[Collete spent a long night barking orders and organizing a new crew. But it was well worth it, and now they were out to sea where they belonged! ] -12:01 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie was laying out on the deck, sprawled against some ropes and snoring like a whale. Ever so often he’d shout “Not my captain!” or “Good god, those are my balls!” and flop back to sleep again!*

[Elizabeth kicked another crew member out of her cabin!] -12:05 Jul 21
Collete: *With that giant beast of a man she’s calling Rock because his name was obnoxiously complicated at the wheel, Collete was working with a map and making some plans. Give a woman some money and a working ship, what does she do? Plan revenge! Sweet glorious, hunt-em-down and butcher them, revenge! She sipped from a mug of coffee!* -12:08 Jul 21
Elizabeth: Next time you come to see me you’d better have a real good reason, you manner-forsaken lout! *She growled!* ‘Cause if you don’t, I sure as hell will give you a reason to need a doctor! -12:09 Jul 21

That crew member was trying his hardest not look good and sorry before he took off running back to work! He tripped over Freddie on the way out!

[Kessing was enjoying the spray of the sea and the rocking of the ship!] -12:10 Jul 21

Frederick: GOFF!! *His poor manhandled body! He shoved the body aside, kicked at him when he ran off and…. quickly pulled up his pants! How did those fall down!? Aw, look at that! He’s got a splinter! How can he function with a splinter?!*

Kessing: *He couldn’t remember a great deal of what had happened that night. He remembered someone saying they couldn’t do anything for Captain Maria … and then that trip down to the supply yard but that was about it! He’d gotten some sleep when they took out to sea!* -12:11 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Dusted her gown off and straightened her hair! Or tried to in this blasted sea-spraying wind! Add the fact she hadn’t been able to trap Samson to the fact that every male on this ship was faking an illness or medical condition to get some "tender loving care" and you have one pissed off doctor!* -12:13 Jul 21
Collete: *Collete circled a place on her map. Whether Godric was going to hunt them down, or just needed to resupply that was their best bet. …And it’d be somewhere she could use this ship to her advantage. Imagine her surprise to discover that Deathrunner was Godric’s boat before the asshole took Kessing’s. This was going to be a nice little comeuppance for him! She dropped her pencil to go informing her clueless first mate of those plans!* -12:17 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie, unaware that his life would be in danger for it, marched on down to the Doctor’s cabin, holding up his poor injured finger!* Woman! I need assistance! A man can’t work like this!

Kessing: *Nice … simple … seaspray. He put his chin down on the railing. Yeah, he could get used to this. Although there was something nagging at the back of his mind but he pushed it away. He didn’t know why but he didn’t want to know what was so insistent.* -12:23 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow!* This from the man who is supposed to be hunting down Samson! You said you were going to find him–not take a nap on deck, you big oaf! -12:24 Jul 21

Frederick: To find a demon, you gotta think like a demon, and the little buggars spend half their days sleepin’, so I was testing out some places! You gon’ pull this splinter or start spittin’ at me?!

Collete: *Collete leaned against the railing necxt to Kessing, her arms crossed.* Tell me, Kessing. If you were captain and had an enormous amount of treasure… what would you do first? -12:27 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Didn’t look like she was taking his bull! But she finally dropped her arms!* Fine. Follow me. *She led the way back to her room.* Tell me … you wouldn’t happen to know who blabbed about my … how did it go … "pair of nice fluffy ones" … would you? -12:29 Jul 21
Kessing: *Still had his eyes closed and didn’t seem to be paying attention at first.* Mm …? If I was a captain with a large amount of treasure … first, you go hiding it somewhere real good. Then you start adding to the pile of treasure you already got. Even if it means stealing some tasty morsel right out from under the governor of the port’s nose. -12:32 Jul 21

Frederick: Uh… Not a damned clue. Man’s got a be a real moron to say somethin’ like that! *…That little shit Gilbert! He knew that guy was a snitch! Freddie plopped down in a chair once inside her room, not very subtly checking the place out!*

Collete: Ah… thr trouble is finding a good place to stash it. I had some places in mind, but some backstabbing traitors already know all about them. I don’t suppose you have a nice little canibal free island in that head of yours? -12:35 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Her room was real neat, not a speck of dust to be seen! Whatever was in her bag, it certainly wasn’t furniture or anything to give the place a "woman’s touch." There was that hammock in the corner and that large chest that had always just sat there! But not much else! She made a cute little pout and brushed up against him.* What a shame … I was going to thank the man who said such a fine compliment about me. -12:47 Jul 21
Kessing: *Still had his eyes closed.* Mm … There’s always Île de Sirène … -12:49 Jul 21

Frederick: *Gurk! …swallow! There was those danger signs flashing in his head! On the one hand he’d be more than happy to take credit for a compliment… on the other.. it could be a trap!* He uh.. probably meant something more classy.. like…er… You’ve got breasts made for suckling! ..For children! Breasts for children! *Somehow that didn’t come out right.*

Collete: Île de Sirène… *Normal Captain Kessing was in there somewhere. Seeing Godric had him seething with rage and being himself again, so what had him forgetting again? …and more importantly why! Collete had the urge to drag him down to her cabin and kick him until she found out! She grinned to herself.* We’ll sail to Île de Sirène. After that we’ll take a little stop in Jamestown. I’ve got business there, but there’s no reason why we can’t do a little robbing too. -12:58 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Damn. She wasn’t getting any closer to him revealing who it was … or even admitting it as the case may be. She considered herself a fair woman. She wouldn’t cause any unnecessary pain to anyone without first knowing the facts. No matter how tempting it may be. She’d have to try another tactic then. She moved away to retrieve some tweezers fashioned from bone–whale or human, it didn’t matter–and moved toward him again.* Splinter. -12:59 Jul 21
Kessing: *Now he opened his eyes and grinned. It was a boyish-kid grin but it was the boyish-kid grin of the clueless Kessing. Not the captain of the Harbinger.* That sounds like fun. *He blinked.* Wait … Île de Sirène isn’t on any map. -01:01 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie eyed them tweezers but he held up his finger! It was a big horrible deadly splinter, and if she broke his finger he would never forgive her, no matter how pretty she was!*

Collete: I’ve got the sky. I don’t need a map. Unless you plan on giving me a hand and doing the sailing for me? By all means, take over the ship. -01:05 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Eyed the splinter with the same wariness Frederick was eying her tweezers.* … You call that a splinter? It’s not even a chip of wood! -01:06 Jul 21
Kessing: Heh heh. No thank you. *He propped his elbows on the railing and put his chin on his hands.* You’re doing a fine job of being the captain. Maria would be envious. -01:08 Jul 21

Frederick: It’s festering with disease and could kill me by morning! …and it burns! Just get it out, woman!

Elizabeth: *Ohohohoh! It looked like she was onto something! A fine way to find out who she was going to kill first.* Sure, I will … Just as soon as you tell me who spread those comments. -01:11 Jul 21
Collete: *Collete frowned.* Maria was… something else. I wouldn’t have bothered staying if you hadn’t- *She caught herself quick enough!* The ship looks hella better now. -01:12 Jul 21

Frederick: *His jaw dropped!* That’s blackmail, and I ain’t gotta take it! You pull this thing out or.. or… Now!

Kessing: *Turned around to get a good look at the ship! He nodded.* Yeah … Yeah, it does. *He looked over at her.* Hey, Collete. What happened last night? I just remember gambling with some old guys … and then Maria … and the supply yard. I don’t remember anything … solid. -01:14 Jul 21
Elizabeth: You say "blackmail", I say "a win-win situation." For example, you give me the name of the person responsible, I pull out the splinter. I’ll even give you a nice, sweet kiss to help heal your finger. -01:15 Jul 21
Collete: Let’s see… I got good and drunk, nearly kidnapped and rescued by you of all people. Freddie found a wad of treasure, Maria was shot and killed in the process, and now we’ve a nice new crew of vagabonds. …I can’t imagine how anyone would forget all that. -01:23 Jul 21

Frederick: *Don’t do it man! No kiss is worth it! None! ..Not at all. but.. so… pretty…* It was… uh…. me.

Kessing: *Sheepish grin.* This is me we’re talking about. Large patches of missing memory appears to be a condition of mine. -01:24 Jul 21
Collete: I could take you down to my cabin and refresh your memory, but chances are I’d just make you cry. *Whether she meant it in a nice way or a bad way, it was impossible to tell!* -01:26 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Gotcha! She only smiled sweetly, though, as she gently took his hand, pulled that splinter out. True to her word, she kissed that finger, she even patched it up.* Good boy. *She waited until he was at the door to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss his lips, nice and hard!* -01:27 Jul 21

Frederick: *grmph! That sure ain’t what Freddie expected, and he was more than happy to give her a good kissin’ back and perhaps rest his hands down on her rear where they weren’t supposed to be! Oh ho, that was nice and fluffy too!*

Kessing: *Kessing being Kessing, he was going to take that as a bad way–but with good intentions!* Uh … Maybe I’ll just wait until my memory comes back to me. -01:29 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *She broke the kiss–CLICK!–and Frederick found a pistol shoved up against his jaw!* Let’s see if your head is thick enough to stop a bullet before it reaches your brain, shall we? *She could still feel his hands on her ass.* Get your hands off my ass. -01:31 Jul 21
Collete: Probably better off that way. *A sad look across her face, but it was gone in a flash. Collete pushed away from the railing, to go tell Rock where to switch his course. They had some treasure to hide.* -01:32 Jul 21

The man up in the crow’s nest yells down to the others! “Ship ahead!” -Elizabeth

Frederick: *Damnit, he dun fell for a trap! Freddie held his hands up quick!* There’s uh… there’s a ship coming, I’m needed up on deck!

Elizabeth: Forget the ship. You have more pressing matters. Right here. Right now. *She growled!* Some men coming aboard to slit you from ear to ear is the least of your worries. -01:34 Jul 21
Collete: *Collete paused on the steps up to the bridge shielding her hers from the sun to see!* Better look for a flag and a name on that ship… We don’t want to be running in to pirates, now do we gentlemen. -01:34 Jul 21

Frederick: *He danced from foot to foot! Hell and damn and shit!* But uh, the cap’n gonna need every man she can get! You can shoot me later?

Elizabeth: *She was thinking about it. On one hand, she didn’t want to have to explain how a man could’ve accidentally gotten shot in her room. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe he wasn’t that bad a kisser.* If I hear even a single word about me or my body from anyone, I will come after you and show you just what a sadistic bitch I can be, understand? And you had better find Samson for me. *She pulled the gun away.* -01:39 Jul 21

“It’s a merchant ship!” the man from the crow’s nest calls down!

Collete: Is that so! My, I bet that poor thing is just over loaded with more than it can carry. Why don’t we go and help them out a little? *Collete clasped her hands behind her back as she reached the bridge.* Take us on over to greet them, Rock. Get your toys, gentlemen! We’re going to have some fun! -01:42 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie stumbled backwards as quick as his legs would move him, before he took off for the top deck! That crazyass woman was a maniac! A soft fluffy maniac! He had to warn the captain about her!… Later!*

Kessing: *Managed not to get run over by the stampede of men getting everything together! There were guns to get, swords and cutlasses to pull out! Just another day in the life of a pirate!* -01:44 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Heard the chaos taking place on deck! She studied the gun in her hands, tapped the gun against her palm! She might as well get up there. She thrust the gun back to wherever she put it, somewhere in that skirt she wore, and retrieved her heavy bag.* -01:47 Jul 21

Mr. Rock silent as..well, a rock, did just as he was told, And even when the merchant ship tried to out run them, that pirate vessel was much too quick! As soon as it was close enough in range, men were flinging ropes across and preparing to board! Them merchants were a fiesty bunch and already firing guns! Too bad they didn’t have any cannons!

Collete: *Che had to admit… being the one in charge had it’s perks.* Board ’em and take prisoners! After all, if we massecre them, they can’t go back home and bring us another pretty ship to pillage! *Collete smiled her ever best smile!* -01:54 Jul 21
Kessing: *Never one to hang back, armed with a singl pistol, and a cutlass and knife, he flung that rope long and true and boarded! With cutlass in his teeth, he climbed onto the merchant ship and did more than his fair share of fighting! Of course, there were times when he had to shoot and hack someone but in this case, it was self-defense!* -01:58 Jul 21

Frederick: *This was the best part of being a pirate! Plus, there was that maniac on board and even if she DID plan shooting him once their raid was over, he surely would have won her heart by his totally awesome and manly fighting! Using bare hands he’d knock men out, throw them across the deck, sling them around and crash them in to their own crew mates! Occasionally he’d flex his muscles!*

Even when boarded, those merchants and sailors put up a fight! They had some passengers onboard who were quickly moved down below for safety! -Elizabeth


Elizabeth: *Heaved that bag onto deck and was working on the nearest pirate who had been taken down early on after getting shot in the leg! She quickly bound his leg and continued on! Those with fatal injuries or more than one serious injury had to be taken care of first!* -02:06 Jul 21

Arr, those pirates were mindful not to murder needlessly, but quick to knock out and and put and end to any squabblers, uprisers, or sailors trying to kill ’em off! It didn’t take too long at all to round up all the live and conscious ones and keep them timid with a bunch of guns aimed at their heads!

Kessing: *Checked in with Collete!* Alright, Captain! Everyone is good and rounded up. They have some nice cargo, too. Nothing like gold but a lot of spice and silk. -02:09 Jul 21
Collete: *As much as she would have loved shooting people. Collete held herself back. Lighting a ciggy and crossing a plank to the other ship once Kessing announced all was "settled".* That was very brave of you merchant boys. Not smart, but brave. Aren’t we lucky this vessel didn’t fall in to the wrong sort of hands? …We ought to make sure that cargo gets somewhere safe, Kessing. -02:11 Jul 21
Kessing: Maybe in the hands of some customers who’d pay a nice price or at least trade something equally worthy? *He suggested.* -02:13 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Meanwhile she was finishing up her duties as doctor! She’d bandaged everyone up and done what she could to lessen the serious extent of injuries, particularly from something as easy to die from as bleeding to death. Fortunately for them, she wasn’t so heartless as to let them lie there in pain. She gave them some rum!* -02:15 Jul 21
Collete: A brilliant idea! We’ll just take it and sell it for you! Now you have nothing to worry about! *Collete snapped her fingers, sending her nice strong gentleman to start raiding out the cargo!* Meanwhile, let’s not get any bright ideas about escape plans and whatnot. I would hate to see such fine sailors get thrown overboard. -02:17 Jul 21

Frederick: *Dutiful Freddie was already helping to get to work on that cargo. Of course he’d flash his best grin at Madam Maniac doctor woman everytime he passed, making sure she could see him lifting those big heavy crates and barrels!*

Kessing: *Was reading over something he’d found in the captain’s quarters.* Looks like we could get rich some other way, too. -02:21 Jul 21
Collete: *She glanced at him, pulling that ciggy out of her mouth.* Do tell, Kessing. -02:22 Jul 21
Kessing: Looks like we’re graced with the presence of the wife and daughter of the governor of Port Royal. Madame Hawkins and her daughter, Madeline. *He looked up from the passenger log to Collete and to the group of prisoners where–in the back–huddled a brunette and her young daughter.* -02:24 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Of course, she couldn’t help but be aware of everytime that overgrown lout passed! And that stupid grin of his! Must not shoot. Must not shoot. She ended up taking a couple of swigs of the rum she offered one of her patients just so she wouldn’t go for her gun.* -02:26 Jul 21
Collete: Ah, more precous cargo. They really are lucky we found ’em before someone like Godric Scarblade did. I’m sure Hawkins would pay very well for safe passage for his family. *Oh the wicked grin she had!* -02:28 Jul 21
Kessing: In that case, perhaps we should see to the accomodations of our temporary guests, Captain? -02:32 Jul 21
Collete: Give them your room, Kessing. Make sure they’re comfortable and unharassed. -02:37 Jul 21
Kessing: Right. Madame Hawkins, if you’d be so kind. *He gestured for her and her daughter and bowed.* -02:40 Jul 21

Madame Hawkins looked reluctant to go anywhere with these pirates! But if they didn’t do as they were told, they were sure to end up as fish food! So she gathered her daughter up in her arms and put on a brave face as she followed Kessing below deck!

