The Gate Saga

056 Too Far Gone to Save

Evangeline meets Sid and tries to help her.

[Evangeline is at the park, hunting down acorns for a special \”lesson\” she\’ll be giving hunters later!] -11:35 Jun 30
Evangeline: *It was nice that this park had so many different kind of nut trees! She was filling up a pillow case quickly with acorns, a few pecans and even some walnuts. The class wouldn’t like the walnuts, but they’d learn pretty quick if they didn’t want to get hit by them!* -11:37 Jun 30
[Obsidian is lying on the ground, cradling her family\’s sword to her body!] -11:38 Jun 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline was aware when she was coming across someone, but didn’t disturb them… at first! It was a little odd that the woman wasn’t moving. A vampire, maybe… Evangeline dropped a few more nuts in her sack before she inched closer and leaned over the woman on the ground.* Are you all right? -11:41 Jun 30
Obsidian: *Weak … She was so weak … Her eyelids fluttered.* Am I … dead …? -11:44 Jun 30
Evangeline: I don’t think so. Um, not unless you count vampires as dead, but I don’t usually do. I’m Evangeline! -11:46 Jun 30
Obsidian: *She groaned! She was so weak but no! She refused to drink any blood!* I … I have to find Anthony … *She clung to that sword as if it meant more to her than anything!* -11:56 Jun 30
Evangeline: *Anthony! Evangeline blinked in surprise!* …Anthony Carnatelli? That isn’t such a good idea. Not like this. …hum… I think you need something to eat maybe? I could feed you until you can walk and then I could take you somewhere safe! -11:59 Jun 30
Obsidian: No! I refuse to drink … any blood … I will hunt Anthony down! *She slowly sat up and began to stand!* He … he has to pay … for what he did! -12:00 Jul 01
Evangeline: A sentiment so many share, I promise! But I am not so sure you are in the best condition? *Oh dear.. Evangelinge at least tried to help by taking her sword! The thing was monsteriously heavy!* -12:02 Jul 01
Obsidian: I will … I will avenge their deaths! *She began walking away, not even noticing Evangeline trying to help her carry the sword! She ended up staggering and leaning against a tree!* -12:06 Jul 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline now had the sword and was trying to drag it.* That is a noble thing to do, but I really do insist you get something to eat first! Um… *There wasn’t any easy way to do it, it’s not like she needed to carry around blood bottles! So biting her tongue so still herself, she made on quick swipe of her hand over the sword blade! A little bit of bouncing and some owing under her breath, she offered her hand to the women.* Please? Then I can take you somewhere safe! -12:11 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She turned her head away!* I do not need your blood! *She sure was a stubborn woman! But she reached for the sword Evangeline was holding!* -01:01 Jul 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled the sword away to hide behind her back. It wasn’t really hiding, and it was a bit awkward, but it was out of reach! She offered her hand again.* You have to have something! Anthony Carnatelli is not someone to trifle with even when you’re strong! Just a little bit and then I can help you? -01:03 Jul 01
Obsidian: No! I … *She took a step toward Evangeline and her family sword! Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell forward, dropping on the ground, unconscious!* -01:07 Jul 01
Evangeline: Oh! Blast it! *Stubborn vampire woman! What sort of vampire doesn’t take blood when offer? Well… at least with her on the ground like this, it did make it easier. Evangeline knelt on the ground and set the sword down beside her. Then she was psuhing the woman until she rolled over. Her hand burned and she probably cut a little too deep, but it did make it so much easier to try and squeeze some of the blood in to her mouth. She was practically starving to death!* -01:10 Jul 01
Obsidian: *Drip … Drip … Drip … The woman slowly came to, disoriented.* Where … *Her throat was parched and she was so thirsty! But … Mmm … That was delicious!* -01:16 Jul 01
Evangeline: *Oh good! She was coming around finally!* I am Evangeline and your lunch lady for today! If you’ll just relax a minute, I can take you to Oracle where you can meet other people that also want to slay Anthony Carnatelli? You could meet Gabriel! -01:17 Jul 01
Obsidian: *When she realized what was happening, the woman sat up!* … I must slay Anthony Carnatelli! With my family’s sword, I will redeem their deaths and make him suffer! -01:24 Jul 01
Evangeline: You’ve already mentioned that! Did you bump your head? Come on, I’ll take you and help you! *This was a little frustrating! Now that she was sitting up though, Evangeline was trying to get the woman to her feet.* At least tell me your name? -01:26 Jul 01
Obsidian: *With a soft grunt, she was on her feet and more steady than before!* My name is Obsidian or Sid. Anthony killed my family … and then he turned me into a monster! -01:30 Jul 01
Evangeline: I don’t think you’re monster. I bet you could be very nice! I’ve met Anthony before, though, so going there like this is a terrible idea. But if you come back with me, I’ll make sure you’re helped properly. *Bother, now SHE was dizzy. Better to get her back quick so she can see the nursesd too! That might have been a little reckless!* Come with me! *She took Sid’s hand before leaning to pick up her sword.* -01:32 Jul 01
Obsidian: *Sid found herself being dragged.* … I’ll get it. *She bent to grab her family’s sword and clutched it close! She was not going to lose sight of it! Not when she was so close!* -01:33 Jul 01
Evangeline: Oh good! It’s awfully heavy! *Finally! Evangeline made sure she had her pillowsack of nuts in her other hand, and away she took Sid to Oracle! …and made sure not to let go of the woman, she might do something strange!* -01:35 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She was holding that sword so tightly, it was like watching a hungry dog hoarding a bone! She glanced from side to side like a nervous beast and studied Oracle as it came into view! She noticed the defensive wards almost at once, her sword glowing faintly!* -01:40 Jul 01
Evangeline: *That sword was kind of weird… but she held Sid’s hand and squeezed it, trying to urge the woman not to worry! Evangeline took them inside and was tugging Sid along to the infirmary!* Don’t worry! All of the people here are really nice! -01:45 Jul 01
Obsidian: *But Sid didn’t relax and she eyed everyone as if they were a threat or she was going to pounce on them! That strange sword hadn’t stopped glowing either!* I can’t stay for very long … I need to go soon. -01:53 Jul 01
Evangeline: Stay away from where? Can you tell me? *Pulling Sid in to the Infirmary, she prodded her to a bed!* Maryann! Can we feed vampires here? -01:57 Jul 01

Maryann was one of the nurses and the moment she saw Evangeline’s bloody hand and blood on that sword, she was so sure that the Carnatelli was going to show up and start blaming HER for it! “Uh! Yes, but maybe you should step over here and let me look at your hand!”

Evangeline: Can we get her something to eat first? I let her have some of my blood, but I think she is near starving to death! *Oooh, okay, she was really dizzy now! Evangeline went ahead and sat down in a chair before she went fainting like Miss Sid did!* -02:01 Jul 01
Obsidian: *Sid didn’t even seem to notice Evangeline moving away! But as soon as Evangeline looked up from sitting down, she was gone!* -02:02 Jul 01

“Evangeline I think she escaped.” said Maryann, turning to get some bandages!

Evangeline: Really? Oh! Drat it all! She’s a stubborn thing! *Setting her pillowcase of nuts on her chair, then Evangeline was up and going to chase after her, before Maryann could turn around!* -02:07 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She was on the trail of something! Sniff! Sniff! Something in the air … She had to follow it! She went down one corridor, turned … She walked up the steps to the roof where she hissed and attacked someone in a long black coat, issuing a war cry at the top of her lungs!* -02:08 Jul 01
Evangeline: *This was just one of those days! The woman herself was hard to follow, but the sword was easier to find! It glowed in her head! Oooh, but climbing up the stairs was a little work. At the top she was trying to catch her breath and holding on to the door before she toppled backwards!* …wait a second! -02:12 Jul 01

Gabriel: *Gabriel turned and eyed the sword the woman carried! He sidestepped, turned to her as she stopped and swung at him again! He landed a kick to her gut that sent her flying backwards!*

Evangeline: Gabriel! Can you not- Oh! *Why did they have to move so fast! He was kicking Sid good before she could get a word out of her mouth!* I’m trying to help her! I think she’s confused! -02:17 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She went staggering backwards!* Carnatelli! *She hissed, her eyes red! Her fangs were long! She gripped the sword’s handle in both hands and ran forward! Swipe! Swipe! Slash! Thrust! Swipe!* -02:21 Jul 01

Gabriel: What am I confused of, is how she bypassed the wards. *His eyes narrowed. Side step. Side step. A short jump backwards. Another side step!*

Evangeline: I found her in the park on the ground barely even alive! So I gave her a bit of blood so I could bring her hear to get help! *She wanted to go pounce on her, but the way the were moving, it wasn’t a good idea. Evangeline plopped to sit on the ground instead!* -02:24 Jul 01

Gabriel: … You did what. *Suddenly he had his hand around Sid’s neck, dangling her feet from the ground and away from his body! Her sword was on the ground at his feet!*

Evangeline: I gave her blood so I could help her to Oracle…? Gabriel, what you doing! *oo, maybe she said the wrong thing! Evangeline was scrambling to her feet again to scoot to him and grab on to one of his arms.* Please don’t strangle her! I think she needs help? -02:30 Jul 01

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* She sought me out and attacked me with no provocation, Evangeline. You wish me to set her free so she can plunge the sword into my heart.

Evangeline: She told me she was looking for Anthony Carnatelli because he hurt her family. She is just confused! *As if she would let someone hurt him! …but then with the thought now in her head, she slipped between him and Sid, just incase he did set the woman down and she jumped for the sword.* She didn’t even want my blood, I made her take it! -02:36 Jul 01

Gabriel: … Evangeline. There is something wrong with her. *The woman was still hissing and scratching at him. She was possessed! He could not allow her to harm Evangeline. This woman would be trouble.*

Evangeline: You didn’t like Dark either and he is turning out all right? One chance would be all right, and I promise I won’t let her hurt you! -02:39 Jul 01

Gabriel: *His fangs grew! He bit his lip, cast a spell and Sid was gone, along with her sword!* I sent her to a room in Oracle.

Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! Sometimes she was never sure when he would listen…* I’ll talk to her and try to explain things. Thank you for letting me try. -02:49 Jul 01

Gabriel: A confused woman is a dangerous one, Evangeline. Let her go.

Evangeline: That might describe every woman in the world! *She smiled wide and started to go before she stopped and turned back to him to tug gently on his sleeve.* Gabriel… -02:53 Jul 01

Gabriel: *He bent his head to kiss her on the lips, a kiss that lingered for several moments before he lifted his head.* You are insane.

Evangeline: *A surprised blink gave way to flustered blushing! She had forgotten tugging his sleeve meant asking for a kiss! …but she sure didn’t regret it! It took her a moment get her senses back!* ..hum…! I meant to ask if you would help me downstairs? I think you’ve just me even more dizzy! -03:00 Jul 01

On the ledge of the roof, the white raven perched, preening!

Gabriel: *He cast a sideways glance at Valravn!* Very well. *He took her hand, put his other hand behind the small of her back!* Remember to join me for dinner.

Evangeline: I will as soon as I have her settled! I managed to collect plenty of nuts for my next lesson, so I won’t have anything else to do today! *And dinner was sound really good about now! Hopefully Miss Sid would feel better herself after getting more to eat!* -03:05 Jul 01
The Gate Saga

055 What Might Have Been

Valraven shows Evangeline what the world would have been like had she not stayed with Gabriel.

[Evangeline is not having a good day!] -07:39 Oct 17
[Valravn the white raven was perched on the back of a chair watching over Evangeline!] -07:40 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Classes were not going well, and it really wasn’t the trainees fault. She’s been a little off for a good while now, and today was particularly bad! She saw Charlie’s kids today and was reminded of him all over again!* -07:43 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn landed on the edge of the desk and had suddenly morphed to a young boy, pre-teens, with pale skin, white hair, and red eyes dressed in old-style black clothing!* … And what weighs down the young lady’s spirits today? *He asked as Evangeline was closing the door.* -07:45 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped! Occasionally Fluffy did very unraven-like things! She only frowned and shrugged her shoulders, before forcing a smile.* Nothing to worry about Fluffy, really! -07:46 Oct 17
Valravn: *He jumped off of the desk and studied her thoughtfully.* You should no’ fret, fair lady. It is easier to hide things but better to talk about it. -07:50 Oct 17
Evangeline: Some things are just better not to speak about. There are so many much more pleasant topics! *because if she did talk about it, she might just cry. And if she started crying, she wouldn’t stop and Gabriel would come home and get upset!* -07:52 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn glanced off to the side. He didn’t like to mess around with things. He had a firsthand experience of what happened when you tried to fix outcomes.* Did you know Gabriel is like … a pond an’ you are a pebble. You throw a pebble into the pond and it causes ripples. But even when the ripples are gone, the pond is changed forever. -07:56 Oct 17
Evangeline: Maybe so, but sometimes it’s better of for the pond if you don’t throw rocks at it. *…Well, that hardly made any sense, but Fluffy himself used a strange analogy! Ripples indeed. Things had been very hard for everyone since she decided to stay!* -08:00 Oct 17
Valravn: *He ran his fingers through his hair.* Your human terms confound me. *It looked like his point was getting across. He would have to take drastic measures.* Lady Evangeline, you are a psychic so you know … the consequences of dabbling in the future, of what could be, what should be, what would be. I must show you something and before you refuse, it is ultimately for the greater good. -08:03 Oct 17
Valravn: *his point wasn’t -08:03 Oct 17
Evangeline: For the greater good? *…It was hard to refuse anyone when it was for the greater good, though she was curious what Fluffy could possibly show her!* … I don’t know, Fluffy. I think its better if I just prepare for bed and let this day. -08:05 Oct 17
Valravn: … If no’ for the greater good, than for Gabriel’s? *He asked her. From what he had witnessed, she had not refused anything of Gabriel’s yet. A strange yet intriguing sight, indeed.* -08:07 Oct 17
Evangeline: *… For Gabriel’s good was a different matter. Pausing to turn and cross her arms she finally nodded her head.* All right, I will see if it’s for Gabriel’s own good. -08:08 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn stepped forward. He clasped his hands together, raised them with his pointer fingers up and the rest folded. He started speaking in a different language and a large sigil appeared under their feet! The room filled with energy and suddenly disappeared! Leaving Evangeline and Valravn standing in a wide open space! It was … quiet. A dry, harsh wind blew. It felt so empty but there were the "echoes" of life all around them! They were standing in the middle of a street in a large city, none other than New York City itself! And the street was right outside of Shades!* -08:24 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Eeep! What a weird feeling! Evangeline could hardly describe it! She tilted her head, trying to feel out.* What is this now? -08:32 Oct 17
Valravn: … This … This is what occurs when a pebble is not thrown into a pond. *He said something in that strange language and reached up and touched the center of her forehead with his pointer finger.* … It will perhaps serve our purpose better if you can actually see. *The buildings around them looked empty or abandoned and a good majority of them were destroyed completely. The sky was black and the road was cracked but cars were parked everywhere. In some places, they had crashed into poles and into buildings!* -08:37 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Sight! There was a brief moment of freaking out, but she quickly realized this was not reality at all. This was something really special… but… it wasn’t looking so good. She glanced around with a frown.* Is that Shades? -08:38 Oct 17
Valravn: It is … What was once Shades. *He replied. Valravn turned to look up at Shades. It was in better condition than most but that wasn’t saying much.* You have had experiences with the Carnatellis so you are well aware of how fragile the human race is. Survivial of the fittest is the vampire’s modus operandi. The Carnatellis are the most brutal and survival-oriented of their race. -08:41 Oct 17
Evangeline: Yes, but Ms. Grey is a very resourceful person! I’m sure she’d take on the world herself if she had the chance to. -08:44 Oct 17
Valravn: Ciara … for her many traits an’ qualities is still human. And the type o’ power we are referring to is no small feat. *How to explain things to her without revealing it himself was very frustrating!* I would like you to take a guess on the one responsible for this … desolation. -08:47 Oct 17
Evangeline: Anthony or Michael? This is a vision of possible future, yes? -08:50 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn led her to an electronics shop. There was still one TV left and the window had been broken completely. He switched the TV on and it worked! The screen flickered to life! The pictures were shot by someone holding the camera in a shaky grip as the picture was uneven. There was static every so often. It was daylight and the city looked much the way Evangeline remembered it. There were people running. Someone trying to make a broadcast of some sort. Something was chasing everyone away … herding them, almost! The familiar tinkered with the TV a bit longer!* -08:53 Oct 17

Finally the static stopped but the pictures were still shaky. The sound worked now! Someone off screen was talking! “We’re … here on … Street. It’s … the … day since these attacks started. The daytime used to be safe but now the monsters are attacking in broad daylight!” The camera zoomed in on someone bending over another person. At first it looked like she was trying to help the man … but on closer inspection, she was ripping his throat out! And she couldn’t have been any older than Evangeline!

Valravn: … Your human technology is unreliable. *Valravn muttered, annoyed at the TV.* -09:00 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Frowning deeper, she leaned to see the tv better. It was like… the apocalypse!* This is awful! None of this is ever supposed to happen. Where is Oracle? Or Gabriel? -09:01 Oct 17
Valravn: Oracle was … the first place to be struck. *Valravn shook the TV again! The picture went black and then turned on again. This time it was night and the camera was behind a bunch of police! They were at the bottom of stairs outside of what appeared to be a museum or city hall! It was night and suddenly the cop was telling someone to freeze! The camera moved up and zoomed in on … Gabriel?! Evangeline watched as Gabriel kept walking down the steps as if he hadn’t heard the police. The police began to fire but the bullets weren’t hitting Gabriel at all! He finally stopped halfway down and drew a sword! A wicked-looking sword bathed in the blood of innocents and drenched in the countless souls!* -09:06 Oct 17
Valravn: *instead of city hall or the museum … Oracle HQ! XD -09:07 Oct 17
Evangeline: Diablo Animus….? *Somehow that name stuck in her head. …That was the sword from her vision of Anthony’s gate! Gabriel wouldn’t have something like that!* How… how far is this in the future..? -09:09 Oct 17
Valravn: *He raised an eyebrow. That couldn’t be right. How had Evangeline known the sword’s name when Gabriel himself had never mentioned it …* This is what would have happened if you had refused Gabriel that night Anthony attacked the priest and hunters. But like all possible futures, just because it does no’ happen soon, does no’ mean it will no’ happen. -09:26 Oct 17
Evangeline: …if I had gone back to London? *She almost did. Had he not asked her to stay, she would have gone…. but this..?* No, that can’t be right. Gabriel would never just.. just slaughter people like this. That couldn’t be him. -09:29 Oct 17

Meanwhile on the screen, people Evangeline recognized as hunters and Oracle personnel moved behind Gabriel but they were no longer human! They were vampires and had fangs and an odd look in their eyes! Gabriel said something and they launched into a frenzy, running forward despite being shot multiple times!

Valravn: There must be balance, Evangeline. The darkest shadow needs the brightest light. -09:35 Oct 17
Evangeline: But he is balancing, isn’t he? Someone good to stop Anthony and all that he does! *This was startling! And it didn’t even make any sense! Gabriel would never do this!* -09:36 Oct 17
Valravn: Sometimes the most serious danger of the work he does, is the high probability of becoming what he is hunting. Gabriel has the potential of becoming the most powerful of any race. Without you to show him those small things, he may become driven to extinguish every evil he comes across. And when there is no evil to fight against … -09:40 Oct 17
Evangeline: Gabriel has lived for a very long time before I was even born. He didn’t need me then, and if something happens to me.. *Well… she wouldn’t continue that thought! She didn’t want to leave him, or think that she might die. But with the way things were, it could happen so easily!* -09:42 Oct 17

It was over. The camera man had dropped the camera on the ground and off to the side, Evangeline saw someone’s bloody hand. Gabriel was holding up the sword, having reached the bottom and the blade glowed! Wisps of white–souls!–flew into the blade and disappeared! Then the TV went black!

Valravn: There is always a risk. But Gabriel needs you more than you realize. He is restless soul and he cannot fight forever. Even a vampire needs someone. -09:46 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped before the screen went black! It was just… awful!* But to be like this? This is mean and evil and nothing like him at all! -09:51 Oct 17
Valravn: I cannot give you an explanation, fair lady. Things are what they are, become what they become. -10:06 Oct 17
Evangeline: Just because I was not here? but… I would have come back if something was wrong, I know I would have. *Unless she couldn’t..!* …Did I die..? -10:09 Oct 17
Valravn: I … cannot say. It is a possible future. Anything may have happened. *He turned his head as if listening to something.* We must go. He is calling. -10:12 Oct 17
Evangeline: … Yes lets get home. *She’ll die and Gabriel will be crazy? She needed to get home right now!* -10:14 Oct 17
[Valravn is now known as: Gabriel] -10:19 Oct 17
Gabriel: Evangeline. *She was lying on the ground and he was holding her. He checked her pulse again.* Evangeline. Seer. -10:20 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Did she pass out…? Evangeline was a little confused, but she was blinking her eyes open to test… just the dark and a lot of dizzyness!* Blasted Fluffy! -10:21 Oct 17

Valravn was perched on the back of the chair, preening his feathers!

Gabriel: I will take you to the Infirmary. *He stood, picking her up and was walking for the door!* -10:23 Oct 17
Evangeline: No! We’re going to home! To bed! …and I need scarves! *She through her hands around his neck to capture him! …not that it was going to keep him stationary, but she wasn’t going to let go without a crowbar!* -10:24 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel stopped and looked down at her! He raised an eyebrow.* Another odd request. *But he took out his knife and cut his palm! He cast the spell and there was the usual pulse of negative energy and wind whipping around them. When they were back at the apartment, he lay her down on the bed.* We are here. Let go. -10:40 Oct 17
Evangeline: Here! Sit! *Evangeline let go, only to roll out of bed to lean in the floor and dig in her dresser. She fished out a few of the thin scarves and returned to poke and prod at him until he was in bed!* I have decided that I’m never leaving you. ever. I’m going to keep you here in this room and you’ll have to worry about anything again. -10:43 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Still watching her, he sat on the bed. He tilted his head slightly at her.* Not even to use the toilet. -10:50 Oct 17
Evangeline: …Maybe for bathroom breaks and getting a snack from the kitchen! But that’s it. *Evangeline crawled in to bed and climbed over him. She plopped right on him tie start tying one of the scarves around one of his wrists.* It’s the only way to make sure you’re happy! -10:54 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel had a feeling he knew where this was going! He just couldn’t believe it! But then what she was telling him was pretty baffling in itself!* You … would do that … for me. -11:02 Oct 17
Evangeline: Yes! Oh, hold still a minute. *She tied his arm to the bed in a neat little bow! Then was starting on the second one!* I’m not going to die and let you go crazy and blow up the universe. We’re going to stay here, and we’ll dance and play checkers. No monsters, no evil things and no dying. -11:04 Oct 17
Gabriel: You truly are insane. *He said, letting her tie one arm and watching her start on the other!* Tell me, this dying and blowing up the universe. A vision. -11:06 Oct 17
Evangeline: …. sort of. *She frowned and paused for a moment. …then was right back to trying to secure his other arm.* Sometimes I think I should have gone back to London. Things have been very bad for you because I stay. …but… maybe they would be worse if I left and couldn’t take care of you. -11:08 Oct 17
Gabriel: I will … understand if you chose to leave. I cannot keep you against your will. It would complicate things. *He was watching her careful. She seemed unsure of herself and yet fiercely determined. He was curious to know what had happened since the last time he saw her.* -11:20 Oct 17
Evangeline: I’m never leaving! Ever. I’m going to stay here with you forever. You’re just going to have to get used to it, as you’re going to be in this bed safe and sound until the end of time. *There! She had his arms tied and turned around to sit on his legs and start tying his feet!* -11:22 Oct 17
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly, studying her back.* Evangeline. What is the matter. -11:25 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed!* What do you think you would do if I died? Would you miss me? -11:28 Oct 17
Gabriel: Of course I would, Seer. *He said, without hesitating and as if he had thought the matter over before!* -11:36 Oct 17
Evangeline: And if I were gone, what would you do then? *Now she was tying a scarf around his foot to secure his leg!* You wouldn’t go nuts and set the world on fire, would you? -11:40 Oct 17
Gabriel: … Evangeline. Stop. *The questions were too specific to just be curiousity and were odd even by the Seer’s standards.* -11:45 Oct 17
Evangeline: *She stopped… after tying the knot!* There’s still a foot left or you’ll escape. *Evangeline at least turned around to face him and returned to sitting on him.* -11:47 Oct 17
Gabriel: I will always return to you. There is no reason to tie me. -11:51 Oct 17
Evangeline: I know, but… But if something happens to me I don’t want you to be upset. If I keep you here, we’ll stay safe. -11:52 Oct 17
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Someone has threatened you. -11:54 Oct 17
Evangeline: No, no one has threatened me. But I… I guess it was like a vision. What life might have been like if I weren’t here. I don’t want you to be alone. -11:59 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved then. One hand moved to take hers and pull her forward so she was lying on top of him now. He pulled his other hand free and wrapped his arms around her waist.* … Thank you, Evangeline. I am in your debt. -12:05 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Hey! How did he get out of that! She tied knots! Huffing, she adjusted herself so she could hide her face at his neck.* You already take care of me. I have to make sure to take care of you too. Because even a vampire needs a seer? *Or… something like that!* -12:09 Oct 18
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Indeed. You never know what you need until you find it and then lose it. -12:11 Oct 18
Evangeline: You better keep that in mind, then! Because I will tie you back to the bed and leave you here. I’d have to feed you and only set you loose for baths. -12:20 Oct 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel snorted but then he nodded.* I will keep that in mind. -12:23 Oct 18
The Gate Saga

054 Daycare Dilemma (UNFINISHED?)

Evangeline volunteered to watch the kids at the Oracle Daycare and Gabriel visits.

[Gabriel is standing in the middle of a crowd of little children no taller than his knee!] -02:33 Jan 22
[Evangeline volunteered to be a caregiver at one of the Oracle day care centers! …she isn\’t sure why Gabriel joined her, there isn\’t any slaying involved here!] -02:34 Jan 22

There were several children standing there staring up at Gabriel. He was as big as a house and had this big cool coat on!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Evangeline.* … You are not teaching a class today. -02:37 Jan 22
Evangeline: *Gabriel looked so out of place she almost laughed! Today she was wearing simple clothes, a sweater and some pants. Chasing children around required easy running!* No. They were under staffed here today, because so many people have caught a flu lately, so I thought I would help! *Oop! She snatched a fork up as a kid ran by. Where’d they get this fork!* -02:39 Jan 22

One of the children tugged on Gabriel’s coat. “Are you the Boogey-Man?”

“Mommy says guns are bad.” said another, tugging on the other side of Gabriel to look under his coat!

“Oohh! I want to see the gun! I want to see the gun!” said a third child, moving to push the child in front of him so he could.

Evangeline: *A blink!* You don’t have your guns with you, do you..! They are awfully good at stealing things from your pockets when you aren’t looking! *As she had found out earlier this morning! She was still missing three of her stones!* -02:47 Jan 22
Gabriel: Some have called me that but no, I am not. *He raised an eyebrow.* Guns are bad but I deal with bad … people. -02:47 Jan 22

“OOhh! Those guns look big and heavy!”

*said another child.

“Can I try the gun!? I want to play Cops and Vampires!” Not that asking stop a kid from trying to crawl up Gabriel’s leg!

Gabriel: *He was still looking at Evangeline when his hand shot out and he grabbed it out of one of the children’s hands! He moved so fast the child didn’t notice the gun had been taken away until seconds later!* The next child to touch my guns will serve as my snack. *He put the gun away and picked up the child crawling up his leg by the collar of the kid’s shirt.* No. -02:50 Jan 22
Evangeline: *Thanks goodness she was the only one here! If one of the others were, they’d be panicking half to death! ….Not that she wasn’t a tiny bit worried herself!* Um…! I think it would be best if the guns weren’t here at all don’t you think? That would include any knives or other weapons! -02:53 Jan 22

The kid now being held up by his shirt was staring wide-eyed! “Woooowww! You’re super strong! Can you touch the ceilin?!”

Gabriel: *He looked at Evangeline.* … Fine. *He looked at the kid who had spoken.* Easily. *He lowered the child back to the floor and suddenly his guns and knives were gone. He moved to walk away only to find two children clinging to his leg!* -02:56 Jan 22

“Wow! He really is strong!” said one child!

“Can we ride on your legs and you walk around, Mister!” said the other child.

Evangeline: *A relief! Now she didn’t have to worry about any children sneaking Gabriel’s weapons away. He was fast, but there was a whole room of them and they could get overwhelming!* There are about thirty of them, most around five years old or younger. The ones too young to be in school yet. *Evangeline tried not to grin!* …um, did you need something from me today? -02:58 Jan 22
Gabriel: No. *And he didn’t explain why he’d come to see Evangeline either! He looked down at the two kids clinging to his legs.* You are clinging to me. Why. -03:01 Jan 22

“Just a little ride, please?! Pretty pretty please?!” said one child.

“Yeah, just a little ride! And we’ll get off! … Promise!” said the other.

“I’d rather have a horsey ride! …Hey, where’d all the guns go!” That one was now hanging on the back of Gabriel’s coat and flicking it to make him move!

Gabriel: To the door. *He said and then he began walking, kids clinging to his legs and back with him! And he was walking as if they were light as a feather–which they probably were for him!* -03:05 Jan 22
Evangeline: Did you want to tell me something? *He must of needed something, because he was still here and being so viciously tormented by very curious children! If she were nice she should pull them off…. but…. but it was so cute!* -03:05 Jan 22

“Weeee! This is fun!” The kid was giggling!

“Yee-haw! Yay!” went the second kid!

The one on his coat was trying to stop him from walking, but just ended up being dragged across the floor!

Gabriel: No. *He replied and reached the door.* Off. *He told the children but none of them budged!* -03:24 Jan 22
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her hands on her hips, tilting her head in thought.* …all right you baby chicks, let go of that monster and hide before he eats you! We’re going to count to ten! -03:26 Jan 22
[Evangeline wonders how long Gabriel will tolorate this tiny beasts if he didn\’t actually need to speak to her about something!] -11:52 Jan 22
[Gabriel is trying to pry the children off of him!] -11:57 Jan 22

Kids didn’t look like they were going to get off Gabriel, even when Evangeline said she’d start counting! Lots of high pitched giggling!

Gabriel: *But everytime he pulled one child off, there were more in its place.* Persistent. -12:00 Jan 23
Evangeline: You gave some of them rides, I think you’re going to have to do it for all of them. *Poor Gabriel! Children have iron-like sticky grips of doom. It’s not like slaying monsters!* -12:02 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his arm which one child clinging to it, giggling! There were thirty of them! And they didn’t look the type to be easily placated!* … I see. And you are watching over them for how long. -12:03 Jan 23
Evangeline: For a few more hours until their parents come to pick them up. You’ll have to come back later if you needed me to do something for you! *Evangeline tilted her head curiously.* -12:06 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He turned around to face Evangeline now.* And you are the only adult here. -12:12 Jan 23
Evangeline: Well, yes. No one else was available. They are fun though. I just haven’t figured out where they hid my rocks or my shoes. *Speaking of which, she was supposed to be searching for those! Heaven forbid they end up in a paint can or flushed down a toilet!* -12:15 Jan 23

“Can I get another piggyback ride?” said one kid.

“Can we, can we?” said another.

“Hey, I didn’t get a turn yet! When is it my turn?!” said a third.

“I wanna plaaaaaay a gaaaaaaame!” Said the one still attached to the back of his coat!

Gabriel: *He glanced over his shoulder at the one attached to the back of his coat.* One more ride. *And then he started to walk across the room again!* -12:20 Jan 23

“Yay!” said one of the kids on his arm!

“Giddy-up, horsie!” said one of the kids on his leg!

“Wow! You’re strong!” went another kid.

“Can you do this to my daddy?!” said a different one.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was reaching under one of the tables hunting… and found another kid! She shooed him out.* You really don’t need to stay! Are you sure there wasn’t something you needed? -12:26 Jan 23
Gabriel: You wish to get rid of me. *Gabriel said, pausing to stop beside her as she hushed the child out from under the table.* -12:28 Jan 23
Evangeline: No! Of course not! But I will be here for awhile and you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. *How many of them could he drag around the room! Evangeline pulled one of the kids off his arm!* -12:32 Jan 23

The kid Evangeline pulled off of Gabriel’s arm was clinging very tightly! “I wanna ride! I wanna ride!”

Gabriel: *He suddenly had a child on his shoulders! What a quick climber! He lifted one hand which was covering one eye.* -12:39 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t help but grin!* You’ll be at this all day, if you linger. I think they like you. *Took some prying but she managed to get the one off his arm and tucked him under hers! Then she was trying to fish the one off his shoulder Little monsters were heavy!* -12:41 Jan 23
Gabriel: Actually … *And even the children paused to listen to this one!* … I do not mind. -12:43 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She wasn’t so sure if she believed him! After all, Gabriel was not someone you would find surrounded by lil tiny grabby humans!* Is that so? Well, if you don’t mind you are welcome to stay and help me! We can’t leave until the last one is picked up. And we can’t lose any of them either. Sometimes they like to escape. -12:46 Jan 23

“Mikie crawled out a window this morning, and Miss Clark called him a spider monkey!”

“And then when she found him and brought him back, Joey got into the cookie jar and made such a mess!” said a little girl!

“And then the aliens came and we had to fight mutant squids with rockets for eyes!” another stated just as seriously!

Evangeline: I… don’t know about the squids, but it’s been very chaotic! *…and someone had toilet paper and was currently throwing it around the room! Evangeline dashed to intercept!* -01:13 Jan 23
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((01:16 Jan 23))
[Gabriel has returned!] -01:36 Jan 23

“Can we play hide and go seek, Miss Clark?”

“No, it’s snack time! I want a cookie!”

“You had a cookie a little while ago! It’s my turn!”

Evangeline: I’m afraid snack time is later! So it’s safe trouble free games! …Where are my shoes! *She was rewinding that toilet paper back on a roll and sliding some legos off the floor where no one would step on them! …No one being her! It was going to be a disaster to clean up later!* -01:40 Jan 23

“I want to play with the trains this time!”

“I want coloring books!”

Evangeline: Then you should play with trains and coloring books! We have them here don’t we? *…She wasn’t so sure! Some of the toys were just pretend, and other times she was running around in circles! Grown up trainees were just a little bit easier to take care of!* -01:52 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Gabriel began to move around–still carrying five or six children–to help look for things! He lifted the lid of the cookie jar and–pulled out a shoe too big to be any of the children’s!* -01:57 Jan 23
Evangeline: *And Gabriel was still here! Moving around like the abominable snowman covered in layers of snow! She even giggled when he moved past her!* Maybe we should play hide and seek. -02:02 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He offered her his shoe while the kids clinging to him cheered and agreed! They didn’t seem so eager to get off of their ride, however!* -02:10 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She took the shoe and grinned more still.* You have to get off him so he can come and find you! So you better hide quick! -02:11 Jan 23

The coat clinger hopped away! “You’ll NEVER find me! I am a master hider!”

[Evangeline is being ran in circles by mobs of excited children, but doesn\’t seem to mind!] -01:33 Apr 15
[Gabriel is sitting at one of the kids\’ tables, in one of the smaller chairs, watching one girl draw him!] -01:35 Apr 15

“Okay! I’m done now!” The girl in the blonde pigtails sits up to show off her picture of him! A stick man in a black coat! “This is you!”

Evangeline: Ha! Gotcha! Give me that before you paint the walls purple! *Evangeline finally caught up to the one that had her scuffling around the room and recaptured the sticky paint brush that had been previously painting another child pretty colors.* Scoot! Wash yourself in the sink! -01:39 Apr 15
Gabriel: *Gabriel took the drawing and tilted his head slightly at it. Finally, he handed it back to her.* It is uncanny–it resembles me perfectly. *He had to add that last part when he saw the look on the girl’s face.* -01:40 Apr 15

The girl beamed with pride and shared the drawing with her friend! “Hehe, he said it’s uncanny!”

“Aaawww…” the boy shuffled off, dragging his feet aaaaalll the waaaaay. …and made sure to place hand prints where he could!

Gabriel: *He turned slightly and reached out to pull a blackboard eraser out of a running child’s grip! Then he had to pull another eraser out from another child.* -01:42 Apr 15

“Eww!” A little girl with freckles ran up to Evangeline! “Miss Evangeline! Tommy is making poop in the corner again! He said he doesn’t need to use the toilet.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline dropped the paint brush back in to a jar, ending up with paint and handprints on herself.* Oh dear… Tommy! Your mother is going to hang you by your ears if you don’t use the bathroom like a proper gentleman! *She was scooting quick to get him before there was a real disaster!* -01:45 Apr 15
Gabriel: *He was standing up and he crossed the room in two or three strides to pry one child off of the shelf he was climbing up on to retrieve a ball. He reached up and returned the ball to the child.* -01:47 Apr 15

There was a sudden EXPLOSION of baby powder somewhere in the room! Somehow it was so bad, the entire room had filled with white dust and now kids were screaming and giggling all over the place with the lack of sight!

Tommy was squatting in the corner with a very determined expression on his face! Even his nose was crinkled!

Evangeline: That’s enough of that! *Evangeline had Tommy up under her arms just in time to start coughing from all of that powder in the air! …this was getting absolutely impossible! Wolf puppies would be easier than this!* No reason to scream! It’ll *SNEEZE!* …oh! Someone open a window! -01:52 Apr 15
Gabriel: *Of course, Gabriel reached the window with little if any problem and opened the window! He picked up a kid trying to climb out and have his own adventure!* -01:54 Apr 15

“There’s a monster in heeeeerreee!” shouted someone else, which prompted a whole new torrent of screaming and running!

Evangeline: Then everyone should hunt for it instead of screaming! Monsters like eating the screamers first! *Tommy underarm, she was hauling him off to the bathroom and plopped him on the toilet before guarding the door!* -02:02 Apr 15

That ended the screaming pretty quick! But as the dust cloud settled there was a lot of powdered covered children and very weird shaped foot prints on the floor! Lots of oohing and aahing! “Coooool! It must be a dinodragonraptorvamp!’

The Gate Saga

053 Dark’s First Crush (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Caroline has her own missions to do and takes Dark along. He meets a nice young lady!

[Caroline has no idea how to balance mentoring with her own personal work! Thus… Dark gets a cruise vacation while she hunts for a rumored demon!] -11:59 Dec 13
[Dark just wanted to find a way off of this ship!] -12:18 Dec 14
Dark: … Too much rolling! *Dark muttered, shielding his eyes against the glint of the sun off the ship’s white paint!* -12:19 Dec 14
Caroline: I have to wonder if you know how to swim. *Cruises were relaxing… at least, if you weren’t watching the people carefully, looking for signs of posession or demonic auras. Someone had contacted her and said there was some sort of curse on this ship, and she never liked to turn down personal requests. -12:21 Dec 14
Dark: Just ’cause I know how to do something doesn’t mean I like doing it. *He growled.* ‘Sides, Gabriel made sure I knew how to swim. *It was a miracle he wasn’t still having nightmares about that, either!* -12:22 Dec 14
Caroline: Did he? *There was that amused smile. Knowing Gabriel’s methods, Dark was likely dropped in the ocean somewhere and told to swim home.* If that is the case, you don’t need to spend all of your time with me. This trip is lesson free. -12:25 Dec 14
Dark: *Dark couldn’t believe his ears! Did she just–Wait, a minute! He blinked and looked over the top of his sunglasses!* Wait … you’re serious? -12:26 Dec 14

Someone suddenly bumped into Dark! “Oh, excuse me! I didn’t see where I was going!”

Caroline: Contrary to what it must feel like, I do have quests outside of teaching you. *Caroline blinked at the interuption, but still cast that amused smile. Although, letting Dark socialize could have been considered a lesson too…* -12:30 Dec 14
Dark: *He growled and turned, ready to give that guy a piece of his–!* Uh … Yeah, just uh … don’t let it happen again. -12:35 Dec 14

The woman who had bumped into him was a head shorter than he was. She wore a white hat with a wide brim, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a blue sundress, blue shoes and carried a white purse over one shoulder. In her other hand was the handle to her suitcase on wheels. “Thank you.”

“Boy’s twitterpated by a nice pair of breasts.” Muttered Alistair, hiding on Caroline’s shoulder and hidden behind her hair. All the beautiful women on board, and he couldn’t chase after any of them!

Dark: *Dark glared!* I heard that, you little–! -12:41 Dec 14

The woman was looking at him, blinking and head tilted to one side curiously. “Heard what …? I didn’t say anything.”

Dark: *He blinked.* It’s uh … nothing, really. So uh, you er, better go … find your cabin … or whatever. -12:42 Dec 14
Caroline: Hmm. Why don’t you help her find her cabin. I’ll be browsing the ship. *It was cute in a strange sort of way. Dark was lucky that Evangeline was not here to meddle. Caroline nodded her head to both of them before turning away to leave and swishing Alistair off her shoulder. She had no desire to listen to him sulk!* -12:49 Dec 14

She smiled and blushed slightly. “I’m sorry. I’m bothering you, aren’t I? My name is Abby.”

Dark: *Dark glanced over his shoulder.* Wait, where are you–?! *But Caroline and Alistair were already gone and he huffed!* Yeah, leave me, good-for-nothing, conniving, little– -12:52 Dec 14
Dark: /gm There was a giggle from behind him! The woman was still there! "You’re funny." -12:52 Dec 14

There was a giggle from behind him! The woman was still there! “You’re funny.”

Alistair was given the brush off! Hmph! Some partner! Well, then… That just meant he was going to go harass the boy. When he went flapping back, he found Dark chatting up with that pair of nice breasts. He landed behind the woman, sitting on a railing… but in Dark’s sight!

Caroline: *She wished there was a little more information about this ship. Saying that it was "cursed" and a "demon" on board was vague, considering how many different sorts of curses and demons there were in the world. With her hands resting in her pockets, for the moment, looking around and getting familiar with the ship would. When they were out to sea, that was the best time for beasts to come out. No one could escape then…* -12:59 Dec 14
Dark: *She thought he was funny?! That was a first. No one ever thought he was funny. Well, there was that time the Grey chick–Lily–had called him funny. But this woman meant it in a completely different way.* Uh, yeah … Well uh, where’s that cabin of yours. *He happened to glance over her shoulder and notice–damnit, what the hell was that flying rat doing here?!* -01:00 Dec 14

The woman began fumbling into her purse. “Well … It was just here a moment ago. I sure hope I didn’t throw it away or drop it overboard.” She stopped and blinked, seriously wondering if she had. She realized Dark was watching her and her cheeks were tinged with red. “It’s … happened before.”

Alistair made sure his presence was known by mimicing the woman. That included posing, rubbing his chest and making all sorts of kissy faces!

Dark: *Trying to keep a straight face for the woman and glaring at Alistair was hard as hell! He growled–only to stop and glance off to the side when the woman stopped what she was doing to look at him!* It’s bound to be somewhere in that purse of yours … Maybe it’s on the floor. -01:08 Dec 14

“Um …” She looked at the floor and began turning around. She was too busy looking for the piece of paper to notice a bat perched on the railing.

Dark: I’ll look over here. *Dark moved over to where Alistair was and growled.* What the fuck are you doing here, you flying rat? -01:10 Dec 14

Alistair gave a good smug grin. “Watching you flubber around like some addle headed pup! Can’t talk to women, can you boy?”

Dark: Why don’t you go and make yourself useful, like getting stuck in a hole somewhere for the rest of eternity? -01:14 Dec 14

“Oy, oy! And miss out watching you flounder like a dead fish? Go show that human you manpiece! Take it like a man!”

“Any luck there, Mr … I don’t even know your name. Are you alright over there?”

Dark: *He growled.* Oh, I’ll show you something alright–*He quickly turned.* Dark. My name’s Dark. And I’m fine. No luck over here. Maybe you should look in your purse again. -01:22 Dec 14

Alistair cackled softly, flapping up to land on the back of Dark’s shirt. He wasn’t going to miss this! “Offer her your room, vampire.”

Dark: Offer her my room! Oh, you are so dead! *He snarled, turning to try and grab the bat! It was something he should have done earlier instead of just yelling at him!* -01:26 Dec 14

“That’s a marvelous idea! Are you … sure you don’t mind? I don’t want to impose.”

Caroline: *Caroline had wondered up on one of the higher levels, now leaning over the railings and looking out at the sea. The ship was just starting to move away from port, and before long they’d be out in open ocean. It was a shame this was business. There was always something vaguely romantic in meeting a stranger on a cruise.* -01:26 Dec 14

Alistair seemed to know the perfect spot to cling, right out of reach! He snickered to himself! It was a good thing human ears were not as sharp as the dumb vampire’s. He could do this all day!

Dark: *Dark was forced to stop trying to reach the chattering little fuzzball because now Abigail was walking toward him.* Uh … Not at all. *Damnit, all his instincts said to refuse, to tell her to go look for someone else to help and stalk off! But no … he was still standing here, agreeing with a suggestion he got from a perverted, annoying little flying rat!* -01:41 Dec 14

Alistair crawled himself to a nice spot, out of grabbing range, but a good place to watch and occasionally give his expert advice! “Don’t just stand there, get walkin’!”

Dark: *He wanted nothing more than grab the little pest, tie him up with something, maybe with rope and to the anchor and launch him overboard!* -02:08 Dec 14

She was giggling as she grabbed his arm and started pulling him across the deck! “This will be so much fun!”

Caroline: *Watching people as they moved about, it was a little surprising to see Dark getting dragged along by that woman from before. …and Alistair clinging to his shirt. * -02:15 Dec 14
The Gate Saga

052 Oracle Christmas Party

Christmas party at Oracle! Gabriel tells Evangeline she may ask for a kiss whenever she wants one.

[Evangeline is wearing a long green velvet dress and has mistletoe clipped in her hair! So how come no one will give her a kiss? It\’s bad luck!] -08:45 Dec 11
[Gabriel knows full well why no one will give her a kiss … and it makes him smirk. Just a bit!] -08:50 Dec 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel walked up from behind her.* What troubles you now, Seer. -08:58 Dec 11
Evangeline: I am not troubled.. maybe curious, but it doesn’t matter much! *Standing at the drinks table and pouring herself some cider, maybe she should go kiss people herself. Oracle hunters were so shy!* -09:00 Dec 11
Gabriel: I trust you realize why the hunters are giving you a wide berth. *His head tilted slightly as he watched her. To any paying attention, it was much like a cat studying a mouse or a little bird as it sang. It was no wonder they thought she was Gabriel’s snack.* -09:02 Dec 11
Evangeline: I suppose I have cooties. But Leon actually has cooties and he has been getting kisses all night! Luckily I am not too superstitious, but it does hurt a girl’s feelings, though! *She huffed softly, taking a drink. Apparently she is only edible!* -09:08 Dec 11
Gabriel: *He watched as she drank, huffing softly. He had heard some of the hunters whispering some things about her. Good things. But they would never follow through with it. They liked Evangeline, they liked her very much. They just feared the vampire who had become her shadow in almost every sense.* … You look lovely tonight. -09:11 Dec 11
Evangeline: *She blinked, then cast a wide smile. He was so very sweet!* Really? I’ve not been to a lot of parties, so I wanted to wear a pretty Christmas dress! It’s fuzzy too – feel it! *Evangeline held out an arm so he could touch the sleeve.* -09:13 Dec 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel found that the material was indeed fuzzy.* You are uncomfortable here. -09:18 Dec 11
Evangeline: Oh no, everything is really nice here. But I would like a dance or a kiss before I miss the chance. Maybe everyone has jealous dates. *That might be it! She heard Ms. Grey threaten Leon about girls earlier!* -09:25 Dec 11
[Gabriel The DJ announces a special song for all those lovebirds out there! He starts up Air Supply’s "I Can’t Believe".] -09:32 Dec 11

The DJ announces a special song for all those lovebirds out there! He starts up Air Supply’s “I Can’t Believe”.

Gabriel: … May I have this dance. -09:34 Dec 11
Evangeline: *She didn’t want to be suspicious, but normally she had to drag him for dancing!* Are you sure you want to dance with me? I know you don’t like to! -09:36 Dec 11
Gabriel: I will make an exception. *He raised an eyebrow at her.* Just this once. -09:36 Dec 11
Evangeline: Just this once, hmm? All right! *She took his hand to pull him towards the dance floor. There was no way she would pass up an opportunity to dance with Gabriel! That was her current favorite daydream!* -09:39 Dec 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel found himself pulled onto the dance floor and watched as Evangeline turned. She arranged his hands, one on her waist and she clasped the other in one of hers.* -09:42 Dec 11
Evangeline: It’s different from the tango. Much softer, and this time we have real music to dance to! *And it was so hard not to be grinning silly! He really had no idea how much she loved dancing!* -09:45 Dec 11
Gabriel: You humans enjoy your music. *He said, remembering he had to lead and stepping slowly and softly.* -09:54 Dec 11
Evangeline: Music is a wonderful way to express things that are not so easily said. Vampires can like music too! *She paused only long enough to spin herself under his arm, and then was right back to sneaking her arm around his waist. He had taken a bath with her urging, and now he smelled like that really nice soap!* -09:59 Dec 11
Gabriel: I am aware of that. *He paused as she spun herself under his arm and then moved back toward him.* -10:12 Dec 11
Evangeline: Have you really not ever cared for music or dancing? Not even once? If you closed your eyes and listened, you could experience all kinds of things! *No dancing, no music! There was probably not a person in the world that needed her as much as he did! Gabriel was missing out on so much!* -10:16 Dec 11
Gabriel: That is the way of things. And before you ask, no, I do not sing and I do not have a talent for such. -10:18 Dec 11
Evangeline: I can’t sing very well either, but that doesn’t stop me. *How stubborn. It was a miracle he was even dancing with her right now! Evangeline leaned forward to rest her head against his shoulder.* You might like things if you tried them. Dancing with me isn’t too bad, right? -10:25 Dec 11
Gabriel: I would not dance with anyone … but you. -10:36 Dec 11
Evangeline: *How did he do that, rendering her speechless! Evangeline hoped she wasn’t flushing, and just in case she made sure to hide her face from view somewhere at his shoulder. Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but it was knee-weakeningly sweet!* We’ll have lots of opportunities to dance, then. I’ll make sure! -10:39 Dec 11
Gabriel: *He was tilting his head at her again.* Do you miss London. -10:49 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline shrugged her shoulders softly.* I do sometimes. I lived there my whole life, so it’s familiar. But, I am liking her better with you and all of the people in Oracle. It’s not so lonely. -10:53 Dec 11
Gabriel: That is well. You are doing a lot of good here. -10:58 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted back to grin at him.* Is this your subtle way of making sure I’m not taking any more trips and leaving you alone with Brutus? -11:00 Dec 11
Gabriel: I am merely ensuring you are provided for. You are my Seer. -11:06 Dec 11
Evangeline: *She loved the way that sounded, and it took some discipline not to have a wistful look!* You really don’t have to do so much for me, I’m always happy to stay and help you. -11:13 Dec 11
Gabriel: Indeed. I … appreciate that but you still require things. There is food, water, and shelter to consider. Then the secondary needs of companionship, clothing, luxuries. -11:22 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly.* You give me more than you should. People will tease you and say you are my boyfriend! -11:26 Dec 11
Gabriel: They will not say to my face or to yours. They fear me. -11:43 Dec 11
Evangeline: They couldn’t be that afraid could they? I don’t think you’re very scary. *There was nothing terrifying about him… but maybe she was a bit biased!* -11:49 Dec 11
Gabriel: They are. *And he said it without a hint of pride or remorse.* You do not think I am scary because since the moment we met, I have protected and cared for you. It is uncharacteristic of me to do so. -11:53 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* It’s uncharacteristic for you… You are always helping people. Even if you do have moments of harassing those poor newbie hunters. I think you’e very kind and sweet. -12:04 Dec 12
[Evangeline thinks Gabriel is sweet!] -12:10 Dec 12
Gabriel: That is not an opinion others share. You did not know me until we met at the warehouse, Seer. Many others have had to deal with my having been placed on the list of those to kill upon sight. -12:14 Dec 12
Evangeline: I don’t see how that matters. ….well, I suppose you might seem a little scary at first. But even mercenaries and slayers can get to know what someone is really like. *Sometimes she wondered if he preffered it with everyone being terrified of him!* … Would it be better if I were afraid of you too? -12:17 Dec 12
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. It was a question he pondered as well.* … No. I find that I like that about you. -12:24 Dec 12
Evangeline: That’s good! Because I am not sure how easy it would be to share a bed with you and pretend like that’s scary! *It would be like screaming because a mouse was in the room! The thought was funny! Evangeline moved to rest her head against his shoulder again.* Hmm. …Gabriel, can I have a request? -12:31 Dec 12
Gabriel: A request. -12:39 Dec 12
Evangeline: Yes. Just a small one. *Well… maybe a big one, but she was trying not to be goofy about it!* Since I can not even get Christmas kisses, even though they are even more harmless than every day kisses.. Um… Would you give me another? It will be the last time I ask, I promise! -12:42 Dec 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded. He tilted her head up slightly to make her mouth more accessible and leaned forward to kiss her lips.* -12:48 Dec 12
Evangeline: *She was holding her breath and trying not to slip in to a fit of nervous giggling! He had kissed her once before, so she knew what to expect this time! ….but despite it, she still had that rush of warm fuzzies the moment his mouth met hers!* -12:52 Dec 12
Gabriel: *He continued the kiss a little longer, knowing this would indeed possibly be the only Christmas kiss she would receive.* -12:56 Dec 12
Evangeline: *If it would be like this to kiss Gabriel every time, she never wanted to stop! Not even to breathe! Evangeline leaned up on her toes, so she could make sure he had a good Christmas kiss too!* -01:03 Dec 12
Gabriel: *He leaned a bit forward so she wouldn’t have to lean up so much.* -01:15 Dec 12
Evangeline: *She sighed, deciding this was what heaven was like! But she did have to breathe, so it was with a great deal of regret to break away… she shouldn’t have promised she wouldn’t ask for anymore! Drats! Evangeline cleared her throat.* ahem… Thank you! -01:19 Dec 12
Gabriel: If you should ever wish for another kiss, merely tug on my sleeve and ask, please. *He tilted his head slightly.* Technically you would not be asking for a kiss and as such, would not break your promise. -01:32 Dec 12
Evangeline: *Squeezing her eyes shut, she once again hoped her face wasn’t red. Sometimes he was a mind reader! Or was it that obvious on her face?* I may end up tugging on your sleeves all the time, though! It’s like that tv commercial, where you can’t seem to stop with just one! -01:36 Dec 12
Gabriel: Merry Christmas, Seer. -01:46 Dec 12
Evangeline: *Well, that does it. She was smitten and there was no way around it! Evangeline hopped to throw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek!* Happy Christmas! -01:49 Dec 12

The Gate Saga

051 Sleepover at Oracle (UNFINISHED?)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Dark has shown “promise” after he protected Evangeline, thus Gabriel has decided to return his memories and let him be aware of who created him and why. Evangeline sees this as a perfect bonding opportunity as a sleepover!

[Evangeline is going to have a sleepover at Oracle with Dark who probably has no idea what she\’s doing! ] -02:58 Jun 20
[Gabriel was curious enough to follow Evangeline around and help prepare for the sleepover!] -02:59 Jun 20

The hunters in the laundry room thought Gabriel was up to something sneaky when Evangeline asked for some clothes pins! It was either another crazy lesson or some cruel type of punishment Gabriel had cooked up! … But they gave up the clothes pins anyways!

Evangeline: *Maybe she looked crazy walking around oracle in a nightgown and fuzzy slippers, but that was ideal sleepover attire! Now that she had clothes, some stolen sheets, marshmallows, and some crayons… this would be just right!* -03:01 Jun 20
Gabriel: *After deciding several errands ago that none of what Evangeline said would make sense, Gabriel just followed her silently! But of course, she knew he was there and kept describing the strange rituals of this human invention called a sleepover!* -03:03 Jun 20
Evangeline: If Dark was a girl I could fix his hair pretty and paint his toenails, but since he’s a boy we’ll just have to answer surveys in magazines and talk about monsters. I think boys talk about monsters for sleepovers, but I’ve never had a sleepover before, well besides staying with Ms. Grey, so I think I’ll have to make a lot of things up! *Of course, now was sneaking in to Dark’s room with all the goodies she collected and seeing if he had even woken up yet. She might have asked Caroline to join them, but it seemed Caroline needed a break and this would be good for Gabriel to get to know Dark better!* -03:10 Jun 20

Dark: *Nope, he was still sound asleep!*

Evangeline: *Well, that was fine with her! Gabriel said Dark would need to stay for two days, so she had plenty of time! Evangeline set down her goodies and was pulling out her clothespins and sheet. ..Now how was she going to put this fort together?* I need chairs. Maybe some extra pillows. …Or maybe I should wake him up and have him help. I don’t think he’s built a fort before. -03:17 Jun 20
Gabriel: … As I thought. *He replied from behind Evangeline.* The battle took quite a toll on him. No, it is better to let him sleep. I will help you with your fort. *Gabriel remembered how exhausted he had been the first time he had to fight with sword and magic …* -03:22 Jun 20
Evangeline: At least having a sleepover with you is just as fun! *She handed him the sheet and some of the clothes pins as she fetched one of the chairs from the desk.* I can ask you all of the questions until Dark wakes up! -03:24 Jun 20
Gabriel: … I am sure you are well prepared to barrage me with your inquiries. *He took the sheets and the clothes pins and followed her example before rewarding their combined efforts with a raised eyebrow and a slight tilt of the head!* -03:26 Jun 20
Evangeline: There, that should do it, I think. *She had to test the sheet and the pins to make sure they’d be sturdy enough to hold and not go popping off somewhere. It made a pretty decent fort! Taking some pillows, she crawled under the sheets to arrange them neatly.* Have you ever made a fort before? …Although I guess you’ve probably made more real ones than pretend ones! -03:33 Jun 20
Gabriel: Made them, destroyed them. I can honestly say none of them were ever made of pillows … Are you done preparing for your sleepover? -03:35 Jun 20
Evangeline: Sleepover is officially ready! *Opening her bag of marshmallows, she held one out for him!* Were they always someone else’s forts or did you have ones of your own? Did any of them have princesses? -03:39 Jun 20
Gabriel: *He sat down closer to the door with his back against the bed and his legs stretched out! He ate the offered marshmallow after accepting it.* They belonged to others. I had no time to invest in keeping a fort. Some had princesses, yes. But their lives were little like the romances of your kind. -03:48 Jun 20
Evangeline: Well, I guess that is common sense… Stories leave out all the dreary day to day things of real life. *She was taking out Marshmallows to stick together with toothpicks and making little people!* Did you really spend your entire time slaying things or did you take vacations sometimes? -03:54 Jun 20
Gabriel: It is my mission to slay things, Seer. I do not take vacations. -04:03 Jun 20
Evangeline: How do you take time to think about things when you don’t have breaks? *Granted she has probably asked him a million times, and it is always the same answers… But then, that is why she always asked him to do things with her too! They were mini breaks from slaying!* Well, I have better more sleepovery questions. Like, your perfect evening! -04:05 Jun 20
Gabriel: A perfect evening of what …? -04:08 Jun 20
Evangeline: *She blinked!* Just… a perfect evening! Of doing something that doesn’t involve killing things or harassing hunters. -04:11 Jun 20
Gabriel: You have me at an impasse. A night that does not involve killing something or, as you put it, harassing hunters is something I am not accustomed to. *A slight smirk crossed his face.* Why do you think I was also on the list of those to be shot on sight, despite my actions? -04:16 Jun 20
Evangeline: Then… we should think of a perfect evening for you so we can do it later! There’s no sense in not getting to have a perfect evening when you have the chance to do so. *Or in this case, someone that will make sure he can do so! Dark could help her, if she can get him to not hate them all so much!* -04:20 Jun 20

Dark: *There was a snort from the bed!* Good luck, psychic. Like the bastard is going to take a holiday from his busy schedule.

Evangeline: You’re awake! Good! Now we can plan a perfect evening for you too! …well… actually, you might not have any idea for one yet.. So I have much better questions for our sleepover! …By the way, we’re having a sleepover! -04:24 Jun 20
Gabriel: … There is to be ice cream afterwards. -04:27 Jun 20

Dark: *He groaned and had he the strength, he would have been out that door!* Was this Caroline’s idea? Is this her punishment for–Ice cream? After what? The sleepover?

Evangeline: Ice cream! That’s even better! For now I have marshmallows. *Of which she took one out of her bag to throw at Dark!* This was my idea, since you needed rest and we were waving a good talk before that demon got in the way. …Which reminds me, I wish you wouldn’t have sent me back without you! I thought you might have gotten eaten alive! -04:31 Jun 20

Dark: *He groaned again and eyed that marshmallow that landed on his chest! He scowled.* Like hell if I was going to be roasted for letting you stick around. *He glared at Gabriel.* So, what’s your story? You stuck here, too?

Gabriel: On the contrary, I was merely concerned about your welfare. *He looked over at Dark, into those eyes that were so much like his own but different!* Caroline has not been getting sleep and it was about time you knew things before you found yourself back in Anthony’s clutches. -04:39 Jun 20
Evangeline: He volunteered, which means more fun for both of us! Unless we’re going to talk about Anthony, he’s never fun, but I suppose that’s a necessity if we’re going out for ice cream and the universe decides to cause trouble. *Evangeline decided her perfect evening would likely involved not getting pounced on by monsters!* -04:41 Jun 20
Gabriel: There are two things that must be done before Dark can set foot outside of my wards. I need to mask his aura until he is able to shield himself from prying minds and I must unlock his memories. *Dark didn’t have a clue on what or who he was dealing with when coming up against Anthony or any of the other Carnatellis!* -04:48 Jun 20
Evangeline: Well, I hope you have decided you like us enough not to eat us once you get your memories back. I suspected they’re not going to be very pleasant. *Nothing involved Anthony was ever pleasant. It was usually quite the opposite, and she couldn’t imagine how much worse it was for something he view as nothing more than a tool…* -04:52 Jun 20

Dark: *He glared at Gabriel!* You are so damn lucky I’m way too comfortable to move right now. *He glanced at Evangeline.* So, ice cream … We can raid the cafeteria?

Evangeline: Yes! We’ll wait until you feel better. Until then, you can tell me your favorite colors! *Apparently, this was what the box of crayons was for as she tugged it out and scooted it on to Dark’s bed.* -04:56 Jun 20

Dark: *Dark yawned! Then he blinked and looked at the crayons! Evangeline was a strange human, indeed! But it was an interesting question … One he couldn’t help but focus on. It beat focusing on Anthony and what Gabriel might know that he didn’t.* This. *He picked out the blue.* Blue. And … orange. *He picked out the orange crayon, too!*

Evangeline: Not many people like orange, it’s a sunny color. That makes you pretty special! Do you like the clothes Caroline got for you? She mutters a lot about Gabriel always wearing black. -05:05 Jun 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Caroline’s mention of him always wearing black but didn’t say anything.* -05:09 Jun 20

Dark: *He shrugged a bit.* It’s okay, I guess. When she found me, my clothes were pretty messed up. I guess as long as they don’t get in my way, I’m good, no matter what color my clothes are. *He frowned.* Never mind, I’d care if those clothes were really bright or something. Just ’cause I like orange doesn’t mean I like wearing it.

Evangeline: So you don’t ever want to run around looking like an idiot. *Evangeline grinned and tossed another of the marshmallows at him.* Do you like staying here at Oracle even a tiny bit? Or do you want to leave as soon as we let you? -05:12 Jun 20
Gabriel: *He wasn’t <i>planning</i> on eating it but before he knew it, he had popped the first and then the second marshmallow into his mouth! He was thoughtful for a bit.* It’s okay, I guess … except everyone mistakes me for you-know-who. *He rolled his eyes to emphasize his point.* -05:23 Jun 20

Dark: *He wasn’t planning on eating it but before he knew it, he had popped the first and then the second marshmallow into his mouth! He was thoughtful for a bit.* It’s okay, I guess … except everyone mistakes me for you-know-who. *He rolled his eyes to emphasize his point.*

Evangeline: You haven’t been here for very long, so eventually they’ll learn the difference. ..Especially since you talk so much more than Gabriel does and have yet to shoot anyone, break their fingers, or show your teeth at them when I’m not in the room. *As far as she knew, anyway! He had been kept busy!* -05:26 Jun 20
The Gate Saga

050 Gaining Dark’s Trust

Lily meets Dark and doesn’t take much liking to him. Dark is left “stuck” with Evangeline who is trying to explain the wonders of life.

[Lily was wandering around Oracle looking for Evangeline or Gabriel. Find one and you\’d find the other!] -07:14 Jun 14
[Dark was still trying to figure out this place …] -07:22 Jun 14
Lily: *Now she knew how Conrad felt when she was stuck in class. Paperwork at Oracle was an endless barrage of BLAH. At least she could always help with training classes! She was peeking in rooms trying to find Evangeline’s!* -07:25 Jun 14
Dark: Tch. Just like her to ditch me here. *He stuck his hands into his pockets! He wore jeans, boots, and a black jacket over a dark gray t-shirt. Caroline had said something about it bringing out his eye color. Maybe he should get contacts …* -07:32 Jun 14

Hunters at Oracle still hadn’t gotten used to Dark! They eyed him and stayed well out of his way!

