002 Old Friend Returns

Security alerts Ciara that something is going on downstairs in the hotel. She goes downstairs to find out what’s going on, to find a giant collared werewolf chasing down a man. There’s quite a bit of damage done to the building before the were is killed and the man grabbed. In the process of throwing the guy out, Ciara realizes it’s Leon Santos, that “cootie boy” she used to play with as a kid. Having a reluctant soft spot (and telling him he was to work to pay for all the damages) she announces that he’ll work for her and stay in her hotel.

Upstairs in Ciara’s suite, a faerie (Trinny) appears to ooh and aah over how handsome Leon has grown up, and let slip that Ciara has been dating-to-slay master vampires and her latest date is Anthony Carnatelli. Surprisingly Leon seems to know who Anthony is, followed by Trinny announcing that Leon is a werewolf now. Ciara goes after him with household items while he tries to explain that he was kidnapped by the government so they could extract his “wolf” gene – and thus why he disappeared all those years ago. They then argue about how dangerous it is for her to deal with Anthony Carnatelli, and suspicious that he sought her out personally for a date. They continue to argue about it through dinner!

  1. Ciara is angry with Leon, but allows him to stay anyway.
  2. Leon is revealed to be a “wolf”. He is also familiar with who Anthony is.

“Miss Grey! Miss Grey! We have a problem! Down in the lobby! You won’t believe what’s happening!” The sound came from a comm-link Ciara had had specially installed in case something happened while she was up here.

Ciara: *She seriously considered ignoring it. Those idiots downstairs could handle things without her just fine. …On second thought, she was already on her feet and heading for the elevator. Click!* I’m coming down stairs, and it better be serious. -02:28 Jul 02

“Yes, ma’am.” The security personnel turned off the comm-link and looked at the guy closest to him. “Ya think she’s gonna believe us?” he asked. “Dude, it’s happening right in front of her eyes,” the other guy replied. The two of them stopped and watched the screen.

Leon: Heh heh … Can’t we just talk about this? *Ducked and the claw went flying over his head. He stood back up.* I mean, deep down inside, we’re all er … human. *Wolfish grin.* Some … more than others.

Ciara: *If that repairmen didn’t fix the chandelier it might’ve fallen and hurt some people. That’d be serious. Or a foreign ambassador was offended by that new girl they had working at the front desk because the idiots in Personnel didn’t know how to check qualifications. Ciara stepped out of the elevator on the bottom floor.* -02:34 Jul 02

Leon’s only reply was a growl from the large werewolf with that weird collar around its neck. Lately, he’d seen a lot of wolves and a few vampires since busting out. He’d seen what the collars could do and had come real close to wearing one …

Leon: I guess not … Look, a cat! *He pointed in a random direction and as soon as the wolf had turned away, he took off, further into Shades!*

“Rrewoofff?” The wolf turned away but when it didn’t see a cat, it growled only to find–no Leon! It got down on all fours and ran after him!

Leon: *Dashed through the lobby!* Giant wolf coming through people! *He yelled before he jumped over the counter, dropped to the floor, and pushed himself into that space under the counter.

Ciara: *Ciara stepped in to the security office with her hands resting on her hips.* At least reassure me that no one is dead or injured. What’s going on? -02:40 Jul 02

The security personnel who had called Ciara turned slightly. “Um … No. Just property damage, Ms. Grey. But you won’t believe what’s causing it.” He found the right camera with the action and blew it up on the giant screen in front of him.

His pal snickered. “Yeah. We’re not sure whether to call the cops or the animal control … What?” His friend was giving him a “cut it out” look he couldn’t understand. Well, he thought it’d been funny.

Ciara: *She leaned forward. The first words to cross her mind were some inappropriate phrases she’d not like her staff to hear. Another damned werewolf? Two in one night?* Is it chasing someone or just wrecking havoc? -02:44 Jul 02

Leon: lifted his head slowly and looked around. That overgrown furball had to be around here somewhere … He heard a scream off in the distance, in the direction of the gift shop followed by glass breaking and groaned. He really hadn’t signed up for this. He scrambled over the counter and stalked over to the sounds. He was going to have to draw it away from whoever that wolf was attacking now.*

“Um … Actually, it’s doing both. It was chasing someone and then it started destroying stuff. It was chasing …” He brought up a picture of the wolf in a boutique and in the corner, a figure emerged, getting close to the wolf. “This guy. Right here. We tried to pull up data on him using the system but … it’s like he doesn’t exist.”