Frederick: *Dusting off his hands he stopped beside the cap’n!* So we got her all loaded up, whachu want us to do now?

Collete: Send the rest back to their boat and cut ’em loose. They won’t try anything dangerous less something happens to those girls. *She made sure to say it nice and loud so everyone got the point!* -02:43 Jul 21
Kessing: *Gestured the mother and daughter into his room.* It isn’t much but … it’s cozy. I’ll be right outside so if there’s anything you need feel free to ask. You should get some rest. -02:47 Jul 21
[Collete and her motely crew sucessfully raided a merchant ship and now have hostages- er, passengers aboard! Not a bad day!] -03:13 Jul 29
[Kessing had just shown their two guests to where they\’d be staying at for the remainder of their voyage!] -03:14 Jul 29
Kessing: *Of course, he wasn’t too keen on trusting any of the crew with the welfare of their passengers so … he decided to stand guard right outside the door!* -03:16 Jul 29

Frederick: *Frederick was steering clear or the mad woman with the nice knockers! He was leaning against Kessing’s door and on guard duty. Because that’s what big muscle men like him are for. Flexflex.*

[Elizabeth was still overseeing the wounded on deck–fortunately for Frederic!] -03:18 Jul 29

Frederick: *Flexflex… slow scowl! Of course, he can’t be getting all the glory if Kessing was going to lurk around too!* So Kessing… Look over there! A flying cat demon!

Kessing: Very funny. *Mutters under his breath.* Oh, look, the new doctor! -03:20 Jul 29
Elizabeth: *Finally dusted her hands on her skirt! She was going to need a lot of new supplies! She found the captain overseeing the others!* Captain, if I may have a word. -03:21 Jul 29

Frederick: Where?! *Freddie jumped away from the door, fists raised to deflect flying bullets!* ..>Wait a damned second… *He pointed an accusing finger at Kessing.* Dirty liar!

Collete: *They’re gonna store that cargo properly or she’ll throw every last one of them ove-* Something important, doctor? -03:22 Jul 29
Kessing: *Couldn’t resist smirking! But he finally got a straight face.* Come on, Freddie. She’s just a woman. -03:23 Jul 29
Elizabeth: I am in need of more supplies. I nearly exhausted all I brought with me onboard. I can have a list ready in a manner of moments if you would like to take a look. -03:25 Jul 29

Frederick: Obviously, you have no idea about women, Kessing! Cause they’re crazy! …Gorgeous but flippin’ nuts! …She threatened my jewels, man! My little soldiers!

Kessing: *A raised eyebrow.* Are you sure that wasn’t her way of flirting? -03:26 Jul 29
Collete: *Collete brushed her hair out of her face as she rubbed her head.* We’ll have to stock up when we land at port to ‘drop off’ our passengers. There won’t be any lollygagging though. We’re going to have to be in and out quick. -03:27 Jul 29

Frederick: ..Naw, naw. Women don’t flirt like that! Otherwise, Collete would be aaaall over me! *Freddie suddenly grinned wide!* Yeah, that’d be nice. Rollin’ on the front deck with Capn’ Collete…

Kessing: …. *Smacks Freddie upside the head by pure reflex!* -03:33 Jul 29
Elizabeth: *A single nod.* I understand. I will prepare a list then. *And she went below deck!* -03:35 Jul 29

Frederick: OW! What the devil, man?! *Freddie rubbed his head, lookng sour!* Ain’t a body on the ship that hasn’t thought about it! She’s got- *He motioned his hands in front of his chest!* -man! That doc’s got bigger, but a man’s gotta appreciate a good lookn’ Capn’!

Elizabeth: It is such a honor to know I sail with such high-born gentlemen of fortune. *She said dryly as she came within earshot of Freddie and Kessing’s conversation.* You. *She pointed at Freddie.* Come with me. -03:37 Jul 29

Frederick: *Freddie froze, his hands in the most inoportune of locations… and dropped them quickly as he cleared his throat!* I, uh… am on guard duty! Kessing is free!

Collete: *On the plus side, she had a doctor on board that actually knew what supplies were. Collete finished up her supervising, planning to have a chat with her guests once she was through!* -03:40 Jul 29
Kessing: *Cleared his throat.* Actually, madam, Frederick here was just telling me how sorry he was and how eager he was to make things up to you. Didn’t you, Frederick? -03:41 Jul 29

Frederick: *Motioning a thumb slowly at Kessing, Freddie still looked like he was staring at a firing squad.* Y-yeah. Really sorry.

Kessing: Of course, he knows how empty and meaningless words are so he told me he’d do whatever it took to make things up to you. Or you can slice his testicles off and use them as shark bait. -03:45 Jul 29

Frederick: *Freddie shot Kessing the most impressive glare he could muster. THAT was NOT helping, you quick-tongue bastard!*

Elizabeth: *Arms crossed and fixing both men an even stare.* Shark bait, hm? What a wonderful idea. Now hurry up or I’ll make good on that promise. *She beckons to Frederick with a finger.* -03:48 Jul 29

Frederick: Yes Ma’am! *He showed a fist to Kessing before he followed after the doc!*

Kessing: *Whistled innocently as he watched Frederick disappear with the doctor! He glanced around. Now maybe he could get some peace.* -03:51 Jul 29
Elizabeth: If you do a good job, maybe just maybe … I will not be so prone as to throw you overboard, slit your throat, emasculate you … *She waved her hand.* Et cetera, et cetera … You get the point. *She reached her quarters.* Now … I need someone’s help in making a list of supplies. Are you up to it? -03:54 Jul 29

Frederick: Why do you gotta threaten a man’s precious jewels, woman? That ain’t right. *Freddie made sure to stand a safe distance away before he finally nodded.* Aye, I can do that just fine!

Collete: *An unlit ciggy in her mouth and cargo stored away neatly, Collete found Kessing guarding the door for her guests.* …You look like you did something naughty, Kessing. -03:57 Jul 29
Kessing: *Flashed a grin.* Depends on your definition. I say I did something nice. Frederick would say quite the opposite. I fixed him volunteer duty for the good doctor. What can I do for you, Cap’n? -03:58 Jul 29
Collete: I’m going to have a little chat with our guests. Would you like to stand around looking miserably evil? -04:02 Jul 29
Elizabeth: *Turned and put her hands on her hips.* Believe me, there are a lot more things in the world that ‘ain’t right’. Now, if you are done complaining and nagging like some old fishwife, I can get down to business. *She searched here and there and finally pulled out a paper and a feather with a bottle of ink.* I need to make a list of supplies and I need someone to help me sort all the things out. *She gave him a cute pout as she sat down, crossed one leg over the other.* I’d be oh so grateful. -04:03 Jul 29
Kessing: Well … I can try. Let’s see. *He bent his head and ruffled his hair and then gave her a wicked grin.* Not miserably evil but evil could never be miserable, the way I see it. -04:07 Jul 29

Frederick: *Aw… no man could resist such a cute little lady pouting! He mouth turned up in to a lopsided grin!* Alright, alright! Start your list makin’.

Collete: Is that so? *That small smirk she had disappeared as she unlocked the door and stepped imperiously in to the room!* Forgive me for intruding, ladies. I am your benevolent Captain Collete Craven. It would be a great deal of help to me, if you’d tell me a little bit about your husband. -04:20 Jul 29
Elizabeth: Good. You can start digging into that chest over there. *She pointed to the one farthest from her, in the corner.* Just take everything out and separate them into piles. I don’t care what kind of piles. Just make them piles and make sure they don’t get mixed up with each other. That’s the chest from the last doctor and I need to see what I can keep and what I have to throw away. -04:31 Jul 29

The mother was holding her child close. She looked like she was about to lie but she realized it was useless to play coy. These pirates already knew who she was. “My husband is expecting us in a day or two.”

Frederick: *Freddie dropped next to one of the crates and started digging stuff out. A saw. Another saw. A screw driver. Some bandages. A bottle of whiskey. A mallet. ….Freddie went back to the bottle of whiskey, popped it open and took a swing! Ah! …Another saw. Some syringes with needles that made him a little woozy just thinking about them. Couple of books…*

Collete: We’ll make sure he will be seeing you on time. However, I am not fond of surprises. Your husband isn’t going to refuse you, is he? Or plot a lovely little trap for us? *Collete eyed the little girl and frowned. She wasn’t much older than her so-!* We don’t want anything to happen to your daughter, after all. -04:40 Jul 29

The woman looked absolutely horrified when the captain mentioned her husband not refusing them. “How dare you! My husband loves us!”

Her daughter peeks out at Collete but quickly buries her head into her mommy’s chest!

Collete: I’m sure he does. *Collete was going to say quite the opposite but there was this inexplicable need to terrorize that kid. When the hell did she start giving a shit?!* I’m hoping he’ll reward us generously for making sure the two of you didn’t fall in to the hands of notorious pirates. -04:49 Jul 29

The woman strokes her daughter’s hair. “Please. Do what you want with me but please … spare my daughter.”

Elizabeth: *Looked over at Frederick.* Is that all there is? *She stopped scribbling down on the paper and raised an eyebrow at him.* -04:53 Jul 29

Frederick: Yep. And uh… this. *Freddie then pulled out a very lacy and interesting pair of ladies under things! Which was… pretty darn weird considering their last doctor was a huge old fat guy! Freddie shuddered at the thought!*

Elizabeth: *Blink!* … Please tell me your last doctor was a woman … -04:57 Jul 29
Collete: *Her expression softened… if only for a split second before she angrily find something interesting on the ceiling to stare at.* No one is going to hurt your damned daughter. In fact I’d be happy to send her off to her father surrounded by armed escort and wrapped in pillows, if you so pleased. -04:57 Jul 29

Frederick: I fear… that’s impossible madam. *Another shudder from Freddie as held it up hire. …And then against his own chest. Well, it WAS pretty fancy. Would it suck in his gut and make him look more buff?*



[Elizabeth swore under her breath as she walked down the docks, long skirt in hand!] -02:57 Jul 17

The Bloody Hen! A notorious pirate’s tavern filled to the brim with cutthroats, bandits, rogues, whores, and thieves! There was wheeling and dealing, trading, gambling, deals under the table, black market sales, and people hunting for jobs! What a great place!

Elizabeth: Blast that Samson … When I get my hands on him, I will tear his fur off of his spoiled body. *She muttered darkly, glancing this way and that. She had better things to do than hunt after his blasted hide!* -02:59 Jul 17
Elizabeth: (testing!) -02:59 Jul 17

Frederick: *HuffpuffHEAVEdragthunkthunkthunkOWFUCK!OW!dragdragKLUNK! Freddie dusted off his hands when he stored the chest up in the cap’ns quarters and put a dozen different locks on it. He was back up on the deck when he saw.. he.. saw… A GHOST! Freddie near fainted dead away!!* m…m…GHOST!

Kessing: *He stepped up to the heavy wooden gate of the wall that separated the supply yard from the rest of the town. Yep, this was the place. He glanced around and knocked as loudly as he could.* Hello? -03:01 Jul 17
Kessing: *Paused to brush back a strand of blonde hair! Oh bother! Her feet were beginning to hurt and she was getting awfully thirsty!* Samson! *She growled.* If you do not get your cursed tail back here, I swear I will stuff you and use you as a paperweight! -03:02 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Paused to brush back a strand of blonde hair! Oh bother! Her feet were beginning to hurt and she was getting awfully thirsty!* Samson! *She growled.* If you do not get your cursed tail back here, I swear I will stuff you and use you as a paperweight! -03:03 Jul 17

Wait … and wait … No reply and no sign of Samson either! It was safe to assume he wasn’t here!

Collete: *Collete stepped in the doors grinning as wickedly as could be! She had a seat up at the bar.* So, how many good men we have in stock today, Amos? -03:04 Jul 17
Kessing: *Samson would just have to wait then! And if he was waiting in a ditch with his tail trapped under a large rock, well–it would serve him right! She turned around and stalked back toward town and a nice drink.* -03:05 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Samson would just have to wait then! And if he was waiting in a ditch with his tail trapped under a large rock, well–it would serve him right! She turned around and stalked back toward town and a nice drink.* -03:05 Jul 17

“Go away! We’re closed!” a voice finally snarled from the other side of the gate!

Amos couldn’t open his mouth to reply before someone else shouted out. “Hey ho, it’s Collete! What’s that new name she’s got goin’ on? Was it Raven Crone or naw, naw… It was Frosted Tits!” Much bellowing and chortling amongst the crowd!

Kessing: Uh … Sir? Please, I really need supplies to repair a ship! It’s really important my crew and I sail out as soon as possible! -03:08 Jul 17
Collete: … *Collete paused. She slowly pulled out her gun and shot him dead.* …. As I was saying…! *This time she made sure to say it loud so the whole lot of them could hear!* I’ve come in to a ship of my own, and I’m needing a crew. A good loyal crew. …And my dears, you will be paid in pretty shinies. *Oooh, she held up one of those gold coins she filtched out of the chest!* -03:09 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Straightened her dress and dusted the hem of the skirt! This was her favorite dress and thanks to Samson, she was going to spend the next two days trying to get the dirt stains off of it! She walked into the Bloodhen Tavern and brushed past some woman with a gun and gold to sit at the bar.* The strongest drink you have, Amos. -03:11 Jul 17

“You and a thousand other fools, you idiot!” the voice growled. “Now get away and leave me in peace! If I open this gate and you’re still there, I’ll shoot you dead with this cannon!”

Amos served up a drink to Elizabeth, as several very interesting men suddenly found Collete to be the woman of their dreams! “Aye, Collete! Have I ever told you your eyes are like stars? You uh… How much are you payin those hard workin’ volunteers, eh?”

Kessing: Thank you. *She sipped her drink and didn’t bat an eye as it went down as strong and thick as hot oil. She paid a bit of attention to what was going on but only because it was only thing going on here–other than the usual gambling, drinking, and roughhousing.* -03:17 Jul 17
Elizabeth: Thank you. *She sipped her drink and didn’t bat an eye as it went down as strong and thick as hot oil. She paid a bit of attention to what was going on but only because it was only thing going on here–other than the usual gambling, drinking, and roughhousing.* -03:18 Jul 17
Collete: *That’s right monkies, jump! The coin disappeared as she closed her hand.* Plenty enough for some that don’t smell like swine, all the rum you can drink, and the skirts you can chase. All I require is a loyal promise, and men that work. I need a full crew. Deckhands down to doctor. -03:19 Jul 17
Kessing: Please, sir! Just hear me out! *He was beginning to get desperate! There had to be some way to get this man to see reason!* I um … I can pay you! -03:20 Jul 17

“Listen, you, you can keep your tainted coins because I won’t be having any of this. Do you hear me, any of–No, I will *not* open the gate! … Goddamn it, woman! What–what in the blazes do you think you’re–!” There was the sound of something heavy being moved and then the gate opened a crack! “Please forgive me overeager husband. He does enjoy his job … a bit too much,” a gentle voice said from the other side.