Lily: *All of the rooms had new kinds of stuff in them. It was interesting to see the differences between Evangeline’s methods compared to Gabriel’s or other teachers. When she finally found the right room, there was Gabriel dressed… different.* …You look weird. -08:02 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark looked up and tilted his head at her.* How can I look weird when I’ve never met you before? You humans are weird. *He added, huffing.* Who are you anyways? -08:15 Jun 14
Lily: *That probably was not the best answer to give her! Almost immediately she had pulled a gun (no doubt stolen off a hunter that wasn’t paying attention) and aimed! Though her expression was serious, in her head she was trying not to panic!* You’re not Gabriel. -08:18 Jun 14
Dark: *He ran his fingers through his hair.* Yeah, that’s what I keep telling everyone. But no one ever listens. The name is Dark. And I got ditched here by my so-called demon guardian. -08:31 Jun 14
Lily: *Now she looked confused. Normally when someone pointed a gun at you, there was a different reaction… and then there was the fifty different questions! Lily kept the gun pointed!* …what kind of name is "Dark"? -08:33 Jun 14
Dark: *He blinked!* It’s my name. I chose it myself. *He frowned.* Don’t see where you get off judging it. You seen Caroline around here? Or that flying rat of hers? -08:37 Jun 14
Lily: *This was weird and kind of disturbing! Someone with Gabriel’s face acting so… not-Gabriel like!* I don’t know any Carolines. Since you’re not Gabriel who are you? -08:40 Jun 14
[Dark looked at Lily as if she\’d grown two heads.] -08:42 Jun 14
Dark: I told you, my name is Dark. I pissed Caroline off after she tried to teach me something or other and she dropped me off here. Said if she couldn’t teach me, she’d let Evangeline do it instead. She gets a kick out of watching me get my ass kicked by a blind psychic. -08:45 Jun 14
Lily: …Are you Gabriel and Evangeline’s son from the future? *This seemed like a perfectly reasonable assumption. He wasn’t like Michael or else he wouldn’t be here…* -08:46 Jun 14
Dark: *He snickered!* Me, his son? Hell no. *He was silent for a moment.* Least I hope not. Believe me, I want nothing to do with the jerk but he’s hiding something. *He shrugged.* Anyways, are you going to keep pointing that gun at me? I have damn luck with people staring at me as it is without you making a scene. -08:59 Jun 14
Lily: So you’re not even sure yourself..? *Lily thought about it for a moment, but decided to keep the gun pointed.* I don’t have any reason to trust you, so I’ll keep it. How do I know that you’re not some sort of trap here to sneak up on Evangeline. -09:03 Jun 14
Dark: Fine. Keep it pointed. *He leaned against the wall.* I doubt I could sneak up on her. First time I met her she thought I was Gabriel and has this habit of clinging onto you when you’d rather not have people touching you. So you can call her or Gabriel. They’ll vouch for me. -09:04 Jun 14
Lily: A smart trap could say the exact same thing to try and put me at ease and call them up, just so they could spring their plans. *Cocking the pistol, she looked like she were debating whether or not she was going to go ahead and shoot him.* If they teach you, why do they do it and what are they teaching? Are kids from the future stupid? -09:09 Jun 14
Dark: *He sighed! This human was so lucky he’d eaten already!* … Look. Two weeks ago, I don’t think I even had a name. I lost whatever memory I had before Caroline found me. But if I am Gabriel’s kid, I think I’ll go outside and stake myself instead of sticking around here, answering stupid questions. -09:17 Jun 14
Lily: I think you should feel lucky that you have a father and mother teaching you lessons in a place like this. But if you want to get staked, I could volunteer. *Lily wasn’t sure what to think about him. He was definitely related to Gabriel though. …even if he was a real dumbass.* -09:22 Jun 14
Dark: *He smirked.* Crap, not you, too. Last thing I wanted to do was come to a place like this. Especially when I found out I had that asshole Carnatelli’s face and people mistook me for him, lock, stock, and barrel. But since you’re feeling so very gracious, let’s get this over and done with. *He stood up and started walking off in some random direction!* -09:25 Jun 14

Evangeline: What are we getting over with? Oh! Are you helping with the lessons today, Lily? I only have Dark! *If Evangeline realized there was a gun pulled, she didn’t mention it! Instead, she was in a pleasant mood and heading for Dark to capture him before he tried to escape. Sometimes he thought he could sneak out!*

Lily: *Lily was more than ready to start shooting at him! But Evangeline… She put the gun away and eyed the women curiously.* So you really do know him? -09:29 Jun 14
Dark: *Damn … The woman had gotten him again. He smirked.* Your Lily volunteered to stake me. Who am I to go against a lady’s wishes. *He shrugged.* -09:31 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline rewarded him with a smile, but held on to his hand to drag him over to Lily, anyway.* Lily’s is always volunteering to help. You didn’t really introduce yourself, did you? Well, here. *She stopped near Lily, motioning a hand at Dark.* This is Dark, and technically he is Gabriel’s clone and it’s a long story… but now he here’s here to learn! He’s cute isn’t he? He smirks like Gabriel does!

Lily: *Lily was trying to figure out how Evangeline even knew about the smirking, but inwardly disagreed about the cuteness. He looked more like he needed a slap in the face.* Uh huh. I guess he’s not from the future, then. -09:36 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark scowled!* I am not, are not, and do not. *He replied to the part about him being here to learn, being cute, and smirking like Gabriel!* ‘Sides, your Lily over here never introduced herself when I was nice enough to tell her my name. -09:36 Jun 14
Lily: I don’t tell potential dangerous traps my name. *Lily mirrored his scowl!* -09:37 Jun 14
Dark: If I was a potential dangerous trap, why the hell would I bother talking to you? *He glared!* -09:38 Jun 14

Evangeline: From the future…? *That seemed to get her thinking curious thoughts! But she quickly interupted their arguing.* This is Lily Grey. She is Ms. Ciara Grey’s daughter and had been Michael’s doll for several years, so don’t feel offended if she’s a little untrusting. And Dark here hasn’t quite learned how to use his manners, so if he’s offensive you’ll have to bare with him!

Lily: You didn’t have to tell him my business, Evangeline. He still might be a trap. *She flashed a taunting smile at Dark. If Evangeline thought she was just going to trust him cause she asked her to, she had another thing coming!* -09:43 Jun 14
Dark: She thinks I’m you and Gabriel’s kid. *He snorted.* No wonder you humans are on the bottom of the food chain. *He smirked.* -09:43 Jun 14

Evangeline: Oh, that’s impossible, anyway. I have not made love with Gabriel and Dark is far too big! You don’t need to worry, though. Dark is still learning, but he’s perfectly safe. You could probably spar with him yourself and not worry about getting hurt.

Dark: As if I’d waste my time with her. *He raised an eyebrow at Evangeline.* Could you let me go now? *One scratch on her and Gabriel would come to the rescue. Asshole that he was.* -09:50 Jun 14
Lily: *She was scowling at Dark, which quickly turned in to a mocking smile after Evangeline’s comment.* That’s pretty bad if I could take him in a fight. No wonder he’s here for lessons. -09:50 Jun 14
Dark: The only reason I’d go easy on you is because I have better things to do. I’m not here to babysit your ass like everyone else is. -09:51 Jun 14

Evangeline: Actually… *Evangeline coughed softly!* Caroline said you have a complete disreguard for the saftey of those around you, so todays lesson is supposed to be about taking care of innocent people…

Lily: *Lily almost laughed! Instead she mirrored that stupid smirk he kept giving when he thought he was being a smartass.* -09:55 Jun 14
Dark: *He glanced over at Evangeline.* Yeah, emphasis on the phrase "not here to babysit". It’s not my fault when people get caught in the crossfire. One shot and you people get stuck like mouse in front of a snake. Common sense would tell you to get the hell out of the way. -09:56 Jun 14

Evangeline: Sometimes it’s not as easy as just running out of the way. You shouldn’t recklessly indanger people, and in many cases it’s important to protect the lives of others because they have a touch of destiny. Luckily, Lily is here and she’ll be the perfect subject for protecting!

Dark: … I’d rather throw her to the wolves. *He smirked.* -09:59 Jun 14
Lily: No thank you. I’m not interested in getting myself killed today. Why can’t we do one of the fun lessons where we throw grenades? -10:00 Jun 14

Evangeline: …you can’t throw her to the wolves! *Evangeline looked shocked, and she was preparing to give him a good lecture on the importance of Lily Grey… but then she’d have to deal with Lily getting mad and though Lily wasn’t as scary as Ms. Grey, she was a lot better at expressing it.* … Oh, all right. But, I promised Caroline I would teach you a lesson.

Lily: Lock him in a box and see how long it takes him to get out. *Lily had some other suggestions, but that was probably because her first impressions weren’t too good!* -10:06 Jun 14
Dark: Good luck finding someone I give an ounce of a damn to protect. -10:06 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed! Dark was so stubborn… more so than Gabriel was! So it seemed she would have to use “Plan B”. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, she clicked the marble Caroline gave her. Now… to leave!* It’s alright. How about we go out for ice cream and I try to explain the importance of protecting others?

Dark: *He tilted his head slightly at Evangeline, surprise on his face before he frowned! He hadn’t known Evangeline for too long but she didn’t seem the type to give up so easily!* … That’s it? You’re actually dropping this? -10:11 Jun 14

Evangeline: I can’t force you to care about someone, and if you don’t, then you won’t try hard enough and won’t be able to learn. I can comprimise! *Evangeline smiled!*

Lily: *…Evangeline was giving in? She never gave up. Curious!* I would like to go, but I don’t want to leave without Conrad. …I wouldn’t mind hearing how this lesson went later, though. -10:14 Jun 14
Dark: *He was still suspicious! He studied her.* Give me your word that we’re going for ice cream and you’re dropping this lesson bit. *He could take her word … but if she betrayed him, even Gabriel wouldn’t be able to help her. He’d tear her apart and enjoy every minute of it.* -10:18 Jun 14

Evangeline: I am most certainly not dropping the lesson bit. I am just going to try and teach the lesson a different way while we go out for ice cream.

Dark: *Dark frowned.* … That’s still too easy. *But he hadn’t gone for ice cream in awhile and he didn’t have any of that cash humans made such a big deal of.* But I can’t take you outside of this place. *He started walking away.* Last thing I need is your boyfriend having a hissy fit. -10:25 Jun 14

Evangeline: I can go anywhere I like and when I would like, so you don’t worry about Gabriel! *Evangeline smiled, grabbing Dark’s hand before he ran off without her.* I’ll see you later, Lily! Next time, I’m sure you’ll be able to help with the lesson! *She waved before it was her tugging Dark away!*

Lily: Good luck with that. *"That" being Dark. She still wasn’t sure what to think about him. But she could tell Conrad about it later.* -10:28 Jun 14
Dark: That’s easy for you to say. *He muttered, walking even faster and trying to shake her off!* Those human hunters jump whenever he’s near and everytime you leave, someone keeps tabs on you just in case. -10:29 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline kept a nice grip on his arm! She could definitely hold on to something when she wanted to!* Then why are you worried? You’re not here to babysit me, as you put it… so we can have ice cream and talk about this lesson.

Dark: *He stopped and scowled!* … Because I don’t trust you. It’s real easy for people to be nice to you only for them to turn around and betray you. *And the tone in his voice was bitter and cold! He growled!* And I’m a big believer in someone’s personal space. -10:35 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t surprised that he didn’t trust anyone. But the suddeness of his reaction was! …still, she unwaveringly held on to him.* …then I would like to earn your trust. I would like to help you for you. Not for anyone else. If you will trust me to help, then I promise I won’t ever do anything that would hurt you!

Dark: *Dark stopped growling and studied her suspiciously! He really wanted to get some ice cream but he still wasn’t sure …* I’ll think about it over ice cream. *He finally said and started walking, but he was still trying to shake her grip off his arm!* -10:45 Jun 14
[Lily is now known as: Evangeline] -10:47 Jun 14
Evangeline: Perfectly reasonable! *She would like to let go, but she wasn’t sure whether or not he’d try to ditch her!* Are you afraid to make friends? Is that why you won’t bother to save people? -10:49 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark shrugged!* I don’t see why I should care in the first place. You’re either food or you’re trying to kill me and then you become food. -10:51 Jun 14
Evangeline: I guess Caroline doesn’t talk to you about much besides lessons? *Caroline needed a good talking to, too… Dark needed to know so much more than just about fighting!* There’s tons of reasons to care! Aren’t you curious about why everyone says it’s so important? -10:54 Jun 14

They reached the ice cream parlor! There was a small family there but they looked like they were just finishing up!

Dark: … Not really. *He shrugged!* It’s all about protecting this and not killing that … Maybe a little curious. *He snorted.* But like hell if I’m going to ask about it. -11:05 Jun 14
Evangeline: Oh, you should always ask questions when you have them. You never know when something you’ve learned will be useful. *Taking him to the counter, she tapped her chin while she thought.* I think I would like a chocolate cherry milkshake, please! -11:09 Jun 14
Dark: *That earned her another shrug!* I don’t see the reason for caring. In the end, you’re on your own and it just hurts more. People would be better off if they just did their own thing and quit worrying about others. *He looked at the ice cream display!* Triple scoop, waffle cone, cookies ‘n cream, chocolate, and vanilla, nuts on the top. -11:13 Jun 14
Evangeline: It’s lonely to live that way, though. *Evageline dug around in her pockets, and had to go through several before she managed to find enough change. She had been very seriously told not to touch another credit card, and she had no desire to see what a vampire debters prison was like.* Did you know, that if everyone stopped caring, that there would be no consequences for actions and that the world would slowly fall in to chaos and destroy itself? -11:18 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark looked at her and blinked a couple of times. That didn’t sound so bad …* No ice cream then? -11:19 Jun 14
Evangeline: There wouldn’t be ice cream if no one cared about others. Ice cream is one of those things made by people that care! *Paying in all change was probably a bother for the poor cashier, but she always had a hard time with paper bills! She took her milkshake and debated where she needed to take him next.* Has Caroline taken you anywhere besides Oracle, for food or back home? -11:24 Jun 14
Dark: *A frown! The world wouldn’t be worth living in if it weren’t for ice cream! It was one of the few things Dark found himself enjoying … well, the only thing. He shook his head as he licked his ice cream.* Not really. She says I’m too reckless to go anywhere else. So until I learn that stuff about protecting innocents, I’m confined to Oracle and that motel room. -11:36 Jun 14
Evangeline: I’ll take you to the park, then! It’s probably easier to learn about people when you get to see normal ones. *Yep, Caroline was missing important things for lessons… Luckily she knew just what to do!* Did you know, that people with friends live twice as long as people that are hermits? -11:42 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark took another lick of his cone!* What are hermits? Do they not have friends? -11:45 Jun 14
Evangeline: Hermits are people that live all by themselves and don’t like to interact with others. Er… well, partly. Hermits aren’t really bad but, it’s still lonely. Being by yourself just isn’t as nice as it might seem. -11:48 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark frowned at that. He’d seen people being happy but that was in the movies. Because Caroline had forbade it, she made damn sure Dark didn’t go wandering off in the daytime. Humans at night were the only ones he observed. Hunters at Oracle didn’t count because they all mistook him for Gabriel and steered clear.* So, Gabriel … He cares for you, doesn’t he? -11:53 Jun 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled wide!* Yes. I know he is harsh sometimes, but he’s had bad experiences and didn’t have anyone there to help him when he needed it most. That is why everyone is um… a little over protective with you now. -11:56 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark snickered at that and looked at Evangeline as if she’d grown two heads!* That’s not being overprotective. They’re just scared of me, that’s all. Big difference. *Overprotective indeed! Her boyfriend had shot and had tried to kill him on sight!* -12:08 Jun 15
Evangeline: *They were approaching the park, where it was a lovely day for walking and looking at all the pretty scenery. Evangeline was more interested in steering towards areas where he could observe people!* Well, I won’t say that’s not true. They are scared of what you might become. You have a chance to be anyone that you want to be now, and it would be nice to give you the experience so you can make the right decisions. -12:14 Jun 15
Dark: … I asked Caroline to make a glamor for me. *Dark said after awhile! He was staring off into the distance and then blinked when a human sped past him on a bike!* I can’t be anyone I want to if I look like that jerk. -12:24 Jun 15
Evangeline: We’re all born with what we have and learn to deal with it. For a really long time I wished I didn’t have visions cause I thought it might’ve made my life happier. *Evangeline found a bench to sit on and stirred her milkshake to try and melt it a bit!* -12:28 Jun 15
Dark: *Dark sat down beside her and watched as she stirred that shake! It hadn’t occured to him until now that Evangeline wouldn’t want those visions.* … I see. *He was silent as he finished off his ice cream.* -12:32 Jun 15

“What perfect luck. Now only do I get to capture the wayward pet but I have found the little psychic too!” There was no time to turn and eye the voice, for suddenly something big and metal slammed down between them and sliced the bench in two at the middle!

Dark: *CCCHUNNKKK!! The force of the blow sent Dark flying and he landed on the ground! He got to his feet and saw Evangeline off to the side! Damnit! He dashed for her! This was not good!* -12:40 Jun 15
Evangeline: *Falling to the side came unexpectedly, but she kept her milkshake upright! Demon or not, she intended to drink it! …Wait, nevermind, she was going to use it as a weapon! She threw it at the…um… well, all she could tell was that it wasn’t human!* Can’t there be ONE day I teach a lesson outdoors without getting interrupted! -12:41 Jun 15

“I’m so sorry. I am sure Anthony Carnatelli will provide you with better working conditions.” It was a female! Well… sounded female! What was standing there looked more like a big grey blob. The metal that had sliced through the bench was now knocking away the milkshake as the other arm was slamming door towards Evangeline and the approaching Dark!

Gabriel: “All Carnatellis are considered the property of Anthony–in his eyes.”

Dark: *Dark skid, managed to reach Evangeline in time, put his arm around her waist and moved his feet under him! Then he jumped just as the arm came flying down and growled when Gabriel’s words came back to him at the mention of Anthony! He landed some yards away so he could adjust Evangeline, carrying her in both arms.* Tell Anthony to go to hell. *Oracle! He had to get back to Oracle! He turned and ran for it!* This would be a good time to call that asshole, Evangeline! -12:53 Jun 15
Evangeline: Are you saving me? *She was making sure! For someone that didn’t care, saving wasn’t what you do!* He’s going to lecture me if I call him! -12:55 Jun 15

That grey blob was pretty fast as it gave chase. The worst part was that her arms could stretch pretty far as she was swining down those metal limbs trying to smash them both! “Running is a futile expense, little pet! Anthony Carnatelli always takes back his toys! Be they runaways or pretty psychic trophies!”

Dark: *Dark growled! He could go pretty fast but that thing was catching up and the limb-stretching made it even harder to get any distance between them!* … Would you rather we both be captured? *The idea of being "taken back" didn’t sit well with him! Especially since he had no idea what the thing was talking about!* -01:01 Jun 15
Evangeline: Absolutely not! *And looked horrified at the thought! Not only for herself, but knowing what Anthony did to his children!* It’s just that… that, I’m not quite sure how I call him! He just comes! -01:04 Jun 15

Not to be out run, the persuer used one of those long limbs and stabbed it through a parked car! Using the momentum from running, it lifted the vehicle up and threw it up over their heads to have it land in front of them and block their path! “Come, come little children…!”

Dark: *That earned her another growl! And a thousand words came to mind … not one of them a word a "decent person" would like to hear! He skidded to a halt in front of the car.* Worst fuckin’ timing ever. *He muttered as he jumped onto the car, lowered himself to a crouch, tensing his body! Then he sprung off the car to gain distance between them and the creature!* … Evangeline, I can’t outrun it. *There was no way to contact Caroline or that flying rat.* You’re gonna have to get back to Oracle. You’ll be safe there … Why are you smiling?! -01:11 Jun 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline immediately tried to stop smiling, but it was really hard!* You want me to be safe. *Then her smiling really did stop and her expression was serious.* Stop running and I will make a wall. -01:15 Jun 15
Dark: *Dark blinked! This woman truly was mad!* A wall! You’re going to make a fuckin’ wall?! *… It was crazy enough to work! But he really hated having to give up the lead they were in while the going was good! He skidded to a stop and turned back the way they’d come!* Okay. Go ahead. *But he was ready to jump and run for it. Or hell, even fight.* -01:18 Jun 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline held her hand out, and concentrated on that wall! The same way she’d put it together in her head, and like the day she tried to block Anthony from Gabriel. It was invisible, but it was there!* -01:20 Jun 15

The blob of grey seemed to have a disturbing shape of a smile when it quickly approached! It’s arm formed a large blade like shape as it came crashing down on top of them – but it made a CHINK sound when it seemed to hit something solid! “I know of this trick! Whatever shall I do!” Retrieving it’s arm, it stabbed them both underground. Mounds of dirt moved as it sped under the soil!

Evangeline: *A wince when the wall was hit. It felt like being slapped, but Evangeline held it solid. But the comments the demon made were confusing!* …What did that mean! -01:26 Jun 15
Dark: *Now Dark really did swear as he saw those arms disappear underground, looked at the ground at his feet!* … It’s digging under your wall. *He looked at that wall and hoped it was as solid from this side as it looked from the creature’s side! Then he dashed forward, jumped at the wall, and then jumped off of it to get that lost distance back! He smirked.* At least I got to finish my ice cream. When they form a rescue party for me, make sure that bastard Carnatelli is part of it. I’m holding him responsible. -01:29 Jun 15
Evangeline: If there is anything left of us to rescue! He always puts me places where things try to eat me! *She had to drop her wall, she couldn’t hold it while they were moving! Now she was really worried and having Gabriel wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all!* -01:33 Jun 15

With them on the run again, the arms shot out of the ground with a surprising speed! They were already trying to take a swing and wrap around Dark’s legs!

Dark: *Dark smirked down at her as he ran!* … Me, Evangeline. He’s not getting his hands on you again. *Before Evangeline could ask him what he meant, those arms moved to wrap around his legs! They didn’t get him but he tripped and went skidding over the dirt but he was able to position himself where he caught the brunt of the impact and damage. He got to his feet and set Evangeline down, his fangs growing.* Just remember what I told you. *He bit the corner of his lip and closed his eyes.* Back to Oracle. *He touched Evangeline’s forehead. The wind picked up around her, a pulse of negative energy and she was gone …! He wasn’t going to make it easy for the creature though! His claws grew.* Looks I’ll be telling Anthony to go to hell myself. *He dashed forward!* -01:40 Jun 15

… Suddenly Evangeline found herself back in her class at Oracle, in front of a bunch of surprised students!

Evangeline: Bu- *Ack…! Evangeline tilted backwards and had to regain her balance. She didn’t know he could do that! ….And then she was quite angry, because he could have just taken himself here too!* …Balderdash!! *A stomp of her foot and she was trying to reach out and find Gabriel, oblivious to those surprised students!* Gaaabriel!! Caroline! -01:46 Jun 15

The mention of Gabriel was enough to make a few of them start sneaking for that door! The others were still shocked by Evangeline’s sudden appearance!

“Too bad, too bad… I would have been rewarded so well for two of Anthony’s top five…! Alas, you will have to do!” said the blob. As Dark came forward, it swing it’s two arms like a vice trap, trying to clamp him inbetween!

Gabriel: … Seer? *It wasn’t often that Evangeline actually reached out for him. It would have to be something very important and urgent. He tilted his head at her. She looked like she’d been on the run from something.*

Evangeline: Dark didn’t come back with me! *She was so mad… she was going to sit him down for hours for.. time out!* There was one of Anthony’s demons at the park, and he sent me here but didn’t come with me! -01:51 Jun 15
Dark: Yeah? Well, he’s not getting his hands on her. *He stopped, jumped to narrowly avoid the arms, and came falling, attempting to damage the creature somehow.* -01:52 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed and flashed red briefly.* Stay here. I will find him. Do you need medical attention?

Evangeline: I am just tired. Please bring him back fast and in one piece! -01:55 Jun 15
Dark: (Sorry, I mean he came falling down with his claws out to try and shred the creature in two or something. XD ) -01:57 Jun 15

True to form, the blob moved and darted! It spread apart easily avoiding claws, and used it’s extra limbs to circle around him! “You’ll be prized enough, toy!”

Dark: *Dark growled and struggled with every ounce of strength he had! But damnit, he couldn’t move out of this … ooze! He spit out a few curse words. He refused to just let them take him!* -02:02 Jun 15

The laughter from the creature was just plain disturbing, as the big curve of a mouth opened wide with grey matching teeth! It seemed she would swallow him whole to take him back! She was already sucking him in!

Gabriel: I will. *Then he turned and disappeared! The Seer had said they were at the park and it was easy enough to locate Dark’s aura. The vampire still hadn’t learned how to form a wall. He appeared several feet in front of the creature.* Release him. *He ordered as he ran forward. He couldn’t cast a spell, shoot or slice at it until he had Dark safely away.*

Dark: Worst fucking timing. *Dark muttered as he struggled and reached out for anything he could grab onto!* -02:09 Jun 15

“Release him, he says! No, I think I shall take you as well! Bringing back the original will be even better than the psychic trophy!” Still trying to swallow Dark, now she was stretching out her limbs to consume Gabriel!

Caroline: *Looking weary, Caroline sidestepped fleeing hunters to enter Evangeline’s classroom.* Why are your students running away and telling me you’re bellowing my name, m’lady?

Evangeline: Caroline! *With Gabriel going to get Dark, she was a little relieved, but still a smidged angry.* There was a little trouble. …but Gabriel is taking care of it. -02:12 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Dark was nearly swallowed whole by now! Gabriel’s knife came out and he cut his palm.* Incendia. *He sent a blast of fire at the limbs coming at him even as he jumped away from their grasp! He was still running for Dark and jumped to grab his wrists which were still flailing for some kind of hold!*

Caroline: *Glancing around, there wasn’t a sight nor aura of Dark. Caroline sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.* Did he escape? I got the message from the marble about him refusing to do the lesson, but I thought he finally gave up the run off part.

There was a piercing shriek as the limbs retreated back away from the fire! Seemed she wasn’t too fond of the stuff! All of the extra limbs had returned to the main body, now putting all the strength in holding on to it’s captive!

Dark: *Panic! He was starting to panic! Dark struggled to remain calm though! When Gabriel grabbed his wrists as he was being swallowed up, he glared at him!* I’m holding you–responsible. Bastard. *He growled!* -02:16 Jun 15
Evangeline: Well… *A brief sheepish expression crossed her face.* I took him for ice cream so I could explain why the lesson was important, but a demon came to get him. …On the bright side, he learned the lesson! …On the downside, he sent me back and stayed behind. -02:17 Jun 15

Caroline: …My lady, I have to wonder if you ever consider the dangers you put yourself in to when you do these things. *From what she had learned of Evangeline, she was a magnet of trouble! And then she thought taking Dark out – a magnet of trouble of his own – was a good idea? She was insane!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked!* Indeed. *He’d heard the creature crying out in pain but he couldn’t access his knife or let go of Dark! He pulled!* Valravn, fire. *The sigil appeared in thin air and Valravn came flying out!*

Valravn spread its wings and flew high into the air! Then it came swooping down, shooting fireballs out of its mouth at the creature!

With fireballs swooping in many directons, she screeched in pain! There was a sudden release as the blob let go of dark and was retreating away as quickly as possible!

Dark: *When he was suddenly let go, he fell forward! Dark hadn’t known how weak he was but adrenaline was beginning to run low and he’d done so much already! He didn’t have the strength to feel ashamed that he was so weak now!*

Evangeline: Um… *Blast, she was in trouble with Caroline too!* The important thing is that he chooses to protect people when it’s important! *A quick nod!* So you should trust that he will make the right choices when you take him out. -02:33 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Gabriel moved Dark over his shoulder. This wasn’t over yet. No one messed with people under his protection, especially if they worked for Anthony. He ran after the creature and slit his palm while Valravn continued his attack.* Ortus ex cinis cineris , immortalis pluma. *The feather appeared in his hand and he threw it into one of the fireballs Valravn shot! The fireball turned white and grew in size! It grew until it was the size of a boulder and flew at the creature.*

The other fireballs she was dodging well! But the larger, white hot one caught the fringe of her blobby foot. On contact it sizzled, consumming the grey mass until it’s entire screeching body was burned away to cinders!

Valravn stopped and hovered in the air for a moment after that. Then it disappeared back into the sigil!

Caroline: I wish I could mirror your faith, my lady. So far he’s been a real pain in the ass. *Honestly she wasn’t even sure why she was trying so hard to teach him. There were others that could do the job far better. But… she really wanted to see what he might become.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel wasn’t satisfied until the last of the cinders had blown away. He frowned. That had been far too close. Gabriel turned and disappeared, reappearing in one of Oracle’s halls. He searched for an empty but clean room with a bed for Dark to sleep on.*

Dark: *Dark was aware of them being somewhere. He could barely lift his head. Why the hell did he feel so drained?* … Where the hell are we going? *He mumbled.* -02:45 Jun 15
Evangeline: He would be less difficult if you would take him to do fun things more often. All you have done so far is focus on fighting, which is good so he can stay safe but… But he won’t have a reason to want to stay alive if he doesn’t get to try things and meet people. *Evangeline tilted her head and paused for a moment.* Gabriel has brought him back! -02:47 Jun 15

Gabriel: Rest. *Gabriel opened a door, found the room to be clean and empty and put Dark onto the bed.* You are not accustomed to constantly fighting, running, and casting spells. It takes a tremendous toll.

Caroline: I am more concerned with keeping him alive than how much fun he’s having, m’lady. Fun can come after he’s learned how to defend himself. And if he wasn’t so damned stubborn, that could come a whole lot sooner. *Caroline scoffed under her breath. SHE could have a little bit of fun too! It was hard to relax when you were trying to keep a vampire out of trouble and a bat from getting himself killed!*

Dark: *Dark lifted a hand to protest but he really was sleepy! He was dozing off as Gabriel pulled the blanket over him and snoring before Gabriel even shut the door behind him!* -02:55 Jun 15

Gabriel: *He found Evangeline and Caroline in Evangeline’s class.* As promised, alive and in one piece. Tell me, Seer. How was his performance and how well did he keep you safe.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was about to wag a finger at Caroline… in fact, she was already pointing when Gabriel arrived. She blinked!* Oh! Well… I think you’re both far too impersonal with him. He doesn’t understand why you’re on his case or why he should care about… well.. anything! And then that demon arrived and interupted the whole conversation! So he picked me up and he ran, and then I tried to do a wall but the demon knew a way around it and he ran again. THEN he had to go and send me here and didn’t come with me! -03:03 Jun 15

Gabriel: I have his welfare in mind. He cannot be wandering around the city when Anthony is able to pick him out. *He had thought locking Dark’s memories would be enough but without a wall, Dark’s aura was a beacon.*

Caroline: *It was pleasing to know that Dark would protect an innocent person. But then, Evangeline seemed to have that sort of charm over even the most savage beasts. She cast a quick glance at Gabriel!* Dark can’t disguise himself at all. You shouldn’t have left here alone with him.

Evangeline: *Guilty…!* I was sure it would be safe with him! At least for a few minutes! A beastie couldn’t possibly attack every time we step out, it’s statistically impossible! -03:14 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Now small charm would do, it would have to be a talisman of some sort … Gabriel tilted his head slightly at Caroline.* The Seer had the right idea. Dark still lacks purpose but as he put Evangeline’s welfare first, there is hope. Regardless, he will have to stay here for two days. Evangeline has a positive effect on him and I need time to disguise his aura until he is able to do so on his own.

Gabriel: *No, not now

Caroline: I am more than happy to leave him in my lady’s gentle hands. Between him and Alistair arguing in the eveings, sleep is getting rough. *Only real evil wouldn’t put Evangeline first. Which put a large smile across her face when it put Gabriel in to perspective.*

Evangeline: Does that mean we’re having sleepover with Dark? Should I spend the night here too? *She was so glad Gabriel could see Dark had potential! That meant he would at the very least be more willing to give him a chance!* -03:28 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Then Gabriel did the strangest thing! He bowed his head to Caroline.* My thanks, Caroline. You have done much already. *Then he looked at Evangeline.* It may be lonely. Dark will be out for some time.

Caroline: *Indeed unexpected! There was a brief look of surprise on her face before she grinned again.* There is no need to keep watch over him here, my lady. I can always force Alistair to stay.

Evangeline: I guess if he’s pitifully unconcious I could sleep at home. I don’t know how I’ll be a godo influence if I’m not here, though. -03:38 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Gabriel was thoughtful for a moment.* Indeed. I will spend the night with you then. *He was in need of some rest himself. Prior to the Seer summoning him, he had been busy. Now that he’d known what had happened while he had been slaying, it was not far off to decide Anthony had been behind it.*

Evangeline: Wonderful! I just need pajamas and donuts! Maybe a tent! Do you think they have a tent stashed away here somewhere? -03:49 Jun 15
Gabriel: *A tent? That idea earned her a tilt of Gabriel’s head!* You are sleeping indoors. A tent is unnecessary. -03:55 Jun 15

Caroline: *Cough! So seemed Evangeline took the sleepover idea seriously. Imagining Dark and Gabriel at one was producing interesting images. She ALMOST wanted to see it!* You could always make a tent from bedsheets.

Evangeline: You have to have a tent for sleepovers. But sheets will do just as well! I would only need some clothes pins… *She tapped her chin in thought… It would be the perfect way to get to know Dark better and maybe get him to talk to Gabriel about something other than fighting!* -04:00 Jun 15
The Gate Saga

049 Dark’s Discovery

Caroline discovers Dark. She takes him to Oracle where they might find info about his identity. They meet Evangeline who mistakes him for Gabriel. She takes them immediately to go see Gabriel, where Evangeline convinces him to give Dark a chance. First Lessons with Dark.

[The vampire looked ready to kill–but he wanted some information first!] -03:13 May 07

Alistair was still lurking nearby, sitting in a tree and adding his helpful commentary. “A LIGHT ball… Yes THAT is going to teach them a lesson!”

The demon rubbed his eyes to rid himself of the light! But when he regained a sufficient amount to see by, he stared wide-eyed at the vampire! “I–I was mista–taken! Wr–wrong vampire!” The imp behind him quickly agreed, clinging to his legs. “Yes! Yes!”

The vampire: Not good enough. *He growled.* You attacked me. Answer! *He leaped for the demon. He was going to get his answers … even if he had to beat his thick head against the ground until the earth bled with his blood!* -03:19 May 07
Caroline: *Pointedly ignoring the bat in the tree, Caroline was preparing another spell. There were humans too close for comfort.* I suggest you answer quickly. He doesn’t seem to be very patient. *With grim humor, she cast a quick shadow barrier around them! * -03:20 May 07

The demon somehow evaded him but his imp friend got tackled in his place! The little thing squirmed when the vampire stood up, grabbed it by the neck and hoisted it up into the air!

The vampire: *The vampire snarled and threw the imp into his friend! The two of them collided with the shadow barrier with such force, they actually bounced off and landed in a heap on the ground, unconscious! The vampire’s fangs grew, without a doubt intending on making these demons his next meal!* -03:30 May 07

“Killing! Finally! This is the best part!” The bat hopped on his branch leaning to get a better view!

Caroline: Quiet! *There was still one more demon, and she had no desire to get caught unaware. Pulling out her ribbons and swinging like a lasso, she was going to make sure he was caught!* Don’t forget your answers, vampire. Dead demons tell no tales. -03:33 May 07

That other demon Caroline was going for was trying to be real discreet as he worked out how to undo this shadow barrier! He was drawing symbols on the ground, although he was getting desperate!

Snorting, the bat hopped off the tree and flying through the air. “I’ve got to do everything!” Zooming like a furry black speck, he smacked right in to the escaping demon’s face and clamped his teeth on to his nose!

The vampire: *He paused.* … I don’t need both of them. *Then he suddenly sprinted forward and sank his fangs into the larger demon’s neck! The imp began to awaken and drew away from the vampire–only to have the vampire’s hand clamp around his neck and hold him still! Without taking his fangs out of the other demon, he lifted his head slightly so his eyes met the imp’s.* -03:47 May 07

The demon yelped and hollered! He started to dance and attempted to swat the little insect away!

Caroline: *Caroline muttered something inaudible under her breath, which may have been about the vampire or the bat at this point! At least with Alistair as a distraction, she moved forward, wrapping her ribbons around the demon nice and tight! A foot placed on his back to hold him down.* Alistair, get off. -03:50 May 07

FLAPFLAP! Alistair released the demons face, only to spit on him and zoom out of the way! “So we’re capturing demons for vampire food now, is it?”

The demon, realizing he was securely wrapped, and seeing what happened to one of his companions cringed! “Keep ‘im away! Keep ‘im away!”

The vampire: *The vampire, done with his meal, pulled away from the demon and let the body drop with a thud. The imp was still squirming in his grasp but the vampire didn’t appear to notice. How strange that a vampire could drink a demon’s blood and not be suffering from any side effects!* -03:56 May 07
Caroline: You were intent on catching him a few minutes ago, are you sure you want to leave now? I’d like to know who you thought you just captured. *…Especially because this vampire sucked down humans and demons alike!* -03:56 May 07

The demon’s eyes were only on the vampire, watching him like a mouse watches a hawk! “We–we were wrong, mistaken! I’ll never make that mistake again! I’ll leave you alone, I swear! Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!” he wailed!

Caroline: Then who ARE you looking for? Keep in mind that not answering will likely result in… well. You can see for yourself. -04:02 May 07

“Having every drop of blood drained from your worthless demonic hide!” chimed in the bat!

The demon cringed and blurted it out! “We thought he was Gabriel Carnatelli! He looks just like him and he smells like him too! But it was just a mistake and we are really sorry!”

The vampire: *He stood and walked toward the bound demon, stopping when he heard his outburst.* … Gabriel Carnatelli. *Was the name supposed to ring a bell? It certainly didn’t to him!* -04:08 May 07
Caroline: Carnatelli! *That would explain a few things… and yet rose many other questions! Caroline was aware of a very powerful brand of vampire with the Carnatelli name. One that anyone with sense wouldn’t dare mess with!* …You ARE a fool aren’t you. Run. *She let loose her ribbons… and dropped the barrier. Caroline didn’t kill in cold blood.* -04:10 May 07

The demon didn’t need to be told twice! He took off and disappeared into the shadows! Meanwhile, the imp dropped to the ground with a PLOP! and scurried away!

“c-c-Carnatelli?! And you’re going to let the beast go?!* Alistair flapped in mid-air unsure whether he was going to dart off for the nearest tree or hide behind Caroline! …He opted for darting inside her coat! “Let’s run! Before he guts us alive!”

The vampire: *He would have left, too, except … He looked at the woman.* … Who is Carnatelli? *The look on his face was too real, too open to be fake.* -04:13 May 07
Caroline: There is more than one Carnatelli. All very powerful and very dangerous. *She eyed him curiously. They mistook this one for Gabriel Carnatelli. Wasn’t he a rogue…? A slayer?* If you are a Carnatelli then you have a problem… -04:17 May 07
The vampire: *He was also thinking about the Gabriel Carnatelli the demon had mentioned. He might have the answers he was looking for.* I have enough problems as it is. *He muttered.* I doubt anything beats not knowing who the hell you are. -04:20 May 07
Caroline: *A slight smirk!* There are worse things than that. Of which you are probably about to learn. *She leaned, casting a look at the demon’s body.* …Someone had tried to destroy you once before and I suspect nearly succeeded. -04:24 May 07
The vampire: *His eyes narrowed slightly, flashed red briefly.* Let them try. *He turned and began to walk away from the woman. Since he’d fed, he felt better but now he had more questions than before. Like, did he really look and smell like this Gabriel so much? And was he connected to him at all?* -04:26 May 07
Caroline: Do you even know where you are going? *She called after him! Maybe she had gotten in to the habit of adopting strays. …She was curious about his connection to the Carnatellis in anycase.* It may not be wise to wander around aimlessly. -04:28 May 07

“You’re not seriously offering aid to the monster, are you?! Dealing with a Carnatelli means Death! Carnage! Are you listening, woman?!” Alistair was shouting from the inside of her coat!

The vampire: *He stopped and turned around slightly to look at her.* Why …? Do you know how to find this Carnatelli bastard? Or in fact, any Carnatelli for that matter? -04:30 May 07
Caroline: Specifically? No. …not that I have willingly gone looking for one either. *She moved only slightly to pull Alistair out of her coat and toss him away.* But I know how to start looking. …And how to stay out of trouble as we do. -04:33 May 07
The vampire: *He gave her a sideways glance.* … We? You would … help me? *His eyes narrowed again.* Why? -04:35 May 07

“Are you listening! DEATH! Find a Carnatelli and you’ll find your grave! I might as well work on your eulogy! Here lies Caroline, Stupid Woman!”

Caroline: *Caroline displayed great skill in ignoring the little bat!* Curiosity mainly. You aren’t normal by any means. I may also have a need to be a White Knight on a righteous quest to erase darkness from wayward souls. …or simply to annoy Alistair. -04:38 May 07
The vampire: *He smirked when she said “normal” but he studied her.* Very well. How do you start looking? -04:41 May 07
Caroline: Asking questions in the right places is usually the best start. *…And would take some careful planning. This city was new to her and she had no desire to catch the attention of the wrong Carnatelli!* …Names first. I am Caroline. My loud clinger is Alistair. We’ll have to call you something. -04:45 May 07

“Asshole. Creature. Thing. Slime. Slave.” Alistair gave his suggestions, but stayed out of grabbing reach.

The vampire: *He ignored the bat as he looked around. He saw a large poster in a store window across the street. It was a bookstore and the poster was advertising a book called “Darkness Rising.” The white calliography across the swirls of dark blue and purple caught his eye.* … Dark. -04:52 May 07
Caroline: *Caroline blinked.* Not quite the sort of name I was expecting, but it will do. *She reached out, flicking his clothes.* You need something to wear that isn’t ripped to shreds. -04:56 May 07
[The vampire is now known as: Dark] -04:58 May 07
Dark: *He looked down, looked at his shirt. Something caught his eye and he lifted it. On his chest was a large tattoo of some sort, some animal with a vampire’s head, scorpion’s tail, two different wings … He studied it. He should know what this meant … but he didn’t get anything from it, no hint, no vague recollection. Damnit!* -05:05 May 07

“I can’t believe you’re taken in some va-AARGH! LOOK AT THAT! LOOK! We’re doomed!”

Dark: *He looked up, annoyed. Was everything about him going to make the flying rat go insane? On the other hand … he preferred the bat frightened than arrogant.* It is just a mark. -05:09 May 07
Caroline: *Caroline leaned forward to get a closer look. A manticore! That was a Carnatelli property mark! Caroline only laughed softly!* Trouble. You’re going to be trouble. Come with me, then, before someone else gets the idea to attack you. *Caroline stepped around the vampire, snagging Alistair out of the air to stuff him in one of her pockets.* It’s good not to listen to Alistair. He is a bit jealous of those with arms and legs. -05:10 May 07

“I have no jealously for the likes of demons and vampires.” He hissed, poking a head out of the pocket. “And no desire to get killed for your fool quests! Might I remind you of the Incubus of Harrisburg!”

Dark: *He didn’t like her laugh. It meant more annoyance because she obviously knew something he didn’t. He realized he had been hoping to pass it off as just a mark. It seemed it was not meant to be.* What does the mark mean? *Again, ignoring the flying rat.* -05:12 May 07
Caroline: I suppose it’s like a branding or a tatoo… Which makes you either a Carnatelli yourself or the property of one. I am not familiar with the details. *Caroline tapped the head of her loud little companion.* Alistair, why don’t you make yourself useful and search for reasonable places to snoop. I need to know what is what is in this city. -05:17 May 07

“…Just like the Incubus. Send away the sorcerer and then have wild sex without him.” Alistair snorted before crawling out of the pocket and flapping off down the sidewalk.

Dark: *He was quickly starting to dislike the Carnatellis which would prove a problem if he was indeed a Carnatelli or just the slave of one. He followed the woman without making a sound and looked around.* -05:19 May 07
Caroline: *She looked briefly annoyed at Alistairs comment, but didn’t make a reply to it. For now, it was how to deal with this present very interesting situation! Caroline stopped at a window debating on the clothes on display before leading the vampire inside. She DID enjoy shopping for clothing.* …Before we get anywhere else, I do have rules. I am a slayer, demon or not… I don’t take well to killing without reason. Which means I won’t allow you to kill without reason. -05:28 May 07
Dark: *He frowned.* … What sort of reason would I need to kill? -05:32 May 07
Caroline: Kill to protect innocent people. That would be acceptable. Killing for any other reason leads to evil territory that is best left untouched. *A quick browsing through clothes, she might as well dress him in something similar to what he was already wearing. …But that was black and more black. Color was more interesting.* The Carnatellis are evil territory. Vampires of the worst sort. Except for the one… he is said to be unusual. …Like you. -05:37 May 07
Dark: *He was too busy scoping out the area and anything or anyone in it to watcher rummage through clothes.* … I’m starting to miss not knowing anything about myself. *He muttered under his breath.* -05:43 May 07
Caroline: Consider yourself lucky. Some of us wish we could forget. *Caroline flashed a charming smile at the overly curious checkout lady. Her guest hardly looked like belong in a store… She held up a shirt against his back while he turned around to survey the place. Green was a good color.* -05:46 May 07
Dark: *He looked ready to attack the first thing that moved! Fortunately, Caroline didn’t even need to lie the shirt against his back so he didn’t feel it enough that he’d think he was being attacked from behind. He gave her a glance when she mentioned wishing to forget. It sounded like she had experience with the subject. It probably didn’t help the scene they made when Dark turned his head away and subtly sniffed the air, in the direction of the checkout woman.* -05:49 May 07
Caroline: Don’t feed on humans. Even if they give permission, they break far too easily. *She said, resting the shirt over her arm and moving to find appropriate things to go with it.* You may want to relax, as well. You can be aware of what’s around you without looking paranoid and drawing attention. -05:52 May 07

The Checkout Lady looked a little disturbed! But no one was trying to rob the place yet, so she’d just stay over here behind the counter and out of reach.

Dark: I know. *He muttered at the mention of humans breaking easily. That drunk had not even lasted a few measly minutes. Or perhaps he had just been starving. This woman–Caroline had said he wasn’t normal. Perhaps his thirst wasn’t normal either. He relaxed slightly but he still looked like he could attack at any moment … At least he stopped glancing around from side to side.* -05:56 May 07
Caroline: *Caroline paused a moment to glance at him.* The fact that you can feed on something other than humans is very rare. Most vampires can’t. They are either very old or very unique. *Practicality won out for pants.. Something dark that he could fight in. Caroline didn’t doubt that others would come calling. She was holding those up, trying to guess the right height.* Once we find a Carnatelli, what did you plan to do? -06:01 May 07
Dark: *The frown appeared when she mentioned his ability to digest non-human blood but disappeared at her question.* Get my answers. By how you speak of them, I can only assume it would be bad to find any Carnatelli other than the slayer. Is Gabriel the slayer? *It also sounded like there was a lot of Carnatellis out there hence why he was having a bit of a problem putting two and two together.* -06:04 May 07
Caroline: I believe he is the slayer, and most certainly the safest one to seek out. *Shoes. He needed shoes… Caroline was not fond of them herself, but he’d need them… She moved and place her foot next to his to get an idea.* I doubt he’ll be easy to find… then again, this city is filled with so much activity that it may be luck to have come here. -06:07 May 07
Dark: *He contemplated that as he looked down, saw her measure her foot against his.* What else can you tell me about the Carnatellis? -06:17 May 07
Caroline: Very little. *Caroline moved to a shelf and knelt down to look for just the right style…* They have a very unfriendly reputation. I imagine the world would be a safer place without them, but there is not anyone that has skill enough to do something. Thus, a wiser person like myself will only seek out what they can feasibly handle. *She cast him a side glance.* I’m not even sure I can handle you, but you will not be one to betray the hands that help, are you? *Caroline flashed him a smile!* -06:22 May 07
Dark: *He studied her then. She smiled but he heard otherwise. It was there, in the tone of her voice, the words she chose. He said his next words slowly and carefully.* I owe you a debt which I will repay in full. -06:27 May 07
Caroline: *The smile turned to a wry grin.* I don’t expect payment. But it would be nice if you don’t try killing me in the future. Whether you decide to run with evil or not. *Boots. That would do. Caroline took what she had picked out for him to the counter, giving the lady another smile.* -06:31 May 07

The Checkout Lady had been trying not to listen in to the whole conversation.. but it was a small store! It sounded like one of those crazy roleplay games those goth kids play these days! She at least tried not to stare while she rang things up!

Dark: *He blinked at her.* Very well. I will not try and kill you … Do you wish me to spare the flying rat as well? *For all her talk about him being curious, the woman–Caroline was rather curious herself. Or rather, he found himself curious about her. He heard the human woman’s pulse racing but ignored it. He had fed already.* -06:34 May 07
Caroline: Alistair is a bother but harmless. …he is punished enough just being a bat. *Caroline pulled a wallet from her jacket, paying in cash. And decided it was wise to take those bags and leave before the poor woman thought she was under attack.* If you want to bother him, just talk about women. That usually irks him very well. -06:41 May 07
Dark: *Bothered being a bat. That brought up something that would distract him from thoughts of Carnatellis.* He was not born a bat …? -06:45 May 07
Caroline: Bats don’t naturally speak. *She cast a grin, checking the skyline, mostly looking for recognizable buildings to know where she was headed.* He was a sorcerer once. A very unpleasant man with bad habits. Womanizer, power hungry, generally irritating little man. Then he angered the wrong witch. …He seems to think I’ll pity him and change him back if he lingers long enough… -06:50 May 07
Dark: *That was curious. He looked around, still keeping an eye and an ear out and making a visible effort not to draw attention to himself.* -06:56 May 07
Caroline: There are many things in this world that weren’t born what they are. ..It’s always good to ask questions. *Speaking of that bat… he should have at least found something useful by now. A slight frown, and she was having to look for that motel herself!* -07:05 May 07
[Dark curses shortcut keys.] -07:13 May 07
Dark: *As Caroline looked around with a frown on his face, he wondered what to do about this Carnatelli thing. It was a shame he didn’t remember anything or else he could avoid all this headache.* -07:14 May 07

Flapflapflap! The bat had returned, landing on Caroline’s shoulder and casting the vampire a dirty look. “Oh. You have not been devoured. I am shocked. …I don’t like this city. Lets ditch Fang and try out Miami. There is a mess going on here.”

Caroline: *Of course Alistair returned to be useless. She had found the motel and led them inside. It was a dreary place and far from the best accomidations… But it helped to stay in rooms with managment that didn’t ask questions about strange habits.* Is the mess related to our friend, or are you spewing nonsense again? -07:20 May 07

“FRIEND?” coughed the creature! He was all fluffed up as he grumbled. “Carnatelli this, carnatelli that. Weres howling mad. Vampires spitting curses. Some place called Oracle turned upside down. We have arrived just in time for the apocalypse.”

Dark: *He looked around the motel room and saw an old TV in the corner. He sat on the edge of the bed with his legs stretched out and crossed at his ankles.* -07:24 May 07
[Dark has timed out.] -07:31 May 07
Caroline: Apocalypse, hmm? We are in the right place, then. *She set the bags down, pulling things out only to pause and eye him.* Take off your clothes. -07:31 May 07

“How can you think of sex at a time like this? This place could go up in a demonic war at any moment!” Alistair plopped himself on top of the TV looking around as if he expected it to actually happen!

Dark: *He looked at her but stood. He didn’t recognize Oracle. It sounded important. And that mention of Carnatelli. Was that the one they were looking for or just more of the evil vampires? His coat went off, followed by his jeans and his shirt.* -07:35 May 07
Caroline: If I were thinking about sex, you wouldn’t be invited, Alistair. *She replied, handing the vampire pants first.* Did you find out anything specific or did you panic and come running back to safety? -07:39 May 07
Dark: *He took the pants, slipped them on. They were actually a nice fit, a bit snug but he could move and stretch in them, something he tested out first hand.* -07:41 May 07

SNORT. “Not invited indeed. Women were once lined at my door to see my c- I did NOT panic!” he huffed! “This Oracle is organized slaying. Hunters. The streets say it has been taken over by new management and now every vile creature is complaining it. I suppose seeking one that is a Hunter might be useful.”

Caroline: Organized slaying…? Who in their right mind would put a group of slayers under on roof and risk getting attacked..? *Caroline couldn’t imagine. It was difficult enough staying alive when you were on your own, but a large group of people announcing to the world what they do is just asking for a lot of vengeful demons to show up and start something. No wonder this city was upside down.* We’ll find a Hunter. At the very least to avoid them assuming we’re one of the bad guys… *She handed the vampire a shirt.* -07:46 May 07
Dark: *He was looking at his pants. Black. He grabbed the shirt without looking at it first but when he did, he tilted his head. The shirt wasn’t black. It was green but it was dark, too, so it was ALMOST black. That would suit him fine. He slipped it on. It fit well, too.* -07:48 May 07

“A group of maniac slayers. I am sure Caoilainn Andraste will fit in well.”

Caroline: Don’t you look smashing. A little dark, but it will do. *The boots she pulled out and set on the floor… casting Alistair a wicked sort of smile.* Thank you, Alistair. You’re a treasure. -07:53 May 07
Dark: *He looked down at himself, over his shoulder, down at his legs. He sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up one of the boots. Thick, leather. He didn’t see the wicked smile Caroline gave to the flying rat as he slipped on one boot. He stood and lifted his foot up and down in a walking motion, getting a feel for it. Then he moved his toes from side to side.* -07:58 May 07

“Aye, a treasure. Yet here I am trapped in this tiny furry body when all it would take is a mere spell from a lovely lady who could easily be my one and only!” He made sure to add a little dramatic flare!

Caroline: *Caroline reached to flick her fingers through the vampire’s hair. Well, he cleaned up nice and was not a raging feeding maniac. Next task would be dealing with hunters without an incident.* And be stolen from as you run off with the nearest pretty wench that caught your fancy? I think I like you better this way. -08:03 May 07

“Damned demanic cow! I don’t like your kind, anyway!” Huffy once again, Alistair flapped over to the window and wrapped his wings around himself. He made sure to spit out another insult or two before he receeded in to silence.

Dark: *He watched her as she touched his hair.* If these humans are hunters, how are you going to get within six feet of them to tell them you’re not evil? -08:08 May 07
Caroline: *Despite Alistair, she smiled! A genuine amused expression.* It will depend on how clever they are. Most humans, slayer or not, won’t notice I am demon right away. If they do, there are simple tricks to silence a person long enough to listen. …If they are well trained, they won’t attack someone that isn’t aggressive and it shouldn’t come to that. …I am more concerned about how they will react to you, however… -08:13 May 07
Dark: *He blinked, looked at her as if she was insane!* … I am going? -08:14 May 07
Caroline: It’s reasonable to assume there’s an unlimited amount of people looking to see you dead, either personaly or by mistake. …I think you are safer with me. -08:17 May 07
[Caroline logged out of the chat.] -((09:11 May 07))
[Dark has timed out.] -09:11 May 07
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -09:11 May 07
[Dark looked at Caroline as if she\’d grown two heads!] -02:49 May 08
[Caroline has recieved that look before!] -02:49 May 08
Caroline: I could leave you here but… I would have to leave Alistair with you. -02:51 May 08
Dark: I can’t go to Oracle. *He said. His eyes narrowed again.* You don’t have some vampire walking around with your face. They’re going to try and kill me. *He growled softly.* Not something I’m going to–Fine, I’ll go. *He quickly changed his tune as soon as Caroline cut in.* -02:52 May 08

“Good riddence. Disgusting vampire would be dead by the time you returned.” chirped the bat.

Dark: … At least women are more likely to see me as a date than vermin. *He replied with a wicked grin.* -02:55 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline smirked.* I won’t let anyone kill you, unless you go asking for it. …You’re coming too Alistair. *Since the vampire was dressed, Caroline only paused long enough to slip on a simple pair of shoes before opening the door to lead the way.* -02:56 May 08

“WHY- YOU-!” Alistair sputtered! There was a low growl before he flapped away from the window sill to land neatly on Caroline’s shoulder. “Did you hear him?! He’s a cheeky bastard!”

Dark: *He was still uncertain about this. All those looks, all those humans … He’d be outnumbered. They’d have weapons. There had to be a way he could just slip in, be undetected.* -02:59 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was already thinking as they walked down the street. No one would go try slaying her right away, but it might be tricky dealing with the vampire too…* Alistair, where are these Oracle slayers? Or one I can talk to without trouble… -03:05 May 08

Puffed up and scowling at the vampire, Alistair was thinking it over. There were Hunters everywhere, but wouldn’t it be grand to see that vampire dead so he and his demon can get back to life! “…ACTUALLY… There is a headquarters. Built in an old college complex not far from here. Down the street and to the right.”

Dark: *He walked a little faster now, so he was side by side with Caroline.* You … cast magic. Isn’t there some kind of spell you can use to make me look different, not like this Carnatelli bastard? -03:10 May 08
Caroline: Glamor. If it is necessary I will try a glamor. …Have you thought about whether or not you can cast magic yourself? I am fairly certain all of the Carnatelli can. *Caroline turned the corner, and with that she could feel something… interesting! Good magics, wards, spells. Pretty strong to feel them this far and the place Alistair described wasn’t even in view.* -03:14 May 08
Dark: *He looked down at his hands.* I never thought of it. But I don’t know the first thing about how to cast it. *Or maybe he had and didn’t remember … That was a thought that disturbed him. The air made his skin tingle. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling but it was certainly new.* -03:20 May 08

“You’ve adopted a dysfunctional vampire. I do hope he doesn’t get killed.” chimed in Alistair with a smug batty grin!

Dark: *Ignoring the bat, he thought about the subject of magic even more. The tingling was getting stronger. He scratched the back of his neck.* How do people cast magic? -03:28 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline did make a face. A grim little expression when he mentioned he hadn’t thought about it. Being unaware of your own strength was dangerous. ….But first things first. The building came in to view, seeming to still be open like any other college building. A few people outside roaming the grounds. Caroline slowed her pace, feeling the wards of the place to see if it were even possible to enter.* …It varies. Some have natural power, some need spells.. Some use souls or other methods as a source. As a vampire yours should come natural, but you may have learned other things too. -03:31 May 08
Dark: *He missed the expression on Caroline’s face, still looking at his hands. Souls, spells, natural power … Nothing ever made sense. Did anything ever make sense? He stuck his hands into his pockets and nearly walked into Caroline’s back (he’d drifted behind her again), stopping just in time.* The place looks empty. -03:39 May 08

One of the people roaming the grounds, the one closest to them, suddenly stopped and began walking toward them. He didn’t appear to be armed but he also looked like the type of man who didn’t need a weapon to defend himself. He looked in his thirties, dark brown hair, average height and build. “Hello. May I help you …?” -Dark

Caroline: *She tilted her head, a frown coming across her face. …Familiar signature, like the vampire behind her. But somehow Caroline knew he wasn’t the one that helped cast these wards. She blinked at the one who approached, painting on her smile.* …I was told this is the place for a slayer to be. *She pointed at the building.* There is someone I need to find and speak with. -03:44 May 08
Dark: *As he stood behind Caroline, he didn’t dare to lift his head. He bit his lip and tapped the ground with his foot softly, before he ruffled his hair with one hand. He was beginning to get restless.* -03:48 May 08

The man studied her. “A slayer ..?” He threw his thumb over his shoulder. “It’s a pretty big place. Who are you looking for?” -Dark

Caroline: I wanted to speak with Gabriel Carnatelli and I was told I could find him if I talked to someone from Oracle. ..Ah, and perhaps announce my own presence here in the city. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. *She reached behind her to wrap her fingers around the vampire’s arms. He was far too antsy.* -03:53 May 08

The man blinked at her as if she’d grown two heads. “Wow. No offense, ma’am, you got some balls.” He was silent for a bit. “Don’t know where he is but I’ll take you to someone who would.” He figured the fact that the wards hadn’t reacted to the strangers was a good sign. At least that’s what he was told. So he called in the other members of the patrol to let them know he was headed back inside with a few visitors. He led them to the building but stopped before they entered. “If you have any weapons, you’ll have to leave them here.” -Dark

Caroline: *Caroline followed, but hesitated when he mentioned leaving behind weapons.* All of them, or just the ones you can see…? -04:02 May 08
Dark: *He stopped fidgeting when Caroline grabbed him but that made him ground his teeth instead. This felt like a really bad idea but if he didn’t go through with it, he’d never know for sure who the hell he was. He didn’t lift his head to look at the human.* -04:03 May 08

“All of them. I can guarantee nothing will get stolen while they’re here.” He gestured to a large black box open just inside the door, resting on a counter where a middle-aged woman with salt and pepper hair sat.

Caroline: Hmph. I should hope not. *The vampire had no weapons on him, she had already seen. For the sake of not angering a building of slayers, she pulled out her weapons! Leaning down she pulled two knives from each pants leg and dropped them in the box. From her coat pockets came coal ribbons. Marbles. A few more knives. And finally puling from her back as if it were there all along, a rather large axe. ..All in the box!* …That’s it. …I know how many marbles, don’t let anyone grab one. -04:10 May 08

“Better put a lock on the box.” grumbled the bat, who was now trying to hide under her hair behind her collar.

The woman had seen her fair share of weapons but this … this took the cake! She could only stare wide-eyed at the assortment and then slowly up at the woman on the other side of the counter. She swallowed, wet her dry lips, nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” The woman handed her a silver key with a numbered tag that matched the box. She took the box and inserted it into an open hole among a sea of boxes against the wall. “Okay. This way,” the guy said, starting off again after Caroline explained to him her companion didn’t have weapons. He obviously knew this place by heart, he took so many turns and didn’t once need to stop and figure out where they were going. They passed people, vampires and weres along the way.

Dark: *He kept his head down but glanced from side to side every once in a while. Being in a closed space like this was beginning to get to him but he was doing his best to control his paranoia. Just how long had they been walking?!* -04:16 May 08
Caroline: Oracle is not entirely human. *Caroline said allowed, sounding surprised! It WAS surprising! Most organizations were strictly against anything beside humans. They tended to be run by the religous or righteous…* -04:17 May 08

The man didn’t seem to have heard Caroline. He stopped in the middle of a hallway to talk to a young woman wearing eyeglasses and carrying a stack of books. She had dark brown hair and dark green eyes. “Cassie, is Evangeline in?” Cassie thought about it and then nodded. “I think she’s in class right now.” “Thanks.” The man started off again. Cassie turned and cupped her hand to her mouth. “When you see Evangeline, can you tell her I need my grandmother’s book of shadows back?” “Sure.” “Thanks.” More walking and they finally stopped beside a closed door. There was obviously something going on on the other side. There were the sounds of someone falling and then someone crying out. Whatever was going on in there?! The man knocked on the door. “Hey, Evangeline. Visitors!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline was taking care of a class… Today was having fun with not getting your Baby Flour Bags killed in the line of duty! Because sometimes you have to save children! Someone clearly couldn’t hold on to their Flour and swing from the ceiling at the same time.* It’s okay, you can just sweep up your baby and try again. *She blinked at turned towards the door.* Gabriel! You said you’d be gone all day… Oh, but look! They only killed three babies!

Dark: *The sounds coming from behind the door managed to distract Dark. His curiousity got the better of him. He moved close to it and put his ear against it.* What kind of class is this? *He asked out loud.* -04:24 May 08

The man finally turned to look at Dark … and his jaw dropped!

Caroline: *After someone was kind enough to open the door, of course! -04:25 May 08
Dark: Where?! *He growled, looking around. If Gabriel Carnatelli was here, he was going to have a few words to say to the bastard! Then he realized what she’d said …* Babies? I thought humans were against killing babies. -04:26 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline wasn’t sure what was more confusing. Slayers with bags of flour dressed as children, the shining little angel without wings, or how she called the vampire Gabriel and everyone in the room turned around and stared at them in surprise and horror!* -04:27 May 08

The man who had guided them was standing frozen! How the hell had he passed over Gabriel Carnatelli and not realized who he was?!

Evangeline: Oh, I suppose you are not supposed to be you then. *She turned to point at the hunter that dropped his bag and was now scooping up the flour.* He dropped his baby. But he did hold him an awful long time.

Dark: *He frowned. Damn, she thought he was Gabriel, too! He scratched his head. Oh yeah, this glamour thing Caroline talked about sounded terrific right about now!* … Look, lady. You got the wrong idea. -04:31 May 08

Alistair had peered out… only to suddenly leave from Caroline’s shoulder to flapflapflap his way in to the room! “Heaven’s light! What a glorious little beauty that does grace my eyes! Ignore that filthy vampire, and come away with me!”

Caroline: Alistair. *Caroline mumbled, rubbing her forehead with her hand.* My lady, we need to speak to you about Gabriel. -04:32 May 08
Dark: *He glared darkly at the flying rat. Except those hunters were still staring at him. He took a step back and started back the way they’d come–or at least the way he thought they’d come.* -04:35 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline was a little surprised by the nice little creature… a bat? On her shoulder, but she just smiled at the mention of Gabriel!* I have time to talk, everyone can take a break after Gabriel shows them how NOT to drop their babies. *She moved easily around people to take Gabriel’s hand before he escaped and… paused!* …Oh. *She let go fairly quick and backed up a step, but looked curious.* …Maybe we should talk outside.

Dark: *He stopped when she took his hand and turned to see her back up. He expected her to attack, to throw something, to do anything other than get that curious look on her face. He was only too happy to leave.* -04:37 May 08
Caroline: That would be wise. *Did the Carnatelli work here? Teach? …And this little lady was familiar enough to grab him without a second thought. This city was a bit mad! …Caroline made sure to take the vampire’s arm gently as they stepped out in the hall. Just incase.* -04:38 May 08

Evangeline: Everyone.. um… take care of your babies! *Evangeline said quickly, following the two out with a bat still on her shoulder… and closed the door behind her!* ..I am a little confused! Is there something wrong with Gabriel? You are… well, I was certainly fooled!

Dark: *He growled again, but this time softer.* I’m not Gabriel but I want to know why everyone says I look and smell like the bastard. Where the hell is he? -04:42 May 08

Evangeline: He looks like him too? *Evangeline reached out to touch him again. This time with both hands taking his arm. …He was different. There were so many similarities, but he was empty. Young?* So similar, but you have not earned a soul… No walls, no memory… You are like him.

Caroline: You are a Seer. *Caroline stated as she leaned to the side to peer around at the backside of this Evangeline. No wings. She wasn’t an angel. …shocking!* We need to speak to Gabriel. I think you understand that it’s important. -04:48 May 08
Dark: *He blinked. This human was definitely strange! But she got even stranger after she spoke of souls and walls … Definitely not a normal human. Or “normal” by human standards. He walked backwards, trying to break away from the odd human.* -04:49 May 08

Evangeline: Very important! I think we better tell him right away. He doesn’t like surprises. *Evangeline wasn’t letting go! This was far too strange, and she was curious! She had a good hold of his arm and was reaching up to touch his face.* Do you have a name? How did you know to come here? …Do YOU think a smell like apples and cinnamon?

Dark: Uh … *He blinked but no matter how hard he tried … she just clung to him! He finally gave up and awarded her with a look that might be a cross between exasperation and mild irritation. He endured her touching his face.* The name is Dark. The only reason I came is because Caroline suggested we could find information. Everyone thinks I’m Gabriel. -04:56 May 08
Dark: … I uh … Apples and cinnamon? -04:56 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was sure she wanted to laugh, but this lady was… peculiar. She cleared her throat.* Perhaps the questions should wait until after we get to talk to Gabriel. -04:57 May 08

Evangeline: Oh! Right. I’ll take you to him. *Evangeline fished in her pockets until she pulled out her scrying crystal. He was always there in the back of her mind now, she simply needed to follow! She released Dark and started walking!* Dark is a strange name, but I like it! And Caroline? So who is the sorcerer on my shoulder?

Alistair was surely in heaven, nestled on the shoulder of an angel and running his little batty hairs through a curl of hair. “I am Alistair! The greatest sorcerer and lover ever known to man. It is a pleasure to meet such a beauty and I hope these thuggish monsters don’t insult you delicate sensibilities!”

Caroline: *Caroline scoffed.* I wouldn’t fall for his words, my lady. …I am curious, though. How can someone like you be affiliate with a Carnatelli? *And be so confident in leading them to him. Caroline didn’t think this woman had ever sinned in her life. She was a little lady.* -05:08 May 08

It was a beautiful night for a walk! Everyone assumed it was Gabriel with Evangeline so they didn’t press the Seer to take someone with her.

