back for Freddie if the moron hasn’t woken up by then. *Collete put away her gun, already walking back in the direction them idiots were running from. It better be a damned good treasure!* -05:24 Jul 15
Kessing: *Chuckled softly.* I can’t argue with that logic. *He picked Maria up and headed for the doctor’s office. Of course, it was closed when he got there but he banged on the door as loud as possible!* -05:25 Jul 15

Finally a light came on, followed by muttering and cursing that grew louder and louder! “This had better be an emergency!” someone grumbled from inside!

Maria: *She raises an eyebrow at Kessing. Oh this was promising to be a friendly, "Gentle" doctor! She made a face as the doctor came to the door..* -05:27 Jul 15
Collete: *Meanwhile Collete came across a huge ditch that really was filled with coins! Not bad… There had to be a chest or barrel around here somewhere. She snooped around until she found the camp them bozos had set up. Bottles of rum everywhere, a couple shovels… Ah, there it is. A nice big chest. Why the fuck did they dump it out like that?! Morons!* -05:28 Jul 15
Kessing: *One arm supporting most of Maria’s weight, although he still held her in both hands, he suddenly had a gun out.* Good evening, doctor. -05:29 Jul 15

The doctor was suddenly wide awake and started to slam the door shut!

Maria: That’s one way to not get good service, Kessing. *She pointed out with a stare.* -05:30 Jul 15
Kessing: *Smirked and kicked out, sending the door flying back and the doctor stumbling backwards. He stepped inside and shut the door with his foot. Oh, it had been too long since he’d gotten to do something like that.* Tsk, tsk … Shutting the door on a patient? Bad form, doctor. -05:30 Jul 15

The doctor slowly stood and eyed Kessing and Maria. “Who are you? What do you want?”

Maria: *Innocent blink!!* I would just like these bullets removed? Sorry about the entrance… Kessing doesn’t have a whole lot of patience. *She added, trying not to provoke the doctor into making things worse- or denying her altogether.* -05:33 Jul 15

The doctor was still wary. He was dressed in his nightshirt and not much else.

Kessing: You heard her. Clear the table. Either she gets fixed … Or you do. -05:34 Jul 15

The doctor did just that! He got his tools!

Collete: *Having dragged the chest over to the ditch, Collete returned to Freddie and gave him a good sharp kick to the ribs.* Get up, you lazy ass. You’ve got work to do. -05:36 Jul 15
Kessing: *Placed her down on the table and flashed Maria a wicked grin.* I promise I’ll behave … for awhile. *He stepped back and kept his eye–and his gun–on the doctor!* -05:36 Jul 15

Frederick: *Freddie moaaaaaaned as he rolled over and was trying to sit up. When Collete told you to do something, you better damned get up!* I’ve been shot, woman..! Have a heart…!

Maria: *Snickers at the thought of Kessing being good.* Just remember,I could have waited till morning; so don’t scare the man Too badly… *Then, she was out cold as the shock wore off.* -05:38 Jul 15
Collete: And I’ll shoot you again if you don’t go help me shovel that treasure. *Collete turned on a heel, not waiting for him to get up.* -05:38 Jul 15

Frederick: …! *Freddie scrambled to his feet and followed after Collete! Once back at the ditcg, he flexed his manly muscles after he had a shovel thrown at him (hey! watch his head!) and shoveled coins in to the chest!*

The doctor was used to working under pressure so he was able to get to work on Maria without paying much mind to the gun–except when Kessing started singing an old pirate diddy about what a pirate did to a doctor just for looking at him the wrong way!

Maria: *Oh it’s not so bad! …..just a row of bullet wounds in her ribcage. Nothing worse than that! She sure picked just the right time to be out though…she hated stitches!* -05:43 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete kept watch. A couple goons usually belong to a boss somewhere. Whomever it was – they’d be pissed to find out their treasure was filched. Once Frederick finished shoveling the last of the coins in to the chest, she slammed it shut and latched it up.* Pick it up and follow me. -05:45 Jul 15

Frederick: *As ordered, Freddie hefted up the chest… It was a tiny bit heavy, but Freddie was built for heavy lifting! He only strained… a lot… but he wouldn’t ever admit it! He trudged after Collete, on their way to the doctor’s!*

[Collete headed straight to the doctor\’s with Freddie carrying a chest behind her!] -02:15 Jul 17

The doctor did his very best to operate on Captain Maria, but the row of bullets had struck a number of vital organs! It was beyond his repair as she lay bleeding to death on his table!