Ciara: Not the same guy from the cafe. *She muttered out loud… He looked familiar though. There was something weird going on with all these wolves loose.* Send out my big boys and take care of that wolf before it hurts someone. And make sure that other guy doesn’t leave. -02:48 Jul 02

“Yes, ma’am.” He made the arrangements and it wasn’t long before everything went into action.

Unfortunately by then Leon was …

Leon: *Hanging from the wolf’s back with his arms locked around its neck. His eyes met the startled employee.* Go! Whooaaaaa! *He hung on for dear life. Why the hell couldn’t he get the hang of–!* OOooff! *THUD!* The wolf sent him flying and he crashed into the wall.

Ciara: *Ciara was already heading out to the lobby to supervise. Gunmen as good as they were might still damage her property, and she planned on questioning the man about his wolfy friend. …Oh christ, they knocked out the entire glass wall to the gift store!* -02:58 Jul 02

The wolf was about to finish the job as it stalked over to the stunned Leon! But then it howled as its back was littered with tranq darts! As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was shocked with tasers. It wasn’t long before the wolf was brought down and dragged out and a stunned Leon found himself in handcuffs.

Leon: *Was lifted to his feet and glanced over his shoulders at his bound hands. This was not the way he’d planned things.*

Ciara: *Arms crossed she was there and eying her new captive. Where HAD she seen him before.* Would you like to tell me why twice tonight I’ve seen werewolves chasing after people? -03:04 Jul 02

Leon: … Just lucky? *Wolfish grin.* Ow! *He winced and glanced over at one of the guys beside him who had smacked the back of his head.* You realize that was uncalled for.

Ciara: Then maybe you can tell me why he was chasing you and why you thought it was a good idea to run in to my hotel. -03:10 Jul 02

Leon: I was minding my own business and having some coffee. The wolf attacked me. It was a split second decision.

Ciara: I find that hard to believe. …Alright, throw him out! -03:14 Jul 02

Leon: *A wolfish grin.* By the way, Cissy, I like what you did to the place. I think your parents would have really been proud of what you did with it. Well, see you later!

Ciara: *Blink. ….Scowl!* Wait! Uncuff him. …No on second though, leave him cuffed. Leon Santos, why do you always have to break my castles! -03:20 Jul 02

Leon: *Blinked innocently.* Well, the other times I meant to do that. This time was a complete accident! … Okay, maybe not a complete accident. I just didn’t have anywhere else to go.

The men started to uncuff him but then stopped. They glanced at each other and then looked at Ciara.

Ciara: There’s other buildings on this street. *She muttered.* Make sure there’s no other monsters trying to get in here, and tell housekeeping to start cleaning up. *She was reaching for her cellphone but that was back up in her suite.* Go ahead and uncuff Mr. Santos. He’s coming upstairs with me while I tell him exactly how he’s going to pay for all of these nasty little damages. -03:26 Jul 02

The men nodded and did just that. Then they left to go looking for any other monsters.

While also alerting housekeeping to start cleaning up.

Leon: You mean I can’t just make you a mud pie and say I’m sorry?

Ciara: Have you any idea just how much all of that *she pointed behind her and the mess he made!* costs? Thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s not made out of cardboard! -03:32 Jul 02

Leon: Heh heh. Can’t blame a guy for trying. Alright … So, how do I start paying for things? I don’t have a dime to my name.

Ciara: … You don’t even have a job? *She rolled her eyes as she turned around, and it almost looked like she was going to smack her forehead! Instead she started for the elevator.* Then you’re working for me now, and I’ll just take a large percentage out of your paycheck. Don’t just stand there, come on. -03:37 Jul 02

Leon: *Wolfish grin.* I haven’t had time to find a job. I just got into town. *He blinked and dashed forward to catch up with her.* But I can cook and clean. I make a mean meal.

Ciara: I don’t need a personal slave. *She stepped in to the elevator and hit the floor code.* In fact I’ll make sure it’s a job where I don’t even have to see you. -03:44 Jul 02

Leon: *Followed.* If you say so. I’m not very experienced in the workplace, though.