Evangeline: Gabriel is very sweet, so I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. *Evangeline paused long enough for Caroline to retrieve her weapons… and a lot of them! Before she led them out of Oracle.* Dark seems very nice, too. I’m really glad!

Dark: *Nice?! He wasn’t so sure of that. He was pissed. He was confused. He was a lot of things … but nice?! He kept his thoughts to himself and stuck his hands into his pockets as they walked! Thankfully, his restlessness left him as they drew away from the building.* -05:18 May 08
Caroline: *Replacing what was hers back where it belonged only took a second. But she was no examining the human woman as if she might be mad. The Carnatelli was “sweet”? She cast a look at Dark as if she could compare…* Mi’lady, I am not sure you have the right impressions. We are speaking about the vampire Carnatelli aren’t we? -05:19 May 08

Evangeline: Is there a non-vampire Gabriel? *She laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders. Leading them down the sidewalk and off towards Gabriel! There was a strange bit of interference with Dark, but reaching out to brush Gabriel fixed the problem. …she hoped he wouldn’t be upset with her for snooping for him again. He was always so worried!* People are not always what they appear, but I think you are aware of that yourself Miss Caroline.

Not far from Oracle was the city museum, and wide steps that led up to massive pillars that surrounded the main building. It was a giant, silent block of stone–and it was closed for renovation, hence the iron fence that surrounded it on all sides.

Evangeline: Here we are! *Evangeline put her crystal away… The rest would be easy! The fencing was too high for her to climb, but she could squeeze through the bars easily. …and did so! She was already dashing up steps!*

Dark: *He took one look at the museum–and then found himself distracted by the blind woman who could run so fast!* Hey, wait! *He couldn’t fit through the space she had so he had to climb over the fence! He landed neatly on the other side and took off running after her!* -05:31 May 08
Caroline: *Hesitant… Caroline wasn’t sure how sane the lady was. To speak of a Carnatelli the way she did was a bit mad. Tapping her fingers on her hips, she finally let out a huff and climbed over the fence with ease! …Chasing the woman down hardly looked good! She dashed after them quick!* -05:32 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline was not surprised to find the doors unlocked as she pushed one open. She did warily tilt her head as she stepped instead, listening for those signs of Gabriel.* What a big building. He is here somewhere. With another or more… *She might have been talking to herself as much as anyone else!*

Dark: *He stopped behind her. This woman was insane?! But on the other hand … He looked around at the information desk which was a huge circle with posters and pamphlets, to the doors that led to the different sections.* I hear fighting and … shooting. *It was faint but it was there, echoing in this giant sterile tomb.* -05:38 May 08
Caroline: I am not sure if I want to get involved in a Carnatelli’s fight. *…Just incase, she pulled out that axe of hers and had it ready. Caroline started in the direction where the fighting was echoing from.* -05:42 May 08

It was hard to locate where the sounds were coming from. They seemed to bounce from one corner to another! The Carnatelli could be anywhere from the ancient Egyptian exhibit to ancient Greece or the Wild West displays!

Evangeline: That’s a silly thing to say when you’ve brought a Carnatelli here. *Evangeline didn’t want to get in the middle of a fight either… Mostly because Gabriel was going to be upset about it! She followed Caroline and then held on to the tail end of her coat. The fight was moving so fast, they weren’t staying in one place.*

Dark: *Dark started to scratch the back of his neck. The air was cackling, as if it had a life of its own. He followed Caroline and Evangeline deeper into the museum.* -05:49 May 08

Interestingly enough, they ended up at the Middle Ages museum, another giant room with suits of armor and all sorts of Medieval weapons. It had gotten really quiet as they drew closer and now the silence was defeaning.

*exhibit, not museum

A sweet, woman’s voice from behind suddenly said, “There you are, Gabriel, you naughty little vampire!” A flash of steel and a sword came flying from a nearby knight for Dark’s heart!

Caroline: *Caroline muttered under her breath softly. Making sure the the little lady stayed behind her! She held up her axe and threw it, in the direction that zooming sword had come from!* -06:01 May 08
Dark: *He whirled around for the owner of the voice but instead of getting a glimpse of a face, he got a sword in his shoulder! He dropped to the ground and clenched his teeth!* -06:03 May 08

“Ow!” Something clattered to the ground. “Foolish bitch!” the voice growled. The axe came flying back at Caroline! The two suits of armor standing guard on either side of the doorway they’d come through stepped forward, armed with heavy swords they held in both hands! They lifted the swords over their heads as they approached! Clank! Clank! Clank!

Dark: *He growled and reached behind him to grab the sword’s hilt! Then he pulled it out with a sharp cry and let the sword drop! Great, EVERYONE thought he was Gabriel! This was ridiculous!* -06:06 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline caught her axe when it came soaring back, but had to be careful not to bump in to the human!* Don’t stay on the floor, we have company. *He COULD defend himself couldn’t he?! …She was going to have to assume he couldn’t! One hand slipped in to her pocket to pull out a marble while the other was slinging her across the room to take out the legs of one of the knights!* -06:10 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline was fairly certain she was in the way, so she moved quickly to duck behind a pillar to hide!* That isn’t Gabriel… although I think you should leave them both alone! *She said loudly!*

The knight fell over with a crash! It tried to get up but was having difficulty without that leg! “Not Gabriel?! Are you daft, woman, he’s standing right there! Let me show you!” a tall woman with jet-black hair and lavender eyes dressed in a black bodysuit jumped up from the balcony overhead and landed neatly. “See?!” She moved so fast! One moment she was several feet away, the next she had Dark by the neck and him pinned against the wall! On her left arm in plain view, she bore the same manticore brand as Dark did.

Dark: *He had been getting off of the floor when this claw had come out of nowhere! Now he growled, fangs growing and eyes flashing red! He hissed and when he saw that manticore brand, he hissed even louder! He pulled at her hand but she was really strong!* -06:21 May 08
Caroline: Woman, you don’t want to do that. *Damn it. Caroline adjusted her stance, instead of slinging her marble towards the knights like she had intend, she threw it at the woman! She did NOT want to get involved in a Carnatelli’s fight, but… The marble POPPED ejecting dozens of those coal black ribbons to try and capture!* -06:22 May 08

The ribbons wrapped around the woman but she broke away with a growl! She inclined her head at them and the display of halberds and polearms shook on the other side of the room. The glass suddenly broke and all of those weapons came flying at Caroline! She turned back to Dark, fangs growing!

Dark: *She was obviously going to rip his throat out! That grip of hers was too strong to break by brute force! He kept struggling and she bent her head to his neck, he grabbed her hair and PULLED!* -06:31 May 08
Caroline: *Her axe returned to her, just in time to have to make a quick swing and dodge of several flying weapons! There was a slight growl from her as one grazed her side, but she was just as quickly turning to throw that Axe at the woman again!* …are you afraid to fight someone that might be an actual challenge! *Could he not try something a little more effective than hair pulling!* -06:35 May 08

The woman shrieked and dropped Dark, even as she staggered back, one hand to her head! She got to the center of the room as she took her hand away, looked at it. Horrified, she saw that Dark had pulled out a large clump of hair and barely managed to avoid the axe flying at her! At least it seemed that way–until something struck her from behind with such force, she buckled over and gasped!

Gabriel: *He walked toward them, from behind the woman.* … You are insane. *He said out loud.* And suicidal. *He seemed to be talking to all of them or no one in particular but the tone he used Evangeline recognized as the one he used whenever he said that to her.*

Dark: *He looked from the clump of hair to the woman and back again! Honestly, he hadn’t thought he’d yanked that hard! He froze when he heard that voice and saw who it belonged to!* -06:41 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned from behind the pillar.* I think it was important to come right away. …You aren’t angry, are you?

The woman, blood dripping from her mouth, and the axe still sticking out of her back! She quickly disappeared again!

*glanced behind her at Gabriel

Caroline: *Summoning her axe back to her, minus the body! Caroline had to pause and stare herself. They weren’t kidding. Dark was the mirror image of Gabriel Carnatelli… She cleared her throat!* -06:45 May 08

Gabriel: *He glanced from the demon to the pillar Evangeline was hiding behind and back again, then to the vampire standing over there. His mouth curved at one corner at the sight of him. He should have known.* One moment. *He cut his palm.* Signum intus. *If the air cackled with power before, it flared now. It was like he’d thrown a switch and several different points around the room lit up, ancient symbols. In the center of the room, the woman appeared, now an unconscious heap. He pulled a gun on Dark and shot several times. BANGBANGBANGBANG!*

Dark: *One shot ripped through his shoulder but his reflexes kicked in and he dropped to the floor in a crouch! He growled, fangs growing and eyes flashing red!* Bastard, this is all your fault! *He snarled and launched himself at Gabriel!*’ -06:53 May 08

Evangeline: Gabriel! Wait, wait, wait…! *Very fast, she had to hop out from behind the pillar.. avoid tripping over things on the ground, and throw her arms around Gabriel’s waist!* …please!

Gabriel: *He narrowed his eyes slightly. He was fast but he knew the move … He reached out and grabbed Dark by the throat, up in the air when Evangeline got to him and threw her arms around his waist! He looked ready to either throw Evangeline off or finish Dark.* … Why? *He finally said.*

Gabriel: *Why.

Caroline: *The lady WAS suicidal, grabbing on to the man like that.* …Because he came to talk to you, is why. *She answered for Evangeline.* Knowing what you are, he came to talk to you. -06:59 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t going to let go!* He really did. Wouldn’t it be nice to give him a chance to talk? He’s very much like you.

Gabriel: … Nice has nothing to do with it. *He replied, tightening his hold on Dark’s neck.**

Evangeline: Someone once gave you a chance. If he has come to ask for one, can’t we let him try?

Gabriel: *He studied her face, saw the hope and faith there. She truly was insane. And he possibly more so. He dropped Dark unceremoniously.* Talk. Attack again and I will kill you. *He moved to grab the woman, Seer clinging to him and all.*

Dark: *He managed to land neatly on the ground only for the impact to jar his shoulder and back. He growled at Gabriel but until those wounds healed … he was a sitting duck. He wouldn’t contemplate on how easy it had been for Gabriel to get him like that. His throat hurt so he stood there, waiting for it to stop aching so much before he spoke.* -07:14 May 08
Caroline: Amazing. *…and she didn’t mean to say that out loud. Clearing her throat, she moved, tucking away her axe. She wrapped an arm around her waist to block the blood from the wound at her side. Caroline stepped behind Dark to mumble.* The Lady saved your life. Keep it in mind. -07:17 May 08
Dark: *He glowered but he nodded. He swallowed and then he looked at her.* Are you alright? *He asked, a little hoarse.* -07:18 May 08

“Oi..! A fine mess that was!” Alistair had been helpful as always, having been hidden neatly under Evangeline’s hair and clinging to her shirt. “Now we are safe, treasure of heaven! Have you ever dated a sorcerer?”

Caroline: I mentioned I won’t fight what I can’t handle… and with good reason. *Caroline muttered in response. She wasn’t alright, but she wasn’t sure just how far the Carnatelli would listen to the little lady. He may turn to kill them all yet.* -07:22 May 08

Gabriel: *He hoisted Eisheth over his shoulder and looked from the bat to Caroline and Dark.* Introduce yourselves.

Evangeline: No, I don’t believe I have. Is there something special about sorcerers? *Evangeline let go of Gabriel, but stayed close… she might need to pounce on him again! In the mean time, she pulled the bat off her shoulder to hold in her hand.* This one Alstair!

Dark: *He had to take several deep breaths. Fighting that woman and seeing how easily Gabriel had defeated her was a low blow to his ego. But he had to think straight or else he’d never get those answers. Except now he wasn’t sure what questions to ask first.* -07:25 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline stayed behind Dark.. not to use him as shield, but because she could move unseen if she needed to.* Alistair is with me. I am Caroline Andraste. I found this one in the morning and he decided to call himself Dark. I’ll… claim the responsibility for him being here. -07:27 May 08

Evangeline: Miss Caroline is human, mostly, and they came to Oracle together. She was very kind to protect us both when we came inside.

Caroline: …Demon, my lady. Not human. -07:29 May 08

Evangeline: Human, barely demon at all. *She responded with certainty!*

Caroline: *The lady had no idea of what she spoke of.* …I think your Seer is broken. The concern is with Dark, not me. -07:34 May 08

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow when Caroline accepted responsibility for Dark. She had just met him and yet she was willing to do that.* My thanks. *He told Caroline and looked at Evangeline.* I will deal with Eisheth. Meet me back at Oracle. I will answer your questions there. *Then he turned, started to walk away from them and was gone.*

Dark: *He rubbed his throat and looked around the room. The symbols had faded and the air only had traces of magic. The Carnatelli had used blood. He could use that. But the language he’d spoken … That could be the hard part.* -07:36 May 08

Evangeline: We better go quickly. The new trainees are learning First Aid, but we’ll need to get there before Miss Caroline passes out. *Which direction… ah, that way!*

Caroline: *Caroline blinked in offence, standing up perfectly straight and dropping her hands to her sides to follow the little lady. First Aid indeed.* Let’s go, Dark. -07:40 May 08
Dark: *He followed after the woman and thought up the one question he could get answered right now.* He … tolerates you a great deal. *He told Evangeline. He had only seem them together for a few minutes but it was obvious. Gabriel really would have killed him if not for Evangeline, just like Caroline said!* -07:41 May 08

Evangeline: Gabriel? *She smiled brightly! If it could say a million things at once, it did!* He does so much for my sake. So I try not to gt in trouble… *She looked sheepish then.* I think he’ll be cross with me, though. He’ll not let me do the fun things in classes for a few days. That is what he did last time when I wouldn’t let him throw that poor hunter out the window for knocking me off the step ladder.

Dark: *He scratched the back of his head–this time in confusion. He was finding it awfully weird for a blind woman to be on a step ladder.* So you … And he … teaches at Oracle? -07:52 May 08

Evangeline: Yes! It’s a lot of fun and the hunters have come out so much better for it! *Evangeline paused, tilting her head in thought…* He could teach you too. It would probably be the best idea! Oracle is a very safe place thanks to Ms. Grey.

Dark: *He growled at that.* I just need some answers and I’ll be on on my way. Teacher or not, he’s the bastard Carnatelli everyone is mistaking me for. -07:58 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was still trying to wrap her head around just what exactly Evangeline was to be such a bright little vampire tamer. …She finally blinked and glanced at Dark.* When you get those answers, what will you do then? I imagine that others will continue to mistake you for Gabriel. And today you hardly boosted my confidence in your ability to defend yourself. -08:00 May 08
Dark: *He growled and glanced away. He suddenly found the ground a very interesting thing to look at.* I … I’ll think of something. *He muttered.* -08:01 May 08

By now, they were headed up into the Oracle building. No one bothered Caroline or Dark and when they got to the front door, the woman at the counter said Gabriel had OK’ed Caroline after greeting Evangeline.

Evangeline: I would hate to see you die when we’ve just met. you will stay at Oracle and come to classes like the others! It will be fun! *In fact, she had plenty of things in mind already! …It would only take a moment to convince Gabriel it was a good idea!*

Dark: *He pushed his hands into his pockets and continued to sulk. He didn’t want to be taught, to sit in class, to learn … He wanted … He didn’t know what he wanted other than those answers he kept rambling about. He was screwed.* -08:07 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was glad to be able to keep her weapons on her. …Now she would be glad to be able to sit down somewhere and do something about this bleeding. …but she did say she’d keep her eye on Dark, and she wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t bolt… And she didn’t entirely trust the Seer’s ability to catch him!* -08:08 May 08

Evangeline: This room! *She stepped aside to allow Caroline inside, and made sure to give Dark the extra prodding. The way he sulked made her smile! He was different from Gabriel after all. Gabriel would never sulk.* …now where did that first aid student go?

Dark: *He found himself stepping into the classroom and farther inside than he wanted to. He crossed his arms and looked around. Yeah, no one here but the three of them. He sat on a chair in the front row.* -08:15 May 08

Evangeline: There you are! *She snagged the first trainee that walked past in the hall to pull in to the room!* You have a test! Miss Caroline needs care, and I think she bites. So be very gentle and don’t make wicked jokes like you did with Jimmy. *She pushed that trainee towards Caroline!*

Dark: *He blinked.* Uh … No offense, um … Miss but … Is that such a good idea …? *This woman was insane! It was little wonder she hadn’t been devoured by a vampire or a were or a demon by now.* -08:22 May 08

Cough! Bites? The Trainee blinked at Miss Caroline and Gabriel who seemed to be sitting in one of the chairs? Aw man, a private exam?!

Caroline: *Caroline flashed teeth in a wicked sort of smile. …but sat down, if not eyeing the hunter like she really would take a bite out of him.* There’s nothing to fear. I won’t hurt him unless he hurts me first. *A warning!* -08:25 May 08
Dark: *Did he really need to be here for this? It wasn’t that he was nervous around blood of course but … waiting for Gabriel was taking forever!* What the hell is taking him so long? *He muttered, drumming his fingertips on the desk he sat at.* -08:26 May 08

Evangeline: Miss Caroline can’t heal like you can, so if she doesn’t accept care now I would have to try and drag her to the infirmary after she fainted from bloodloss. *And she would! Sometimes hunters were a little scared about getting patched up and did the silliest things!*

The Trainee found the first aid kit and was trying to subtly and gently make sure he could take a look at Caroline without his head getting bitten off!

Caroline: an we stop talking about Miss Caroline? I am more interested in the Seer and Gabriel. Are you his snack? -08:33 May 08
Dark: *He stood! That was it. He couldn’t take this waiting anymore!* I’m going to go find the bastard. *He growled and marched for the door!* -08:33 May 08

Evangeline: Oh no. Gabriel doesn’t eat me. *Evangeline stepped in front of the door to block the way!* It’s better to wait in here.

The trainee was looking pretty damned confused now. That wasn’t Gabriel?! He nearly missed and poked Caroline with scissors! He coughed again, focusing back on the patching and less on the… the weirdness!

Gabriel: *He appeared behind Evangeline.* … Now, I believe you have questions.

Dark: *He growled softly when Evangeline blocked his way but he remembered Evangeline had saved his life, that meant he owed her something. He stepped back just in time for Gabriel to appear behind her.* There you are. *He growled.* -08:45 May 08

TWO Gabriels?! The trainee tugged a stitch and… passed out! One Gabriel alone was scary enough!

Caroline: *Caroline was about to pop that hunter on the head, but ended up blinking in suprise when he passed out. …Oh yes, they were well trained. She kept that thought to herself, and finish setting the bandage on her own.* -08:47 May 08
Dark: *He looked ready to attack again but he balled his fists at his sides.* I want to know … Am I Carnatelli or just the property of one? -08:49 May 08

Evangeline: We were discussing about Dark staying here for lessons like the hunters do!

Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow at Evangeline and then looked Dark over. He did lack the skill to defend himself ….* If he intends on living through the night, he will need the training. *He agreed. He glanced at Dark again.* You are both. All Carnatellis are considered the property of Anthony–in his eyes.

Dark: *He blinked at that. He finally had an answer … which only brought up another question.* Who the hell is Anthony? Is he a Carnatelli, too? -08:58 May 08
[Dark just found himself with more questions with every answer!] -01:24 May 16
[Caroline is wondering if the little lady has that Carnatelli under some sort of… control spell!] -01:25 May 16
Dark: *This Anthony guy sounded real important! Maybe his name should sound familiar … but it didn’t bring up any memories! But on the other hand, now he knew he was a Carnatelli! But somehow that answer didn’t leave him any satisfied at all!* -01:27 May 16

Gabriel: *He looked over at Evanegline and raised an eyebrow.* This could have waited until after I had dealt with Eisheth.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was leaning over the passed out trainee, to try and prod him awake! Really, the man needed to work on this!* …Could it really? I thought he might be a bit more complicated than… um… the normal problems.

Dark: *He was staring hard at Gabriel.* Eisheth … She a Carnatelli, too? *He remembered seeing the manticore tattoo on her arm when she hoisted him up into the air.* -01:31 May 16
Caroline: Considering he shares your face and aura, having him running loose through the city was a bad idea. He’s been mistaken for you more than once. -01:31 May 16

Evangeline: *Fanning that trainee with some papers off a desk!* It was very lucky you found him, Miss Caroline. A twist of fate to be sure!

Gabriel: Eisheth was a Carnatelli. *He reached out to grab Dark by the collar of his shirt as the vampire stalked past him.* One of the weaker ones but a danger nonetheless.

Dark: *He growled and pulled but Gabriel’s grip was too strong!* Let me go, damnit! *He twisted and swiped for Gabriel’s side with one claw.* -01:37 May 16

“Aye! Why, I said myself ‘Look there, Caoilainn! There is a beast in need!’ and it was vexxing to convince her to help.” Alistair had poised himself back on Evangeline’s shoulder once again!

Gabriel: *He let go of Dark’s collar, grabbed him by the wrist and twisted! He attempted to pull Dark’s arm behind his back and hold it an awkward angle!*

Dark: Gah! *He growled and suddenly found himself on his knees, one arm twisted awkwardly at his back! He turned to swipe at Gabriel with his free claw!* Bastard! -01:41 May 16
Caroline: *Caroline shifted in her seat, moving just barely incase she needed to intervene with that Carnatelli… or both Carnatellis as the case seemed to be.* I don’t put stock in fate or destiny. Only choices and consequences… *She wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a test for Dark or the sudden start of training… And she didn’t think she liked it!* -01:41 May 16

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, sidestepped, grabbed the back of Dark’s collar! Then he moved him around using the momentum of Dark’s attack to force the vampire over a desk and his cheek against it! Now both arms were pinned behind his back!* If this is the extent of your fighting ability, we will be here awhile. *He released Dark and stepped back.* Your looks are easy enough to change. The same cannot be said about your aura.

Evangeline: Wouldn’t they be related in any case? *Evangeline paused a moment to think about it, but she finally shrugged. …Also giving up on that trainee. He was out for the night!* And don’t worry! Gabriel’s training methods are a little strange but people always come out better for it, even if they break some- …. Actually, maybe I should teach Dark some things first…? *She suddenly switched tone! For some reason she could imagine Gabriel being a little rougher than usual!*

Gabriel: He is a vampire and a Carnatelli, no matter how much he wishes to deny it. *He said, as if knowing what she was thinking!* He will survive.

Dark: *He growled as he got up and rubbed his wrists! He was giving Gabriel death glares but made no move to attack him again!* -01:47 May 16

Evangeline: That is true… But he is a bit like… Everything he was no longer is and he must start from the beginning again. So maybe just a little less of… Total annihilation? *She even held up her fingers to show much a “little” was… and then widened them a little more, as a second thought.*

Caroline: … Wait. Pause. A moment if you please…! *Caroline raised a hand like a student in class. – They WERE in a class.* Allow me a brief moment of unignorable curiosty and tell me how and why such a small Seer can so fearlessly make requests while another is havng the very devil beat out of him? -01:54 May 16

Alistair cleared his throat as if he had all the answers! “Obviously the woman is such brilliant and enchanting that no man would ever deny her desire! ~I~ would certainly give her anything she wished if she would so bless me with my former self again!”

Gabriel: … You are insane. *He replied, raising an eyebrow when she held up her fingers and crossing his arms. He leaned back against the teacher’s desk.* I am merely gauging his fighting skill.

Evangeline: There is nothing scary about Gabriel. *And she said it with such a straight face that she was sure it was fact. She did find herself interested in the bat, though!* I thought you were a little heavy to be a real bat. But, you will have to ask Gabriel for a spell breaker. I will teach Dark a lesson so he’s more prepared for the harder lessons!

Gabriel: *His head lowered and his eyes closed.* … I believe one of the requirements to break the spell was that one had to be a woman who believed without a shadow of a doubt Alistair deserved to return to his original form.

Dark: *He blinked and leaned slightly to one side to see Gabriel! Nothing scary, indeed! This woman really was insane!* … She’s kidding, right? *He muttered under his breath.* -02:04 May 16
Caroline: *Caroline eyed Gabriel. …Then the lady. Then Gabriel once more. …And before she asked another question she interjected before Alistair opened his mouth.* And believe me, my lady, he most certainly does not deserve it. In fact I think focusing on dark is a far better idea. -02:05 May 16

“Don’t listen tot hat filthy demon! I am a paragon of good intentions! I would be your faithful servant! Your loyal right hand! Your only lover should you grace me with a broken spell!”

Evangeline: It must be terrible not getting to eat real food. *Evangeline tapped her chin, considering the bat’s delema!* Those sort of curses are usually cured by kisses, aren’t they?

Dark: *He scratched his temple. Didn’t that flying rat ever shut up?! He sighed.* Yeah, about this lesson of yours uh … Miss uh, Evangeline … Just … What will you be trying to teach me? *Gabriel he could understand! But the Carnatelli’s blind Seer?!* -02:09 May 16

Evangeline: *…she suddenly smiled!* I can show you how to dance! What to do when you meet a pack of werewolves that want to eat you, and oh… This! *Evangeline pulled out her cane and in one smooth motion, swung it at his knees!*

Gabriel: … Valravn. The bat. *A sigil appeared in thin air behind Gabriel and the white raven perched on his shoulder. It looked around and when it saw the bat, it flew off Gabriel’s shoulder and flew for it!*

Dark: *He only had time to blink!–THUD! He hit the ground on his back and looked up at her!* What the hell! *He growled as he got to his feet! Man, that had been quick!* -02:13 May 16

“HA HA, take tha-IKE!” Alistair was going to gloat about his attention and the Seer attacking that vampire, but he found himself under attack! He shoot off Evangeline’s shoulder and was flapflapflapping around the room to escape!

Caroline: *And Dark was dropped to the floor by the lady whilst the Carnatelli removes the cursed-sorcerer. That helped answers questions. …No, No it didn’t. Now she was more perplexed. Caroline leaned back in her chair, producing her china teacup and took a sip.* …So is Evangeline your familair or your summon? Like a pet? -02:16 May 16

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused long enough to cast an exasperated look at Fluffy chasing down the bat. …But she DID promise a lesson, and it was necessary to spare Dark any punishment from Gabriel later!* Are you paying attention? *She swung her cane for his head!*

Dark: *He was briefly distracted by the sight of the white bird going after the flying rat–Could he do that, too?–but managed to evade Evangeline’s swing! He stepped back!* Am I supposed to disarm you or something? *He wanted to know. He might just attack her out of reflex!* -02:21 May 16

Gabriel: No. She is my Seer. Blind but very much human albeit a confusing one. *He replied.* She was supposed to return to London sometime ago but through several twists of fate, stayed here.

Evangeline: I don’t know. What do you think you should do? *He was going to have to learn to think and make choices! …She thwacked his foot!*

Dark: *Ow! He started to hop on one foot! It was a lot easier to fight when the one you were fighting wasn’t a human psychic with her vampire bodyguard right there!* Lady, you don’t want to know what I think I should do. *He muttered darkly.* -02:28 May 16
Caroline: Your Seer. Very specific. *Caroline was less worried about the lady taking swings at Dark. …Though now she was worried about Dark taking swing at HER!* Human for sure, and not an angel with her wings pulled off? -02:29 May 16

Evangeline: Of course I do! This is training, so you do what you think is appropriate and I tell you if there is a better method. *While he hopped, she thwacked that other foot!*

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and studied Evangeline. Her light [i]was[/i] very bright!* … There are times I find myself wondering.

Dark: *He lifted his head and studied Evangeline. Her light was very bright!* … There are times I find myself wondering. -02:36 May 16

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and studied Evangeline. Her light was very bright!* … There are times I find myself wondering.

Dark: *He growled and managed to hop back when she went to move and whack his foot!* Look, lady, isn’t there another way to do this where I ‘m not … about to do something I’d rather not? *Especially when it might end up getting him killed! If not by Gabriel, then beaten up severely by Caroline!* -02:38 May 16

Evangeline: There is other ways – of which you need to think about! Sometimes there isn’t a nice lady around to tell you the right choice to make, so you’ll have to think for yourself! *He was fast… but not as fast as Gabriel moved! It was awfully cute how unsure he was! …but that didn’t stop her from trying to thwack him on the head again!*

Caroline: *So there is a method to the lady’s madness! Caroline sipped from her cup, finding the scene peculiar for sure!* …Has she… tried this training with you? -02:43 May 16
Dark: *Other ways … other ways … He was so busy thinking that he lost focus and got distracted! That earned him a mighty good whack on the head to which he responded by growling and launching himself at Evangeline!* -02:45 May 16

Gabriel: *He was suddenly behind Dark! He grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back before he made contact! He set him down on his feet and returned to his position by the desk!* No. She has not.

Dark: *He blinked when he found himself with two feet back on solid ground! He watched Gabriel return and realized what he’d almost done!* Um … Sorry. *He mumbled.* -02:50 May 16

Evangeline: *Evangeline has braced to get tackled, but finding herself safe let out a relieved sigh!* You’ll have to think a little quicker… Aren’t you watching at all? *A little more wary now, she poked him in the side with her cane!*

Dark: *He scratched his temple.* I was … I just acted out. I’m paying better attention. *He tolerated her poking him in the side but then stepped back to start this all over again.* -02:53 May 16
Caroline: *There was a desire to give hints… But she wasn’t the man’s conscience. And she was more than a little interested to see what a Carnatelli and a Lady could teach.* You don’t feed from her, as she has confessed already. She’s not charmed, nor an angel, or familiar, and isn’t simply under your protection. Which makes her… *She wasn’t sure if she was going to laugh at the idea, or be even more confused.* …Are YOU insane? -02:55 May 16

Evangeline: *Now she was just trying to poke him! Easing up close, and then a sharp poke!* What if… you are attacked by a human! And they are not a slayer, or a hunter, or even a witch. They are just a human and they don’t even know what your are. They’re just… a little crazy.

Dark: I think I’d be avoiding those kinds of humans. *He muttered.* They taste overripe and far too sweet. *He reached out to try and pull the cane out of her grasp, to disarm her!* -03:00 May 16

Evangeline: Really! Do you think I smell like apples? I didn’t think humans would taste like anything other than minerals or meat. *She allowed him to take her cane, but kicked kick his shin to take it back!*

Dark: I’ve never had an apple–Ow! *He winced and started hopping away from her, holding the cane awkwardly but out of her reach!* Just what is it with you and apples?! -03:04 May 16

Evangeline: Gabriel said it, not me! I only wanted to know if I were tasty and why things keep trying to eat me. *Jumping for her cane wasn’t working… So she was very quickly trying to kick his feet out from under him! …and trying not to laugh while she did it!*

Gabriel: *He watched Dark and the Seer.* Far more insane than Anthony, it would seem. *He looked over at Caroline.* So, what brings you to the city?

Caroline: A change of scenery, movement of energy. I have this habit of wanting to see what the big deal when something in the world is changing. *Was the Seers training better or worse than Gabriel? …at this rate Dark was going to be beaten to death simply because he didn’t know how to react to someone non-threatening!* With all that seems to be happening here, I am questioning my own wisdom. -03:14 May 16
Dark: *THUD! Ow! He winced as he ended up on his back AGAIN! This was really embarassing! He huffed, got up!* Okay … I know where I went wrong before. I’m ready again. *Yeah, he was learning–maybe a little slower than he wanted to but learning!* -03:14 May 16

Evangeline: *Having stolen her cane back, Evangeline smiled wide! This time instead of swining it at him, she moved to pinch him!*

Dark: *Always another way. Stay focused. Think. The lady got her cane back but when she tried to pinch him, he ducked, went for her cane!* -03:19 May 16

Evangeline: *….Evangeline sidestepped quickly and pushed a chair in his way! …Then swung for his head again!*

Dark: *He blinked! It was by sheer luck that he missed getting his head hit–when he didn’t stop in time and ended up falling forward, bent over that chair! He looked up at her and then staggered backwards, rubbing his chest for a bit.* -03:24 May 16

Evangeline: …You really do need to learn everything from the ground up. *Evangeline blinked! Most trainees at least avoided chairs!* You’re not very fast… dancing will be good for you!

Gabriel: This would be much quicker if I taught him instead. *He replied behind Evangeline!*

Evangeline: *Her expression was a slight pout for a moment, but she conceded!* All right. …but you can’t break him! I would like to show him dancing later!

Dark: Hey, wait! Don’t I get a say in this at all! *He growled as he watched Gabriel stand up! He had a distinct feeling he wasn’t going to like what or how Gabriel taught him!* -03:34 May 16

Evangeline: Don’t worry, he’s a good teacher! *Taking her cane with her, Evangeline dropped in to a chair next to Caroline!* Will you stay here at Oracle while we teach him? I think Dark would be very good for you!

The Gate Saga

048 She’s Not Real

Elizabeth Bathory drives Lily Crazy. Gabriel teaches Evangeline some spells.

[Lily was in class, apparently sleeping while the teacher lectured.] -07:02 May 13
[Conrad was outside with Brutus, playing fetch!] -07:04 May 13

“Lily …” someone whispered in her ear. It might be a classmate trying to wake her up!

Evangeline: *There was something strange going on lately, but she could not figure it out! Something with magic for sure… so what a perfect opportunity for her to try once again to convince Gabriel to teach her one or two things.* ….Please?

[Conrad is now known as: Gabriel] -07:06 May 13
Lily: *Dreaming! She was always dreaming such horrible things, it was near impossible to catch any sleep. Vaguely remembering she was in class, she sat up to grumble at the one saying her name.* wha? -07:07 May 13
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* … You are insane. *But persistent! Very, very persistent! If half of the hunters he taught had her stubborn determination, they might actually give the Carnatellis a run for a change.* -07:07 May 13

But no one was even looking Lily’s way. They were either dozing off themselves or scribbling notes in their book, such as Eugene Jr. over there. He caught Lily looking his way and gave her a wave and a grin.

Evangeline: I was trying to read some books, but magic books aren’t really designed to read without eyes… and none of the trainees wanted to help! They said Jimmy was still invisible from the last time. I really don’t remember trying any invisibility spells.

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Tell me. Do you have a history of magic in your family? -07:13 May 13
Lily: *She waved at Eugene after glancing around the class. Lily rubbed her eyes and tried to focus on her assignment. The term papers were due soon, but she couldn’t get any sleep…! For two weeks now she was dreaming about her!* -07:13 May 13

“Now, if all of you turn to chapter 21 in your text books …” The teacher was saying. It looked like Lily was just imagining things!

Evangeline: *Evangeline tapped her chin as if she were actually thinking back in time over an entire family tree.* Not magic. Nor witches or sorcery. A gypsy here or there and the occasional mad lunatic. Nothing very extraordinary.

Gabriel: *And yet she could turn a man into a frog …* What spell did you try when Jimmy became invisible? -07:20 May 13
Lily: *Blowing her hair out of her face, she flipped open her book to the correct page and leaned on her hand. She was just too tired to bother reading the page, so she tilted her head to watch out the window.* -07:20 May 13

Evangeline: *There was a mild guilty expression on her face, but she huffed!* I wasn’t trying to do any spells, really. Frank is taking training for using scrolls and they are always using latin so we were trying to get the right words for the right scrolls…

Lily’s class looked out into the courtyard where students gathered to study or hang out. There was a blonde-haired girl on the bench right outside Lily’s class with her back facing Lily. She had long blonde hair and wore an old-fashioned dress that looked more like something a doll would wear …

Gabriel: Did the phrase sound like "Sinus os illorum quisnam animadverto sibimet absens fio"? -07:28 May 13
Lily: *A blink. Lily dropped her pencil and before it rolled off her desk she made a scramble to catch it. Stupid! gothic lolita stuff was a fashion wasn’t it? After retrieving her pencil she glanced up and out the window again for a second look.* -07:28 May 13

Evangeline: A little bit like that yes! I think I might have mixed up the words. And then Frank said Jimmy was gone even though both me and Jimmy insisted he was right there.

The girl shrugged off her jacket. Phew! Just a jacket! The girl still hadn’t turned around yet.

Lily: *Lily scowled, turning away from the window and forcing herself to pay attention to her book. This lack of sleep and too much work was getting her jittery and paranoid over nothing. Maybe after class she should go home and try some of her mother’s sleeping pills.* -07:36 May 13
Gabriel: *He was silent for awhile. When he spoke next, he was beside her, instead of several feet away.* Let’s go. -07:37 May 13

The bell rang! Class was over!

Evangeline: Go where? …you’re not going to ban me from classes again, are you? Spending a week alone with Ms. Grey always gets kind of scary!

Lily: *Already? Lily brushed a hand over her watch and sighed. Lucky her! She packed away her book and papers in to her bag, waiting for most of the people to file out of the room before she finally stood. She peered out the window again to see if Conrad was still out there playing with Brutus. She hadn’t seen him before…* -07:43 May 13
Gabriel: *He cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas , patefacio via. *The wind picked up and blew around them. There was a pulse of negative energy and then they were gone! They appeared somewhere that was very warm. The air was hot but they were under some shade. There was the sound of water and when Evangeline reached out, she felt the rough bark of a palm tree. A desert! An oasis in the middle of the desert!* -07:45 May 13

Conrad: *He was scratching Brutus who was nipping his hand and jumping around! Man, that pup had a hell of a lot of energy!*

Evangeline: *This wasn’t quite what she was expecting! There wasn’t anyone around for miles and miles… it might have been a miracle this place existed out in the desert!* I am a little confused…

“Lily …” There was that voice again!

Lily: *She had been smiling at the furry pup when she heard her name again. Lily turned around quickly to see who was still hanging behind in the room!* -07:52 May 13
Gabriel: You wished to learn magic. The best place to learn would be somewhere miles away from human interference. -07:53 May 13

… But there was no one there!

Evangeline: In case I turn someone to a frog or invisible. *She responded, not sounding the least bit offended. Evangeline smiled brightly!* All right then! I am ready to learn things! I know how it works mostly, I can feel lines and motions but I suppose there is more than that… Oh, fairies use wands. Do you supposed I would need one?

Conrad: *He and Brutus ran up to Lily! He saw the look on her face!* Everything okay? *She hadn’t been sleeping well lately but whenever he asked her about it, she would shrug it off or change the subject.*

Lily: I just… *Pausing, she shook her head.* I’m just really tired, I guess. I’d like to stop in the bathroom for a minute and wake myself up or something. Here, *She handed Conrad her bag and gave Brutus a good pat before excusing herself. …Splashing some ice cold water on her face should do the trick.* -08:02 May 13
Gabriel: No. *Evangeline’s "victims" would agree. Evangeline didn’t need a wand to cast spells!* More often than not, wands and staffs are symbolic. Some use them to channel magic from other sources outside of themselves. That is why some hunters must use scrolls. -08:06 May 13

Evangeline: And what of blood? Sometimes it is required for things, especially seals. …I am not sure I could poke myself for every spell. *She had only used blood once when undoing the seal that had Gabriel trapped in the room.. and she couldn’t even get the whole thing unraveled!*

Conrad: *He took her bag and blinked! He watched her disappear into the bathroom and glanced at Brutus.* Hm.

Brutus was sitting down beside him and looked up at Conrad when he glanced at him.

Lily: *Straight to the sink to run the cold water… Lily took a deep breath! She wasn’t crazy. She was tired. The school was always kind of weird, so even if she were hearing voices, it’s not like it was a big deal. She pulled a few paper towels to hold under the water and pressed them to her face.* -08:15 May 13

Lily was nice and calm … until she looked into the mirror! There was the reflection of the girl she’d killed! She wore the dress she died in and her eyes, glazed over but angry, burned into Lily! There was a hole where Lily had shot her! “You can’t leave! You’re his favorite!” she hissed, lifting a finger to point at Lily!

Lily: *Lily backed away from the sink and mirror quickly! Her breath was trapped and it was a struggle to find her voice!* Y-you’re not here. I’m asleep…! -08:24 May 13
Gabriel: Blood is potent but only used in certain types of magic. Magic is universal, everywhere but it branches out into different types. Faeries have theirs, as do demons, humans, weres, vampires. -08:25 May 13

“You can’t leave! You’re his favorite!” the girl repeated, advancing on Lily!

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((08:27 May 13))

Evangeline: And psychics? Not that psychics use magic, they- …well, that is so hard to explain… *She tugged lightly on his sleeve.* What will you teach me first?

[Gabriel was silent for several moments! What would he teach her, indeed!] -08:34 May 13
Lily: *She was… she was coming right out of the mirror! Lily kept moving backwards until her back hit solid wall! She squeezed her eyes shut and slid to the floor.* You’re not here. You’re not here…! -08:36 May 13
Gabriel: Ultimately, language is not important. A spell cast in Latin has the same effect as one cast in English. And like all words, once a spell is cast, it cannot be taken back. -08:38 May 13

Evangeline: …But they can be unraveled! Well… when you know how to unravel. *There was a sheepish expression from her.* Perhaps I should to unravel and break spells before casting them… Um. For Jimmy’s sake.

There was the sound of the girl approaching her. Click! click! went the heels of her boots! Her icy cold breath chilled Lily’s cheek–“Did you see that game last night?” The bathroom door opened and two girls walked in. “The Warriors versus the Trojans? Oh yeah, those men are hot,” the second girl said. They were walking to the stalls when one of them saw Lily! “Hey, are you alright?” she asked!

Gabriel: Indeed. Some can be undone. Others are permanent. In the case of Jimmy and his invisibility, that, of course, is the former. -08:43 May 13
Lily: Y-yeah… *Lily opened her eyes slowly. She was gone. Just the two girls. Lily drew herself to her feet, shakey and stiff but still in one piece. She brushed past the two girls to escape the bathroom, not daring to look at the mirrors!* -08:45 May 13
Gabriel: There you are. *Conrad said as he and Brutus spotted Lily. But now she looked really bad!* Lily, what’s wrong? What happened in the bathroom? -08:46 May 13

Conrad: There you are. *Conrad said as he and Brutus spotted Lily. But now she looked really bad!* Lily, what’s wrong? What happened in the bathroom?

Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed with a light huff.* It would be nice to not cast spells by accident… I had never done that before. It’s a little strange.

Lily: *Lily felt as if she might faint, but couldn’t tell if that were from lack of sleep or just having the daylights scared out of her. She blinked at Conrad, giving a frown.* I keep… seeing her. The girl I killed. It was just dreams at first, but now.. -08:52 May 13
Gabriel: I find it curious as well. It is a rare case when one develops a talent for magic late in life and no history of magic in the bloodline. -08:56 May 13

Evangeline: Ms. Grey says I have spent too much time with you and picked up your habits. *That had her grinning… but it disappeared, being replaced with a more curious expression!* …You saw one of my visions once. I just remembered.

Conrad: … But now you see her and you’re wide awake. I’ll take you back to Shades and have the secretary at Oracle call your professors. *He started leading her to the jeep.*

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her mention of her visions.* I assume by your expression it is not a rare occurence. I find it curious I could understand anything at all. -09:02 May 13
Gabriel: *common, not rare XD -09:04 May 13
[Lily is a little disoriented, but she\’s not so sure it\’s a big deal!] -06:30 May 17
Lily: I’m not sure that it’s necessary to call Oracle and freak people out. I just need sleep or something. *The last thing she wanted was more gossiping rolling through Oracle and her mother deciding she needed an army to follow her around like Evangeline..* -06:37 May 17
[Conrad was still worried but he wasn\’t too keen on kicking up a panic.] -06:41 May 17

Evangeline: *Picking up Gabriel’s habits didn’t seem all that strange to Evangeline but remembering he shared one of her visions was! She was still trying to figure that one out! Like piecing a puzzle together in her head!*

Conrad: Alright then. You go get some rest and I’ll try and help … somehow. *He’d never run into a case like this before … and he didn’t know anyone who might have either!* -06:46 May 17

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I am certain it is not that uncommon an occurence.

Lily: *Lily half smiled at his expression, but nodded and headed off to her room. She sighed when she closed her door.. dropping off her bag in the floor and falling face first in to bed. Homework could wait. Couldn’t she be like normal people and hallucinate about pink elephants or something…?* -06:49 May 17

Evangeline: But it is uncommon. Thoughts can be shared, memories even.. but visions in themselves are crazy things. And one like that was strange enough by itself without you seeing it as well! *In fact it wasn’t a vision she really wanted to reflect back on, but the circumstances were odd and now that she was thinking about it, it was worth knowing!*

Conrad: *So Conrad sat down in the living room, then thought against it and pulled out a chair to set beside Lily’s door. He would say quiet, though. She wouldn’t like it if she knew he was right outside. She might call him paranoid or something. However, he wasn’t the only one–Brutus sat down right beside him!* -06:59 May 17

Gabriel: *Yes, he had outright lied. You didn’t live as long as he did without knowing things like this and psychics were known to experience their visions in a way only they could interpret. It was a defense mechanism.* Uncommon perhaps but not unheard of. It could simply have been because of the severity of circumstances. It was already unusual that you experienced a vision pertaining to yourself.

Lily: *Wonderful sleep… Ugh… Clothes first. Lily forced herself to sit up and take off her shoes and change in to more comfortable clothes. She was so tired, she decided against snatching some of her mother’s sleeping pills and crawled right in to bed!* -07:05 May 17

Brutus looked up at Conrad. When the hunter looked at him, he wagged his tail and gave him a hopeful look.

Evangeline: I suppose that is true… *She was upset and scared, and worse seeing herself in the vision. She had wanted him to be there!* But, I do a lot of things now that I hadn’t before… Even when I’m not cheating and touching your wall for strength.

Conrad: *He scratched Brutus under his neck with one hand, pulled out his cell with the other. Then he texted someone at Oracle about experiencing hallucinations. When asked by the expert who this information was for, he admitted it was himself. Better they thought he was nuts than Lily. She was most certainly not insane!* -07:11 May 17

Gabriel: Some humans are more susceptible to things than others. But we are going off the path. We are here to focus on your introduction to magic. You do not need a wand or any such object to cast spells and it would seem you have a habit of casting spells without realizing what you are doing.

Lily: *Falling asleep came easily. But like she had for days before, normal dreams turned weird! That girl was always there, dead or undead. Why do YOU get a happy life, when you took mine from me? You don’t deserve this. You hurt people. You kill people.* -07:18 May 17

“You were his favorite. That’s why he attacked Oracle, why he killed those people. He would never have sent his marionettes after them if you hadn’t been there, hiding. You are such a coward.”

Evangeline: Subject changer! *Evangeline hadn’t failed to notice, but he was right. For now it was more important to learn some things about magic before other questions!* How would I not cast spells by accident?

Lily: *He might have gone to fetch his dolls anyway..! She didn’t mean to kill anyone! Who would want to stay when you could escape! Lily tried to explain, but words never came out the way they were supposed to! She had no voice no matter how hard she tried to scream!* -07:24 May 17

Gabriel: *Something that might have been a half-smile tugged at the corner of his mouth when she called him a ‘subject changer’.* At least you are now aware you are capable of it. Ignorance is bliss but it is far from harmless. I find it strange you are able to cast magic without realizing it. Most must concentrate with every fiber of their being to cast the simplest spell. But getting back to the topic at hand, there is no foolproof way to prevent you from doing so by accident. The best you can hope for is that you realize what you are doing before it is too late. Perhaps by being careful what you read out loud or repeat.

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave a guilty expression… it really was not the first time someone has suggested she be careful about what she blabbered out. She was still having to remind herself not to blabber about random visions, especially around Ms. Grey.* I may have to not speak altogether… that is so extraordinarily hard to do!

Conrad: "… Result of trauma … Sign of mental instability …" *He murmured to himself. He huffed, ruffled his hair. What a load of croc! This was something he already knew about–if only because the shrinks had said as much when he told them a monster wearing a woman’s face had taken his family away.* So much for getting any helpful hints from the so-called "good doctors" at Oracle. *He told Brutus. He glanced at the pup.* Do you have any friends with knowledge about the subject? -07:30 May 17

“He even came to your college, looking for you. If you hadn’t been there, he would never have gone. He was there for you. No one else. It’s all your fault.”

Gabriel: Indeed. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* You do realize it would be far too quiet a place if you attempted to stop talking completely.

Brutus gave him a sad-werepup look.

Conrad: *He smiled a bit, scratched under his neck again.* Hey, at least you have an excuse. You can chalk it up to the full moon and you probably wouldn’t make excuses, anyways. The only excuse I can use is it was hormones. And you can’t use it all the time. -07:41 May 17
Lily: *It IS her fault.. but it’s not like she.. and she can’t… Just get out! OUT! She gets it! Just go away! Lily was trying to force open a door! To get out of this horrible dream! It suddenly forced open and she found herself rolling out of bed and hitting the floor with a loud THUMP!* Ugh… GRRAGH. *She growled, hitting the floor with her elbow in anger! Why can’t she just SLEEP!* -07:42 May 17

But even then, the girl’s voice lingered. “Do everyone a favor … Make it stop … Stop living …” And then Lily found herself alone. For the moment, anyways.

Evangeline: Quiet, but safer for trainees everywhere. Heaven forbid I say the wrong words and someone explodes! *And from the look on her face, she was sure something like that could happen! Jimmy was already invisible! It could get worse!*

Conrad: *He was out of the chair and he didn’t know whether to knock or burst in! He chose knocking.* Lily! Lily, are you okay? *It was a stupid question he knew. Lily was far from okay. And he had a sinking feeling he couldn’t help her at all …* -07:46 May 17

Gabriel: *He reached up and cupped her cheek.* Do you trust me? *He asked quietly.*

Lily: *Stop living. Such a simple answer. How many times had she thought of that before? Conrad’s voice interupted the thought and she pulled herself off the floor. Lily open the door, rubbing her eyes.* I just fell out of bed. *She blinked at the chair and the watching werepup.* -07:49 May 17

Evangeline: *The question came so suddenly, she blinked in surprise as she touched his hand.* Of course I trust you. More than anyone else in the world!

Gabriel: I trust in your ability to control yourself. You would not have made it this long if you did not possess such control. *He took the hand touching his and turned it over, palm up. Then he slipped something into it and closed her fingers around it. It was silver, it was flat and round, big enough to be mistaken for a US silver dollar. But it was cool and there was something engraved on both sides. There was a small hole at the top and through the hole, a thin but strong leather strap. A talisman!* It is a detection device. If you begin to recite a spell, the talisman will begin to grow warm. For maximum effect, you have to wear it against your skin. Should someone else cast a spell within earshot of you, it will also activate the device. The warmer the talisman, the closer to completion the spell is. It will work no matter how strong or how weak the spell.

Evangeline: This will be perfect! *Evangeline examined it for a moment before she placed it around her neck and tucked it under her shirt. Then she promptly hugged him! It may have been a tool rather than a present, but he seemed to consider these things before she ever seemed to think about them… It was s sweet!*

Conrad: *He blinked, saw her notice the chair and the werepup. Then he grinned sheepishly!* Heh heh. Um … Sorry. *He walked backwards and moved his arms to hush Brutus out of the room and get rid of that chair.* -08:22 May 17

Gabriel: *He was used to these uncontrollable actions of affection so he just waited it out!* Indeed. A word of caution, the talisman may become hot enough to burn you.

Lily: *Lily really wanted to smile! Instead she kept it to herself, stepping out of the room to head down the hall.* I am going to get some water. If you want to stay in my room, you better get some pillows. -08:26 May 17

Evangeline: Then I will just lean forward until it’s not so hot. *…or slip it on the outside of her shirt! Either way, it was a perfect gift! She was going to keep hugging him until he pulled her off!* So now I need to know how to unravel some spells and fix poor Jimmy.

Gabriel: *He tolerated the hugging far longer than anyone else would have expected him to! It was several minutes before he took her hands and pried her off of him, stepping back.* Indeed. Most spells, such as the invisibility one you cast, should be simple enough to undo. You must keep in mind what you said exactly. Spells are literal and can easily go awry. That includes undoing spells unless blood was involved.

Conrad: *He coughed politely.* Will do. *He glanced at Brutus.* Well, how about I take you out to er, do your business on the balcony and we can grab some stuff? Pillows, snacks. *It might be a long night tonight!* -08:42 May 17

Evangeline: No blood, just blabbering. *A small huff as she thought the spell over…* I wish it was as easy as animal cursing, those are almost always solved with kisses and those are so much simpler to give.

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow when she mentioned giving animal kisses.* I should mention. It is easier to undo a spell you cast, than undo a spell cast by another. To attempt to undo a spell cast by a stronger magic-user may result in the spell backfiring on you and the victim or even death. Some magic is far too powerful to meddle with carelessly.

Lily: *Lily stepped in to the kitchen, taking ice from the freezer and getting water from the sink. Leaning forward against the counter she took a sip… and blinked. One of the big knives was just sitting there out on the counter. But no one had been home to be using it.* -08:51 May 17

Brutus barked once, tail wagging and followed Conrad!

Evangeline: Luckily then I am not a sorceress! I am content to avoid accidents and maybe one or two useful things so you won’t have to worry about me. Like… um… *She was trying to think of appropriate spells, but most offensive things usually involved knowing where you were aiming and that wasn’t always as easy as it sounded.*

Conrad: *Taking Brutus out to do his business on the balcony was a last resort. Ms Grey insisted he take him down and have him do his business elsewhere. But as long as he cleaned it up, she shouldn’t mind …* So, boy, ready for a sleepover in Lily’s room? *Of course, there was the fact Ms Grey might take things the wrong way and the trouble would start!* -09:06 May 17

Gabriel: You lack the will to do another harm. A few defensive spells should suffice a light so bright it blinds, a shield, and a simple healing spell should do.

Gabriel: *suffice

Lily: *She set down her glass, her hand moving across the counter to snake her fingers around the knife. She was going to put it away, but she paused. Stop living. Would it all really end if she just… stopped living?* -09:23 May 17

Evangeline: I think I understand shields now and might be better with practice… Can you show me the healing spells? Then I can take care of you and everyone else.

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus came running inside and through the suite! “Arf! Arf!” He ran into the kitchen and jumped up and down beside Lily!

Conrad: Brutus! Wait, I don’t think you finished! *He ran after the pup, through the suite!* There you are! *He exclaimed when he got into the kitchen, but whether he meant Brutus, Lily, or both was anyone’s guess! He moved forward to pull Brutus away from Lily, eying the knife!* … Lily? -09:27 May 17

Gabriel: *He nodded, moved behind Evangeline, put her arms up so they were stretched in front of her.* Arms out, fingers together, palm facing outside. Most healers use this stance as it helps channel the magic through them and into their patients. It helps if you are aware of what type of wounds he or she is suffering, what you are attempting to heal, and your own limits. To heal one at death’s door is an extremely difficult and draining task. Attempt to heal such a person and fail and prepare to pay with your own life or fall into a comatose state. Are you willing to make such a sacrifice?

Lily: *Vaguely aware of Brutus barking, it took her a moment to realize she wasn’t alone in the kitchen… and the fact she was holding that knife as if she were going to stab someone with it! ..Lily quickly put it down!* Sorry. I was going to put it away. -09:32 May 17
Conrad: *A genuine smile!* Hey, it’s okay. It happens. I hope Brutus didn’t scratch you up. *He scratched the pup behind the ears.* -09:34 May 17

Evangeline: *Evangeline was listening carefully, putting the stance to memory!* I have made difficult choices before, I can do it again. Knowing what you are trying to heal is most important, right?

Lily: No, he’s a good pup and mindful about his feet. *Lily was eyeing the knife again. Everytime she was alone she seemed to get so wrapped up in those thoughts… Maybe if they stayed with her she could sleep.* Will you sleep with me tonight? -09:42 May 17

Gabriel: Yes. And when you begin to heal, you cannot let anything distract you. Healing someone in the middle of a battle is a serious task to undertake. It does not matter the words you use. As I said before, it is not the language that matters.

Brutus calmed down but his tail was still wagging pretty hard.]

Conrad: *He smiled.* Hey, sure we will. What are friends for? I might snore or talk in my sleep, though.

Lily: *Lily took her glass of water and gave Brutus a nice pat before leading the way back to her room. This time she entered slowly, as if expecting to see something… or someone! Including tugging her blanket to make sure nothing was hiding underneath!* -09:53 May 17

Evangeline: Actions and motions and magic lines are more important than words. *Evangeline repeated, mostly to remind herself! She recognized magic lines very easily. It may have been why she was so often accidentally pulling them and casting spells! …She would just have to not touch instead of not speak!* I will keep focused.

Gabriel: The next time a student is injured, I will send them to you instead of to the Infirmary. *He took a step back and let go fo her arms.*

Evangeline: Training on the trainees? *The thought made her smile! She turned around to snag his sleeve.* Now you can show me a light spell!

Gabriel: I should also caution you. It will be easier to heal another human or even an animal compared to a vampire or a were. They are able to withstand much more serious injuries so it will be harder to gauge your limits and just how serious their wounds are.

Conrad: *He followed behind Lily and watched as Brutus roamed her room, sniffing things out! The pup was awfully cute, it was like he was trying to soothe Lily by making sure no one (or nothing) was lurking.* -10:09 May 17
Lily: *Brutus was a very good distraction, and she was glad for it! Lily set her water aside to crawl back in to bed.. leaving enough room for a werepuppy and a bodyguard.* …If I hit you, I am really really sorry. -10:16 May 17
Conrad: *He smiled, although he knew she wasn’t joking.* It’s a good thing I have insurance with Oracle then. *He let Brutus into the bed first and then climbed inside.* Are you sure you’re comfortable with this? Me … here with you? -10:19 May 17

Brutus licked Lily’s face as he settled against her on the bed!

Evangeline: *She looked faintly concerned about that, but whatever she decided seemed to placate her.* I’ll try not to do anything silly so you won’t worry over me.

Lily: …I hadn’t really thought of that. *She said slowly, patting Brutus before sitting up on her elbows to eye Conrad carefully.* I guess I’m so used to you being here. But if you think you’re safer on the floor, I don’t mind. -10:22 May 17
Conrad: *A sheepish grin!* I’ll keep my hands where you can see ’em. If you can do me the favor and distract your mother if she comes across this so I can launch myself out the window. I’d seriously take the window to facing your mother’s wrath–unless it was one of those exceptions, of course. *He nodded and stayed right where he was.* -10:26 May 17

Gabriel: *He nodded.* My thanks. Now, the light spell. I suppose I should give you two versions the mild spell and the one strong enough to cast out wraiths. They are also helpful against demons and other so-called \”creatures of the night.\” Our eyes are much more sensitive. Only the strongest can withstand a light spell.

Lily: *Conrad jumping out of window wasn’t something she should snicker at, but she did. Lily settled back down, curling an arm around the furry pup and closed her eyes.* I’ll tell her Leon is chewing hew shoes again… she’ll run right out. -10:30 May 17

Evangeline: I really didn’t like the wraiths! *Saying so was unneccasary, but the creatures were that disturbing she had to mention it again!* Lets practice that one a lot, I never want to feel those again if I can help it…

Gabriel: Because you do not necessarily need words to cast spells either, it is simply a matter of imagining the sun, letting the light fill you, brightening every dark corner. Merely concentrate on that light, never let your thoughts sway from it. Deep breaths and try it.

Conrad: *He laughed. He’d even caught Leon a number of times doing exactly that. Nothing like seeing a grown man chewing on heels to lighten your day.* Thank you, I do appreciate it. *He lay his head down and looked at Lily and Brutus snuggling up against her.* Hey, Lily … Thanks for everything. You’re the greatest friend ever. -10:45 May 17

Evangeline: *It took her a moment to even remember what the sun looked like! For a moment she looked rather mad about it, but she quickly found the right thought to focus on. Lighting up corners in her head was easy enough… but then she was trying to figure out where to put her sun!* …should I throw it? Or let it sit and float like a sun-balloon?

Lily: *The unexpected remark had her blinking her eyes open, and she was trying not to grin in embarassment. It was strange feeling, kind of like butterflies!* I should thank you, instead. I always feel better when you’re around… -10:55 May 17

Gabriel: If you wish to repel wraiths, you must keep the light with you. Otherwise, it may be lost and the wraiths are quick to pounce on a moment of opportunity. Try to let it sit and float above you.

Conrad: *Sheepish grin! A slight blush!* Heh. Thanks. Been awhile since someone ever told me that. So uh … I should um, let you sleep. -11:16 May 17
Conrad: Goodnight Lily. Sweet dreams. -11:16 May 17

Evangeline: *That was more than enough incentive to try really hard on that light spell! Being near a wraith was frightening enough, she never wanted to be pounced by one! She tilted back to poke a finger above her head and set her sun to float there. Something was working, as she could feel the talismen against her chest… but it would have been nice if she could see it too!* Is that enough, or maybe I should make it brighter?

Gabriel: *As a Carnatelli, classified as a ‘master vampire’, the Seer’s light did not have as strong an effect as it would have on a young vampire. But he nodded once.* Attempt to make it as bright as possible and then hold it.

Lily: *There was an urge to reach out and poke him, but Lily kept her arm around Brutus and just smiled as she closed her eyes again. She should definitly be able to sleep now.* Goodnight, Conrad. -11:20 May 17

Evangeline: *Brighter! Like… desert suns at noon! Or exploding supernovas! …Or Ms. Grey’s aura when she’s getting really mad! She made sure to put all of that in to her light. It was a little heavy, but felt shiny!* Better?

Gabriel: Much. How long can you hold that light?

Conrad: *He smiled at her while her eyes were closed. He wouldn’t be able to sleep for awhile but he could relax and keep an eye out for her.* -11:31 May 17

Evangeline: I’m not sure. Making it was simple but holding it up is harder… I’m afraid Imight drop it if I stop thinking about it. *Multitasking with these sort of things didn’t seem to be her strength! Even now she was trying to make sure she held it up herself and didn’t lean on his wall for support. One day he might need his own wall and she’ll not be able to!*

Gabriel: As a spell-caster you will be aware of when you are drawing close to slipping. You already know what that feels like. When that happens, merely let the light go. It is easier if you do so slowly until you gain more control over the light spell. If you let go too quickly, the spell might backfire in several ways.

Evangeline: *Evangeline could easily imagine how a spell might go wrong! For now, she was still trying to hold her light and see how long she could keep it!* I can do that, I think. …later I would like to do the light and a wall at the same time. Or healing and a wall! I couldn’t hold the wall and break a seal at the same time, and I think I should really try harder to do that…

Lily: *This time Lily fell asleep quickly and she didn’t seem bothered! With a wolf and a bodyguard, it was so much easier to relax free of fears!* -11:51 May 17

Gabriel: Indeed. *He said.* I have faith in you.

They were sleeping rather soundly … until Conrad’s phone went off!

Conrad: … Huh? *He groaned softly and realized he really had fallen asleep! And rather quickly, too! He never turned it off but he had switched it to silent/vibration mode before dozing off! He answered it now.* Hello …? -12:06 May 18

It was Ms Grey on the phone and she sounded upset! She wanted Conrad to get his ass to HQ right away and the pup, too!

Conrad: Even Brutus? *He slowly sat up, rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He didn’t want to wake Lily but …* Ms Grey, can’t I leave him with Lily? I don’t think she should be by herself right now. -12:11 May 18

Ms Grey insisted Lily would be safer at Shades and would sleep easer if Brutus wasn’t around to wake her! And Conrad had better hurry up and get here or find another job!

Evangeline: *She reponded with a silly smile and nearly dropped her spell. It wasn’t often he said things like that, and it still gave her warm fuzzies every time he did! Which was silly because.. it just was! Now she was trying NOT to smile so ridiculously and keep her light a little longer!* Thank you very much. I don’t know why those trainees so upset, you are a very nice teacher.

Conrad: *He sighed.* Yes, Ms Grey. *He hung the phone up and huffed, running his fingers through his hair. He really didn’t want to do this. He hated to do this. Lily was finally getting some sleep but if he got fired … he wouldn’t be able to stay beside her. And that, he realized, was a frightening thought. He woke Lily up first.* Lily? Lily … *He should let her sleep but he didn’t want her to wake up and not know where he and Brutus were. And he hated to leave notes. Unless they were love letters or quick reminders, notes were a stupid way to tell someone something.* -12:15 May 18

Gabriel: *This from the woman who lectured him on not shooting students, or throwing hunters out of the windows. He tilted his head slightly at her.* Neither do I.

Lily: *Drat it all… she was finally sleeping..! There was a mumbled complaint from her, but she refrained from swatting at him. She didn’t open her eyes.* Whas’ t’matter…? -12:17 May 18
Conrad: *A deep sigh!* I got called to Oracle HQ. Your mother wants me and Brutus there right away. She said you’ll be safe at Shades and to let you sleep. I’m sorry but I couldn’t just leave you and not tell you. -12:20 May 18
Lily: *That had her sitting and frowning.* It must be important… *There wasn’t any other reason to ask Conrad to Oracle and taking Brutus too.* It’s okay. Someone is probably on the way home. -12:23 May 18
Conrad: *He wanted to stay with Lily! But he needed to go … The sooner he left, the sooner he’d return, right?* I … I’m … *He started to apologize but realized just how stupid that would be. He had no control over this so apologizing would only make things worst.* I’ll be back as soon as I can, I promise. *Brutus was waking up!* Come on, Brutus. We better get going. -12:46 May 18
Lily: *She opened her mouth to suggest she could go too… But if it really was something wrong at Oracle, she’d probably be in the way.* Okay. I’ll be alright here. *She gave Brutus a scratch, and nudged him to go off with Conrad.* -12:51 May 18
Conrad: *He opened his mouth to say something, then leaned forward to do something but just in time caught himself!* Um … Uh … *He wrapped his arms around Brutus and began pulling him to the door! A few minutes later, Lily heard the front door close and she was alone again!* -01:00 May 18

Moments after Conrad left everything was silent! Dead silent! No movement in the suite. No sounds of anyone returning home. Not even a gnome or faerie lurking in the liquor cabinet. Just silence.

Brutus protested against being taken away like this as he and Conrad rode the elevator down!

Conrad: *He didn’t trust letting the pup go until the doors had closed. It was a good thing Brutus didn’t have imposable thumbs or he’d really be in trouble! He’d have to ask Evangeline if Brutus could turn human later …* I know, Brutus. I don’t like this anymore than you do. I don’t like this feeling. Something … not right is going on but I have no idea where to start. We’ll just check at Oracle HQ and get back as quick as possible. -01:04 May 18

Brutus appeared to accept that! He sat down and stopped scratching at the doors and whining. He wouldn’t stop being vigilant though, even when the doors opened and they stepped into the lobby!

Lily: *This wasn’t the first time she had been home alone without Conrad or anyone else around. But normally she wasn’t so freaked out about something either. After a moment she finally settled back down in bed and pulled the covers over her head!* -01:06 May 18
Conrad: *Oracle HQ wasn’t far from here but he’d much rather drive than walk or run. It wouldn’t have been too bad if he could fly or run across roof tops like those movie characters. So he and Brutus headed across the lobby to the parking garage! It was quiet as always, but this time he had the unnerving feeling he was being watched! He kept glancing over his shoulder and at the slightest sound, he would hasten his step!* -01:10 May 18

Brutus sensed something was amiss, too! He stuck close to Conrad and came close to tripping the hunter a number of times!

Silence… until the telephone rang! Ring, ring! ring, ring!

