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    [Collete spent a long night barking orders and organizing a new crew. But it was well worth it, and now they were out to sea where they belonged! ] -12:01 Jul 21 Frederick: *Freddie was laying out on the deck, sprawled against some ropes and snoring like a whale. Ever so often he’d shout “Not…

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    [Elizabeth swore under her breath as she walked down the docks, long skirt in hand!] -02:57 Jul 17 The Bloody Hen! A notorious pirate’s tavern filled to the brim with cutthroats, bandits, rogues, whores, and thieves! There was wheeling and dealing, trading, gambling, deals under the table, black market sales, and people hunting for jobs!…

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    [Collete , a good week later after they escaped that island and managed to get their ship back to land.] -03:37 Jun 14 [Mariaa *Has been busy as ever making repairs on the ship that got nearly blown to peices in that storm; but finally she was able to get the supplies she needed to…

  • 001 The Deathrunner

    001 The Deathrunner

    [Collete is the navigator for the ship, Death Runner and she didn\’t predict this storm! What is she, a weather seer?] -08:16 Mar 16 The wind blows with might as if Poseidon himself wants to seek his vengeance upon the ship! Waves upon waves of salt water! Collete: Tie them ropes down! Take off them…

  • Collete Craven

    Collete Craven

    Asshole pirate lady.