Ciara: If you can cook such a mean meal, you can work in the kitchen. *As soon as they were on the top floor, she stepped out and snatched her phone out of her purse. She dialed up the number for one of her assistants.* Angie, there was an accident down stairs. I’ll need the names and numbers of the glass makers, painters, carpet people, …ah.. well. Check out the lobby and check for yourself. -03:52 Jul 02

Leon: I thought there was more to working in the kitchen than just being able to cook? *While she phoned her assistant, he walked around a bit and took a look.*

Ciara: *She was still talking to Angie, but she audibly sighed. …and was watching him like a hawk!* I need everything in the morning, and my scheduled cleared for tomorrow evening. I’m having dinner with Anthony Carnatelli. Yes that Carnatelli. -03:55 Jul 02

A little glittery speck appeared in front of Leon…. and Squealed!

Leon: *Blinked at the speck and smiled.* Why, hello there.

“Oooooh. You’re so handsome now!” squeaked the little glitterball!

Leon: “Thank you, Trinny. I see you’re still as lovely as ever. Are you the only one living in Cissy’s castle?”

Ciara: …oh god. Angie, take care of that for me. I’ll see you tomorrow. *She slapped the phone shut and dropped it on the table. …A snatched up a little green fish net from the fish tank.* -04:02 Jul 02

Little giggles that sound like bells! “Oh no. Well, not that she notices us or wants to talk to us, she’s always so busy now!”

Leon: *Grinned.* All work and no play, huh? *He glanced at Ciara.* What are you doing with that?

Ciara: *She swung the net and captured the little pixie!* I’m pretty certain I told all of you that I’m not hosting a slumber party in here! I do my business here! -04:06 Jul 02

Trinny squeaked an over exaggerated cry when she was captured! “But it’s soooo iiiiicky and last time you were almost eaten!”

Leon: *Raised an eyebrow.* You’re not putting them in some damp, moldy closet, are you?

Ciara: No, they aren’t even allowed to be in my suite. *She plucked out the pixie and set her down on a counter, only to point a finger at her threateningly.* I was not almost eaten, and if you don’t like what I do here, stop coming back. -04:10 Jul 02

Leon: What do you mean almost eaten? *He moved forward and crouched down a little next to the pixie.*

“She always brings vampires in here and says we’re not allowed to come over, and it’s sooooo wrrrooooong cause we’re so much more fun and even if Angus does drink all of her liquor and pee in the potted plants, we don’t try to eat her!” complained Trinny, with her best pouty voice and tearful face!

Ciara: …!! *Ciara snatched up an empty vase and clamped it upside down over the fairy!* …she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. -04:14 Jul 02

Leon: *Blinked and looked up at Ciara.* Vampires? *He stood and studied her.* I’ve never known a pixie to lie. Why do you bring vampires home?

Ciara: She’s talking about a game. And if she’s smart she’ll shut up and get lost before I make a glitter sandwich out of her! -04:16 Jul 02

Leon: You mentioned Anthony Carnatelli, didn’t you? He’s a vampire. And I know you know he is.

Trinny’s pitiful voice was muffled but still clearly heard from inside the vase! “It’s an awful horrible terrible game! They play for weeks and get married and then she does things pretty girls should never ever ever do!”

Ciara: *This pretty girl is thinking about killing a pixie too, and the look on her face says as much… then she blinks!* …and how would you know Anthony Carnatelli is a vampire? -04:20 Jul 02

Leon: … And then you kill them. *He finished quietly. He tilted his head slightly at her.* Who doesn’t know Anthony Carnatelli isn’t a vampire, except ordinary folk? He’s the master vampire, rumored to be The First.

“He’s mean and vicious and last time was bad but this time will be soooo wooorse! You can’t trick a master vampire! Why don’t you have dates with nice ones like Leon! He has teeth but he’d never eat you! Pleeeaaase?”

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Heh heh. Yeah, see? Teeth. *He pointed to his.*

Ciara: *She eyed him suspiciously, but seemed to not dwell on it too long.* Forget it… I’m dating Anthony Carnatelli, and not a pixie or cootie is going to mess that up. -04:34 Jul 02

Somehow Trinny managed to squeeze her way out from under the vase. “Tell her to stop, Leon! You’re not a cootie, you’re a wolf! She haaaaaas to listen!”