Lily: *LIly jumped! But it was just the telephone! Fumbling a hand out from under the blanket she answered the one sitting on the bedside table.* …Hello? -01:13 May 18
Conrad: *When he jumped after the sound of a coin falling to the ground right beside him, and found it was a quarter he’d been keeping in his pocket, he finally took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was doing it again, jumping at shadows. It was what he’d done those first few years after his family’s tragedy. It had been only through the use of sleeping pills he’d gotten any sleep at all–until he’d stopped taking them. He’d grown too dependent on them. And yet somehow, he’d survived one night without drugs and without monsters under his bed. That one night had become two and two had become three … until he realized he was no longer afraid.* Stay close, Brutus. Evangeline will never let me hear the end of it if something happened to you. -01:18 May 18

“People always die because you’re alive. Who else is going to die? Will you kill them too…?”

Lily: Uh..! *Lily dropped the phone, retrieving her hand back under the blanket! …Dreaming! She fell asleep again!* Wake up… wake up! She’s not here! -01:20 May 18

This time the voice came in clear, like it was in the very room. “No, I’m not here. I’m dead because of you. And now you live my life… and let others die in your place.”

The mention of Evangeline helped calm Brutus down! He moved slightly away from Conrad, enough to let the hunter walk as they came to Conrad’s jeep. He never parked it far from the exit. Brutus suddenly let out a sound that was half-whine, half-growl!

Lily: *Lily sat up quickly, peering in to the dark of the room looking for the source of the voice. But nothing was there. There was never anything there. She dove for the phone, dialing the numbers for Conrad’s phone!* -01:25 May 18

Yet, no ringing came! The phone was dead!

Conrad: *He had opened the door and had climbed into the driver’s seat when Brutus made the half-whine, half-growl!* Brutus! *He dove across the front seat, tore open the passenger door!* … Damnit! -01:26 May 18

There was a large red seal on the ground beneath the pup! And it was sucking the pup inside! Brutus was only hanging on by trying to climb out, claws scrapping across the cement! He whined and fought! Some force appeared to be dragging him down!

Conrad: *He grabbed a hold of the doorframe of the jeep and jumped out! He landed on the ground beside the seal and pulled out a scroll he held between his teeth! Then he hit the ground and threw his arms around the pup, trying to pull him out! Puppy claws–sharp, puppy claws–scratched his back and shoulders! He could feel the force tugging down on the puppy, though. He only had one shot!* -01:33 May 18
Lily: *..she didn’t need the phone! She knew where Oracle was! Lily jumped out of bed to run for her door, not even bothering with finding shoes or changing clothes. But as she swung it open and ran in to the hall… it wasn’t home! It was one of the halls at the school! Lily backtracked, but her room was already gone and replaced with a classroom.* …this is.. a dream…! -01:33 May 18

Poor Brutus! He was panicked and desperate! He whined at Conrad!

Conrad: I know, boy. I know. *His voice was muffled as he still had that scroll clenched between his teeth! As a last ditch effort, he used a location-switching spell! One moment, he was holding Brutus, and the next, he was the one clinging to the pup! There was a wave of disorientation as he acquainted himself to his new location–and his new predicament!* -01:41 May 18

The halls of the school were very real, though! Cool and empty with all of the lights turned out. It was silent except for… a creaking? Out of a vent near the floor something was crawling out! A girl! A very dead looking girl… one of the rescued dolls that didn’t make it! “I wasn’t the only one you killed.” Said the voice echoing in the hall. “You lived while the rest of us died…”

Brutus shook himself, also disoriented! He glanced from side to side! Where was he?! And then he saw Conrad! He bit his sleeve and tried to pull him out!

Conrad: *He tried to grin sheepishly as he clung to the cement! Little by little, he was being sucked in. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was dragged down to gods only knew where!* It’s. Okay. I’m sorry–Brutus. No time for … something more–elegant! *He sounded more calm than he felt! Old fears were rising but he had to keep calm! He didn’t want to panic Brutus! The poor pup!* Get. Help. Lily. -01:46 May 18
Lily: *Breathe! She couldn’t breathe! Lily backed away slowly and turned to run down the opposite end of the hall but stopped in her tracks! There was another crawling from the vent in the ceiling, crawling forward without even coming down!* but it was- wasn’t my fault…! *Two became four and more appeared still, stepping from around corners or coming out of the walls. All faces she could recognize, but dead.. decaying! Lifeless dolls! She suddenly ran to the side, pushing through a door to escape down the stairwell!* -01:49 May 18

Brutus didn’t look ready to leave Conrad anytime soon! He was going to stay and help the hunter!

Conrad: *For the first time in a long time, Conrad felt the urge to growl. He was up to his armpits in cement. If this continued and Brutus still clung to him, they’d both be sucked under! He grabbed Brutus and roughly shoved him away, tearing his sleeve off.* Go, Brutus! -01:52 May 18

“You are such a coward! Always running away, letting US die for you! Why do you live, Lily! When are you going to stop!” A hand shot out from the wall in the stair well, grabbing on to Lily’s arm! When she struggled the arm released her just as suddenly, making sure the girl took a hard tumble down the rest of the stairs!

Brutus turned to run back to Shades–only to bump into someone’s legs!

Lily: *The tumble down the stairs seem to pull every other thought out of her mind! She hit the bottom of the stairway, ignoring the loud cracking sound that seemed to come with a sharp wave of pain. Stop living. She almost did… Lily pushed herself up to crawl out of the stairwell. ..This was the basement?* -01:57 May 18

“Leaving so soon?” a familiar voice asked as someone grabbed Brutus by the collar and lifted him up to look him in the eye. “It’s not polite to leave the party so soon.”

The basement was dark and eeriely cold! There were candles lit and sigils glowing on the walls! Behind Lily there was a soft laugh. As she turned around, there was the girl! Blond haired doll with a hole right through her. “You keep running. Who is going to die tonight because you ran? The little puppy? The bodyguard? Your mommy or the wolf? If only you would stop. Stop.

Brutus snapped out of it, growled and twisted, snapping at the woman’s face! She would either let him go or risk getting her face bitten off!

Lily: *No… she didn’t want anyone else to die because of her! Lily managed to get back on her feet. She ached, but she could stand.* What do you want me to say…! I’m sorry! I didn’t want to hurt you, but I wouldn’t stay..! -02:07 May 18

When Brutus’ claws scratched her arms, the woman hissed and was forced to drop the pup! But not before delivering a quick kick to the pup’s side! Then she stalked over to him, ready to finish the job!

“Sorry? You think sorry is going to bring us back to life? Is SORRY going to stop everyone from dying for you?” The girl came closer. Stepping forward several paces everytime Lily stepped back. “Spare them! Do the right thing and DIE!” SLASH! A swipe of a knife cutting a gash across Lily’s chest, nearly shoulder to shoulder! The blood flung across the floor activating a sigil that nearly encompassed the entire room!

Lily: *It happened so fast, that it felt like slow motion as her hand moved up to touch the wound at her chest… The blood on her hand was as real as the pain! She felt her knees buckle as she slid to the floor. Stop living… I should stop living… It was enough, she couldn’t do this anymore. …but… The sigil on the floor. She had seen it once before hadn’t she…?* I.. I can’t… -02:17 May 18
Conrad: BRUTUS! *With one last heave of energy, he reached out and grabbed the demon wearing one of his sister’s faces by the foot!* Pretty low. Beating up on a puppy. *He growled.* -02:18 May 18

She fell–only to glance over her shoulder at him and shake her foot free, then kick him in the face. She watched as he lost his grip and was swallowed up to his neck in cement! She smirked as she got to her feet, saw him glaring at her. “Ohohoh, that’s nothing compared to what she has in mind for you …” The puppy forgotten, she turned her attention to Conrad.

Now the blond was getting visibly angry! “CAN’T? What makes you so special! Michael’s precious little treasure, his favorite little doll! So important that you get live while others suffer?” She stepped on to the sigil, leaning above Lily. “Your body and your soul. That’s what he wants. That’s what we all want. And all we be slaughtered until we get it. Your mother. Your guard. Your friends. Everyone.”

Lily: *Lily was trying to find the words to reply..! Death would be so easy! But… the sigil… Montana. Conrad. …Michael? …Gabriel! Her thoughts were so convoluted that as soon as his name brushed by she immediately latched on to it! Gabriel could do this. Gabriel would help. Gabriel. Lily was trying to mutter his name as she attempted to push herself up again!* -02:29 May 18

Brutus ended up under a parked car! He raised his head and crawled out! He returned to the jeep but no one was there! He sniffed around but it was like they had just disappeared!

The girl actually looked surprised! …she even began to laugh! “Crying for help, little girl? From one that can’t even hear you screaming? It is the end for you.” Not allowing Lily to even get to her knees, the girl grabbed her head sharply and pressed her fingers to Lily’s lips. She was reciting a spell for pulling the soul right out of a body!

Gabriel: *He appeared behind Lily, on the edge of the sigil! He stepped onto the sigil, cut his palm.* Ms Grey. Valravn. *The sigil appeared behind him, the raven flew straight for the blonde, grabbing her hair and pulling!*

The blond gave a terrible shriek! But is was more of anger than of pain! How did the little girl managed to summon him here?! He was not even in the country! Staggering backwards, her form shifted. She was no longer in the body of Erica but the appearance of a student from the school. “You’ve come to rescue another damsel, Gabriel?” she spat!

Lily: *Released, she fell backwards again. Unable to even mutter a greeting or a thankyou, just so greatful he even appeared…! Lily fainted!* -02:42 May 18

Gabriel: *He ignored the girl. He caught Lily as she fainted and placed his hand over the wound on her chest. He would tend to Lily first and deal with the creature afterwards. Valravn returned and perched on his shoulder.* The next time you decide to take a body, Elizabeth, be certain it is not under my care. Valravn, I want her face. *The raven flew and dove straight for Elizabeth’s face.*

Elizabeth had no desire to lose her current face! She slashed wildly at the raven diving for her! “Come now! Perhaps you shouldn’t be in the habit of keeping such pure and pretty souls around you. …Ah, but I guess you can’t help but share the same tastes as your brother Michael!” she taunted!

The raven was relentless in doing as ordered! But it was forced to hover out of Elizabeth’s reach when she began slashing wildly at it.

Gabriel: What would you know of purity and beauty, Elizabeth? You are cursed. No amount of beauty in this world or the next will ever mask the ugliness you are and will always be. *He was walking toward her.* Appello. *A large snake appeared behind Elizabeth and dove to wrap around her ankles and body.*

No! Elizabeth was going to make herself disappear as he approached, but his spell caught her! She writhed and struggled against the snakes, hissing much the same as they did! “I am beautiful! You will not cast me away like you do to others! I am a MASTER!”

Gabriel: You are a slave, Elizabeth. To your own selfish ends, your own vanity. It is a curse you doomed yourself to long ago but a curse you will continue to live through. *He held one hand out to Valravn who snipped on his wrist. He kept walking toward her as Valravn flew and perched on his shoulder.* Countess Elizabeth Báthory, Báthory Erzsébet, Alžbeta Bátoriová, Alžb?ta Báthoryová, El?bieta Batory, I grant you your greatest desire and your worst fear. You may stay in this hellish realm of yours, bereft of interference from one and all. You will keep your beauty but watch it fade, over and over again. It will not take years or decades for your beauty to fade but minutes. You will be helpless, forced to watch as your beauty deteriorates. *Mirrors began to appear around Elizabeth.* The mirrors of this world will be your eyes. You will witness your beauty wither. You close your eyes and the mirror will show you in your mind what is happening to you. Break one mirror and it will only regenerate. Attempting to use any means to prolong your beauty will only hasten your rotting body. *Seals appeared on the mirrors, then faded into the mirrors.*

“N… no! You can’t do this me! You have no RIGHT to place such a curse on me!” Her complaints were falling on deaf ears and as soon as she saw herself in the mirrors her scream was sharp and piercing…!

Lily: *Consciousness could not come easy, but such a scream was not something anyone could sleep through…. not even the dead! Lily was raising her hands to cover her ears!* -03:24 May 18

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *He, Lily, and Valravn disappeared and reappeared in Lily’s room! He placed her on her bed and checked her wound.* Ms Grey.

Lily: *That weird way he could just… poof them somewhere else was disorienting and she was still surprised he came! As she glanced around the room, she suddenly sat up, ignoring the jolt of pain!* Conrad and Brutus! -03:30 May 18

Gabriel: Stay here. *He put a hand on her shoulder as he slipped something out of his pocket. The tracking device on Brutus’ collar.* Valravn. Stay with Ms Grey. *The white raven hopped off of his shoulder and onto the headboard of Lily’s bed!* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *And then he was gone again!*

[Conrad logged out of the chat.] -((03:34 May 18))
[Lily logged out of the chat.] -((03:34 May 18))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:34 May 18
[Conrad had no clue where he was … but he knew without a shadow of a doubt, he wasn\’t going to like the answer!] -12:09 May 19
[Lily is home safe and sound… with Evangeline! And giving her hell!] -12:09 May 19

The place the seal had taken Conrad looked… surprising pleasant! Fine antique furniture. Beautiful tapestries. Expensive art. It looked like a well maintained castle!

Brutus refused to leave the parking garage! He was sniffing the ground Conrad had disappeared into! But he had vanished, along with the stinky thing!

Conrad: *His first reflex was to check for his guns, his concealed knife, and his scrolls! But, of course, they were gone! His head was throbbing but he refused to let that stop him as he got to his feet, approached the door!* -12:12 May 19

Gabriel: *He appeared in the parking garage behind Conrad’s jeep and found Brutus sniffing the ground, walking in circles. He put the tracking device away and approached the pup.*

Lily: I’m not going to stay here when he could be- when she might… I’m not! *Lily didn’t want to hurt Evangeline… which was the only reason why she hadn’t violently shoved her away! When did she get here, anyway!* -12:15 May 19

Valravn aka “Fluffy” was perched on the back of a chair, watching Evangeline and Lily!

The door was locked. But an icy cold breeze suggested Conrad was not alone. Followed by every mirror in the room suddenly shattering with a piercing scream! “That BASTARD! How dare he… But you… you are going to help make my vengeance so sweet.” The moment the glass hit the ground it reformed together in the shape of a person. An unfamiliar face… Elizabeth’s true body!

Brutus stopped sniffing when Gabriel approached. He faced him, and began to whine, pawing at the ground!

Evangeline: You aren’t in any condition to go on a rescue, I doubt you can even stand on two feet. There’s no need to worry, Gabriel is fetching Brutus and Conrad. We can take a nap!

Conrad: *He stopped and took a step back, bracing himself for a fight! He didn’t recognize Elizabeth in her true body!* I don’t even know who you are. -12:21 May 19

Gabriel: *He crouched down, held his hand out for Brutus to sniff so the pup would know it was him.*

“You don’t recognize your sweet godmother Carmilla? Or maybe you prefer your mother Erica?” She was far too angry to remained entirely focused on Conrad. The mirrors that had shattered had returned. Unbroken. Her poor beautiful face…! Again she growled! Directing her fingers at Conrad she shouted a spell, retching torrents of pain through his body! “That GIRL summoned the Night Stalker as if he were her personal champion! He lives there in that suite. What do you know of Gabriel Carnatelli!”

Conrad: *He blinked! Carmilla! His mother! The shock of who this woman was lasted only until she recited that spell and he dropped to his knees!* Aagghh! *He hated crying out but he couldn’t help it! There was just so much PAIN! He dug his fingers into the floor and clenched his teeth. It was all he could do to remain conscious as he lay his forehead against the floor, tried to think of some way to dull the pain somehow! He heard Carmilla but he was in too much pain to do much of anything, much less think of an insult to hurl at her face!* -12:28 May 19
Lily: But it was her. I know it was her. *And Conrad should not have to face his demons by himself. He was always here for her, she should do the same! That is what a friend does! Swatting Evangeline away, Lily rolled in to the floor where she had intending to get up and storm out, but she hurt a lot more than she expected.* -12:29 May 19

Brutus sniffed and realized Gabriel was the real deal! He whined and pawed at Gabriel’s hand!

“Did that hurt, my pet? It will hurt so much more if you don’t tell me what I want to know. …Or would you preffer me to bring the little girl here? Now that I know what breaks her, taking her soul was so much easier…”

Valravn flew up, perched on the frame of the door above and in front of Lily! “Please, listen to the Seer. If you go now, you will only put your guard and even my master in trouble.” The voice was male and soft, rich, but it definitely came from the bird!

Conrad: *A break! He dragged in a breath! He swallowed but still couldn’t lift his head! The residue of Carmilla’s spell cackled over his body, black lightning jumped, sizzled!* I … don’t know … what … you’re talking … about … *He panted!* -12:33 May 19

Evangeline: Yes, Fluffy is right. You’re going t-… Fluffy! When did you learn to talk out loud! *Evangeline looked a little shocked for a moment, but she skirted around the bed to harass Lily right back in it.* Besides, you will not know where to look for him. Gabriel knows what he’s doing!

“Don’t lie, boy. I laided my plans for weeks. Touching that girl. Finding a way through those wards. Gabriel Carnatelli. What makes him weak.” Clenching her hand she gave him another sharp jolt of the spell before releasing it again. “Tell me.”

In reply, Valravn buried his beak under his wing and groomed himself!

Lily: *A talking bird! There was nothing normal in this house! Lily found herself back in bed, but the scowl on her face showed she didn’t want to be there. She looked tense enough that she might bolt again.* You could find him, Evangeline. Couldn’t you take me? -12:39 May 19
Conrad: Aggghh! *He clenched his teeth, and found himself on his side, curled up on the floor! When she released the spell, he dragged in another breath, panting.* I … don’t know … I just watch … Lily. -12:39 May 19

Evangeline: *Tilting her head as she sat down on the edge of the bed, Evangeline looked… first brushing over Gabriel and then outwards.* …He is too far away for me to take you. But Gabriel can reach him. He has already found Brutus! So, lets talk about something nice until they get back!

Gabriel: I need you calm. *He said after scratching the pup between the ears.* We will save Wolfe but I need to know what happened first. Be still and focus on what happened here. *He could feel the last ounces of magic fading from here but whoever had cast it, had made sure the spell would dissipate quickly, leaving no trace of the spell or its purpose.*

“Lily, Lily… the pretty little girl with an unbreakable soul.” Tilting her hand, her spell drug Conrad across the floor, nearly slinging him in to a lit fireplace! “Near death, and yet she summoned with a single breath. Does the Night Stalker share your weakness, pet? Does he want the girl’s soul?”

Lily: I don’t understand how you can always be so calm. All of these things keep happening, and you can still smile and talk like nothing has happened. *Lily was angry, and though it wasn’t at Evangeline, the woman was here and not helping the way Lily wanted! How can she always smile!* -12:52 May 19

Brutus found it very hard to concentrate! There was Conrad and the seal–and the steak he had for dinner last night! Nonono! Conrad, the seal–Mmm, and apple pie! Conrad–and steak and apple pie! Yes, Brutus found it very hard to concentrate so it took several tries before he became focused enough to keep in mind what had happened here!

Conrad: *He was cursing when he finally stopped moving and he was in too much pain to move even the slightest! He felt the heat of the fire. Great, he was either going to fry or this woman was going to rip him apart!* I … I don’t know … He just … He just comes and goes … He never hangs around very long to do much of anything. -12:58 May 19

Evangeline: *Evangeline was patient! She wouldn’t want to sit still either if Gabriel was in danger. But sometimes there are things you can’t jump in to!* I am just happier thinking about the good things instead of being upset about the bad. You have plenty of nice things to think about don’t you?

“Come now… you are such an observant young man. One that could see something wrong with the little girl, surely you can see through Gabriel Carnatelli.” Though her voice was soothing, her hand raised pulling Conrad up with it! He hit the ceiling and stayed there, another jolt of pain hitting him! “Who else does he protect! There are others in that suite!”

Lily: *Lily went silent. There were good things, she knew there was. But the only things running through her head were disturbing. Those other girls. The dead looking bodies. Michael. That woman who keeps tormenting Conrad. It was all she could think about!* I can’t… I can’t think of anything. He could be dead already, I don’t want to just sit here safe and sound while someone else dies because of me. -01:06 May 19

Gabriel: *It spoke a lot about Gabriel’s patience that he was able to tolerate the pup as Brutus attempted to focus. He slit his wrist and placed a finger at the center of Brutus’ forehead.* Ostendo sum occultus preteritus. *A pulse of negative energy and he saw things from Brutus’ point of view! Coming into the parking garage, following Conrad, going to the jeep … all the way up until Brutus was kicked by the mystery woman! He slowly broke contact to check on the pup and make sure he was alright or if he’d have to go to the suite. But true to form, the pup was healing and only licked Gabriel’s face when the vampire pressed his hand against his side.*

Conrad: *He clenched his teeth, bit back another cry of pain! It would be so easy to tell! But she’d only kill him once she heard what she wanted to hear and he couldn’t betray anyone, not again!* Go. To. Hell. *He growled, glaring at her before he had to shut his eyes and attempt to will the pain away!* -01:08 May 19

Evangeline: *Her smile broke for a moment – she didn’t mean it to, but it was a phrase she had said herself.* Some do terrible things and they may use you to do it, but that doesn’t make it your fault. *Gabriel had told her the very same thing!*

Elizabeth scowled! With a hiss, she dropped him abruptly from the ceiling, and had his body flung across the room in to one of her mirrors! “I AM in hell because of him! He’s taken my beautiful face! Oh, but I will take something from him. And unless you want me to bring that pretty little Lily here to play, I suggest you tell me what I desire to know. …Or shall I break you and ask her about Gabriel Carnatelli instead? Yes, she was much more reasonable.” She released the spell from Conrad, seeming to like that idea more and more! He came to fetch the little girl once, he would come and fetch her again!

Conrad: *He winced as he fell to the ground and the last thing he saw was Elizabeth’s scowl before everything went black!* -01:18 May 19

Gabriel: *He stood and slit his wrist again.* Reverto semita ut plasmator. *A drop of blood hit the ground where the seal had been and from it, the seal reappeared, blazing bright! He picked up Brutus and jumped inside! … And found himself in Elizabeth’s castle! There was no sign of Conrad or Elizabeth!*

It looked like Lily wasn’t going to bolt just yet! Valravn returned to his perch on the back of a chair closer to the bed!

Lily: *Lily was going to argue the point, but Evangeline wasn’t smiling so brightly. She had never seen that look, except for that weird night Gabriel was pissed off.* …Do you ever talk about the things that happen to you? I mean.. happen to to. Specifically. Sometimes you talk about events but… *Maybe she shouldn’t ask. She didn’t like talking about stuff either. Lily watched the raven fly back to the bed… and wondered!* -01:22 May 19

Elizabeth was going to open a gate… one that would lead her back to the suite and the hole she made to get inside. But, something had entered her castle! A growling scream! He had come sooner than she wished! But ah… she had things to delay him! Elizabeth let loose her beauties. Her little ‘failed’ bodies to attack him!

Gabriel: *He set Brutus down and let the pup smell the sleeve he’d torn from Conrad before the hunter had disappeared! He put the sleeve back into his pocket and pulled out his guns!* Find Wolfe.

Evangeline: *Evangeline reached out and scratched the top of Fluffy’s head. Her first instinct was to ignore the question, but… Lily needed someone to talk to. Someone that would understand!* I always think that people might worry about me more than they need to. Or get upset and lose themselves and go on a shooting rampage. But if you have questions, I will answer them! Cross my heart!

Elizabeth’s bodies were terrible failed attempts at making herself from scratch! The idea taken from that Master Carnatelli seemed ideal, yet trying to execute it was difficult! They were all twisted, malformed, hideous! No good for one as beautiful as she. But they were perfect for filling with the souls of demons and using as a personal army! Doors opened all over the castle, with her girls pouring out! “Delay him. Kill him if you can!”

Lily: *Curiosity was the ultimate distraction. If Gabriel could come an save her, and he was fetching Conrad… she really wanted to know more about him and Evangeline.* Is that why you don’t talk about things? Because you think Gabriel will get mad? -01:39 May 19

Gabriel: *He faced the failed attempts but he was determined. He had come from someone and he was going to get him. He shot over and over, kicking out and tripping bodies that came too close!*

Evangeline: *Closing her eyes with a sheepish look, she nodded!* I don’t want to make him worry. I am not quite as strong as you! *She suddenly grinned! Maybe it was better to change the subject after all.* Everyone is very lucky with how well you handle yourself! I think you impress Gabriel too. Many of the trainees don’t have so much spirit!

With her girls keeping Gabriel at bay, Elizabeth started on her spell! Chanting the words as she circled around the room, she stopped for a moment over the unconsious Conrad to quickly swipe her knife over his back and draw blood! Returning to the fireplace, she flung the blood in to the fire. She was preparing a portal where she would snatch that girl and get everything she needed to make Gabriel squirm!

Brutus growled and ran toward Elizabeth, ready to tackle and then bite her!

Gabriel: *He saw something going on at the fireplace and headed there! He reloaded his guns real quick before shooting, kicking, and sending bodies flying back!*

Her portal was almost complete…and that pup was getting in her way! Elizabeth stepped to the side, casting her spell of pain towards the pup and pulling him towards the fire! She’d use HIS blood for the final phrase!

Brutus let out a cry, twisting in mid-air from the spell! It hurt!

Gabriel: *His guns were gone! He sliced his palm, disappeared and reappeared in front of the fireplace in time to catch Brutus!* Levitas. *A blast of lightning went flying at Elizabeth!*

Lily: *Lily examined Evangeline… and maybe agreed! It’s no wonder Gabriel has her stay here too and keeps her close.* …I’m glad Gabriel is around now and helping Oracle. Maybe there will be more hunters like Conrad. -02:16 May 19

Another growl, Elizabeth is dashing out of the way of his lightning! She was summoning up more of her girls! He was here too soon! She wasn’t finished yet!

Gabriel: *He soothed Brutus, clutching the pup to him as he looked up at the creatures coming.* Ortus ex cinis cineris , immortalis pluma. *He held up one hand and a large dark red feather appeared between his fingers. He tossed the feather behind him and into the fire! The fire suddenly turned white and two streams of fire erupted and flew around Gabriel to incinerate the minions!*

Conrad: *He groaned, faintly aware of something throbbing at his back. He hissed and instantly froze when he tried to move but met with pain instead. A nightmare. This had to be a nightmare!* -02:27 May 19

Destroying her fire AND her bodies…! Elizabeth had started towards him to attack but…! She had not lived this long by making fool moves. She pointed threateningly. “Take him. But I will have my vengeance for my beautiful face, Gabriel Carnatelli. You [i]will[/i] suffer.” …She vanished!

Destroying her fire AND her bodies…! Elizabeth had started towards him to attack but…! She had not lived this long by making fool moves. She pointed threateningly. “Take him. But I will have my vengeance for my beautiful face, Gabriel Carnatelli. You will suffer.” …She vanished!

Gabriel: *How did the saying go …? “If only he had a nickel for everytime someone told him that.” Still soothing Brutus by petting his side and casting a sleeping spell until Elizabeth’s own pain spell wore off, he found Conrad not too far away.*

Conrad: *He lay his head down. He didn’t feel too good. He doubted he was ever going to be well enough to walk again! He was in that much pain! He opened an eye when he heard someone say something in Latin … a sleeping spell! But he wasn’t the one who was asleep!* … Ga … briel …? -02:33 May 19

Gabriel: *He crouched down beside Conrad.* You will live.

Conrad: *At that, he snorted and a small smile appeared–until a jolt of recognition shot through him!* -02:36 May 19

“You will live.” The little boy in PJ’s looked up at the man in black. He couldn’t speak, he could only stare, wide-eyed at him. The man in black crouched down beside him so they were eye-to-eye. “I cannot erase your memory of this night. No matter the pain, no matter the hardship, you will live.”

Gabriel: *He placed Brutus down on the floor for a moment and cast the same sleeping spell on Conrad! It was clear, Elizabeth had also used her pain spell on him. Then he healed his back and, when the hunter was out, he moved him over his shoulder, picked up Brutus in one arm. They teleported away and back into the suite–but in the living room instead! He placed Conrad down on the couch but Brutus he kept against his chest!*

Valravn suddenly flew out of the room and into the living room!

Evangeline: There isn’t another hunter like him! He’s probably the best bodyguard in the universe! *She paused, watching Fluffy fly out and sighing! He could have left a little more subtly! Now Lily was going to-*

Lily: *Crash out of bed! She wasn’t exactly graceful tumbling in to the floor and dragging herself to her feet to stumble out… But with the bird flying away, that had to mean Gabriel was back and she had to KNOW!* -02:44 May 19

Valravn wasted no time in perching on Gabriel’s shoulder!

Gabriel: *He stopped stroking Brutus’ fur to reach up and scratch Valravn on the chest.* My thanks, Valravn. *He looked up as Lily came running out.*

Evangeline: Wait.. wait.. Lily! Darn it, Fluffy…! *She just couldn’t catch Lily, but this time she wasn’t trying too hard… She followed the girl out, with her best chiding expression!* Fluffy needs to learn better exits!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Would you rather he did something more drastic. *As usual, his question was spoken more like a statement.*

Conrad: *He was snoring peacefully! Except for the condition his clothes were in, he looked fine, except for the smudges on his face from that fire!* -02:49 May 19
Lily: *Brutus wasn’t awake, which was he first startled look… and then worse to find Conrad outcold on the couch! She finally dropped on the floor next to him and was… afraid to reach out and touch him! He didn’t look dead..* Is he… okay? -02:50 May 19

Evangeline: At least he didn’t fly through the wall. *Evangeline stopped to pet Brutus. She might have taken him from Gabriel’s arms, but the pup was getting too big for her to hold now!* Poor puppy… you were so brave! You’re going to get extra treats for dinner!

Gabriel: *He studied her for a moment.* He will live. He lived before he had nothing to live for. Now he has you. *He moved to lie Brutus down on the recliner, Leon’s favorite seat, so Evangeline could pet him and hold him as she saw fit.*

Lily: *Were she paying attention, she might have ask what he meant. For now, she was just so glad he wasn’t dead! Carefully, Lily reached to brush the sooty smudges from Conrad’s face. She blinked up at Gabriel!* Thank you. A lot of thank yous. -02:57 May 19

Gabriel: *He inclined his head toward her, in a deep nod.* You are welcome, Ms Grey. There is the matter of whether you wish to alert your mother to this incident or not.

Evangeline: *With Brutus on the chair she made he was nice and comfy. An extra pillow and a blanket tucked around him. She was so proud of him!* …oh dear. I forgot about Ms. Grey.

Lily: *That was… a hard decision. Her mother was going to find a million reasons to be pissed off, and considering last time.. she nearly fired Conrad in the proccess. She wouldn’t let her do it anyway, but…!* I think… if we fix whatever that woman did to get here, maybe she doesn’t have to know…? -03:05 May 19

Gabriel: Indeed. Allow us to handle it. *Before anyone could ask who he meant, he scratched Valravn on the chest.* Valravn, your aid. I will return. *Then he turned and walked away, disappearing in thin air again!*

Conrad: … How does he … do that …? *He asked quietly, his eyes opened slightly. He still felt rather tired but at least the pain was gone!* -03:08 May 19

Evangeline: I still can’t believe Fluffy can talk. *Evangeline muttered to herself. …but Conrad was awake! She gave Brutus a good pet before she tiptoed away to her own room!*

Lily: Ask him when he comes back. *Her voice was shakey, and she swallowed! Crying over nothing was stupid.* Are you okay…? -03:12 May 19
Conrad: *A small smile.* Depends … Are you okay? -03:13 May 19
Lily: I was scared. Worse when you didn’t come back. I.. thought she got you. *Why was it that nearly getting herself killed she could ignore, but thinking about him dead was bringing her to tears! She hadn’t cried in forever!* -03:17 May 19
Conrad: *Dare he tell her …? No, he couldn’t cause her anymore pain. The only thing that mattered was that they were together, didn’t it? He reached up with one hand to cup her cheek and wipe her tears away.* It’s okay to cry, Lily. I learned that a long time ago. -03:18 May 19
Lily: *Yes he did! And that damned woman might have got him again! Lily sniffled, despite trying to keep it down. She curled her fingers in to the folds of his shirt.* I wanted to come and get you myself, but they wouldn’t let me… -03:24 May 19
Conrad: *He smiled.* I’m glad you didn’t. I don’t remember half of what happened myself but I know it wasn’t pretty. I’m happy to be back, with you. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. -03:28 May 19
Lily: Next time… even if it really is my mother, can we just tell her to buggar off and you stay with me? *Rubbing her face quickly to get rid of the last of those tears, she returned his smile.* -03:33 May 19
Conrad: *He nodded, still smiling.* You got it. I’m never leaving your side, Lily. *He paused.* I’m sorry if that sounds creepy in any way. -03:34 May 19
Lily: *She laughed softly!* You never sound creepy. I… I really like you. -03:38 May 19
Conrad: *That made his cheeks redden slightly!* Really …? I like you, too. You know, it’s been awhile since we went out for shakes and ice cream. Want to … do that again sometime soon? -03:41 May 19
Lily: *Nodding, she grinned!* I’d love to. *She reached her hand out slowly, and poked his cheek curiously.* -03:45 May 19
Conrad: *He blinked!* What? -03:46 May 19
The Gate Saga

047 Leon’s Family History

Gabriel takes Evangeline to Canada for a date. Ciara and Leon are there to babysit Brutus. Leon discovers the pack his mother was from and a connection to Gabriel. He rescues his grandmother. Ciara gives in to naughty temptation with Leon!

[Gabriel was escorting the Grey family and Santos to Canada!] -08:17 May 04

Leon: *He rolled up his sleeves. He’d been working on shifting from human form to wolf and back again! And that snow looked like fun to run through! Especially with Brutus running around and jumping all over the place!*

[Evangeline was going to have another date! And Brutus would love spending time with Leon and Ms Grey!] -08:24 May 04

Ciara: *Babysitting a pup was the last thing Ciara was interested in, but seeing as how giving Brutus more time with a wolfy mentor WAS a good idea… She wouldn’t complain about it, for now.* It’s covered in snow and you’re rolling UP your sleeves?

Leon: *Because his time was spent babysitting Brutus, he had less time to snoop around and eat all the steaks and hamburgers! He flashed Cissy a wolfish grin!* Yep! Been awhile since I’ve gone wolf. Brutus makes it look like fun. *He ran back into the cabin, keeping the door open (no doggy doors and he wouldn’t have imposable thumbs!)! A few minutes later, there was a streak of dark gray and disappeared into a pile of snow!*

Brutus poked his head into the snow pile Leon had disappeared into and then pulled his head out! He shook, making snow fly everywhere!

Evangeline: *It was a lot colder in Canada than she expected, but she supposed they were pretty far up north too! With Ms. Grey and Leon playing with Brutus at their own cabin, she was attempting to take lure out Gabriel!* It’s only a little snow. *Well… she could barely walk in it, but… it was just snow!* -08:34 May 04

Ciara: This is hardly working. *She mumbled. Granted, a break from working wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe an hour. Ciara wandered out, to glance around, refusing to be amused by wolves!* You’re just going to get icicles stuck to your tail that way.

Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow, gave her a look that spoke volumes.* … There is nothing but snow. -08:36 May 04

Leon: *He jumped out and shook the snow out of his fur! He would worry about work later! Now he just ran around, burrowing into the piles of snow that seemed to be everywhere!*

That looked like fun! Brutus began chasing after Leon!

Evangeline: And it’s lovely! We can make snow kittens! *Evangeline tugged his hand! Eventually he would move!* It doesn’t bite! It’s like rain, but fluffy! -08:39 May 04

Ciara: *Ciara crossed her arms. …It had to be freezing cold jumping in to snow like that. They’ll both be sopping wet and shivvering by the time they went inside! ….Ciara leaned over to scoop up some snow in to a ball… And chased to throw it at one of them!* Damned wolves! How do you like THIS!

Brutus stopped when the snowball hit him right on the nose! He started chasing his tail!

Gabriel: … You are insane. *Oh no! He was going to stay right where he was! The woman was obsessed with snow!*

Ciara: *That was hardly the reaction she was hoping for. …so she was scooping up another snowball to assault Leon with!*

Leon: *He batted at the snow ball with his fluffy tail! Bits of snow went flying everywhere! Then he was running to tackle Ciara! He’d get her!*

Evangeline: *Tuuuug! Puuuuull…! A huff and a stomp of her foot!* All right! You win. No snow for you. But I am going to have fun outside. There’s a pond frozen and I bet I can skate over it! *She abandoned her tugging to dig out a scarf to tie over her ears!* -08:50 May 04

Ciara: …Shit! *Nobody wanted to get tackled by a wolf, friend of foe! She took off running and hopping through the snow, throwing snowballs over her shoulder at him!*

Gabriel: *None of his experiences with snow had been pleasant ones! He watched her tie her scarf around her head, then moved to follow her.* -08:51 May 04

Leon: *He just kept running, despite the fact that most of those balls hit him squre on the head! He started to evade them by zigzagging! He’d get her for sure!*

Evangeline: *She turned around to poke him in the chest!* Nope! You have to stay here, you won’t like it. -08:53 May 04
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Keep in mind, Seer. None of my experiences with snow have been pleasant ones. However, I am not about to let you wander around Canada unprotected. -08:54 May 04

Ciara: Stop dodging, wolf! *it was hella harder to aim with him weaving like that, and she wasn’t about to slow down! Ha, but there was trees! As soon as she ducked behind one big enough, she used the high snowfall to crawl unseen for another one! She was going to sneak bomb him!*

Evangeline: It’s not the entire continent of Canada. It’s just across the yard, perfectly with in screaming distance. But if you want to come with me. *…That was when she smiled as if she knew he would come all along!* -08:57 May 04
Gabriel: *There would come a time when he would contemplate why he felt so protective of this human out of the rest. As he walked with her, he started to contemplate just that!* -09:13 May 04

Brutus thought that looked like fun! He started chasing after Leon who was chasing after Ciara!

Leon: *He skidded to a halt as he came to some trees! His head moved from one side to another, sniffing! Wherever Ciara had gone, she must be downwind from him!*

Ciara: *The trees were too damned tall to climb in… She would have to settle for stealth. Peeking up, she readied a snowball and FIRED only to duck again!*

Leon: *POofff! He blinked and shook his head as that snowball hit him square on right on top of his head! He started in the direction that ball has come from!*

Brutus started sniffing around! With his nose to the ground, he began walking around the trees, away from Leon and Ciara!

Evangeline: *Some of the areas, the snow was nearly as tall as she was… But there was trails all over the place, possibly trampled by romping wolves! As soon as she found that pond, the first thing she tried to do was run and skid across it, but that ended quick with a crashing fall and an ow!* …all right, maybe ice skating is a little harder than I anticipated… -09:18 May 04

Ciara: *Ha! She was already inching away in another direction, to circle around him! She was having to be extra careful to not get noticed by those wolfy senses..*

Gabriel: *He looked pretty obvious, dressed all in black against the snow! He watched as she ran and crashed! His only response was raising his eyebrow!* -09:20 May 04

SNIFF! SNIFF SNIFFF!! Brutus was on the trail of something! He bumped into something and only then lifted his head … to find himself nose to nose with a large gray wolf!

Leon: *He got to the trees and looked around! No sign of her! He moved behind a large pile of snow, started to sniff the ground for her scent!*

Evangeline: I thought it might be like dancing but.. ack! *Evangeline was very carefully trying to get back on to her feet without slipping again. The first two attempts didn’t go over well, but the third she gave a triumphant laugh!* See! This isn’t too bad! -09:24 May 04

Ciara: *Three snowballs packed nice and tight, she peeked out again… And started flinging! …Wait a second, where did that pup go?*

Gabriel: *She was a strange human, indeed! He watched as she finally got up and didn’t immediately slip!* … You are insane. -09:30 May 04

Leon: *Pow! Pow! Pow! The first one hit him but then he managed to jump out of the way before the second hit and jump again to dodge the third ball! He heard a soft growl and turned! He spotted Brutus not too far away with a big dark gray wolf! Curious, he calmly but quickly made his way to them!*

Evangeline: They say insanity is the consequence to true genius! *She replied, holding out her arms to try and balance as she moved. * …but I think I met a lot of insane people that really weren’t genius so much as crazy. …Or maybe they were genius, and just much more than I could tell? *Once she got that balance part down, she tried moving a little bit faster than snails’ pace!* -09:36 May 04

The strange wolf wasn’t alone! There was another smaller wolf at its side which was making that soft growl! Its meaning was clear … It didn’t like trespassers!

Ciara: *Clearly she’s spent far too much time with wolfy Leon and that pup to be able to recognize the difference between them, and a stranger’s growl. …Ciara remained out of sight though, sneaking behind the snow to approach. Never know when wolves were going to be human eaters or not…*

Brutus looked far too fascinated with that big wolf for his own good! His tail was up and waving uncertainly in the air! He sniffed the large wolf!

Leon: *He reached Brutus and stopped behind him! This could be trouble! Where there were two wolves, there could always be more! He attempted to get Brutus attention by nipping at his tail!*

The large wolf moved back when that pup started to sniff again! That was when its attention moved to the one behind it! It walked around the pup and moved to sniff Leon cautiously!

Ciara: What the hell… *She muttered softly, now kneeling behind a tree to spy… It was like one of those damned Nature shows. Call of the Wolf or some nonsense. All she needed now was a camera and some idiot narrating the ‘inner thoughts’ of the pack.*

Brutus didn’t get the hint! When that big wolf moved, he watched and slowly turned!

Leon: *He blinked but he couldn’t back away! He wouldn’t show any weakness here! He wondered what was so fascinating about his scent! This wolf certainly didn’t smell familiar!*

The growling wolf hadn’t moved! The large wolf suddenly sat down, as if it had answered some burning question! “You are not from around here. And yet … you look familiar,” it said!

Gabriel: You are more insane than most, Seer. *He replied, watching her attempt to go a little faster!* -09:53 May 04
Evangeline: I think you only say that because I confuse you. But you would be less confused if you were less stubborn… *She had figured out how to spin! …but not how to stop! Which resulted in getting dizzy and falling over with a loud CRACK! Evangeline checked herself over to make sure that wasn’t her!* Blast! I thought I had it that time! Are you are you don’t want to try? -09:57 May 04

Ciara: *Weres… well, that was good. …bad? No, it was good. They could ask if wolves were missing from their pack. Though Leon looking familiar was curious. Someone who recognized Wulfric’s son?*

Leon: *He blinked! He should have figured these weren’t normal wolves!* You … a were. *His voice was uncertain. He had just gotten the hang out of speaking, if only because Cissy had teased him relentlessly and Nicholas proved ignorant of the word “failure”.*

Gabriel: … You are giving me lectures about being stubborn. *He stepped out onto the ice and pushed himself away, stopping beside her.* -10:01 May 04

The smaller wolf glared. “Qui êtes vous? Se que intention avez-vous voici?”

Leon: *He blinked! Great … French. He sucked at French!* Uh … English …? *He looked at the large wolf.*

Evangeline: *He moved so smoothly… Well, he probably had plenty of time to learn… Evangeline very slowly moved back to her feet!* Can you do tricks? -10:06 May 04

The large wolf looked from the small one to Leon. “He wishes to know who you are. And what purpose you have here.”

Ciara: *Jeeze, Leon… It was simple French. That shouldn’t have been difficult! Another peek… they were awfully small for weres.*

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* Right. My name is … Leon Santos. This is … *He tugged on the pup’s tail before he went sniffing at that growling wolf!* Brutus. We’re from … Oracle. Investigating wolf disappearances.

Gabriel: *Instead of replying, he looked down at her feet.* … You need ice skates.

Suddenly there was a loud howl from somewhere far away! The two wolves suddenly turned and disappeared into the snow, leaving Brutus and Leon behind!

Evangeline: *She blinked!* …oh! I suppose that might have made it a little easier. I’ll try that next time. *For now she’ll try moving backwards! Wait that was a bad idea! Now she can’t figure out how to turn without spinning!* -10:18 May 04
Gabriel: *He reached out to take her hands and pull her toward him. A little bite on the wrist, a few drops of blood, and a handful of words later and Evangeline suddenly found herself wearing ice skates that fit her perfectly!* -10:19 May 04

Ciara: *With those wolves running of, she stood and stepped out from behind the tree.* …Either they’re wanting to gossip about us, or they’ve realized Gabriel is lurking about… Can you really not speak a word of French? I’m fairly certain I tried teaching you the basics before…

Leon: *He turned and blinked at her!* Let’s see … bonjour. Au revoir. Toilette. And um … merci?

Evangeline: *There was only a slight frown from her as she had to readjust her weight to get her balance again… But skates were definetly easier! She could keep herself standing still without slipping in odd directions!* It is easier! *Yet, that exclamation might of been about her tugging his hands and pulling him along! Ice made it simply to pull him!* -10:23 May 04

Ciara: …That’s terrible. *holding up her hand she peered in the direction the wolves ran off too.* We might as well follow them. I’d rather surprise them, than the other way around.

Leon: It’s something. *He scratched at his ear absently.* I wonder why I looked familiar. I’ve never been to Canada.

Ciara: Your father has a long reach. I wouldn’t be surpised if you were recognized everywhere. *…talking to him while he’s a wolf should be strange. Yet, it wasn’t! ..though the sudden thought about him changing back without his clothes was! Thank Canada for frozen weather to hide red faces! Ciara headed off in the directions the wolves dashed away to!*

Brutus promptly chased after Ciara!

Leon: *He huffed, which looked weird when a wolf did it! Was there anywhere his dad WASN’T known?! He realized they were leaving without him and followed!*

Gabriel: *He let her pull him this time! He raised an eyebrow at what she said.* I see you have suddenly found a talent for skating. -10:38 May 04

They followed the wolves’ trail to a clearing where there was a small pack. There were about a dozen wolves lying about in full view but there were always others lurking!

Evangeline: *Evangeline wouldn’t call it a talent… She was barely staying on her feet! But at least now when she thought she was slipping she could lean on his arms and balance again!* You’re exagerating… Why has nothing pleasant happened for you with snow or rain? Has it really always been awful? -10:42 May 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her question.* Indeed. I am a slayer. Death. Where I go, things die. -10:44 May 04

Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t trying to cover her movements this time… her ‘sneaking’ was more of a ‘let them hear us coming so they don’t think it’s an ambush’ sort of deal. There was quite a few of them, but they were all just as small as the others. This was not a dominant pack.* …Interesting bunch of wolves…

Brutus thought this was a great game! He wagged his tail and looked ready to chase something!

The dozen wolves soon realized they had visitors! The big wolf and the small wolf returned to “greet” Ciara, followed by another small wolf who looked older than the others! “You again. Do you have something to do with Death’s return?”

Evangeline: *She moved to spin slowly under his arm, and then got stuck hanging for a moment to get her feet back! He makes these things look easy!* With that excuse you might be afraid do anything at all whether there is snow or not… *…now that she thought about it, he really was! He didn’t exactly make it easy when she talked him in to trying things!* …we can make good memories, now, anyway! -10:49 May 04

Ciara: ….What an appropriate name for him. I would not worry about that vampire. He is here with his Seer to do what ever silly thing she talks him in to. As for us, we are here for something else.

It was the oldest wolf who spoke! “I remember the last time he came … The night of our fiercest storm and our deepest betrayal … Many cycles ago.”

Leon: *He blinked! It sounded real serious and he found himself curious about what the old wolf meant!*

Ciara: Sounds like an old wolves tale. *Ciara was curious herself to know what Gabriel was up to when he was here last time.* You make it sound as if he slaughtered you pack. I have to worry what you might have done to incite it. *After all, the vampire always had a reason she came notice…*

“Yes, an old wolves’ tale,” the big wolf said adruptly. He nudged the older wolf away. “Away, old grandmother. Fang.” The other wolf turned and escorted the older wolf away. The big wolf turned back. “Oracle human and weres, you came about disappearances.”

Leon: *He blinked and started to follow–only to remember he couldn’t go snooping into some strange pack and drew back! He wanted to know more about this story! A story like that was just dripping in secrets and mysteries!*

Ciara: Uh huh. *Silencing the old wolf? THAT didn’t look suspicious. Not at all.* There is nasty business about wolves being grabbed against their will. If we can find a connection with who is missing and track them down, we might find the source.

The big wolf was thoughtful. “It is not uncommon for our members of our pack to join others. We have heard talk of the larger packs suffering missing wolves. They rise in the middle of their sleep and slip away, never to return. They supposedly leave their young and mates behind without a word or sign.”

Ciara: I see. *It wouldn’t be odd to skip over a weaker pack in favor of good strong wolves for experiments and breeding programs… This pack might be lucky.* …You wouldn’t mind too terribly if we stayed here a bit and talked to your pack, would you? It does well for the pup to meet new people.

The big wolf looked at Brutus who looked so eager! “I do not see the harm. Allow me to speak to my pack for a moment.” He turned and ran back!

Leon: There’s something weird going on here. *He looked over at Ciara in a voice low enough so only she would hear.* I feel like I should know that old wolf. I’ll see if I can get her alone and talk to her.

Gabriel: *After several minutes of Evangeline skating about, he raised an eyebrow. She seemed to be enjoying herself!* -11:23 May 04

Ciara: So now you’re spending enough time with that psychic to start reading minds yourself, have you? *She didn’t sound angry… yet. But she did want to know what was going on with this pack. Betrayals and a Carnatelli was not a good mix.*

Evangeline: *Now that she got the hang of it, she could skate around him in circles! Kind of like Brutus running around! But she must have found an uneven part of the ice when she ran in to it! She spared herself from tilting forward, but overcompensated and fell backwards with another loud CRACK! …followed by a surprised yelp when solid ice wasn’t so solid anymore and she splashed in to icy water!* -11:31 May 04

Leon: No. I just have a feeling. Brutus, with me. I need you to distract that wolf, Fang.

Brutus seemed to like that idea! His tail was wagging like mad!

That big wolf returned. It was obvious he was the alpha here. “You may ask around but steer clear of the females and the pups.” He turned and led them to the clearing to where the other wolves stood at attention, curious but wary.

Gabriel: *He was suddenly beside her, fishing her out. He had them back on solid ground in no time and then he was slipping his coat off to wrap around her.* -11:52 May 04

Ciara: What do I look like, a puppy snatcher? *Ciara replied with one hell of a wicked grin! She wandered towards the other wolves, and waiting for Brutus to work his magic. …Which was probably going to be annoying the hell out of other wolves.*

Evangeline: Ice water is c-c-cold! *Evangeline stated the obvious! But since the initial shock was the only scary thing about it, despite he chattering teeth, she was laughing!* -11:56 May 04

Brutus did his job nice and quick! He was running around and nipping at noses and jumping on other wolves! Even Fang was distracted!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow as she laughed even with her chattering teeth! He picked her up and carried her back to the cabin!* -12:27 May 05

Leon: *He found the old wolf in a corner by herself, mumbling and looking lost. He glanced around, approached her slowly.* Grandmother …?

Ciara: *Ciara might as well ‘help’ … there was more than enough snow to scoop some up and occasionally throw it up the pup! …and miss hitting a wolf or two! ..and trying not to laugh about it and push her luck!*

Evangeline: *Freezing cold! Evangeline was surprised not to be frozen stiff before even reaching the cabin!* I n-need some dry c-c-clothes, and t-then we’ll try again! -12:33 May 05

The old wolf looked up. “Maëlys … My child … You have returned … I have missed you. We all missed you.”

Leon: *He blinked! Who was Maëlys? She must have been someone dear to the old wolf. That way she spoke about her …* Grandmother … what happened …? *He drew a little closer. Was that tears in her eyes?*

The wolves watched and moved away as Brutus went on a rampage! It was clear they had never seen a pup with so much energy! It didn’t help things that Brutus was so very large, especially compared to the rest of them!

Gabriel: *He walked inside and set her down in front of the fireplace!* You need to rest. I will get some warm clothes. *He left and soon returned with warm clothes! He handed them to her and then left again.* -12:43 May 05

Ciara: *Amazing how much one little pup could scatter a pack… He was going to be hell when he got bigger. Poor, poor Gabriel. Ciara accidentally cackled out loud! Coughing, she was back to ‘pretending’ to chase after the ramaging pup!*

The old wolf shook her head. Those really were tears! “I’m so sorry … It was such a heavy burden to bear. You shouldn’t have had to bear it alone. I’m so sorry I was so weak. So very sorry …”

Brutus thought it was funny when Ciara started to chase him! He wanted to give her a good run so when she ‘chased’ after him, he moved even faster to avoid her!

Evangeline: I’m just- *She started when he set her down and disappeared.* wet. I don’t need *She continued when he returned with her dry clothes and paused again when he left!* rest. Bother! *Evangeline fussed with taking off those skates and trying to pry off wet clothes… her fingers were near frozen!* Dratted buttons! -12:47 May 05

Ciara: …I am not playing chase! …I can’t even run that fast! *Ciara hissed at the pup! There was no catching up to him, so it was back to throwing snowballs at him!*

Leon: *He blinked, moved closer. He lay down beside her and let her rest against him. He felt her body shuddering but he couldn’t tell if it was from old age or her tears!* Please, Grandmother. It will be alright. Come back with me. I promise to care for you.

Instead of comforting her, that just made the wolf all the more sad! “Oh Maëlys! Maëlys, my daughter!” “What’s going on here!” the big wolf snarled, suddenly in front of Leon and the old wolf! The old wolf instantly shrank back … It looked like she just wanted to disappear!

Leon: *Instead of feeling intimidated, he started to get mad! No one should ever make someone else scared, especially when the one being scared was an elderly wolf! He stood up and moved to stand between the old wolf and the alpha.* I’m just talking to her. Why is that so wrong? *He didn’t want to fight but if it was a fight this alpha wanted then he wouldn’t back down! He couldn’t stand bullies!*

Gabriel: *He returned and noticed that she was having trouble with her buttons.* Hands. -12:53 May 05
Evangeline: I still have t-them but my fingers are c-co-Oh! *She blinked before holding out her hands.* -12:58 May 05

The alpha obviously didn’t like being questioned! He growled, loud enough for the other pack members to hear and flock to them! Brutus and Ciara were forgotten!

[Evangeline ] -01:10 May 05
Gabriel: *He took her hands between his and bent forward to breathe on them! He rubbed his hands against hers, breathed on them every so often! In no time at all, her hands were nice and warm! He released her hands just as the kettle whistled from the stove.* -01:10 May 05

Ciara: *Growling wolves, THAT was always good. She whistled for Brutus to follow her… Might need to make sure Leon doesn’t need to be rescued!*

Brutus skidded to a stop! Then he ran back and followed Ciara!

The alpha bristled. “Who do you think you are?!” he snarled!

Leon: *There was a growl from the back of his throat! He braced himself for a fight!* My name is Leon Santos, alpha of the Oracle pack, son of Nicholas Wulfric. I came to help but if you want to dance, let’s go.

Evangeline: *There was a curious expression at the sound, but with her hands released, she returned to prying off wet clothes and tossing them elsewhere out of the way. Pulling on a dry fuzzy sweater never felt so good! Then she was trying to pluck the clip out of her hair so it could dry proper!* I am not sure why that club likes to go ice swimming, I think it is a bit too cold for me… -01:17 May 05

There was a murmur through the crowd! “Nicholas Wulfric …” “His son …” “An alpha …” There were whispers aplenty!

Ciara: Did you hear that Brutus? He stole my alpha spot. I suppose that means I can’t complain about him eating all the food now. *A bunch of worried wolves around, she was still in good humor…*

The alpha refused to be swayed by the pack! “You are not taking the old wolf. In fact, you are no longer welcomed here. Leave or I will not be responsible for what happens to your worthless hides.”

Brutus thought Ciara was funny! He wagged his tail really fast!

Leon: She is coming with us. *He snarled, taking one step forward, bristling!* Your pack is small and weak. You lack the numbers and the strength to be a true threat to me. I will take you down, rip your throat out … *He was nose to nose with the alpha.* And if anything happens to me or mine while we are here and you or yours are to blame … Hell hath no fury like mine will be. Mark my words. *He turned back to tend to the old wolf. He was going to take her. He refused to let her stay here with these bastards.*

Ciara: *Ciara crossed her arms, tapping her fingers. She was fairly certain she heard that last line of out Gabriel the last time she threatend to tip Evangeline out a window.* Personally, I would LOVE to know what you wolves are hiding before we take the elder and leave.

[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:33 May 05

The pack looked at each other, there were soft murmurs! Nothing recognizable though! Meanwhile the alpha stared at Leon and decided this upstart needed to learn what it really meant to be an alpha! He launched himself at Leon!

Leon: *He glanced over his shoulder, fell to the ground and rolled over, narrowly missing being tackled to the ground! He got up and jumped on the alpha, clamping his teeth on the back of his neck! He snarled! All it would take was one squeeze and it would be all over! He honestly contemplated it!*

Gabriel: *He returned and handed her a cup of tea.* Tea. *He said.* -01:39 May 05

The pack grew still! Their alpha was down and this new alpha’s threats hung in the air! They really were a small, weak pack!

Evangeline: *She took the cup with both hands and breathed deep! Maybe she wondered if he could make tea. He didn’t exactly think much of human food! She sipped slowly as she reached out to tug on his sleeve.* -01:44 May 05

Ciara: Now is a good time to tell a story, wolves. But then… you are always welcome to join our pack.

Leon: *He pierced the skin just enough to leave a mark and then released the alpha.* Coward. *He moved away from him to the old wolf. She was still lying there so he pushed his nose under her body and kept pushing until he was under her and she was on his back!* Come on, Grandmother. *He stood and made his way back to Ciara. It was both convenient and frightening just how light the old wolf was. Was she just skin and bones?!*

Gabriel: Do you need something? *He raised an eyebrow.* -01:47 May 05

Their alpha lay there, ashamed! One of the wolves moved a bit ahead! “We … we don’t know anything about the missing wolves!” The other wolves agreed, some of them shook their heads.

Ciara: Oh, that I believe is true. We are now interested in the history of this old wolf, that betrayal and the Carnatello. *She eyed Leon carrying off that wolf… Well, they aready had one pup.. another wouldn’t make a difference!*

The wolf who spoke looked doubtful. “We don’t know much about that story either … We just know it was something bad. It ended with most of our pack dead and anyone else who knew the tale has either died or gone away. The only one who knows the true story in our pack is the elder.”

Leon: … And Gabriel. *He added softly, realizing just how much sense it made. Gabriel appeared to know everything and he was part of the story, too! His voice was almost a whisper!

Evangeline: Well… *She started slowly… It was hard to think about how to word things without being strange! And she didn’t know how to flirt!* It’s a second date, and second dates involve nicer things than first dates, usually. Well, unless the people in the first date are really forward and then dates rules are thrown out the window and- *…she lost her train of thought!* -01:54 May 05

Ciara: I’m not interrupting that date. Gabriel gets all fierce about that damned psychic on a day to day basis, heaven forbid we crash his date. *One last eying of the wolves…* We’re going. But the lot of you should reconsider this pack. I am surprised you have lived this long.

They left! But when they were a good distance away, one of the wolves ran after them! “Were you serious when you offered for us to join your pack?” she asked Ciara! She was dark gray on her back but white on her belly with light blue eyes!

Leon: Then we’ll wait. *He said firmly. Unless they could get the old wolf to speak, Gabriel was the only one who could help! And he had to know about this betrayal. He just had to!*

Ciara: *One curious wolf.. That was all it takes!* Yes, I meant it. We take care of all wolves, whether they are ours or not. But within Oracle you would be safe and be able to help others. You might tell the rest of your pack.

The young wolf looked doubtful! But then she asked, “How long will you be here?”

Gabriel: *He waited for her to continue! He didn’t know about dates, either, so he couldn’t add to the conversation or point out what do next!* -02:05 May 05

Ciara: *How much time would it take to investigate…? She could leave Evangeline and her vampire behind, if she needed to…* A week unless we need to stay longer.

“Alright. I’ll tell the rest of my pack. Farewell.” She turned and disappeared. She’d tell the others but she’d have to be discreet and make sure neither Fang or Kharg found out!

Evangeline: *Gabriel was no help at all! She was not like Ms. Grey, so… doing things… was embarassing! Especially since she was never sure if he really did think she was insane, or just saying so!* … Crickets.. *She took a quick sip of her tea before setting the cup down near the fireplace. …Then she tugged his arms to wrap around her shoulders.* Lots of touching and being close is good. -02:11 May 05

Ciara: This is proving to be an interested trip. What did the old lady tell you and why are we kidnapping her? *Ciara made sure Brutus was coming along as they headed back for the cabin!*

Leon: I don’t trust Fang or that alpha of his and the wolf back there confirmed my theory. The old wolf knows something they don’t want others to find out. *He was silent for a bit.* She’s mistaking me for some wolf named Maëlys and keeps apologizing over and over. Whatever happened all those years ago … It’s been eating away at her.

Yep, Brutus was right there beside them! He wasn’t so hyper now that he got to run around a whole lot!

Ciara: We’ll find out soon enough. May as well feed the lady and the pup. I suppose we will have more wolves before long. *…Wolves everywhere! …But she had to admit, they were a lot cuter and more fun than… a bunch of vampires!*

Gabriel: *He sat down beside her as she moved his arms around her shoulders. He shifted to a position where he could reach for his guns easily. That meant he and Evangeline ended up lying on that rather long couch, side by side.* … You are insane. *The arm beneath her was around her waist. His other hand was on her hip. He was closer to the edge and she was against the back of the couch.* -02:20 May 05

Leon: We did come to find wolves, right? *He said with a wolfish grin up at her!* … True, they aren’t quite the wolves we were expecting. But the more, the merrier.

Evangeline: *A slight frown but that disappeared quick when she moved to poke at one of his guns!* Do you always make sure you can pull and shoot, no matter what? -02:28 May 05

Ciara: *Wolf grins… That was so adorable! What the hell is wrong with her?!* I think I am thankful our cabin has the extra room for one. I doubt anyone else is going to fit in bed thanks to Brutus.

That got a bark from Brutus!

Gabriel: *He nodded. It was habit, by now. The one who couldn’t reach his gun often died. He had not taken him long to learn that lesson when he first started out.* … You are worried. -02:42 May 05

Leon: *He had to glance over his shoulder every so often to check on the elder! She hadn’t said a word since they’d left and she wasn’t making a sound either! He was afraid to talk to her again before she burst into tears!*

Evangeline: I am not so sure you would need them even if someone did come here today. But normally on a date, you don’t think about guns. -02:49 May 05

Ciara: *They reached the cabin soon enough, where she was already pulling off her coat and moving for the fireplace to make sure the place was warm for the old lady wolf guest.* Come here, Brutus.. I’ve got a towel with your name on it.

Gabriel: Perhaps. But we are not normal. *He was silent for several moments.* If we were … I would not think about guns while on dates with you. -02:56 May 05

Brutus was nice enough to shake that snow off of his fur before he stepped inside! He went to Ciara!

Leon: *He moved to the fireplace and gently placed the old wolf on the rug there. He lay down beside her, pushed his nose under her until her head was resting on his.* It’s alright, Grandmother. Please don’t cry.

Her tears slid down her cheeks, wet his ears. “My poor, sweet Maëlys … You were always so considerate, so kind. You never thought ill of anyone. You could never think ill of anyone.”

Evangeline: *A blink followed by a slow smile!* Does that mean this isn’t too terrible and I can take you on more dates? -03:01 May 05

Ciara: *Throwing the towel over Brutus, she ruffled up and dried off his fur.* Have you tried explaining than you’re not this Maëlys wolf? ..or asked who she was?

Leon: *He looked up at Ciara.* I know she was close to Maëlys. She called her, her daughter but I can’t tell if Maëlys is a blood relation or just adopted or what. *He looked up at the old wolf.* Grandmother, my name is Leon Santos. I’m not Maëlys.

Gabriel: … I would give another date a try. You have not tried to kill me, however, so the date is not a terrible one. -03:15 May 05

Brutus shook and turned his head to give that towel a playful bite!

The old wolf looked confused! “But … you sound just like her … So much of her in you … My poor Maëlys. She was never cruel to them. How could we do such a thing?!” She threw her head back and gave the most mournful howl!

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t imagine herself trying to kill anything, much less Gabriel! She grinned and brushed a hand over his cheek.* I don’t think you watched the right kind of dates.. -03:24 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara was tugging that towel back from Brutus, and cringed at the howling! It was a little loud inside and had that horrible sad sound!* What happened to her, exactly…?

Leon: Grandmother, please …! *That sound, it tore his heart to shreds! He lifted his head to rub it against hers, waiting for her to finish.*

Brutus blinked and froze! What a sad, awful sound!

The old wolf eventually stopped. She shut her eyes. Her fur had since gone pure white with age and with the firelight, it seemed to glow. “We were so terrible. We believed her to have committed the most heinous of crimes, the most foul of transgressions. Yet, we were the ones with the sin, we were forced to bear the burden. We received our judgement and paid with our lives.”

Gabriel: *He took the hand that brushed his cheek, studied the palm and circled his thumb against it.* I suppose not. The few couples that were not honestly trying to kill each other, made it often appear otherwise. -03:37 May 05
Evangeline: Everyone is very different about expression. Like Ms. Grey will argue and chase him around, but never sends him away. *She shrugged her shoulders lightly, curling her fingers around his thumb.* But I like the nicer non threatening varieties myself. -03:44 May 05
Gabriel: *He smirked at that.* You are dating a vampire. How is that non-threatening, Seer? -03:48 May 05

Ciara: …Considering Gabriel was involved, that doesn’t sound good. *Brutus was dry, so she moved to make sure the old lady was good and try too. …Maybe brushed. She likely never got a good brushing, and didn’t look like she got a good meal either.* We should make something nice for dinner. Do you like steak, Grandmother?

Leon: *His ears twitched at the mention of steak!* Can I have steak, Cissy? I did good today.

Evangeline: *She moved her other hand to brush against his mouth, half grinning at his smirk.* You’ve never hurt me, or even threatened me once… I have not even heard an unkind word from you. -03:51 May 05
Gabriel: *He smirked. Anyone else would say otherwise which again brought up the strange effect the Seer had on him.* Indeed. Even that day in the warehouse when you insisted on interrupting me while I was busy. -03:53 May 05

Ciara: If you make dinner and make sure mine is actually cooked. *Last time she suspected he sent her a rare steak just so she’d give it to him!*

“I am so sorry … Maëlys. My sweet Maëlys …” the old wolf murmured instead! She put her head down and fell asleep almost immediately!

Leon: *He should let her sleep. He moved away from her and promptly shifted back to human form!* And if I don’t cook dinner, you’ll make me eat green stuff again, won’t you? *He asked, walking to grab his clothes by the door!*

Evangeline: *A blink!* It was for something important… You should have stayed long enough for me to tell you. -03:59 May 05

Ciara: It’s called salad. *Watching… and caught herself doing it! Ciara coughed and quickly switched her focus to brushing a sleeping wolf!*

Leon: It’s called evil green poison. *He corrected her. He pulled on his pants and shirt but left his shirt unbuttoned! He was too lazy to button it all the way!* Alright, alright. I’ll get to cooking. *He disappeared into the kitchen!*

Gabriel: I am nothing if not stubborn. *He replied.* -04:03 May 05

Ciara: *With him out of sight and out of hearing, she let out a slow breath! Ciara Grey was quite used to naked men and poucing on what she wanted, but this was Leon and pouncing on Leon like THAT should be.. wrong! Very wrong!* At least he doesn’t do it on purpse, he’d be in trouble then. *She muttered to the sleeping grandmother!*

Evangeline: I am glad you are, in any case. I would have gone home too soon and not have known you. *She leaned to kiss his cheek softly. Maybe life would be less scary, but he always did such nice things that made it all worthwhile!* -04:12 May 05

After a nice, filling dinner …

Leon: *He yawned. That had been such great steak! Now he was nice and full and ready to hit the bed!* See, Cissy, my cooking wasn’t so bad after all.