Elizabeth: *The word "doctor" piqued her interest! She turned slightly. She was in need of a job …* Doctor, did you say? *She asked the woman above the din of the greedy males.* I am a doctor and I am worth more than any of these fools put together. -03:23 Jul 17

Well, if the pay was good, there was quite a few men more than willing to pledge even their souls, no questions asked! If they could just… see that coin one more time?

Kessing: *Blinked when he heard what was going on. He stepped close to the crack but all he could see was a short figure, the speaker.* Quite alright, ma’am. I am guilty of that myself. How about those supplies … I can pay you and I would love to wait until morning–except it is very urgent. -03:25 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete held up in the coin in her fingers to show off as she leaned on the bar with an elbow towards the woman.* Can you do surgery? Pull out bullets? Sew up wounds, diagnose illness, provide good knowledge of medication and painkillers, and most importantly do all of this under cannon and gunfire while the entire ship is under siege in the middle of a storm? -03:26 Jul 17

The woman was silent for a moment. She opened the gate a little more. “Why don’t you come in and we can discuss it? It is cold out here. You could use a warm drink.” She gestured him inside.

Elizabeth: *Wicked grin!* All that and more. I once served on a crew but suffice it to say, things did not work out quite as I had hoped. I would give you references but they are no doubt, across the seas by now. -03:27 Jul 17
Kessing: *Wow. This was a pleasant change!* Thank you, madam. *He stepped inside and turned slightly as she closed the gate behind him.* I am most grateful for the hospitality. -03:30 Jul 17
Collete: No need for that. *The coin disappeared again as Collete slid out of her chair to rest her hands on her hips.* All right, my dears. If you or a friend think you are man enough for my crew, I expect to see an orderly line waiting on the docks infront of the Deathrunner within twenty minutes. IF you meet my inspection you’ll be a part of the best crew to sail the seas since… well. A longass time. -03:30 Jul 17

A light was shone in Kessing’s face, blinding him until the woman brushed past him and pushed the light away! “Where are your manners! Put that light away!” she scolded.

Kessing: *Could only blink and rub his eyes! He waited until the stars disappeared before opening his eyes again!* Erm … Quite alright, madam. I did intrude on your evening. -03:36 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Finished her drink. My, she’d been more thirsty than she had first thought! She remembered to pay Amos for the drink and for her tab as well. She didn’t like debts.* -03:36 Jul 17

Sveral men were already making their leave- hey a good job was hard to come by and if they had to be inspected, better to make a good impression! And there weren’t any more jokes about Collete’s tits either!

Collete: *Collete left that coin for Amos, flashing him a grin as she exited the Bloodhen Tavern. Now to get back to the ship and see why the hell Frederick hadn’t come to find her! -03:39 Jul 17
Collete: * -03:39 Jul 17

Frederick: *Freddie was going to go find Collete, honest! But he was busy cowering up on the deck behind the rail, occasionally peeking out to see if the Ghost of Captain Maria was out there! Was she going to steal their souls? He spotted Collete returning!* COLLETE! SHE’S BACK FROM THE DEAD!

Elizabeth: *Had one more drink before she left, this one a bit milder than the last. She still had to find Samson. The thought of chasing him down again made her rub her temple. She downed that drink, paid Amos, and, skirt in hand, disappeared to get her few belongings from the room she’d been staying at.* -03:42 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete paused on the dock… then shook her head before walking again. If Freddie wasn’t a useful strongarm, she might have had him thrown overboard. Walking up the plank she stopped at the barrel he was hiding behind.* Let me guess. Ghost of Maria. And you know what? She’s going to hack you to pieces if you don’t get off your ass and grab me the crew clipboard before men start showing up. -03:44 Jul 17

Frederick: She.. she is?! *He knew it! He knew he saw a ghost! Freddie charged to the captain’s cabin to grab the crewlogger!*

“Oh nonsense!” the woman protested. The light went a safe distance away. The woman was a head shorter than Kessing and looked in her middle ages with gray in her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The man beside her was a few inches shorter than Kessing with a bald head and a scowl on his face.

Something long and furry ran across Frederick’s feet! -Elizabeth

Kessing: *A drink was thrust into Kessing’s hands and when he sipped it, he found it to be hot tea!* My deepest thanks, madam. Sir. *He nodded to the man.* -03:52 Jul 17

Frederick: AIIIEEE! *It was the most pitifully girly scream for a man his size! He practically tripped over his own feet as he grabbed the clipboard and charged back on deck!* The ghost…! She’s in the cap’n quarters!!

Collete: *Collete managed to find herself a cigarette and a match to ligh it. When Freddie returned, in record time even, she snatched the clipboard out of his hands.* Tell me when she’s swinging from the sails, Frederick. Then we should worry. *Collete tore off the papers for the old crew log and started the new one.* -03:53 Jul 17

“My name is Abigail and this is my husband, Jonah. Now, what can we do for you, young man?” she asked. “And be quick about it,” Jonah growled–until he got an elbow in his ribs! -Elizabeth

Elizabeth: *Pulled her heavy bag along after her as she trudged back to the docks! Samson had until the ship set sail to be found or she would leave his tail here and not care a wink! She found the Deathrunner, the worst ship on the docks in need of desperate repairs!* -03:55 Jul 17

Frederick: But Cap’n, I felt it run around my foot! It was long and furry, and I’m pretty sure it was out for bl-blo-…THE GHOST! THERE SHE IS! *Frederick stuttered pointing at the coming right for their ship!* MAN THE CANNONS!

Kessing: *Sheepish grin!* Just the supplies, madam. *He said, not liking to repeat himself but he’d do it if it meant getting supplies.* This is a lovely supply yard you keep. -04:00 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete actually had to look up and see this! Blinking as she turned around, she didn’t see a damned thing! Just a few men lining up on the dock and that wo- Collete started laughing!* Well, well! I hadn’t even noticed..! *She stepped down the plank to start inspecting volunteers and taking names!* -04:01 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Set the bag down and wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her arm. She glanced around the dock to see if she could spy that furry little cad.* -04:01 Jul 17

That long and furry body ran across Frederick’s feet again! And this time it was chasing a rat!

Frederick: Wait, wait…! She’ll eat your fa-WAARGGH!! *It happened again! He chased after Collete, but she was heading straight for that Ghost!* She’s summon DEMONS on the ship! Don’t go near her!

Abigail smiled. “Why thank you. I do try my best. Jonah gets the supplies but he can never organize anything.” She sighed and shook her head as Jonah grunted.

Collete: *Skillfully she ignored Freddie.* All right Doctor. Sign your name to the log. This is Frederick and he’s a moron. Even before today’s shot in the head. *She handed the clipboard over to Elizabeth.* -04:06 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Turned when she saw the woman from earlier coming down the plank–followed closely by a large man spouting nonsense about something or other. She looked down at the clipboard and took it.* Shot in the head, did you say? Perhaps I should get a cork and pound it into the hole to stop the hot air from getting out. *She signed the log.* Elizabeth de Brinvilliers. Doctor. *She said for the sake of the man behind the captain.* By chance, would you have seen something long and furry? It might have been chasing a rat or two. -04:09 Jul 17
Collete: Hmm. Ask the moron, I believe he already has. Welcome to the crew Doctor. *Collete was already on her way to the line for inspection!* -04:11 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at the moron.* Well …? Have you or have you not seen a long and furry something that might have been chasing a rat or two. -04:12 Jul 17

Frederick: *Frederick inspected HER. Doctor huh? A female doctor too! Well, he guessed now that he got a good closeup look at her, she didn’t look all that much like Maria or a ghost.* Oh aye. Little demon done ran me down twice! *He pointed back up the ramp!*

Kessing: *A smile or two and a well-placed compliment here and there and Kessing not only got supplies … he was able to borrow a wagon and a horse to move said supplies! And it only cost him a few coins! It seemed Abigail had a habit of helping out handsome, down-on-his-luck sailors. Lucky him!* -04:13 Jul 17
Elizabeth: Thank you. *She started up the plank only to stop and walk back to him. She smiled sweetly and cupped his cheek.* By the way … Would you be so kind as to help me with my bag? It is so heavy and I may have hurt my poor body carrying it all this way … *She pouted a bit, ran a hand down his arm.* You being such a strong, large man … It would be child’s play to move something so small and insignificant, wouldn’t it? *She used her softest, sexiest voice, too!* -04:15 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete was quick. She’d ask for age and qualifications first. The more useful skills a man had the better. He brought his own weapons, twice as good. If she didn’t like them, she sent them away. If they pissed her off she kicked them off the dock in to the sea. One guy she shot first, then kicked and the bastard had it coming, so several of the men agreed!* -04:16 Jul 17

Frederick: I uh.. uh… yeeaaah… *He practically sighed, batting his eyes and smiling a stupid grin! He was still wearing that grin as he trudged over to the bag, hefted it over his shoulders and started up the ramp. She sure was purdy for a doctor with a demon.*

Kessing: Bonding with the men already, Cap’n? *He asked as he stopped the horse beside Collete. He’d arrived just in time to see her shoot and kick the poor guy.* -04:19 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Was already heading up that plank. What a coincidence to end up on the ship Samson had decided to go rat-hunting on. Well, at least he was getting some exercise. She stepped onto the deck and started looking around for him.* -04:20 Jul 17
Collete: We never tolorate disrespect, Kessing. Especially when it comes out of the mouth of a gossiping traitor. *She moved to the next guy, ignoring when a couple of men decided it was wiser to sneak off before she go to them!* -04:21 Jul 17
Kessing: *Could only grin as he hopped off of the wagon and he started unloading the supplies and tools!* -04:22 Jul 17

SNEAK! SNEAK! That Samson was a furry streak of lightning! He was a blur of energy and chaos!

Frederick: *Frederick was toting that bag down the steps to the crew’s quarters, specifically the doctor’s room when that furry demon tripped him down the stairs! THUDTHUNKSPLATCRASH!*

Collete: *Collete snapped her fingers and pointed at the ones she already logged, ordered them to start loading up the supplies and get their asses to work on them repairs! She wanted to be ready to sale by morning! Just a few more boys and she’d have herself a full crew!* -04:25 Jul 17
Elizabeth: SAMSON! *She growled when she got to the top of the steps and found Frederick at the bottom! She rushed down and spied for the furry little bastard but he’d disappeared again! She huffed and turned to pull her bag off of Frederick. She dusted him off and helped him up.* Are you hurt? -04:26 Jul 17
Kessing: *The work would have to be divided up so … he split the men into teams of two or more and gave them a certain area to work on! He supervised from time to time but mostly worked on the hull of the ship.* -04:28 Jul 17

Frederick: *Groooaaan. He was seeing demons circling his head like flies! Frederick gave her a toothy grin before toppled over face first! Right in to her breasts!*

Elizabeth: *Growled! She pushed him right off and slapped his face real hard! Fortunately, she was smart enough not to use her hand to do that! She took her shoe off and smacked him with it instead!* Do that again and I will cut your testicles off with my knife and stuff them down your throat. *Then she marched off to continue the search for Samson.* -04:30 Jul 17
Collete: *Last man standing was some guy with a parrot. She about sent him away on sheer principle, but turns out he was some fancy french chef that couldn’t get enough of the sea. Muttering under her breath, she had him sign the log. Done! She admired the crew list. Very nice, very nice indeed! Collete headed up the ramp! …Freddie was already getting his balls threatened. Yep, good crew!* -04:31 Jul 17

Frederick: Ow woman!! *He tried gallantly to defend himself from her shoe beating, to no avail! He finally grunted, hefting up her bag again and carting it off to her room. Man, those were some nice fluffy ones! He hoped he could pass out again!*

Elizabeth: *By the time Frederick had caught up to her, she was on her hands and knees, looking under the bed and everything else a furry little bastard could hide under.* -04:37 Jul 17


[Collete , a good week later after they escaped that island and managed to get their ship back to land.] -03:37 Jun 14
[Mariaa *Has been busy as ever making repairs on the ship that got nearly blown to peices in that storm; but finally she was able to get the supplies she needed to get the ship completely fixed! But she wasn\’t a happy captain at all. She was steering as far from that damned island as possible and scowling as they went to dock!* ] -03:40 Jun 14
Collete: *Collete was thinking mutiny. And that was saying a lot, considering Collete normally intended to pledge her undying loyalty to her captain. And for this, she blamed Kessing. Because if it weren’t for him, she’d have still been on HIS ship and maybe he’d not have LOST his ship along with his damned mind!* Frederick! Get that stupid look off your face and get back to work! -03:43 Jun 14
[Kessing is hard at work!] -03:43 Jun 14
Kessing: *Was wondering what was up with Collette. She seemed awfully mad about something but he couldn’t figure out what. He steered clear of her, though!* -03:44 Jun 14
Maria: *Actually, she was blaming Frederick for all her woes! Why? Just because he was there to blame! And he made such a great punching bag…* Freeeedriiiiiiiiiiiiick! I’m going to stuff you in a water barrell for a few days unless you get up here and start helpiiiing! *Scowls over the steering wheel of the ship.* -03:45 Jun 14

Frederick: Aye, Collete!!! Aye, aye, Captain, my love! *Frederick nearly tripped over the ropes he had been tying up as he scampered up to the bridge to aid the captain – unaware that Collete was staring him down with that damned death glare of hers!*

Collete: *A narrowed eyed glare. Frederick would burst in the flames if she had her way with it, and then he and his beloved Captain could have their wildfire of passion in hell! ….She was pretty pissed off after that mess back at the island. Losing an entire crew and having to rescue everyone twice, nearly getting herself killed in the process, and not a damned thing had gotten done on this ship no matter how many times people told her they were working!* -03:50 Jun 14
Maria: *Collete could be mad at her all she wanted! She was just as pissed about losing half the crew she’d grown up with so-to-speak, then suddenly lost them all in one day! Of course neither Collete nor Kessing new the entire history behind their captain; so it didn’t matter one whit if Collete was angry! She was twice as angry, and working ten times as hard as anyone, without rest or breaks to get that ship repaired! And still she also managed to do all these repairs while steering the ship, so there Collete!* -03:54 Jun 14
Kessing: *He was uh–Wait, what had he been doing before he’d gotten distracted? Oh right. Trying to repair the mast before it broke off and pounded someone into the deck.* -03:55 Jun 14

And the Deathrunner made port in the town of Habernal, the perfect place for pirates and non pirates to get supplies, fix stuff, find a hooker, and get drunk!

Collete: *Helping dock a ship was not her damned job, but she did it anyway. As soon as it was in port and tied down, Collete was off. Whether or not she was going to do something drastic, that she might regret later was undecided, as for now she needed a good cold drink! -04:02 Jun 14
Maria: *She follows Collete right into the same pub! Intending to brood in a corner, a nice dark corner. Alone. With a good mug of ale, and a bowl of soup for dinner. Then she’d be back out on her ship, repairing it for the rest of the night after getting a few more supplies.* -04:09 Jun 14

Frederick: *Frederick of course will go where ever his captain goes, unless he’s ordered otherwise, and this time she forgot to tell him to get bent and die – so there he was plopped in to a seat across from her!* Wowee, cap’n! This place is damned sweet! The refills are free if you order dinner and I ain’t never seen so many good lookin’ hookers!

Maria: *Twiiiitch! She kicks Frederick right in the shins!* If you need to go pick yourself up one Frederick. Jeez. You know you don’t have to share details. *She rolled her eyes, but hailed a passing waitress for ale and their soup of the day!* -04:13 Jun 14

Frederick: *Freddie paused looking confused!* Is than an order cap’n? Cause I’ll get me ahooker if ya like. Hell we could have one hot as hell threesome!