Leon: *Blinked!* Ack! I can explain! *He threw his hands up and in the middle of backing away, fell on the couch Ciara had been sitting with Anthony on only moments ago!*

Ciara: A what?! *A weapon! She needed a weapon! …Forget the weapon, she could strangle him with his own shirt! She advanced!* A wolf.. as in werewolf, as in the same damned furry hairballs that not only ruined my dinner at the cafe this evening, but smashed up my hotel?! -04:38 Jul 02

Leon: Well … I don’t know about the one at the cafe … *Then he realized he only had moments to live!* The wolf who smashed your hotel was sent to retrieve me! The government’s been working on top-secret experiments to use supernatural creatures to their advantage! Years ago, they found out I had a dormant wolf gene, a gene that’s passed from father to son. So they “recruited” me and activated the dormant gene. I finally found a chance to escape when they tried to put one of those collars on me. I swear! I’m not making this up! Hell, you know very well I can lie a lot better than this!

Ciara: *He was explaining, and it all sound a whole lot like bullshit! By the time she circled the sofa she had grabbed some decorative wall stick, that might’ve just been a weapon! She swung it for it!* Just innocently having coffee, huh! I know what werewolves do to people. How do I know you’re not going eat my employees and leave bodies in the elevator! -04:46 Jul 02

Leon: *Shit! She was going to kill him!* If that was the case, don’t you think Trinny would be trying to warn you? And for your information, I was innocently having coffee!

“Leon doesn’t eat people! He’s the cutest wolfy I’ve eeeeeever seen!” Trinny was hovering around near the ceiling out of harm’s way!

Ciara: Trinny blabbers everything she hears whether it’s true or not! *She swung the stick for his head!* You’re a dangerous werewolf! -04:50 Jul 02

Leon: *Duck!* If I’m so dangerous, why the hell am I not defending myself from you? *Pause!* I’m a hell of a lot less dangerous than someone like Anthony Carnatelli!

Ciara: You know I can kill vampires, so I can surely kill you too. *She stopped swinging to glare at him!* I know how dangerous Anthony Carnatelli is. He won’t be around for long. -04:52 Jul 02

Leon: *Raised eyebrow.* Yeah … sure you do. Do you have any idea how many people have tried to kill him? Let me take an estimated guess … *Thoughtful expression.* Oh … A lot.

Ciara: *She set the stick on the floor and leaned on it, giving him her most imperiously proud stare.* I’ve done it three times before, and not idiot runts that most hunters go after. Master vampires with major covens. Anthony Carnatelli is no different, no matter what rumors say. -04:56 Jul 02

Leon: He. Is. Different. Those three vampires are fleas compared to Anthony. He’s got his sights set on something your former husbands never dreamed of.

Ciara: Let me guess, you being a werewolf and all know exactly what he’s up to? -04:59 Jul 02

Leon: Of course not. It’s a gut feeling. *His eyes narrowed slightly.* Now you’re stereotyping me! Just because I’m a werewolf doesn’t mean I have that werewolf mentality thing!

Ciara: You were a wolf even before being a werewolf! I swear to god, it’s just cherry on the cake you chew on people’s faces and be furry! -05:04 Jul 02

Leon: I don’t like chewing on people’s faces! Sure, I enjoy my red meat but give me a break here!

Ciara: *She picked up her stick again to jab him in the stomach!* I’ll break your bones! Having a fight in MY hotel and daring to lecture me about vampires! -05:07 Jul 02

Leon: I’m not lecturing you about vampires! *He grabbed one end of her stick and tried to pull it out of her grasp.* I’m lecturing you about Anthony Carnatelli!

Ciara: Who is still a vampire, reguardless of what his secret evil plans are! *She tugged her stick. …She swung a fist at him!* -05:10 Jul 02

Leon: *Jerked the stick, caught her fist with his other hand!* A very old, very powerful vampire. How old were your last three husbands?

Ciara: How old he is hardly makes a difference. He’ll fall for the same lines. *Well werewolves were a hell of a lot faster than men. She swung out a foot to kick him!* -05:13 Jul 02

Leon: *He blocked her foot with his, then swung out and caught her other leg so he could get her off balance.* How old he is makes a hell of a difference. These are vampires. The older they get, the more power they accumulate. And how do you know you won’t be the one doing the falling?

Ciara: *She stumbled backwards having to release her stick just to keep herself upright!* Because I know exactly who and what he is. I’m not going to flat out attack him like this.

Leon: Alright. *He stepped back and hefted the stick over his shoulder.*

“But he knows about you too! He knows all sorts of things!” Trinny poofed in front of Ciara’s face! “You weren’t even targeting him, he came after you, I heard you say it!”