Gabriel: *He was still on the couch with the Seer beside him!* -04:43 May 05

Ciara: It’s not your cooking I worry about, it’s your under cooking. *He cooked, so she took care of the dishes.. she was just putting the last of them away as she glanced at the clock.* I suppose it might be safe to ask Gabriel about those wolves, now. I doubt Evangeline even knows what to do with a man once she gets him to herself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline had fallen asleep! He made it far too easy being warm and safe… although skating around and falling a million times could tire a girl out too!* -04:45 May 05

Leon: I love you too, Cissy. *He said with a wolfish grin! He glanced up at the clock, too!* Do you think he’d mind coming over and checking up on Grandmother?

Gabriel: *He let her sleep, getting up to find a blanket and slip it over her!* -04:47 May 05

Ciara: He seems to allow you nearly as many special requests as Evangeline. …Just don’t take Brutus. I promised that woman I’d keep him all night. *Ciara still wasn’t sure how she got talk in to to, but she has a suspision that maybe Evangeline had mind control!*

Evangeline: *Only a mild complaint when he moved, but with a warm blanket pulled over her, she curled up comfortable again…* Not sleeping. Night isn’t over yet. *…well, maybe napping for a few more minutes would be alright.* -04:54 May 05

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* Not that Brutus isn’t the most adorable pup around, isn’t that right, B? *He reached out to scratch him between the ears.* Okay, I’m off then. *He put on his coat and pulled on the boots. Then he left to head to the cabin next door!*

Brutus licked Leon’s hand as he pulled away!

Grandmother had woken up earlier to eat some of the steak but gone right back to sleep afterward!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Gabriel: *He moved to the door and opened it to find Leon there!* Santos. -04:59 May 05

Leon: *He flashed a wolfish grin!* Hey, Gabriel. I’m sorry to interrupt. I uh, I need to ask you something. It’s about a pack here in Canada. Um, well … Can you come over and see for yourself? It’d mean a lot to me. *He swallowed. Allowance of special requests or not, he never knew if he’d press his luck too far with Gabriel or not!*

Evangeline: Never saw the appeal of vampires. *Ciara muttered to Brutus, taking a nice hot cup of coffee with her to plop in a chair.* …Especially one like Gabriel. What do YOU see in that man? Free food? I’m shocked he can even tolorate the presense of a cute furry wolf and some disgustly sweet woman. -05:02 May 05

Ciara: Never saw the appeal of vampires. *Ciara muttered to Brutus, taking a nice hot cup of coffee with her to plop in a chair.* …Especially one like Gabriel. What do YOU see in that man? Free food? I’m shocked he can even tolorate the presense of a cute furry wolf and some disgustly sweet woman.

Gabriel: *He glanced over his shoulder at Evangeline sleeping on the couch!* Valravn. The Seer. *The white raven flew into the cabin from outside, through the open door and perched on the back of the couch.* Santos. *He stepped outside, activated the wards. Take no chances.* -05:04 May 05

“Arrff! Arfff!” went Brutus as he sat down at her feet!

Ciara: Oh really? I beg to differ. I bet he’s miserable company. *Discussing Gabriel with a barking pup. That might be a sign of madness. …Well, the damned pup understands!* When you’re all grown up, are you going to call that psychic Mother? She did adopt you. *Ciara found the thought rather amusing!*

Brutus tilted his head at her, tail still wagging. “Arrff! Arff!” was his reply!

Leon: *He felt nervous and excited at the same time! But he chalked that up to finally solving the mystery of what the small pack was hiding! He was slightly afraid of what role Gabriel might have played in all of this! He knocked lightly on the door before he opened it! The last thing he needed to do was get shot by Cissy!* Back, Cissy. *He stepped inside, shed his jacket.* You see, we found this small pack in the wilderness. They didn’t know anything about the missing wolves but they’re hiding a secret. It has something to do with this old wolf we found. She keeps mentioning a daughter named Maëlys, sins, judgement.

Gabriel: *He dusted the snow off before he entered! Then he walked inside.* Ms Grey. Brutus. -05:17 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara sipped her coffee, casting Gabriel a wide devious smile! First the wolves, then she’d ask how that little ‘date’ was going.* Gabriel.

The old wolf stirred and lifted her head. “… Maëlys … Is that you? Have you … have you come home …?”

Gabriel: *He moved to the fireplace, crouched down next to the old wolf.* No, Ava. Maëlys is not coming home. -05:20 May 05

“Not … coming home …” She blinked. “That scent … that voice …” She swallowed. When she next spoke, there was some fear but much of it resignation. “Have you come to pass judgement upon me as well?”

Leon: *He moved away from the door! When Ava asked Gabriel if he came to judge her, he began to regret bringing Gabriel here! Surely he wouldn’t harm an elderly wolf!* Gabriel … What happened? She said Maëlys was betrayed … It’s been eating her up all this time.

Gabriel: No, Ava. Judgement is not called for. You passed that upon yourself a long time ago. *He stood.* Ava is, of course, the birth mother of Maëlys. Forty-two years ago, Maëlys met and fell in love with a wolf outside of the pack. She was weaker than the other wolves, shunned. One who cannot produce healthy, strong cubs is considered an outcast, a scapegoat. When the other members of the pack found out she was to bear her beloved’s pups, they became furious. -05:33 May 05

Ciara: …Forty two years ago? *If she counted… no, no that was a coincidence. Things simply do not play out that way in reality.* And then what happened?

Gabriel: *He looked at Ava.* In her most desperate hour, they cast her out, on the night of a fierce storm. She begged for mercy but they would hear none of it. She cried for her mother, her pack but they turned their backs on her. She sought her mate but he was gone. Maëlys bore a single pup and for his sake, they both became human. I took her away from here and judged the pack. *He smirked at that.* She died shortly after. *He met Leon’s eyes.* Maëlys changed her name to Maria Santos and was adopted by Diego and Theresa Santos. She left her son in their care. Her mate was none other than Nicholas Wulfric. -05:54 May 05

Leon: *He blinked!* What?! You mean I–She–! *He pointed at Ava!* They–! *He pointed outside! He dropped onto the edge of the couch.*

Ciara: *Ciara very nearly dropped her coffee, but managed to catch it just in time!* …You’re god damned involved in everything aren’t you. *She muttered at Gabriel… then Eyed Leon as well as the old wolf!* …Christ…

Leon: … *He was speechless! He swallowed!* Well … At least now I know why those wolves said I was familiar. *He muttered.*

Ciara: I don’t suppose any of the wolves of that time are still alive? Besides this one?

Gabriel: *He walked over to the door, smirked over his shoulder.* That would depend on your definition of "alive", Ms Grey. *He bowed his head to her and let himself out.* -06:13 May 05

Leon: *He blinked!* Wait! *He ran after Gabriel, met him outside!* Is that why you keep helping me? Are you the reason I never knew I was a wolf before? *Consequences be damned, he just had to know!*

Gabriel: *He stopped and turned to face him.* I promised your mother I would lend you my help whenever and wherever you asked for it. As to why you thought you were human all this time … Your mother wanted to tell you, to show you when you were ready. She never got the chance. But she loved you. *He pulled something out his coat pocket and tossed it to Leon.* -06:18 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara pinched the bridge od her nose. That vampire was more and more shocking everyday! …Possibly the oddest creature in the universe!* Grandmother really is Grandmother. This is… interesting.

Leon: *He caught it and opened his hand. It was a beautiful gold locket on a gold chain, oval with little diamonds set in the engraving. Inside was a picture of a woman and a little Leon and an engraving on the other side. When he looked up, Gabriel had disappeared! He walked back inside and closed the door behind him. He leaned against the door. Deep breaths, deep breaths!*

Ciara: *Ciara set down her cup.* Are you going to be all right..? I am not afraid to go and clobber Gabriel for not mentioning these sort of things sooner…

Evangeline: *Evangeline was still half asleep… but now had a Raven to cuddle! Tucked under the blanket with her and everything! He wasn’t an idea substitute, but when Gabriel has something important to do, she makes do!* -06:28 May 05

Leon: *He smiled a bit when she said that. He knew she was serious but the thought of her doing that to Gabriel … It was hilarious.* No … I probably wouldn’t have believed him anyways. *He moved to sit down beside her.* You know, when I think about it, my entire life is full of lies. *A wolfish grin.* Well, not all of it. There was always those times I had with you. And the times I have with you now.

For a Gabriel substitute being cuddled by a human woman, he seemed to be taking it well! He was lying perfectly still but continued keeping watch, faithful as always!*

Ciara: Yes, there is that… *Unless he wanted to count the numorous moments she complained about how terrible he was… but she wouldn’t bring that up!* We have a whole future free from hidden stories and all that nonsense.

Evangeline: *Fluffy was not very large, so she was careful, and certainly didn’t hold the poor thing down. He was just as sweet as Gabriel, though!* -06:38 May 05
Gabriel: *The wards had held and nothing had disturbed them. He sat down on the chair across of the couch, finding the sight of Valravn being cuddled by the Seer somewhat amusing.* -06:40 May 05

Leon: *He smiled.* Right. Hey Cissy … *He looked unsure of himself but then he suddenly leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. He pulled back.* Thank you. For everything.

Ciara: *Ciara was too surprised to jump! …and too surprised to remember what she was going to say! It took her moment to regain her senses!* It… I… I’d do anything for you,… stupid wolf.

Leon: *It started out as a wolfish grin and then turned sheepish!* Yeah, I know you would. Um … Would you like to go out with me again? I promise I won’t make you crack a ball over some poor man’s head.

Evangeline: *Sweet Fluffy, he earned a nice scratch on the head with a finger!* Are you back now? -06:51 May 05
Gabriel: Indeed. Thank you, Valravn. You may go. -06:53 May 05

Valravn shook himself, ruffling his feathers when Evangeline released him, then flew up and perched on top of the fireplace’s mantle.

Ciara: …you mean a date? *Why did that make her nervous! Besides how the first time went completely wrong… and this was Leon!*

Evangeline: *She sat up slowly and rubbed her head with a yawn!* I didn’t mean to fall asleep. ..but talking to Leon was a very good idea. Fluffy is always pleasant company! -06:58 May 05

Leon: *He smiled and nodded.* Yeah, a date. That is … if you can find some spare time between running Oracle, Shades, and who knows what else.

Gabriel: He will survive. *He said simply.* -07:01 May 05

Ciara: Honestly the only things I can imagine doing with you on a date are not things that’d be all that appropiate… *She mentioned sheepishly… It was his own fault for running around naked. A woman has thoughts, damnit!*

Leon: *He blinked.* Wow, really? Heh heh. *He scratched the back of his head.* I don’t want you to be uncomfortable … *He blinked when he realized something.* It’s too late. I already made you uncomfortable, didn’t I?

Evangeline: Indeed he will… and be very happy while he is doing it! *Pulling the blanket around her shoulders, she got up just long enough to tiptoe across the carpet and find her way in to Gabriel’s lap.* I think we should make a giant snow kitten. -07:09 May 05

Ciara: I didn’t mean beating the hell out of you, Leon. Very much the opposite. *Stupid wolf… he couldn’t dare make her uncomfortable! She’d make HIM uncomfortable, and very tempted to prove it!* I don’t know if my conscience will allow me to take advatage of some poor innocent wolf.

Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin.* As long as it’s with you, Cissy. That woman I was talking about when you were sick, the one I wanted to be with. It’s you.

Gabriel: … A giant snow kitten. *He said slowly. Yes, he could see the Seer attempting to do just that!* -07:23 May 05

Ciara: *That was sweet… far too sweet! He had no idea what he was getting in to! …but she could show him and give him a good scare.* Even right now? *Ciara moved slowly towards him, like a stalking… wolf!* Because I could give you a real kiss.

Leon: *That wolfish grin didn’t waver!* Okay.

Evangeline: Yes. A snow kitten in the snow. Then you’ll have a wonderful snow memory that isn’t quite as silly as me falling down over ice every few minutes. *She rest her palms against his face… He left her with a guard and wards and it was only for a few minutes. He was always so considerate!* -07:27 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara hesitated only slightly! So he was going to be brave, was he? She frowned at his smile, moving close enough to drape her legs over his and grab on to his shirt to tug him closer.* I don’t think you know what you’re asking for, wolf.

Leon: *He chuckled softly, still wearing that wolfish grin!* I’m a quick learner, Cissy. *He said softly as she pulled him closer.*

Gabriel: *He studied her face!* I suppose this would also count as one of your wonderful snow memories. -07:36 May 05

Ciara: Huh… fine! *The intent was to be aggressive and kiss him stupid! But that wasn’t how it came out at all! She gave him one soft simple kiss… but that wasn’t nearly enough. So she kissed him a second time, tugging his shirt to pull him against her!*

Evangeline: Is it a good memory? It might count with the snow outside. *Evangeline smiled! One more nice memory was always good!* -07:40 May 05

Leon: *Mm! One kiss … and then another! And it was quite a kiss, too! He found himself pressed up against her as both arms wrapped around her waist.*

Gabriel: Indeed. *He looked at her.* … You are insane. -07:46 May 05

Ciara: *He wasn’t making this easy! …or maybe he was! Ciara couldn’t quite decide! She paused only a second when his arms moved around her, releasing his shirt to sneak her hands under it and touch bare flesh!*

Evangeline: I might be… but you let me drag you here and even sit on you, so maybe you are just as crazy. *Evangeline moved just to rest her forehead against his. Snow could wait!* -07:55 May 05
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful.* Indeed. That has crossed my mind many times. Each time I am never quite sure why. -07:57 May 05
Evangeline: I would hope it’s becase you like me. Otherwise, I might have lost my mind and dreamed it all up and the universe isn’t real? *She sounded as if she might have considered that true once before!* -08:00 May 05

Leon: Cissy … *He murmured against her lips and found himself on top of her, half lying on the couch! He had no idea how! He kissed her back.*

Gabriel: … You are a strange human. *He suddenly gave her a soft kiss.* But yes, I do like you. -08:01 May 05

Ciara: *Kissing back wasn’t supposed to happen! …but she sure wasn’t complaining! One hand smoothly moved to entwine in to his hair and the other to glide over his neck and shoulder. A continuous kiss that she wasn’t about to let him escape from!*

Evangeline: *With a wistful expression and sigh, she smile!* I am glad. Otherwise I might have been upset if you weren’t real and I made it all up. -08:06 May 05

The Gate Saga

046 The Wolf Experiments (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Leon and Lily are out for bonding time, and he sees someone he used to know get grabbed by men in sits. Lily stops him from chasing after them, and he tells Ciara what happened. Ciara decides to finally do something about these government people, and Evangeline volunteers to go digging up info.

[Lily is out with Leon for father-daughter bonding time! At least that\’s what SHE thinks it is!] -02:58 Mar 21
[Leon was out with Lily doing er … stuff!] -03:00 Mar 21
Leon: *A wolfish grin.* It’s nice to get out of the suite. I think Cissy’s pissed that I ate all the steaks again. -03:00 Mar 21
Lily: She may as well turn that storage room in to a giant freezer. *Going out and doing something different was nice! It was strange not having Conrad, but time with Leon was important… He was practically her father anyway, whether he and her mother realized it or not!* Do you think she’ll really buy that cattle ranch? -03:02 Mar 21
Leon: *Another wolfish grin at the mention of a giant freezer.* I think she might … eventually. When I’ve eaten enough steaks and she has her books done. She’s not going to like how high those bills from the grocery store are. Speaking of food … *He spotted an ice cream shop.* Want to get some ice cream? -03:06 Mar 21
Lily: Ice cream is great. *It was impossible not to grin back at Leon! He was possibly the nicest person in the universe next to Evangeline.* When you get married, are you going to have a giant barbecued cow at the reception? -03:08 Mar 21
Leon: *She had him practically drooling!* Mmm … giant babecued cow … That sounds so good … *He stood there, dreaming about it moments before he realized what else she’d said.* Er, wait, married? -03:10 Mar 21
Lily: Uh huh. Married. You do everything else that married people do, right? -03:13 Mar 21
Leon: *He opened his mouth and held a finger up … Then he closed his mouth, blinked, and scratched his head with the finger.* Er … I guess so … Well, uh, maybe almost, kind of everything else married people do. -03:19 Mar 21

Meanwhile the employee at the ice cream shop behind the counter asked what she could get them!

Lily: *Lily laughed softly, ordering herself that triple chocolate giant milkshake!* She’s been a lot nicer to you lately… Not so crazy. Although maybe it’s because she’s so frustrated with Evangeline. -03:21 Mar 21
Leon: *A grin that was more sheepish than wolfish!* Well … that and … we had a bit of an argument a few days ago. You remember, when she insisted you go out on dates and decided to be an example to you by making one herself? -03:23 Mar 21

The employee nodded and made Lily her milkshake! Then it was Leon’s turn!

Leon: Oh! I’ll have a um … chocolate-banana milkshake with whip cream please. -03:27 Mar 21
Lily: *A grimace! How could she forget?* Yeah… it was a pretty stupid idea. Did you have a fight about that? -03:28 Mar 21
Leon: *He looked ashamed!* I … wasn’t too hot about her going out on a date. And somehow it escalated. We … never did talk about what we’ve been to since we’ve been apart. I stalked off after I told her I was leaving. I … uh, got caught up in the moment. -03:34 Mar 21
Lily: *Lily eyed him carefully before shrugging.* It’s better now though, isn’t it? You kind of had to talk about it after that… -03:36 Mar 21
Leon: … Yeah. I can tell she really doesn’t want to know what I’ve been up to–but she has to know the truth. And um … I think she might be jealous. -03:37 Mar 21
Lily: *Taking her milkshake and a sip, there was a snicker from Lily!* That really doesn’t sound surprising at all… She said she used to beat people up when they tried to steal you. I can’t imagine what she’d do if a woman were after you. -03:39 Mar 21
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Well the important part is that we made up. *He took his milkshake, paid for theirs, and led the way outside–where he stopped and stared across the street!* -03:45 Mar 21
Lily: *Lily paused when he did, blinking at him curiously… then tryng to follow what he was staring at!* …what’s the matter? -03:47 Mar 21
Leon: *He pointed across the street to where someone was being hustled into a black van!* That guy. I know him. I better go help ‘im. *He started toward the van, right in the middle of traffic!* -03:54 Mar 21
Lily: *Just from reflex she grabbed his shirt to tug him back before he got himself hit by a car… But now that she thinks quickly about it, black vans and weird guys are bad news!* Wait a minute! They might have guns or worse! -03:56 Mar 21
Leon: *He stopped and turned to look back at her. Then he looked back at the van which was already streaking off!* Mm … I guess you’re right. *He took a deep breath.* But that guy just now … I recognize him anywhere. -03:57 Mar 21
Lily: *Watching after the van, she gave a slight frown…* We could come home and see if mommy could get Oracle to do something? The hunters there are a lot smarter now. -04:02 Mar 21
Leon: *He was still staring across the street to where the van had been parked. He slowly nodded.* Okay. Let’s go. -04:03 Mar 21
Lily: *Poor Leon was probably going to beat himself up over that forever if they didn’t do something.. so Lily made sure they got home quick! Her mommy wasn’t working today, so it was easy to find her sitting on the sofa with work papers!* -04:05 Mar 21
Leon: *He was still pretty dazed about seeing that wolf again. He’d thought he’d never find another wolf from the lab and yet … When they got back to Shades and found Cissy on the sofa, he didn’t know what to say!* -04:06 Mar 21

Ciara: You’re back awfully soon. …You didn’t buy out a restraunt did you? *…She was always afraid Leon was going to come home with Chefs on his heels! The look on his face didn’t bode well.* …Do I need to kill someone?

Lily: *It was interesting that her mother always suggesting killing things! Lily blinked and Leon then back at her mother!* Leon saw someone he knew, but they were taken away by the men in black. -04:09 Mar 21
Leon: It’s a wolf. *He said quietly.* A wolf I was locked up with all those years ago … -04:13 Mar 21

Ciara: *Not quite what she was expecting, but it could be handled. Ciara dropped her papers on the table as she stood up.* I think it’s about time I did something about those people. We’ll start by tracking down your wolf. …I think I need to order more dynamite… *She said to herself, moving for one of the tables to pick up the phone and flip through her address book!*

Lily: *…Was she actually going to blow up the government? Could she get away with something like that? …Lily thought it better not to ask! She pat Leon reassuringly on the back before sneaking away to her room.* -04:18 Mar 21
[Lily is now known as: Ciara] -04:19 Mar 21
Leon: Er … dynamite …? *He raised an eyebrow and then thought better of asking any further. He sneaked into the kitchen!* -04:19 Mar 21

Evangeline: What about dynamite? *People were home early from their day out, so of course Evangeline was snooping to see what was going on! Of course, Leon snuck in to the kitchen and now she was asking Ms. Grey! Drats!*

Leon: *He poked his head out of the kitchen!* I’ve learned it’s better not to pry too deeply when Cissy mentions dynamite. -04:24 Mar 21
Ciara: *Ciara paused through looking at her address book.. seeming almost offended!* It’s not like I’m going to blow up an entire building. …. Unless I have to. I’ve got to find it first. -04:25 Mar 21
Ciara: *Ciara paused through looking at her address book.. seeming almost offended!* It’s not like I’m going to blow up an entire building. …. Unless I have to. I’ve got to find it first. -04:25 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Somewhere she was missing something, but if Ms. Grey wanted to destroy it, it must be something really bad!* What are we trying to find?

Leon: Er yeah.. The last time you mentioned dynamite, you nearly burned down Little Johnny Nelson’s clubhouse. -04:27 Mar 21
Ciara: ~I~ am looking for a wolf grabbed by a bunch of government goons. …. And Little Johnny Nelson damned well deserved it. He tossed my favorite barbie in the barbecue grill. …. that wasn’t even dynamite. How I was I supposed that stuff was flamable… *Ciara continued to mutter as she went back to the address book!* -04:29 Mar 21

Evangeline: *THAT Made much more sense! Ms. Grey was going to go on a quest of vengeance for Leon! Before long there would be puppies!* I can help! I’ve been able to do all sorts of things better now. I think from spending so much time with Gabriel…

Leon: It’s a wolf who I met back at the lab. I don’t know what name he goes by now but his real name is Jonathan Craven. -04:33 Mar 21
Ciara: *Ciara was initially going to tell Evangeline to buggar off and mind her own business. ….But as much as she hated to admit it, she and that vampire were actually useful for some things. …This may be one of them.* If Ihad you go searching for him, you’d be able to tell me where he is as well as the details about the place he’s at? Who is there, who runs it…? -04:35 Mar 21
Leon: *He disappeared back into the kitchen! All this talk was making him hungry! Ooo … Steaks!* -04:37 Mar 21

Evangeline: Of course! That is what an investigation mission is for, yes? I can find out all sorts of things when I find him!

Ciara: *Leon sneaking away… they needed to talk about this!* Then do what you do best and snoop. I will… keep Leon with me. If you get something useful I want to know right away. -04:41 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline saluted Ms. Grey with a big grin like she was the General!* He’s a little shaken, so maybe you can change the subject and talk about Peter -er… I’m going now! *Evangeline dashed off to her room to grab some necessary things before Ms. Grey tried to strangle her again!*

Leon: *The steak wasn’t even thawed out completely and he was already chewing on it! Hm … Maybe he was more anxious about this then he’d thought …* -04:48 Mar 21
Ciara: *A twitch at the corner of her mouth! Stupid psychic! …Abandoning the address book, Ciara slipped in to the kitchen without a word to find Leon chewing on a frozen steak. He really was upset…* Evangeline is going to search, so that dynamite will just have to wait. -04:50 Mar 21
Leon: … Hm? *He looked up, still chewing on the steak. He slowed down and put the steak down on the plate.* Sorry, I know I shouldn’t let stuff like this get to me. -04:53 Mar 21
Ciara: There isn’t anything to worry about anyway. You and I were always able to handle things just fine, cuts, bruises, and the occasional fire included… -04:58 Mar 21
Leon: *A wolfish grin.* You’re right …as usual. Do you think Jonathan’s gonna be okay? -05:00 Mar 21
Ciara: I think, once Evangeline gets her hands on him, he’ll likely wish he was never found. *Honestly, she wasn’t sure if that wolf would be alright or not… Just by the few things Leon mentioned, that experiment didn’t sound like the best of places. …Maybe it was better to keep his mind off it for a little while.* You’ve been such a good wolf, maybe I should tell you how I terrorized the world without you.. -05:04 Mar 21

Gabriel: *He met Evangeline as she stepped out of the suite.* What are you up to now, Seer?

Evangeline: *Evangeline had her stones, her scryng crystal and her cane! That should do her just– ACK!* Gabriel! You scared me to death! *She was so used to his presence always being there even when he wasn’t actually there that sometimes he just took her by surprise!* I am on a mission for Ms. Grey.

Leon: *He laughed softly.* Few things beat a good story or two. Did you ever buy that old daycare we got kicked out of and fire all the people who worked there? -05:06 Mar 21
Ciara: …No, but now that you mentioned it… *Ciara took that steak on a plate to put in the microwave for defrosting… he might as well eat it after he’s been slobbering on it!* Do you remember Victor? That boy that’d come to play with us sometimes? -05:09 Mar 21

Gabriel: That is obvious. *He replied, having watched as she checked her pockets, tightened her grip on her cane.* I suppose this mission involves finding someone. *He saw the look on her face.* You have your scrying crystal in her hand. *He replied.*

Leon: *He was thoughtful for a moment and made a disgusted face.* Yeah, that snotty richy boy. What about him? -05:11 Mar 21

Evangeline: Well… yes! Someone named… oh…hmm.. Jonathon Craven. He is a wolf and Leon saw him taken away in a van. Ms. Grey wants to find him and figure out the mystery of the government wolfy experiments.

Gabriel: *your, not her

Ciara: *Ciara grinned widely at first, but smothered it with a more serious expression!* Actually… he was my first boyfriend in high school… -05:12 Mar 21

Gabriel: *He followed her into the elevator.*

Leon: *His jaw dropped, his eyes were huge!* … You’re serious! Him! But he was way worst than I was! .. I don’t know how I got called Cooties and he wasn’t called it either. Or Booger Face at least. He really deserved that one. *He muttered under his breath.* -05:17 Mar 21

Evangeline: We’re not supposed to blow up the place. *Evangeline warned, assuming he was coming.* …I’m not sure if we’re supposed to rescue him either, actually. I suppose we’ll decide what’s best when we get there!

Gabriel: This is Ms Grey. No doubt she would like the honor to perform any acts of violence or chaos first.

Ciara: *…so she grinned anyway.* Sixteen years old, he didn’t look like a booger face to me. He was pretty cute and smooth too. -05:20 Mar 21

Evangeline: Understandably, you know. They took her soul mate away! *With her crystal swinging, she was already walking and following the pull! Jonathon Craven, a wolf… black vans… Ice cream!*

Leon: *He stuck his tongue out. * Eh … Obviously you were attracted to him. So you wouldn’t have noticed something like boogers on his face. -05:22 Mar 21
Ciara: I hope it makes you feel better to know that I dumped him at Senior prom when he ran off with some other girl. -05:26 Mar 21

A black van that went that way, toward the airport! But before that … Jonathan Craven. A trail of blood! Coming from the basement of that night club!

Leon: *That disgusted look didn’t leave his face!* He didn’t deserve you anyways. He’s such an asshole if he didn’t see what an incredible woman you are. -05:30 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Pausing, she debated which way would be more informative… Ms. Grey wanted details and she could smell blood… But it wasn’t Jonathon’s blood was it… ? Evangeline headed for the basement!*

Ciara: * A mild look of surprise on her face before she tilted her head with a smirk.* Now I don’t think I can tell you about Peter… -05:32 Mar 21
Leon: *He hadn’t realized what he’d said! He just stated it as if it was a well known fact!* Huh? Who’s Peter? -05:37 Mar 21

The basement was empty… or so Evangeline thought until she nearly tripped over something! Something cold but had been warm once, something once full of life–a body!

Ciara: *Chewing on her bottom lip, she really had to think a moment if she wanted to tell him… Eventually she’d have to talk to Lily about it, but that didn’t seem nearly as hard as telling Leon…* That would be Lily’s father… -05:41 Mar 21

Evangeline: *A quiet shriek, more out of surprise than anything else! She had to stop herself from apologizing for tripping over a dead body…! There was a rather bruta fight here!* This is… not very good…

Gabriel: … Not very good is an understatement. *He replied, glancing around at the large room they’d walked into, riddled with bullet holes in the walls and ceiling, trashed with the furniture everywhere …*

Evangeline: *This was a bit confusing here, trying to read those left over impressions of what happened… There was no initial intent, just… something that clicked.* It wasn’t really planned, but it was was… It really doesn’t make any sense. Do you know who this is?

Gabriel: *He walked over the bodies, passed the broken furniture and stopped at the far end of the room where there was a bloody body print on the wall. He bent down and picked something up a large silver ring fashioned into a snake and in its fangs, a large ruby. There was a Russian phrase inscribed into the inside of the band.* Constantine Maxikoff and his hirelings.

Leon: *He blinked!* Whoa there … And this Peter guy … You married him? -05:54 Mar 21
Ciara: *Snort! That drew a rather wicked scowl from her!* No. He wasn’t… the marrying type. One of those things you think is exactly what you wanted and turned out to be all wrong. Almost entirely the opposite of you, I think… -05:56 Mar 21

Evangeline: I have no idea who that is. *Whomever he was, he was worth killing and killing everyone here! Like an assasination! A lot for a wolf to get in to..*

Leon: *He was quiet as he thought.* … So … where is he now? * He finally asked after an eternity of silence.* -06:04 Mar 21

Gabriel: He was a vampire most famous for opposing Anthony on a number of occassions. His strongest argument with Anthony involved Anthony’s habit of using weres as lab rats and muscle.

Ciara: I don’t know. * She tilted her head and examined him… It was always strange when Leon was so silent.* I told him I was pregnant and he didn’t like the idea of having a kid. He’s lucky I didn’t push him off his stupid boat. I never saw him again, and frankly never care to. -06:07 Mar 21
Leon: Hm … So if he ever came back, ever said the right words, or did the right things, would you … marry him? -06:10 Mar 21

Evangeline: Ms. Grey isn’t going to like the sound of that… *Was Anthony Carnatelli involved in everything in the entire world…? How much scarier could he get! Dangling her crystal, she was looking for the trail again.* We have to find out where they took him… They grabbed him right after he did this.

Gabriel: Would a map help your scrying?

Ciara: *Marry him! Like hell!* I’d sooner dip him in a vat of gasoline and throw him in to a volcano. He told me to have an abortion! Completely denied wanting to have anything to do with her, and not even a word when the whole bloody world knew she was missing! -06:13 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline thought about it and finally nodded her head!* It would be easier than walking around the city and dodging cars!

Gabriel: *He walked over to another wall and pulled off a large map of the city! Then he placed it on the bar nearby that was still in fairly good shape!*

Leon: I’m glad you didn’t get an abortion. Lily’s the best … *He looked up at her.* Does Lily know …? -06:17 Mar 21
Ciara: *Now she was trying not to look embarassed, and attempt to be as nonchalant about things as he usually is!* I let her think you were her father until she got old enough to ask questions. Then… I just told her he wasn’t available. She never seemed to want to know more… -06:21 Mar 21
Leon: *He chuckled softly!* Yeah, she told me about that, about thinking I was her dad. All the stories you told and Mr. Bear, of course. He’s in great shape. -06:22 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Moving to the map, she hovered her crystal and let it dangle over areas… Sometimes going over a section more than once. Eventually there was a strong enough tug for the crystal to point out somewhere specific!* Right there. …what is that? *Now she remembered why she never tried maps… she couldn’t read the darn things!*

Ciara: That bear is only alive because she liked him so much. *Ciara muttered!* Sometimes I wish you were her father. -06:24 Mar 21

Gabriel: *He looked at where the crystal pointed.* Hartford International. The old abandoned airport outside of the city.

Leon: Now, now, you always had a soft spot for furry animals. Take me for instance. *A wolfish grin!* -06:27 Mar 21

Evangeline: That sounds like a big place. …It’s where we are going next, though! *Evangeline tapped her chin…* We’ll have to be sneaky and not get caught…

Gabriel: And the objective.

Ciara: You’re right. It must be all of this fur! *She reached out to pinch his very NOT furry cheeks!* -06:30 Mar 21

Evangeline: *He sounded so official… Evangeline smiled!* Our objective is to retrieve as much information about the place as possible. And whether or not we need to get that wolf out, or tell Ms. Grey straight away so she can do something about the place. …without us being seen or getting in trouble.

Leon: The tail! I meant the tail! *He cried, pulling back and hopefully out of her reach.* -06:35 Mar 21
Ciara: No, it’s this adorable furry face! You should be running around shirtless so I can pet you all over! *A little revenge is sweet! She managed to pinch at least one cheek!* -06:40 Mar 21
[Ciara was teasing Leon to keep him distracted and out of trouble!] -02:49 Mar 22
[Leon was still trying to deal with some of the things Cissy had told him! … And trying to keep his pride intact!] -02:50 Mar 22
Leon: Whoa now! *He leaned farther back, tipping the chair on the legs!* Easy on the cheeks, Cissy! -02:50 Mar 22

Gabriel: And you wish to rescue this wolf from the government. *He raised an eyebrow at her.* You are insane.

Evangeline: It was someone Leon knew, and Ms. Grey wants to stop what they are doing. I think it’s the right thing to do. *A place that kidnaps wolves of all ages is not a good place, government or not. What if they ever tried to take Brutus? It’d be awful!*

Ciara: I am being perfectly easy. *Responded Ciara, catching his knees before he toppled backwards in teh chair!* -02:55 Mar 22
Leon: Whooaa–!! *He let out a breath and grinned up at her.* Thanks, Cissy. So uh … why choose the name "Lily" for uh, Lily? -02:58 Mar 22
Ciara: *There was an unexpected question!* …Well… There were those pink lillies out on the lake. I really liked those. -03:01 Mar 22

Gabriel: Very well. I will take you back to Shades and go to Hartford myself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline had started nodding then paused!* …But I am supposed to be divining information! How am I supposed to do that if I am not there?

Leon: Cool. *He nodded and for awhile there, it was silent.* … Um, those vampires you married … what were they like? -03:08 Mar 22

Gabriel: Indeed. However, rescuing this wolf may prove unwise.

Ciara: *Ciara gave a slight smirk.* Like any other stupid egoccentric vampire. False charm, magical hypnotism… -03:10 Mar 22

Evangeline: You mean unsafe. For me. *Evangeline couldn’t help but smile. Still, it was her mission from Ms. Grey. …and if she could do anything to boost up Ms. Grey confidence and make her stop chasing her around the house, it would be nice!* I could wait outside?

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* I’m glad … you know that you … er are okay and all. *He coughed and scratched the back of his head.* -03:20 Mar 22
Ciara: Hmm… I must be so pretty that no one considers me dangerous. *She said lightly, but still… it gave her serious thoughts.* That third one nearly caught me by surprise, but I think he figured me out by accident. I’m not sure how. …Then there’s Anthony Carnatelli… -03:23 Mar 22

Gabriel: *He finally nodded.* Fine. Outside. *He picked her up.* Brace yourself.

Evangeline: *Bracing for his scary travel habits…! Gabriel really never said no.. so she was going to take extra special care not to get herself in danger!*

Gabriel: *He dashed up the stairs and out the door! … He suddenly stopped in front of an old rusted fence surrounding the old aiport!*

Leon: *He blinked.* What do you mean …? You think that the vampires are on to you? -04:00 Mar 22
Ciara: *Ciara nodded slowly…* Now, of course, everyone knows after what I did with Oracle. …But before that, I think there was suspicion. Then for that damned Carnatelli to seek me out personally. He isn’t stupid… -04:02 Mar 22

Evangeline: *The air was different here… like it was trying hard to feel normal! For a place that should be a government hide-out, there were many disguised magical wards!* There should be a place I can stay out of sight. But I will come and help you if you need it.

Leon: No surprise to me. He has his dirty claws in everything. *He suddenly yawned and he blinked!* -04:07 Mar 22

Gabriel: *He studied the fence and in the distance, the buildings at the center of the lot.* They will be searching for anyone attempting to divine.

Ciara: He really does. And far too often it’s him personally as well, not just some minion… *She was thinking of that recent nonsense with Gabriel and Evangeline. It was only a matter of time before he tried something like that with herself or her family. ….All the more reason to CRUSH him!* Ahem… maybe you’d like to come be a lazy wolf and watch a movie with me. -04:10 Mar 22

Evangeline: That does complicate things… *Evangeline gave it some thought…* I don’t have to divinve or use stones. I think I could just reach out normally.

Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin!* I would love nothing better. What movie do you want to ch? *He got up and stretched and stretched some more!* -04:44 Mar 22
Ciara: *Standing, she led the way to the living room… Mostly to hide a smirk.* Maybe there’s something nice on the discovery channel on the mating habits of wolves. -04:47 Mar 22

Gabriel: *These wards were detailed and complicated! Each one had its own purpose either to conceal, to keep in, or to keep out.*

Leon: *He laughed!* Wow, are you serious, Cissy? *He followed her into the living room and sat down on the couch.* -04:54 Mar 22

Evangeline: *One ward at a time, that was the only way it could be done… And since she could not use her stones and Gabriel would not let her go inside… Reaching out mentally was a bit of a stretch and a little more difficult to do! But not impossible! She refused to let it be impossible! Even if that meant borrowing a little strength from Gabriel’s always present wall!*

Ciara: *…Ciara promptly hit him with the nearest couch pillow.* No! I bet it’s wolfy porn! Throw in some bad music from the 70s and it’s worse! -04:59 Mar 22
Leon: Ouch! *He fell back against the armrest and held his hands up to shield his face.* Is not wolfy porn! It’s not porn if you’re learning from it. -05:00 Mar 22
Ciara: Put a porn video on mute, I bet you can learn from that too. *Ciara hit him again with pillow, and if it weren’t mortifyingly embarassing she might actually subject him to one! Lucky cooties.* -05:04 Mar 22
Leon: No respect for the music of the disco age. *Another wolfish grin!* Ouch. Foul! Foul! -05:08 Mar 22
Ciara: *Another good swat, then she had to check and make sure she wasn’t really hurting him… despite that wolfy grin really asking for it!* How would you like your tail shaved? -05:11 Mar 22
Leon: *He blinked!* Ack! *He glanced over his shoulder and scooted his butt further into the corner of the couch.* That’s a low blow. Threatening a wolf’s tail. -05:14 Mar 22
Ciara: *Ciara pretended to give it some thought…* You’re right… You tail is spared… Maybe a makeover would be better. I think I have lipstick in just your shade! -05:15 Mar 22
Leon: *His eyes grew wide and he scrambled over the back of the couch and landed on the floor!* Ow! -05:22 Mar 22
Ciara: Don’t run, cooties. I thought you loved playing dressup with me! *Granted, the last time they played dressup she turned him in to a fairy princess… Ciara leaned over the back of the sofa!* Scardy wolf. -05:26 Mar 22
Leon: You can’t blame me. You have a habit of giving me extreme makeovers. Like the time you thought trying mascara on me would be a good idea. -05:29 Mar 22
Ciara: I had no idea old mascara was practically cemet. It washed off when you fell in the lake. *Watching him for a moment… she finally lept over the back of the sofa to pounce!* -05:33 Mar 22

Gabriel: *He crouched down and grabbed a handful of dirt, then he let the dirt fall through hole he made in his fist.*

Evangeline: *There was just so much- That was an idea! Evangeline moved to settle on her knees, placing her hands on the ground… Carrying wards right through the ground was almost never done! To search was far less complicated, and to feel for a Jonathon Craven and what went on in this building… Evangeline suddenly stood up and pointed a finger at the place angrily!* That’s.. That’s just awful!

The Gate Saga

045 Cold Chaos (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Everyone at Oracle HQ has caught a cold. Chaos!

[Evangeline has the sniffles, but unlike Ms. Grey she is just fine to work! Why is everyone moaning and laying around?] -02:12 Mar 20
[Gabriel was not one who accepted \”being sick\” as an excuse to escape training!] -02:14 Mar 20

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus at the sick people lying around! His tail was wagging and after looking around, he disappeared, returning with a box of tissue in his mouth!

Evangeline: Get up now, it’s really not that bad. *Evangeline dragged on of the hunters up to his feet and dusted him off. Really, it’s not that bad… some sniffles and- ACHOO! Sniff! Well, the sudden sneezing always bothered her, but these were grown men!* Thank you, Brutus! *She snatched one of the tissues!* -02:16 Mar 20

That hunter grumbled. How could anyone be so cheerful and upbeat at a time like this!

Brutus’ tail was wagging hard in reply and then he disappeared to offer tissues to other people in need of some!

Gabriel: Oracle is left in a poor state of affairs. Its ability to defend itself in case of an attack has decreased dramatically by 75%. *He said, suddenly behind Evangeline!* -02:20 Mar 20
Evangeline: I think that is a bit over the top. Surely they could still fight off hoards of evil with a little cold. Right? -02:22 Mar 20

The Hunter grumbled. “Can you fight off hoards of evil while you’re sneezing and coughing, Evangeline?”

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Over the top would realistically be my telling you its defensive ability has dropped by 90%. -02:23 Mar 20

Brutus found a bag of cough drops to ease sore throats and that icky dry coughing! He started offering the bag and everyone in any condition to move took a couple before falling back into bed!

Evangeline: Bother! We’ll show you! They’re very good hunters and a cold won’t take them down! *She poked and prodded a few people to get up!* Come on now… I’ll try to kill the lot of you, and you can save Oracle from evil. It’ll be easy! -02:26 Mar 20

Saving Oracle from Evangeline actually sounded like a good idea! Then maybe they could get some sleep! Very relucantly did hunters move and shuffle!

Gabriel: And how do you propose to attack Oracle? -02:32 Mar 20
Evangeline: There we go! *With everyone up, Evangeline grabbed herself… one of those sharp pointy things! It was probably a spear!* It’s a real weapon, so you have to be very quick! *And without warning, she took a swing at someone!* -02:32 Mar 20
Evangeline: …Like this! *It seemed reasonable to her!* -02:33 Mar 20

At least the closet hunter duck, leaving the guy next to him to get THWACKED in the head! …The was one hunter knocked out cold. …or maybe faking it so he didn’t have to get up.

Gabriel: *He and Brutus shared a glance!* … You are insane. -02:34 Mar 20

The hunters standing behind the one who’d been whacked on the head winced–before they started sneezing and sniffling!

Evangeline: It’ll be like I am… Like I am you! Taking everyone out one by one! *…Of course then she had to pause to cough, swinging that spear to tuck under her arm…. and inadvertantly poking someone in the rear!* -02:36 Mar 20

There was a YEOWCH and a hunter jumping away to rub his rear end! He was snatching that spear at out her hand and swining it back at her! ….Well she DID say she was evil!

Evangeline: *Cough! Cough! Bother! Evangeline leaned down to grab one of those cough drops from Brutus!* -02:38 Mar 20

Brutus was only too happy to help! Once Evangeline had taken the cough drop, he put the bag down on a nearby bed and was taking her by the sleeve of her shirt! He led her over to an empty bed

Gabriel: *! -02:39 Mar 20

Swing and miss! That hunter went toppled forwarded, just missing Evangeline… and groaned! “This is impossible! We’re all going to die.”

Evangeline: *Popping a cough drop in her mouth, she let Brutus led her but shook her head!* Not now Brutus. I need to attack Oracle and prove our hunters aren’t going to die. -02:42 Mar 20
Gabriel: They cannot defend against a single female psychic. That is hardly a boost of morale. -02:43 Mar 20
Evangeline: They’re just not taking it seriously enough. Maybe if I use a sharper weapon? -02:46 Mar 20

…That sounded like a worse idea! “Evangeline, maybe you should go to bed and get some rest!”

Ciara: *Speaking of bed and rest… Meanwhile back at Shades, Ciara was curled up in bed whining… LOUDLY!* Leeeeeeoooooon… I need a cup of teeeeaaaa!

Evangeline: How can I rest when Oracle is 75% more likely to be destroyed in a hostile attack? *Now she was quoting Gabriel! It may not be true, but… they couldn’t just give up because they’re sick!* -02:53 Mar 20

Leon: *He was in the kitchen whipping up some tasty soup!* Coming, Cissy! *He left the pot to boil for awhile and then started making the tea!* Any sugar with that? *He asked loudly!*

Gabriel: *He smirked and raised an eyebrow.* How can you not rest for the very same reason? The sooner you rest, the sooner Oracle’s defensive ability will be back to 99.9%. -02:56 Mar 20

Brutus was now pushing his head against Evangeline’s torso to get her into bed!

Every hunter in the room knew Gabriel was bullshitting! …But they’d agree to anything if it’d get Evangeline in bed somewhere and not swinging random weapons at them!

Evangeline: Would it really? I’m not that sick. I could easily spend today helping people with their training… *Omph! Brutus managed to knock her over in to one of the beds, and she huffed!* Who is going to keep everyone on their toes if I am sick too! -03:01 Mar 20

Ciara: *Sugar, bah! Honey would be better, but the only answer Ciara gave was another pitiful, possibly over exagerated groan from bed!*

Leon: *He poked his head out of the kitchen to look down the hallway toward Ciara’s room!*… I guess I’ll take that as a no! Um … honey …? *It wasn’t like he was the type to drink tea so he didn’t know what people put in it nowadays!*

Ciara: Yes! *She replied, muffled in to a pillow!* Leeeeeoooooon! You’re taking foreeeeever!

Lily: *Hands over her ears, Lily was stomping to the kitchen to grab a snack!* Can’t we just.. smother her and get it over with!

Leon: *He was just finishing up the tea!* I’m coming, Cissy! Keep your panties on! *He glanced over at Lily.* Even in her condition, she’d likely beat the crap of me. *A wolfish grin as he grabbed that cup of tea and whisked into her room!*

Gabriel: … You are insane. -03:11 Mar 20

Brutus was pulling those sheets over Evangeline and then grabbing the box of tissue to offer her!

“She’s totally insane! Better take her to the infirmary. Or better yet, back home!” …If Gabriel was busy with Evangeline, then he wouldn’t be terrorizing them either! Everyone could rest in peace!

Evangeline: *A sniffle, taking another tissue!* Someome has to stay and protect Oracle while it’s 75% in danger. It may as well be me, as Ms. Grey is far to ill to be here today. I’ll see danger coming! -03:13 Mar 20

Ciara: *Keep her panties on? Taking off her panties was the last thing she was thinking about! …. Well, it WAS until he mentioned it, and now there were all sorts of disturbing thoughts in her head. Ciara groaned again, rolling over in bed!* My head hurts so much… Damn that Vampire and his stupid psychic and that infernal plague she brought in to my home…!

Leon: *He walked inside and stood by her bed.* Here’s your tea, ma’am. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Why are you cursing Gabriel and Evangeline this time?

Brutus disappeared to offer someone else a tissue! He had apparently appointed himself caretaker of all the ill of Oracle!

Ciara: She brought this stupid…. cold in this house, and now I am the one suffering for it while she is off spreading good will and cheer across town. *More sulky grumbling, Ciara sat up and took the cup of tea. A contented sigh after a sip! That felt so much better!*

Leon: It won’t help your recovery being pissed off like this. I let your secretaries know you’re not to be disturbed. *He saw the look in her eye.* For any reason. *He said with that steel tone that said he wouldn’t let up on this one.* So sit back and relax. Your soup should be ready soon.

Ciara: *What a bully… Ciara sipped her tea and scowled at him!* What if someone attacks Oracle while I’m away? Nearly everyone is sick and their ability to defend themselves is probably down by 75%…

Leon: *Wolfish grin at her scowl!* You won’t help anyone if you’re still running around when you’re sick. If you’re that eager to get out of bed, I can go get that giant bottle of syrup from the medicine cabinet. I think that’s the one next to the birth control pills and vallum.

Gabriel: And I suppose you will walk into the same danger you see. *He replied, watching her.* -03:35 Mar 20

Ciara: *Ciara choked on her swallow of tea! Birth control pills?!* What the hell are you doing snooping around in my cabinets!

Evangeline: *A sheepish look. It’s not as if she were going to talk in to it unprepared…* I wasn’t going to try and do it alone, no… Not everyone is sick… -03:37 Mar 20
Gabriel: *He blinked as if going through someone else’s medicine cabinet was an everyday thing for him!* … Well, you did tell me to look there for those migraine pills when I asked. You remember, don’t you? You were on the phone, I asked you, you waved me off, mumbled something about medicine cabinets and “stupid wolf”. -03:38 Mar 20

Leon: *He blinked as if going through someone else’s medicine cabinet was an everyday thing for him!* … Well, you did tell me to look there for those migraine pills when I asked. You remember, don’t you? You were on the phone, I asked you, you waved me off, mumbled something about medicine cabinets and “stupid wolf”.

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow!* Indeed. You still have the vampires and weres of Oracle to aid you in case of an emergency. -03:39 Mar 20

Ciara: *A scoff!* And what if you found something you really didn’t want to see? Like… tampons or a vibrator. *Really, did Leon not think about this before he goes snooping through her stuff?! It’s not like she stashed candy and stuffed animals everywhere anymore!*

Leon: *He scratched his head as he thought about that.* I have to admit that I have always wondered what was the big deal about tampons and vibrators. Especially tampons. How do you women wear things like that shoved in a tiny place like that? And that vibrator … Isn’t it a lot cheaper to get one of those vibrating beds–Oh! Or those vibrating massage chairs! I’ve always wanted to relax in one of those!

Evangeline: Exactly! So everyting is perfectly all right. *..What IS she doing in this bed anyway! She was supposed to be teaching! That Brutus was a sneaky nurse! Evangeline pushed the covers off and slid her legs out of bed… before sneezing again!* I can at least serve soup! -03:42 Mar 20

Ciara: *Jaw wide open in shock! Can he really just spit all that out without a second thought about it?!* Do you even know what a v- ….Nevermind. I have to wonder if anyone ever had the talk with you.

Brutus put his head under her feet and pushed them up and back onto bed! “Woof woof!” he scolded her!

Leon: *A soft chuckle and a grin!* Cissy, I’ve been on the run from the government for some years and a lab wolf for thirty. It wasn’t as much a talk as it was a crash course.

Gabriel: The pup has other ideas. Stay in bed, Seer. I will return. *He turned to walk away.* -03:47 Mar 20
Evangeline: *Blinking at Brutus! …but she wasn’t that sick! Pouting only a little, Evangeline stayed in bed.* I really can work, you know… -03:48 Mar 20

Ciara: …Is that so? Maybe it’s about time you told me about it. *Ciara scooted over in bed just so she could snag Leon’s shirt and tug him to sit down.* Heaven forbid I say anything that might offend virgin wolfy ears…

Leon: *He blinked.* Well, I got the wolf version. That’s probably what you get for being locked in with them for so long. A male and a female sniff each other, the male mounts the female from behind and enters her. He thrusts a few times, gets stuck in her, and stays there until he’s done ejaculating and he’s grown soft enough to pull out of her. And that’s about it.

Brutus barked a few times at Evangeline and then disappeared! He returned with a few of the vampires and wolves that worked at Oracle to help out with nursing duty!

Ciara: *That was… that was down right disturbing, and if she hadn’t been so shocked by the sheer… wrongness of it, she might have hit him with a pillow and made him stop before he finished!* I uh.. ye-… Well, what the fuck, Leon! *Ciara had to set down that teacup before she started laughing… or crying! and spilled the rest of her tea!*

Evangeline: *Vampires and wolves nursing hunters back to health… if Ms. Grey were here she’d be having a fit! Evangeline really wanted to be up and helping though… when Brutus was distracted she tried sneaking out of bed again.* -03:59 Mar 20

Leon: *He shrugged a bit.* Told you. Crash course. I think this was during one of those attempts at breeding. The government wasn’t much into prirvacy so there were a few times they had a pair of wolves mate right in the middle of the lab.

Too bad for Evangeline, Nurse Brutus was on the ball! He saw her sneaking away and quickly scolded her with a couple of barks! “Woof! woof!”

Ciara: *Cringing, she was really trying not to cover her ears and start singing to tune it all out… She really did need to know, no matter how horrible it all sounded. …She was going to find that center and blow it up with those officials inside.* You’ve got the..uh… wolfy way down just fine. But what about human?

Leon: *He blinked and was silent for a moment.* I just know what I saw in the movies. I sneaked into the theaters a few times but it wasn’t like I could tap some couple making out in the corner and ask them what was going on.

Evangeline: ..BARK BARK BARK at yourself! *Responded Evangeline! Her was the puppy (although now rather large…) and she was the teacher! She didn’t have to stay in bed!* I’m alright, see! *She took a deep breath… and startled coughing! Evangeline held up a finger for them to wait a moment… and then took a deep breath!* …See! I am going hand out cough drops! -04:05 Mar 20

Brutus was giving her a rather suspicious look but eventually turned around to go help someone else!

Ciara: *Ciara eyed him carefully.* Would you even want to do things the human way? You’re practically a wolf involving everything else. *WHY did she just picture herself and Leon doing “things” the wolfy way! Ciara covered her face with her hands! That thought needs to get out right now!*

Evangeline: *Yay! One point for Evangeline! Who was proudly getting the cough drop bag so she could bring them to hunters! She gave them a cough drop, or fluffed their pillow, or tucked them in! Occasionally stopping to sneeze and grab a tissue!* -04:10 Mar 20

Leon: *A rather sheepish grin!* Yeah … But the wolf way doesn’t sound very … close. Just a quick deal and that’s all there is to it. I’ve heard the human way can be much more er, special.

Brutus might have let her off but each time she sneezed or so much as sniffled, Brutus ‘ head would pop up with that “I’ve got my eyes on you” look! Then he’d go back to nursing!

Ciara: *Clearing her throat, which thankfully is easily passed off as being sick!* Having sex is perfectly fun and most enjoyable… And I had a mind to throw you at Conrad or Gabriel and have them explain it from a man’s point of view, but I’m afraid they’re both pretty useless… *Which meant the only other person in the house that could explain it was Evangeline, and frankly, Ciara didn’t want Evangeline and Leon talking about sex together!*

Evangeline: *Brutus was very good at giving her those looks she could just FEEL boring in to her! He must have learned that from Gabriel! But, Evangeline was good at smiling and she wasn’t going to get bullied by a puppy! She helped someone with their sweater, because somehow they got stuck in it!* -04:16 Mar 20

Leon: *He looked as if he was about to ask her something but then he thought better of it!* With the right person, you mean?

Suddenly the alarms went off! They were being attacked!

Ciara: If it’s not with the right person, you’re just stuck with bad sex and that’s just… not good. *And that of course was something Ciara Grey knew through experience… and the thought was enough to cause a groan as she fell back against the pillows!*

Leon: … Okay. So how do you know it’s the right person?

Brutus was quick to put down and stop whatever he was doing and run out of the Infirmary.

Evangeline: *Oh dear…! There wasn’t supposed to REALLY be an attack on Oracle! There’s not time to paniac! She poked people to get up!* Up! Up! We can’t be sick now! -04:22 Mar 20

No one else expected an attack either! There was a lot of cursing going on as people rolled out of bed trying to stuff their shoes on and trying to grab their gear! …and not sneeze their brains out in the process!

Ciara: *Rubbing her forehead, there was really so many different answers for that question!* Christ, Leon… I suppose it’d be someone you can be comfortable with. Someone you love or at least like… That way when you’re all done there’s not any bad feelings or regret about it…

Leon: … Maybe someone who won’t judge you because you’ve never done that type of thing with anyone before? I’ve heard women prefer guys who are er … experienced with sex.

Evangeline: *Evangeline wouldn’t send those hunters off to do battle alone, she found that spear again! ….And took a bit of cough syrup so she could help without coughing!* -04:29 Mar 20

“Not you!” Someone said, taking that spear from Evangeline and pushing her back in to bed. “Stay here! We’ve got it!”

Outside it was hardly what anyone would call an attack compared to anything the Carnatellis might have dished out. Just your run-of-the-mill necromancer with a bunch of his undead minions … numbering at a hundred! Skeletons and zombies of humans and animals alike, armed with swords and maces and axes! It was a clip right out of some supernatural thriller!

Ciara: *Ciara leaned up on her elbows just to roll her eyes at him!* Experience doesn’t mean a damned thing… It’s more about.. well… it’s complicated. You sure as hell aren’t thinking about whether or not you’re doing it right when you’re right in the middle…

Great! Just great! They got roused out of bed for a necromancer and his summons! Now there was a bunch of sick, pissed off Oracle hunters… who were more than happy to take it all out on the bad guys! Interupt THEIR nap will you–! BANG! BANG! SMASH! CRUNCH!

Leon: *He was thoughtful.* I wouldn’t want to disappoint her. I mean, I’d feel real cheap if she … didn’t feel the same way.

Evangeline: But..! *Oooh! Evangeline was hopping back out of bed anyway! This was her Oracle to protect just like everyone elses! Sneaking outside to find… Well… none of this seemed right, why is everything so fuzzy?* Hey! Where is- ack! *Evangeline sidestepped a skeleton!* -04:37 Mar 20

Ciara: *A scowl from Ciara!* Who is this she? Not that pretty furball wolf girl is it? *…Because Ciara had no problem going over to the wolfpack and making that wolf… leave town.*

Leon: Heh. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you–Damn the soup! *He bolted out of the room and into the kitchen where he found the soup nearly boiling over!*

The skeleton went toppling forward when its blow didn’t connect!

“This isn’t a training lesson, Evangeline! Go back to bed!” Then the poor hunter sneezed so hard he knocked the bones off another skeleton before he had to kick the skull at a zombie!

Ciara: *Growling to herself as he ran off… She wasn’t jealous. There was no reason to-… Screw that! She WAS jealous and she was pretty sure she had already decided to be a bit more honest with herself about it! So if Leon was thinking about sex with some other woman or wolf… then she had a problem! Ciara pulled the covers over her head to growl some more!*

The necromancer was giving his usual speech of “making Oracle pay” and “regaining his reputation” and all that nonsense! His minions were being blasted but he found ways to merge the broken pieces and bodies together!

Leon: *He returned with some soup soon after and found Ciara under the covers!* Cissy? *He put the soup down on the table beside the bed.* What’s the matter? Do you want more tea or maybe some migraine pills?

Evangeline: I am helping! *By picking up a skeleton’s arm and clobbering any bad guy that ran past her! Clonk! Smack! ….SNEEZE!* -04:48 Mar 20

Ciara: *Groooowl! She may as well been a wolf herself! Maybe she was right and that’s what he wanted!* How many women are infatuated with you, I wonder? I can count at least six from Oracle and that’s not even the wolves…

That jerk was just bringing them all back together again! They were never going to get any rest at this rate! A group was signalling to surround the necromancer for an ambush, while someone else thumbed a finger towards Evangeline. They may as well be dead anyway if she got hurt in the process!

The Gate Saga

044 A Fight Between Friends

Leon and Ciara have a fight! Leon is invited by the White Queen’s daughter to join their pack. Ciara has a talk with Nicholas Wulfric.

Ciara: Of course I was serious! If Lily wants to see me dating before she’ll try something herself, then that is what I’m going to do! *Speaking of which, she was pulling a phonebook out of her desk. Those numbers she didn’t bother to keep in her phone.* -04:07 Mar 09
Leon: Lily just needs some time. You can’t rush her into this. And why the hell do you have a black book anyways? With your luck, they’re numbers to vampires and werewolves and who the hell knows what else. -04:10 Mar 09
Ciara: I don’t want my daughter becoming a reclusive basket case. *Ciara was already flipping over the book to look at the numbers.* I know exactly who is who, thank you very much. What do you think I did while you were gone? -04:14 Mar 09
Leon: Let me see … *He started counting off fingers.* Seduce vampires, marry vampires, kill vampires, repeat cycle. Go searching for your lost daughter, bury yourself into some reckless plan of vengeance … -04:17 Mar 09
Ciara: Right, because my entire life has been all about crazyass vampires and revenge! *Ciara snapped the book shut just to poke him in the chest with it!* Where do you think Lily came from? She’s not some demon hybrid. I had boyfriends and lovers. I had an entire lifetime without you, and I don’t think you ever bothered to ask! -04:21 Mar 09
Leon: And where is he now, Ciara? *He asked quietly. He paused and when she gave him that look, he continued.* … I didn’t think so. I realize you’ve had a life but I don’t like to pry. If I was going to ask what you’ve been up to, it would have only been fair for me to share what I’ve been through. -04:24 Mar 09
Ciara: *He was actually going to dare and try to bring that up! …and then she’s willing to bet he’s going to skirt around the whole issue!* You are so absolutely clueless, it’s just.. mind boggling how you can prance in here and tell me how to talk to my daughter when.. When I can’t even get you in to a serious conversation without trapping you with meat! -04:29 Mar 09
Leon: *He gave a wolfish grin.* I’m a wolf. It’s hard to argue when it comes to meat. *He blinked.* If you wanted to share your life with me, it would have helped if you’d started things off. You know, say something like "Leon, guess what I’ve been doing these past twenty years …" -04:32 Mar 09
Ciara: *Ciara just scowled right back at him. …Tempted to throw the book at him too.* And then you would tell me about your great escape and all would be right as rain, fuzzy puppies and glittery sparkles just like that stupid psychic spits out? Maybe I don’t want to share my life anymore! I’m so tired of you and everyone else trying to tell me what I’m missing! -04:37 Mar 09
Leon: I haven’t judged you once, Cissy. Sure, I’ve questioned what you’ve done and the reasons why but I never once judged you. And I’m certainly not telling you what you’re missing. If you felt there wasn’t anything missing, you wouldn’t be bothered so much about it! -04:40 Mar 09
Ciara: *Hissing through her teeth, she turned around and flipped the book open again.* The only thing that bothers me is you. So if you’re done trying to busybody your way in to my business, you can leave. -04:43 Mar 09
Leon: Fine. I guess it’s time I moved on with my life anyways. There’s nothing for me here. *And he walked off, intent on just leaving. He wasn’t going back to Shades either. He didn’t have any possessions there.* Ooofff!! *He bumped into someone in the hall!* Excuse me! I uh … didn’t see you … -04:47 Mar 09

“Oh! Excuse me!” said a surprise woman! She was just as tall as Leon, with ebony black hair and golden eyes. …and absolutely stunning! “Are you Leon Santos?”

Leon: *His mind went blank and for what seemed like ages, he stood there. He finally shut his mouth and nodded.* Uh … Yeah. Can I uh … help you with something, Miss? -04:53 Mar 09
Ciara: … Damnit. *As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Made worse as he walked out the door. …What the hell did he expect from anyway?! That she could just… talk about everything and then it wouldn’t be terrifying anymore?! …GRRR. She tossed the book on her desk. Ciara Grey kicked a puppy while he was down. That was low even for her. …she was going to have to apologise.* -04:55 Mar 09

There was a soft giggle from the woman. “I heard you were the up and coming Alpha of Oracle. My mother insisted I should meet you.” She held out her hand. “My name is Olana.”

Leon: *Awh man, he’d made her giggle! He could never get Ciara to so much as crack a smile unless she was teasing him mercilessly! When she said "alpha", he had to crack a sheepish smile and he shook her hand.* Hello. It’s a … pleasure to meet you, Olana. But uh … I’m no alpha. My dad er, Nicholas is but definitely not me. -04:59 Mar 09

Still holding his hand, she leaned forward and tilted her head with a subtle sniff. “You smell like an Alpha.” she said. “Nicholas Wulfric is your father? I was wondering why you were so handsome.”

Leon: Heh heh. Uh, thanks. *She had a nice grip. Firm but gentle, too.* So … your mother …? -05:05 Mar 09
Ciara: *Ciara almost talked herself out of it… but this was just one time she couldn’t leave it be. So as she stepped out of her office, she was surprised to find him standing there with a woman. …And holding her hand.* …Leon, I wanted to talk to you. Who is this? -05:10 Mar 09

Olana didn’t release Leon’s hand, but merely smiled at Ciara! “I am Olana. You must be Ms. Ciara Grey. …Oh, I just remembered. I really need to get home. Leon, can you walk me…? It’s a bit dark outside.”

Ciara: He can’t. Leon needs to stay here and talk to me. I’m sure you can find someone else to escort you home. -05:20 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked and looked over at Ciara. What was with her?* It can get pretty dangerous out there. I’ll be glad to walk you home. Uh, see you around, Ms Grey. *With Olana still holding his hand, he walked away and toward the door. It … felt strange and in a sense, wrong to leave Cissy like this but … this was what she wanted. He couldn’t stand in the way of her happiness.* -05:22 Mar 09

Olana rest her other hand on Leon’s arm as they walked, and leaned closed to whisper in his ear. “Is she your boss? I’m not getting you in to trouble am I?”

Ciara: *Ciara was blinking in confusion until they were down the hall out of out earshot!* …what the hell just happened? -05:26 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked and gave a sheepish grin.* No … She’s … she’s just an old friend of mine. Besides, I can never turn down such a lovely woman like yourself. So where exactly do you live? -05:28 Mar 09

“I live in this wonderful house by the lake with my mother and family.” Olana replied with a smile. “Mother says you’ve been there before. I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to meet you until now!”

Leon: *He scratched his head and thought for a moment.* Well … You seem familiar somewhere but I know we haven’t met before. I’m glad we finally got to meet, though. -05:34 Mar 09
Ciara: *Still standing in the hall, Ciara crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the floor. Of course he was angry. Maybe too angry to even notice that gorgeous, flirty bimbo practically clinging to his arm. Why would she care what sort of hussy he’s taking home? She told him to leave and he was doing it! …Now why did she want to throw someone off a g’damned building!* -05:36 Mar 09

Another soft giggle! “I hope we can be friends! The reason I came to see you, was because Mother wanted to invite you in to our family. To become one of us.”

Nicholas: Ah, Ms Grey, you are here late, are you not? *He said, stopping behind her.*

Leon: *He blinked!* Wow. That’s very kind of your mother. But what did I do to deserve an offer like that? -05:42 Mar 09
Ciara: I came to get something. *This was not a moment she wanted to speak with Nicholas Wulfric… then again…* Do you know a woman with black hair and gold eyes? Named Olana? She asked Leon to take her home. -05:43 Mar 09

“You’re so charming! Have you really not realized your own strength?” Olana was laughing, but it was with good nature! “You are an Alpha, but I fear maybe you have not had a chance to really live like one, have you?”

