Verge 002: Our Mission

[Charlotte Kristoff looks like she didn’t get any sleep. And it’s true, because she spent the entire night studying the plans for Lightbringer and the files of her chief crew. ] -12:02 Jan 04
[Andrew Sharpe Is sitting to the captain’s rightm as always a folder of papers in front of him that he is paging through as he waits for things to kick off.] -12:04 Jan 04
Charlotte Kristoff: She made sure everyone was present and settled, before she got to it. It was important that all of the people that needed to work closely with her would hear what she had to say. Her fingers tapped lightly on the table until she was satisfied. Then Charlotte stood and cleared her throat, tugging her jacket down slightly to straighten it. "I know that calling a staff meeting immediately has delayed our launch a bit, but this was necessary. I’m aware most of you have heard the rumor. That my position as captain was bought. That I didn’t earn it, don’t have the experience for it, and don’t deserve it. Well. That is correct and completely true. However, as you get to know me, you will see none of that matters. I will do everything in my power to make Lightbringer shine, and it will only be done with your help." -12:14 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: A smug look passed over his features as he sat and watched. "You dont have to worry aabout us missing our launch window. Lt. Briggs has been left crear instructions and we’ll be ready in time." The captain hadn’t issued a single order yet relating to the launch and Sharpe would be damned if he let her showboating delay it. It was probably the last thing he’d be in charge of with the trust fund baby around and he was going to see it was done right with or without him being able to be there personally. The dark shadows under his eyes spoke volumes about the extra time he had put into it. -12:19 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You can wipe that look off your face now, Lt. Sharpe. We know who is running this ship." she quiped sharply. He had a right to feel jilted, but she wasn’t going to let him be a pain in her ass. Charlotte cleared her throat again. "After we make content with the Phoenix, we will have a mission. One given straight from Admiral Christov. I will be unable to tell you the nature of this mission until after we have left the station, however I would like to be sure we are as prepared as possible. Lt. Kyle…" she paused, leaning over the table to open up a folder where she jotted down notes in the night. "I like the way you have set your security detail, it’s savvy and thurough. I would like you to use that cleverness in cooporation with Maintenance to survey the areas I have marked here and make some more… creative security measures." she pushed the folder across the table. The areas marked were places people rarely to almost never traveled within the ship. Extra notes were written about places that looked like they could be breached from the outside. "These are not areas for typical attacks, but we will not be facing the typical." -12:30 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: she took the map and looked it over before sliding it over to another man, rugged looking with long hair and an unshaved face but his eyes were quick as he scanned the document. By creative security measures you mean traps, remotely activatable by security teams? She would have added an example but that one was on a strictly need to know basis. "You’re acting like you expect us to be boarded." she didnt like the sounds of that. -12:35 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Samuel Colt: "This is doable." the man said. "I will make a list of usefull supplies and add it to the requisition list we’ll be giving the Phoenix." despite his appearence he was a soft spoken man. "I’ll even make faisafes to prevent my teams triggering them accidentally." -12:37 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Our mission statement is to explore the verge of space and make contact with unknown alien species. Some of those species are going to be hostile. Lightbringer has already encountered problems with raiders. We want to cover the worst case scenario." Charlotte opened a second folder. "On that note, Dr. Chao, they say you have been working on a new technology for language translation. I’m eager to hear more about this." -12:50 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Jun Chao: He didn’t look willing to answer at first, but after a glance at Lt. Sharpe he slowly nodded his head. "Our current means of xenotranslations are done via sound waves, and was aided in development by Thorn Desoto and Engineer Colt. There is an adapter fitted for the ear, takes the sound waves and matches them to our language databases. Of course, it is limited to the languages we have on file. Excellent for communications with known species but useless in the face of a new race. My new technology, with aid of Dr. Steele of course, will be a mixture of nanotechnoloy and quickly adaptable microbes. We need volunteers for a human trial…" he trailed off. -12:50 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Um…!" Her voice was soft and quiet, and she sounded almost terrified to speak up. But she raised a hand just barely to try and catch attention. "I- I don’t recommend human trials just yet. There are… um. Complications." -12:54 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Jun Chao: "Minor problems that will not be an issue in human trials." he insisted, casting the woman across the table a heavy glare. -12:56 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: She shrunk in her seat. "…aside from the brain exploding when the nanites mimic the microbes and try to reproduce. But… it is a very good idea we are still developing?" -12:56 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: Andrew steepled his fingers. Captain… meet our scientists. They love their jobs but don’t let larger and better equiped laboratories on earth do the testing of their theories." -12:58 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: That’s all she needed. The crew’s brains exploding from medical testing. "Commendable, but risky. Test your new technology further before we allow human testing. Unless we take on raider prisoners, then I might be convinced to let you have one for sport." Charlote opened up one last folder. "Finally, Dr. Griffiths. I expect you will be working closely with Dr. Steele, especially in the event we take on more alien races as visiting passengers. Or in the events their medical studies go strangely arry." she added looking up with a hint of mirth. "If there is nothing else, I might allow Lt. Sharpe to take over. You’ve been waiting so patiently." -01:06 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Hanna Griffiths: she seemed to have been waiting for be spoken to because her entire face lit up. "Oh Dr. Steele has alwasy been very helpful. Whenever the cuties need help and the Dr. doesn’t qhite know what to do I’m alwasy there!" she bounced in her seat and grinned. "Last time we discovered that the main component of Selerion blood filtration of done by aa tiny sack just behind the brain. Fascinating! All the filtered toxins, bacteria and excess hormines is then used in the production of thier venom." -01:11 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Jun Chao: "If we are going to state important business and issues. The woman is an endless source of distraction and obnoxiousness. I would prefer if Dr. Griffiths kept her work out of my offices. My interest in aliens begins with linguistics only. The weeping