Leon: I hate to say it, Trinny, but her mind’s made up. You know how stubborn she is.

Ciara: *Ciara brushed the pixie out of the way!* If he does, it just makes it easier. He’ll be infatuated with the idea of flirting with death and I’ll just kill him a little sooner than he expects. …And yes my mind is made up.

Leon: *Caught Trinny in the palm of his hand before she went whirling away somewhere.* Promise me you’ll be careful, Cissy. More careful with him than the other three.

Ciara: *She stared at him for a moment before she finally sighed.* I’ll be careful. Not that it’s any of your business, cooties.

Leon: I guess I’ll have to be content with that. *Wolfish grin.* Speaking of being content … got any steak?

“YAY! All made up now! She has lots of food in the fridge! Are you going to stay here too, Leon? I want to pet your tail!! Oh, you can stay in Lily’s room! Miss Ciara keeps all of her old toys in there!”

Ciara: Nobody is staying here! He’s got his own place to live, and you can go stay with him!

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Um … actually … about having a place to live …

Ciara: … I can give you a room in the hotel. …But your entire paycheck will be mine.

Leon: Can’t I just stay in your suite with you …? Your fridge is always stocked. How am I supposed to live if I don’t have a well-stocked fridge to go to? Plus I’m housebroken and I’m great with kids.

Ciara: Luckily I have no children here, you might eat them. *Ciara brushed past him towards the kitchen. She had no intentions on feeding him, but she did only get that latte for dinner.* How am I supposed to have ridiculously romantic moments if I have a werewolf lurking around my suite.

Leon: You’re stereotyping me again. It’s a good thing I’m not a male witch or you’d expect me to have warts and fly on a broom.

Ciara: *Ciara opened up her fridge to look inside.* But you’re a wolf, and that means I shouldn’t even have to cook for you. I could toss you a steak and you’ll gnaw it on the floor.

Leon: If I was in actual wolf form, I guess that could work that way. But I’m not. I’ll cook it myself if I have to. I don’t mind.

Trinny sat on Leon’s head! “oooo! I want to see you as a wolfy! I want to play with your tail! I bet it’s soo cute and fluffy!”

Ciara: Yes lets snuggle a werewolf in my kitchen. *She muttered, pulling a package of meat out of the fridge along with some fresh herbs and set them on the counter.*

Leon: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Hm. I guess it is rather fluffy. I get rather hungry after I transform, though. When I do turn wolf, I’ll be sure to let you know.

“I looooove wolfies! Ciara likes wolfies too, at least real wolfies maybe not werewolfies now they keep breaking her stuff. but they’re super cute and soft and warm and cuddlie!”

Ciara: *A grill pan was in her hand… she almost looked ready to go pixie swatting with it, but she set it on the stove and turned on the heat!* I like bears too, but I don’t want to pet them.

Leon: Bears are always grumpy. No one ever wants to pet them.

“Leon is always so friendly and now he’s extra handsome!!” Trinny flew off his head to huggle his nose! “We should play a fun game again!”

Ciara: *A little bit of olive oil to heat in the pan… Ciara pulled out a very dangerous looking knife, and eyed the pixie and Leon!* What sort of game, hmm?

Leon: *His grin at Trinny became a blink at Ciara! He covered his nose–and Trinny–lightly.* Certainly not Doctor! Or uh … Chef!

“I want to play pretty pretty princess! or oooooh little red riding hood! You can be a real wolf that would be soooo neat!”

Ciara: *Blink. Blinkblink. ….Ciara laughed! Turning back to the counter, she pulled out a few of the herbs for fine chopping.* If that means you’re little red, and he’s going to eat you, I’m all for it.

Leon: *Blink!* But if you’re Little Red Riding Hood and I’m the Wolf … who’s the Woodsman?

Ciara: *Oh, at that Ciara had a wide devilish grin.* I guess that would be me. *CHOP!*

… Trinny looked horrified! “We better play pretty pretty princess instead!”

Leon: *GULP!* Uh … Yeah … Pretty pretty princess!

Ciara: I think I volunteer to be the witch this time. The one that captures and tortures the hero before he can save the princess! *She opened the package of steaks and set them to sizzle in the grill pan. She sprinkled a few of the chopped herbs on top.* Unless someone else wants to be the villain?