Nicholas: *He was studying her thoughtfully like he usually did. But whatever he saw, he held his tongue.* Ah yes, Olana. She is Lady Octavia’s daughter. I believe you know her as the White Wolf.

Leon: *He laughed softly.* Actually no, I haven’t. It’s … been pretty busy for me all this time. And I haven’t spent a lot of time with other wolves. -05:49 Mar 09
Ciara: A wolf. *A stunning wolf. One that could have walked her own damned self home.* …dark outside my ass. Where the hell is she taking him? -05:49 Mar 09

“You must be horribly lonely! I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without my family around.” Olana replied, she really looked very sorry to hear that! By now they were heading out of Oracle and on down the street.

Nicholas: *There was a small smile on his mouth but it disappeared just as quickly as it formed.* I can only assume she is taking him back to her Pack. I did suggest Leon spend more time with wolves.

Ciara: I see. *What great timing. He might want to stay with them. ..and not with her. And.. good riddence! No more Leon! …again. Frowning she tugged on her ear, trying to convince herself it was a brilliant idea. …Then again, she hadn’t apologised yet, could she really let him go without saying she was sorry?* …Where exactly is her pack? Near the lake, isn’t it? -05:58 Mar 09
Leon: *He smiled.* I’m sorry. I’m not getting you down, am I? Because that was completely opposite of what I was going for. *He wasn’t really paying attention to where they were headed. He was just enjoying spending time with this mysterious wolf and not thinking about … what’s her name.* -06:09 Mar 09

Olana favored him with a brilliant smile. “Absolutely not. I have to say, it’s so easy talking to you. Ah, here we go!” It wasn’t long through crossing the park when they came upon a familiar gate! Olana stepped right through a hole where there were missing planks. “Come this way. Mother will be so pleased to see you.”

Nicholas: That is correct. I am aware you do not need it but do you wish for an escort, Ms Grey?

Ciara: *Ciara’s immediate instinct was to snap at him… but maybe she had done enough of that today. At least it would give her a chance to decide on what she would say.* …Yes, I think I would like an escort. -06:15 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked at the gate and then followed through the hole!* Wait … this is … *He pointed back the way they’d come and then ahead of them.* Is she… is your mother the alpha female of your Pack? -06:16 Mar 09

Olana beamed with pride! “Yes! One of the oldest and most respected packs in the city. Mother has said she was very impressed with the way you spoke to her.”

Nicholas: *If he was in the least bit surprised by this gracious consent, he certainly didn’t show it!* Very well. I will wait for you outside while you prepare yourself. *And he walked outside!*

Leon: I’m … still a little surprised myself. So … how is it being a wolf and just … doing wolf things? *He was rather curious about that! How would it feel to not have to worry about being human and just letting yourself be a wolf?* -06:23 Mar 09
Ciara: *Prepare herself, indeed. Ciara was aware that she’d need to watch her mouth or be wolfy food. …But if she had the chance to chop off that golden-eyed beauty’s tail… she might do it! Thus, Ciara made sure to grab her silver fencing foil to leave at her back… and nothing else. Locking up her office, she met Wulfric outside. …and huffed.* Being ancient and all… how often have you stuck your foot in your mouth? -06:24 Mar 09

“It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world! There is nothing like it!” And as if to demonstrate, Olana ran across the grass towards the house, quickly shiftly from human to an equally stunning black wolf! She stopped and stop down when she reached the top of the cellar steps, waiting for Leon!

Nicholas: *He chuckled softly. He sounded like Leon when he laughed or chuckled, just more reserved and indifferent.* Many times. I have always recovered from it.

Ciara: With your dignity intact, I’m sure. *Ciara walked with her arms crossed, tapping her fingers on her elbows. The old wolf was very much like Leon, it was strange.* …I don’t ever think while he’s around. The first thing that pops in to my head is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. At least before the worst thing I could ever say was cooties. -06:37 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked!* Wow … You’re good. I wish I could shift like that. *He huffed and scratched the back of his head. He was going to embarass himself for sure if he tried transforming now!* -06:41 Mar 09

A giggling wolf had to be adorable, but she shifted back quickly to beckon him down the steps with a finger. “Don’t be embarassed. I’m sure you’re a quick learner. Come now, she’s waiting!” Olana led the way down the steps!

Nicholas: But it is different now. It must be very difficult for you to cope with Leon, knowing that he has changed … realizing you have, too. Leon is still very much a pup, learning and enjoying himself.

Leon: *He blinked and followed after her. He’d met the White Wolf more than a few times but … this time it just seemed different.* -06:47 Mar 09
Ciara: You understand. I don’t know why he doesn’t get it. *Tap, tap tap of her fingers.* I could have asked him what happened. I wanted to even, but he makes that damned face everytime he thinks about it. I hate that face. -06:50 Mar 09

Down the steps in to the cellar, the place was unchanged from before. There were wolves sleeping, playing, chewing on things… And they were all very curious about the guest! “Mother, Leon walked home with me. He really is as nice as you said.”

“Welcome home, Leon Santos.” replied the White Queen. She was sitting just as regal as ever in her favorite spot. As if she had been waiting there just for him! “Do you like my daughter?”

Nicholas: There is much to be said between the two of you. Especially on Leon’s part. He must learn that one cannot change past but it will always be there. If you cannot share it with the ones he loves, he will always be haunted with it. The past never lets us forget our mistakes. He is trying to be brave and to keep himself free of the past.

Leon: *He swallowed, suddenly feeling very much in the spotlight! Wait, what was he supposed to call her again? Nicholas had mentioned it tons of times!* Thank you, uh … Lady Octavia. *At the mention of her daughter, he looked over at Olana and then back to her.* Yes, she is very lovely. Thank you for … inviting me. -07:02 Mar 09
Ciara: *Ciara went silent for a moment, thinking. She wouldn’t call it brave to avoid talking about things… just fear. But that may have just been her own problem.* …It used to be so easy. He was the first person I would come running to when something bother me. Christ, I still do it now! I get stabbed and I could have called an ambulance, and instead I called him! I’m completely out of my mind. -07:04 Mar 09

“You are always welcome with our pack, Leon Santos. I wish for you to join us. Perhaps one day you could inherit my throne.” Octavio responded, that light hint of humor in her voice.

Nicholas: *He chuckled softly.* That happens often … with the people we love. I was told Leon came immediately to your side.

Ciara: Yes, and he proceeded to yell at me the entire way back. Then his stupid furry behind went and did something stupid and I… *Silence. She nearly had a heart attack, and Wulfric knew the rest. She asked him to teach his son.* I don’t know if I can stand him… leaving again. I spent far too much time waiting for people to come back to me. -07:11 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked. He wasn’t quite sure if he heard right!* You … want me to join your Pack? -07:18 Mar 09

Nicholas: I understand. *Now they were entering the park.* We are nearly there.

Olana nodded and smiled. “I know you are a little unsure of yourself, but you are a strong wolf! Mother has had so many wonderful things to say about you. I’m sure you could learn so much with us. And I would very much like to get to know you better.”

Ciara: *Ciara eyed Wulfric carefully, a slight frown across her face. For a wolf and the man that was ‘to blame’ for Leon’s entire life, speaking to him came far too natural. Maybe because he was so much like Leon…* You surprise me, Nicholas Wulfric. You’re not at all what I expected. -07:23 Mar 09
Leon: *He grinned wolfishly.* I have to admit … I like the idea. I like it very much. But … if I may … have some time to think about it …? -07:28 Mar 09

Nicholas: Hm? *He looked over at her.* If I may ask, what did you expect, Ms Grey?

“Take all of the time you need.” responded the White Queen. “You may spend the night with us and see what it is like to be a real wolf.”

Ciara: A pompous old bastard, mostly. Completely clueless, pompous old bastard. …I’m rather glad you’re not. -07:31 Mar 09

Nicholas: *He dipped his head as they approached the fence and he gestured her through the hole there first.* I see. *He chuckled softly.* How very amusing.

Leon: Thank you. So … is Olana your only daughter? *He asked, curious.* -07:47 Mar 09
Ciara: Don’t let it go to your head. I may bite you tomorrow. *Ciara ducked through the hole in the fence and took a look around… It ws fairly obvious where they were headed now, if the wolf tracks were any inclination. She headed for the cellar door.* -07:49 Mar 09

The White Queen smiled, showing her wolfy fangs. “No. I have many children. Olana is… a fine canidate for mating. Don’t you agree?”

Olana laughed softly. “Mother, you’ll embarass me. You shouldn’t tease.”

Leon: She is … *He looked at Olana, awestruck by her. She was–in every sense of the word–perfect. So why did he feel guilty?* -07:55 Mar 09

Octavia was very pleased to hear that he agreed! “A beautiful woman, a beautiful wolf. With strong blood and mind. It would be a pleasant union if you took her as your mate.”

Nicholas: *He followed Ms Grey and knocked on the door frame of the cellar as half of the door was missing!*

Before Leon could reply, there was a knock at the cellar door!

It was Olana that tilted her head slightly to sniff the air. “Nicholas Wulfric is here… with Ms. Grey. Shall I tell them we are busy with company?” she asked.

There was only a slightly swish on the White Queen’s tail. “…Perhaps we should ask Leon Santos. …Should we turn then away?”

Leon: *Ms Grey? And Nicholas? He couldn’t help but be curious.* No. Um … Would you excuse me for a moment, my lady? Olana? -08:11 Mar 09

There might have been a glimmer of a smile from the white wolf, but she simply nodded her head!

Leon: *He stepped outside.* What are you two doing here? *He glanced from Nicholas to Ms Grey and back again!* -08:14 Mar 09

Nicholas: I believe this is my cue to leave. *He bowed his head, excused himself and went into the cellar.*

Ciara: *That jerk…! He wasn’t supposed to take off! How was she supposed to remember what to say?* Leon, I… *How to say it… just say it! Ciara shut her eyes and stuffed her hands in her pockets.* I wanted to say I was sorry. -08:17 Mar 09
Leon: *Of all the things he could have possibly imagined, an apology was something he hadn’t thought of!* Wha … Huh … But … Apologizing? For what? -08:21 Mar 09
Ciara: *Did he really have no idea?! She opened one eye to peek then blinked at him.* …For saying you bothered me. And calling you a busybody. …and getting mad at you for helping. And for…. for not talking to you about things. About everything. -08:24 Mar 09
Leon: *He gave a small smile.* I … I want to apologize, too. There are a lot of stuff to talk to you about and I have to learn that I can’t act all carefree all the time. It’s just really hard. I don’t want to face what happened to me. -08:28 Mar 09
Ciara: …If it makes you feel any better, after you tell me I’ll be able to strap dynamite to every person that ever hurt you and throw them off a plane. *…and she was serious. Very serious.* -08:30 Mar 09
Leon: *He knew she was serious but he still couldn’t help but smile.* If we’re going to do that, it’s probably better if we have a nice pot of coffee first. And I’ll be glad to listen to you about … your life. -08:33 Mar 09
Ciara: *She loosely grasped his shirt before stepping forward and resting her head on his shoulder.* As long as you promise not to run away from home and join a damned wolfpack. -08:36 Mar 09
Leon: *He smiled, slipped his arms around her waist.* What are you talking about? I already belong to a Pack. -08:39 Mar 09

The Gate Saga

043 The Confusing Date

Something to Think About

Lily gets talked in to helping Hannah ask Conrad on a date.

Leon argues with Ciara about Victor.

[Lily has Hannah, and somehow has to help her ask out Conrad? She\’s not sure if she likes this idea!] -02:58 Feb 18
[Conrad was outside waiting for Lily!] -02:59 Feb 18
Conrad: So what do you think, Brutus? *He was leaning against the wall, looking down at the werepup sitting at his feet.* Did she get abducted by Eugene and his cronies again? -02:59 Feb 18

Brutus wagged his tail, tongue hanging out! He barked a couple of times! He definitely thought she had been!

Lily: *Lily had not been kidnapped… but yet, planning a kidnapping! So she had a very peculiar expression on her face when she walked out of class with Hannah bouncing right beside her!* -03:03 Feb 18

Hannah: Hi Conrad! *Smiled and waved Hannah, with her best of smiles and cutest of blinks!*

Conrad: *Saw some movement from the corner of his eye. He turned and smiled at Lily–until he saw the expression on her face! Then he studied her and blinked!* There you are. We were wondering what was keeping you. *He looked beside her.* Oh, hey, Hannah. How are you doing? -03:06 Feb 18

Hannah: Just peachy. Lily invited me over, isn’t that right? *She elbowed Lily gently, it was so hard to contain giggling!*

Lily: R-right. *Hannah didn’t have to be so enthusiatic about it! …Conrad didn’t even know he was going to get asked out yet!* Hannah has been talking about you all day. *She leaned to give Brutus some pets!* -03:10 Feb 18
Conrad: *He looked from Lily to Hannah.* Uh … Gee, that’s awfully nice of you, Hannah. But it’s better to just uh, put what happened that day behind you and uh, move on. *So awkward!* -03:14 Feb 18

Hannah: Jeeze, you’re as bad as Lily! *Not detered at all, she grabbed on to Conrad’s arm… and captured Lily’s to lead the way off to Lily’s place! The faster they get there, the faster OPERATION DATE was in to play!* I bet you’re always doing heroic and exciting things aren’t you? It’s reeeeaally awesome.

Conrad: *He suddenly found himself being dragged and happened a glance at Lily! There was something going on here and he had the feeling he wasn’t going to like what it was!* The things I do … It’s not for the fame or anything. -03:19 Feb 18
Lily: *Captured…! Snapping her fingers for Brutus to follow, she was taking it in stride! …so far! This was typical girl-stuff, boy-catching… it should be easy!* He can ride horses too. -03:20 Feb 18

Hannah: Ooooh, really? I love horses. I bet we have lots of other things in common, too. What about music?

Brutus ran up to catch them and walked next to Lily!

Conrad: *He kept giving Lily glances to see what the hell was going on here! But she wasn’t even looking at him … This was very suspicious!* Music. I haven’t thought of that very often. -03:23 Feb 18
Lily: You know, maybe you need a day or two off work so you can do… things! Not even enough time to listen to music, that’s not good. *That seemed like a subtle enough opening.. she thought. …Why couldn’t Hannah just ASK him!* -03:27 Feb 18

Hannah: Yeah! Time off for a little fun! You’re always so serious, Conrad! I bet you’re toooons of fun when you’re not working.

Uh-oh! That was Lily’s cell!

Lily: *Fully expecting it to be her mother, she answered quickly or face the consequences!* Hello? -03:54 Feb 18

Leon: Hey, Lily! How’s it going?

Lily: I’m bringing someone home. *She still wasn’t sure how that idea was going to work. But she bet Leon would help one way or the other.* You don’t mind do you? -04:00 Feb 18
Conrad: A friend? *He paused.* Uh … Is this a guy? *He sounded uncertain. Could it be her mother was somewhere close by?* -04:02 Feb 18

Leon: A friend? *He paused.* Uh … Is this a guy? *He sounded uncertain. Could it be her mother was somewhere close by?*

Lily: *The first smile since she stepped out of class!* Not a guy. She– -04:03 Feb 18

Hannah: We could GRAB a guy on the way! I know this really cute Italian…! *Hannah chimed in!*

Ciara: What’s this about guy? *Ciara Grey might have had internal radar about these sort of things… appearing behind Leon looking suspicious!*

Leon: *Wolfish grin as he held the phone and turned to face Ciara.* Cissy! No. Not a guy at all. She. Lily specifically says ‘she’. *He looked ready to bolt out the door with the phone in hand!*

Lily: *Placing a quick hand over Hannah’s mouth, she could hear her mother’s voice over the phone! Drats! She wasn’t sure if that would help or make it worse… She always picked on Conrad!* …Can you keep mommy distracted when we get there? We’re only five minutes away. -04:09 Feb 18

Ciara: I’d hope so. *With wolfy grins, it was so hard to tell if he were up to something or not… But for the moment she returned to her chair and book, casting Leon the occasional look!*

Leon: *Still wearing his trademark wolfy grin!* Now, Cissy, you know you can’t be screening Lily every moment of her life. *Into the phone, he said * Sure thing. Talk to you later, Lily. *He hung the phone up.* So, Cissy, what should we have for lunch?

Conrad: *Was interested about this Italian, Hannah had mentioned. He opened his mouth to say something only to shut it again.* -04:14 Feb 18

Hannah: *With Lily hanging up the phone, she broke in to a wide grin with Shades in sight!* So everything is a go, right? Hey look, there’s Shades! I can’t believe you live in such a cool place! I bet you get your own huge suite room, huh, Conrad?

Ciara: Fried wolf’s tail and a side of wolfy ribs? *Ciara replied, not looking up from her book!* …and I don’t screen her entire life. I just intend to screen boys.

Conrad: *By now he’d gone quiet as he saw little hope of convincing Hannah otherwise. He slept on the couch in the living room and that was only when Ms Grey was certain he wasn’t sneaking into Lily’s room. Or so she often made it seem.* -04:20 Feb 18
Lily: *Lily was trying to think of nice thinks about Hannah that Conrad might be interested in… Which turned out to be harder than she thought, as she could only think of things she liked doing with Conrad! ….and that didn’t seem fun for someone like Hannah! Lily waved at the doorman out front before leading to the elevators.* Um… Hannah has been talking about going out for milkshakes, I think you know all of the best places in town, don’t you? -04:21 Feb 18

Hannah: I would love to go out for milkshakes. *Hannah agreed and hinted, hoping maybe he’d ask her out first!*

Conrad: *He blinked! Oh, he had a real bad feeling about this!* Yeah, I do. But sometimes the homemade stuff is better. -04:28 Feb 18

Hannah: *Hannah batted her eyelashes at him with a practice flirt and bumped him with her shoulder.* Are you offering to make me one? I bet you make the best milkshakes.

Lily: *In to the elevator and hitting the suite code. Lily might have groaned out loud! Thankfully, she had that look on her face hidden as she glanced up at the ceiling.* -04:32 Feb 18
Conrad: *He scratched his head and grinned sheepishly.* I’d be glad to. I’ll make milkshakes for everyone. -04:45 Feb 18

DING! Top floor! The penthouse suite!

Brutus was the first one out! Woof woof, he went!

Lily: *Lily held back a laugh, exiting the elevator, tugging Hannah along with her. Hannah was going to have to try a lot harder to catch Conrad’s attention!* Maybe going to Hannah’s house to make some. *Ack, there was her mother.. Walk quick..!* -04:49 Feb 18

Ciara: FREEZE! *Ciara was up and out of her chair as soon as she heard that elevator!* The least you can do is introduce your friend… who is not a boy.

Hannah: *Hannah stopped, forcing Lily to stop too! …and stared in wide-eyed amazement at the blond! Ciara Grey wasn’t a movie star, but she was surely the most talked about person in the city! Right along with that Anthony Carnatelli guy!* Wow… Hi! I’m Hannah! I go to school with Lily, and Lily is going to help me with boy stuff. *She cast a great big grin over at Conrad!*

Conrad: *He blinked.* Uh … Um … I think I hear Leon in the kitchen. I’ll go help him! *He was headed there before anyone could stop him!* -04:53 Feb 18

Leon: *He was just finishing up stuff in the kitchen when he heard the elevator and Cissy. He nearly crashed into Conrad who had just walked into the kitchen.* Oh hey. What are you doing in here?

Ciara: *…If that wasn’t the most blatant display of “I want THAT boy”, then she didn’t know what was.* I see that we have a specific boy in mind already.

Lily: *Her own sheepish expression… and Conrad was running! …Not that she blamed him at all, Hannah was pretty intimidating for a girl.* Please don’t make a big deal about it… -04:55 Feb 18
Conrad: Uh … Running away. *He glanced over his shoulder as the door closed.* But the kitchen isn’t far enough. -04:57 Feb 18

Hannah: Is it really that obvious? *Of course she knew it was, she was trying hard to make sure Conrad got the hint!* Maybe you can give me a hand! Lily said Conrad hasn’t even had any off time, and I just know he’s way too shy to ask for time to go on a date.

Leon: *Blinked and stared at Conrad for a very long time! … Then he burst out laughing!* Oh, this is a classic! The boy who stood up against the likes of Michael and Anthony Carnatelli is intimidated by a member of the female species. *He clapped him on the back.*

Ciara: You might be right… *Ciara mused over the thought… Keeping Lily safe was a top priority and the fact Conrad took it seriously and hadn’t bail earned her respect. …But he was also a young man and young men needed to go out and do things besides slay demons and sleep on her couch. …She might say the same for Lily, but that was an entirely different situation!* …I believe you’ll have to be a bit more direct with Conrad.

Conrad: I wish I had your sense of humor and your optimism. *He mumbled under his breath.* But to tell you the truth, I don’t want to ask her out. -05:01 Feb 18
Lily: *Lily blinked! Her mother actually approved of this idea? Lily wasn’t sure if it was a plot or.. or… well she wasn’t sure what it was, but it was confusing!* You’re going to let him go on a date? -05:01 Feb 18

Leon: *Blinked, interested about this little tidbit of news!* What’s this? *He stepped away from Conrad to open the door a crack and get a look at her.* Hm. Is she the one?

Conrad: Yeah, the one Lily brought with us. *He moved to stand behind Leon.* -05:02 Feb 18

Leon: *Turned around and let the door close.* I don’t know. She seems nice enough. What’s the problem?

Ciara: *Ciara smiled, and for once it wasn’t sarcastic or wicked!* Dating is healthy… granted, I might be a little…picky… about things, but I don’t see why Conrad can’t go out with girls.

Hannah: *Hannah jumped up and down for a moment and clapped her hands!* Awesome! See Lily, I told you it wouldn’t be a problem! Should I just go ask him out then? Oh, oh… maybe it would go better as a double date, what do you think, Ms. Grey? I can totally call up one of my guy friends for Lily!

Lily: …No, thank you! I think I’d rather stay home! *…And not just because she could see her mother making a huge deal about it! The last thing she wanted to do was talk awkwardly with some stranger.* -05:06 Feb 18
Conrad: I uh … I just don’t um … You know. *He scratched the back of his head, looking real unsure of himself! How could he put into words that he just didn’t feel that uh, "spark" with Hannah?* -05:06 Feb 18

Ciara: …Why don’t we worry about Conrad and see about finding Lily a nice young man later. I’ll tell him to get lost for the evening, and you can… pounce. *That she smirked about.*

Lily: *A scowl on her face… she’d start up the "man" battle later. When she could point a finger at her mother and Leon without throwing Hannah in the middle of crazy family drama.* He’s cornered in the kitchen why don’t you just go pounce him in there. -05:11 Feb 18

Leon: *Walked out of the kitchen!* … Now who’s pouncing on whom? Sorry to interrupt. You must be Hannah, Lily’s classmate. My name is Leon. It’s nice to meet you. *He stopped beside Ciara, giving Cissy a wolfish grin.*

Hannah: It’s a pleasure! Lily has told me a lot about you, you’re Ms. Grey’s boyfriend, right? * Hannah leaned to glance at the kitchen door.* Conrad is coming back?

Ciara: …He is not my boyfriend. *Quietly, she moved towards the kitchen. She’d heard out Conrad so the girl could catch her fish. …Then it was time to have that ‘talk’ with Lily.*

Leon: *He looked at Hannah and grinned, a nice, normal grin.* I’m still trying to get Cissy out on another date. *He winked at Cissy before she disappeared.*

Lily: *A mild victory, but one nonetheless, Lily grinned at Leon!* Hannah is looking for a date herself, but I was probably the worst person to ask… -05:18 Feb 18

Hannah: *Hannah giggled!* You make it sound like I was asking YOU on the date. I’m not exactly shy, but it’s sooo much easier when you get friends to help.

Conrad: *He was in the kitchen, pacing! He was trying to find a way to tell Hannah politely but firmly he wasn’t interested in her!* Hannah … I can’t ask you out on a date. I … I don’t like you that way. *He shook his head and ruffled his hair!* That sounds stupid. -05:23 Feb 18

Ciara: …I hope you’re not turning her down because you think you need to revolve your entire life around Lily. *Ciara asked as she stepped in to the kitchen… She eyed him carefully.*

Conrad: *He turned around!* Ms Grey! *He ruffled his hair and took a seat on a stool.* It’s not that. I mean, it’s my duty to protect Lily but um … there’s also that matter about … uh … that … vampire. -05:27 Feb 18

Ciara: I can understand how that might be a problem. *Hrmm… Giving advice on this sort of topic was not something she ever expected to do… Ciara leaned against the counter as she crossed her arms.* It’s really unpleasant to spend your entire life focused on one very evil thing.

Conrad: Yeah but what if that one very evil thing is still around, still a threat to you and the people you love? *He stood up.* I can only imagine what she’s up to right now, the lives she’s destroying, what she plans to do next. I’m protecting Lily because well … Lily is real special. I don’t want anything bad happening to her. -05:37 Feb 18

Ciara: …I can’t believe I’m going to say this but… You can’t stay with Lily twenty four hours a day. We all want Lily safe, but not at the cost of enjoying your life. I think after all you’ve been through that you deserve a chance to live your life just as much as she does. That includes friends and girlfriends.

Conrad: *He was silent for several moments and he stared down at his hands clasped in his lap.* You’re … right. Thank you, Ms Grey. But uh … *He looked up at her.* Hannah? *He looked doubtful.* -05:44 Feb 18

Ciara: She’s adorable and clearly infatuated with you. Is she not your type? *Ciara couldn’t help the smirk… Reguardless of whether or not he liked the girl, it might still do him some good to go out on a bad date just for the experience of it! …A perhaps she was wicked!*

[Lily somehow got talked in to being Hannah\’s dating assisant. This was weird.] -12:09 Mar 09

Last time on Vampyres… Hannah talked Lily in to helping her ask Conrad on a date! Lily begrudgingly obliged… Conrad cnfessed to Leon that he didn’t want to ask Hannah out and then was cornered by Ciara… who was actually being helpful instead of terrorizing! For once!

[Conrad was still not sure about this …] -12:27 Mar 09
Conrad: I … I guess I do have to try and get a life outside of Oracle and hunting … *He reluctantly admitted!* B–But … Hannah?! *He could think of at least a few other girls he’d rather ask out than her. He wasn’t quite sure he’d make it very long on a date with her.* -12:28 Mar 09

Ciara: Maybe without Lily there for you to hide behind, you can get to know Hannah better. I’m sure she’s not as bad as she seems. *…Actually, the girl looked far too perky for her own good. But, this was something the boy needed to try.*

Conrad: *At the mention of hiding behind Lily, he grinned sheepishly.* -12:34 Mar 09

Leon: *He laughed softly and patted Conrad on the shoulder!* You do need to get out of here for awhile. As charming as Cissy is for company, you need to try something new. *Then he winked and put a finger up.* At least … just this once. Then if you don’t like it, you can always say you gave it a try.

Hannah: *Practically clinging to Lily in a death grip of a hug off in Lily’s room, Hannah was actually nervous!* What if he says no when I ask him out? Wait, do you have any perfume? Lady Style Magazine says a man can’t resist a girl that smells heavenly.

Leon: *He was still wearing that wolfish grin when he stepped behind Conrad and basically pushed him back out of the kitchen! He looked over at Ciara and blinked innocently!* … What?

Lily: No… and if I did you’d just smell like me and not you. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? *Lily was trying to pry Hannah off her without looking distressed or screaming about personal space!* …You’re squeezing the life out of me! -12:41 Mar 09
Conrad: Oooofff!! *He staggered out of the kitchen and looked up to see Hannah and Lily were gone! He stood up and straightened his shirt.* -12:41 Mar 09

Ciara: You do realize that if he doesn’t run screaming for that girl, he’s going to be miserable all night. Right?

Hannah: You’re a genius! Ack, my bad! *Hannah let go, prancing over to the mirror to fluff out her hair a bit and practice her best alluring ‘come hither’ face.* Okay, so I’ll just… ask him out. I bet your mom totally jazzed me up!

Leon: *Leon folded his arms and his wolfish grin turned a bit sheepish!* Er … Well … It’s a chance we gotta take.

Lily: *Lily still wasn’t so sure it was such a great idea… But it’s not like she owned Conrad. …Why was she even thinking about it anyway? Some time alone might be nice!* …She usually helpful, yeah. I guess you better go ask him, if you’re gonna. -12:46 Mar 09

Hannah: Yes! Right now! I’m going to do it! *Making her best super hero pose, Hannah got up her courage and swung open Lily’s door on her mission to catch herself a Hottie!*

Conrad: *He cleared his throat, took a deep breath!* You can do this, Conrad. Deep breath. You’ve battled vampires, werewolves, a demon or two … Getting asked out by a girl or er going out on a date with one … It shouldn’t be hard for you. -12:51 Mar 09

Ciara: *Ciara couldn’t repress a grin as she moved to make herself a quick cup of coffee. Better to leave that girl to her man-chasing without adults in the way.* Makes me wonder… have you had enough experience with others girls? I mean… having a love-puppy with a psychic and all… *At least by now she had decided that it wasn’t Leon’s puppy, and that silly psychic was infatuated with a vampire. …But it didn’t stop her from teasing.*

Leon: *He opened the door a crack, peered out of it and watched Conrad prepping himself. There was a wistful look in his eyes, almost sad.* In the long run of things, I guess I haven’t. But I’ve had a lot of time to think and dream …

Hannah: Conrad! *There he was, out in the hall looking just as gorgeous as can be! Like one of those super hot army guys! Ooh or that guy from that cool supernatural show, Haunted! Hannah was giving her best super cute smile.* I was wondering, as long as you’re not doing anything tonight… Would you like to go out?

Lily: *This was good. A night alone to do homework and watch tv. ….that didn’t stop her from hanging behind the door and trying to listen to what was going on in the hall!* -12:54 Mar 09

Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t expecting a serious answer. She poured a little sugar and creamer in to her cup.* Dreaming usually ends with being disappointed with what you get… or don’t get. *She paused…. thinking about what she finally settled on when she gave up dreaming.* …Not that reality turns out much better.

Conrad: *He blinked and swallowed.* Uh well um … Me …? I uh … s–sure. -01:00 Mar 09

Hannah: Really? Aiiee!! *Such a loud squeal of delight, that surely even three floors down could hear her! Hannah bounced to give Conrad a hug and kiss his cheek before she released and dashed back to Lily’s room to spread the news!* Guess what, guess what!

Lily: He said yes…? *That was a look of surprise from Lily, who might’ve thought maybe it was a scream of despair rather than… such a happy Hannah!* …then you should stop gossiping and go on your date. *Turning Hannah around (after having to pry her off again) Lily was pushing her out the door and down the hall back towards Conrad!* -01:06 Mar 09

Leon: *He glanced back up at Ciara, gave a grin.* I’m not so sure. Some dreams never die.

Ciara: Says the wolf that’s only been on a date with a wicked witch. *…And it sounded like Hannah got her date too! Ciara scooted around the corner towards the door so she could spy too!*

Hannah: *Hannah only needed pushing as far as the hall before she was excitedly grabbing Conrad’s hands and beaming with grins!* Let’s go for milkshakes! And I know this totally great drive in that’s only a few blocks from here. A movie under the stars is so romantic! *Hannah was already pulling him for the elevators waving to Lily and giving her the ‘Good Job!’ wink over her shoulder!*

Lily: *A half hearted wave. He actually said YES. …It was a good thing! Yeah.. Evangeline would say something about it being fun and experience and… fluffy cuddles or some nonsense. With a silent scoff, Lily headed for the kitchen! Maybe Leon had some chocolate cake!* -01:18 Mar 09
Conrad: *He blinked! She moved awfully fast! He found himself being carted out the door before he could even stammer a sentence! But maybe it was better he get this over with as soon as possible!* -01:35 Mar 09

Ciara: *Ciara made sure to get out of the way of the door as her daughter came marching in. …THERE was an expression she hadn’t seen in quite some time!* So… I see that Hannah caught her fish. *A casual comment as she moved to a stool next to the counter.*

Lily: Yeah. SHe practically through him over her should, really. *Around the counter, Lily pulled open the fridge… and frowned!* Is there any cake left…? -01:38 Mar 09

Hannah: * She did move quick! Hannah wasn’t shy!* You have your guns with you even now right? I bet it’s pretty exciting being a bodyguard!

Conrad: *He coughed politely and swallowed!* Um … Yeah, I do. But it’s pretty routine stuff you know. -02:16 Mar 09

Leon: *He moved away from the door when Lily came in and watched as she looked in the fridge.*

Hannah: So much like a knight, you know! Rescuing damsels, fighting monsters… All you need is a princess! *Of course she leaned to bump against him with a flirty bat of her eyes!*

Ciara: I think the wolf ate the last piece. He might make you more if you pout enough. *Let’s see… Now, will she bring up the topic of getting Lily to meet nice, handsome… appropriate… men, or behave.* Are you feeling alright?

Lily: *It’s an emergency and there’s no cake…! A small huff escaped her before she pulled out the carton of eggs to set on the counter, and then fumbled around for the rest of the ingredients. What else went in cake besides chocolate?* I just want cake. …And don’t you even dare to bring up boys. -02:23 Mar 09
Conrad: *More sheepish grinning! He scratched the back of his head!* I don’t know about that … My life is pretty busy. It’d be selfish to ask someone to bear it. -02:28 Mar 09

Leon: Here. Let me help you with that, Lily. It’s the least I can do. *He helped pull out the rest of the ingredients.* I can also make some cookies if you’d like.

Ciara: ~I~ wasn’t, but now that you mention boys… I don’t see why you shouldn’t try dating yourself. You wouldn’t have to stay at home being envious of your friends going out.

Hannah: Oh please! Busy is an understatement! I could never do what you and Lily do! I think about that monster and I start shaking all over again. *Thinking about it gave her the willies, so she quickly made sure to think about how amazing Conrad was during that rescue!*

Lily: Cookies would be great. *Lily stepped out of the way long enough to lean on the counter and scowl at her mother.* I’ll go on a date when you go on a date. …and I’m not jealous. There’s nothing to be jealous of. Hannah is weird, but I like her… -02:32 Mar 09

Ciara: If that’s a promise, I’ll just flip through my little black book right now. *Ciara slid out of her chair with a smirk! She was wise enough not to press the jealousy issue… But trying to get Lily out and doing something besides hang out with the hunter was a challenge.* I could have a date by this weekend. *She said as she and her mug exited the kitchen!*

Conrad: *Truth be told, he didn’t feel like thinking about Michael …* So … Hannah, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? -02:38 Mar 09
Lily: …. *Blink.* ….Raaagh! *Lily stomped her foot on the floor as the woman walked out!* What’s wrong with her?! Did she get her brains sucked out? -02:38 Mar 09
Conrad: *He blinked!* … Wait a minute, Cissy! *But she was gone! He closed his eyes and sighed.* Sometimes I wonder why I bother … *He scratched his head and gave a wolfish grin.* If you see it around, let me know. *He joked.* -02:39 Mar 09

Hannah: *Oh! He was interested in learning more about her! That was encouraging!* I’m majoring in Theater, so after college I’m going straight out to L.A. to be an actress! Although I think Imight settle for being a super model and designing my own fashion lines! But it’s not nearly as interesting as talking about you, though. Are you always going to be a bodyguard?

Leon: *He blinked!* … Wait a minute, Cissy! *But she was gone! He closed his eyes and sighed.* Sometimes I wonder why I bother … *He scratched his head and gave a wolfish grin.* If you see it around, let me know. *He joked.*

Lily: *Lily turned around, crossing her arms as she leaned against the counter. Still scowling, she studied Leon carefully…* Why do you bother..? It’s like she’s mutated in to the most miserable human on the planet. She’s even worse to you… -02:45 Mar 09
Conrad: *He laughed softly.* Maybe not. I dunno. I never thought about it. I guess it just doesn’t seem that urgent so I just avoid it. -03:03 Mar 09

Hannah: You know, when you’re not working with Lily anymore you could always come and be my bodyguard!

Leon: *He looked up from beginning to mix those ingredients for Lily’s cake.* Hm? *He was silent for a moment.* She hasn’t been that bad … yet. *He said after awhile.*

Lily: We are talking about my mother, aren’t we? The same woman that does nothing but complain and make crazy snooty insults? *Lily pulled over a stool so she could eat little chocolate chips with ease.* I don’t ever remember her being that way. -03:35 Mar 09
[Lily doesn\’t know why she doesn\’t like this date idea, she just does! And Leon isn\’t helping!] -08:20 Sep 30


[Leon was innocently making cookies–and (excuse the pun!) dishing out advice!] -08:21 Sep 30

Hannah: *Where as Hannah was out on the street with Conrad, on a real date! …and suggestion he could totally be HER bodyguard! She even batted her eyelashes at him, super sweet!*

Leon: Your mother is pretty complicated … *Leon finally admitted.* But she has her moments. Pass me some of that sugar, could you please? -08:23 Sep 30

Conrad: *He grinned sheepishly!* So uh … nice weather we’re having … *Awkward! Very awkward! Wasn’t there some manual for guys who got ambushed into a date on the spot?*

Lily: *Lily moved to grab the sugar and slid it across the counter.* She’s a lunatic. …How am I supposed to date anybody anyway? It’ll probably end up just like with the Professor. -08:25 Sep 30
Lily: Teehee! You don’t have to be shy with me, Conrad! We’ve known each other for a little bit, right? *She pounced to capture his arm and cling!* You’ve had to been out on dates before, right? -08:26 Sep 30

Hannah: Teehee! You don’t have to be shy with me, Conrad! We’ve known each other for a little bit, right? *She pounced to capture his arm and cling!* You’ve had to been out on dates before, right?

Leon: *Leon began putting the ingredients together and began to mix–by hand. He’d accidentally broken the electric egg beater and Cissy refused to get him another until he learned to control his own strength!* When you find a guy worth dating, I’ll distract her when it comes time to interrogate him. I have to admit, it’s pretty confusing. One moment, she doesn’t want you to go. The next, she’s pushing you out the door. *He leaned forward and said in a whisper:* I’d chalk it up to hormones or an approaching mid life crisis but then she’d just beat me like a rug. *He stood straight and shrugged.* -08:29 Sep 30

Conrad: Dates …? Um … No. I’ve been pretty busy with work. I don’t mind the work at all. Busy stuff you know. *Ack, she had his arm! He cleared his throat and kept walking. Where were they going anyways?*

Lily: *Lily blinked. …. Then laughed! This was why she liked Leon! He was funny, and easy to talk to and nothing like her mother.* I don’t know what the big deal about it is anyway. They’re going to go out and have dinner, then get kissy and stuff. And Ijust know it’s going to get kissy, Hannah can’t stop talking about him. -08:32 Sep 30

Hannah: Yeah I can see where following Lily around is soooo busy! *Hannah tugged his arm, she seemed to know exactly where they were going!* I mean, you’re not going to work for her forever, right? How long do these sort of missiosn last, anyway? A few months before you’re on a new one?

Leon: *He was thoughtful.* Hm. If things get er, kissy, I’m pretty sure Conrad will be out the door faster than you can "popcorn." I just hope Hannah’s not looking for a serious commitment or a second date. *Stir, stir, stir … Stop! Scrap the bottom to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He hated when he scooped up the last of the batter and found flour on the bottom.* -08:34 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad blinked and was silent for awhile.* Uh … Lily’s case is a special one. I mean, it’s tough being a heiress’ daughter and she’s been through a lot. I guess … my next mission is … when she decides she doesn’t need me anymore.

Lily: I didn’t think he was Hannah’s type either, but I don’t know… She’s cute and bouncy. Cheerful and nice. Would make a good girlfriend. *Lily moved to steal more of those chocolate chips!* I guess he was bound to go on dates eventually. -08:37 Sep 30

Hannah: *Hannah stared at him for a minute! Special case? Man, the look on his face!* …Don’t tell me you totally have the hots for Lily!

Leon: *Leon did NOT see those chocolate chips disappear!* Hm. We need something else. *He rummaged through a brown paper bag and pulled out a bag of white chocolate chips and a bag of peanut butter chips. Then he added those in!* Eventually being the key word here. He’s still very much a hunter with a mission and he’s a dedicated one at that. Besides Hannah is far too coute and bouncy. If it weren’t for my upbeat attitude, I’d have stuck her in the pot for stew later. -08:40 Sep 30

Conrad: *Bright flush of the cheeks!* What! No, that’s–that’s totally inappropriate. She’s Ciara Grey’s daughter. One day, she’ll have all that money and marry some guy who attended some Ivy League college just so he’d have something to brag about.

Lily: *Lily snickered again!* Evangeline is cute and bouncy, but the only one that wants to stick HER in a stew pot is Mommy. …Hannah’s said Conrad can’t stay with me forever. A guy has to have a life and friends and girls. And I really don’t let him do that. -08:42 Sep 30

Hannah: Oh my god! You DO! Hahaha! That’s so cute! *Hannah released his arm long enough to give him a big hug!* Look at you blushing! I swear, you’re some kind of dolt huh!

Leon: *That made Leon chuckle.* She says she wants to but everyone knows something serious like that would have to go through Gabriel first. Anyways, did you ever think Conrad wants to stay with you? He’s not the type to do something simply because he’s getting paid to do it or someone told him to. *Time to pull out the pans, check to make sure the oven was ready!* -08:44 Sep 30

Conrad: *That made him blush even more!* It’s not like anyone’s ever mentioned that before … And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention it anywhere Ms Grey could eavesdrop. *He couldn’t begin to imagine what she’d do to him … impale him with one of her swords, no doubt. And that was if he was lucky!*

Lily: Isn’t that the point of being an Oracle Hunter? Do what you’re told and paid to do? And he’s a good hunter too. Most of them there were complete morons until Gabriel started tutoring. Plus, Mommy would want the best there and next step up would be Gabriel himself and he’s busy having to save the world. *He left those other white chocolate chips unguarded, they were now captured!* -08:48 Sep 30

Hannah: Are you kidding?! You can’t just have a big crush on someone and not tell them! *Hannah stopped in her tracks! Ideas! Brilliant Ideas!* Well this changes the entire plan for tonight. I was going to take you to the movie theatre and make out with you in the back row, but we totally can’t do that now.

Leon: *Yep, he didn’t see those white chocolate chips disappear either! He was scooping out large spoonfuls of cookie batter and lining them up! The more chips in them the better!* Yes but Conrad is different. Call it wolf’s instinct. Although just the fact that neither the gnomes or your mother scared him away should be proof of that. And she’s pretty damn scary when she wants to be. But back to the topic, most Oracle hunters join for the pay or revenge. Conrad made it clear he’s not after any of those things. -08:51 Sep 30
Lily: I know, but… *Lily huffed, resting her chin in her hands and her elbows on the counter. She didn’t even know what her own problem was! There wasn’t even anything to complain about it!* It doesn’t matter, I guess. I do wonder what they’re doing, though. -08:53 Sep 30

Conrad: *He blinked! And blinked again! He opened his mouth to say something but hearing Hannah confess her original plans–that left him speechless!* Oh no. If I admit I have a crush on Lily, Ms Grey will fire me or transfer me. It’s not appropriate for a bodyguard to have a crush on the woman he’s supposed to be guarding.

Hannah: You kidding? It’s romantic and super awesome! It’s like romance movie gold! I bet you’re totally blowing her mother way out of proportion. She look super helpful to me. No one is gonna stand in the way of blooming desire and lustful passion! …You’re not like, shy in the sack are you? You know, making out, second base and beyond?

Leon: *Leon offered her the bowl with the left over cookie batter and quite a bit of it left, too!* You know, I’m having a hard time picturing Hannah with Conrad. In fact … *He put the pans into the oven!* I have an easier time picturing you on a date with Conrad. -08:57 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad coughed!* Sheesh, you’re not much for subtlety, are you?

Lily: *Lily was mid-lick of the spoon before she stopped and cast him a weird look.* Were you sniffing the cleaning chemicals again? Cause that’s just impossible. -08:58 Sep 30

Hannah: When it comes to the affairs of the heart, you can’t just sit around waiting! You gotta take a woman in your arms and kiss her stupid! *And from the looks of her, she meant every word! She stared at him again before she finally rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm.* Come on! We’re going on Dating 101. I am going to turn you in to the perfect man, so when you ask out Lily you won’t look like a total moron.

Leon: C’mon, you know I only sniff those cleaning chemicals so I can get those gnomes in shooting range. *He blinked.* Which reminds me, I’m running out of pointed darts … *He blinked as if he suddenly realized he was talking about something far more important!* So back to the topic, nothing is impossible. That’s what the government said my chances of survival in the outside world were and boy did I prove them wrong. -09:02 Sep 30

Conrad: *Awh man, she was right! And although a part of him was jumping for joy, another part wasn’t so sure!* She’s my best friend. It’d just make things more awkward and–you’re not listening to me, are you.

Lily: It is too. And I don’t even have to explain why to an intoxicated wolf! *She licked the spoon with a very serious look of contemplation. One far too serious for just thinking about cookie dough.* Besides, it’s all a lot of trouble, and people die, or get kidnapped and who knows what else. -09:07 Sep 30
Leon: *Leon was an innocent wolf! The only thing he was intoxicated on was chocolate!* Hm. I guess I should tell your mother the good news then. *He was thoughtful and he scratched his chin.* -09:09 Sep 30

Hannah: Sure I am! She’s your best friend, and you think that making out with her will ruin it! Ha! Not if you know how to do it right! *Hannah dragged him off until they were at one of the small park areas and plopped him down on a bench. She plopped herself right next to him.* You gotta put the moves on her! So… sneak your arm around me pretending like you’re streching. It’s a classic!

Lily: Huh, What good news? *Was he really high? What was he talking about?* -09:10 Sep 30
Leon: The good news that you’ll be staying with us for a very long time. If people thought about all the bad stuff and never took the time to enjoy the good things, like going on a date with their very best friend … then we’d all be screwed. To put it bluntly, Lily, Conrad is a hunter. The odds of him living to be a ripe old thirty are very small given his line of work. Shouldn’t you spend as much time with him as possible now, instead of regretting it later? -09:13 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad blinked at her as if she was nuts.* Wait a minute. I’ve seen those scenes in the movies. The guy tries that on a girl and the girl turns around and either slaps him or pushes his arm off. I can live without the shame.

Lily: *That wasn’t really the answer she was expecting! Lily frowned.* He isn’t going to die that soon… he’s almost thirty as it is. *She was balancing the spoon between her fingers with the expression that she was considering throwing it at him!* Why do you have to put it all logically like that? It’s way more complicated! You’re just all biased cause you know Mommy loves you. -09:16 Sep 30

Hannah: Ugh! You gotta put the moves on her somehow! You got any better ideas, smartass? You haven’t even told her you like her, yet! …you haven’t kissed on ANY girls have you.

Leon: I’m forty … something or other. I believe I’m entitled to being biased. *Leon shrugged a bit.* These cookies are taking so long. Would you like some chocolate milk? I made sure to buy lots of it. *He opened the fridge to reveal at least a dozen bottles of the stuff!* -09:18 Sep 30

Conrad: Uh … no … *Conrad said slowly. Hannah was the last person he expected to be telling these sort of things to!*

Lily: Yeah, just a little bit. *Darn Leon! She was going to take back every nice thing she ever thought about him! Now she was thinking about Conrad in ways she really shouldn’t be. After all, he was still ordered to be here and he IS out on a date with Hannah. And what’d she know about this kind of stuff anyway?* I bet a date would be weird, anyway. -09:22 Sep 30

Hannah: Oh man, you’re really behind! Okay, uh… quicky and dirty lessons! No tongue on the first kiss! As little slobber as possible, um… Don’t go grabbing boobs either, that’s not romantic at all. Oh! And make sure you brushed your teeth and didn’t eat anything that smells. ….Sex, though that’s gonna be a hard lesson. *Hannah was tapping her chin as she thought about that one.*

Conrad: *At the mention of sex, Conrad was up on his feet and beginning to walk away! Now things were getting real personal!*

Leon: It wouldn’t really be a date, would it? It’d be two best friends hanging out. That’s sort of how me and your mom were … except she involved pixies and the occassional dragon and I just wanted to destroy stuff. *Leon poured her a little chocolate milk in a glass.* -09:29 Sep 30

Hannah: *It took her a minute to realize he was escaping! Hannah hopped up and was dashing after him!* Wait a sec! What I say?! That’s not a touchy subject is it?!

Lily: We do that all the time now, though. *She took the glass and took a sip, frowning down at the contents.* Mom always acts weird after you guys do stuff now.

Leon: It’s the little stuff that count. *Leon looked at her thoughtfully.* Is what you two do all the time not enough for you? -09:36 Sep 30

Conrad: Let’s uh… leave the sex part out of this, please. *Sure he had a crush on Lily but he wasn’t looking to “get her in the sack” so to speak! That was just wrong!*

Lily: I never said anything like that! I was just talking about stuff. Maybe not so happy that Hannah talked me in to helping get a date with Conrad. And not so happy with them going on a date, but that doesn’t really mean anything besides me being a posessive wacko like my mother. And that’s bad! -09:39 Sep 30

Hannah: *Wow! Guy had issues! Or maybe Lily did? That got her imagination working all sorts of ways!* Ooooh. Okay. I get it. I know exactly what you need then!

Conrad: *Conrad blinked and looked at Hannah, finally stopping. He really shouldn’t ask but on the other hand …* What’s that?

Hannah: Hannah’s Guide to Subtle and Cute Testing the Waters Flirting! Guaranteed not to cross any lines, spook friends, or fail miserably! And it’s really simple too. You can even try it tonight.

Leon: *He smiled.* My apologies, Lily. But you know your mother’s only possessive because the people she loves were taken away from her once before. *He looked at the oven.* It’s about time … *He pulled out the cookies and put them on the table to cool off.* -09:48 Sep 30

Conrad: *Hm. That didn’t sound too bad … Yet. And his face said as much.* Um … Okay. I’ll give it a try then. How do you start …?

Lily: Which makes me getting all jealous all the worse… Not that I am jealous, but… you get the idea. *She’d pounce a hot cookie if she could get away with it. Lily tried to be patient.* -09:51 Sep 30
Leon: *Leon had another idea in mind. He pulled out a minature fan from the drawer, plugged it in and turned it on high, aiming it at the cookies.* How about some ice cream? Then we can make cookie ice cream sandwiches. -09:52 Sep 30

Hannah: Sweet! It’s really easy so listen carefully… you… try to hold hands and cuddle on the couch! Tada! *Hannah even waved her hands along with the tada!* Never fails! You watch tv at home and scoot closer until you get a nice cuddle. If it’s all awkward, girl’s just get up and pretend to go get a snack then sit in a different seat!

Lily: Mile high cookie icecream sandwhiches? *The fun was trying to eat it before the tower toppled! She drummed her fingers on the counter. How long was this date gonna last anyway? Had to of been over an hour or so and Conrad didn’t come running back like Leon said he would.* -09:56 Sep 30

Conrad: *Wow, that wasn’t as bad as he’d figured it’d be!* And … that’s it?

Leon: With the whip cream and nuts and everything. *He said with a wolfish grin.* Your mother let me buy all sorts of toppings but I’m not allowed to chew on furniture, her shoes … or attempt to pee on hotel guests’ legs. -09:59 Sep 30

Hannah: Yeah! And you just try that a couple times until it’s normal. Girls don’t cuddle with friends. *Hannah gave him a bright grin.* And I should know! I am the top authority on dating.

Lily: Probably wasn’t the best idea to go pissing on guests while she was still home. You’re a really terrible role model! *THAT was a funny day. Hell, she would have done it too if she had the parts. Those guests were jerks!* -10:04 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad coughed politely.* This was … not the way I intended on someone finding out about my crush … *Hell, he hadn’t intended on ANYONE finding out about that!*

Leon: *Leon’s grin turned a bit sheepish.* When you gotta go, you gotta go. I’m just glad she didn’t throw me over the balcony like I was sure she was going to. Oh, the look on her face … -10:06 Sep 30

Hannah: *Hannah pointed and laughed!* Haha! You totally just admitted it! God, it’s not such a big deal! It’s just dating. You know, she spent days trying to convince me not to ask you out, so I bet she’s super jealous!

Lily: She must love you if you’re not dead yet. *….okay, she couldn’t wait. One of the cookies was stolen! She nibbled thoughtfully.* If there wasn’t all that missing time, when would you have ask mommy out on a real date? -10:09 Sep 30
Leon: *He was thoughtful for a moment and then he made a sour face.* Before she could go to the prom with Victor, that’s for sure. I still can’t believe she did it. He was such a pain in the ass. -10:22 Sep 30

Lily: Mom says you were super jealous of him and always trying to get rid of him. *Lily grinned behind her stolen cookie.*

[Leon curses the firefox browser!] -10:27 Sep 30
Leon: *Leon huffed as he pulled out the ice cream and started scooping it onto the flat side of the cookie.* Not that he ever got the hint–I was not jealous! -10:29 Sep 30

Conrad: *His face turned red again!* If she’s super jealous, she has a funny way of showing it …

Lily: I heard her talking to him on the phone not too long ago. I think he was surprised to hear you were back in town again. *She bet he’s piss on Victor if he got the chance! Smirk!* -10:32 Sep 30

Hannah: I did kind of make her help hook us up. God, I bet she’s as dumb as you are! She never checks out guys with me, but I know she’s not in to chicks cause she raves up and down about that english band Forsaken. Oh, we better get back before it’s late! Come on! *Hannah grabbed his arm and was dragging him down the street again.*

Leon: *He stopped piling on the ice cream to snort.* Sure he was. Hoped I was dead or something, no doubt. *He gave Lily a sideways glance.* Cissy didn’t mention him coming by or visiting, did she? -10:35 Sep 30

Conrad: *He blinked but he didn’t have time to talk, let alone get his bearings! Hannah suddenly had his arm and was pulling him down the street. And boy, was she strong!*

Lily: Um… I think she said she’d love to see him again and apparently something he said was hilarious, cause she laughed and it wasn’t that fake laugh she gives when someone is pissing her off and she can’t tell them to screw off. *She had to admit, she was pretty interested in seeing what the infamous Victor was like. Mom only complained about prom night going bad..* -10:37 Sep 30
Leon: *BLINK!* CISSY! *He yelled!* I’ll be uh … right back. *He said in his normal voice and then he was out of the kitchen!* CISSY! CISSY CISSY CISSY! *He marched up and down the suite for her!* -10:40 Sep 30
Lily: Sooo jealous. *Score! Lily was rewarded with a making a giant icecream tower all for herself. …Sigh. If only she wasn’t thinking about Hannah and Conrad!* -10:41 Sep 30

Ciara: *There was a tone she hadn’t heard in a while! And here Ciara was in her room going through her phonebook for suitable dates. Why was it so hard to find a decent date?!* …Shush! You sound like a yapping pup!

Leon: *Leon was careful to close the door behind him and then he let her have it.* I do not sound like a yapping pup–And what’s this about Victor possibly coming by! THE Victor! The pain in the ass Victor! *He added just in case she wanted to play that "what Victor are you possibly referring to? I know a dozen" thing with him.* -10:43 Sep 30

Hannah: *Hannah made sure to squeeze in a few more tips about snuggling on their way to the hotel. Like how to give soft touches, and hugs, and sneaky kisses! So when they were back at Shades and returning to the Grey Suite, she was grinning like a chesire cat!* Hellooo~! Lily! …. wow, is that her dad bellowing back there?

Ciara: Were you listening to me on the phone again? *Ciara looked unconcerned and went back to browsing her phone book. Without smirking. Like she wanted to.* He might be in town soon and wanted to see me.

Conrad: *The cuddling tip where you scoot next to a girl … that one Conrad could handle. The others she told him along the way … left him wondering but he made sure not to let her see the look on his face. He grinned sheepishly at Lily and coughed politely.*

Leon: Eww … *There was the disgusted look on his face again!* But he’s a pain in the ass, stuck-up, a pain in the ass, bratty, a pain in the ass, has germs that far worst than cooties … did I mention he’s a pain in the ass! Why the hell would you go see him, let alone NOT shoot him on sight! -10:48 Sep 30
Lily: You’re both back kind of fast..? *Yeah that was smooth. Of course, they could still hear Leon complaining in the back even if the door was closed! She pointed at the growing cookie tower.* Was it fun? -10:48 Sep 30
Leon: *are far -10:48 Sep 30

Hannah: Yeah it was super fun! God, but you were right, I don’t think we can date – uh, no offence Conrad! *Hannah leaned across the counter and whispered loud.* He talks about you too much, super turn off!

Conrad: *It was a struggle not to say something but he settled for scratching his temple and trying to remember Hannah had the best intentions–at least he think she did.*

Ciara: Probably because I actually LIKE him and that’s what friends do when they come in to town? It isn’t my fault you have some sort of jealous vendetta against him. *Now she cast him the smirk. If his tail were out, she bet it would be bristling and puffy!*

Leon: It’s not a jealous vendetta, it’s the downright truth! *He growled and started to pace.* That little bastard is up to something. He’s probably plotting how to do me in now that he knows I’m here … -10:53 Sep 30
Lily: *Lily opened her mouth.. only to shut it again! Hannah didn’t have to say that with him standing right there! Though… did he really only talk about her?* That’s um… too bad! Do you wanna stay have some ice cream cookies? Leon just made them. -10:53 Sep 30

Hannah: Naaaaw, I’m kinda tired, actually! Plus I totally have gobs of homework to do. You guys have fun! I’ll see you at school! *Hannah waved at Lily, and as she turned around gave Conrad the YOU GO BOY thumbs up of approval.* Ciao! *She practically skipped out of the suite!*

Conrad: *When he saw that thumbs up sign, he just about turned several shades of red! But he managed to control himself.* Yeah, the uh date didn’t go very far … *He mumbled and then he saw the cookie tower.* Wow, that’s a lot of ice cream.

Ciara: *Ciara rolled her eyes and tossed the phonebook on the nightstand. This was getting ridiculous.* Aren’t you getting a little overboard? I’ve known him just as long as you have, and not once has he ever done anything remotely “evil”. Stupid maybe, but not evil.

Lily: Leon was gonna help eat it, but he’s a bit distracted at the moment. *She scooted over and offered him a spoon.* …Sooo… What did you do on your date…? *She HAD to know!* -10:58 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad grinned sheepishly.* Would you believe we didn’t even make it into an ice cream shop? I guess I’m just a bad date. Thanks. *He took the spoon she offered him. Who could resist freshly baked cookies and ice cream?*

Leon: A little overboard, my tail. *Leon muttered, still pacing.* Just because he hasn’t done anything remotely "evil" that you know of, doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything evil at all. I still say he’s up to something. I don’t like him knowing I’m here. -11:08 Sep 30
Lily: Does mean you’re a bad kisser? *It was out of her mouth before she thought about it! Lily turned her back to him with a big spoonful of icecream before he caught her looking stupid! Argh! Stupid Hannah telling her the Conrad-date plans!* -11:09 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad blinked and swallowed his ice cream before he replied.* I … wouldn’t know. We … didn’t kiss. *He got another spoonful of ice cream.* So, what is Leon upset about?

Ciara: What exactly do you think he’s going to do? Catch you with a tail and pull it off? You’re pitching a fit over nothing. …Christ’s sake sit down and quite wearing a hole in my carpet. *It was quite different to see a full grown Leon being pissy about Vincent. …She’d have thought he’d have grown out of it by now.*

Lily: Oh. *Yes! Wait… she didn’t care! He can kiss anybody he wants. Lily gave a nonchalant shrug of her shouldes.* Some friend of mom’s called and he doesn’t like the guy. And he must really hate him, cause he left me in here alone with cookies and ice cream. -11:14 Sep 30
Leon: He’s up to something and it’s not something as stupid as pull my tail off. *How could he make Cissy understand the term "dislike" had always been an understatement where Victor was concerned?* -11:17 Sep 30

Ciara: He didn’t even know you were here when he called. He wanted to see me, and frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing him again either. I don’t think we’ve chatted since high school. …If you don’t like it, you can stay here!

Conrad: I never thought I’d see the day Leon got real pissed off about someone. So um … want to go out and have some pizza?

Lily: *She managed to pull one of the ice cream cookies off the tower and was trying to eat it without making a mess.* Yeah! We should go tomorrow though. If we eat all of this and try to eat pizza too, we might die. *She cast him a grin.* Well, you might. -11:23 Sep 30

Conrad: *He grinned.* Is that a challenge?

Leon: I will. But if he takes one step into the elevator with you–and you know damn well I’ll know–I’m going into hiding before I do the world a favor and rip his throat out. *He growled and then he stalked out–and out of the suite!* -11:26 Sep 30
Lily: Nooo… If it was a challenge, you’re already half loosing! I’ve had several cookies already. *Lily showed him the current half eaten cookie!* -11:29 Sep 30

Ciara: What the fuck just happened?! *He had never flipped out like that before! …and freaking walked out too! She snorted, slipping on her shoes before stalking out of the suite herself. She was either going to hunt him down, or go rant at his Father. It was probably his fault, anyway.*

Conrad: *He laughed.* I am not worthy to take on such a champion. Okay, pizza tomorrow. But I didn’t get something to eat yet. That’s not fair.

Leon: *He was awfully fast when he wanted to be. By the time, Ciara had gotten to the lobby he was nowhere in sight!* -11:35 Sep 30
Lily: Since when is icecream and cookies not a suitable dinner? *It was a good enough dinner for her! …well…men needed meat as Leon would say.* There’s some left overs in the fridge, I think. Just barely. Someone oughta eat them before Leon does. -11:38 Sep 30

Ciara: *Lost the wolf. Why’d he have to be such a pain in the ass anyway! She ran her hands through her hair. What she ought to do is invite Victor over just to spite!* Damned wolf. Who am I supposed to rant at when you’re running off! …. I’m telling.

There wasn’t a sign of Leon anywhere! He might have gone for a brisk walk or gone to Oracle–there were so many places he could be!

Conrad: Waste not, want not as Aunt Marigold liked to say. *He went over to heat up the left overs.*

Ciara: *She was going to need a tracking collar on that wolf. That’s probably what Gabriel used on Evangeline. Would come in handy. …well… Ciara would stop by Oracle and speaking to that vampire and his psychic, and then she’ll harass Wulfric. Leon isn’t allowed to run off like this, for all she knew he could be hunting down Victor and- ….No, he wouldn’t do that would he?*

Lily: *Glancing around, she might as well clean up the mess Leon left for her! That’s the trouble with asking Leon for sweets, you always have to do the cleanup!* Ssssooo… whacha talk about on your date with Hannah? -11:48 Sep 30

Conrad: She did most of the talking … *He admitted.* I was trying not to get run over or walk into something. *He grinned sheepishly and then realized how stupid he looked, so the sheepish grin went. While he was waiting for the food to heat up in the microwave, he helped her clean up by washing the dishes.*

Back at Oracle, everything looked the same it always did–at least no one had burned it down or destroyed the entire headquarters somehow. Thank goodness! Evangeline was, of course, teaching a class and Gabriel couldn’t be far away.

Lily: *She had one of the towels as was trying to wipe down the counter. Trying to not be obvious and ask snooping questions where Conrad was concerned was hard!* …talk about… work.. any? -11:54 Sep 30

Evangeline: So, you see, you never try to grab ghosts with your bare hands. Some of them are really slim- Good Evening Ms. Grey! You look… like you need something? *Evangeline thought Ms. Grey looked ready to murder something, and only hope she wasn’t mad at her again!*

Ciara: I am looking for my wolf. He’s being exceptionally stupid tonight and I’d like to find him before he ends up on the news for murder.

Ciara: ….and why the hell is Jameson dressed in a sheet and covered in Jello?

Evangeline: I didn’t have a ghost for the lesson. Would you like Gabriel to find him, or should I end the class for tonight? *Leon never wanted to murder people, he must be upset! Evangeline considered!*

Ciara: Call up your damned vampire. I need someone that can actually hold down a wolf, not get devoured by one. *Though she did not fail to notice the room of sad-faces that class was not to be cancelled.*

Conrad: *He was going to look straight at the dishes in case he started turning red or grinning stupidly.* Well, she asked about my career goals and stuff. It’s not like I could say “I want to be a hunter my entire life.” *He stopped washing his dishes for a moment.* Hm. An entire life of fighting evil … I never really thought about that until now.

Lily: What, um… do you plan to do? You mentioned a karaoke bar once or twice… *Of course, that definitely meant no more bodyguarding, and no more being here!* -12:09 Oct 01

Evangeline: Hey… I’m not so delicious for wolves! Not that Gabriel admit it specifically, but I am not wolfysnack flavor!

Leon: Heh. Maybe one day … I mean, you’ll probably be wanting to go out and have a life … Might … settle … down someday … *But Lily wasn’t a normal girl and that’s what he liked about her. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t want a normal life, right?* -12:12 Oct 01

Conrad: Heh. Maybe one day … I mean, you’ll probably be wanting to go out and have a life … Might … settle … down someday … *But Lily wasn’t a normal girl and that’s what he liked about her. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t want a normal life, right?*

Ciara: Christ. I’ll summon him. *Ciara snatched the weapon off the nearest trainee, reloaded it the way it was supposed to be, cock and aimed at the psychic!* Take a step to the left, Evangeline, so you’ll land on the mat.

[Leon is now known as: Conrad] -12:13 Oct 01
Lily: Oh. Well, I guess… I thought I had a life now with yo- everything being the way it is. *She was going to die! Obviously she was getting all weird for no good reason! Focus on… spot on the counter!* -12:19 Oct 01

Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped to the left, and then she realized-* Are you about to shoot at me? *All the trainees had went silent! That was never a good sign!*

Conrad: *Don’t be a coward. Don’t be a coward … Crap, why was this so hard compared to all the other stuff he could do?* Um … We’ve been friends for awhile … haven’t we …? Done a lot … said a lot … Friend stuff, right? -12:22 Oct 01

Ciara: Don’t worry, it won’t be lethal. *Honestly, she did enjoy trying to see how far she could get away with it! BANG! BANG! Missed, with four inches to spare. Not bad! Of course, a couple of the trainees had fainted… Babies.*

Lily: Uh huh. A lot of stuff. Mostly insane stuff. But a lot. *That was a weird question. She paused to blink at him.* Why? -12:26 Oct 01

Evangeline: *A yelp and covering of her ears! She could have sworn she felt those bullets wizzing by!* Ms. Grey, can you.. maybe… not shoot at me!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was suddenly standing between Evangeline and Ciara, his back to Evangeline. And the surprise was, he hadn’t come alone! There was a young male vampire struggling to free himself from Gabriel’s grasp, Gabriel’s arm stretched out to the side! He was too busy struggling for freedom to notice where they were at first–and then he glanced sideways at the classroom! Gabriel threw the vampire without a second glance to the wall, his gun appeared in his now empty hand and he shot the vampire! The vampire hit the wall and then burned into a crisp! Ash was the only thing left and that fell into a pile on the floor.* What do you require now, Ms Grey. *The gun disappeared.*

Ciara: As dramatic of an entrance as always. I want my wolf.

Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! Eventually Ms. Grey would get bored of testing out how Gabriel appears, but she really wished she’d get bored a little bit faster!*

Conrad: It’s just … I don’t want to ever creep you out or make you uncomfortable … to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to go on that date with Hannah in the first place. -12:39 Oct 01
Lily: You didn’t? *Now she was going to have to bite her tongue and not say YAY. It’s not like she thought they were good together anyway!* …. But you don’t. Creep me out, that is. Like…. ever. -12:42 Oct 01

Gabriel: Of course. *He said as if it was the simplest thing in the world.* He can either be brought to you or you to him.

Ciara: My, you are accomidating. Are you so obediant for your psychic too? *Ciara flashed a quick smirk before it disappeared.* Take me where he is. I want to make sure he’s not mauling a friend.

Conrad: I figured I should ask you … you know, about um, creeping you out or anything. Then again, maybe I think too much … -12:53 Oct 01

Gabriel: *He smirked and flashed his fangs.* You mistake obedience for pity, Ms Grey. You are distraught without your wolf. *He turned to Evangeline.* It would seem dinner is my treat for the inconvenience.

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded, not saying a word about Ms. Grey’s wolf dilema!* I’ll return home after class. Try not to torment each other too much!

Lily: *Lily wasn’t sure if she wanted shake her head or just laugh at him! Of all the things he could worry about, creeping her out wasn’t one of them!* You really don’t. *…Biting her bottom lip, she hestitated for a moment… but, she should prove it right? Lily dropped the dishtowel on the counter and slowly eased her way to Conrad and snaked her arms around his waist for a hug. Perfectly not creepy!* -01:02 Oct 01

Ciara: *She was about to show HIM some damned fangs.* Let’s go them, before he’s out too long!

Gabriel: *He opened his hand and a strand of hair fell into his palm. It was long and black. Leon’s hair. Then he took his knife out, cut his arm.* “Nos peto lupus unde is insolitus adveho. “ *There was a pulse of negative energy, the wind whipped around them and then they were gone!*

Leon: *Ciara, Victor … and himself. That left a lot of things to think out and he hadn’t bothered to figure out where he was going. He just kept walking, hands in his pockets, lost in thought. It was a wonder he hadn’t gotten run over or something. At least now, the weres steered clear. Before he’d returned to Cissy, each were he met was suspicious of him or wanted to kill him. He was just so … frustrated. So he hadn’t realized where he was until his feet touched the edge of a lake and he looked around. He’d obviously walked a long way because he was well out of the city and in some forest. Probably north. He stood there and stared into the lake’s surface, looking at his own reflection.*

Gabriel: *They appeared a few yards behind Leon who didn’t seem to have noticed them!*

Ciara: *The first thing she did, after making sure her body was still in one piece, was pick up a small pebble from the ground and chuck it at Leon!*

Conrad: *He blinked when he felt the arms and then he looked over at her. Then he smiled a little.* I … guess I sounded strange, huh? Thanks, Lily … *It was nice having her hug him like this, when they weren’t in the middle of a life-death struggle or had some creature after them.* -01:12 Oct 01

Leon: … What’d you do that for? *He muttered, still not turning to her. No surprise she found him. He was just surprised it took her so long.*

Lily: Unnecessary concern, really. *She should probably let go of him. But well… it wouldn’t hurt to hug a little longer! It was acceptable behavior!* -01:14 Oct 01

Ciara: Because you’re dumb and you have cooties. ….Why do you always come here when you get pissy? I had to get the damned vampire to help me.

Conrad: *He laughed.* I probably wouldn’t know what do with myself if I didn’t have something to worry about.*He finally finished the dishes.* You know, whatever happens, you’re always my best friend. Pinkie swear. *He held up his pinkie.* -01:19 Oct 01

Leon: *Because he couldn’t hunt down Victor and rip his throat out, he wanted to say but he kept that thought to himself. He just stayed silent. She wouldn’t understand. She just thought he was nuts because he wanted to kill her little boyfriend.*

Lily: *She released him to move and lean against the counter as she linked her pinkie with his. Lily grinned.* Always best friend. -01:22 Oct 01
Conrad: *He grinned.* Don’t think this means I’m going to go easy on you when we’re playing cards. Or racing to see who can get to the lobby first. -01:23 Oct 01

Ciara: *Ciara waved her arms over her head, not that he was looking, flipped him the finger, not that he saw, and seriously thought about kicking him in the lake and leaving him there! …But she didn’t. She just stuffed her hands in her pockets and looked at the sky.* Gabriel thinks you’re being unreasonable. He says you should come home with me.

Leon: *Leon scoffed.* Gabriel probably thinks we’re both nuts and wonders why he bothers to help us in the first place.

Lily: I still think you cheat at cards. Nobody is ever that good, and I didn’t think I was that bad. *Now that she had his pinky, she turned his hand over to look at his palm. If she could figure out palming reading she could make sure he wouldn’t die before he’s thirty.* -01:26 Oct 01

Ciara: Honestly, Gabriel must like you a lot, because he doesn’t want you running around out here in the middle of the night alone and pissed off. Put his mind to rest and come home.

Leon: … Is that his mind or yours?

Ciara: His mind, my mind, I don’t really know the difference. Ms. Clark says we’re the same anyway. *Ciara scowled. She didn’t like the comparison, but she supposed there were moments…*

Leon: Unlike you, he probably wouldn’t mind me ripping Victor’s throat out. *That’s what it all came down to anyways. Victor.*

Ciara: Damnit. You don’t see me ripping the heads off any woman that comes near you! And believe me, some of them deserve it! He is my friend, I don’t see what the big deal with having a visit when he comes to town is!

Conrad: If you think I’m bad, you should avoid playing Uncle Joe. He’s a master at card playing. So … now that we cleaned up, what would you like to do? -01:37 Oct 01

Leon: It’s not a matter of being possessive. None of the women who come near me is as bad as Victor is. You’re just biased because he’s your ‘friend’.

Lily: I should probably do homework… *Which did not sound very entertaining at all.* We could watch the Science channel and pretend like I’m studying? -01:39 Oct 01

Ciara: You don’t have any evidence to even support it! You know, show me some damned proof besides “I don’t like him” and maybe I’d take you seriously. You haven’t even seen him since we were kids!

Leon: I don’t need to see him. I know what he looks like. *He buried his hands into his pockets.* You don’t think I watched the news while I was on the run? Victor does this, Victor does that. Whoop-de-doo. Just throw him a fricken’ parade already.

Ciara: You’re exaggrerating. How is that NOT supposed to sound like jealous rantings of a mad wolf?

Conrad: Jealousy … *He finally turned to look at her, his face serious.* You haven’t seen jealousy. But if it’s evidence you want, I’ll give it to you. *He looked past her and walked around her to stand in front of Gabriel.* Gabriel, I need you to take me somewhere. *He pulled something out of his pocket. A newspaper clipping ripped out of a newspaper. There was a picture of two men shaking hands under the headline "Brilliant millionaire strikes deal of a century." Ciara recognized one of the men as being Victor.* -01:51 Oct 01

Leon: Jealousy … *He finally turned to look at her, his face serious.* You haven’t seen jealousy. But if it’s evidence you want, I’ll give it to you. *He looked past her and walked around her to stand in front of Gabriel.* Gabriel, I need you to take me somewhere. *He pulled something out of his pocket. A newspaper clipping ripped out of a newspaper. There was a picture of two men shaking hands under the headline “Brilliant millionaire strikes deal of a century.” Ciara recognized one of the men as being Victor.*

Conrad: Sounds good to me. Learning is learning. *He smiled and then they were walking into the living room. He plopped down onto the couch.* -01:53 Oct 01

Ciara: If you’e going to see Victor it’s… completely forbidden! In fact, I don’t think I want you anywhere near him or you’ll wind up in prison somewhere!

Lily: *Making sure she had a supply of cookies and some of that chocolate milk from the fridge, Lily too plopped on the couch next to him, arranging everything on the coffee table and grabbed the remote!* If we’re lucky, it’s the one about supermassive blackholes and I won’t have to go to the library for extra research. -01:56 Oct 01

Leon: You were the one who said you wanted proof. *He said without turning.* I’ll avoid meeting your boyfriend just so you don’t have to worry about me ripping his throat out. *Not yet, at least …*

Ciara: Boyfriend?! What the hell, Leon! He’s not my damned boyfriend!

Leon: He’s a boy and your friend. That makes him a boyfriend, doesn’t it? *He turned to Gabriel.* Let’s go get that evidence. Ms Grey refuses to believe me until I get it. Apparently my instincts aren’t good enough for her.

Conrad: Here’s to luck. May the science gods be with us. *He laughed. Then he glanced at the door.* Leon and your mom have been away for awhile. Should we be worried? -02:06 Oct 01

Ciara: No, Gabriel is staying right here. After all, he is a boy and my friend, and apparently also my beloved boyfriend!

Lily: Knowing my mother, she’s probably throwing rocks at him and he’s begging her to be reasonable. *Lily curled up comfy, setting the remote aside once she found her channel. See, this was way better than him going out with Hannah!* -02:08 Oct 01

Gabriel: *Not a single emotion or thought crossed on his face but he took his knife out.* You, Ms Grey, were unwise to chase after your wolf so soon. You will have to learn, even he needs some time away from home. When he is ready, he will return. If he chooses to return. *He cut his arm and cast the spell. There was a pulse of negative energy and the wind whipped around Ciara.* … And I do not take threats to the Seer lightly. *Then she was gone! And she reappeared in her room at the suite!*

Leon: *He blinked! Cissy was gone!* Wait–where–how–? *He looked at Gabriel, speechless!*

Ciara: *…Ciara found herself sent to her room. Like a six year old kid. By a vampire.* YOU SON OF BITCH!

Ciara: son of A ahem.

Lily: *A startled jumped followed by an odd expression and a roll of the eyes.* …. I guess mother is home. -02:23 Oct 01
Conrad: *He blinked and scratched his head.* In the kind of life we lead, doors are just for decoration and slamming, aren’t they? -02:24 Oct 01

Ciara: *Fine, she was going to bed. But it wasn’t because HE sent her to her room. It’s because she was tired of dealing with stupid men! She got dressed for bed, snarling the entire time!*

Lily: Soooo much parental drama! *Lily grabbed one of the sofa cushions to pull over her head, and plop over to Conrad’s shoulder. Why could her mother just… make up with Leon and get it over with!* -02:28 Oct 01

Gabriel: *Gabriel handed the newspaper clipping back to Leon.* When all is said and done, all you have to rely on are your instincts. It is not wise to charge into things without thinking them through. Stay and think for as long as necessary to calm yourself, then return to Ms Grey’s side. *At Leon’s expression, he tilted his head slightly.* Tell me. When you were hungry, when you were beaten, when you were alone, what drove you to continue, in spite of everything.

Conrad: *He wore a sheepish grin and then he blinked.* Check it out. Super blackholes.

Lily: I’d like to see them get sucked in to a super blackhole. *She muttered darkly. …But she did pull the pillow down so she could see the tv. * -02:33 Oct 01

Leon: *He stared at Gabriel and then he smiled. He knew the answer to that. It was Cissy. The chance to see her again had kept him going.* Thank you, Gabriel.

The Gate Saga

042 Gabriel’s Mark

Evangeline takes Lily (and Conrad) on a girl’s day to thank her for talking to Gabriel. They discuss girly things and relationships while Conrad covers his ears half the time. Conrad and Lily go to fetch icecream, leaving Evangeline alone. She’s stopped by a couple of cops who intended to take her off somewhere, but they see “Gabriel’s Mark” and run off scared! Evangeline is prompted to ask Gabriel what that means… as well about why she’s not edible, and even why no one will give her a kiss (thanks to Lily’s subtle teasing!). Gabriel answers all her questions, including why no one will dare kiss her… and finally offers to give her a kiss since she’s so determined about it.

[Evangeline is taking Lily out for girltime, because Lily was so sweet in talking to Gabriel! ] -01:25 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily wasn’t sure how that was sweet… But Evangeline promised milkshakes, and that couldn’t be passed up. …And maybe she was curious to know more about Gabriel and Evangeline’s strange adventures.* …and he just shot them? Just like that?

Evangeline: *At that, Evangeline looked a little embarassed!* Gunshots hurt so much more than I expected, I hadn’t realized he was the one that took me to the infirmary. If I did, I might have asked him not to be so… rough! Those poor trainees were horrorfied to even be around me for days! They thought he’d shoot them too! -01:33 Mar 05
[Conrad was tagging along and … covering his ears!] -01:34 Mar 05

Lily: I don’t really blame him, though. They were being stupid. Training to be an Oracle Hunter is very serious. *Lily turned to glance at Conrad… fighting back a grin! Did he really have to cover his ears the whole time? They weren’t even talking about anything weird.*

Evangeline: It’s selective punishment and he’s not following the same rules for everyone. *Evangeline wagged a finger, as if she were starting on another lecture. Likely, Gabriel had to listen to the same one!* He doesn’t shoot people or break bones when they get in to accidents with someone. I am not supposed to be treated special, that’s unfair to all of those hard working hunters! -01:40 Mar 05
Conrad: Well, boy, at least we get to go for a walk and see the sights. *He had to take a break from covering his ears to look down at Brutus!* -01:40 Mar 05

Lily: Uh huh… Since when do boys not treat their girlfriends special?

Evangeline: Girlfriends? Gabriel has a girlfriend? *Evangeline blinked, looking genuinly confused! As far as she knew, Gabriel hardly spoke to anyone… But then he did go on plenty of missions without her!* -01:43 Mar 05
Conrad: *He raised an eyebrow. Maybe this was a good time to cover his ears …? It was so hard to tell. Girls got sensitive about these sort of things!* -01:46 Mar 05

Lily: …you’ve gotta be kidding me. *Lily muttered, giving Evangeline and examining look! …So Lily turned around while stille walking, to ask Conrad!* When someone shoots people for you, saves you from evil, and even sleeps in your bed… That would be dating, wouldn’t it?

Conrad: *He blinked and scratched his head.* Yeah, I would think so. -01:50 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped to rest her hands on her hips.* Dating is.. is going out for dinner, staying in for movies, and going for moonlight walks. …And he sleeps in bed with me because he can’t sleep otherwise. -01:51 Mar 05
Conrad: *He blinked.* Wait … Wha …? Er, nevermind. *He shook his head.* -01:52 Mar 05

Lily: Then if it’s not being in love then what IS it? *Lily asked as she stopped. Maybe she didn’t know a lot about this sort of stuff, but there was a thing called common sense!*

Brutus was suddenly fascinated by a tree! -Conrad

Evangeline: …I didn’t say it wasn’t love. It’s simply not dating! …It’s a good thing we’ve gone out today, there’s a lot of things I’ll have to teach you two! -01:56 Mar 05

Lily: *Now Lily had about the same expression on her face as Conrad! Rolling her eyes, she was following Brutus to see what he thought was so interesting!* What’s the difference? Does everything really have to be that complicated?

Evangeline: Well, dating doesn’t always mean love is involved, for starters. You’re looking for love. Bother, I explained this to Gabriel once, now what did I say…? …Conrad! You tell her about dating, from a boy’s point of view! -02:02 Mar 05
Conrad: *He blinked!* Me?! I … honestly can’t say much. I mean, it’s different for someone like er, Gabriel compared to someone like me. -02:05 Mar 05

Brutus peed on the tree and then tried to roll around in the dirt! -Conrad

Evangeline: Then, what is it like for you! You are much better to ask than Gabriel, I don’t really think he’s interested in relationship things anyway. *Evangeline found a bench and took a seat. This was a good place to stop and let Brutus run off some energy before they were anywhere he could swallow whole!* -02:09 Mar 05

Lily: Yeah, Gabriel’s only in it for… what did that jerk at Oracle say? For the food?

Evangeline: I think that guy was confused. I don’t even cook. -02:13 Mar 05
Conrad: *He scratched his head.* What he meant to say, Evangeline is … Well, some vampires. They er … keep their food. Kind of touchy about it, too. -02:20 Mar 05

Lily: *It was Lily’s turn to cover her ears! Arms over head even to make sure she didn’t hear a word, Lily took great interested in kicking a pine cone around for Brutus to chase!*

Evangeline: I can understand that. But I never cook for us, so it hardly makes any sense. -02:24 Mar 05
Conrad: *He huffed.* No, I mean … They say he’s just saving you so he can bite you and suck your blood. -02:37 Mar 05
Evangeline: *A blink!* Well… no! He’s never asked! *Evangeline frowned as she thought about.* He said I tasted like apples, I wonder if he lied so I wouldn’t be upset? Wolves will eat just about anything, I might taste terrible. -02:40 Mar 05
Conrad: Um … I uh, guess you’ll have to ask him sometime? -02:40 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily pulled her hands from her ears, looking rather startled at Evangeline!* Apples and wolves…?

Brutus sat down and started to scratch! This collar was rather itchy!

Evangeline: *Cough! Maybe this was not a topic they should be discussing around Lily! Evangeline quickly changed subjects!* You know, I am surprised the weather is no nice today after all of the storms we’ve been having! -02:42 Mar 05

Lily: I think you and Gabriel are both kind of crazy… *Admitted Lily, accepting the topic change, but returning to the original discussion!* I would say worse than my mother and Leon, but at least you’re not trying to kill each other.

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled!* Everyone shows love in different ways, you know. Have you ever seen your mother argue with someone like she does with Leon? -02:55 Mar 05

Lily: …Not really… She always shut them up and made them leave, or left herself…

Evangeline: There you go! Ms. Grey argues with Leon because she loves him and doesn’t want him to leave! It’s really very sweet! -02:56 Mar 05

Lily: *That… made so much sense, it was insane! …and could be put in to practive! A mischevious look on her face as she plotted the ideas!*

Conrad: *He blinked and saw that look on Lily’s face! That could only mean trouble for Ms Grey and Leon!* An ice cream stand. Anyone want a cone? -03:06 Mar 05

Brutus barked! He’d love some ice cream!

Lily: Yes! Let’s get ’em, Brutus! *Lily just grinned at Conrad as she past by him towards the icecream stand! At least Brutus learned not to eat carts and buildings now!*

Conrad: What flavor would you like, Evangeline? *He asked after Lily and Brutus had passed him by! He couldn’t begin to imagine what she had planned!* -03:10 Mar 05
Evangeline: I’ll be fine here for a moment. You can both get ice cream with Brutus. *Evangeline smiled! Getting icecream would be a date… ..There was a thought!* -03:12 Mar 05
Conrad: *He smiled.* Okay. We’ll be right back. *He disappeared for a moment, leaving Evangeline alone with her thoughts!* -03:32 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline wondered if they ever thought about it themselves… always being together like that! But maybe she would be meddling, and she meddled enough with Leon and Ms. Grey! Twitching her feet, it was still and interesting thought. ….And DID Gabriel think about girlfriends?* -03:36 Mar 05

As Evangeline was thinking, a couple of cops showed up! “Excuse, miss, but you’ll have to come with us,” one of the men said!

Evangeline: *Obligingly Evangeline stood up, but she looked pretty confused.* Is there something wrong? …My puppy didn’t try to eat anyone, did he? -03:59 Mar 05

“Yes, miss. Now if you could put your hands up. We’d like to make sure you’re not carrying or are armed with anything.”

Evangeline: …I don’t think you can arrest someone for dog bites… At least, you couldn’t in England. *Evangeline raised her hands anyway, she heard plenty of stories about poor people getting beaten up by police just for looking at them funny! And she always had rotton luck!* -04:02 Mar 05

The cops were nodding–until one of them hit the other’s arm! “Check it out! That mark on her wrist! Isn’t that–?!”

His pal blinked! “That’s Gabriel Carnatelli’s mark! Awh man, we’re in deep shit! S–sorry, ma’am! Sorry to bother you! Please don’t tell Mr. Carnatelli!” And they were suddenly gone, scrambling away!

Evangeline: Excuse… me? *They were already gone! Running off like the devil was on their heels! That was strange! She rubbed her arms but didn’t really feel anything…* Weird.. -04:19 Mar 05
Conrad: *He came back to Evangeline rubbing her arms.* Hey, Evangeline. What was up with those guys? -04:20 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily had her ice cream and some for Brutus too! …and men running away. Could Evangeline go anywhere without something strange happening?*

Brutus sat down at Evangeline’s feet, eagerly waiting for his ice cream!

Evangeline: I really have no idea! I think they were going to arrest me, but they were all upset about a mark and apologized! Do you see anything? *She held out her arms!* -04:22 Mar 05

Lily: *Leaning she had Brutus prancing in circles before she gave him his treat!*

Conrad: *He took a lick of his cone and leaned forward.* Yeah–Er, Evangeline, I’ve never seen this mark before. Who bit you? -04:24 Mar 05
Evangeline: *A confused blink!* A lot of things have bitten me. Oh! Wait, well… I did ask Gabriel if he would tell me why wolves want to eat me. …Can people really recognize teeth marks? -04:27 Mar 05

Lily: They’re careful with the ones they want to keep. Like fingerprints only with teeth… *Muttered Lily, frowning slightly but distracted enough with Brutus!*

Conrad: But it doesn’t make sense. I wonder if Gabriel realized what he was doing when you asked him to. -04:32 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily rose to her feet, really trying to hide the wide grin that was threatening to pop up!* He’s about as clueless as Evangeline about that stuff, I think.

Evangeline: I’ll have to ask him. *Evangeline stuck her tongue out at Lily!* You’re a dreadful tease! I think I’ll find him and ask him. …Maybe the two of you can go out as a date! -04:38 Mar 05
Evangeline: and ask him -04:39 Mar 05
Conrad: *He flashed a sheepish grin at Lily, only to blink at Evangeline!* Who’s going out on a date? -04:42 Mar 05
Evangeline: You and Lily! Ice cream, long walk… a date! *Now she was the one teasing, but maybe it would set them to thinking!* -04:43 Mar 05

Lily: Then we can vanquish demons and rescue damsels before midnight. *…Evangeline wasn’t very subtle when she was trying to pick on someone. Lily cast a curious look at Conrad. Hannah kept saying he was a dreamboat!*

Conrad: *A soft chuckle as he finished off his ice cream!* Yeah, that seems to be what we end up doing. Never a dull or normal moment except when Lily’s in class. -04:50 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Turning to head for Oracle, Evangeline only smiled!* Yes, never dull… and more fun if kissing is involved! -04:51 Mar 05

Lily: There is a lot of kissing with Gabriel on your non-dates?

Evangeline: *She made a sudden stop, turning around slowly and trying her best not to look embarassed! What a question!* As a matter of fact, there is no kissing involved! Not even on our real date. …I am not exactly kissable. Even a frog ran away from me! -04:56 Mar 05

Lily: I guess you better ask about kissing from Gabriel too. *Lily didn’t mask her devious grin!*

Conrad: *He followed behind with Brutus, nervously smiling at any passers-by! This was embarassing!* -05:00 Mar 05

Brutus was walking along! He was one happy puppy the rest of the way back to Oracle!

Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed her way back to Oracle! And maybe she would ask Gabriel about kissing too! She can’t even give Hunters a kiss on the cheek for their good work without them choking up and running off! The first thing she did was look for one of Gabriel’s classes!* -05:03 Mar 05

Of course the best way to find one of Gabriel’s classes was to find the room everyone was limping or being carried out of!

Evangeline: *One can’t complain about well seasoned Trainees… they also gave the nurses good training! Evangeline slipped in to the class unannounced… but she really couldn’t be patient with asking her questions!* Do vampires really mark their dinner? ….OH! That’s what he meant about food! *She paused, suddenly realizing what that other comment meant… But that made her more curious about her question!* -05:11 Mar 05
[Conrad is now known as: Gabriel] -05:12 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He turned away from the last student struggling to get up from the floor with the help of a few classmates.* … What are you ranting about? -05:14 Mar 05
Evangeline: Some police officers tried to arrest me, but they saw a mark on me, asked me not to tell you, and ran away! -05:15 Mar 05

Someone in the back passed his partner a twenty. He sooo knew she was snack food!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* … A mark. *He held out his hand.* Hand. -05:18 Mar 05
Evangeline: *She gave him her hand, still looking fairly curious!* -05:20 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He studied it for a moment, silent and then released her hand.* That is correct. It would seem I inadvertently marked you when yielding to your incessant question. Do you wish me to find a way to get rid of it? -05:21 Mar 05
Evangeline: It’s fine. …Why don’t you ever try eating me, if I’m food? I know you said you don’t like feeding on humans, but wouldn’t it be easier instead of having to go catch a beastie? -05:24 Mar 05
Gabriel: … You are insane. *He replied.* -05:31 Mar 05
Evangeline: That’s not insane, it’s practical! …I think so, anyway. I suppose you don’t think I very tasty, then? -05:33 Mar 05

That hunter that thought he lost the bet snatched his twenty back. “Told ya he doesn’t feed off her.”

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* … If one has a preference for apples and cinnamon, then you are tasty. Feeding has a potential for being disorderly, not to mention the side effects. -05:45 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Granted, she could probably read a book to learn these things… but it was easier asking Gabriel, he knew the best!* …Disorderly? What sort of side effects? -05:46 Mar 05
Gabriel: It is not uncommon for the vampire to get overwhelmed by thirst and hence, make a mess of things. He may very well kill, maim, or injure his victim in countless ways. Side effects for the victim who experiences constant feeding include lack of energy, lack of sleep, and an addiction to being fed on. -05:52 Mar 05
Evangeline: Oh! That makes sense then! But you’re not feeding on me, why would you mark me by accident. -05:56 Mar 05
Gabriel: Vampires mark their prey whenever they are being careful with them. -05:57 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned.* And you’re always careful with me. I will leave you to your class now. *She turned around to leave, but paused…* Oh, but I did want to ask why everyone goes screaming in terror when it involves kissing me. *Turning back around, she would have liked to eye the trainees in the room, because they could answer too, but she settled for resting her hands on her hips.* -06:03 Mar 05

Crap! Did she really have to ask while Gabriel was in the room?! Now was a good time to put those sneaking tactics to good use and sneak out the door!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* Is this another of your incessant questions? -06:17 Mar 05
Evangeline: Questions are the best way to learn things. I would like to know! -06:19 Mar 05
Gabriel: … Indeed. *He looked over at the door and the unfortunate souls who almost but hadn’t made it.* You three. Answer her question. -06:23 Mar 05

Fuck! They all paused, but no one wanted to say anything! One of the guys puffed himself and tried to get angry about. “Hell, I’d totally kiss you, Evangeline. Right now if you want. I’m not afraid of g-OOMPH!” One of the others kicked him in the pants!

His pal craked a nervous grin! “Um uh … You’re er, pretty and uh, sweet …” He swallowed. He didn’t dare continue!

Evangeline: And I have cooties, is that it? *She was trying not to look offended, but… after so many people running, it would hurt a girl’s feelings!* -06:28 Mar 05

“It’s uh … well, it’s uh … something …” He gulped. “More than that. Do you uh … remember what happened to those guys who accidentally shot you?”

Evangeline: What does getting shot at have to do with kisses? *Evangeline looked confused!* -06:35 Mar 05

“Ask Gabriel!” said the one. …Who promptly turned around and ran for the door!

Gabriel: *He watched the hunters disappear out the door and moved for the door himself.* -06:43 Mar 05
Evangeline: Ahem. Gabriel… -06:46 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He stopped and turned to look at her.* They do not dare kiss you because of what I will do to them. -06:49 Mar 05
Evangeline: Kisses aren’t like gunshots or getting knocked off the desk! I happen to like kisses, or at least I’m sure I would if I could actually get one! *Evangeline crossed her arms and huffed.* Not even a kiss on the hand! -06:53 Mar 05
Gabriel: If you are that intent on receiving a kiss, I will give you one. -06:54 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked… but look suspicious!* Would you really? You’re not going to trick me with a piece of chocolate, are you? Someone did that already. -06:56 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* I have no reason to trick you. You simply wish for a kiss and as no one else will do it, I will have to oblige. -06:58 Mar 05
Evangeline: Because you scared the whole lot of them, mind you. Hmm… Then, yes! I would like a kiss. -07:00 Mar 05
Gabriel: I am not responsible for any fear or intimidation humans feel because of my actions. *He walked up to her.* Where do you want the kiss? -07:03 Mar 05
Evangeline: You can’t give them scary looks and point guns and expect them not to be scared. *Evangeline grinned!* I think I deserve a real kiss, since it’s probably the only one I’m ever going to get. -07:05 Mar 05
Gabriel: … A real kiss? -07:06 Mar 05
Evangeline: … Have you even ever kissed someone before? *Evangeline hadn’t thought about that… * -07:07 Mar 05
[Evangeline was asking if Gabriel had ever kissed someone before! Because… teaching someone kissing without experience is probably not as easy as it sounds in her head!] -01:46 Mar 08
[Gabriel had offered to kiss Evangeline!] -01:56 Mar 08
Gabriel: … No. *He replied!* -01:58 Mar 08
Evangeline: Oh… Hmm. *Frowning, she took that in to consideration! What if she gave him an awful first kiss and for the rest of his life he thought it was terrible?* That may be awkward… Maybe I should ask Ms. Grey to show you first? -03:00 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her toward him!* … Brace yourself. *He lowered his head, covered her mouth with his and kissed her deep and long! He was gentle but demanding, lips moving against hers and stealing her breath away as he held her close! It was the kind of kiss always pictured and dreamed about in the movies and totally unlike him!* -03:03 Mar 08
Evangeline: Bu-!! *Well, she most certainly wasn’t expecting that! A soft sound escaped her, and once the surprise faded she returned the kiss with a shy curiosity! Her fingers curled slowly around his arm as she leaned forward!* -03:08 Mar 08
Gabriel: *One hand cradled the back of her head! The other arm was still around her waist! He was still kissing her but since she was responding, he slowed down a bit and gave her room to kiss back!* -03:11 Mar 08
Evangeline: *He was warm and kind… and making her toes tingle! So much better than she daydreamed about. Evangeline found herself smiling against his mouth, but she wouldn’t move for all the puppies in the world!* -03:17 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He held her close and slowed the kiss. Eventually he stopped and raised his head.* … However, that does not mean I have not learned how to kiss. -03:33 Mar 08
Evangeline: Uh huh… *She replied with her eyes closed, and not being able to repress that blissful smile! What a wonderful and unexpected feeling!* -03:37 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her!* You look ill. -03:42 Mar 08
Evangeline: Ill…? …No! I am wonderfully fine! *…and embarrassed! She really shouldn’t behave so silly with Gabriel! Pressing her hands to her face (drats! she was blushing!), she took a step back and cleared her throat.* You are a very good kisser. -03:48 Mar 08
Gabriel: … Indeed. I trust that answers your question. -04:04 Mar 08
Evangeline: Yes! …Although, now I wonder where you learn to kiss when you have not done it before! *Evangeline was really trying to repress that silly smiling. He always did those unexpected things, shouldn’t she be used to it be now?* -04:11 Mar 08
Gabriel: I have learned much. You humans enjoy this kissing very much. *He said!* -04:32 Mar 08
Evangeline: And I suppose you think it’s absolutely dreadful? *Still with warm fuzzies, she couldn’t find the will to be insulted! …but still curious!* -04:34 Mar 08
Gabriel: It was enjoyable. But I suppose it depends greatly on the one with whom you are sharing the kiss. -04:38 Mar 08
Evangeline: It is supposed to, yes! *Now she couldn’t keep her grinning to herself as she snagged his hand to tug him elsewhere.* There are probably classes to teach. Are you still going to make scary faces when people try to kiss me? -04:42 Mar 08
Gabriel: I do not make scary faces. *He replied as he was pulled!* -05:00 Mar 08
Evangeline: Then what sort of faces would you call them? *There were fresh recruits in Oracle recently.. ones that hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting their new instructors yet! She made sure to find their training room!* -05:07 Mar 08
Gabriel: It is simply my face. Any fear one feels when looking at it is entirely their own concern. -05:23 Mar 08
Evangeline: I suppose that means a No? *Evangeline smiled at him, tugging him in the training room… she wasn’t going to announce their presence or what they were doing there…. The trainees would figure it out!* -05:25 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He looked from the new fledgeling hunters to the Seer.* We are here. Why. -05:31 Mar 08
Evangeline: Most of the others have moved on to full hunters now. Thanks to you teaching, mostly. But there are always newbies, and newbies must learn quick! -05:35 Mar 08
Gabriel: You are dedicated to this teaching. If your life had turned out different, would you have been a teacher? -05:46 Mar 08
Evangeline: *The question came as a surprise! She had to pause and think about it for a moment… * I… don’t really know! It was never really a thought before, but I do really like it. -05:49 Mar 08

The newbies looked excited and tense as they mingled, looked around! There were other veteran hunters there, to answer questions and take care of orientation!

The Gate Saga

041 The False Betrayal

Evangeline is at a church to purify stones. Anthony shows up for a ‘plot’. Evangeline has a vision spelling Gabriel’s doom if he kills Anthony – and stops him. Anthony makes it sound as suspicious as possible, as if Evangeline has been working for him. Evangeline decides maybe it’s better if she left, sparing Gabriel from any more traps caused by her. Lily convinces Gabriel to speak with Evangeline, but Evangeline still insists she’s leaving. Anthony drops in on her again for taunting, telling her what her vision was about. More proof for Evangeline to leave town. Lily tries stopping Evangeline, but she’s going anyway.

Evangeline gets on the subway on the way to the airport, but it turns out it’s haunted by a human turned demon. She has another vision – this one tells of her own death! It’s so strong that even Gabriel feels it and goes after her! He saves her again and she tries to explain that this is why she needs to leave. Gabriel pulls her in to a hug and refuses to let her go or leave. Evangeline finally agrees to stay because he wants her to.

[Evangeline is… blessing stones today! With real holy water!] -12:40 Mar 02
[Gabriel was away on \”business\”! Evangeline had a couple of hunters from Oracle to escort her today! Ms Grey said something about not wanting to be responsible should anything happen to \”that vampire\’s little psychic\”!] -01:18 Mar 02
Evangeline: *A church was the only place to get holy water! Not because holy water needed to be religious, but because a good priest knows how to purify! Now she was working with that stone from the leyline!* -01:20 Mar 02

Evangeline had found out so much about those hunters! One was named Charlie and he’d been with Oracle for several years! He had two children and was divorced! He was a decent guy if a little quiet!

Evangeline: It would be nice to see kids at Oracle! ….Then again, maybe having little kids in the middle of training sessions would really make those poor trainees more stressed out that necessary… *She liked Charlie! It was always so nice to get to know the people that worked so hard to keep the city safe!* -01:24 Mar 02

Charlie grunted in agreement from where he stood not too far away at her side! His partner who called herself Jinx was a newbie in Oracle! She’d just become a full fledged hunter but was known to be reckless and headstrong!

Evangeline: *Jinx was an interesting individual! Strong ladies were always very impressive, and made her giggle when they made the males get jealous.* Ah, here we go! *Pulling the stone nearly bigger than her hand out of the water, she dried it off with a soft towel.* This was the last one! -01:30 Mar 02

Jinxie said it was about time and Charlie hoisted his gun up! They helped Evangeline pack up her things and started to head out! … Suddenly something made them stop and Charlie told Jinx he was going to check it out! She was to continue to escort Evangeline back to the car and no “but’s”!

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her mouth to suggest she might help him look around too… But maybe it was a better idea not to be difficult! It wasn’t like trying to train newbies and deliberatly finding trouble…* We’ll wait outside for you, Charlie! -01:39 Mar 02

Charlie was gone! Jinx went for the door only to open it and start to swear! It was beginning to rain and rain hard! Stupid storms!

Evangeline: *A huff! As nice as natural water was for stones, she just spent all that time purifying them! It wouldn’t do her any good to get them wet again!* Bother! Maybe it will end soon? It’d take hours to cleanse everything again! -01:47 Mar 02

Jinx grumbled under her breath and looked around for Charlie! She called out for him but still no answer! What the hell was keeping him?! … Probably a quick trip to the bathroom! In the meantime, the priest came from the pews and asked if Evangeline had accomplished what she had come for.

Evangeline: *Poor Jinx… Having to accompany her was probably the dullest job in the world. Ms. Grey really shouldn’t have made such a fuss. Turning, she smiled towards the priest.* I did. This place was a wonderful find! -01:52 Mar 02

The priest smiled and said he was happy he and the church could help! He began talking about his congregation and their spiritual welfare when Jinx made a loud huff! This had gone on long enough! She was going to find Charlie so they could get back to HQ and she could get a nice hot bath! She told Evangeline to stay here and then told the priest to watch Evangeline! Then she stalked off!

Evangeline: I hope she doesn’t break one of Charlie’s arms when she finds him. *Mumbled Evangline with some humor!* -01:57 Mar 02

A loud clap of thunder! The priest jumped and then apologized to Evangeline! Storms had scared him since he was a small child! He had faith God would see him through each and every storm–literal and metaphorical–but he still jumped whenever a storm made a lot of noise!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t jump… but she did frown!* I understand, I really do… I was never afraid of them when I was little, but it seems lately when there is a bad storm it always comes with something unpleasant. -02:02 Mar 02

Several moments passed by … It was strangely silent and suddenly very empty! Where had everyone gone?!

Evangeline: *…Speaking of unpleasant! How strange! She tilted her head to listen… not a footstep or sound of breathing!* … Are… we playing a joke on me? I really don’t mind but… *She moved to reach out and see where that priest was hiding!* -02:08 Mar 02

Anthony: … Looking for the priest, Ms Clark? *His voice whispered in her ear and his breath was on her neck. He was right behind her!* I am afraid he is a little … hung up at the moment.

Evangeline: *She might have died on the spot, her heart making such a sudden lurch! Evangeline stepped forward and spun around, holding her cane up to keep him at a distance!* Hung up…? *…Maybe she didn’t want to know what he meant!* -02:13 Mar 02

Anthony: *He didn’t move an inch, like a cat who had spied its prey.* Mm hmm. *A nod.* You appear so surprised, Ms Clark. Did you think after that little episode in your head, I was just going to leave you be?

Evangeline: No… But if you think I am afraid of you, you are mistaken. *Evangeline bravely said! Where were Charlie and Jinx…? She could call them for help but, they’d surely be killed…. if they weren’t killed already!* -02:21 Mar 02

Anthony: *He still hadn’t moved! He was obviously more content to watch her and let her squirm!* No …? Your voice sounds more brave than you do, Ms Clark. I merely came to give you my thanks for all your hard work and service on my behalf.

Evangeline: *How maddening! If only she were as brave as Ms. Grey, she might knock his head off! Evangeline took a few steps back instead.* You use me to hurt Gabriel. I won’t let you do it again. -02:25 Mar 02

Anthony: Silly girl. *Now he was walking, one step at a time with his hands clasped behind his back!* You never had a choice to begin with.

Evangeline: There is always a choice! *Backwards walking still with her cane up.. She slid a hand in to her pocket, wrapping her fingers around that leyline stone. He won’t get in to her head again…! But then she was blinking, overwhelmed. A dark sinking feeling. Having to move her cane to lean on, or she’d sink to the floor… A confusing vision!* -02:48 Mar 02

Anthony: *He chuckled softly as he was getting closer.* So young and foolish. Everytime Gabriel saves you, everytime he risks his life and well-being for you … It won’t be long before I get what I want.

Evangeline: What you want…? *Too close, he was too close! Retreating down the pews, she turned to run! This was something very bad wrapped around Gabriel… She needed to tell him before it was too late!* -03:04 Mar 02

SLAM!! The doors burst open, sending in a gust of wind and rain into the Cathedral and threatening to blow out the candles at the front!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t think she had even turned around so quickly in her life!* Gabriel…! I have to tell you something! -03:11 Mar 02

Gabriel: *He didn’t give Evangeline a chance to speak! He was already sprinting for Anthony, guns drawn as he shot at him!*

Evangeline: *…Shot down, killed, nevermore… But still an opened gate and blood on Gabriel’s hands.. this was..* WAIT! You can’t! *Practically stumbling forward, she skirted around Anthony to throw up her hands and block Gabriel’s way!* Don’t kill him…! -03:36 Mar 02

It wasn’t quite clear who was more surprised, Gabriel or Anthony! But just as quickly, Anthony was smirking from behind Evangeline.

Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed slightly and flashed red.* Out of my way. *He hadn’t lowered his guns and he didn’t look like he was about to anytime soon!* -03:47 Mar 02
Evangeline: No! I can’t let you kill him. Please, we need to go home! *He was going to be furious, but she would explain once they were safe!* -03:50 Mar 02
Gabriel: *One gun disappeared.* … No. *Then he moved her out of the way by wrapping his arm around her back and bent her forward and to one side! BANGBANGBANGBANG! went the other gun!* -04:02 Mar 02

Anthony: *He smirked.* Isn’t she the loyal little psychic? *He taunted just before Gabriel began shooting at him! He jumped backwards a few feet and then up on the altar, right next to the cross he had nailed the priest to. The priest was bleeding heavily. The smell of blood and death was in the air. The fact that the two hunters were nailed to the pillars on either side did not help things either.*

Evangeline: Listen to me! *He has to stop…! Evangeline moved to pounce on his gun arm!* You’re not going to kill him! -04:06 Mar 02

Anthony: *He was smirking.* Every step of the way, Gabriel, every little obstacle I have planted. I haven’t seen you this weak since your days with … that human woman. But now you have a new weakness and it is no surprise it is another human woman. One who has had you under her thumb since day one.

Evangeline: Excuse me?! You…. You shut your mouth! *The words in her head for Anthony Carnatelli were a lot ruder than that! But Evangeline was trying to pull Gabriel around and towards the doors!* We have to leave right now! -04:17 Mar 02

Anthony: Farewell, Gabriel. I will get what I want. *He chuckled softly as he turned around and disappeared into thin air!*

Gabriel: *He was wrestling to get to Anthony and at least move his arm! But as soon as Anthony disappeared, he shrugged the seer off easily and slipped his gun back into the holster! Then he was gone, too!* -04:27 Mar 02
Evangeline: …wait! Gabriel! *He wasn’t listening…! But he was going to be obliterated! Evangeline turned down the isle quickly, she would have to get those hunters and… and… They were up there. The priest as well. Blood that smell of death she hadn’t notced until now. Evangeline dropped to the floor.* What has he done… -04:32 Mar 02

Outside, there was a rumble of thunder! Then something began ringing! It was Charlie’s cell! He usually had it in his pocket but now it was coming from under one of the pews!

Evangeline: *Ringing… It took her moment to slowly come to attention, moving instinctly towards the sound. Picking it up, she held it a second before answering… What was she supposed to do…! This was so horrible!* …H…hello…? -04:42 Mar 02

It was a hunter from Oracle checking up on them! She wanted to know what was keeping the little party from heading back to HQ!

Evangeline: I think… *Taking a deep breath, she couldn’t fall apart now! Evangeline rubbed her eyes and tried to keep herself from sniffling!* I think they might be dead, but I don’t know, I can’t feel anything here! Anthony was here and I couldn’t let Gabriel kill him, and I didn’t have a chance to explain…! *She didn’t mean to blurt it all out, but this was terrible! Charlie had little kids and Gabriel wasn’t here!* -05:07 Mar 02

The hunter dispatched someone right away! It took them several minutes to get there though! And after that, they wanted to know exactly what happened!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was having a very hard time trying to figure it out herself! But, it was a painful, dawning realization that maybe she did understand what happened.* …I am nothing more than a trap. A very effective bait to catch Gabriel.. I… help kill people! This is… this is my fault. -05:35 Mar 02

Evangeline was a real mess! They asked her to get into the car and they’d take her back to HQ and the Infirmary. They would take care of everything here.

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head and moved away from anyone that would try to usher her somewhere!* I’m not going back to Oracle. I… I’m just going to go. *And by going, she really meant going! To Ms. Grey’s first, where should would get her important things and tell Lily to take care of Brutus. She was far too dangerous to remain here.* -06:04 Mar 02

But it was still raining real hard! If she wasn’t going back to HQ, surely she could use a lift to Shades?

Evangeline: No. I would like everyone to stay away from me and I will get there myself. *If someone else where to die… Evangeline couldn’t bare to think about it! Making sure Charlie’s phone was given to someone, she snatched up her cane and headed out despite the storm!* -06:10 Mar 02

Someone phoned Ms Grey right away! But she was away and they were patched through to her daughter, Lily instead!

Lily: *Doing homework was occasionally sleepy business… ‘Thankfully’ the phone woke her up! She answered sleepily!* …What? I mean, Grey residence, can I help you?

The hunter apologizes for waking her up and says it’s urgent! Anthony attacked a church and killed three people, a priest and two hunters! Ms Clark is alright but she’s shaken and insists that she’s dangerous! She went out into the rain and although someone went to help her with an umbrella, she refuses to go with them!

Lily: Where is Gabriel? *Lily replied, suddenly finding herself very awake! Things don’t happen without Gabriel involved. Especially when it’s Evangeline, and extra especially when it’s Anthony.* Shouldn’t he be there with her…?

The hunter has no idea where Gabriel is! All Ms Clark said was that Gabriel had been there but she couldn’t let him kill Anthony! She was also calling herself some kind of trap for Gabriel!

Lily: …Is he dead or something? *Why else would he not be there with her? Trap or not? Muttering something about things not sounding right, she got up from her desk to check the suite. Maybe he was here and waiting for Evangeline!*

Gabriel: *He was in the suite, taking apart and putting his guns back together! He did it so quickly! His back was to Lily!* -06:33 Mar 02

Lily: *She almost announced that she found him, but hesitated as she lowered the phone. He looked so tense that he might snap someone’s neck with a single look! Lily circled around, keeping a safe distance just in case.* …. What’s the matter?

Gabriel: *His jaw was clenched. He never stopped taking apart and putting those guns back together. It was several moments before he said something and even then, it felt like a lifetime.* … Four hundred fifty-six years, five months, three weeks, two days, fourteen hours, twelve minutes, five seconds. -06:39 Mar 02

Lily: …That’s a long time for something to be the matter. *And unless he had been time traveling, there was definetly a lot more going on!* What happened…?

Gabriel: *He looked up at her and his eyes flashed red until he glanced away and got control of himself again.* That is how long I have been hunting down Anthony and Michael. -06:45 Mar 02

Lily: *A look like that could make anyone nervous, but Lily still slowly sat down in a chair as she frowned. It was a long time to be hunting someone. The hunter on the phone said people had died and that Evangeline stopped him from killing Anthony. That would make anyone furious. ….But that didn’t seem to make any sense.* But she stopped you? Is that why she’s not here now?

Gabriel: … Indeed. *He replied.* I will finish this, with or without her betrayal. -06:52 Mar 02

Lily: *At the word betrayal, she looked obviously doubtful.* Don’t you think it’s odd that you never noticed she was his minion? What if it wasn’t him she was trying to save?

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* … I have to kill Anthony. No matter the personal cost. I cannot be saved. -06:58 Mar 02

Lily: Evangeline seems to think the same way… doesn’t she? She’s always done things without thinking about the consequences to herself. Like when you came to help me at school.

Gabriel: … Indeed. I will … talk with her. *He placed his guns back and headed for the balcony. A gust of wind and some sprinkles flew in as he turned to face Lily.* My … thanks, Ms Grey. *He closed the doors behind him and was gone! From Shades, he began searching outward for her, leaving no corner unchecked.* -07:08 Mar 02
Evangeline: *Meanwhile, where Evangeline was supposed to be returning to Shades, she… she just couldn’t seem to bring herself to go back just yet! Soaking wet, she stopped midway to lean against a tree. She felt sick, strange and most of all very guilty!* -07:11 Mar 02
Gabriel: *It didn’t take long to find her, one more piece of evidence that she was innocent. No one in Anthony’s employ would leave themselves vulnerable to be found unless–* … Get out of this rain. *He said from behind her.* -07:14 Mar 02
Evangeline: I like the rain. Go away. *She didn’t want to do this… but she had to! If he were going to stay safe, she needed to!* -07:17 Mar 02
Gabriel: You are letting your emotions control you and not thinking coherently. -07:20 Mar 02
Evangeline: I am thinking more clearly now than I have in months. *Clearly… but not at all happily. Taking a deep breath, she turned around and put on her best smile.* I wasn’t supposed to stay here. I miss London. Brutus will enjoy staying with Ms. Grey’s family, and you will not have to be concerned about me. -07:23 Mar 02
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* And your reason for keeping me from killing Anthony. -07:25 Mar 02
Evangeline: *Her smile faultered until it faded away to a frown.* …Maybe he was right after all, and everything I say or do has been to his benefit. *…She should tell him about the vision… but what if it were all true and it were another fake vision? If she stopped him for nothing…? Shaking her head, she moved to pass by him.* I have to go. -07:30 Mar 02
Gabriel: *He watched her walk past him. There was something suspicious going on here but he would have to check on something first.* If that is your wish. *And then he was gone again!* -07:32 Mar 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline was so thankful for the rain! No one would see her cry! He knew she was leaving now, so maybe she could just get a plane ticket and ask Ms. Grey to mail her things. She really needed to get away from here before she caved in and changed her mind!* -07:34 Mar 02

After what seemed like an eternity, the rain finally stopped. Evangeline found a bench to sit on that was still dry thanks to the tree it sat under.

Anthony: Poor little seer … already pushing everyone away. How noble. *He said as he folded his umbrella, tucked it neatly under his arm.*

Evangeline: *This time she didn’t jump in fear, or even move from her seat!* He isn’t going to come and get me this time. You may as well kill me. * It was better dead than continously bring so much grief to everyone!* -07:39 Mar 02

Anthony: *He chuckled softly.* Far too easy. I may be a lot of things but I am certainly not that bored. Tell me, little seer, why did you stop Gabriel from killing me?

Evangeline: You will do something to him… change him. But I am fairly certain you are already aware. *Her hands tightened around her cane… Gabriel should not kill him, but she was so sorely tempted to try herself…!* -07:43 Mar 02

Anthony: *He smirked.* Of course. I know all of my children, inside and out. Since I am about to pick your mind apart, I believe it safe to explain your little … hunch. I possess the ability to take over the body of any of my children and use it as I see fit. When one of them destroys this body, I claim theirs. Genius. *He leaned forward in front of her.* … Is it not?

Evangeline: *That is… much worse than she expected and the look of surprise on her face admited so! ….Then there was a sudden scowl from her as she moved quickly to thwack him with her cane! She’d beat him unconcious and… and… turn him in to a frog! Let’s see him steal Gabriel as a frog!* -07:51 Mar 02

Anthony: *He blinked, apparently surprised that she had some fight left in her! He stepped back!* You are just delaying everything. I have been doing this for hundreds of years. What chance do you stand against me?

Evangeline: Enough! *…she would try anything or go down in the attempt! What was that froggy spell…* Batrachos! *With that same spell she remembered from the poor Warlock, she cast! …And just in case it didn’t work, she swung her cane for his head!* -08:00 Mar 02
[Evangeline was just trying to cast a spell and knock the head off Anthony Carnatelli of all people!] -01:17 Mar 03
[Gabriel was … er, somewhere!] -01:25 Mar 03

Anthony: *He smirked.* You humans are so pathetic. I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you enjoy your few moments of loneliness and despair. Then, I will return for you when the time is right. Ciao, Ms Clark. *Then he turned and disappeared, leaving Evangeline all alone!*

Evangeline: *She was a goldfish in a fishbowl as far as he was concerned…! There was that little remaining spark she was so desperately trying to cling to, not to give in to that despair he so wanted to see… Cold and wet, with people dead and Gabriel gone, that was not so easy. Abandoning the bench under the tree, it was past due for her to go back to Shades. She was going to pickup her things and leave.* -01:31 Mar 03

Lily: *No one could get back to sleep after weird conversations, which was probably for the better. She never did finish her homework. So Lily sat on the living room floor at the coffee table, pretending to be interested in her work… and was pretty surprised to see a wet Evangeline arrive home. …And without Gabriel!* Gabriel was looking for you.

Evangeline: Yes, he found me. *Evangeline didn’t stop to chat like she might have usually. She headed straight to her room and dug out that bag from under her bed.* -01:39 Mar 03

A sleeping Brutus woke up as he lay at Lily’s feet on the floor! He got up when he saw Evangeline and followed her into her room!

Lily: *It sounded like that “talk” didn’t go so well… Abandoning her work, Lily was up and following Brutus! She leaned in the doorway, looking fairly confused as Evangeline moved around the room and stuff things in to her bag.* You’re not leaving, are you?

Evangeline: *Evangeline only a paused a moment before continuing her packing.* I’m going back to London. I think… it’ll be better this way. Less danger and trouble for everyone. -01:43 Mar 03

Lily: What about Gabriel? And Brutus? *Lily asked… DID Gabriel even talk to her? Evangeline looked ready to snap!*

Evangeline: Brutus loves it here with you and your family. You’ll take care of him, won’t you? *Evangeline deliberatly didn’t reply about Gabriel. If she thought about him, she might not be able to go… Her back was packed and she pulled it up on her shoulder as she brushed past Lily. She only paused long enough to give Brutus a good pet and a kiss. …She didn’t want to leave him either!* -01:48 Mar 03

Brutus knew something was wrong. He whined and tilted his head at her.

Lily: *Lily was following her towards the door!* Yeah, but… Can’t you just wait a few days and then go? I bet if you talked to Gabriel you’d change your mind.

Evangeline: *A grim smile!* I know. That’s exactly why I’d rather not. *Evangeline stepped in to the elevator.* You can tell Gabriel that I… well. Tell him I’ll miss him and he was very kind. *She closed the elevator doors quickly before she found herself crying all over again!* -01:54 Mar 03

Lily: *Lily looked down at Brutus. * Are they crazy?

Brutus tilted his head up at her and barked as if saying “yes”!

Evangeline: *Breath slowly… As long as she breathed slowly, she could get through tonight. Evangeline left Shades! What she needed was a plane, but that was too far to walk on foot… Evangeline found herself heading to the nearest subway.* -02:00 Mar 03

Of course it was almost empty this time of night and oh so quiet except for the sounds of the subway trains zooming back and forth! The man in the ticket booth didn’t even look up at Evangeline when she asked for a ticket!

Evangeline: *Just as well for the silence and solitude… She was not feeling very sociable. Evangeline took her ticket and waited near the tracks until her train arrived. It would be a long ride compared to a cab, having to circle the city and wait for stops… But it was a chance to rest and pull herself together.* -02:09 Mar 03

The subway car she got into was empty! There was grafitti on the walls and on the seats, the cushions were uncomfortable and slashed and ripped in a lot of places!

Evangeline: *This place felt a little awkward… But as she sat down, she couldn’t be sure if it was just because SHE felt awkward or not. There was so much weighing down her thoughts, that there was no clarity at all. She set her bag down beside her and crossed her arms as she leaned back in her seat.* -02:22 Mar 03

The subway car jolted a bit but at least it didn’t throw her off her seat! Nothing happened for nearly an hour but then the lights flickered and Evangeline could probably hear movement at the front of the car!

Evangeline: *Evangeline readjusted herself in her seat as the lights flickered. She could feel the little bzz of electricity. There was the sound of movement inside the car… she hadn’t realized someone else was in here. Probably someone that didn’t want to be bothered either.* -02:30 Mar 03

Then everything went silent … until someone–or something–touched Evangeline’s hair, lifted it up as if examining it!

Evangeline: *A small gasp as she quickly scooted to the otherside of the seat bench! There was a reason for personal boundaries… sneaking up on people and touching was creepy! Controlling that sudden surprised she frowned and huffed!* Don’t touch strangers… -02:36 Mar 03

Whoever it was stopped but then Evangeline felt someone run their fingertips up her arm!

Evangeline: That specifically meant don’t touch me! *She shouted, hopping up from her seat to plop in to a completely different spot. Evangeline felt a little startled… this person was unreadable. Like they weren’t even there.* -02:57 Mar 03

Nothing happened but Evangeline now felt like she was being watched! And the sensation that whoever it was was hovering right beside her!

Evangeline: *Very quickly she moved again to another seat and held her breath. A hand raising to rub her forhead from a sudden twinge of vertigo. Now was not a good time to be distracted with a vision, but she could never seem to block those away. It was like standing outside of herself watching a dream… and the images were most disturbing!* -03:11 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He was back in the warehouse at the docks, opening a crate that had just come in! He leaned forward to get the guns out of the box when he shut his eyes. There was a terrible pain in his head and jumbles of images. The only things he could make out was that it involved the seer. He didn’t see her face but he just knew it had to do with her. He grabbed his guns!* -03:17 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline slipped out of her chair on to the floor. This place was a coffin for everyone that walked inside. There was no one here to protect, how could she see herself!* -03:24 Mar 03

There were footsteps! Whoever it was hadn’t said a word yet and no sound of breathing either!

Evangeline: *There wasn’t a way out… No one could jump off a subway train. Evangeline scooted until she backed herself in a corner out of the way.* -03:45 Mar 03

Something grabbed for her arm to pull her closer, to pull her away from the corner! There was the touch of cold steel against her cheek!

Evangeline: *A quiet yelp! She shoved them back, trying to push herself free! Evangeline could scarcly breathe!* -03:58 Mar 03

The subway car screeched to a stop! The doors opened!

Evangeline: *Open doors! Another push, and Evangeline was trying to escape towards the doors before she found out the rest of that vision.* -04:16 Mar 03

Evangeline made it through the doors but … whatever it was was still after her! It was moving slowly but surely as if it was convinced she could never escape it!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stumbled out of the car, hesitating only a moment before picking a direction to run! She had to find the stairs or somewhere to hide! She dashed behind a pillar and leaned against it as she tried to catch her breath..!* -04:25 Mar 03

Just when Evangeline may have started to think she was clear … it reached out and grabbed her by her shirt to pull her back! Then it suddenly released her as if something had pulled it off! There was the sound of a “THUD!” as something slammed into a wall nearby!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was so scared, she couldn’t even scream! She may not have been afraid to die, but being tormented was another story! She slid to the floor against the pillar and covered her ears from the sound!* -04:42 Mar 03
Gabriel: Murus! *There was the sound of something slamming into a wall but this one sounded much closer to Evangeline! As if that thing had tried to come at her and run into something solid instead!* -04:44 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Gabriel’s voice! But with something slamming so close to her, she jumped! Evangeline scrambled quickly back to her feet!* -04:47 Mar 03

“Gggaabrrrriieeeellll … It’sssss been too long …” rasped the thing.

Evangeline: Y- you shouldn’t be here… *She managed to squeek out as she eased around the pillar to hide on the otherside. He wasn’t a part of that vision and he wasn’t supposed to come after her again…!* -05:08 Mar 03
Gabriel: You did not say goodbye. *He replied, moving between Evangeline and the thing that was like a human but not. A tall, lean shadow with long limbs wrapped in a coat.* -05:14 Mar 03
Evangeline: You still shouldn’t be here. Go home. *If there was no saving her in her vision, then maybe it should stay that way! He would always come and one day it would kill him!* -05:19 Mar 03
Gabriel: … I do not take orders. *He replied. He pulled out his guns just as the shadow charged forward, whipping its long arms at him!* -05:30 Mar 03

The shadow’s arms cracked the air like whips, so sharp and hard it left gashes in the floors and walls! Left, right, left, right, it slashed, trying to slice him in two or more pieces!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stayed out of the way, remaining hidden behind the pillar!* And you don’t listen…! I don’t want you here! -05:35 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He dodged the arms, moving closer and closer to the shadow! Left, right, left, right … Duck! Roll out of the way!* Your vision brought me here. -05:37 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline silenced, trying to understand what he meant… She hadn’t mentioned her vision…* It didn’t have anything to do with you… -05:39 Mar 03
Gabriel: No. It did not. *He crouched down and then sprung forward!* Levitas! *A ball of lightning flew at the shadow!* -05:42 Mar 03

The shadow flew backwards and landed across the room with a smoking hole in its chest. It tried to get up but it was in too much pain.

Evangeline: Then you’re not supposed to be here! *He was far too stubborn…! Evangeline finally stepped out from behind the pillar… no more hiding. If she were going to die, he should let her go!* -05:46 Mar 03

Too late though! The shadow wasn’t moving very much!

Gabriel: *He turned and walked toward her.* You did not answer my question. Why did you stop me from killing Anthony at the church? -05:52 Mar 03
Evangeline: *There wasn’t such a shadow anymore, but it didn’t give her any relief… Evangeline frowned, taking a few steps back as he moved forward. * …He’s not going to die so easily… and he’ll have your body to live in… -05:57 Mar 03
Gabriel: *That made him stop and he raised an eyebrow at her!* And you saw that in your vision. -05:58 Mar 03
Evangeline: No… I saw you with an innocent girl’s blood on your hands and a gate. That you would lose yourself… be someone else. The rest he… he told me himself. -06:00 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He took a step forward but before she could move backwards again, he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him. Evangeline suddenly found herself against him with his arms around her.* -06:03 Mar 03
Evangeline: Gabriel, don’t…! I have to go. *Leaving was already hard enough as it was! She tried to push him away.* -06:04 Mar 03
Gabriel: Back to Shades. *He replied although she might as well have been pushing against a brick wall!* -06:05 Mar 03
Evangeline: Back to London! I can’t… I can’t stay here anymore…. *Puuuuush! That irritated huff she tried to give sounded much more pitiful than she wanted it to. He was making this harder for both of them…* -06:09 Mar 03
Gabriel: … I still require your help. -06:10 Mar 03
Evangeline: You don’t need me. You really never did… I have been a distraction, and a danger, and I’m… I’m going to be the death of you. …You have to let me go. -06:13 Mar 03
Gabriel: Evangeline … *His voice trailed off as if he was trying to find the right words.* I … I am … sorry for not trusting your judgement. I … do … need you. -06:14 Mar 03
Evangeline: Don’t say that… *Evangeline tried to squirm away again, fighting back that urge of tears.* I am still dangerous…. I- I don’t ever want yo hurt you. -06:19 Mar 03
Gabriel: I will take my chances. You have done much good here. The bad things are not your fault. -06:21 Mar 03
Evangeline: But it is my fault! Because I’ve been here and.. and now innocent people are dead and you… *Evangeline couldn’t finish, a sob cutting off her sentence! Clutching his shirt and burying her face at his chest, she sniffled!* -06:25 Mar 03
Gabriel: Anthony has been doing this for many years. He is using you much like he is using me. Innocents die but the blood is not on your hands. -06:28 Mar 03
Evangeline: *A quiet sniff followed by a mumble suggesting that she didn’t really believe him… But she wasn’t trying to move anymore.* I really shouldn’t stay… -06:34 Mar 03
Gabriel: I must seek another way to stop Anthony. I believe you are the one with faith in the power of team work. -06:35 Mar 03
Evangeline: *There was a grim smile from her as she leaned back.* I don’t have to be here to help you. -06:39 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He was looking at her face.* You certainly cannot help me from London. The last time you left the pup pined for you. -06:48 Mar 03
Evangeline: He didn’t have Ms. Grey’s family to play with either. He would be fine. -06:49 Mar 03
Gabriel: If you are that intent on returning to London, I shall go with you. -06:52 Mar 03
Evangeline: *She had moved just to rub her eyes when she blinked and paused… A questioning look on her face.* I can’t leave to protect you, if you go with me. …. Do you really not want me to go..? -06:55 Mar 03
Gabriel: … Yes. I do not want you to go. -06:58 Mar 03
Evangeline: *How was she supposed to say no to that…* Then… I will stay because you want me to stay. -06:59 Mar 03
Gabriel: That is wise. *He picked her up and then he retrieved her bag, bypassing the groaning shadow.* -07:01 Mar 03

The Gate Saga

040 The Romanian Queen’s Problem (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Leon and Evangeline help the Romanian White Queen were with a problem.

[Evangeline volunteered for wolf bodyguarding! She couldn\’t possibly have an agenda!] -02:49 Feb 25
[Leon wasn\’t too sure about letting Evangeline tag along!] -02:50 Feb 25
Leon: Uh, Evangeline, I don’t know … It might get dangerous. The messenger didn’t say what kind of trouble it was but … -02:51 Feb 25
Evangeline: There isn’t many opportunities for Brutus to spend with wolfpacks, it should be an experience! ….Besides, I need to convince all of the wolves in town that I am inedible. *Either way she was determined to go!* -02:53 Feb 25
Leon: *Deep sigh and he ran his fingers through his hair! He was not going to win this one, he knew it! He’d been around Cissy long enough to know when a woman had her mind set!* Well … okay but … *He held up his hands.* Gabriel’s not somewhere in the far corner of the world, is he? -02:55 Feb 25
Evangeline: Oh no… At least, I shouldn’t think so. ..He does occasionally disappear at odd moments. But I think every thing will be just fine! Why would anyone want to hurt the White Wolf? She’s always so lovely! -02:58 Feb 25
Leon: *He sighed!* I don’t know but we better not keep her waiting. *He and Evangeline were headed down to where they’d seen the White Wolf and her pack last, that private spot of land close to the lake.* -03:00 Feb 25

As they drew closer to the fence, the bushes rustled. At least a dozen weres in hybrid wolf forms stood up and looked threateningly at them! “This is private land. Get off,” one of them said!

Leon: We came to see the White Wolf. *He moved slightly so Evangeline and Brutus were behind him.* I’m Leon Santos. These are my friends, Evangeline and Brutus. -03:03 Feb 25

At first it looked like they were going to get turned away! But finally a line split down in the middle! One of the wolves motioned! “Follow me” and led the way further into the property!

Evangeline: You’re mighty well fed wolves, I bet you eat all sorts of nutricious wolf meals, like deer and cats. Not unappetizing humans… blech. -03:11 Feb 25
Leon: *He was giving her a strange look and hoping the wolves don’t take Evangeline’s words as an invitation.* -03:24 Feb 25
[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:25 Feb 25

The wolves didn’t reply and instead they were shown to the basement where they’d met the White Wolf last.*

The basement was almost entirely dark with few sources of light. From the shadow came that familiar amused voice. “Your mate will not like you here like this.” she commented!

[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:32 Feb 25
Evangeline: Ms. Grey doesn’t know I invited myself… I think she might have locked me in a closet otherwise. *Evangeline smiled. Sometimes life was safer when on didn’t tell Ms. Grey the details.* -03:32 Feb 25

“The Carnatelli will not be pleased, either.” mentioned the voice. Stepping out of the dark near one of the corners was the very large Romanian Queen… Snow white fur and teeth to match! She stopped a few feet from them. “This business has even I vexed. My rival has chosen to send something that my pack cannot seem to be rid of.”

Leon: We’re here to help in any way we can. *He said.* Please tell us what’s wrong. -03:41 Feb 25

“A most frustrating of creatures.” started the white wolf. “Casting of magics, giving my pack-” she paused having to scratch behind her ears, “the itches. Disappearing before we can sink out teeth in to him. Luring out others with treats and then snapping them in to traps. I am now missing four.”

Evangeline: *That didn’t sound much like an assasination to her, but it was rather peculiar!* Were they killed or just captured…? -03:48 Feb 25

“Captured. No blood has been spilled but I am sure there is the matter of time. I wish to seek the missing and destroy this creature before it makes an attack.” explained the queen. …She leaned forward sniffing in to the air and inched closer to Leon. “The lost pup has found his father. You smell of Wulfric.”