Maria: *Oi vey….She forgot for a moment just how dumb Freddie could be!* You really are hopeless sometimes, you know that right? *She asks him, hurrying with her meal as well as her ale. She wanted to be fixing her ship as soon as possible! And this time she’d even send Freddie away so she could work in peace for a bit!* -04:18 Jun 14
Collete: *Collete ignored the fact the Captain and Frederick had followed her in, while she sat at the bar. If it were Kessing’s ship he’d have- But it wasn’t was it. Kessing was apparently as fit to be captain Frederick. She ordered a good strong rum! A drink or to and she’d see about hiring a new crew…* -04:21 Jun 14
Kessing: *Was outside, throwing dice with some old men. They’d invited Kessing over and he’d decided to kill time. To show for it, he now had a few coins and fortunately, the men were not sore losers. They even hooted and joked as they threw dice.* -04:27 Jun 14

“Heh heh,” cackled one of the men. “Was a time, I sailed the seas, I did. Had a grand old time. Used to serve under the most notorious captain of them all, bless his soul.”

Kessing: Don’t tell me. *He passed the dice over to the next man.* His name was Davey Jones. And the ship you served on was the Flying Dutchman. -04:30 Jun 14
Maria: *She was finished with her meal in good time, and went ahead and paid for hers, giving Freddie his allowance of a few coins for the night before telling him to be a good lad and enjoy his night. She was going to work on the ship again. So, without further ado, she went ahead and left the Pub, heading for the nearest shop where she could get supplies!* -04:39 Jun 14

“Yer a laugh, boy,” another man cried and pounded him on the back.

Just as she stepped out the door, Maria is grabbed from behind. A hand holding a thick piece of leather clamped over her mouth. Another arm went around her waist and lifted her up, pulling her into the darkness!

Maria: Craap! She hadn’t expected this! She doesn’t go down without a fight thoguh! Maria curses through the leather, and fights with all her might to inflict damage on whoever it was that was carrying her off!* -04:43 Jun 14
Collete: *So maybe it wasn’t just one glass of rum. One few too many. What did it matter anyway? It wasn’t HER ship to take care of, and frankly maybe she didn’t want to be some woman’s crew anyway! Maybe she should get her own ship and – Damnit, she knew she was drunk when she started thinking about her own ship!* -04:43 Jun 14
Collete: *Frederick had full permission from the Captain to enjoy his night! He did so by drinking lots of beer, hitting on pretty women, and once Collete punched him in the nose and called him a sonofabitch when he accidentally hit on her! What a great night!* -04:44 Jun 14

Frederick: *Frederick had full permission from the Captain to enjoy his night! He did so by drinking lots of beer, hitting on pretty women, and once Collete punched him in the nose and called him a sonofabitch when he accidentally hit on her! What a great night!*

Maria: She manages to break free from the hand holding the leather long enough to give out her familiar call that danger was a foot! Only her crew would recognize it of course– but she didn’t know if they could hear her or not!* -04:47 Jun 14

Poor Maria, because she can’t get any leverage and the leather is stuffed into her mouth and held there before she can squek! She can’t bite through the leather and for all her kicking, she’s just tiring herself out! She’s suddenly thrown to the ground, rolled over so she’s on her stomach and sat on! Her hands are bound behind her back and her legs are bound together at the ankles! “Why hello there, Maria. It’s been awhile, has it not?” That high, effeminate voice with the condescending tone and the accent!


Frederick: *Inside the pub, no one hears a thing! Frederick is busy dancing with a couple of hot babes and sloshing his beer around!*

Maria: Damnit…..She knew that voice alright. She knew him very well. That was the voice of her old captain, the one who’d tortured her so cruelly throughout her lifetime. She hopes her crew can take the ship and sail away soon, she didn’t want them to meet a character like this! She feels the pressure against her back from him sitting on her and winces. Oh this was not a good night at all….* -04:50 Jun 14
[Maria *Was just saved from drowning by Freddie! But her former captain had vanished!* ] -03:36 Jul 15
[Kessing was still throwing dice with those old guys outside! ] -03:38 Jul 15
[Collete was drunk as hell and headed to the docks to get a new crew.] -03:40 Jul 15
Maria: *Decides she’s not waiting around for anyone and cuts through the ropes around her wrists using the nearest rock.* Freddie! Go tell everyone we’re leaving…and hurry! -03:40 Jul 15


Frederick: No way, cap’n! We gotta get you checked over by a doctor or somethin’!

Maria: I’m perfectly fine, just drenched! But we’re not staying here any longer than we have to! -03:42 Jul 15
Kessing: *While he was collecting his winnings–despite groans from the old men–he happened to look up and caught what appeared to be a drunk Collete heading to the docks! Where in the world … He got to his feet and tailed her!* -03:42 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete needed a fucking cigarette. She stopped on the dock, fumbling in her pocket for one. A full fucking crew, not to mention repairs… Who is she going to have to kill to afford that?* -03:43 Jul 15

Frederick: But the ship isn’t even sailing worthy yet! What happened? How’d you end up in the ocea n like that? A bad gamble? *He was scratching his head… having to pull off a starfish and throw it in to the sea!*

Maria: No Freddy…. I was tossed in by my former captain… the one I’ve warned you about. *She said, trying to make him understand.* -03:45 Jul 15

As Collete fumbled in her pocket, someone handed her a cigarette!

Kessing: *He didn’t like it when Collete was drunk. She did things she wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Or so his gut feeling said. He tried to keep the coins in his shirt silent by holding it tighter against him.* -03:46 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete snatched the ciggy, not even bothering to looksee who it was. She pulled some matches out of her shirt and lit it up!* -03:46 Jul 15

Frederick: But isn’t that guy dead? ….Oh shit! He’s a zombie coming back for revenge! We’ve got to get out of here! *Freddie grabbed her wrist and started dragging her down the street!*

“You’re looking lovely as always, Collete. It’s been so long …” said the all too familiar voice.

Maria: No Freddie! It’s not a zombie….he’s still alive! Damnit! *Winces as she’s hauled down the street!* But we need to find Collete at any rate! -03:49 Jul 15

Frederick: Aw man! We’re screwed! Shit always hits the fan when zombies get involved! *He kept on dragging!* I left Collete back at the bar, man is she smashed as hell! She’s going to be pissed!

Maria: Ow ow ow ow! Freeeddieee! Let go of my arm! *Tries tugging it free so she can run faster!* We have to get to that bar Fast! -03:51 Jul 15
Collete: If it isn’t the sonofabitch that killed Kessing and stole his ship. You’ve got some balls showing up here. *Collete, ciggy still in her mouth, pulled her gun quickly to shoot and fire!* -03:51 Jul 15

Frederick: You’re right! *Freddie suddenly stopped, picking up Maria and hauling her over his shoulder before he start running again!*

A soft chuckle as he just stood there and two of his thugs came out from behind to snatch the gun from Collete and hold her! He reached under his jacket and pulled out a piece of metal in which was embedded the bullet Collete had shot. “Oh, so predictable. But I’ve grown tired of Kessing’s ship. I’ll give it to you if you help me with something.”

Maria: Ack! *Well she couldn’t fault him for trying! She sighed in defeat as Freddie carried her all the way there! It was a good thing he ran as fast as she did!* -03:54 Jul 15
Collete: Help you to your grave? I’d be delighted! *Collete growled! Drunk or not she fought. Stomping on feet, elbowing in to noses, and pulling a knife out of her shirt!* -03:55 Jul 15

A cat streaked past Kessing, causing him to lose his balance!

There were groans and curses from the thugs. He suddenly had a gun and held it at Collete’s forehead. And he wasn’t the type to miss. “I could certainly help you to yours, if you feel that strongly, Collete, my dear.”

Frederick: *Freddie crashed right in to the bar!* COLLETE! CAP’N SAYS-.. Hey, where’s Collete?!

Maria: *Owwwwieeeeeeeee…! she was practically rammed into those bar doors thank you so much!* We’ll have to keep looking! But it would help if you put me down and we split up! -04:00 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete stopped. But only because she knew exactly how easy it was for him to kill a former crewmate.* Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot me. -04:00 Jul 15

Frederick: No way! If that zombie is out there, I don’t want him eatin’ up my captain’s brains! *Freddie ran out the door, Maria still on his shoulder… He was heading for the next bar!*

Kessing: *Closer … closer … Ack! Cat!* OOoffff! *THUD! THUD! The ground rose up to him and suddenly he was rolling … rolling! He rolled right past Collete and the man she was talking to and ended up in a pile of crates with his coins scattered everywhere.* Oohh … *He groaned!* -04:01 Jul 15
Maria: *Whacks Freddie upside the head…!* That man is no zombie! It all just means I didn’t stab him in the right place when I was younger…. oof! *She braces herself to be rammed into another set of doors!* -04:02 Jul 15

He smirked. “Because, like I said before, I need your help with something, Collete.” He didn’t even turn when someone rolled past them. “Grab him.” One thug went to retrieve Kessing. The other pulled the knife away from Collete and bound her hands behind her back.

Frederick: *Freddie was a fast runner! At least this time he kicked open the bar doors instead of ramming in to them!* COLLETE! ..Fuck, cap’n! What if the zombie already got ’em?!

Kessing: *Groaned again as someone picked him up. He was pulled to his feet and nearly dragged over to Collete and the stranger. His head was throbbing and he was sure he was going to have a collection of bruises by morning.* -04:06 Jul 15
Maria: Then we’re going to save them, of course! But if you don’t put me down…I’m going to kick you! -04:07 Jul 15
Collete: I can’t imagine what bullshit you’ll want help with, Godric. *GOD DAMNED FUCKING KESSING. Can’t he just for once stay somewhere else! Screw it! If he died for real this time, it was his own damned fault! ….Collete tried kicking the gun right out of his hands!* -04:07 Jul 15

“You’re a navigator, aren’t you? You’ll figure it out. Ah, Kessing, what an unpleasant surprise–! *He turned slightly to see his old captain as Collete kicked the gun out of his hands! The gun went flying!

Kessing: *Shook his head to clear his mind! That voice … that face … It triggered something in Kessing’s head. When that gun went flying, he took his chance and elbowed the thug in the face! Then he caught the gun and fired at Godric! -04:10 Jul 15

Godric was already retreating! And the thug that had bound Collete’s hands behind her back ended up taking the bullet meant for his boss!

Frederick: *He sure didn’t want to, but Freddie set her down.* But Cap’n, if something happens I’ll have to pick you up and run all over again!

Maria: No, you won’t Freddie.I told you and the crew ages ago: If anything happens to me, hightail it out of here and get somewhere safe. *She continues hunting for Collete and Kessing!* -04:13 Jul 15
Collete: Godric, you sonofbitch….! Get back here and fight like a man! Damnit, Kessing! Shoot him! -04:14 Jul 15
Kessing: *Was already running after Godric! He couldn’t get a clear shot yet but by hell and high water, he was going to!* -04:16 Jul 15

Unfortunately for Kessing, Godric was a fast runner and he kept turning corners and zigzagging around people and pulling things down behind him to block Kessing!

Frederick: *His Freddie senses were tingling, so there was no way he was letting the captain out of his sights! He was tagging along behind her like a lost puppy.* But there’s no crew without a cap’n, cap’n! Collete says all the time once the captain’s dead, there ain’t nothing worse staying for! But… then again I ain’t sure she was talking about us. …But it sounded good to me!

Maria: If I die, Freddie– then Collete gets to be captain. So be assured you won’t be without one… *She’s running full speed, searching everywhere for Collete without a trace or sign of her to be found! This was bad indeed!* -04:19 Jul 15
Collete: *Shit, someone could have bloody untied her first! Collete stumbled after Kessing, muttering half a dozen different cursewords under her breath!* -04:20 Jul 15

Frederick: Aw, c’mon cap’n! You won’t die! I’ll save you even if I have to fight a whole army of zombies! *Freddie gave his very best grin!*

Maria: *She can’t help but snicker at Freddie– but she doesn’t let her attention from finding Collete and Kessing waver much longer than that!* Collete!! Kessing! You two had better answer! Where are you? *She doesn’t even care about being discreet at this point!* -04:26 Jul 15
Kessing: *BANG!* Damnit! *He growled as he missed and lost Godric! After a bit more cursing, he stalked back! He had to find his ship and get this crap sorted out. He pushed the gun into his pants and walked up to Collete, struggling with bound hands. He stopped to untie her.* -04:28 Jul 15
Collete: I’m not drunk enough for this shit! *She stared at Kessing. There was something different… wait, it wasn’t so much different as it was familiar!* It’s been a long time… Kessing? -04:32 Jul 15
Kessing: *A soft chuckle followed by a wicked grin.* There was a time you weren’t sober for anything. *He finished untying her and looked in the direction Godric had disappeared.* So, it’s true. Your past does come back to bite you in the ass. -04:34 Jul 15

Frederick: *He was right behind her, ready to scream for Collete and Kessing too! When suddenly WHAM! Where the hell did this huge ditch come from?! He was spitting out mud and… coins?!* Treasure!

Maria: Oh for the love of–! She goes right to that ditch….!* Wait a minute…..? Freddie are you serious?! *She stares hard at the ground and the "Treasure" Freddie found!* -04:36 Jul 15
Collete: I remember that being mostly your fault. *Rubbing her wrists, she was very seriously considering going after the bastard.* We should make sure Maria and Frederick aren’t dead. -04:37 Jul 15

Frederick: *Freddie was already stuffing coins in to his pants!* Yeah! There’s a whole assload of them just sitting down here! Someone musta been burrying them!

Kessing: Frederick I couldn’t care less for. *He said rather bluntly.* And I’d much rather go get my ship back. *He ran his fingers through his hair and then ruffled it.* But I see your point. Godric will have to wait. -04:39 Jul 15
Maria: *She blinks a few times! With this many coins… hello to a brand new ship! She’d keep her crew of course; they’d been through too much for her to even consider once replacing any of them! But she’s quite content for the time being to stuff her own pockets with coins too!* Good find, Freddy! I say you should take half just because you tripped at the right time. -04:41 Jul 15
Collete: I’m sure you and I can take on Godrics whole crew, I don’t see us doing it without a hella lot more weapons. *Damn you, Kessing. Drag up things she wanted to forget. Collete found her gun and her knife, putting them away before leading the way down the docks.* -04:43 Jul 15

Suddenly, there were people standing around the ditch that Maria and Frederick were in! “Eh, eh?! We go for a beer and someone’s stealing our treasure!”

Kessing: *Looked off in the direction Godric had disappeared in for a few moments before turning to follow Collete. It was strange though. It felt like he was just waking up from a dream!* -04:50 Jul 15
Maria: *Whoops! These were someone elses. Damnit!* Sorry about that! Honest mistake..really…. should hide your treasure better next time though! *She’s emptying her pockets as well as Freddie’s in a hurry, before yanking on his arm to haul the two of them out of that ditch to flee!* -04:54 Jul 15

No one tries stealing their treasure and fleeing! They whipped out their guns and started shooting as they gave chase!

