Stolen Heart 002: A Princess in a Tower

Dagon: As the cold of night descended around them he made for the countryside, the city sliding away into the growing dark. The further they went the more exotic the landscape would become, and he wouldn’t stop until the sun was clear of the horizon once more and the golden fields gave way to arid pastures. These were the lands away from her kingdom and into the lawless wastes between his lands and the eastern empires. Only traders, nomads and scoundrels walked these lands and it is here, in an old sentry tower that he kept home where he needed to stay hidden. It was comfortable enough, for a person used to cheap inns and sleeping in the saddle and was supplied enough for weeks, and it was here he drought his guest.

He halted the mount and turning in the saddle roused Rosabel his hood drawn over his head as protection from the sun as it gained strength. “We’re here.” he said indicating the dilapidated building. Everything on the outside indicated it was abandoned, he kept it that way, even if the inside was furnished and cozy. “I doubt they will find us here, very few can. We can rest and I will make arrangements from here when thing have settled down, now are you hurt?”

Rosabel: Rosabel didn’t know at what point in the night she fell asleep. Leaning precariously against the man’s back and just barely staying in the saddle. Her intent was to watch the path they took, so when she finally escaped, she could find her way back home. Once she was awake, blinking her eyes wearily at the blinding daylight, all of those plans sunk to the pit of her stomach along with her despair. From her perspective, they were in the middle of no where, in front of a building she was sure had been taken by the flora for a hundred years. If that was supposed to be their safe place, Rosabel was sure it would be miserable.

His question took her by surprise, however. She found herself staring at the hooded figure (that she was now aware called himself Dagon), as she slipped off the horse’s saddle to drop stiffly to her feet. Her body ached in every which way imaginable, but she didn’t carry any wounds. Rosabel supposed they made such a hasty retreat that even she hadn’t thought about injuries until now.

“No… not hurt.” she slowly replied. Turning away from him to take a few wary steps towards the abandoned building. There was no obvious way to tell where the door was, it was so covered in vines and over-growth. “You don’t actually… live here, do you…?”

Dagon: He walked the horse to where an overgrown pile of rubble marked where a stable once stood and with got his bearings. “No one lives here, thats why its safe. I come here from time to time when I need to. Its not my only place but its the most isolated.” He dismounted and bending down at an unremarkable patch of dead weeds felt around for a second before pulling up the wooden frame that held together the camouflage. Beneath that an aged wooden hatch rested level with the ground and set against the ivy covered wall. He grabbed the iron ring and with effort lifter the hatch up and revealed a stone ramp into the underground stable for one.

“There, home, for now he led the horse down into the darkness before walking up to one of the torches set in brackets on the wall and struck it. What was revealed was a surprisingly roomy stall and hay store that miraculously hadn’t decayed in time, either he came here more often than he claimed or some form of magic was in play. He walked back up the ramp and pulled both it and the camouflage frame closed before opening a couple of barred shutters, their openings hidden from the outside by overgrowth but they were enough to let in light and air.

“We’ll be staying further up the tower, you’ll find it more homely than it looks from the outside. Most likely less then what you’re used to but its not like you’re going anywhere.” he unbracketed the torch and with it in hand mounted the stairs towards the pantry and living area.

Rosabel: “Bad people always put princesses in towers…” Rosabel responded morosely. Though, she had to admit, at least to herself that she found the place very intriguing. The stables looked warm and dry, and as the moved up the stairs to enter a small living space, it didn’t look any where near as terrible as she was expecting. Granted, it was not a palace of riches, but it was clean and comfortable.

Stepping carefully the room much like a tense and wary cat inspecting new surroundings, Rosabel would poke at things and make a note of where the doors were. In this room there weren’t any windows, so she assumed the higher they went up in the tower, there would be more windows.

She paused near the end of the room, frowning as she flexed her hand and shook it. Her blood felt tingling and cold, almost as if she had snuck wine from dinner. It was an uncomfortable feeling, but she shook it off as she caught back up with Dagon.

“Do I get a room to myself, or will you be spying on me all the time?” she asked.

Dagon: “Having you in the same room as me would make it very difficult for me to conduct my business.” He said “And what kind of host would I me if I didn’t allow my guest privacy.”