anal passages of a lovesick marume is more than I can tolorate." -01:15 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Hanna Griffiths: "But… they communicate with pheremones as well as sound." she huffed "You would never have been able to have Colt make that slemm generator without my input." her pout was as enourmour as her usual, very very creepily thorough reports. -01:19 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: "…she really has been very useful..?" Katarin chimed in softly, pushing a set of glasses up her nose. -01:23 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Jun Chao: "Yet I would have progressed with our nanite translators for beyond just the testing stages if you hadn’t blown in to the labs screeching like a harpy. The equiptment is incredibly sensitive and you-" -01:24 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "I believe I understand the point now. Let’s make sure everyone respects the space of others, as well as their invaluable contributions." Charlotte didn’t know why it even needed to be said. Wait, of course she did. This was the very root of politicking. She would have to control this crew before she could even attempt to bridge a bond with alien species. She rubbed at her temple. "Lt. Sharpe…" -01:24 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Dr. Griffiths, we know you are enthusiastic about your work but the other scientists have work to do they care just as deeply about as you do yours, I have invited you numerous times to share your work with me in the lounge. I know Im not as highly educated as your colieges but alien biology fascinates me." he was obviously practiced and knew the people in the room well. "Yes Captain? -01:28 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: A smack to the head, that is all it would take. It would also be dreadfully inappropriate. There was an air of authority she was supposed to uphold. Charlotte took a long deep breath and smiled sweetly. "Since we seem to have a few complaints from the crew, I believe I will put you in charge of hearing them as you know them best. You can then write me a very detailed report and will make sure all of their greviences are attended to from a fresh and unbiased perspective." -01:33 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He folded his hands together and leaned back. "Of course, Captain." Maybe he should just transfer off when they got the the phoenix, there was time before they left… -01:40 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She swallowed the smugness. Charlotte was probably a terrible person for responding to him like this, but well. Maybe she was her mother’s daughter after all. She cleared her throat one last time, gathering up her folders and stacking them. "Well then. If no one else has anything of importance to add, you are all dismissed. Lets hope for a smooth launch and route to the Phoenix." -01:46 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff

SHORTLY AFTER THE MEETING! -Charlotte Kristoff 01:53 Jan 04

Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte was not up to speed with everyone else, and she knew it. Lt. Sharpe had this launch in order, but when the left the Phoenix, she was going to HAVE to step up and take over. She was marching her way towards the bridge, a churning in her stomach and a little voice in the back of her head screaming to just resign while she still had the chance. She wouldn’t be welcomed back in the militaty after shooting down this job, but maybe she could go in to shipping. Her teeth was near grinding. -01:53 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Captain… if you have a moment I need you to sign something." He was waiting for her with an expressionless face and the folder he never seemed to be without, in his other hand he was holding out a pen to her. "Just one final order of bussiness before we launch." he did not want to do this but with everythign going on he had to or he might ruin his career by doing something stupid and then where would he be? -01:56 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "We have the launch. This couldn’t wait one more hour?" Of course not. Lt Sharpe ran everything by the book. She took the pen and then the folder. It only took a quick scan over the paperwork to see what he was after. For a second her pen hovered over the signature line. Then she snapped the folder shut, and seemed to be taking a great deal of willpower to keep her expression, and then her voice under control. "You’re going to leave your ship." -02:02 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He put his hand over the folder to reopen it. "It’s not my ship." he said flatly. "It’s your ship as you have made abundantly clear. I will oversee the launch, the trials and the recibrations and then I will take a shuttle to the Phoenix, Lt. Briggs will become second in command and everyone will live happily ever after." she was a hint of sour sarcasm in his voice. "I do not feel like we can work together and it is in the best interest of everyone on board to have a smooth chain of command so I am requesting a transfer." -02:06 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "A ship that even -I- have admitted does not belong to me. So what it sounds like to me is that you’re a bitter coward, willing to throw a vessel and a crew at the mercy of a potentially inept captain, because you can’t handle watching someone else be in charge." Charlotte didn’t know what she was more pissed off about. The fact he was going to let her crash and burn, or the fact he was going to let his crew go down too. Where was the honor and glory in that..! "…Fine. Fine." She pulled away from him and angrily scribbled down her signature, snapped the folder shut and shoved it back him. "I’ll make it work without you." -02:13 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I have watched three other captains be in charge and I served them just fine." he retorted snatching the folder back. "I am not in this for glory, captain. I just want to serve humanity and I can better do that under a captain who doesn’t throw thier wieght around in a petty and unessisary manner just to needlessly prove that they are the boss and not caring about how that looks to the crew who need two things from thier captain. Trust that they will perform thier duties and to be someone they can believe in. Now I will go and oversee the final launch proceedures." -02:18 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "YOU told me the crew needed to have faith in me and trust that I can run this ship, and now you’re pissy because I am doing my best to show that I’m taking this command seriously and I’m not just here as a pompous figurehead?" She was a soldier and a pilot and her first instint was to take a swing at him and bugger all the consequences! Charlotte squeezed her hands shut and tried not to raise her voice any higher. That resulted in her talking through her teeth. "If you want to serve humanity you support the people who are honestly trying, over soothing your stupid ego." -02:24 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: She had alreaady signed the paper so he didn’t have any reason to hold back. "I tried that with the last person who bought thier way into a position. They tried to play the hero and that got themselves and a good portion of the crew killed. I am not talkign about Colt, he was a good man but I will not be put on trial for another person’s mistakes. You captain are a mistake waiting to happen and its the Sharpe that always takes the fall." Like what had happened to his father and