Collete: I missed you. *It slipped out before she knew what she was saying!* …as my captain. Maria has good intentions, but she’s no Captain Kessing. -05:00 Jul 15
Maria: *Ow! That was her ribcage! She said sorry! Jeeeez! She hauls her feet a bit faster after a few more bullets land here and there on her body. She’s shoving Freddie to his fastest run ever!* Back to the ship! I’ll bet Kessing and Collete are already there! -05:02 Jul 15
Kessing: Hm? *He blinked and turned to her when she admitted to missing him. He chuckled softly.* Things weren’t the same without you, Collete. *He looked up and pulled the gun out at the sound of gunshots!* -05:02 Jul 15

Frederick: *Dodge, stumble, run! URK! Freddie didn’t know what hit him! He didn’t even know when he hit the ground! All he knew was that there was a whole lot of pain in his head as he crashed to the ground… out cold!*

Collete: *Collete wouldn’t have been surprised if Freddie groped some poor woman and now her whole family was out to kill ’em. She pulled her gun too, and as soon as Maria and Freddie… and their persurers were in sight, she opened fire!* -05:07 Jul 15
Maria: Freddie! *Thud….! Maria ends up right next to him seconds later, not unconscious, but definitely in trouble! Stupid Freddie! If he had kept going….. they’d have made it to the ship possibly alive! This is all his fault!* -05:07 Jul 15
Kessing: *Aimed and fired! So Frederick and Maria had gotten themselves in trouble … again. He reached Maria and Frederick first and checked Frederick to see if he was still alive as he pushed the gun into his pants again. He was out cold but still alive.* Captain. -05:09 Jul 15
Collete: *BANGBANG…BANG! And ~that~ was how you shot and killed a couple of drunk morons chasing down and shooting at your crew.* I would LOVE to know what the fuck is going on, and if it was worth getting shot for. -05:11 Jul 15
Kessing: *He examined Maria and found that she’d gotten shot. In the ribs no less. He picked her up.* We need to get you to the doctor. *He glanced around and then moved back toward the town. He remembered seeing a doctor’s office not too far from here.* -05:13 Jul 15
Maria: Ugh. *She hated bullet wounds….. they were hard as hell to heal from smoothly.* You two are a sight for sore eyes. I’d say yes, gold treasure is worth getting shot at sometimes. Depending on how you find it. But for now, let’s just get out of here. *She’s already on her feet, and helping the crew get back on board the ship! They’d finish repairing it somewhere else!* -05:13 Jul 15
Kessing: (Ignore post <_<;;) -05:14 Jul 15
Maria: ((Waah that came in laaate…..e.e; is my compy lagging?)) -05:15 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete knealt by Freddie, tilting his head. Lucky bastard, it barely grazed him and he was on the ground like a baby.* How about you let Kessing take you and Frederick to the damned doctor, while I see about that treasure you’re yammering on about. If we sail out on that ship, we’re going to die in the next storm. -05:16 Jul 15
Maria: Sounds great Collete. There’s enough treasure in that ditch Freddie tripped into that’d get us a brand new ship. *She replied, hating the thought of doctors but knowing there was no way out of it.* -05:19 Jul 15
Kessing: You shouldn’t be walking, Maria. That bullet might still be in you. -05:22 Jul 15
Collete: Aye. Go on… Kessing can come back for Freddie if the moron hasn’t woken up by then. *Collete put away her gun, already walking back in the direction them idiots were running from. It better be a damned good treasure!* -05:24 Jul 15
Kessing: *Chuckled softly.* I can’t argue with that logic. *He picked Maria up and headed for the doctor’s office. Of course, it was closed when he got there but he banged on the door as loud as possible!* -05:25 Jul 15

Finally a light came on, followed by muttering and cursing that grew louder and louder! “This had better be an emergency!” someone grumbled from inside!

Maria: *She raises an eyebrow at Kessing. Oh this was promising to be a friendly, "Gentle" doctor! She made a face as the doctor came to the door..* -05:27 Jul 15
Collete: *Meanwhile Collete came across a huge ditch that really was filled with coins! Not bad… There had to be a chest or barrel around here somewhere. She snooped around until she found the camp them bozos had set up. Bottles of rum everywhere, a couple shovels… Ah, there it is. A nice big chest. Why the fuck did they dump it out like that?! Morons!* -05:28 Jul 15
Kessing: *One arm supporting most of Maria’s weight, although he still held her in both hands, he suddenly had a gun out.* Good evening, doctor. -05:29 Jul 15

The doctor was suddenly wide awake and started to slam the door shut!

Maria: That’s one way to not get good service, Kessing. *She pointed out with a stare.* -05:30 Jul 15
Kessing: *Smirked and kicked out, sending the door flying back and the doctor stumbling backwards. He stepped inside and shut the door with his foot. Oh, it had been too long since he’d gotten to do something like that.* Tsk, tsk … Shutting the door on a patient? Bad form, doctor. -05:30 Jul 15

The doctor slowly stood and eyed Kessing and Maria. “Who are you? What do you want?”

Maria: *Innocent blink!!* I would just like these bullets removed? Sorry about the entrance… Kessing doesn’t have a whole lot of patience. *She added, trying not to provoke the doctor into making things worse- or denying her altogether.* -05:33 Jul 15

The doctor was still wary. He was dressed in his nightshirt and not much else.

Kessing: You heard her. Clear the table. Either she gets fixed … Or you do. -05:34 Jul 15

The doctor did just that! He got his tools!

Collete: *Having dragged the chest over to the ditch, Collete returned to Freddie and gave him a good sharp kick to the ribs.* Get up, you lazy ass. You’ve got work to do. -05:36 Jul 15
Kessing: *Placed her down on the table and flashed Maria a wicked grin.* I promise I’ll behave … for awhile. *He stepped back and kept his eye–and his gun–on the doctor!* -05:36 Jul 15

Frederick: *Freddie moaaaaaaned as he rolled over and was trying to sit up. When Collete told you to do something, you better damned get up!* I’ve been shot, woman..! Have a heart…!

Maria: *Snickers at the thought of Kessing being good.* Just remember,I could have waited till morning; so don’t scare the man Too badly… *Then, she was out cold as the shock wore off.* -05:38 Jul 15
Collete: And I’ll shoot you again if you don’t go help me shovel that treasure. *Collete turned on a heel, not waiting for him to get up.* -05:38 Jul 15

Frederick: …! *Freddie scrambled to his feet and followed after Collete! Once back at the ditcg, he flexed his manly muscles after he had a shovel thrown at him (hey! watch his head!) and shoveled coins in to the chest!*

The doctor was used to working under pressure so he was able to get to work on Maria without paying much mind to the gun–except when Kessing started singing an old pirate diddy about what a pirate did to a doctor just for looking at him the wrong way!

Maria: *Oh it’s not so bad! …..just a row of bullet wounds in her ribcage. Nothing worse than that! She sure picked just the right time to be out though…she hated stitches!* -05:43 Jul 15
Collete: *Collete kept watch. A couple goons usually belong to a boss somewhere. Whomever it was – they’d be pissed to find out their treasure was filched. Once Frederick finished shoveling the last of the coins in to the chest, she slammed it shut and latched it up.* Pick it up and follow me. -05:45 Jul 15

Frederick: *As ordered, Freddie hefted up the chest… It was a tiny bit heavy, but Freddie was built for heavy lifting! He only strained… a lot… but he wouldn’t ever admit it! He trudged after Collete, on their way to the doctor’s!*

[Collete headed straight to the doctor\’s with Freddie carrying a chest behind her!] -02:15 Jul 17

The doctor did his very best to operate on Captain Maria, but the row of bullets had struck a number of vital organs! It was beyond his repair as she lay bleeding to death on his table!

[Kessing was going to shoot the doctor anyways–but …] -02:17 Jul 17
Kessing: I understand, doctor. Thanks anyway. *So he stayed by Maria’s side and held her hand.* -02:18 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete didn’t bother knocking or waiting to be invited in, and wasn’t at all surprised to find a very grim scene. Shit happens in this business, and frankly, she was surprised the woman had lasted THIS long. Collete sighed!* We can’t linger. -02:22 Jul 17

Frederick: *Freddie set the chest down behind Collete, stretching his back and…* Cap’n?! She.. she’s not gonna make it?! …WHYYYY! *He quite dramatically fell to his knees and out stretched his hands!* Why! Why do all the women I love die, leave me, or slap me in the face! What a cruel world!

Kessing: *As soon as Frederick started talking, something happened to Kessing! He dropped into the chair and held his head.* -02:27 Jul 17

The doctor was clearly uncomfortable! But Alas! To the sounds of Fredericks woeful cries, Captain Maria died! “She’s gone…” Said the Doctor carefully, who still wasn’t all too sure whether or not these pirates were going to shoot him!

Kessing: *Lifted his head. Why was it throbbing? And why was he suddenly tired? He stood and walked out of the doctor’s office without a backwards glance.* -02:31 Jul 17
Collete: *She eyed Kessing, and blinked when he walked out the door!* …shit. *Collete slamed a few coins down on the table.* Bury her or burn her. I’ll be in this town again, I don’t take well to gossip. *She snagged Freddie by the collar and pushed him back towards the chest.* Pick it up and come on. *She was out the door to chase down Kessing!* -02:34 Jul 17
Kessing: *Was already heading back for the docks! But all he did when he got there was find a barrel to sit on and stare out at the ocean! Well … sit, stare, and occassionally stare at the gun he held in his hands!* -02:39 Jul 17

Frederick: But the cap’n..! *Maria said Collete was in charge if something happened to her, and the worst happened. Freddie gave one last manly sniffle as he hauled the chest up in to his arms and stumbled behind Collete! The poor cap’n! It should have been him! He’s the worst lover in the universe!*

Collete: *This was good at least she found him somewhere useful. Collete rest a hand on Kessing’s shoulder.* What are we staring at, and why is it so important? -02:41 Jul 17
Kessing: *It was several moments before he spoke.* The ocean … and the gun. You always hated his guts … You would have hated them more if you’d stayed. *He glanced at her.* But you would have been killed like the rest if you had. *He suddenly grinned and stood.* Well, looks like we got work ahead of us, Cap’n. Let’s take care of the ship and a new crew. -02:43 Jul 17
Collete: You’re a right mess, Kessing. *She muttered. But there wasn’t time to work on him now. Without a sailworthy ship and a crew, they’d be fucked! …And that’s when she realized she was the one in charge and had a chest full of money. Ohoho, a pirate’s dream. Collete grinned quite wickedly!* Frederick, stash that gold on the ship and lock it up tight. Kessing is going to get supplies and start on the repair work. I’ll be getting us a crew. -02:50 Jul 17
Kessing: *One of his trademark clueless grins!* Aye, aye, Cap’n. *He saluted and was instantly gone to get some supplies. He knew just the place, too!* -02:51 Jul 17

Frederick: *Freddie wanted to scratch his head but his hands were full!* What do I do when I lock it up, Cap’n?

Collete: March your ass back down here so I can tell you. …Stop standing there and move! *Collete turned on a heel and headed for the Bloodhen Tavern. No better place to pickup men ready and willing to do dirty n’ dangerous jobs!* -02:54 Jul 17

001 The Deathrunner

[Collete is the navigator for the ship, Death Runner and she didn\’t predict this storm! What is she, a weather seer?] -08:16 Mar 16

The wind blows with might as if Poseidon himself wants to seek his vengeance upon the ship! Waves upon waves of salt water!

Collete: Tie them ropes down! Take off them damned high heeled shoes and walk like a man! *Collete doth shouts over the howling of the storm to bark orders at crew mates!* -08:20 Mar 16
[Maria *Is Captain of her ship, the DeathRunner for a damn good reason! She keeps her focus entirely on sailing through this rather sudden storm, having sailed ships since before she could walk, this should prove no problem!* ] -08:22 Mar 16
[Kessing ties ropes, steadies masts, and tries not to get washed out to sea!] -08:26 Mar 16

This storm is an amazing disaster! The ship rocks and reels! Water sweeps people off the bow! There’s the sound of splintering wood…!

Frederick: Hey cap’n! I think you’re steering us off in to disaster! *Good old Frederick likes to state the simple and obvious! Oh yeah, he should be batted down the hatches!*

Collete: Quit your yapping and get back to doing your job, peon! -08:31 Mar 16
Maria: *Shit… that’s going to cost a pretty penny or two to fix! She winces as she hears that horrible splitting sound; this might take a while to repair her poor ship! Then she hears Frederick’s comment and scowls right at him!* Thanks so much Mr-State-the-Obvious! Now if you don’t mind navigating me to the nearest town? That’d be great. -08:31 Mar 16

Frederick: But I ain’t the navigator, cap’n! Collete’s the one that charted the damn course! *Mutter, mutter.. Like HE’S the peon… that’s old whorin’ Kessing over there…*

There’s not time for chatting! There’s a big omnious SMASH! Something BIG and something BAD just cracked a HUGE hole in the ship! And them waves are about to wash them away in to those big rocks ahead!

Maria: *She was about to come up with a reeeally snooty remark to Frederick like she usually did, when a whole offensively appear in her ship! She growls in irritation, that was another thing she has to repair! As she checks to see that her crewmates were alright, she herself was smashed by a huge wave of ice-cold water hits her full in the face, nearly knocking her away from the steering wheel, but she hangs on tight, and yells for Collete to get them to the nearest town before they all got washed away.* -08:38 Mar 16
Collete: We’re completely blown off course! Take her three degrees south east! -08:39 Mar 16
Maria: *She spins that wheel hard and heads for the south east, trying to stay upright while the storm seemed to be trying to drown her!* -08:40 Mar 16

SPLASH! Another monster wave crashes over the ship… ALL GOES DARK… An undetermined amount of time later… There’s the Deathrunner washed up on the shore of a deserted island beach… and no one to be found…

Frederick: *Except Freddie. He’s staggering across the beach looking for survivors!* Heeeee eeeeeey!! Don’t leave me out here alone! Ain’t one of you wimmonz around here so we can repopulate the earth…?!

Maria: *Amazingly all at the same time– she feels consciousness slip away altogether, her ship washed to shore somewhere…and she has no idea where everyone else is! This was a baaaaad day for Maria…..* -08:46 Mar 16

Frederick: ANYBODY…? Cap’n? *There laying broken and looking wetter than a drowned cat was the deal old cap’n. Alone with Cap’n on a deserted island? That can’t be all bad! Freddie drops to his knees next to her body, and kicks up the drama!* CAP’N! Oh god, not the cap’n! Poseidon, King of the Seas… TAKE ME! TAKE ME INSTEAD!

Collete: *Luckily for Collete, she’s washed up a good halfway across the island, and doesn’t have to listen to Fred’s stupid acting. …but now she’s gonna have to do some exploring and looking for other crewmates. Damned typhoons.* -08:50 Mar 16
[Collete needs a machette.] -03:08 Mar 17
[Maria *Was getting woken up by Frederick\’s awful yelling–and realizing she had a small concussion…* Ugh….Chill out already Frederick….and where is everyone else?? *She wants to know, trying to get to her feet!* ] -03:10 Mar 17

Frederick: *He’s obviously not listening, having thrown out his hands that conveniantly have landed on her boobs to press her back down!* You’re alive! Praise Poseidon you’re alive! It’s a glorious day!

Maria: ………. *She swats Frederick away like a pest! And hisses at him as she climbs back to her feet.* Tard, I told you to quit with the yelling. *Swats at him again!* And that was so not appropriate! *Unfortunately for Maria; she barely comes up to Frederick’s shoulder, and as luck would have it; she lost her swords, and her guns while being washed off the DeathRunner..Oh this was going to be fun….She rolls her eyes again and marches towards her ship, trying to survey how bad the damage was and if she could repair it in just a few days or if it would take a lot longer…* -03:16 Mar 17

Frederick: I never appreciated all the beatings until now! *Frederick says as she shuffles after le petite capitan.* I ain’t found anybody else yet, just a few bodies an you n’ me. She ship’s got a big whole in her, but shouldn’t be too hard to repair with a few days of hard work.