He continued moving up passing another door that separated the entire floor from the stairwell, he ignored the door and instead stopped at the next one. “This is your room, yo can to anywhere in the tower you like, the floor above is a library. See I don;t have you in the highest room.”

He smiled and unlocked the door before moving to go back down the stairs. “I’ll be in the kitchen, if you’re hungry it will be done in an hour, if you don’t join me I’ll bring some up and one more thing. I would try to get out the window.”

He turned and moved past her back down the staircase the stairs creaking under his feet, and the choice of room became clear, he would hear her coming and going from the floor below where presumably he would sleep.

[Rosabel doesn’t intend to stay in captivity long, even if he -did- warn her not to try the window.] -05:25 Jan 26
Rosabel: The moment he was gone, Rosabel did exactly what he told her not to do. She marched straight for the window and pushed the curtains back. Fully intend on climbing down the tower one way or another. -05:27 Jan 26
[Dagon had dealt with enough hostages to expect her to try something] -05:30 Jan 26
Dagon: He paused outside the door hearing the window, silly girl the vines wouldn’t let her get out he shakes his head and starts down the stairs, food is beakoning. -05:31 Jan 26
Rosabel: Rosabel pushed open the window and leaned out. But the moment she tried to hop up on the ledge or swing a leg over the sill, the vines crept up in her way. Worse, they wove together so quickly that she couldn’t even see through them. In her frustrated she tried to rip them down, but they were deceptively strong! Rosabel huffed, stomping a foot on the wood planked floor. What to try next… -05:34 Jan 26
Dagon: Shings were quiet ugstairs as he stood partway down the stairs listening. It was a game he liked to play, let them try to escape so they knew it was impossible, but there was also another side to it, there were so many offers for this girl it was hard to decide who to sell her to. If only she wen’t so spirited he’s be able to wait them out and let then enter a bidding war… there was also the question of… wait it was too quiet, better sneak back upstairs and see what shes up to. -05:39 Jan 26
Rosabel: She was so frustrated! It would be all too easy to break down in to tears and sob in a corner, but that wouldn’t be a way out. If the window was blocked, and he would hear her go downstairs… she needed a new way. A different sort of window or door. If only…! Rosabel didn’t even realize there was a shimmer next to her. When the little glimmer caughter her eye, it gave her pause. Confused and intrigued, she reached out a hand. Her fingertips just barely touching the shimmer in the air. Like ripples in a pond it moved! As if a curtain had slid away, she could see a forest of trees and the mossy ground just paces in front of her. Rosabel stepped forward testing to see if she could put her hand through it.. -05:42 Jan 26
Dagon: Ear to the door he still heard nothing, he tried the latch, still locked, unlockig and opening, there she was.. thanl goo…. wait was that.. "Get back." his sword seamed to leap into his hadn as he saw the portal, "Who the hell…?" -05:46 Jan 26
Rosabel: She snatched her hand back at his voice, but… this was her opportunity! Picking up her skirt, she took off in a dash. Running through the shimmer in to the trees. It felt strange passing through the doorway, but it was definitely real! The ground was soft underneath her feet and the trees smelled of juniper! Now which way for her to run?! The doorway wasn’t closing behind her! -05:49 Jan 26
Dagon: Someone was taking her away from him, someone on the other side of that portal, was it one of those wanting to kill her, or oneof theones hoping to use her.. either way he’d force them to pay in gold of in blood. Recklessly he followed her through before setting off alter her. "Princess, you don’t know whos out here." -05:52 Jan 26
Rosabel: Rosabel ducked behind the largest tree near her. He was close enough that she could hear him clearly, but hopefully she was out of sight. She had wished for a way to escape and she got it! Could she wish up another one? The thought was thrilling! In fact, she was going to try again when a wave of dizziness hit her. The entire forest felt like it was spinning, she had to latch on to the tree to keep herself standing. -05:55 Jan 26
Dagon: She was gone, lost among the trees, he could kick himself he.. wait… there was someone. "You…" he ran towards the white fabrinc ready to take the princess back but stopped then he was an aged man holding the barely awake princess in his arms. "Not doing a very good job of whatching over her likr I instructed." "Visier….? That was your portal?" [solor=white]"Afraid not but I was ablt to follow it here… don’t worry child this man was acting under my guidancem he may be rough but I trust him, do you understand?"[/color] -06:05 Jan 26