Trinny squeaked, fluttering behind Leon’s ear for safety! “Yes! Someone else must be the villain! You have to be the princess!”

Leon: *Watches the steaks sizzle!* Uh … Capture and torture …? *GULP.* Hey, we’ve never needed a villian before. Why do we need one now?

Ciara: There’s always a villain. You just had the extraordinarily horrible habit of storming my castle before we got to that part. *She crossed her arms to lean against the counter.*

Leon: *Blinked and became thoughtful.* Really … Hmm … Yeah, I did that not too far in the games.

Ciara: You thwacked my dragon on the nose and made him cry. My witch was afraid to play with us again, and you stole all of my gnomes.

Leon: I was a kid! In my defense, I apologized to the witch and the dragon and repaired her brown and dressed his boo-boo, respectively. And the gnomes just wanted a ride somewhere.

Ciara: *She rolled her eyes, turning around back to the pan to turn the meat.* I should have found some little girls to play with. They would have understood!

“I triiiied to tell him! But boys sooooo don’t listen ever! I said ‘Leon, Miss Ciara is trapped in the castle, but you can’t just go knock it down cause it took all day to built!’”

Leon: *Was silent for a moment.* But yeah … I was just a kid. Sheesh, you bust down a few castles and offend a few magical creatures and you get branded for life.

Ciara: *She pulled the steaks off the pan and set them on a plate.* You tormented me all summer, and now you’re back for more it seems. *She tossed some crushed garlic in the pan, and went digging in the fridge again!* -03:45 Jul 03
Leon: Those were the funnest days of my life. *He paused.* Is there such a word as “funnest”? -03:49 Jul 03
Ciara: Just like a wolf, driving little girls insane is their funnest moments. *Carrots and little pearl onions… That’ll do! She had them out rinsed and tossed in the grill pan!* -03:51 Jul 03
Leon: I guess you were right then. About me being a wolf before I became a were. It’s weird though. -03:53 Jul 03
Ciara: It’s weird being a wolf now or realizing you were one all along? *The irony might’ve been amusing had it been anyone else!* -03:55 Jul 03
Leon: Um … Both, I suppose. I always figured I just liked chasing you around and busting down things ’cause I was a boy. But now that you look at it, those are the type of things a wolf enjoys doing. It’s also weird being a were. Or maybe it’s just that way for me ’cause I wasn’t created the way werewolves usually are: either by birth or being bitten. -03:57 Jul 03
Ciara: *Stirring carrots and onions with a wooden spoon in one hand, she leaned on the counter with the other.* If all of that nonsense about being chased down was true… are you just running away from them or trying to do something about it? -03:59 Jul 03
Leon: A little of both. I was running away from them and trying to do something about it. Those collars all the engineered wolves wear make them do some weird things to them. But it also makes them stronger and quicker. I haven’t had much time to figure out how this were thing works for me so I’m at the receiving end of the beatings. -04:02 Jul 03
Ciara: Not that I care, but I suppose my hotel would be safe enough. As long as you weren’t drawing attention to yourself and swinging from the chandelier. -04:07 Jul 03
Leon: Can I … jump on the bed? -04:08 Jul 03
Ciara: Not on my bed you’re not. *She flipped off the heat, dragging a bowl out of the cabinet to pour the carrots in to. She almost handed him the bowl and the plate of steaks… but instead she brushed past him to her dining room!* Find the plates and silverware if you want to eat. -04:11 Jul 03
Leon: *Was certainly looking forward to having a whole plate of steaks to himself! He even held his hands out–until she walked past him and told him to grab the plates and silverware!* … She hasn’t changed a bit. *He muttered to himself before hopping off of his seat and starting to dig through the cupboards. He eventually found what he was looking for and triumphantly carried them into the dining room.* -04:12 Jul 03
Ciara: *Ciara was already seated, food on the table including two glasses of her favorite wine and her napkin folded neatly in her lap.* If you’re going to work for me, you’ll need to move a little faster than that. -04:14 Jul 03
Leon: But it took me awhile ’cause I don’t know where a lot of stuff are. *He groaned but he set the table neatly and nicely.* So … I’m gonna work in the kitchen? -04:15 Jul 03
Ciara: Nope. You’ll probably eat all of the food and drive my head chef insane. *She motioned a finger.* Serve dinner. -04:17 Jul 03
Leon: Awh … *He’d really been looking forward to sampling all the tasty food!* It’s not my fault your place makes such great food. *He picks up a plate and fills it with just the right amount before placing it in front of her.* -04:21 Jul 03
Ciara: Now sit down and serve your own plate and stop looking at me like a damned wounded puppy. -04:21 Jul 03
Leon: *Wolfish grin just before he did as instructed! He made his plate and sat down.* Um … Do we need to say grace? -04:26 Jul 03

“I’ll do it!!!” Says Trinny as she lands on the top of an unlit candle. “Thank you Mother Earth for giving us fresh delicious animals, Miss Ciara and Miss Lily and Leonwolfy and faerie glitter and good wine and fun games and sunlight and sugar cookie and” she still went on!