[Kessing was going to shoot the doctor anyways–but …] -02:17 Jul 17
Kessing: I understand, doctor. Thanks anyway. *So he stayed by Maria’s side and held her hand.* -02:18 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete didn’t bother knocking or waiting to be invited in, and wasn’t at all surprised to find a very grim scene. Shit happens in this business, and frankly, she was surprised the woman had lasted THIS long. Collete sighed!* We can’t linger. -02:22 Jul 17

Frederick: *Freddie set the chest down behind Collete, stretching his back and…* Cap’n?! She.. she’s not gonna make it?! …WHYYYY! *He quite dramatically fell to his knees and out stretched his hands!* Why! Why do all the women I love die, leave me, or slap me in the face! What a cruel world!

Kessing: *As soon as Frederick started talking, something happened to Kessing! He dropped into the chair and held his head.* -02:27 Jul 17

The doctor was clearly uncomfortable! But Alas! To the sounds of Fredericks woeful cries, Captain Maria died! “She’s gone…” Said the Doctor carefully, who still wasn’t all too sure whether or not these pirates were going to shoot him!

Kessing: *Lifted his head. Why was it throbbing? And why was he suddenly tired? He stood and walked out of the doctor’s office without a backwards glance.* -02:31 Jul 17
Collete: *She eyed Kessing, and blinked when he walked out the door!* …shit. *Collete slamed a few coins down on the table.* Bury her or burn her. I’ll be in this town again, I don’t take well to gossip. *She snagged Freddie by the collar and pushed him back towards the chest.* Pick it up and come on. *She was out the door to chase down Kessing!* -02:34 Jul 17
Kessing: *Was already heading back for the docks! But all he did when he got there was find a barrel to sit on and stare out at the ocean! Well … sit, stare, and occassionally stare at the gun he held in his hands!* -02:39 Jul 17

Frederick: But the cap’n..! *Maria said Collete was in charge if something happened to her, and the worst happened. Freddie gave one last manly sniffle as he hauled the chest up in to his arms and stumbled behind Collete! The poor cap’n! It should have been him! He’s the worst lover in the universe!*

Collete: *This was good at least she found him somewhere useful. Collete rest a hand on Kessing’s shoulder.* What are we staring at, and why is it so important? -02:41 Jul 17
Kessing: *It was several moments before he spoke.* The ocean … and the gun. You always hated his guts … You would have hated them more if you’d stayed. *He glanced at her.* But you would have been killed like the rest if you had. *He suddenly grinned and stood.* Well, looks like we got work ahead of us, Cap’n. Let’s take care of the ship and a new crew. -02:43 Jul 17
Collete: You’re a right mess, Kessing. *She muttered. But there wasn’t time to work on him now. Without a sailworthy ship and a crew, they’d be fucked! …And that’s when she realized she was the one in charge and had a chest full of money. Ohoho, a pirate’s dream. Collete grinned quite wickedly!* Frederick, stash that gold on the ship and lock it up tight. Kessing is going to get supplies and start on the repair work. I’ll be getting us a crew. -02:50 Jul 17
Kessing: *One of his trademark clueless grins!* Aye, aye, Cap’n. *He saluted and was instantly gone to get some supplies. He knew just the place, too!* -02:51 Jul 17

Frederick: *Freddie wanted to scratch his head but his hands were full!* What do I do when I lock it up, Colle..er.. Cap’n?

Collete: March your ass back down here so I can tell you. …Stop standing there and move! *Collete turned on a heel and headed for the Bloodhen Tavern. No better place to pickup men ready and willing to do dirty n’ dangerous jobs!* -02:54 Jul 17

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