Maria: *Wait…..* Bodies? Where? Are they bodies of the crew? I’ll repair the ship only once we’ve got everyone else together. Not before. -03:19 Mar 17

Frederick: *Freddie rubbed his head lookin’ sorta sheepish and none too pleased with the topic. After all, he really liked being one of the only men on the ship surrounded by all them ladies, when Kessing wasn’t getting his paws on them… And he sure wasn’t in to dead bodies.* Uh.. there’s a few ate by sharks… and a couple on the beach…

Maria: *Wince…great…what a lovely captain she was proving to be! Suddenly oddly silent, Maria changes direction from the ship, and heads toards the beach…looking for any survivors. She was good at doctoring people up as well if not better than a legal doctor. If there were any crewmates of hers still alive; she’d be damned if she let them die off if they had a chance.* -03:24 Mar 17
Collete: *Meanwhile, Collete would kill for a machette. Was it fate to send her on the leafy and forest filled side of the island, or did she piss someone off? Wait.. does she hear something in the bushes? Collete ducks and listens!* -03:26 Mar 17

Frederick: *Freddie was used to this sort of thing, so of course he wasn’t silent.* So ya think there’s any good food on this island? Man, I bet this is one of them uncharted treasure islands Collete is always yammering about being an idea. If she ain’t ate up by them sharks or drowned out in the deep blue sea, I say we dig through them maps on the boat and find us some treasure!

Maria: *Feeling horribly incompetent; not to mention utterly responsible for sailing these crewmates into a death-trap typhoon…she almost wanted to quit being captain right then and there. Hadn’t she once been reputed for over 10 years the best captain since the old tyrant was overthrown? ….And this was what she had to show for it. All her crewmates; especially those she’d grown up with. Now killed. She didn’t see a single survivor except herself and Frederick. And no sign at all of Collete or Kessing….. She keeps trying to find any signs of life; but it’s too much like a battlefield.* -03:32 Mar 17

Frederick: *This was a side of the cap’n he doesn’t like! After all they all nearly died, and should be greatful they’re still alive.. even i the whole crew is dead and they’re the only ones left on the island. Oh. Now he feels like an asshole! Somehow, this was Kessing’s fault. Good old dead Kessing…* Hey Cap’n, how about we gather up the dead and have a bonfire funeral before we go looking for food and supplies?

Lurking in the trees near Collete is a strange looking form in stranger grass clothing. He’s carrying a spear with a dried up head tied to it!

Collete: *Collete waits until the person is within reach… the pounces! Silent as a predator she grabs him by the head and TWIST! Snaps his neck… Cannibals. They just had to crash on an island with cannibals…* -03:42 Mar 17
Maria: *She sighs a bit…..knowing there wasn’t anyone here she could save, and nods. She tries to keep the shock out of her mind from making her freeze and break down altogether by keeping busy. The crew did deserve a decent funeral at the very least. And she did her best to give them one…..she doesn’t say a word as the dead bodies burn to ashes. Remaining silent the entire time. It’s as if the captain were still there physically, but at the same time; somewhere else….* -03:43 Mar 17

The fire is spotted by “them” on the other side of the island…

Collete: *When the smell of smoke drifts towards her, she groans out loud! That was bound to be the Deathrunner and now they’re going to draw the cannibals right to them.. She heads quickly through the trees!* -03:45 Mar 17

Frederick: *It’s hard for Frederick to stay silent, but out of respect for the crew, he did so! Until something in the trees caught his eyes… Lots of somethings in the trees!* Uh…. uh cap’n…

Maria: *She looks up at the trees and finally snaps out of it long enough to curse.* I hope the natives are friendly, because I have no weapons. *She’d still pummel the daylights out of whoever tried to spear her thogugh! For someone so short—she was vicious!* -03:47 Mar 17

The people in the trees come out with spears. “UKA LUKA UGH FAHAFA!” Says the one that looks like the ring leader. It seems the want to lead these pale-faced strangers away in to the forest and aren’t taking no for an answer!

Maria: *Stares at the maniacs and grabs one of the spears! She attempts to yank it out of the nearest cannibal’s hand and spear him in the neck! She wasn’t tolerating bad welcoming parties right now…and even knees him in the stomach for good measure!* -03:51 Mar 17

ell that was a bad idea! Those people should have come quietly, as now they all pounce and attack with their spears, stone sharp weapons and hands of fury! Even the massively huge Frederick can’t fight them all off, and they’re both inevitably tied to sticks and carried off in to the forest!

Frederick: *Freddie is beaten and battered, but… always in good humor!* y’think they gonna eat us or sacrifice us to their god…?

Maria: *Crap! She goes down all too quickly…! And earns herself a lot of cuts and bruises. She eyes Frederick, good old reliable Frederick. This was probably the last time they’d be able to joke together!* Either that or just eat us raw. Depending on how fast we can provoke them. -03:54 Mar 17

The cannibals take their catch all the way back to their village where the meal service is already being prepared. Complete with a couple of already dead crewmates roasting over a fire and Kessing hanging upside down over a stew pot!

Maria: *Kessing! He was still alive… But apparently none of them were going to be for much longer…she sees the dead crewmates and winces again, mentally calling herself the worst captain in history.* Kessing! *She tries to wave to get his attention!* -03:58 Mar 17
[Kessing groans softly and tries to touch his aching head but–his arms are tied?!] -03:58 Mar 17

Frederick: Thank Poseidon… I hope they cook Kessing first! After a bite of him they’ll be too sick to eat us too!

Kessing: *He hears someone calling for him …!* Quit your yapping, Frederick! *He growls. Like he really needed Frederick "the Headache" to add to his misery.* How are you doing, Captain? -04:00 Mar 17

The cannibals prop the wood polls they’ve tied up Frederick and Maria too over a nice little fire.. They start throwing on some more kindling!

Maria: *That earns Frederick a good kick!* I’m ok Kessing! Just wishing I could have not sailed us all into this death trap…. you alright? -04:01 Mar 17
Maria: *Is tied up soon after that kick….and it was getting a little too warm for her liking.* -04:02 Mar 17
Collete: *Collete is a little late… She had to see if she could find the ship.. Only to discover the bonfire and footsteps all around it. Then she had to stalk after them to find herself outside of the cannibal village. … Lucky her, did the whole remaining live ones have to get themselves captured? She prowls around the area to sneak to a better location!* -04:02 Mar 17

Frederick: *Hot! Hot! Hot! He’s trying to blow out the fire as futile as it is!* I guess we’re the last ones to die! It’s been a good run Cap’n! Can’t say the same for you, Kessing, hope I see you in the lost land, but hey… How many can claim they were cooked and eaten?

Collete: *…That man was a moron. She had to surpress a groan. However, Collete managed to sneak inside one of the cannibal village huts… There had to be something in here that was useful.. Aha!* -04:05 Mar 17
Kessing: *If he only his arms were tied so damn tight … He tries to avoid swinging too much because that only makes him dizzy. He sees Frederick trying to blow the fire out and sighs inwardly. Really, if he was going to die why did this idiot have to be the last person he saw?* -04:05 Mar 17
Maria: *Ugh……she was coughing on the smoke now. The flames just got higher…and she was starting to feel a little more than singed!* You guys were great…..I hope I see you both on the other side. Maybe Collete was lucky and got herself somehere safe at least. -04:07 Mar 17
Collete: *Suddenly… a tall feathered hat clad form appears in ritualistic make up and the presence of a god!* CATAHUK! *… this better be the correct tribe…* GYU HITA KOKOMAKU INATEP! -04:10 Mar 17

GASP! It’s a collective sound from all of the cannibals! They look in utter awe and amazement before they all start bowing down in reverence! “INATEP! INATEP!” They chant!

Maria: *She tries to see through the smoke at what these cannibals were suddenly so enthralled with…but the smoke has clouded her eyes completely at this point; and now she felt burn makrs appearing on her back and legs! What was going on??* -04:13 Mar 17
Kessing: *Head throbbing, blood rushing to head, head beginning to feel light … He suddenly feels very tired. He can hardly keep his eyes open.* -04:14 Mar 17
Collete: HETA GATUPAY FORGI! *She motioned a hand at the captives in a quick forceful movement, and made a motion with her fist!* TAPUPAY GARU TANKU WEI! -04:15 Mar 17

The cannibals are suddenly on their feet! They splash water over the fires quickly, looking like the fear of god was slapped in to them! They free the tied up captives!

Frederick: *He was doing better, but he had thick skin and a hard head. Hey wait a second… is that Collete? He opened his mouth ready to call her name when the cannibals set him free – naw. Better idea. He grabbed Maria, threw her over his shoulder and suddenly started running in to the forest!

Maria: *She’s already lost consciousness; and can’t even protest when she’s thrown over Frederick’s shoulder—-but wait,… what about Collete and Kessing?! She would definitely want to make sure those two were with them if she were conscious!* -04:18 Mar 17
Kessing: *THUD! He’s suddenly free and shaking himself awake! He figures that for once Frederick has a right idea and makes himself disappear! Of course, he’s not too keen on following Frederick though, so he opts for taking a different turn instead!* -04:19 Mar 17
Collete: *God damned Frederick! He WOULD bail like a coward and leave her here to clean up the mess! Kessing looked about as useful as a sack of potatos, right now! … And there goes Kessing running off! She’s going to KILL them! But first-* Jirapu hakka o ti mei. GANTU. *She shouts, pointing a finger to the other side of the village!* -04:20 Mar 17

The cannibals seemingly frightened out of their wits, run in the direction Collete pointed.. likely towards the big mountain at the edge of the island!

Collete: … *Having her opportunity… Collete threw off the feathered headress and fancy cannibal clothes and took off after Kessing!* Kessing…! You’re going the wrong way…! -04:22 Mar 17

Frederick: *Frederick moved his ass like it was on fire! Crap! It WAS still on fire!! He was trying to swat it out with Maria over his shoulder as he ducked and turned in the forest trees!*

Kessing: *Skids to a stop and turns!* I was afraid of that … Thanks for the help by the way. I think I’m still a bit woozy in the head. So, which way is it? -04:24 Mar 17
Maria: *Tired……dizzy…Maria’s head only spun as Frederick continued to run faster! She unconsciously smacks him upside the head! Even when not conscious…..she was trying to smack some sense into that man! It seemed like a 24/7 job for that matter….not to mention impossible!* -04:24 Mar 17
Collete: *Collete didn’t stop moving, but simply grabbed Kessing by the collar of his shirt and dragged him off in the proper direction!* Got yourself in a damned fine mess, didn’t you! If it isn’t hard enough saving Freddie from himself! -04:26 Mar 17

Frederick: *Freddie finds… A waterfall with a big pool of water! Where he promptly runs in the water to put his ass out, and accidenly discovers a cave behind the falls! Perfect hiding spot, he deducts, and carts Maria on behind it!* Here we go Cap’n! Safe n sound!

Kessing: *Is dragged!* I didn’t plan on getting captured. I got washed ashore, wandered around a bit, and went to sleep. When I woke up, the cannibals knocked me out again and tied me over the pot. Speaking of sleep, I had the strangest dream … -04:29 Mar 17
Maria: *Winces……her head was not liking her at all right now…. but she wakes up quick enough to cough up the smoke in her lungs! She hurt pretty much everywhere, but she gets to her feet anyway.* ….Where is Kessing ? And what just happened? …. -04:30 Mar 17
Collete: Unless you were dreaming up a way to fix that ship without us get eating, I’m not sure I want to know. *Collete stops at the wall of a steep looking cliff. There’s a cave opening just above in the rocks. She sets Kessing free long enough to start climbing up!* -04:31 Mar 17

Frederick: Collete done pulled one o her miracles and saved our asses. Course, i was about to be knight in shining arm, break the ropes and get us out of there before she showed up… But I was gonna ditch Kessing and that’s some bad karma. Hey lemme check you out. *Rambles on Freddie, who doesn’t bother for a confirmation before he puts his hands all over the cap’n looking for mortal wounds.*

Maria: *Swats Freddie away again! She hurt a lot– that’s all she knew! Bah to mortal wounds; she wasn’t letting Frederick look; no matter how many years she’d known him! Besides– there were other personal scars she’d have to explain and she just didn’t want to.* I’ll live Frederick. How bout you? Did you get badly hurt at all? *Sneakilly avoiding the topic of her injuries– she’d patch herself up later.* -04:35 Mar 17

Frederick: *No one says no to Freddie, even when they beat him up! She’s got burns and he’s at least using the rags of his shirt to wrap them up good and tight! He almost cast a grin before he suddenly URKED and fell over!* yes…! Yes cap’n I think I’m powerful wounded…!

Maria: *Oi—stubborn arse! She protests the entire time, and isn’t too gentle in return when she patches him up– they’d have to find a first aid kit soon that much was certain. Right now there was barely the basics to use in emergeancies! But she did the best she could anyways.* I think you’ll survive too Frederick…. we’d better see about finding Collete and Kessing though…. No telling how far those two are off. -04:38 Mar 17
[Collete was telling Kessing she didn\’t care much about that dream… Unless it was useful.] -03:13 Mar 26
[Maria *Was in a cave with Frederick!* ] -03:13 Mar 26
[Kessing is pretty sure that dream is useful … Isn\’t it?] -03:14 Mar 26

Frederick: *Freddie was milking his injuries for all they were worth by rolling on the ground moaning in pain!* I can’t cap’n…. can’t move..!

Kessing: *Runs his fingers through his hair.* Hm. Wait. I guess they’re not very useful … You believe everything has a purpose though, don’t you, Collete? -03:15 Mar 26
Maria: *She pokes Frederick quite often! Nudging him in the ribs with her foot even!* Oh don’t even try that. If I can move around with as many wounds as you you can get up too. *Grumbles, nudging him again.* -03:16 Mar 26
Collete: *She peers down at Kessing casting him a cool look.* I suppose. I believe, if you don’t start climbing this cliff to get up in that cave that you’ll get eaten, and deserve it. -03:16 Mar 26
Kessing: Aye aye, ma’am. *He mutters as he starts climbing! It looks like this wasn’t the best time to be debating stuff.* -03:18 Mar 26

Frederick: Ow! Wummon! There’s some broken bones in there somewhere! Besides, them cannibals are still out there!

Maria: Bah….. We need to go find Kessing and Collete. Besides, those cannibals got a pretty bad scare from Collete….I don’t think they’d want to try again anytime soon. Plus I want to fix my ship, and will not be able to start unless everyone’s together. -03:22 Mar 26
Collete: *At the top of the cliff… yes! A cave! Collete pulled herself over the edge, dusted herself off and slowly entered… well… it wasn’t quaint. Or nice looking. But if was out of sight and a good place to hide until the coast was clear.* ma’am… *She snorts! ..and offers her hand to Kessing to help him up!* -03:23 Mar 26

Alas, but Frederick is right! There’s the sounds of drums and chanting! There’s a search party out there!

Frederick: …see… *He whispers as quietly as he can, which still ends up echoing… Good thing they’re behind a waterfall to drown out the noise!*

Maria: *Scowling! She saw that Frederick was right…* So now what? We just wait until they go away? Or are we stuck up here pretty much until we rot? -03:29 Mar 26

Frederick: *Freddie glanced around and.. uh… Doesn’t mention the skeleton he spots over in the far corner.* Uh… They’ll be gone soon, I’m sure! ….wanna play cards?