Ciara: *…Ciara had muttered under her breath after “sunlight” and was already eating.* -04:30 Jul 03
Leon: *Who would have thought a pixie would have so many things to be grateful for! He grinned and sneaked in a bite here and there without being too obvious. He didn’t want to hurt Trinny’s feelings but he was starving.* -04:35 Jul 03

“..and the way mint tea tastes cold and fireflies and the color purple and bunny rabbits and metallic gel pens and shampoo and cartoons and…!”

Ciara: …and pixies that know when to be silent and quiet dinners and not talking-04:37 Jul 03
Leon: Heh heh … *He sneaked in another bite. Mm … Wait, one more bite.* -04:38 Jul 03

“…and Amen!” If Trinny were offended, she sure didn’t look it! She fluttered down to the bowl of carrots and grabbed one to chew on!

Ciara: *A sigh of relief as she continued to eat her dinner in a perfect welcome silence!* -04:41 Jul 03
Leon: Thanks, Trinny. *He said, after having chewed and swallowed the meat in his mouth. He could now enjoy his meal.* -04:50 Jul 03

Trinny practically ate half the carrot in one bite! “ish sho delbishous! *swallow!* After dinner lets put on pajamas and make smores and watch a movie and have a pillow fort!!”

Ciara: *Ciara swallowed half her glass of wine in one go! ignoring the pixie sounded like a good idea!* -04:52 Jul 03
Leon: S’mores! I love s’mores! But I don’t know about the movie. Maybe we should watch something that’d be suitable for you, Trinny. -04:53 Jul 03

“I want to watch something ssscaaaary but Miss Ciara never watches scary movies cause she says they’re unrealistic creepy and will give me bad ideas!”

Ciara: *Skillful knife cutting…. she might’ve been imagining doing it to Trinny!* Bad ideas and nightmares. -05:04 Jul 03
Leon: Poor Trinny. But yeah, there are tons of other great movies we can watch. -05:06 Jul 03

Trinny pouted her bestest pout ever! Complete with tears! “Pleeeeeaaaaaseeeeeeee?”

Leon: But … I don’t want you to have nightmares … Those suck. Except for the one with the fifty-foot woman who–*Blinked!* But um, I digress. -05:09 Jul 03

Oh the face of sadness! “Okaaaaaay. I guuuueessss Mister Leonwolfie can pick out a movie.. I can even do the dishes!!”

Ciara: *She slid her plate over to Leon, having eaten most but not all of her dinner.* As long as doing the dishes means actually washing them and not making them disappear. I haven’t found the last set of dishes yet. -05:12 Jul 03
Leon: I’ll help Trinny out. *He took her plate. He was done with his.* You won’t make me disappear, will you, Trinny? *Wolfish grin to show he was teasing.* -05:23 Jul 03

Trinny gave big wide eyes! “I’d never ever ever make YOU disappear! You’re the nicest man Miss Ciara has ever brought home!”

Leon: Awh … Thanks, Trinny. That’s both flattering and disturbing but … thank you all the same! -05:25 Jul 03
Ciara: …Okay, now you’re both just making me sick. *She finished the rest of her glass and stood up!* I’m getting ready for bed. I do expect dishes where they belong, my fridge unraided and I might watch the movie too if it’s not horrible. -05:26 Jul 03
Leon: *Salute!* Yes, ma’am. Hear that, Trinny. We’ve got quite a task ahead of us. Would you like me to help you wash, dry, or put away? Or any combination of two or more? -05:31 Jul 03

Trinny salutes! “You wash and I will do the rest, sir!” Her little glittery body floated off towards the kitchen!