Leon: *He blinked and lost his composure for a bit.* Uh … Yeah, uh. So um, getting to the topic at hand … What can you tell us about the wolves who are missing and leads on this creature? -04:06 Feb 25

The White Wolf seemed to be very interested in sniffing at Leon now as she circled him “They are the fools that cannot control their impulses. Where a meal looked more important than the job at hand. …The creature smells of part human and of something else I cannot decipher. It comes across the lake with new traps every evening.”

Evangeline: If it comes every evening, I bet we could catch it… or at the very least follow it back to it’s lair? *Evangeline wondered why it would capture wolves, though… Did it eat them?* -04:13 Feb 25
Leon: *He was used to being sniffed but not after being reminded about Nicholas!* That sounds like a good idea. But the fact that it has new traps each time it comes … we’ll probably need an expert tracker or something. -04:15 Feb 25
Evangeline: *Evangeline started digging around in her pockets, pulling out various odd things from pepperspray to candy, a squeeky wolf steak, and stones… until she found her scrying crystal!* I should be able to follow it if it comes tonight! -04:18 Feb 25

“I shall accompany you. I am sure the son of Wulfric will be an ample guardian.” responded the White Wolf, with that amused tone again.

Leon: *He blinked again!* Uh … Wha …? Um … You know, it’s real er, cold outside … *He coughed politely!* -04:32 Feb 25

It was a peculiar expression to see a wolf smile and bat her eyes, as she swished her tail. “You are far too young for I… but your father is quite handsome. Come with me. There is a place to watch unseen.” Padding past them, she led the way up the stairs.

Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed, following behind the wolf. Nicholas Wulfric was a gentleman with a gentle aura… but she would have liked to see how handsome he was too!* -04:49 Feb 25
Leon: *He grinned sheepishly and followed.* So uh … you … know Nicholas, huh? For a long time? -04:58 Feb 25

“Wulfric would be an ideal mate for one such as myself. A natural leadership, strong lineage. Our children would be fine wolves. If you were not so young, you would make a suitable alternative.” the white wolf seemed to have no problem discussing such an interesting topic as she lead the way out of the basement. When they reached outside she sniffed the air before continuing around the side of the house. They were headed for the trees.

Leon: *He couldn’t help but flash another sheepish grin!* I’ll uh … tell him you said hi. *He went quiet when they started for the trees.* -05:10 Feb 25
Evangeline: Of course, you would have to fight Ciara Grey for him and she’s absolutely vicious when it comes to other women! I am only Leon’s friend, I cannot imagine what she’d do to someone that really wanted to take him! *Mused Evangeline out loud… That was actually an interesting thought! For a woman that would not admit her feelings, she was very possessive!* -05:12 Feb 25

There was a soft chuckle from the White Queen. “Ciara Grey is an alpha female. An alpha female will let no other touch her mate.” In to the trees she walked, her fluffy tail swishing behind her. She continued deep in to the brush until she stopped a spot well hidden by vines and bushes. There was a perfect view of a bank clearing on the edge of the lake. Tracks in the sandy dirt and an odd looking… plate sitting out there. A very delicious smelling plate!

[Evangeline has timed out.] -06:03 Feb 25
Leon: *This made no sense to Leon! Who or what was this creature and why capture wolves? He sniffed the plate.* Mmm … Yeah, delicious. *It was all he could do not to lick his chops.* -06:03 Feb 25
[Evangeline can\’t smell anything, can\’t see anything, and worse… can\’t feel anything but brambles poking her legs!] -11:06 Feb 25
[Leon was right beside Evangeline, scoping things out!] -11:07 Feb 25
Leon: *He just hoped they could find whoever was responsible before wolves started turning up dead! The last thing Cissy needed was to have to deal with something like this at a time like now!* -11:08 Feb 25

Waiting for something to happen could be dull work, it seemed like forever before something in the distance out on the lake seemed to be drawing closer.

The White Queen ducked low in the brush as she sniffed the air. “It draws near.”

Evangeline: *Plucking a thorny vine off her pants, Evangeline made sure to keep herself quiet!* -11:14 Feb 25

Looming on the water, coming nearer, it was a fairly large boat. Big enough to hold several people and one very large cage. …But when it reached shore, there didn’t seem to be anything alive on it! It just stopped in the shallow water.

Leon: *He also ducked low on the ground and slowly urged Evangeline to do the same. His body was tense as he waited to see what would happen next!* -11:18 Feb 25
Evangeline: ..I hear something weird… *She said softly, finally ducking down too. …It was such a strange sound and she couldn’t quite figure out what it was!* -11:19 Feb 25

Yet there didn’t seem to be any sounds at all. Just the water in the lake. Bugs. Cars way off in the distance. ooooh, but that plate smelled SO good. It was practically begging someone to come take a bite! Was that… prime cut T bone steaks?

Leon: *Mmmm!! In an attempt to ignore the delicious temptation of what was on that plate, he focused on what Evangeline was saying!* S … s … sound …? *He gulped and bit his lip. This was going to be HARD!* -11:23 Feb 25

The White Queen seemed to be controlling her urges just fine, but was very curious about the empty boat. “I hear no sounds. Yet… there is a presense here.”

How much meat was piled up on that plate? Six..? Twenty…? … Fifty steaks? So fresh! Like they were cut off the cow not five minutes ago, just screaming to be eaten and enjoyed!

Leon: *There was a whimper starting down at the back of his throat at the thought of all that wonderful meat! He finally had to bury his face in the grass and cover his head with his hands. Dirt. Grass. Nothing meaty to smell here. No sirree!* -11:30 Feb 25
Evangeline: I… I’m not sure. It’s… a bit like music, but very strange. Out over there. *She pointed a finger through the bushes, the direction of the boat on the lake shore!* -11:31 Feb 25

Taking a deep breath, the White Queen was trying to catch a scent of the creature or any other intruders. But now, she too was only smelling that wonderful plate of meat. Snorting and rubbing her nose with her paw, the white wolf gave a growl. “There is an enchantment here. Dangerous enchantment.”

Leon: *He shut his eyes as he started to rub his face against the grass! He was too busy trying NOT to think about the meat–the delicious, succulent meat–that he didn’t notice that his tail had grown! Or that he was beginning to change into wolf form until he’d grown a snout and a furry body!* -11:35 Feb 25

There is no enchantment here. Just a free, delicious, juicy, wonderful meal. Fresh, succulent, meat waiting to be devoured! Inviting! Calling!

Evangeline: Oh, I see! It’s a wolf trap! This shouldn’t be a problem! *…and just like that, she was crawling out from under the bushes and walking out towards the plate and the boat on the lake shore!* -11:39 Feb 25
Leon: *He lifted his head and opened his mouth to tell Evangeline to come back when he sniffed the air and–OOoh, the meat! His jaws were already beginning to drool! He put his head back down!* -11:44 Feb 25

The White Wolf tried to snap her teeth and catch the psychic’s clothing before she got far, but she was quick for a human! Following her out… the scent of the meat was even stronger… and becoming increasingly harder to ignore. “You are taking too many risks, human. …Although we might try and test a piece of this meat… ”

Evangeline: Stay away from those steaks and it should be all right. *Replied Evangeline, circling around the plate with a wide birth so she could get to the boat. …There didn’t seem to be any people here, but the sound was stronger now… She crawl in the boat.* I bet it’s in here somewhere. -11:47 Feb 25

Sooooo delicious. Meaty ambrosia just within reach! One little bite wouldn’t hurt anyone. Try the steak. One little steak.

Leon: *Maybe … if he just got … a little closer. You know … to keep an eye on the meat! He moved forward on his belly, an inch closer than before but … maybe he had to get a bit closer to be sure … He quickly buried his muzzle in the dirt!* -11:51 Feb 25

The White Queen sat down next to the plate and stared at it. Stared hard. Very hard. …Leaned over. Sniffed. …LICK! Quickly backing up after the lick! “Nothing seems to be wrong with these steaks.”

And to top it all off, it was quite possibly the best steak ever tasted. SO YUMMY.

Suddenly the bushes right beside them rustled and out jumped a large pale yellow wolf with dark blue eyes, landing right over the plate of steaks! “I would advise against this, Madame Octavia.”

“You stand over them now, there is not a thing wrong with them.” Growled the white queen! She padded around the other wolf and the plate, daring to try and get herself another lick!

Evangeline: He IS right. You really should leave those steaks alone. *Hmm… There wasn’t a radio, or any stones… or even any seals of magic on this boat. So where was the sound coming from? Evangeline crawled in the cage sitting on the boat to take a look. Ah ha! There was another steak in here, it just wasn’t singing!* -12:06 Feb 26

SHINK! The bars of the cage fell closed with a sudden clank! …The boat started drifting away from shore. Whilst that delicious, so juicy plate of steaks on shore was still begging to be eaten.

Nicholas: The wolf hunched forward a bit so his head was between the queen and the steaks. “You are not thinking, Madame Octavia. Please, clear your mind.”

Groooowwl! “Mind yourself, Nicholas Wulfric.” She snapped her teeth at his nose as a threat and circled around him again. …But… she paused, giving herself a heavy shake before backing away and planting her rear on the ground. “…How vexing. They so wish to be eaten.”

Evangeline: *…Well, this certainly explains how it worked. Wolves are lured in with a plate of tasty meat, and then tricked on to the boat somehow to get floated away to… Oh… This wasn’t good. The boat was moving! Evangeline fussed with the bars on the cage.* Um…! If you’re not too enchanted, I think I am in trouble! -12:14 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He hadn’t budged from his position over the plate, even when the white wolf snapped at his nose!* Leon, go to Ms Clark and help her. Madame Octavia.

Leon: *He lifted his head and shook himself! He bounded towards the boat and Evangeline!* -12:23 Feb 26

The boat had moved quite a few feet away from shore now, despite not seeming to have anyone on board to control it!

Evangeline: Well, I do believe there is an enchantment so only wolves will be caught, but I didn’t think the cage would shut if just anyone crawled in. They really didn’t consider this design well. *Evangeline tried to explain… but mostly about hiding her nervousness about this boat! Thelast thing she wanted to do was have it tip over with her in a cage!* -12:27 Feb 26

Wulfric.” Octavia replied, still remaining sitting and occasionally eyeing that plate. Though she seemed to be regaining part of her senses… There was a mission here! And that human was drifting off. “…I will thank you, Wulfric, for your assistance.” stated Octavia before she was up quickly and bounding after Leon. Perhaps a bit stiff about the embarassing rescue!

Leon: *He ran toward that boat like there was no tomorrow! He had to get Evangeline off of there! He went as fast as he could and finally took a leap for it!* -12:34 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He lifted his head and ran after them but not before dragging that plate and dropping it into the water!*

THUNK! The boat gave a dangerous lurch on the water with a big wolf landing on one end. The cage slid across the boat’s floor to the otherside! …It continued it’s route across the lake!

Evangeline: *Evangeline might have screamed ‘Don’t jump!’ had she seen him leaping! Instead all she could do was give a frightened squeek as the cage slid… and a relieved sigh when they didn’t go tipping over. …yet!* Please don’t do that again! I am far too young to have a heart attack! -12:38 Feb 26

Octavia, herself took a great running leap over the stretch over water… but being swift and light on her feet she was able to bounce off the edge of the boat, over the cage and land gracefully on the other end of the boat. …Minus any turbulance. “It seems we shall have a free ride to the creature’s lair.”

Leon: *He scrambled to right himself as he almost went over the edge! Then he glued himself to the floor of the ship! That was awfully close!* -12:45 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He ran alongside the boat and then leaped on top! He landed on the boat and then used it as a springboard to use up all that momentum and land on top of the cage! He then stepped off of it and looked over at Evangeline.* Are you well, Ms Clark?

Evangeline: *All these leaping wolves! Instead of shaking a fist, she merely huffed!* I can’t get the cage open and there aren’t any locks… So I suppose when we reach the other shore, someone will be waiting. As long as no one tips us, I’ll be just fine. -12:50 Feb 26

“It will not be expecting three uncaged wolves, I am sure.” replied Octavia with some humor.

Evangeline: Oh, he’s a wolf! I thought maybe he was afraid to speak or he’d swallow a steak! *Evangeline slunk an arm out from the bars, hopefully to pet the first wolf she got her hands on!* -12:54 Feb 26

“The pup is a bit old not to have voice his voice, Wulfric.” mused the white wolf. “Perhaps you need assistance in your teaching…”

Nicholas: *Evangeline’s hands found Nicholas first! He glanced over at Leon.* There is much to teach him, Madame. I do not suppose you are offering your elegant services?

Leon: *He looked like he wanted to say something but … because he couldn’t, he put his head down and tried to tune it out.* -01:00 Feb 26

“I am always available to aid the One of the Living Grave.” Octavia responded, leaning forward with a twitch of her ears. “I am sure, together we might teach him many things.”

Evangeline: *For an adult wolf, Nicholas Wulfric had very nice soft fur! Brutus was probably going to grow up nice and fluffy like this! It was very nice to scratch behind his ears! …She might have said something herself, but it seemed the White Queen was flirting, and it might be better not to interupt.* -01:05 Feb 26
Leon: *Ewww! He couldn’t believe he had to listen to this! Gah … As if he wasn’t even here, too! Oh, he wish he had a voice in this body!* -01:08 Feb 26

Nicholas: It is I who would be quite honored. It has been many years, has it not, Lady Octavia? *For an adult wolf, he was also taking being scratched like this with dignity!*

“It has been far too long since you have graced my pack with your presense. The day I met your pup, I admired the handsome resemblance to his father.” For her flirting, Octavia was still as regal as a queen. The psychic woman’s peculiar habits were strange, but not surprising to see from one that would ask questions about tasting to wolves!

Evangeline: *Petting a wolf was perfectly natural… Of course then she remembered this was Leon’s father, and if he were in man form that might be strange…. and just continued petting anyway. Wolves were made for petting, or they wouldn’t be so soft.* -01:25 Feb 26

Nicholas: It is always a pleasure to spend time with you and your Pack. Your wisdom and elegance have fashioned your wolves into a strong, tight knit group.

The ride on the lake went by without incident… The boat finally stilling as it ran up on to the shore of the opposite side of the lake. Here the trees were even thicker, leading way to a small isolated forest as part of the park. Everything here was dead silent.

“You are kind, Wulfric.” she hushed as they drew up on to shore. Slowly rising to her feet and hopping carefully out of the boat on to dry land. The quiet was deafening here.

Nicholas: *He watched the white wolf get off and put his head on Evangeline’s hand.* We will return shortly. *Then he moved and followed the white wolf!*

Evangeline: *With the boat on solid ground, she fussed with the bars of the cage again. It wasn’t opening yet, despite them being at their destination… and now she was going to miss everything!* Bother! I’ll just wait here! -01:38 Feb 26

On the ground, there was a path… something having been made with the constant dragging of cages back and forth from the side of the lake, to be sure. It led off in to the forest!

Leon: *He got up and moved over to Evangeline! He didn’t feel confident about leaving Evangeline here and the huff he made said as much as he sat down beside the cage!* -01:47 Feb 26
Evangeline: Are you sure you want to leave your father alone with the White Queen? I think she wants to be your mother in law. *There had to be a way out of this cage… She turned around to use her feet to push at the bars!* -01:50 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He sniffed the trail as they went and stepped lightly! He also kept his ears out for the slightest rustle!*

The White Queen watched the trees and the pat carefully as they strode forward. Not to hear even a small animal was a warning sign! Up ahead, there seemed to be a large building. An old abandoned place… but there were lights!

Leon: *He wasn’t quite sure whether he wanted to go to keep an eye on those two or stay so he wouldn’t have to look at them!* -02:02 Feb 26
Evangeline: Ms. Grey says he’s so much of a gentleman, that if she didn’t want to skin him alive she might have enjoyed his company! *Pushing wasn’t working… Evangeline measured the size of the holes between the bars… and attempted to squeeze through them!* -02:06 Feb 26
Leon: *He tried biting on the bars and seeing if that would work! Then he pawed at it! There had to be a way to open this damn thing! He tried not to think about Nicholas!* -02:23 Feb 26

Nicholas: Mm … I cannot hear any sound of the wolves. This is serious. *He waited to see if anyone would come out from there to go to the boat.*

The Gate Saga

039 Testing the Vampire

Ciara wonders just how Gabriel knows when Evangeline is in danger and tests it out.

[Leon was having a playful tug of war with Brutus!] -03:29 Dec 13
[Ciara was sipping coffee and chatting with Evangeline.] -03:31 Dec 13

Brutus was growling as he tugged on that rope! He had quite the firm grip!

Evangeline: Brutus is nearly too big for me to pick up now. I had no idea he would grow so fast!

Leon: Wow. Someone’s been eating his vitamins! *He had a firm grip with both hands on the other side of the rope and pulling for all he was worth! At the moment they were locked in a stalemate!* -03:34 Dec 13
Ciara: I’m not sure how you afford to feed him. *Ciara hadn’t counted on having Evangeline as a house guest too. Although considering Gabriel was so attached to her, she shouldn’t have been surprised!* -03:36 Dec 13
Leon: *Was leaning backwards with Brutus refusing to let go on his end! Leon wasn’t one to go easy on a pup because he was … well, a pup, so he was giving it his all! Brutus was definitely growing!* -03:37 Dec 13

Evangeline: *A big smile!* Thankfully I’m not buying his dinners. Not that I haven’t been payed fairly by Oracle, but sometimes I think Brutus eats a whole cow a day!

Leon: *Glanced up at Evangeline and laughed!* I kind of figured that. You’re not complaining about Brutus’ eating as much as Cissy does mine! *He winked at Ciara!* -03:39 Dec 13
Ciara: Gabriel seems to have himself a nice little family going. *Ciara made a face at Leon!* You eat far more than a single cow, thankyouverymuch. I may as well invest in a cattle ranch. -03:40 Dec 13
Leon: Oh! A cattle ranch! We could make a campfire and make s’mores and can play the guitar and sing those frontier songs! *He seemed very excited with the idea of a cattle ranch!* -03:42 Dec 13

Evangeline: A cattle ranch is a great idea! You know farm living is very healthly, and you’ve all that fresh food, and I bet there would be so much more peace and quiet. More time to spend with Leon!

Leon’s grip loosened on the rope just the slightest! Brutus took advantage and pulled for all he was worth … resulting in both him and Leon falling backwards with Brutus holding the rope in his teeth!

Leon: OOofff! *He fell backwards and slowly got up into a sitting position! He sighed!* Cissy says everytime we go on a vacation strange things happen. So she might be reluctant to go anywhere like a cattle ranch. If you ask me, strange things happen whether we go or stay. -03:45 Dec 13
Ciara: *For a moment she tried to imagine herself living in the country… That was just… no. Frowning, she took another sip of her coffee.* I wonder… if you moved out to the country, would Gabriel be going to..? -03:45 Dec 13

Brutus bounded at Leon and put his front paws on his knees! He dropped the rope into Leon’s lap, tongue hanging out and tail wagging!

Evangeline: Your life is just naturally exciting! *Evangeline paused and tilted her head to think about Ms Grey’s question!* I’m not sure I would like living in the country. I would always have to leave for visions anyway, so it’s just much simpler to stay in the city.

Leon: So it’s a rematch you want, huh? *Leon used his trademark wolfish grin as he grabbed the rope and dangled it in front of Brutus’ face! But just when Brutus was about to snag it, he pulled it away! He finally let the puppy grab ahold of one end!* Let the game begin! -03:48 Dec 13
Ciara: *Which didn’t answer her question at all! Ciara set down her cup.* Some of those new boys at Oracle told me some interesting stories about Gabriel’s teaching habits, especially when you’re involved in the classes. I think the last incident was someone’s broken fingers…? -03:51 Dec 13

Brutus barked once before he grabbed that rope! He was more than up to the challenge! He got a firm grip and began to tug away from Leon!

Evangeline: *A sheepish look!* I do ask him not to worry so much about those training exercises. I mean, they [i]are[/i] accidents, but he always says ‘serious actions give serious consequences’ or something like that. Which I understand, but he’s a little hard on them, don’t you think?

Leon: *Laugh!* Cissy would probably do the same thing if I was in your place, Evangeline! Right, Cissy? *He flashed her a wolfish grin!* -03:57 Dec 13
Ciara: Well I don’t know, Leon. Evangeline is more like the little princess of Oracle. At least a wolf has teeth. *For a moment it looked like she was going to grab a couch cushion and throw it at him!* She seems to bring out an interesting little protective streak from that Carnatelli. -03:59 Dec 13
Leon: *At the mention of a wolf’s teeth, he ran his tongue over his own teeth.* I guess you’re right. But before we bailed Gabriel out, you worried about me all the same! *Another wolfish grin!* Besides, Gabriel’s a hero. Isn’t that what they do? -04:02 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Little princess…? That drew an odd look from Evangeline. She never thought of herself like that!* Leon is right… it’s really not unlike how you care for Leon! I think it’s wonderful!

Ciara: *Choosing to ignore the comparison of Gabriel and herself, Ciara eyed Evangeline again.* He is lke a hero. Saving the little princess from danger after danger. Be it the ultimate evil, or a woman asking questions… Almost flawlessly, doesn’t he? Every time you’re in trouble? -04:06 Dec 13

Brutus was going “GRR!! GRR!!” Leon might not be as focused on this game but he was! He pulled and he pulled!

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave a soft smile and a little shrug.* Almost. When I first came to the city I thought it was funny how he would appear, and now when I think about it I get warm fuzzies.

Ciara: *Flashing a rather dangerous looking grin, Ciara rose slowly from her chair.* Anthony Carnatelli already figured that out and has used that to his advantage a few times, hasn’t he? But, I wonder how exactly he knows… *Ciara leaned over the edge of the balcony wall to peer down.* -04:12 Dec 13

Evangeline: …How Anthony knows or Gabriel? *There was a confused look on her face… Of course anyone with sense could see Gabriel cared for her saftey, even if he didn’t always realize… But now she was curious how Gabriel always came to help when she was in trouble, even those moments he had no idea something happened to her!* I really hadn’t though about it before!

Leon: Maybe … coincidence? *He suggested with a small shrug, now half-listening as he turned his attention to Brutus who was going to be dragging him around the place at this rate!* -04:16 Dec 13
Ciara: It could be a coincidence. I think we should give it a little test and see. If you’ll just come over here… *Ciara took Evangeline’s hand and pulled her over to the balcony wall. Evangeline was pretty light, so there shouldn’t be any real danger. …And if the worst happens, she can always call up a dragon for help!* -04:25 Dec 13

Evangeline: How to test something like that, though? Not that I think it’s really neccessary… I promised Gabriel that I’d try to stay out of trouble, and your suite if nearly the safest place in the city.

Ciara: A little imagination, Evangeline. *Without warning, and quite carefully Ciara swung an arm around Evangeline’s waist and grabbed a solid hold of her wrist… Then dipped her backwards over the wall, with enough leverage to take the woman’s feet off the ground! It looked more like a dance move than anything, and as long as the woman didn’t squirm, Ciara should be able to hold her! ..She was little heavier than expected…* -04:30 Dec 13
Leon: *Looked up and was about to go back to his game of tug of war–!* CISSY!! OOOfff! *He let go and fell backwards again!* -04:31 Dec 13

Evangeline: *A yelp…!! Being swept off her feet was one thing, but not on the top floor balcony!* Ms. Grey, I thought I didn’t have to tell you that I can’t fly..!!

Brutus proudly walked past Leon with the rope in his mouth! A second straight victory!

Leon: Cissy! You can’t possibly–! *He scrambled forwards, only to fall and scramble to his feet again! He joined Ciara and stood behind her!* Ciara, are you nuts?! -04:36 Dec 13
Ciara: Be still! You weigh more than you look. *She still had Evangeline braced pretty well on the wall… so she made sure to tilt her a little farther!* Call it an interest in social science. It’d take a least two minutes before she hit the pavement below. -04:37 Dec 13

Gabriel: *Was suddenly standing on the railing of the balcony!* … I trust you have a good reason for this. *He had one eyebrow raised and his head tilted slightly to one side!*

Gabriel: *right beside Evangeline

Leon: *Winced and shut his eyes!* We are so dead. *He muttered when he heard Gabriel’s voice.* -04:39 Dec 13

Evangeline: Hit the pavement?! *She was very nearly about to start screaming… So Gabriel’s voice was a big relief! Not that it stopped her from trying to squirm back to having her feet on the ground!*

Gabriel: You should not move. You are upsetting Ms Grey’s balance and hence your own. *He landed neatly on the ground and moved to help Evangeline upright and on firm ground again!*

Ciara: Gabriel! What a surprise! *Damnit woman, she didn’t actually WANT to drop her! Ciara pulled Evangeline back to the correct side and released her! She dust herself off, as if she hadn’t just threatened to throw a psychic off the building.* We were just having an interesting discussion about you. -04:42 Dec 13
Ciara: (Scratch mine!) -04:42 Dec 13
Leon: (I don’t see why we can’t just use both of ours!) -04:43 Dec 13
Ciara: (Okay! XD) -04:43 Dec 13
Leon: *Gulped! They were going to die painful, agonizing deaths for the sake of Ciara’s experiments!* -04:43 Dec 13
Leon: (LOL) -04:43 Dec 13

Evangeline: *On her feet where she belonged, and after taking a deep breath to calm herself back down… She stomped her foot and pointed an accusing finger at Ms. Grey.* That was a horribly wicked thing to do!! You scared me to death!

Gabriel: Indeed. *He replied.* I trust I have answered your questions. *For Evangeline, this was probably the moment he was going to disappear again!*

Leon: Um … Coffee? *He held up the pot and grinned sheepishly!* -04:46 Dec 13
Ciara: One questioned answered, but many more still to ask. *Ciara was unphased by Evangeline’s pointing.* You come to fetch her no matter the circumstances, I have to ask if you ever bother to consider when it’s a trap to capture or kill you. -04:48 Dec 13

Gabriel: *He ignored Leon’s offer for coffee.* It is always one or the other. However, the repercussions of not arriving at all is by far more disastrous.

Leon: *Polite coughing! He moved over to Evangeline.* How about … we leave these two to chat for awhile? -04:52 Dec 13
Ciara: One day someone is going to have sense enough to kill her before you arrive. What happens then? -04:53 Dec 13

Gabriel: … All hell breaks loose.

Brutus came back! He was tired of playing! Now he was just hungry and barked a few times to get his point across!

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded at Leon, but hadn’t yet moved… She wanted to hear the what-ifs too!*

Leon: *Soft sigh! He glanced over at Brutus!* Well, Brutus, I think it’s only you and me for now. Let’s get something to eat. *He wandered back inside and into the kitchen!* -04:56 Dec 13

Brutus barked and followed after him!

Ciara: *Ciara gave another dangerously wicked smile.* I suggest you stay and discuss this with me, or I might be tempted to see what happens when I lock Evangeline in an Elevator. *Tugging Evangeline’s arm she was following after Leon. It was shameless baiting! How much could the man take before he wasn’t Mr. Cool anymore?* -04:58 Dec 13

Gabriel: You have a streak in you. It is little wonder Anthony is fascinated with you so. *He remarked before she started following after Leon!*

Leon: *Halted when he heard Ciara coming up behind him! He gave Ciara that "You have got to be kidding me!" look!* Cissy! What the hell is wrong with you?! *He whispered!* -05:01 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Feels a bit like that rope Leon and Brutus were tugging! …But on the bright side, it was valuable bonding time for Ms. Grey and Gabriel! Evangeline managed to get herself loose from Ms. Grey and take a comfy seat! …Poor Leon was going to have kittens!*

Ciara: *Ciara paused a moment to eye Gabriel! He was going to try and bait her too, was he? We-hell, he was sparring with a champion now! Ciara just smiled wide at Leon!* What do you think about having psychic for lunch? -05:07 Dec 13

There was a ring on the comm-link! RING RING RING RING!

Gabriel: I believe that is for you, Ms Grey. *He replied instead.*

Ciara: *Always interuptions… Ciara moved and leaned on the wall as she pressed the comlink. Of course, keeping her eyes on Gabriel!* This better be important. I’m in the middle of a meeting. -05:09 Dec 13

Evangeline: Wolves shouldn’t be eating apples, anyway. *She mutter softly.*

Ciara’s secretary! She had a few visitors from Oracle who were very insistent on meeting with her as soon as possible! They kept saying it was urgent!

Leon: Heh heh … *He shut his eyes and scratched his head while trying to flash his wolfish grin! But all he gave was a nervous smile!* -05:11 Dec 13
Ciara: …Why don’t you just send them upstairs, then. I’m sure they’ll enjoy this meeting! *Ciara had a feeling it was going to be those two meddlers come to complain about the Carnatelli. Let them have a good shock!* -05:13 Dec 13

That was a first! Ms Grey was usually very … against the idea of having these Oracle people! But she did as told and in no time at all, there was the ding ding! of the elevator starting to come up!

Evangeline: *Evangeline reached out to snag one of Gabriel’s sleeves. She didn’t think anything really bad would happened, but Ms. Grey was being wicked, and that was awful similar to when Gabriel was harassing those Oracle newbies…. and that usually meant someone went running and screaming!*

Leon: *Blinked!* Wait. Are those the same Oracle people as the last time? I don’t like them. *He ducked into the kitchen again!* -05:22 Dec 13
Ciara: *Arms crossed, Ciara blinked at the fleeing Leon.* …They already know you’re here, AND you’re working for Oracle! How scary could they be! -05:22 Dec 13

Gabriel: *Looked over at Evangeline but at least he didn’t start moving away or doing his disappearing act for that matter!*

The elevator was getting closer to the top!

Leon: Says the woman who took over an entire organization and turned it upside down in less than 24 hours! In this case, I’m going to play it safe and just stay in here, thank you! *He popped back into the kitchen!* -05:24 Dec 13
Ciara: They didn’t get fired. There shouldn’t be an issue. *Well… as far she she is concerned, there shouldn’t be. Ciara moved to wait at the elevator door.* -05:25 Dec 13

DING! The elevators doors opened and out stepped the two Oracle personnel from before! They greet Ms Grey just like they did last time and ask if they can speak with her!

Ciara: By all means, join me in the living room. *Ciara smiled her perfect smile, motioning a hand and beckoning them to follow her.* Of course you should be aquainted with Gabriel and Evangeline by now… If at least by name. -05:32 Dec 13

The two of them followed after Ciara but when they saw Gabriel and Evangeline … they instantly reached into their jackets!

Gabriel: *Was faster and he had his gun pulled out and aimed at them!*

The woman slowly put her hands up but didn’t take her eyes off of Gabriel! “Ms Grey, if you would like to explain why there is a Carnatelli in your suite …”

Evangeline: Crickets…! Why do you always pull the guns first! *Evangeline hopped out of her seat to scoot in between Gabriel and those Oracle people!*

Ciara: After that last little incident, I decided that it would be impossible to protect myself on my own. …So I asked for a little outside help. Isn’t that what you dears have been begging me to do all this time? *She was smiling like a chesire cat!* -05:40 Dec 13

The man reluctantly followed the woman’s lead! The woman looked over at Ms Grey as if she was dabbling in things she didn’t understand. “You cannot be serious! We have heard the rumors but … to enlist the aid of the enemy!”

Ciara: We have a common goal. For the sake of the greater good I can look over a few undesireable traits. …Besides, if he misbehaves I’ll just throw Evangeline off the building. *Ciara flashed Gabriel a sugary sweet grin!* -05:50 Dec 13

Gabriel: *Either he hadn’t heard her or he was just ignoring her at this point as he still had his gun out! But at least he had lowered it!*

Of course the Oracle people were not amused! “You are playing with fire, Ms Grey! It is one thing to do what you will on your time but when you bring a Carnatelli into the Oracle headquarters and give him free rein!”

Evangeline: *Of course Ms. Grey wouldn’t actually throw her off the building. ….she was pretty sure. But, Evangeline huffed and crossed her arms anyway. Ms. Grey needed some of her own medicene!*

Ciara: You are either ignorant to what goes on in the organization or just plain stupid if you hadn’t realized by now that Anthony Carnatelli had been pulling strings in Oracle for some time now. I am simply trading in for a model that actually works for Oracle rather than against it. Since I’ve taken control there have been less death and more shit gets done. So you want to tell me again that it’s a bad idea? -05:57 Dec 13

“Ms Grey, for the love of God! The results might seem spectacular now but he will turn against you–against us! And then it will be Anthony Carnatelli all over again!”

Ciara: And if or when that happens I will have no issues putting the order to kill Gabriel Carnatelli myself. *That being as much as an assurance for them, and as a warning to that psychic and her vampire. Ciara was perectly aware on how things could go wrong.* In the meantime, was that all you came to say? More lectures about my habits? -06:09 Dec 13

“Apparently you have your mind made up.” The woman straightened her jacket. “Let’s go.” She and the man turned and left but not before casting a glare in Gabriel’s direction! They got back into the elevator and were gone!

Leon: *Popped his head out!* Is it clear? -06:12 Dec 13
Ciara: You’re such a big baby! Even Evangeline stayed out here to play gun shield and you’re hiding in the kitchen! -06:13 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Now that those Oracle people were gone, Evangeline decided she would try and teach Ms. Grey a lesson! She stood nice and straight, and tried to give that nonchalant look!* I don’t appreciate you making all those threats, Ms. Grey! I think if I hear another, maybe I’ll chop off Leon’s tail!

Ciara: … *Ciara paused to blink at Evangeline. …Then started laughing!* -06:16 Dec 13
Leon: It’d be my luck that they’ve got silver bullets in those things! *He walked out with Brutus in tow and they both smelled of BBQ sauce and steak!* -06:17 Dec 13

Evangeline: I’m serious! A chopped wolf tail and baked in the oven! … Or worse!

Gabriel: It would be far too messy. If you wished for a souvenir, I suggest a were’s coat or their teeth. They fetch a handsome price in apothecaries.

Ciara: *Still snickering, Ciara tapped her fingers on her arms and cast a smirk at Gabriel.* Your little princess sounds more like a very loud kitten. If you want to sound threatening, Evangeline, I suggest continuing to let Gabriel do the threatening for you. -06:21 Dec 13

Gabriel: I do not make threats, Ms Grey. I merely carry through with my promises.

Leon: *Loud SIGH!* Are you three going to be at it all day? We could do it over food, you know! Isn’t that right, Brutus? *He reached over to give the werepup a good scratching behind the ears.* -06:25 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Bother… that hadn’t worked at all. …and she does NOT sound like a kitten! Looking very much offended, Evangeline dropped back in to her chair.* I think food is a great idea! Brutus smells like barbecue and now I’m starving.

Brutus barked and wagged his tail!

Ciara: Yes, lets have lunch. We can eat and discuss Evangeline’s plans for future were puppies. Now that she spends all this time with Leon and I, there’s bound to be more. -06:30 Dec 13

Evangeline: *That perked her out of looking offended!* Actually, I had this wonderful idea! There’s so many homeless werepuppies these days, so wouldn’t it be grand if they had someone to go and be raised like proper young wolves instead of getting in to violent clans and trouble!

Leon: *Paused in the middle of walking out with some plates and utensils from the kitchen!* Wow. That’s not a bad idea! They’d have a chance to grow into law-abiding, constantly hungry citizens! -06:35 Dec 13

Evangeline: Yes! And it would be so much teaching and training puppies all day! They’d make wonderful staff at Oracle when they’re all grown up or just.. going out on their own and having families!

Leon: Which would be much better than them acquiring the taste for human flesh! And we wouldn’t have to hunt them down or mercilessly slay them! -06:40 Dec 13
Ciara: *The conversation had completely derailed to talk of werepuppy teaching and ridiculousness. Ciara looked down at Brutus, trying to imagine a room filled with pups. …She covered her eyes.* Aren’t we lucky there is Gabriel to appear and rescue you when a pack of pups get hungry and try to maul you both. -06:42 Dec 13

Evangeline: Oh, they’d never do anything like that. But it’s such good practice for raising young wolves! If you helped Leon with a class you’d be well prepared when you have your- Oh, I think lunch is ready! *Drats and drats again! She’s got to watch herself when she gets comfortable and chatty!*

Ciara: *That was the second time Evangeline had suggested puppies. Ciara inched towards Evangeline, considering dragging her off and squishing every last prediction out of her!* Is that so, madam psychic…? What else should I be preparing for with Leon…? -06:52 Dec 13
The Gate Saga

038 Lesson with Wulfric

Leon has his first lesson with Nicholas.

[Leon felt as good as new and Cissy hadn\’t mentioned anything about lessons so he was certain he was in the clear!] -11:49 Feb 22
[Ciara has been keeping a secret!] -11:50 Feb 22
Leon: MMmm!! *He was sitting in the cafeteria wolfing down his seventh steak in the past 15 minutes!* Delicious! -11:53 Feb 22
Ciara: *This was a different situation… She hadn’t ever been worried about Leon getting angry with her since… since forever! And even back then she never did anything worth him getting seriously angery about. If his recent serious-leon moments were any inclination of what it could be like, Ciara wasn’t so sure it would go over well. …For now she was just going to get coffee and keep an eye out for their arriving ‘guest’.* -11:54 Feb 22
Leon: *He licked his chops!* Mmm! That was great! Thanks, Cissy! *He stood!* I better get going. Time for a nap! *He was headed for the door!* -11:56 Feb 22
Ciara: Haven’t you had enough naps today? *Taking her coffee with her, she was practically on his heels! In fact, she’d been on his heels all day, yet always had a good excuse.* -11:58 Feb 22
Leon: *He blinked! Cissy had never mentioned having too many naps to him before!* Uh … Yeah. *He stopped and tilted his head slightly at her, right before they’d gotten to the doors!* Um … You feeling okay, Cissy? *He put a hand on her forehead to check for a fever!* -12:01 Feb 23
Ciara: *She tilted out of the way.* I’m fine. You act more like a cat than a wolf with all that napping. Might as well start purring. -12:03 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked some more but didn’t try to put a hand on her forehead again.* Heh heh. *He flashed a wolfish grin.* I guess you’re right. -12:05 Feb 23

The door opened!

Leon: *He automatically moved to step back.* Oops. Sorry about that … *He looked to apologize and then blinked again! There was the shock on his face!* … What the hell … -12:07 Feb 23

Nicholas Wulfric gave a small smile. “Greetings, Leon. I hope you are prepared for your first lesson.”

Ciara: *Clearing her throat, she seemed to find great interest in what was on the ceiling.* I talked to your father the other day… -12:08 Feb 23
Leon: *His body stiffened and he was either going to stalk away or tackle Nicholas!* … Cissy, what the fuck is he talking about? *He demanded in a low voice.* -12:08 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked and turned to look at her!* What?! Talked to him?! Why?! -12:08 Feb 23
Ciara: There are things you need to learn, and who better to teach them…? *She started off weakly… Before she spoke a little louder!* If I have to set things aside for what’s good for me, so do you! -12:10 Feb 23
Leon: Good for me?! Him?! *His eyes narrowed as he looked at Nicholas!* The last time he did anything for me, he did more harm than good. If any at all. You’re wasting your time here. And mine. Get the hell out of Oracle. *Then he stalked around and out of the cafeteria.* -12:12 Feb 23
Ciara: Leon Santos! Don’t you walk away from me! *Coffee cup still in hand, she stalked down the hall after him to snag the back collar of his shirt.* You’re going to talk to him, whether you like it or not. *Ciara hissed, as she dragged him back towards the other end of the hall.* -12:15 Feb 23
Leon: Grr … *He blinked and was dragged a few steps before attempting to stop her, planting his feet!* Cissy! I’ve got nothing to say to him other than to get the hell out of my life! And nothing to do with him either … except maybe beating the crap out of him. *He muttered under his breath.* I’m as eager to learn as the next wolf but you’ve got something coming if you expect me to learn from him. -12:17 Feb 23
Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t letting go, so if he wanted free he was going to have to wiggle out of that shirt!* Yeah? Then why don’t you come along to one of the training rooms and beat the shit out of him? I would be more than happy to see it! In fact I dare you! -12:19 Feb 23
Leon: *That made him pause! He blinked.* Wow, seriously? *He stopped struggling and looked over his shoulder at her!* -12:20 Feb 23
Ciara: Absolutely. I might even hold him down for you. …Unless of course you’re afraid to bother, even though he’s here practically begging for another punch in the face. -12:22 Feb 23
Leon: *The way he was looking at her he was suspecting this to be some kind of ruse!* Hmm … Okay. So, when I beat him up, you’ll be convinced I don’t need lessons and send him away? -12:23 Feb 23
Ciara: I will personally throw him out the third floor window. All right? -12:25 Feb 23
Leon: *He flashed her his trademark wolfish grin!* You got yourself a deal! Pinkie swear? *He offered her his hooked pinkie.* -12:26 Feb 23
Ciara: *Oh, Cooties… Did you ever fall in to a trap! Releasing his shirt, she hooked his pinky with hers and gave a most wicked smirk!* Pinkie swear. Now c’mon… You have a father to beat up. -12:29 Feb 23
Leon: *He was oh so confident about this! He nodded!* Right! *he marched back to the cafeteria where Nicholas still waited by the door!* Okay then. Cissy and I made a deal. When I beat you in a fair match, she’ll forget this lesson thing and I can get rid of you. Got it? -12:31 Feb 23

Nicholas gave another small smile, his polite one. “If that is your decision, I will abide by it.” He gave a small nod of his head.

Ciara: *Ciara probably had a better chance of beating Nicholas Wulfric than Leon did… But she would keep that to herself.* Well then, gentleman. Follow me. *Wiggling a finger for them to follow and sipping her coffee along the way, she escorted them to the room she had prepared specifically for… wolfy training. It required a few unusual suggestions from Evangeline, but it was easy enough to get together on short notice.* -12:35 Feb 23
Leon: *He was feeling real good about his chances of winning! It hadn’t occured to him that his dad outweighed him in experience, age, and a few other factors. So when they got there, he looked around and whistled at the room.* -12:41 Feb 23
Ciara: Evangeline has made herself useful. Seems she’s picked up a few things about wolfs with that pup tagging behind her all the time. I’m sure this should do fine. *Ciara and her coffee made sure to get out of the way. She took a seat on a desk, crossing her legs underneath her.* -12:44 Feb 23

Nicholas Wulfric stepped to the middle of the clear area and waited.

Leon: *He smirked as he stepped to face his dad.* Don’t think I’m going to go easy on you just ’cause you’re old. *He stretched and slipped his jacket off, throwing it over a bench nearby.* -01:01 Feb 23

Nicholas was rolling up his sleeves. “I would not assume such a thing.”

Ciara: *Sipping her coffee, she grinned.* You’re not supposed to taunt before you attack, Leon… -01:06 Feb 23
Leon: Just thought I should warn you. Here I go. *He took a deep breath. This was the moment he was waiting for. Pay back! He ran forward and threw an uppercut to Nicholas’ jaw!* -01:07 Feb 23

Nicholas didn’t even blink. He stepped back, tilted to the side slightly to avoid the follow up uppercut that came immediately afterwards. Then he stepped backwards when Leon got too close and caught the fist sailing for his face.

Ciara: A hit for the face is so expected. Perhaps if you try something a little different. Pull his tail. -01:12 Feb 23
Leon: *His eyes narrowed and he clenched his teeth! Then he tried a fist to his father’s ribs to get him to let go and give him the upper hand!* -01:16 Feb 23

Nicholas didn’t even look like he was struggling! “You have left your tail exposed while in human form? That is a mistake. A tail, although necessary, as a wolf, is merely decoration and a liability in human form.” He promptly twisted Leon’s arm and forced him to turn, then pinning his arm behind his back.

Leon: *He growled and tried to get some kind of hold on Nicholas so he could throw him over his shoulder or something!* Hey! I happen to like my tail! -01:23 Feb 23
Ciara: It is nice and fluffy to pet. *Ciara frowned behind her cup… should she help? He needs to learn these things himself, but… She never did like leaving him to fight by himself…* -01:24 Feb 23
[Leon has timed out.] -01:55 Feb 23
[Leon is back!] -02:54 Feb 23

“You may have grown but you are still a pup, Leon. You are a wolf but no one ever told you what it truly means to be one.” Nicholas adruptly released Leon!

Leon: *He was suddenly released and ended up, staggering forward! He stopped himself before he ended up eating the floor! He turned around and shook himself.* Hey! I’ve been on my own for at least thirty years! I know how to take care of myself! -02:57 Feb 23
Ciara: …Until you walk in to a warehouse filled with god knows what and end up in the infirmary. -02:59 Feb 23
Leon: *That stopped him and coughed.* It was … just a mistake, that’s all. *He glared at Nicholas.* That still doesn’t change anything between you and me. -03:00 Feb 23

“But things have changed. You have been on your own for thirty years and suddenly been thrust back into other people’s lives. No longer a shadow, a memory. You are flesh and blood to them. Should you meet your demise, they will feel your loss. That is the burden you must bear. And the realization that you cannot run from who or what you are any longer.”

Leon: *He frowned!* I haven’t been running at all! … Okay, maybe from the government … but that’s it! I know I’m a wolf. I’m Leon Santos. I’m not running from that. -03:09 Feb 23
Ciara: *Ironic that it was nearly the same lecture Leon gave her about needing a guard for herself. Granted, having to deal with a runaway parent must be harder than a defective Carnatelli… Just barely. …She remained silent for the time being!* -03:10 Feb 23

Nicholas: You insist on one thing but yet you sound doubtful of yourself. I have made many mistakes, Leon, but I have my reasons for doing what I thought was the right choice at the time. I betrayed your trust many years before but I ask for that trust again … You have a lot of potential and talent, Leon. But you lack the discipline to protect the ones you love and care for. Do you understand …?”

Leon: *He was silent and he stood there for awhile!* … I don’t know. *Then he glanced over at Ciara.* … Okay. I’ll do it. -03:54 Feb 23
Ciara: *There was a soft smile from her… before she came to her senses and sipped her coffee.* You might even get a reward. -03:56 Feb 23

Nicholas: Hm. *He gave Leon a deep, meaningful look.* That would depend on if you survive my training.

Leon: *He blinked!* WHAT?! Survive?! -04:00 Feb 23
Ciara: *Seemed to mimic Leon’s blink! Before giving a dangerous scowl.* …Survive? *…She wasn’t kidding about throwing him out a window…* -04:02 Feb 23

Nicholas: *He gave his small smile.* I have every belief you will. You are the son of an alpha and with a mate like Ciara Gray, you will need all the training you can get.

Ciara: Mate?! Would you like ME to join in on your little training, because I promise I’m a lot more dangerous than Cooties! -04:05 Feb 23

Nicholas: *He glanced over at Ciara and gave another small smile.* My apologies if I offended you, Ms Grey.

Ciara: Being polite isn’t going to spare you from a broken tail. *Ciara muttered something about assumptions and cooties shots under her breath before turning away.* -04:17 Feb 23
Leon: *He was still eying Nicholas warily.* … So what do I have to do? -04:54 Feb 23

Nicholas: *Another small smile.* We will begin in the morning. I recommend you get a good night’s rest. *He nodded to Leon, then turned and bowed to Ciara.* Until then. Good day. *And then he strode out!*

Leon: … Still the friggin’ most confusing guy I ever knew. *He muttered under his breath and scratched his head. He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths.* -04:55 Feb 23
Ciara: At least I can say he has far more personality than my own parents. *With that wolf gone, she turned back around to eye Leon carefully…* …Are you mad at me? -04:58 Feb 23
Leon: *He finally opened his eyes and looked up at her. Then he gave her a faint wolfish grin.* I can’t get mad at you for looking out for me. God knows I’ve done that to you plenty of times. I’m just … confused … I guess. I mean, he suddenly pops up in my life. After all this time … I don’t know. I just don’t know how to treat him, how to talk to him. -05:03 Feb 23
Ciara: Call him Professor Jackass. I’m sure it will go over well. *Pretending she wasn’t relieved, Ciara hopped off the desk.* I suppose you can have a present for being such a good wolf today. *She grinned!* -05:05 Feb 23
Leon: *The expression on his face told her he wasn’t so sure but he looked up at her.* Hm? What kind of present? -05:08 Feb 23
Ciara: You look like I’m going to shave your fur off. *Which was always an idea, but not today. Coffeecup in one hand she grabbed his nose to tug him down and plant a kiss on his forehead. Then let him go.* Thus rewarded. Good wolf. -05:11 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked and then he laughed! He gave her a bright grin!* Thank you, Cissy. So uh … what kind of training do you think weres go through? -05:17 Feb 23
Ciara: I am the vampire expect, not the were… Maybe you should ask Evangeline since you’re so chummy with her and the pup. *One big happy wolfy family! A small scoff as she headed for the door.* -05:20 Feb 23
Leon: *He ran after her!* Come on, Cissy. You know you’re the only girl for me. Plus, she’s hooked on Gabriel and Brutus is from Romania or somewhere overseas. -05:21 Feb 23
Ciara: All I’m sure of is that vampire being attached to her. Evangeline doesn’t seem to have any problem chatting away with you and every other person here… I’m starting to think she’s some sort of witch or enchantress with everyone under her sunny spell. -05:23 Feb 23
Leon: *A small shrug!* Maybe she reminds him of someone. *He suggested out of the blue.* -05:24 Feb 23
Ciara: *Ciara paused in the hall.* …I wonder if she’s just food. He’ll never say no to her, because she’s feeding him! -05:26 Feb 23
Leon: *He coughed and had to pound his chest!* … Okay. Didn’t see that one coming. *He raised an eyebrow at her.* So you honestly think the ulterior motive of hanging around with her is food and hungry vampire? -05:27 Feb 23
Ciara: You practically roll on the floor everytime I offer you a steak. …No, I guess not. She couldn’t possibly be so daft as to offer herself up as a chewtoy. -05:31 Feb 23
Leon: *He flashed her a wolfish grin!* I only roll on the floor when the steak is offered by someone I truly care for. *He winked at her.* Anyways, I’m surprised you actually agreed to having Gabriel. -05:32 Feb 23
Ciara: *Swatting lightly at him for his awful winks, she only frowned slightly.* I don’t like the idea of him lurking around me, but it’s in Oracle’s best interests if I find out everything about him. His weaknesses are my weaknesses… someone has to have to sense. -05:36 Feb 23
Leon: *He chuckled softly.* Good luck finding them out. You don’t live very long without learning how to keep them. So … can I have some steak now? -05:37 Feb 23
Ciara: Ha. Spend fifteen minutes around that fanged idiot and you can see Evangeline is a weakness… But just how much of one, I’ll give a little test later. *Oh the wicked grin of a woman with a devious scheme. It won’t be hard to get the psychic alone!* …You ate not thirty minutes ago. Maybe you should be exercising for your wolfy training. I could chase you around the courtyard with a crossbow? -05:42 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked!* Hey! I’m getting some hardcore training tomorrow! No need to go rushing into things when I have a chance to take a break. -05:47 Feb 23
Ciara: Serious training takes a serious attitude. I might as well throw you in Gabriel’s classes too to make sure. -05:48 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked!* Seriously?! But the stories I’ve heard! -06:01 Feb 23
Ciara: *That wicked smile again… By now she had entered the cafeteria for a fresh cup of coffee. Maybe a steak if he stuffed one in his pocket fast enough!* At least half of them are true. You’ll learn pretty quick with a Carnatelli trying to shoot your paws off. -06:04 Feb 23
Leon: *He swallowed! He definitely wasn’t looking forward to that!* Uh … But I’ll have my hands full with Nicholas’ er, class!@ -06:11 Feb 23
Ciara: I suppose so… Well, except when you’re at home. I think my balcony is big enough for private lessons, don’t you? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t throw you off… ….and not catch you. -06:15 Feb 23
Leon: *He gulped!* Uh … You know, I’m not quite sure … *He scratched his head because he honestly wasn’t!* -06:16 Feb 23
Ciara: Leon… you’re far too easy to tease. Like a kitty, really. I might have to find someone with a little more fight to them. *Hopeless wolf… as if Gabriel would ever throw him off a building just because she told him to. ..She wasn’t Evangeline! …WOULD he do it if Evangeline asked him? She paused mid stir of her coffee while thinking about it!* -06:20 Feb 23
Leon: *He gave her an odd look.* Okay. What devious idea are you thinking of now? -06:29 Feb 23
Ciara: *Masking her expression she merely blinked at him.* Devious ideas? I don’t know what you’e talking about. -06:32 Feb 23
Leon: Don’t play coy with me, Cissy. I’ve known you too long. There’s an evil thought taking fruit in that head of yours. -06:43 Feb 23
Ciara: So what if there is? For once it’s not about you, so you can rest nice and easy before your big morning. *She retained that perfectly innocent look even as she found a chair and sat down!* -06:45 Feb 23
Leon: *He sighed and shook his head!* Well, I’m off to take a nap then. See you later, Cissy. *He waved and left her to her thoughts, sighing and shaking his head.* -06:48 Feb 23

The Gate Saga

037 Asking Wulfric a Favor

Ciara realizes Leon needs to spend time with his father and learn wolfy things,and asks Nicholas Wulfric to teach his son.

[Ciara never had any intention on staying in bed for long! ] -02:19 Feb 22
[Leon was stuck in bed until further notice! … No matter how healthy he said he was!] -02:21 Feb 22
Leon: *Pout!* I keep telling them I’m fine. I don’t know why I have to stay in bed. -02:23 Feb 22
Ciara: Mostly because you’re flight risk. *And far more injured than her… she was already hopping out of bed now that no one was around to complain about it.* -02:25 Feb 22
Leon: … Flight risk?! *He crossed his arms.* So not … *He glanced over at her and raised an eyebrow.* Not as much as you are, anyways. -02:26 Feb 22
Ciara: The distinct difference is that I’m not running off in to danger unarmed with no idea of what I’m doing. *Oh, she was MAD. Mad enough where she wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do to him yet! But it probably involved torture! Easing out of bed, she felt wretched… but that still wasn’t going to save him!* -02:29 Feb 22
Leon: *He was still pouting.* I just lost it. I got all emotional and stuff. *He frowned!* -02:32 Feb 22
Ciara: I told you I was fine. *For a moment she had thought about beating him senseless with his own pillow. …Instead she crawled in to HIS bed and scowled.* You can’t go beating up everyone that picks on me anymore. They’re a lot bigger and meaner now. -02:34 Feb 22
Leon: Sure I can! I would have done that if I hadn’t gone overboard like I did. Would have been just fine. *He nodded.* -02:35 Feb 22
Ciara: Riiiight. So overboard that Gabriel Carnatelli seems to think my whole family needs a babysitter. -02:39 Feb 22
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Heh heh … I’m sure he doesn’t er, think that. -02:44 Feb 22
Ciara: Uh huh. Thanks to you he and his psychic are going to stay with us. Your fluffy little love puppy too. Conrad will have to sleep on the couch, and I may as well invest in a cattle farm. -02:46 Feb 22
Leon: *He gave her another wolfish grin.* How many times do I have to tell you Brutus is not my ‘love puppy’? *He suddenly turned serious.* I didn’t have much time for anything. -02:47 Feb 22
Ciara: *Eyeing him carefully…* And you still won’t if you get yourself killed doing something stupid… -02:50 Feb 22
Leon: *That broke him out of serious mode as he flashed her another wolfish grin.* I know. It’s just … well, I got real worried and couldn’t think straight. -02:52 Feb 22
Ciara: *She covered his mouth with her hand.* Do you promise you’re not going to do anything like again? -02:54 Feb 22
Leon: *He blinked at her and then he gave her that uncertain look. It was plain to see he wasn’t quite sure he could do that if something happened to her.* Mmm … -02:59 Feb 22
Ciara: *A raise of her eyebrow and a smirk!* ..Do you at least promise to be armed with weapons and men? -03:00 Feb 22
Leon: *He blinked again and this time, it was his turn to raise an eyebrow! Weapons?! Men?!* Mm … -03:04 Feb 22
Ciara: *She dropped her hand, exasperated!* Then take Gabriel! I’m sure he’ll just love the opportunity. -03:06 Feb 22
Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin!* But he’s your bodyguard. I’ll be fine. I’m a were, remember? I’ve got it made. -03:11 Feb 22
Ciara: And look at where you are right now. *She poked him in the chest!* You were just fine on that crazy rescue mission with Evangeline, so where were your wolfy skills tonight? -03:13 Feb 22
Leon: *He tilted his head slightly to one side, scratched his head.* Uh … You know … I really have no clue. I figured they’d bail me out but … looks like that wasn’t the case. -03:14 Feb 22
Ciara: …I ought to be putting you through hunter training. Maybe some of Evangeline’s insane methods will do you good. -03:19 Feb 22
Leon: *He quickly put on a pout!* Please no. They might end up using me as target practice! And you know you love my furry tail! -03:20 Feb 22
Ciara: No one has shot off Brutus’ fluffy tail yet. I’m sure you can run faster than Brutus. *She gave a wicked grin!* -03:21 Feb 22
Leon: *He pouted at the thought of his furry tail!* Isn’t there someone else I can go to for lessons? -03:23 Feb 22
Ciara: A wolf needs a wolf for those sort of things. There’s not exactly a lot of wolves in Oracle… *There could be in the future though… What was she supposed to do with wolfs running wild all over the place? And the only other wolf SHE knew was–… Ciara frowned!* -03:27 Feb 22
Leon: *He put on that "ah well" grin on his face!* Heh heh. Never mind. I’m sure I’ll make do. It just takes practice that’s all. *He gave a small shrug and yawned, ready to go to sleep again.* -03:30 Feb 22
Ciara: How about you take a nap. I think I… have something to discuss with my new vampire of the guard. -03:32 Feb 22
Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin! A nap sounded great!* Hee hee. Okay. Goodnight, Cissy. Sleep tight. *He stretched and was out just like that!* -03:33 Feb 22
Ciara: *A soft sigh as she watched him for a moment… Then it was time to put her game face on. Slipping out of bed, it was time to track down Gabriel for their first official co-op mission. And everyone knows if you want Gabriel, you threaten Evangeline. Ciara hunted down that class!* -03:36 Feb 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline was doing what Evangeline does best! Springing strange things on trainees! For this class she was attempting to aim and fire dummy crossbow bolts, but her aim wasn’t exactly accurate!* Be still, I can’t hit you!

Brutus was having the time of his life, watching! “Woof! Woof!”

Ciara: *Clearly she was tired, for this scene was far too amusing than it should be. Ciara snatched the crossbow out of Evangeline’s hands.* You’re not loading it correctly. *Aiming carefully… she fired! Just missing someone’s head!* …I suppose I need your vampire for a bit. -03:40 Feb 22

Evangeline: Oh… They shouldn’t make those things so complicated. *Evangeline clasped her hands behind her back, smiling.* Are you supposed to be out of the infirmary so soon? I’m fairly certain that you were ordered to bed rest for at least a few days.

Ciara: I don’t need your advice, Evangeline. *Reloading a fresh bolt, she turned and aimed at Evangeline!* There’s something I need to do, and then maybe I’ll sit for a spell. -03:44 Feb 22

Those hunters, despite being choked up around Ms. Grey were trying to signal here NOT to go aiming that thing at Evangeline! That’s insanity!

Evangeline: It’s rather dangerous to go out to places like that when you can barely stand. Would you like me to go for you?

Gabriel: I see your preference for summong people is to irk them. *He replied, suddenly between Evangeline and Ciara!*

Ciara: You reveal far too much about yourself when it concerns Evangeline. …But we’ll speak about that later. I need to speak with that wolf in the moving graveyard. *…She did at least lower the crossbow.* -03:51 Feb 22

Gabriel: Nicholas Wulfric. If you can tolerate yourself to travel with a Carnatelli, I can take you there.

Evangeline: *Just barely peeking around Gabriel, she frowned.* They like to eat everyone that goes there. I hope you don’t taste good.

Ciara: *Ciara supposed she could tolorate a Carnatelli for Leon’s sake! ….She gave a rather wicked grin at Evangeline.* We’ll just take you as well, Evangeline. That way they’ll be distrated with eating you while I finish my business. -03:55 Feb 22

Gabriel: If they wish to eat, Ms Grey, it will only be fair to warn them of the problems they will suffer. *He paused.* Such as indigestion.

Evangeline: …Do you think I’d give a wolf indigestion? *Now Evangeline wondered! Maybe if she kicked them in the tummy… but she’d probably be well chewed before swallowed.* … I’d like to go, anyway. In case I can help?

Ciara: By all means, we’ll make it a family trip. *Ciara replied sarcastically, if at least a small bit amused that the vampire had a sense of humor. …Barely.* Let’s go, then. Before Leon finds out. -04:01 Feb 22

Gabriel: Indeed. This way. *He walked out of the classroom and outside into the hall.*

Ciara: *Ciara followed, disreguarding the shocked looks of those hunters… And having to shake Evangeline off her arm!* -04:24 Feb 22

Evangeline: Class dismissed! *Evangeline waved to the class before taking Ms. Grey’s arm… and getting shook off!* You don’t want to look wobbly when you talk to wolves, do you?

Ciara: I can walk just fine, thank you. I’d like to know how he tolorates your constant sunny disposition. -04:27 Feb 22

Evangeline: He just stands there and listens. Why don’t you ask him yourself, he’s standing right here? *Somehow she was going to have to break Ms. Grey’s fear of talking to Gabriel directly!*

Gabriel: *He turned and faced them. He pulled a knife out and cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *There was a strong wind and a pulse of dark energy that whipped around them! The feeling of moving without actually moving and at a very fast speed! And then … stillness!* We are here. -04:49 Feb 22

They were in a thick forest somewhere and it was a bit chilly! And right in front of them was the Living Graveyard, miles and miles of graves and crypts and the eerie feeling they were being watched!

Ciara: *That was an experience…! Next time when she wasn’t feeling so loopy already, maybe it would come in handy!* …. Now we find an alpha wolf. *Shaking Evangeline off her arm again, she moved forward!* -04:51 Feb 22

Evangeline: *As stubborn as Gabriel for sure… Evangeline followed close behind Ms. Grey, just in case!* I can whistle for them, but I think they already know we’re here.

As they moved forward, it was so quiet they could hear themselves breathe! There were movements, figures darting around from the corner of their eyes, faint sounds of snickering and growls!

One of the figures stood, hunched forward, in human form but ready to turn into a hybrid wolf. “Heh heh. Just ’cause you got out last time, don’t mean you’ll get out this time. Ain’t that right, boys?”

Ciara: …Shut your jowels, fuzzy. Where is Nicholas Wulfric? -04:56 Feb 22

Evangeline: I don’t think that’s the best way to get results Ms. Grey. *Neither was sticking her tongue out at a werewolf.. so even though she wanted to, she kept her tongue to herself!*

The wolf growled and stiffened! But he didn’t attack! He was keeping a wary eye on Gabriel! “Lotta nerve. Why’d ya wanna see him for?”

The wolves were drawing closer …

Gabriel: *BANG BANG BANG BANG! He shot the ground in front of the wolves that were the closest, forcing them to stop moving.* -05:04 Feb 22
Ciara: I want to talk about his son. ..Leon Santos. *Had she thought about it, she might have brought that silver sword with her.. Ah well. This is what Gabriel was for.* -05:04 Feb 22

Evangeline: *At the sound of gunshots she jumped, and covered her ears with her hands.* …And we really don’t taste good! Not very nutricious at all.

Another figure stepped behind the wolf who’d spoken and walked around him. “Stand down.” The wolves growled but obeyed. Nicholas stopped some yards away. “Ms Grey, Ms Clark, Gabriel. What is this about Leon?”

Ciara: *Ciara rest her hands on her hips, giving that classic imperious look she was so good at giving.* What do you do with a wolf that can’t control himself? -05:12 Feb 22

“… I see,” he said as if she’d just answered his question for him! “Tutelage, of course. What trouble has he gotten himself into?”

Ciara: *Looking almost embarassed, she seemed to get that expression under control.* Old habits… And I can’t make him promise not to do it again. The only other solution is to make sure he doesn’t get himself killed when he does. -05:17 Feb 22

Nicholas gave a small smile. “He takes after his mother. How may I help you?”

Ciara: I really hate to ask… but seeing as I am already branching out to ask for help from people I’d otherwise rather see hanged… *Ciara gave a sheepish grin.* Leon needs you. If at least to figure himself out. You owe him that much. -05:27 Feb 22

He was silent. But then he finally nodded. “Yes, I do. I must make preparations and it will take a few hours. I will find you or …” He glanced over at Gabriel. “Or Gabriel will find me.”

Ciara: *She wasn’t going to look relieved, she was too tired for that. Ciara just cast a wicked grin.* I’d leave Evangeline as a snack, but maybe another time. *The smile disapeared.* …Leon doesn’t know I came here. He’s probably not going to be pleased to see you… -05:38 Feb 22

Evangeline: …I am not a snack! *Muttered Evangeline softly… really, it wasn’t going to make it any easier to convince wolves she wasn’t tasty with comments like that!*

Nicholas gave a soft chuckle. “He will make do. He is a Wulfric, after all. Good day to you.” He started to walk back the way they’d come. “I will see you out.”

Ciara: There is that terribly polite family resemblance. Maybe that’ll come out in Evangeline’s werepup. *Ciara followed…. A grandfather would know about a wolfpup for sure.* -05:45 Feb 22

Evangeline: Crickets! We already told you he’s not Leon’s puppy. The only one that’ll have puppies is y-! ..Oh, look at the moon! It’s so pretty! *Eek. Nearly did it again! She really needs to keep quiet about these things!*

Ciara: Who will have puppies..? *…Now that she was reminded, she never did squeeze that out of Evangeline! Ciara reached out and captured the woman’s arms.* You know, I think we’re going to have lots to talk about while you stay with me at the suite. -05:52 Feb 22

Nicholas made a small smile at Ciara and Evangeline. Then he turned to Gabriel. “I hear many tales about you, Gabriel. You have been busy.”

Gabriel: … It is to be expected. *He replied.* -05:57 Feb 22

Evangeline: Gabriel rarely takes a moment to breath, he is always so busy. *Disentangling herself from Ms. Grey, though carefully, Evangeline inched herself out of harm’s way.* Careful, Ms Grey! You’re injured!

He chuckled softly at Evangeline, then he turned serious. “Many weres are questioning your ability to find this place so easily each time. They wish to speak to you. They wish for you to answer to them.”

Ciara: Someone else is about to be injured. *Ciara hissed after Evangeline… but didn’t pursue. Yet. …The wolf was posing some interesting questions.* Gabriel seems to have a knack for finding a lot of things. I’m interested in knowing myself… -06:00 Feb 22
Gabriel: Consider the irony, Ms Grey. I find many things except for the ones I seek to find. -06:02 Feb 22
Ciara: It always seems to turn out that way, doesn’t it. …You didn’t answer the Wolf’s question, though. -06:04 Feb 22

They stopped. They were at the edge of the Living Graveyard. Nicholas was studying Gabriel thoughtfully.

Gabriel: It is time to leave. *He replied, reaching for the knife to cut his palm and send them on their way.* -06:17 Feb 22
Ciara: Way to dodge the question, Carnatelli. *Ciara smirked… and waved goodbye to the man that was going to make her wolf very very upset.* -06:19 Feb 22