Kessing: *Sheepish grin. He hadn’t been thinking when he’d said that. He accepts her hand.* Thanks. *He looks into the cave and looks around at the surrounding landscape.* … Does this … place … look familiar …? -03:33 Mar 26
Maria: Do you even have a deck of cards, Frederick? *She really was bored to even consider humoring Frederick’s ideas…..or really dellirious from pain and exauhstion.* -03:34 Mar 26

Frederick: *He starts digging down the front of his pants, and not being subtle about it!* I got something down here, I’m sure…!

Collete: I’ve not been here myself. *She blew a bit of hair out of her eyes… This might be a long wait… Hungry cannibals are persistant on small islands… Collete found a dark place and plopped herself a seat.* Stop standing in the open! -03:37 Mar 26
Kessing: Hm … *He looks like he might just stand there all day but he finally turns and joins her. He drops down against the wall opposite her, one leg stretched out, the other with its knee up.* -03:38 Mar 26
Maria: *Men! Yucky creatures to say the least! Maria rolls her eyes, and takes off her cape to use as a pillow. Well, since they were probably going to be all out of anything interesting to do for a while….might as well get some sleep! She certainly wasn’t one to initiate conversations.* It’s going to be a looong night…..*Attempts to get comfortable on the solid ground.* -03:39 Mar 26

Frederick: Found it! *Frederick sat down next to Maria as he pulled out the deck of cards and started shuffling!* I figure we’ll get that boat fixed up in no time, and I supposed the four of us can sail it just fine. Collete can doa good bit more than navigating and Kessing ain’t too bad. Course, I don’t know who will do the cooking…

Collete: *It was dark in the cave, which gave her ample opportunity to eye him carefully. Damned Kessing.* If we manage to live long enough to take care of that ship, and find a good bit of treasure to make up for the damages… what do you think we’ll do next? -03:43 Mar 26
Maria: *Before she can even think about lying down, there’s Frederick with his cards! She decided sleeping would most likely be impossible in this place anyway. Considering the fact she slept best when she was onboard her own ship; something about being onland always bugged her. She decides to play a few cardgames to kill time.* You’re lucky I was taught how to cook really young. *Smirks a bit as he shuffles the cards.* -03:45 Mar 26
Kessing: *Blinks when she asks him that. But he thinks carefully about it.* Hm. Dunno, to tell you the truth. I never thought about "what next" before. What about you …? -03:45 Mar 26
Collete: In to the savings and then back to the sea. *Hrmph. Was she missing lady’s man Kessing? No! That would be stupid! In fact, she’ll remind herself why Kessing is a real pain in the ass, with a simple question!* What do you think about kids? -03:47 Mar 26

Frederick: *Freddie deals out the cards and continues his talking!* Thas good, cause I burn everything I try to cook. Man, momma always told me to marry a woman that can cook, and i guess your captain is like your wife, huh? Unless your captain is a man. Then he’s more like… uh.. your husband. And… I don’t want no husbands. …Go fish?

Kessing: Kids? *He grins in the dark and chuckles softly.* I never thought you the type to think of little ones, Collete. But since you mentioned it … I don’t think I could ever handle kids. I’m not up to the responsibility of teaching them and what not. I wouldn’t know how to be a role model if someone offered to teach me. -03:49 Mar 26
Maria: *Takes her hand ofcards and blinks.* Well I never figured it’d be like that Frederick. Then again, I’m really not the person to ask anything about captains. Haven’t been one long enough myself. And sure, Go fish I beat you in all the time. *Finds a few matches to set down before the game even starts.* -03:50 Mar 26
Collete: That’s what I thought. *Collete gave a grim smile. Of course he couldn’t handle kids, and neither could she! Pirates shouldn’t have kids! Ever! Damn man whoring son of a-* -03:52 Mar 26
Kessing: *Closes his eyes.* Collete … What brought you to the sea? I mean, were your parents sailors too? -03:53 Mar 26

Frederick: *And Freddie doesn’t have any matches, he’s really screwed!* Aww man… I know you ain’t prolly had no captains, but I gotta say you’re a whole lot better than some!

Collete: Hrrm. My mother was a whore, and my father could have been anyone. *Collete examined her nails. He history was no big deal to her. She only had one secret, anyway.* I joined someone’s crew and I enjoyed it, so I stayed. -03:55 Mar 26
Maria: Have any 2’s? And well, I did have a captain before, but I prefer not to talk about him. I’m just glad he’s dead. And if I’m that much better Frederick, we wouldn’t have landed in this mess with a whole crew dead and the four of us that are alive all split up. -03:56 Mar 26
Kessing: Someone’s crew? *He lowers his head to look at her, although he couldn’t really see her …* So, Maria and the Death Runner weren’t your first captain and ship? -03:56 Mar 26

Frederick: That ain’t no big thing, there be plenty o people I want to see dead too. * He makes an awful frownie face as he hands over his 2!* Us blowing in to a storm ain’t your fault anyway. More like Collete’s fault, but don’t tell her I said that or you’ll be another man down…

Collete: Nope. I spent most of my time on another ship. It’s got a new captain now, and I wouldn’t be caught dead on it again anyway. -03:59 Mar 26
Maria: *Snickers slightly, and takes the card from him, laying down another match to her ever growing stack! Soon she’d have 5 matches! Poor Freddie indeed.* I suppose it’s just another one of those freak accidents. As for people you’re wanting dead– I hope that doesn’t imply Kessing does it? -04:00 Mar 26

Frederick: *For a moment Freddie looked guilty, but at least he didn’t look blood thirsty!* Naw.. well yeah, but not really. Kessings a right prick with all them girls hanging all over him like he’s a prized bale of diamonds, and then he goes showin’ me up while I’m workin’ and flexing those muscles! One of these days I’m gonna break that nose of his!

Kessing: New captain, huh? *He leans the back of his head against the wall and looks up at the ceiling.* It must be weird. Being the old captain and realizing you’re not the captain of the ship anymore. Whatever happened to the old captain? Did he die? -04:03 Mar 26
Collete: Yep. Looks like he’s pretty dead. *Collete scowled. Might’ve been better if he was dead, rather than getting dragged out of the sea and ending up on the Death Runner. And she should have let him get eaten by those cannibals too. My, she must be getting old and softie… * -04:05 Mar 26

Within sight of Collete and Kessing in the cave, the bow of a ship approaches. Even from this distance, the flag can be seen. Black with a white bird with a skull in its talons. A pirate ship and an infamous one. The Harbinger.

Kessing: *Doesn’t know what makes him look outside. Maybe he was just bored … or maybe he needed something to take his mind off of things, weird dreams and familiar islands. He gets up and moves to the opening, stopping when he gets to the edge of darkness, still out of sight. That ship …* -04:11 Mar 26
Collete: *She’s watching him like a hawk… and suddenly starts coughing! Of all the ill omen, bad luck, rotton karma things to happen..! Not Kessing’s damn ship! …Cough! Coughcough!* -04:12 Mar 26
Maria: *Grins. Jealous guys always amused Maria..* You know Frederick, if you used more braincells now and then, you might actually get a few more girlfriends. *She reminds him its his turn to ask for a card.* -04:12 Mar 26

Frederick: Any sevens? *He grumble grumbles!* Ain’t wanting no girlfriends… girls ain’t nothing but trouble! they take your clothes, and spend your money, and then they leave you for Kessing!

Kessing: *Collete’s coughing yanks his attention away from the ship. Enough so that he completely forgets about his odd fascination with the mystery ship! He walks back to her, guided by the sounds she’s making.* Collete? Are you alright? Maybe we should find another place to hide … *Although their options were pretty slim at this point.* -04:14 Mar 26
Collete: *Cough!Hack! …Idiot, where the hell else are they supposed to hide? Christ…She was only going to be able to fake cough for so long before she hacked up a lung for real.* I… I..ah… can’t breath! *…shit, even Freddie could come up with better lines!* -04:17 Mar 26
Maria: *Maria laughs outright at this.* Not all women are cheaters, Frederick. Just as I suppose not all men are evil and heartless. *Her eyes darken a bit at that statement; as if she herself wasn’t quite so sure on that statement…yep she looked pretty doubtful indeed for some reason she wasn’t telling.* -04:17 Mar 26
Maria: Oh and Go-fish. -04:17 Mar 26

Frederick: *Freddies goes a-fishin’!* Aw man… I know I ain’t no heartless bastard. Who got your panties all in a twist and man hatin’? You almost sound as bad as Collete, but at least you ain’t shoving us menfolk off board every time you get frustrated…

Kessing: *He sighs and scratches the back of his head. The sooner they found the captain and Frederick the better … * Collete, what’s going on here? *Sheesh, even he could see she was faking it. But why the hell was she acting like this?* -04:20 Mar 26
Maria: *She smirks again and asks for any Queens.* Man hating? No, can’t say I man-hate. Just doubt them a lot is all. Spose that’s why I’m never going to settle down with a family. But that’s my own fault and I don’t regret it. -04:21 Mar 26
Collete: *Cough! Co-… He’s not buying it. Collete stps her hacking, picks up a pebble and chucks it at his head.* Trying to lure your fool behind away from that opening before you draw every man-eater here with that flashy shirt of yours! -04:21 Mar 26
Kessing: *Mutters under his breath, although the pebble does miss his head. Not by much though, as it hits his ear.* I’m right here. In the dark. Beside you. *He moves back to where he’d been sitting before he’d stood, across from her.* Cannibal or not, you’re acting strange. -04:24 Mar 26

Frederick: *Mooooaaan! She’s taking all of his cards! There goes his sassy queen!* What you need is a man to show you a night on the town! Some dancin’ and eatin’ and sex that doesn’t make ya cry! Cause I’m tellin’ ya, I had some wimmon that made me cry, and I ain’t doin’ that again!

Collete: Watch your mouth, Kessing. Cause I’m damn well happy to cut your tongue out and make you the ship’s mute. *Collete moves to the other side to sit next to him, and make sure she’s blocking his view of the outside. As long as the Harbinger doesn’t decide to come on land, they won’t be totally screwed.* -04:26 Mar 26
Maria: *Takes the Queen card and sets it down with the other Queens.* Let’s not talk about my experiences in that department. It’s not a safe subject at all. And I don’t know what a night on the town would be like,but I definitely already know about the rest– it isn’t fun at all. -04:27 Mar 26
Kessing: *Is silent for a moment … And then he reaches out and touches the back of his hand to Collete’s forehead.* Hm. Not hot so no fever. *He cups her cheeks. Then, he sits back as if he’s studying her in the dark.* … *He goes back to being silent. And, of course, Kessing being Kessing, him being silent never means well. For anyone involved.* -04:29 Mar 26

Frederick: Was pretty bad huh? I remember my first time in the sack with a woman. It was with this old hag whose boobs sagged to the floor, but i was gettin pretty damned old to not of had any yet so I though, what the hell?

Collete: *She wrapped her fingers around his wrists and was about ready to yank his hands away, snap at him, and maybe break his fingers but…* Kessing… Don’t go silent on me… -04:32 Mar 26
Maria: *Eeew! That was just horrible! She kicks Frederick in the shins for bringing that up! And then promptly informs him he’s lost the game as they both run out of cards, and she apparently has 10 matches to his 4!* I’m only going to say my first time wasn’t willing. The rest weren’t either; but the bastard is dead, so it doesn’t matter. The end. *Yawns slightly. She was getting tired… But she probably wouldn’t sleep until Kessing and Collete were found.* -04:35 Mar 26

Frederick: *Frederick snorts!* if that how it was… A good damn thing the blighter’s dead! I’d go track ‘im down myself and gut him up like a sunday feast! Ain’t nobody can get away with messing with my captain, especially now that I got one that’s not beatin’ me with switches and looks purdy!

Kessing: *Feels her fingers around his wrists but it’s still several moments before he says anything.* There’s … something about that ship … But curiousity killed the cat. *He murmurs under his breath, so his words are barely audible even in the cave.* -04:38 Mar 26
Collete: Don’t go opening Pandora’s Box, Kessing. *She wasn’t supposed to feel bad for him…* We should find the captain. -04:42 Mar 26
Maria: *Eyebrows raise again! Well considering Frederick was a fairly new crewmate..* Don’t worry. It’s just the captain I killed when I was 15… so there’s no reason to bother even looking. He’s not coming back. And hopefully your old captain got whats coming to him too. *She was also trying to hide the fact her cheeks were bright red!*Who was your old captain though…..if you don’t mind me asking…? -04:43 Mar 26
Kessing: … Yes. *Was all he says, although whether he means her warning or about finding the captain is anyone’s guess.* -04:43 Mar 26

Frederick: If you don’t mind, Capn’ I feel better not mentioning his name. It’s like talking about someone you hate. You say their name once and they just pop around the corner out ta get ya.

Collete: *Collete sighed. She pulled his hands from her face, but leaned forward close enough to mumble in his ear.* You’re a hopeless man, Kessing. Let’s get going. -04:46 Mar 26
Maria: *He had a point there… she decided not to risk it.* Good point… Do you think those cannibals have gone yet? We really should find Collete…….*She grins now* And yes, you’re favorite person, Kessing. *Attempting to bring some humor into this dark conversation like any good captain would!* -04:46 Mar 26

Frederick: …I hope she left Kessing for dead. Skewered on a roasting pole, or dangling off the edge of a cliff with spears all in ‘im!

Kessing: *His mouth quirks at one corner in the dark as he gets up. He casts one last look to the ocean, as if trying to get one last look at the ship.* Yeah. Hopefully the cannibals have found someone else to roast by now. What are our chances of patching up the ship enough to make it out of here? -04:49 Mar 26
Collete: I say.. we’re probably going to make it, but we’ll be half dead and maybe missing a limb or two. *She snaps her fingers in front of his face to catch his attention back, before pointing her finger at the edge for him to climb down!* -04:50 Mar 26
Maria: Bad Frederick, you do not! And I’ve lost enough crewmembers today so I’m going to go see if those cannibals are still out and lurking. *She goes to the cave entrance to look for the mob!* -04:50 Mar 26

Frederick: But Capn…! No one will miss him! *Frederick follows after the captain like a wounded puppy! Stupid Kessing.. The captain is prolly in love with him too!*

Kessing: *Snapping her fingers in front of him does the trick as he shakes his head and starts climbing down. He checks to make sure the coast is clear first! Time to get his head out of the clouds and get back to the business of staying alive!* -04:53 Mar 26
Collete: *Collete scans the sea to find that ship… If Kessing weren’t along, she might have Maria got attack the sonsofbitches and sink them to the ocean floor. But for now, she waits until Kessing is a good ways down before following after him!* -04:54 Mar 26
Maria: *Grumbles at Frederick to hush and stop being jealous! Kessing wasn’t her type! But he was a good crewmate, and Collete was navigator for a reason…. she didn’t do the whole love thing! So there! She starts climbing down to the bottom!* -04:55 Mar 26
Kessing: *He takes his time but he hurries. He checks his footing and his holding as he goes and as soon as he knows both are firm, he moves. He finally gets to the bottom and keeps a look out for cannibals. So far, so good … He waits for Collete to get down, spotting some nearby brush they can dive behind for quick cover.* -04:56 Mar 26

Frederick: *Fredie was grumbling again, but he was at least obedient as he trudged after Maria! *

Collete: *As soon as she close enough to the ground, Collete jumps down next to Kessing… The coast is clear so far… She leads the way in to the trees!* -05:01 Mar 26
Maria: *When they’re both safely at the bottom, she immediately began looking for Collete and Kessing! They could be anywhere though!* -05:02 Mar 26

Back out at sea, the mysterious ship lets down anchor and two boats are sent out! They are filled with men who are armed to the teeth!

