Katrinka’s 002: Arthur in the Hospital

[Arthur is in hospital having just gine through a massive detox, adn has more coming up.] -06:40 Jan 01
[Katrinka had no intentions of going to visit Arthur, not because she wasn’t super worried about, but because she’s cursed and he’ll probably die.] -06:42 Jan 01
Katrinka: Except, there she was anyway, walking down the hospital hall during visitor hours on New Years Day. Having not slept or even changed out of her clothes from last night, and only there because she was called and asked to come. Katrinka didn’t have the heart to say no. At least she could satisfy her curiosity and make sure Arthur was okay. Once she found the room she knocked softly on the door and peeked in. "They don’t have you naked and with roommates in here, do they…?" -06:44 Jan 01
Arthur: "I should be so lucky, if by room mates you mean a nurse or two." he joked before getting slightly more serious. He was just kining out of a drug induces sleep and he couldn’t focus his eyes on anything but he lifted a hand and gestured her closer. "I’m sorry." he said. "He was there for me and I gave him every chance to get me outside so no one else got involved. I guess you’re never really free od your past." -06:50 Jan 01
Katrinka: She stepped in to the room and close the door behind her. Crossed to the bed and sat gently on the edge. He looked tired and… well… a little high! But at least that was it. "It’s okay. That kind of happens around me. Returned evil exes, assalt, serial killers, mass chaos… I shouldn’t have even tried to throw a party." Katrinka offered him a grin, though. "But hey… your security team was amazing." -06:55 Jan 01
Arthur: "The best of the best. But you know what works when you’re on the other side." he said placing his hand on whatever her could, which turned out to her her knee, then he laughed and turned his ehad to the side. "I used to rib banks." he said. "And lavish homes… anything that’s insured enough that it won’t go under if it was hit. That’s how I learned the trade. That guy had to be a cop looking for me, and I’m sorry. Also look in the apex of your clevage, on your bra, you’ll see how I was there for you all night." -07:03 Jan 01
Katrinka: Katrinka looked confused, and a little bit doubtful… but she shifted to dig her hand up under her sequined shirt, and sure enough pulled out a weird little clip, barely even the size of her fingernail. "How did you even…!" It was a weird feeling, being horrorfied that it was that easy to slip something on her, or at the very least get access to her clothes. While also be glad he really was -with- her the whole night. Her eyes were teary and she was quickly trying to brush that away with the back of her hand. "If he was a cop, he was a terrible one… I pulled my gun on him." -07:11 Jan 01
Arthur: "I saw some of that." he said. "You should really think about repalcing it with a can od mace, something you can pull the trigger on without needing to kill, ‘wsat I use." he tunred his head, the sensation of this simple motion sending a rush though his head. "I heard breaking glass." -07:20 Jan 01
Katrinka: "Kevin cracked him over the head with a bottle and the others dragged him out. I’m not sure what happened to him after that, since I never saw officers arrive." She hated seeing him in the hospital bed like this. It wasn’t anything serious, but it hit so many bad places and bad memories. It was a reflex to perceived distress that she reached out to press the back of her hand to his forehead. What WERE the signs of drug over doses? "I doubt it will make much difference what I stash in my purse. I’m sorry you’re here, Arty… I knew it was a bad idea. But on the brightside, that’s the last job for me?" -07:29 Jan 01
Arthur: An irritated expression crossed his face. "You do need a break, but I doubt this was your last dance." he said If you had hired another company none of this would have happened. You’re banned from hirng me again if you even want to. Well…" he sighed. "I’ve told you all I wanted to, you can go now." -07:36 Jan 01
Katrinka: "Are you serious?" Katrinka laughed and shoved at his shoulder, forgetting that it might make his dizziness worse. "It was going to happen. Maybe it wouldn’t have been him. It could have been my investor’s son carrying out all my stuff because I couldn’t pay my bills. Or fire, or I don’t know… I’m cursed, though, or something like that. It’s been over a year and I can’t work even if I -could- get people at the business. I barely ever sleep, every time a meet someone in the back of my head I’m wondering if they’re a psycho, and walking down the street is always a jittery adventure." Her rant had decended in to a soft defeated mumble and she finally shrugged her shoulders. "You’re right, I should go and let you get some sleep." -07:43 Jan 01
[Arthur enters.] -08:04 Jan 01
[(Timeout) Arthur doesn’t post enough.] -08:10 Jan 01
Arthur: He didn’t want her to go but if she wanted to he couldn’t stop her. "Don’t blame yourself for things you can’t control. And sleep well dream of sweet little cupcakes or something. Also you shou;d see if you can get some of whatever they have me on. The anti-nausia stuff, it’s a trip." -08:11 Jan 01
Katrinka: "Sleep is soooo not happening today. I am going to get started on packing things away. Or catalogging them for sale, not sure yet." No way in hell was she going to be able to sleep! She’d have to work until she passed out, otherwise instead of cupcakes, it’d be cupcakes with knives or something. Smirking, she leaned and gave him a quick peck on the cheeks. "Thanks, Arthur. I mail you your check. And some sweet little cupcakes." -08:19 Jan 01

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