his sister. "It’s not my ego I’m worried about, it’s my career." -02:31 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Your career is already fucked by beaurocrats and polititians. Did you think I didn’t dig deeper than the files they gave me? You are blackmarked for the rest of your life for what your granddad did. Every where you go, you are going to get the ass end of every stick. Screwing me and this ship over isn’t going save you." Somewhere during that spat she lost all the steam to be angry with him. It was sad and shitty, and the world she tried to get away from. Charlotte was in the same sort of boat, for entirely different reasons. She pinched the bridge of her nose. "You have the right idea of doing something different, but it’s not in leaving Lightbringer. You worked hard for this, don’t be a dumbass." -02:38 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "My grandfather saved the lives of his men. He had no idea reinforcement were only a week away. He fought longer than anyone else on Eden and the body count was close to 20 to one in our favor. He did not desurve to be courtmarshaled and left to rot." so it was true, his career was ruined before it even began. With a surge of adrenaline he tore the folder in half threw it to the floor. -02:44 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Relief! Not that he couldn’t still quit. She rubbed the side of her temple and took a deep breath to try and calm her frayed nerves again. This command was going to be a wild up and down ride, she just knew it. "…That’s the spirit. We don’t have to like each other, but I am not your enemy. I want this mission to work. I want the people on board to be safe. I definitely don’t want to die doing it. We have a ship to launch." she brushed passed him, but stopped before reaching the doors. "You can trust me, számú. I know who this ship rightfully belongs to." -02:50 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: Like that meant a damn thing. Wordlessly he followed her onto the bridge and stood at ease overseeing the crew gathered there. Are you going to give a speech?" he asked "Or do we simply proceed to the beacon." on Kristoff’s other side the figure of Val shimmered into existance. -03:03 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Val: "Ready for your order, captain, but I think the Leutennant forgot something. Are you distracted?" -03:05 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: "Right… the weapons trials. Before we jump there are a few old ships lined up ass target dummies. We are to destroy them to test out our new targeting and weapons systems." -03:07 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I don’t believe anyone here wants to listen to another boring speach by a new captain." she smirked. "Well then, let’s get this light show going. Weapons online, please." She might have been smirking on the outside, but she was a bucket of nerves on the inside. If she could sit in the pilot’s chair and fly the damn ship, she’d be happy. Standing stiff with her hands clasped behind her back and trying to seem like she knew what she was doing was a huge pain in the ass. "Lock targets on the closest vessels. Lt. Sharpe, if you’ll give the firing orders…" -03:13 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: She was obviously nearvous so he decided, this once to go easy on her. "We should leave the docking birth first." he said in a low voice. "Launch, then shoot?" no one else heard him except maaaybe Val. "If you give the order fast enough it will look like you were just prepairing things." -03:16 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She cleared her throat and nodded. First mistake before even leaving the dock. Charlotte was going to have to make sure Lt. Sharpe wouldn’t quit. There was no way she was going to survive this. "Yes. Launch! Commence firing the moment we’ve cleared the birth. Let them see what we an do on the move." -03:20 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: The ship roareed to life and as instructed Andrew took charge. "What kind of read do we have on targets?" "Three reading hostile. Picking them clear as daylight, sir." Gice me a long range burst on the furthest one to test how we do then turn B and C turrets to fire on the closest, record the damaage they do from a singe shot each and then tear the hulk to pieces. For the other O want you to target engines and weapons only. See how we thread the needle." The lightly constructed cruiser shook and lurched as the heavy guns fired causing him to grip the hand rail, they were a LOT bogger than the old ones. -03:27 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Just listening to him bark orders, she knew whomever agreed to put her as captain of this ship was an idiot. A huge idiot. And these were the people running Earth Nation. Charlotte had great balance and the only betrayal that she felt the ship move was the shifting of her foot as she transfered her weight. "Impressive. I haven’t seen weapons fire from a vessel this large before. Packs quite a bit more punch than a small fighter." She smirked wide. -03:31 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: His mind was elsewhere ans he opened a channel on his wrist rig. "Colt, how are we doing? everythign holding up alright?" Another salvo shook the ship and the closest target dummy slowly broke apart, the forwards section performing a ballet away from the rest of the ship. "Well enough. The extra struts we put in are doing the job and preventing her from bending too much. I have a few improvments in mind. Theyll be in my report." Andrew cut off the link and looked back out the viewport. "I’m still worried they might be too much for our structure. We’re built for speed so a lot of shortcuts were taken to save wieght. When they added the heaavy guns he partially rebuilt a lot of the main structure to deal with the extra strain… But that measn were slower than we used to be. With upgraded engines we wouldnt be… but those wern’t in the budget." -03:38 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Getting clever with these new weapons system might make up with the lack of speed." Or taking advantage of her position. Her mother wanted her to work politics for her… Charlotte could make some requests of her own. This made her smile all the wider. She may not have the experience of commanding a ship, but she knew exactly how to get what they needed when they needed it. -03:46 Jan 04 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Good cleaan hits… targeting system seems to be working." he opened the chennel agaain. "Ammo loaders all working correctly?" "Guns are still firing, aren’t they I have no problems reported." "Good we should be ready to head to the beacon then." -03:48 Jan 04 Andrew Sharpe
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[Charlotte Kristoff thinks a launch party is a little premature, especially since most of the crew seems to hate her. >:[ She didn’t approve this!] -01:12 Jan 18
[Andrew Sharpe ] -01:12 Jan 18
Charlotte Kristoff: There were quite a few things that needed to be done, and they weren’t technically on mission until after the dock and supply with the Phoenix. Throw in the huge amount of things she needed to learn… a party was not a good idea. And it wouldn’t have happened if she had KNOWN Emelia Kyle was going to slap one together quicker than Charlotte could blink. It was too late to shut it down now, though, as Charlotte needed to win over the crew. So despite her better judgement, she was heading down the hall. -01:18 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff

The officer’s lounge was packed, with more than just officers. With Val handlinng the navogation of the ship though a routine rout it seemed that bridge staff and engineers were invoted too. -Andrew Sharpe 01:22 Jan 18

Emelia Kyle: "You made it!" as soon ass she entered the captain got a vodka martini with lemon pushed into her hands. "Not as your chief od security I recommend you go and tell partpooper over there to loosen up." She pointed to there the 1st leutenant was sitting at a table, fingers in his ears poaring over the latest engineering report. -01:24 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She would be doing the name as the leuitenant if she didn’t have to boost up her likability. Of course, he was probably going to be irritating about this too. Charlotte frowned and took a sip of the drink. "I’m not sure he knows how to do that. Honestly, I should be going over reports myself but you’re so charmingly hard to refuse." -01:28 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: "Hey watch it with the tongue, you’ve already had me in makeup once and my heart couldn’t bear for it to happen again." Charlotte got a tight tap on the butt before being pushed towards the table my Kyle’s squat strong frame. "He wasn’t like this before the promotion situation and the only one who can fix this is you." -01:32 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Gratuitous touching was too much for Charlotte, even if she did have a silver tongue. There was a stubborn pursing of her lips and a refusal to move before she finally caved with an internal sigh. "He has no desire to be cooporative, but if it will get you to stop prodding…" She straighted, and as smoothly as she could made her way to the leiutenants table. …Trying to think of something that wasn’t sarcastic or along the lines of glad to see you haven’t quit yet was proving to be difficult. "…Your Security Chief could make a very good job for herself in politics." -01:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: Looking not too comfortable with the crowd of people, Katarin tugged gently at Lr Kyle’s sleeve. "Uhm…" -01:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Not my chief." he said without looking befiore turning a page in the report. "Ninth lateral bulkhead needs further bracing…" he wrote a note in the margins before looking up. last time the greeted an alien it was with her fist, almost broke the high chanselor’s visor… you do not want to see what oxygen does to Petch. If she was in politics what the othe races though of us would be fully justified. That we’re upstarts. Newcomers on the galaxtic scene but already want to be in charge of everything and willing to go to war to get it. That’s why they fear us, the old races don’t like change… Besides she’s happier when she gets to hold a shotgun. Here for my report? I’m afraid it isn’t finished yet."" -01:47 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: She was watchign the captain go with a small sigh and was about to reach for another drink before she was interupted. "Hmm… Kat?" She grabbed two drinks from the tray and handed one to the egghead before downing hers. "Kindof in the middle of something… preventing a civil war…" -01:51 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You don’t seem to understand the concept of an icebreaker." she muttered, biting back some harsher comments. Charlotte slipped in to a chair beside him, painting an amiable expression on her face. "Which leads me to wonder, how are your communications with foreign ambassadors? Do you know how to bend and smile at all?" -01:58 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Ah hum… well." Katarin blinked at the drink thrust in her hand and shifted uncomfortably on her feet. "It’s… um… not really important. I just. Are you friends with the new Captain…" -01:58 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "My record on inter-species diplomacy is all in my file. I greet them, I appologize in advance for any faux pas and then I speak to them keeoing in mid everything we know about thier culture. I may have trained as an engineer but I know how to talk to people… My uncle… sortof… was the captain of one of the old cartographer class ships…" he pushed a hand drawn diagram on the back of one of the pages of the report towards her. "We need to brace the hull further, any damage to our interiour structure will render us unable to fire our forwards gun for fear of the recoil breaking us in half. It should take us three days with the help of the phoenix… I of course need to run this proposal past our chief engineer." -02:04 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Friends? I guess… she seems nice enough… strait as a nail though…" -02:07 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte went ahead and swallowed that entire vodka martini. Maybe letting him quit would have been the better idea. Still, another deep breath and a patient pleasant expression. Her finger tapped on the picture. See. He was important. "Then I’ll approve this immediately once you have it worked out. Our top priority will be protecting this ship and everyone inside, especially with the nature of our first mission." She eyed him carefully, tapping her fingers on the table again. "DO you actually know how to talk to people, or do you just know the scripts you are supposed to recite?" -02:15 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: A bit of confusion crossed her features, but she shook her head and resumed tugging gently at the security chief’s sleeve. "I need more funding for new equiptment and um… Lt. Sharpe has been so cranky, I don’t want to ask him? Will you ask the Captain..?" -02:15 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He shrugged. "Is there a difference? If the scripts are written or unwritted they’re still there. What is appropriate to was in what social situation and what isn’t." he pulled the page back and slotted it into the file. "Good evenign captain, I am very happy you made it to the party. It must be exciting to launch your maiden voyage in command of a capital ship. I remember my first time on an explorer…" he smiled, his face the picture of bliss. "But please… tell me of your plans for your ship, and crew. Did you get your wrist rig I left in your quarters?" he sighed. "Scripts…" -02:22 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Bit late now… we won’t be seeing another human dock for months and I’m reaaaaally not in the research team so I have no authority to ask for you… but Ill tell you whaat. You get me a list of what you need and Ill make sure she gets it one way or the other." -02:24 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You only smile when you’re talking about a ship." she noted out loud. Her glasses got pushed aside on the table and now she was focusing her full attention on her irritating first mate. If she at least won HIM over it would be easier to control the rest of the crew. "I did, thank you. And my plans… For right now, I would just like to make sure everyone is taken care of. This wasn’t where I intended to go in my career, I didn’t have ambitions. I’ll have to figure it out as we go." she leaned a little bit closer. "I am not a fan of scripts and expectations, Leuitenant. I would prefer if you spoke what you actually think. At least to me." -02:36 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Thank you!" There was a bounce and a quick hug, which resulted in the spilling of her drink. Katarin did not seem to mind and now she was at least giving a small smile and slightly more relaxed. At least