Rosabel: "I want to go home." She hadn’t even realized the Vizier had arrived there. Nor did the wonder of how he got there ever crossed her mind. She was just so happy to see a familiar face! …but… "You told him to take me…? Why would you?" Rosabel was a little alarmed, but that dizziness was washing over her again. -06:08 Jan 26
Dagon: "There is a traitor in the castle Rosabel, you were in danger. I needed someone from outside the castle to take you away without anyone knowing I was behind it. I’m sure you understand." Dagon scowled, he was takign charge and all he could do was play along unless he wanted to face him and have her see him kill the visier. -06:12 Jan 26
Rosabel: Her mouth turned down in an unsure frown. She cast a quisitive glance at Dagon. He looked annoyed and upset. …but she trusted she vizier. He was a member of her Father’s court, and had been a loyal advisor for a long well. If she would trust anyone, it would be him! "All right… But when can I go home?" -06:15 Jan 26
Dagon: "When the traitor has been found and dealt with, I believe we was after your blood Rosabell. Now we should return to this man’s hidaway so that he and I should have a little chat." He began walking back towards the portal and dagon followed. "I hope theres a way to stop things liek this happening again." he said "I don’t exactly want to be running into anyone else." -06:18 Jan 26
Rosabel: After all of that, Rosabel had finally found her escape. Only to have to go BACK to that man’s hidden tower… and now it seemed she would have to stay. She was not pleased about it, but she wasn’t going to push the issue again. …For now. Once they had passed back through the portal, it vanished the moment Rosabel seemed to come to that conclusion that she didn’t need it anymore. She eyed the empty space curiously, but didn’t mention a word! -06:22 Jan 26
Dagon: The visier placed Rosabel on her bed and the two left the room the heavy door swinging shut and lock clicking. "I’m going to have to prever that happening again." they make their way down the stairs neither one lookign pleased. "I think you’re having trouble rememering who you work for.. and what happens to you if you do." -06:25 Jan 26
Rosabel: With the two having left the room, Rosabel was itching to try her little secret again… She shifted on the bed up to her knees and scooted towards the headboard. With one finger she poked the wall, sliding it down with that same wish for a way to escape. Somewhere to go..! Same as before there was a shimmer. And though it wasn’t as tall or wide this time, just a small tiny hole, once it opened she could see an entirely different place. A lake and snow covered mountains! "…amazing..!" -06:30 Jan 26
Dagon: "I said I’d hold onto her and I specificallytold you not to look for where." "And I told you to rememebr your place, you will keep her ehre and you will keep her safe until my plan comes to fruition or you hide won’t be worth a spec of dirt.. shes too for me to lose." "Then pay me more or she learns what you really plan." "And who will she believe? You made a deal if you turn back on it…" "Very scary now you stop whatever happened from happening again." -06:35 Jan 26
Rosabel: Rosabel had her hands on the wall now, trying to make that little portal bigger. But, though the first one had been easy to open…. this one was very difficult! She tried to pull it wider, but it eventually popped out of existance again. Leaving the princess feeling as if she had just been running around in circles for hours. Her vision had blurred and the room felt as if it were tilting off to the side. All of that focus she had put on the portal, and now she could barely keep her eyes open! -06:40 Jan 26
Dagon: "WHen the king and queen are dead I will come for her, do not lose her again." The visier moved back up the stairs and entered her room just as the portal poped out of existance he moved her her and spokes softly. "You look exhausted Rosabel.. get some sleep and I’ll be back when I can, and if you wer this I will alwasy be acle to find you. the necklace he slipped her had two enchantments, the first would let him open and portal to her at any time, the second suppressed her own magic. -06:46 Jan 26
Rosabel: She nodded slowly. Arranging the necklace neatly around her neck. Rosabel had so many more questions for him! But with the spots dancing in front of her eyes, all she could do was bid him goodbye and sway. "Come back soon please…?" -06:51 Jan 26
Dagon: As he tucked her in Dagon appeared at the door. "As soon as I can princess." he left leaving her alone with her original captor who had an irritated look on his face along with the hint of something else… -06:54 Jan 26