Ciara: *Ciara just shook her head as she left them for her room. …Clearly she had lost what was left of her common sense. Letting Leon Santos staying here was bad enough just being himself, but a werewolf and government conspiracies, and how the hell was she going to deal with Anthony Carnatelli with another man lurking around? She slammed her door behind her!* -05:34 Jul 03
Leon: Alright then! *He glanced at Ciara going to her room and followed after Trinny. He got to washing dishes right away.* So, Trinny … Cissy’s daughter, Lilly, where is she? -05:41 Jul 03

Trinny squeaked hiding behind a bottle on the counter! “How did you find out about Lily!”

Leon: *Blinked!* You’ve mentioned Lily twice already. Once when you mentioned Ciara keeping the room like it’s always been. Then again when you were saying grace. Where is she? -05:46 Jul 03

Trinny came out from behind the bottle looking around carefully to make sure no one was listening! “Dead most surely, but Miss Ciara doesn’t like it when we say that. You can’t tell her I told you she’ll be soooooo maaad!”

Leon: *Hm. So no one knew where Lily was.* I promise I won’t. *He whispered.* Well, Trinny, Cissy is going to be real happy with how clean these dishes are. Don’t you think? *He said in his normal voice.* -05:55 Jul 03

She glittered her bestest! “She’ll have to watch a movie cause we didn’t break anything! She doesn’t ever sit still long enough to do anyyyythiiiing anymore!”

Ciara: *Silky pink pajamas. There’d be no walking around naked with that wolf around. She had a pillow and a blanket and dropped them both on one corner of the sofa. There. In the morning she’d find him an actual room, preferably on some other floor.* -05:58 Jul 03
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Yep. We just have to find the right movie or else she won’t watch it with us. And it can’t be anything scary or she might just leave and get all huffy. How about … um … a romantic comedy? -06:00 Jul 03

“Ooooo, she like sthose she has a whole buuuunch of them! Angus says they’ll all stupid and fluffy but she always tells him to go choke on a stein and get mauled by a bear!”

Leon: Perfect then! Let’s go find ourselves a good romantic comedy and start watching it! *He walked out of the kitchen.* Hey, Cissy, where are your movies? -06:04 Jul 03
Ciara: *Ciara crossed her arms and tapped her fingers.* On the shelf. Stop calling me Cissy. -06:05 Jul 03
Leon: *Went to the shelf.* I suppose I should … How about “Kitten”? -06:10 Jul 03
Ciara: *She fell back on the sofa, looking perfectly annoyed!* How is that even remotely accurate? -06:11 Jul 03
Leon: *Shrugged.* No clue. But I always liked the word. Kitten. It’s got a ring to it. -06:28 Jul 03
Ciara: I might just start calling you names and see how you like it. …Wolfie. -06:29 Jul 03
Leon: In that case, I still get to call you, Cissy. It’s only fair. -06:30 Jul 03
Ciara: …Cooties. -06:31 Jul 03
Leon: I know you’ve been wanting to call me that all night. Ah-ha! How’s this movie? *He pulled out “Kate & Leopold”.* -06:35 Jul 03
Ciara: *She makes sure to look completely disinterested.* I guess that’s fine. -06:36 Jul 03

Trinny glittered bright as she squealed! “That’s her faaaavorite! Let’s watch that one!”

Leon: Kate & Leopold it is then! *He put that one in and then realized …* !! Popcorn! *He scrambled into the kitchen to make some.* -06:43 Jul 03
Ciara: *Ciara promptly threw a whole couch pillow at the pixie!* Thanks a lot! Why don’t you go ahead and tell him what I like for breakfast and which side of the bed I sleep on! -06:45 Jul 03

Trinny ducked and scampered for cover in a potted plant! “But it’s just Leon!! He probably already knows! Please don’t kiiilll meeee!”

Ciara: You’ve already blabbered enough as it is. One more peep out of you and I’m making sticking you in a wallplug and making a night light! -06:47 Jul 03
Leon: *Poked his head outside.* Now now, everyone play nice. Who wants butter on their popcorn? -06:50 Jul 03
Ciara: *maybe! -06:50 Jul 03

“I DO! I mean…. eep!!” Trinny ploofed back in the plant!

Leon: And I thought I was mean to the pixies when I was younger. *He watched as Trinny disappeared.* How about you, Cissy? -06:52 Jul 03
Ciara: It’s awful without butter. *She hissed!* And I wouldn’t be horrible to them if they’d keep their mouths shut! -06:54 Jul 03

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