until she remembered the OTHER. "Oh, but… there was something else I was supposed to tell you." she mumbled softly. -02:36 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "You’re just like my sister." he said, flatly not explaining the comparison. "And if you’re not a fan then you’re in the frong bussiness. The first script they teach you when you sign on is "Yes sir." after all… but if you want me to put then away for the night… then get me a drink." -02:46 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Ugh…" this was one of two dresses she owned and now there was a spill on it. Good thing she never wore them. "Then say it…" this was work… it had to be work? Whhat was it, a punch up below decks? Another rat fights betting circle? -02:48 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "If things had gone my way, számú, you would be Captain of this ship, and I would be piloting a fighter ship on the verge." she rose from her seat, pausing to lean on the table a grin. "But seeing as I am here, I will be the best Captain anyone has ever seen until the day you kill and replace me. Now what would you like to drink?" -02:54 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Aaaahm, um. Weeeeeell." The glass twist in her hands as she squirmed and wrestled with the words. Her face scrunched up and finally, with a loud huff, she inched close to the chief to lean and whisper very quietly. "Mr. Desoto told me to give you a message, but it’s really really dirty…" -02:54 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He rolled his eyes. Murder of a superious officer would get me spaced. I’m not dumb enough to take on Ms. Kyle over it. And brandy." He picked up the report and slid it into a bag before sitting back and looking at the cieling. This part was a waste of time. He needed those modificatiosn designed and prepped before they arived at the edge fo human space. -02:57 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Oh… well then you can keep it to yourself." she said And Im sorry you had to hear it. She wasn’t interested in desoto’s drunken love letters, they’d most likely earn him another week in the hole. -02:58 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Brandy." she repeated. At least he had good taste in drinks, though Charlotte doubted that would pull the stick out of his a- She went ahead and stopped her own thoughts, and headed off towards the bar to order those drinks. There was no reason why couldn’t make this work! -03:05 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "B-but… he said if I don’t tell you, that I would be invited instead." And that was truly terrifying to Dr. Steele as she had a very hard time telling someone no, and Thorn Desoto was especially persistent. -03:05 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: Ignore him, Doctor. If he tried to touch you I’ll break his arms and throw him in a cell." her tone was one of irritation. "There’s nothign dirty that drunk has to say that I want to hear and if he tries anythign with you tell me and Ill make sure the only ones who touch him are two my my burliest marines." -03:21 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: She was at least soothed by that, but still shifted awkwardly. "Right, yes. Oh, but no! Mr. Desoto never touches, he is very gentlemanly to me. But! Um… well. Hesaidhewantsyoutocometohisplaceforabeastinspectionandbeastapparentlymeansvagina!" she blurted out quickly. As a Doctor she had plenty of experience with genitalia, but there were just certain kinds of imagines and phrases she could really do without. -03:26 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: From nowhere there was a knife in her hands and a wicked grin on her face. "So he wants me to give him one since there’s no way he’s inspecting mine? That I might be up for… Just as quick as it appeared the blade disappeared. "Next time you see him you can appologize from me and explain that I’m a lesbian?" -03:35 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: From nowhere there was a knife in her hands and a wicked grin on her face. "So he wants me to give him one since there’s no way he’s inspecting mine? That I might be up for… Just as quick as it appeared the blade disappeared. "Next time you see him you can appologize from me and explain that I’m a lesbian?" -03:36 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: Doctor Steele made no mention of that knife, even though she was certain it wasn’t allowed and it made her a tiny bit concerned for the security chief’s mental state. She nodded, though, finding this idea of explaining very interesting. "Oh yes, that might be good. His um, education, seems to be lacking in basic sexual attraction sciences. I fear Mr. Desoto doesn’t know lesbians exist." -03:46 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: A glass of scotch and a glass of brandy in hand, Charlotte managed to regain her practiced smile enough to return to the ever-so-surly leuitenant. Probably in the nick of time, because she spotted Mr. Desoto sneaking in, and of course his first direction was the bar. Charlotte slid back in to her seat next to Sharpe and plopped his glass in front of him. "Drink fast. I am very interested to see what you’re like when you’re not obssessing." -03:52 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He held his nose and the drink was gone in an instant and the glass was slid back at the captain. "I get the feeling that you’d rather be sifting through reports too." he remarked. "Get yours done with and I’ll get the next round." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the drink worked into his system. "Maybe we can get work out of both our minds and I can learn somethign about you." -03:58 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "He’s a drunk and drunk never listen… speak of the devil… so much fro having a night off." she had been about to ask if the xenolinguist was talkign from experience but with the arival on engineer Desoto she knew she was going to have a work night after all. "Well… no more drinks for me." -04:00 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I know how to follow orders. Giving orders is an entirely different concept. My pre-military education focused more on the arts of persuasion." She brought her glass to her lips and with a quick smirk was able to swallow it’s contents in a split second. She gingerly set it down, giving him a smug grin. "There is nothing interesting to me, Leuitenant. What you see is all there is." -04:11 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: Mister Thorn Desoto was already drunk, but generally he ALWAYS was. He just hid it better when it was important. Beer was his drink of choice today and as he leaned against the bar chugging the glass, for once he wasn’t perusing the room like some sort of predator. He was tense and very focused on his drink. Make that second drink. He was ordering another. -04:11 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "I… could give him a sedative? I think I have one on me." she padded her lab coat gently looking to see if she had any of the syringes in her pockets. They always ended up in there by accident. -04:11 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: In my expeience when people say that they never mean it… they just think they do…" he collected the glasses and stood before moving towards the bar. -04:14 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "No, he’s allowed to be here tonight, if he tries anything though I’ll take care of him…" with a sigh of a potnesially nice night ruined she slipped into a