Kessing: *He quickly follows after her. He keeps a sharp eye for cannibals, wild animals, or anything else that might be running wild here. Speaking of animal, he’s sure to spot Frederick–who sticks out like a thumb anywhere!* -05:04 Mar 26

Frederick: *Frederick is a good crew member, but his directions stink! Plus.. he sort of got distracted by a monkey, so he got a tiny bit lost from Maria! Uh ohs!*

PFFFT! A big spear goes flying past Kessing’s head! They’ve been spotted by the cannibals!

Kessing: *Blinks as the spear THUDS! into the tree in front of him! So much for being invisible!* We got company! *He yells and hightails it after Collete!* -05:07 Mar 26
Maria: *………Damnit! She turns around just once and sees that Frederick is nowhere in sight! She goes off to look for him and Kessing and Collete! Double Damn! Why was Frederick so bad at staying focused?!* -05:07 Mar 26

The monkey goes leaping from tree to tree and just as Frederick goes breaking through some brush–he finds himself with a faceful of guns and swords!* “Well, look wha’ we have here, boys!” a strange pirate roars.

Frederick: *Freddie blinks.. And… uh… heh heh. He looks pretty nervous!* Hey there boys… I’m justa strollin’ around this nice pretty island. I’ll let you get back to your own walk! *He inches back for the trees!*

“Oh no ye don’t!” the pirate shouts. “Boys!” The pirates are quick to surround Frederick. He’s not going anywhere. “Now … what be ye doin’ here on our island?” That gun presses right up against Frederick’s nose!

PFFFT! PFFFT! Lots of spears flying! THOCK! With a bit of luck and precision one nails Collete to a tree via the arm! The cannibals are circling fast and close!

Collete: *A pirate woman doesn’t scream! Besides, it was only a little bit of a nick, she struggles to pull the spear out of the tree without ripping a good gash in her flesh!* Sonofabitch! -05:11 Mar 26

Frederick: *He casually…well as casually as he can, pushes the gun away from his nose!* Afraid I’m tonight’s meal for them local cannibals. You wouldn’t have any pepper, would ya…?

Maria: *Is unaware of the danger Fredie is in, but she suddenly stumbles upon a gang of armed men– and they were definitely picking on her right-hand man! That was not nice….! She finds a brick— yes an actual brick! Right near her foot. She picks it up, winds her arm back, and hurls it right for the goon pointing his gun at Frederick’s nose! And she had a great aim too…hopefully this throw would prove that!* -05:15 Mar 26

The men are only too happy to have some female company! They hoot and holler and find amusement in Maria’s little antics! Frederick is already being wrestled to the ground by a few other men while others grab Maria!

Kessing: *Struggles to hold Collete until he realizes just how much of her flesh the spear got! So he turns to buy her some time and take down some cannibals. He yanks a spear out of the ground at his feet and uses that to fight them off!* -05:19 Mar 26

Frederick: Hey! HEY! Watch the family jewels! HEYO! Get ya paws off my capn’! I’ma gut ya! I’ma gut ya all like fishes…!

Maria: *Ooo shit…! That’s not good! Too bad there weren’t anymore conviniently heavy objects lying around to knock these creeps out with! But she’s pissed about being grabbed and headbutts the closest goon, while kicking another in the balls!* Hands off! Or I’ll feed them to the sharks! *She’s reeaallly getting annoyed! Damn the sea for taking her guns and her swords!* -05:20 Mar 26
Kessing: *help -05:20 Mar 26
Collete: Kessing..! Cut that shit out and get to the captain! *She’s tugging hard… She knew one of them was going to lose a limb!* I can handle them myself! Get lost! -05:21 Mar 26
Kessing: How the hell can I possibly leave you behind! I don’t even know where to start looking for the captain! -05:21 Mar 26

Ha Ha Ha! Puny little white people! You can not escape the cannibal tribe, for you are nearly surrounded! So much for escape as the circle around Kessing with their spears aimed!

“Perhaps we should bring ye along as additional gifts to the chief! Cap’n is always saying we should give ’em a special treat! Ain’t that right, boys?” The leader of the band yells. The others laugh and holler.

Frederick: I ain’t swinging the capn’s way! I got enough meat o my own! *Frederick of course assumes they’re talking about him. He’s a huuuuge man, and he ain’t going down without a big blood fist busting, nose breaking, rib cracking fight!*

Kessing: *Outnumbered and outspeared … He drops the spear and lifts his hands. Well, now he can say he was captured by cannibals twice in one day!* -05:24 Mar 26
Maria: *She looks at Frederick like he was a total dork! But she can agree about going down fighting, and she’s launching an uppercut towards the leader’s nose! She wasn’t tolerating any of this nonsense!* -05:25 Mar 26
Collete: What is it about GO do you not understand, Kessing?! *Got it! She yanked out the spear with enough force to send her crashing to the ground, and quickly jumps up on her feet again! She’s — …surrounded.* Damnit, Kessing! You never listen to me! -05:25 Mar 26

The leader of the band is no idiot. While the others move to oblige Frederick, he takes his gun and aims it at Maria. “Keep fightin’ and she dies, matey! Want that on yer conscience, do ye?”

Frederick: *Frederick freezes!* …aw now, damnit, Now you got my balls in between a rock and a hard place…

Kessing: *Is thoughtful for a moment.* Actually that’s not true. There was that one time, you told me to go jump off a cliff and I didn’t–Bad example. Well, there was that one time–No, I didn’t listen to you then, either. You know, I’m starting to see your point. -05:27 Mar 26

Cannibals hoot and hollar in victory! Wait… what’s this? They’re pointing at Collete and sounding much flabberghasted and… angery! They can see some of that left over makeup on her face… They impersonated their chief and god?! …These meals will suffer the ultimate pain!

The leader turns to the man closest to him. “Karl, tie her up nice and tight. Methinks we brought some of the ship’s rope onshore. Then sling her over yer back. You lubber-boy are goin’ to go nice ‘n easy. Or I’ll put a bullet in her head or a knife to her throat quick than you can swing those fists of yers.” Then the pirates start marching–to the cannibal village for their annual tribute!

Kessing: *Glances over at Collete to see what they’re gawking about. He sees the makeup …* We are screwed. So. Very. Screwed. -05:30 Mar 26
Collete: *….They’re screwed. She even tries to reason with them in that native language, but… Uh, once you pissed off the tribe you’re pretty much fucked.* This is great… If you had RAN like I TOLD you to, there’d be somebody alive to do a rescue! -05:30 Mar 26
Maria: *… Well so much for the punching! All that got her was a gun pointed at her head… and she couldn’t really do much about that! She keeps silent, but she’s plotting on how they could possibly escape!* -05:31 Mar 26

Frederick: *Frederick had no choice but to move along so his poor capn doesn’t get shot and gutted! Man they’re screwed!*

Kessing: Me? A rescue? I can’t even tie boot laces together! *He mutters.* -05:32 Mar 26

Stab! Jab! Shove! Push! The cannibals practically abuse them back to the cannibal village, where they announce quite loudly about the imposter and the escape! And the punishment for this horrible deed… Being impaled on the cliff and used and target practice!

The small pirate band makes great timing and they’re at the cannibal village in no time. They’ve brought their annual tribute treasures and such in return for safe passage for the entire year. Their little agreement with the tribe has been going on for quite awhile. The tribal leader comes of his hut to greet them and he and the leader of the pirate band head into the hut to discuss things. Meanwhile, Frederick and Maria are tied to stakes in the center of the village!

Collete: *Collete pales! What a great way to die… she… she won’t mention the details to Kessing, he can just be surprised about it! ….And there’s Freddie and Maria tied to a stake!* ….godammit! -05:35 Mar 26
Kessing: … On the bright side, at least we won’t be alone when we die. *He remarks. He doesn’t understand what they’re saying but by the look of Collete’s face … he’s better off not knowing.* -05:36 Mar 26

The cannibals are pleased to have a couple for a meal and a couple for target practice! Their evening is saved! They make sure to drag Collete and Kessing over to the cliff wall to be prepared for impaling!

Maria: *Maria is tied up and watching poor Collete and Kessing suffering. And she couldn’t come up with ONE single brilliant plan at all to save them….. man,she sucked so bad at being a good captain that even Frederick would have been a better one!* -05:40 Mar 26
Collete: *Shit! Damnit! Screwed! Wait… is that… old crew mates? From Harbinger? …. Shit! That’s just what they need! A trip down memory lane! Wait… idea!* JIMMY DEAN! Jimmy Dean, it’s Collete! Tell these heathens to let us loose! -05:41 Mar 26

One of the men waiting outside blinks when someone calls his name. He squints … Then he hurries over! “Collete! What in Neptune’s name–!” he whispers.

Frederick: *At least Freddie is in good humor!* I hope they don’t dry me out so my meat is all tough…

Collete: Let’s not waste time yammering, Jimmy. Just tell them to let us all loose and I’ll forget you owe me three gold pieces and a new gun. *Please Jimmy Dean, don’t be a complete ass like the rest of those jerks!* -05:45 Mar 26
Maria: *Good ol Fredie! He always had the best humor…* I guess if you’re dry, they can always just add more seasoning. You’ll probably make great leftovers. -05:46 Mar 26

Jimmy glances from side to side. He can get into a lot of trouble for this! It was one of the captain’s rules Once a member of the crew left, he–or she–cut all ties to the crew. But … this was Collete … He quickly turns to the nearest native and starts talking to him in his tongue. He tells him there was a mistake and this one is marked for the captain. He tells the native to be quick about it or else his captain will get angry and then the chief will become angry and a mad chief is a bad thing. The native falls for it and cuts Collete loose. \”Quick, Collete, you must flee. Now!\” he whispers as loud as he dares.

Collete: Jimmy Dean, you know I’m not leaving without the rest of them. *She hisses through her teeth… but just as quick she puts on a smile!* You know that kiss you always wanted? I’ll give you that and a little extra if I get the rest of them too. -05:49 Mar 26

Jimmy blinks and scowls. “Collete, you will get me killed for sure! If not these natives then by the Cap’n!” Then he happens to look up at the man tied up beside her … “Is that …?” It changes his mind and he turns to the native and orders them to be cut down as well. He sneaks over to Maria and Frederick and orders them cut down as well by another native while the other pirates are throwing dice and getting a look at the cannibal females.

Kessing: *Maybe those natives beat him up more than he’d first figured … because now he was certain he was seeing and hearing things … Collete knew this pirate guy and the pirate guy was getting them loose. And there he went, setting Maria and Frederick free … This was turning out to be one very LONG day … He lands neatly once he’s cut down.* -05:54 Mar 26
Collete: I’ll make it easier on ya, Jimmy. *She waits until everyone is cut loose before snagging Jimmy and giving him a classy Collete knock-em-out kiss! Complete with stealing Jimmy’s gun and clobbering him in the head with it!* Okay, everybody needs to move their feet fast and get out of this village before hell breaks loose! *She’s got the gun ready to shoot anybody that protests.. Cannibal or otherwise!* -05:56 Mar 26
Maria: *She’s cut loose and lands not quite as steady on her feet as Kessing! But she’s just glad to live long enough to actually see herself following Collete out of their bad situation! Being eaten was not on the captain’s list of daily activities! She just wanted to get the hell out of there and back to her ship!* -05:58 Mar 26
Kessing: *Pauses beside the guy Collete just knocked out … Jimmy Dean … But before he gets lost in his daydreaming, he quickly follows after everyone!* -05:58 Mar 26

Frederick: Uh… Yes ma’am! Lets getting going capn! *Replies Freddie who’s out of there like a fleeing mongoose!*

Collete: Forget the repairs! If she can float, we’re setting sail! -06:01 Mar 26
Kessing: *Could not agree more! He hightails it with them back to the ship, hoping beyond hope that The Death Runner is still able to keep above water.* -06:04 Mar 26
Characters: Fantasy Characters: Historical

Collete Craven

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Character Name: Collete Craven
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Navigator & Captain
Age: Young 30s?

General Appearance: Collete sports a toned body after years of sea-faring labor. She is lean and well sculpted with sun bronzed skin, pitch black hair and dark brown eyes. She doesn’t bother to wear clothing to make her stand out, and is happy as long as she can move and work without it being an inconvenience.
Current Goal/Purpose: Lacking any long term goals, Collete lives life one day at a time. Making money is always good, so is staying alive.
General Personality: Collete is strong, stoic, confident. Had she been a man she would have been a great success in the world, widely respected for her gusto and commanding nature. But since she’s a woman, she’s considered a bitch. The ice queen. A conniving seductive scorpion who pulls you in and gives a fatal sting. Collete does not make friends or allies easily. Her honor and integrity are greatly important to her, and despite her less than legal habits, Collete still holds herself to a strict code of virtue. Never betray a friend. Do not harm the innocent. Too bad for the world, there are few she finds innocent or a friend. As a rule she keeps people at arm’s length – not because she is afraid of being hurt, but because she finds most people beneath her. To Collete, the human race in general is filled with stupid weak people. If you can’t run with the big dogs, you need to stay home. And Collete considers herself a big dog. On the rare occasions that Collete connects with someone on a real level, she is fiercely loyal. To earn Collete’s respect is a very powerful thing.
General History:
Just another poor homeless child in the cold cruel world. Collete’s family weren’t any better than other street scum. Her mother was a opium addicted whore, and her father was – well, Collete has no idea who that could be. At a painfully young age Collete discovered that her mother’s profession was sad existence. Once she realized she was getting old enough to be “recruited”, Collete ran away to see if she could make a life on her own.

Life isn’t easy for a homeless girl on the streets. A lot of people try to take advantage, and Collete learned that you can’t survive unless you get real nasty. Anyone that tried to harm or cheat her was rewarded with a surprise blade in the gullet. Knowing how to spare herself from unsavory types helped greatly as Collete tried many jobs here and there to support herself.

All of these odd jobs eventually led to a life on the sea. Collete found that she took very well to the ocean, and her first experience with sailing was a good one. During her years of sailing with various vessels Collete found herself on the The Harbinger, Navigator for Captain Kessing. She and Kessing had a frivolous affair. Nothing too serious, and she didn’t expect anything more. Kessing was a known flirt.

But when Collete realized she was pregnant… this changed everything. It complicated her feelings about Kessing, about her life, about everything. Collete left the ship without explanation. She knew that Pirates had no business raising kids, and there had to be a better left for the kid. Going back to land, she spent her pregnancy with a family out in the country, claiming to be “the victim of an abusive marriage”. Once her child was born – a son – Collete knew that she could never raise a child the way he needed to be raised. She left a note for the family asking them to care for her son, and not to ever mention his true mother. She left in the night and has since never returned.

It had been two years since she left Kessing’s ship and when she found it again, she discovered that one of the crew members, Godric Scarblade, had mutinied and Kessing was dead along with a vast majority of the former crew. Collete, though itching for a little vengeance, found it futile and joined up with another crew.

Becoming navigator on the Deathrunner under the Captainship of Maria, by coincidence Collete found that Kessing was very much alive… only without any memory of his former life! Deciding he was better of not knowing, Collete never brought their past up, but remained crew on the ship to keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile they discover that Maria was once a slave to Godric Scarblade, and by a little bit of luck and good timing had stolen his ship along with his mutinous crew. When he came seeking Maria for revenge he discovered Collete was on her crew… Collete of whom he very much wanted as his pet ever since he admired her on Kessing’s crew! He also discovered Kessing was still alive… The man he had grown to hate with severe jealousy!

During the escape (and coincidentally stealing some treasure) Maria was shot and killed. Collete became the new captain of the Deathrunner. Now Collete is mixed between keeping Kessing away from Godric, or finally helping him regain his memories and getting some good old fashioned vengeance.

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