Rosabel: "You can’t be angry with me for trying to escape, that is a natural reaction…!" He looked so mad… well, she should be the one being mad! Only, she didn’t have the energy to really have a fit like she wanted to. Instead she was stuck laying back in bed, rubbing the back of her hand against her forehead. "I don’t feel very well…" -06:58 Jan 26
Dagon: He shook his head. "I expected you to… but your friend…" after spittign out the last word he stopped himself and moved up to her and placed a hand on her forehead… she was clammy and hot, all he needed. "You need rest, I’m going to make soup and I’ll be back up in a minuet." he left mutterign to himself. In one moment he had gone form his choice of deals to under the visier’s heel, and of all the people he was the one that offered the wort future for herm that as a puppet.. not that that.. did that matter? -07:05 Jan 26
Rosabel: Rosabel wasn’t quite ready to trust him yet, but even being suspicious seemed to require more energy than she had to give. While he was away, she was left with her own thoughts that quickly just became dazy half asleep dreaming. -07:12 Jan 26
Dagon: He woke her with a bowl of vegetable soup and fresh juice on her becside table again with the same expression on his face, it wa obvious he had been doin gsome thinking. "Eat up you’ll need your strength, you want to get out of here, fine, we’re leaving. You can sleep on the horse." -07:15 Jan 26
Rosabel: Wearily sitting up, she was eyeing him with an air surprise. "But I thought we were supposed to stay here…?" -07:18 Jan 26
Dagon: "Yes.. thats why we’re leaving." he said "Eat up and then get dressed. I’ll explain when we’re moving." -07:20 Jan 26
Rosabel: Now she was confused all over again. Rosabel took the bowl of soul, blowing the steam away before taking a sip. She paused after a moment, with her brow furrowed. "I don’t have any other clothes…" -07:23 Jan 26
Dagon: "The cupboard should have." he said rising and going to look out the window the vines parting to allow him to see. "Anythign the visier gave you, get rid of it." -07:28 Jan 26
Rosabel: She had been starving! The soup was gone all too quickly, followed by the juice. It was enough to perk her up, at least a little bit. Rosabel pushed away her blankets and slid her legs from bed. But his comment made her pause again. "…but why?" She almost mentioned the necklace that was given to her. Almost! Instead she questioned him. The Vizier said she should trust him, but Rosabel wasn’t so sure if this man could tell the truth… -07:32 Jan 26
Dagon: "Because I said so." he said tirning back at her.. then remebered he who he was talkign about and what he had said. "And because if he can’t find us he’ll look for us and that guves us more time." -07:37 Jan 26
Rosabel: Rosabel frowned again. It definitely didn’t seem right. "He didn’t give me anything…" she lied. Slipping out of the bed to head towards the cubbard. She still swayed on her feet, but the food made her feel a little better. She dug around in the strange hodgepod of clothes for something that was suitible. -07:44 Jan 26
Dagon: "if you’re sure… I will leave you to change." he walked through the door and hesitated before closing it. "Just rememebr more lives than ours might depend on who you trust." -07:46 Jan 26
Rosabel: Once he was out the door, Rosabel pulled some clothes from the cubbard. A pair of pants that were probably for some teenage boy. And a shirt that was a little long in the sleeves, but at least it was feminine. Rosabel might have prefered a dress, but she decided it would be easier to run if she didn’t have to worry about skirts. Finally, she tucked the necklace under her shirt. The vizier was something she knew she could trust. He would need to be able to find her where ever she went. Once dressed, she cautiously stepped out in to the hall. -07:58 Jan 26
Dagon: He prepaired the horse and dressed himself in a cloak that covered himself and conceiled his weapons. Outside it looked like a storm was coming and the horse shyed away from the flashing clouds that didn’t seem to be dropping any rain. "If you’re ready we need to move, now, and we won’t have time to stop until we’ve outrun that." he pointed to the clouds. -08:04 Jan 26
Rosabel: Rosabel didn’t like the looks of the skies. She had never been one to be frightened of storms, but this one just looked… rather ominous! Despite concerns, she didn’t waste any time climbing up on to the horse. Casting another wary look at the skies. "Is it such a good idea to leave during a storm like that…?" -08:10 Jan 26
Dagon: "Theres no choice, we have to lave, better while it’s cmign to erase our tracks than sitting through it not getting anywhere. Now hold on" He whipped the reigns and turned the horse away from the clouds moving at a gallop the face under the hood drawn adn worried. It was clean he’d rathe not be outside either. -08:14 Jan 26

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