chair and rested her hand on her chin. "Should have kicked him out of the airlock just before we undocked… they hes be Ithica’s problem…" -04:16 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Mister Desoto is not too bad. Um, well, when he is himself." Finally she realized she still had a drink in her hand and took a sip. Katarin made a face and plopped down in to a seat too. Though she was not one for social interaction, it was only polite to finish her drink. "I need to crack his brain open, but I really can’t do that without new medical equiptment." she sulked. -04:26 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: Glass number two was gone. He was holding up his fingers for number three when he noticed the leuitenant stoping at the bar. "You don’t drink." he chuckled. Then the laugh got a little dark. "I didn’t drink. Buy me one too, ‘drew! Somethin’ hard." -04:26 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I do tonight." he said before motionign for the barman to get the engineer a drink. "I need it to deal with the captain." he sighed, knowing he was being too hard on her. "And Thorn… don’t cause trouble tonight. I need to keep you here and I cant do that if the captain thinks you’re a liability. Okay?" he picked up his glasses and made sure Thorn got his. Hear me??" -04:33 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "I hear th… crack open his what? I know he’s a pain but please tell me you’re not serious…" she gaave the egghead aa look. Too much time in the lab? Seeing people as specimins? -04:35 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Dr. Katarin Steele: "Oh uhm! Uuuuhm." Katarin shut her mouth quickly. Or rather, occupied it by drinking her drink as quickly as possible. "uhm.. ooh, these work fast. So, silly me! Patient records are confidential of course, not that he has um, anything weird on his record or anything. I mean he drinks a lot so of course there are accidents. It’s not like I have to open up his brain for any reasons!" -04:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "Some days are harder than others." he muttered, almost soberly. He picked up the glass of hard liquor and swallowed it one go. After a brief moment his features seemed to relax. He cast the leuitenant a hopeless grin. "Oy? Don’t be so worried, eh! Not a Cap’n has fired me yet and this one’s all loose and shit…" He leeeaaaned to the side taking a good look at the two drinks Sharpe held. "Heh, yeah, I like a lady that likes her booze. Tell ‘er I’ll have a drink wit her when she gets bored of you." -04:40 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He ignored the engineer, the man didn’t listen… not anymore. "Mr. Desoto sends his regards." he said sliding the Captain her drink and settling into his seat. "And since you want to talk… but not about work and have nothing to share… what do you want to talk about?" he took another sip before leaning back. "Or do you want more examples of Lt. Kyle’s flavor of diplomacy?" -05:00 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Emelia Kyle: "Riiight." he instincs were never wrong adn were screamign at her that there was somehting else going on here as the engineer actually mentally ill.. she would have to talk with the captain about this. "Pacient records are not confidencial whrn they pose a risk to the safety of the ship. she said, as if casually pointing out a fact. Maybe there was a way to put the man on medical leave restricted to e bed somewhere! -05:03 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "I’m sure he does." she commented breezily, despite the fact she was giving a good hard glance towards the man at the bar. The fact that Sharpe let the engineers behavior go on for so long spoke of other things under the surface. Eventually she would figure it out. Charlotte rest her elbows on the table, turning her gaze down at her drink. "For someone aiming to be the Captain of Lightbringer, you’re terrible at small talk. But alright, I’ll show you how they do it at the senate." she grinned, shifting in her seat and adjusted her tone. "Andrew, darling. You know I’m here to talk about you. An ambitious man like you should see an opportunity when it’s sitting right next to him." -05:12 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "As soon as he poses a threat to the ship, obviously we would have him detained in the medical lab. I mean we’d do that with anyone we think might be contagious or contamininated. But oh, he’s definitely not. He is perfectly healthy in almost every way! Well… I suppose his liver is taking some rather heavy damage now. I am incredibly surprised he hasn’t succombed to alcohol poisoning. Hmm, I should write that in my notes…" she was fumbling in her pockets again for the little black data journal she tended to carry. -05:12 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Ha! If you’re comming onto me you”ll have to work an angle other than sleeping my way to success." he said. "That is got they do ‘oppotunities’ in the senate, isn’t it?" he shook his head. "Captain, my family has been in space ever since the Mars Incident. Served in the fleet as long as it’s existed… there’s probably even less to say about me than there is about you. Despite what you say about me… I rally do hope that you can beat the curse…" -05:27 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Ugh!" the groan was louder than it needed to be, but god dammit. Charlotte leaned back in her seat, took a drink and found it very hard not to look cross. "Why do men immediately jump right to sexual favors when a woman is involved. As if it doesn’t occur to any of you that we have a lot more to offer." She might have decided their working relation was going to be beyond repair, but he mentioned that curse. Her fingers tapped on the rim of her glass. "Ignoring your family history, I find your role and relationship with the people here very interesting. I suppose I am interested in people in general. A byproduct of being raised by a Senator I suppose. Anyway, I was wondering why a full investigation hasn’t been made. Isn’t it obvious that something odd is going on here?" -05:33 Jan 18 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I was just makign fun of politicians. I’m a navy man." he said. But it could be your brows… you have very flirty brows." he took a gulp from his drink. "About the curse? Some ships are just like that. People die or go missing in them and every death has been investigated and explained to the satisfaction of the inquiry board. This class of ship… they’re built to be fast and eficient and not stand up to a beating… they get old… bulkheads rust… beams sag… they’re very lightly built. Most of my time before you arived was spent havign every inch of her inspected and repaired. The new guns were the perfect excuse to get the money to do that. If you’re worried about a murderer orus having picked up something in out time in the unknown then… that is possible. It’s always possible but we’re careful." -05:41 Jan 18 Andrew Sharpe
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[Charlotte Kristoff feels there is more to it than rusty beams, but is a little thrown off by “flirty brows” whaaat?] -02:19 Feb 16
[Andrew Sharpe ] -02:23 Feb 16
