Snowbound Legacy 002: Eden’s Special Talent (Unfinished!)

Uto: Uto lay awake for a long time listening to the sounds of the blizzard raging outside. The only good thing about it was it erased tracks like nothing else could on the white wastes. When he finally drifted off he slept lightly, but not for long.

He was up before Eden, another pot of water on the stove, the snow cleared and the truck packed. The only thing missing was Uto.

Eden: Eden didn’t sleep soundly. She never did. But at least she slept a smidgen better than normal. Having something reasonably warm to curl up in and a full stomach did wonders for a girl’s mood. As she rose, she let out a slow yawn. There was nice hot water on the stove, of which she made herself a cup of tea. Soooo nice to wake up to something pleasant!

As she glanced around, she didn’t see her host. Did he really leave her alone with all of his stuff? How naive! She could so hop in to his truck and take off with whatever she could carry. For a brief moment, she actually considered doing it. …Nah. THIS one was being nice enough to her. She wouldn’t screw him over unless he asked for it.

Finishing the tea, Eden stepped outside to the annoying bright and blinding snow. Today there wasn’t any clouds, which left bright skies and shining sun. If only it was warm enough to heat the planet and melt all the damned snow.

“Heeeey, partner guy? Uto-boo? I’m going to jack your food! …Where are you?”

Uto: He was behind her, on top of the crashed ship with and old radio scanning different frequencies bur hearing her he deftly slid down the frozen metal and landed with a crunch behind her.

“Not a good idea.” he said ans snow knocked loose from his slide rained down around them. “If theres one thing you learn out here its not to trust people you don’t know.” he said dumping the truck’s starter in her hands.”

Eden: Eden looked down at the starter in her hands. Smooooth. Smart guy! If anyone was going to jack his stuff, they woulda had to do it on foot. Luckily, she wasn’t stealing anything today.

“I was [i]kidding[/i] you know. Don’t go pissin’ off new allies, I always like to say.” Eden dropped the starter back and forth from hand to hand as she tilted her head and regarded him with a curious expression.

“What were you doing up there on the room? Scouting for enemies or something?”

Uto: “Radio chatter. I like to know if theres anyone out there before going anywhere. There is by the way.. Signal was weak but it sounded like they were looking for something.” He gave her a significant glance. “Though they were using a code, crude but i couldn’t get details.”

He turned to walk back into the rusted hull. “I might have a few eggs left if you’re hungry, theres a nest in the cockpit the belongs to that looks like some type of tern and I can sometimes sneak an egg or two.”

Eden: Food, precious food. For a moment Eden looked like she was indeed thinking [i]preeeeciiooous[/i] somewhere in that head of hers. She snapped out of it quick, though and went trailing behind him.

“It’d be rude to turn town such readily offered food. Man, I can’t believe anything can even breed out here. Figured someone’s dick would fall off, animal or not.” Once back inside, Eden plopped on the ground again with the sleeping bag. Clearly she was expecting him to do all the cooking. It was HIS place after all. Who was she to go snooping? …this soon.

“Guess you can’t decipher that code huh? Probably just more scavengers. I run in to them all the time. Most are friendly enough, but some are real jerks.”

Uto: He looked at her thoughtfully for a second before moving back towards the pile of crates in the corner and knelt next to them. “Great thing about snow is keeps things fresh.” he said pushing his hand into the snow and pulling out a couple of small pure white eggs before taking out a few vacuum-sealed packets of protein blocks and a small saucepan which he put everything in and carried to the stove. “Its not much but it should keep us going.” he said and now that he had been in them it was clear that the crates were mostly empty.

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