Charlotte Kristoff: She decided not to comment on the part that irked her, but instead leaned forward on the table with a slight frown. "I’m aware it’s not an actual curse. I highly doubt we have a case of ghosts or something equally is outlandish. But I’d say the captains of this vessel have had a string of something and I don’t believe in bad luck." -02:28 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "You’ve never seen out on the verge…" he observed. "Trust me Captain, ghosts are far and away one of the least strange things you find out there." He clasped hsi hands together and looked at her, knowing full well that he was about to sound crazy. "Ever here of the bubble theory, Captain?" -02:32 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: She left out a soft exasperated breath and had a wry expression on her face as she swallowed the last contents in her glass. "What’s out in the verge is dangerous, but likely a lot less mysterious than we all believe." she muttered and set her glass down. Her hands clasped together. "No. I haven’t heard of the bubble theory. What would that be, számú?" -02:36 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "It’s a centuries old theory about multiverses. That they’re all in bubbles and these bubbles are touchign each other." she reached out for his drink but didn’t break the flow of his explanation to take a sip. "And if you kept flying long enough you’d end up in the bubble next door. But the interesting thing is the laws of physics works differently from univrse to universe which means the bcloser to the borders between bubbles you get the stranger matter, time and everythign else behaves. Nothign he’ve built has even made it past the verge… whose to say that there’s not a neighboring bubble there?" -02:40 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "It would be arrogant for us to believe we’ve reached the end of our universe already." The theory sparked imagination, though. Charlotte’s studies were never in science and all she knew were the known facts. They were only just now starting to meet other species from other worlds. …And he had no idea yet that the verge was exactly where they would be headed. Her fingers tapped over the top of her empty glass again. "What do you believe?" -02:48 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He lifted his glass and paored a gulp down his throat. "I’m not a scientist, I’m an explorer." was the copout answer. "But I believe that the eggheads don’t have everythign as figured out as they think they do and that’s why we need to keep flyign ships out there, to find new things and survive to tell thier story… but strange things do happen int he Verge, Commander and we havn’t even scratched the surface of that place. Maybe it’s a good thing your first flight is a simple planetary survey." -02:53 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Hmm. If you can call this situation simple." she grumbled with some humor to her tone. There was good reason she wanted to stay in the military and not have to deal with political nonsense. It was going to turn this ship upside down and the crew would blame her. "I think another drink is in order, számú. Alcohol seems to do wonders for your personality." Charlotte was already rising from her seat. -03:04 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
[(Timeout) Andrew Sharpe has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:31 Feb 16
[Andrew Sharpe ] -03:31 Feb 16
Andrew Sharpe: "Your turn." he said drainging his glass and pushing it towards her. "These explorer ships grow on youm soon you won’t want to leave… and maybe you’ll learn her secrets." -03:31 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Does that mean you’re starting to like the idea of me sticking around?" Charlotte smiiiirked. But she took both their glasses and headed back to the bar for refills. Yes, he was a lot more relaxed with a little booze in him. Now if she could get him that way while he was working, they might be able to work together. -03:33 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: "Issa record..!" Desoto slurred when the captain hit the bar. He threw an arm around her shoulder and leaned in trying to whisper, but his ‘whisper’ was more like hissed shouting. "I KNEW- I knew you were a party guuurl." he tapped his nose and spilled a bit of his beer on himself. "Hard stuff. ‘drewsa good man. M’best friend. But he don’t have the ass…" -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Desoto was so drunk that he was hardly making sense. One the one hand, it was amusing. On the other… she was supposed to be commanding this ship, and this kind of behavior couldn’t possibly be excused. With one hand she pushed Desoto back at a reasonable distance and with the other she ordered her refills. "Desoto… I won’t ask if you’re on duty. But if you don’t turn your ass around and get to bed, I’m gonna to ask Leiutenant Kyle handle you, and I get the feeling that won’t be a pleasant experience." -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Thorn Desoto: He laughed LOUD, pointing his glass over at Kyle and Steele who were still chatting over at a table. "I LIKE it good and rough…! Let ‘er whip and chain me, Cap’n, I can go aaaaaaallll nigh." -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte squinted at the man and shook her head. If that’s what he wanted. It would be worth seeing how things were managed. "LT. KYLE." she commanded over Desoto’s laughter and the din of the lounge. "Mr. Desoto needs an escort." -03:57 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: She rolled ehr eyes ahd stook. "You’de better stay here, I’ll put Desoto in the drunk tank." she stood and walked over to the bar. "Alright engineer, I’ve been ordered to take you home." she motioned for a guard to come and help her out. "You’ve had way more than enough." -04:09 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "Aaaayyye. If you wern the hottest face I’d ever seen I’d PUNCH IT Emmie." he threatened as best he could, now aiming his pointing glass at Kyle and poking it at her chest. Or more specifically at a boob. Which he suddenly was very interested in resuming poking at. -04:17 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: The doctor didn’t listen, though. "Um…! May we escort him harmlessly. I need his brain for research…" she tried to speak up, but it came out in a quick squeaky blur. -04:17 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: "Doctor Steele requires his brain. Do as you will with the rest of him." chimed Charlotte, hiding her amusement with a curt tone. She took her glasses and brushed past them, not bothered to look back. One had to trust the people she commanded. …besides, if Desoto was REAL trouble, Charlotte doubted he would still be employed. -04:17 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Emelia Kyle: she grabbed his arms and twisted it, getting him in a half nelsong before marching him out of the room, strait towards the brig, mainly because they were probably cleaner than his quarters and watchign him with a hangover later owuld be fun. "Right this way, Engineer." -04:22 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Thorn Desoto: "ow. ow. ow. OW. EMMIE. ow! since when were lesbians – so strong." he growled, making zero attempts to wriggle his way out. Though that might have been influenced by their big brawnie security escort. -04:28 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Dr. Katarin Steele: "His brain needs oxygen…!" the doctored was close at Kyle’s heels. -04:28 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte slipped back in to her set, setting Sharpe’s glass down hard in front of him and watching the door warily as part of her crew made their dramatic exit. "With how quickly the command comes in and out, I assume you are the one in charge of who stays on board… You have an interesting crew, Sharpe." -04:29 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: She watched the scene nearvously and only relaxes when the captain moved away from Desoto. That was one secret he’d have to keep from little Ms. Political. When she returned he accepted his drink and leaned back. "Not so much liking the idea of you saying but now I get to wath what I’ve seen so many times before. A captain thinking the Lightbringer is like any other ship. She’s not… Even without the guns, Val, or any of the upgrades she’s one of a kind with secrets and things hidden from view. I get to watch you discover that one step at a time." -04:30 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: After that he smiled. "Yes, I am. You can overule me but for the most part I am the one who has built and kept this crew." -04:31 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte smirked and finally laughed out right. "You seem to think I’ll be the typical too. Assumptions run both ways, you know." Amusement aside, it had her thinking again. Just from instinct she knew there was more going on here than met the eye, and now he crabby first mate was hinting at it too thanks to a little alcoholic incentive. It had her wondering if he really was trying to get rid of competition so he could rise to commander. "Interesting is my new favorite word today. Because you my számú are a strange, riddlesome man. I look forward to uncovering all of your – and the Lightbringer’s – secrets." -04:38 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He waved his glas dismissivly. "There’s nothign hidden about me. I love earth, I love Lightbringer, I love my crew. I’m a stickler for regulation but I know when to brush it off for the good of the ship and I have been closer to the Verge than most living men." pride entered his voice. "You know my motives and you know that playign dirty won’t achieve them in the long run so I really don’t know what you want to discover about me." -04:43 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "That’s a lot of love you’re tossing around. That only took what, three drinks…?" she laughed again, ice jingling in her glass as she brought it to her lips. "If you haven’t figured it out, I intend to do a good job here, regardless of how I got the job. That means learning every single little detail I can about what makes this ship run. That means even the people. Besides… you said yourself I needed to earn the respect of the people on this ship, that includes earning yours." -04:51 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He gave her a look. "Fine, I’ll square with you. I’m going to be watching you, I’ll know what you read, I’ll know what you miss and I’ll make sure you fint that on your desk. I’ll be reading logs of orders you give, I’ll be tracking your social time and not just to know where i can find you, because even if thise is just a survey mission the lives of everyone on this ship depends on youa nd since your record is… lackign i need to be my own judge." -05:01 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "You realize, that is exactly what I need you to do and why I didn’t want you to quit." she cast an enigmatic, almost smug smile as she rest her chin in her hand. "But don’t think for a moment that I will let you condescend to me, Andrew Sharpe. Correct me, guide me, even defy me if you feel it necessary. Just don’t ever talk down to me. I’ll have you thrown off this ship faster than I can swallow straight bourbon." -05:10 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "I would shoot you if I thought it was nessisary." he said flatly. "But I would face the tribunal and probable dishonorable discharge for it even if I had very very good reasons." he finished his drink in one go and leaned back. "And you can bet I’l at least try and restrain you first. If I liked the thought if killing I’d be in a fleet ship." -05:19 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "Is that so? I can tell you it wasn’t for a joy of killing that I chose to be a fighter pilot. I can’t think of any soldier that got in to it because they wanted to kill." She was aware that wasn’t what he meant, but she was losing track of the conversation’s flow. She was enough drinks in to no longer care. "I wanted a more… proactive approach to protecting Earth. Something more personal than sitting behind a desk in a giant marble building, lightyears away from where people actually needed the support. You can’t know what is needed unless you’re there, in person." -05:30 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: He stared at her across the table. "And the best person for earth to command one of her starships and be her forst contact embassador is you?" he asked leaning forwards. "You may have been sent here as sure as the rest of us but I think I know why you said yes to your mother and it’s not bored of a desk job. It’s because out there… we live the stories other hear about. We make history. I was there the first time we met a Pijac. I briefed thier government on our tendancy to reach for the hands of each other when greeting them when in thier culture only assassins do that. We compile the reports because we live the life. It’s not all adventure… but it’s damnsatisfying…" -05:36 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: "What makes you think I said yes? Right now I should be part of General Cates fleet and not enjoying drinks with you on an explorer class starship." Charlotte asked with some curiosity. The reality was a little more complicated than that. "Hmm, had she sent you after me with a speach like that, I might have." she grinned, finishing the last of her bourbon and shrugging it off with her shoulders. "I’m not the right person to command this ship. But my, my, you make me want to be." she smirked. -05:43 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "Crazy Cates…" he said… but what he was about to say was cut off but a shrill alarm that cut through the officer’s deck right before andrew’s rig flared to life. "Biolab three…" Strangely the captain’s stayed silent, even though it was Val’s voice. -05:46 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte wasn’t going to comment about her lack of alert. Yet. She was already standing, bracing a hand on the table with a mental curse at the timing. Of COURSE something would happen once she was few drinks in. No better way to start a command than having your senses a little fuzzy. "Now is a good time to tell me if any of the crew has hidden a strange expirment on board." -05:52 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Andrew Sharpe: "That’s Hanna’s lab." he said getting to his feet and immediately heading for the door towards teh elevator leaving her question unanswered. Entering the box he pushed the button and waited for the doors to close. "Val… what can you tell the captain and I." that should tell ehr that he wasn’t alone. -05:54 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Charlotte Kristoff: Charlotte made sure she was on his heels. The WAS her ship now, she would personally handle these issues. There was only a slight narrowing of her eyes at him. Booze was amplifying her more anxious suspicions about conspiracy and that needed to wrangled under control if she was going to manage the situation without looking crazy. -06:03 Feb 16 Charlotte Kristoff
Val: "Level 2 boihazard warning in Dr. Griffith’s lab. She is believed to be inside." -06:04 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe: Andrew sighes and shook his head to help clear it. "Alright, we’ll find out more when we get there." -06:06 Feb 16 Andrew Sharpe

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